Kevin Smith: Silent But Deadly (2018) - full transcript

Kevin Smith is anything but quiet in this new comedy special that was recorded an hour before his heart attack in February. Before he nearly died backstage, onstage he discusses his marriage, his kid and his work (or lack thereof).

Hey, man, I'm Kevin Smith.

And moments after we shot
the show you're about to watch,

I came into this room downstairs
at the theater in Glendale,

and had a massive heart attack.

They talk about, like,
"I killed onstage.

I died onstage."
I thought I killed that night,

and then I came backstage
and almost died.

So enjoy the special,
but know that the guy

who is telling jokes
for the next hour and stuff

is about to face the infinite.

And I'm alive to stand here
and tell you that I didn't die.

Now, on with the show.

[announcer] Ladies
and gentlemen,

Kevin Smith!

[applause, cheering]


Thank you!

Stop. Don't. Stop, fucking
don't encourage me.

Um... thank you all
for being here tonight.

I had stuff that I wanted
to-- prepared and what not.

But before we go anywhere,
I have to share some shit

that just literally happened
before I got here.

If you don't know me,
you're like,

"Oh, he's ready to do a show."

If you know me, you're like,

"Fuck, he's more high than I've
ever seen him in his life."

And there's
a good reason for that.

We just had one of these moments
in the house,

like one of these like real
parental moments.

Most of the time, I, you know,
get to kind of do my job

and shit like that.
And my wife, Jennifer,

raises, Harley, our daughter
and thankfully

somebody responsible is there
to do that.

And so right when I was getting
ready to leave,

my daughter comes in,
and she just got her license.

So she comes into the room
and she's just like,

"Hey, man, can I use your car?"

She says to my wife Jennifer,
"Let me use your car

to go to Target
and get my nails done."

And Jennifer was like,
"Absolutely not.

Oh, my God, no.
Like, you'll crash for sure."

And I saw my moment to jump in
and be the good parent

and be like, "Let her do it."
You know?

Like, she's gotta try it
by herself for the first time.

This is the first time
she's gonna drive by herself

in the car with a license
and stuff.

I was like, "Let her do it, man.

What's the worst
that could happen?"

And my wife was shooting
fucking daggers at me.

Just like, "You fucking
piece of shit."

So... so I was like,
"Yeah, man, let's just let...

She can do this.
You can handle this, kid."

I said, "Just don't speed
or anything like that.

Trust that she's a good driver.
You've been in the car with her.

She's not fucking terrible."
And so...

Trust that she can do this
and stuff.

So, you know, I was like,
"All right, man. Have fun."

And I stood at the front door
and watched her pull away

and stuff,
which was nerve-racking

because she had to do a K-turn
and she backed out

without even looking and another
car was coming down the hill.

And they had one
of these moments.

And you heard skidding
and I didn't know

which one it was and shit.

Finally, she corrects herself
and then there's a moment

where the dude behind her
clearly wants to go faster.

And my kid, the novice driver,
I'm watching this go,

"Let him go first.
Let him go first."

But she's my kid,
very competitive as well.

And I saw my driving in her.
All of a sudden,

she guns it past this fucking
dude down the street.

And my wife is like, "Yeah,

she's ready to drive
by herself."

So I was like this
is fucking nerve-racking, man.

And she was like, "You shouldn't
have let her do this."

I was like, "I need a joint."
And so I started smoking.

And I was like, "What do we do?
Do we chase her down?"

She's like, "No, that doesn't
show any trust whatsoever."

She's going, "I have
Find Friends on my phone.

And so I can track
her every movement."

And so I was like,
"Are you fucking serious?

Open that shit up, man!

Let's watch this car wreck
in real time." Like...

So we were just
sitting at the desk

and I'm fucking smoking away,
watching the screen

on my wife's phone,
watching this dot,

like I'm fucking Bill Paxton
in Aliens and shit. You know.

I'm like,
"She's all over us, man!"

Watching her make the journey
that was literally

like, you know, you could make
this ride from our house

to fucking the Target plaza
in about two and a half minutes.

This was the longest seven
fucking minutes of my life.

And as we're watching it,
my wife's going, "You gotta go

for your show." I was like,
"I can't fucking go.

This is my show now." Like...

I gotta know if she
fucking made it and shit.

We were sweating fucking balls,
and my wife never smokes,

and I was like, "You sure you
don't wanna try this?"

She's like, "I'm close,
believe me."

'Cause every time the dot
stops on the map,

we're like, "What's the
fucking story here?

Did she get in a fender bender?
Is she buying cocaine?

What is going on?"

Then finally, it pulled into
the fucking Target plaza.

And I was like, "You gotta
fucking text her."

And she's like, "No, she'll know
we've been watching her.

You gotta fucking play it cool."

And we're both sweating
fucking bullets, man.

And I've smoked a joint
all the way down

to the fucking filter
and shit.

All of a sudden, the kid
calls us on the phone.

And she's like, "I did it!
I did it! I did it!"

She's like, "I did it.
I didn't get in an accident."

And we tried to play it cool.
We're like,

"Well, big deal.
We do that all the time."

Um, it's weird, man, because
the kid's all grown up now.

She, like, graduated last year
from high school and shit.

And that was like the moment
my wife had been waiting for,

for, like, four years.
'Cause my wife used to travel

with me wherever I went.
If I went to make a movie,

we'd go, leave the house,
and go someplace

for a couple months
or something like that.

We'd pull the kid out of school
'cause she was little.

It's like, what is she
gonna fucking learn?

ABC's? Come with us.
We'll show you the real world.

You know.

You know, I was like, I started
traveling by myself.

I started doing more and more
like standup gigs

and live podcasts, and so I used
to travel with Jen,

and now I just wound up
traveling by myself.

Like, which was--
not technically by myself.

I would travel
with my first wife, Jason Mewes.


But, uh... but it was weird

for like a good four-year
stretch, like I didn't travel

with Jennifer because she
stayed home for the kid.

Like, I was like, "Why aren't
you going anymore?"

She's like, "The kid's
in fucking high school."

Somebody has to stay home to let
her in the fucking house, man."

So... I was like, fair enough.

So I got used to going out
on the road without her.

And then the kid graduated and
my wife was like going crazy.

She was like, "Oh, my God.
My fucking...

I'm finally getting sprung

from this goddamn
gilded prison and shit."

I was like,
"What are you talking about?"

She's like, "This kid
is fucking done.

I don't have to be
the bitch mother anymore.

Like, I'm tired of playing
this role.

I don't wanna wake her up
and fucking make her do shit,

do your homework.
Now she's fucking done.

I'm gonna be done,
and I'm getting my life back,

motherfucker." She goes,

"Which means I'm taking
over your life.

What are you..."

She's like, "You're always
fucking going somewhere.

I'm going with you wherever
you're fucking going next.

Man, you're always going
to some fucking rocking place.

What rocking city are you
traveling to next?"

And I was like,
"Spokane, Washington."

And she was just like,
"You know what, man?

I heard about that shit
on Frasier.

I'm fucking going with you."

So she came with me
to Spokane, Washington.

I had two gigs. I was doing
a gig at 7:30

and then another gig
at like 9:30

or something like that.

So we got to the hotel,

and I'm not a, like,
hotel snob at all.

All I care about when it comes
to a hotel room,

'cause I see a lot of fucking
hotel rooms now,

is the balcony.
'Cause that's--

As a stoner, that's where I live
is on the balcony.

So the room could be
like a fucking crack den

with roaches everywhere
and shit.

I will tiptoe over human piles
of shit,

as long as the balcony is wide
enough and secluded enough,

I'm like, I don't give a shit.

I'll sleep on the
fucking balcony. So...

We checked in the hotel,
great fucking balcony.

Like it was looking over
a stream

and fucking foliage and shit.
It was really pretty.

You can see the mountains.

So I was like, "I love
this fucking balcony."

And she's like, "When are you
coming back?"

"I got two shows, so I'll
probably be back

at like 11, 12." She's like,
"I might be sleeping."

I was like, "I'm so glad
we traveled together."

And so... and so I went off
to do my show.

I was so excited
because I was like fucking

weed legal Washington.

I'm gonna get to fucking
do a show there.

They're gonna let me fucking
smoke weed onstage

while I do my show. That is not
the case at all, man.

They got all sorts of fucking
even more rigid laws and shit

like that where you
can't do that.

So much so that I was
at the place between gigs,

I told the management,
I was like, "Hey, man.

So I got like an hour to kill
between gigs.

I'm gonna go in the green room
and make it green.

You know what I'm saying?"

And he's like, "No, you're not,
you animal.

You do that outside."

I was like, "Fucking liberal
Washington." You know...

So I went outside to smoke,
but there were people lined up

for the next show. I didn't
wanna be like a Walmart greeter

at my own show
where, you know...

I'm like, "Hi, how are you?

Yes, it is me." You know.

So I was like fuck it,
I'll go back to the hotel.

Hotel's close,
it was like literally

across the street and shit.

So I was like
I'll go back there.

And I went back
to the hotel room,

'cause I was like I'll smoke
on the balcony.

But when I walked in the room,
like my wife had set up shop,

like in a big, bad way.
She had made the place her own.

She had, uh,
she was on the balcony,

she had taken the mattress
off the bed

and moved it over a chair
on the balcony

to create this kind of
chaise lounge affair.

And she was laying on it
like the Queen of Sheba,

reading a thick-ass book.

And she had this big-ass
goblet of wine in her hand.

And the bottle looked empty.

I gauged her to be about
four glasses into Spokane

at this point.

Because she was saying
stupid shit like,

"I could live here."
You know.

I've been with the woman
20 years,

I know she couldn't fucking
live there, man.

So, you know, she said,
"What are you doing here?"

I was like,
"I'm between gigs, man.

They wouldn't let me smoke
at the club,

so I came here
to smoke on the balcony, man,

and see you." And she goes,
"Well, Jesus,

I'm reading my book, Kevin.
I don't wanna get

into a big conversation
about your night."

And I was like, "I don't fucking
need to talk to you."

I was like, "I was just
with like 200 people

who paid me money
to hear me talk.

So that's fucking cool.
Like, you don't have...

we don't have to get
in a conversation."

She goes, "I know you.
After a show, you get home

and you're Mr. Storytime,

and you gotta tell all
your stories and shit."

I was like, "I have no fucking
stories to tell, man."

I was like, "Tell you what,
you sit there and fucking

drink and read your book,
and I'll stand over here

and fucking smoke my weed
and we'll be together alone."

You know. 'Cause that's what
fucking marriage is. Go.

You know.
So I just sat there smoking,

and she was reading her book.

And the problem is when I smoke,
that's when I get chatty.


So I was standing there,
I was like... [inhales]

I was like,
"Did I fucking tell you...

what happened to me the last
time I was on a balcony

smoking weed?" And she slams
the book closed.

She goes, "I knew it,

I was like, "No, this ain't--
I mean, yes, it's a story.

But it's not long.
It's very short."

So I'm only reminded
because I'm sitting here smoking

on the balcony, it's nice
with a view and shit.

We're on the second floor.
I said, But last weekend,

I was in Arizona,
I was in fucking Phoenix.

And I was smoking on a balcony,
but I was five floors up.

And it was a city view,

it wasn't as pretty
as this and stuff.

And, like, unlike today, I got
this great Washington weed,

I was in Arizona,
I was at the mercy

of fucking local weed and stuff.

So I was smoking on my balcony,
like, "This is nothing.

This shit ain't
gonna do anything."

Being a real weed snob
about it.

And then about halfway
through the joint,

I was telling my wife,
I was like,

I started hearing voices,
and I was like,

"Hey, this shit's fucking good,
man. Like..."

I got too judgy about Arizona.
And then I looked over

the balcony and I saw
that five feet down,

five floors down, rather, was
people on the street talking.

There was a gaggle of women,
older ladies.

And they were talking.
And I could hear them.

I couldn't hear what
they were enunciating,

but I could hear them talking
from where I was.

And I started getting fucking
freaking paranoid.

'Cause I was like,
if I can hear them,

can they smell me right now?

I was like, "So I'm fucking
watching and stuff like that,

and it's weird, I don't think
to put the joint out."

I'm telling my wife, I was like,
"As scared as I got,

'cause I was like it's Arizona,

they're not cool
about this here."

Like at the same time,
I was like, yeah,

but this is starting to kick in.
You know, so I was...

So I'm looking over and I watch
the ladies cross the street,

there was a crosswalk,
and they're crossing the street.

And at the other side
of the crosswalk,

there's a callbox.

And at the callbox,
a guy in blue.

A fucking cop is standing
right there.

And so my wife's like,
"Get out of here."

I was like, there's a fucking
cop across the street.

I'm like, fuck the old ladies,
I should be worried

about the cop and shit.

I said, but I still didn't
put my joint out, man.

Like I just sat there,
I backed up like a foot.

And I was like, I'm gonna keep
my eye on this cop.


So... so I said,
so I'm standing there, man,

watching, and the ladies
cross the street

and get to the other side,
and I told my wife,

I promise you, this is what
fucking happened.

The cop was facing
the other way,

I'm on the hotel balcony
over across the street.

The cops crossing,
the ladies also,

and he goes... [sniffing]

And I was like there's no
fucking way that this guy

fucking smells me.

I still don't put the joint out,
though, man.

I'm watching him, and this
is what he fucking does.

He goes like this. [sniffing]

And he locks on
across the street,

like where I am in the hotel,

and all of a sudden
he goes like this.

And he's experienced,
this cop, man.

He's like, "Somebody's
smoking on a balcony."

And he's going balcony
by balcony.

And I'm fucking frozen.
I don't move.

'Cause it's like this reverse
Space Invaders game,

where he's getting
fucking closer.

And I'm at the center of it
and stuff.

And he's on the fourth floor,
where I'm like,

oh, fuck, I'm next!

So then he gets up to me
and he locks onto me.

He goes like this and shit,
and he goes, "That!"

And I said, my first fucking
instinct wasn't to like

drop the joint
or fucking, like,

run to the airport.
I said, my first instinct

was to go like this,
I went...

And my wife goes, "Why?"
I was like, "I don't know, man."

Like... I didn't wanna try
to play it off.

I wanted to be casual,
like, 'Oh, me?

Nothing wrong here.'
You know.

I said, so the fucking guy
goes like this.

And then he reaches back.
And I'm like,

I'm gonna get shot
on this balcony.

My fucking story ends
with getting killed

on a balcony in Arizona

for smoking local
low-grade weed, man.

And... which did have
a kick to it.

So I was sitting there going,

what the fuck's gonna
happen next?

And he pulls out a phone.

You know, it looked like
a bigger one,

like a Galaxy 7. It didn't
explode so I wasn't sure.

So he held it up
and he's pointing like this.

And he's pointing at me
and I can't figure out

what his sign language story is.

I'm like, are you telling me
that you video'd me

smoking weed on the balcony?

Because good luck selling that
to TMZ. Like...

You'll call and they'll give you
a guy named Brian

who's like, 'Yeah,
we'll put it on the pile

with all the other Kevin Smith
smokes weed in public videos

we got, including the
five he sent us himself

this morning.'

Then the dude kind of

the whole fucking thing,
all of a sudden he goes,

"Silent Bob!"

And I was like, "Oh, fuck!
He's a fan, man!"


I was so fucking relieved.
I was like, "Hi!"

And he goes, pointing
at his phone, he goes,

"I want to take a picture
with you!"

I was like, "Oh, okay!
I'm gonna come right down!

Stay there,
I'll take a picture!"

So I run inside,
I change every fucking piece

of clothing I have on.

Everything. I take
the hotel shampoo,

I dab it on my ears and stuff.

Get the scent away.
And I said, I told my wife,

I went downstairs, I said,
I met the dude.

He was lovely. I said,
it wasn't--

It was very kosher, we took
pictures together and shit.

Chitchatted about the movies
and whatnot.

I said it was a wonderful

I said the PS to the story is
he wasn't a cop.

He just had a blue jacket on.
And that was it.


My wife, God love her, man.
We've been together,

last week, we met 20 years ago
last week.

We've been in each other's lives
for 20 years.

-Thank you. Um...

Met... met 20 years ago
last week.

Next month, it'll be 20 years
since the first time we fucked.

And that's the more important

But we've been together
for like two decades, man.

That's, you know, it's just
to tell you that

her reactions to my stories,

it's not like everybody here,

where I'm like, you know,
tell that story

and everyone's like,
"Oh, very witty, wild."

You know...

She's like, she's, you know,
fucking seen it all,

heard it all and shit
like that.

Like, my wife loves me,
I know this.

Don't get me fucking wrong.
She would kill anybody

that fucking threatened me
and cut the jugular and shit.

But she is not what I would call
by any stretch

of the imagination
a Kevin Smith fan.

Jay and Silent Bob,
not her fucking thing

or anything like that.
She's like,

"I'm glad you do those movies,
they let you run around

and you get exercise."
Like that's...

Case in point, man,
we got this TV show

called Comic Book Men,
it's in its seventh season

-at this point. Thank you.

Thank you.

Um, I don't tell you that
to be like,

"Seven seasons, look at my big,
fat TV dick!" Like...

Not at all.
It has nothing to do with us.

We follow one of the most
watched programs on the planet,

The Walking Dead.
So if anything,

it's fucking Robert Kirkman's
big TV dick,

and we just surf on it
till midnight.

So I only tell you seven
seasons 'cause

to communicate there's
like 80 some odd episodes

of this show
that you could watch.

And I'm on every one of them.

My wife has seen two
of the episodes.

She saw the pilot episode,
we shot it, put it together.

I showed it to her.
I was like, what do you think?

And her review was,
"I can't believe

you tricked somebody
into paying you

to be on TV and talk
to your fucking friends."

Which I felt was
a very strong review. Um...

Then, like, four seasons later,
my daughter was on the show.

Harley was on the show.
So I told my wife,

I was like, "You gotta watch
an episode now.

Something came out of your
body's on the fucking show.

So..." So she watched
the episode.

I was like, "What'd you think?"
She goes,

"Harley was a vast improvement."
You know.

She keeps it very real.

The show is on a night that
we watch two other programs.

Like, in our bedroom.
We watch The Walking Dead

and then we watch Talking Dead.

And at the end
of the Talking Dead,

there's a fellow looks strangely
like me

who will pop up and be like,
"Hey! Stick around for more

hijinks on Comic Book Men."

And that's when my wife grabs
the remote and goes,

"We're going to bed."
And shuts that shit off.

Now I gotta tell you,
this is gonna be weird,

but I gotta tell you
this story to tell you

the rest of the story,
and at first you're gonna be

all judgy and then I'm gonna
tell you something

and then you'll be like,
"Oh, that makes sense."

Um, I have a 103-inch television
in my bedroom.

Uh, that's not the judgy part.
Here it comes.

It cost 60 thousand
fucking bucks.

Crazy, right?
I didn't fucking buy it.

I would never pay 60--
Now, you can't be judgy.

I would never...
I didn't buy it.

It was given to me, man.
I would never pay $60,000

for a TV. I wouldn't pay
$60,000 for anything,

unless you could live in it,
drive it,

or it fucking blew you
until the day you die.

Like, that's...

I got a line and shit like that.
No, it was given to us

at one point. I had done
commercials years ago

for Panasonic.

And there was a guy named
Ed Janda who was, like,

the exec at Panasonic
who was on set all the time.

He loved movies.
And he saw all mine.

And so I said, "Hey, man,
next time we make a movie,

just come hang out and watch it
and be on the flick."

And he wound up in the movies.
If you ever saw Jersey Girl,

at the end of the movie
there's a scene where

they do a Sweeney Todd number
and they're done

and nobody applauds,
then finally one guy applauds.

That's Ed Janda, man.
He's got a porn star mustache,

and shit like that. So...
Sweet fucking dude, man.

I've known him for years
and stuff.

One day, he fucking called me.
Been to my house many times.

He called me out of the blue
and he goes,

"Hey, man. We've got this
103-inch fucking television

that we're gonna throw out,

And I remember you've got big,
wide walls

and huge ceilings
in your house."

And I was like,
"What a weird fucking way

to start a conversation.

What do all these things
have to do with each other, man?

Is that all our friendship
was to you?

Square fucking footage?" Like...

And he goes, "No, the reason
I bring it together

is this TV we're gonna fucking
throw out, it's 103 inches,

and, fuck, it won't fit
in many places.

But it'll definitely fit
in your house.

So if you want it, we're just
gonna give it to you for free.

Do you want it?"
I was like, "Fuck yeah!

Give me all your garbage! Yes!

Fuck yes!" I was like,
"What's wrong with it, man?

Was it assembled on an ancient
Indian burial ground?

Is it cursed?" Like...

And he goes, "No, they used it
for the Olympics.

It was for coverage
for the Olympics.

So it's not meant
for home use.

It's basically a big graphics TV
where they point to like,

'This is what happened,'
and shit like that.

Problem is it has no speakers.

So you'd have to buy speakers."
I was like,

"I'll buy
the fucking speakers, man!

For a free 103-inch television?
Fuck the speakers.

I'll stand next to it
and translate

for whoever's watching!"

I was like, "Fuck yes, man."
So he goes, "Okay, man.

Make sure you're gonna
be home tomorrow.

We can have it delivered."
He's going,

"You gotta clear your street."
And I said, "Why?"

He goes, "It comes
on an 18-wheeler."

I said, "Really?"
And he goes, "Yeah.

It takes ten people
to deliver it."

And I said, "Why?"
And he goes,

"The base alone
weighs 2,000 pounds."

-[crowd] Oh!
-So I was like,

"I don't believe this."
And they showed up

the next day with
a giant fucking truck,

pulled this thing out
the back, it looked like

the monolith from
2001: A Space Odyssey.

Ten fucking people
carrying it, man.

They were like,
"Where do you want it?"

I was like,
"Second floor, please."

I felt bad, but I tipped
insanely well. So...

Brought 'em up to my bedroom.
They're like,

"Where's it go?" I said,
"Put it right

at the foot of our bed, please."

And my wife is like,
"Are you fucking high?"

I was like, "Yes, but that has
nothing to do with this.

This just makes sense."
I was like, "This is where

the TV was,
look at this big, wide wall.

We'll put the fucking TV
right there."

She goes, "Kevin, there's no
room between the bed

and the television."
I was like, "Yes, there is.


She's going, "What the fuck?

How are we gonna
live like this?

How are we gonna sleep?"
I was like,

"We fucking slept enough, man."

I was like, "Look at this thing.
This is our god now." Like...

So if you're in my bedroom
and you're sitting on the edge

of my bed and you're
tying your shoes,

you get up, you go,
"One, two..."

You're on the fucking TV.

So we have this massive TV
in my bedroom,

and I've never seen
Comic Book Men on it.

So one night, I said that I
wanted to watch it.

Like, you know,
tried to test the waters.

And... and so I told my wife,
I was like,

"Hey, man, um, I wanna watch
Comic Book Men

on the big TV tonight
for the first time.

Like, that's cool, right?"

And she goes, "Oh, we don't
watch that show in here."

And I was like,
"I know. I know.

You know, which is weird
'cause it pays for everything.

But whatever. Like...

But tonight's special. It's the
end of the fourth season.

We just found out we're getting
picked up for a fifth season.

So I wanna like live tweet
the show from in here."

Normally, I do it in my office.
I watch it on a laptop.

I was like, "I'd love
to watch it on the big TV.

I wanna live tweet,
send pictures."

And my wife's like,
"Why do you need pictures?"

And I was like,
"I don't wanna tell you

'cause you're gonna fucking
make fun of me and shit."

And she was like,
"You have to tell me

'cause I control
the television."

So I said, "Okay."
I said, "I've never seen

my show on the TV,
but the TV's fucking big.

It's taller than me
when I stand next to it."

It's 103 inches wide.
But it's fucking about six...

six-three tall from the ground
with the base.

I was like, "So when
you see people on it,

they look life-sized.

And I've always wanted to like
watch Comic Book Men,

and when I came on the screen,

pause it...

and then go stand next
to myself."

She goes, "Why?"
I'm like, "To take a selfie."

You know.

And she looked at me
with that fucking look

of disdain like,
"I can't believe I let you

stick your fucking dick in me."

She goes, "No,
you watch that in the office."

I was like, "Come on, man.
This is fucked up.

Don't you think
it's fucking crazy

that we're fucking this deep
into a show

that I'm on every episode of
and you don't watch it?"

And she goes,
"Why would I watch it?"

And I was like,
"I don't know, man.

Like, 'cause I'm on the show."

And she goes,
"Well, it's not like

I'm in the Kevin Smith
demographic, now am I?"

And I said,
"You fuck Kevin Smith!

If you're not
in the demographic,

it's in you from time to time!"

And she was like, "I could see
this really fucking upsets you."

I was like, "I think it's
fucking weird, man.

If you were on a TV show,
I would have watched

every fucking episode and shit.

But you don't watch the show
that I'm on."

And she goes, "Jesus, Kevin,
if I really wanna see you

fucking cry about Batman
and wear that jersey,

I'll look to my left."

So that's a long way
of fucking saying

that like she's over
my bullshit.

Like, you know.
This is her idea of hell.

Like being forced to sit
there and listen to Kevin Smith.

Like, she doesn't
understand you people.

So, uh...

So, you know, when I was on
the balcony in Spokane,

telling her the story
about the balcony in Phoenix,

I didn't expect her to have
the reaction you guys had.

But she fucking surprised me.

As previously mentioned,

she was about four glasses
into Spokane.

So she looks at me
with bedroom eyes,

and she goes, "You're cute."

And this never fucking happens.

And-- but I knew
what it was about.

And I was like, "Really?"
She goes, "Yeah.

Whenever you tell a story,
you wave your hands all around."

She's like, "It's cute."

So I fucking look at my time
and shit,

and I've got ten minutes
until the next show.

And then I look from the balcony
to across the street,

see what kind of geography
I gotta face to get there,

and then I start doing
the sexual math in my head.

And so I was like,
"How cute?"

And she goes, "Real cute.
What do you want?"

And I was like, "I don't know,
cute enough to get blown

before the next show?"

And she goes,
"Oh, my God, Kevin,

you could never cum that fast."

Which sounds like another
fucking criticism,

but it's based
on empirical wisdom.

This is weird, I gotta tell you.
This story--

Tell you the rest of this story.

And all the other stories
are mine,

but this is my wife's story
and it's personal.

But like nothing will make sense
unless I tell you this.

Um, my wife is... I don't know
how else to describe it.

She's the most easily orgasmic
human being I've ever met

in my entire life.

Uh, it does not take much.

Some people are a lot of work,
my wife is not a lot of work.

I could be standing
across the room,

leaning on a wall,

and she could be on the
other side of the room,

on the bed, laying down,
wearing, you know,

a pair of sweatpants.

And all I have to do is go...

And by the time the fucking
butterfly effect hits her crotch

she's like, "Oh!"

It's crazy. It's wonderful, man.
It's fantastic.

Like, when we first met, that
was one of the first things

I learned about her and shit.
I was like,

"Oh, my God! She can cum
so fucking easily!

I'll never work again!
Like, this... this is nuts."

First time we were ever
together, man,

like she rolled me on my back
at one point,

like I was trying to make
the moves and shit.

And she threw me on my back
and got on top.

She's like, "I like it
being on top!"

I was like, "That's where you'll
stay for the rest of our lives."

That's still how we fuck
to this day and shit.

And unlike anyone else
I've ever had sex with,

she was going buckwild
and shit like that.

I was like fucking impressed
with myself.

I was like, "Is this shit me?"
She's like, "Fuck no!"

You know.

It has nothing to do with me.
It's not like I'm walking around

going, "I sling a magic dick."
Not at all.

She's just like-- I'm like
basically a scratching post

and she's a cat, and she just
does shit. You know?

And then fucks off
and stuff like that.

So because I learned early on
in the relationship

she could crank out a few,
multiple orgasms,

it had nothing to do with me,

She just needs a warm body
and friction, shit like that.

So since she could
crank out a few,

I was like, "Oh, fuck.
I'll try to hold out

for as long as I can."
'Cause I get one shot.

I don't get like fucking
five nuts to bust and shit.

I get one, I'm 47,
like one a week.

So, like, at the end
of the day, man,

I try to hold onto it because
once it's over, it's over.

I'm like Luke Skywalker
bombing the Death Star.

Like... [groans] You know.

Shit blows up and I take
the fuck off. You know?

Every once in a while,
she's like,

"You wanna fuck again?"
Like, five minutes later.

I'm like, "Yeah, man.
Wednesday, let's do it.

I'll have built it up again
and stuff."

So I try to hold out
for as long as I can

because she seems to be
enjoying herself.

'Cause she can get a few
fucking orgasms done.

And when I say hold out
as long as I can,

mind you, this is literally
about four to six minutes.

She gets a lot done in that
fucking time and whatnot.

So, you know, I just hold out
until she's like,

"Will you fucking cum already?"
You know.

And then I'm like,
"It's my special time." So...

So her experience
is based on that.

In her mind, the guy she's been
with for like 20 years and shit,

intimate in every fucking way,
man, we've put it

wherever you can put it
on a human

we've done it to each other
and shit.

And we know each other's bodies
insanely well.

But at that certain point, man,
it's just like

something she didn't really
know about me.

I never fucking told her
that I could cum real fast.

When I'm by myself,
I cum like a fucking pro, man.

Like, real fucking fast
and shit.

I'm real good at it. Had years
of practice and whatnot.

So... so she-- when she said,
"You could never cum that fast,"

this is based
on empirical knowledge.

But I was like, "Oh, no."

I said, "I know what
you're thinking."

I said, "But I can
cum very fast.

When I'm by myself,
I cum very fucking fast.

That doesn't count as cheating.

Um, like, I swear,
if you wanna give it a shot,

I could totally pull this off
in under five minutes."

And so she fucking takes
her glass of wine

and she fucking throws it back,
she puts the glass down,

and she stands and she looks
at me and she goes,

"Lay down on that bed
and pull down your jorts."

Which really should have fucking
turned me off, man.

Like... but I was like,
"Fuck it."

I ran over to the bed
and fucking yanked my jorts down

and just presented and shit.

And there was nothing romantic
about it or sexy.

She didn't put on any music
or any shit like that.

She just got to the fucking bed
and like fucking

got down and was just like...

'Cause she's been
through it before.

We've known each other 20 years

we've been doing shit
to each other and stuff.

So she's like,
"I know what this is gonna be.

Fucking it's gonna take him

But she hadn't met
her real husband. You know?

And she was about to
and shit like that.

It was very-- it was rote.
It wasn't romantic.

It was clinical.
It was perfunctory.

It was almost like...

like the owl in the
Tootsie Roll Pop commercial.

Like, "How many fucking licks
is this gonna take, man?"

I was like, "Fucking three,
I assure you."

So she went for it,

and fucking it was not
what she was expecting.

And this is the sound
that my good lady wife

of 19 years, the person I've
been intimate with for 20 years

made when she found out
who I really was

hitting the back of her throat
at 95 miles per hour.

This was the sound.
[sucking, screeches]

It was like I'd fucked
Scooby Doo

in the mouth or something
like that.

So she fucking gets up,
she runs into the bathroom

and I hear her go like...

Because she loves me,
but not that fucking much.

You know...

Then she runs back in, she goes,
"What the fuck was that?"

I was like, "I told you, man.
I can cum real fast

when I'm by myself, when I'm
really putting my mind to it

and stuff like that."
She goes, "Jesus Christ, Kevin."

She's all sad, she goes,
"Jesus Christ, Kevin.

If I'd have known that you
could have cum that fast

our entire fucking lives

I would have
blown you every day."

And I was like,
"It's never too late."


So we've been together
like I said fucking 20 years,

we've been married 19 years,
we have a marital contract,

of course, but at the end
of the day,

we just added to it
fairly recently.

Little paragraph,
a subsection that says,

um, if I can promise to cum
in under five minutes,

she's morally obligated
to try to blow me.

And we call it
the Spokane Amendment.

I don't wanna paint a picture
of her as like intolerant.

She's generally
a patient woman.

Just not with me.

But she stood by me. My
grandmother always used to say

like when I had girlfriends
in high school,

she was like, "They stood by you
when you were fat."

And my wife has stood by me
when I've been fat.

And then a few years ago, I
dropped a bunch of weight, man.

I saw a documentary
called Fed Up.

And it was about sugar.
And for the first time,

like, I guess because
they used cartoons,

I understood sugar's eff--

Sugar's effect on the body.
And I was like, "Oh, shit.

So I should stop eating
fucking sugar."

And I did, and I lost
like 80 pounds and shit.

-So it was a-- Thank you.


It was-- if you could get past
the fucking desire for sugar,

'cause it's very much
like a drug,

and when you quit it
there's fucking withdrawal

period and shit, where I was
insanely depressed.

For the first time in my life,
I was like I couldn't

manufacture a fucking positive
thought and shit like that.

My wife was like, "That's
because you got rid

of your best friend, sugar."

I was like, "What do you mean?"
She was like, "Kevin,

you used to wake up and do
like two fucking fistfuls

of popcorn-flavored
jelly beans.

And then you'd be like,
'Where's breakfast?'"

You know, so she's going,
"Sugar leaving your food pyramid

is really affecting your body.
You're gonna have an adjustment.

Like when Jason got off heroin
or something like that."

And so she's right, man. It was
fucking hard for two weeks.

Like, it was easy once you got
past the two weeks

and we didn't think
about it anymore.

But in those first two weeks,
I would have sucked dick

for Lucky Charms, man.

I missed my good friend, sugar.
So as sugar went away,

the weight just
kind of like fell off and stuff.

I didn't have to do anything.
I walked dogs.

I walked my dog up the hill.
It's not very far.

It's like a mile and a half
up and down and shit.

That's the only exercise I get.

I do it in the neighborhood

Mewes lives down the street
from me.

We didn't buy houses
near each other.

But he bought his house

in my fucking neighborhood
and shit.

Every time we drive past
my kids, it's like,

"Aw, it's so cute that you live
near your best friend."

I was like, "He lives near me."

Anyway, Jason comes over

We walk the dogs together
up the hill and stuff like that.

And periodically, people drive
through the hills, they're like,

"Jay and Silent Bob
walk dogs."

So just dropping sugar
and fucking walking the dogs

like really made the difference
and the weight kind of fell off.

And at one point, like my
underwear started sagging,

because I used to wear
very big underwear.

Like fucking 5XL underwear
or something like that.

So that shit started sagging

because the weight
kind of went away.

And I-- my wife finally
took notice of it

and was like,
"This is fucking shameful."

She's like, "They just keep
falling off your body.

And what we're seeing
isn't any better."

You know, so... she's like,
"You gotta go fucking

get some new underwear
and stuff.

And if you're gonna do it,

don't buy fucking
maroon underwear."

That's what I would wear
all the time.

I had this maroon underwear,
'cause, you know,

I usually just get my shit
at fat guy store.

And they don't give you a lot
of fucking choices.

Now, they do.
Now, they put on like,

"Hey, there's a Batman shirt
for you, fat guy."

But generally speaking,
back in the day,

it was like "big dog"
and shit like that.

Very generic but very
"I am overweight."

So I would get my underwear
at the fat guy store and shit

and they didn't have much
of a selection.

It was always like

that's what I wear and stuff.

I don't wear-- the
crimefighters, Jason calls them.

Um, I don't-- I don't wear
boxers, just tighty-whiteys.

And so one time I went in
to the fucking fat guy store

and they had,
next to the tighty-whiteys,

the mot beautiful thing
I'd ever seen:

underwear that was colored
and it was maroon.

And I was like, "Oh, my God!

I'm gonna look like Superman
wearing this shit." You know?

So I took it home and it
was a three-pack and shit.

And I showed my wife.
I was like, "Look, man."

I was like, "You say I never
change anything and shit.

But I went and bought
new underwear."

And she goes, "Maroon?"

And I was like, "Yeah."
She goes, "Why?"

And I was like, "I'm expressing
my individuality." You know?

And she goes, "Oh, my God.
Take these back."

And I was like, "Fucking why?"
She was like,

"Maroon underwear, Kevin?
I get a vote in this.

I'm the only one that sees
your fucking underwear."

You know. I was like,
"All right."

So I went back
to the fat guy store.

I bought 12 more pair.
Fuck her. So...

And every time we would
get intimate and shit,

she's like open up my drawer
and be like, "Ugh! Maroon!"

You know? It was a hurdle
to get through and shit.

So she was saying, "If you're
gonna get new underwear,

don't fucking get maroon."
I was like, "Maroon forever,"

and shit.

So I was out on the road.
Where was I?

I was in Kansas City.

And so I had a little time
down between gigs and whatnot.

So I was like,
I'm gonna go out shopping.

And I asked them at the
front desk, I was like,

"Hey, man, where do you got--
where do you got like

the fat guy store?"
They're like, "Oh, you want

to go to the
low-end strip mall."

I was like, "Brother, I live
at the low-end strip mall, man."

I said, "Where is it?"

He fucking showed me
where it was and stuff.

So, uh, I got in an Uber.
And I took a car there.

I walked in and I was looking
for my maroons.

And I found them. I didn't have
to get 5XL underwear.

I was happy to announce
that I had to get

just 1XL underwear and shit.

I shifted down a little bit.
Thank you.

-Some people clapping,

some people are like, "Bro,
you shouldn't even be 1XL."

So, you know, looking for my
fucking maroon underpants

in the 1XL section.
And then I saw

the most beautiful thing
I'd ever seen

in a fat guy store:
a pair of black underwear.

And I was like, "Oh!
I'm gonna look like Batman!"

You know, and I fucking...

So I bought it
and I took it back

to the hotel room
and stuff like that.

I was happy with my
fucking purchase.

And so, you know,
I thought of my wife

and I was just like,
"Oh, fuck. I'm gonna tell her."

And I said, "Hey, man.
Guess what I did today?"

You know, I was texting her.
She's like, "What?"

I was like, "I went
underwear shopping."

And she goes, "Oh, great.
More maroon."

And I said, "No, not maroon."

And she goes, "What color?"
And I wrote, "Black!"

A lot of exclamation points
and stuff.

And she sent emojis
of surprise and...

And she goes,
"Send me a picture."

And so I saw my opening.

So I was like,
"You send me a picture, man."

And she was like, "What of?"
And I was like, "You know."

And she was like,
"You fucking pig."

But we've been married
for a while,

so fucking three minutes later
a picture came through

and shit like that.
And so it was a angle

of my wife's vagina,
and this is weird to say

because, again, we've been
together 20 years

and we've had fucking sex
any way you can have sex.

But it was an angle
of her vagina

that I'd never seen before.

And I was like, "Oh, my God!
It's like a stranger's pussy."

You know? And fucking...

So instantly I forgot
the conversation,

took it right to the sink
and started tugging one out,

looking right at it and shit.

So I got finished and then
I wanted to get in the shower

'cause I was sticky.
And so...

So I fucking, I got in the
shower and stuff like that.

Before I had left, though,
I fucking sent her

the picture, man,
I took a picture and shit

and it was of the, uh,

Took my black underwear
out of the pack.

I laid them out
on the fucking blanket,

there's like a white blanket
on the bed.

So it really popped hard
and shit.

And so I took a picture and I
texted it to her and stuff,

as the shower was warming up.

And she wrote back,
"Oh, my God." You know.

And I wrote back, "Yes, bitch."

I said, "Doesn't this
make you wet, motherfucker?"

And I fucking hit send
and shit like that, man.

And I hadn't fucking realized
that my wife

was not the last person
that had sent me a text.

While I was in the shower,
somebody else had texted me

and broken the conversation
with me and my wife

and fucking the very shocked
recipient of my underwear text

sent back a one-word response:

So some shit goes well beyond
a response text, you know.

I immediately fucking called her
up and I was like,

"Oh, my God, kiddo.
You know that fucking text

was not meant for you.
It was meant for your mother.

And by the way, no man should
ever talk to a lady like that."

I was fucking mortified, man.

I was like, "Oh, my God.
Are you okay?"

And she goes,
"You know I'm gonna need

a lot of therapy, right?"

I was like, "Yeah, but fucking
go ahead, we got the money.

Go ahead."

I said, "But you gotta admit,
man, like, you know,

it's not the way you wanna find
out, but isn't it kinda nice

to know that your parents,
after all that time,

are like into one another,

to send each other texts
like that?"

I was looking for any
silver lining and shit

in the conversation.

And she goes, "I was just
happy to see you've moved away

from maroon, Dad."

I just got back from Vancouver.
I was up in Vancouver.

I directed my third episode
of The Flash.


It was fun. It was awesome, man.
I go up there,

like, you know, in TV they don't
really need a director

in episodic TV.

Cast and crew make that show
every week.

If you ever look at the credits
of your favorite shows,

the director's the only name
that really changes and stuff.

That's how fucking replaceable
the director really is.

So it's weird, when I show up,
I find myself at a loss.

It's not like
when I direct a movie,

I'm involved in every aspect.
But on TV, I'm not really.

I'm kind of a bystander who gets
to say "action" and "cut."

But as a fan of the show,
it's fun

'cause you get to watch that
shit get made.

So it always feels like
when I go up there,

that I'm not so much the
director of the episode

as a Make-A-Wish kid
that gets to...

that gets to go to the offices
and shit.

And I sit in on all the big
meetings and stuff like that.

And I watch very talented
people who do this every

fucking week sit around
and talk to each other,

how they're gonna plan
this shit.

"How are we gonna make her fly?
How are we gonna do this shit,

and whatnot?"
And then periodically,

they remember I'm there
and they look over at me

and they go,
"What do you think, Kev?"

I'm like, "I think
that sounds awesome!" You know.

And they're like,
"Okay, big guy." You know.

And they go back to making
the fucking show

and stuff like that.
So it's been nice,

it's been a nice thing
to do, to go up there.

As a fan of the show,
I get to watch stuff get done.

And Jason Mewes,
the guy who I stand next to

professionally and personally

for the last 30 fucking years
and stuff,

is the biggest CW fan
on the planet.

Like, basically, the demographic
I think is 12-year-old girls

and Jason Mewes.

He loves all of those
fucking shows, man.

He goes deep on 'em.
He's always loved, like,

you know, preteen
or fucking youth dramas

with heroic action in them
and shit like that.

Like he loves all the fucking
CW shit, Supernatural.

And when Arrow started,
he was always trying to get

me to watch Arrow and stuff.
He'd be like,

"You gotta fucking watch Arrow.

You used to write
Green Arrow comics and shit."

And I was like, "How is the
show?" He goes,

"Fucking awesome, man. This dude
Stephen Amell is amazing.

You gotta see this shit, look."
He pulls out his iPad,

always has an iPad in a holster
on him at all times and stuff.

So he can watch his programs.
Pulls it out

and fucking pulls up this scene.

And he shows me a shirtless
Stephen Amell

doing this impossible exercise
called the Salmon Ladder,

where he's just
like doing chin-ups

but throwing the bar up in the
air and catching himself

and stuff like that, something.
And I'm like,

"This must be done with CGI."
They're like, "No.

You just have to be in shape."

So I'm watching it
and he's all bare-chested

and oily and sweaty and shit.
I was like,

"What's this have to do
with Green Arrow?"

And he goes, "Oh, you want to
see him shoot a fucking arrow?

Do you?" And he pulls up another
clip and he shows me a clip

of fucking Stephen Amell
shooting an arrow,

also shirtless. So...

I was like, "I think you like
this show for reasons

you don't understand yet."

And he goes, "Watch it with me."
I was like,

"That might cross the line
right there."

I was like, "No, you watch it.

Let me know how it goes
and stuff." And he did.

He watched it forever and then
they introduced Flash

in season two, and he's like,
"You gotta watch this shit now!

They're doing Flash,
you fucking love Flash."

And so he did--
he got me, he hooked me.

But not by saying,
"Watch the show."

One night,
I got this fucking call

in the middle of the night,
Jason Mewes called the house.

And like I said,
he lives near me,

so he never calls. It's weird
when he calls the house

since he lives like
around the block.

He just pops in like Kramer
and the adventure begins.

So I looked,
the phone was ringing,

and I saw it was his name
and stuff.

I said, "Oh, my God,
something must be wrong."

I picked up the phone,
I was like, "What's up?

You all right?" He goes,
"Turn on the fucking TV!

Turn on the TV right now!"
The last time he called

screaming "Turn on the TV"
was September 11th, 2001.

So I got fucking scared
and I was like, "Oh, my God!

Are we under attack
by ISIS again?"

And he goes, "No, man.

Fucking King Shark is on Flash
right now."

And I was like, "You fucking
piece of shit!

You almost gave me
a heart attack!"

I said, "I thought ISIS
had reached American shores."

And he goes, "Who the fuck is
she? I'm talking about Flash!"

I said, "What do you mean,
King Shark's on Flash?"

He's like, "He's on fucking
Flash right now, man!

Turn on the fucking TV!

Oh, you fucking missed it,
it's over and shit."

I was like, "How'd he look?"
He goes,

"He looked fucking amazing."
Now, for those of you

that don't know who King Shark
is, he's a DC supervillain.

But he ain't cool like the Joker
or Lex Luthor.

He's like way down the list.
His whole gimmick

is he's a shark that walks
on land and wears pants.

Like that's... it's goofy
and it works in the comic books.

'Cause he's graphically

But you would never try this
shit in the real world

because it would look stupid.
But he was saying

they tried it. So I was like,
"That's fucked up, man."

I was like, "I gotta see
what it looks like."

He goes, "You go to Twitter,
man, somebody screen capped."

I went to Twitter,
and sure enough,

there were pictures
of fucking King Shark.

And sure enough,
it looked like legit.

If you were ever gonna do
a King Shark, it's like,

that's it! Holy shit!
I said, "I can't believe

they had the balls
to fucking try this.

I thought you said this was a
critically like revered show."

He's like, "Oh, the critics love
it. It's got the ratings too."

I was like, "Then why would
they fucking risk that

with King Shark?" Like...

Oh, my God! You've gotta
have a lot of confidence

to rock King Shark. That's like
12-inch dick confidence, man.

You know, to be in your
second season, be like,

"Zip. King Shark.

Deal with it." You know.

And have people stay around
and shit.

I was like, "That's
fucking impressive."

I said, "Looks good. I gotta
give this shit a watch."

It really piqued my curiosity.

I worked under
the Smucker's logic.

"With a name like Smucker's,
it must taste like pussy."

Or whatever the fuck it is.

I was like, "If they're
doing King Shark,

it must be fucking
watchable and shit."

So I kicked back and
I downloaded the episode

and I watched it,
and goddamn it

if it wasn't fucking good.
I was like,

"I'm gonna try another episode."

I went back to the beginning
and started watching

all of The Flash,
and I binge-watched.

I went into my office and just
started fucking watching.

Got real roped up in that shit
'cause it's all

emotional and whatnot.
And there was some shit

that's connected to Arrow
that I didn't understand.

So any time I was lost,
I'd pause it

and I would text Jason
and be like,

"Hey, man, they're talking
about some island.

What the fuck's this all about?"
And he'd be like,

"Oh, that's where Ollie
became the Green Arrow,

let me tell you."
And then...

he would send nine
fucking paragraphs

of backstory,
and at first I thought, like,

"Oh, man, I bet you he's
just pulling this shit

off Wikipedia."
But he wrote it himself.

I know this 'cause Arrow
was spelled

12 different fucking ways

So he'd tell me and I'd be like,
"I got it."

I'd go back to watching
the show.

And my wife would make fun
of us and shit.

'Cause this was going on
for a few days.

She was like, "Oh, look at you
old ladies and your stories."

She's like, "What are Nicky
and Victor up to this week?"

and shit. I was like, "Fuck you,
bitch. This is Flash."

So I fell in love with
the show big time, man.

I got to the season finale
of season one.

And they built an incredible
season with season one

of The Flash. And the season
finale's one of my

favorite hours of television
ever produced and shit.

Didn't know that
until I watched it.

Jason Mewes knew it was good,
so Jason goes,

"You're almost at the fucking
season finale."

He goes, "You gotta fucking
record yourself watching it."

I was like,
"Like a reaction video?"

He goes, "Yeah, man,
like the kids.

You gotta be like a millennial,

And I was like,
"Why would I do that?"

He's going, "Because it's
a really good episode."

He's going, "It's emotional.
And you know me." He goes,

"I don't cry at anything.
But I know you.

You cry at everything."

He goes, "And I almost cried
watching it,

so it's gonna fucking
tear you up, man.

I wanna see what that shit
looks like."

So I was like, "Okay."
And so when I sat down

and watched the episode, I set
up my phone to record myself.

And you can see the video
up online.

I put it up on my website
and stuff.

I trimmed it, you don't have
to watch the whole thing.

But you watch me...
like to say that I cry

is like an understatement,

Crying, I think of crying
as like, you know,

a Native American by the side
of the road going, "Garbage."

You know, like that's...

like a dignified solo tear
and shit.

This was just bawling,
like fucking blubbering.

Like... [moans]
My tits were going up and down.

So fucking messy,
snot running down my face.

All over this fucking show.
And somebody sent the link

to my mother, I guess,
and my mother called me up,

she goes, "Tiger, are you okay?"
I was like, "Yeah.

What's the matter?" She's like,
"I saw you on a video

on the internet
and you were crying." You know?

I was like, "Ma, which one?"
You know?

I cry a lot and shit. She goes,
"You were watching The Flash

and the boy's mom died."
I said, "Oh, Ma, this show,

The Flash, is so fucking good."
I said,

"You gotta peep it out, man.
It's really emotional. Yeah.

It gets to me and stuff."
And my mother goes,

"Jesus Christ! I just hope you
cry that hard when I die."

So I was watching it and loving
the shit out of it.

And I kept bugging Jason,

it became our little thing
and stuff.

And so Jason's wife Jordan
runs our company.

And she's the one that sends me
places and stuff,

puts movies together,
shows together.

So she was paying attention.

She called me up one day
and she goes,

"Uh, look, I see you keep
texting with Jason

about The Flash
and you love it so much.

And I saw that embarrassing
crying video and stuff."

She's going, "So it's clear
you like The Flash.

So I hope this doesn't bug you,
but I called up your agent

and I said, 'Hey, Kevin really
likes this show The Flash.

Why don't you see if they'll let
him direct an episode?'"

And I was like, "Why the fuck
did you do that?"

I said, "Oh, my God!
Don't do that!

That's so fucking embarrassing,

I don't want no fucking handouts
from the shirtless boy network.

Like, no!" I was like, "I'm
content to watch that show."

I was like,
"That's fucking embarrassing.

Don't ever fucking do that
again." She goes,

"Calm down, they said yeah."
I was like, "Good fucking job!"

Oh, my God!

I was like, "Way to think
outside the box!

That's fucking phenomenal, man."
Jason's in the background

going, "My old lady
got you a job, bitch!"

I was like,
"Put him on the phone."

He's like, "Can you fucking
believe this shit, man?

You didn't even fucking watch
the show and shit,

and I told you to watch it,
now you're going to fucking

direct it, you gotta
take me with you."

I said, "I don't know if I can
fucking take you with me, dude.

I just found out that
I get to fucking go,

that I got a job. I can't
call them up and be like,

'Yeah, you gotta hire
the other guy too.

I don't know if you ever saw
that movie,

but we're a package deal.'"

He goes, "Well, I don't have to
fucking be on the show.

I just wanna go up with you,

because they shoot
Arrow up there

and they shoot Flash up there,
they shoot all the shows.

So I wanna see
like Starling City,

I wanna see Central City,
I wanna see all the cities.

You know."

He's like, "Just bring me.

You can tell them
I'm your assistant."

I'm like, "You kinda
are my assistant."

So I brought him up with me,

We went to Vancouver, that's
where they make the show.

So they write the show
in Los Angeles,

and they shoot the show
up in Vancouver.

And when I got up there,
they gave me the script.

And the script was
fucking beautiful.

It was written by Zack Stentz,
beautiful script

that actually tied into,
a spiritual sequel of sorts,

to my favorite episode
of the show,

the season finale
of season one and shit.

Played like a sequel.
I was like, "Oh, my God!"

And good news: it's a show
where, you know,

the boy solves all his problems
at one point

by running really fucking fast.
So sooner or later,

there's an action sequence.

And this didn't have a fuck ton
of that.

It was more people talking
to each other.

I was like, "I know how
to do that shit.

Oh, my God, this is gonna be
fucking easy and stuff."

So I love the script, but while
I was reading the script,

in it there was a character
reference named Jay.

And I was like, "Oh, fuck.

I'm gonna have fun
with this shit, man."

So I go over to Jason's room
and I knock on the door.

He's like, "What's up?"
I was like, "Oh, my God!

They wrote you into my script,
dude, look!"

And he grabbed
the fucking script,

and you've never seen anyone
get more excited in your life.

And he goes, "I'm gonna be
on the CW?"

And I realized it had gone
too far.

So I was like, "No, man, no.
No, no, I'm just kidding."

He goes, "What do you mean?"
I was like,

"I was just bullshitting, man.
I just fucking showed you

'cause there was a name
in the script said Jay.

I thought it was funny."
He goes, "How do you know

it's not me?" I was like,
"'Cause it doesn't say

'and Silent Bob' after it,

I'm relatively sure." He goes,
"Why would you fucking do that?"

I was like, "I just thought
it was kinda funny."

He goes, "You're an asshole!"
And closed the door.

So I was like,
that was time well spent.

So I went into work
the next day,

and I did this thing,
it's called--

I've never done one of these
before-- tone meeting.

They do it in TV a lot,

When you got a TV show
that's up and running,

when the director comes in
they sit them down

and have a tone meeting
with them.

So that you know what the show
is supposed to be or whatever.

I'm a huge fan, so I didn't
think I needed one.

But everybody does it,
so they sit you down.

They're in Los Angeles,
you're in Vancouver.

And they do it on Skype,
like by this big TV.

So Todd Helbing,
who was the producer,

he pops up on the screen,
he's like, "Hey, man.

How you doing?" I was like,
"Hey, how are you?"

He's like, "You ready
for the tone meeting?"

I was like, "Fuck, yeah, man."
He's like, "Open your script.

Scene one." I was like,

And he goes, "Kevin,
the tone of scene one

is, uh, it's happy.

Everyone's happy in this scene."

And I was like, "Okay."
And he goes, "Great.

Scene two."

I go, "Okay." And he goes,
"Now, Kevin,

everyone in this scene,
they're sad.

Everyone's very sad."

And I was like, "All right."
And it went on like that

for fucking every scene.
He literally told me

the general emotion
of every fucking scene.

And I was like, "What happened
in the history of television

where this is necessary?"
Like somebody fucking--

Some director was handed
a script and fucking

came back with something
where he was like,

"What do you mean
Roots ain't a comedy?"

And they were like,
"What the fuck?"

And they were like,
"From now on,

we gotta tell every director
what the tone

of every scene is and shit."

So we go through the whole
fucking tone meeting.

He's like, "This scene's happy,
this scene's sad."

I'm like, "Okay, okay."
Finally we get to the scene

outside the Big Belly Burger
and shit,

where that Jay character was.

And he goes, "Okay, the scene
outside the Big Belly Burger."

He goes, "This is
gonna be weird.

Weird to have to say out loud,
but I'm just gonna

put it on Front Street.

We wrote your friend Jay
into this scene."

I said, "No way! Are you fucking
shitting me, man?"

I was like, "I was busting
his balls yesterday

going, 'This is you. Psyche!'"
I was like, "Oh, my God!"

I was like, "That's very nice."
I said, "But weird.

Like, why would you write
him into the script like that?"

And he goes, "We just assumed
he'd be with you."

I was like, "He is, man.

Absolutely." He goes, "Do you
think he'll wanna do this?"

I was like, "Do I think
he'll wanna fucking do it?

He loves these CW shows, man.
I'm shocked he didn't

show up to your office,
push you back in the chair,

rip your dick out, be like,
'Whose cock do I gotta suck

to be on The Flash?'

Doing 'Goodbye Horses'
with your dick and shit."

Todd Helbing's a writer too,
he's funny.

He goes, "Well, if I knew that
was an option,

I would have held out."

He goes, "Do you think
he'll do it?"

I was like, "Draw up
the paperwork right now, man.

This is a done deal.
Trust me, this guy's

gonna wanna fucking do this
and shit like that."

So I went back to the room
and stuff,

knocked on his door,
he's like, "What's up?"

I was like, "Hey, man.
I went to the tone meeting."

He goes, "How was that?"
I was like, "Fucking weird.

Weird." I said, "But, in the
middle of the tone meeting,

man, we got to this scene
and remember that

fucking yesterday
when I was like,

'Hey, man,
you're in the script.'"

He goes, "Yeah,
that was a dick move."

I was like, "Well, it may not be
such a fucking dick move

'cause I just did
the tone meeting

and they told me that they did
write you into that scene.

And they asked me to come
back here and ask you

if you wanna be in my episode
of The Flash."

Now, I've known Jason 30 years,
I've seen him cry twice.

Once on the birth
of his daughter,

his daughter Logan was born
about three years ago,

and shit like that.
I got a picture of him

holding this little baby
bawling, he was so happy

to be a dad,
snot running down his face.

Second time I've
ever seen him cry

was after I was like,
"You are gonna be on the CW."

He started crying.


This was his honest reaction.
He goes, "I deserve this!"

So we shot his scene
the very first day.

In the fucking schedule it was
the first thing I ever directed

on Flash, it was nice to have
him there with me and stuff.

He's usually there
when I direct shit.

So it was nice
to have him there.

And it was a pretty
quick scene, man.

Like basically he shows up,
everyone went fucking nuts.

Like it was crazy.
I don't think of him that way.

But like people on the cast
and crew were like,

"There's a legit movie star
fucking coming."

And I was like, "Where? Who?

Him?! Holy shit."

Grant Gustin who plays
the Flash,

he was just like, "I can't
believe you got him to do this."

He goes, "How much money
did you have to pay him?"

I go, "Oh, no. It don't work
like that at all."

I was like, "In fact,
go ask him to get you coffee.

Watch him do it."

It was sweet, though,
it's been fun fucking doing 'em.

But I honestly feel

Like it feels weird
to do the job

because it doesn't feel like the
way that I normally do the job.

TV directing is a much bigger,
or different deal.

Easier deal to me,
where I'm like, oh,

there's not a lot of creative
input or something like that.

You have to find your way.

Like what makes you...
Like why are you there?

Like other than saying "action"
and "cut,"

it seems arbitrary, anybody
could fucking do that.

You know, I had to find a place
though how I could

live in that world
and feel useful.

And so, it first started
happening I think

when I was doing Supergirl.

Um, we were-- we were doing
some-- setting up

some fucking big sequence
at this pool.

Uh, the giant, like,
a community pool.

And it was a big wide shot
and whatnot.

We're doing it like
when the pool is closed

so it's like two in the morning.
It's real late.

So, you know, people are run
down, we've had our "lunch."

Which was at midnight
or whatever.

But people are getting tired
because it's late

and it's cold.
So, you know, I was like,

"Fuck man. I'm gonna get--
I'm gonna go get some

burgers for my crew."

For the people on camera
and stuff like that.

'Cause they're the ones that
gotta be up and sharp.

So I was talking
to the first AD,

he was like new on the show,

first time I'd ever
met him and stuff.

And I was like, "Hey, man.
I was thinking about--

how long do you think
this is gonna take?"

He's like, "I think we're gonna
be ready to go in five minutes."

"Hey, I'm gonna go grab some
fucking burgers, man.

Can you like, watch this?"

And he goes, "What do you mean,
watch this?"

I was like, "Well,
if you guys are ready,

just start shooting
without me." He goes,

"What an interesting way
to direct a show

by not being there at all."

I was like, "I know,
but you guys do this shit

every week without me.
Let's be real.

And it's a big wide shot,

we're just doing it
for the wide.

It's the performance--
I'll be back for that and shit.

You got this, right?" He's like,
"Sure, man. Go ahead."

And so I fucking got
in the car

and I left set and I drove down
the road to--

In Canada,
they got an A&W place.

They do A&W burgers
and root beer and shit.

And it's-- they're amazing.
It's my favorite burger

on the fucking planet.

So they're open 24 hours.

And they're like literally
across the street

from where we were shooting.

So I rolled up on A&W
at two in the morning.

And I pull up to the box
and shit.

And they're like,
"A&W, can I help you?"

It's one guy. And I said,
"Uh, hi.

Let me get 20 Buddy Burgers,

And the guy goes, "Yeah, right."

I was like, "No, I'm serious.
20 Buddy Burgers."

And he goes, "Pull up to the
window so I can confirm

your method of payment."

I said, "Okay, fair enough."

And I went up to fucking
next window and shit like that.

And he opened his window,
I rolled mine down,

and he goes, "Oh, it's you.
Well, that makes sense."

I was like, "What the fuck's
that mean, man?"

He's like, "That's a lot
of burgers.

And I heard you were in town."
I was like,

"I-- they're not for me."

He was like, "I don't need
to ask any questions."

I was like, "I'm getting them
for the people on Supergirl."

He's like, "I'm sure you are."

I go, "20 burgers, man. How long
is that supposed to take?

'Cause I'm supposed to be back
in five minutes."

He goes, "20 burgers usually
take about 20 minutes.

But like if you will take
a selfie with me,

I'll do it in ten."
I was like,

"If you'll do it in ten,
I'll fucking blow you, man."

And he goes, "The selfie
will be fine, Mr. Smith."

So I said, "Fantastic."
So I waited by the side,

he cooked up fucking 20 burgers
and shit.

Came out with two big bags,
gave them to me.

He's like, "Thanks."
We took a selfie and shit.

Off I went, back to the place.
I was like, "Yay, burgers!"

And I started giving out burgers
and shit.

And soon the burgers
were fucking gone.

And I was like, "Oh, fuck.
I didn't get enough."

I said, "If I do this again,
I gotta get more."

Some crew members were like,
"Where's the burgers?"

I was like,
"Oh, they ate them all."

They're like, "Fucking A."
And walked away.

So I was like, "Fuck man.
Let me see if I can fucking

get some burgers going
and shit like that tomorrow."

So next day,
we were shooting late again.

Like it was one in the morning
and stuff.

And so, you know,
I was bored again on set

at a certain point,
everybody's working.

I don't really have anything
to do.

So I was like, maybe I'll go get
'em some fucking burgers, man.

I'll roll up on
the burger joint again.

It's right across the street.

So I pull up and I hear, uh,
"Welcome to A&W.

Can I help you?"
I said, "Hey.

Let me get 40 Buddy Burgers."

And the guy, it's not the guy
from the other night. He goes,

"What, are you high?"

And I wanted to tell him

But I wanted to finish
the fucking transaction.

So I was like, "No, no, no."

I was like, "I-- no.
I do want this."

And he goes, "Please drive up
to the next window

to confirm your method
of payment." You know.

So I drive up to the window,
he opens his up and mine,

he goes, "Oh, I heard about you.
I get it now."

I said, "What do you mean?"
He's going,

"You were here last night."
I said, "That's right.

I ordered 20 burgers."
He's like, "Yeah.

The guy last night,
he's a big fan and stuff.

He's been showing everybody
the picture."

I was like, "Right on." I said,
"Well, I'm back for more."

He goes, "What do you want?"
I said, "Can I get

40 Buddy Burgers, man?"
He goes, "Okay.

Give me your credit card."
I showed him. He's like,

"All right." I said,
"How long is that gonna take?"

He's like, "40 burgers,
40 minutes."

I was like, "Oh, well,
the guy yesterday, man,

he said 20 burgers
takes 20 minutes.

But he did it in ten and shit."

And he goes, "That's 'cause
the other guy's a big fan."

Understood, captain. You know...

So I went and waited.
40 minutes later, man,

they brought out my fucking
Buddy Burgers.

Big bags and shit like that.
I said thank you.

I went back to work and shit.
I was like, "Hey!

Fucking burgers for everybody!"

Everyone's like happy
to get them. It's crazy, man.

It's really sweet.
Like, it's...

I don't know why,
they're like, "Oh, my God.

This is nice." And I'm like,
"It's $1.99 burger."

I tell them all. I'm like, look,
man, I'm gonna go home

and they're gonna give me
so much fucking credit

for directing this episode.
We all know I didn't do shit.

The least thing I could do
is buy you a fucking burger.

And McCloud, the AD,
is like, "Fucking A." You know.

So it was great. Like people,
it really cheers people up

and shit like that. It's perfect
walking around food.

When you're done,
you just throw the paper out

and shit like that.
But I ran out of burgers,

40 wasn't enough. There
was still some people

that didn't get any.
I was like, "Fuck!

Next time I gotta go
fucking higher and shit."

So we had one more night
of night shoots and shit.

So it's about two in the morning
and at one point,

I rolled up to McCloud,
the AD, and I was like,

"Hey, McCloud." He goes,
"Go ahead.

Just get me three burgers."
You know.

I was like, "Will do, man."
So I got in the car,

and I went back
to fucking A&W and shit.

And I pull up to the box
and I was like,

"Hi, man. I'm-- let me get
70 Mama Burgers, please."

And the guy goes,
"Right away, Mr. Smith."

I'd built something of a
reputation of sorts and stuff.

So, you know, I was like,
"Oh, fuck. This is great."

I said, "You know what?
I'm gonna go deeper tonight."

I said, "70 Mama Burgers.

Let me get like 40 French fries
as well."

And he goes, "Okay."
I said, "20 onion rings."

He goes, "Right on." And I'm
looking at the menu board,

like I've been going to A&W
three nights in a row.

And since I stay away
from sugar,

I've been trying not
to succumb to the temptation

because like I love root beer.

It's one of my favorite things
in the world.

I love sugar.
I love sugar on anything.

You put it on dog shit,
I'm like this is the best.

But root beer is one
of my favorites.

And they market it so well.
Like the orange and brown

just like makes you salivate
and shit,

like a Pavlovian response.

And all these days and nights
I've been able

to not fucking get
a root beer.

But I'm like, it's fucking
two in the morning, man.

And like you're buying everyone
these burgers.

And like it's
like your mom said:

you're a good boy.
You know? Like...

You fucking--
you deserve a treat, man.

Why don't you get yourself
a fucking root beer, champ.

You know. And I was like,
"Let me add to that, man.

I wanna add one small
diet root beer."

And he starts laughing,
the guy in the ordering box.

I said, "What's the matter?"
He goes, "Look at the screen."

And I looked at the screen,
it said 70 Mama Burgers,

40 French fries,
20 onion rings,

one small diet root beer."

He goes, "That looks like the
worst diet ever attempted."

He goes, "I'm totally
Instagramming that."

So I pull up to the fucking
window and shit,

give him my credit card,
it's my friend

from the first night and shit,
the guy I took pictures with.

I was like,
"Hey, man. It's you."

He's like, "Mr. Smith,
I gotta tell you."

I said, "Look, first off,
Mr. Smith is my father.

Just call me Kevin."
He goes, "Kevin,

I gotta tell you,
I've been telling my manager

that you've been
coming every night

and that you've been buying
these burgers.

And my manager asked me
to ask you

if you wanna give us one
of your jerseys,

we'll hang it up here
in the A&W."

And I was like, "Are you telling
me you wanna raise my

fucking jersey to the rafters

of an A&W Root Beer?"


I was like,
"That's the highest honor

a non-Canadian can receive."

So, um, so I found my place,
like that's what I do.

I bring shit.
I bring food for people,

I bring toys for the actors.

That's how I do the actors
and shit like that.

I learned that when I was
on Supergirl at one point.

I had like a break,
lunch break,

and rather than sit around
and eat lunch,

like I smoked lunch.
And then we were near

a Toys 'R' Us, so I went stoner
shopping and stuff like that.

And, you know, I had a basket
so I kept throwing in shit.

Everything under five bucks,

little trinkets
and shit like that.

And so I bought like a book
of stickers,

puffy animal stickers.

We went back to shoot a scene
with Chyler,

who plays Supergirl's sister,

and with Melissa,
who plays Supergirl.

And so we were about
to rehearse,

do a blocking rehearsal, and I
had one of the puffy stickers,

I had it on my finger and I
walked up to the two ladies

and I was like, "Ladies,
you see this puffy dog sticker?

Whoever wins this scene
wins the sticker."

It was adorable. Chyler goes,
"You're going down, bitch."

You know, fucking...

And they did, they fucking
out-acted each other,

like wizards fighting
and shit like that.

All for the puffy sticker.
And at the end,

I was like you both
get a puffy sticker.

And Chyler was like,
"That wasn't the rule."

You know.

But how I direct is I bring
food for everybody

and give them toys and shit.

I'm more of like a craft service
person, you know.

Or a candy man
than anything else.

Um, a few years ago,
I worked with Bruce Willis.

On a movie called Cop Out.
And it didn't go great.

At all. And, you know,
with years to reflect,

I realize it was probably
my fault as well.

I expected way too much
of this guy,

hero worshipped him and shit
like that.

Maybe I scared him as
a creepy fan, who know?

But the whole experience,
I've talked about places,

on podcasts, I've wrote
about it in a book and shit.

At the end of the chapter
dedicated to him,

I wrote, "Yippee-kay-yay,
movie fucker."

So, you know, obviously

I got some feelings on the
subject and shit like that.

Hadn't heard from him
since that time.

Since we made the movie.

And then one day I was working
on a script.

And it was right before there
was gonna be

a Writers Guild strike,
so everybody was trying

to go fast in case
the strike happened.

'Cause then you're not
allowed to write or some shit.

So I was trying to beat
a deadline.

And my phone rang,
my cell phone.

I didn't recognize the number
so I didn't answer it.

And then it rang again,
same number.

I'm like, "Oh, shit.
This must be serious.

I don't know who it is, but
they're trying to get me again.

I'll fucking answer it."

So I answer the phone,
I was like, "Hello?"

And he goes, "Is Kevin there?"

And I go, "This is Kevin.
Who's this?"

And he goes, "Kev, it's Bruno."

And I go, "Who?"

'Cause I didn't know.
And he goes, "It's Bruno."

And I go, "Who?" And he goes,
"Is this Kevin Smith?"

I said, "Yeah." He goes,
"It's Bruce Willis, man."

And I was like, "Hey, boss,
how are you?"

'Cause I'm like, oh, my God,
this is my day of reckoning.

I've been talking about this guy
for years, man.

And finally he heard it.

And he's calling up to be like,
"You piece of shit.

Meet me outside."
Or something like that.

So I was like,
"Hey, how are you?"

He's like, "Good, man, good.
I'm just up here

in upstate New York
on the farm, man.

I got a farm, so I'm up here."
I was like, "Oh, really?

What are you up to up there?"

He goes, "You know, man,
drinking wine, killing bees."

I was like,
"Bees a big problem there?"

He's like, "Yeah, man,
they're bastards, these bees.

But I kill them all." I was
like, "I bet they all die hard.

Don't they?"

He liked that,
he chuckled and shit.

I hadn't heard from this guy
like since

maybe the premiere of the movie
and stuff like that.

So it had been fucking years
and, you know,

nothing I'd said about him
over the years

had been all that pleasant
or positive and shit.

So I'm waiting, I'm like,

"What's this call about?"
and stuff.

He just starts talking,
he's like,

"How you doing?" I was like,
"I'm good, man. How are you?"

He's like, "Well, I'm good,
the family's good.

Let me tell you
about my daughters."

And he just starts listing
his kids

and how everyone's doing
and shit.

And I know some of them,
not in real life,

but just from reading about them
over the years and shit.

I was like, "Oh, right on, man,
right on."

And the whole time I'm like,
"Is this really fucking

Bruce Willis?" Because one
of my friends does impressions

for a living, like...

My friend Ralph Garman's
really good at voices.

So maybe Ralph's calling me up
to be like,

"It's Bruce Willis." [laughs]
You know.

So I get him to keep talking
'cause I wanna see

if he knows anything
about Bruce Willis's life.

He seems to know a bit
about the kids and stuff.

But he could have read that
on the internet and shit.

I said, "What are you
working on right now?"

He's like, "Oh, I just
finished up Death Wish."

I said, "Oh, right on, man.
With Eli." I said,

"How'd it go?" He goes,
"I took it seriously."

And right then and there,
I was like,

"This does sound like Willis."

So he's talking more
and shit like that.

I knew, like, at one point,
there were two things

that pushed me over the edge
where I realized

it really was Bruce Willis, man.

One was when he was talking
about his kids,

he then starts talking
about my kid,

but he goes,
"So how's Rose doing?"

'Cause he doesn't know my kid's
fucking name at all and shit.

And he never did
when she was little.

So when he said "Rose,"
I was like, "Oh, my God.

That's deep cuts, man."
Like he must really--

So I was like, "Rose is good,
man. She's real fucking good."

And then the last thing he said,
which tripped my wire,

was he got a best friend,
Steven Eads,

who is with him, his assistant,
his best friend in life,

and stuff like that.
Saw a picture recently

of Bruce Willis dressed
as one of The Shining twins

with an older gentleman,
that was Stephen Eads.

His lifelong friend
and assistant.

So at one point, Bruce goes,
"Hey, man.

So me and Stephen Eads,
we're just hanging out."

And I was like, "Stephen Eads?
This is fucking Bruce Willis."

And he goes, "Yeah, man.
What'd you think?"

I was like, "I don't know.
I haven't heard from you

in a long time and shit.
It's just kinda weird."

He goes, "No, I just wanted
to talk, man.

I just wanna hang out
and bullshit and stuff."

And I was like, "Okay."
And I'm listening to him talking

and he's just being friendly.
It's weird, it's almost like

Cop Out never happened.

It's like the call predates
Cop Out.

Like before we had
that relationship.

Like after we had done
Live Free or Die Hard,

and I was in that scene
and shit,

he loved me and whatnot.
But then when we did Cop Out,

it all went away. So it was
almost like a trip back in time.

And I was so wigged out by it.
And then all of a sudden,

he goes, "Hey, Kev. Somebody's
beeping through the other line.

Would you mind holding?"
I was like, "Yeah, man.

You can go, don't worry."
He goes, "No, no, no.

I don't wanna go, man.
Don't hang up.

You hold on. You still there?"
And I was like, "I am."

It was like that fucking high
school thing where you're like,

"You hang up first."
"No, you hang up."

I was like, "Yeah, no,
I'll hold on and shit."

He goes, "Hold on."
I hear him click over and shit.

And I race, I was in my office,
I race down the hallway

to my bedroom, I fucking
whip open the door,

'cause I can't wait to tell my
wife and shit like that.

And so I'm just about to tell
her when I open the door,

but then he comes back
on the phone. He goes,

"Kev, you there?" I was like,
"Hey, man. I'm here."

He goes, "Okay,
I'm done with that.

So anyway, man, let me tell you
about the bees."

And he goes back
to telling me his story.

So I fucking go over
to my wife's desk

'cause she's looking at me
like this.

I go over the desk
and I'm like, "Give me a pen."

Like with my hand and shit.
I'm like, "Uh-huh, uh-huh."

She gives me a pen.
I grab a piece of paper,

and I write, "Bruce Willis.
Twenty minutes."

Because he's been on the fucking
phone now for 20 minutes.

I'm trying to communicate this
to my wife. It's shocking.

I turn the paper around,
she reads it,

she immediately gets up

and starts cleaning
the fucking house.

Now, mind you, this is something
she never fucking does.

So I'm on the phone with him,
with him rambling at me,

watching her, like all of it
was fucking strange.

Like, she's picking up plates
and putting them in the closet

and fucking moving shit
I never seen get moved before.

When I got off the phone,
I was like,

"What the fuck are you doing?"
She's like,

"Bruce Willis is gonna be here
in 20 minutes!"

And I was like, "No, he's not."
She's like,

"That's what you wrote."
I was like, "No.

I wrote that Bruce Willis
has been on the phone

I meant for 20 minutes."
She goes, "That's the worst

fucking code I've ever seen."

So I was on the phone with him
still, man,

before I got off and shit
like that.

And the conversation starts
tapering off.

It was incredibly pleasant.

He was a different person

than the guy that I fucking
remembered and shit like that.

So at the end he was like,
"You know what, Kev?

I'm gonna get going,
but soon I'm gonna

head out west, see my
west coast family, man.

So me and Eads, man,
we wanna roll up on you

and see you,
where do you live?"

And I was like,
"Oh, fucking yeah.

I live in the Hollywood Hills,

He goes, "What's your address?"

And I had to think whether

I wanted to give it to him
or not.

I was like, "I did make two
movies with him and shit.

But what if he just shows up?
Ding-dong. You piece of shit!"

And starts beating me up.

So finally I was like,
all right.

I guess I'll give it to him.
I gave him the fucking address

and stuff like that. He goes,
"All right, man.

So we're gonna be out there
in two weeks, man.

I'm gonna blow you up.
We're gonna hang out."

I said, "Okay." He goes,
"Well, it's been good

talking to you." I said,
"You know what, honestly, boss?

It's been really nice
talking to you, man.

Thanks for calling." And he
goes, "Thanks for picking up."

I said, "Before you go, man,"
I said, "this has been lovely.

But can I just ask you
one question

without making you mad?"
He goes, "Yeah, what's up?"

And I said, "Were you recently
visited by three ghosts

in the night?"

He thought that was funny, man.

He goes, "No, no. Why?"

And he goes, "Why?" "I just
haven't spoken to you in years."

He goes, "I was looking through
some old pictures,

I saw a picture of you,
felt like, hey, man,

I wanna talk to him.
So I called you up."

I said, "Feel free
to do that any time you want

in the future." He goes,
"I'm gonna see you in two weeks

at your house." I said,
"All right, man.

I'll see you then." And I hung
up and shit like that.

It was delightful.

That happened six months ago.
He never fucking showed up.

So I'm not quite sure
what the real story was.

Like at the end of the day.

But I just assume he was sitting
around his farm

like bored as shit going like,

"Who can I really
fuck with today?"

Hey, man, I wanna share some
shit with you

before we get out of here
real quick.

Um, first off, I love doing
this sort of thing.

And there's always people
that will come up to me

after the show,
say very nice things.

Uh, very cool things about
like, "Oh, my God.

It's so... you're so talented."

That's the one that
really fucking bugs me

and shit like that. Me-- and not
because I'm irritated by it.

But when you say shit
like "talent,"

it makes people go like,
"Oh, you're special

and this person's not."
I don't agree with that.

I don't really do anything
that requires talent.

I just kind of chase my dreams.

Anything I wanna try,
I give a shot to and stuff.

Before I get out of the show,
I always like to remind people,

like, you can do that too.

Like, at the end of the day,

this doesn't require
fucking talent.

somebody will say to me,

before the night is over,
"Oh, my God.

It's so talented how
you can stand up there

and talk for so long."
And I'm like,

"That doesn't take talent
to talk

and tell stories about my life.
That just takes a memory.

Like that's... that's it.
That doesn't require talent."

My day job doesn't even
take talent.

You think it takes talent
to stand on a movie set

and wear a backwards
baseball cap

and a trench coat
and say nothing?

That's the exact opposite
of fucking talent, man.

I said I'll take it
one step further.

It doesn't take talent at all
to work in the movie business.

You think it takes fucking
talent to stand on a movie set

and be like, "I'm Batman."
Ben Affleck does it,

so I know it don't take
fucking talent.

Don't let people use
like a word like that

to put shit between you
and something you wanna try.

This doesn't take talent.
It doesn't take talent

to talk about your fucking life.
Over the course of your life,

you've listened to people talk
on the radio,

or seen people talk on TV,
and you've said to yourself

or thought to yourself,
"I'm smarter than these people.

I'm funnier than this person."
You're probably thinking that

shit right now.

And you're probably right, man,
but nobody's gonna know

unless you kinda go out there
and express yourself

in some way, shape or form.
Share of yourself.

Now, some people don't want to
'cause they're afraid

that it might not work
and shit like that.

Like, "Oh, what if I fail?"
But there is no such thing

as fucking failure. Failure
is just success training.

I know that sounds like a cat
poster, but it's fucking true.

Like, nobody ever fucking
gets something right

on the first try and shit.

Don't be afraid of failure.

Don't let that
keep you from trying something

that you might wanna try
and stuff like that.

Rather fail spectacularly
than live your life wondering,

like, "I wonder if that shit
would have worked out."

That's how I've just
kind of conducted myself

for the last like 20, 25 years.

And it's led on this weird
fucking journey.

So the cats who come out
and support me

and see the shows and stuff,
I always wanna try

to give something back
at the end of the day.

Like you've given me so much.
You've given me a way

to not have to fucking work
for a living.

So like, you know,
I always wanna try to give back.

I could give the money back,
but fuck that. So like...

the least I could give back
is I know there are people

in the audience that are like,
"I kinda wanna do what you do."

And you absolutely fucking can.
I'm gonna tell you something

that maybe like you don't hear
that much anymore,

'cause you're adults and shit,
and it's our job

to say this to younger people
and shit.

But this is the truest sentiment
a stranger's gonna fucking

tell you this week,
so fucking get ready.

You are smart and good.
You're all fucking talented.

You all have something amazing
to fucking say.

-[cheering, applause]

find a way...

Find a way
to fucking share that.

I-- I've, like,
I'm 47 years old.

And I'm still trying to figure
out who the fuck I am.

So before you leave this world,
figure out who you are

at your core, man.

I have, as I mentioned
at the beginning of the show,

a kid, like so I guess
at my core, ultimately,

I'm a fucking dad.
So I do dad-type things

and I wanna share this fucking
last thing with you.

Uh, my kid and I text.
This is a text exchange

we had about her boyfriend,

She's got this
boyfriend, Cory, man.

He's a great fucking kid.

I know you're supposed to be
like, "Hey, man.

He's dating my daughter
and that makes me mad."

Not at all. They've been dating
for five years,

they met like freshman year,
and when they were dating

for four days, man, I watched
and met the dude and shit,

and I told my daughter,
"Marry this boy tomorrow."

You know. And my wife is like,
"You fucking stoned?

They're 14." I was like, "It
worked for Coalminer's Daughter.

Let them get married!"

So I him,
I'm a Cory booster, man.

I'm always like, "You'll never
find a guy like this.

He literally gives a shit
about everything you say.

He's always hanging
on your every word.

He's like Lloyd Dobler
in Say Anything and shit.

Not every guy is like this.
Most guys are like Uncle Jay."

So like...

I said "stick with this
fucking guy."

So she did all through
high school and stuff.

And senior year, like I said,
she just graduated,

she got to go to two proms,
her prom at her school

and Cory went
to a different school.

So they went to her prom first,
then they went to Cory's prom.

And I was out on the road
doing a gig.

And this is the fucking text
I got from my kid

on prom night. She goes,
"Dad! SOS."

I'm freaked out 'cause I'm
someplace else in the country.

And I'm like, "Oh, my God!
Are you okay?"

And she goes, "No!
Cory's bowtie broke.

Where do you keep
your spare bowties?"

I said, "Kiddo, I don't have
a bowtie, let alone spares."

And she wrote, she has
the temerity to write,


And I'm like, "I wear the same
fucking outfit every day."

I said, "You ever see me wear
a bowtie with a hockey jersey?"

And she goes, "What about
when you got married?"

And I said,
"I was wearing a hoodie

and a Jay and Silent Bob

And she goes, "Ew! You're so
fucking lucky Mom married you."

And I said... I said, "Why?

Because I wasn't wearing
a bowtie?" And she goes,

"No, because you wore
a Jay and Silent Bob shirt

to your own wedding."

And she wrote, "Duh! Look at me!
I'm Silent Bob!"

Ladies and gentlemen, you have
a good time this evening?

[cheering, applause]

I cannot thank you enough
for coming out, man!

Thanks for listening
to me bullshit!

Make sure you go out
and bullshit

before you leave this world!
I love you all, good night!

[cheering, applause]

This is the room where I almost
died. Look at this.

Could you imagine if this
was your death room?

The last thing you saw was this?

I could not get comfortable
to save my life.

That's 'cause I was dying.

Kids, when you're dying,
very tough to get comfortable.

Basically, three hours prior
to this moment,

I'd smoked a joint,
so I was calm.

I never got scared and stuff.

They told me later on,
the doctor was like,

"You were so calm."
And I said,

"I was blazed, man.
I smoked."

He goes, "That saved your life."

I said, "Smoking weed
saved my life?

Can you-- I'm gonna put that
on a fucking shirt

and on a bumper sticker
and stuff like that."