Kacchey Limbu (2022) - full transcript

A wilful young girl who is in the race of fulfilling dreams imposed on her by everyone and being at the receiving end each time.

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It's the beginning of the last over,

and the Tenners need 34 to win,

with one wicket in hand.

The Tenners only have two options,

either Akash scores
six smashing sixers,

or five smashing sixes
and one killer four,

Our friends Maharajas
here have a solid chance.

To break the two year winning streak
of the Tenners.

Akash on Strike,

and Bharat bowling
the crucial last over.

The rules of Gully Cricket don't 
often allow you to score sixes.

But each Gully has its own rules.

A magnificent SLAP HIT!

5 balls, 28 to go...

This 4x4 banner is our rule.

If you hit it, you score 6 runs.

If you miss, you're out!

No reaction from Akash,

he is in the zone.

Bhai doesn't miss.

Straight at the Banner!

3 balls, 3 sixes


Will he go Full Monty?

That's why everyone 
follows him here.

4 deliveries, 4 smashing sixers!

Bhai is on Fire!

And here he goes again!


1 ball, 4 to win...

And my brother? 
He's following his dream.

Will Akash play safe?

Or will he play to become a legend?

We both sleep under the same roof,


I don't know why I 
don't dream big like him.


Bhai is a LEGEND!

Maybe this is why, 
I always do what I'm told.

Because it's easy 
to follow the herd.

But trying to figure 
where you want to go,

That's... Really hard.

Bike, if I win?


15 to win!



Come get breakfast!

What is this?



You look good.

You better reach
the interview on time.

Don't you have a
cricket match today?

Ah match...

Even more important than the job.

He'll get the job

Of course he will!

I've personally spoken to Mr. Jain.

Be there on time!

I'm not a child.

I hope you understand then,
how important this is.

I need to start saving
for a medical college seat.

Aditi, for you.

I'm taking off. Bye.


I still don't see the
point in saving that money.

She wants to be a fashion designer.

That's absolutely not true.

He's talking nonsense.

You want to become
a fashion designer?

So what?

Everyone your age wants
to be a fashion designer.

No problem.

Should I give you
a ride till the bus stop?

No, it's okay.
I'll hitch a ride with Bhai.

Remember, just till the main gate.

Don't forget to pay
Kavita Ma'am's fees.

Good Luck Akash!

What for?

For the match or
For the job interview?

Whatever you need it for!

Hi Yuvi!

Hello Uncle!

Hi Kabir!

Hi Aditi!


Would you like to
go in the same bus?

Will you come watch
the cricket match?

I don't know...

I'll see you there.

- Bye Yuvi.
- Bye Kabir!

Bye Uncle!


The action is illegal,

and that's that.

The rules won't change.

Rules can change.

And they have changed.

For example.

Initially, they would bowl underarm.



Then there was a girl whose hand
kept getting caught in her skirt.

So she bowled overarm.

That's nonsense.

Overarm bowling has been
around since a long time.

Girls haven't always
played cricket...

Only for about 250 years.


Two hundred and fifty years!

It's a substitute teacher.
Let's not waste time.

Guys, I'm reaching
out to Saanvi Gandhi.


Like she's going to talk to us.

What do you think?

Can we upcycle our
outfits from this?

I still think we should
forget everything,

and go absolutely Old School!

We'll wear leaves only.


Guys, what about this?

Papier-m*ch* outfits?

What are we?



Guys... Let's think professionally.

This is not just
for the high school fest

This is important for
our college applications.

For our future!

Right, guys?

You're right!
And we need to make it work.



Hey guys, did you see this?

Hey you!
What're you doing?

Let's go! Let's go!

This is why Mumbai produces
the best batsmen in the world!

We play with unimaginable odds.

Sachin posted this!

Bhai is going viral!

Good for him.

Thirty seconds of fame,
for this fake cricket.

Underarm is not Cricket babe.

You know this, too.

You're just jealous, dude.

Of course I am!

Shouldn't I be?

I mean Sachin is an icon after all.

And my brother's no less.

You'll see today!

Get outta here!

You get out!

Let's get out together...

Prasad Sir will come
and watch your match.

Did he watch the video?

Don't know yet.

But listen up!

You should also talk to sir about
possibly getting a job at his company.

He's a Selector for the West Zone.

I want only one job from him.

Then don't get out today.


Well done Well done.
Come on!

Come on!

Let's go, let's go!
One more!

Come on Nakul!


Well done, well done.

Play on your back foot!
He's flighting the ball.

Coach Ditti in the house!

Guys she said yes!

For real?!

Yep! And she also said
If she likes our ideas,

she will let us use her studio.

So when do we get to meet her?

Uh.. She said today!

She can show us around today at 7PM.

I have class then.

You said you were quitting that.

Make up your mind.

Don't leave us hanging.

Listen, you better tell us now.

If you're not in, we'll have
to look for a fourth new member

and we don't have time for that.


I'll figure it out today.

Come on Nakul!

Nakul, come forward...

Let go!


Where's the warning?

Get lost!

(incoherent yelling)

Bhai, do not touch him!

Listen to your sister.



So you have a temper, huh?



You're a star now.

Thank you, sir.

How old are you?
20? 22?

The video that Sachin shared,

when's that tournament?

In three weeks.

Ah okay.

We're looking forward to it.

He's a scout from a Talent Agency.

He'll keep tabs on your progress,
throughout the year.

And then...
They'll sign you.


Sign how?

It means you'll sign
a contract with us.

And we'll manage your career.

Sir, am I being selected
for the Indian team?

You don't need to be selected.

Everyone knows who you are now.

The young players
will try to copy you.

Sachin, M.S and Virat
won't only share the videos,

they'll own the teams.


Underarm Premier League
will be established.

And you Akash Nath...

You will be the face of it.

You will be the next
big change in Cricket.


Ma'am, may I request something?

I made a request too.

Did you listen?

Did you practice at home?

Show me the Mountain Pose.

I was hoping to change my batch.

Now the One Foot Pose.

Want to move to the Advanced Batch?


Are you embarrassed
to be in a kids' class?

No ma'am, it's not that.

The Triangle Pose?

How can I move you
to the Advance Batch,

when you can't even
do the basics right?

At an age where you should
have completed this course,

you're learning with beginners.

If you'd have started
a few years ago,

you'd easily be in
the Advance Batch now.

But no.

You had to choose Cricket.

Change to Warrior Pose.

Now the Folding Pose.

Ma'am, I have to prepare
for the medical entrance exam.

Ah okay.

And now you're going to be a doctor?

Says who?

Your father?

Change to the Chair Pose.

Why did you start
to learn Bharatanatyam?

Mom asked me to.


Just like you can't
dance Bharatnatyam

because your mom wants you to,

you can't become a doctor
because your father wishes you to.

What is it that you want?

To change my batch.

Dad! It's your phone!


I'm coming!

Who is it?

Oh! Mr. Jain.

Yes Mr. Jain.

I was in my room.

Your boyfriend is a cheater.

Be careful.

He didn't cheat!

Law 41, Clause 16, Non-striker
leaving his ground early--


Here comes Sachin's favourite!

How was the job interview?

- Dad, Prasad Sir--
- Cricket is my passion.

That's what you
said in the interview.

Were you at a job interview or...
Were you auditioning for reality TV?


You go wash up.

What am I to do with him?

I had asked Mr. Jain for a favour.

Prasad Sir is a Selector
for the West Zone.

Have you been selected officially?


They're establishing
a new Underarm Premier League.

And making me its face.


It's a National League Mom.

Rohit, Virat, M.S,
they'll all be team owners!

In fact, the society tournament
will have sponsorship this year.

There'll be media coverage.

The winning team gets a 100 Grand.

And a motorbike for
the Man of the Series.

Will the Man of the
Series also get a job?

No, but it'll be exactly
like getting one!

I'll be a contracted
player in the league.



Next year.
When the league starts.

And what if next year
they find a new face?

Don't be so negative.

It could be good news.

Not negative, I'm being realistic.

He's 26.

Natrajan debuted for India at 29.

Yes, but he also played State
level at 23. And the IPL at 26.

And you've come to me with
the promise of a contract?

For an underarm league that doesn't
even exist yet?

Yes. But it will exist soon.

Just hear him out.

I'm all ears.

No, that's all I had.

Okay, tell me this. Why are they
making you the face of the league?

Because Sachin posted my video!

What's the guarantee
the league will start next year?

My performance this year!

You can't keep building
castles in the air!

There has to be a concrete plan.

There are no guarantees in life.

The job interview you had today,
that was guaranteed.

Yes, but I don't
want to do that job.

And I'm not going
for any more interviews.

This is what I want!

Bhai, no this is not what you want!

You stay out of this!

The adults are talking.
As if, you know everything.

- Bhai, I know you--
- Shut up!

You want to play at the Lords!

Not just this Society
Underarm Cricket!

You think Society
Underarm Cricket is easy?

Then get four players.
Make a team.

Little Miss Know-It-All.

- I'm on your side--
- No you're not!

You're not on my side.

In fact, none of you are on my side.

All of you think
you know more than me.

I do know more.

I've lived a longer
life than you have, son.

But you haven't lived my life,
have you?


Cricket wasn't just your dream.

It is now, Mom.

It's just me now,
because all of you quit on me.

And now you want me to quit too.

Bhai. Don't quit.

But do what you
actually want to do--

Do you know what you want to do?

I will tell her what she'll do.

Yes! You tell her!

Because she will listen to you!
The obedient one!

What if I do?

What if I make a team?

Then, I will go for the interview.

In fact, if she beats
me in the tournament,

I'll take a job too!

He's a bully.

He's not.

He's just overconfident.

Then he should challenge players
at his own level.

What's the point in making her cry?

Ditti, here's what you do.

You should challenge
him in Bharatnatyam.

You forgot to take
the fees for Kavita Ma'am.

I've kept the money in your wallet.

Be sure to give it to her tomorrow.



Why are you taking this
challenge so seriously?

It's not like your brother
will make life decisions from this.

Tell him to challenge me.
I'll take him down a peg.


Are you going to play?


But you said,
"Underarm is not real cricket."

I mean, it's not, but...

If there really is a National
League, why should I miss out?

But the tournament is
only for society residents.

My grandmother owns
an apartment there,

so technically I am a resident.

In fact,

you, your mom and your dad,
makes three people.

Just bring in two more punters,
you'll have a team!

It's not like you
want to play seriously.


(Professor teaching in background)

Half Kg.

Red lentils 1 Kg.


Ever since Sachin Sir
shared your viral video,

everyone's forgotten the season ball,
they're focused on the underarm only.

The boys are making
videos of your Slap Hit!

[14 year old scored 200 runs in Harris Sheild]

You're not only the
cricketer Akash Nath,

you are so much more!

You've only ever played
cricket in your life.

Why don't you give yourself
the chance to do something else?

To go see what else
the world has to offer?

Your identity can't
be just one thing.

It is just one thing for me.

Prayers to Lord Brahma,

Prayers to Lord Vishnu,

Prayers to divinity itself,

God is the Almighty.


Please don't tell Mom.

God is the Almighty.

Excuse me,

who is Akash Nath?

How much practice do you need,

to hit 6 sixes in a row?

I've played here all my life.

So I'd say, a lifetime.

Akash, what would
you say is tougher?

Underarm or Season Cricket?

Season Cricket has a
different kind of pressure.

But the rules here don't
make things easy either.

This year,
the pressure will be here too.

As you know,
the tournament will be livestreamed.

Because the people want
to see your Slap Hit sixes.

All the best.

I'll try my best.

Congratulations, Bhai!

This is insane!



Here's an interview call as well.

You applied here because
you wanted to.

Yes, I did.

But then, we made a deal.



We were thinking...

We could speak to the society,
and have your team registered.


Didn't you want to make a team?

I wanted to make one,

even back when the
school team shut down.

Yeah, but there was
no coach for girls then,

what could we have done?

Well, what can you do now?

We can help you make your team.

And what if I don't want to play?

We're not asking you to play,

we're only asking
you to make a team.

I wish you'd ask me to play.


No chance. She's got
classes all day, every day.

Ria from A wing?

I thought they moved out.

Oh yeah, yeah.

Rhea from B wing?

Nah, not her.

What about Shraddha?



She hates me.


Bhai's ex-girlfriend.

Hi Yuvi!

Hi Uncle!

Okay... bye Aditi.

Used to this one, yet?

We can ask him, yes?

I'm sure he knows other girls.

Why do you only want to ask girls?


- Sir?
- Hm?

Can I register a team
with girls and boys both?


As long as they're a resident,
they're good.

Thank you!

What a time to make this request!

My team's already been registered.

Fair, then just add my name,
as an extra player.

And what if we need
that extra to play?

Then, I'll play!

Why are you being like this?

Why are you being like this?

Your brother's job
is not your responsibility.

It's not about him.


I picked a fight
with my brother for you,

and you can't do this for me?

My team is a serious team.

And I'm a serious player.

Plus, you don't even play!

I play!


You're making me say this,

but there's a considerable difference,
between your girls' team and my team.


Let's play and see.

- I need my clothes.
- One more step.

Don't you get it?


Get what?

That bro,

I can't have a girl on my team.

Then bro,

you can't even have a girlfriend.

When he comes,
I'll let him know you were waiting.

You can leave now.

I'm just sat here quietly,

You do your thing!
What's your problem?

The problem is,
dilly dallying here is prohibited.

Then what do you do all day?

- Excuse me?
- I said, then what do you do all day?



Sorry, my bad. I got late.

How long does your bus route take?

It's on me.

I'm making a team.


For the society tournament,
I'm making my own team.

You've come to chat about cricket?



So, I'm making a team.


Why? Can't I make a team?

Of course you can.

I'm only asking why are you?

Because I don't want
to do what I'm doing,

and if I don't do this, I think I
won't know what I really want to do,

so I'm making this team. I guess.

Then... you should do it.

Will you help me?

Yes, of course.

I don't have any players.

Hmm. There are some
decent players leftover.

Will you convince
them to join my team?

Convince them to play on your team?

I'll do it.


But think about it a bit more.

They're all broke.

They won't have money
to pay for register--

I'll pay the registration money.
Don't worry.

Then it's settled.

Your money.

Your team.

Do you have the sign up form?


Write down the first player's name.


Aditi Nath.

Kabir Saini.





You're going to quit my
brother's team, and join mine?


Even I want to see
what I'm really capable of.

Bhai's going to kill me.

He's going to kill me.

You're sure, yes?

Don't ask me again,
I might change my mind.


What about the
remaining three players?

Give me your phone.

I'll send you the names
of the other players.

This is me.

Add to Favourites.

Speed Dial.


Has Saini lost his mind?

This means you're
going for the interview.

Why didn't you ask your boyfriend,
to play on your team?

You have a boyfriend?

Where did you get
the money to register?

My savings.

- How much?
- Rs 3000.

But the registration costs Rs 5000.

Why wouldn't you ask me for it?

I've given up Bharatnatyam.

What do you mean, you've given up?

Akash, you go do prep
for the interview tomorrow.

I haven't made a
team for Bhai's job.

I know you miss playing cricket.

I shall speak to Kavita Ma'am, and
ask to excuse her for this month.

You could've given me a heads up.


Bhai! What the hell!?

Just talk to him.

Absolutely not.

He's your brother.

He's your friend.
You talk to him.

He was my friend.
He's stopped answering my calls.

What has happened?

Bhai chased away the
other players in our team.

What do you mean,
chased away?

Like, with a threat.

Her Bhai is the Society's Boss.

No one messes with the Boss.

Then why are you messing with him?


I want to play in this tournament. I
don't have a team apart from yours.

Find other players.

Didn't I come to you
to find other players?

And I did help you find them.

The ones that were chased away,

didn't come for you.

Find players who will play for you,
like me.

Where are we going
to find suckers like you?

I only play football,
I have zero interest in cricket.

Oye! Every child in India plays--

Used to play cricket.

- Please come and play.
- Nope.


I will only hit sixes.

Aditi, please don't screw me over.

We're getting another player,
aren't we?

He's not a player,
he's a compromise.

He's a player.

No, no, no...


Give me one good reason why not.

I'm the Umpire for the tournament.

Literally anybody can be an Umpire.

I can't run.

You can be the wicket keeper.

The tournament is for kids.

Technically, there's no age limit.

I don't play cricket anymore.

But when you did,
you were the best, yes?


Uncle played seven seasons
of the Ranji Tournament.

His number four batting average is
still a Mumbai record.

No way, sir!

Yes and what about it?!

No one in Mumbai even knows my name.


This time,
all eyes in Mumbai will be on you!

- Really?

I'll think about it.

Uncle, there's no time to think.

We have to register
the team before noon.

Who is the fifth player?

Tell you what,
if you find a fifth player,

you can add my name too.

Good luck!

Let's go.

Have you lost it?

Can you think of anyone else?

He won't play for me.

He will for me.


Zakir, listen.

I don't have a light.

Uh, I don't want a matchbox.

At least look at me.

Will you play cricket?


Get lost.

I'm sincerely asking you.

I'm also sincerely
asking you to get lost.


Why won't you leave me alone?

Because... you're a friend.

I just hide cigarettes for you,

I am not your friend.

What can I offer in
exchange for you to play?

A whole bottle, every day.

A bottle of what?

What's cheaper than that?

A Half bottle.


- A. Whole. Bottle.
- Quarter.

A quarter bottle every day.

When do we have to play?

Including the tournament,
about 25 days.

You're in? Yes?
Thank you!


25 days...

I've never...
done anything like this before.

To do what you have
never done before,

you have to do,
what you've never done before.


Last minute entry?




If you're playing,
then what about the commentary?

And you?

What are you doing with these noobs?

Are you quite finished?

Let's go.

Wait up!

What's the name of your team?

Noobs. Kacchey Limbu.

Hi guys.

Sumit, we're ready
for you in Conference 2.

Akash, you'll be next,

and I'll be back for
you in a minute or so.


He is from IIT.

I know.

Are you also from IIT?


How are you so relaxed?

Because I don't want the job.

Then, what are you doing here?

What do you want?



Uh-- sorry, I was just wondering.


I'm just collecting material.

What material?

I'm a stand up comedian.

Are you making fun of me?


I am going to.

If you're a comedian,
why are you here?

Passion doesn't
pay the bills, right?

Why do you not want the job?

we're ready for you.


Worst of luck.

I hope you're terrible.

Actually I hope you don't suck--

and there are two job openings.


I'll have something
to look forward to.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Iswar Kaka.




And you?



You're a spinner?

Why'd he say Zakir was Lakha?

Ah, I see.

Also, if we have
to be on the same team,

you'll have to keep the bottle home.

Alright then. I won't play.

Uncle, please.

You couldn't find anyone else?

Bloody drunkard.

(Uncle is a Defence Minister!)


- Good one uncle!
- Yaa.

(Oh look it's women's 
movement entry)

(It's our very own Travolta!)


It's good.

(You're messing 
up your own chances!)

(Why bowl such easy balls! 
Try a googly!)

Well bowled.


(It's a hattrick)

Trial ball, trial ball.

Wanna bat?

(incoherent yelling)

You've screwed your chances
without even starting your career.


Bowl a wide.

Don't be clever.
He'll hit you out of the Society.

I'm going home.
Call me when you find the ball.

(You're not going 
to be able to do this)

Good job guys.

We're going to need
some more practice.


Not here.

This next question
is a little serious.

May I ask?

Ask away.

If there was anything
you could change

about the way you were raised,

what would it be?

It's okay if you
don't want to answer it.

No, it's not that.

I've just never told anyone before.

I wish,

when I was a child,

I wasn't told that

I could be anything I wanted to be.

What do you want more?

To play cricket for the Indian Team,

or to play cricket?

To play cricket.

Then play away!

And anyway, it's just a game.

It's not just a game.

Next question.

You didn't tell me though.

What you would change.

About the way you were raised?

I wish when I was a child,
I was told,

I could be anything I wanted to be.


You can be anything you want to be.

I know.


Zakir, it's not that easy
for me to go to the liquor store.

Alright, give me cash.

How am I going to
have that much cash?

Wait, I'll go ask everyone--


Not everyone.

The two of you asked.
The two of you will pay.

Let me figure something out.

What happened?

His 'payment'.

I'll figure something out.

Stolen goods?


I don't drink stolen drinks.

The winning prize money
is a 100 grand, yes?

Half of both your
shares will be mine.

What if we don't win?

In that case, why play at all?

Zakir had a wife, right?

Where is she now?


Everyone wanted him fired.

But Sudhakar Uncle insisted
Zakir doesn't have TB.

Don't fire him.

So you're telling me
Sudhakar Uncle helped him?

That's why he hates Zakir drinking.

Is Zakir really your friend?

He won't admit it.

But he is.

You drink too?

No, not really.

Only because you brought it,

I thought I'd try it.

How is it?

Look, look, look!

No, he's creating
the gap right there--

- No he isn't!
- No, it's not a mistake.

Yes, it is.

If I turn the ball through,
past this gap,

it's a wicket.

Oh Murali!

He does this stance for every ball.

You're watching
a video of all sixers.


I've won three tournaments with him.

We were unbeatable for a reason.

If you were so unbeatable,
why did you leave to come here?

The real reason please.

As long as I play on
the same team as your brother,

I'll be invisible.

Because Akash is the best.

Bhai is the best.

He is!

You know,

right from when we were kids,
I only wanted to do what he did.

I would always copy him.

Like cricket?

Like cricket.

I love cricket, but...

I love it more because of Bhai.

And now look at you
plotting his defeat.

So what?

Sibling love is like this only.

I don't understand
this sibling stuff.

I'm single.



Single child.

Single child.


A single child has
to laugh at his own jokes.

Don't worry,

I'll laugh at them.

Please don't.

I don't want you to be my sister.

Where were you last night?

Cricket practice.

Zakir gave you drinks?

No, not Zakir...

If it wasn't Zakir,
it was definitely your brother.

I'm supposed to believe
this is a coincidence, yes?

Whiskey that was stolen,
put in a bottle that is yours?

A complete coincidence!


Go shower.

I'll drop you to college.


They're not upset
about you drinking,

I think they're upset,

because when they see you,

they see hopes and dreams.

And when they see me,

they see the reality.

Look, I can't change reality.

But you don't shatter their dreams.

Actually, shatter them.

Because it's their dream.

You can dream your own.



For Sambar-Vada,
and coconut water.

And no coffee.

Thank you.

Sorry Bhai.

It's okay.

It's normal,
everybody does it.


Okay to tell y'all the truth,

I have to pay to have you,

laugh at me.

And to make that happen,

I had to take up a sad job.

But sadness is good though.

Misery loves company,

you get even better comedy material.

But actually,

this job seems promising.

Because I might have a thing for
a potential new colleague.

But yeah,
please don't get it twisted, that,

becasue of the coffee break sex,

this 'sad' job,

has become my dream job, because,

that's not true, guys.

I'm a very dedicated girl.

And I know,

that if my heart catches feelings,

that it might break too...

And if it breaks,

I'll be miserable,

And that misery will give me,

the best comedy material.

So honestly,
I'm falling in love,

just for you guys.

That's my time,
I'm Sara,

Thank you!

I was up there for seven minutes.
And I got only two laughs.

No, you were good.

I'll get better.

How do you pull this off?



and the job...

It's not that tough,

even you can do it.

Did you get the letter?

Will you keep it?

Haven't you opened it?

After the finals.

Give it.

Mahanagar Gas?

- Electricity?
- 6,400

Hm, bharatnatyam...


I've received a mail from Statroot.

They'll send the result by post.


They sent you an email
to say they'll send it by post?

It seems like you've got the job.

Are you excited?

You better be.

If you play me at the tournament,
I'll make sure you take the job.

Still drunk, huh?

Ask me for the bike again,
I dare you.

Keep it.

The Player of the Series
will get a new one.

A day filled with excitement,

in Ankur Society.

This year, like every year,

returns the Annual
Underarm Tournament.

There are eight teams this year,

each with its own champions,

every player here carries
the hopes of their team,

to play their heart out.

And in this humble Ankur Society,

they hope to make
a name for themselves.

And this year,

the winners will get
a 100 grand in Prize Money,

and the Player of the Series
will get a brand new motorbike.

whoever wins will be required

to come to the society office

and apply for a parking permit.

There are 4 games today.

All knockouts.

Sir, we don't have a batting crease.

If we get beat,

we'll be stumped out.

That's the bowling crease.

If the ball falls short
- No Ball.

Left and Right are the 2D's.

And straight ahead
is the four boundary.

Do you see that 4x4 banner?

That's a sixer.

If you miss,

you're out.

But if you hit,

It's a six!

What a beautiful shot!

Nakul's Badgers and Akash's Tenners

are in the Semi
Finals with Ma-Ka-Bo.

And now for today's
last knockout match.

The Maharajas Vs Kacchey Limbu.

Come on, come on, let's go!

Good Shot!

And 2 Runs!

That's two fours in a row.

(Zak-Kabir on fire!)

A boundary!

Good shot...

He swings hoping for a smasher...

but he's out!

(Luck runs out for the Irish... 


Here comes Yuvi.

(The kid won't last long)

Take it easy, Yuvi! Take it easy!

Come on Yuvi, focus! Focus!

(Yuvi, open your eyes!)


He's out!

That's wicket number
two for Kacchey Limbu.

The runs
stuck at 30.

(Go home, baby tooth! Its bedtime!)

(You move that way for fielding)

Now comes, Aditi!

Personally, I'm very happy,
with her decision to play.

(Come on, Aditi!)

(Go, go!)


(Get ready guys!)

Aditi, Golden Duck.

(Didn't bother the scorer!)

(All fame, no game!)

Sudhakar Uncle, back to the crease

after thirty years.

No no no, wait, wait, wait!

(Let's go, let's go, we'll get him!)

Run! Run! Run!

This is the first
successful hit from him!


Kacchey Limbu are back in the game!

Last ball,

And a Six!

Kacchey Limbu have set a target
of 46 runs for the Maharajas.

Come on, scooch a bit...

Uncle, this way,
Aditi, go back!

- Ready?
- Come on, Kabir!

That's four runs right there!

(Go Aditi!)

Come on guys!

And another boundary!

(Come on, guys)

With yet another four runs!

What! Zakir, come on!

(You bowl better!)

Maharajas 24 for No Loss.

4 Runs!

(Come on, Zakir!)

Will that make it?

It does! 6 Runs!

(It's okay, it's okay!)

- Listen Kabir--
- Uncle, please bowl next,

Aditi just field over there.
Come on!.

Maharajas need just 10 runs to win.

(Come on Uncle!)

Come! Run!

The Maharajas only
6 runs away from victory...

And Kacchey Limbu on
their way out.

Oh no!

He's out!

The match is not over yet...

That was sixer he missed.

Uncle, before you bowl,
tell Zakir what next..

You're overthinking.

And you're not thinking enough.

We're a team.

And it doesn't look like you

have confidence in your team.

You guys are playing
for the first time--

And you're making mistakes
like it's the last time.

I'm the Captain.

- Listen to me.
- It's the beginning of the fourth over,

the Maharajas need
only 6 runs to win.

Catch it!

A wicket off the first ball!!

(Come on Ditti!) 
(One more! One more!)

Catch it!!!

Caught & Bowled!

What a catch!!


Kacchey Limbu need only
one wicket to win.

And Aditi on a Hattrick.


What a Hattrick!


Kacchey Limbu advance
to the Semifinals.

The first night of the tournament,

dominated by the noobs,
Kacchey Limbu!

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Thank you to all the players,

we will see you tomorrow!

Jai Hind! Jai Maharashtra!

GPS, will bring you
right to the building.

That's how it works, huh?

Okay, I'll see you.
Tomorrow at 5 pm.

I'll be there.

Cheering Aditi.

Why do you want me to lose?

Because when you lose,

you learn.

I'll call you back.


Did the post arrive from Statroot?

It did.

I'll open it after the finals.

What if you meet
Aditi in the finals?

I wish I do.

She's playing well.

Take her seriously.

I'm taking her seriously.

That's why I said after the finals.

Not after winning the finals.

Good luck!


What're you doing?

About Bharatanatyam--

I'm sorry.

I don't want to lose.

You won't lose.

Get some sleep.


Do you have a drink?


It's over.

All of it?

Thank you.

Third over of the second
innings of the first semifinal match.

The Tenners need 20 to win.

Akash on strike.


Another four!

Four consecutive fours!

If he hits another four,
the Tenners will be in the Finals!


Thanks to their champion, Akash,

the Tenners have made
it to the Finals yet again!


We'll bat.

May the best man win.

The second mach of Semifinals.

Badgers versus Kacchey Limbu.

(Come on Kabir!)

(Go Kacchey Limbu!)

Come on, Kabir!

And 4 off the first ball!

Another one!

A gorgeous shot from Kabir.

The Badgers are
starting to get nervous

And the last ball
is a smashing sixer!

Kacchey Limbu 22 runs
without losing a wicket.

(incoherent cheers)

A big six off the first ball!

This is Zakir's war cry!

(Do better, Nakul! Bowl better!)

(Come on, Zakir!)

Stop the ball! Get it!

(And a boundary!)

(Yes! Yes!)

(Zakir downing shots tonight!)

Zakir is out to get them!

3 balls, 14 runs.

(Come on, come on!)

Stop it!!

Damn it!

Nakul's aggression is like
that of an international player

He too will become famous
and people will make

memes of his cursing and swearing!

Come, let's go...

Oh no...

Nakul's trying too hard!

(You can do it, it's okay!)

Four more runs!

Two overs down, and Kacchey Limbu

43 without a loss.

(Don't stare too long, Zakir bites!)

He's done, he's done...


And he's out!

Kacchey Limbu 43 for 1.

(It's okay, it's all good)

(She's only here for one ball!)

(Come on, one more, one more!)

Come on, you got this.

Ohhhh, that was close!

Be careful!

(That's how it's done!)

These Noobs don't know how to play!

Their bats are made out of clay!

Good shot and 2 runs!


Bats are made outta clay, huh?!

That's two more!

Aditi's first boundary!

The last ball of the over,

and she's out.

(That was great! Amazing!)

Kacchey Limbu are now 51 for 2.

It's the fourth over,
and Kabir is unstoppable.

Who is he?


Kabir Saini.

He plays for our club too.



Direct Hit!

Wow, wow...

The special thing about a run out,

is that you're too slow to run,

and too fast when
you walk off the field.

This is why even in life,
steady does it.

(Life is steady, let's go!)

Let's go, Yuvi!

(Yuvi run!)

Yes, yes, yes, yes!

He saw the ball coming,

And went at it swing,

Said the late great poet Kabir,

Listen up everyone,

This one is sure making it big!

Come on Kabir!

Kabir Not Out on 44.

He goes for it!

6 Runs!

Kabir becomes the first batsman
this year,

to score a Half Century.

The Badgers need
76 runs to win.

Pull his pants off again!

He's definitely come belted up!

(Come on!)

The second inning of the Semis,

Nakul faces Zakir.

(Come on Zakir!)

(Come on, come on!)

It's alright, no sweat.

Second ball,
and another boundary.

No doubt, Nakul isn't getting out.

(Come on Zakir Bhai, Come On!)

An attempted run out,
that has unfortunately failed.

(It's alright, 
no sweat, you can do it!)

The Badgers need 16 runs per over,

every dot ball will
add to the pressure.

A brave attempt at a sixer?

- (Howzzat?!) 
- But no such luck today.

The Badgers are 9 for 1.

The over starts with a 2D

(Well done, well done, come on!)

And there goes a sweeping boundary.

Its okay guys, come on!

Come on, Yuvi!


Brilliant delivery!

(Number 1 bowling!)

(You can do it!)

Kacchey Limbu are coming in hot.

(What're you doing Rahul, focus up!)

Come on guys, come on.

Swift bowling with
solid fielding.

The second over concludes,

and Badgers are 15 for 1.

That was great, let's go.

scoring quickly.

If he stays course,

The Badgers will win for sure.

Come on, come on!

Fantastic fielding!


I'm alright, I'm okay.
I'm fine.

It only hurts a little.

How will you run?

Don't run.

Bowl an over.

The brave horsebacks
stumble on the battlefield,

But they dust themselves off
with the blessings of the goddess!

Jai Mata Di!

Let's Rock!

Glory to Mother India!

The Badgers have quite
a challenge in front of them.

They need 47 runs to win,
in 2 overs.

Come on, yeah that was great!

(Come on Nakul, be careful)

(You gotta play till the end)

(A hit on the injury!)

Come on, come on.

(Right here, right here)

(Let them take the runs, let's go)

The last delivery of the over,

Badgers are in for it now!

He swings big...

and he's out!

The pressure just keeps rising.

The Badgers have only
one wicket to spare,

in the last over.

And to win,

They still need 34 runs.

They need 34 in 6 balls.

Save a boundary on the first ball,

after that even if he
hits 5 sixes in a row,

they won't win.


Now, even if Nakul scores 5 sixes,

they cannot advance to the Finals.

This game's lost,

but the match isn't over yet.

What is Nakul going to do now?

And Kacchey Limbu have
made it to the Finals!

(You killed it!)

Maybe you should have
had a girl on your team.


It's really unbelievable,

Kacchey Limbu made it to the Finals.

But no matter who wins now,

The trophy is going to the Nath House.



We'll bat.

Best of luck, Bhai.

Good Luck, Ditto.

Now ladies and gentleman,

on the one hand are
three-time champions, Tenner.

And the on the other side,

A few braveheart Noobs,
the Kacchey Limbu.

Welcome to the Finals.

First up,
we have our beloved Akash Bhai,

a favourite of ours
and Sachin alike.

(He's gonna keep you running around,)

(Akash is the king on this ground.)


Starts with a SLAP HIT!!

Here's another boundary,

That's 2 balls and 10 runs.


Sorry guys.

And the fifth ball hits the 2D.

(We'll get a chance, let's go!)

Come on, come on!


The first over's done.

And the Tenners have 13 runs,
without a loss.


Come on, Yuvi!

They dart ahead,
and the first ball is a single run.

The second ball is another 4 runs,

Everyone's a champion
in this championship team.

Keep them steady.

That's a sixer!

This is not going to be easy,
for the Kacchey Limbu.

Come on, Kabir!

Now it's time for two
champions to go head to head.

Former teammates, still friends?

Nice one.

(Well bowled, well bowled)

There he swings!

That's gotta hurt,
but he saved 2 runs.

Get it!
Get the ball.

Good one guys.

(Look before running!)

(Come on, guys)

Get it?

And they've stopped
another single run.

That's 4 balls and 4 dots.

(He's running scared, 
he's running scared!)

(It'll be a maiden)

Oh! That's yet another
no-run dot ball.

Be careful!

(Saini is the rising sun!)

There goes another 4 boundary,

and with it,
the chances of a maiden.

Tenners at 28 runs,
at the end of 3 overs,

without any wicket loss.

Come on Zakir!




Another 4!


Zakir has met his match.

And that's a caught and bowled!

He leaves the batsman bamboozled.

That's the first wicket
for Kacchey Limbu,

Tenners at 38 for 1.

The ball goes high but,

Kabir manages to catch
it hopping away on one leg.

Kacchey Limbu are unstoppable.

4 overs down,

Tenners are at 38
runs for 2 wickets.

Now the final over
will be bowled by,

none other than Captain Aditi Nath.

Akash versus Aditi.

Here comes the first ball,

and a SLAP HIT!

(What was it, a SLAP hit!)

That's all it took for them to bring
Kacchey Limbu to their knees.

The hits just keep on coming!

(Go Akash! Go Akash!)

Slapped It!

Aditi is going to have
to try something new...

Because, it doesn't look
like he'll stop anytime soon.

That's 4 slaps in a row!

The fifth ball of the over...

Will we see something new?

Doesn't look like it, no!

(Another Slap hit, let's go!)

Team Kacchey Limbu
seem to have lost the plot.


It's a mistake.

You were right.

Akash is the best.

Bhai is the best.

Look at you plotting his defeat!

So what?

Sibling love is like this only.

This year, like every year
Akash on 5 sixes from 5 balls.

And we all know what's going
to happen, on the last ball.


Sorry Bhai.

You come home I'll show you!


Perhaps there was only one,
who could dare to stop Akash.

Kacchey Limbu need 69 runs

in 5 overs.

Should I open?


I'll open.

Gods of Cricket,

Bring us soon the first wicket!

(Come on boys!)

The second inning
starts in this Final,

marking the return
of Kabir Saini on strike.

(He's not going to budge)

Right arm, over the wicket.

The first ball is a yorker.

That easy, huh?

His Yellow Jersey causes no fuss,

Cause Saini is still batting for us!

The second ball?

Is a sweeping boundary.

Come on Bittu!

That's a sixer!

it's alright,
it's alright, let's go!

A boundary again!

And that's a big sixer.
on the last ball.

After the first over,

Kacchey Limbu are at 22 runs,
without a loss of wicket.

Come on, come on!

A boundary to start with,

and another 2 runs to top it off!

That's some good running
between the wickets.

There goes a boundary!

Easy, Kabir, easy!

That brings Kabir's 100 runs
in this tournament!

(Give the ball here)

The Captain himself comes to bowl.

(Go easy Zakir!)

(Well bowled, come on!)

Jersey number 35
needs a refill, bro!

3 consecutive dot balls.

The trap has been laid out nicely.

That's Kacchey Limbu's first wicket,
at 37 runs.

(Yeah Sunny, just up ahead)

(Come on Aditi)

Come on Akash!

That's 4 runs right there!

You can retire now, old man!

Yes yes yes!


That's a run out!

A small slip up, a heavy price to pay,

as they lose a big wicket.

Kacchey Limbu need
28 runs in 2 overs.

While Tenners only need 2 wickets.

It's not like the Noobs
have intentions to slow down.

Well played, Sudhakar Uncle.

Wait Uncle.

Wide Ball.

And that adds an extra run.


Come on!
Be careful!

(Uncle, you've gotta buckle!)


That was a thing of beauty.

Akash comes in strong
with this catch.

The distance from Tenners to trophy,
is just 1 wicket.

Yuvi approaches the crease.

Come on, come on, let's go!

Come on, Yuvi!


Yuvi's done a great job.

Kacchey Limbu need 19 runs

to win in the last over.

Come on!

We'll play this ball by ball.

The target is achievable.


(Come on Aditi)

(It's Boss Girl vibes all day, 
every day!)

(Come on Captain!)

A fantastic shot!

Kacchey Limbu are well on their way!


This is tough, but still possible.

13 runs in 4 balls.


This isn't over just yet.

It's okay Aditi, it's okay!
Focus, focus.

Come on Kuwar!

A decent try
blocked by some excellent fielding.

(Come on, 
come on, come on, come on!)

But can Aditi hit 2 sixes for a tie?

What started as a single,

has turned into a bonus 5 runs.

It's no use, though.

Tenners have become
champions yet again!

(It's okay Aditi.)

(Well played)

Why did you run a single?

You wanted to hit a six, right?

Try it.

I've never done it before.

To do what you have
never done before,

you have to do,

what you've never done before.

There's a lot more to victory
when you look close enough.

As you can see,

one team might have won the cup,

but the other has won our hearts.

Winners, again this year,

The Player of the series -
Kabir Saini, from Kacchey Limbu!

Your 'payment.'

Thank you.


Thank you.


Did you open the letter?

How does it matter now?

Tell me.

What about this?

I'll do both.

See you in the office then.

Did you finally find out
what you want to do?


I figured it out.

Next Smriti Mandhana?

Thanks... but nah.

Nor cricket, nor Bharatnatyam,
nor medical, nor fashion.

What then?

I don't know.

But when I finally know,

I'll do it.

Of course you will.

Ah never mind.

Dad. This is Prasad Sir.

- It's nice to meet you.
- Same here.

You must be proud of him.


Well played, Akash.

Thank you, Sir.

I'm really excited about our league.

I have taken up a job.


When the league starts,

I'll take a leave of
absence and come to play.

Hang on, Statroot?

Excuse me, Sir.

Well played, Ditto.

Thanks Bhai.

Thank you.