Khauff (2000) - full transcript

Assistant Commissioner of Police Jaidev Singh gets burned to death by a group of people leaving behind a witness who is an air-hostess called Neha Verma. The police manages to recover her Identification Card at the scene of crime where-by they call her in to name the assailants; she does manages to provide them with a name, Samrat Singhania, who happen to be the son of Mr. Singhania, the Minister within the state's ruling party. While in Mauritius, Neha happens to meet with a young man named Vicky and is in love with him. Unknown to her that Vicky is not what he claims to be but a dreaded killer, Babu whose duty is to prevent her from harming the Singhanias by turning her upright life into a disaster.


'Pride and honour,
glow and dazzle'

'loads of money.'

'Where there is money,
there is crime.'

'Where there is crime,
there is terror.'

'And where there is terror,'

'there exists a
criminal like me.'

'Extortion, violence
and murder is my profession.'

'When the world of crime
is in trouble,'

'criminals summon me.'

'My name is Babu.'

'Babu neither has a face
nor an identity nor a shadow.'

'Nobody knows where he comes
from and where he goes.'

'Babu keeps waiting,
sitting in the dark'

'for his next crime,
contract and victim.'

Quiet Caesar, quiet!

What's there in your bag?
- Nothing except personal stuff.

Personal stuff.
- Yes.

I know what tourists
travelling back from Goa bring.

Come on the side.
- What?

I said, come on the side.
Please come on the side.

You take advantage of
your innocent face.

There are drugs in it, right?
- Drugs? There isn't...

Open the bag.

I said open the bag!

Hi, Neha!

What happened?
- See what he is saying.

Policemen are born to
accuse others.

He accused me
of stealing his heart

and gave me a life- time
imprisonment too.

He's getting engaged to me,
this evening.

O God! I should've guessed.

You should have been an
actor instead of a policeman.

You scared me so much.
Look, my hand is trembling.

Ritu, take Neha home. I've to go
to headquarters for a meeting.

Come, sweetheart.
- Come on.

Neha, see there.
That's my house.

Ritu, owning a house in
Mumbai is a big thing, right?

After mom and dad's demise,
this house is the only thing

I am left with and a friend.

That is you.
- What about him? - Who?

None other than
that policeman. - He?

He isn't yet mine. He will be
mine after the engagement.

God bless you.
- Sir, meet Ritu.

- God bless you.

Hello, Arjun.
Hi, Jaidev. - Hello, sir.

- What are you doing?

Elders' blessings means a lot
on such occasions.

Who else do I have
other than you?

Ritu, meet my brother
and sister-in-law.

They are my family.
- Hello. - God bless you.

The groom's family is here.
What about the bride's family?

Sister-in-law, there's only
one guest from my side.

And very soon, you will get
to see how amazing she is.

My beloved.."

"My hands..
Don't hold my hands."

"My beloved.."

"What will you do if your
beloved doesn't hold your hand?"

"What will you do.."

"I'll tell you what I'll do
if he doesn't hold my hand."

"What will you do.."

"There is a well with water
in it. I'll jump in it."

"There is a well with water
in it. I'll jump in it."

"What will you do if your
beloved doesn't hold your hand?"

"What will you do.."

"I'll tell you what I'll do
if he doesn't hold my hand."

"What will you do.."

"There is a fireplace,
I'll burn in the fire."

"There is a Pipal tree.
I'll hang myself from it."

"Is she a doll or a beautiful
lady? - Hey!"

"Is she a fairy or a beautiful
lady? - Hey!"

"She has delicate hips
and a good attitude. - Hey."

"Her youth drives me crazy.
- Hey!"

"This beautiful girl..
- She will take you away.."

"I like her a lot..
- She will take you away.."

"I like her a lot..
- She will take you away.."


"What will you do if your
beloved doesn't hold your hand?"

"What will you do.."

"I'll tell you what I'll do
if he doesn't hold my hand."

"What will you do.."

"I'll lie down in front
of a train in the station."

"I have poison in a bottle,
I'll drink it."

"What will you do if your
beloved doesn't hold your hand?"

"What will you do.."

"I'll tell you what I'll do
if he doesn't hold my hand."

"What will you do.."

"I'll jump off a water tank."

"I'll eat my diamond ring
and die."

"Do something amazing..
- Hey!"

"Dance and show me..
- Hey!"

"I love your smile.
- Hey!"

"We're both lonely..
- Hey!"

"Such a beautiful girl.
- She'll take you away.."

"I like her a lot.
- She will take you away.."

"I like her a lot.
- She will take you away.."


"If your threats don't work..
If he doesn't listen to you.."

"If he stays stubborn,
what will you do?"

"I'll tell you what I'll do
if he doesn't hold my hand."

"What will you do.."

"I'll dress up as a bride
and live in his house."

"There is a well with water
in it. I'll jump in it."

"There is a fireplace,
I'll burn in the fire."

"There is a Pipal tree.
I'll hang myself from it."

"I'll lie down in front
of a train in the station."

"I have poison in a bottle,
I'll drink it."

"I'll jump off a water tank."

"There is a well with water
in it. I'll jump in it."

"There is a well with water
in it. I'll jump in it."

Come, Neha.

She is Neha Verma,
Ritu's best friend.

And she is Mrs. Singh.

Hello. - Hello. - And he is
my idol, ACP Jaidev Singh.

Hello. - And he is the
commissioner. - Hello. - Hello.

Excuse me.

Neha, you did a fantastic job.

I didn't do any wonders.
- I did the wonders.

Okay, I am coming.

What is the matter, sir?

Nothing, Arjun. I am
going for some time.

It's official.
- Sir, I'll go.

You are strange, Arjun.

If I send the groom from the
engagement party,

all the people there will
defame the police.

Okay, have a drink before
you leave.

Prepare a drink for me,
I'll be back in a jiffy.

I'll leave.
- Wait. - What happened?

Look Arjun, Neha wants
to go.

Arjun, please. I have to board
the flight early in the morning

and it's the first day of
my job.

Neha have dinner before
you leave or it will be wasted.

The food will not be
wasted. Mr. Hawa Singh is there.

Am I a dustbin?

I'll leave. Okay?


Neha, it's you!

What are you doing here?

My car broke down. I was
wondering how to get home.

What's there to think about it?

Come, I'll drop you.
- Thank you.

Neha, I need to meet someone
for two minutes.

You wait in the car.

Smell it, ACP.
Smell the scent of death.

Petrol is liquid dynamite.

Assume that your body is
sprinkled with dynamite.

Let's get to the point.

You are preparing a case
against my dad.

And you need proof for that.

That's why you came here
immediately on getting a call

from an informer.

But... I had made the call

and not an informer.

We wanted to see the hard
work that you are doing

to malign Mr. Singhania.

My dad is going to file the
nomination papers for

the election, tomorrow.

And I want that
nothing should go wrong

till the time he
wins the election.

What is the use of being
so honest,

when you will not be

This is my last warning
to you, officer.

Samrat Singhania, pray for
your father's safety.

You will be an orphan
very soon.

The law has taken
necessary action,

only your dad's
execution is pending.

ACP, the entire world thinks

that my dad is my strength.

They are wrong.

My dad is my greatest weakness.

If you had said anything
against me,

I might have forgiven you.

But against my dad,
not a single word.

I am sorry, officer.

You will have to die.

Hello. - Hello, can I
talk to Neha Verma?

- Yes, Neha. It's me.

What happened to your voice,

Are you fine?

Yes, grandpa.
I am fine.

Okay. Tell me whether you
reached Mumbai safely?

Did you face any trouble?

No. Grandpa. How is Simi?

Simi is standing here
and harassing me.

Talk to her.

Hi, sister.
Did Ritu get engaged?

You must have had a lot
of fun, right?

Okay, tell me. What all
did you see in Mumbai?

Simi... I am very tired.
I am feeling sleepy.

Tell grandpa that I'll talk to
him later. Okay?

Okay. Good night, Neha.

Bye. Bye.

You haven't changed as yet,

Actually, I just reached.
- You reached now!

But you left the
party long back.

Why are you questioning
me like a cop?

My car broke down on the way.

But Neha, you didn't tell me
that the car broke down.

I'm sorry.
- Are you alright?

Yes. Why? I am fine. I am
going to sleep. Good night.

Are you all right, Neha?
- I am all right.

I am restless.
I am feeling sleepy!

What is wrong with Neha?

Oh no!

What is wrong with you now?

I have to go.
It's an emergency.

Try to understand.
I am a cop.

Okay. Take care.

Arjun, it's a murder
case. - Who is it?

ACP Jaidev Singh.
- What!

He was burnt alive. - He
was with me in the evening.

The incident happened just
some time back, in the night.

Are you sure? - Yes. The
corpse has been identified.

Come with me.

I am asking you to move.

What are you doing?

Please, listen to me.
- What are they doing?

It's time for him to come
back home. - Listen to me.

I don't want to hear anything. I'm
not interested in what anyone says.

Arjun, they are lying.
All of them are lying.

They are saying that he is
no more.

Does one die like this?

Control yourself, Mrs. Singh.

Mrs. Singh, get a grip.
He is dead.


You are saying the
same thing, Arjun!

Look properly.
Go and check again.

He might be alive.

Even if he had
a breath left,

I would've made sure
he survives.

I know.

I know, he is burnt
from head to toe.

But, after all, he
is my husband, right?

I... I... - No.

I beg you.

Please, don't look
at his corpse.

If you have a look, you'll lose
all his memories, out of terror.

No.. - You have to keep
his memories alive.

Please go home.


Take her home.

Arjun, I found this Identity
Card from that road side.

We may get some clue.

Arrest her. - I have
not seen anything!

Then, did you kill him
closing your eyes?

What do you mean?

Why did you killed ACP?

Or did you hire anyone to kill him?
- I don't know anything!

Then who killed him?

From which gang you are?

What nonsense are you talking?

Your identity found to incident place
it's not rubbish.

You left party and you had followed Acp sir..
It's not rubbish.

I didn't do anything.
- Then why are you hiding killers name.

What is your relations with that killer?

I don't have any connection with killer and incident.

You have connections...
- Mr. Pawan!

Is this the way to
interrogate a girl?

She is not accepting her crime.

Arjun, this girl's Identity Card
has been found at the murder site.

That doesn't prove that
she has committed the crime.

Yes, sir. They are framing me
in a murder case.

I have not done anything.

All of you leave. I want
to talk to her, all alone.

Please go.

Arjun, I am innocent.
They are unnecessarily...

Neha, our first meeting
was a joke.

But, this is not a joke.

You are in big trouble.

I... I am innocent.
It's a false accusation...

You are lying. You
are lying continuously.

It's obvious from the terror
of your face,

that you have seen
the murderer.

You were present there
during the murder.

How can you stay quiet?

That too for a man,

who was very happy at
our party in the evening.

ACP Singh's wife,

who was the centre
of attraction at that party,

had no idea, she would
become a widow in a few hours.

You have seen her husband
being murdered.

After seeing such a dreadful
scene, how can you stay quiet?

How can you stay quiet?

I won't stay quiet.

I have seen that murderer.

I have seen his cruelty.

It's possible that you may not
remember the murderer's face.

I can never forget his face.

I've seen the devil in the guise
of a man for the first time.

Arjun, his face was not
dreadful like these criminals.

His acts were horrific...

How should I make you

Relax, Neha.

This day has been
very tough for you.

Go home and relax.
I'll drop you.

But, you'll have
to come here again.


Sit in the car.
I'll get the keys.

Mr. Singhania,

we are very grateful,

that a great man like you
have joined our party.

It's my good fortune.


Dad, your old dream
to serve the nation

is going to be fulfilled today.

You are going to file the nomination
papers of such a big party.

I pray for your success.

And I wish, may God
always bless you.

Hey! - Hey! Hit me.
Come on, hit me.

Just give me a chance.

I'll shoot all the six bullets
into your head.

I'm out of my mind.

I won't be satisfied with
just your arrest.

Arrest him.

Do you have an arrest warrant?
- Non-bail able warrant.

Do you know,
who are you arresting?

I know. He is a dangerous son
of this cruel man.

He can buy the cheap politicians
and lawyers with his dirty money

but he isn't wealthy enough
to buy an honest police officer.

ACP Jaidev was incorruptible
so he got him murdered.

This is the one mistake
you committed, Singhania.

Your son is your weapon.

But, you were behind that crime.

Very soon, I am coming
to arrest you.

Wait for me, Singhania.

I believe in
my son's innocence

as much as I believe in
the law of this nation.

I handover my son to
the court of justice.

And I take an oath, that till I
won't prove my son's innocence,

I won't file my nomination.

Why do I always
keep you with Samrat?

To control his anger, right?

An unworthy inspector insulted
him and took him away from me.

I've been furious from
that moment.

My son would be suffering,
the same way, in prison.

Even if he committed
the murder by mistake,

how did the police
come to know about it?

Who told them?
- An eye-witness.


Neha Verma.

She has witnessed this murder
and has identified Samrat.

Then, what's the problem?
Kill her.

And send your son
to the gallows.

What nonsense?

ACP Jaidev's murder case
has now gained importance.

In such a situation, if anything
happens to Neha Verma,

you and your son will be held
responsible, Mr. Singhania.

So, should I worship Neha Verma?

Bansal, I want my son free.

We have just two options.

Either Neha Verma
doesn't reach the court,

or if she reaches,

she should change
her testimony in the court.

How will that happen?

In this situation Mr. Singhania,
don't you recall a name?

Which name?



It's been a long time since
he did our last task, right?

You too have faced such a
problem after a long time.


Call him.

No, Babu. Stop.

We ordered these men
to attack you.

Did you see, Mr. Singhania?
Didn't I say,

Babu was strong as iron in the
past, and he is still the same.

Iron does rust. That's why,
it was necessary to test.

Shall we talk business?

Neha, guess why I put your first
flight to Mauritius?

Because, I haven't been to

No. Because you won't
be troubled there.

Sir. How will I be troubled,
when you will be here.

What does that mean?

I mean, I can call you back here
if I'm having any problems.

How will I be troubled?

That was what I meant.
- You won't be needing a phone.

Whenever, you remember someone
truly, guess who'll come?

- No. My brother.

My brother has been living
there, since a long time.

Sir, but how is it possible?
How will I recognize him?

You won't even have to guess.

You will know him by his
stupid antics.

Is he your real brother?

Don't worry, sir.
I'll recognise him.

Shall I leave, sir? - Yes, okay.
Have a nice flight. - Bye, sir.

Who are you? And how did
you come in?

You must close the doors,
when you go out.

I did close the doors
before leaving.

The door was open
when I came here.

Nobody answered the door bell,
that's why I came in.

But, why have you come here?


I've come to meet Neha.
- Neha isn't here.

Where can I find her?
- Why do you ask?

I am Neha's friend.
- But, I know all her friends.

You'll know me, as well.
I'm Anthony, from Goa.

Excuse me.


Is it you, Neha?
How are you?

Have you reached
Mauritius safely?

Wow! You're staying at
the Holiday Inn! Great!

Arjun is doing fine.
You tell me, how are you?

Really? Wow, great.

Okay, listen. A friend of yours
from Goa is here. Anthony.

Even I haven't seen him before.

Okay, wait. You talk to
him, yourself.

Where did he go?

Hello, Neha?


Oh, it's you.

Move aside.
Hello? Mr. Anthony!

He was just here,
Where did he go?

Was he the invisible man?
- Stop joking.

He said his name was Anthony,
from Goa and Neha's friend.

I was talking to him when
Neha called up from Mauritius.

Neha told me she doesn't
know any Anthony.

If she doesn't know him, then
why did you allow him in?

But he was already in the house.
- What?

When I came back from the market
with Caesar, he was already...

Where is Caesar?
- Caesar?



Get hold of yourself.

He was surely Neha's enemy.

Tell me something.

Can you identify him?

Yes, I can't forget his face.

He had fearsome eyes.

He's on Neha's trail.

Mr. D Singh?
- Yes!

Dawa Singh,
at your service, madam.

My brother, Hawa Singh, must
have told you about me.

Yes, I was told.

But he couldn't have told
you one thing.

That I'm the top mechanic
in Mauritius.

From clocks to copters,
I can fix anything.

No, I wasn't told this.
- He won't tell you

because he is jealous of me.

He has a complex.

Yes, then you must be busy.
- Busy? Madam, very busy.

I was cleaning the carburetor of
a submarine in the ocean

when I received the phone.
I came here on my own.

Well, how many days will
you be staying here?

Our flight will be here
after 3 days.

So, we are here for 3 days.
We thought, we could go around.

Left, right...
Let's go this way...

One moment. Please listen to me.

Ms. Neha, I don't know...

If I'm taking you sight seeing
or is it you taking me out

This here, is the famous
La fountain of Waterfront.

It's speciality is that, you can
put in a coin with closed eyes

and your wish will come true.

But you have only 3 coins.

No problem, ma'am. You can throw
me as the fourth,

I'll come back with the coins.

That's a good one.
Okay girls, done?

- No, take this.

I'll be back with more coins.

Here, you throw.
- No, you throw first.

What can I wish for?
- Do you have someone special?

- Then wish for him.

- Make a wish. - Okay.

See this. This is key
number eight.

Cappuccino, for the ladies.
- Thank you.

Sir, we can't give you
your order.

Why, does someone snatch
it on the way?

No, sir. The problem is,
our machine has broken.

A broken machine!
With a top mechanic here?

What happened, Dawa Singh?

Nothing. Please have your coffee
Duty calls. I'll be right back.

Where is the machine?
- Over here, sir.

Where had you been?
- Nowhere.

Hey! What are you doing?
- Look at him.

That's called a real man.
- He won't even glance at us.

He'll surely see if you show
him something worth seeing.

That was insulting.

Our pride is at stake.
You give it a try.

Please! Go!
He's going that way.

I want a pearl necklace.
- What, madam?

A pearl necklace.
- Can you speak French?


Excuse me? I don't speak French.
Could you help me, please?

She needs a pearl necklace.

You should have said so,
earlier in Hindi.

We Mauritians, know French and
Hindi, but not English.

I'll be right back.

Anything else?

No. Thank you.

Force is applied here,
and action takes place here.

Very sorry.

What happened?
Did it work?

I tried, but
the lentil didn't cook.

Lentil doesn't cook quickly.
Because the water here, is hard.

He is too perky, right?

That means,
the elasticity is low.

If he's perky then be a balm.

If he's a stone, then
you be a flower.

Very right. Unequal poles,
attract each other.

If he is young, you are beauty.

I can consider myself beautiful,
when he goes crazy at my sight.

If I turn my head with attitude,
he would become mad.

If I walk away from him, he
would follow me like a Romeo.

Sing to me, like Romeo.

"I searched everywhere."

"You were found nowhere."

"I hoped to find you somewhere."

"But you were right here."

"This evening is full of cheer."

"Our unity is going to be glory."

"It is the beginning of our story."

"Leaving behind the worry.."

"Where did you go, O' Beauty?
Where did you go stealing my heart?"

"Where did you go, O' Beauty?
Where did you go stealing my heart?"

"Now that you are leaving,
take away my life."

"Where did you go, O' Beauty?
Where did you go?"

"Where did you go stealing my heart?"

"Where did you go, O' Beauty?
Where did you go stealing my heart?"

"Where did you go stealing
my heart?"

"You change like the day
and the night."

"There is something special in you."

"You change like the day
and the night."

"There is something special in you."

"Where did you go, O' Beauty?
Where did you go?"

"Where did you go stealing my heart?"

"Where did you go, O' Beauty?
Where did you go?"

"Where did you go stealing my heart?"

"Now that you are leaving,
take away my life."

"Where did you go, O' Beauty?
Where did you go?"

"Where did you go, O' Beauty?
Where did you go stealing my heart?"

"Sometimes you glow like a flame."

"Sometimes you are
calm like a dew."

"Sometimes you glow like a flame."

"Sometimes you are
calm like a dew."

"Where did you go, O' Beauty?
Where did you go stealing my heart?"

"Where did you go, O' Beauty?
Where did you go stealing my heart?"

"Now that you are leaving,
take away my life."

"Where did you go, O' Beauty?
Where did you go?"

"Where did you go stealing my heart?"

"Steal a glance at someone.
Fall in love with someone."

"Play this game of love.
Sacrifice your life."

"Change someone's life
with your love."

"No matter what happens,
build a house of love."

"Where did you go, O' Beauty?
Where did you go?"

"Where did you go stealing my heart?"

"Now that you are leaving,
take away my life."

"Where did you go, O' Beauty?
Where did you go?"

"Where did you go stealing my heart?"

Ms. Neha, if I knew you would
be gone so long in your dreams,

then I would have gone in
some dream sequence

and repaired my helicopter.

Come, it is getting late.
It's a long journey.

Your friends are already
in the vehicle.

I have set this vehicle's engine
with my own hands.

Oh.. It stopped.. - What happened?
- What happened, you ask!

Congratulations, Ms. Neha
Congratulation, girls.

The car has broken down.

Strange! The car has broken down
and you say congratulations.

You might not know
how happy a real mechanic gets

when he encounters
a technical problem.

Where are we stuck?

We are stuck in such a place

where there is no help
for a long distance.

It will be fun repairing
the car.

Ms. Neha, try to start the car.

It won't start.

This means the fault is located.

The fault is in the battery.
The battery is bad.

Repair the battery.

This is not my work.
It is below my standard.

We are unlucky.

No, you are with a lucky man.

Look over there,
a car is approaching.

Did you see?
I stopped the car.

Mister, you have come
at the right time.

Why? Is there some picnic here?

No picnic. Our battery
has gone bad.

So will you give us
a lift to the city?

I'm sorry. There is a
lot of stuff in the back.

And only
one of you can come.

That means I am very lucky.

Take me to Port Louis. I will
come back with the battery.

Mister, if you come with me,

then who will protect
these girls?

Yes. Some man should stay here.

You do one thing.
Take any one of them.

My responsibility will be less.
- Alright.

Good man.

My name is Neha.
- Vicky.

Where are you from?
- India.

India? Where in India?


Even I stay in Mumbai.
It is such a coincidence.

This coincidence happened
after many tries. Right?

Good thing, I found you.


The car was out of order.
That's why.

So was it bad?
- No, it was good.

I mean, I got rid of Dawa Singh,
that is why it was good.

If I had to stay with him,
then I would have become

a car mechanic instead
of an airhostess.

Okay, so you
are an airhostess? - Yes.

And you?

My forefathers had left a
load of wealth for me,

I am trying to lessen that.

Who else is there with you?

Right now, you are there.

And no one at home.


How did you find Mauritius?

Earlier, I used to like it.
But now I like it a lot.

But, I can't help it.
I have to go back in 3 days.

When you like something,
you shouldn't leave it.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Sorry for troubling you.

It's okay.

Excuse me.
- Yes.

There's a night club, nearby.
Blue Camel.

I'm always there after 8 PM.

Will you come there?

Why? - It's necessary
for me to meet you.

In an unknown city, away
from her own country,

should a young girl meet
a stranger?

Ask your heart?
If you feel I am a stranger,

don't come.

I will be waiting for you.


See you.

Hello Mr. Arjun. Welcome
to Mauritius.

I am Mr. Karim from the
Indian consulate.

I have to go to the
police headquarters. - Okay.

If looked at it mechanically,
then you are Inspector Arjun.

- It is you, Mr. Hawa Singh.

Hawa Singh is not capable
enough to

come to Mauritius.

The passport authority don't
issue a passport to him.

They reject him
when they see his face.

And you are?

I am that idiot's extra
intelligent twin brother

Dawa Singh at your service.

Where is Neha?
- Neha is at that Blue Camel.

What do you mean? - 'Blue Camel'
- Your Hindi is weak.

Blue Camel night club.

Miss Neha told me to
bring you there.

Ritu, go and meet Neha
with him.

I will be back from the
Police headquarters.

- Come on, officer.

Please come.

"Love is such a thorn.."

"When it pokes your feet"

"It makes everyone"

"dance on streets.."

"When someone gets
affected by love.."

"When someone gets
affected by love.."

"You see your beloved
everywhere you look."

"You cannot get rid of it
once you've been affected."

"The one who doesn't fall in love,

"The one who doesn't fall in love,

"Love creates the thirst and
love quenches your thirst."

"The person who burns in love
becomes crazy."

"If you get affect by it.."

"The one who doesn't fall in love,

"The one who doesn't fall in love,

"If someone gets affected
by the magic of love.."

"If someone gets affected
by the magic of love"

"The one who gets affected
by it, enjoys every moment."

"If you drink this elixir.."

"The one who doesn't fall in love,

"The one who doesn't fall in love,

"Love is such a thorn
that if it pokes your feet"

"It makes everyone
dance on streets.."

"Love is such a thorn.."

"If someone gets affected
by the magic of love.."

"Love creates the thirst and
love quenches your thirst."

"Love is such a thorn
that if it pokes your feet"

"it makes everyone dance
on streets."

"You feel shy when someone
looks at you.."

"The one who doesn't fall in love,

"The one who doesn't fall in love,

I forgot to tell you that
Ritu has also come.

There she is.
- Ritu.




I want to know, how did Neha Verma returned alive from Morris's.

We had sent you to kill her.
But you killed some Ritu Parera.

Ritu Parera's death was important.


Tomorrow morning is first hearing in court
for case.

Neha Varma won't go court tomorrow.

Babu, if any accident take place of Neha Varma...

Then everyone will doubt of Mr. Singhania.

So that's why you can't kill her in this city.

I can't kill her.

But I can save her.

I feel sorry that...
- Sorry for what?

You feel a bit sorry and tell my
dad to feel sorry too.

Politics has made him
forget his son.

What should I say now?
Nobody listens to me.

Mr. Singhania can't see anybody
else other than Babu.

Babu went to Mauritius.
So that Neha Verma...

Got it? But she has
returned to Mumbai.

Uncle, the hearing is tomorrow.

Babu is doing a new
drama for that.

I've been ordered to launch
a mock attack on Neha.

To act as if I want to kill her.

Uncle, I can understand
one thing.

My life is at stake. I care
a darn about dad's politics.

Attack Neha.
But don't just pretend

to kill her, just kill her.

Kill that girl.



Didn't you recognize me?

Hello, ma'am.
Good evening.

Neha, he's...
He's Raja.

And he's my friend, Babu.

Babu? - Yes, friends
call me Babu affectionately.

What did you say?

Raja. - Babu, didn't you
see my condition?

What happened with me.

Leave all this. - Vicky,
what is he talking about?

Nothing, Neha.
He's too drunk.

Go down and get the car,
I'll just be back.

Babu, have you been
contracted to kill her?

Raja, you being in your
senses is intolerable.

You need to be senseless
if you want to live.

Did you remember anything?


Body drenched in petrol.
A little spark.

And then a huge fire.

Who... Who are you people?

She's asking us who we are!
People who are about to die

can only see people like us.

What do you want?
- Mr. Singhania wants something.

Mr. Singhania wants
to see you dead.

Leave me. - How and why
should we leave you?

You identified Mr. Singhania's
son in front of the police.

And Mr. Singhania
doesn't like that.

And what Mr. Singhania dislikes,
is destroyed.

The end.

Your truth, honesty,
and your testimony

will be reduced to ashes.

The rule of the law,
and the courts

justice, morality.
Who will save you?

I'll save this girl
from you guys.

But who will save you from me?


Shut up, Neha!

Police is using
you as a pawn.

They don't have any
sympathy for you.

Today, you were assaulted
and it will happen again.

Today, I reached there. But
what if I don't reach, later?

What harm will anyone bear?
Nobody will bear any harm.

Only this Vicky will lose.

Look at me, Neha.

Look into my eyes.

Do you know...

Do you know,
what do I see in you?

I see my children in your eyes.

I see my future in you.

Your smile, your innocence
is my life, Neha.

If something happens to you,

I'll die.

Do you want me to...
- No, Vicky...

Don't say that.

So tomorrow, instead
of going to the court,

you'll go to the temple.
- Temple?


Tomorrow, we'll get married.

"When the wind touches me"

"it takes my life away."

Touch me."

Touch me."

"The wind started blowing."

"My entire body shivers
and shakes."

"Come and touch me."

"I'm going crazy.."

"You're style has"

"The coldness teases me."

"You remind me of my desires."

Touch me. Touch me.."

"Touch me.."

"Sneakily, quietly, slyly.."

"Kiss me.."

"Take me in your arms tonight."

"Let's dance.."

"You burn like a lamp."

"I'm a desperate lover."

"You're a story of beauty."

"I'm the short story of love."

Touch me."

"Touch me.."

Touch me. - Touch me.."

"Touch.. Touch me.
- Touch me.."

"The wind started blowing."

"My entire body shivers
and shakes."

"Come and touch me."

"I'm going crazy.."

"You're style has"

"The coldness teases me."

"You remind me of my desires."

Touch me. - Touch me.."

"Touch.. Touch me.
- Touch me.."

"The wind started blowing."

"My entire body shivers
and shakes."

"Come and touch me."

Why has Neha Verma not come yet?

She will be here any moment.

There is just 5 minutes left,
for the case to begin.

If she had come a little early,

I could have explained
her a few things about the case.

She knows
everything about the case.

But, she does not know anything
about Singhania's lawyer.

Mr. Singhania, today is
the first hearing of your son.

Would you like to say something?

I have already told earlier,
that I believe in our law

as much as I believe in
the innocence of my son.

decision the court takes,

I shall respect it.

What do you think will
be the outcome of this case?

All I would say is,

that no innocent man will
get the death sentence, today.

The path I'm taking to go
inside, I'll use the same path

to bring Samrat Singhania out.

This is my promise.

Look Mrs. Singh,

I am only facing
Mr. Bansal in the court,

depending on Neha Verma.

Otherwise, we neither have any
witness against Mr. Singhania

nor any evidence.

Neha Verma will surely present
her testimony in the court.

She can present her testimony
only if she reaches court.

You may proceed with the case.


I would like to ask,
what made them suspect

and accuse my client
Samrat Singhania

for the murder of ACP
Jaidev Singh.

What's the evidence?
On what grounds?

Your honor, on the grounds of

the eye-witness

who saw Samrat Singhania
committing the murder.

Then, your honor the eye-witness
should be presented her,

in this court.

Your honor,

to present the eye-witness,

I ask the court to
grant me some time.

Even I have my own wishes
and desires.

I can't sacrifice my life for
the sake of humanity.

Look, please...
Please forgive me.

I cannot come to the court.
I will not be able to do this.

But, you can commit this sin

of bringing
disgrace to my husband

and get married?

I am not committing a crime.

If you are not
committing a crime,

why can't you look
me in the eye?

Say it looking at the attire of
this widow.

Neha, if you don't testify,

my husband's murderer's will
be set free to commit crimes.

Those people have
anyway taken my husband's life.

But, God forbid, in future

if they kill your husband

who will you go to for justice?

If not for me,

if not for you,

but at least for your fiance.

For the well
being of your fiance,

your testimony in
the court is very important.

Your honor,

how much more time will this
court wait for that eye-witness?

For the past 5 hours, the
court proceedings are held up

because, there is neither
any evidence

or proof
against Samrat Singhania.

Your honor, that is why

I would like
you to dismiss this case.

You must
dismiss this case, your honor

and release my client,
your honor.

I insist, you dismiss this case!

Your honor, I demand
this case be dismissed.

Your honor,

the witness is
present, your honor.

Neha Verma,

please raise your eyes and see

is that murderer
present in this court?

Please raise your eyes
and identify the culprit.

Neha Verma,
I request you once again,

please raise your eyes and see.

Identify the culprit,
Neha Verma.

Please raise your eyes and see.
Look at him, Neha Verma!


Due to constraints of time,

the proceedings of this case, is
postponed to day after tomorrow.

The court is adjourned.

Do you remember,

we were supposed
to go to the Temple today?

And you
went to the court?

please believe me.

I got ready in the
morning and was waiting for you

and suddenly
Jaidev Singh's wife came here.

How could I overlook someone's
sorrows and obtain my happiness?

Even if I want to,
I cannot be selfish.

I can't, Vicky.

That is why, I love you so much.

Today, you raised the level
of humanity, higher than love.

So what, if our
marriage did not happen today?

It can even happen tomorrow.


- Have you forgotten?

Vicky has another name too
and it's Babu.

Today, to
celebrate our marriage,

Raja is very drunk.

Even I drank a little bit.

Today, for the
first time it has happened

that Babu
had thought of something

and something entirely
different happened.


come on, let's go
drop Raja and come back.

Get down, Neha.


I want to introduce you to Babu.

Babu? I didn't understand.

You will understand
if you get down.

Please Vicky, let's go from
here. This isn't a nice place.

To understand Babu, there is
no better place than this.

Stop arguing and get down.

Come on.

You are going on and on.

Look, I've got out.
Now what?


Please stop!


What have you done, Vicky?

You killed your friend!

You are so drunk that
you are not in your senses.

Vicky, what did you do?

Who said I am drunk?

You did this...

In your senses.

Can you smell liquor
on my mouth?

Can you see any sort of
intoxication in my eyes?

Few days back, a murder
took place in front of you.

For which you had been to court
today to testify.

Today, once again a murder was
committed in front of you.

You will have to go
to court as a witness.

Will you go to the court
to testify against me?

Against your Vicky?

Vicky, what are you saying?

You are not talking to Vicky

you are talking to Babu.

And people don't call me Babu
out of affection

they say it with fear.

The fear of death.

A death that you just witnessed.

Such a death or perhaps
and even more dangerous one.


Are you Mr. Singhania's man?


The work which Singhania's
men are unable to do

I take up that job.

You won't testify
against Mr. Singhania's son.

"What kind of love is this?"

"What kind of a lover is he?"

"What kind of love is this?
What kind of a lover is he?"

"He was crazy in someone's
love, he made her go crazy."

"He made her go crazy.."


"This is love but at the same
time it isn't."

"Is this love or not.
Is it betrayal?"

"The king has imprisoned
the queen."

"The king has imprisoned
the queen."

Tell me, Babu.

How are you? - Why?

I was worried for you.

You are worried?

How can one who deals in death
worry about anyone?

Listen, Neha.
- Come to the point, Babu.

You have called me to know

whether I am scared of
Babu or not?

And due to that fear,
will I change my testimony

in the court tomorrow?

And my answer is, Babu alias
Vicky, whatever your name is.

If you think that
you have scared me,

or you broke my courage.

Then, it is your

Tomorrow, I will go to court
and testify.

Because this battle isn't
between the law and criminal.

This battle is
between you and me!

Babu, my love is lost.

Now, see...

how much I can hate you!

How are you, Neha?


There is no need to worry, Neha.

Your testimony makes
our case very strong.

Now, we have to see, what
will be Mr. Singhania's trick?

After all you have to say in the
court whatever you witnessed.







- Neha!

Are you alright, Simi?
- We should ask you that.

You had lost your senses.

Now you've regained your senses.

Neha, what happened to you?
- Don't worry about me.

What was the need for
you to come to Mumbai?

You are amazing!
You had sent a letter,

and Mumbai tickets in Ritu's
name through courier.


Yes. She didn't come
to the airport.

Where is Ritu?

Neha has sent her far away
for some court issues.

Neha, will you want stay Simmi with you.

Or you want to let her die
for that court case.

No! Simmi will stay with me.

Keep her with you.

But carefully.

Because nowadays are you too busy for that court case

that you forgot

you have small, naive sister too.

Who has left that Goa...

Has came into this cruel city

Neha, you know, when you didn't
come to the airport today,

I was so scared.

Just like this doll.

Anxious and quiet.

Neha, you know that Mumbai
city is so fearsome.

And your sister
is so beautiful


and delicate,
just like this doll.

I am sorry.

This is the defect
in delicate things.

It breaks easily.

It's good that it;s toy.

It can fix after break.

But human..

Neha, I am leaving..

You must have to talk a lot
with Simmi, right?

Take care of her.

I didn't get you. What do
you want to say, after all?

Look, I can't
appear in the court.

But I want to
register my testimony.

I'll reveal the truth to you.

Yes, Samrat Singhania
killed A.C.P. Jaidev Singh...

Stop it, Ms. Neha Verma.

This is my house, not the court.

Whatever you've to say,

say it in court, in
the presence of the lawyers.

And don't forget, this is
a murder case, not a game.

Someone's life is at stake.

What about my family's life
then? - You may leave now.

Your Honour... Listen to me!

Your Honour... Please!

Sit quietly. For the first time,
I got emotional in my work,

but not anymore.

You had said that there is a war
between us, right?

So be it.

You witnessed so many deaths
but didn't get scared.

But now you will be scared

when you see your
loved one dying.

Like Simi.
- Simi!

Babu, please don't
drag her into all this.

She's already involved.

Look over there.

What are you going to do?

Simi is going to
repent for your sins.

She will die and teach you
the meaning the life.

You can't do this.
- I can do anything!

Today, you will not only
have to witness death

but to feel it as well.

If you don't change your
testimony in the court, tomorrow

then the death you've just felt

will become
a reality tomorrow.

Ms. Neha Verma,
is he the same man

who had burnt
A.C.P. Jaidev Singh alive?

Look carefully, Ms. Neha Verma
and tell me

if he is the same murderer?

Tell me, Ms. Neha Verma.
Look at this man and tell me

is he the man
who had murdered him?

Tell me, Neha Verma.
Speak up, Neha Verma.

Is he the same man
who had burnt him?

Speak up, I said!
- No.

I am not sure.

You are lying, Neha!

What she was forced to say at
the police station was a lie.

What Neha Verma has said
in this court, is the truth.

Officer, you won't find the
murderer of A.C.P. Jaidev Singh

in this court but in the
city, roaming around freely.

Go and nab him.

Or else one more
murder will take place

and you will again bring an
innocent man in the witness box.

Go and do your duty.
This case has been decided.

Due to the lack
of any solid evidence,

this court acquits Mr. Samrat
Singhania unconditionally.

"Dance, baby.. Dance Girl..
- Oh, yes!"

"Dance, baby.. Dance Girl..
- Oh, yes!"

"If the eyes connect,
let them connect."

"If she's scared,
let her be scared."

"If the eyes connect,
let them connect."

"If she's scared,
let her be scared."

"I want to fall in love
as my heart is restless."

"I want to fall in love
as my heart is restless."

"If she's dying for me,
let her die."

"If she's dying for me,
let her die."

"If the eyes connect,
let them connect."

"If she's scared,
let her be scared."

"Dance, baby.. Dance Girl..
Oh, Yes!"

"Dance, baby.. Dance Girl..
Oh, Yes!"

"Hit it!"

"Your fair colour
troubles me a lot."

"I'll just give you hugs."

"I don't care about other girls,
my eyes are set on you."

"Have some conversations
with me."

"My cheeks are pink."

"I'll make a Punjabi
man go crazy for me."

"My eyes are intoxicating.
Your restlessness has grown."

"You're like a large
peg of alcohol."

"This crazy one has
come to drink you."

"I want to fall in love
as my heart is restless."

"I want to fall in love
as my heart is restless."

"If I'm getting tipsy,
let me be tipsy."

"If the eyes connect,
let them connect."

"If she's scared,
let her be scared."

"Dance, baby.. Dance Girl..
Oh, Yes!"

"Dance, baby.. Dance Girl..
Oh, Yes!"

"Hit it!"

"Oh, yes!"

"Oh, yes!"

"Oh, yes!"

"Oh, yes!"

"Tell me what's your wish.
Why are you showing tantrums?"

"The arrows of your eyes
have ripped my heart apart."

"You probably will kill me."

"My youth is amazing.
My walking style is gorgeous."

"I'm a queen of my heart.
Boys like you fill water for me."

"You're the queen of my heart.
I'll fill water for you?"

"I want to fall in love
as my heart is restless."

"I want to fall in love
as my heart is restless."

"If things get beyond control
then let them be."

"If things get beyond control
then let them be."

"If the eyes connect,
let them connect."

"If she's scared,
let her be scared."

"Dance, baby.. Dance Girl..
Oh, Yes!"

"Dance, baby.. Dance Girl..
Oh, Yes!"

"If the eyes connect,
let them connect.."

"If she's scared,
let her be scared."

"If he's scared,
let him be scared."

"This man will dance..
Oh, yes. - Oh, yes!"

"This man will dance..
Oh, yes. - Oh, yes!"

"This man will dance..
Oh, yes. - Oh, yes!"

"This man will dance..
Oh, yes. - Oh, yes!"

you are a little late.

The show just came to an end.

You're wrong, Singhania.
The show hasn't ended.

This time you pressured my
witness to change her testimony.

But, I assure you,
the same witness

will speak the truth
in the court now.

After that, all your glamorous
shows will come to an end.

And yes,

you have won a battle,
but the war isn't over.

Take this, read it carefully.

What is this?

Will you read and
tell me what it is?

The Supreme Court has
accepted his appeal.

Neha Verma has become
a problem for us.

Dad, let me handle
Neha Verma, please!

Relax, Samrat. Relax.

- Yes.

Tell Babu that Singhania
doesn't like cold wars.

My last move will
be check and mate.

This bag has the amount
for your previous task

and the advance
for your next one.

Next task?
- Look, Babu.

We were compelled until
the case dragged on.

But now there's no risk
in killing Neha Verma.

Else, this danger will linger
until Neha Verma is alive.

But Babu is also alive.

Your trust on Babu is dwindling.

Why should Neha Verma
continue to be a threat to me?

I won't trust anyone.

Even your dad trusted me.

That's why you stand here today.

Mr. Singhania,

you wanted Neha Verma
to change her testimony,

and she did that.

If you want her to keep quiet,
she will oblige.


I trust you, Babu.

But Neha Verma...

Babu is Neha Verma's guarantee.

What do you want?

I want to keep you alive.

Leave this city, Neha.

Why should I leave this city?

Why should I go away from here?

I came here from Goa to
become someone, to succeed.

I owe my dreams and
expectations to this city.

Your younger sister
also lives in this city.


What happened to her?

Look, Neha.

Nothing can affect you now.

But Simi,

she is very brittle.

If anything happens to her,

you won't be able
to tolerate it.

You'll die.

And they know that.


Yes, Neha!

Why did you go out of the house?

I asked you not
to leave the house.

I was indoors.

Why did you answer
the phone so late?

Neha, I was having a bath.
But why are you so scared?

Nothing. Don't leave home
until I return, okay? Please.

Neha, I think someone's
at the door. One moment.

No! Don't open the door!

Don't open the door, please!

Crap! Hello, Simi.


Who's there?

Does Neha Verma live here?

Yes, but she isn't home.

- Yes, I'm her younger sister.

She's on the phone. If you wish,
you can talk to her.

I'll talk to your sister anyway.

First, let me introduce myself.

Who's at home?
Who is it, Simi?

Who is there? Who?



I'm sorry.

- No! Neha!



your doll is damaged.

Never mind, I'm here.

Come, Neha. Let's
go back to Goa.

I won't go to Goa
with this defeat.

And you stay here with Simi.

Why here in Nasik, Neha?

Because they our addresses
in Mumbai and Goa.

But they can't come here.

And this time,

I won't let them take advantage
of my weaknesses.

Forget it, Neha. Forget it all.

We have everything in Goa.

We have a home, our world.

We'll go there and
start a new life, Neha.

I'll start a new life
after I return from Mumbai.

Mumbai! Will you go back to
the place

where your life was destroyed?
To the same place where...

I'll go there because
my life was ruined!

My friend was killed,
that's why I'll go there.

I'll go there because
they did this to Simi.

I need just one assurance
to live the rest of my life,

and I won't rest
without getting it.

They had started this,

but I will end it.

Do only what

you have been paid for.

I paid you to beat me up.
So, hit me.

Hit me!


What happened to you?

I just wanted to live, Vicky.
I wanted Simi to be happy

and support my grandpa.

Then why... Then why did he...

Babu told me to be scared
and I was.

He asked me to give
a false testimony and I did.

I did exactly
what Babu told me,

then why did he dishonour me
so many times?

Neha! You're talking to Babu.
To Babu.

Tell me his name, Neha.

Babu. Babu, you're back?

Babu, this time I didn't make
any mistake.

Then, why did he...

Do you want to see what he did
to me? Do you want to see?

Why did you support him?
Why did you get him released?

What will become of me now,
Babu? - I will accept you, Neha.

But only after obliterating
the Singhania family.

No, Babu. They will kill you.

They are alive

only because I want them to be.

Now, they must die

because this is my decision.

Wait for me right here, Neha.


I'll talk to you later.

Where is your son? - Why?

Check up on him, Mr. Singhania.

Because it's more peaceful
a death if one's dad is around.

The way a period ends,
a season ends,

similarly, every rascal
meets with his end.

You were very fortunate

the day your son got acquitted.

But the days to come

will be very horrid.

You and your son will die a
horrible death.

Stop this nonsense!

The Babu you had employed
to silence me

speaks the exact same words.

Your weapon called Babu is now
in my hands, Mr. Singhania.

And I have already used
that weapon on you.

However, it is Babu's choice

whether he wants to kill
the dad or the son first.

I think you don't believe me.

But you trust your Babu, right?

'Babu will accept you, Neha.'

'But only after obliterating
the Singhania family.'

'They are alive'

'only because I want them
to be.'

'Now, they must die'

'because this is my decision.'

The money which you gave me
for Neha Verma's guarantee,

that guarantee is over.

Can I ask why?

Neha Verma is still a big
threat as she was before.

What about the bigger
threat that has come up now?

Look around, Babu.
The port you're standing at,

is the biggest port of
illegal weapons and drugs.

This is Singhania's dynasty.

In the past 20 years,
I did business with

the most cunning businessmen
of this world.

But till today,
nobody dared to

apply his cunning tricks
on me.

how dare you do that Babu?

What do you mean?
- It means betrayal.

It means deception.

Betraying Singhania
means death.

Take him away.

Shall we?

The one who lived
like a lion

is going to die
like a dog now.

You shouldn't talk about
your father like this.

Mister, he is talking
about you.

But his father is dying.
Look there.

No, dad!


It's your turn now.

What was my crime?

What wrong had I done?

I came to this city
just to fulfill my dream.

Was my saying a crime to be
exactly that, my mistake?

Just because I stood
for the truth,

this city showed me
its reality.

In this city,

humans exist
but not humanity.

People do live
but not their lives.

Why, Babu?

Why was Ritu Pereira killed?

Why was innocent Raja killed?

Why was my heart murdered?

Why was Simi's innocence


These are all your crimes,
right Babu? - Yes, Neha.

I committed all these crimes.

But I did all this

just for you,
so that you remain alive.

You killed so many people
so that

I remain alive!

Why didn't you kill me
instead of them, Babu?

Because I had fallen
in love with you.

You don't know
how to love, Babu.

You don't even know
the meaning of love.

Then, teach me love.

Even you love me,
don't you? - I had loved you!

But not so less
that I can forget you.

And not so much that
I can forgive you.

I can never forgive you, Babu!

I can never forgive you.

Then shoot me, Neha.
Shoot me!

Come on, kill me.

Why are your hands
trembling, Neha?

Kill me!
You can't kill me.

You love me.
Shoot me, Neha!

Shoot, Neha!


Kill me!

Kill me, Neha. Shoot!

Shoot me, Neha.

Kill me! Shoot!

Babu... I thought you would...
- No..


You always misunderstood
me, Neha.

I... I just wanted to keep

you away from all troubles.

But what could I have done?

To get a hug from you
if I need to die,

then I... I am ready to
die a thousand times.

Anyway, it's better
to die in your arms

rather than being hated by you.

For a criminal like me...

For the death of
a criminal like me,

no one mourns.

And look,

you're crying for me.

Yes, Babu.

Do me one last favour.

Whenever you miss me,

remember Vicky's love.

Not the fear of Babu.

'The end of those who live
with a gun in their hand,'

'is written by a gun.'

'But Babu sacrificed
himself for love.'

'Had he been alive, he would
have died a horrible death,'

'shot by the police in
an isolated street.'

'But Babu's fate had it that
the person who shot him,'

'was the love of his life.'

'Maybe Babu's death was they
key to Neha's freedom.'



"This is a strange love story."

"This is a strange love story."

"The king has captured
the queen."

"The king has captured
the queen."



"There's fear in the faces,
fear in the eyes"

"fear in the breath,
fear on the lips"

"fear in promises and swears,
fear in hugs, fear in memories"

"fear in sleep, fear in dreams,
fear in hearts and heartbeats."

"Fear is everywhere.
You see fear everywhere."

"The king has captured
the queen."

"The king has captured
the queen."

"The king has captured
the queen."