Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace (2004) - full transcript

Four years after an alternate ending to the series, the Undead have been re-released and Glaive reveals himself to be the Albino Joker. The four Riders are again united, intent on saving Amane and stopping the Albino Joker.

Masked Rider Blade
The Movie Missing Ace

This is?

Mr Tachibana,
Is this really linked?

All the Undead Have been sealed,
only you the Joker is left.

lf it's up to me,
l don't want to fight with you.

The battle is the only way out.

Is this all you're capable of?

I won't show any mercy.

This guy is only an Undead.

I must win this.


4 years later

What are you unsatisfied with?

We just want to beat
that guy up once.

What are you doing?

Why are you here?

What's wrong?

I'm going back.

I got it.

Sorry, we have to go.

You don't speak from your heart.

You're really such a person.

It's not like that.

Your future don't bode well.

What about this guy?

Hale and hearty.

That means full of masculinity?

It means you're an idiot.

Try this next.

Our relationship.

I'm leaving it to you.

Shimura Junichi, age is...

Everyone, please help...

Please show some compassion.

Please, everybody.

Please donate some money to help
these kids.

Please help...

It's hot.

It's hot.

Please donate generously.

For these poor kids.

Thank you.

For those poor little kids.

Please donate generously.

What is Junichi doing?

This is what makes him stand out.

Didn't you say that before?

A rare kind chap.

please donate generously.



[Open Up]!

It's a Category Queen!

We'll seal him in a jiffy.

Cheers to Teacher Kotarou.

Teacher's latest book is great!

This book about the Kamen Riders,
has sold over 2 million copies.

But Teacher,
please write another new book.


What a nag.

What's the matter?

Your attitude
in making that request.

I'm sorry about that.


Sis, long time no see.

Kenzaki, I抣l leave this to you.


Hello, you must buck up.

Leave it to me. Well done.

I抣l help too.

Let me do it.

Thank you very much.

Kenzaki, it's been a long time.

Who are you?

It抯 me.

You are...Kotarou?

Who's it?

Kotarou, it's been a long time.

Amane's birthday bash?

Sis hopes everyone can attend.

Is that so?

Amane is already 14.

One more thing,
Can l interview you again?

I抎 like to publish a new book.

With Kamen Riders as the subject.

I抳e read your book too.

It抯 great.

You're now a celebrity, eh?

Sort of.

Are you...still taking milk?

How can you ask such things?
Now my favourite is red wine.

It抯 only for those who know
how to appreciate it.

Long time no see...
you've become such a jerk.

Let me do it.

Just let me do it.

Mr. Kamijou,
Why have you chosen our company?

I抳e always wanted to be
a white-collar worker.

And the best one too.

Let me do the asking.

Why do you want to be
a white-collar worker?

This...l don't know.

Going through the same boring daily
routine, and the immense stress...

You jerk,
I抳e long wanted to hit you!

Mitsuki, it's been a long time.

You're actually in a suit.


Don't be like this.

Mr. Kenzaki, spare me.

l don't want to recall the past.

I抦 not a Kamen Rider now,
and l don't want to be one either.

l want to forget the past,
and lead a normal life.

l just want to...

Please don't
continue to be like this.

l... want a change.

No, l have changed.

That guy,
time has made him a jerk.

There's $10 here.


Get married? You, Ms Hirose?

Why? Need you be so shocked?

l can get married too.

With a friend's recommendation.

It抯 been more than a year.

Don't look at me this way,
I抳e longed to be a bride.

What's wrong?

When can you stop being in shock?


I抳e gotta prepare for my wedding.

So l may not be able to make it for
Amane's birthday bash.

l just want to be an ordinary girl.

The photos will turn out great.

Sorry, I抳e got a date.


Why? Ms Hirose & Mitsuki keep saying
wanting to be normal, ordinary.

Everybody's changed.

Mr. Tachibana has not seen
the gang for a long time.

We're no longer the Kamen Riders.

The gear have also been returned.
l feel that

it's good that the Kamen Rider
powers are no longer needed.

Sometimes, l feel this way...
As a Kamen Rider,

Battling with
the Undead is a blessing.

l understand.

Because l feel that way too.
Ever since...

my book became a bestseller,
everyone's become so nice to me.

This isn't a bad feeling, but this
doesn't seem to be my true self?

Is that so?

What's the matter?

Aren't they all sealed up?

Not only Category Ace,
aren't these all sealed up?

We must transform.

What on earth is going on?

Beats me.

How did it turn out like this?

That is?


[Open Up]

Kamen Rider?


This is...


Thank you.

Please wait a minute.

What are all of you...

What are all of you thinking?
Battling with Undead in this state?

Hold it!


Kotarou, isn't this Amane's photo?

This is my only picture of her.

But l guess Amane
will be overjoyed.

Kotarou, thank you.

Don't mention it, It抯 for Amane.

Besides, how's Amane?

It抯 been a long time.

In secondary school already?


What's wrong?

That kid's acting weird lately.


Are you coming over?

Mr. Kenzaki,
sorry for the other time.

l went overboard.

The past as a Kamen Rider affected
my adjustment back to real life.

No matter how hard l try to forget...

Mitsuki, what'd you do
if the battle isn't over yet?

There're other
Kamen Riders besides us...

What's going on?

You guys...

Why are you here?

I got them here.

The Kamen Riders past & present.

Why don't you mix around?

Hold it.

The present Kamen Riders?

It抯 an honour to meet
Kamen Rider Blade.

But it's a bit different from
what l expected.

What are you saying?

Really, not reliable at all.

What are you trying to do?

We're more senior here.

Don't you know how to
show respect?

Sorry, Mr. Kenzaki.

We're very busy.

We're here today to
retrieve this card.

We do respect you,
but it's all in the past.

This is so.



Shimura, they're behind.

It抯 ok, let them realize
that their era is over.


Must we do it?

Can we not do it?

This makes it interesting.

Stay here and watch.

Amane, you're amazing.

It抯 nothing.

You kids... Can l check your bags?





Stop there!

Hold it!

Stop there!

This place is...

This is their...

You guys.

Welcome seniors.

Let me introduce you.

This is our leader.



What's going on?

Why are you here, Tachibana-san?

4 years ago,
53 Undead were sealed up.

Our job as Kamen Riders
were done.

No, it should have been done.

Should have?

There was 1 Undead left.

Another Joker.

Another Joker besides Hajime Aikawa?

When l went back with the Director
to re-seal the cards.

What on earth is going on?



Please run!

Could it be?

Director was killed, and half of
the 53 cards were set free.

Why didn't Tachibana-san inform us?

It抯 useless.

The Category Ace used for transforming to
Kamen Rider Blade was changed.

You can no longer transform.

That's why we're
the new Kamen Riders.

Let me make the introductions.

Junichi Shimura.

Shin Magaki.

Natsumi Miwa.

Please give us your guidance.
So long.

Please show some respect.

You should be the one doing that.

You really
think you're our senior?

Next is...

Kenzaki, trouble.

Don't bug me, I抦 busy.

Amane has been arrested.

What did you say?



The car is over there.


Let's go.

Amane...l cannot understand.

What were you thinking?

Amane, answer me, why did you...

It抯 none of your concern.

Kotarou, stop the car!



Amane. Stop!

Let me handle this.

Amane, you're so big now,
it gave me a shock.

But why did you...

Shut up!

Leave me alone!

Leave me alone!

We're worried about you, Amane.

You're lying!

You, Kotarou &
Mom are all hypocrites.

Even Hajime too.


Hajime-san said he'll protect me.

But he disappeared all of a sudden.




Come here.

Found Undead.

Location is...

50 meters from here.

Amane, hurry up.

This girl is the key
to breaking the seal.

Right, She's the one Joker
cares about.


[Open Up!]






[Turn Up!]


[Fusion Jack!]




[Burning Shot!]


Transform now.

[Open Up!]

Mitsuki is still Mitsuki.

Skills as good as ever.

What's wrong, Kenzaki?

l got it.

You're the only one
who can't transform.

Tachibana-san, I抳e some queries.

Hajime whom l sealed...

What happened to Joker?

Joker's card is with me.

Didn't expect to
have another Joker.

But why?

The other Joker's motives.

Come with me.

This is...

l found this from the archives.

It details the ancient battles.

It mentioned an ultimate force.

So the Joker is after...

He must be coveting
the ultimate power.

4 years ago,
when the 53 cards were gathered,

Something incredible happened.

4 Kings produced another card.

That means if the 4 Kings
are gathered again...

That is the case.

There're 2 Kings
in Shimura's hands.

The rest changed
back to being Undead.

let us join you in battle.

I抎 like to do so too.

But l can't transform.

l don't want to be under
the orders of those kids.

This wasn't part of the plan.

But Leader, our attacks may be
disrupted if the seniors join us.

It抯 troublesome bringing
a burden along.

It抯 up to you guys.

We don't have to depend on you
guys to deal with Undead.

We will...battle them ourselves.

Mitsuki, Kotarou, let's go.

What's there left to say?

So we wish you'll
join in the battle.

Just like before.

This is impossible.

Everybody please help
Mitsuki defeat Undead.

I抣l be an ordinary bride soon.

Don't make me repeat.


Hirose-san, l beg of you.


I抦 going back.

This is yours.


Undead Search...

That's all l can do.




Where's Amane?

She locked herself in her room
since that day.



Can you open the door?


l don't want to
speak to any of you.

Leave me alone!


Hajime-san, didn't you
promise to protect me?

Why did you disappear?

Because l sealed up Hajime.


There was no other choice.

Great room.

Don't mention it.

Credit goes to
our stories in my book.

Ok, from today onwards,
this shall be our base.

This is really good.

Just like before.

Undead has appeared.

Let's go.

Battle with Undead.

It抯 a Category Ace.

[Open Up!]

That guy.


Kenzaki-san, this is your card.

What are you guys doing?

Didn't we warn you to keep
out of our way?



[Turn Up!]


What are you trying to do?

Wait a minute.

Kenzaki, show us what you can do.


[Open Up!]

Kamen Rider Blade indeed.

Is it Category King?




[Lighting Sonic!]

That leaves only 1 King.

Do you get it?

Kenzaki & Shin are powerful
Kamen Riders.

The combined powers of 5 will
make the task easier.

This is annoying.

Now there's
Blade & Leangle.

l don't want to
lose to such a guy.

We must become stronger.

Why must we cooperate
with these guys?

Is it Category King?

[Open Up!]

Let me seal this remaining K.


l did it.

You are...


Joker has appeared.



His objective is this.

Hang on.



How did it turn out like this?

Who was that?!




The 3 Ks were stolen?

There're 2 possibilities.

Natsumi may have been killed while
chasing the culprit.

Or Natsumi may have been killed
after stealing the cards.

Anyway, the possibility that Joker
may have posed as one of us is high

Where is Joker now.

Besides...why did the 2 die
holding the cards?

J & 4 cards?

So that's it.

what findings have you got?

Didn't you want to
stay out of these?

Because it has nothing more to
do with Hirose-san.


You're annoying,
Didn't l say to leave me alone?

It抯 actually...

Your birthday present.

Are you an idiot?

You still think I抦 a kid?

Amane-chan, I抦 sorry.

But Amane-chan...

Are you an adult already?

An adult takes into account
how others feel.

For instance, your mom.

What are you trying to say?

Are you preaching to me?





[Turn Up!]


J and ...

Hirose-san, are you ok?

The wedding is about to start.

Sorry, I抦 coming now.

I抳e to go.

Wait, Could the culprit be...

What happened?

Kenzaki & the rest are in danger.


It抯 dangerous.

Where are you going?


Amane-chan, come with me.


Give me a bottle of milk.


Hurry up.



The 4 Ks are ready.

Next I抣l need your life.

To release the ancient
ultimate power.

What are you talking about?


Kenzaki-kun, l know who's the Joker.

What are you saying?

Did your father die while on
an expedition?

What's this got to do with this?

That mountain sealed up
the ancient ultimate power.

But the seal was broken.

Your father broke the seal.

The person who broke the seal must
be sacrificed to get that power.

the substitute for your father.


We can't do it alone.

Please come with us.


Where are you, Shimura?

What's wrong?

You are...



It抯 ok, she just fainted.


What's going on?

l don't know,
l just followed the cries...

Where's Tachibana-kun?

He was with us just now.

He disappeared suddenly.

Could it be...

Could Tachibana-san...

Take care of Amane, please.

I抦 going to take your life.

You're really Joker.

How'd you know that?

Because of the cards on
the 2 who died.

It抯 an acronym for
Junichi Shimura.

You jerk!

Are those your last words?

[Open Up!]

But the 4 Ks are in my hands.

Henshin! Henshin! Henshin!



This is...



Break Hajime's seal.


Don't touch... this kid!


[Fusion Jack!]


Amane-chan, you've grown prettier.

You're too careless.

You bastard!









Didn't you just wake up?

You're going back to sleep?

Stand up!

Come on!

Come under my control!

Ultimate power, just to have you,

I抦 offering humans as sacrifice.


l must...l must rescue you.

That is?

What on earth is that?

The ancient powers are revived!

No one can ever seal me up!


What shall we do?

What weaknesses
does that guy have?

Stand up!
Come with me.

Although the seal has been broken,

his power originates
from this card.

So long as the people inside are
killed, the cards will turn back.


Amane-chan is inside too.

l don't need you to remind me.

How can we do that?

This is a card that requires
a human sacrifice.

lf you wish,
you can become a card too.

Just give up your life.

How's it?


I抣l leave the rest to you.

Come on.

I抣l use my life in exchange.







What do you really want?

Use my life as
a sacrifice instead.

Kenzaki, come on.

What are you thinking?

Wasn't l sealed up
by you before?

Just do it again.


Hurry up.

isn抰 it your job to
protect mankind?

Hajime, please forgive me.

How can it be?


Tachibana-san! Mitsuki!


Let's the battle begin.

With our power... and Hajime's!


[Turn Up!], [Turn Up!]
[Open up!]

[Fusion Jack!]

[Fusion Jack!]


[Evolution King!]

[Spade 10,Jack,Queen,King,Ace:
Royal Straight Flush!]

Thank you, everybody.

Go over and apologies.


When l was attacked by Undead and
lost consciousness, l had a dream.

l dreamt of Hajime-san.

Hajime-san fought hard to protect me.

Looking at that made me ashamed
of my behavior.

This may not have been a dream.

Hajime-san may have always been
watching over Amane-chan from afar.


Hajime will always be
by Amane's side.

Forever by your side...

Kokoro ni tsurugi

Kagayaku yuuki tashika ni toji komete

Kiseki kirifuda wa jibun da ke

kaze ga oshiete iru

tsuyosa wa jibun no nakani

osore sae jori kona seru nara shinka shiteku

Kaze o kitte hashiru

Tomadou imo mayou imo tsute

Doko mademo tookuheyu keruto shinjite mitai

Dilemma ni sakebu kore wa

Fuka no o kowa shiteku

Kokoro ni tsurugi

Kagayaku yuuki tashika ni toji komete

Mienai chikara michibiku yo BLADE

Nemuri mezameru toki

Mirai kanashimiga owaru basho

Kokoro ni tsurugi

Kagayaku yuuki tashika ni toji komete

Mienai chikara michibiku yo BLADE

Nemuri mezameru toki

Mirai kanashimiga owaru basho

Ripped by Budi Darmo
Sync: DaNielZ
Thanks to: Benikiba Jonin, Lk6, _Lagarto