Kaazhcha (2004) - full transcript

Pavan is a boy who reached Kerala after he lost everything in the Gujarat earthquake on Republic Day. Operator Madhavan happens to meet the boy among the beggars. Initially he dislikes the boy but soon the young chap becomes a part of Madhavan's family - until the government decides to send him back to Gujarat. Can the family bear that?

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Ask him to give some Chicken stew.

Yes, yes for ten rupees you will get everything.

Ten pan cakes, one bunch of Beedis and a matchbox.

Give me some chicken stew too.

That is not possible

if you want I will give some mixed spice powder.

Get one tea.

There Rs. 18 and 25 paise.

Who is going to give, put it in my account.


Here, take it and eat it.

You should not eat like that.

You must say this.

Mother, give me something.

Hey, tell that.

Mother, give me something.

Tell that. You won't say it?

Why won't you say it?

Mother, give me something. You won't say it.

-Don't. Don't beat me. -Hey run from here.

-Say it. Why won't you say it? -Oh, God! Let him go.

Go. Run from here and go somewhere.

Hey, stop. Don't run.

Is there anything?

What do you want, pleading and begging?

I see another boy? You were hiding him?

Quickly take a bath and come.

Take that fellow too.

Wow! Wow!

Very good.

Nice, very nice.

Will you touch my sister's hand?

Mother keep an eye on the reel.

When it comes to finish, just call me.

Okay. I will call.

Yes, it is a good combination.

If you have a few then you may have

to hand it over to the old woman herself.

Come. Come on.

Thoma. Thoma. Come.

It is a festival special.

For us it is all usual.

For you these are rare isn't it?

Have some. For us all these are usual.

All that will be taken care by the old woman.

Give the glass here.

Are all these films?

If you want to see a good film you must see 'Vasantha Maligai.

What claps MGR gets, when the song Yarukaga comes.

Hey, father is coming, I am going.

-Father? Where is he? -Break it and throw it.

Hey friend it is father in the cinema.

Not in reality.


-Put him down here. -Be careful!

What happened to him?

-Please stand aside. -Oh, God!

Stand aside and let some air come in.

-This is epilepsy. -Give this in his hand.

Let me see him. Move aside.

This boy is from that area, isn't it?

Even then are you all looking?

-You drink this. -Who is this boy?

Now the boy is a problem.

Enjoyment is interrupted.

So, you have come. I was about to call you.

Rewind some. And play again.

Throw those fellows out

-and break it. -Slightly move that side.

Standing guard for the dead bodies?


Why are you afraid, boy? All these are just tricks.

If you just see the shooting once, then you won't enjoy anything.

It is all only camera trick.

Don't be afraid.

I am hungry, give me something to eat.

I am hungry, give me something to eat.

I see, what did you say?

I am hungry, give me something to eat.

Then you did not understand anything that I said?

I don't understand what you say.

I am hungry, give me something to eat.

What language is that? Hindi?

Hindi, no, no. hey, my film is over.

I am hungry.

Hey don't break it. It is open.

Oh, my Eliyamma, do you need this parade so early in the morning?

To make you get up early, you must get a wife first.

Before 9 o'clock I must finish my work in three places.

The old woman won't keep quiet.

I have purchased many things.

I should get my money before the festival.

My dear madam, don't talk about money so early in the morning.

Hey, a man who gives money without asking.

How many times I had to ask before I got money last time?

Early in the morning what you are doing?

Can't you sweep a little slowly? Dust is flying.

Operator, keep all your ordering in your house.

Don't show it to me.

I have seen a lot like this.

Every day you do this, you keep sneezing all the time.

Hey, it is finished. Move.

Hey, how it is slipping.

Now we can't even bathe in the river water.

Yes, it is all free isn't it?

To bathe in the river, soap is free.

Yes, it will slip.

Take care while cutting the white chicken.

All the vessels for that are needed.

Everything is prepared and brought now.

Whatever happens, first the poor chicken's neck is held.

Now, all that are a part of celebration, isn't it?

Hey, Joey--

Don't stand in the holy river and smoke.

-Praise Lord Jesus. -Okay.

Did you tell that Pandal maker Paulose to come here and go?

Yes, when the festival of the other church is over

he had said that he will dismantle it and bring it here.

-Is it? -It is true, father.

He did not say anything about the film show. Let me ask.

-Praise, Lord Jesus. -Always, praise him.

Father, the festival is very near.

You did not tell me about the film show.

Nowadays, when you just put the TV on, it is full of it.

Seeing, Ramayanam, Mahabaratham

people don't even come for the Sunday Mass.

After that your old films.

No, father, there is a lot sex, violence and devilry etc., too.

For the last eight years, my film show is there every festival.

Shall I get Titanic, father?

You do one thing.

If you have any new, English Bible story, get it.

Then we will see.

New English Bible story?

-Brother, Madhavan! -Yes.

-Is the evening show on today? -Yes.

Then I will come and meet you there.


Brother, what is this?

Everywhere you see it is Shakila?

Hey, when times change, the get up should change.

Brother, Mathai's get up has changed.

Brother, a few changes are made.

This is a small distribution set up.

After video rights, satellite rights are all over

who wants our small 16 mm films?

Look, all these bits are hits.

A good demand.

Then have you stopped the old films?

Where? Everything has time.

Now the time of Shakila is going on.

Let this be along with it.

Brother, any chance of getting a new Christian movie?

Hey, now historical and mythological movies

are all taken up by the TV serial people.

Then if at all any producer of film does do a film

they get our Shakila and Mary and make them act as Thilottama.

The times are such. Hey, shut your mouth.

You want that film, Battle ship, isn't it?

-Yes. -Brother, pack it and give him.


An American party has come here.

A small movie.

If we get, we will make something out of it.

Do you want to act in it?

Is everything there?

Last time's film there was reel less.

Since it was a comedy, no one knew of it.

Madhava, it is a new one.

You must get it back breaking it.

Is it true about what you said about the film?


Someone came to rule the land

from the skies what you found is fantastic.

My dear it is a pearl necklace.

Give me the change.

Finished come.

Come on come soon.

Let us go. Quickly come.

I have a small shop.

What is in that?

-It is projector and films. -How much will it weigh?

It will weigh like a person.

One ticket for Mitrakedi.

You have plenty of luggage.

Two bunch of bananas and four small banana plants.

-Agriculture. -Okay, okay--

Don't make it a practice. Okay?

Some duck eggs.

Are you leaving this place and going?

A puppy. For sale.

Hey, I can't find my purse. I had removed my purse

-to purchase ticket. -What is it?

Then that singing beggar must have stolen it.

There is a member of that gang.

-Come here. Take it out. -What are you doing?

-I did not do anything. -You stand still.

Leave me. Leave me. Let me go.

You won't get anything. Don't take that.

-Hey, give it. -They have trained them.

Remove it, remove it.

What are you people doing? He is good kid.

So, he has some other people too?

All are one batch.

Hey, don't talk rot.

You did not see who stole

and you try to boss over the people whom you see?

Don't make a problem, without any reason.

He is a poor fellow, he does know local language.

I know him.

You said before that the singer fellow took your purse.

If you want jump in the water and see.

Now what can we do?

I am hungry, give me something to eat.

What is it?

I am hungry, give me something to eat.

Again, he keeps saying that.

Dear, I don't know any other language

other than Malayalam.

I am hungry, give me something to eat.

Oh, so that is the matter? You were saying that for so many days?

-Here. -Hungry.

Book? What is that?

Sir, your luggage is heavy.

-Come fast. -Yes, yes--

Whatever you want, you buy and eat.

Madhava, there is no focus.

Just now I will make it right. One second.

That is enough. Now it is okay.

Hey, why is Pillai still here?

Don't you know that the film has started?

The films I did not see?

The time has come to close all this, isn't it?

Can't make out anything, no one is there and no stirring too.

Why do need more? Whatever is there is enough.

Thinking about the bloody witness in the Bolivian forests.

These are such people.

I can't stop this.

My name is not liked by the society.

They say that my comments are all lies.

It seems all are just obscene fiction.

These are idiots who did not know

when the reel was changed in a movie.

No change of reels, but one reel was less.

Oh, so it was like that?

Hey, leave me. Leave me.

Showed a little mercy and you try to peck me?

I don't want to see you any more here.

I will drown you in the water. Go from here.

-Brother, Madhava! -Yes.

Is the show finished?

A little while more. Just come to end.


You pulled me by ears? It is paining me.

Put that off.

As per the world history, what you saw was a classic movie.

The first requirement of artistic creation

is wishes, and blind belief.

The wishes of artists

life and their bad actions

when all these come together

the artistic creation starts coming into some shape.

The present diverse happenings--

After, drinking till the evening yet I am not intoxicated.

In the north somewhere

a driver was beaten by the police, for driving after drinking.

Just because he drank, should the police beat up the driver?

Hey, is that your problem now?

Hey, Very tasty fish curry.

-Is it tuna curry? -Yes.

Get me some.

They say it should not be given to brothers.

Brother Sayapu, the wind is blowing and is chilly.

If you want come and have some drink.

I had come sometime before and had.

Yes, you are my real disciple.

Yes. It is only now I get qualified.

-Joey! -Yes.

Will the film show on the church festival day become a no go?

Why? Did you not get any new Bible movie?

No. That distributor says

now the demand is for butterflies, birds and insects etc..

Times have changed.

What about trying at Kuriakose?

-Will I get? -Hey, he is a religious man.

Then it won't work.

Or else will it work if I give a full bottle?

This time no film shows

the young guys from the youth forum says.

That you go tell in the church.

For last eight years my film show is going on continuously.

I want to see how it will go on without my show.

I will go on a stir, and bring my wife and daughter along too.

You will see.

Hey, calm down. I just told for the sake of fun.

You don't know my problem.

Hey, now don't get the intoxication down with your troubles.

Now say some dialogues from that film Veera Pandiya Kattabomman.

Are you Veera Pandiya Kattabomman?

I am accusing you.

That is great?

Kisti, Lagan, tax, and interest.

It rains from the heavens, and earth grows it.

Then why should I pay you Kisti?

Did you come with us to the fields?

Did you give water to the plants?

Did you get the water out of the wells?

Did you sow the plants? Did you remove the reeds?

Did you fetch the gruel pots for the field workers?

Did you grind turmeric for the ladies who work and play there?

Or are you an uncle, or a brother-in-law?

You honour less chap, why do ask for lagan?

Why do you ask for tax?

Hey, just now, Sivaji Ganesan would have fallen in the water.

Smelling and chasing the cat has come crossing the water too?

You young thief, you came here too?

Hey, don't beat me.

-Don't throw me in water. -"Look at his courage!

It's not working out like before.

In the past, he was very powerful.

Nobody would have seen something like that.

How was it?


Take or leave. Take or leave.

-Take or leave. Take or leave. -Go away, you lazy lumps.

You don't have any other work?

Take or leave.

Take or leave.

Take or leave.

Step on the steps a little slowly, Eliamma it may break.

How is that the operator awake in the morning and shaving?

-Good morning. -Morning!

His morning. Why this good morning?

To cook and eat?

Who is this lying here?

Don't stamp on him. Shift him and then sweep.

Hey, when I asked for money, you brought another person.

Isn't it? I want my money right now.

You see for someone else to work free for you.

Many days are there for the festival.

I see.

I did not ask for bonus, to be given on festival.

Along with two month's money and 23 black tea it is 334.50.

I want that money right now.

Calm down my Eliamma.

I did not get that boy for work.

I will give you the money.

Every time I ask for money, you start sneezing.

You need not give.

I will add it in the money of the owner of this house.

What happened operator. Did you get any?

Nothing, father.

These distributors don't have any new films.

Every one of them has made some new arrangements.

Then as the youth forum people said let mimicry be played.

What happened father?

A part is gone.

It is not even two weeks since last work was done on this car.

My goodness!

No, all parts are duplicates.

When everyone does his own work, it will be okay.

What is this Lisamma

it is quiet sometime

the child is crying very loudly and tearing my ears.

Father, it started crying since morning.

Did not have anything too.

You go to one side, and breast feed the baby.

-Yes, yes. -New fashions.

What about my film show, father?

What can I tell?

The committee people together decided and I passed.

Only mimicry won't do, father.

Greetings, father.

Along with it, my film too is needed.

That is what I feel.

The youngsters too said the same.

What happened?

Fever is not coming down. She has a little cough too.

There is a fellow, a singer.

Our Cinema actor, Dilleep's friend.

Is Nadir Shah, father?

Yes, Nadir Shah.

His musical recital, and--

And if my film show too is there, then the festival will be grand.

For the last eight years it is usually shown, isn't it, father?

That is why we needed a change this time.

Come here.

The boys say that if Nadir Shah's musical recital

is there, then Actor Dileep will give a free mimicry show.

-Is it true? -Yes.

Yes. Then let it be so this time, father.

Dear, don't bite and break it.

How many days are gone?

-Father, do you know Hindi? -Yes.


If you want, I can write.

To talk it will take a little time.

-Then I will come later. -Okay.

Open your mouth.


-Operator. -Yes.

What is the noise being heard at the top?

-What happened? -Oh!

It may fall on head isn't it?

Yes, one boy who speaks Hindi, is with me.

-I see, good. A helper? -Yes.

What is this packet? Parcel?

Pan cakes.

The boy is very hungry. Always tells me, book, book.

-Then you have work. -Yes.

My, God. Look at the mischief this boy has done.

-Go from here. Come here. -Don't beat me.

Get out from here. You messed up everything.

-Don't you come in front of me. -I did not do anything.

I did not do anything, I was just looking at the pictures.

-And you beat me. -Now I will beat you.

Oh, my operator, he is small child.

If his limbs break, you will be in trouble.

-What happened dear? -I did not do anything.


-I did not do anything. -What is that?

-What is the problem? -A mess.

Ask him and see.

Don't come any more here.

Hey, if he jumps like this

all this will break and fall on my head.

Looks like he has seen the whole movie.

Oh, no! Like the distributor said it happened.

He has a spotted tongue.

Happened just as he said.

If you take one more step, I will break your knee.

My thing is inside. I want to take it.

You have come to trouble me again?

My thing is inside.

No, you don't come in for water, go.

-There is something. -What?



Full of mischief. What a boy?

What are you doing? Who is it?

Will never see where they go, they will just run and come in front.

It applies to you also.

You too are driving your vehicle fast like an arrow.

If I had not applied the brakes, now you would have seen.

Anyway, nothing happened to him.

Why are you all seeing the fun?

You all could have shifted him.

At least nothing happened to the boy.

Now let me see if anything has happened to the vehicle.

-I will take him. -Okay.

Children run and cause accidents.

-Brother, get an iron piece here. -What happened?

-Get a soda. -Yes.

Here it is. Give it in his hands.

Give the towel.

Then it is as I said. You got work.

It was fortunate that nothing happened.

Or the operator would have hung.

Now I like him.

Now that woman is also there, isn't it?

He has some party work too.

I too stopped her work.

Pack two pancakes too.

Pancakes finished long back.

-I will pack a couple of breads. -Okay.

Will he do something?

Oh! I don't think so.

Looks like he is from a good family.

He speaks Hindi, isn't it?

So, what if he is? Flesh and blood are the same for all.

Hey, you are here jabbering away.

That boy there is crying, book, book.

Take something for him to eat.

And show him to the doctor.

Yes, that is right.

-Father knows Hindi, too. -Yes.

Open your mouth.

Open your mouth.

Here, like this.

Hey, ask him in Hindi.

It is a long time since I used it.

Your tongue out. Out.

I can't understand anything.

Very sweet. Okay.

Now I got his trick.

Your tongue out.

-Are you troubled, father? -No.

What is your name?

-Sachin, Kishore, Anand, Raj. -Pawan.

Pawan. Good name.

-What is it? -Pawan. That means wind.

-Wind? -Yes.

Ask him where is his house?

Where is your house?

House. House.

One day it broke in the earthquake.

It is not ordinary Hindi.

It is like the, Malayalam spoken in the north Kerala.

A little hard.


Mother. Come here.

Mother, I am here.

What is it, boy? Talking to the water?

I was talking to mother.

It is a nice thing.

I was crying.

Mother sang a lullaby and put me to sleep.

I see.

Will you come with me to my house?

Will you come with me to my house?

Will you come with me to my house?

My house.


Then come.

So early in the morning?

The guys gave me all these to sell.

Hey, Madhava who is this boy?

-Yes. -Wait, wait.

Come, come running.

Now the milk is not watery, isn't it?

Where do we get water? Now it is all salty.

Good water is costlier than milk.

Hence, it is a little less.

Five, six, white people have come to Vasu's, place.

Then you are in luck say that.

What is there for me? It is for, Vasu.

What, Madhava you came by the first boat?


-Who is this boy? -I will tell later.

Why in such a hurry?

-Not having tea? -No.

Then shall I get two hot milk cakes?

I want to reach before my daughter goes to school.

-Where is he from? -From the town.

-This place is very good. -Do you know

what everyone is asking?

Everyone wants to know who you are?

Now, what can I tell them?

Now you can hear many stories

in the temples, and Panchayats.

-What is it? -Come look.

How happy they are? Playing happily.

-Here. Here. -That side.

Come on.

Brother, will you get a good catch.

When did I get so?

Brother, Madhava who is the boy?

Got him in town. How is life here?

Hey, enough.

You come.

Don't be afraid, come.

-Oh, God! -Hey, Ambili!

Come here and take the dog.

Hey, Kuttappa don't bark.

Take him and tie him up.

Kuttapai, you come here.

What is all this shouting in the morning?

Seeing Madhavan?

You should come to my place.

Laxmi, I have brought your daughter.

What is wrong with sister?

-I am telling -Listen.

not to forget about the child.

Doesn't Ambili, go to school today?

Hey, today is Saturday, holiday.

Oh! A smart girl.


I am getting afraid. Get me down.

What did you call me? Operator?

-Come down. -I'm scared to get down.

Get down you small boy.

Who is this monkey like boy?

Don't say anything, Laxmi he is another incarnation.

He smells a lot. It is a long time since you had a bath.

From where did you get this creature?

It is a long story. You get something to eat.

I am very hungry.

What is it?

When I said hungry, look at him smile.

Give it to him. He is very hungry.

All the time he keeps telling, bhook, bhook.

Have. Have it well.

-Yes, have it. -You walked a lot, isn't it?

You must be very hungry.

Eat it.

Eat a lot.

Did he eat?

Father, what is he saying?

I don't know, that is, Hindi.

What did you say?

Did he eat?


Did he eat?

Oh, him? I will give when I eat.

Even otherwise he is always hungry.


What to tell him in Hindi for hunger?

Bhook, Bhook.

He is always bhook.

When I came here, he was barking and playing with me.

Yes, playing and barking. Go, you small boy.


Don't run.

At least in a marriage we meet isn't it?


-Is Babu in the north? -Oh, I see.

Okay, let us get down.

Then okay. Get down.

Get down.

Unni, don't just shut yourself and be in the house.

When you get time, bring your wife along and come to our places.

-Hey, come here. -Yes, yes--

Laxmi, where is the boy?

-How did father come to know this? -I heard everything.

I got the news when I went to shave.

I see, then it has become a big news.?

From where did you find him?

Will he be able to help in working?

You yourself see, mother-in-law.

Hey, don't do! Hey, no!

-Hey! -Small, get down and come here.

I am afraid.

-What, what did you say? -I am afraid.

Nanja Minja, get down and come down.

No. No.

This is a great joke.

He is very young. He will learn soon.

Hey, if he is afraid

tell him to take a bucket and bathe by taking water in the buckets.


Now, you wash your clothes like this.


Hey, small boy you wash your clothes, like this.

You do it and show.

You wash his cloth and show.

Hey, I won't do so.

I see, so the North Indian, wash like this?

-Grandfather? -Come here.

-I will show you. -Grandfather?


-Grandfather? -Grandfather?

Now this has become like, Kathakali.

Come this side. I will do it and show.

Hey, this river will become dirty.

The dirty from the whole India is in this cloth.

Like this.

Like this.

Hey, his toy broke.

It is the only toy I had. That too is broken now. What will I do now?

-Hey, Grandpa broke this. -It was not me.

-I will tell mother. -Don't tell her nonsense.

Mother, see

-Grandpa has broken his toy. -I'll whack you!

What an age to play with children?

Oh, God!

Dear, where are you?

Here, keep this and see.


-Yes. -Yes, now it looks good.

Doesn't anyone want to have anything to eat?

Did you see that?

Six and sixty are the same is not just said like that.

It is very true.

They don't need, Malayalam or Hindi to speak?

Human language.

Poor boy. Somewhere a mother and father

must be searching for him.

All say he is not speaking, Hindi.

Some interior language somewhere in the north.

Look at him.


He is a smart boy.

If it was our boy, would he run around like this

after having lost his house, and country?

One more person for you play with.


You see that Acharya, and do one Hanuman Puja.

We will find some way out of it.

Let the ink bottle come.

It has been brought.

Can you find his country, house any such thing?

Like getting into the ocean and crossing.

-Where is the land? -To the north.

The roads all seem to have been destroyed.

-I don't have a clear image. -Try once more.

Still it is not clear.

He is saying, some sort of obstructions, are on his way.

Nothing is clear.

-Samiyey. -Hurray! Hurray!

-Samiyey. -Hurray! Hurray!

-Samiyey. -Hurray! Hurray!

What Visu brother, you have decided to rear him here only?

Where ever he grows up

-it is good that he knows to swim. -Yes, yes--

-Whose program is this? -That man from, Gulf.

The fellow from our Chandran's family.

-Oh! -Hey! It looks very good.

What is it?

Hey dear what is he saying? Do you understand?

He must be asking what it is?

Is it? How do you understand that?

That is a trick.

-I see. -Isn't it small boy?

Ambili, what kind of bath is this?

You are playing for a long time in the water.

Don't you have to school today?

Hey, go soon, or else it will get serious.


Like that.

Nowadays this girl does not study nor no thought of going to school.

All the time she is playing with that boy.

Also, a grandpa too is there with them.

Whatever I say, you laugh.

You don't want to know anything.

When the exams are over this time, you will know.


She comes now.

Hey, have you written what you had to in this double line book?


Now you tell, yes.

After the exams are over you will get a big one.

An elephant size, zero.

Hey, the time is nine.

If you want to have anything, come and have.

If you hear the mother talking

you will feel the daughter is studying for collector's exams.

Yes, father is the one who pets the children so much.

Whole day goes in playing.


-Jose Kutty, leave. -Bye. Bye.

-Bye! -Okay.

Bye. Bye.

-India is my country. -India is my country.

All Indians are my brothers and sisters.

All Indians are my brothers and sisters.

-I will honour my country. -I will honour my country.

Hey the assembly has started.

-Father too is coming? -Get down carefully.

I will behave honourable

I will behave honourable

-and with -and with

-respect with others. -respect with others.

What, Madhava it is a long time since you have come here.

Any new films now?

Yes. I came to see head master.

What teacher?

When your husband has come

why don't you take leave and be at home?

What to tell you!

I wanted to see, Madhavan.

When my husband came the servants who were with us left from home.

If you get some person to work at home, get them.

I will give commission.

This arrangement is not to my liking.

But for getting money

for the afternoon lunch what else can I show?

Is there any film for children to see?

-I will get it. -Okay.

What is it, teacher?

It must be because your husband has come, isn't it?

Now the expenses will increase, isn't it?

Then fix it for Friday if possible.


Then did you report that boy's matter to the police?


If he is from a well to do family

then you will get into trouble at the end.

He is a great artist.

Basically, he is a carpenter.

But he is the only person who makes the crown of Kathakali.

This one.

These are Kollarum and Kaikattu.

Very few of them do this job now.

We call this crown, as Koppu.

-Kope? -Yes.

-Crown! -Oh, yes.

You go and play with them.

Children doing a great play.

Krishnan, is a great, Kathakali singer too.

-I see. -Yes.

Can you see this?

Oh, fantastic.

Boy, what is your name?

My name is, Ambili. He is, Pawan.

Pawan, very good.


I will have some water and come.

What, President?

Are you going to sell the Panchayat, totally?

Hey, I am the only man who runs this type of thing.

I see, like that.

Oh, God!

Even after half the month of Edavum, how hot it is?

Laxmi, get some buttermilk.

I don't want that

if I have buttermilk now it will not be good.

Get only some cold water.

Hey, dear what are you looking?

Are you afraid of, Uncle?

Come near, let me ask. Come.

Will you give uncle a little chocolate?

-Call him too. -Smart.

Small boy.

Hey, small boy.

Hey, small boy.

Hey, small boy.

-Where is he? -He is not to be seen.

Hey small boy, my father is calling.

Son, now where has he gone?

I don't know.

He was playing with you, isn't it?

Hey, small boy.

Hey, small boy.

Small boy.

-Let me too go look for him. -Yes.

When he saw the police, he ran away frightened.

I thought so, before itself.

Something is wrong with him.

If you keep boys like him, they will run taking what they get.

-Yes. What happened, Madhava? -I can't find him.

-Mostly he has run away. -Thank you very much!

Okay, then shall I leave with them?

Okay, proceed.

-Okay, Madhava I too will leave. -Thank you.

-If he comes back -We'll go.

-bring him to the station. -Okay.

Why are crying like this?

He will come back.

I am afraid, whether he fell in water or something?

Don't talk nonsense and frighten the girl too.

Now I won't talk to father at all.

Dear, don't cry.

He must be here somewhere.

Hey! I found you.

You are crying?

It was Ammukutty who showed you to me.

Come, Amminikutty. Come. Come.

Come. Come.

Why are you sitting here like this?

I am getting frightened.

A lot.

The police won't come now. I have told father.

The police man won't come.

I have told father.

I have told my father that.

-Operator? -What did you call my father?

-Operator. -I will beat you.

Grandma, if the frog makes noise will it rain?

That is what they say.

Will you shout, mac, mac.

Will you sing a song of the rain?

How did this milk come in the cow's stomach?

Without looking here and there go and take bath.

Mother is very sick, father.

The children are very knowledgeable. Isn't it?

One fellow is there.

What Madhavan, no film nowadays?

Oh, who will sit and watch in this rain?

I don't have a theatre.

Yes, that is correct.

It is pouring in many areas. And floods too.

Hey, what is it?

What is it?

Help. Help.

Oh, mother.

Hold tightly.

-Dear daughter. -Dear.

Hold tightly.

Dear daughter.

Dear daughter.

Hold me tight.

-Here catch her. -Get her here.

-Slowly. Slowly. -You go that side.

-My dear! -Dear girl.

-Dear girl. -Dear girl.

She will be fine.

Nothing, she is okay.

Remove the water from her stomach.

-Ambili. Dear. -How are you now?

-Dear! -Nothing is wrong.

She is okay now. Be at peace.

Presence of mind.

That is what is needed for any man.

We have many times said a small piece of wood

in the hands of a drowning man.

The price of that piece this young boy made us realize today.

In this flash flood of the rain water

even limbs of people who can swim goes limp,

the boy just caught hold of a branch

of a palm tree for survival

is highly appreciable.

Till yesterday this boy only belonged to Madhavan and Laxmi...

today he has become one of us,

no he is one of the Panchayat.

I am very glad to announce

that I am recommending this boy's name

for the bravery award of this year from this Panchayat.

Since there are a couple of more meetings

are there for this Panchayat

I am not hurrying.

And none of you should forget that the election of the Panchayat board

has been postponed further.

I hereby promise that I will take all efforts to find from

whose house, from which place this boy is.

I am concluding this speech by requesting

Jagadeesan to conclude this meeting.

Silence, silence, since time was lost

there will be no first period today.

All can go to their classes today.

Oh, my president

ordinary politicians can't be held when they get a mike.

Why do I need a mike?

I don't have any such compulsions. That is your president.

The politicians are like that. They have no compulsions.

Especially when election time comes. Isn't it, president?

Hey, are you all going? Just wait for a minute.

I want to get a snap taken. Where have you been?

I had some work, president.

Do you come after meeting?

Click a snap to give to the newspapers.


Yes. Photo. Your photo.

You understood, isn't it?

-Photo. -Yes.

-Photo? -Photo.

Madhava, these are very difficult to teach

by mouth is all very difficult, then--

Yes. You stand here.



Wait, wait.

One minute.

-Now ready. -Okay.

All that matter is okay.

It is all for getting votes.

So what? His snap has come in the newspapers.

That too in the front page.

Hey, that is not a big thing now.

The newspaper people are always hungry for bites.

My Basheer

whatever your opposition people say he will win from here.

This is the fourth time.

The president is like a medicinal broth without dry ginger.

Yes. Yes. His main job now

is to export dry ginger and medicinal broths, to the U.S.

Who needs a politician without any foreign connection?

Yes. Yes.

Is there any politics without connections and relations?

Madhava, just come here.

-What is he doing? -Here this.

Hey, Madhava did you see this?

That boy's photo is printed right in the front page.

Hey, did you see the smile on the president's face?

As though muck is thrown on him.

-My son's name is there too. -Is it?

Hey, finish this and go.

Oh, when had Sankar, come here?

You have a long life. We were just speaking about you.

What? That I am finished?

Whenever we get a newspaper

first we see if Sankaran's snap is there or not?

You villainous dog, I will beat you and dry up your lever.


It is a long time since one heard him abuse in Hindi.

Poor fellow, Nair shivers hearing the abuse.

Hey, Madhava you take Sankaran with you.

There is no language that he does not know.

Hey, why is such a crowd here?

Oh, my God.

What, what happened?

What is going on? Stand aside.

-Cut! Cut! Cut! Hey, these are the TV people.

You all frightened me.

-This is my son, Madhavan. -Okay.

He is a film operator.

How did you get this boy?

When a show was going on in Arthingai.

Wait. When I say you speak?

Start camera.

You come here.

When there was feast in the Arthinga's church--

-Now you start. -When there was feast

in the Arthinga's church I saw him for the first time.

Then I met him off and on here and there.

Didn't you try to ask him about his house and where he is from?

With the help of some people I tried to talk to him.

Even they can't understand what this boy is saying.

Kuria kose says that it is a sort of Hinidi

spoken in some interior place.

Hindi, then let me try and see.

Where is your house?

My house is near the pond.

I see you are from, Gujarat.

Madhava, it is not Hindi. It is Kutchi language from, Gujarat.

Wait, wait. Let camera stop for a while.

-Send these behind. -Okay.

Please stand aside. You too.

-Ready, ask him. -Move to the back.

-Yes, ask him-- -You move that side.

-Ready? -Yes, ready.

-Okay, come on. Come on. -Come on.

Where are your mother and father?

They were both at home.

Mother was at her house.

-Where are they now? -I don't know.

How did you come here?

We were sleeping at home

when a big noise was heard.

The earth started shaking.

Many people were trapped in it.

Hey, Madhava, the earthquake that took place on the republic day.

Cut. Cut.

-Don't look anywhere else. -Okay, I will not.

Okay ready? Start camera.


Then what happened.

There were two big noises.

The whole place and air was full of dust and smoke.

It became very dark.

I don't remember anything else.

Asha sister-in-law.




Asha sister-in-law.

Asha sister-in-law.

Asha sister-in-law.


We don't know who all are missing.

In Kerala, there is a shortage of milk.

We are getting it now from, Tamil Nadu

and from other states too.

In this way, our Madhavan, too became a TV star.

-Isn't it? -Kerala News!

Our Nation which wants to be self-dependent for everything--

You have a good smile.

If you want let me see role for you in, Cinema.

Shall I brother, Krishna?

Before, when I sent him to school

he was mad after films.

It resulted in him walking with box full of films.

Devaki, come on.

It was because of father's this attitude.

Or else, I would have reached somewhere now in films.

Your attraction is still not gone, isn't it?

My Devaki, even if a monkey becomes old can it forget climbing trees?

Come on.

-Cartoons. Cartoons. -But we didn't do anything.

He has already got out trying to get the cake.


I see, then you know how to operate these things?

Did you have TV in your house?

Yes, a small one.

Come, let us go.

This is your father, mother and this you small boy.

It is very nice.

There is one member too.

A small girl too.

A small girl.


A small baby.


A small baby.

A baby?


I see.

Not like that.

Not a boy.

A girl?

A small girl. Payal.

Paylo? Oh, God!

Payal (anklet).

Anklet? -Yes.

Mother. Mother.


Hey! That small boy has a sister too.

-I see. -Yes.

This is the small boy, Father, mother, this is him

this is his younger sister, Payal.

-Payal? -Yes.

Payal, means, anklet.

How did you learn all this?

I learned all that, my sweet father.

Children nowadays are very smart.

-Ambili! -Yes.

It is quite late, go off to sleep.

Today I will sleep with, grandma.


When I close my eyes

I see that earthquake scene and those people's cries.

Poor people.

What a tragedy?

People dead, half dead, injured--

Poor people.

How they tolerate all this?

He is a small boy, isn't it?

He won't have that much memory.

And then all this after hunger

and body needs are fulfilled.

Anyway, let him be here for a some more days.

When I think of when he will go--

It is for his good, isn't it?

Hey, Kochchappi, call me when they come.

Okay. Okay.

Give me two sodas.

Sugar or salt?

In one sugar, in the other, nothing.

Squeeze lime well. Let it be a little sour.


Here there is a fellow who shows films, isn't it?

-What is the name? -Kerala, films.


When you go straight, you can see a cross.

To its east there is a beedi shop.

Above it is the film company you said.

Have you come searching for that boy?

-Yes. -From where?

-From the north. -Oh!

-Operator, operator. -Yes.

You come down here.

There is a man to see you.

Who is that? For a booking?

I don't know, come and see.


We are from North, Kerala, Talicheri. Near Trichur.

I have joint pain.

I can't climb stairs.

Hence, I didn't come up.

We saw the program on the TV and came.

This is my elder son. George.

He is in Gujarat.

It is 15 years, before he went there.

He married there itself.

Must be afraid of me, that he did not come

for the last eight years.

Last Christmas, he had sent us a card and a letter.

He had enquired about all of us here.

And then son's baptism.

It took so much time to ask about this old man

and his relations.

That was his last letter to us.

After that only, the earthquake and blast occurred.

No reply for the letters we sent to him.

Just break a soda and put a little salt in it.

When I came to know that a Gujarati boy was found here

I came to know that my son too had a boy of his age.

Operator, call that boy down and show them.

Since he came to this man and settled, it was the boy's luck.

He takes care of him like his own kid.

He knows only the Kutchi, language of Gujarat.

Now since we talk daily in, Malayalam to him

he understands a little, Malayalam.

Do you know who these people are?

No. No.

Ask him whether, he know these people.

Do you know who these people are?


I do not know these people.

Oh, leave it.

Next week, she is getting married.

I have a lot work, due to it.

Poor fellow. What does this boy know?

Groundnuts, groundnuts--


Groundnuts, groundnuts--


This is how it is grown.

You carry on like this.

What to do now?

Groundnuts, groundnuts--

-I can't carry on this way. -Groundnuts, groundnuts--

-Groundnuts, groundnuts-- -You don't cry.

Why are sitting here?

I was looking for you there.

Here, have some.

Some more will come looking for you.

They will come.

You have TV, at your place, isn't it?

-Yes. -Okay.

Now, when you came on the TV

some one your mother or father will see it.

I want to see my mother.

I want to see my mother.


You don't cry.


We'll fetch water after he goes.

Enough, boy. It is a long time that you are standing.

Did anyone come looking for you?

-They will come. -Okay.

The boy has learnt, Malayalam.

A little.

You must only bark, don't bite.

The kids are like that. The learn fast.

Hey, Suresh.

-Hey, look at his smile. -Okay. Okay.

People don't even have water to drink.

But these politicians come to ask for votes.

-They ask vote from women. -See that.

-Our dear candidate-- -He said, he'll give pipeline.

Suresh will do it.

-This whole constituency-- -Oh, really!

Even after installing piper everywhere

this area is getting salt water.

Is there a singly grain that we can harvest?

Now he has come asking for vote.

You must give your valuable vote to him.

Damn his words!

What is all those talks with That Eliamma.

Is she standing in the elections?

Oh! Did you understand anything?


Not muscelai, but manasilai.

-Manasilai, understood. -A smart boy.

-Here have this. -Okay, okay, I accept that.

Brother, greetings.

Yes. This time too, the issue is drinking water?

He is with the opposition.

In Kocheetan's place, him and sister, isn't it? Then two.

Then, have your children come of age?

Then we can be sure of two, isn't it?

Yes, Kochettan is with us.

Wasn't that boy who was in the papers, and on the TV?


Have you kept him for work here?

No, he is with that, operator.

-That man supports the other party. -Is it so?

If everyone is of the other party then it is not good, isn't it?

Then, everything is as said. Tell sister, specially.

-Okay. -Then I will come later.

Oh, what love he shows?

That is their usual thing.

What if we get to him a little?

Then five or six photos will come on the TV and in the newspapers.

Son, come here.

-Let me ask you something. -Operator is not here.

He has gone for bath.

What language is it?

It must be, Hindi. We should have had some to speak that.

Kurupu, you get hold of him.

-Let us click a couple of snaps. -Okay.

But we don't know, Hindi.

You go and call him. Go.

Operator is not here.

-Son come here. -Whom do you want?

Not, Koro. But come out.

I and you, one photo needed. No.

-We will click. -Who?

Who are you? Whom do you want?

-This boy is stubborn. -Whom do you want?

-Let, Koro, go. You come here. -Leave me, leave me. Leave me.

-Leave me, leave me--

Leave him, is it like this you drag the kids?

Oh, so you are the man, isn't it?

Now you need not have him any more.

-Our party is going to adopt him. -What for?

-That is our committee's decision. -Committee?

You did not understand it, isn't it?

The orphanages are there for kids like him.

He is not causing us any trouble.

Who said no trouble?

Kochhattan, don't get into this.

Do you know that it is a crime to make children under 12

to work, do you know that?

I did not make him do any work.

The he was spinning that things there.

What was he doing then, playing with it?

Bringing water up the stairs, is an easy task?

Hey, he too has that water, so what if he gets some?

This is the problem with our country.

Even when beating one's mother

there are hundreds who will justify that too.

Let this be our committee's most important, agenda.

Don't just keep talking here you being a party man

take that kid, and let us go now.

-Come on, let us go. -Hey, leave his hand.

-Leave me. -You did not tell me who you are

to take so much pain?

I see.

Till now you don't know who I am, isn't it?

I am the party man of the sixth ward.

You are only a party man, isn't it?

Become a member or MLA then we will see.

Isn't it, Kochhetta?

For that the other party men should agree too.

We should be proud.

Anyway, you are a party man, isn't it?

The meeting is about to start.

The balance we will think after the election is over.

I will show you who I am.

For getting a child to do work

I will make you count bars for three full years.

You will see. Come on.

I too will see you.

-The meeting has started. -Yes, yes--

Poor fellow, he missed another chance to meet the people.

Whom, did he want?

People's rule.


It is nothing. Now you need not know all that.

-Revolution, long live. -Revolution, long live.

Long live this place.


-You came with me to sit here? -What?

The film is going on there.

What is it, why you two are sitting in the dark?

The show is there, isn't it?

Come this way.

Yes. We know all these things.

-We were just-- -No, you need not explain.

I don't want to listen to anything obscene.

I saw everything, isn't it?

-What is your name? -Madhava.


It is not like what you think--

I did not think anything.

Even if I did so

that I will tell you when we are at the station.

Get your boxes and get in the jeep.

If you try to act smart, you will get good.

Sir, I am looking after him like my own son.

For God's sake don't defame me.

Aren't you people ashamed?

If you talk with me filmy dialogues

I will beat you to pulp, get in the jeep.

Come here.

In the middle of the night they bring him here.

Then their job is over, isn't it?

I am going to put the light off. Did you have any food?

Hey, open your mouth and tell me something.

I want to go and lie down.

-Mother. -Dear!

What is it, dear?

-Did you see any dream? -Why is the child crying?

Calm her and put her to sleep.

377, unnatural offence.

Whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse

against the order of nature

with any man woman or animal

shall be punished with either of the description

for a term which may extend up to ten years.

Sir, this is a non-bail able offence punishable up to ten years.

We told you sir, he is not a man like that.

-He has a wife and a daughter. -Maybe.

No, that I don't believe you and father.

This is my first posting after probation.

In this, this is my first time I come across such a case.

Then since, the politicians have interfered in this

it is better that, you see, the DYSP. Isn't it?

Hey, why? That is not needed at all.

This is a case where he has to be remanded.

What for, sir?

For having giving some food to the young boy

who was begging around?

Then sir, we will see the DYSP.


This thing seems to be prolonging.

Sir, if you keep sending the cases that come here

what is our credit then?

Sir, you seem to be a little lenient.

Whatever you say, this is our prestige issue.

What prestige is there in this?

There are still many more kids are on the streets.

And they too are this nation's prestige too.

Drink tea.

As for the state

that man only saved the child.

Only thing is he did not inform the police. That is simple.

-As per the ordinary man-- -Local police were notified, sir.


Anyway as you wanted now that child is in the juvenile home.

Then let us enquire whether that man has committed any crime

for which he is punishable.

Sir, we will come in power.

Don't forget that.


They had come to take advantage of the exposure the kid got on the TV.

Do one thing

take two people for surety and go to that station.

I will call and tell them.

Thank you very much sir.

When Lord Rama kept his foot on the--

Devaki if you read like this

this month will finish and the next too

still there will be balance for you to read.


Leave me, leave me. I will go.

Who is it?

It is us, father.

Leave me.

Why should you drink and come like this?

Father, it happened so that I got saved.

You drank liquor, isn't it?

They had kept, Madhavan in jail last night.

What are you saying?

-Is it true? -Yes.

When the show was going on last night.

They have the boy in some police people's home.

Now you all need not trouble yourselves.

Then shall I go?

Since morning we are drinking.

Did they beat you?

In the night too we were tensed.

You should have let us know.

He told everything, isn't it?

Now if no one have looked for you then?

Our child is not well.

Whatever happened, has happened.

Now don't do anything that is not needed.

Even if we do good, we are defamed.

Anyway, you look at it, it is a confusing case.

If you want have that child with you lawfully

you should adopt him.

Now if you think that way too, there are other rules.

Now have you learnt the things I told?

-Yes. -Okay.

When you go to the court, they will ask some troubling questions.

Don't tell anything voluntarily.

-Okay. -Go.

First you have to prove that there is no one to claim him.

What I mean is

we have to know whether his mother and father are alive or not.

Then there are other formalities of adoption.

When the adopting parent has a child of his own

then you may have to divide your property into two.

Do you want go through all these strains?

What if we think again, Madhava?

If we think too much, then things won't work, sir.

Then okay. I will try.

Any way we will have a talk with the magistrate and see.

This is the application for adoption

which I hereby forward to the district magistrate

through the Panchayat board president.

My granddaughter the daughter of my daughter Saumini

who is studying in the 10th standard--

Now there is no more place in this to stitch. This is the last.

Madhava, now court and case etc., are starting

purchase a new one.

Yes, that is better than this.

-How much he took? -Three and half.

Which party are you supporting? You are sitting here?

I was searching for you both over there.

Yes. I met the magistrate and have told him about the case.

He is busy with a compromise in a stabbing case.

-We will go there and stand. Come. -Here.

If you want, we can put him in jail.

Do you want that?

When you both were playing, he stabbed isn't it?

Can't you pardon him for that?

-What? -Okay.

Hey, now the accused has become the accuser.

Never mind.

Even now you both like each other, isn't it?

You, purchase an ice cream for him.

You have one too.

Then you come here.

Take it.

Go and come.

The judge took money from his pocket and gave them.

Come, let us go in.

You people sit here.

The children will solve it among themselves.

-Greetings. -Yes.

-I had told you before. -Yes, what?

An adoption case.

-Yes, yes. Sit down. -Thank you.

-Who is the man? -Come here.

Yes, really appreciable.

I understand your kindness and love.

Maybe because he saved your daughter's life.

But all the cases that come here are not like that.

Many times, children are misused.

Hence the existing rules too think in that way too.

Considering your interest and love

if needed we can try for foster care or guardian ship.


But when the child is kid from the survivors of a calamity

isn't it better to transfer him to his own place?

To find his parents too, it is a good way.

They don't have any idea.

They told to look in the general ward.

-Come. -Come on.

Walk carefully.

What is the smell over here?

You come here.


Small boy.

Oh, God! Oh, my child is gone. Oh my dear child.

Oh, my child is gone.

Oh, God!

Oh, God! Oh, God!

Oh my God, should I see such things?

How did he feel like giving poison to one's own child?

How is it?

Without looking left or right they will buy thing in lots.

Then when the people who lent the money, catch then they realize.

Who are you to him?

How is he now?

Oh, what will happen to him?

If you just leave him and go it is not enough.

This is a government hospital.

You must bring and give the medicines.

Or else he won't get cured.

The juvenile hoe people just brought him over here.

Then they did not even come to look at him.

Even now, after coming here he got fits three or four times.

If one does not give proper medicine in time

it may affect his brain.

For now, get these medicines.

When your dress etc., are changed you look bright and smart.

Sit down.

Did you follow what, the Nurse said?


I don't want that.

That won't do.

They are giving medicines, and injections if you have food well

only then you will get better.

Should we not get better and go home?

-We have to go. -Yes, then you must have all this.

Sister? Sister?

Ambili, like Orange a lot isn't it?

-Take. -I don't want, I don't like it.

Does daughter like mother and father?

Don't you like the small boy?


Just as you love your mother and father

wont he too feel like seeing his parents or not?

Small boy likes his younger sister too a lot.

Yes. He will go there, see his parents and sister

go to school like you and become smart, isn't it?

Then when the school closes for summer vacation

they will all come here to see you.

-Isn't that good? -Yes.

Small boy, Sister's anger etc., are all gone.

If you people will come often and give the boy like this.

There are other children too here.

Don't do this again.

Someone will come inquiring for him.

Sir, till then can't I keep him in my house with me.

He is a sick boy.

Madhava, bureaucracy joins both the rules.

It cannot see your kind heart.

Hey, enough of your sleep, come on.

What, Madhava, now your stay and sleep are here only?

See how far the formalities are done, madam.

If you want, tomorrow itself

we can transfer him to, Gujarat.

But, to take a sick child across for three four days

up to Gujarat

no one wants to take that risk in the department.


Then what will you do?

Anyway, till someone comes asking for him

let him stay at the juvenile home.

Yes, for the time being, we can close the file.

-Thank you, madam. -Okay.


Ask him to come.

Madam, if any one knowing the language comes along

I will take care of him.

That is a good idea.

Basheer, knows all the languages in Gujarat, isn't it?

-Yes, Madam. -Then why don't you go with him

-as a humanitarian consideration? -Yes.

Then try for a ticket at the earliest.


All the best.

You should have gone, after Onam was over.

Yes, that is true.

But I did not think about all that then.

Everything happened so quickly.


Hey, he was all the time saying, bhook, bhook.

-Now he says enough. -It is like that.

Only food, man will say enough.

Only after having food a man attains full satisfaction.

If you don't want, get up.


In the earthquake the houses must have all been broken, isn't it?

Then where will the parents of the small boy be living?

Oh, they must have built a new house

and must be waiting for him there.

In our house thee was a terrace.

From that we would look at the moon.

In summer we would sleep in the terrace.


On the top, terrace, we sleep.

Fireflies come in the night.

My father sings

Oh, fireflies, oh fireflies.

Oh, fireflies, oh fireflies.

What song is he singing, father?

When it summer

he along with his father mother and sister

go on the terrace of his house and sleep there looking at the sky.

Then on seeing the moon and stars shine in the sky

his father sings, he says.

Just as they sing in the films.

Isn't it?

Tup tup Janaki, crinkle your eyes and show.

Small boy, you should send yours and your family's photo

with father, will you?

You too come.

It is a public exam, isn't it?

You go, bring, your mother, father and sister

-and come for, Onam? -We will come.

You give this to, your younger sister.

Tell that I gave it for her.

Ambili, come here. I just came from temple.


God, protect him.

Won't father come till the jetty?

No. we will be here.

We should not lock the house and come.

You all go and come.

Brother, come.

Hey, you look great.

Hey what are you wearing?

He looks good in it, isn't it sister?

Now if, the white man sees this, Kattabomman he will baulk.

Shall we start?

Hey, what is this, President?

So many people like for a public speech.

Should not a work taken up by our Panchayat

be completed successfully?

Yes, then you should have musical band too.


Whatever it is you must return here before the election.

You keep this too in that bag.

A few milk cakes and a few eggs roasted.

Dear, all that are needed to stay on the way is all in this bag.

You must tell his mother all about his time for medicines.

My Laxmi, how many times you have told me that.

It is president's house. Let it go.

Don't cry.

Don't cry.

-Please stand aside. -Okay.

Sir! Where is the superintendent's office?

-On the top, to your left. -Okay.

Sir, we had sent a fax, with all the details.

What you say is all correct!

But all these have all become a file here.

An earthquake for 30 seconds

and to solve all this it will take 15 years.

To help the people affected by earthquake

a separate office is opened.

You can go there and do the enquiry.

Okay, sir.

What did he say, sir?

There is a separate office for things

connected with the earthquake.

It is there these things are dealt with.

You said Ambara, isn't it?

It is a holy place of the Anjar Taluka.

Many people lost their lives, in Anjar Taluka.

That's why I didn't get the full report.

The best thing then is take the boy and go there

and try to identify yourselves.

Is it possible to find, isn't it?

He says to take him to certain places

and see whether he can recognize?

Did you understand?


Have you seen this road?

I have been on this road, with my parents to go the circus.

This road goes to the temple.

See there was where my house was.






Hey drink your milk.

Give your lollipop to her. She will stop crying.







My son!

I'm coming!

I'm going, my mother has come.

My son! My son!

Yes. I am looking. Don't shout! Come with me.

Look there.

In this village, 13000 people were living.

We got 4000 dead bodies.

And their reports are also done.

In that there were children, old people all were there.

More than two thousand people

were sent to the camps, and the hospitals.

Those who survived and identified were 3500.

Whether the balance are dead or alive, nobody knows.

What is it? What did he say?

Out of the 13000 people who lived here only

3500 are alive today.

The balance were all either dead or missing.

What happened?

We came to search for parents.

Where are my mother and father?

-They will come. -They will come.

They remember you?

Sir, can I take him back?

I will rear him up.

You tell them that.

Is it your father?

Yes, it is my father.

-Everyone is there. -What is your name?

-Kochundappri. -They are calling you, come.

Did you talk with them, about what I said before?

Can you ask them for me?

-What is your father's name? -Raimalahi!

-Mother's name. -Mahilahi.

House number?

-House number? -I don't know.

Where is your house?

My house is near the pond.

Tell them.

Raimalahi, Mahilahi, Pawan, Payal.

But there is no report of them.

Whether they are dead or alive.

No report about that.

Missing. They are lost.

At least this boy is alive.

I will make a report about him.

He is doing the work of a film operator.

And he was the one who took the child and took care of him.

He has daughter too.

He is a very kind man.

Sir, since there is no news of his parents

in this condition if we get a death certificate

then he can adopt this child.

Death certificate?

What nonsense are you talking?

Missing means it is not that the person is dead.

If that person comes back and complain

then I will lose my job.

Sir, I will rear him as my own child.

Sit outside. If needed I will call you.

Go. Go outside.

Show him to a doctor and medically check up.

Okay, sir.

Sir, when you asked for death certificate, he got angry?

What he said was correct!

Missing means not dead. Not found.

Anytime, his mother and father may come to look for him.

27 kg.

127 cms.

Doctor, he often gets fits. Fits.

-Fits? -Yes.

Most of the children will have some problem due to the earthquake.

Like epilepsy, fits, phobia and so on.

And some of them are very much afraid of

explosions and loud sounds. That is all.

These are the medicines he takes.

Who is this?

He is from, Kerala.

He is the one and only guardian to take care of this boy.

Oh, I see.

Any chance to give this boy back to us?

No, I don't think so.

No chance exists.

Because, in very similar way a child came here.

After many months, his father came took him away.

His father was in coma for many months

in some hospital.

The doctor says there is no chance of taking him back.

Last week, a similar boy was taken away by his father.

For about three months it seems he was in some hospital and in coma.

Praise the Lord

and surrender to him.

Mother father, younger sister will come.

Operator, tell sister that Kochundappri will come.

The time of meeting is over.

If no one comes to ask for him

then not as an orphan

but I will bring him up as my son.

What? What is this?

If no one comes to ask for this boy then--

-Then? -Then he will adopt this boy, sir.

This is his address.

Very good.

Okay. I will consider it.

Okay. Okay.

-Thank you, sir. -Okay.

-I am leaving. -Alright. Alright.

People come one after another to eat up your head.

They have no work.