Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery (2023) - full transcript

A local politician whose prized jackfruits go missing and a young police officer who is adamant to solve this bizarre case to prove herself.



Listen, Veeru!
If you hang up this time,

I swear I'll slit my own wrists!


This is strictly my me-time.

- Call me back in the evening.
- But...

All right, remind me...

Where did we first meet?

At Mr. Tomar's daughter's wedding!

Tomar who?

The Pakariya one?

Yes! I was serving sherbet to the guests

and that's when you pinched my cheek!

That sounds like me.

Do you drink?

Drink? I could down poison for you,
Veeru baby!

All right.

Meet me at 10:00 a.m.
at Jhalla Chaat stall in Moba.

Mister, my fare?

You dare ask me for money!

- Should I rough you up?
- I just want my fare.



Shall we?


Oh, lord!

What is my dad doing here?

Your dad? Where?

Catch him quick, Pahad Singh!


- Stop!
- Pin him down!

Hey! Get back!

- Grab him.
- Hey!


- Stop!
- Get out of my way!

- Get him!
- Stop!

What a piece of junk!

- Stop!
- Hey!

- Stop!
- Take this!

- Move!
- You blind swine!

- Where did he go?
- That way.

Pahad Singh and Mishra, that way!
You two, follow me!




Watch it!

Which way did he go?

- Get moving!
- Oh, come on!

He got away.



This serial offender who had a bounty
of 100,000 rupees on him,

Veer Singh aka Veeru,
has been arrested by police.

He faces 70 counts of rape,
12 murders, and 36 robbery charges.


Pardon me. 17 counts of rape, 12 murders,

and 26 robbery charges...

We can confirm that he has committed

countless rapes, numerous murders,
and many, many robberies.

Definitely not that many, sir!

Take him away.

Hey! Wait.


My name is Anuj from Moba News.

I want to know

how this criminal was caught.

I mean, who was leading the operation?

Please shed some light on this.

Under the leadership of the honorable
Superintendent of Police,

Moba Police carried out this operation.

I see.



Yes, sir?

Yes, sir!

Yes, sir.

Wait for the press release
for further details.

Yes, sir.


This is the height of brown-nosing.

Couldn't they at least call you on-stage
for a photo-op!

It's all right.

Even if they did call me,
guess how I'd pose?

Like this.



The media is around.
We'll become breaking news!

The bulletins will flash,

"Booty Calls Over Duty Calls:
A Constable-Inspector Love Story."

Oh, my, my!



SP wants to see you.

It's urgent.


We follow the Indian Penal Code
so to speak.

But in reality, we're compelled to follow
the Indian Political Code.

Sir, you're really an ocean of wisdom.

I wish I could just drown in you.

How do these media folks
always reach the location before us?

Sir, sometimes they reach
even before the crime happens.

Sir! Sir! Sir!

Sir, what incident has unfolded
at the MLA's residence?


Hey! We're from Moba!

Hey! Watch it! You can't shove us!

Mind you,
we're the fourth pillar of democracy!

Oh, mister!

If you are a pillar, then stand like one.
Stop wobbling around.

Jai Hind, sir!

Where's the crime scene, sir?

Do you see this tree?

They were hanging right here!

Uncle Hong.

Where is respected Uncle's dead body, sir?

Two of the Uncle Hong breed

weighing 15 kg each

got stolen!


Not uncles. Jackfruits.

Two shiny, glorious jackfruits!


Don't laugh!

If my jackfruits aren't recovered
before they ripen,

I'll make your lives miserable!

All of you!

Someone robbed an MLA's house
in broad night light.

The police are just sitting ducks!

Yes! Come here now.


- Where did these Uncle Kong disappear?
- Hong.

It's Uncle Hong, sir.

Mr. Sharma, get to work.
Trace the missing jackfruits.

Sir, you see...

I may need appendix surgery.

I have these sudden episodes

of intense stomach pain.

Here. No! Over here.

This is going to be a problem.

No, no, sir.

Let's hand over this case to Basor.

She nabbed that dreaded dacoit, Veeru.

These jackfruits
will be child's play for her.

Sir, catching criminals is still fine.

- But these jackfruits...
- No ifs or buts.

We must nab the culprit before
the jackfruits ripen, or worse, get eaten.

But sir, this case is barely valid.

- What do we write in the report?
- Just cook something up!


As per Section 378,

file a case for major theft.


Sir, this could be a dangerous precedent.

Soon people will flock to report
missing carrots and turnips.

Don't these thieves have any standards?

They're stealing jackfruits!

It's not like we cops
have any higher standards.

We're looking for those jackfruits.

Absolutely gobsmacking!

This jackfruit pickle

outshines this entire lavish spread!

Honorable Party President.

This pickle is made from
Malaysia's Uncle Hong breed of jackfruits.

- Are you serious?
- Of course!

You won't find such tender fibers
in the jackfruits grown here.

No wonder! It's melting in my mouth
like the finest Galouti Kebabs!

Mrs. Pateria.

If you have more of this,
please pack it for me.

The Chief Minister's wife

just loves jackfruit pickles!

Get two full jars.

I'm afraid, that's all there is.

Who finished it?


No! You need not worry at all.


Look over there.

See those two jackfruits?

Splendid! They're so big!

In a few days, I'll get the pickle made
and deliver it to Lucknow myself.

One jar for you, one for the CM.

If only you could talk to the Honorable CM
and get me a minister's portfolio...

Oh, come on now.

Send the pickle first.

And listen.

Sometimes, to push the political vehicle,

it can just take a bit of pickle!

Sir, I need some information.

- Step back.
- Sorry?

Step back!

You're stepping on my carpet
with your shoes on!

Who was the first to notice
the jackfruits were missing?

When I stepped out
for my morning walk today...

My Hongs!

Who touched my Hongs?


Which one of you last saw the jackfruits
on the tree?

When we returned from
Chhanni's reception last night,

it must have been around 12.

Were the jackfruits on the tree then?

I didn't really pay attention.

Not your fault, Son-in-Law.

I didn't really pay attention
when I should have either.

Do you suspect anyone?

I suspect many.

But they say, a thief is as good as family
unless caught.

Oh, come on.

You have no sense of what you're saying
in front of whom.


Why do you start rattling like a toy
every time?


He always does this...

If you don't mind, may I ask something?

Why are these jackfruits so important
to you?

Why they're important...
How they got stolen...

Why must I know everything?

What's the point of you then?

Did you see the gall of that Inspector?

She walked right in!

Sanctify that spot.

Man, you had one job.

Any progress?

No one talks straight here.

Then you hit them with a curveball too.

Okay, I'm really hungry.

Let's eat. I've made you
your favorite stuffed aubergines.

Wow, my handsome constable!

Let me wrap this up.

Then we'll eat.

Hey! Hey!

- You'll get us both suspended!
- Sister!

Hey, sister!

- How did he climb there?
- Please...

Give me some snippets, sis. Please.

Look, firstly, I'm not your sister.

I have more than enough brothers.

Secondly, we can't comment on anything
until the investigation is complete.

And lastly...

If you tumble down that wall,

don't blame it on police brutality
and run the headlines.

What a bummer. Pankaj, watch out.

Oh, man!

This new one
is such a righteous pain, man!

Don't you worry, my brother.
All will be remembered.

Let's go.

Isn't he that pothead Srivastav

- from the forensics?
- Yes, that's him.

Get the camera, quick!


Lad, put that away.

Mr. Srivastav...

Anuj here, your brother
from another mother from Moba News.

Anuj! How are you doing, son?

Superb, with your blessings!
Have you subscribed to Moba News yet?

I don't really watch the news.

It really messes with my head.

At least watch our news, Mr. Srivastav.
Trust me.

You'll feel like you're smoking
the smoothest stuff ever. Mindblowing!

Was Mr. Pateria's home raided

by anti-corruption officials?


Right now, no comments.

If it's not a full comment,
a half comment will also do.

At least I'll know that

Moba News has your blessings too.

Naughty boy!

Nek Singh...

Come behind.

If the crime occurs after midnight,

then technically,
you should say "this morning."

It's the AM-PM game.

Mr. Srivastav...


I've mixed the POP.

You lead me to the footprints

- and I'll start pouring.
- Sure.

Hey! Where to?

You'll trample the footprints.

Get back.

Yes, come here.




This looks like a cow's hoof.



Are you mad?

Does this look like a cow's hoof to you?

They're high heels from a lady's sandals.


Did the thief come to steal the jackfruits
wearing ladies' sandals?

You're quite dense!

- Why?
- You don't think women can steal?

Do they not like jackfruits?

Do they not eat it?

Not where I'm from.

- Why?
- Because...

It's too meat-like for their liking.

Pour it.

It happened a long time ago.

Mrs. Pateria's 24-karat gold bangles
had gone missing.

We looked behind the sofa,

we looked under the bed...
Then I went to the bathroom.

There, I saw the golden bangles
gleaming in the toilet bowl.

I dove right in

rescued the bangles

and laid them at the mistress' feet.

Anybody else would've stolen them
without ever getting caught.

Do you still think
I stole the jackfruits? Madam?

Paneer Masala...

Fish fry, Veggie Delight...

Madam, you name it, I make it.

But I can bet you

I never sneaked a taste so far
even to check the salt.

And you suspect me
of stealing these jackfruits?

Come on, madam.

I don't even eat jackfruits.

I'm allergic to them.
Do you not believe me?

Well, here's what.

Make me eat some jackfruit right away.

I'll explode in red blisters
here, there, and everywhere!

I bet you.


Enough of crushing tobacco.

Now look for evidence
all around the bungalow.

What, Madam Basor?

You're looking for missing jackfruits now.

My brand new car was stolen.
There's no trace of it yet.

Mishra, you know
how much pressure I'm under.

For now, just do what you're told.

This is the parking

and this is the main gate.

Give it here, it's not your cup of tea.


Because it's not.

It's all modern technology. Give it here.

Don't teach me about modern technology.
I can do everything.


I've been observing lately.

You're dominating Baby too much.

What are you, man?

Who are you?

Happy now?

Go, sulk in a corner
with a face like sour eggs.

All right.

- I'm leaving.
- Where to, Son-in-Law?

Chhatarpur! I'm not some random nobody!

I'm the son of MLA Gajendra Pratap Gajju.


Former MLA...

Now listen carefully, everyone!

Until my Hongs are found,

no one sets foot outside this house!

Or else, I'll bury you right there!

If you folks are done,
let's check the footage?


This is the roof.

Oh, God!

The wind blew away all my popadums!

I have to look after everything!

Oh, Bindeshwari...

They're all good for nothing!

They can't do a thing right!

Mishra! Mishra, don't pee there.
It's bad manners!

Is there any camera in the garden
that captures the tree?

Switch to Number 8.

Has someone blocked the camera?

Such a cunning thief!

Good Lord! We're getting robbed
in broad daylight!

Trust me, Dad! If you suspect anyone,
fry them on an electric chair!

The confession will come right up.



Which idiot put the hoarding
in front of the camera?



Yes, master?

Master, your wife told us

to pull it down and keep it here

since your birthday month was over.

She asked us to scrap it later.

So we kept it here.

Just because she said so,

you put it in front of the camera?

I will skin you alive!

Back in Moradabad Training Center,

the captain would say,

"Like you can't see a hyena after a hunt,

you can't see a thief
after a theft because..."

"They flee with glee!"

Any leads on the gardener?

No, madam. Just three days ago,

the MLA had fired him.

His phone is switched off.

Find out where he lives.

Okay, madam. Right away.

Greetings, Dad!

Bless you.

Why did you skip
our family event yesterday?

I was busy at work, Dad. That's why.

With that Basor lady, huh?

Dad, please! Stop calling her Basor lady.

Her name is Mahima.

Grow up. Don't be naive.

How can you bring home someone beneath us?

Do you expect us to break bread with her?

Dad, for once, think beyond her caste.

But you're a constable after all.

You'll still be working under her.

Your marriage won't last two days.

She'll keep you under her thumb.

Do you understand?
You're teaching me what's right...


Where does Birwa, the gardener, live?

On that hillock over there

beyond the trees and rocks.

Gardener Birwa?

Well, he seems to have fled.


Call the cyber cell

and get the gardener's phone's
last location.

Yes, madam.

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir. Absolutely!

Yes, sir. I've asked the team
to have an ice-box handy

and put the jackfruits in it when found
to stop them from ripening.

Jai Hind, sir!


I have a simple solution
for this entire problem.

- Tell me.
- Let's buy two jackfruits from the market,

wrap them in silver foil,
and hand them over to Mr. Pateria.

Our native breed of jackfruits
and the Uncle Hong breed

are as different as chalk and cheese.

Mr. Pateria sent a photo.

Let me forward it to you.

Just zoom in on the tree in the back.



So these are the infamous Uncle Hongs!

We need to find them

before they ripen.

Or else, we'll be in a pickle.

Look, Mahima, if you need more manpower

or arms and ammunition, just ask for it.

But find the jackfruits.

Jai Hind, sir.

Hey! Hey!

Careful there, Basor.

Anyway, you are burdened
with the task of two jackfruits currently.

Sir, when I look at you,
I get this thought in my head.

One should shed all unnecessary burdens.

What do you mean?

Sir, I'm talking about your appendix.

Isn't it an unnecessary burden?



you need not worry about my appendix.

Prachand Singh Judev's son's
wedding march leaves in 30 minutes.

Go, handle the security arrangements.



We've traced the last location
of the gardener's phone!


In Mr. Pateria's bungalow...

- We'll see about it tomorrow.
- Okay.

- Hey! What the hell are you doing?
- Hey...

Don't meddle in this.

Why? It's illegal!

It's the local strongman's family.
As if they care.

See, they're all rabid drunks right now.

They might just shoot us for fun!

How dare you just barge in!

Hey, constable!

- Throw them out!
- Hey!

Hey! Move it!

- Run!
- Sorry!

- Why you...
- No, please!

- Scuttle!
- Forgive me!

- Saurabh!
- No...

- No!
- Saurabh! Saurabh!

What savagery is this?

They're not animals!

You can go. Get going, kid.

Go now.

What were you doing?

They barged into the procession.

This uniform you're wearing

isn't a license to beat up the poor.

Got it?

See the new world order, Mishra?

These bottom feeders
are teaching the masters.

Dare she try that on me.

I'll show that Basor her place.

Even if I get suspended for it!




"Missing since March 18th.

Give information and get a cash reward."


There is an additional zero in this.

It reads "100,000".

Pahad Singh!

How many times have I told you
not to use WhatsApp while working?

Madam, he always does this.

Make the reward 10,000 rupees.
The rest looks fine.

Okay, I will get this corrected. So...

- Listen.
- Yes, madam?

Who is this girl?

I don't know, madam.

Try to find out then.

Sure, madam.

What say, Pahad Singh?

Will your dad pay the other 90,000?

Put your phone away!



I don't feel good
about whatever happened last night.

Why feel bad about it?

You are an inspector and I'm a constable.

You have the right to reprimand me.

Not here.


- Mr. Saurabh...
- Yes?

Can I say something?


I'm in big trouble.

What happened?

My daughter is scheduled to marry
a groom from Maihar.

Now the problem is

the groom's dad has demanded

that we gift them a car as dowry.

No car, no groom.

He even saved up and bought a car somehow.

- But it got stolen.
- What a bummer.

Should I be really honest?

I'm really fed up with these folks
from Maihar.

Who wouldn't be?




My daughter's photograph.

How is she?

She's nice.

Hey! Hey!

- What are you doing?
- Please marry my daughter

and save me from those wretches!

- Please...
- Look, I can't give you a car.

But I can surely manage
a motorcycle and a TV.

What nonsense is this, Mishra?

- Mishra is an upper-caste Brahmin.
- Yes.

- Of superior ancestry.
- Yes.

Listen, I don't believe
in all this caste stuff.


I get it.

You want a bride
who's in the force, right?


My daughter is posted

as a Home Guard in Chitrakoot!

Look! Look!

She'll know her place.

She wouldn't dare insult you in public.

Think about it.

- Madam...
- Hmm?

Speaking of that photo,

I asked Paterias' staff about it.

That girl in the photo

is the gardener's daughter.

She would often visit to help out her dad.

Do we know her whereabouts?

No, madam. We don't know.

So what is it that we do know, Kunti?

There's a lot that we don't know, madam.

Hey! Stop! Stop!

- What are you...
- Hold on.

My humble greetings to Ms. Mahima.

What is it?

- Remember Pappu Tiwari?
- Yes.

The sales tax guy.

He's coming over tonight
for your famous potato fritters.

Oh! But I'm very busy today.

Should I order
from the Jhalla Chaat stall?

He will deliver it hot and fresh.

Come on! Your jitter-causing potato
fritters are no match for Jhalla's stuff.

What do you say, madam?
Can I be free by evening?

Oh, sure.
Where there's a will, there's a way.

Right, madam?

I can't say for sure. She could be late.

No problem.
I'll invite Mr. Tiwari by 8:30 p.m.

- Okay?
- Who's this lady?

An unfortunate case.

Her daughters-in-law chopped off her nose.

I'm taking her to a court hearing.

Please don't be late.
It's my nose on the line.

Will you keep making potato fritters
all your life, Kunti?

What happens when you get promoted?

Madam, if I get promoted,
I'll be transferred.

What about my father-in-law then?

And who will look after my husband?

After thinking all this through,

I've deleted the word "promotion"
from my dictionary.

Shall we, madam?


Sir! Sir!

My daughter has been missing
since yesterday.


How old is she?

Around 18 years old, sir.

- Here's her identity card.
- Let me see.

Oh, she's already 18.

Go home and stop worrying.

She'll be back in a few days.

She must've gone off with someone.

Sir, please find her.

What's the need?

Trust me, she will be back.

- Sir.
- Don't worry.

Sir, please...

I speak from experience, mister.
Don't worry.

Come back later. I got to go now.


Come on.

Grandpa, the police have got a dog.
Will it bite me?

No! It's a detective dog.

It only bites thieves.

And cheats and liars

who betray their own families

and stab people in the back.

Go on, play.

And introduce yourself.
You're the Junior Pateria.


It's like that, is it?

Let's have it then.

We'll see whom the dog bites.

Let's hear it from the dog.

- Son-in-Law!
- You offended him again.

Just shut up for once.

Is he on drugs or something?

Mr. Srivastav! Rocket found something!

Wait, what? Hey!

Stay away! Don't touch!

Don't touch anything!

- That's the gardener's phone.
- No! No! No!

Don't touch! Move aside.

He thinks the dog will bite me?
Fine! Bring the dog!

Hey! Bring the dog!

Gather all the dogs in Bundelkhand!

Come, bite me!

Stop it! Don't get so worked up!

Don't be crazy, Son-in-Law!

If it bites, you'll need 14 injections!

What do you all think of me?

Just because my dad isn't an MLA,
I'll steal jackfruits to feed myself?

Sir, we found the gardener's phone
in the bushes.

Oh! Show me.

Why did you fire him?

The gardener was really dangerous.

He would intimidate my precious grandson.

So I asked him to pack his bags and leave.

Welcome to Moba News!

I'm Anuj,
your brother from another mother.

Regarding the jackfruit mystery,

a sensational exclusive
with the Honorable MLA Pateria.

It's not about the Uncle Hongs for me.

I care about law and order.

If an MLA's house can get robbed,

how safe is the common public?

So it is my humble request
to the Superintendent of Police

to nab the thief at once

or resign from his post.

And go to Chitrakoot
and play cymbals and sing hymns.

Mr. Pateria, let's suppose
you do not find your jackfruits.

What happens then?

I will stage a protest.
I will go on a hunger strike!

And if a crowd gathers, goes berserk,

and burns down the SP's office,

I won't be responsible for it, Mr. Anuj!

I am no small-time leader.

I won by 40,153 and 75 votes.

40,153 and 75 votes?

The opposition insisted
on a recounting, remember?

Oh, yes!

- I got 75 votes more then.
- Yes, you did!

- You even published it.
- Yes, you got 75 more.

Breaking news! Exclusively on Moba News!

Mr. Pateria has issued an open warning!

If the jackfruits aren't found,
the SP's office will burn to ashes!

Sir, what is the MLA even saying?

He's making a mountain out of a molehill.


In Mathura if you wish to stay,
"Radhe, Radhe" is all you say.

You just crack the case.
I'll get you a promotion.

- Wouldn't you like to be a DSP?
- No, sir.


Sir, Saurabh's promotion
is more important than mine.

Saurabh who?

He's a constable, sir.

He cleared the written test twice.
But he's unable to crack the interview.

Why do you care so much about a constable?


We've been together
since my constable days.


We were about to get married,
but then I got promoted.

Ever since, our families and colleagues
have been taunting us.

You won't believe it.

When we go out to have Chaat,
the Chaat vendor asks him to stand back.

All of this

is creating a lot of misunderstandings
between us.

All right.

Just find the jackfruits
before they ripen.

I'll get him promoted
through a special recommendation.

For now, your labors are required
for a very special fruit.

Sure, sir.

Jai Hind, sir.

- In Mathura if you wish to stay
- "Radhe, Radhe" is all you say

- In Mathura if you wish to stay
- "Radhe, Radhe" is all you say

- If it's peace for which you pray
- "Radhe, Radhe" is all you say

In Mathura if you wish to stay

- "Radhe, Radhe" is all you say
- "Radhe, Radhe" is all you say

- He who chants for all his days
- He who chants for all his days

- His problems disappear in a blaze
- His problems disappear in a blaze

He who chants for all his days
His problems disappear in a blaze

For Her name is all you need


Only Her name will do the deed

For Her name is all you need
Only Her name will do the deed

There is no one quite like Her
She is the only Supreme Leader

A long, blessed life if you seek
"Radhe, Radhe" is all you speak

- In Mathura if you wish to stay
- "Radhe, Radhe" is all you say

- In Mathura if you wish to stay
- "Radhe, Radhe" is all you say

- If it's peace for which you pray
- "Radhe, Radhe" is all you say

I'm Anuj,
your brother from another mother.

Jackfruit! Jackfruit! Jackfruit!

A humble giant of a fruit that's got
all of Moba in a tizzy!

- Sir.
- Get back!

Well, Mr. Pateria...

What about the pickle now?

Your dear jackfruits are stolen.

We've identified the culprit.

Even the spice mix
with the purest mustard oil is ready.

Once the jackfruits are back,
your pickle will be ready!

I swear!

Ever since I tasted it,

the Uncle Hongs have consumed me.
I can't seem to pick any other pickles!

Yes, yes, come to the station
with your jackfruits.

If they're the prized ones,
you'll be rewarded 10,000 rupees.

Back! Get back!
The one on your shoulder, keep it here.

One, two, three...

This isn't the one.

Yuck! Our jackfruits were firm,
not so soggy.

This is clearly the local stuff.

Check out this one, ma'am. Firm and plump.

Hey, constable! Stay within your limits!

Take away this garbage!
Feed it to your cattle!

Check your pockets,
you might find something.



Not here! We're under CCTV surveillance.

Put it in the hollow of that tree. Go on.

Just go!

Madam, hear him out.
He seems quite distressed.

Madam, please hear my complaint.

Hey! Get up, please.

Kunti, find out what the problem is.

- Come inside.
- Get in. Come on.

Come in.





Hey, you.

Are you here to file a complaint
after getting all drunk?

Should I whack you sober?

I don't drink usually.

I drank
because I couldn't take it anymore.

Oh! You just need an excuse to drink.

- Which village are you from?
- Karehra Kalaan.

I came to Moba for work.

What work do you do?

I'm a gardener.

Where do you work?

Pateria residence.

Hold on.

Is your name Birwa?

- Yes.
- Look at that!

Lock him up right away!

- Hey! What are you doing?
- Get inside!

Get inside!

Why are you arresting me?

Just get in!


Sir, it's good news.
We've got the culprit.

Stop beating around the bush.

Tell us where you've hidden
the jackfruits!

Come on, man!

Speak up! She's really good
with the baton, you know.

Spill it!

I barely know anything.

I came with my own complaint
and you've arrested me instead!

Stop lying to us.

Two days before the jackfruits
were stolen, Mr. Pateria fired you.


But it wasn't my fault.

Hey! Hey! Hey!

You crushed the flower bed!

Wait now, I'll dump your car
straight into the compost bin.


What happened, dear? What's wrong?

This Birwa here

was dumping me into the compost bin!

Really, Birwa?

Scoundrel! How dare you lay a finger
on my heir!

No, sir. I was just kidding with the kid.


You dung heap!

I'll show you kidding.

Just you wait!

Are you acting pretty dodgy?

- You swine!
- So sorry, master!

Don't you come here again!

So he humiliated you.


And to get back at him,
you stole his jackfruits.

I swear to god.

I've been looking for my daughter
for two days!

Have you seen Amiya?

No, I haven't.

She's a young girl.

Keep an eye on her.

You're off in Moba all day,
while she's wandering all over the place.

Check the sugarcane fields.

That's where girls like her
are found gallivanting at this hour.





People rush to the police
even when they lose a purse.

Your daughter has been missing
and you're coming here after two days!

I did come before, madam.

But I was turned away.

By whom?

Speak up!

Tell me. Don't be afraid.

That constable over there.

Come outside.


Sit here.

Sit down.


Did you find the jackfruits?

Hope they've not ripened yet?

Sir, I don't believe
the gardener stole them.

It doesn't matter what you believe.

Sir, the gardener is in distress himself.

His daughter is missing.

I ordered a fruit punch.
This is sweet lime juice.

I've called
for a press conference tomorrow.

Present the gardener before the media.

And you will address this press meeting,
not me.

But sir, what will I say
when they ask about the jackfruits?

Just cook something up.

I can't give you everything.

Put him back in the cell.

- Let's go.
- No...

Come on.

What games are you playing with me?

Get moving.

Hey, madam!


Greetings to you, Ms. Mahima!

If Kunti is free, may I take her home?

Mr. Tiwari is waiting for
Kunti's potato fritters with bated breath.

Take her.
And why stop at just potato fritters?

Curries, pies, pancakes.
Get her to make it all.

She's here on vacation, isn't it? At least
she'll get some work done at home.

What's wrong with madam today?

Oh, no.

Come on, pick it up.



Can we talk?

Talk about what, Saurabh?

You beat up poor people.

You don't file their complaints.

Don't you feel anything?

I messed up.

Just building muscles

and wielding weapons
doesn't make a good cop.

This one mistake of yours

has put the gardener's daughter
in god knows what kind of harm!

And tomorrow, I've to parade the gardener
as the culprit before the media.

Give me one reason not to suspend you.

I'll give you more than one.

You know, Saurabh?

There's a wall between the two of us

which I try to break every day.

But you...

Every chance you get,

you build it again, brick by brick.


Remember what our captain used to say?

If a constable makes a mistake

and then realizes it
and tries to make amends,

don't resent him.

Just forgive him
because it's human to err.

Please forgive me?

I've made your favorite
berry chutney for you.

Eat it if you feel like it.



See here! My daughter's photo
dressed in jeans and a top.

Have a look...

Her hairstyle is modern too.

Come on now!

Just take a look!


Bring in Birwa, the gardener.

Mishra, you may leave.
Close the door behind you.

Sit down.

Not there, sit on the chair.

- You got an extra pen?
- No, sorry.

Two jackfruits were stolen

from Honorable MLA Pateria's residence
on the night of March 18th.

The police have been working rigorously
to locate the culprit.

But today,
we made a huge breakthrough in this case.

This is Birwa Lal, son of Ghisu Lal,

a resident of Karehra Village.

He claims that...

He claims his 18-year-old daughter, Amiya,
stole the jackfruits.

She is currently absconding,
but the police will find her soon.

- That would be all.
- Hey, sister!

- When will you nab this thief?
- At the earliest.

Mister, did the police coerce you
into making this confession?

No. She really did steal them.

Now, where did this girl come from?

You've tangled this case
like a pigeon's intestines.

I told you to pin it on the gardener
and wrap up the case.

Basor, before making such decisions,
you should take advice from seniors.

But SP had told me

to behave like a leader.

That's fine, but...

This jackfruit case is tainting the image
of the police force.

Nothing is more important
than finding the jackfruits right now.

I don't think so, sir.


Finding that girl is more important.

Because only when we find her...

We will find the jackfruits.

Pahad Singh! Stop snoozing

and inquire at all hotels in the city
if a girl named Amiya was brought there.

Come again on the name? Chhamiya?

"Amiya", not "Chhamiya."

Plugging in earphones all day
has ruined your ears!


Did you inquire
with the gardener's relatives?

I questioned a few.
They said the girl never visited them.

- The others won't answer their phones.
- Wow!

- And you didn't bother to call back?
- No.

Try calling them again!

Circulate her photo at all stations.


If you could do something
about my car as well...


I'll buy you a brand new car. But don't
bring this car cacophony to work.

Please leave.

Anything for me?

No, you may leave.

Madam, here's the missing girls' file
you asked for.

You're still here?

Do the kidnappings follow a pattern?

No, madam. No action was ever taken.

These girls are just trapped in this file,
gathering dust.

I won't let Amiya become
yet another page in this file.

Set sail
Get going

Set sail
Get going

Set sail
Flow like a river



Not "bake the bunny",
I said, "Take the money, 1,500 rupees."

Come on!

- Hey, mister!
- Take 1,500 from him!

Hey, mister!

What do you think you're doing?

Who climbs on people's bikes
while talking on the phone?

It was urgent and the signal was weak.
So I climbed on it. Very sorry.

Then go and climb the mobile tower.

Mobile tower!



I really need to use the bathroom.

Hold it in for a while.

Do we know anybody in Karehra village?

That reporter Anuj.
His wife is from this village.

- Call him right away.
- Yes, madam.

Run! It's the police!

Sir, I need the mobile tower data
for Karehra Village.

- Have you received the permission letter?
- I haven't, sir.


If I give away mobile data
to any random constable,

I'll be done for.

- Please help me out, sir.
- Out.

- Yes, sir?
- Out!

This is the cyber cell, not a cyber cafe.


Can you fetch the mobile tower details
of any village I ask for?


You're still here?

Sir, just five minutes. Please sit.

It's Karehra Village... Karehra...

- Throw him out!
- Sir, please...

It was an accident, sir!

You know,
journalism is indeed a thankless job.

No money, no peace.
All we earn is respect.

But respect doesn't pay the bills.

But my brother...

Why has that Basor lady called us?

Probably to bribe us and have
Moba News shut up. Why else?

As in?

When I smiled at her
after the press conference,

- she understood.
- What?

That I've understood everything.


Meaning, the tale she's spinning
about the gardener and his daughter.

- It's crystal clear.
- What?

It isn't just smelling fishy.

We're in the middle of a fish market!

Get going
Make your way, like a river


Flow like the river
You are the boat

You are its helm too

Set sail
Get going

- Hello, Mr. Srivastav!
- Dwivedi! How are you?

I'm all good, sir. Let me help.

Step aside.

Now, wait and watch.

One touch by the fit and fine constable
will fix the chain right away.

Really, sir!

That's what you think, sir.

The Lord may make a man into anything.

A turtle or snail, even,
but hopefully, never a constable.

He's got a point there.

Why do you feel so?

Sir, a constable has no value
in the system.

What do you mean, "value"?

You're very valuable.

Do you understand chess pawns?

It's like that.

If it wants, a pawn can even
take the king out.

Look at that!

- It's done, sir.
- The chain's back on.

It's really nice of you to say that.

I'd been inside to get some data.

Mr. Pathak snubbed me off.


- Did he refuse?
- Yes.

- Please come, sir.
- Howdy, Pathak?

Getting quite full of yourself, are you?

Mr. Srivastav!

He has to trace a criminal
and he needs data from you.

And you're behaving
like the Prince of Persia?

Yes, sir.

Shall I tell him the story?

Which story, sir?

I'll tell you.

The one from the cyber cell in Barabanki

where you were caught watching porn.

We even have CCTV footage.

Well, it was a particularly rainy day...

Hey, Mr. Srivastav! Please!

- Ms. Vimla!
- Yes, sir.

- Please give the lad what he wants.
- Sure.

Go take it, lad.


I need the details of all outside numbers

active in Karehra Village

between the 12th and the 18th
of this month.


Kid, please open the door. It's urgent...

Don't be afraid.
We just need some crucial information.

Please cooperate.

- Turn off the camera.
- What?

We're from Moba News.

Shut the camera.

But we need some news to flash.

"Police working hammer and tongs,
to find the Uncle Hongs!"

How will you get any news, Mr. Anuj?

No one from your wife's village
is ready to talk.


You come with me.
Why fear when Anuj is here?

- Watch the moped, Pankaj. Please come.
- Sure.

Please come, madam.

There are buffaloes here.

Be careful.

This is my in-laws' home!

It's a 150-year-old manor.

There are 14 rooms, 4 balconies,

- 16 windows, and 8 doors.
- And the bathroom?

Well... It's that way.

- Not there. Come upstairs.
- Go.

That's my brother-in-law.

Greetings, madam.

- And that's his wife.
- Hello!

He plays the Ramtula horn
quite beautifully.

He missed the President's Prize thrice
by a whisker.

- My brother.
- Yes?

Won't you play a tune or two
for our madam?

So that her mind becomes fresh
like a garden!

Right away.

He's very good.

Shall I record it?

Oh, sure!


This girl has been missing for three days.

Have any of you seen her around?

That's Amiya.

She's a really sharp one.

She would roam the whole village
in ripped jeans.

She must've caught someone's fancy
and taken off with him.

So if my pants get ripped,
I can be picked up by anyone too?

You're such a top-ranking cop.
Who can dare touch you?

Did this girl attend your school?

Yes, but she hasn't shown up
for three days now.

She barely attended classes anyway,
and when she did,

she would sit on the backbench
and chew Madhushree.

Madhushree tobacco?


Amiya? She's a seasoned thief.

She'd steal berries and fruits
from orchards.

These lower caste folks
just cannot do without thievery.

Did I say anything wrong, madam?

What's your name, mister?

Brahmadatta Pandey.

Mr. Pandey, can you read
what's on this badge?

I cannot read or write, madam.

No wonder.

Mr. Pandey, it reads "Mahima Basor."


I don't steal.

Rather, I send thieves to prison.

Let hope fill your heart
Break the doors open


Set sail
Get going

Set sail
Get going


What glasses do you need, sir?

Sunglasses or reading glasses?
Or the new, trendy reflective ones?

Call Chandulal here.

Call him. I need to question him.


Mr. Chandulal, is this your ID card?

Three SIM cards are registered to this.

Here are the three numbers.
Are they yours?

Dad doesn't use phones.

He's against the mobile phone culture.

Did I ask you?

Is your name Chandulal?

- But...
- You interrupted again!

Yes, Mr. Chandulal?

What were you doing in Karehra Village
on the 18th?


Why are you just nodding away?

Cat got your tongue?

- Dad won't talk.
- Why not?

- He won't.
- But why?

Once I take him to the station,
I'll make him sing!

Won't talk, my foot!

How dare you!

Our dad has been holding
a vow of silence for 12 years.

You want to make him talk? Get out!

The vow is a big cover for all
the philandering he's doing!

He's had it from me!

Hey! Hands off me!

I promised someone
that I'd be non-violent.

Or else, you'd be on the floor by now.

As if you can touch us!

- Oh, really?
- Take this!

You threatened our dad!


Slam him!

Why you...

- Take this.
- Move away! Move away!


- Howdy, mister!
- Hello, madam!

- Hello!
- Yes?

Serve me a nice Paan.

Sure, madam.
I'm guessing you like the sweet one.


- Brand 120 tobacco and some cardamom.
- Sure.

And put in some Madhushree too.

Do you want some?

I'm not in the mood today.

Madam, I haven't got any Madhushree.

- Don't you keep it in stock?
- Its sale is prohibited.

So I don't have any.

Never mind then.

- What a bummer! Let's go.
- Let's go.

Madam, wait up!

You see...

I always stash some
for true connoisseurs like yourself.

Well, see for yourself!

I was hesitant to tell at first.

Here, madam.

Your Paan.

- Tell me something.
- Yes, madam?

Did this girl come here often
to buy Madhushree?

No, madam. Who is she?

Look carefully.



I don't sell tobacco products to kids.

No, I just sell...

- We're asking nicely.
- Yes.

Don't lie to us.

I'm not lying.

She's really good with the baton,
you know.

I'm not lying, madam. I swear!

May I skip to the bathroom once?

I'll make you fly to the bathroom.

Nice one. Careful there, madam.

Wait, madam! I'll tell you! I'll tell you.

Sale! Every frame is for 20 bucks!

- 20 bucks to look like a million bucks!
- Rinku!

- Hey, Rinku!
- What is it?

Give me a Madhushree.

First, clear the old dues.

I'll pay you once my dad gets paid.
Now give me one.

Get lost or you'll have it from me!

Madhushree for 20 rupees.

Who's she now? Don't look.

Won't you offer me a packet?


Do you want to buy sunglasses?

You'll look like a movie star!

I would, but I have no money.

I never asked for any.

Top class!

Just like Nora Fatehi!

There are better ones inside.


Then I got busy with other customers
and once I was done,

the Nano car and the girl
were both missing.

Mister, did the car's registration
end with 5693?

Madam, I've told you everything
that I saw.

So as per your claim,
the sunglasses salesmen took her?

How would I know, madam,

whether they took her away

or she went with them on her own.

Madam, she seemed like the type anyway.

A little too sharp.

Control room, come in.

Check all the CCTV footage of the city

for a pink Nano car,
on the 18th of this month.

Madam, also mention my car's number.
It's 5693!

Where did Anuj vanish?

Madam, he headed towards Birwa's home.

You stay right here.

Tell me the truth,
is your daughter the thief or not?

So you are ashamed because
your daughter's been branded as a thief?

Any comments?

Forgive me, madam.

I couldn't lie.

Have you lost your mind?
Don't you want your daughter to be found?

- Shall we start rolling?
- Yes.

Hello, friends!
I'm Anuj, your brother from mother...

- Cut! Cut! Cut!
- What's wrong?

I forgot to say "another."

- Yes.
- Let's do a retake.

Hello, friends! I'm Anuj,
your mother from another brother.


This breaking news is breaking my head.

- I have an idea. Skip the intro line.
- Yes.

I'll patch it in from an old episode.

So should I just start with

- the police's lies?
- Exactly.

- Okay.
- All right.

Oh, madam!

You're chasing the wrong story, Mr. Anuj.

The gardener will cook up anything
to save his daughter.

And the police can do the same
to save their necks.

Madam, please let us do our jobs.

And you let us do ours.


You want a sensational scoop, right?
I'll give it to you.

Don't mention my name.

Madam, even we journalists
have some principles.

We'd rather die than reveal
the names of our sources.

You can trust me with that!




Madam, well...

Saurabh has been assaulted.

- What? Where?
- Yes.


Who did this to you?

I got cell tower reports
of Karehra Village for the past week.

I noticed that

most active numbers in it were local.

But three numbers were from elsewhere.


They're all listed here.

They're all registered to one person

and were only active on the 18th.

I felt a hunch.

I went to examine and found out

that this guy runs an optical store

with his three sons.

And do these three go from town to town
to sell glasses?

I went to inquire the same.

But they did this to me.

And you didn't fight back?

Look at me, Saurabh.

Look at me.

Why didn't you fight back?

When you reprimanded me the other day,

I realized you had a point.

So I swore not to use violence.

My handsome constable!

I'm not a bad cop, Mahima.

You cannot be.

Because you're a good person.

Seven years for kidnapping

and two years for assaulting
a police officer.

And what else?

Madam, attempt to murder!


Ten years at the very least.

That's a grand total of 19 years
behind bars.


Look how your tune has changed now.

First, tell us where the girl is.

Which girl, sir?

They won't tell the easy way.
Haul them to the station.

- Come. Let's go.
- No, madam...

- Let's go.
- Please come.

You don't have many days left anyway.

Might as well spend them in jail.

- Bring them in.
- Bloody asshole!


- Who was that?
- Dad spoke out!

- His voice has changed a lot, isn't it?
- Yes.

Who's Bhoora?

Inspector, he was a helper at our store.

He also had access to my ID
and other documents.

He must've used Dad's ID to get
the three SIM cards.

- Where is he?
- Two weeks ago,

he ran off from our shop

with a lot of glasses and cash.

And these three dimwits
didn't even get a whiff of it.

Get lost, you useless mongrels!

- Then why didn't you report the theft?
- What's the point?

Dad would never report him.

Our dad is diabetic, you see.

Bhoora would sneak him pure Khova Jalebis
and won his trust.

Trust him, my foot!

Does he have an address?

We have nothing on record.

Do you have CCTV in your store?

Our dad is strictly against
modern technology!

- Saurabh...
- Yes?

Charge them for assaulting
a police officer.

- And trace those three SIM's locations.
- Okay.

Come on, bring them in.

- No, please...
- Move it!

- Madam...
- Yes?

This car was seen at 3:10 p.m. on the 18th

turning right from Pannilal Junction
and go past Alha Square.

This seems like my car!

It's heading down Chhatarpur Road.
Do we have footage from that toll plaza?

- Yes.
- Show me.

Zoom in, please.



That's my stolen car!

Holy smoke, that's my car!

- My car...
- Mishra!

Mishra, control yourself.
You're in the control room.


This is Amiya!

- Madam...
- Yes?

Those three SIM cards
are switched off currently.

But their last location
was in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh.

- Inform MP state police that we're coming.
- Okay.


- Say, madam...
- Hmm?

Are we going to Chhatarpur tomorrow?

Yes, why?

Actually, it's my
husband's birthday tomorrow.

All right then.

I'll ask the criminals

to hold it for a day.

Once Madam Kunti is done
with her husband's birthday,

then we can go.



Mark the map locations

of all fuel stations, toll booths,
and eateries en route to Chhatarpur.


Madam, did you see this?

It has caused a storm!

SP sir is surely done for.

I'm Anuj,
your brother from another mother.

Where are Moba's 43 missing daughters?

What will it take for the police force
to take action?

A miracle? A coincidence?
Or perhaps a divine intervention?

Yes, sir.

Did you watch the news?

What the heck is going on here?

I've got 20 calls from Lucknow so far.

How did that journalist
even get this information?

I don't know, sir.

You should know, Basor!

What will it take for the police force...

Arrest Anuj at once.

A miracle? A coincidence?
Or perhaps a divine intervention?


Just do as you're told.

Even I'm doing what I'm told.

My dear wife!

I'm finally debuting on national TV
and you're busy in the kitchen!


You just start hollering for everything.

Sit quietly for once.

- Okay, okay.
- Silently.

No sneezes, no farts.

- You're impossible!
- Just look.

Look at that.

The next story is from Moba, UP

where our reporter Anuj Sanghvi
has exposed

a huge cover-up of missing girls' cases.

She was sweet and innocent like a flower.

Lighting up a house, filling it
with laughter. Where is she now? Find her!

Daughters are missing.

Parents have bled their hearts out.

But the system
won't offer any transfusions.

Sunita was 19 years old, Mamata was 16...

Neelu, Babli, and Lagdi were 14 years old...

Guddi, Rashida were just eight!
It's a long list.

The list is too long!

I am Anuj Sanghvi from Moba,
with Cameraman Pankaj

from Naya Bharat News!


Oh! Please come in!

They were broadcasting my segment.


Mr. Anuj...

You've been charged with conspiring
to sabotage the nation's image.

We've got orders to arrest you.


Oh, wow!

I can't believe my luck!

I've just debuted on national TV today

and it's already time to go international!

Pankaj! Record this quickly!

- Yes.
- Upload it right away!

My brother!

Friends, I'm Anuj, your brother
from another mother, from Moba News.

I request all my fellow countrymen.

Please visit me in jail too.

I appeal to the whole nation and the world

to subscribe to my channel at once

so that you can follow every step

of this odyssey closely!

Look what they are doing to me!

No! There's no need to cry!
Just take care of Bablu and Chuttan.

I'll be back soon.

Where are they taking him?

Your dad is leaving us!


- Where is Kunti?
- I don't know.

Call her up.

Move aside.

Let's go, madam.

- What took you so long, Kunti?
- I know.

Do you have any time sense at all?

Where do I begin, madam?

I baked a cake for my husband
in such a rush that it turned out hard.

My husband said

that it would take a hammer
to break that cake.

So I baked another softer one
and rushed here.

All right.

Shall we have chicken on the way?

Mishra, we're discussing work here.
Stop it with the chicken.

You talk about cooperation?

MP State police will kill you
with kindness, Ms. Mahima.

Please sit.

Go fetch some refreshments, boy.

That's a lovely ring you're wearing.

Are you married?

Can we make this quick, please?

How did you end up in the force?

You could have been a fashion model.

I've always had a thing
for breaking bones.

Oh, wow!


- Pop the famous popsicle of Chhatarpur.
- No, thank you.

You've maintained your figure quite well.

Listen, Mr. Bundela.

This is a high-profile case.

A theft occurred
at Moba's MLA Mr. Pateria's house.

Do you know who he is?

His daughter's married into Chhatarpur's
ex-MLA Gajendra Pratap's family.

You'd better give us
the permissions quickly.

Or else, I'll have to inform him

how Chhatarpur's Station Head
is busy popping popsicles.

Oh, no, no! No need for that.

- Is this about the jackfruit case?
- Yes.

Why didn't you say so before?

Here you go.

Could you also do us the kindness
of arranging a vehicle, please?

It's an abandoned car.

No one has come for it for over a year.
But it works. Top class!

Feel free to take it.

And once you're done,
you can park it back here.

Drive a little faster, please.

I've floored the pedal.

But this piece of junk won't speed up.

- Madam...
- Yes?

The AC is blasting hot air.
Shall I open the windows?

Sure. Go ahead.

- Great!
- By the time we reach,

I hope we don't end up
riding just the chassis.

- Madam...
- Yes?

- There's a lodge up ahead.
- Break for lunch there?

Hold your horses for once.

Have you seen this girl with three men
in the last few days?

Madam, our lodge
sure is called "Lovebird."

But we don't allow any lovebirds in here.

These rascals!

Idiots were smoking here.

When I stopped them, they started arguing.

How much did the refuel worth?

Some 200 rupees.

Sir, check all you want.

But in the last few days,
not a single pink Nano car has passed by.


How can you be so sure?

Sir, we rest-stop owners

always keep one eye on the kitchens inside

and the other on the vehicles on the road.

This means...

they're somewhere between
the fuel station and this rest-stop.

You shit for brains!

It's our kidnapping debut.

You could've at least got us a decent car.

What is this?

It's a brand-new car.

What were you expecting? An airplane?

Brand new car? My foot!

We're not professional crooks.

We lost our company jobs during Covid.

Now this business is obviously better
than staying unemployed.

Come on, wipe those tears.

And listen,
get some coriander from that bag.

Go, I'm making you
the tastiest noodles ever.

What's your opinion on chilies?

I'll add two more anyway.

Did you find the coriander?

Hey! Hey, Bhoora!

The girl is running away! Get her, quick!

Don't just stand there! Catch her!

Hey! Hey, girl!

- Get from that side!
- I'm trying!

- Girl!
- There! There!


It's dark in here!

Light the torch! Light the torch!

- There could be snakes in here.
- Run, you coward!

There she is! Get her!

Hey! Girl!

Come on! Get her!

Hey! Careful, girl!

Not the knife, come on.

I thought we'd become friends.

Get back! Or I'll stab you in the eye!



Did she die?

Gulab Seth.

We're not fools to be staying in
the jungle, eating noodles for three days.

No, you listen to me first.

We're reaching Panna in two hours.
You better keep the cash ready.

Then you sell her or pickle her,
we don't care!

Have you seen this girl around?

Mahima, the cyber cell had called.
The kidnappers switched on their phone.

- We have their location.
- Let's go.

What's the location?

- In the jungles of Bamitha nearby.
- Kunti!

- Yes, madam?
- Let's go.

Sure, ma'am.

Mishra! Keep a vigilant eye on the road!

- Stop.
- What happened?

What's that smoke down there?

Seems like they fled just a while ago.

Alert Mishra right away.

Yes, madam.


Mishra isn't answering his phone.

Hurry up.


Is this a picnic for you?

Criminals are slipping past us
because of slackers like you!

Phone location?

They're trying, but the kidnappers' phones
are switched off again.

Mister, 250 g of Jalebis, please.

Here you go.

Don't you sell Khova Jalebis here?

Madam, making Khova Jalebis
isn't everyone's cup of tea.

There must be some shop nearby
that sells it.

Well, many people make it so to speak,
but none are good.


If you want the pure, juicy Khova Jalebis,

only one man in Panna makes it.

Gulab Seth.

- Come on, we're heading to Panna.
- Panna?

Madam, how come you're suddenly craving
Khova Jalebis?

That Bhoora...

used to charm Chandulal

with pure Khova Jalebis, remember?

Which are only made in Panna around here.

Besides, if he's only refueled his car
with 200 rupees,

they're not planning to go beyond Panna.

Wow, madam! I would've never caught that.

Gulab Seth!

Hey, Gulab Seth!

Where's the girl?

- Right here.
- Get in.



She doesn't seem to be

from an upper-caste family.

I belong to the Mali gardener caste.


Where'd you pick this one up from?

Just clean her up, get some makeup done,
and sell her.

Who's doing a DNA test?

- Settle our payments now.
- Yes, we'll get going.


Take this.

That's 15,000. Divide it as you please.

Divide, my ass! We agreed on 30,000.

So what if we had?

Now shut up and appreciate what you have.

Why, why? Why appreciate this shit?

"Why, why? Why appreciate this shit?"

Crows can caw all they want,

but we all know, they only thrive in shit.

And too much money
corrupts the mind. Understood?

Mind you.

None of this wealth will go with you
into the afterlife.

- You know what does?
- What does?

Your karma!

Stop acting smart.

Make the full payment.

Or else, we'll take the girl back.

- Right!
- Hey! Hey!

Hands off her!

What do you mean, "take her back"?

Don't you understand?

If the buyer backs out,
what will I do then?

Where do I bring the money from?

You have no idea what kind
of double-crossing idiots I deal with.

I'm an honest sweet stall owner,
with integrity.

As soon as I get a buyer for this girl,

I'll transfer the rest
into Bhoora's account.


Who's that now?

You guys wait here.

- Who is it?
- Courier.

- Who?
- Courier!

I'm not expecting any couriers today.

Someone sent you perfume. It's from Nepal.

- Perfume from Nepal?
- Yes.

Okay, leave it right there
and place some bricks on it.

I need the receiver's signature.

Oh, Lord! What a headache!

Come on, give me the pen.

- Gulab Seth!
- Who is it?

Who's there?

I've got you now!

- Grab it!
- Pull! Pull!

- Grab me!
- Pull...

Kunti! Pull harder!

Surrender right away!

Bhoora! The police are here!

- Run! Run!
- It's the police!

Pull him! Pull him!

- Pull! Pull!
- Pull!


Why are you tickling me?


Move aside, I'll break the door down.


Are you done?

The door is latched.

Let's go.

It happens to the best of us.

Turn yourselves in!

Or I'll shoot!

- Hey!
- Saurabh!



Watch out!


This is my final warning!

How did the rifle get jammed?

Just point it at her anyway.

It'll scare her away.

Hey! Do you see this?

It's a double-barrel!

Stop giving chase!

Or I'll blow holes in all of you!

No chance in hell!

Your rifle is jammed!

Darn you, little brat!
Somebody, shut her up!

You two, go there.

Stay low! Hide behind the squash!

- Take this!
- Hey!

Step back, rascal!

You swine!

- Stop! Stop!
- Eat this!

Take this!

- Hit me, will you?
- Gulab Seth!

Let the girl go! Let her go!

Let her go or I'll shoot!

- Kunti!
- Sorry, madam!

Where is Mishra?

I don't know, madam!

My car!

Thank you, Lord!

At last, my car!

I found my car!

Wait! I'll teach you a lesson!

I'll teach you a lesson! Take this!

Here! And here!

How about now?

Wait, I'm going to beat you to a pulp!

There's more waiting for you
at the station!

Witch! I'll cook you like a curry first!

You pile of shit!

- How do you like that!
- I'll show you!

Take this, and this!

Now you eat this!

I'll bash you too!

Take this, rascal! Wait!

- Even you have some!
- Why you...

Take it.

You pest!

I can't see!

- Who hit me?
- I'll turn you into a Jalebi, Gulab Seth!

Let go of my dhoti! Let it go!

Let go of my damn dhoti!

I can't breathe!

I'll turn you into mincemeat!

Take this! And this!

I'm on your team! Don't hit me!

- Gulab Seth!
- Take this! Die!

Stop hounding me!

Come at me now! Come on!

Take this!

- No! No!
- Are you scared?

I'll crush you to dust...

No! No! No!

Your Honor!


This girl wears ripped jeans
and flaunts her body.


She also consumes
the illegal Madhushree tobacco.

This reflects her criminal tendencies

and her loose morals.

Mr. Pandey, even you chew tobacco
and spit it in court premises.

Mr. Parihar, no need to get personal.

Both of you, come to the point, please.

Your Honor.

The gardener has confessed it himself

that his daughter stole the jackfruits.

How could I have stolen the jackfruits?

I, myself, was abducted!

Listen, answer only when spoken to.

Well, do you have anything to say?

My daughter did not steal anything.

The inspector told me

to issue a statement
that my daughter stole the jackfruits.


Is this true?

Yes, madam.

Despite knowing that there was no evidence
against this girl in the theft case?

Yes, it's true.

- Your Honor, the thing is...
- Nothing more to be said, Mr. Parihar.

She has deliberately
misled the investigation.

I'm sure you're aware
that it's a criminal offense.

Yes, sir. I'm aware.

Then why did you do it, Inspector?

I didn't have a choice, madam.

The girl's life was in danger

and the police force was busy
looking for jackfruits.

At that time, I felt that
finding the girl was more important

than those jackfruits.

Because jackfruits can be harvested again.

But can we say the same

about a promising young woman?

If the court still finds me guilty,

I am ready to face legal action.

Mr. Pandey,

speaking of these jackfruits
that got stolen,

how much did they weigh?

Around 15 kg each.

And what's the current market rate
for jackfruits?

If the court permits,
I can find out right away.

Sure, by all means.

- Hello, Mohan!
- Hello!

Mr. Parihar here!

Greetings, sir!


- Do you have jackfruits at the shop?
- Yes, of course.

What's the price?

It's 15 rupees per kg,
I'll give it to you for 12.

Your Honor, it's 12 rupees per kg.

So this means

for jackfruits worth 360 rupees,

the entire police force
used all its might.

Even though the police already have
other serious cases to focus on.

There's no evidence against Amiya.

Even the forensic report says
the jackfruits were stolen at night.

Whereas Amiya was abducted
in the afternoon.

I acquit Amiya of all charges.

And Inspector Mahima...

You went against the system

and took a fearless step
and I laud you for that.

And I drop all charges against you too.

Anuj! How are you?

My sister, you've transformed my life!

My news has made it to BBC and CNBC too!

I was trending on Twitter
at the third spot yesterday.

Now the court will be compelled
to grant me bail.

The rest is all good.

Except that the police have quite
literally kicked my behind into shape.

- Move it.
- See you.

Hold on, will you?


Do you recognize who that is?

No, sir.

It's you, of course!

Sir, all this is fine.

But this campaign will be successful
only when we find those 43 missing girls.

I've appointed a special cell for that

and you will lead it.

Is your appendix surgery done?


It was never appendicitis.

Just some gas.

Pull it in.

And as I had promised...

- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!

- Many congratulations!
- What for?

You've become an officer now!

- You've got a promotion!
- No way.

- Really!
- Really?

- Yes.
- You're a Sub-Inspector now.

Let me read it for myself then!

Now we'll have to call you "Mr. Saurabh."

Guys, stop yanking my leg.

First, cut the cake, sir!


Madam, it's the SP call.

Go on, answer it.

Jai Hind, sir.

Yes, sir. I'm at home.


What's wrong?

They gave me a promotion.

- What!
- I've been promoted to DSP.

- Wow!
- Congratulations!

Then why are you sulking, silly?
This is great news!

We're back to square one, aren't we?

Your dad will now get hung up
on the fact that

you're a Sub-Inspector and I'm the DSP.

- It's okay, we'll convince him.
- How?

Just as our captain used to say,

"A Constable or an SP,

they work the same hours.

What's in a designation

when the entire force is ours?"

Where are my jackfruits?