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Kanchana 3 (2019) - full transcript

A young man who gets easily scared is possessed by a ghost that is seeking revenge.

No! Give it and go!
-Sorry! We'll even do a breath test!

If I file a case?
-If my family finds out...

What is it?
-Drunken driving!

I've never drunk before.
Was my friend's birthday.

I'll never drink again! Please go easy!
-Let them go!

Thank you very much, sir!
-Let's scoot!

We need to be very strict, sir!

Could've taken 100 or 200 bucks
from them!

Boozed in your youth, haven't you?

Yes, sir.
-Get lost!


Why did that auto pull up
at that deserted place?

Go check it out!

Who's in there?

Get out here!
Hear me, don't you?

Three... four... seven.

Seven guys in one auto, sir!

Tell them to come out!

Get out from there.
Do it!

What are they saying?

They're just glaring at me, sir!
-Drag them out!

Hey! Get out!
Get out, I say!

What is it?
-They're not getting out, sir!

On my way.

Put him in there!

Hey! Head to Railway Gate Road!
-Alright, bro.

The job is done.

Welcome, bro!

Bring him over!

Greetings, bro.

Get going, guys!


Hang his body outside the police station!

Upon seeing this corpse, every cop
who is after me must fear me!

They mercilessly killed him!
-Quickly bring him down!

My husband!


Wake up, dad...

Wake up, dad...
-Please look at us!

Wake up...

Is there no one
to question this injustice?

Who's that guy with his legs spread
in a V-shape? Got hemorrhoids?

Introduction build-up, sir!

On my way, bro!

I am 'Kolaveri' Govindan.

An up and comer in the field of rowdyism.

I wish to be your assistant.
Please bless me!

I haven't hired you yet.
-But I've confirmed it.

-There's the right question!

Why don't you become the Godfather
of this area?

And once you die,
why don't I take your spot?

-I meant after you are gone!

To make sure I wasn't empty handed
when I come to work for you...

...I brought you a case!

Pretty small task. Get it done
and they'll pay you one lakh rupees.

One lakh?
-Figure you haven't seen that much money!

Please settle down.

One lakh rupees!

Speak up!

Who's 'up' there?
-Get to the point!

He's asking, isn't he?
Tell him the whole story!

I loved a guy very much.
He promised to marry me!

So I was intimate with him.

Now he's blackmailing me
with those intimate videos!

Seems his brother is a major rowdy!

When my dad went to talk to them,
they assaulted him!

The cops won't take action
as these guys are big shots!

This guy told me that if I came to you,
you'd help me!

Somehow, you must retrieve that video clip
from them!

My life is in your hands!

Please, brother...
-Sure thing!

Where does he work?
-At Tidel Park, I believe.


Come along!

They went this way!
They're gone!

Let's look here!

Run faster!

Dead-end! Let's go that way!

Dead-end here, too! Go that way!

We're busted!

They must not be spared!

Standing in the middle of the road!

Oh, it's you, boss!
I'm sorry!

You want to do them in, or should I?

Okay, you do it!

They have ruined an innocent girl's life!

Please spare us!
-Show him the money!

Only after seeing it, will he proceed!
-Don't do it!

The money's in, boss!
Do it! Do it! Do it!

Rough them up a bit
and take back what is yours!

Have them sign away their wealth, too!

We'll never do this again, sir!

Try talking to him, sir!
Else he'll kill us!

You ruined my life
and had goons beat up my father, right?

Tell me!

Give me that video!
-Let us go!


Asking them like this
isn't going to work.

Come this way.
-No, sir! Please spare us!

I swear on my mother
I have nothing to do with this!

There's been a sudden twist in the scene,

My goodness!

Things not going as planned!
I'll hide out here!

Yes, bro?

Run that way.

Don't stick around! Go! Be careful!

Oh no!
Don't glare at me like that!

I swear to God I won't tell anyone
about this, even if it costs me my life!

Why come rushing in to death, guys?

Over here!

His soul's been resting in peace
since the last five minutes, guys!

They've spotted me!

Oh no!
Spare me, guys!

I am confused as hell, myself!
-He's running that way!


Who the hell did this?

Oh my goodness!

They've spotted me!

My life is in danger if I stay here.

Run! Run!

Damn it, I can't run!
Let me head back to the same spot!

Who killed my boss and my brother?

If you stay, he'll kill you, too!
Run away!

He's hooked the prey!

Where'd he go?

Oh! They're rushing in
as if to catch a train!

They'll come to me! And they have!
-They killed the boss!

Why you...
-I'll play dead!

Don't yell! Look at how these screamers
like you are lying stylishly!

Deal gently, guys!

My boss is dead!
So are the four guys who came along!

We're the only two left!
-At least the two of you stay alive!

Pop him!
-I know nothing...

Tell me!
Who killed them?

Make gestures
and I'll punch your eyes out!

Like hell you will!
Look behind you!

'Glares this way, does this angry leopard!'

'Pounces to attack,
does this raging dusky cheetah!'


'No one would dare oppose him!
Watch the knees of his enemy buckle!'

'Run for your life!
The leopard's coming! Get out of the way!'

'Glares this way, does this angry leopard!'

'Pounces to attack,
does this raging dusky cheetah!'

Oh no!

Wanting to become an expert rowdy,
I went to them. Now I see it's pointless!

Here on in, I'll be by your side for life!

Know where Royapuram Murthy lives?
-Royapuram is my area!

Who the hell is out there
at this bloody hour?

Why are you standing on a ladder, sir?

Who are you?
-Come to conduct your last rites.

-Rowdy, sir!

A rowdy?
-I mean that I'm rowdy Dhina's assistant!

Never seen you with him!

Look it up on Google!

Who is he?
-Let's not get into that!

I'll get to my point.
-Go on.

Dhina and his entire group
have been killed!

Dhina is the one who kills!

Yes, he kills.
But tonight, he was killed!

Who killed him?

Will at least this guy get it?
-Tell me!

Why dance the Kathakali with your eyes?

Let me talk,
you damn dino spawn!

Will you tell me or not?

The one behind me, you lump!

Some rowdies, you guys are!

He keeps gesturing towards me
and you still don't get it!

Rowdy, my foot!

Gesture to a rowdy,
and he'll sever limbs!

You aren't even fit to beg!

Who's next, bro?



-Yes, Murthy?

A fresh chick has arrived!

Fresh, right?

I've been fresh for the last 25 years!

But haven't bathed in a month.

Do you know how to sing?

'O dear red flower!'

That's enough!

'In the chilly breeze...'

What I love in women
are their lips.

That's what I touch first!

Come and touch some damn thing!

Oh no!
He seems horny as hell!

He'll kill me once he knows the truth!

Why is it so stubbly?

It'll be smooth as silk
after a shave!

Oh no! He messed with my chastity!

Who is Bhavani?

Who is Kali?

What is the feud between them?

Before we find out,
let's check out Kanchana.

What is it?

Said you wanted to talk,
but haven't said a word since we got here.

Nothing much.

I just hate staying in Chennai.

Thinking of moving to Singapore.

Despite so much money
and all this success in business...

...I have no peace once I get home.

There's no hospital I haven't visited,
nor a doctor I haven't met with.

But her stomach ache
simply isn't going away.

Referring to your daughter's problem, yes?

How much longer
will you brood over the same problem?

That is no stomach ache!
I told you it's something else!

I don't even believe in God.

And you want me to believe in ghosts?

You have to!

I came to this conclusion
only after observing her behavior!

Alright, let us have a challenge.

You say that your daughter
has a stomach ache.

But I say that something has possessed her.

Bring your daughter
to the nearby Lord Narasimha temple.

She doesn't even have to enter it.

Just tell her to stand near the shadow
of the temple's tower.

If her activities seem normal,
I'll agree she has a stomach ache.

But if not,
you need to listen to what I say.

I don't believe in all of this!

But because you said so, I'll do it.

Where is your sister?


Call her.


I'm scared, dad!

Come over here.
I'll take a look.

Grab her leg!
Lift it! Push it inside!

Grab her leg!

Hold it tightly!

Hold on, dear!

Don't run! Stop!

Don't run, sis!

Dad's here for you!

Stop, dear!

Hold it, Divya!

Have a seat.

I believe what you said.

I don't understand anything!

What do we do now?

We need not do anything.

Just tap into Google
and you'll get solutions for everything.

There are many people
who can solve this problem.

Want someone from the country,
or from abroad?

I want someone from abroad!


Right now, he's the best.

Doesn't matter how much it costs.
Get them over here!


Look over here, Divya!

Look here!

My eldest son is home!

My husband is home!

My dear sweetheart!

My sweet darling!

There you go!

Lovely dance!
-We're sharing our love over here!

I'll share it, too!
Move aside!

Please bless me!
-Ble... ouch!

It was a mistake. I'm sorry!
-It's okay.

How was your trip?

Without having to see you
for six months... was very enjoyable!

Fall at his feet, like before!

What have my daughter
and my brother been up to?

Come see for yourself!

Upon hearing your story...

...that phasmophobic guy over there
must bolt away in fear! Got it?

Step up, fatso!

Quit it! As if you're singer Yesudas!
Get down to business!

In a city, there lived a ghost.

If it ever comes before you,
it'll simply devour you!

You'll die and go to heaven!

Come closer.

My Goodness!

All go to heaven after death!
Get lost!

He's not getting scared!

Why won't you get scared?

That is my choice!

Get up there, you four jumbos!

What's with all the posing?

Got back from the gym, eh?

Lower your arms, you schmoes!

Get to the point!

Hold up!

You ask them to scare me
and they're dancing like folks do...

...while offering 'Prasad'
at the Mariamman temple!

Tell them to frighten me!
If they can!

Scare him properly, guys!

In a distant land,
there is a ghost...

...that will rip you to shreds...

Move aside!

He's not getting scared, mom!

He's changed!

Like hell he has!

Go ahead, sisters!

If you don't drop your pants and run away
after hearing our story...

First, you adjust your shorts!

Sorry, dear.
-It's okay, sweety. Tell me your story.

A ferocious ghoul...

...climbed on top of me!

Why should I be scared of that?

Climbed on top of him,
not on top of you!

Right! Sorry.
It got on top of you.

"A fiendish ghoul,
climbed on top of you and me..."

Can't even tell the story properly
and you want to scare me? Beat it!

To ensure that he cannot hear
the scary stories of the kids...

...he's stuffed cotton into his ears!



Now watch this!
-Sure thing!

In a city,
there lived a ghost.

It made trouble for everyone!

Did it now?
-After that... devoured everyone!

Then it went to sleep, huh?

Come here.

Come, my dear white whisker...

Get lost!
-You get lost!

Why I ought to...
-Hey! What are you going to do?

If I toss a kitten at him,
all the kids will know the truth!

Oh no!
Don't do that when I'm around!

He'll get scared and jump right at me!

Anyway, I'll go hide in the bedroom!

She got away! He'll jump at me!
You deal with it!

Long as that is in my ears,
no one can scare me! Do what you can...

He's afraid!
He's running scared!

No escape this way!
-Out of the way, fatso!

-Go help mom!

Please stop!

I'm scared!
Carry me!

Your mother's hiding here!

Not me!

I won't even consider the fact
that you're my mother!

Please don't!
-I got scared!

Don't do this, dear...
-I want it! Just one time, mom...

I'll leap on to your arms!

Stop it!

Pointlessly screaming!

Laugh at me, will you?
Look at this!

Hold on.
I'll go over there, mom!

Laughing, are you?

She's laughing, mom!

I'm your sister-in-law!

A sister-in-law is like a mother!

You dare laugh at me?
Laugh at me, will you?

Get in there!

Always jumping onto someone!

We're heading to our hometown
at 6 AM. Go and sleep!

You want me to get up at six?

No can do!
-Why not?

Grandpa's 60th wedding anniversary.
He came to invite us 20 days ago.

That's why I flew back!
And you won't come?

He has invited everyone!

Come along, uncle!
It'll be fun!

You're afraid of flying, right?
So we're going by car!

We'll listen to music,
stop for meals and have a blast!

Not just that! Grandpa's palatial home
will soon be owned by the two of you!

Property is important to us!

A voiceless parrot wants a concert!

You going to take it with you
to your grave?

Sorry, mom!
I can't come!

I have some kind of a...

Your uncles are coming for this.

So are their daughters!

I'm coming, too!

You needn't come!
We'll go by ourselves!

How can I be away from my family, mom?

Don't wear suits!
They don't suit you.

To keep you from bothering me,
I've got this broom, slipper and shoe.

Here's what you do. Lay them around the bed
and go to sleep.

She's thought of everything!

I don't use these things, now.
-Then what?

This broom. This slipper.
This shoe.

Rather than keeping them near the bed...

...what if I turned this shoe into a bed?

Look at my progress, mom!

Feel proud!

The entire family is knocked out!

Why do I need a small shoe
when I have such a big one?

O Lord Hanuman,
save me from 'it'!

Only you can think so out of the box,

How do you pull it off?

I am a creator...
-We're leaving, mom!

Oh no!
Don't leave me behind!

He hasn't gone for a pee yet.
He'll need me to accompany him for it, too!

I didn't sleep all night, mom!

If you wish, I'll have my wife
give you company.

Take care of my mother.

At least you come!

Let's watch him pee!

She's my sister-in-law!
-Big mistake!

Is that what you're telling everyone?

Listen up! You needn't come
inside the loo!

Nor stand outside of it!
Don't need to sing, either!

I won't go into the loo,
but I'll piss.

-Wearing a diaper, huh?

Nothing of that sort!

Got a watchman or something?
-Primitive idea!

Then how?
-I'll pee without having to go to the loo!

How so?

I've got a novel idea!
-What is it?

I'll show it, not say it!

Show us!
-He's going to pee like this!

A potty near the bed!
Unique, huh?

This is way too much for me to handle!

My head is spinning!


Don't care what they do.
I'm going to pee!

Oh stop it!
Go into the loo!

If you want, I'll sing and dance for you!

But I won't tell anyone about it!

A small request.

Took me a day to set this up.
I'll pee into it just once!

I'll smack the hell out of you, today!

Where are you running to?

Sing away, mom!

I'll sing, dear!

(A devotional song is sung)

Rock on!

Don't touch my behind!

Tie up that knot!

'Build a temple for your friend!'

'He'll never leave your side!'

'His words of encouragement
are always comforting!'

'My breath exudes our friendship!'

'Let's play a game of marbles, buddy!'

'If we stay together,
have fun we will, daily!'

'Your heart bleeds for me,
when I'm amid difficult times!'

'Speak the word of friendship
and it will be liked by the Lord!'

'Build a temple for your friend!
Go ahead!'

'He'll never leave your side!'

'His words of encouragement
are always comforting!'

'My breath exudes our friendship!'

'I eat what my friend feeds me!
All day, every day!'

'He totally rocks!
He is my wealth!'

'He gives me life!
He lends me support!'

'Ride atop a bullock cart, we do!'

'Together, we become one!

'Brazenly roam about Chennai city,
we do!'

'Even surpass that sea, we will!'

'Chicks drown our money away!'

'Friendship lasts forever!'

'A friend opens doors!'

'Lay a hand on me
and watch soda bottles fly!'

'Wears out, does my gold chain,
if you as much as scratch it!'

'Rip out your ear, I will,
if you lay a hand on my friend!'

'Wears out, does my gold chain,
if you as much as scratch it!'

'Rip out your nose, I will,
if you lay a hand on my friend!'

'Build a temple for your friend!
Go ahead!'

'He'll never leave your side!'

'His words of encouragement
are always comforting!'

'My breath exudes our friendship!'

'Rises at dawn
and rushes into the theatre, he does...'

' watch my film
on the first day of release!'

'He'll tell his mom and his dad...'

'...that no one can surpass
his best friend!'

'He'll garland banners!'

'He'll dance for even a single beat!'

'He'll sweep aside his own troubles!'

'He'll rave about the film!'

'He'll stick bills in every street
to make me famous!'

'He'll applaud in the theatre
as he watches me dance!'

'He'll spend his hard earned money
to buy tickets!'

'He'll pray to God
for the film to run for a 100 days!'

'Build a temple for your friend!
Go ahead!'

'He'll never leave your side!'
-Never, bro!

'His words of encouragement
are always comforting!'

'My breath exudes our friendship!'

I'm hungry, mom!

He started already!

We'll stop at some village
and have our meal in the fields!

The village is here!
-Oh my! He won't give up! Stop the car!

Stop, fatso!
-He can't bear hunger!

I've stopped.

Lovely, isn't it?
-Come on!

Look at that!
Watermelons grow on the ground!

Will it grow on your head?
-Keep quiet and come, mom!

Stop staring up and down!

Set up the sheet!

Give me a hand, kiddo!

Here you go.

Thought we could enjoy eating
in the breeze, but it's way too windy!

Yes, mom!
-Think it might rain!

-So we can't eat here?

Stay fixated on food!

It stopped, fatso!
Sit down!

-It stopped!

It started blowing again!

Just a minute!
Stand up! Get off!

On your feet!

What will you do?
-I'll show you! Get the poles!

Tie it tightly, mom!

Hold on to it!
-Tie it tightly, mother-in-law!

Couldn't you tie it properly, fatso?

I was! But the wind got in the way!

Quiet down and tie it properly!

Hammer it in!

If I had something to nail it with...

Nothing around!
-What do I use?

Someone's left a nail, just for us!

Sister-in-law! A nail!
-Pull it out!

Hey, it's over there!

Harder, bro!

Give me a hand, fatso!

Everyone hold on tight!
Come on!

Pull, uncle!

He pulled out the nails!

The wind will definitely bring in clouds!
Let's leave!

Take a couple of melons!
-Don't forget the basket!

I won't take that basket!
-Look at him run!

Make it fast!
-Must I carry it now, too?

-Run fast!

Careful, mom!
My pants just have to slip now!

-Hello, Kumar!

Hello, young man!
-Are you well?

Luggage is in the back!

Hi Grandpa!
Hi Granny!

My precious!

Always a blast
when the grandson arrives!

Luggage, sir?
-It's in the trunk.

What's your name?

-Let's nail this one!

Alright! Alright!

Greetings, aunty!

Bless me, uncle!
-Be well!


Greetings to you, too!




Why go down to the knees for one
but all the way for the other?

The one down to the knees has one daughter.
The other has two daughters.

The one standing over there
has no daughters!

He won't even go up to him!
Will just wave a 'hi' to him!

What did I tell you?

Where are the babes?


As fine as peppermint dipped in cream!
Come over here!

Why hit me?
-Won't call me, huh?

What a ruckus you're all creating!

Stop that!

Stop it, you three! He just got here
and you're beating up my grandson!

-I call but he never picks up, Grandpa!

Would it kill you to make one phone call?

Why not call them once in a while?

Call her, she scolds me!
Call her, this one scolds me!

That's why I don't call anyone!

Forget the phone!
I have a doubt!

Of these three cousins,
who are you in love with?

Until now, they were my cousins.

Hereon in, I need to decide
who to love.


Including my two girls and Kavya,
three of them are in waiting.

Alright, uncle!

What 'alright'?

If you choose one of them,
won't the other two get angry?

Listen, Granny.
We've been friends since childhood!

I'd be a sport about it!

We'd all be sportive!

But this time, if you don't say
who you're in love with...

If you don't say it...

You're done for!

Go rest.
We'll pick this up in the morning.

The babes can feel free
to rest with me!

I'm coming!
-I'm coming, too!

This guy won't stop scratching!

God damn!

They've begun their nuisance!


Hey, dad!

I need water, dad!

I've stopped, dear!
Your mom is scratching!

I'd rather get it myself
than coax you to do so!

Who's there?

Who's crying, I say!


Get up, Granny!
I'm sorry!

You smacked me like you'd hit
a dengue mosquito and left me lying!

I came to get some water,
when I heard someone crying.

Startled by that...
-Lift me up!

For what damn reason did you come
for water alone in the middle of the night?

Please don't tell anyone
what I'm about to tell you.

What is it?

Seems like someone's walking about
near the refrigerator!

Will they dare to do so
when I'm in this house? Come, dear!

This damn thing!

In this room, right?

Just a basket!

There's nothing in this room, dear!

Must be in your imagination!

Will such a thing dare to come
to our house...

I'm dead!

Where's our daughter?

Who was that?

Where are you?

Can't find her in such a big house!
-Did you see Lakshmi?

You wretches!

What happened?

Oh no! What happened, dear?

I found my daughter!

Your rear isn't too damaged, right?

What happened, dear?

Tell us what happened!

We saw a ghost!
-Oh no!

A ghost?


Stop it!
This noise will wake him up!

All of you stand back!
I'm the one who'll catch him!

Come on, dear!

What about over here?

My sweetheart!

What is it?

On me!
-Coming, darling!

Changed again!

Get down!

I'll whack you!
Who screamed?

In this house...

In this house?

Don't go telling him that stuff!
It was an illusion!

Ritual for the holy basil plant
in the morning. All of you go to sleep!

She didn't see it!

They'll chew me to pieces!


Anniversary for both of you, right?

Why are your faces so glum?

Join Granny with the 'Aarthi'!
-Great idea! Do it!

I'm very shy!

How about that?
-Take mom's hand and do it!

Sorry! Please forgive me.

What happened?

-A crow!

This thing...
-It's nothing.

What a bad turn of events!

Father and mother...
-Yes, daughter?

Quite the inauspicious turn!
Why's the crow upturned so?

Nothing inauspicious, dear!

We've all come together
after such a long time, right?

Must be the evil eye!

Kumar! Bring the coconuts
and pumpkins to ward it off!

-Yes, ma'am!

Get down from there!

Move it, fatso!

He pushed me!

Look how handsome your husband is!

Now you're so fair and handsome!

Enough of this!
Stand around!

Stand properly, fatso!
-Come along, dears!

-It's alright!

The evil eye has been warded off!
Shake your hands and legs!

It'll move by itself for you!
-He's started!

Always take his side!
-Let's go for a movie!

I'm going to go meet my friend!

'The dapper girl from our town
came to Singapore...'

It's just us!

Just you guys, huh?

'just us'?

I'm off!

Where to?
-To visit my friend in Coimbatore!

I've dressed up so nicely for you...

...and you'd rather see your friend
than this hot stuff?

At least she's just hot stuff.

I've come over here looking mighty fine!

Won't you look at me?
-I will!

Look here! And here!
-Alright! That, too!

All this glam is just for you!
-Oh my!

What's the point in just saying so?
How do you intend to impress me...

How to impress you?

Check this out!

'Oh my!'

'Shall we play five stones?
If I stick my fingers in, it's a fruit!'

'In this game of ours,
I'm at the top of the range!'

'Fall in with the wrong crowd
and you're doomed for life!'

'If proved you're guilty,
get ready to face the music!'

'A shirt. A slate stick.
A pant. A pen.'

'A shirt. A slate stick.
A pant. A pen.'

'O cool popsicle!
My precious icicle!'

'Pure as gold when you smile!'

'Changed my mind on a tear!
Cranked up the voltage to a flare!'

'Gave myself to you entirely, I did!
-Oh my!'

'Pearly white, you are!
Soft smiles, you cast!'

'You strike me hard!
And wrap around my waist!'

'Your gaze melts me clean!
You hoist me high!'

'Run your fingers all over me
and stir up my inner desire!'

'I get intoxicated
as you daintily walk towards me!'

'Soaking in your beauty
changes my mind!'

'I am a black and white king!
You're the rose atop my crown!'

'I am a black and white king!
You're the rose atop my crown!'

'Come along, you mini treats!
Let's play a triple game!'

'I'll teach you very well!
Accommodate me!'

'With hands atop hands
and lips planted on cheeks...'

''ll see the light shine bright!'

'You give me a bigger high
than a can of beer!'

'I'll collide with you head-on!'

'You run off and grumble away!
Stumble and fumble when I near you!'

'This white horse is all set for a ride!'

'Birthmarks all over the body
signify a Virgo!'

'Sit down and play the tabla
bought for you!'

'I am a black and white king!
You're the rose atop my crown!'

'I am a black and white king!
You're the rose atop my crown!'

'Oh my! Come forth, my dusky mate!
Bewitched all three of us!'

'We'll shower beauty upon you!
Drink it in!'

'Don't walk away from me,
you triple threat of jasmines!'

'Stick to me gently like glue!'

'Get down and get closer!
This cane's meant for you!'

'Taste it! It's sweeter than hell!'

'One way or the other,
shall we play kabaddi?'

'Touch me
and your life will dazzle!'

'I'm a ravishing babe!
Lay your hands on me!'

'But your lips alone
taste like Dairy Milk!'

'I am a black and white king!
You're the rose atop my crown!'

'I am a black and white king!
You're the rose atop my crown!'

'I am a black and white king!
You're the rose atop my crown!'

'I am a black and white king!
You're the rose atop my crown!'

Who's there?

Who knocked on the door?



(sings old Tamil song)

Someone screamed over there,
you damn fool! Go and check!

Who screamed?
-What happened?

What happened?


-A dream!

I'll smack you!
Just a dream, mom!

How could it not be?
A new house! A new room!

Told her not to sleep alone.
Did she listen?

Hit bed with needless thoughts,
this happens!

All of you go to sleep!

You all go to bed!
I'll go drop her off!

Is she a Volvo bus
for you to drop her off?

She's crying after a bad dream.
Why are you crying?

How does she alone get to climb onto him?

-What about us?

"Us", indeed! The children themselves
are asking for it!

Poor things.
Carry them!

Come and climb onto him!

Come along!



Call yourself my mother?

Think you're a child?
-Why not? You always climb onto me!

Is it wrong of me to do so
just once?

I can't bear it, mom!

You laughed all night
and didn't sleep!

How did you lift all three of them,

They each climbed onto me, separately.

Even if they all come together,
I'll take them on!

We're ready, too!
-Bring it!

What happened there?
Let's go look!

Don't know!
-Go on!

Watch your step, Granny!

Hurry up, all of you!

Don't know what happened
to Karuppan!

He's reduced to this state!

What happened?

Everything was fine all night!

Don't know how this happened!

Everything seems to be going wrong.

Yes, dad.
All does seem to be going wrong.

So far, there's been no problems
in business.

But we got a call from the factory
yesterday. Two people got injured.

Not just that, dad. They're threatening
to cancel the company's license!

Yes, mother-in-law.
They even want us to sign for it.

Yes, mother-in-law.
We'll all go and come back in three days!

-Your daughters are staying behind, yes?

No! We'll be here!
-Then great!

Move aside!
-Hold on!

Stop it!
-I'm feeling very uneasy about this.

You all go about your work.

I'll take them to the Muneeshwaran temple
and conduct a ritual.

A problem is on the way!

You're looking very smart today!
-You, too!

Thought there'd be saints here, fatso!
But the place is filled with 'aghoris'!

Grandpa said it's 'Sivaratri', today.

Would it be so on 'Sivaratri'?
-Who knows?

Greetings, sire!

Hold it right there!

Give me cover!

Trouble at home?
-Yes, sire!

Can tell by the look on your faces!

How does he know about our problem?
-He has already known about it!

-An ascetic, isn't he?

Bring over that trident!

Got a holy basil plant at home?

Yes, sire!

Place this trident in there!

Step up!
-He's calling you! Go!

Take it!

Get going!

Start moving, you all!
-See you, sire!

My dears! Pray diligently
and plant that trident!

From now, this house must see no problems!

The laptop has been turned off!

It's not connected!

It's just me!

Had trouble falling asleep in my room!

Very disturbing in there!
That's why I knocked on your door!

You weren't there!

Buzz off!

I was reading a book!

Fell asleep on the sofa!

Did something scare you?

Me? Scared?

Who's there?

It's just me!

It's just me!
-Good grief!

It stopped.

This way!

Take my hand!

Help me!

Help me!

Save me!

Get out!

-Over there!

Something dragged Priya away!

Can't tell what it is!

What happened, dear?

I asked you a question!

What happened?
Stop crying and tell us.

What happened?
-There's something in there!

It dragged me out and tossed me here!

Tossed away the trident
given by the ascetic, too!

No... don't go in there!

Your lives will be in danger!

I told you the other day
that it came to me in my dream!

No one believed me!

Least you only saw it in a dream!

I saw it in person!

Least you just saw it now! I saw it
before you. Up close near the fridge!

Was it scared of you?
-I'll whack you!

Can you be quiet?

Sorry, dad.
-That's enough!

Okay, let's go back.

Don't be scared.
Be brave.

Don't cry.
-Let's leave this place!

She's right.
Let us not go into the house any more.

I know the 'aghori' we met yesterday
in the temple.

Let's go to the temple right away
and meet him.

But where is Raghava?

He's racing to us!
Scared spitless!

The speed he's in,
he'll jump onto one of our hips!

None of you show him your hips!
Get down!

You said it!

You all got down
so that I don't leap onto you, eh?

What are you looking at?
-I'll show you!

Well then...

I normally leap onto someone, right?

How do I do so
when you're all on the ground?

Your grandfather's taking us
to the 'aghori' saint.

Climb onto him!

What does he look like, mom?

As prim and proper
as a freshly powdered carrom board!

Like you, huh?
-Buzz off!

You buzz off!

Oh, man!
I'm so scared!

Must he bring us all here
at this damn hour?

Why... a ghoul!
-Hey! No!

I'll go first. Then you follow.
-Who else will? Go!

You brought us here, Grandpa!
Wake him up!


Greetings, sire!

-I need to meet your superior.

Like I'd run off alone!
I'll go with you!

The subordinate himself is scary!
Who knows how his superior will react!


Careful, sire...

Where is the trident?
-The t-trident?

Where is it?
Oh, it's right here! Here you go!

Only elders step up.
-He's only calling you folks. Go!

Only my father needs to go.
Why me, too?

What are you staring at?

Greetings, sire!

Is your eldest son here?

Fatso's busted! Go!
-Go on!

Come on, dear.


He's calling you, too!

As usual, I'm caught in a bind!

All the children step back!

It pulled out and tossed away
the trident you gave us, sire!

I don't know what's happening
in the house!

-Something wrong inside our house, sire!

There are many kinds of evil forces.

Different varieties there, too?

The first: Ghosts.

Those who unexpectedly died at a young age
without their wishes being fulfilled.

The second: Casting evil onto others.

Hurling magic spells towards a family
to ruin their happiness.


My goodness!

The third: One who seeks revenge.


My chest hurts!

First, bravely do what I tell you to!

Only then can I do good for your family!

Very well, sire.

I'll give you three powerful dolls!


It even looks scary!

Take it!

I'm coming!

Keep it at the entrance, sprinkle vermilion
on it and conduct a ritual.

If there is indeed any ghost about,
you will see signs of it.

If you don't see any...

This is the Ghoul!

A naked doll!

Take it!

Place the doll of the ghoul
on the first floor...

...squeeze three lemons on it
and chant 'Muneeshwaraiah Namaha'.

If you see nothing there, too...

Can we let it go?

You'll lose your life!

Your family will be in danger,
if you do two rituals but skip the third!

It looks just like my mother!

Take it!
-It's so bloody scary to look at, sire!

Keep this vampire doll in the middle
of the house, light the lamps...

...sincerely pray to God...

...and with one of these three nails,
your son...

-He must plant it onto its left leg!

-Yes, for you!

His wife must plant the next nail
into its right leg!

And you must nail the third onto the head!

Onto the head?
I'm feeling faint, sire!

Listen! Not onto your head!
On the doll's head!

For the doll, huh?
-I'll smack you!

Once you nail it on the head,
you'll definitely see a sign!

Once you do, rip out the head of the doll
and run away!

Complete this properly
and come here!

We'll come back
if we're still alive, sire!

He's telling us to leave, mom!

They're talking about us!

In order for us to do this peacefully... must get Raghava out of the place!

Don't worry about it.

On the pretext of giving out invitations
for my wedding anniversary...

...I'll take Raghava and my granddaughters
along with me!

Goodbye, mom! Be safe!
-Have a nice trip!

We're the ones who'll get busted,

Everything in order, Kamatchi?
-Everything's in place!

What the hell? What's with the broomstick
and the slipper?

That broom's used to clean toilets!

No problem!
-Stinky oaf!

My brother Raghava's technique!

Safety measure, if 'it' comes!

We first need to know if there is a ghost.
Start the ritual!

"Om Muneeshwaraiah Namaha!"


Is anyone there?

I have a broom and a slipper!

Um... if there are any dead people about,
can you please step up?

O, you wretched hag!
Get over here!

She may as well invite that thing over!

Why is the horse neighing
at this ungodly hour?

The horse is coming!
Storming right in here!

-Help me, mom!

Let me go!

You're back?
-Hurry up and get me down from here!

The horse attacked you with much force, eh?

Get down, you monkeys!
-Help me, dear!

Even if the ghost is quiet,
that horse isn't!

Anyway, the first ritual is over!

-The Ghoul goes on the first floor!

I hear bells!

All animals on the way, Kamatchi!


It's coming up here, mom!

Damn chunk of wood!
Help your mother!

Coming, mom!

Help me, dear!

How did you climb so high?

I climbed out of fear!

Climb down the same way!

I only know to climb up!
Not to climb down!

I'll catch you! Jump!
-Save me!

Catch your mother!

Don't leave!

We mustn't stay here for another minute!

Something terrible in this house!
One invisible to our eyes!

But the animals can see it very well!
None stayed and they've all run away!

We're the only ones left!
Come on, let's go!

We must complete all three rituals!

The ascetic told us if we stop halfway,
our lives will be at risk!

Are the three nails ready?
-All safe in my pocket!

You demoness!

This one is much scarier
than the other two dolls!

Your laugh is much scarier than that!
Place it there!

Give me the nails!

You go first!

Which is the right leg?
This one?

Oh my!

I'm really scared, mom!

You must plant in the second nail!
Do it!

Stop shaking!
Be brave!

Put it in, you oaf!

I've put it in!

You're next!
-She pushed me!

Out of fear, I've dropped the nail!
It's missing!

The nail is missing?

Your damn mother is at it again!
-Look for it, mom!

It's missing! Where'd it go?
-Search well!

If it comes, it'll kill all of us!
You search, too!

Search for it!

It's yelling!

It might come, mom!
-Get that damn thing!

Search faster, damn it!

You dare hit my mother?

I'll hit you, too!

Come on!
-You hit my son!

I won't spare you!
Look what I do to you!

It might come, mom!

Get up!
Listen to me, mom!

It's here!

Let's find the nail!

Oh no!
Where is the nail?

I found it!

But this is already here!

Come! Let's rip its head off!

Come along!

"Kanchana's game begins!"

-Help us, sire!

Like you said, there is a scary creature
in the house. Please save us!

I saw it up close, too!

Save my mother, sire!

She's mimicking how that ghost
in the house licked blood! Look!

Hi, sire!
How are you?

Stop it!
-Oh God!

My intestines and organs went into a coma
after that ghost struck me!

Think it'll take years
until I regain my bearings!

Come, sire! Come to our house!
-Let's go!

Come along!

I've had enough of that! You go!
Please sort out my problem!

I need this house, sire!

Who are you?

Why are you here?

What do you want?

The climate's changing again!

Listen to me!

Let go!
-Get up!

Clean up the house
and live happily!

Everything is gone!
-All gone, sire?

-I promise!

Bless me!
-She needs blessings from everyone!

Hop in the car, sire.

No need for that.

How about that?

I'll paint this house
and entirely change its color!

We'll ace it!
-Those wretched things are gone!

Hi, mom!

Had fun with all of them, eh?
-You bet I did!

Why speed away before I finish
my questions?

By the way,
you look pretty terrified!

Grandparents didn't come?
-Only six days for the 60th anniversary!

They're out inviting people!
-Oh man!

Why'd you come back,
leaving elder people behind?

I came to let you know.

Go take care of them!
I'll handle things here!

There are only two babes here!
Where is Kavya?

Like peppermint dipped in cream!
There she is!

What is this?

This is called 'bobcutting'.

What cutting?

What the hell is this hairdo?

-'Nonding'? (Limping)

-'Nonding', huh?

She said 'trending'!
Don't you get that?

Why breathe down my neck for it?

Are all the problems of the house
sorted out?

Good question!
-Only then will I go in!

All the problems in this house are over!
-Thank Goodness!

Hereon in, we can happily stay here!

Think you're Michael Jackson, huh?

Get going!

Looks like it's going to rain.

I have hung out the clothes to dry!

I'm scared...

'Kokila! Shall we make out?'

Sleep, you pig!

So I must go alone for this?
What a precious child!

It fell down!

Something's standing there!

Not anymore!
I imagined it!

My husband lovingly bought me that sari
for my birthday!

Can't let it go!
I'll retrieve it!

What was that sound?

The 'aghori' claimed that the ghost
left the house! Could he have lied?

Elders don't lie!
Just an illusion!

Oh no!
My dear!

It didn't leave!
It didn't leave!

-It didn't leave!

"Didn't leave?"
-It didn't leave!

What didn't leave?
-Get lost!

"Get lost"?

The ghost hasn't left our house!

Won't you let me sleep in peace?

Over there!
-That's our daughter!

No, it's the ghost!
-She's hiding there, scared by your rant!

Turn around!
-You'll regret this!

It didn't leave!
-Our child is missing!

I'm here, mom!
-Thank God! Come here!

He didn't believe me when I told him!
Now look!

Slap him hard
and get him here!

Go to sleep, dad!


The sari fell down here!

Here's where it grabbed my hand!

Grabbed your hand?

Is what we saw real?
Or a hallucination, like our child claims?

I have the same doubt!

Let's see what happens tonight.
Based on that, we'll take a call.

How long do I wait?
I'll make my dream come true!

You jerk!

-A babe is calling to flirt alone with you!


-All the best! Go on!

Oh my!
What is it?

I need to speak alone!

I want to speak to you alone!
-Then great!

Come along!
Hurry up!

You love me, don't you?

If the other two babes find out,
they'll kill you!

I'll deal with that later!
Do you love me or not?

I'm trying to balance all three babes!
Won't tell you!

Won't answer if I ask like this, huh?

I'll give you a strong kiss!
Then watch how you answer!

What 'strong kiss'?
Kidding around?

Don't believe me, huh?
-No, I don't!

Check this out!

I've made my dream a reality!

You left me alone?

My Goodness!

I trusted her
and she left me alone! My God!

Let go of my hand!

Let go, I say!

Let go!

Go and sleep!

Oh my! There's no one here!

Damn it! What I feared might happen
is happening!

So it wasn't Priya who came?

Then who kissed me?

A ghost?

I'm busted!

A monkey!

My dear! Anytime you fear scared,
sing loudly! The fear will fade away!

'Stop it, basket!
Quit your act!'

Least you tell it to stop!

I won't spare you!

Despite buying so much,
you're not finished? I'll go sit down!

This lipstick is good, isn't it?
-Yes, it's excellent!

You're not even looking!

Always busy!

Everything's a game to you!

How is this shade?

Won't you look and tell me?

Buzz off!

Is this lipstick nice?
-It's awesome!

Look and tell me!
-Why must I look at you putting it on?

I'm putting the lipstick on for you!

Is that so, sweety?

I checked everything and bought it!

Where did it go?

My lipstick and earrings are missing!

My eyelashes and bangles are missing, too!

Check your bag!

I'm looking for my heels, too!

Sounds like a girl crying!


It's starting again?

Don't go that way!
Stay here!

Look there!

He's walking in my high heels!

He's putting mascara
on his eyelashes!

Yes, he is!

He's putting on lipstick!

Shall we call him from here?

Raghava jumped!

Don't disturb me!


Oh man! You disturb me
even while I'm sleeping!

Her and her bad English!
-Yes. A moron!

-Raghava put on my lipstick!

He's wearing around in my high heels!

He's sensually putting my mascara
on his eyelashes and scaring us!

Sensually, my foot!
My son did so?

-The three of you come in here. Quietly!

Come on!

He's lying there!

Pull off the blanket
and see for yourself!

I won't! You do it!
-Me neither!

They're hitting someone!
Stabbed him, too!

The blood is spurting out!

He's dead.
Good night!

Damn it!
Look how you're sitting!

Legs together!

He himself is spooked by nightmares!

And you say he put on lipstick
and scared you?

If you want to flirt and make out,
do it in the morning! Beat it!

He scares us over there!
Sleeps peacefully over here!

Can't tell if this is a dream or not!

Whatever it is,
we'll discuss it in the morning! Okay?

Said you'd come at 9:30,
but you're here at 11!

Don't you know I have another job at 1?

Sorry, I'm late!
-Sorry, my foot!

I called many times!
Couldn't you answer just once?

This damn thing!

Real hindrance, it is!

It's okay!

To which hotel are we going?

Sit further behind!

As if you brought me along for that!

How did you get there?

Stop kidding around!

Give me the key!


Coimbatore is Shankar's fort!

Despite knowing his connection
to the minister, he killed him!

Who is he?
-Give me a day's time. We'll nab him!

If not, I'll kill you!

'Pure and wholesome...'
Hold me!

'...and aged sweet sixteen,
I want such a girlfriend!'

My dear...
-Girl's asleep! I'm ready!

Damn! Not that!

Tonight... so far, nothing's happened!
-How would it?

You fall asleep every night!
-Shut up and sleep!

Always flirting around!

It's just me!
-What is it?

I have a doubt,

At this hour?

The ghost still hasn't left this house!

Someone's coming and going,
going and coming...

Both are same!

We have the same problem!

That's what we were discussing!

A ghost came up in front of me, too!

Oh stop!
It's okay! I'm here for you!

If anything comes,
I'll take care of it!

What do we do now, sis?

Shall we go to that 'aghori'?

That guy sucks!
I know a more powerful 'aghori'!

I'll take you to him!
-Really? Okay!

You'll go to an 'aghori'?
Will you dare do so?

I don't bother you! Why do you bother me?
Will you do so?

I won't!


Brother says he'll take me to an 'aghori',
but is sitting idle like so!

I'm aware of it!
-Oh, really?

Aware of it, huh?

You're bothering me!

What about her?

You got lucky!

Can I get some food?

None of us have eaten!

Please give me some food!

Can I get some food?

I'll give you biryani!
-Sure thing!

No one's eaten over there!
All hungry over there!

See you later, brother.

See you, sis!

Nothing happened here!

Don't tell anyone a damn thing!
Silently go to sleep!

Can't you even pour flour properly?

I'm doing it!
See if it's enough!


My goodness!
-My daughter!

Stop it!

Drag the leg of a woman at work,
cause flour to spill and laugh about it?

Sit down, aunty!

What's up?
-We came to tell you an important thing!

But you got spooked
and spilled flour!

What 'important thing'?

The ghost hasn't left this house!

It has possessed your son!

-Listen to us, patiently. Then, get upset.

First, he puts on my eyelashes!
Then, he puts on Priya's lipstick!

He puts on her heels
and struts about!

Oh damn! I don't understand
anything you're saying!

I'm scared!

There is a woman inside of him!

We'll go touch him intimately!

That'll make her show herself!

If we hug him tightly today,
she'll reveal herself!

-We'll pretend to hug him, aunty!

Only then, will the truth come out!

What they say is all true!
-Yes, mom!

There are many changes in him!

We got slapped and found out about them!

Didn't want to tell you
as it would upset you!


I'm very scared!

I won't believe anything said
about Raghava!

But, because you say so,
I'll accept it.

Thanks, aunty!

Like we discussed,
he'll come right now!

We'll sit him down here
and flirt around with him!

She'll definitely show herself!
-Oh my!

Before that,
all of you go hide!

Will this work?
I'm very scared!

Me, too!
-Get going!

Where do I go?

Come, mom!

Who knows what's going to happen!

He might see us!

Need to discuss an important thing
with you. Can you come here?

I'm heading out on an important task, too!
-Can't you see we're calling? Come!

-Says he wants to go, right? Let him!

Nothing much, Raghava.
The three of us...

Can we come along with you?

You mustn't come there!
They're bothering me!

Look at me!
Look into my eyes!

All your anger will vanish!

Just look!

Let go!
Got no sense?

How long must I wait for this?

Let go, I say!
Don't touch me!

Flirt around with us!
-Let go!

Where are you going?

Let go of me!
-I won't!

Let go, I say!

We won't let go!
-Let go of me!

The three of you plotted
and brought me out, right?

What are you looking at?

Won't you get mad at me
if I hugged your lover?

My lover is within me, too!

Three of you hugging one man together!
Some women, you are!

Listen up!

You can talk, flirt, hug and kiss him
a thousand times over!

He won't fall for your cosmetic beauty!

He falls only for my beauty!

Got that?

Before my beauty,
the three of you are ugly hags!

You seem frightened!
I'll talk softly.

I'm in love with Kali!

Who is Kali?

Why are you doing this?

Come along, O competitors to my love!

You didn't believe us when we told you!
Now see for yourself!

Come and ask him!

Why do you talk and act like a woman?

What the hell is this?

She's asking you, bro!
Answer her!

Why stand silently?
Answer her!

This guy is so funny!

What? 'Panni' (pig)?

She's mocking me, mom!

So you know it, huh?

So you all know it, huh?

Oh no!

Never mind!

I've heard this somewhere before!

What are you doing?
-Move it, fatso!

You're going way too far!

Don't see my other face!

"Other face"?

What face?
Show it to me!

Why did you slap the ghost?

I don't know why, either!

Even after she showed her entire form,
why did you slap her?

Out of fear, my dear!

Back off, mom!

Get back!

Incredibly ghastly form, I swear to God!


Come out.

She's calling someone else!

She's calling someone to complain about us!

I heard it, mom!

What is it, Rosie?

Oh no! I hear another voice!

I can hear that, too!

This is even ghastlier than that,
I swear to God!

-Who hit Rosie?

It wasn't us, sir!

The lady behind the sofa did!

She snitched you out!
-Forgive us!

You're an elder!
It's okay even if you die!

We're still young!

She just won't shut up!
-Please forgive us!

Why did you get her married to me?
-Divorce her!

I'll do it right now!

He's standing behind us!

Please don't!

I'm your mother!
Please stop!

My mother's rear aches!

Isn't your brother a friend?

Plotting and hitting Rosie, huh?

The lady in the middle!
Not me! That sloth over there!

Come here!

Get over here!

I'm coming, bro!

Incredibly ghastly form, I swear to God!

Incredibly ghastly form, I swear to God!

Who are you calling 'incredibly ghastly'?

I have an incredibly ghastly form!


You're next!

Young girl, huh?

Thanks, bro!

Don't think you can laugh and deceive me!

Been whipped by ghosts for years!
Got any festive offers?

Willingly co-operating, eh?

What are you doing there?
Come here!

Did I call on you to dance?

My limbs are moving on their own!

Would you please shut the hell up?

Get over here, critter!

Who's the ghost?
You or me?

You are!

You are!
-I am, aren't I?

Turn around!

You'll hit me if I do!
-I'll hit you even if you don't!

Why's that gal gyrating over there?

Please don't!

I'm your mother, man!
-Come here!

I'm here, sir!
-Get up! Told you to drop the act!

I can't bear the pain! I'll leave!
-Get going!

The three of you ever trying hugging
and flirting with me again...

...I'll destroy your whole clan!

I won't disturb your family!
You don't disturb mine!

As it is,
I'm pissed at the fact that I'm dead!

I'm going out on an important task!
Make biryani for me!

Look at the trials to our family!

What am I supposed to do?

Why is the house so quiet?
Is Raghava not there?

What's going on, here?

Look at this, daddy!

Oh my!
-Only Raghava plays around like this!

That ascetic cheated me, dad!

My God, you've been ruined!

Not that, dad! He swore to drive away
the ghost from our house!

Yes, he did.
-But the ghost didn't leave!

Raghava is possessed by two ghosts!

Both of them banded up and did this to us!
-Look at this!

Bring over that ascetic here!
-Alright! I'll call him!

Get that bucket off!
-Get it off!

Hold on to me!

Come quickly, sire!

Welcome, sire!
-Good day!

You lied to me when you swore
to having driven out the ghost, right?

I did so for a good cause!

I did come here that day
to drive the ghost out.

I asked him who he was
and he told me his whole story!

Once I learned that,
I didn't have the heart to drive him out.

I'll tell you about the injustice
meted out to him.

His name is Kali!

They say anything about Kali?
-No! No matter how much we hit them!

None'll sell him out, no matter what!
Did a politician put you up to this?

How much did they pay you?

You dare talk back to the police?

Illiterate dogs!
-What? 'Illiterate dogs'?

Surprised that a guy from the slums
speaks perfect English?

How much do we struggle
to educate one child?

Mr. Kali provided education
for several people like us!

Despite having not studied well himself,
he strives for those around him to do so!

No matter what,
you'll never catch Mr. Kali!

I can't catch him, huh?

Mr. Kali is no ordinary man!

He's a brother
to orphans like us!

Question us without brute force!

Talking rules, are they?

Pop one of them!
Then, they'll feel fear!

You only know how to take lives!

Mr. Kali knows how to give life!

-This is my brother!

He had a hole in his heart.
They said he can't be saved!

Said it would cost a lot!

I went up each and every doorstep
and begged for help to save my brother!

No one stepped up to help!

But Mr. Kali did!

He risked his life
to save my brother!

As long as people like us are defiant,
you can't even touch him!

Lay a hand on me, sir!
Do it!

I don't have a hand, sir!
In Mr. Kali do I trust!

Think you're all that!

Sometime ago, no one respected us!

But now, when we dance on stage,
whistles abound!

You know who's responsible for all this?
Mr. Kali!

I don't have a leg, sir!
Mr. Kali gave me a new life!

I'll gladly give up my life for him!
Shall I prove it to you?

Move aside!

Said anything about Mr. Kali?

-Lift him up!

Who is that Kali chap?

Do you know who Kali is?

When the poor are in trouble,
he willingly and truly helps them out!

Think he's calling you!

Kali speaking!

Let my guys go! I'll come before you
at 11 PM tonight!

Catch me if you can, dear!
-I'll see you then!

It's 11 PM!

Why isn't your guy here yet?

The time on your watch is wrong.

Only now, did it turn 11.

He's here!

Two of you go and arrest him!

Not me!

They swooped in like eagles
that steal baby chicks!

Seems unique!
Go ahead, guys!

Two of you go up there
and see what happened!

Don't know where they took them, sir!
No one here!

Stop it!

Don't use your guns!

There's no evidence against him!
Put away your guns!

Cue ball is confused!

Take three guys and head there,

Who's there?

Hey, buddy boy!

Who was that?

-Who's that? Come on out!

Take out every last one of them!

They whisked them away
as if they were water pots!

He's even trained women
to be as tough as Jackie Chan!

Tried to take Kali out of here, eh?
-Let go!

The two of you go ahead!

If anyone comes now, shoot them.
Spare no one!

Who's there?

Said you'd nab Kali in a day!

I went to his area to catch him.
He came before me!

But I couldn't lay a finger on him!

Is this why I transferred you here?

Don't you know that he killed my brother?

So why didn't you nab him?
-No evidence against him!

Only then would you arrest, eh?
Could've just taken him, right?

We can't go into his area to get him.
He'll take us out!

What power does he have?

I give away, too!

You count and give it!
He gives wholeheartedly!

His people get worked up
if he's in trouble!

Take a thousand of my guys
and pop him!

Never mind a thousand guys!

The entire slum is behind him!

What's his background?

I'll tell you about Kali, sir.

His background is that ashram!

I'm going first!


Go to the back of the line!

Sorry, Rosie.
-It's okay.

Thanks a lot!

Why so much anger
at this age?

Look at your hair!
It's greying everywhere!

The doctor said you have a Vitamin D
or Vitamin B deficiency!

You know why?
Because of this anger and tension!

If it's this bad now, you'll look 60
when you're 25 or 30 years old!

So was it wrong of me to stand
in front of the line for food?

Having been born to me,
you mustn't stand in front!

If I feed my own child first...

...these children here would tear up
over the notion...

...that if their mothers were alive,
they'd feed them first. I don't want that!

If I'm at the end of the line,
I get very little food!

If you feed others very well
and live for them...

...God will definitely feed you!
I promise you that!

Really, mom?
I'm very hungry right now!

So many Gods over here!
Ask one of them to feed me!

O dear God, I have no response
for him!

See who that is.

Hello, ma'am!

My brother's wedding.
Many couldn't come due to the rain.

Lot of food left over.

So I brought it here.
Can you take it, please?

See that?

The others got normal food.
He sent you a wedding feast!

God will always with those
who believe in him!

Say 'Thank You'.

We'll definitely take it!

The children just ate, ma'am.
How then...

Are these our only children?

Aren't the ones in the slum
our children, too?

There are some struggling families nearby.

I'll give them this food.

Can you take the plates tomorrow?

Thank You.
Come here, dear.


Eat as much as you want
and we'll give the rest to the slum.

No, mom. First let's feed everyone
in the slum. Then, I'll eat.

Now you're truly my son!

Shall I come?
-Come, dear!

Let's go!

Everyone! Ms. Radha has brought food
for all of you! Come on out!

Marimuthu! Said your kids didn't eat, yes?

Come on!
-Greetings, ma'am!

Are you doing well, ma'am?

As I didn't eat at all,
I'm not getting sleepy, ma'am.

You brought in food
at just the right time! Thank You!

Can I give you a kiss?

Come, dear!

When my parents wed me to her father,
they thought I'd be very happy.

Only after marrying him,
did I find out that he's a drunkard!

The food you provide thrice a week
is what's keeping me and my child alive!

To tell you the truth...

...the food you provide gives me strength
to nurse my child!

Not just for me,
but for everyone here!

Yes, ma'am!

The fruits of your good deeds
must be reaped by your son!

For whom is this?

For Kali.


Ms. Radha?

Oh my God!
Ms. Radha passed away!

Ms. Radha is no more!

Oh dear God!
Ms. Radha is dead!

You left me and went away!

Just last night you said
that everyone here is your child!

Who will feed this stomach now?

'Mother... my mother...'

'My loving mother!'

'Since my earliest hours of life,
you are all I have ever known!'

'Mother... my mother...'

'You are my world!'

'You faded away like clouds in the sky!'
-Mom? Mom!

You left these little ones behind!
Who will take care of them?

I'm here, sis!

My mother told me
to take care of all these families!

But there is no one
who can take care of me!

After Ms. Radha died,
Rosie took care of Kali.

Rosie was everything to him.

Kali discontinued his studies,
and educated the other children.

Taking his mother's words to heart,
he began living for others!

After Ms. Radha's death, the slum dwellers
looked up to Kali as a mother.

Whatever problem arose,
they knocked on his door, with faith.

Kali rewarded their faith
by serving them for all his days!

He saved several such lives!

So, the slum dwellers
began seeing Kali as a God!

The kids haven't slept yet, right?
-What's up?

Nothing much. A guy promised
to feed the kids today, right?

He got into a small accident
and hence couldn't bring the food.

-Don't worry!

I got even better food ready!

I have a good friend
who works in a five-star hotel!

I asked him if he can provide food.
He's packing it up right now!

I've never seen food like this!

I'll come with excellent food!
Please make sure the kids don't sleep!

Come soon!

Many thanks!
-No problem!

The hotel manager, sir.
-Greetings, sir!

With whose permission are you taking this?
-He's not at fault, sir!

My name is Kali, sir.

I'm from the Radhamma Ashram.

I had requested food for the children.

I'm patient because you're an elderly man.
If not...

I'm not an old man, sir!

Due to anger and tension in childhood,
my hair greyed quickly!

Scold and hit me all you want!

Just don't deny food for the children!

Bouncers! Toss this guy out of here!

Sorry, sir!
-He's not at fault, sir!

Food for the children...


What brings you here at this hour?
-Come here.

You brought food for everyone?
Shall I call them?

No, I didn't.

I need some food, brother.

What is this, sir?

You're the one
who always feeds us!

Don't kid around!
-I'm not!

I had arranged food for the kids
at some place, today.

But when I went to pick it up...

...they threw me out!

Who the hell did that?
-It's fine!

Let him be.

None of the kids have eaten.

Can I get a bit of food
from every house?

How can you ask such a thing?

This body was built out of the food
you provided me!

Come on out!
-What happened?

Tell me, my good man!

His kids have no food! Let everyone know!
-What? We'll get some right away!

For whom is this?
-For Kali!

Who brought the food?

The manager told me
that you had arranged for the food!


Sorry, my boy.
I had to play the manager over there.

Because there are CCTV cameras
all over the hotel!

If upper management found out,
I'd lose my job!

But this food is being provided
at my expense, dear boy!

Only after I got here did I learn...

...that you're not living for yourself,
but for these children!

I feel horrible at the thought
of throwing you out of the hotel!

Please forgive me!

My mother used to say
that God comes in the human form!

Today, you're God to all of us!

Thank you very much, sir!

There's no need for this, my boy!

A problem soon arose
in his happy life.

The minister's brother is here!

-Hello, sir! Are you well?

Yes, I am!

Set up a chair, you brats!
He's still standing!

Have a seat, sir!

What brings you here?
-A personal matter.

Personal, huh?
Take the kids inside, ma'am.

Come along!
-Go play inside!

They're leaving.

They're gone.
Tell me, sir.

I heard about your trust.

They say you run it fairly
and honestly!

If it was just me,
I wouldn't be able to help a single child.

God proclaims.
I carry out his biding.

You can help out, too!

I'm going to donate 20 crores
to your trust!

You're giving us 20 crores?

You mean two followed by eight zeroes?

Are you really going to give us 20 crores?

Once the kids finish their exams in April,
they happily enjoy their holidays.

Though the parents enjoy their time
with the kids, they are worried.

About school reopening.
And paying the fee.

A woman in a family I know,
pawned her nuptial thread to pay the fee!

Can do a lot with 20 crore rupees!
Thank you very much!

How do you intend to give that money?

An important thing, sir.

I don't take black money.
Only legitimate money!

That's how I'm going to give it.

A fund of 100 crores
is coming in to my brother's ministry!

We can't access it directly!

So I'm putting it in your trust.

You said you were giving just 20 crores!

Let me explain, Kali.

We'll transfer 100 crores to your trust
and take back our 80 crores.

20 crores is for you.

If income tax officials come to me
with regards to your money, what do I do?

I have plenty of folks
who can falsify accounts. I'll handle that!

That's a crime, sir.

Don't be afraid!
I'll handle it!

Why must I be afraid?
Only if I do wrong, must I be afraid!

Understand this well, sir!

I don't want 20 crores that comes out of
falsified accounts!

Try to understand, Kali!

Please do what I ask!
It'll be good for you and for me!

I'm well!
You're the one who's confused!

Listen to me very carefully!

I said I don't want your money!

How patient he is with you!

Do what he says!

I'm not even heeding his words!
You expect me to heed yours, minion?

There's no other way for me
to access this money!

Try to understand.

You try to understand!

You neither know my power
nor my brother's political power!

What do I have to gain
by knowing that?

No, Kali.
My older brother is a minister.

You're doing a lot of good, too.

If you take this now,
we'll come to a strong understanding.

In the future, you can join our party
as a member... your way up
and become a real big shot!

I get it. You don't like the fact
that I'm doing well.

You give out money to people
which they had given to you as tax...

...and put up banners bearing your faces
which play up your 'generosity'!

I do good for the people
with the money I earned!

You do it for the votes!
I do it for my country!

This won't fly with me, my boy!

You must live well! So must I!
Try to understand!

You were born to live.
I was born to make others live!

You don't know what I'm capable of!

I'm twice more capable than you!

Touch anything you want,
but not my ego!

I'm telling you the same thing!
Mess with fire, but not with my ire!

I'll destroy you without a trace!

Oh really?
How about that?

"Destroy without a trace"!
How? With magic spells?

I'm right here!
Do it!

Mocking him, are you?

Didn't I just mock you?
Shut up!

Don't take my silence for granted!
If I get angry...

I'm saying the same thing!

As I wear white, sport religious beads
and run a trust, you think I'm a good guy?

Good grief, dear fellow!

Heeding my mother's words,
I'm controlling my anger!

If not, you and that oaf there
would be long gone!

Stay here another minute
and you're finished! Get going!

Be well, Kali!
-See you later, sir!

They're over there!
Those guys!

All the slum guys are coming!

We get caught, we're finished!

-Hold it!

What happened?
You're okay, right?

I'm fine!

Who are those guys?
Just say the word and we'll end them!

No one's hurt. Let it go.

Someone's lying there!

He's one of us!


What happened?

What happened, Moorthy?

I got away from there!

As I was escaping,
a man...

Don't spare any of them!

If you do,
they'll destroy every last one of us!

Spare no one...

Kali considers the differently abled
as his own children.

The day your brother
laid a hand on them...

...Kali decided that not a single person
in his gang must live through the night!

First, he killed Dhina,
who killed the differently abled guy.

Next, Royapuram Murthy.
Bhavani's right hand man!

And finally, planning to kill Bhavani,
he made him come to the guest house.

What did I do wrong?

Was it wrong of me
to decline illegitimate money?

You cruelly killed a differently abled boy
who was filled with dreams!

Had you struck me, I'd let it slide.
Lay a hand on my guys, I'll tear you apart!

Mess with Kali
and you're totally done for!

Crafting plans, eh?

You'll kill me!
And you want my trust, too?

If I spare you,
the entire city will be in danger!

Righteousness may be devoured
by evil...

...but it will prevail in the end!

Since the day he killed your brother,
he gained the support of the people.

You can do nothing to Kali, sir.

Your brother was the one
who was entirely at fault.

Kali is a very good man, sir.

Kali mustn't be alive.
Nor must those who call him a Samaritan!


I'll take him out right now!

Don't rush!
I have an excellent plan!

The election's coming up.

If we rush into this now,
it'll affect us!

He's in love with a girl!

Wanted to ask you this
for a long time!

Do you have no desires?
-Why do you ask?

You've never bothered me to do anything
or buy anything for you!

Do you have no desires?
-No, I don't!

Swear on me!

I do, but it's risky!
-There is?

I'll take care of the risks!
That's no problem at all!

Tell me what it is!
-Forget it!

Tell me, I say!
Do it!


Clinging on to you, I want to go
on a bike ride all over town!

Is that all?

Look here!
Don't worry!

You got it!

He'll definitely go out alone
with her!

We'll ram him and take him out!
Rule it an accident!

'With one eye of love set towards you,
my heart softens!'

'With one eye of lust set towards you,
my body melts!'

'Your lips on my ears,
whispers to me your desires.'

'Your shower of glances,
drizzles upon my bosom!'

'Will I be drenched by the blaze?'

'Will I be scorched by your embrace?'

'Will I spread wings in the sky?'

'To make love to you!'

'Caresses scorch my skin!'

'With your every touch,
my attire slips away!'

'The night is the dais of sensuality!'

'Burning up, are we,
in passion!'

'Like honey that drips into milk...
Like sound that flows in the wind...'

'Like color that seeps into water...
You plunge inside of me, too!'

'How long do I bear the pain
as I ask of your manhood?'

'You're about to answer me!
O, what will become of me?'

'Caresses scorch my skin!'

'With your every touch,
my attire slips away!'

'The night is the dais of sensuality!'

'Burning up, are we,
in passion!'

One of them is dead!

What, Kali?
Does it hurt?

When you killed my brother,
would he not have felt the same pain?

You messed with righteousness!

Even if I die,
I will return to kill you!

Despite being hurt so bad,
he doesn't quit!

Watch how his life fades away!

Give me that!

Take a good look!
It's an old building!

They say the power junction box exploded
and everything's burning down!

That's what we'll say, too!

Happily watch your children suffer!

Go ahead!

Everyone's burning!
Someone save us!

First let's feed everyone in the slum.
Then, I'll eat.

His life is gone!

Didn't I tell you?

Only now will my brother's soul
rest in peace. Let's move, guys!

The ascetic told us everything, dear!

No one else must face the injustice
that was meted out to you!

Never mind a day, my dear!
Take even a month if you wish!

But don't spare any of them!

Uproot every one of them who betrayed you!

They claim to serve their country,
but all they do is serve themselves!

When they walk can around
with their heads held high...

...why must you, who does good,
lie in a corner with a broken heart?

Get up, my boy!

It's not just Raghava who is my son.
Kali is my son, too!

As a mother, I'm telling you.

You're not just Kali,
but Lord Badrakali!

Begin your dance of destruction, today!

'Jamakka! Thimakka! Bomakka!
Step up, broken woman! O Vadabadrakali!'

'Thou went to the land of Malayalam!
And learned the mantras of the land!'

'Jingatha! Madamatha!
She who lives in the land of the red soil!'

'She who levels injustice in the universe!'
Come, O acrimonious ruler of the world!'

Tell them to proceed!
-Go on, guys!

'The Angry Kali! The Full Moon Goddess!
The Haughty Kali!'

'The Terrible Kali! The Deviant Goddess!
Kali, the Demon Slayer!'

'The Valorous Kali! The Warrior Goddess!
Kali, the Goddess of Ujjain!'

'The Mystical Kali! The Great Goddess!
Kali, the Goddess of Mallikapuram!'

'The deity of Kulasai!
The ghastly dark guardian!

'Jungle Goddess! Fiery Kali!
Come forth!'

'Past sins tremble as the round drum beats!
Steps up, an angry vermilion dotted Kali!'

'Armed with neem and a trident,
chasing the scent, comes three-faced Kali!'

'The furious scary Kali! A haughty warrior!
Here She comes, with a wreath of skulls!'

'Here She comes to slay the evildoer
who killed the generous benefactor!'

'Here She comes to kill the malicious one,
who destroyed the kind hearted King!'

'Here She comes to break the spine
of the rogue who killed the generous soul!'

'He who killed the protector of the poor,
She comes to chew up to shreds!'

'She comes to plunge a spear into the heart
of he who destroyed a peace loving soul!'

'For eons, across all worlds...'
-Spare me!

I meted out brutal blows as a human!
As a ghost, don't know what I'm capable of!

As it is, I'm pissed at the fact
that I'm dead!

Killing a hundred people won't suffice!
Come here!

I know nothing!
Please spare me!

Blood stains all over my body,
because of you! It'll startle the children!

Costume switch!

Thankfully, he let me keep my underwear!

What is it?
Is it done?

He killed all hundred guys, sir!

Make sure you're not alone
if he busts you!

Already on my way out of the city!

'Exuding the scent of ashes and with blood
in the urn, here comes the raging bull!'

'The monsters who destroyed he who lived
in the hearts of all, She comes to devour!'

'The Holy Mother...'

Thought I'd cower like that, huh?

My plan was to get you here!

Come lay a hand on me!

'Here She comes to crush the jackals
who killed the guardian of the poor!'

'Amid the sparks and drums, here She comes
to bring ruin to the trapped vermin!'

What, Kali?

These four people are the best exorcists
in the world!

Anticipating you,
I arranged for this!

Touch me if you can!

Said you'd come back from the dead
and kill me!

Come on!
Rosie and Kali are both finished!

Over here!

No one can vanquish Kali so fast!

In this war between justice and injustice,
justice must prevail!

Kali must win!

I swear on it!
For it to happen...

...Kali must emerge from Rosie!

Come on, all of you!
Pray to Goddess Kali!

Come on, Kali!

Arise and step forth!

Arise and step up!
Come on!

Goddess Kali has entered this man, Kali!

All that's left is vanquishment!

Let's leave, everyone!

Try touching him, now!

'Armed with neem and a trident,
chasing the scent, comes three-faced Kali!'

Mess with Kali
and you're totally done for!

Bring it on!

Rosie hasn't eaten for days!
The kid's really hungry!

Let me go!

I said 'No' to you
so many times, Shankar!

Told you not to show
your political power to me!

Told you I'd come back
from the dead and kill you!

Did I wrong you in any way?

First, you killed the children.

Then, you killed my girlfriend.

And you killed me, too!

Above all that,
you killed my mother's dream!

You messed with everything!
And in the end, with righteousness, too!

Righteousness may be devoured
by evil...

...but it will prevail in the end!

As Kali had promised,
he returned Raghava to his family.

Let's pray to God for the souls
of Kali and Rosie to rest in peace.