Kakera: A Piece of Our Life (2009) - full transcript

The story of the relationship between a college student whose relationship with her boyfriend is going nowhere and a bisexual medical artist who makes prosthetic body parts.

Kakera: A Piece Of Our Life

Hey, I’ve got to get going.

I’m seeing her today.
So let’s talk tomorrow.

Good morning, Haru.
First period is cancelled.


Is that cocoa?

Taste good?

Hello. My name is Riko Sakata.

You had a cocoa moustache.

Thank you…
Sorry, I’m kind of sloppy.

Why "sorry"?
Can I sit here?

Excuse me.

An iced cocoa with no ice,
and a slice of cheesecake, please.

Make it a big slice, if possible.

Do you like cheesecake?

It’s OK.

Baked ones are better, right?
They’re dense and rich.

I like the unbaked ones too.
They’re fluffy.

Here’s your order.

That really is big.

Thank you.

This is surprisingly good.

Hey, try it.

What’s that look on your face?

Do you do this
kind of thing often?

What do you mean?


Talk to strangers, like you are now.

Oh, no. I’m perspiring.

Look, I’m not recruiting for a cult.
I’m not religious.

Nor am I a sex industry recruiter.
I have a respectable job.

I’m interested in you.

Because you are cute.

I don’t always do this.

I just find you attractive
so I came over.

If I let this moment pass,
I’d never see you again.

Haven’t you ever felt that way
about someone?

- Yes, I have.
- Right?

I wouldn’t waste such a chance.

I said hello and now we’re talking.

Are you only interested in girls?

I like how girls feel.

I love to touch and
I love being touched.

Girls feel soft and smell nice.

What’s your name?

My name’s Haru.

It’s not about if
you’re a man or a woman.

You should have someone
who you think feels good.


“To Haru"

Call me any time.

Call me any time.


Why are you here?

I told you to call before
you come over, didn’t I?

That was close.

We should stop seeing each other.

What are you talking about?

Hey, you have hair on your upper lip!

I’ve got to go to work.
Want to walk with me?

Well, well…

How’s Minoru’s ear coming along?

Put your heart into it.
Your work is unsteady.

You have to learn to sculpt
with your heart.

Yes, Sir.

Well, well…

That’s your phone.

Oh, so it is.


Hi, Haru!

Oh, my God, I’m so happy!

Oh, you did?


- Sorry, I must go.
- She’ll be right with you.

Riko, Ms. Yamashiro is here.

Sorry, right away.

Where are you now?

My lunch break is at 12:30.

Call from the cafe where we met.

It’s close to where I work.

See you soon.

Thank you for waiting.

I’m Sakata, your prosthetist.
Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.
I’m Tohko Yamashiro.

We’ll begin with a consultation.
Follow me.

“Tanaka Prosthetics"

You can pick them up
if you want.

These are the ones I made.

Each one’s unique… that’s pretty
obvious, I guess.

I’m so impressed that
you made these…


- It’s so light.
- It’s a new material.

As airy as a balloon.

Try this one.

It’s heavy.

It’s lighter than the real thing.
No wonder boobs cause back pain.

I’m lucky I don’t have back pain…

I’m so happy.
I never expected you to contact me.

I bet you thought I was crazy insane.

No, I didn’t,
but it was kind of shocking.

I felt like I wanted to
speak with you again.

That’s great.

We’ll make good friends.

Riko, what do you do about
unwanted facial hair?


I leave it to grow.
Shaving stings so I hate it.

This way I can still get
a milk moustache.

You’re right.


You’re so lovely.


You smell like an animal…

I want to know how you usually smell.

What’s wrong?


I got some.

Put your knickers in this.

Thank you.


Let’s have a date now.


But…how about your work?

No problem, I’m done for the day.

The world’s greatest animal…
It’s great!

Of course it is! I want to ride one.

And then go around the world.

Yeah, let’s!

Elephant tusks never stop growing.

I could be a dental prosthetist
and make elephant crowns.

You’d become world famous.

The Americans would put you
in the Guinness World Records.

And in India they’d make
a statue of you. How cool!

Aren’t those records British?

Look at the goat hair!

You’re lucky.
I’d love to wear a skirt like that.

Skirts are so easy.
You’d look great in one.

I can’t wear skirts…

They don’t suit me.

Don’t be silly, you’d look great
in one, really!

- You’d look great!
- No, I wouldn’t.

Really, really great.

- No!
- Great!

That was a lot of fun.

Hey, goat-hair girl.

Goats are my friends.

They’re cute.

You want to marry one?

Marry a goat?

Where are we going?

“Sakata Dry-cleaners"


What can I do for you?

Oh, it’s you, Riko.

This is my friend.

- Hello, sir.
- Hi there.

- Dad, where’s Mum?
- She’s inside.

She’s eating with us tonight.

I’m Haru Kitagawa.
Nice to meet you.

Likewise. I’m Riko’s father.

She knows that already, Dad.

Let’s go in the house.

Round the back.

See you later.


- Mum.
- Riko, don’t shout.

Oh, hello there.

This is a friend.
She’s eating here.

Nice to—

Don’t be formal.
Come upstairs.

Your parents seem nice.

They are.
There’s one more of us.

Come in.

Don’t just stand there.

Come and sit down, Haru.

This seems kind of strange…


Do you really,
really like girls?

It’s not that I like girls.
It’s you I like, Haru.

It smells nice in here.

Men and women are all humans.

It’s only hard when we
categorise ourselves.

Homo sapiens have 23 pairs of
nuclear chromosomes per cell.

Among those pairs, there are
sex chromosomes.

XX makes a female and
XY makes a male.

So it comes down to this,
“Do you have a Y chromosome?"

Answering “No" will determine if
you are a man or a woman.

Women have a field
where the crop grows.

It’s a crop field of
X chromosomes.

In this field a seed is sowed called
sperm, with X and Y chromosomes.

As the seed copulates with the field,
conception occurs.

This may suggest that

the difference between a man and
a woman depends on the sperm.

But I doubt that myself.

Maybe we don’t need to define
ourselves as man or woman.

Maybe it’s as arbitrary as whether
the zoo was open or not.

What we do know is that
in the beginning

all humans start out being women.


I see you two are very comfortable.

Oh, my God, what should I do?

Don’t worry.

She’s the one I mentioned before.

She’ll forget soon.
She’s a bit senile.

A kiss for our friendship.

Didn’t you like it?

A kiss for our friendship.

“I’m going to ditch her. Ryota"

The Tin Drum, or
Die Blechtrommel.

The motif of
Oskar Matzerath, the protagonist

is clearly alluded to in Frau Holle
from the Brothers Grimm tales.

In Frau Holle, there’s
a daughter and a stepdaughter.

The apples symbolise life and
the oven symbolises burning hell.

And the bottom of the well symbolises
the uterus of the daughters.

These three elements represent
the ancient Germanic psyche and

also represent the purgatory
that girls live in now.

In The Tin Drum, Oscar refuses
to grow older than 3

but he’s really 30 inside.
He has this duality.

His dilemma is that of
post-war Germany

and the dilemma is
embraced in women’s skirts.

What’s wrong, Haru?

Are you hungry?


It’s a good luck charm.

- For me?
- Yes.

I’ll always be on your side.

They’re beautiful.

They’re geraniums.
They’re my favourite.

White ones are not so common.

The plainness of white is beautiful.

Wait here.

I won’t be long.


Sorry, I’ll get your forms now.

I’m sorry, isn’t this your day off?

It’s perfectly OK.

Takahashi was telling me his story.

How as a kid, your boss made legs
for him and now he works here.

It’s touching.

And happily married, with two children.

Riko, that’s enough.

I owe everything to those legs.

Here they are.

Excuse me, I have to go.

Thank you.

Can you tell me?
I want to know why.

- You know…
- What?

The reason why you…

Why I like you?

I don’t know. You don’t plan love.

It’s like I just fell in a huge hole!

And a twine came flying at me,
grabbing my heart really tight.

My heart started to thump
like crazy…

What’s that?


In winter?

Let’s watch them.

They’re far away… but beautiful.

Winter fireworks…
See how the smoke lingers?

Fireworks look like they are
shooting up but

they also look like they’re falling.

Maybe this is what war is like.

It’s beautiful.

Why did you choose your job?

I want to help
people with something missing.

My family business is to clean
what’s dirty.

It’s in our blood.

You know, the moon is full
only once a month.

Every other day, it’s fragmented.

But the crescent moon’s also beautiful.

What do you want to do, Haru?

I don’t know.

I want to be… loved.

Remember you said that you liked to
feel girls because they were softer?

I thought something similar once.

I was put under anaesthesia.

Years ago, I had a pain so severe
I couldn’t even walk.

Doctors gave me injections the size
of ice-picks everyday.

Oh, it hurts!

The injections made me numb
from my waist down.

So I tried to grab my butt.

It felt like I was feeling
somebody else’s butt.

My hands had full sensation.

But my butt was senseless.

That’s when I thought to myself…

“How lucky men are to touch something
so soft and cuddly…"

That wasn’t a kiss
for our friendship.

Why are you so upset?

I’m only here so we
can talk about this.

And as I said, you were wrong
about the other day.

We broke up but then she came over.

That’s a lie.

It is not! Why would I lie to you?

I realise now that I need you.

It’s too late to say that.

I really broke up with her.

You can’t just turn someone away
when they visit.

You can’t, right?

Huh? But you guys were
walking together…

Stop it!

I love you, Haru.

Haru, your phone.


Hi, this is Riko.

Hi, are you Haru’s friend?

Hold on a sec.

Wake up, it’s your friend.

Come on.

She hung up.

You saw him again?


Did you stay over?

You slept with him?

I don’t know where to start…

About what?

Can I ever escape him?


I don’t want to hear this bullshit.
You’re just being indecisive!

- No.
- You fucked him!

Keep it down!

Can’t you help me through this?

You know your problem, you’re weak!
You make me sick!

You can’t understand me because we
have different taste.

What is it that I can’t understand?

I don’t fall in love for taste.

Haru, you’re not in love
with your boyfriend.

You deceive yourself by feigning
acceptance in the name of love…

Just so you can be with him.

You can’t leave the relationship

because it’s simpler for you to
indulge in your own weakness.

You’re just easy for him
to have around.

You’ve never loved a guy.

Don’t tell me what’s wrong
with my life.

You look innocent but you’re mean!

I might not know about men

but I’ve known many people.

You just want sex, don’t you?

You’re really pathetic.

Some things you can’t say
even to your friends!

Don’t tell me what I’m like!
You don’t know!

I’m not finished yet!

Shut up!

Hey, sit down!

You’re wrong!

You understand nothing!

Why don’t you understand that I’ve
never thought of you as a friend?

I love you…!

I’ve wanted to be someone
special to you.

We spend so much time together
but you don’t get it.

I want you in my arms!

I want to hold you and kiss you
a million times!


What’s up? You look like
you’re at a funeral.

I’m just preoccupied…

I guess I’m in love.

Way to go.

But she has a guy.


Somebody rescue me…

This is my hubby.


You know, it’s like roses.
It’s good because it has thorns.

Women’s weapon is our crotch.
So use it.

That’s right. Drink up and
pull yourself together.

Ms. Yamashiro?

Good evening, I’m Riko.


Your prosthetist.

Oh, really?

Thanks, Riko Sakata.

You remember me!
You’re Ms. Yamashiro, aren’t you?

You are all in black and antsy…
Like an ant… an ari.

Right, Muhammad?

Muhammad Ali.

Looks like you are also a mean fighter
like him. Right, Muhammad?


Don’t you know him? Fool…


You’re pretty, Muhammad.

I’m Riko.

Call me Tohko.


What’s up?
You usually play along.

Haru, come here.


Don’t be upset!

Are you mad at me?

No, you stink!

I’ve had enough of this!

It’s always the same!

We meet, have sex…

We meet to have sex!

That’s all we do.

It’s indecent.

What do you want me to do?

What’s love to you?

What’s a girlfriend to you?

I can’t be bothered.

Do I know you?

You’re so self-centred.

Nothing is ever going to
get better.

This is it, good-bye.

I’m finished…

Are you OK?

You’re so clumsy.

Tanaka Prosthetics.

Hold on, please.


Don’t run, you’re making
the dust fly!

It’s for you.

- Who is it?
- Ms. Yamashiro.

When you concentrate
you don’t hear a thing!

This is Sakata speaking.

Muhammad, get snappy!

What time will you finish?

Pick me up now.
Have coffee with me.



I’ll see you soon.

I have to deliver something.

I’ve got to run now, Takahashi.

- See you later.
- Take care.

Stop bugging me…
I’m leaving now!



Hi, it’s been a while.
Sorry, I know you’re working.

Can you talk now?


I think I want to see you.

OK, let’s meet.

You’re late!
I was just about to leave.

I’m so sorry. I can explain.

Never mind. Let’s go.

I’d love to but I can’t today.
I have to meet my friend.

What’s this about?

We drifted apart after a fight but
she called me just now.

We’re going to patch things up.

No, don’t go.


You know perfectly well that you’ll
have more fun with me.

Tohko, I’ve been in love
with her all along.

I wanted to be more than just friends
but I didn’t know how.

I got frustrated and was mean to her.

I want to make it up with her.

What’s the big deal?
Is she more important to you than me?


I’m putting everything I have into
making your body part.

But I can’t fulfil the hollow
you have in your heart.

We can’t be friends
unless you try harder.

Sorry about the other day.

No, I’m sorry.

Have you been busy?

Same as usual.

I’m pretty quick at what I do.

I’m making a boob.

I see.

It’s cold…

But yummy.

“As Shirota embraced Chika,
he felt his chest swell.

Her perspiration faintly tantalised
his nostrils.

Which drove him to press his
pelvis to hers.

As if to wipe off the bloodshed last
night, Chika wiggled her tongue

and lapped at his nape,
like a wild beast would.

Stripped now down to
manhood and womanhood,

they fucked the shit out of
each other."

What’s that story?

Yeah, what is this?

And what’s going on with my hair?


I don’t understand those stories.

Then again, we’re the result of
male/female copulation.

Both you and I.

Mum and Dad did it in a house,
scented with softener.

As a result I came
out of that tiny cavity.

It sounds so wicked.

No, it isn’t. It’s wonderful really.

I don’t like those mushroom heads.

Except Dad’s thing.
It’s a love tool.

In the future I shall live my life
close to Virgin Mary.



Who’s that?

The owner of the erotic novel.

Haru, open up.

This is major! I have huge news.

I’m kind of busy now.

The professor made me an assistant
on account of my thesis.

So I kissed my job good-bye!

Your line was busy so I came over.

How are you, Haru?

I found someone.

What? You must be kidding.

No, we really enjoy
each other’s company.

Hi, thanks for taking care of Haru.


Is she a school friend?

This is Riko.

I’m Riko, Haru’s new love.


That’s right, now excuse us.

Wait a minute, what’s going on?

You’re in love with this woman?

- Is she a dyke?
- Is she a dyke?

You’re going with a woman now, Haru?

I’m confused.

I’ve been sleeping with
a lesbian?

That’s gross.

Leave! Go away now!

You have nothing to do with us! Go!

Balls don’t make you superior!

Maybe one day you’ll adapt to the
global modern world.


Are you asleep?

Yes, I am.

I might be late tomorrow.

It could take me all night.

I have a precious finger to finish.

Good morning.

Droopy eyes, sleepy eyes.

Look at this.

My client was determined
to have a church wedding

and exchange rings with the groom.

I’m making her ring finger
with my blessings.

What have you got?

Rice balls.

I’m so hungry! Let’s eat them.

Watch out!

Riko, you bought too many things.
What will you cook?

I could make curry, I guess.

Let’s give it some thought.

Mmm. Can I have the fizzy drink?

Wait a second then…

Here, princess.

Don’t throw the drink!

Riko, catch!


Long time no see.

Where have you been?
We thought you’d vanished.

I’ve been coming to school, right?

Only last week.

Did you get the party invite?
You’re coming, right?

Oh… I guess somebody texted me.

You have to come.

Yes sir, reporting for duty.

Great. I was worried about you
because we haven’t seen you.

Make time for us, will you?

I will, sorry.


In the meantime why don’t you
come with us now?


This is Tetsu.
He’s a first-year and pretty fun too.

Hi, Haru. Nice to meet you.

Tetsu, nice to meet you.

Thank you.

There you are.


I just got a phone call.

The bride couldn’t be happier
with your work. Good for you.

She sends her regards to you, Riko.

Well, well…

And I’m the happiest man on earth.

Look, white undies.

Haru, why don’t we plan something
for next week.

We can go away, just the two of us.

I’m supposed to go
to a university party.



How about a date tomorrow then?

I’ll pick the place.


There’s a sentence
I want to hear you say.

It starts with “I" and
ends with “U".

How about…
“I want to eat Chicken Cordon Bleu."

That’s so wrong…

Come on, literature major.

I love you.

No, it’s “I’ll bring ice cream
to you."

I’ll bring you some.

You come here often?

This is my first time.
I’m with my friend.

I really love this band.
Have you seen them play before?


Who do you think you’re talking to?

You’re the friend?


- You like the band too?
- Who cares?

This is my girl.


We’re totally, exclusively in love!

I love her more than anybody
in the world.

Cool. Unreal!

What’s wrong, Haru?

Maybe I want to go…

I’m going.

I’m in love with Haru!

I’m not ready to say that aloud…

I’m back.

Brrrr, it’s cold.

A towel…

I need a towel.

Busy working on an essay?

Home, sweet home. It’s so warm.

Change your clothes.
You’ll catch a cold.

Why don’t you quit university?

Then we can go somewhere.


You’re not listening to me, Haru.

About tomorrow night…

I’m meeting friends so
I might be late.

Where are you going?

Shibuya, I guess…
Didn’t I tell you before?

Really… Maybe I can come too.

No, you’re not a student.

If I’m lonely I’ll come and get you.
Let me know where you are.


Oh, Jesus, her boobs are too big.

American porn is tacky.

They’re like melons.

Silicon enhanced. And a face job too.

I bet you boys always watch
this stuff.

I live with my parents so I can’t.

You’re just jealous, Yumiko.
Anything for a hard-on!

You get hard watching this?
What a cheap cocktail sausage!

I watched one with animals.
A white horse and a blond.

That sounds interesting…

Tetsu, he’s corrupting you.
Stay away from him.

Eat this and shut up.

Excuse me, can you turn off
this porn?

There’s a remote behind you.

Eri, pass me the remote!

Do you have a boyfriend, Haru?

She just broke up with one.

What kind of men do you like?

Gorgeous guys, over 7 feet tall…

With long, blond hair…

And muscular…

Are you listening? He has to have
a goatee and be fashionable.


Haru, what are you doing now?
I’m so lonely.

I told you, I’m drinking
with my friends.

Everybody, come to the table!


Haru, help me out!

Who was that? It’s so noisy there.

Sorry. It was Tetsu,
one of the guys.

Are there men there?
You didn’t tell me that.

Of course there are.

Don’t worry. I’ll call you later.

Who was that?

Your boyfriend?

I don’t have a boyfriend.

Yumiko, do an impersonation!

I love this audience!

Do I look old?

No, about 30 or something.

You have a big head.

I know that already!

Who are you?

I’m sorry, Haru.

Hey, another girl!
The more the merrier.

So what do you do?

You’re so stylish.

Excuse me.
Give me another beer.

Haru, are you asleep?

I guess you are.

Sleep well…

Haru, I can finish work at noon
so we can go somewhere.

How about a movie?

Why so noncommittal?

I see… I guess I should
go back to my parents’.

You look kind of frustrated too…

I think we need some space.

You idiot!

You idiot!

That hurt…


It’s better not to overeat
food you love.

You make yourself sick.

Favourite foods are better eaten
a little at a time.

Look, it’s a beautiful day.

It hurts.

It hurts so much.

Aren’t you going to answer it?

It stopped.

It’s OK. I know it’s Haru.

You’re so cold, Muhammad.

You’re cool to me too. You’re mean.

I’m not cold.

I gave you my body and soul.

Actually, Riko, Takahashi
gave me your body and soul.

Can I see it on you?

I want you to.

It’s so soft…

- Hello.
- Hi there.

- Can I have a mandarin?
- You want the mandarins.

- Just one, please.
- Just one? It’s 30 yen.

Are you OK?

I’m sorry, I forgot my wallet.

No money?


But you want a mandarin.
Take it.

- Go ahead.
- Is it OK?

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

Hey, Muhammad.

What are you thinking?

She’s finally started to
get to you, hasn’t she?

She hasn’t called you recently.
I guess it’s over.

What are you going to do?

Find another lover?

I’m going home.

Hikari Mitsushima

Eriko Nakamura

Tasuku Nagaoka

Jyonmyon Pe

Ryu Morioka


Kageki Shimoda

Ken Mitsuishi

Toshie Negishi

Masahiko Tsugawa

Rino Katase

Adapted from “Love Vibes"
by Erica Sakurazawa

Sakura Momoyama, Keiko Watanabe

Production Supervisor:
Kazu Ando

James Iha

Director of Photography:
Hirokazu Ishii

Masaaki Sakurai

Kazushiko Yokono

Production Design:
Yuji Kasamura

Junichi Masunaga

Yukiko Nagasaka

Assistant Director:
Takayuki Kawahara

Wardrobe Design:
Hidenori Nohara

Zero Pictures

Written & Directed by
Momoko Ando

Translation by Dean Shimauchi
(c) 2009 Zero Pictures

Subtitles Updated & Processed by
Silk Purse Enterprises, UK

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