Justice League: Warworld (2023) - full transcript

Warworld, a place of unending brutal gladiatorial combat, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and others must unite to form an unbeatable resistance to lead the entire planet to freedom.

Orginal Sub By ViKramJS

Come on, I'm good for it.
Payday's Tuesday.


You see that, Griz?

Plugged it
right through the middle!

Almost got him.


Don't get
a lot of strangers
passing through.

Certainly not
pretty ones like you.

Uh, anyone tell you
you're a pretty fine piece?

Girl, are you
hard of hearing
or something?

I heard. Go away.

You just made the biggest
and last mistake of your life.


No one likes
a back-shooter, Tom.

Outside, now.

I apologize for my men.

They can be rough
around the edges.

But then again, so is the town.

Perhaps you'd join me
for a drink?

I'll give you the good stuff.

Those were some moves
you had, downstairs.

Never seen anyone
fight like that.

You're a wonder.

How'd you get the face?

By trusting the wrong people.

It's a tale
as old as time itself.

Gold is discovered
and everyone is happy.

And then greed
shows its ugly face

and ruins everything.

Those so-called
honest townsfolk

took over the bank,

which had
their land

for delinquent
interest charges.

Which you did legal, I'm sure.

Now, my judges,

every one said
we was in the right.

But they stole back the gold

they used to pay
for their stakes,

and this cannot stand.

We're a civilized society,

a land of laws.

If this bunch gets their way,
why then, where would we be?

I'm guessing
you're going to tell me.

There's an opportunity
for you here.

Help me fight
for law and order.

Help me--




We don't want no trouble.

Heading to the depot
for a fresh start.





Do it.

Shoot that damn woman.

Kill her!

Open the gate!



They killed
them both.

I know it's hard.
Now you've got to be brave.

I told 'em
they should sneak off at night,

but they didn't want to leave
behind what little they had.

Now they got less.

Bat Lash, you damn fool!

Why you making trouble
with Hex's men?

Because sometimes trouble's
got to be made, Sheriff.

What do you care?

You don't ranch,
farm, or dig gold.

You don't have
a dog in this fight.

And why are you mixing in this?

I'm not. Just passing through.

Supplies would be appreciated.

Does it look like
we got extra stuff?

At least give us your name
before you ride off.

They're coming again!

Got a present
for all you stubborn folk.

I hope it sends you to hell.

Shoot the wheels.


Oh, my God.

She's an angel.

That's why she's not hurt.

Come to save us all.

- Are you okay?
- Okay?

How are you
not axle grease?

I've had a think,

and it may just be easier

to kill you all.

Eat lead.

What the hell are you?

Well, you certainly kicked
that hornet's nest in the face.

Now Hex will kill us all.

He was gonna
do that anyway.

She saved us.

Saved us?

We're starving
and dying of thirst here!

I passed a storehouse
on my way in.

Plenty of supplies there.

Great idea!

Go ask Mr. Hex

if'n you could load
a wagon or two of his stuff

after blowing him up!

Not a bad idea.

The supplies, I mean.

Need a distraction, though.

On occasion,
I can be distracting.

My mistake was showing mercy.

I took half measures.

No more.

You got something to say?

Well, sir,

that outside, was a goat rope.

Oh, it sure was.

And you boys think

you could make
better decisions than me?

That's right.

I ever tell you
about this timepiece?

My great grandfather carried it
through the Revolutionary War.

My grandpappy,
through the War of 1812.

My pa had it during
the Mexican-American War.

And I took it through the war
between the states.

Had to hide it for a year
from the Yankee Guards

after I was captured at Shiloh.


but still keeps the time.

We don't give a damn
about your grandpappy's watch!


But you very much should.

You see,

my family has always settled
their disputes with this watch.

Now, when the chimes stop,

make your move.

Been meaning to fix that.

I'll load up.
Need five minutes.

I was wondering
when you'd show up.

Throwing your lot in
with a bunch of thieves

doesn't match
your code now,
does it?

And realizing that mistake,
here you are.

Looks like.

Maybe we could strike a deal.

But of course,
you'd have to convince me.

And I'm going to need
both types of convincing.

You think you can handle
being physical with me?

We hijack
the train at Sweetwater,

and load the nitro.

We detonate it
by the barricade.

It'll vaporize everyone inside

any minute now.


I got to say,

you're real handy
to have around.

You trust me?

Damn straight, I do.

Get everyone
out of the barricade.

I'm gonna end this
once and for all.



Hurry up,
let's get out of here!

Are you crazy?

You go out there,
you'll get these kids shot.

Sheriff, we've got to leave.

The angel's coming back,
and she's coming back angry.

I'm putting in for hazard pay.


Since there's, uh,
nothing left to fight over,

you could stay.

With us.

Nothing's over until I say.


Would you have stayed?

Welcome to my home.

Welcome to Shamballah.

Ugly one, aren't you?

And the prisoners?

To the mines.

Their sword arms will be put
to work swinging picks.

Until the next
mercenary arrives.

We should have killed Deimos
when we had the chance.

I understand your ire, friend.

But we cannot change the past,

only ensure the same mistakes
are not made in the future.

Gather those that are able.

We'll strike back,
finish Deimos once and for all.

Something funny, slave?


There is a difference.

Not from where I'm standing.

You take an army
to the wizard's,

your queen might as well
look for another king.

You'll be dead
before you see his face.

And let me guess,
for your freedom,

you'll lead us
to his throne room?


For my freedom
and a pile of gold.

You give me those,
I'll draw a map to his castle.

Mercenary, remember?

You can't possibly
be considering this.

How can we trust him?

We can't.

That's why he's coming with us.

The hell I will.

You want your coin?
You want your freedom?

Then you'll earn it
like the rest of us.

Or you can enjoy
the darkness of the mines

until you're old and gray.

Is this necessary?

Be grateful,
it's only one chain.


For Skartaris!

Mariah, scout ahead.

It's high time we make camp.

It's best to wait for night.


The darkness.

You know as well as I,

the sun shines
forever on Skartaris.


Where did you say
you were from, mercenary?


It matters not.

You come to kill a king
with a mercenary horde,

wearing a strange helmet,

and yet you don't know
where you're from.

I am your prisoner,
not your gossiping harlot.

There's a wooded glade,
an arrow's shot away.

Lead on.


How long now?

Across the Desert of Dreams,

where men see visions
that are more than visions.

Then a short ride
through the Dragon Sea.

What can you tell us
about this wizard?

His fortress?

Not much.

Not... Why are you here, then?

I told you, I could
take you to his castle.

Beyond that,

you're the ones
intent on dying.

You fear his magic.

I don't fear much of anything.

Besides, I don't
believe in magic.

What do you believe in?

Steel. Gold.

The evil
in the hearts
of all men.

Then you keep poor company.

My king is a good man.

Do you think so?

Because he fights
for truth and justice?


All men are evil.

He knows as well as I,

the darkness
that resides in our souls.

Then it is up to us
to stand up to the darkness.

I've seen a jester

slit the throat
of his own king.

Men made of ice
steal from the poor,

and women more cat than woman

manipulate the just.

And no one could stop them.

Because evil
is as unstoppable as the rain.

That's why we fight
for those that can't.

A good man knows

that the darkness
will always be there,

but stands against it anyway.

Unlike mercenary scum like you,
who care only about yourself.

How did you come
to be in his employ?

He found me.

He promised me riches
if I would take your head.

And you took it

because death is nothing
to a man with no life.

You know nothing about me.

Neither do you.

What is it?

To the trees!

Argon and Rapasil.

And you,

you may have saved my life,
but don't think you can escape.

I'm not up here to escape.

I'm waiting to see

what those creatures
were running from.

Like hell.

Baroth Mountain.


What is it?

I'm not sure.

To shore!


The sooner
this cursed quest is over,

the better.

It's... It's...

It's you, isn't it?

Visions that are not visions.




Something isn't right.

What isn't right
is we're taking too long.

Every second we waste
is one in which more could die.

I'm going in, even if
you're too scared.

Machiste, no!

It's hopeless.

What good are we
against such magic?

Weren't you the one who said
good men stood against evil,

despite the odds?

What is it?

How did you know?

I'm not sure.

Run. Run!

Give me the key.

This is no time! Hurry!

You can't.

I can.

You know the rule
when running from a beast,

be faster than
the man you're with.

Where is Warlord?


Who are you?

I don't know.

There was a wreck, I think,

and then Deimos found me.

Enough chatter!

Help us out of here.

We can still kill the wizard,
and save Skartaris.


I want no part of your quest.

Besides, there's no time
to save you.

But there is enough time
to save myself.


You don't want my magic wand
to speak again, do you?

So, you've returned.

And your mission?


The Warlord is dead.

This was your plan all along.

Of course.

Attack Warlord, lose.

Convince the Warlord
to come here

where I can kill him myself.

I'll take my payment now.

After you fulfill
one small task for me.

Do this last thing,
and you will have your riches.

Do it, coward.

I can't...

I won't...

let you kill them.

Ah-ha! Yes.

Well, I'm not surprised.

Oh, well, one less person
I don't have to pay.

I should let you
kill each other.


Time to die, wizard.

My sentiments exactly.



How dare you!

You pathetic mortals think
that I, the great Deimos,

would fall so easily?

I am more than
mere flesh and blood.

I am magic incarnate.

I am the ruler of Skartaris.

I am the master of this realm.

I am your death!

Can you fight?

Free me and find out.

I know this.

I've been trapped
here for years.

My name is Travis Morgan,

and I am the Warlord.


I will have
my revenge, Warlord.

My Lord, where is Machiste?

I'm sorry, Mariah.

It's over now.

We can return home.

I could use
more warriors like you.

Come back with us.

No. I need...

To find a way back.


But to where?


Come with us.



This is my home, my people.

And I am their king.

I need to be here
to protect them from Deimos.

Good luck.

Sir? Agent Kent.
Main office sent me.

Ah, the new partner.


Agent Faraday. I know.

Purple Heart in Iwo Jima.

Founder of the
Central Bureau of Intelligence.

Lead agent during
the Janus Directive incident.

Yeah, I know the resume, son.

I lived it.

They really threw you
in the deep end

with your first
assignment, huh?

What did they
tell you about this?

At 0700 hours,

strange lights were seen
over the town of Grover's Mill.

Six witnesses claim they saw
something fall from the sky.

I'm thinking
it's the Russians, sir.

Another Sputnik.

It came from space, all right.

But think... farther.

We've been dispatched here
on behest of Majestic-12,

a program that investigates
UFO sightings.

This might just qualify.

It's up to us
to interrogate the witnesses

and find out what happened.

Now's the time
to prove yourself.

Are you ready to uphold truth,
justice, and the American way,

no matter what?

Yes, sir. No matter what.

Then get ready
to meet the peanut gallery.

Ho there, Officer...

Officer Wayne, highway patrol.

Witnesses are inside.


Officer Wayne,
my partner, Agent Kent.

Do I know you?

Let's get started.

After you, Officer.


Officer Wayne?

Yes, apologies. I was...

Never mind.

Strange fellow.

You all right there, son?

Just dandy, sir.

-Oh, thank God...
-We've been here an hour.

-...finally an authority.
-Is it safe to go out there?

Gentlemen, ladies, please.

I'm Agent Kent.

And he's here to ask us
about the little green men.

This is no joke!
I know what I saw.

We all saw it, lady.

How long is this going to take?

As long as it needs to, sir.

It takes as long as it takes.

For Uncle Sam
and his United States, man.

Well, I am happy to stay
as long as the agent needs.

I'm not.

I've got a tanker
in a snow drift

and a route to keep.

But we know
you hit the snowbank.

The pileup's why
we saw the blasted thing.

Please, everyone...

You got a problem?

Well, you could have been
driving more carefully, is all.

Lot of nerve you got!

The American government
appreciates your cooperation

in this matter.

Isn't that right, Agent Kent?

Uh, yes.

Please take a seat.

Names and occupations,
beginning with...

Potter. Long-haul trucker.

Mr. and Mrs. Lang.

As of last Tuesday.

We're on our honeymoon.

Snapper Carr.

Temporary weekend manager!

You're not going
to call the owner, are you?

I really need
this gig to work out.

Burroughs Ginsburg Kerouac.

Occupation, drifter!

All right, Mr. free spirit,

want to tell my partner
what you saw?

I was hitching down Highway 5.

I politely step
onto the shoulder
so people can see me.


That loon jumps out, I brake,

and suddenly I'm in a snowbank
with two cars on my bumper.

That's when we hear it.

It was shrill and whistling

like a scream.

Made your teeth vibrate.

We look up,
and. Agent, I swear,

overhead was a flying saucer,
like right out of the movies!

- Then--
- Bam!

It hits something
in the distance.

And then...

And then...

And then?

This light starts coming
from where it crashed,

and it's not right.

I've never seen
a light like that.

I never want to see that again.

The thing slammed
into the old barn

at the end of the road.

When we get there,
there's footprints around it.

We figure, hey, someone's hurt.

We split up to look.

I walk around back,

and that's when I see it.

We saw it!

My hand to God,

it was an alien
running out of that barn.

Ask that girl
if you don't believe us.

She saw it, too.

Name and occupation, ma'am.

I'm sorry. Um...

You're asking? Oh, Ms. Prince.

I'm a secretary.
Mainly a typist.

I... I was on my way to work
when it all happened.


I think...

It's all fuzzy.

I... I remember
lights in the sky,

but I was alone.

I'm sorry. I must be
in shock from the accident.

I don't remember anything

until Officer Wayne
brought us here.

- I'm... I'm sorry.
- Psst.

I didn't say this before

because I didn't want
everyone to hear.

I was at the counter

when that officer
walks in with the lot of them.

Says to wait
for the authorities,

but I didn't call the cops,

and there's no phone
at the old mill's barn.

So, how did he show up so fast?

Agent, we all followed
that alien's footprints.

But when we got back
to the barn, I counted.

There were five sets
of tracks going
into the woods,

and six coming back.

Are you saying the alien
might still be in this area?

I'm saying the alien...

might be
in this room.

It could've changed its shape.

Look like one of us.

Project images into your mind.

Confuse you.

Anyone acting odd may not be
who they say they are, man.

If I were you,

I'd look to anyone
who seems different.

Foreign. Strange.



Not like you and me.

And when you find them,

you got to take care
of them right away.

Or else you'll give them
a foothold into your mind!

I think it's her.

That cop
showed up out of nowhere.

Are you
gonna protect us?

Will you
do your job?

Agent Kent,
answer the question.


I... I mean, no.

I mean, I'm...

Sir, I'm just trying
to get information, okay?

And would you turn
that damn jukebox off?

But it is off.

Uh, excuse me.

The music.

We hear it too.

I'm sorry.

I have to ask you to go back
with the other witnesses.

No. Listen to us.

What? Wait, what...
What did you...

What was that?

Those images...

What images?

It's like we said!

It's them!

Sending visions
into your brain.

They're the aliens!

I don't know
what's going on, but--

Don't take a step further!

Kent, back away from them.

Back away? Kill them!

We're not safe
till they're gone!

The music.

It's coming from the car.

Damn it,
if you don't act, I will.

How did you do that?

I... I don't know.

Your neck!

Well, hey, looks like
the alien was me.

He's not human.

Holy shit!

None of them are human!

Kent, run!

How did you...

I don't know.
But this feels familiar.


We have to get out of here.

Get in.

What is going on?

An alien invasion.

But what about us?

The music,
those images,
they felt like--


They felt like memories.

That's impossible.

Whatever is going on,

we need to get out.


Glove compartment.

Flare gun.

Oil tankers
have an exhaust port,

which keeps the gas
from sparking an explosion.

Damage that, expose it to heat,

and you turn the truck
into a bomb.

How do you know all this?

I don't know. I just do.

We got one shot.

Make it good.

Ha-ha! Yes!

What the hell is that?


Thank God,

you got out.


I knew you'd come.

Smart kid like you
put it together.

It started with the UFO,
and here he is...

the leader,
the alien head honcho.

That one doesn't look
anything like the others.

How do you know?

Look at it!

Even if it's not with them,
it doesn't belong here.

You have to kill it.

It's the only way
to stop their invasion.

And after you do,

we'll put these two down.


No! They're not aliens.

The minute they touched you,
you started seeing things.

They infected you
with their alien powers.

How else could you hit
that creature across the room?

Tell me I'm wrong!

Tell me!

You saw those people transform.

We can't trust any of them.

We have to kill them
before they kill us.

You said you wanted
to uphold the American way,

to prove yourself.

This is the time! Do it!

I don't know what's going on.

I don't know
why I've got these powers,

or why I'm seeing those images.

But I do know one thing.

I am not going to murder people
just because I'm scared.

That's not the American way.

Oh, my God.

You're one of them.


He's changing.

Everything is.

It was all an illusion.

Not everything.

We're real.

And so is Faraday.

And so is this.

You flattened it
with your chest.

I started feeling stronger
as soon as we came in here.

Something about this light...

- this...
- Color.

There was no color outside.

None of us even noticed.

And the alien leader,

it looks like he's more
of a prisoner than we are.

He's fighting it.

Whatever the machine is doing.

He's being tortured.
Help me get him out of there.

We don't have
all the facts here.

-For all we know,
this creature is--

Torture is wrong.


You've got quite
a grip there, Ms. Prince.

I doubt it is "Ms. Prince."

I think this identity
is every bit the illusion

that that evil
Martian leader was.

Ah, then it worked.

You've come at last.

Easy there, fella.

Looks like
you've been
through a lot.

On the contrary, Clark,

I've put you, all three of you,

through a lot.

Bruce. Diana.

Yes, those are your true names.

And I know you well,

for I've lived
inside your minds
for months now,

helping create the illusions

you've lived.


Not by choice.

These machines usurped
my telepathic power,

and used it to enslave you
and countless others.

I don't understand any of this.

Where on earth are we?

Not Earth,

War World.

An immensely ancient
planet-sized weapon

that's powered by the hate
and fear of its prisoners,

I have been forced
to create realities.

part illusion, part technology,

to wrench negative emotions

from the poor souls
trapped here.

But you helped us.

That music,
drawing each of us here.

Yes. After months of searching,

I found a back door
in the system.

I called to you
the only way I could.

It took a dozen lifetimes.

But you never gave up.

I learned that from you,
as well as courage

and faith.

It was time well spent.

He's coming! You must hide.

Find the zeta chamber.
Escape while you still can.

We'll bring you with us.

You called us here to save you.

At first, yes.

I thought only of myself.

Having lived in your minds, I--

Good night, ladies.

Oh, you three are adorable.

Oh. What?

- They're not dead.
- No.

In fact, I think
this one's just being born.

for the ones I saw die.

They're clones.

Copies of people stolen
over hundreds of years

from various worlds,
various realities.

So, we're clones, too?


Many of the prisoners
are originals.

Evidently, they produce
superior hatred and terror.

You'd make
a great detective,
Officer Wayne.

I doubt it.

There's too much I don't know,

like how I even know
how to work this database,

or my real name,

or who's watching us.

Yes, I sense that, too.

It must be that creature
who attacked us.

Hmm. This looks familiar.

No escape for you, chump.

Looks like you're gonna get
some one-on-one quality time

with the boss man.

Oh, you can say that again.

He ain't gonna be too happy
that all of them illusions

you've been pumping
into the prisoners' minds

are taking a commercial break.

No fight left in you.

Don't know if you even
need these brain binders.

Well, you wanted him.

You got him.

Eh, what's left of him.

The last green
Martian in the universe...

This universe.

What a disappointment you are.

Millennia ago,
she called to me,

promised me power,

and I came.

I killed every last Larga here.

But where was the power?

Oh, boy, this story again.
It never gets old.

Now starts the key part.

We were now one.

The most devastating
weapon in the universe,

a planet killer.

But where was the key?

Spoiler alert, not here.

Even without it,

we are powerful, eternal...

thanks to the unrelenting
terror and violence

of our treasured guests,

But the key,

she whispered to us.

It took a dozen jumps
to a dozen more realities

before we found
actual living Martians.

Thousands of them
in dozens of universes,

and still no key.

Then, our faithful dog here...

Mercenary. Yeah.

The last
green Martian.

You had no key.

You knew of no key.

You were useful

only as a vision-caster.

And now...

...even in that,

you fail.

There is but one small service

you have yet
to render the War World.

That creature said
you hated guns.

Apparently he spoke the truth.

Evidently, I'm very particular
about how I dress.

As I must be, too.

I like it.

Me, too.

Clark! It's you!

I don't know why
I didn't see it before.

I... I'm sorry.

I still don't remember.

But you're just a baby.

Much too young to be my Clark.

There are other
differences, too.

I see that now.

Then you're starting
to remember.

I remember this.

I remember...


Other than that,
just flashes of a life.

I remember this room.

The zeta chamber.
Can you take us there?



...J'onn J'onzz.

All of War World
must hear your cries.

Please, don't!

And know

that there is no hope
for them, either.

On your feet.

It's not as good
if we can't see your face.

He's gonna finish you off, now.

I'm gonna let you get
one good shot in.

Go out in a blaze of glory.

Make it count.

I could have just punched him.

I wanted to see if I was right

about what those things
were for.

I was.


this is how I arrived here.

I was bound... with this.

It's hard to believe a rope

could hold someone
as strong as you.

I don't think
it's an ordinary rope.

These controls
are surprisingly intuitive.

Where will it take us?

Virtually anywhere
we want to go.

Prisoners of War World,
Mongul speaks.

Observe this being.

He is stronger than you.

He is wiser than you.

Watch him die at our hands.

And know, there is no hope.

If we want to leave,
this is the time.


there's an army of warriors
between us and him.

I'm strangely comfortable
with those odds.

I'd say we've
been in situations

like this before.

I was just gonna send you guys,

and then go back and save him.

So ends
the very last green Martian.

Whoa, that's it?

I thought
you were gonna
say a little more.

Because you are useful to us,


we give you
a measure of freedom,

- but do not--
- Like...

we thought this
ugly green Martian

would give us
the key to War World

so we could actually
fire the damn thing

instead of just
sitting on our ass
for 10,000 years.


Uh, just yanking
your chain a little.

I'm all about breaking
the awkward tension.

Your screams
will inspire our workers

for decades, fool.

Oh, come on, boss man.

I didn't mean nothing.

I just thought
we needed to stop

and smell the flowers for once.

You know, slow things down.


Lord Mongul,

there's a disturbance
on level 12, citadel ring.

tedious rebellion.

Send an enforcement detail
to all levels.

Reports of a security division
being overwhelmed on level ten.

Close battle gates

and scramble
insurrection units.

Showing malfunction
on level eight battle gate.


It's been
torn out of its tracks.

All communications
lost on level four.

Lower defensive bulkheads.

- Come.
- -Additional breaches on levels six and seven.

Security divisions
are being overrun.

Power outage on level two.

Defensive bulkheads
raised by outside force.

Yeah, that'd be
Wonder Woman
or Superman.

But not Batman.

That would screw up
his lower back.

I had you kill them.

Kill them?

I thought you said "Free them."

Oh, well, honest mistake.
Could happen to anybody.

But I think it's great
we're finally talking.


I know, right?

You'd think you could
trust a paid killer,

and not expect
he'd totally try to kill you

and take over the most
badass weapon in the universe.

But, oh, well!


Arm yourselves.

There he is.

- At the foot of the leader.
- On it.

Kill them.

You die now.

Yeah! Don't take no shit
from those Martians!

You can't kill us.

We are linked...
War World and Mongul.

We shall see.

What are you doing?
He's still breathing!

Frag him!

You owe me that Martian.

I put in that back door.

I freed you!

And who do you think
planted this idea in your mind?

The entire planet
is coming through that door.

We can't hold them off
for long.

Come with us.

I warned you to escape
while you could, Wonder Woman.


The legend
you heard was true, Mongul.

The Largas did indeed

hide the key
among the Martians.

Mars, locked in
an eternal civil war...

we would never work together,

the Largas secretly
hid half the key

in the DNA
of the white Martians.

The other half in the green.

Neither side knew.

No. War World is ours.

Frag you! It's mine!

Until only one Martian

of either race survived.

I am the last of my kind.

you would exterminate
these whites as well.

And then you would know.

War World is the universe's
ultimate weapon.

You will never wield it.

J'onn, what are you doing?

What must be done, Superman.

I don't like the look of this.

A weapon of such horror

must not be allowed
to roam the multiverse

causing endless
death and destruction.

Someday, it may
fall into worse hands

even than Mongul's.

He set War World
to self-destruct.

J'onn, you can't.
They're all prisoners...

the people of Skartaris,
even the clones.

So I thought
when I arrived.

But I have spent time
in their minds.

War World's algorithm

simply gives them
what they think they want,

then leads them deeper
into their hatred and terror.

You will fail.

There is not fear or rage
enough on all War World

to do what you plan.

You are right.

But the richest vein
remains untapped.

The zeta chamber!

There's no time.

The three of you are needed.

You will come with me. Now.

A handful of lives
on a single planet...

that is nothing

compared to the crisis
that is to come.

The absolute annihilation

of everything, everywhere.