Johnny Colt (1966) - full transcript

Starblack is a hero who dresses in black and his face is covered by a black scarf and he carries in his shirt a black star, which he always leaves at the scene of his enterprises, as a symbol of justice. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Where did your old man hide the money?

Talk or I'll kill you!


What do you want to do?

Curry says that those
who don't pay their debt will burn.

You didn't pay your debt,
so your house will burn.


What are you waiting for? Get down!

A black star…

Untie them!

Starblack is here.

Let's hope he doesn't stay!

Are you afraid, Sheriff?

-Everyone is afraid of him.
-I'm not!

I swear that if he does
something else, he will die here.

Imbeciles! Idiots! Good for nothing!

I'll kill you, since he didn't!

Why are you laughing?

He is not laughing at you,
he laughs about everything and nothing.

-He's deaf-mute.
-Who are you?

-My name is Johnny Blyth.
-Ah, you're Judge King's nephew!

I am a friend of your uncle,
he told me a lot about you.

-Welcome home, Blyth.
-Thank you, Sheriff.

Come, drinks are on me.

A drink for my friends.

-Thank you. A beer.
-The usual for us.

It looks better than it used to.

I fixed it when I took it over.

-How long have you been here?
-A couple of years.

Welcome back!

Are you leaving?

No, I'm not.

Wait, I'll be back.


I'm having a bad day,
worse than ever!

But I'm sure I'll win
everything back if you…

Thank you!

I'm coming! Here I am!

Isn't that old Williams?

-He's obsessed with gambling.

They are our neighbors.

His daughter taught my father
how to ride. Do you know my father?

I haven't had the pleasure.

My apologies, I have to go. Goodbye.

Goodbye. Thank you!


-I call.

Full house.

Nice! You are good.

Better than that guy in Boston
who pulled a rabbit out of his hat.

Good job!

-Excuse me…

Let me kill him!

I'll eat him alive!

Let me go!

That cheat has to pay!

My money! I want my money!

Good! You asked for it!

My money! My…

I knew I'd find you here!

-You promised you would stop.
-Gambling, not drinking.

-Where is the money?
-I lost it in that fight.

But I will find it, you'll see.

You can get it back on the farm. Working!

Excuse me… Let me through.

-You must be Caroline!
-Yes, Johnny Blyth.

-You haven't changed a bit.
-Neither have you.

Whenever there was a rumble,
you'd always run and hide. You still do.

-I never liked getting punched.
-Or to throw them!

-Do you know each other?
-It's Little Blyth.

Raphael's son? My, you have grown up!

-Your father…
-Let's go, I don't like this place.

Yes, Little Blyth.
They used to call me that.

And now, Little Blyth wants
to hug his Mum and Dad.


-How nice to see you again!

-You are still the same scoundrel!
-And you the same old hag!

You're wrong, I'm married
and I have a 2 year old son.

No! It feels like yesterday
that I left home.

Let's go see this child of yours.

He's not here, I came to help.
We have a house and some land.

Well done! I'll come visit.

Come on, Jop, help her.

Chop as much wood as you can.



My son!

You've been gone so long!

I have built a big farm in Colorado.

Uncle Harold!

-You look good, boy.
-You too. You haven't changed at all.

Where's my father?
When does he come back from the mine?

Your father, Johnny… has left us.

What did you say?

He's dead?

It's been two years now.

He couldn't see me…

I couldn't see him one last time.


I hope I can be
like a second father to you, son.

Because Marta and I…

Did you get married?

She was alone,
without you to comfort her…

I wanted to be closer to her.

His guitar…

He used to play it here.

My father…

How did he die?

He fell off a horse.

That's odd.

He was the best rider in the West.

Be strong, son.

Where is he buried?

In the place where he was found,
at the bottom of Hangman's Rock.

There is a cross with his name on it.

What are you doing?

Do we know each other?

What are you doing, I asked you.

I wanted to see my father again.

Bad idea.

Here we prefer not to bother the dead.

Well, try not to bother
those who are alive too.

You shouldn't talk back
to old Bill like that.

Stay down, Mute!

No, stop!

Just be grateful
that you are the Judge's nephew.

-My apologies for being late.
-My Lord!

-What happened?

I fell off a horse.

It must run in the family.

I found this in my father's head.

Raphael was killed.

We decided to keep it from you,

-we feared you'd go looking for trouble.
-With who?

The town is in bad hands

and I can't hide the fact
that it's hard to maintain order.

Did that Curry guy kill my father?

He bought the mine,

but other people wanted it too.

What does the mine have to do with it?

Your father was killed
because he didn't want to sell it.

That's right. That poor soul…

He was adamant
that the mine was full of gold.

How odd. Why would you kill a man…

for a worthless mine…

-Goodnight, Johnny.
-Goodnight, mother.

100 dollars to you…

And you… And you.

You have all earned it,
this time you all did a good job.

They beat him good alright.

After this lesson,
he'll be as good as gold!

Just like everybody else in town!

This is what I pay you for.

I might still need you, wait for me.

I'm going down to the saloon.

If Williams lost,
a little loan will serve him good.

You already gave him
more than his ranch is worth.

It's not his ranch that I'm interested in.

OK, guys.

I want to win that money
before the boss comes back.

Me too! I'll take all your money!

-How shall we play?
-All in.

-I'll go all in.
-I call.

-Three nines.
-Three tens.

Are you leaving?

No, I'm not.

Wait a minute, I'll be back.


-What is it?
-I have such a bad luck!

-I can win it all back if you…
-We're at that's 30,000 dollars.

I'll pay you after I sell the harvest.

The wheat is still green

and it may never be ready to harvest.

But if we become a family,
you won't owe me anything.

My daughter doesn't want you
and I can't force her to marry you.

Yet I can force you to pay
when the time comes.

Well… Yes.

But I will now empty
everyone's pockets!

I'm coming! Here I am!

Come on, deal. Go on!

Fools! Who would kill
over a card game!

No, Curry, they were killed.

Him again! Here, in my office!

-He must have found the passage.
-Do you want to get killed too?

Get him off my back, Forby.

-But where do I find him?
-You are the Sheriff!

Starblack shouldn't stick his nose
into our business.

I'll give you 1,000…
No, 2,000 dollars

if you bring him his body.

He's a man without a face,
no one has ever seen him.

Yes, this is true.

They say he is a champion
for the poor and the oppressed.

Bring in harder punishments
for those who don't settle their debts

or won't sell me their land.

If Starblack isn't a myth,

he will come back.

Good evening, Mr Foster.

What do you want?

We brought you 1,000 dollars
for this wooden hut.

Go away!

Just write a cross here and we'll leave.

-I'd rather have a cross on my grave!
-Or on your son's grave?




Don't worry, it's nothing.

Stay calm, Nick.

Good, you two stay calm as well.

You have such a beautiful child…

It would be a real shame.

Go in the other room.

Wait for me.


I'll give you everything.

Give me that piece of paper,
I'll sign anything you want!

Later. There's plenty of time.

What are you waiting for?

-I hope Starblack is still alive.
-So we can kill him!


Did you catch him?



Idiots! They had him,
but they got themselves killed.

But whoever gets in my way
croaks it, sooner or later.

Even Starblack!

From tomorrow, position all the men
you have around the canyon.

Set up traps everywhere.
Let's hope he will come back…

He can't hear.
And even if he could, who cares!

I want everyone to know
what we'll do to that bastard!

He killed 10 of my men in one go!

-Should I send an army next time?
-That man is the devil.

We shall see!

Hire 30 men and send them
to every farm in New Mexico.

Every single farmers
has owes money to the bank.

Tell them they must pay up by tomorrow.

Let's see what Starblack does now.

-I had a thought…
-Do you think he can hear us?

Do you think
he's been alerting Starblack?

Yes. And if that's the case,

Johnny Blyth must be Starblack.

That idiot?

Starblack appeared
at the same time he came back.

He's right.

This is true.
We'll find out soon enough.

What you are doing is dangerous.

Why? It wasn't that high.

What were you doing at Curry's place?

I shot his pistol.

The bullet is the same
as the one that killed my father.

It's a rather odd shape.

In this town,
bullets are all the same.

We make them so that,
when they hit the target,

they expand and wreck the most damage.

You did wrong, Johnny Blyth.

I will have to tell your uncle,

Judge King.

Breaking into someone's house
is a crime.

As a judge, I should prosecute.
But I am also your uncle.

I suggest you leave that well alone.

Don't get yourself into trouble.

I have been so happy
to have you home.

But if I have to be
constantly worried for your life…

it's better you go back
to your ranch in Colorado.

Welcome, my wonderful guests.
To what do I owe the honour?

You won't be laughing
once you hear the news.

Don't tell me Curry is dead,
I'd be so sad!

Curry wants his money by tomorrow.

Otherwise this is the last night
you'll sleep in your house.

He can't do that.

The deal was I'd pay him
once I sold the wheat.

-See, it's not so funny now!
-Wait, Burt.

Give me more time, talk to Curry.

You're the only one he listens to.
Please, Burt.

Don't beg this two-dollar killer!

Let him go back to his master.

Where will I find
3,000 dollars by tomorrow?

-Who will give it to me?
-I will.

I will also give you 100 cows
if you agree to be my wife.

I would rather marry one of your bandits!

Marry me, then!

You will pay for this, Caroline!

No later than tomorrow,

when you will have
to beg me to get a delay.


Forgive me, Caroline, it's my fault.

It's all my fault.

Alright, Curry.

But what if they pay?

No one will be able to pay.

And you will legally
kick them out of their shacks.

-And Starblack?
-He will show up, wait and see.

And this time I can guarantee…

-that we will catch him.
-OK, but…

-They're here, boss.
-I can hear them.

-They cackle like scared chickens.

Their voices are starting to bother me…


Don't waste any more time,
I will not give you any more time.

-They want to pay.
-Of course we do!

-We have the money.

-Here's the money!
-It didn't work out for you.

-I'm not here to beg.

Here's your 3,000 dollars.

-Give me a receipt.
-It's your right.


-Who gave you the money?

Is he that rich?

He's noble and generous.

I'd be more generous than him,
if you let me.

-How dare you? Let go of me!

That safe is full of money,
it could all be yours.

I could make you a queen.

Get your dirty hands off of me!

I love you, Caroline. I want you!

No! Let me go!

Raise your hands!

Now turn around.


Did I scare you?

I'm not afraid of anything or anyone.

And I don't like being made a fool of.

What do you want?

I want to deposit my savings.

Is your bank secure?

Very secure.

What about my receipt?

Please, open the safe.

Your bank isn't that secure!

-I wanted to thank you.
-For what?

For your timely arrival.

Curry's hands like to wander.

You should kill him, Johnny.

With a guitar?

Sure, if you're brave enough.

I could find it. But why?

Curry killed your father.

Hey, wait!

-I'm not sure about that mute.
-Me neither.

Let's go get him.

If you're not careful,
he'll steal your woman too.

I think he is Starblack.

Maybe. We will find out soon enough,
let's have them followed.

-Let's say…

I want my receipt back from Caroline.

Let's see how Johnny Blyth reacts.

Everyone here was hoping
you'd take revenge.

Unfortunately, you are
the same Little Blyth.

-I don't want to kill an innocent man.
-It was Curry!

Nevermind, Starblack will avenge
your father's death.

He is a real man!

A man is a man
for as long as he's alive,

but if he goes looking for death,
he's no longer a man.

Starblack faces death every day
and not just to avenge his father!

What do you know?

I saw him when he gave me the money.

He's tall, strong, handsome.

-Did you see his face?
-No. But I am sure he is handsome.

Are you in love with a ghost?

Yes, l love him. I've always loved him.

And he's not a ghost.

How I would like to be Starblack!
I'd like that a lot!

-Run, they are following us!

I knew I would see you again.

This is our farewell, Caroline.
Soon I'll have to go.

Why? I love you, Starblack.

I've loved you since…

Since before I was even a woman.

How can you love me
if you don't even know me?

In my childhood dreams
there was always a man like you.

A man who's strong, noble, generous…

Now you are a woman, Caroline.



Show me your face, at least.
I don't want to ever forget it.

That's not possible.

Whoever sees my face
never sees sunrise again.

Do you have a tongue, Mute?

-He can hear!
-He's making fun of us.

That's right.
And I don't like it one bit.

Ah, you read lips. Clever.

But we believe
you can hear and speak perfectly. Come on!

Move it!

Tell me a secret,
you are Starblack, aren't you?

-You don't want to tell me.
-He will tell me.

Don't anger him, tell him.

Now you will talk!

Are you Starblack? Or is Johnny?


People are going to your ranch.
And it's not a social call!

Let's go, Johnny.


One moment.

Why are you here?
What are you looking for in my house?

-What we found.
-I didn't know I was this rich.

-The evidence is clear.
-You robbed the bank.

Sure! I opened the safe
with my bare hands.

-What else do they want from us?
-Nothing, daughter.

They are nice guys, just a little crazy.

-What happened, Sheriff?
-The haul was hidden in his house.

Williams couldn't have stolen it.

The Judge knows my father,
he wouldn't condemn an innocent man.

-There's overwhelming evidence.
-It's been planted!

My father is a poor frail man,
how could he rob the bank?

I am a little devil! Maybe I am Starblack.

-There's nothing to laugh about!
-I am certainly not crying!

Judge King will know what to do.

I will see that justice
is served, Caroline.

Williams was always a gentleman.

Everyone is, until they steal.

There is more,
I don't think you can save him.

-We'll see each other at the trial.

Judge, you will set him free,
won't you?

I'll do whatever I can.

I am sure you father didn't steal.

But Curry mentioned
there is something else I don't know

and that does worry me.

What could that be, Judge?

I'll go find out.

Don't worry,
I'll speak with uncle Harold.



Mr. Williams,
the evidence is against you.

I'd like to help you,
if it were only about the robbery.

What other crime did I commit?

You are accused of killing
Bill, Ted, and Joe

on the night of June 24th,
in Curry's office.


I see, you want to hang me.

Luckily, I have three friends
that can testify on my behalf.

Thank you for allowing them
to come in.

It was the day of my birthday,
I can't be wrong.

Duke, do you remember
that we played together that evening?

I don't remember.

And you, Joe?

I don't remember.

Andrew remembers it well.

Forgive me, Judge.
Clearly they are dead sure.

And I will soon be dead.

For these reasons,
I condemn Henry Williams to death

by hanging.

The sentence will be carried out

at midnight by the black oak.

Tonight, the Sheriff and I
will go to Judge King's house

claiming to protect him

from any backlash by William's friends.

A fire on the hill
where the black oak

will alert us
if Starblack shows up

to save the old man.

And so, no matter what will happen,

we will finally know

if our man is Johnny Blyth

or the Mute.

Wow! The road is long,
we will never make it.

You still have time, old man.
At least 30 more minutes.

Pardon me,
but this clock is bothering me.

My hat! Give me back my hat!

Come on, what are you waiting for?

Let's not waste time,
I want to see my wife again.

She will be upset in seeing me so old,

when she left me she was still young.

Up there they will think
that we are father and daughter.

Enough! Make him stop!

Come, let's go to the other room.

Could you hurry up?
I am rather uncomfortable!

Look who's back, in the nick of time!

You always give people dollars!

Wait, these are pesos.

I see, you are sending me to Mexico!

Stand up, Starblack.

Hands in the air.

I cannot wait to see your face.


The boss will be happy to see you.

Turn around.

Come on, walk!

Now that you have seen my face,
you have to die.

You are lucky,
not many people dies laughing.

The signal!

Starblack is at the black oak.

Where are you going?

Open up!

Open or we'll break the door down.

You will not.

-What do you want?
-Let us in, Blyth.

Why should I? This is my house.

My nephew is right, you don't have
the right to behave like this.

Well said, uncle Harold, send them away.

We will leave
after we have seen your friend.

He is sleeping. Go away.

I represent the law
and I order you to open the door.

Go to hell!

What are you doing, Sheriff?
Do you need a hug?

He snores like a tractor.

Are you satisfied now?

Isn't he cute?

Excuse me.

You didn't come here to protect me
but to insult me.

My apologies, Judge.

-Where are Caroline and my mother?
-In the other room.

Let me cry in peace.

Your father is safe.
He's probably in Mexico by now.

How do you know?

Can you keep a secret?



Go, run to your old man.

I am tired, I am going back to bed.


Starblack is…

It's him, chase him!

Let go of me!

-What do you want from me?
-Where are you running to?

The black star!

Who could he be?

What if I told you that I am Starblack?

I would laugh.

Are you joking?

Do you believe me now?

While Starblack was at the black oak,
you were here.

-You were talking, singing.
-Starblack can do anything.

He can even make a mute man talk.

-You have Johnny's voice!
-When it's needed.

Now I understand!

Give me a hug, son.

I am proud of you.

Who is he? Talk! You know him.

You had his star.

You will talk now.


She's mine, don't ruin her face.
I will get her to talk.

Who is he? Who is Starblack?

My nephew.

Go to the farm, with all our men.

You must kill him.

This is why I told my uncle
that I am Starblack.

Now I know who murdered my father.

Did you know that?


I didn't tell you because
I didn't want you to be killed

like my poor Raphael.

You are still my little Johnny.

And yet you married him!

He forced me,
so that I couldn't testify against him.

But I was never his wife.

There they are!

-They saw us.
-Go to Manuelita's, you'll be safe.

-Johnny, son!
-There's no time for soppiness.

Goodbye, mother.


Let's go see what's happening.

Forby, do you like smoked salmon?

I have always liked it!

We are caught between two fires.

Are you afraid, Jop?

I have never known fear,
even if I am not Starblack.

Now we really are
caught between two fires!

Once they're well cooked,
you will serve us their heads.

They are roasting on a slow fire.

I need a drink.

To forget my nephew.

Come drink with us.

-They have vanished in the smoke.
-He must have found the tunnel.

-Curry! Harold!
-He is crazy.

-Just like his father.
-You killed my father! Come out!

Find a little courage,
if you ever had some.

Come out!

Alone, Curry!

Alone, Judge!

No! Johnny!

He is dead, at last.

Ouch! That hurt!

I'm up here, Curry!

Thank you, Johnny!

Turn around.

Watch out, Curry!

You are in my line of fire.

You can't run away, Curry.

Where are you going?
You are alone now!

You are alone!







Throw down the gun, Johnny.
Your life for that of Caroline.

No! Shoot!

I must go now, Caroline.

No, stay!

I love you, Johnny.

I love you too.

But my place is
wherever someone is suffering.

Take me with you, then, I beg you.

Where I am going,
there is no room for a woman.

But maybe one day…

Little Blyth will come back.