Kadina Kadoramee Andakadaham (2023) - full transcript

Bachu, a young man who wishes to become a businessman, is in a big crisis. His family forces him to go to Gulf but he is not ready to change his decision. When lockdown is imposed he rethink his actions.

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Hold this.

It's quite heavy, right?

It's going to get burnt.

Keep it to this side.

There goes my biriyani.

Don't you know that only 20 people
should be invited to such events?

Sir, I had warned this loser!

Damn his coat and suit!

We won't repeat this again, sir.

Won't happen.

And then what happened, huh?

Sir, you see, it's my first marriage.

If there aren't at least 150 guests,

what's the point of me
dressing up in this coat and suit?

You and your coat!

Have you also stitched your name on it?

The big shot groom!

Are you gonna empty it?

Sir, I...

Who are you?
What do you want?

Sir, I'm Bachu,
proprietor of 'Bachu Pandal Works.'

Wear your mask properly.

Why are you here?

One of my biriyani pots was seized
and brought here.

-Is that yours?
-Yes, sir.

I must say that biriyani was awesome.

It smelled so good, right, Shobhana?

Yeah, sir, that smell is so tempting.

-Me too.
-Thank you, Madam, thank you!

-Alas! We can't eat it!
-Please, sir.

After all, it's the mainour for this case!

Sir, please don't cause trouble.

This is the first order I got after corona.

Move to the side.
C'mon, to the side!


Come here, Ikkaka.

Social distance!

You'll be at least 50 years old, no?

When our Government gives concessions
like this, should you take advantage of it?

Won't repeat it, sir.

-You shouldn't!

Shouldn't we protect our nation?

We must, sir!

We most definitely must!

Smart boy!

-What's your name?


Shobhana, get Rahman's address and details
and let him go.

Give your name and address here
and go get married.

Thank you, sir.


Bachu ikka, your friend Azee...

-It seems his wife is an ASHA worker?

She ratted on us!

Be right back.

Sir... sir...

Hey, don't touch!

Don't touch.

-What's the matter?
-Sir, my pot!

Oh, yeah, your pot!

Let it be in court and study law
until the corona season is over!

Sebastian, get the jeep.

Wear the mask without fail, okay?

Kadina Kadoram Ee Andhakadaham
"It’s a Bitterful World”

♪ Jammed is life's lock ♪

♪ Safety is weak ♪

♪ The mere thought
gives me a heart attack ♪

♪ The chest's vacant ♪

♪ Roads so rampant ♪

♪ This journey's so damn scant ♪

♪ This plague's spreadin'
across the globe ♪

♪ If it goes on this way,
we lose all hope ♪

♪ Hurly-Burly ♪

♪ Hurly-Burly ♪

♪ It's such a hullabaloo ♪

'Maintain social distance'

'Wash your hands clean frequently'

♪ Don't get all excited to meet your mom ♪

♪ Don't you dare peck her ♪

♪ Gotta isolate yourselves ♪

♪ Don't ya gather around ♪

♪ Don't ya hold hands ♪

♪ Shrink your world to your rooms ♪

♪ What we see around ♪

♪ Is a different world ♪

♪ People blamin' each other ♪

♪ Afraid of the graves, ♪

♪ They spend a dime ♪

♪ Get a nice mask
and stuff themselves into it ♪

♪ This tiny virus caused so much ruckus ♪

♪ The world map's now
separated by barricades ♪

♪ Shoulderin' responsibilities now
require baggage upgrades ♪

♪ Dismayed, let's just watch the sky ♪

♪ Full of petty tricks ♪

♪ Smouldering red rage ♪

♪ These times are full of Huckus-Ruckus ♪

♪ You tiny germ of inconvenience! ♪

♪ Makin' the whole scene bogus ♪

♪ We're trapped in this Jumble-Mumble ♪

♪ Don't get all excited to meet your mom ♪

♪ Don't you dare peck her ♪

♪ Gotta isolate yourselves ♪

♪ Afraid of the graves ♪

♪ They spend a dime ♪

♪ Get a nice mask
and stuff themselves into it ♪

♪ Don't get all excited to meet your mom ♪

♪ Don't you dare peck her ♪

♪ Gotta isolate yourselves ♪

♪ Afraid of the graves ♪

♪ They spend a dime ♪

♪ Get a nice mask
and stuff themselves into it ♪

Bushara, here,

keep this inside.

But Nabeesa,

did they all leave?

I hope at least this works out!

He doesn't agree to anything.

Didn't he see the girl?

He didn't agree to meet her.

Did they ask anything about his job?

But he's going to the Gulf.

That's what I told them too.

As if he will!

Don't argue with him on this matter.

He won't go to the Gulf.


That's exactly what I wanna say too.

Why are you trying to
get me married by lying?

Haven't I told you a hundred times
that I won't go to the Gulf?

Neither do I wanna get married now.

You only call Vaapa and inform this.

You must still be dreaming
of that girl, Banu!

Then, why don't you just bring her home?


Maintain distance from each other.

If you keep distance, you can live longer!

Stay away from corona.

Put that as well.

I'm sick of eating jackfruit dishes!

-Add that as well.
-I will! I will!

It's been a while since I ate fish.

Have a blast. Here you go.

Come, everyone! We've got fresh fish!

-Fresh prawns--

-What's up, Vijeesh bro?
-What do you have?

Shall I get some fresh
pink perch fish for you?

The pink perch is almost white now!

Give me some sardine.

Only sardine?! C'mon, Vijeesh bro!

After all, you lab people
are earning handsomely nowadays.

Aren't you charging 1500 to 2000 rupees
for corona test?

That's not for our personal needs.
We've got expenses.

-Pack half a kilo sardine for me.

Hey, pack half a kilo sardine for him.

Sakeer ikka, did you get anything?

Get lost and mind your own business, man!

Keep distance. Save yourself from corona!

Buy fish with the mask on!
Eat fish with the mask off!

Keep distance.

What about prawns? I've got fresh prawns.

It's fresh.

Shall I get some?

What do you want, Ikka?

Half a kilo pink perch.

Okay. Okay.

One moment, I'll come.


Keep the fish inside
and wash the tray by 12 o'clock.

-By 12, right?
-I don't wanna pay a fine. That's why.

Can you just come fast?

Wait, man. I'm coming.

It's for fry.

Cut it accordingly.

-I'll go and come.

I've been calling you for so long.

He has loaded all the things.

-Is he there?
-Yes, there.

-What's the matter?
-He is packing everything.

Is he mad?

He's hopping mad.

-Should I intervene?
-No need.

Do one thing.
Unload all those things.

Let me go and talk to him.

But they are already loaded.

Do what I said.

Rajesh etta!

-Give me one chair, brother.

Gimme man, that's my chair!

Saali, get a strong tea for Rajesh ettan.

Are you making fun of me?

C'mon, tell me.
Stop giggling.

What are you even saying, Rajesh etta!
As if I'm some stranger.

After all, I'm your Bachu.
You know me since my childhood.

That's why I joined your business with my
hard-earned money when you came crying.

And now its been four months,
there's no money, no interest, no profit!

That's because you are being hasty.

With a bit of patience, you can make
double the money from this.

This Covid, lockdown and all
are going to end.

The world will be the same again.

My foot!

What are you even saying?

Didn't you hear
what that big guy from WHO said?

This Covid thing will remain here forever.

This will be the new normal.

If I sell these as scrap,
I will at least get some money now.

-Murugan, are you done?

-Rajesh ettan, I--
-Hey, no!

Don't say a word.
Stop it.

If there are no weddings,
this business won't work.

That's what I want to tell you.

There will never be an end to
weddings and funerals.

But this Covid will end for sure.

Just think about it...

Ansari's shop closed down.

Ajmera Pandal Works also
got shut down.

Sitara's shop is
on the verge of closing down.

Now what is left?

Only our shop!

Now you give it a thought.

I'm increasing your profit
by five per cent.

Give me two months.

And then you'll come and tell me,

"Bachu, you were right!

Covid has now become an old story!"

Will that strong tea ever come?

It will come.

If it comes, you can drink it yourself.

Let it cool you down.

Tea is hot, isn't it?


Two months! Mind it!

This isn't some cheap chair like the
one your father rented for our wedding.

It's a throne! A throne!

Oh, it's okay. Be seated.

Bachu, just two months, that's all!

By then, if I don't get my money,
I'll come again.

Not here, but to your house.

Murugan, unload the things.


He needs to get rid of these
scumbags first! Only then will he prosper!

Nazeer ikka...

-Nazeer ikka!
-Nazeer ikka...

-Nazeer ikka!
-Ring the door bell.

-Where's the bell?
-Over there!

-Hey, Bachu.

Here... here... upstairs.


How many more days
of imprisonment left?

Don't call it imprisonment, man!

It's much worse in Bangalore.

Stop lecturing and come to the point.

If you want to see the thing I told
you about, it's downstairs, with Umma.

-We will see it.

You tell the rate first.

One lakh.
One rupee per piece.

There are three layers in total.

And Bachu, your usual way of
paying half won't work.

You do that with Rajesh ettan.
I need full amount in advance.

Would I do that to you?

Come in.

Aren't you Azee, Alaiman's son?

Yes, the same.

Did you have lunch?

-Yes, we had.

Was it tasty?

Yeah, it was.

What about smell?

Could you smell it?

Eh?! Smell?!

Yeah, we could smell it.


Then, take off the mask and come in.

Come in.

Here are the things.

You may go and check.

This one, right?

He was given this instead of his salary.

What type of companies!

It's okay, right?

Stop playing and write.

Didn't I write this? And this!
And this too!

How can I keep writing forever?
Even I need a break!

Paathu! C'mon, write.

I am worried about Bushara.

We can't delay her matter any more.

Ask Bachu to go and see
her husband again.

He will take it seriously if you say it.

I'll tell him Nabeesu.

Give the phone to Paathootty.

Yeah, she's here.
I'll give her.

I kept the phone on charging.
One minute.

Now, this page.

She is studying here.


-Give the phone to her.

It's your grandpa.

Hello, Grandpa...

Paathootty, how are you?

I'm fine.

Don't forget my Mickey Mouse doll
when you come.

Nah! How can I forget that?!

I've already bought it for you.

He's home.

Talk to him.

-Give the phone to him.
-Son, your Vaapa.

Tell me.

What's up, son?


You're coming on the 21st, right?

I want to come on the 21st.

But no guarantee about the
Vande Bharat flights.

There are many cases where people
went to the airport and had to return.

You should go and
see your brother-in-law immediately.

We can't delay Bushara's matter anymore.

Am I the one delaying it?

How many times have I gone to see him?

-Tell him that you'll go.
-I didn't mean that.

Listen to me. We, the girl's family,
should always be more accommodating.

Okay, understood.

I'll give the phone to Umma.

It's okay, son.

I'll call her after some time.

I've got some work to do.

-You hang up.

As-salamu alaykum.

Umma, you being restless
won't help the situation.

I'll go whenever I feel like it.

Ask him, man.

You only ask.

Stop sobbing, man.

Even I'm sad that your girl left you.

Come, darling.

Don't be mad at me.

Despite the lockdown,
I was coming with your food.

But the cops caught me on
the way and made me do sit-ups.

Couldn't help it!

Forgive me.

I'll do one thing.

I'll arrange a new bride for you.

Till then, you enjoy
your bachelor life here.


Your Banu is coming, huh?!

That's not the issue now, is it?

You answer my question.

Can we pawn Sumi's gold for a short period?

If that's possible,
we'll get the stuff tomorrow.

Listen Bachu,

Rather than doing such flop businesses,

why don't you go
to the Gulf like your father said?

Ismail ikka's company
has offered him a good job.

-Why are you goofing around here instead?
-That's right.

How much does your mask cost?

-15 rupees.
-What about yours?

Ten rupees.

We are getting it for one rupee.

Now, calculate the profit.

How much would it be?

This is the best business
to do in this season.

Azee, that's what I'm trying to say.
I'll nail this.

And then I can hold my head high
before my father.

But you need to co-operate.

I'll try talking to her.

That's enough!

If you say you'll talk,
that means it's done.

-What's wrong?

Bad cough!

Sumi, you have a big belly.

Seems like she has got twins.

My belly wasn't this big
during the seventh month.

Twins, for sure.

You stay quiet.

Sumi, sit there.

Don't stress her out now.

It's not twins.

This is because the baby is plump.

-I know that. You think I'm an idiot?!

Where is your chain?

I know it...

Stop doing mime over there.

It's in the almirah.
Come and get it.

What happened, son-in-law?

Nothing, Auntie. Nothing at all.

Tiny difficulties of this vast life!


Isn't Azee here, Kaaka?

No, he's inside.

Your father has been saying he's coming.
Why is he not here yet?

It has been so many years since he left.

One minute!

He's coming on the 21st of this month.

Why? Are you fed up
of smoking local beedi?

Get lost, you kid!

Today was Sumi's baby shower.
Where were you?

I was around.

Where are you going now?

Shut up, Umma.
She wants to know everything.

This fellow is nothing but trouble!


Go inside. The guests are there.

There are so many of them,
they can give each other company.

You come, boy.

You stop giggling, okay!

Her parents will be here
on the 16th to take her home.

You must return the gold before that.

We still have 10-15 days left.

We will take this back within a week.

Why can't you ask Bushara?

The issue that was created by
her chain is yet to be resolved.

Should fix this first
and then go after that.

-Get going, then.

Bachu bro, you should give me
10-15 masks, okay?

You'll have to pay for it, Naisal bro.

That shouldn't be a concern for you.
You're already in debt.

That's why I said you will have to pay.

We shall take care of it.

Oh, good God! It's a containment zone!

Stupid fence!

These people are absolute idiots!

This is how they prevent corona!

Aren't you going to Manama hotel?
Get in.

There are no shortcuts on this earth
that autorickshaw drivers do not know of.

Get in.

Porotta, Maida...

Maida, Porotta...

Youngsters are making porotta.

They are taking the maida.

They are kneading the maida.

They knead it, knead it...

roll it, roll it...

then spread it, spread it...

and they turn that maida into porotta!

Porotta, maida...
Maida, porotta...

Iqbal's porotta!

Rumi's porotta!

Ameer Kusu's porotta!

Have you seen the cooks
cooking porotta in the hotels?

Such a big crowd in the morning itself?!

Like this!

Hey, Hamza ikka.
Is this a containment zone now?

That is...

See this road, across that road is ward 55.

That's a containment zone.

This is number 56.

-This is not a containment zone.
-That's good.

Is corona spreading ward-wise these days?

Go and ask the Government about that.

Take a deep breath.

Now, breath out.

Seems like your time is already up!

I went to Madina after taking
enough maida from Mecca.


Therefore, the porotta of Madina
was as sharp as a sword.


Porotta of youth association!

Bro-in-law, what are your new
sketchy ventures?

Why are you not coming home, bro-in-law?

Isn't the lockdown over?

Your sister has proved that no lockdown
could stop anyone from coming or going!

Hasn't she?

You know the truth, don't you?

I know! I know it all!

Despite all this hostility from everyone,

I've not abandoned the post
of her husband.

Have I?

Don't make such nasty comments.

As if you don't know what happened.

I can't keep coming to you for this.

A decision should be made
as soon as possible.

Did I ask you to come here?


His bloody attitude!

What's this Bachu?!
Why will you put it on top of that?!

I met brother-in-law today.

Try to be more careful
from now on, Bushara.

How should I be more careful?

He didn't trust me and left me
despite knowing everything!

And now, should I go fall at his feet?

You won't.

That's why I am forced to keep
going to him!

You deserve this and much worse.

Bachu, did you buy fish?

Vaapa called again.

Your brother-in-law called and
lashed out at him.

He is very worried.

There's no point in him worrying like this.

Anybody in brother-in-law's place
would have behaved the same way.

What did she do wrong?

When we chat with someone,

does the other person get
what we really mean?


Keep it on silent mode.
Or Paathu will wake up.

Is brother-in-law not going to come?

He might come.

But nothing will be the same again.

I'm sure of it.

Bachu, for now, you leave
it here since you brought it.

Fine, I won't argue anymore.

Just call me when this gets sold out.

Heard that the Oxford vaccine is coming.

If that also comes,
this will remain piled up here.

I've just started this business, Das ettan.

Don't be all negative.

Corona won't be over soon.
Give me the money.

Can't I pay after selling?

Don't pester.

I know how much you will profit from this.

You get going.

There goes nothing!

Your business is going good, right?

I'm squatting mosquitoes here!

You condition is really sad.

Well, let people wear yours
even if they are not wearing mine!

-Go back.
-Oh my mother!

Hey you! Come here.

No mask and on top of it,
using phone while riding!

Sir, I was just sitting on the bike.

Don't you know
it's corona everywhere?

Pay 500 rupees fine.

Ma'am, I was just...


Wear your mask.

Start the jeep.

Pathetic, isn't it?

The other thing is inside, right?

Where are you taking this?

For Sarath's wedding.

-Sarath, who?
-The guy from Koyikkal.

20 chairs, right?

Beyond question!
I live abiding by all the protocols!

3, 6, 9, 12...

15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22!

I'll give you one whack!

You'll take me to court, won't you?

Take out those two extra chairs.

I will! Please don't embarrass me.
I'll lose my respect in front of him.

Stop blabbering and take them out.
Don't add more mainours.

Don't you even know how to count, Suni?

But wasn't it you who loaded it?

-Now put the blame on me!
-Of course!

-Be a bit more careful, man.
-Give it.

Make biriyani with Indian mackerel.

Spanish mackerel is too fancy for you!

What the hell, man!

Azee, what's up?

Here, drink tea.

I don't want, not in the mood.


-Watch your legs!
-Have some tea.

There's no point selling masks
for mere hundreds.

How long have we been in this business?

Has anything been happening
according to our plan?!

We've got a bulk offer.

If you don't create a scene,
it will work out.

We can take back Sumi's gold.

Why should I create a scene?

It's business!

-No, that is...
-Bachu... Shall I go, then?

Alright. Take proper care.

Suni, get going.

It's our Vijeesh.
Vijeesh Damodaran.

He brought this deal.

Vijeesh who?

You mean, Bushara's...

Now should I go and
beg in front of him as well?

You don't need to beg and all.

You just have to stay quiet.

He'll connect us to the manager.

At least 3000 or 4000 pieces will be sold.

Isn't it enough?

Stop thinking and come.

It's all good. Come.

C'mon! Show some energy, man.

Don't you have to stand
before your father with pride?

Sir, these are the people I mentioned...

Meet Azee.

Azee bro!

This is a business matter.
So, let's talk face to face.

-Remove the mask.
-That's why I called you here.

Okay, understood.

Hope Vijeesh told you
everything in detail.

Yeah, he did.

3.5 rupees per piece.
Will bill it for 3.5 rupees.


In which 3 rupees is for you,
and the remaining... as you know...

Ahem! Azee bro knows everything.

So, how many pieces will you take?
Let's decide accordingly.

And you are?

He's Bachu. He has the stuff.

Bachu bro.


We will...

Let's take 50,000 pieces.

50,000 pieces.


What happened?

And we can order again after 10 days.

-Will give the next order after 10 days.

So, ready by tomorrow?

Sure, yes.

-It's all set!
-Really? 50,000?!

-Alright! It's set!

-Bye, then.

How is it?!

He's a naive guy.

You unnecessarily talk ill about him.

Bachu bro...


I was financially struggling
during the lockdown.

That's when I took some money
pawning Bushara's chain.

And thanks to my bad luck, I caught corona
while returning it.

Then came along all this route map
and other mess!

Everything became messy.

That's what happened.

Vijeesh bro, now you've realised that

a route map is a bigger problem
than corona, right?

Take extra care now.

Being cautious is everything, isn't it?

Let's go.

Hurry up, it's been a long time!

Here you go, son.

But I didn't ask for tea.

Mothers don't make food for kids
because they ask.

Enough buttering up.
Cut to the chase, Umma.

Banu is coming tomorrow.

Should I go and marry her tomorrow?

Get lost!

Your father has sent a box with her.

Why is he sending it with her?

Isn't he coming next week?
Can't he bring it then?

Your father is coming back
after cancelling his visa, right?

Now, don't give lame excuses and force him
to go back to the Gulf.

Is he going to the Gulf every year
because I tell him to do so?

How can he stay here peacefully,

when you are goofing around, jobless
like this?

Didn't he tell you
that he would speak to Ismail

and get you a job in the same company?

Did you pay any heed to him?

Umma, I am repeating the same thing again.

I won't go to the Gulf to earn a living.

How many businesses have you tried?!

Have any of those
benefitted you or this family?

Tell me.

It's been around 26 years since father
has been living in the Gulf.

And, did he make any assets?

This tiny house?

Marrying off Bushara?

Don't get me started.


Naisal, don't fall into potholes.

The boxes may fall out.

Don't be over-smart, huh!

Bloody pesterer!

Naisal, right turn from Pushpa junction
and the first building there.

You won't miss the route.
We'll be right behind you.

-Perfect okay!


Didn't I tell you
that I'll get the sale done?!

Yeah! We'll do it!

♪ Let us keep a parcel of smiles ♪

Why are you standing like a statue?
Can't you give me a hand in unloading?

-Azee... YAY!

♪ Do not falter
This is all we need ♪

-So, let's eat beef biryani, shall we?
-Of course!

Azee, you ditched me, right?

Your biryani is reserved
for the next Friday!

♪ A pinch of pain is hidden in this smile ♪

♪ The joy of a warm dream
is laden in this smile ♪

♪ Let us bind the parcel of smiles
with threads of honesty ♪

Faisal bro, two BB.

♪ Let the smiles remain forever ours ♪

♪ The future's bitter, we get it ♪

♪ All we need is a solid heart ♪

Bachu bro!

My wife.

♪ Gotta work hard, pull through ♪

♪ Put up with the hardships,
Face them with a smile ♪

So lucky to eat biriyani
during these Covid days!

♪ As the dense clouds
Move away in the blue sky ♪

♪ The crescent moon,
so tender and young appears ♪

♪ When the skies are filled
with moonshine ♪

♪ Why put up a sorrowful smile ♪

♪ May your lips adorn
heaps of joyful smiles ♪


Can't you tie this for me?

Give that to me.
Go cook this in spicy red gravy.

♪ The glimmer of love
appeared on the skies ♪

Vaapa, this Nabeesa deserves
two tight whacks!

She has been acting arrogant
since she heard you are coming.

She's on cloud nine!

Stop it!

♪ Come closer,
shower me with your love ♪

Can I keep two more packets here?

Go ahead if you are okay
with me paying you after selling it.

It's selling like hotcakes these days.

Come on!

Okay, then.

Oh my God!


Look who it is!

Its been so long since I saw him!

Make way, Umma. Move aside.

See you after 15 days.

Can't Vaapa stay in Umma's room?

Dust it and get the room ready.

♪ As the crescent moon appears ♪

♪ Behold wondrous dreams ♪

♪ Bags full of fortunes ♪

♪ Are around the corner ♪

♪ The Weaver of destiny ♪

♪ Will shower treasures on us ♪

♪ The Supreme King
The One who knows your soul ♪

♪ This plague will retreat by itself,
if God wills it ♪

♪ This world will be back to normal,
if God wills it ♪

♪ As the arch of the moon
ascends the skies ♪

Hello, sir, I'm an ASHA worker.

Sir, are you feeling okay?

No need to feel that you are alone.

We are all with you.


We need to buy a car.

We should start doing events
and stop this pandal works.

Like an expo!

We should buy a lorry.

For what?

Larger events will require more supplies.

Then a lorry would be
more helpful than a car.

In that case, we can go on that lorry
to take back Sumi's gold.

How's that?

♪ When the skies are filled
with moonshine ♪

♪ Why put up a sorrowful smile ♪

Wait a minute.


we don't have time.

The bank will close.
We need to get Sumi's gold.

We have enough time for that.
Chill, Azee!

No need to count it, Rajesh etta.

There's a five percent increase for sure.

You'll only make me a partner
for your failed businesses, huh?

Let me know
if there are any profitable ones, okay?

I will invest.

If there's enough investment,

we can bring stuff
from Ludhiana in containers.

That too at cheap rates.

The whole world will be in masks now.

But you only told me

that the unlock has started,

corona will end,

corona is running back to Wuhan and all?

And now you are saying, the whole world
will be in masks!

Stick to one side, man!

Alright. Call me later.
I'm a bit busy now.

Ok, then. I'll plan in detail
and then we can discuss.

Call you later.

Shall we go?

What the hell have you done?

Why did you give him our money?

Now what will we do about Sumi's gold?

We will take back Sumi's gold.

Now that we have paid his money back,
he'll invest in our business again.

Then our business will grow.

Paying off debt as soon as you get the
money is not what a good businessman does.

Don't be anxious.

I won't do anything
that will cause you trouble.

Come, let's go.

Won't we feel out of breath if we use this?

Oh, no, Umma. We use it so that
we don't die out of breath!

-Paathu, come inside.

Why did you buy it for her?
Now she'll never get off it.

Why should she get off it?
Am I right Paathootty?

Kaaka, this is 10,000 rupees.

Give it to Umma.

-Give it!

Here, Umma.

Now do you understand there's no
need to go to the Gulf to make money.

My subconscious mind always told me
my brother has got good business sense.

Her subconscious mind says
many other things these days, Bachu!

Enough, Paathu.
Get down.

Now, I need to have a talk
with that boss, Ismail.

He's the one who's manipulating
Vaapa with this Gulf idea.

Isn't he saying that for your own good?

But now you know that you
don't have to go to the Gulf to do good?

Now you tell this to Vaapa
and Ismail ikka.

I mean Ismail, the boss!

May you get more deals like this!



Don't wander outside like this.
There's corona everywhere.

Oh! Bachu!

Corona is no stranger to us!

Can't you sleep peacefully in your house?

Wanna know the pleasure of
sleeping on the beach?

Go and ask your Vaapa. He'll tell you.

The older you get,
the more you should fear catching corona.

Why are you like this?

Go to bed, kiddo!

-Hello, As-salamu alaykum.

Wa ʿalaykumu s-salam.

Can't you hear me?

Yeah, I can.

I can hear you. Tell me.

What's up?
Did everyone sleep?

Bachu just went to bed after dinner.

His business is doing good now.

He gave me some money.

That's great.

That means,
I don't need to go to work anymore!

He'll bring me the money now, won't he?

Did you tell anything to our son-in-law
when you called him?

I called to tell you that.

He wants to sit for a talk with
people from the mosque.


What's the issue?
Let them sit.

It's not that.

You ask Bachu to call son-in-law once.

I'll tell him.

But you also call him once.


Wh... wheezing!
I'll call you later.

Do not go to work until corona is over.

Whoa! What an idea!


I mean it!

I'm alright, my dear.

Less work means less sickness!

Then what's the trouble.

Just that I feel bad that you are not
by my side to apply balm on my chest!

Can't you come here on the same flight?

You mean the 'Vande Bharat' flight?


I'll try.

Once the big shots take the seats,

even if I have to hang on to the rods,
I'll come!

Everything is a joke to you!

I'll be home on the 21st!

Without the husband's knowledge or consent,

isn't it wrong to give gold to someone?

That's not the main concern here.

When the whole world was trapped inside
during lockdown,

her secretly meeting a man
is not a justifiable mistake, is it?

Tell me, is it right?

Ikka, we've already discussed this
several times.

Now tell, how can we settle this issue.

Isn't that why we are gathered here?

Am I not right, Rasheed?


After all, it's a matter of a girl's life.

Bushara hasn't committed
any grave mistake like you're saying.

Even Rasheed knows it.

It's true that she gave her chain
to pawn without his consent.

Isn't that her mistake?

How can that be a mistake?

Wasn't that chain
given to me by my father?

Shut up, Bushara!

Isn't that a gift your father
gave your husband?

No, it was given to me by my father.


Enough. Get up.

We don't need to come to the girl's house
and listen to such shameless talks.

She wanted us to come here and talk, right?

And look how she talks?!
Come, let's go.

Hey, come on. Sit here.
Don't go.

Sit here.

Bushara, my dear.

We're here to discuss
and settle this issue.

And in between
you shouldn't talk like this.

I need to talk to my husband in person.

No can do.

C'mon! Let them talk in person.

Go in, Rasheed.

Come on. Go in and talk.

You give it a try.

Do it.

-Tell me.

How can you just storm out like that?

Let them talk in person.

What's there left to talk?!

The issue is between them.

Isn't it better
if they can sort it out themselves?

Then what's our role here?

He's storming out and all!

What else should I do?
Move here for good?!



You don't need to say anything.

Don't you know who Vijeesh is to me?

I know.

Then tell me, who's he?

Your... your...

Your... childhood friend!

The main member in your Class 12 group.

Yes, exactly!
When such a person was in need,

I just let him borrow my chain.

I know that, Bushara.

Still, you shouldn't have talked
to uncles in such a rude manner!

I will talk like that!

I won't let anyone
character assassin me.

In that case, I'll let go of everything.


But not me!

You must apologise for doubting me
and speaking ill of me.


You must apologise!


Is he coming back home?

Uncle, get up.
Let's go.

What's the matter?

What's wrong, Rasheed?

She... it won't work out. Assan ikka.

What did she say?!

She'll come with us.

But for that, we all
need to apologise to her, it seems!

-No way!
-I knew this won't work out!

-Kaaka, wait.
-Come, let's go.

-Apology, my foot!
-It won't work out!

-Sorry. No way, Assan ikka!
-Rasheed, please!

You call him once.

-That won't happen!

Let me talk. Don't leave.


What an embarrassment!

Why should he apologise to you?!

You goof around with random guys
and now he should apologise to you?!

You shouldn't have lashed out
at Bushara.

What are you even saying, Azee?!

Doesn't she have a point?

Why can't you understand that?

She only caused all this trouble.

And when we are struggling to settle it,
she's stuck with her damn attitude!

No point telling you!

-Hello, Vinu!

Is this enough for you.
Will give you one more box if you want.

I don't even know
if I can sell this before 12.

-Lift it.

I am off. See you in the evening.

-Ashraf ikka, start the bike.
-Get in.

Take the box and let's go quickly.

Be free after two days.

I need to take her for scanning.

I've asked Vinu to lend his car.

You just call me.

It's Vijeesh.

Pick up. May be he needs new masks.

Put the call on speaker.

Hello, Vijeesh?

Azee, where the hell are you?

How long have I been trying to get you?

What's the matter, Vijeesh?
Tell me.

Azee, it's all screwed up here.

You must come to the lab
early morning tomorrow.

What's the issue?!

There could be no bigger problem.

Azee, let me be clear with you.
I can't be of no help.

Come to the point, Vijeesh!

What shall I say?
I've no clue.

Just be there early in the morning!

Man, what's going on...

Hey, hello?


You better take all this stuff back.

And today!

Today itself, I want my full money back!

Sir, can't we fix the broken strings?

What?! Fix the strings?


By the time you fix these 50,000 pieces,
I'll be retired from my job.

Explain it to them, man!

It won't work out.

-That... but... Azee...
-Listen to me, sir.

A full refund is not possible for us.

Give us some time.

We'll fix this and return it to you.

-Will that do?
-That's... that's cool...

-Right, sir?

Don't come here again with this crap!

This is all on you!

What did I do, sir?!

I was helping to make some profit--

Shut your face!

Shut your bloody face!

Get the hell out of here!

I will sue all of you
if I don't get my money back!

Don't threaten me.

50 paisa per piece,
that is 25,000 rupees in total!

That's how much you earned in a day
by swindling your manager.

Don't forget that
before you get all hyper!


Your money isn't going anywhere, boss!

We will pay you back.

We are off, Manager sir!

-That's the issue! Even you took commission!
-Are you happy now?

-Yeah! What can we do now?!

Nazeer ikka.

Nazeer ikka!

Nazeer ikka!

-Nazeer ikka...
-Nazeer ikka!

What's the fuss here? Eh?!

What the hell is your son doing, huh?!

Cheating us with rejected masks?

All the strings are broken!

Nobody is accepting it.

He is not even picking up our calls.

Oh God! Such a pickle!

Broken strings?

As if he'll stretch each string and
check if it's gonna break or not!

Oh kids! He's trapped inside the room.
Can't even get out!

His RTPCR result is negative.

But positive in the Antigen test!

He is quarantined again for 14 days.

And you come here with this petty issue!

Go back home, kids.

What about my money, then?

All this happens in any business.

Just go home, kiddo.

Nazeer! Don't you dare swindle me!
You A***--

Shut up, you! What are you saying!

What? What were you just saying?! Huh?!


Don't you know he's down with illness?

Tell your sick son he better not cheat me!

Enough, Bachu!

You will come out of your house one day,

Try hiding inside
for the rest of your life.

-Enough. Come.
-Shut up and get out.

-Damn him!
-What a pestering woman!

Don't you dare come here again!

I will see you later! Bloody loser!


Sumi's parents are taking her home
on this 16th.

My dear Azee!

We'll fix this. Hop on.

This is not a big deal like you said.

A stitch here and a stitch there!

That's all it would take!

Do one thing.

Give some of them to Usha.

Give the rest at houses nearby which has
sewing machines.

Then it will be easy to finish.


Stitch it well.

Leave no chance for a further complaint!

No, man!

You be confident.

I am screwed, Unni ettan.
It will cost me 3-4 lakh rupees.

My confidence is a little low.


Don't worry. I'm rooting for you.

Naisal, let's give the remaining
to Usha chechi.

We are off, Unni ettan.

Godspeed, Unni ettan!

Alright, dear!

Ikka, hold this.


There'll be enough ventilation over there.

Vaapa can peacefully sit
and read books there. Come.

-Room quarantine for 14 days.
-Watch out.

And an extra 14 days of home quarantine
exclusively for non-residents.

What a charade!

Let's spread another sheet on the mattress.

Take off the bed sheet.

Keep this there, Ikka.

That too.

Hold this.


Did you pawn Sumi's gold?

I am asking you!

Did you?!

Yes, I did.

I will return it.

What Rajesh ettan has done is a pious act

that any responsible young man
should do for society.


Therefore, I cordially welcome Rajesh

for the inauguration
of this public water tap.

Rajesh, shall we inaugurate the tap
by washing our hands?

Make way.
Social distance!

Come, Rajesh...

You guys don't need to wash your hands.
We're late. Will wash there.

I have another pipe inauguration
at Kundayathode.

-We're going there.
-Alright, then.


Won't there be enough people there?

-Let me see it.
-Rajesh ettan...

-Will this get published tomorrow?
-Oh yes, for sure.

Show me.

Rajesh ettan...

Pick a good one and use.

Rajesh ettan...


I have nothing more to say
other than what I told you over the phone.

Rajesh ettan...

It's true that some of the strings
were broken.

That happens when we get stuff in bulk.

Now it won't break
even if an elephant pulls it!

I came to you after solving it.

What's the problem, then?

Can't you start the business on your own?

You will get the entire profit.

Not like that.

We must import some quality masks.
Only then the current ones will get sold.

Oh, Bachu!

Please, Rajesh ettan.

Don't waste time saying the same thing
over and over again.

I have more than
enough businesses now.

Please stand by me just one more time.

Do you have anything else to say?

Then, please lend me some money.

Just for a month.

If you want tea, have it from here.

That's on me.

Let me go, dear.
I'm a bit busy.


-Where are you?
-What do you want, Vaapa?!

What the hell are you doing there,


If you need money,
can't you just ask me?

Why did you pawn Sumi's gold?

People buy and pawn gold!
It's normal.

I'll return it.

Of course, if you've pawned it,
you'll have to return it!

You! You...

Enough staying there!
You better take the flight and come here.

It won't be good if you stay there anymore!

And then?!

And then what? Spend my entire
life there like a loser, just like you?

-Will you be all happy then?

[Kamarudeen coughs]


I'll see you day after tomorrow.

You may hang up.

Don't feel bad, Bachu.

You're terribly selfish.

You shouldn't be sending your old and
sick father to work to prove your point.

Azee, I'm not angry with Vaapa.

But, I'm just not able
to talk to him properly.

I never had him around
when I needed him.

A month every two years!

Or two months at the most.

That's all Vaapa is to me!

But to the rest of the world,
I'm the lucky son who's dad is in the Gulf!

Who owns perfumes, fancy shoes and clothes,
all from the Gulf!

I had everything.

Except my Vaapa.

Isn't that everyone's story, Bachu?

You always have your justifications.

You did the same thing in Banu's case.

And then?!

She has separated from her husband
and ended up alone back home!

What did you do when you got
the payment from the lab?

Straight to Rajesh ettan to butter him up!

You could have taken Sumi's gold back
with that money...


But Vijeesh's case isn't like that.

He'll lose his job.

And not just that, they will sue.


Sumi will go home wearing that gold!

And neither will Vijeesh lose his job.

I'm sure of it. I know what to do.


Grind it more finely.

Only then it will have the right taste.

Okay Ikka. Will grind it once more.

Now, you are screwed.

You have no other way out.


That's why you have come to me.

That's all.

One and a half lakhs
that you took from the lab.

Another one lakh
to take pack the pawned gold.

What's next?!

That's all, right?

So, altogether, two and a half lakhs!

I have some money on me.

You keep that to yourself.

If the lab people file a case,
it will become a huge problem.

But when will you return my money?
You didn't mention that!

Ikka... I...

I'm ready to go.

To go where?!

So, you gave up your dream
of becoming a big businessman?!

Did you?

You could have taken
this decision earlier...

Forget it!

What I offered you was
not your Vaapa's job.

But I offered you the position
of a manager in my company.

You're educated.

I'll give you one lakh now

and the remaining, after a week.

Is that okay?

Ikka, please don't tell Vaapa.

You know I don't do anything
without consulting Kamaru.

Send me your account details
to my WhatsApp.


Heard flights will be resume next month.

Keep your passport ready.

Be ready to fly.


Your leg...

Are you happy now?

Now you can be relaxed, right?

Get lost!

The baby is fat.

Looks like a ball!

Of course, the baby will be fat!

Like father, like baby!

That's true!

Now no more scandals
because of the gold.

When are you leaving?

Where to?

Heard that you are moving to the Gulf.

I won't go to the Gulf.

Then why did you
say all that to Ismail ikka?

I had to take back your gold, right?

I had to pay the lab people, right?

I just said all that to convince
him to give me money.

I'll repay it by the time
the airport reopens next month.

I will never go to the Gulf!

Bachu! You are the limit!

[News on the phone]

Pull over.

Where did you go?

We went for her check up, sir.


Wearing masks don't apply to you or what?

But sir, we are inside the car.

Why? Aren't masks necessary inside the car?

Why does one need a
mask inside the car, sir?


Do you never open this window or door
and always sit inside?

What if you open the door or lower
the window and corona gets insde?

Corona is waiting for someone
to open the door, huh?

Come on, sir!

Are you mocking me?!


-When did I--
-Get out of the car, kiddo!

Take the documents and
walk straight to the Sub Inspector.

Mocking me, huh?!

But sir, he...

You sit here.
I'll go and come.

-Come out. Make it quick.
-Take the documents.

Sir, this is the guy.

Do we look like clowns to you?

Whom are we suffering for?

When he said something stupid,
I couldn't control my laughter.


Do we look stupid to you?!

Not like that.

If you say something stupid,
then it's stupid!

Hold your damn tongue!

Need to wear mask inside the car!

My foot!

[Ismail calling]

People live abiding by the law.
Do you know why?

-What's wrong?

Bachu's Vaapa's boss is calling.

The guy he tricked and got money from.

Pick up the call.

Nah! Nah! Why should I?!

God only knows
what all lies he has told him!

Let it ring!

Messing with us, huh?!

Sir, you must speak decently.

Are you teaching me decency?


C'mon! Give me your name and address.

Why? Are you scared?


Basheerudeen P.P.

Just pick up the call.

Hello, Bachu?

Ismail Ikka, this is Azee.
Bachu's friend.

Where's he?

He just went out.
Can I ask him to call you back?

That's not it, Azee.

There's a problem.

Where are you now?

In the town.

Bachu's Vaapa...


he passed away.


Kamaru ikka passed away.

-He had a heart attack.

Give me your Vaapa's name.

Kamaru. Kamarudeen

He had booked ticket for Vande Bharat.

Everything was packed.

I came to know only half an hour back.

No, he doesn't have corona or anything.

Oh, he's here.
I'll call you back.


Vaapa left us...





Saali, that's enough, man.

-Unni etta?

Unni etta, I'll tie it like this?

Yes, tighten it.

Just insert a piece of bamboo through it.

-It'll become more sturdy then.

If you can't, just tell Saali.
He'll climb up and do it.

If we need more mats and ropes,
we can take it from Bachu's shop.

Yeah, I'll get it.

He was supposed to be here tomorrow.

Nothing can stop God's plan.

Have you informed Rasheed?

Hey, bro!

Turmeric... turmeric...


Yes, turmeric.
Put extra, extra...


Not that extra also, idiot!
Argh, these guys are useless!

Just a little is fine.

Who's this now...

Hello? Who?


Azee ikka, put that switch on.

Yeah, I'll tell...

Tie it over there.
As-salamu alaykum.

Wa ʿalaykumu s-salam.

Naushad, I am here.

I'll give him the phone.


It's Naushad.

Naushad uncle...


-As-salamu alaykum.
-Wa ʿalaykumu s-salam.

-Listen... you need to hold it together.
-Ismail ikka.

Stay strong.

What's the situation over there?

Everything was okay, right?


You know...

Nothing is in our hands.

-If God decides...

-Still in the hospital.

Thankfully, not positive for corona.

But the procedures here are way
more complicated than before.

Inshallah! Let me get everything in order
and I'll call you tomorrow.

You hang up now.

Saali, pull and tighten it properly, man.

I am tightening it...

-Azee, hold it.

Hey Unni etta.

The brother-in-law is here.

Hey Azee!

Ask them to make some tea...
Black tea.

Saali, get some chairs from Bachu's shop.

-Pull it, man!
-Go fast, don't forget.


Bushara is inside

Who's taking care of things there?

Naushad uncle.

Brother-in-law is here.

Where's Paathu?

Please forgive me.

Will you?

It's okay...


But Saajan,
can you check if there's any way?

Hm... You please try.

I'll also try.

Mm... okay.

Bachu, there's a small problem.

You think they can
bring him back to Kerala?

I don't know anything, my dear.

Listen, give tea to Nabeesa.
And Ayesha too.

Son, do you want tea?

I don't want, Umma.
Give it to them.

Here give this to them.

You take care of them, okay?

Yes, yes I will.

It's a bad idea for people in the Gulf
to come to Kerala right now.

Take my son-in-law, for example,

he got ticket for Vande Bharat
but decided not to come.

Is bringing a corpse harder than that?

My dear Unni...

At the beginning of the lockdown,

corpses came without
any hassle via cargo.

But I don't know why they've stopped it.

Ikka, ask them to try once again.

What are you saying, Rasheed?

Naushad... then KMCC's Shanavas...

They're doing everything we can.

Someone should give us assurance, no?

They stopped giving permissions
from the day before yesterday.

Now God alone knows how many
days it will take to revoke that decision.


If we could somehow bring him here,
at least his grave will be close to us.

But we need to get the body here for that.

There have been 25 deaths
just in the last two days.

And all those bodies
are piled up at the airport.

And amongst them...

our Kamaru's too...

Do you want that?

But didn't Naushad ikka say
that they'll decide something soon?

It's up to our Government, after all...

There could be delays.

If they come to a decision quickly...


But is it right...

to keep the body like this until then?

Is it?

It's a sign of respect to bury the
deceased soon after the death.

Then why don't we decide to do that?

He has been there all these years.

Let him remain there for the years to come.



Isn't it better...

to bury your dad there...

than abandoning it in the airport?

Talk to your mother.



You take this.

I guess he'll be coming in
the same flight tomorrow, no?


Because of corona...

But he doesn't have corona.

He was going to come here, no?

Not like that, Umma...

-I know...

Not everyone will be
able to come and see him.

It's okay...

At least I can see him.

But Umma, the thing is...

They're not allowing to
send corpses by flight from there.

And we don't know if and when
we'll get permission, either.

But how long can they keep
all these corpses locked up?

Eventually, they'll
have to let them go, no?

It's not that, Umma...

Because of these circumstances...

everyone has decided to
bury Vaapa over there itself.

What kind of human being are you?!

How can you even say such things?


When he had come home sick,

he begged you so much to go instead of him.

And did you listen?

If you just agreed to it...

he would have been alive here today!


I need to see him.

You have to at least
show me your dad's corpse!

You have to!


What did Umma say?

She says she wants to see him.

But how, Bachu?

I don't know...

Sigh... what now...


Could have brought him, no?

Actually, that's better.

There are more Covid cases
in the Gulf than over here.

Not just that...

You know, it spreads more from corpses.

Show me your hand.


-Go on now.

Where's Bachu?

He went over there, was on his phone.

Please see if there's anything you can do.

I'll call you back in a while.


I'll get going then.

Got some work to do.

What happened?

I have told Naushad uncle.

Let's wait for one more day.

What's Naushad saying?

He said the hospital would allow
to keep the body for two days.


However, let's not wait too long.

Since it's your mother's wish,

let's wait until tomorrow.

We will hear a positive
decision by then, Ismail ikka...

-I'm sure...

Call me if there's anything.


You won't go to the Gulf.

I know you well.

Wasn't there a death in this house?
Are you from here?

Mm... what happened?

We're from the Health Department.

-He died in the Gulf, right?
-Mm... Qatar.


They are here to talk.

They're from the Health Department.

I'll call you back.

What's it about?

Only 20 people can stay here at a time.

It's a strict order from the Collector.

Right now, there aren't 20 people here.

Although, I can't tell you about tomorrow.

Please take matters more seriously.

Look over there.
So many people without a mask!

There's community spread happening.

Be careful.

Right now...

I don't think the people of this
house will be able to manage all that.

Do one thing.

Place two watchmen over here
and give them a cane too.

We're saying for your own good.
Don't make fun.

I wasn't poking fun.
We'll be careful.

Tomorrow, you need to inform
the Health Officer about the death.

You just need to write it on a
white paper and submit it.

-Will do.


Wear that mask, you guys!

Simply inviting trouble!

-Do you've a mask?
-No, only one.

You've an extra one?

I haven't got any mask on me.

Hey, Bachu.

All the papers and verification from the
embassy is all okay. No problems there.

But you need to send an email from there.

Consent letter.

Also, the main problem is at the place
where we need to board the corpse from.

There's pressure from all the states.

People are saying that if
there's enough pressure, Inshallah,

they'll have to give in.

Anyway, you see what needs to be done.

Bachu, you don't rely too much on it.

As you know, it's our Government,
after all.

We can never predict what will happen.

Tomorrow afternoon,
it will be 24 hours since he passed.

We shouldn't wait any longer.


let us...

decide tomorrow.


Come on, sit down.
I'll get you some black tea.

It's okay, sit.
I'll get it.

-Just sit, man.

I just got the news.

He was gonna come tomorrow, no?


So, are they bringing the remains here?

Especially in these circumstances.

I don't know, Vijeesh.

Umma said she wants to see him.

Bachu has been speaking to someone and all.

But nothing yet.

He doesn't know what to do...


-Don't cry.
-You try talking to him.

Don't cry, try to relax.

I'll speak to him...
You continue reading...


Azee, I'm so clueless!

Whom do we call now?

Don't get stressed out.

It'll be alright.

-Azee bro.
-Hey, Vijeesh bro.

What's the situation now, Bachu?

Would we be able to bring him
without getting permission?

They brought a corpse from Saudi
to Wayanad, when there was no permission!

If you've money and influence,
permission will come by itself!

-Really? Something like that happened?
-Yeah. That's what I am saying.

Just a minute.

Just a minute.

-Azee ikka,

-Let me go up and hang these...
-Yeah, go ahead.

Yeah, it's me. Vijeesh.


How's it going?

-Vijeesh is calling someone.
-Is it?

Let's see.

Really? Please give it.

Well, sir...

Okay, sir. Really, sir?

Okay. Okay, sir. Thank you, sir.

Thank you, sir. Thank you.

Okay. Thank you, sir.

Bachu bro...

Gotta go and meet our member of parliament
tomorrow morning.

He is a distant relative of my boss.

Would he be able to help us somehow?

Let's try every way possible, bro.


Pass me the cigarette.

Shall we go there in the morning itself,

Yeah. Try that way, too.


Don't take to heart what I said, okay?

Vaapa said something and all out anger...

Anyway, I've sent
some stuff with Banu from here.

Umma's phone is there.
You go and get it soon, okay?

I am not able to hear
her properly on her phone.

Alright, then. Inshallah!
Will see you the day after tomorrow.


-Have you done ablution?
-Why, Umma?

You've to recite three Yaseens
in Vaapa's name.

♪ O beloved... ♪

♪ O beloved... ♪

♪ O beloved... ♪

♪ O beloved... ♪

♪ These lines I pen for you to read ♪

♪ With love that sears my soul ♪

♪ In the name of the Master,
Keeper of days and nights ♪

♪ If not by your side in our bridal bower ♪

♪ My heart becomes a lonely tomb ♪

♪ In whatever darkness you may dwell ♪

♪ A warm ember's light I will be ♪

♪ In the cold, I'll be your fire ♪

♪ In weariness, I'll be your rest ♪

♪ Do not despair, my dearest ♪

♪ Let me caress your tender body ♪

♪ Let me heal your wounds ♪

♪ Let me kiss your brow ♪

♪ Do not weep, my love ♪

♪ For you are precious and honoured ♪

♪ In the eyes of the Divine ♪


Brother, please stop.

Where are you going?

I'm going to see the MP.

We still haven't got the
permission to bring him.

Uppa had told me.

You don't worry.
You'll be able to bring him.


You guys head home.
I'll go see him and come.

Why didn't you take Azee along?

He'll directly come there.

Okay, then.
Yes, Vijeesh bro!

Brother, we can go.

I'm on my way.

Chandran, didn't you postpone the
meeting that Mohanan mentioned?

Yes, I did.
The protocol will be an issue, sir.

I won't be able to go.

Sir, this is Vijeesh,
whom I told you about.


Things are a bit complicated.

Come, let me explain.

You know they won't issue
a notification like this

so hastily without any serious thought.

There must be some important reason.

During the lockdown period, we halted
transporting bodies to India for a while.

But we did release them later on.

Just like that, we can hope all this will

change and get resolved
maybe in a day or two, right?

Also, tomorrow there's a high-level
meeting in Delhi about this.

But the problem is, we just cannot
predict what those guys think or say.

They're all about surgical strikes, no!

Is it his father?

Yes, sir.

Listen, son...

It's not advisable to wait for it.

What you can do is discuss with
everyone and take a unified decision.

Alright, then.

-Rajesh etta!
-Give that to Chandran.



Will you be able to make any
calls to Delhi and pull some strings?

Maybe, if the story comes on media?

Listen, son...

I understand your emotions.

But unfortunately, this is the reality.

Let me do one thing.
I'll make a call to Delhi.

If there's any update,
Vijeesh, I'll call you.

-Yes, sir.

Don't worry.

Bye then.

Alright, so I'll go then.

Don't you know my manager's nature?

-Okay, Bachu...
-Vijeesh bro...

From Delhi?



-What's the update?

It's true there's a meeting tomorrow.

But can't say if they'll
decide on anything.

We said one day and it just
keeps getting extended, Ikka.

Why can't this Bachu understand...



No range also!


-I'll come.
-I'm going to NORKA office.

What if they've got some information.

-I'll call you as soon as Bachu comes.
-Yes, call me.

What's it?

-What's happening?

Apparently, there's a meeting tomorrow,
so he's waiting.

It's a corpse!
How can we play around with it!

-Alright, I'm leaving.


Assan ikka, what's the point of
being stubborn like this?!

It'll be a neither here
nor there situation.

Alright, I'm off, Assan ikka.

Once you know the date when the body
will arrive, let me know. Then I'll come.

Assan ikka, I'll also get going.

Eat something, okay?

Everything is God's will.

What can we do?

Stay close to your Umma, okay?

-It's okay...
-Is everyone leaving?

-No, just Umma.
-You take care.

I'll be back.

Keep this inside.

Take good care of him, okay?

You get on, he's waiting.

Are you sure about your decision?

You sure you don't wanna come?

No, Umma.

I wanna be here.

-Let's go?

Say bye.

Keep that inside and come back fast.

Aleema itha...

Ah, you didn't go.

It's comforting that you're here.

And anyway, if he was proper,

you should have been in this house

I'll go check on Umma.

-Do mention Kozhikode...
-The Health Officer...

-Is this enough?


Did you not pay the lab?

That's how I took Sumi's gold.

Oh, the manager is here with some people.

Sir, do you really wanna
go there in this situation?

Sir, everyone's in a bad state, please...

-Please, sir, please.

I've nothing to tell you.

I want to see him.


Ah! Here he is!

People who never answer their phone

usually pop up in such situations.


That's how it usually is, no?

Sir, they're mourning a
death in that house, please.

I know, Vijeesh.

What is the situation here.

Because I'm a compassionate human being,

I am not saying anything.

I need to know your decision.

Sir... give me...

one week, within one week,

I'll settle it.

One week.

I cannot wait any longer than that.

After that you know what'll happen, right?

Court, legal notice and other procedures!

Hearty condolences.

Alright, then.

Yesterday you said,
let's wait for one more day.

And now what? There's some
meeting and then they'll decide?

This is just getting dragged on and on!

Bachu! I won't allow my Vaapa
to lie in some ice box like this!

I won't allow it!

Doesn't matter who says what!

Bushara! Can you be quiet?

There was a death in this house.

This is all because of his stubbornness!

How come this sudden
newfound love for Vaapa?

Or are you mad at him even after he died!




I had a feeling you'd be here.

Let it go.

Bushara said all that in anger.

As each day passes...

I get more and more worried...

that the decision I took was wrong.

Nothing like that will happen!

God makes us take some decisions.

Everything will be okay.

Did you get a chance to see my son?



Carry him...

No, no need.

No problem.
Carry him and see.

When I get irritated with his father...

I used to take him and go see your dad.

He'll take both of us to Corniche.

And he looks at the beach
and then tell us stories.

It's to make me feel better.

Your mother is
the heroine in all his stories.


I used to feel
really jealous towards your mother.

Before I came here,

he took me and went shopping.

Your father is not at all like you!

He knows exactly what your mother wants.

He goes to so many shops
to buy those things.

Everything is in the suitcase I brought.

Did he say anything about me?

He never talks about you.

Maybe because...

he thought I'll feel sad...

-Who got it?
-Vegetable vendor, Surendran.

He has corona.

He covered it up and roamed around.

It's not like he made beef fry to
cover it up and not tell anyone.

Whoever went to his shop
will need to be in quarantine.

So whoever bought, ate and shat
will need to be in quarantine!

Allah! They're bringing him!

Come over here.

Stay back, man.

Move back. Move.

Move back!


Move back, all of you!

Move back, man.

Allah, it's Rajesh ettan's vehicle.

Ah, not just the vehicle!
He's here too!

-Rajesh etta.

Come, let's stand there.

I got to know only when I came.

You know Shibu?

Payyadimeethil Shibu?

His kid fell into the river.

Oh, no! And?

He's fine.
They brought him home yesterday.

So I was there.

What about bringing him?

There's a meeting today.

-Hey, no need, etta.

Rajesh etta...

-Listen to me and keep it.
-I don't need cash, etta.

You need it right now.

I'll call you later.

Alright then, son.

This is Vaapa's watch.

He asked me to give it to you to repair it.



Take this, Kaaka.

He would never forget about you.

-Yes, Uncle?

The permission is ready.

I think we should be
able to board him tonight.

You tell Umma as well, okay.

Now we just need to sort out the ticket.

Inshallah, it will be fine! It will!
Not to worry about anything.

Just get that confirmed too, Uncle!

I am at the hospital right now.

I'll call you, okay.


He's coming, no?

Bachu, did Naushad call?

Yes, Ikka.


Let's quickly get everything set then.

There should be no delays from our end now.

Rasheed, call secretary, Sulaiman ikka
and arrange for the grave.

-Ah, okay.
-Go on.

But Ikka, uncle said
the ticket isn't ready yet.

You don't worry about all that.

All that has been taken care of.

You call the health folks and inform them.

We don't what their procedures are now.

-Am I right, Kaaka?

Dear residents of Aanavad, Chamandikulam,

due to the severe outbreak of
Covid epidemic in the 56 ward

the said ward has been
declared as a Containment Zone.

People going out and
congregating are strictly prohibited.

[Announcement continues]

What time is the flight
landing in the morning?

Morning... around 6-6:30, they said.

They'll only permit five
people at the graveyard.

Who's coming to receive the body?

Bachu, son of the deceased.

-What's your name?


Because Covid cases have increased,
we don't have many volunteers.

So, five people from your side.

We'll need people to
hold the coffin and stuff.

There's one more thing.

The five people who're coming need
to be in strict quarantine for 14 days.

You cannot avoid that.
It's protocol.

Not a problem.

So be wary of that and select
five such people accordingly.

Who are the five people going?

-Who all?

Bachu... Basheerudeen.


Abdul Rasheed.

Abdul Rasheed...


Not Azee, Simi is pregnant.

Vinu, Saali.



I can hold the coffin.

People over 50 years cannot go.

Sir... Vijeesh Damodaran P.V.

Vijeesh Damodaran P.V.

-So these many people, right?

Alright, will talk about the rest of the
procedures at the airport tomorrow.

-Okay, sir.
-Alright, bye.


We can bring him home, right?

You can't bring him home.
This is a containment zone, right?

Please don't say that, sir.

We won't keep him for long.

Just to show my mother.

That's not the problem.

We have 215 cases just today.

And 184 out of them were
transmitted through exposure.

Don't think emotionally.

We need to take care of everyone's safety.

That's why we're all working so hard.

Why don't you all understand!

-Sir, please.
-No, cannot happen.

We know that, sir.
But if there's any way...

Kerala is on the brink of an outbreak.

There are 12 cases in this zone itself.

At this time the safety of the people
is more important than your emotions.

We need to stick to the protocol.

Sir... can I take Umma
to the graveyard at least--

Listen! They're old folks,
how can you take them along?!

This is all part of the protocol.

Also, no one can even be close to the body!

Start the car.

-Please, sir...

Rules! My foot!

They have brought
dead bodies into containment zones.

That's was some
influential person's remains.

That's what I said, Azee,
the law is flexible,

when it comes to certain people.

Whoever I call is talking about protocol!

What do we do now?

Hope they answer the call at least!

Instead of searching for someone
influential in this last minute,

isn't it better to take
matters into our own hands?

We'll deal with the rest later.

What do you mean, Kaaka?

This road leads us to the graveyard, no?

Bachu, don't take any unnecessary risk!

We'll be taken to court!

It's just the court, Vijeesh.

We'll see.




Vaapa will come home tomorrow.

Can Umma see him?

She can.



Kamaru must now be flying
over this sea right now.


Do you know Kallayi river?

Kamaru and I used to swim
across that river on wood logs.

It was a lot of fun.

It was during one such a trip that
he met your mom for the first time.

She was washing clothes on the riverside.

Love at first sight!

Then he started going alone
in the canoe without me.

He was a good person.


You think Vaapa was
angry at me when he died?

My son, no father can die bearing anger
towards his children.




What kind of human being are you?!


How come this sudden
newfound love for Vaapa?

Bachu, my son...

Don't take to heart what I said, okay?



-Bachu, my child...

Get up. We've to go.

Don't forget to take the consent letter
and passport copy.



Go and come.

Will see you, Ikka.


What's your name, sir?


Where are you from?

It's nearby, Kakkodi.

What's the matter?


if the people cooperate,

can... can we take Vaapa home?

Which people?!

We need to abide by the protocol, no?

There are rules and regulations
for these things, brother.

We are not allowed to take dead bodies
into the containment zones.

But if you help...

You're the main...

What can I tell you?



Did he agree?

What did he say?

We've time till we reach there.

They asked us to wear this.

Come, come.

-Watch it.
-Slowly, slowly...

Hold on.

Lift that side.

-Let me get in.
-Slowly, slowly. It's heavy.

Push, push.

Push this side.

Now push.

Alright. Enough.


Hey! Where to?!

Can I also come with Vaapa--

No, you can't travel in this.
Come in that van.


You're not allowed inside this.
Come in that vehicle.

-Sir, please... please...
-I can't help it.

We have protocols to follow.
Didn't I tell you, brother?


Okay, ready.
Let's go.

He was trying to get into the ambulance.

What can we do?
We need to follow protocol.

He doesn't understand anything.

If I could have gotten into that ambulance,

I would've somehow convinced him
before reaching there.

So what's your plan now?


-Let our car go first.

Overtake the ambulance.

Vijeesh, wear your mask.

-Get going, get going!

They're coming.

Sir, this is my house.

Just a minute,
please let my mother see a glimpse of him

and then we'll go right away.

I already told you it's not possible, no?

Please don't say that.
Only you can help us. Please...

Why can't you understand, man?

-There are protocols.
-Sir, please, sir...

I would do it if I could.

-Move your car from there!
-Sir, please.

-I said move the car!
-Sir, please...

Stop this drama!
Who parked the car here?

Move it.

The graveyard is close-by.

Isn't it the same, if you
go from here or there?

No means no! Can't you understand?

There's an embalmed body inside.

You can't just take it
and do whatever you like!

Don't create a scene!

What scene, huh?!

There are protocols for everything!

What protocol?! My foot!

You change protocols when you want,
isn't it?

Saali, open the door!

-To hell with his protocol!
-No, no!

You can't touch the vehicle!
What the hell?!

Brother, don't create a scene!
We will talk!

There's nothing to talk, Ikka!

No way! No!

The Government has implemented
certain rules.

There are Government protocols.

We ought to follow that.
We will ensure that it is followed.



It's me, Assan...


What he said is right, Ikka.

Bachu has been begging him
since the airport!

Damn his protocol!

Open the door, Azee!

-Don't you dare! I'll call the police.
-Get lost! Call whoever you want!

[Heated arguments]

Call the police, then!

Call them! Let him call!

-I said we will talk.
-What's your issue?


Let them take him, son.

Now everyone step back.

Step back.

Here, stand here.

Those who want to pray can do it now.

I, the eldest son, Basheerudeen,

undertake all the financial obligations
in the name of my father.

Please forgive the sins
committed by my father,

intentionally or unintentionally,
while he was alive.

Allahu Akbar.

Allahu Akbar.

Allahu Akbar.

Allahu Akbar.


-No, no, sir.
-No, you can't.

-But that...
-Please, no.

Please don't do it, sir.

Sir... please...

All the others move away.

♪ O Lord, I was doubtful once ♪

♪ As I get past the pain now,
I drift away further ♪

♪ The chilling mist of the snow ♪

♪ The fresh drizzle of the rain ♪

♪ The soothing fragrance ♪

♪ O Lord, comfort me with these ♪

♪ Stayed at the door, longing forever ♪

♪ As I prayed for my dears ♪

♪ My desires dwindled and faxed ♪

♪ Staying in the grave
Until my partner departs ♪

♪ As somebody closes my eyes ♪

♪ My body drifts apart, O Lord ♪

♪ Though buried, ♪

♪ I can still perceive with my soul ♪

♪ In the starry nights
I subdued my sorrows ♪

♪ By praying with the prayer beads ♪

♪ I chanted like a pauper ♪

♪ For fruits of love to grow
amidst tumults ♪

♪ Stayed at the door, longing forever ♪

♪ As I prayed for my dears ♪

♪ My desires dwindled and faxed ♪

♪ I won't stay in the grave
until my partner departs ♪

'After 7 months'