Kansas (1988) - full transcript

A young man returning home to attend a wedding hooks up with a drifter who turns out to be a violent bank robber. Before he knows it, the man finds himself involved in the robber's plans.





You need lessons.

Nice way
to lose your legs.

Thanks.I'm Doyle.

Wade. Corey. Hi.Doyle Kennedy.


You just riding, Wade,
or you got some place to ride to?

No, New York City.

Best buddy's getting
married, 23rd.

Best man.

That's important.

Being a best man,
being a buddy.

Yeah. Car burned up
outside of Orem, Utah.

Lost all I had.

travellers' cheques,

silver-plated tray.

That tray
was the wedding gift.

Figured I'd drive

That was the plan,
take an extra week.

Cut through Wyoming,
Nebraska, Iowa,

drop down into Illinois,

Indiana, Ohio,

then around Lake Erie
to Buffalo,

head down the New York State
freeway into Manhattan.

Didn't work out.

Nice juicy orange, Wade.

You know, the place
I come from's in Kansas.

Nice little town,
still got people who remember me there,

still got friends.

You come along with me,
I guarantee somebody'll set you up.

I appreciate the offer.Big holiday
this time of year.

Horseshit parade but afterwards you get all the home-cooked food

and cold beer
you can get your hands on.

or you got to be local?


You can eat yourself to death
for all they care.

Shit, I've been thinking about smoked ribs since I don't know when.

Maybe you're right.
Clean up my act a little bit.

I know I'm right.

Trust me.
You been in New York before?

New York's
a first-impression town.

DOYLE: There are only about three things to do here.

Cars, drink beer,
chase women.

In the winter,
you got basketball games.

In the summer,
you just try to stay cool.

If you really get bored, go down river,
climb the old steel bridge.

Then what happens? Swing down on
a rope like an ape.

Scare the hell out of
whatever's passing.

Real small-town
America, huh? Right on, Wade.

I worked there in my junior year in high school.

The guy who owns
the drugstore,

he and the old man
played golf,

guy by the name
of Frank Harris.

He got me a job
as a soda jerk.

What happened?
Can your ass for petty theft?

Sampling the merchandise.
Caught me with my hand in the black beauty jar.

Black beauties? It's a vitamin pill, Wade.

Good source of calcium.

Cute little bank,
ain't it?

Yeah. It's real cute.
It's quaint.

Hello, legionnaires!

How you doing?

You old sweetheart!

Sam Frank.Sam, how you doin'?

How you doin'? Hello, Governor.
How are you?

I knew this bank robber once,
guy named Red,

ex-marine from San Diego.

The craziest son-of-a-bitch
you wouldn't want to meet.

He stuck up, like, 20 banks,
all in the San Diego area.

Wasn't the brightest ex-marine in the world,
was he?

How did they nail him?

His old lady.

They had a fight.
She turned him in.

She was sorry afterwards,
real fucking sorry.

Well, I hope
he pulled his time.

Gotta be crazy
to do banks.

Hey, Wade.
You got that right. Red...

When I knew Red,
he was real straight.

Nice guy.
Real nice sense of humor.

Yeah. He was popular...

He was a good friend.


MAN: Come on!
Come on! Let's go!

WOMAN: All right, honey.

C'mon, honey.
We'll be late for the service.

Let's go!

KID: All right!




Sounds like
he needs a transmission.

That or rear axle.

Let's go.
You'll be late for breakfast.

How do you like
your eggs, Wade? Over-easy.


You like this shirt?

I love it! Yeah?

Leave those nightmares... [CHANGES CHANNEL]

...are not worth comparing to the glory that is to be revealed.

Isaiah 12:2.
When the power of his love is revealed unto you,

then the power of God
is so awesome indeed.

It shall be revealed
oh, so deep in your heart.

He is the salvation.
He is the salvation.

He is the salvation.

Every churchgoer's
got one vice.

That's what my grandma
used to say.

I figured the bastard
for a Methodist!

Serves the guests lemonade,
keeps the booze stashed in the pantry.

Takes a few nips. He's the life of the party.
Starts playing the piano!

You're a clean-cut sort.
Not by any chance you're a Methodist?

Any preachers in
your background? No.

My mother's a Catholic.
Guess that makes me the same.

Yeah, well...
That's the way it goes with religion.

Stick it on you at birth.
Pious bastards got to preach to somebody.

I was baptized.So was I.

Never took.

What's that? A tip? We had $20 worth of food.

Not to mention this
sharp shirt.

Piss on it!





Put the mike on them...

Hey, old buddy.
You got the time?10.30. Okay, keep going on.

Big day.


They tell me you're having tough times, right?

How d'you figure that out,


GOVERNOR: US farmers
make up one-tenth

of one per cent
of the world's population

but produce about 25 per cent of the world's food...

I got the same damned shirt.
Same darned thing. Tell me.

Is that short sleeve
or long?

Looks like short.
Is yours short too?

Mine's short as well.

I was told mine was a one-of-a-kind,
a limited edition.

Where d'you buy yours? Hersheimer's in Topeka.

I'd say, late March.

Been there,
but I'll be damned if I remember buying it in Hersheimer's.

Will you just check
the label for me?

Ha! Hersheimer's!

That's not the first time
a salesman's lied to me.

I'm sure it's not the last.Oh.

I like your taste
in liquor, too.

I grew up on a farm.

I remember the taste of lemonade after a long day of harvesting.

Excuse me, Governor.

She's had a
little too much sun.

She'll be fine.

You got a slight case of sunstroke, honey.
We'll be sending you back.

My folks, just like you,

are the poor of the breadbasket of America.

The food in the markets... We're gonna
take you home.

Take her back, will you?

GOVERNOR: ...agricultural businessmen and women.


An old girlfriend, a very cute blonde,
works here last I heard.

She married the bank loan officer two years ago.

She still screws
anybody who asks.

I think he finally
got a divorce.

Maybe she's got
a girlfriend.Hey, you never know.

WADE: Jesus Christ! Hey!

What the hell
are you doing? Shut up.

Tell me what you wanna do, Wade.
I got no time for bullshit.

[COCKS TRIGGER] Are you with me or not?

With you! Get in the vault.

Fill your bag.


Get in it! Now!


DOYLE: Don't worry.
I ain't gonna hurt you.

Stay right there,

You stay right there.
You hear me?

I ain't gonna hurt you.
Take it easy.

[WHIMPERS] Take it easy.

I ain't gonna hurt you.

There. Just relax.

Oh, Jesus.

DOYLE: No need for hysterics.

Jeez, you made
a little mess there.

Why don't you sit down?
Take it easy.

I'm gonna tape up
your ankles, all right?

Come on, baby. Grow up.

Holy shit!


Oh, shit! Let's go.


All right.
Take that off, man. Let's go.

If we get split up,

meet me at the Hotel Fredrick in Sedosta tomorrow.

Understand? I ain't goin' to Sedosta.

Wherever the fuck that is.
I never saw you. You never saw me.

Wait a minute. Listen.
You got a one-third share. You want it?

If you don't, that's your problem.
I'm tryin' to help.



That's the bank.




MAN: You!




This is 44, Grace. WOMAN ON RADIO:
Lone male suspect

reported near Valley Falls cemetery south of Linwood Bridge.

I'm on it, Grace.
Ten four.

Hey! Watch out!


Just leaving,
south of the cemetery.



GIRL: Mommy!

Help her! Help her! Stay here.

Mommy! Help!

Help me, somebody!

Go! Move! Let's go!

DRIVER: Please!
You've gotta help me!

They hit the car.

DRIVER: Do you hear me?
You've gotta get her.

Oh, my God! DRIVER: Help her.

Over here! Come over here!

It appears
the highway patrol...

REPORTER: The highway patrolman has gone under.

He's dragging the sheriff's deputy to the shore.
The car is going under.

If he's not hurt badly,
at the very least, he's dazed.

Coming to shore... Damn!

Quick! Over here! REPORTER:
How badly hurt he is...

...heroic effort by the highway patrol officer.

Over here, guys. ...both gagging
in the water now...

REPORTER 2: Start the film.It's over here.

The sheriff's deputy
is swimming by himself now...

Where's the cable gone?

Get a paramedic.
This is a perfect angle.

Get out of the way, please.

Let's go.REPORTER: Rolling.

REPORTER: Go in close
on the child...

I saw it when he was taping me up.
I saw quite clearly.

It wasn't a birthmark or anything.
It was a tattoo.

It looked like a panther.

Can you remember
which forearm? Mmm.

If I had to guess...
I'd say the left.

But only if I had to.

The rest of it...

He brushed my body,
once or twice.

I'm not sure the lifting up the dress was deliberate.

He did call me

Now, it was close, see?

I'd just about cleared my holster when he knocked me to the floor.

I didn't have time
for chitchat.

He laid that piece across my skull faster than...

Thank you, Mr. Hudkins.He's a professional,
I know that.

I hope he comes back.

Tell the newspapers Roy Hudkins extends a special invitation.

We'll do that, Roy.

That's Roy V Hudkins.


Be quiet! I got some information,
if you'll just be quiet.

Damn it!

Got a description here.

Lone white male perpetrator.
Approximately six feet.

Medium build.
Dark hair. Dark eyes...

Anything else... He has a weapon!

He's got a .357 revolver.
Apparently belonged to the bank guard.

Now, boys, that's it.

Keep 'em away from us,
will you?

We don't know who he is,
or where he's from.

Maybe we'll never know but there's no questioning his courage.

His heroism's there,
captured by Nelson's camera,

for all the world to see.

Oh, man!

Charlie, this rescue thing's gonna mushroom nationally.

Well, let's post a reward,
find the guy.

Give him a medal.

[LAUGHS] Let the governor throw his arms around him for TV.

Shit! That's our job,
isn't it?

Did you see the child in the car?

This is big, Charlie.
There's enough heroism here for everybody.

Let's not get politically stupid,
kick a miracle in the ass.




You stealing it or just feeling the upholstery?

I guess I'm just
kind of admiring it.

On private property.
Can't you read trespass signs?

Hold it right there.

I'm not looking
for trouble.

No, you all want trouble,
15 men'd be here in ten seconds.

You're already guilty of attempted theft and trespass.

You a drifter or what?

Oh, I'm lookin' for work.

You ever worked
a wheat spread before?

No, never a wheat spread but I'm a pretty fair mechanic,

do carpentry work.

I'm real good with horses.

I don't know if he up to his quota of hands,
but he'll stand you a meal.

Nobody ever gets
turned down here.

Thank you.

So, what's your name?

Whose property
am I trespassing on?

Lori Bayles.
It belongs to my daddy.

It's a real nice spread you've got here, Lori.
I'm Wade, Corey.

Need a hand
with anything, Lori?

Lori says you're
lookin' for work.

Yes, sir.

I pay you $4 an hour,

three meals a day
and a bunk during harvest.

You can count
on eight, nine days.

Then I drop back to my regulars,
you go on to other places.

That's good.

You look like
you can use it.

Here's 50 in advance.

No, thanks, sir.
When you pay the rest is fine.

In the meantime...

Keep your hands
off my truck.

Junior, you positive you didn't see some guy hanging round here?

He's got blondish colored hair, about, say,
about this big.

Bit of a yahoo? I already told you.

I haven't seen anyone and if anyone comes in here,
I seen 'em.

All right.Thanks.

Is that your paper? No.

Can I look at it? Yeah.

All right.
Thanks a lot, junior.

It's Okay.

MAN: That's Doyle.

That's Doyle Eugene Kennedy.

Ed, what's the parole
date on him?

Uh... May 25th.

He's six one, 180 pounds,
brown hair, brown eyes...

What's with the gold tooth?

Thinks he a beautiful
human being.

"Auto, assault, two counts of arson,
breaking and entering."

He's a dabbler.
He likes everything.

He's got a tattoo
on his left forearm, huh?

Yeah, that's right.

Grew up 40 miles
away from here.

His daddy's a wheat grower
near Loop City.

Aside from Doyle Eugene,
he comes from a good family, church people.

How many possibilities
on the list?

Uh, six,
when we add Goldy.

I wanna pick up
a warrant statewide.

All six armed
and dangerous.

I want alerts going out to Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas.

Border as well.

Let's get to business, boys.

Let's get out
in front of the feds, mmm?


Tequila straight up.
No lime. No salt.

You got it, hon.


Rough night, sarge?


Kid just
graduated college.Yeah?

Kenny, my oldest.

I love that God-damned kid.

I bet you do, sarge.

Get this defender
of liberty a drink on me.

BARTENDER: Comin' up! What's the young man
gonna do now?

Now that he's matriculated,
got his fist wrapped round that diploma?

Space shuttle, maybe?


Work the land.

That's all he
ever wanted to do.

Well, you'd better
fill him in.

You don't work it,
it works you.

Ask my old man,
he'll tell you.

You ever done any farming?

Hell, I kicked the dirt off my boots a long time ago.

Don't care for it much underneath my fingernails either.

I get my food off the supermarket shelf,
same as you.

Here's to Kenny.

To Kenny.


MAN ON RADIO: Showers moving into the area.
The high near 67.

Outlook for Sunday, a good chance for rain.
High temperature near 60.

I know who you are.

I'd rather my wife
didn't hear this.

If you, uh...

If you gentlemen think he's here,
you're mistaken.

Only contact we've had's
been prison notices.

You, uh...

You figure he's the one
that robbed that bank.

Yeah, I never knew
who he ran with.

Mean kids, like himself.

Never reachable.

I guess we'd...

We'd all feel a lot better if we thought he didn't do it.

Didn't do, uh...

A lot of the things
he's done.

Oh! Kenny.


If he was any kinda kid at all,
he'd come and get you.

It's June now.

I think Father's Day's
coming up.

Gonna put you
to bed now, sarge.


LORI: Oh, yes!


Come on, honey.
Do it again!

Here we go.

Another beer, Wade? Thanks.

LORI: I'm not even
breaking a sweat yet, honey.

Takes the game seriously.

You ever played tennis, Wade?
Swing the ol' racket, so to speak?

A couple of times.
Family never had the bread for a country club.

Mine neither.
Couldn't afford the dues or the white pants.

LORI: I got it!

Boyfriend's name's Ted.

He belongs to the country club.
Yeah. He can afford the dues.

WADE: I like the way Ted ties his sweater around his neck!

Fucker never breaks a sweat.
Probably owns a speedboat, too.

You know,
she beats his ass regularly!

Yeah! Yeah! Hates to lose.

I figured the other day,

she's won maybe 20 games,
6-9, scores like that.

Doesn't seem to
bother him at all.

So, that little kid,
the governor's little girl, is she okay?

Hmm. According to the newscasters,
the woman on Channel 13.

Yeah. She's okay.Good.

Ted, a little too far left.


But you know,

it's that bank robber
I'd be worried about.

I hope his butt is south.

I thought it was
two guys.

One. I hope he's south,
for his sake.

I got a feeling that they are going to kill him,

prop him up on the door,
cross his arms across his chest

and take pictures of him,
like they used to in the old days!

Well, don't drink too much
of this beer now, Wade.

The sun's a pisser
when you got a headache.

I'll see ya later,

LORI: Yes! Yeah!

It's okay, Teddy.
It's just fine, honey! Really!

Remember the moment,

Thanks, Sid.




Will have a miracle testimonial from Timothy...


My personal favorite,
ask and you shall receive. Hallelujah!

Sergeant Reese McCue,
on my way to Leavenworth to pick up a prisoner.

That doesn't make much sense,
using a road like this, sergeant.

Why is that?

You want 156 north to Leavenworth,
don't you?

Son of a bitch!
I knew I screwed up somewhere back there!

Turn-off's 15 miles back.Damn lucky I ran into you.

You mind if I see
some registration?

Your driver's license,

That's a bit of a problem.
I'm driving a rented vehicle.

Well, I can see that.
Rental papers will be fine.

My CO's gonna be pissed off about the ticket,
but I'm not blaming you.

There's no question I was speeding.
A good 20 over the limit.

Yeah, well...

Body decorations
offend you, officer?

Uh, sometimes.
Just a matter of taste.



something was wrong

when I saw that
panther on his arm.

Hair kinda crept up
the back of my neck.

I said to myself,
"Oh, Steve! Watch it now!"

You never know
what you got.

You got lucky,
that's what you got, trooper. Real lucky.

I hope I see
the good sergeant again.

I'll just tell you what,
he's running,

and we'll try to chase him
back your way, huh?

You take care.


Little one-armed guy, Eddie,
said you're looking for some help?

You ever handled
a thrill ride?

Worked the devil's teacup
at the Texas State Fair.

Is that right? Right.

I just fired a guy
off the paratrooper.

He walked off,

left the joystick full throttle with women and children aboard.

You gotta be kiddin' me?

No, I'm not.

It's a miracle no one sued.

Someone did.

I take my fair share of off-duty sips,
but it's safety first

as far as the public
is concerned,

particularly with children.

Some kid starts horsing around,
off he comes.

I run a tight ride.

220 a week. I supply the meals.
You supply the bed.

Two out of three ain't bad.We'll be here for five days.

Then we're going
to Arkansas City.

You're working with
two other guys.

You put 'em up, you tear 'em down,
and you pack the trucks.

Any chance
for a cup of coffee?

I don't believe
I caught your name.

Oh, I didn't throw it.

It's Gaddis, Bob Gaddis.

But my friends
call me Bud.

Hello, Bud.


Sure would like to meet the man who invented air-conditioning.

Like to give him
a medal. [LAUGHS]

Come in out of the heat, Wade!
Cool off your brain!

Who wants to go
for a ride? Huh?

Wanna go for a ride?
Come on.

You wanna drink?

Where d'you get that horse?

Anybody tell you that hands don't ride ranch stock?

I'm just sitting
on his back.

He invited me
along for the ride.

People get violent
over stuff like that.

Horse theft's a
major felony around here.

I guess you're right.
What difference does it make?

Couple of days
you'll get drunk,

do something stupid
and get fired.

Must be nice having
all the right answers.

Happens every time.The old man's
getting his $4 worth.

That's why you're here with me.
You get a kick out of that.

You gonna tell him?

Gonna tell him about that?

If you're looking to create trouble for yourself you're doing a good job.

A little bit crazy,
you know that?

Let's play tennis
some time.You don't play tennis.

I learned watching TV.

Guys like you
never play tennis.

I could kick the ball over the net better than your boyfriend hits it.

My boyfriend's gonna
be a lawyer,

gonna do something
with his life.

What are you gonna
do with yours?






Sorry, folks.
No mothers-to-be.

She's only five months.

Trust me.
Thrill rides and motherhood don't mix.

I saw one such incident.
Wasn't pretty.

Take your word for it.

I run a tight ride.

I'll pick that one.
Here we go.

Give me one more.

MAN: I'm ready to win.
I'm not going home empty-handed.

LORI: That's the one
I'm gonna get. Look at this!

Yeah! Okay!


So, he sits his dog,
a very large bastard,

like a wolfhound or Great Dane,
on the bar stool.

MAN: So the bartender strolls over and says,
"What do you want to drink?"

And he says,
"Two martinis, please."


That's not funny.

You didn't get it!
You didn't get it!

I got it.


Looks to me like she's already got a boyfriend, Wade.


I've been wondering
where you were.

Oh, I bet you have.

Every waking moment,
maybe even in your dreams, too.

Tell me.
How does it feel to be half-criminal, half-hero?

It's fucked up,
how do you think?

We pulled it off, you and me.
Nobody can come between that.


You understand what I'm saying, Wade?
Nobody can change that.

I see what you mean.

I never had to say no to drugs.
It's never been my problem.

I get high
doing the unthinkable.

The moment I decided to rob that bank,
I was high, so very high.

[CHUCKLING] You know,
your average guy couldn't understand that.

Where's the money, Wade?

It's down by the river.
In a hole in a tree.

What the fuck
do you mean, a tree?

There's got to be 100 trees there,
maybe 1,000 trees.

You can't tell trees apart.
How are you going to do that?

How are you gonna know
it's the one?

Made a mental map.

Five trees south, four west
of the old steel bridge.

MAN: Hey, Wade! Come on! One second, okay.

I'm working on a wheat spread 15 miles south.

Who owns it? Guy named Bayles.


MAN: Hey, Wade. Come on!
We gotta get back.

Listen, why don't you
just tell them you quit?

You got something
more important to do? Very smooth.

I talk to a stranger.
Next move I make, I quit.

Think somebody might
remember your face? All right, all right.

Tomorrow's my last day anyway.
Meet me under the bridge, 10 o'clock tomorrow night.

2200 hours. You got it.You got it.

All right.

Friends? Friends. All right.

MAN: What did you get?



Hey! Where is that bastard
that runs this machine?

I swear I'll kill this rat.


I'm lucky Alvin heard those poor people
screaming and came running when he did.

I like that Al.
He's a damn good man.

I still can't believe it.

I sneak around the tent
to water my horse.

Here's these two farm boys just lookin' at me.
I had no idea.

I swear,
I had no idea there was a couple of home-grown roll artists.

You're lucky
they didn't queer ya.

[CHUCKLING] You know!
That's the first thing that came to my mind.

Then, bam!

One of them hit me on the side
of my head with that pipe.

Well, my mind's
a total blank after that.

Seventy five bucks.

Everything I had.

Used to be you felt free
to walk around

without your arms
wrapped around your purse.

Criminals pretty much
stuck to larger cities.






MAN ON RADIO: They'd like
to know the hero's name

before they dedicate their new auditorium to him...


It's okay, Dude.
It's just me. [WHINNIES]


LORI: Easy now, baby.

Whoa. Whoa.

Oh, baby.

Yeah. It's all right. Shh. [SNORTING]

Oh, baby. Don't be scared.

Whoa. Whoa.

I came all the way up from the house to see you.

Mummy knows you were scared.


Okay. Okay.


Yeah, I was scared, too.
I'm not scared any more.

Whoa. Whoa.

Whoa. Okay.

Oh, easy. Easy.

Whoa. Whoa.

I'm gonna get you some food. Yeah.

All right. All right.


Oh! Easy, baby. Okay.

All right. Easy.

It's okay.





WADE: You okay? Mmm-hmm.

WADE: You sure? Yeah.

I don't know
what you think,

but up till now
I've been pretty good.

WADE: I never thought
anything else.

Sometimes, it just happens.

Something gets started
between two people,

then they can't put it down.

Sooner or later,
it happens to everybody.

Look, it was my fault.
Hundred percent.

Just couldn't
control myself.

Neither could I.

I'm going to go to college this fall,
the University of Kansas.

I'm gonna join a sorority,
go to football games,

date different people.
Normal stuff.

Gonna find out about myself.

So this didn't fit
into your plan?

Well, if it makes any difference,
it meant something for me.

What am I supposed to say?

all I'm saying is... I have to get inside.

Stuff has happened
I can't talk about.

Sometimes things
aren't the way they look.

You want me to leave?
Is that what you want?

You've just gotta say so.



Buddy, can you give me
a lift into town?

Button up your shirt, hot pants!
We got crop damage.

What time you got?

10:38 and 50 seconds.

One... Two...

Three... Four...

Here we are.


Oh, shit!


One... Two...

Three... Four...


What's your name again?


Can you give me a couple of extra days, Wade?
Maybe till Wednesday?

Yeah. I think maybe I can.


Bye, Mom.Bye, darling. Have fun.


Mother's watching.

So what?

So, she's always watching.
That's all.


Are you okay?I'm fine.

You don't look fine.

You're acting different
this morning... Edgy.

I didn't sleep much
last night.

Cathy called.

She and Don
are gonna join us for lunch.

Hey! Good old Don! Yeah.


Yeah. This is it, Bob.

You sure you don't want me
to run you up, Billy?

Well, it's been about a year since I've seen her.

Maybe I'd better take a little time instead of walking up on her cold.

I'm proud
to have met you, Billy.

You got our phone number.
Give us a call some time.

Hey, Bob. Simple five!


Take care, Bob.


LORI: I don't want
to talk about it.

TED: That's gonna
help a lot!


Honey, we'll talk
about it tomorrow.


You listening or what?

We talk a minute?

Let's get something straight.
We aren't goin' anywhere. This isn't last night.

I know. Do you think
I didn't know that?

So, you
and what's his name... Ted.


What were you
arguing about?

What gives you the right?

You happen to sleep
with someone.

You think that adds up
to instant love?

We were arguing cause he wanted to give me his fraternity pin.

[LAUGHS] Sound stupid to you?

Thought you were
gonna play the field

and date
the whole university.


I didn't say anything
either way.

That answer your question?

You didn't want his pin

because it doesn't mean
anything to you.

I can tell.

It's like what you said.
Sometimes, things just happen.


[CLICKING] Hey, old buddy.

I wouldn't swallow
if I were you.

I slaughtered pigs
when I was a kid.

Kiss my ass, Doyle.

You got some strange views
on friendship.

Kiss my ass,

like it was me who didn't show up at the bridge.

Where is it?
You got it here?

It's where I said it was.

You think you're cute,
but you're not.

You're not even funny.

You know, Wade.
I thought this was America.

You plan something, you take the risk,
you collect the reward.

So no shit
about a third share.

I get half.
Understand? Half.

Fucking with my livelihood!
This is all I do.

You, you got something else
to fall back on.

You get to play hero.

Cut me. Then your share's
down to zero.

All right. Equal partners,
down to the last dime.

We're not partners, buddies, friends. Understand?

Easily we forget, Wade!

Wade, if it makes
any difference,

I had no intention
of using this knife.

[CHUCKLING] Sometimes you gotta show it to make a point.

You got wheels?

You have a brilliant mind
for detail.

What we gonna do, walk?

Look, I'll take care
of it tomorrow.

Tomorrow there will be
no problem.

Call me the superstar
in rent a car.

There's a crossroads
about two miles west.

Grocery store, gas station,

Meet there tomorrow night,
9:00, with the car.

Like the song says,
I'll be there.

It's you I worry about.

I think you
like being a farmer,

having dirt
underneath your fingernails.


Your record stinks when it comes to keeping appointments.

Next time it happens,
I might not be so tolerant.

You're just worried about not getting your ass shot off.

They get mine.
They get yours.

Ten to 20 in Leavenworth.

That's part of the picture.
Not to mention the FBI.

That bank was FDIC.

You know why I know you're gonna be there tomorrow night?

You got no choice.What are you doin'?

You got no place to hide.

You're back
on the run, boy.


WADE: Come on.

Come on, come on!

Here we go.

Oh, shit!


You're crazy!
There's nothing but machinery in there, junk.

Stop messing with your life.
The man keeps insurance.





Nordquist, Valley Falls
Bugle Tribune.

Hi.Got a couple of minutes?


I'll be damned!

WADE: I can't
take some medal.

Believe me, I know
what I'm talking about,

and I can't.

Stay, Wade.


For me. I'm askin'.

Look, I don't wanna leave.

Something I never planned got outta control and I can't talk about it.

Nobody's asking you to.



You know, things like this
don't happen to me.



Parts I remember and parts of it I just don't.

Running away,
I just don't remember.

I guess my head
was somewhere else.

You know, you see things happen and you just react.
I was there, so...

That's about it.

Hey, baby.

You know what I was
thinkin' about just now?

Got no idea.


Yeah, Hawaii.




Big day, Wade.

Yeah, looks like it,
don't it?

Never seen so many cops. [LAUGHS]

Fella on the phone
says he's a personal friend.

Wouldn't give his name.
Said you'd know who he is.

Great. Thanks.Yeah.

Jer, is that you? This ain't Jerry, asshole.
It's me.

I'm the other good friend
you fucked over.

Number one on your list
of problems is me.

No more next times,
no more maybes.

No more, "Doyle,
I'm sorry I fucked up."

I got a .45 slug

with your name on it next time you fuck up.
We clear?

Okay, buddy.Do you hear what I said?

Yeah. I'll be there.

You'd better be there
and it better be there, too.

You'd better find
that god damn tree

you got mapped out
in your head.

Look, Wade,
I'm just gettin' warmed up.

I still got ideas.

You don't show up tomorrow,

there's no telling
what I'll do.

All right.
Thanks a lot, buddy. You too.

Great guy!

WOMAN: Hey, Dan.MAN: Hey, Gloria.
How you doin'?

GLORIA: Long time, no see.DAN: Yeah. Been a while.

Say, I hear
you're leaving...


Oh, shit!

How are your kids.

Oh, they're fine. Good.

DAN: Yeah,
they're having a big birthday party next week.

GLORIA: Oh, well,
my life! DAN: Eddie's gonna be five.

GLORIA: Be goin' to school next year... Oh, listen,
I got to...

DOYLE: Hey, sunshine.

DAN: See ya, Gloria.GLORIA: All right.
Take care, Dan.

Bank robbery, assault with a deadly weapon,
attempted murder.

You oughta frame that and stick it next to your bed.

Write something nice on it.
I'll send it to my parents.

You know what
I was thinking about?

State penitentiary?

What you mentioned
the other day. Hawaii.

You kidding me? You and me.
I ain't kiddin' you.

You kidding me? I mean it.

You mean it? I mean it! Come here.

[CHUCKLES] Come on, baby. I love you.
You know that?



There comes a time
to reap the reward, Wade.

Hi.My wife and I
are deeply grateful.

Good to meet you, sir.


How you doin'? Thank you so much.

Pick up the child.Hmm?

For God's sake,
pick up the child.



Thank you.

Excuse me, Governor.

You know how to
make a margarita, amigo?

Ted Stevenson, Wade.

I want to congratulate you.
What you did was pretty terrific.


Thanks a lot.


A pretty
understanding guy, isn't he?

My best friend got married two days ago and I wasn't there.

Best man never showed up.

He knows what happened.
He'll understand.

That's not the point.

I was supposed to be there.
That's what it was all about.

You're being
a little hard on yourself.

Nobody's perfect.

Yeah. So I'll buy him a nice present,
a nice silver tray,

get something good
engraved on it.

I don't think that's
really the problem.

What's wrong?
What's bothering you?

I can't talk about it.

Can't trust me,
who can you trust?

I'm screwed up.
I got major, major problems.

You don't wanna know
about them.

Wade, what are you
afraid of?

How can I understand if you won't even talk to me?


Two guys robbed that bank.

Me and a guy
I met on a freight.

He had it planned
in advance,

by the time I knew what was goin' on,
there was a gun in my face.

You were forced
to participate.

Nobody can hold that
against you.

Who's gonna believe that? I think they'll believe it.

They have to.

You're a hero.



Do you know who I am?

It's Doyle Kennedy,
isn't it?

I got a gun, so don't do
anything stupid.

I got nothing against you.

I came to talk.

So, go ahead.

I didn't do
that bank alone.

I had help.

Wade Corey?
The hero all you suckers have been goin' on about?

He did that bank.

He was my partner.

Turns out he's more horseshit than hero.

How do you
like that for a con?

Witnesses said one man.
You should read your own press notices.

They only saw one.

About half a billion people
in most of the free world

would tell you
to go fuck yourself.

Well, he's not a hero.

He's the kind of guy,

where you look around
in a tight spot

and the foxhole's empty,
his ass is over the hill.

Except for when it comes
to the money.

I never saw a guy
run so fast.

Greedy bastard.

Took it all for himself.

He likes to play a little game called Fuck Your Buddy.

Where's the proof, Doyle?
You expect me to print that?

Well, you go ahead
and print what you like.

I don't buy that shit.

Newspapers are the truth?

You make it up
the same as the rest of us.



What do you have to do
to get this?

Ah! Take a deep breath, Wade.

Can you smell that?

Yeah! That's America!

Hurry up, Wade.

DOYLE: Come on!
Let's move it!

Come on! Let's go, Wade.

All right,
get your ass up here before you get yourself killed.


You know, Wade.
You really did it this time.

You lied to me
about that tree.

I got no sympathy for liars.




Go on, Wade.

Pull the trigger.


Couldn't do it, huh?
Couldn't pull the trigger.

Well, that's the way it goes
when you're a hero.


What's the matter, Wade?
Where you goin'?

You don't want your money?

Fifty per cent,
that's what you said.

C'mon, hero!
Come and get what's yours, Wade.

Come on, hero! Hero!






Get off my back.I'm splittin'.

Where you gonna go?

Thought we were
goin' shopping.

You wanna go shopping?

You're the boss now,
right? Uh-huh.

Take the keys. Come on.

Take the keys.



Let go of me.Who do you think
you're talking to?

DOYLE: Get in the car.You're hurting me!

DOYLE: Get in the car! You're hurting me.

Quit bugging me!

Shut the fuck up!
Stupid bitch!




How ya comin', honey?





Hi, Joe. Thanks for
the kind words yesterday.

There's two things
I won't tolerate.

One, you telling me
what to do.

Two, you talking about screwing other guys when you're with me.

Make myself clear?


[GASPING] Oh, Jeez! Shit!


What do we do?


WOMAN: Oh, no! Please!

Please, babe! No! No!

No! Stop! No!

Come on!



He's had enough!


Oh, shit!



WOMAN: Oh, there they are.

I really don't know
what to do...

Governor, why the quick exit?
What's goin' on?


What's goin' on?

The kid they were gonna
give the medal to.

What about him?

He didn't want it.

Decided to take
the girl instead,

Bayles' daughter.

They eloped.

They got the guy
who robbed the bank.

A roadblock on Peck Road.

South of the turnpike.

He make any kind
of statement?

Didn't have the chance.
Shot him dead.

Got the money back, though.


We'll see each other,
you know that.

I'll come back here.
You go out there.

Thanksgiving or Christmas,
whenever we grab time.

It doesn't work that way.

You don't walk in and out of someone's life that easily.

You don't come in
from outta nowhere

to pop up
from behind some tree.

Six months from now,

you probably
won't even want to.

I might not even
be there if you did.

That's not true.

It's different with us,
you know that.

I know what I want
when it comes to you.

It's me I gotta figure out.

You can
understand that, right?

People change.

Things never stay the same.


This is it for us.

This whole thing's too crazy to ever get a second chance.


Damn it!