Jonah: The Musical (2017) - full transcript

In this filmed stage play, the prophet Jonah receives a long-awaited fresh word from God, but is dismayed to realize that God wants to show mercy to the Ninevites, whom Jonah hates. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
[orchestral music plays]

[orchestral music continues]

[female narrator] once there
was a boy named Jonah,

who always tried to do
what was right.

He honored his father, his
monther, his grandparents,

And he did his best
to tolerate his little sister.

Jonah knew the scriptures
better than all his friends.

And every Sabbath, he would go
with his father to Synagogue.

Jonah was a good boy.

But when it came to
playing with other children...

Jonah had a hard time.

Running made his chest hurt.

He tried to swim once,
but swallowed a lot of water,

and almost drowned.

But he was good
at keeping score.

So the children let him do that.

But most of the time,
Jonah spent his days alone,

talking to God.

And then one day,
God talked to him!

I shall restore Israels borders!

God had given him
good news for his nation!

And now Jonah became a famous
prophet! A hero.

Every year they had a festival
to celebrate Jonah's prophecy.

Life for Jonah was good.

Except for one thing... Nineveh.

The most powerful
nation in the world,

terrorized Jonah's people
with brutal surprise attacks.

During one of those attacks,
Jonah's father, Amitai,

was killed by those
merciless Ninevites.

Jonah lost his best friend.

But as his father would have
{end-italic} Jonah continued to
serve the Lord.

And became an expert
in God's law.

Teaching others who
believed the same way he did,

about God.

And then one day...
God spoke to him again.

- [Middle Eastern music plays]
- [children laughing]

[all] He is coming!

The prophet's here!

[indistinct chatter]

♪ Here he comes
The prophet of God!

♪ Leave all behind
It's almost time

♪ Come and see the
prophet of God

♪ We've been waiting
for this day!

[indistinct chatter]

- [woman] There he is!
- [woman 2] Jonah!

♪ Hail to Jonah Prophet of God

♪ Let us rejoice
Lift up your voice

♪ Sing to Jonah Prophet of God

♪ Let us rejoice

♪ This day! a'

- Can you put me down? Thank
you. [all laughing]

Jonah, Jonah, don't
be so humble.

Seventeen years ago today,
you prophesied

that Israel's borders would
be restored, and they were!

[all cheering]

As a result, we are a safer,
more prosperous people!

Well, why the Lord chose
to speak through me, I do
not know.

But what I do know, is there are
no greater people on earth,

- than the children of Israel.
- [all shouting]

And today the village of
honors her favorite son

with this!

[all gasping]

- Who is that?
- [all] Huh?

It's you! ' [Cheering]

[man laughs] "Who is that?"

Thank you.
Thank you for... that.

But as I have preached
and taught for many years now,

it is the Lord we worship,

for He alone deserves
all the glory and the praise.

[crowd murmuring]

Jonah, has the Lord given you
a new word for us?

[all] Oh!

No. No, He hasn't.
Now if you'll excuse me...

But the king will be arriving
soon to honor you!

He needs to finish his speech
for the king's arrival.

Oh, yes, I understand.

- Thank you... Ah! Oh...
- Congratulations!

Your Jonah must be so excited
about the king's coming!

Oh, yes, he's upstairs getting
ready even as we speak.


I have no idea what your brother
is doing up there.

- He keeps hiding in that room
of his.
- I know.

He's not eating or sleeping.

Something's going on.
A mother knows!

- I'll go talk to him.
- Good.

But don't tell him I told you.

- OK.
- All right.

[Jonah singing in Hebrew]

♪ Blessed are You O Lord

♪ Who has chosen us
from among all people

- ♪ And exalted us...
- [knocking]

♪ And exalted us
above every nation


- What?
- Shalom, Jonah! [Chuckles]

"She who blesses her brother
with a loud voice in the morning

shall be counted as a curse."
That's Proverbs 27 Verse 14.

But as Moses said, "The Lord has
turned the curse into a

So why is the
blessing in my room?

Mama's very worried about you.

How is that different
from every other day of my life?

Channah! Channah, come on!
Don't touch my things!

Everything is exactly
where I want it to be.

- Including you?
- What do you mean by that?

Well, sometimes when I'm hurt or
afraid, I just want to run and

Hm. May I suggest your room
instead of mine.

[laughs] Jonah...

All right, what do you
think I'm hiding from?

Seventeen years of silence?

You feel like God's
forgotten you.

- Um...
- But you know what amazes me?

Your faith in Him
has never wavered.

- Oh, that's not...
- You're my hero, Jonah.

And you've had God
Himself talk to you.

- Well...
- What is that like?


It's like a cool, gentle breeze,
in the heat of the day.

And if you're not still,
you'll miss it. [Chuckles]

That is why I always write
things down on my... my scroll.

My scroll?
Now you've lost my scroll!

You mean this?

You know, you have a greater
purpose on this earth

than to torment your brother.

But nothing else is as much fun.

Leave me alone, shalom!

Shalom! I brought you
some bread and milk.

Oh, that statue makes
you look so majestic.

It's a graven image,
and it should be destroyed.

Besides it looks
nothing like me.

It's our people's way of
celebrating the prophecy the
Lord gave you.

I don't want to celebrate
what God did in the past.

- What?
- I want to experience Him

That's why you're so special,
because you love Him, Jonah,

more than you do yourself.
Just like your father.

He always told me, "Rivka,
the Lord has a special
purpose for Jonah",

because God knows there's
not much else that boy can do."

Please, I would
like to be alone.

Oh, my Jonah,
ever since your father died,

you always want to be alone.

Well, all right, but today is
a celebration, not a funeral,

so I brought these clothes
for you to wear,

and the ring the king gave you
for being a prophet of God.

This is a big day for everyone,
so keep it moving.

And don't forget the
bread and milk.


Lord, I thank you
for the women in my life.

And I thank you that I'm
a bachelor. [Chuckles]

Oh, I need some fresh air.

[Rivka] How was Jonah with you?

[Channah] Mama, he doesn't
understand what God is doing.

- [Rivka] Mm-hm.
- I wish I could help him.

He needs to learn
to trust the Lord,

even when he doesn't understand.

I'll make him something to eat.



"Trust in the Lord
with all your heart"

and lean not on your
own understanding.

In all your ways
acknowledge Him,

"and He shall direct your path."

That's good.

[whispering voice] Jonah.

Yes, Mother.

[whispering voice] Jonah.


Lord... here I am!

[whispering voice] Jonah, arise.

Go to Nineveh and
cry against it,

for their wickedness
has come up before Me...

You're... you're going to bring
judgment upon Nineveh?


O Bless you, Lord God Almighty!

You have not forgotten me.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you.

♪ Minutes turn to hours
and days to years

♪ No voice on the wind
to calm my fears

♪ But now You've returned
Right here by my side

♪ The wicked will run
with nowhere to hide

♪ Now I have hope

♪ And I have faith

♪ In the power of Your name

♪ I'll arise and go

♪ The day is here

♪ My mission before me
My purpose clear

♪ In You I trust
In strength I grow

♪ Arise, arise, arise!

♪ And go!


♪ I knew deep within
that You'd return

♪ For all that You promised
my heart did yearn

♪ My future before me
Now I can see

♪ AH that You have
in store for me

♪ I'M be Your hand
I will be Your voice

♪ Let the chosen now rejoice

♪ Arise and go!

♪ The day is here

♪ My mission before me
My purpose clear

♪ In victory I trust
In strength I grow

♪ Arise, arise, arise!

♪ And go!


♪ Arise to greet
this glorious day

♪ Arise, my Lord commands

♪ Arise to see my enemies flee

♪ Arise to take my stand

♪ Take my stand

♪ Arise and go

♪ The day is here

♪ My mission before me

♪ My purpose clear

♪ Avenge my father
and smite my foes

♪ Arise, arise, arise

♪ Arise, arise, arise

♪ >a' And go! a'

What is it, Jonah?
Did the Lord speak to you?

What? Have you been listening
all this time?

What? No!

- I'm in my kitchen,
cooking for you.
- [Jonah] Is that right?

- Now why would I be listening?
- [Jonah] Fine.

What do you mean,
"Arise and go"?

- Mother!
- He spoke to you, didn't He?

- Well, uh, yes.
- And it's good news, isn't it?

- Oh, it's very good news!
- [Rivka laughs]

- I knew it! Oh, bless the Lord!
- Thank you, Lord.

Oh, I love you so much,
my little Jonah, my simcha!

Mother, come on, please.
Look, I need to write this down.

Yes. Good. Write it down.
I'm going.

Mother... Mother?

Hey! Now, I need to share
this at the proper time!

Promise me you won't
tell anyone about this.

I will! I mean, I won't!

[woman] What's going on?

Nothing. Jonah told me
not to say anything.

Fine, I only brought you
into this world. Why tell me?

Oh, all right, Mother,
but you can't say anything.

Our Jonah... has another
prophecy from the Lord.

- [both screaming]
- Another prophecy!

Bless the Lord! Hallelujah!

Mother... no one can know
about this new prophecy.

- Oh! My lips shall be like the
Red Sea.
- What?

Only God could part them.

Good. I need to go to market.
Bless the Lord!

Good news! Very good news!

- My wife, what's going on?
- [laughing]

You haven't moved like this
in 2O years. [Chuckles]

Jonah has another prophecy
from the Lord.

What? How do you know?

Well, because he told Rivka
and Rivka told me.

- But don't you tell anyone.
- Oh! Another prophecy!

And on the anniversary
of the first one. [Laughs]

Wait till the elders
hear about this.

[Jonah] Oh, I need
to write this down.

But I am so full of joy.


I love you, Lord. I worship you.

[singing in Hebrew]

[man] Well, it must be true.

I heard from Reuben who
overheard Sabba Ephrum
telling Elder Joseph,

but don't say anything.

Yes, I'm telling the truth,
another prophecy!

Moishe told Miriam, who told
Tsalmon, and of course he told

but don't tell anyone else.

Ladies! Ladies, no one knows
so don't say a word,

but I just heard that the Lord
is speaking great blessing

to Israel again
through Gath-hepher's own Jonah!

[all screaming, chattering]

♪ Hal-la-la-la-lelujah!

♪ Hal-la-la-la-lelujah! a'

Oh, thank you.

I need to write this down.


The word of the Lord

came to Jonah,

son of Amitai.

Arise... yes.

Go to Nineveh... yes.

And cry against it.


Now, why? [Laughs]

If I cry out to them
of what's to come, then...


You want to deliver
them, don't You?

No, Lord! No, look. Ninevites
are merciless, violent.

They hate You, and Your people!

Human life, it means
nothing to them.

They slay women,

and... and children...
and my father.

And you want me to go and cry,

plead for them to be saved?

♪ Hal-la-la-la-lelujah!

♪ Hal-la-la-la-lelujah! a'

I'll be known as a traitor.

My reputation as a prophet...

I would shame my father's name.

No, no. I can't write this down.

No, no. I can't write this down.

I can't let anyone
know about this.

Lord, now, I know
that Your Scriptures declare.

You are gracious
and compassionate.

You're slow to anger, abounding
in mercy to every generation,

but these people
do not deserve mercy,

and they are not worth saving.


[Jonah] What is going
on out there?!

[woman] God bless King Jeroboam!

[all chattering]


Oh, I've come to celebrate
what God has spoken through
Jonah in the past...

- [crowd murmuring]
- but now I hear he has

a new prophecy that is
even better than the old one.

[all laughing, chattering]

Oh, I can still remember that
day when this odd-looking,

nervous young man, came to see
me with a "word from the Lord."

- [laughs]
- That was my son.

And unlike some of our
prophets, like Amos and Hosea,

Jonah brings good
news for Israel!

[all laughing, cheering]

[chanting] Jonah! Jonah! Jonah!

- Quiet, quiet, quiet!
- [chanting stops]

Now, it's time we hear
from Israel's greatest prophet,

my grandson, Jonah!


- [Woman] He's gone!
- [all gasping]

- [all] Gone?!
- [screams]

[all chattering]

♪ Where could he be?
I'm so perplexed

♪ Here in one moment
Gone the next

- a' Could he be hiding?
- I Could he be dying?

- J' Could he be trying to play
a hoax?
- J' A joke?

- A' God spoke and poof!
- A' He's gone!

- A' How could this happen?
- I How could this be?

♪ Gone now is God's prophecy

- a' Right from the start.
- I Gone in a heartbeat

♪ What did God say? What did
God say? What did God say?

♪ Every woman, man
and child must seek

♪ High and low from
street to street

♪ Every hill and dale
from here beyond to the sea

♪ To the sea To the sea

[man] You won't find
Jonah by the sea.

- [man 2] Why?
- [man] He's terrified of water.

♪ Go seek!

♪ I had a feeling
that something was amiss

♪ And this a mother knows

♪ Why does he worry
when something is awry?

♪ Oh, my, he runs to go and hide

♪ Jonah, although very kind

♪ He's one to face his fears
from behind

[crowd chattering]

♪ Jonah is on the run

♪ Ah, ah, ah, ah

♪ Ah, ah, ah, ah

♪ Jonah is on the run
Jonah is on the run

a' Every woman and man must
look - I Jonah on the run

a' Every cranny, corner, every
nook - I Jonah on the run

♪ Every hill and valley
street and alleyway

♪ He may be anywhere
We must search everywhere

♪ Jonah is on the run
Jonah is on the run


♪ Oh, oh, oh

♪ Jonah is on the run
Jonah is on the run

♪ Ah, ah, ah, ah

♪ Ah, ah, ah, ah

♪ Search every street
Knock on every door

♪ Jonah on the run

♪ Check every stable
Look in all the stores

♪ Jonah on the run

♪ Every hill and valley
street and alleyway

♪ He may be anywhere
We must search everywhere

♪ Jonah is on the run
Jonah is on the run

[all] Jonah! Jonah!

♪ Ah, ah, ah, ah

♪ Jonah! Jonah!

I Ah, ah I

[Jonah] Oh...



Oh! Oh, no!

[Coughing] oh;

Oh, no!


I smell terrible!

[man] One bushel of grapes.
My son will carry them home
for you.

[Jonah] Shalom.

Whoo! That's quite an odor.

I know. Um, I was hoping
you might give me some bread,

oh, and milk, if you have any.

One shekel will buy
you more than enough.

- I don't have any money.
- I don't understand.

Look, I'm very hungry,
and as a fellow Israelite,

I thought you might give me
something to eat.

- Because you're an Israelite?
- Yeah.


Come here.

All right. Now you can't
tell this to anyone,

but I'm also the prophet Jonah.
[chuckles] So...

And I'm Moses.

- Thou shall not lie.
- Hey!

I'm your countryman,
don't I deserve mercy?

Sir, no one deserves mercy.

It is a gift, it
cannot be earned.

Now, though you are hungry,

I don't think you're
quite hungry enough yet.

Not hungry enough?

I have fasted more meals
than you've eaten!

And looking at you, that's
quite a few meals. [Chuckles]


Oh... Why is everything
so difficult? OK.

- Oh, boy.
- Stop.

- Stop! Stop! Stop!
- [panting]

Stop! In the name
of King Jeroboam.

I'm stopping!
I'll do whatever you ask.

Thank you.

We just want to know if any
of you have seen that man,

the prophet Jonah?

- [all] No.
- [Soldier] Hm?

Very well.
Be on the lookout for him.

He has an important message
for the king.

Now, wait a minute.

Are you sure that the prophet
Jonah looks just like that?


Oh... Well, [chuckles]
not exactly.

Actually, he's kind of hunched
over, with beady eyes...

kind of like him.

- Jonah?
- Oh! Moses?! No!


[man laughing]

Excuse me,
may I ask where you are going?

You may ask.

Well, I'm asking,
where are you going?

- Who knows? [Laughs]
- What?

- You don't know
where you're going?
- We are children of the wind.

Where it blows, we go.

So where's the wind blowing you?

Only God knows... and
my beautiful wife.


You seem to carry
much turmoil within.

We have learned not to resist
change, but to rejoice in it,

- and what we have, we share.
- Here's some fresh figs and

- You're welcome to travel with
- Oh! Thank you!

- Hey, follow the wind, brother!
- Hey!

Now, you do know
where we're going?

- [woman] Yes. Nineveh.
- What?!

This is where I get off.
[chuckles] Thank you!

[sighs, moans]


What are you doing out in
the open? You have to hide!

- What?
- Hurry, or they'll find you!

- Oh! They're here?! Where?
- They're right behind us!

- We can hide back here.
- Oh... OK.

OK. Oh! Hey, what is that?
You see it right...? Thank you.

- Ew! You smell bad!
- I know.

Go hide someplace else.

[child giggling]
See if anyone's over there.

Found you!

Everyone come out,
someone's been found!

- Who is it?
- Who's been found?

- Him!
- [children laughing]

♪ Close your eyes,
I'll run and hide

♪ See if you can find me now

♪ I will hide and
then you can find me

♪ I will hide and
then you can find me


- What is going on here?
- Well, I found you,

so now you have to close
your eyes and count to ten.

Then all of us will run away and
hide, and you come and find us.

No, I don't play games.

- [all] Please! Just once!
- No! I'm sorry, but I have to

- [all] It's our favorite game!
- I'm sorry, I can't!

- No.
- [boy] Soldiers!

- Soldiers!
- What?

- Ninevite soldiers?
- I'm scared!

No, I just talked
to the king's soldiers!

They're looking for
the prophet Jonah!

He disappeared with an important
message from the Lord.

Who's Jonah?

Oh, he's the prophet that rode
up in the chariot of fire!

No, no, that was Elijah.

Yeah, Jonah told that man
with leprosy to jump in the
river seven times.

[Jonah] No! That was Elisha!

Jonah isn't anything
like those prophets.

Yeah, Papa told me Jonah only
had one prophecy from the Lord,

and that was a really
long time ago.

Well, the Lord has spoken to him
again, that's why he's

- Why would a prophet
run from God?
- He has very good reasons.

- How do you know?
- Because I'm him!


- You're Jonah?!
- Go get the soldiers!

[Jonah] No, no, no! No, stop!

- One, two, three, four, five...
- [laughing]

Six, seven, eight,

nine, ten. [Chuckles]

Where are you going?

[Jonah] Well, I'm
looking for everyone.

No, you're not.

You're leaving.

- I need to.
- But you can't run away

and let people keep hiding.
You have to go find them.

If you don't, they'll stay lost.

I'm sorry, but I have to go.

[woman] Why do they have
to run everywhere?

[Channah] Mama, please!
I really think you need

- to slow down!
- We're so close. I know it.

[Rivka] I know Jonah.
He couldn't have gotten far.

He gets winded just getting
dressed in the morning.

[Channah] We need to stop!
We need a moment's rest.

♪ Right over here
This will be best

♪ Please wait for us
Oy, my aching feet

♪ The boy is fine,
but I need to eat

- a' That's for our Jonah.
- A' We have no time to spare

- a' Where could he be?
- I He could be anywhere.

Maybe he'll appear if we stop.


♪ Not my boy Jonah
I have no doubt

♪ Like father Moses
He went north to lead us out

♪ I know my brother
A rock, a gem

♪ He is headed
south to Jerusalem

A sip of wine would be fine.

- I Jonah went north.
- I No, he went south

- ♪ He's headed east.
- ♪ Maybe it's west?

♪ I know for sure Oh, yes

♪ 'Cause! Know Jonah best

It's not a test.

♪ My grandson is clever
I'M bet this very hour

♪ He's in Samaria
The city of such power

♪ One thing's for sure
This is my guess

♪ That way is water
He's not headed west

♪ Oh, but herring
with lemon zest

- I Jonah went north.
- I No, he went south

- ♪ He's headed east.
- ♪ Maybe it's west?

♪ I know for sure Oh, yes

♪ 'Cause! Know Jonah best

- a' AH we can do is guess.
- A' The sign says Nineveh

♪ Not there, for sure

♪ Not my son Jonah
No one hates those people more

♪ OK, then Joppa
The other direction

♪ Impossible
An absurd suggestion

♪ Ladies, just wait a moment

♪ This is not the time to fight

♪ No, I would feel much better

♪ If I could have a little bite

[an] Really/ - Oh!

- I Jonah went north.
- I No, he went south

- ♪ He's headed east.
- ♪ Maybe it's west?

♪ I know for sure Oh, yes

♪ 'Cause! Know Jonah best

♪ Jonah would give me bread

a' North - a' South

a' East - I West

♪ Oy vey, such a mess
AH I can say is Jonah went

♪ That way

♪ Hey! a'

Keep it moving. Let's go.
Come on.

- All right, let's get going.
- I'll take the basket.

- Well, I'm hungry.
- Get something to eat.

[all chattering]


Lord, I can't take another step.

Why is everything so difficult?

[man humming]

[Jonah sighs]

[gasping] Greetings, traveler!

- How are you today?
- My life is a mess and I smell.

Oh, I thank you!
The Lord bless you as well.

- What?
- What?

- No, what did you say?
- What did you say?

Never mind! Go on your way!

Oh, I'd be happy to stay!

What? No...

- I don't hear very well.
- Really.

Wonderful, isn't it?


Being alive, I mean.

This is the day the
Lord has made.

Let us rejoice and
be glad in it!

[Jonah] One, two, three, four,

five, six, seven, eight,

nine, ten.

Eleven, 12... you're doing good.
Keep going.

- Why do I even try?
- Oh, yeah. He's easy to ride.

- What?
- I have to leave him here for
my son.

- He's traveling to Joppa.
- Oh...

- What are your travel plans?
- Look, all my plans are done.

You're a man on the run.

I hear you.

- Here's a change of clothes.
- What?

Should help with that smell!

I need to head home.

You know, it's funny.

Whenever you run from something,
you run to something else.

- Yeah.
- And that's usually worse

than what you're running from.



Easy to ride, huh?

Lord, [chuckles] now...

you know, I've never...
Ooh! [Laughs]

I've never stolen anything
in my life, but, um...

I need this donkey.

Now, I will make sure
that his son finds it... Oh!

When we get to Joppa.

There we are.

One, two...


Maybe if I... Maybe...

Uh... Well, um...

Here goes nothing.

Oh! [Chuckles]

Yeah! All right!

Come on, let's go!

Oh, um...


Start walking.

Can... look.


You're gonna have to
help me here, all right?

Come on. We're going to Joppa.

[straining] You and me. Come on.
You can do it.

I got...

Come on!

We're just going to Joppa, all
right? It's not even that far.

And you'll like it there.
I hear they've got great fish.

And maybe you'll meet a nice
girl donkey. What do you...?

No! No, no, no! No, you...

You need to obey me.

Arise! Go!

What are you...?

That is...

What a foolish creature.

Oh, Lord.

I can't got to Nineveh.

I'll just go to Joppa.

I won't go any
farther than that.

Besides... [exhales]

L don't wanna get anywhere
near that water.

Crazy donkey!

What's a prophet gotta do
to get a ride around here? Oh...

Don't mind me, Lord, I'm just
a prophet of God. I'll walk.

♪ Fa-la-di-ah La-di-ah-eh

♪ La-di-ah La-di-ah-di-ah-eh

♪ Fa-la-di-ah La-di-ah-eh

♪ La-di-ah La-di-ah-di-ah-eh

♪ Fa-la-di-ah La-di-ah-eh

♪ La-di-ah La-di-ah-di-ah-eh

♪ Gem of the sea
Diamond so bright

♪ Joppa sings Joppa's
song of light

♪ Heart of the moon
Child of the sun

♪ Joppa's all
Joppa calls everyone

[woman] ♪ A city of the heart

♪ >a' Oasis for the soul

[all] ♪ She's anything
and everything

♪ Joppa behold

♪ The air smells like jasmine

♪ The water sweet as wine

[all] J' She's all you want
and all you need.

♪ Joppa divine

♪ Gem of the sea shining
bright - [all vocalizing]

♪ Joppa sings the song of life

♪ Heart of the moon
Child of the sun

♪ La-di-ah-di-ah

[all cheering]

♪ Gem of the sea Shining bright

♪ Joppa sings the song of life

♪ Heart of the moon
Child of the sun

♪ Joppa, Joppa, Joppa, Joppa

J' Joppa, Joppa, Joppa - Excuse
me. Is this the Joppa seaport?

♪ Joppa

♪ Joppa! a'

- [Jonah] It's not my color.
- [man] You! Come here.

- [Jonah] Me?
- [man] Hold this,

- while I post the king's
- All right.

Some crazy prophet has
disappeared, and King
Jeroboam wants him found.

Well, if you ask me, there's too
many crazy prophets in Israel.

- Shalom.
- [man] Last call for ships

to Pamphylia, Caphtor, Malta,
all destinations west.

- Two tickets to Carthage.
- Two tickets to Carthage. Dock

One hour. Next!

What's the farthest place away
from Nineveh?

- Are you a Ninevite?
- No! No, no, hey! I'm an

Come here. Do you
want to start a riot?

Don't even say that word.
Now, the farthest place away
from there is...

- Tarshish.
- Tarshish.

King David spoke of Tarshish.
What was that, Psalm 48 Verse 7?

Yeah, "You destroyed them
like the ships of Tarshish"

- "shattered by the east wind?"
- [shouting]

Quiet! Are you trying
to ruin my business?

- No.
- Well, get out of here.

- Destination.
- No, no, no... Stop!

- I'm going to Tarshish.
- [all groan]

Fine. Here.

- I was here first.
- I don't care. So which boat?

- Which boat is it?
- That one.

[Jonah] That one? Oh, no.
No, I can't take that.

It's too small, there's
too much water around it.

Don't you have anything bigger?

[all shouting]

Apollo! Icarus!
Get that cargo onboard!

Before sundown,
we're sailing for Tarshish.

Oh! Uh...

That's the one. One ticket
for the big boat, please.

- That will be 13 pieces of

- Oh, yeah, I don't have any

- What?
- Oh, no!

Get him out of here!
And don't you ever come back.

Where are we going? [Yells]


Hey, what's the matter with you?
Are you seasick or drunk?

- Look, I don't drink.
- What?

I just need someone to help me
get on that boat to Tarshish.

- But I don't have any money.
- Oh!

- That is our ship.
- He's right.

- Oh, it is?
- Yeah, come.

- We will find a way
to get you onboard.
- You will?

- No problem!
- Let's drink on it.

[all yell]

- No, no. I don't...
Oh, all right.
- Captain!

This man cannot pay for
his fare. Drink up!

So you're the captain
of that big boat?

- Drink, drink, drink!
- The finest vessel there is.

- Demon of the Sea!
- What are you doing?

- Why are you wasting it?
- I'm doing things I never

- I would do.
- Ah, you'll get used to it.

- You're one of us now. [Laughs]
- No.

No, I don't think
I'm one of you.

That's an expensive ring
you have. That would get
you onboard.

My ring? Oh, no.

No, now this was given to me
for being a prophet of God.

- I could never part with this.
- Well, that's your decision.

But this journey is going
to cost you something.

There are no free rides. But in
Tarshish, even a prophet of God

can be whoever he wants to be.

- [Rivka] There he is, Jonah! My
- Mother?

- [Rivka] Thank the Lord.
- [laughter]

I found him! Papa! Mama!
Channah! He's over here!

- Why, Lord, why?!
- Oh, my simcha! I thought I'd
lost you!

You're wearing this? With a
bottle in your hand and
smelling of wine?

- You are coming home with us
right now!

- No, I am not coming home,

Jonah ben Amitai, you
need to stop this!

I can't. You don't know
what I'm going through.

I know that whatever the Lord
told you, you don't want to do.

- He's asking too much of me.
- Oh, Jonah.

I know you. You like everything
nice and neat and in its place.

But God doesn't always work
that way. Especially when
people are involved.

- So why not just get rid of the

- Simcha! Trust Him, He loves

- I know He does.
- You know it here.

But you don't trust it here.

And you won't stop running
until you do.

My grandson!
We thought we'd never find you.

If it hadn't been
for this kind, old man...

I never saw someone so hard
of hearing. I thought the
yelling would never end.

- Jonah, what happened to you?
- I don't wanna talk about it.

We have looked
everywhere for you,

not knowing if you're
dead or alive.

- Now, we deserve an
- [all chattering]

- Well, I'd like one too!
- All right.

Now, maybe you can
explain this to me.

Proverbs 24:12 declares, "The
Lord shall render to every man"

"according to his works,"
meaning if you do what is
right, you'll be blessed,

and if you do what is wrong,
you'll be judged.

Now, this is simple. Good and
just, black and white, you
reap what you sow.

- I have lived my life by this

- Oh! I love to listen to him

- Not now, Rivka.
- But then, then the Lord speaks
to me

and says he wants to have mercy
on a whole nation of people

whose every thought is evil.

Every deed selfish.
Cruel, no, profane.

And he wants me to be the
messenger. Well, I'm not
going to Nineveh!

[all gasp]

- God wants to have mercy on
- Yes.

- And He wants you to tell them?
- Yes.

Uh... And that is why I am
trying to go to Tarshish.


He needs a one-way
ticket to Tarshish.

- [all chattering]
- All right!

- Never mind.
- So now you know.

You're going on a boat in the
ocean, surrounded by water?

Oh! He really has lost his mind.

All I ask is that
you please just...

just let me be.

This is between me and God.

I understand.
I'd want to run too.

- They took my father's life,
- Yes.

But they could not
take his faith,

and his trust in God, Jonah.

Don't let them take yours.

Demon of the Sea,
now setting sail for Tarshish.

Come here.
Here's bread, cheese and fruit.

- At least you won't starve.
- Thank you.

[Channah sniffling]

Channah. Oh, Channah, come
on, please. Please don't...

Don't cry. Look, everything's
gonna work out just fine. Huh?


Promise me you'll read this.

You've always been my hero,
Jonah, and I still believe
in you, OK?

[whispers] I love you.

I'm sorry, Mama.


can I trade this
ring for a new life?

[laughs] Welcome
aboard, prophet.

- Come on.
- [all chattering]

That's a lot of water!
Ah! Don't push!


- Hey, is your mother coming?
- [laughter]

All right, pay up-

Steersmen! Set your course
for the open sea!

♪ Hey-oh Hey-oh-hey-oh-hey-oh

♪ Hey-oh Hey-oh-hey-oh-hey-oh

♪ Goodbye, sweet girl
Goodbye, my wife

"♪ Another voice
does ca" this night

♪ The wind does
whisper in my ear

♪ The ocean sings
her song so clear

♪ The Lord protect him
and keep him safe

♪ My son

♪ My precious son

[man] ♪ Leave the
past far behind

♪ Let fortune shine on our way

♪ Let sails fly free
Let oars be manned

♪ This ship be sailed
By sailor's hand

♪ The wind does
whisper in my ear

♪ The ocean sings
her song so clear

♪ Better learn to
catch your breath

♪ The sea won't save you

♪ From death!

♪ Raise the sails on high

♪ Praise the sea and sky

♪ The ocean now sings
So take up her song and fly

♪ Ah, ah

♪ Ah, ah, ah

♪ Here the rules do not apply
Tooth for tooth and eye for eye

- J' Can't you hear
freedom sing?
- J' Be anyone, do anything.

- ♪ Secure the mast.
- ♪ Tie it tight

♪ Don't be afraid
to put up a fight

- [man] Hey! Come on!
- [all shouting]

- A' Come wind arise.
- I Pray for a sky

- ♪ So we may run.
- ♪ That's fully red

- ♪ Across the sea.
- ♪ So we may have

♪ With the moon and sun

♪ Raise the sails on high

♪ Praise the sea and sky

♪ The ocean now sings
So take up her song and fly

♪ Ah, ah

I Ah, ah I

[all shouting]

- [Jonah groans]
- [man shouts]


Oh... [retching]

- Haven't got your
sea legs yet, huh?
- No.

Well, at first you think
you're going to die, then
you're afraid you won't.

- Oh...
- [laughs]

- What was that sound?
- That's the call of the

huge sea creatures that swim
in these deep waters.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

- [Jonah retches]
- [laughs] Here, chew on this.

It's ginger root.
You'll feel better.

- Thank you.
- Yeah. Well, enjoy the evening.

[laughs] Oh!

- Red sky, that means
good weather.
- That's not ginger.

Ah! Prophet! Come, my friend!

- Drink your cares away!
- [Jonah] Look, I don't drink,

and we're not really friends.


Channah's note.

"Trust in the Lord
with all your heart,"

lean not on your
own understanding.

"In all your ways acknowledge
Him, and He shall direct your

Proverbs 3 Verse 5 and 6.

But what if I don't like
the path He's chosen for
me, Channah?

Lord, I waited 17 years
to hear Your voice again,

but now...

Now I wish You'd never
spoken to me at all.

♪ For so many years
I've waited and wondered

♪ So many years I
barely survived

♪ Longing for You
to be my defender

♪ You spoke

♪ I felt alive

♪ When I heard You speak
Your voice there to guide me

♪ AH the lost years
Would now be restored

♪ I'd finally see
Your justice delivered

♪ Yet You offer mercy
when I want the sword

♪ Justice calls, loud and long

♪ The wicked must perish
The meek grow strong

♪ No mercy for those
who caused such grief

♪ It's justice

♪ Justice I seek

♪ I followed the law
The way of our fathers

♪ Who followed the law
of fathers before

♪ I've carried Your word
that You laid upon us

♪ Your earthly servants
Your heavenly choice

♪ They live in sin
I'll cast the first stone

♪ So deep within
Their evil abides

♪ Why mercy for those
who caused so much suffering

♪ Now You were my sword
but now You hide

♪ Justice calls Loud and long

♪ The wicked must perish
The meek grow strong

♪ When evil is blessed
The righteous weep

♪ It's justice

♪ Justice

♪ Now I've called to You
and I have prayed

♪ I have served you
and never strayed

♪ Now You say mercy
Well, I say no

(♪ They must Pa)' They must Pa)'

♪ Vengeance is mine

♪ And I cannot obey

♪ This time a'

Hey, get up!
What do you see out there?

- Where did those clouds come

- The skies have been clear all

[thunder crashes]

- Oh!
- All hands on deck!

- Every man to his station!
- She's coming in, hurry up!

[captain] What's
happening up here?

[man] Captain, I've never
seen anything like it.

- This storm appeared
out of nowhere!
- Steersman! What are you doing?

Turn the ship around!
You have her heading west!

- But the wind, it's
from the west!
- That's impossible!

The wind always blows
from the east here!

Captain, you know
I'm not a religious man,

but there is something
unnatural about this storm.

- The hands of the gods are in

- [man] We're taking on water!

Lighten the ship!
Throw the heavy cargo overboard!

No, you can't throw the cargo
overboard, that's our wages!

- You'll do what I tell you!
- [grunts]

This storm is like nothing
I've ever seen before.

The hands of the gods are in
this, and if they don't help us,

none of us will survive!

I want every man crying
out to his god for mercy! Now!

[thunder crashes]

[man] God of the high seas,
do not let us die this night.

For only you can
control our path.

Where's the prophet?
We need his prayers up here!

He's down below, sir!
Down below!

[all shouting]

- Prophet! Prophet, wake up!
- I'll wake you up!

Ah! "[Grunts]"

Water, water! What's happening?

How can you sleep?
Get up and call on your god!

Maybe he'll listen
to you and spare us.

- I can't.
- What do you mean you can't?

I've turned my back on Him,
I can't help you.

But you have to, you're the
only religious man among us.

Captain, we've been casting lots
to find the cause of this storm,

and the lot continues
to fall to him!

- Me?
- [captain] That can't be right,

this man's a prophet.
Cast them again.

[Jonah] Am I the
cause of this storm?

Is this the result of
all of my running?

Will all of these men
die because of me?

- It's him!
- It's me, it's because of me!

Who are you, prophet,
what people are you from?

I am a Hebrew, and I worship
the Lord God of Heaven,

who made the land and the sea.

- Is your God causing this
- Yes.

- [all shout]
- What can we do to make it

- Throw me into the sea.
- What?

My disobedience has
caused this storm.

- And if you throw me in, it
will cease.

- Are you crazy? I can't do

You will all have to
pay for your sins,

you should not have
to pay for mine.

To the oars, all of you,
and row, row for your lives!

Why don't you just do
what your God wants you to do?!

He doesn't need me.
He can send somebody else.

But there must be some reason
why He wants you to go.

- It doesn't matter anymore!
- But you're going to die!

I have nothing to live for now.

- I said back to your oars!
- No!

[captain roars]

[thunder crashes]

[captain] Keep rowing, men!

Row! Row!

No! No!

- [man grunts]
- Captain! Captain, we can't
make it!

The ship is breaking apart!

Captain, don't let these men die
because of me!

[man shouts]

Throw me in!

Throw the prophet overboard!

O God of Jonah, do not let us
die for taking this man's life.

Let us not be found guilty for
killing an innocent man, for
You, O God,

have done as You pleased.

[all shouting]

[man gasps] He was right.

The prophet's God
calmed the storm!

I never knew a God
like this was real.

I don't know what to do.

I don't either.

But a God with this much power,

I'd be a fool not to serve Him.

O God of the Hebrews, this
day I pledge to You my life.

♪ I pledge my life

♪ To You

♪ I pledge my life

♪ I pledge my life to You a'

[whale calling]

[whale groaning]

[Jonah coughing, gasping]

I can breathe. I'm breathing.

I'm alive.

I'm alive! [Laughs]

Why is it so dark?

Oh, no.

I'm not alive...

I'm dead!

This is where my disobedience
has brought me,

to my grave, to the
depths of hell!


Why is it so wet?

Whoa! Oh!

What's happening? Oh!

Everything's moving! Oh!

[groans] Oh!

Oh, my ears feel like
they're going to burst!

[sniffing] Oh!

And the smell of death
is like rotting fish.

Oh, I think I'm
going to be sick!


- [groaning]
- [whale moaning]

I can see! Whoa!

Why are there so many fish? No!




This swimming movement.

- Oh... Oh!
- [whale groans]

The call of the naswhallim!

I'm inside an enormous fish?!


[whale singing]

Oh! My head aches.

My skin, it's burning.


Why did I continue to run?

I had so many chances to stop,
but... but I didn't.

Now there's no
place left to run.

Forgive me, Lord. Help me.

Help me, O God. Have mercy.

[whale singing]

[sobbing] I want to go home!


[whale singing]

No one will ever believe this.

How does a man spend three
days and nights in the belly
of a fish,

and live? Oh... It's impossible.

Except for the Lord.

You did not bring
me here to die.

You wanted to save me!

When I sank down to the depths,
buried beneath Your waves,

my last breath...

You snatched me
from the jaws of death!

And when I had lost all
hope, and I turned to You
again, You...

You heard my cry!

O Lord my God, I...

I give You my life,
I'll do whatever You ask,

for salvation is from the Lord!

[low gurgling]

Whoa! Oof! Oh...

I've never heard
those sounds before.

Hey! Whoa! What's happening?!

[orchestral music plays]


[coughs, moans]

[Jonah groaning]

- Oh...
- [screaming]

No, no, no, no!

Come back! Come...




Thank You, God! [Sighs]

- Jonah.
- Yes, Lord?

- Go to Nineveh...
- [moans]

and proclaim
the message I give you.

Yes, Lord, I'll...

I'll go to Nineveh. But...

But how will I get there?
I mean,

I can't go like this.

And I am so hungry.

O Lord, please, help me.

[yelps, screams]

- Please don't hurt me!
- [all laugh]

Why would we want to hurt you?

Come, bring him food,
water and clothes. Yes.

- Water?
- Slow down, my friend.

There's so much more
where that came from.

- Why are you helping me?
- Well, just look at you.

- You need help...
- [all laugh]

For your journey to Nineveh.

Nineveh? Wait, now,
how do you know...?


- You were listening to me pray?
- Yes.

And do you have a
horse I could use?

- You know... [imitates horse's
- [all] Ah!

Yes, zoubairi!

- [all] Zoubairi!
- A what?

- Zoubairi.
- Zoubairi.

- Yes.
- Zoubairi... whoa.

- Do you have anything else?
- [laughing]

My friend, zoubairi
is very faithful.

- Yes!
- Uh... All right. [Chuckles]



Thank you all for
your kindness to me.

I wasn't expecting that.

The Lord bless you.

I believe today He already has.

[singing in foreign language]

♪ My mission before me
My purpose clear

♪ In You I trust
In strength I grow

♪ Arise, arise, arise

a' And go a'

♪ There's a place

♪ Deep within you

♪ Secret and dark as the night

♪ And through your life

♪ I've been there to hold you

♪ And help you back to the light

♪ Now you're gone
and on your own

♪ In the dark you're not alone

♪ Just pray to the one

♪ To whom you belong

♪ The Lord will keep you strong

♪ We all have this place

♪ Deep within us

♪ Where all fear
and hatred reside

♪ Yet we must face

♪ Our darkest tomorrows

♪ In our Father we must abide

♪ Everyone has a Nineveh

♪ The place where
we fear to know

♪ Everyone has a Nineveh

♪ Let God give you
strength to go

♪ There's a door
that He can open

♪ And soften a heart
made of stone

♪ And heal the life
you thought was broken

♪ With God you are never alone

♪ Everyone has a Nineveh

♪ The place where
we fear to know

♪ Everyone has a Nineveh

♪ Let God give you
strength to go

♪ Let God give you strength

To go'

- [Rivka sobbing]
- That's beautiful, Mama.

Oh, I make a joyful noise.
What are you holding?

I found this in Jonah's
room. It's the prophecy the
Lord gave to him.

Channah, you know better than
to look through your brother's

What does it say?

It says, "The word of the Lord
came to Jonah, son of Amitai",

arise, go to Nineveh, and cry."

- It stops there.
- Cry... Hm...

I don't remember ever
seeing Jonah cry, Mama.

Not after your father died.

It's like all the color
went out of his life.

He'd tell me he was fine,
but a mother knows.

But how could his
heart become so hard?

No one knows the Scriptures
better than Jonah.

Oh, dear, one's
selfishness and pride

are like weeds that
never stop growing.

Maybe he got tired
of pulling them out.

All of us are broken
creations of clay

that the Lord wants to restore,
so that we can walk with Him,

and not run from Him.

And for that to happen,
we need to pray!

Yes, as King David said, "lf we
seek Him, we will find Him."

- First Chronicles, Chapter 19.
- Actually, it's Chapter 28.

Fine, it's still David talking.

There are storehouses of
blessings that only prayer
can open.

And the most powerful prayers
are prayed together.

We come before you, Lord,
on behalf of our beloved Jonah.

Turn his heart to You again.

Have mercy.

Speak to him, I pray.

[singing in Hebrew]

Oh! Oh...

Well, there it is.


Oh, that is the biggest wall
I have ever seen.

With thousands of worthless,
violent people on the inside.

But I have vowed to obey You.

I don't like it,

but I will obey.

Come on.

- [man] No!
- Oh, no, come on!

[man] No, please! I beg you!

- [soldier] Shut your mouth!
- [man] No!


Open the gate.
We have a prisoner of war.

- For the glory of Nineveh!
- Never show mercy!

- [all grunt]
- Move it!

We have a guest!

He refused to lower his eyes,
so we blinded him.

- [laughter]
- Get him inside!

- Here, let me help you!
- No, let me!

- [man shouting]
- Come here!

- [man laughs]
- Welcome to Nineveh.

[laughter, shouting]


I've never seen
an animal like this before.

- What?
- I'll take him.

No! You can't... Ow!

- [grunts]
- Get down!

- [soldiers laugh]
- [spits]

[moaning] O Lord.

[yelling] I hate these people!

There's nothing good in them.
They're worse than wild dogs.

I can't... Oh...

I can't do this.

Forty more days,

and Nineveh will be destroyed.

Forty more...

Will be?

Nineveh will be destroyed?

Yes, Lord! Yes!


I have a message to deliver
for your city.

Open the gate!

For the glory of Nineveh!


Never show mercy!

[dramatic music plays]

Forty more days
and Nineveh will be destroyed!

Forty more days
and Nineveh will be destroyed!


Well, I gave you the message.

I'll move on to another part
of your city.


Who gave you this message?

This message... Oh!

Was given to me...

by the Holy One of Israel,

who knows the deeds
of every nation,

and the secrets of every heart.

Now, the wickedness of this city
has long come before Him,

and your time of
judgment is at hand!

He's a Hebrew,
one of those people of the law.

Now, he can learn a new law!
Bow to Nineveh!

[all shouting]

[soldier] Take him away!

He's telling the truth!


- What did you say?
- This man speaks the truth.

- How would you know that?
- Priest!

Why would this man's God warn us
of coming destruction?

He's offering us... mercy.

Mercy?! [Spits]

- Mercy is weakness!
- No.

Only the strongest man
is able to show mercy,

for He alone has the power
to give and to take away.

No, no, no!

Gatekeeper, I've seen you
take the lives of countless

- [all shouting]
- And this God...

has seen me too.

This burning in my
heart confirms it.

Yet this man has come,
offering hope!

Oh, God of the Hebrews,
forgive me!

Have mercy upon me!

♪ >A' I ask for forgiveness

♪ Have mercy upon me

♪ >a' I ask for forgiveness

♪ This day

- No! No, Lord!
- You!

- No, no, please!
- What did you do?

[grunting, shouting]

♪ >A' I ask for forgiveness

♪ Have mercy upon me

♪ >a' I ask for forgiveness

♪ This day

- a' I ask for forgiveness.
- I Oh, God, I'm sorry

- a' Please forgive me.
- I Have mercy upon me

♪ I have been
heartless and cruel

♪ Show me mercy

♪ Oh, mercy

- How can this be happening?
- You, Hebrew! Come with us!

The king wants to see you.

He's greatly troubled
by what is taking place here.


Hopefully, he'll put
an end to all of this.

♪ >A' I ask for forgiveness

♪ Have mercy upon me

- ♪ I have been heartless.
- ♪ I ask for forgiveness

- a' Oh, mercy a'
- a' God forgive me I

[soldier] Bow in the presence
of King Ashurdan III!

[king] This is the man of God
from Canaan?

- [man] Yes, my lord.
- You're not quite what I

[Jonah] It's been a
difficult journey.

Well, my people's response to
your preaching of coming

- is of great concern to me.
- Yes, it concerns me as well.

But what concerns me most...
is the truth.

I rule the largest kingdom
this world has ever seen.

Nineveh is feared by all!

We are a nation...

on the brink of collapse.

Political betrayals are rampant.

The Urartu mountain tribes
of the north, Babylon to the

all wage costly
revolts against us.

My treasury is depleted,
my cities in disrepair,

my army, mutinous.

We have endured
two deadly plagues
in five years.

For months, my priests
have been sacrificing
to every known god,

hoping to appease
the one that afflicts us.

And only one has answered.

Only one God
has come to us.



Thank you for coming to us.

Anything you want,
my servants will provide.

But now, I must repent
with my people

in sackcloth and ashes.

I can’t believe this.

I can’t believe
this is happening.

Prophet, would you teach me
about your God?

I need to preach
to the rest of your city.

[man] Princess,
in the king’s library
I have seen a copy

of the sacred writings
of the Hebrews.
Would you like to read it?

Yes. Thank you.

Oh, God of the Hebrews,

have mercy on us!

♪ Have mercy

♪ Upon us

Forty more days,
and Nineveh will be destroyed!

-[Woman] What?
-[man] Forty more days!

-[man 1] Gatekeeper!
-[woman 1] What do we do?

-[man 2] Gatekeeper!
-[woman 2] What do we do?

[woman] Gatekeeper!

♪ Thirty-nine more days

♪ Hear us pray

-♪ Forgive our sins
-♪ Have mercy, Lord

-♪ Forgive our ways
-♪ Thirty-nine days

For the glory of Nineveh,

we have taken the lives
of countless innocent children,

women and men!

Their shed blood stains
not only our hands,

-but our hearts as well.
-Must we carry
this guilt forever?

-♪ Thirty-six more days
-♪ Hear us pray

-♪ Forgive our sins
-♪ Have mercy, Lord

-♪ Forgive our ways
-♪ Thirty-six days

♪ Sin is stronger
Than at first it may appear ♪

♪ Sin will chain you
To your greatest fear ♪

♪ Sin will pierce more deeply
Than a sword ♪

-♪ Or spear
-♪ Lord have mercy

Thirty-one more days!

♪ Hear us pray

-♪ Forgive our sins
-♪ Have mercy, Lord

-♪ Forgive our ways
-♪ Thirty-one days

-♪ Twenty-eight more days
-♪ Lord, forgive our ways

Prophet, I have searched
these Scriptures,

and found that your God
is gracious and compassionate,

and a God who relents
from sending destruction.

-You have
the sacred Scriptures?

No! His word is holy.

And it should not be
in the presence of heathens.

Where did you get this?

It was seized
during King Shalmaneser’s
conquest of your people.

-Oh, Lord God.
-I pray that what began in war

would end in peace.

Prophet, what’s wrong?

My father was killed
during King Shalmaneser’s

-♪ Twenty-one more days
-♪ Hear us pray

-♪ Forgive our sins
-♪ Let justice come

♪ Twenty-one days

[princess] People of Nineveh!

From our first ancestor,
Ashur, until this day,

-we have worshiped idols.
-[all] Yes!

Now we know we must worship
the Lord of heaven and earth.

[all screaming in agreement]

Anything we love
more than Him
is an idol!

-♪ Eighteen more days
-♪ Hear us pray

-♪ Forgive our sins
-♪ Let justice come

-♪ Just nine more days
-♪ Hear us pray

-♪ Forgive our sins
-♪ Let justice come

-♪ Forgive our ways
-♪ Only nine days

[woman] The Lord bless you,
man of God!

Before you came,
the man I married
abused and abandoned us.

because of your preaching,
he’s home,

his anger is gone.
I have a husband again,

-and our children,
a father.
-Thank you.

It must be hard for you
to understand the change in us.

Being a man of God,
you’ve always obeyed the Lord.

-♪ Just four more days
-♪ Hear us pray

-♪ Forgive our sins
-♪ Let justice come

-♪ Forgive our ways
-♪Only four days

Messenger of God,
these are for you.

-And these.
-[Jonah] What is all of this?

[king] Expressions of thanks
from my people

for the freedom
that you have brought them.

Three days remain
until the prophesied judgment!

We must now seek the Lord
with all of our hearts.

Who knows if He
yet will spare us?

♪ By order of the king
Let not any man
Or beast partake ♪

♪ Do not let them
Eat or drink ♪

♪ But have man and beast
Covered in sackcloth ♪

-♪ Let all cry out to God
-♪ Let them give up
Their evil ways ♪

♪ And may God relent

♪ And with compassion
Turn from His fierce anger ♪

-♪ So we will not perish
-♪ Let justice come

-♪ We hope in You
-♪ I Now it’s day two ♪

[man] Now it’s day two!

[indistinct chatter]

[woman] He doesn’t know us,
he may listen to you pray.

Talk to him, he may change...

Prophet, would you pray for us?

Pray for you?


Lord, this is what I said
when I was still at home.

And why I was so quick
to flee to Tarshish.

These people
do not deserve mercy.

A murderer may feel sorry
for what he’s done,

but he still must pay
for his crime!

They cannot be treated like...

like someone
who obeys the law.

If You are going to spare them,
then... then take my life.

It’s better for me to die
than to live and see this.


have you any right
to be angry?

I cannot pray for you.

What’s wrong with
the man of God, Mama?

I think he’s... afraid.

Of what?

That something
he’s worked very hard for...

is being given away.

My friends,
we have turned from sin
and turned to God.

We don’t know
if we will live or die,
but we do know that His truth

has set us free.

♪ I was shackled
In the chains ♪

♪ Of my own making

♪ Drowning in a sea
Of all my woe ♪

♪ Somehow I knew
A reckoning was coming ♪

♪ Bitter tears
Would only sting
This ravaged soul ♪

♪ Then the God of earth
And heaven ♪

♪ He showed Himself among us

♪ And falling to my knees
I finally prayed ♪

♪ Jehovah God on high

♪ If I live or if I die

♪ Take this burden

♪ Of my sin away

-♪ And now I’m free ♪
-♪ Free

♪ I’m finally free
With a mercy amazing ♪

-♪ A miracle’s been given me ♪
-♪ It’s been given to me ♪

-♪ Now I’m free ♪
-♪ So free

♪ By the hand of a Savior
My debt has been redeemed ♪

♪ And as far as the east
Is from the west ♪

♪ This God alone
Is the difference ♪

♪ In me

♪ For now I’m ♪

-♪ Free
-♪ I am free
Oh yes, I am free ♪

♪ I am free
Thank God I am free ♪

♪ In the mercy and grace
That You give each morning ♪

♪ We will sing Your praise

♪ Every voice we will raise
To the end of our days ♪

♪ We will bless Your name

♪ We will bless your name

♪ Now I’m free
Yes, I’m finally free ♪

♪ With a mercy amazing
A miracle’s been given me ♪

♪ Now I’m free
Yes, I’m free ♪

♪ By the hand of a Savior
My debt has been redeemed ♪

♪ And as far as the east
Is from the west ♪

♪ This God alone
is the difference in me ♪

♪ Now I’m free
I’m free ♪

♪ Now we’re free
Yes, we’re free ♪

♪ Free, we’re free
Oh, we’re free ♪

♪ Now we’re free
Yes, we’re free ♪

♪ We’re free, we're free
Oh, we’re free ♪

♪ We’re free ♪

-♪ We’re free ♪
-♪ Yeah

[audience cheering]

♪ And now I’m free ♪

♪ I’m finally free ♪

♪ By the hand of the Savior

♪ My debt has been redeemed

♪ As far as east
Is from the west ♪

♪ This God is the difference

♪ In me

♪ For now

♪ I’m ♪

♪ Free


Oh, Lord.

I am so glad to be
outside that city.

Oh... This looks like
a good spot.

I should be able to watch
everything from here.

Phew! Oh, this sun is hot.


Ah... Hey,
I’ll build a shelter! Yeah.

Now, how does one
build a shelter?

Well, guess we could
start with this.
Huh? [chuckles]

Maybe put it on top of...
Whoo! [grunts]

On top of here. Yeah.

And take this,
yeah, put that on...

on top of there. [laughs]

If Noah can build an ark...

...l can build a shelter.


Then we’ll cover it with...
with this.

There. Yeah. [chuckles]


[birds chirping]

Not bad. [chuckles]

Ow! Oh!

[sputters] Well,
it’s a good thing you didn't
ask me to build the ark.

Ah, the sun’s
going down anyway.

I’ll worry
about the shelter tomorrow.



Now it’s getting cold.

Ah... I’ll build a
fire. Now, this, this I
know I can do.

My father taught me that.

[man] Jonah!
Jonah, stop running!
Wait for me!

Your mother’s
already worried you’re going
to poke your eye out

on one of those sticks.
Wait, wait.

I’m just so excited
I get to sacrifice
to the Lord, Papa!

[chuckles] I know you are.
But first we have to build
a fire.

Sacrifices need to be purified
and cleansed by fire.

I want to live my life
for God, Papa.
I want to be like Moses!

-You do?
-Yes. But he was afraid
to speak

what God told him to say.
I would never do that.

If the Lord ever gives me
a message, I will say it.

[chuckles] Well, just remember,
His ways are not our ways,

and obeying Him,
well, it’s not always easy.

I vow to obey Him,
no matter what!


Oh... Come on,
let’s go build a fire.

[singing in Hebrew]

Oh, Lord, how your fire
burned within me.

That seems like
another lifetime now.

Another Jonah.

Good night, Lord.


[yawning] Ooh!

It’s the 40th day.


Where did that come from?


How can this be?


Shade! It’s a miracle! Oh!

Thank You, Lord!

Oh, I love this plant!
My beautiful miracle plant!

Now, this... this is the day
that the Lord has made.

I will rejoice
and be glad in it.

Look at that.

[chuckles] Fit for a prophet.

♪ In praise to God almighty

♪ We’re humbled before Thee ♪

♪ In praise we adore Thee

♪ This day

♪ In praise to God almighty

♪ We’re humbled before Thee ♪

♪ I have been changed
From within ♪

♪ Renewed in kindness

♪ You bind us

♪ In praise to God almighty

♪ We’re humbled before Thee ♪

♪ I have been changed
From within ♪

♪ Renewed in kindness

-[man] The Lord bless you,

Well, He has. Look at this.
The Lord gave me a miracle.

Yes, every plant that grows
in this desert is a miracle.

No. No, no.

You don’t understand.

-Now, this plant
wasn’t here yesterday.
-That is a miracle.

Perhaps the Lord will
grant us a miracle, too.

Whether He saves us or not,
we will trust Him.

Come, my friends.

♪ We worship You

♪ This day

♪ O God

Thank you, prophet.

"For everything
there is a season...

a time to plant...

and a time to uproot
what has been planted."

Lord, the sun’s going down.
It’s the end of the 40th day.

Now, please, Lord, please...

do something!

It was all for naught.

[suspenseful music playing]


My plant! No!

My plant!

No, Lord!

Why are You doing this to me?

How could it get any worse?

[wind blowing]

[suspenseful music playing]

I can’t take any more.

You destroy my plant,
but you won’t destroy
that city.

It’s better for me
to die than to live.

Do you have a right
to be angry about the plant?

Yes. Yes, I do.
I am angry enough to die!

Why do you care
so much about this plant?

You did not create it
or cause it to grow.

It was a shelter
and comfort to me.

Nineveh is a shelter
and comfort to more than
120,000 people,

and many animals as well.

Should that city not be loved
as you loved that plant?

That is not the same.
Now, look, I’ve obeyed the Lord
from my youth.

Obedience brings blessing,
but it does not earn love.

I have done
everything He asked.

You haven’t stopped running.

What do you mean?

I delivered the message.

You spoke the truth.

But not in love.

But... love costs so much.

And it’s messy.

People take forever to change,
if they change at all.

They take one step forward,
then it’s two steps back.

It’s the rest of us who suffer

as they continually
drain your time,

energy, money...

Constant forgiveness!
I don’t want to spend
my life like that!

I understand.

It doesn’t make sense
to give your life
to help someone

who doesn’t even deserve it.

Who would do that?


Lord! Lord...

That’s how
I love you, Jonah.

And every person I have made.

Jonah, my love always seeks

to save the lost.

[audience cheering]

[dramatic music playing]

Yes, Lord.


The Word of the Lord...

came to Jonah,

son of Amitai.

"Arise, go to Nineveh,


and cry."


O, Lord.

All of those people.

Forgive me! [sobs]

Is the man of God still here?

No, he’s one of us.

You there,
the time of testing is over.

The Lord has given us
another chance.

He’s given me
another chance, too.

It is the man of God!

Why are you crying?

♪I was shackled in the chains
Of my own making ♪

♪ Trapped inside

♪ This crumbling facade

♪ The vengeance in my soul

♪ Had left me blinded

♪ To the ever faithful
Loving heart of God ♪

♪ But the Lord
Of tender mercies ♪

♪ Our giver of forgiveness

♪ Who loves us still

♪ Though we may go astray

♪ He heard my muddled cry

♪ And with power from on high

♪ He took the burden

♪ Of this heavy heart away

-♪ And now you’re free ♪
-♪ Free

♪ You’re finally free ♪

♪ With His mercy amazing
He’s given you
His perfect peace ♪

-♪ His perfect peace
-♪ And now you see

♪ By the hand of the Savior
Your debt has been redeemed ♪

♪ And as far as the east
Is from the west ♪

♪ Your God alone
Is the difference ♪

♪ In me

-♪ For now I’m free ♪
-♪ Now you’re free ♪

♪ Yes, you’re free
With a mercy amazing ♪

♪ You’re free
Now you’re free ♪

♪ And now you’re free
Yes, you’re free ♪

♪ By the hand of a Savior
Your debt has been redeemed ♪

♪ And as far as the east
Is from the west ♪

♪ God, You alone are
The difference in me ♪

♪ For now
Now we’re free ♪

♪ Yes, we’re free
With a mercy amazing ♪

♪ Lord I’m free
Yes, we’re free ♪

♪ Yes, we’re free
By the hand of a Savior♪

♪ Our debt has been redeemed

♪ In the mercy and grace
That You give each morning ♪

♪ We will sing Your praise

♪ Every voice we will raise
To the end of our days ♪

-♪ We will bless Your name
-♪ Your name

-♪ We will, we will

♪ We will, we will

♪ We will, we will
Bless your name ♪

♪ And as far as the east
Is from the west ♪

♪ This God alone
Is the difference in me ♪

♪ Now we are free

♪ Now we’re free
Yes, we’re free ♪

♪ Free, we’re free
Oh, we’re free ♪

♪ Now we’re free
Yes, we’re free ♪

♪ Free, we’re free
Oh, we’re free ♪

-♪ Free to arise and go
-♪ Arise!

-♪ Arise!
-♪ Free to arise

♪ And go!

[audience cheering]