Jingle Around the Clock (2018) - full transcript

Elle's plans for Christmas reunion are thwarted by work. In order to get a career-altering promotion she's forced to team up with advertising campaign 'fixer' Max, who has a completely different take on the Holidays.

- Elle.
- Elle.

I had an idea for
Misfit Christmas.

Now, are we sure
that this isn't the year

where we stop calling it that?

I mean, it's a Christmas party.

We are grownups.

Is "Misfit" really the best
we can do?

We could go back to calling it
"The Christmas Party

at the Island
of Misfit Toys..."

But it's a mouthful,
so we shortened it.

Listen to Elle, she has
the best memory.

Plus, "Misfit" is better
than when we were calling it...

"Lonely in the Dorms Christmas".

Also listen to Alexis,
she reminds us

that we've always been terrible
at naming things.



He hasn't been in yet.



Jay, how'd your date go?

My date did not go as planned.

Let's just, let's just
leave it at that.

Did you do that thing where
you mask nervousness

by over-explaining things?


You have to relax.

You are a totally normal person
in real life.

Thank you, thank you, I think.

Elle, let's get back to what
you were talking about.

Your big idea for
Misfit Christmas?

Do we need a bigger space?

I mean, with all of the party
games and the food

and the carols...

No, look. I appreciate it, Elle,
but we're doing it here.

I mean, I'll just close down
for the night.

- You'll lose business.
- It's totally worth it.

15 of our nearest and dearest
and their spouses

and their kids and all of them
packed in here.

I sort of can't wait.

- Okay, as long as you're sure.
- I'm totally sure.

It's coffee guy.

- That's coffee guy?
- It is.

- Don't look.
- We're already looking.

- Coffee guy has seen us looking.
- Well, stop looking.

How long has this been going on?

A few days.

I think he's new to the city,
but I can't tell.

Do you want us to flag him down,
because I can definitely...

No, no, Jay.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Thanks again.
See ya.

- Well, that went poorly.
- It really did.


Nothing, nothing.

Should we go?


What, you guys just got here.

It's Sunday.

And, it is two weeks
before Christmas.

I spent all of November making
sure my boss thinks I'm great,

and getting ahead at work.

Which means, in turn,

I am now behind on shopping
and errands

and getting the party
setup done,

and I've got six days to...

Look, every year, you throw us
this Misfit Christmas Party.

And every year, it's amazing.

How is this year gonna
be any different?

Because I like to outdo myself,

Let's go, Jay.


What about this?

I don't think that Alexis
wears perfume, does she?

She's hard to shop for.

Not if you listen.

Always complaining her feet
are cold.



Yup. Thank you.



Can I help you find something?

I like the perfume.

It's... Fiona.

Your boss, Fiona?


Excuse me.

Our boss, actually.

We work in the same place.

Hey, Fiona.

Is everything okay?

Not in the least, but nothing
for you to worry about.

It's the Century Cookware

In my haste this morning,
I accidentally added you

to an email thread about it,
and I just wanted to warn you

to ignore it.

Also, do you know how to turn
the lights on, on the weekend?

The switch is by the break room.

What's going on?

What's going on is I'm here
on a Sunday,

my assistant isn't answering,

Do you need my help?

My account is pretty much on
autopilot for the holidays,

I could drop by.


Why should everyone's weekend
be ruined?

You know me,
I am always willing to...

Light. Got it.

You enjoy your break.

Ignore the emails.

It's like I literally
lose my mind.

Do women like nervous guys?

Should I just rebrand
to "dashing but anxious?"

Elle, are you listening?

Sorry, I'm sorry.

I think you're charming, Jay.

Someone else out there will,

And, it has always been my
theory that when you meet her,

you will be completely normal
in front of her.

Well, I appreciate that,
thank you.

But I am not taking your word
for anything

until you get back out
there yourself.

I am out there.


You saw me, I absolutely flirted
with that coffee guy.

Okay, another RSVP.

That means everyone who still
lives in Chicago is a yes

for Misfit Christmas,
the four of us plus Anne,

Richard, Linda, Marsha,
Dawn and Dan.

And the others?

There's a thread
that everyone's on.

I'm heading uptown,
are you coming?

I'm gonna go to work and check
on Fiona, actually.

You want her to put you in for
that creative director position.

Okay, all right.

I have spent all year trying
to get Fiona to notice me.

All right.

And listen, if you need any help
with Misfit Christmas,

let me know, okay?

I will.


- No, you won't.
- I probably won't.

All right, see you tomorrow.

Okay, Bye.

I'm so sorry.

No, I was working while walking.

It's a terrible habit, I just...

Me too.

Coffee shop.

The Brewing Pot.



I love that place.
My friend Alexis owns it.

Everyone's so friendly in there.

The coffee's great.

It is great, yeah.

I should...

Yeah, me too.

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.
I'll see you at the...



What's his name?

Her name?

What happened?

Century Cookware account.

This is supposed to launch
in two days.

And this is the commercial

launched by their top
competitor, today.

That is not good.

Except, it is a good ad.

Now ours looks like
we copied it.

And yet, neither of the ads
have people in them.

We'll figure it out.
They called Maxwell Turner in.

That guy who works
in the New York office?

He's fixed a lot of campaigns.

Corporate wants him
to come and help out.

Fiona, I could've jumped in
on this.

True, I've never worked
with cookware,

but I could get up
to speed fast.

I'm local, I have...

Elle, while I know you
would add a lot to this,

you have worked hard,
and you deserve a break.

But Maxwell Turner?

First of all, he's terrible in email,
worse on the phone.

I know.
Wonder what he's like in person.

So, what can I do to help?

It's Sunday.
You go home.

This is a mess,
we're gonna be on it

probably right up to Christmas.

But I can review something.

I can take a look at a mock-up,
or something?

This is about the creative
director position.

Elle, you've already proven
yourself a great employee.

But that job...

Is a bit of a reach, I know.
But, I'm ready for it.

Okay. So, what would
your take be?

First of all, those ads
just show the cookware,

but it should be about
how the cookware is used

by actual people.

And that's something you
can do online, really easily.

And you're offering to dive in
on a job that's long hours

and technically difficult,

Because I know I can do it.

And help you in the process.

- And that's a bargaining skill that...
- You taught me, yes.

Fiona, I want to grow here.

There's a brainstorming meeting
tomorrow morning.

Come prepared.

Thank you.

And, if I...

I'm not promising anything yet.

Bring some ideas, the interviews
are this Friday.

It won't be easy.

But, if the partners like
your ideas...

Don't worry, I'm gonna nail it.

Nobody should worry.
Who's worried?

I'm not worried.

Don't get me wrong,
I love what I do.

But, this would mean getting
to use all of my skills,

not just the digital ones.

Business, creative, budgeting.

Yeah, plus managing people.
It'd be great.

Just means you won't get much
time off between

putting this campaign together
and planning this party.

I am not worried.
I always get it done.

I'm excited to come decorate
the coffee shop with you.

Yeah, me too.

Hey, don't stay up
too late, okay?

I won't.

Kay, see you tomorrow.

- Bye.
- Bye.


I have got a few of those,
Maxwell Turner.

And while I know we don't
have a lot of time

to come up with a new ad,

the fact is, we're up against

People want to know
what to give as a gift.

I would say more than that,
people want to make sure

they're giving a quality

Sorry, who is that speaking?

Hi Maxwell, I'm Elle Bennett.

Chicago office.

I enjoy your emails, they are
very direct and to the point.

I have an idea that expands the
campaign using social media

and traditional...

No, the social media route
lets our market respond,

opens us up to more criticism.

The last thing we want...

I think that you would be
surprised at how adaptable

and fast social media can be.

The heart of Christmas
is bringing people together

and sharing moments, which is
something that digital campaigns

do best.

So, what exactly do you propose?

Because we have two days
to launch.

Glad you asked.

So, you have a commercial
that look like

someone else's commercial.

We don't need to shoot
a new one.

Just expand the idea online.

I put together a mock-up
of some still images.

But the main idea is a series
of short videos.

We show a host using
the cookware

so it feels different and bigger
than the competitor's.

"Not all pots are
created equal".

"Century Cookware,
made for real people".

I like this, Elle.

Max, your thoughts?

Yeah, it's kind of interesting,
it's a little thin,

I feel like it needs something,...

Guys, I'm kind of
in the middle of...

I, I'm gonna have to...

Max? Max?

Okay, so we have lost Max.

Let's take an hour for lunch
and come back refreshed, yes?

Great job.

I want you to work with Max
on it.

Is that going to be a problem?

I'm a professional.

He is also a professional.

Thank you.


Hello, welcome back.

Ooh, so, I know that you were
here just the other day, but...

I'm Elle.

Elle, right.

And you're Nancy, right?


I like the new look
for your booth.

Thank you.

Yeah, my son said I had to get
better at catching customers.

Well, a little marketing
never hurt.

That's what he says.

And, I think he's right.

I've had so many more customers
since that sign went up.

Better than my old
marketing plan.

Which was?

Christmas magic.

Let me get your ornament.

This one's for my friend Kate.

She just had her first child
this year.

And this one?

That's for my tree.

I get myself one each year.

Well no one's ever asked me

to make a laptop
ornament before,

but I had a lot of fun
making it.

It's the only thing that I could
think of that summed up my year.

So you work with computers?

Fingers crossed

I'll be moving into a leadership
role soon,

but, yeah, websites,
social media.

My son tells me I should
have a website,

but I'm not convinced.

They're really easy to make.


I mean, it would be nice to sell
some more ornaments.

Well, you know, you could
take photos of the ornaments,

make a few posts.

That's what I keep telling her.

You see, mom?

It's you.

It is me, yeah.
And it's you.

You two know each other.


We've seen each other around
at the coffee shop and...

This is the coffee shop girl.


She can... you're not whispering
quietly at all.

I'm glad to know that you're
related to Nancy.

I mean, that's a...

It's a coincidence.

Yeah, a huge coincidence, yeah.

My son is also in advertising.

Yeah, he made the new sign.

Where do you work?

I'm based in New York.

They think I'm here
in our Chicago office,

and the Chicago office thinks
I haven't arrived yet,

just so I could help Mom
with the booth...

It's a good strategy.

Hey, we haven't...

Right. I'm Elle.

Elle Bennett.

From... Szabo & Bezanis?

Newly working on...

Cookware. Yes.


You're... Max Turner,
aren't you?

Christmas magic.

So, the Chicago office thinks
you're in New York,

and the New York office thinks

Now, wait.

I told you that in confidence.

I don't think you did.

All right, fine.

But please don't blow my cover.

Wait a second.

I was in the office pitching you
an idea that I worked hard on,

and you were...

I was working, and I was
supposed to be off

celebrating Christmas
with my family.

So to help mom at the booth,

No, no, you leave me
out of this.

And can you two have
this conversation

in front of another booth,

You're gonna be all right here
by yourself?

I've been working this booth
for 20 years,

three years by myself, so yeah,
I think I'm gonna be okay.

You go on.

Why don't you give me
those bags?

Are you sure?

Yes, I am sure.

Now, off you go.

Thanks, mom.

The fact is, video online can be
made much faster

than it can for on the air.

We find a host,
someone relatable.

We can shoot them quickly,

and... why aren't you
interrupting me?

I'm listening, why would I
interrupt you?

Well, because...
that's been your thing.

That's not my thing.

Everyone says it's your thing.



Grouchy fixer of ad campaigns.

You're very brusque in emails.

I'm efficient.

You interrupt people
on the phone.

To be fair, the phone
is not a great way

to do anything anymore.

No, no, no I know,
the phone is the worst.

This is weird, right?

First the coffee shop thing
and now...

A little.

But at least we figured it
out before...

Yeah, right, now we can
just focus on the work.


And look, Fiona
likes your video idea.

But I think it needs to be
more aspirational.

People want to know what kind
of gifts the pros are giving.

That's why I think it needs
a celebrity host.

I disagree.

I think that a celebrity
host can alienate people,

make them feel like they're not
a good enough cook.

I'm not sure about that.

You wanna bet?


Wait, what?

Sir, excuse me. Sir.

If we each made a wreath,

would you tell us
which one is better?

Yes, absolutely.

I say nice things about all
the wreaths people make here.

But secretly, I judge.

Not yours of course.

You in?

This isn't how decisions
like this are made.

We have to look at market
research and focus groups.

Well, if we had time, sure, but
when you have too much to do

and equally good plans,

sometimes you just gotta
wreath it up.

All right. You're on.

We'll go with the idea of
whoever makes the best wreath

according to him.


Do you want me to time you?

How seriously are you
taking this?

Very seriously.

Best wreath within 20 minutes?

You're one of those Christmas
people, huh?

Tree goes up day
after Thanksgiving,

you got a Christmas village you
put on the mantle every year,

you stay up late on Christmas
Eve drinking hot cocoa

and waiting for Santa and his,
what do you call em,

Christmas Llamas?

You mean reindeer?

Right, reindeer.

I'm kidding, that was a...

I obviously know
what reindeer are.

Let me guess.

You are one of those "meh,
just another day" types.

Show up at the Christmas party
dressed as a dapper Scrooge.

Refuses to wear
an ironic sweater.

Actually, I didn't hear anything
after "dapper".

And those Christmas parties are
great networking opportunities.

Christmas parties
are when you get to see

a different side of people.

You treat them less like
a co-worker or friend,

they become, I dunno, family.


That part's pretty great.

That is... okay.

All right.

It's not that bad.


Nobody said bad.

You tried.

That's the important thing.

Okay. Fair is fair.

You win.

We will do a series of
celebrity chef hosted videos,

but we keep them relatable.

Well, there we're in luck.

Because Julia Wise
and Rachel Richards

are both in town doing press
for their cookbooks.

Wait, Julia Wise?

I love Julia Wise.

I watch her Christmas special
every year.

Rachel Richards is amazing.

Great, I'm gonna make
some calls.

I'm gonna head back to work
and figure out a shoot.

And will you not blow
my cover at work?

That I'm here pretending
to be there?

Just because I'm helping my mom
with her booth...

No, I get it.

"Just landed in Chicago.
Meeting with Elle soon". Send.

Okay. So, I'll see you soon.




I can't wait to see you.

This year's Misfit
Christmas Party

is totally coming together.

Elle, that's what I'm calling
you about.

So it turns out Jason's family

scheduled their Christmas party
for Saturday,

I hate to be the one
that messes things up,

but is there any way that we can
do Friday night instead?

Sure. Yeah, I'll just check in
with everyone else.

Elle, you don't have to do that.

I'll call some people
and find out.

Really Kate.
It's no big deal.

I can't wait for you
to meet the baby.

But for now, I have
to change her.

See you soon.

Kay, bye!


You got this, girl.



Let me help you with that.

That sweater is both
great and terrible.


My staff does this Christmas
sweater day.

It's nuts, but I kind
of love it.

I figured it was best to leave
some of these here now,

and then I'll bring the rest
when we decorate.



Just like, a tad more?

Okay, sure.

And then...

Because we've moved the party
from Saturday to Friday...

Elle. You don't have
to do this by yourself.

I know.


Good morning.


Is he here yet?


Who else?

Christmas romance coffee guy

turned surprise grouchy
Christmas co-worker.

We heard.

I gotta go.

Have. A good.


You. Too.

Every year she gets herself
worked up over this,

and every year it's
the best party ever.


Well, we all fly off
to see family,

or you know, have them
come to us.

But for Elle, we're her family.

It's very...


It's tasteful.

It's the kind of place
people want to live in.

Plus, it showcases the cookware.

But these are holiday videos.

People want colour.



I mean, this is like Christmas
in one of those ice hotels.

It's very...


Yes, I told him that too.

I do a lot of entertaining here,

so I keep it a little blank
and I add things as I go.

Hi, I'm Oakley.

I'm this guy's sister.

I'm Elle.

Thank you so much for
letting us use your space.

It is beautiful.

I just...

Yeah, no, no, no.
I get it.

I know exactly
what you're going for.

Oak is a party planner.

She's setting up the firm's
Christmas party.

It's gonna be so great.

It's that giant space next
to the ice rink downtown.

I am obsessed with that place.

It's got that gorgeous
atrium upstairs.

I admire anyone who does
party planning for a living,

cause, man, is it tough.

Well, the key is the food.

And good wine.

Now, this place is gonna need
decorations and colour

if you're gonna shoot
a Christmas video here.

I like Oakley.

Oakley gets it.

Lead the way, Christmas expert.

First thing's first.

Okay, I am gonna look
at the Frasier Firs,

you guys take the Blue
Spruce aisle,

and we'll find two that match.

All right, yell if you
see something.


It smells amazing here.

Yeah, it's like getting lost
in a forest.

It looks like we had
our first stumble.

Julia Wise is out.


I was looking forward to that.

Rachel Richards is still on
board, though?

As of now, yeah.


Here, Merry Christmas.

That was nice of you.

I'm not a total scrooge.

I think my words were
"dapper scrooge".

Yeah. They were.

So are your folks here
in Chicago too?

I was raised by my grandmother.

She passed when
I was in college,

so since then,
it's just been me.

I have a tight group of friends,

and every year we
throw ourselves a party,

exchange gifts, eat a ton.

And then after that, we
all scatter off for Christmas,

some travel and some
have folks in town,

but yeah, we started it
in college.

You kept it going every year?

The last few years have been
smaller parties,

cause people have moved away
and started their own families,

so it's harder to make work, but

this year's shaping up
to be big.

It's cool, keeping a tradition.


What about you?

You spend it with your mom
and sister?

And aunts and uncles
and everybody, yeah.

Last few years I've been helping
Mom with her booth

since Dad passed.

Which by the way,

my mom hasn't stopped talking
about building her on website.

We've been telling her
to do it for years,

but apparently meeting an expert
has really changed her mind.

Well, I'm happy I can put
my expertise to use.

Your mom's ornaments

are one of my favourite
Christmas traditions,

so more people should know
about them.


Found them.

They're perfect.

And we know exactly where
to get the ornaments.

But let's delegate that
to someone else,

cause we've got to get
these trees back in

and revise the scripts.

Or we could make sure it's done
right by doing it ourselves.

But we don't have time.

We do, if we use
the time wisely.

Except we're lugging
these trees around.

I'll help Elle, we'll grab a cab
to the Christmas fair

and you can take the trees
back and put the lights on them.

I like her more and more.

All right.

All right.

See you with the ornaments.


See ya.

Still, 20 years.

That's a long time.


I was practically raised
in this Christmas fair.

This is where I do most of my
Christmas shopping every year.

Yeah, for my gifts, for
the party with my friends.

Hey, if you ever need
help with that,

party planning's my thing,
I could easily...

I appreciate it,
but I think I've got it.

Or, if I don't, then my friends
seem to be picking up my slack.

You okay?


Yeah, just feeling
a little guilty

about having to juggle
so many things.

It all somehow gets done,
it just,

it would be nice to have a
little more space, you know?

Well, don't underestimate
the power of delegating

to the right people.

If there's one thing
I've learned,

it's to know when you're doing
too much.

Hi, Mom.

Well, look at this.

A little bird told me to get you
some ornaments.

Tasteful ones, he said.


Something that will pop
on screen.

Something like this?

Oh my goodness,
they are perfect, Nancy.

Thank you.

How much do we owe you?

Oh, no. No, no, no.

This is on me.


I mean, at least let us
pay you for...

No, listen.

We're decorating our tree
on Wednesday,

and you can pay me back
by coming to Glenco

to help us out.

I wouldn't want to intrude.


That word does not exist
in our house.

You have to come.

Thank you.

In that case, I insist.

Let me make you a website.


Oh, here.

Hey, Fiona.
What's up?

Wanted to let you know that
the partners heard

about your campaign ideas
for Century Cookware.

They said they like the way
you think,

and gave you a spot
on the interview list

for Friday afternoon.

Really? That's great.

Yes, also, heads up, the
interview process requires

a presentation.

They want you to come in
prepared with something

that highlights
what you do best.

I can do it.

Good news?

Just, putting more things
on my list.

Shall we start decorating?

We shall.

- See you Wednesday.
- Okay.


I have to admit,
this is festive.

It's Rachel.

Hey, Rachel.

Did you get the scripts
we sent over?

We're excited to...

No, I understand, can we send
something over to...?

I understand.

No, thank you.

Rachel Richards has the flu.

Oh no.

So we're...

...back to square one.

Well, we basically decorated
your sister's place.


And no celebrity chef,
so you got your way.

All right, so we regroup.

Maybe shoot some still photos
of the cookware.

I didn't know you cooked.

Yeah, my mom taught me.

She's always been amazing
in the kitchen.

She makes this green bean
casserole at Christmas

that's just... I mean, you'd...
It's incredible.

How finely can you dice?

There we are.

So your mom taught you how
to make gourmet grilled cheese?

Nah, this one's all me.

Also, I have to say, this
cookware is not half bad.

I have their pie dish.

I've always been more of
a baker than a chef.

Oh yeah? What's
your specialty?

Pecan pie.

My grandma's recipe.


I gotta admit, it would
have been so great

to see a pro in action today.

So you could steal some moves
for your own

Elle Bennett cooking show?

Yeah, something like that.

Well, I guess we'll just have
to figure something else out.


Okay, team.

You both keep solving
your own problem.

I'd watch an Elle Bennett
cooking show.

Just do that.


Same idea, except we have.

...no host at all.

It's not a series
of hosted videos,

it's just real people talking,

making recipes
and uploading them.

Like an online recipe circle.

Yeah, yeah! I can make
a fast web-page

and then people can start
posting videos and share them.

And we could use a crew to film
the first post,

with a real person.

So we get this real person...
from where?

Are we sure it should be me?

Why not Oakley, or why not...
what's your name?

Because, if you'll recall,

it was your idea to use
someone relatable.

Yes, I agree.

But what if I'm terrible?

We'll just tell you.

I'm kidding.

You're gonna be great.

There's not even that many
people here.

Just show us all an example of
someone who loves Christmas.

Hi, come on up.

And I am gonna call Fiona
and tell her about the change.



I'm here for Elle Bennett?

Yeah, she, she's
in the makeup chair.

Right, great.


I work with words,
at the same place,

editing scripts and...
I'm Jay.

Oakley, nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Jay, hi.

I'm so sorry, I didn't tell you
that the plans have changed.

Oh, no, no big deal at all.

I don't know how they talked me
into this.

You do the videos?

That's so smart, you...

No, that's so smart.

You're smart, you're funny,
you're charming.

You're gonna do great.

Well, here goes nothing.


You ready?


Not unless you want
to take my place.


Hi, I'm Elle, and I am gonna
teach you how to bake a pie.


That's a good first try.

I'm Elle Bennett.

You may have seen our ad,

which looks suspiciously like...

No, we're not gonna...

Hey, gang?

Who likes a good flaky crust?

It's an option.


I'm Elle.

Look, you're seen a few ads for
cookware this Christmas season,

with rich, delicious pie filling
bubbling over a flaky crust,

cooling on the counter.

Well, you're in for a treat,

because I happen to know
the recipe for just that pie.

So, we're gonna start with
three cups of all-purpose flour,

and a quarter cup of sugar.

You know, my friend Beth would
make this even in the dorms

which is harder than it sounds.

Now, some people say that
homemade is just too much work,

but I say not only do you
appreciate it more,

but it's like everyone else
can taste the effort.

So, here's your personal

to get in on our recipe circle.

Share yours here.

Thank you for coming
and helping with the edit.

Well, there was free pie.

Plus, your place is closer
than the office.

Reminds me of when I worked
at a start-up,

and there were a lot of late
nights at friends' apartments.

Start-ups, huh?

So, how did you end up working
at S&B?

I guess I was looking for
something a little more steady?

And it's fun?


This turned out great.

The, the video or the pie?


Ready to upload to the server
so Fiona can review it?


I have to say, decorations-wise,
this is just the right amount.

Except for that.

That's maybe one decoration
too many.

You know, it is scientifically

that Christmas decorations
make you happier.

Oh yeah?

Where was that study published?

Lots of places.

North Pole Journal.

Elf Weekly.


It really is everything but the
Christmas village on the mantle.

It's not technically a mantle
for the Christmas village.

Well, I ran out of space
so I had to improvise.

These, these belonged
to my Grandmother.

We used to always set it
up together.

My dad used to decorate an
old sleigh in our driveway.

My mom keeps up the tradition
every year.

I wish she could see me.

My grandma.

She always worried, so it
would have been great

if she could see me as
a grown-up

with a good group of friends
around me, a good job.

I actually just applied for
the creative director position.

You did?

Why? Is that a reach?

No, I, no... I just didn't
realize they were...

The video's uploaded.

Okay, well, I guess we'll see
what Fiona thinks.

Yeah, yeah, I should let you
get back to planning your party.

Yeah, it's getting late.

But I will see you tomorrow,
because, your mom invited me

to come decorate the tree and
put up her social pages, so...



Good job today.

You too.

Fiona, hi.

The video looks great.

You guys did a great job.

Let's get this page up as soon
as we can

and get people uploading theirs.

You got it.

I will get on that right now.

And, Elle.

I want to say I noticed.

I know collaborating with Max
was a challenge,

and it looks like you
figured it out.

I hope the fact that you're bot
in competition for the same job

won't change the work
you've been doing.

What do you mean,
what competition?

Didn't you get my email?

Max applied for the creative
director position, too.

Look at you, up and at 'em.

Yeah, early bird gets

the weird corporate stab
in the back, I guess.

There you go.

What do you mean?

Just work stuff.

Elle, I love you.
We are family.

Should we just not do the party
this year?


Are you...

I know that it's important,

but you are really busy,
and this job is big for you.

We're here to support
you, I just think that...

No, it is nothing
I can't handle.

Okay, I admit, I am busier
than I thought I would be.

But it turns out that Max
also applied for the same

creative director position
I'm up for.

Yeah, of course he did.
That's a great job.

The position is here
in Chicago, though.

He doesn't even live here.

But look, I get it.

People want to grow
at their jobs,

it's just...

Hun, it's not up to you
what people do.

Is this a pep talk?

No, you come to me
for the real talk.

So here is your personal

to get in on our recipe circle.


Here. The numbers aren't great,
so far.

You know, well, it takes time.

They have to...

I also wanted to talk to you
about something.

Okay, so what's the next step?

Well, we are in this phase
right here,

where users are starting
to make their own videos.

And how long does that take?

According to the research,
it usually takes about a day

to populate.

This is the window
where we wait.

It's in process. I swear.

Okay, I trust you, but
the client is anxious.

Foot on the gas, people.

Max, can you help me
with some numbers?

Sure thing.

I wanted to tell you that
I also applied for the...

I know.



Lunch today?



I'll just see you tonight
at my mom's.

We can talk then.

About that.

I don't think it's such
a good idea.

I see.

Well, my mom was really looking
forward to having you over.




I'm glad you came.

Well, people are finally
uploading their videos,

so we have just enough
of a break.

Well, come on up.
I'm almost done.


Only if I can clear the air.

We're both up for the same job,
and we'd both be great at it.

Yeah, I should have said
something as soon as

you'd mentioned you'd applied,
but the timing felt wrong.

Thanks. I appreciate it.

And, I get it.

I mean, I just don't want it
to be...

Did you put all of the lights
on the roof up by yourself?

Well, my dad left the hooks up
all year.

Makes it a lot easier.

That's a good trick.

You know, I can drop out of
the running if you want.

What? Why?

Max, no, that's ridiculous.

No, if I get it...

...You would be my boss.


And if you get it,
you'll be my boss.

But what I was gonna say is,
you have a shot at it,

and I know I have a shot at it,

and I think we're both mature
enough to handle

being candidates
at the same time.

So, we just...

The best person for the job
gets the job.

That's just how it is.


All right.

It does feel good to get that
out in the open.


So. Cheers.

My mom hangs mistletoe
right there every year.

So I didn't realize we were...

Oh, oh boy.

Look at you two.

Come in, come in and get warm.

It's freezing out here.



Jay, what are you...

Hey, you made it!

Well, the tree's not gonna
decorate itself.


I'm so glad you're all here.

It's so much more fun
when there's more people.

So, first question.

Is the tree crooked?

Mom, you always say that.

No, it's really not.

Well, it looks like
it's twisting to the right.

Doesn't it?


I think it's perfect.

All right, then.

Well, the lights are up,
here are the decorations,

I'm gonna go finish my batch
of cider.

And then, you and I have an
appointment with my computer.


These are adorable.

Yeah, yeah. Mom's an expert.

What about this guy?

That's third grade.
Don't judge.

No, no.
I'm not judging.

I have seen firsthand
your decoration making skills.

That wreath was impressive.

Well, it's not as good as yours.

You hung my wreath.

Yeah, you hung mine.
I thought it was nice.

Oakley, how's the office
party planning coming along?


The food, the wine,
the ice skating.

That part I'm really proud of.

It's actually gonna be a really
fun Friday night.

I can't wait for you to see it.

I... don't know if I'll be able
to make it, actually.

Because we have our Misfit
Christmas party that night.

I know I should try to make
both, but...

it's just, this is something
I look forward to all year.

It's the only time I get to see
the people that I'm closest to,

and it kind of doesn't feel like
Christmas without it.

Plus, it's the same day
as our interviews.

I don't know about you, but
I'm going to be exhausted.

What interview?

Look, I didn't want to get
everyone's hopes up,

especially not Mom's,

but I applied for a creative
director job here.

Wait, the same job
that Elle's up for?

Yep. Yep.

But we've already decided

whoever is the best candidate
for the job...

Wait, you applied
for a job here?


Max, that's awesome.

Here's my famous iced cider.

Oh, good.

Spiced, or spiked?

A little of both.

All right.

Well, cheers.

- Cheers.
- Cheers.

So, I post a picture here...



And share here?

And then share here?

I can't believe you made
this website so fast.

You got it.

It's that easy.

Yeah, and the more you practice,
the easier it gets.

That was so simple.

But do not tell Max and Oakley
I said so.

They've been trying to get me
to do this for a while.

It's our secret.


Why did you resist?

Well, they had their father
convinced that we would expand.

I made the ornaments,

and he took care of everything
to do with the business.

Well, it's obvious that you two
love doing this together.


When he passed, I was
so overwhelmed.

Everything about the business
reminded me of him.

But, the memory keeps
me hopeful.

I used to look around at
my friends at Christmastime,

and it made me...

It made me miss my Grandma.

She loved Christmas traditions,

she loved the planning,
she loved the lists.

And I was her little helper.

Then I was her big helper.

Until she... passed away
when I was in college.

I'm sorry.

Then I decided that I could keep
being sad,

or I could make
my own Christmas.

And then over time I realized
that traditions are really

just honouring the love
and the effort

that someone put in before you,

and even if that person
who put in the effort

isn't here anymore,

we repeat traditions to keep
them a part of us.

That's so true.


Is this...

That is your first online order.

A sale?

We're heading out to the sleigh.

Family tradition.

Grab your coat.

Okay, just a little...
light here.

Somehow this thing looks better
and better every year.

I can't believe you guys
own your own sleigh.

All right.

I'm gonna get more
of the decorations.

Oakley, you want to help me?


Jay? Why don't you lend
a hand?

Thanks for helping Mom
with her website.

Oh, it's no sweat.

They're pretty easy to build.

Yeah, but taking the time
to explain it to her,

that's the important part.

She's always been resistant
to asking for help.

Yeah, I know somebody like that.

Oh, it's Fiona.


She called me too.

I must have had the ringer off.



Yeah, yeah, I can talk.


Here we go.


There we go, perfect.

The ladies from my
recipe circle,

they come by and get their photo
in the sleigh every year.

You have an actual
recipe circle?

They don't just exchange
recipes, they teach.

It's actually pretty amazing.

Well, the rule is,
that you have to teach

a traditional family recipe.

There are so many
incredible recipes.

It, looks like we're back
on duty.

The client didn't like
the videos.

Fiona's asking if we can
step it up.

I think I know how.

Okay, I've got you guys
framed up.


You ready?


Where do I look?
Where do I look?

Where do I look?

Just right into the camera, mom.

Hey, everybody.

My mom makes the best
green bean casserole

you will ever have in your life.

And now she's gonna show us
how she does it.

Well, it's just green beans,
and my homemade soup mix...

And a little fried onions.

And fried onions.

Well, why don't you get me
my apron?


And we're going to need
a cutting board.


So you can get
the cutting board.

All right.


There you are.

That's perfect.

Want me to tie it?

Nope, that's okay.

Looks good.


Yeah, so get your family
together and make something

that reminds you of Christmas
at your home.

Changing the videos to be about
traditional family recipes.

I think we're onto
a solid thing here.

Yeah. Me too.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Yeah, yeah.

You want a ride?

Depends how long it takes
your car to warm up.

Takes a minute.

Yeah, so?

Okay, come on girl.

Tell me I did okay?

That wasn't weird?

With Oakley?

No, you were great.

I'm very impressed.

And, I think the mom likes you.

The mom loves you.

Okay, you better blast
that heat.


There we go, there we go.

Hey, you made it in!

Look, Lucy.

It's Auntie Elle.

She's beautiful.



Hi, Lucy.

It is so nice to meet you.

The decorations look great,

Oh, yeah.

I'm sorry I couldn't help.

It was so fun.

Kate and Jason got in
last night,

and we had eggnog,

I saved you your stocking.

You wanna go back to momma?


There you go.

She's so cute!


See, you didn't miss anything.

They've been telling us how busy
your work is keeping you.

Still gonna make a pie
with Ryan though,

I am coming home
right after work.

Elle, we were planning
on going carolling tonight.

I'm so sorry that all of
this stuff got in the way

of all this planning.

Don't apologize, we get it.


Well, you all have a great day,

Jay and I are gonna go to work,
and I'll see you soon.

I'll see you soon.

Hey, check it out.

Max, are these numbers real?

Not only did people start
posting five times

as many videos, but
they're converting to sales.

We've increased the videos by...


You too.

Well, I guess we just have
our interview presentations

to work on now, then.

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Good job.


I'm gonna go meet the gang
for lunch.

And then ice skating.

You sure you can't get away?

I wish.

I'm trying to back up all
my ideas with numbers, and...

I know you want this job,
I know it's important to you,

but eat!

I just have to get this done,
so I can go carolling

and make a pie, and then finish
this presentation.

I've already missed so many
other things.

At least grab a sandwich.

I'll bring one back for you.

Look, I promise I will step out
for a few minutes and grab one.

All right. See you.

Did you skate growing up?

Not really.

A few years ago,
Jay and I took a lesson.

It was fun.

I've been meaning to ask.

Your friend Jay...

Is totally into your sister,

That's not what I was going
to ask.

Wait. So you and Jay
are not...


Did... does it seem like we are?


No, we're not.

Jay and I know both very clearly
that we're not.

So last night in Jay's car
when you were...

You left your scarf, and when
I came back out with it

from where I was standing,
it looked...

How would you feel about
being wrong on that?

I would feel relieved.

Do you want to skate?
Just for like 10 minutes?

Okay. But only for 10 minutes,

and only if I can think about
work the whole time.


My presentation's the same one
I always do in interviews.

So you interview a lot?

I like to see what's out there,

I want this job because
it's close to my mom,

but every once in a while
something comes along

that feels a little bit more
like me.

I can get the opportunity
to build something.

Plus, you have to be
a real shark

to work at a company like that.

So you like the idea of working
at a smaller company, huh?


What about you?

What's your presentation?

How does Elle Bennett
sell herself?

Well, my grandma raised me
on a tight budget,

and I like that we help people
make informed decisions

about what they buy.

The internet is great, but we
could do that in person.

You know?

We could do demos for cookware
in stores and at the mall.

And then it goes beyond that.

If we're selling cars, we could
do pop-up test drive events.

We should focus
on helping people

try these products out
before they buy.

Well, those are great ideas.

Are you going to pitch those
in your interview?


One thing at a time.

If I get the job, then
I will make it happen,

but for now, I'll just focus on
showing them what I'm best at.

I'm sorry that I made an
assumption about you and Jay.

Especially since I was
so clearly into coffee guy

at the time.

I probably shouldn't
have said that.

Since we work together.


Coffee guy is happy
that you did.


Hey Elle!

Hey guys.

I was just...

This isn't...

How was lunch?

Deep dish pizza's not the same
anywhere else.

And we got those amazing
mint hot chocolates.

My folks took Lucy for a nap.

I was working and then
I got hungry, and...

This is Max.

Nice to meet you.


Can you join us for a quick
skate around the rink?

Actually, I should head
back to work on my presentation.

Well, we're going
carolling tonight,

if you can take a break.

Max, you should come too.

I don't want
to intrude on your...

No, no not at all.

We'd let your family
come meet ours.

If you don't want to...

Come on, let the man
come and learn

how truly bad we are
at harmonizing.

Gosh, I don't even know
if I can come.

But maybe I can,
I will figure it out.

Yes, yes.

I'm in!

Yeah, we'll go
carolling tonight.


All right.


See you tonight.

Last one around the track
changes diapers.

That's you.

That's on you.

Not here...

Listen, Elle. Carolling sounds
fun, but if you need to...

No, please come. I'll...
I'll make it work.


All right people, let's go
spread some Christmas cheer.

Christmas cheer!

- Hey.
- Hey.

Thanks for coming.

Oh, yeah.

Your friends are fun.

They told me a lot of great
stories already.

You should come to our party
tomorrow night.

The party games are epic.

Thank you, but I'm gonna go
to the office party.

My sister organized it,

the partners themselves
are gonna be there,

they're flying in from New York.

They're the ones doing
the interviews.

Right. I know that part.


Maybe I should.

Guess we'll have to make
the pie later, huh?

I meant to tell you,
I already made the pie.

You did?

This afternoon.

You okay?

Of course.

Looks like everything for
the party's coming together.


Oh, no!

Oh, no, no, no!


Is that Elle?


Oh, wait.



What time's your interview?

Four o'clock.


Two o'clock.

You nervous?

Not really.

...A little.





Well, then.

Good luck today.

You too.

Whatever happens.

Best person for the job.

Missed your coffee this morning.

I was running late.

You sure that's it?

I know that you've missed out
on a few of the things

you love about this party.

I'm just excited
that it's happening.

Once I get there, I'll...

Once you get there, you'll...?

I'll be fine.

I'm excited, that's all.

It's gonna be tough to get there
by 6:00.

Elle? Just a head's up, we're
running pretty far behind.

It'll be closer to 5:00
before we get you in.

Great, no problem.


Good luck in there.

All you have to do is show them
all the best things

about my best friend.

I question whether calling
something a social media event

even means anything.

The internet only feels real.

The idea is to create
real life events.

People talk about organic food,
organic materials.

This is organic marketing.

Cooking demos for cookware.

Test drive events,
not at the dealership,

but places people actually go.

Get people to use the products
before they buy them.




There you are.

I couldn't find you.

Because I...

I heard what you told Fiona
and the board.

Yes. Look, I'm sorry if I
overstepped boundaries,

but it just seemed
like the right decision.

The right decision.

To steal my ideas?

Wait, what are
you talking about?

The cooking demos and
the pop-up test drives,

and everything that we talked
about yesterday.

You stole those?


Is that really who you think
I am?

I didn't, until I heard it.

I guess I should have known.

You have to be a real shark.

Your words, I mean,
you said that.

And now you're throwing
that back in my face

to accuse me of...


I guess adorable meetings
in coffee shops

are exactly how they feel.

Yeah. Too good to be true.

I can't believe it.

I was just starting to
like the guy, too.

He's funny and charming, and...

He said it himself, though.

Should have seen it coming.

People tell you who they are.

Sorry we're running late.

Please come in.

Party starts in ten minutes.


You'll be late as it is.

No, I don't want to go
without you, Elle.

I'll just, I'll wait here
with you and then...


Look, you all did such a great
job pulling it together.

I... I'm gonna miss most of it,

but at least I know it happened
and everyone had fun.

You shouldn't miss it too.


Make my apologies.

Merry Christmas, Elle.

Merry Christmas, Jay.

All right.

Again, I'm so sorry
we're so behind.

Last two.

You are next.

So sorry that this
is running late.

The good news is,

we can all walk over
to the company

Christmas party together.

At least I'll make
one party today.

Your ideas have already made
an impression in there.

My ideas?

Max Turner walked in there,
started his presentation,

and then spent most
of the time telling us

you were great.

He did?

He said you had ideas
he was afraid

you wouldn't get a chance
to share.

And he wanted to make sure
we knew.

But, why would he?

Because he stepped out
of the running.

He actually resigned
the company,

said he's going to another

See you in a bit.

And at the end of the day,

if a consumer can interact
with a product

and make an informed choice,

our clients will see that
translate into sales,

and that's across
all of our brands.

Very impressive, Miss Bennett.

You not only have
very good ideas,

but you back them up with
figures and secondary plans.

That's good marketing.

Best of all, you're thinking
outside of just cookware.

These ideas work across
all of our divisions.

One last question, Miss Bennett.

Why do you think you should be
one of our creative directors?

Well, my record has some
impressive numbers.

One of the ways
that I think I...

Honestly, because while I take
this very seriously,

I'd rather we were all at
a Christmas Party right now.

I beg your pardon?

Every year, we all gather around
friends and family

for Christmas, right?

How do you plan them,
in your life?

Your home?

Who does that work?

Well, actually, I have a sister
who cooks a lot,

and my son is always a big help.

And which part to you is better?

The party or setting it up
with your sister and son?

Actually, both now that
I think of it.


You see, every year,

I have this little group of
wonderful humans, and we...

Well, I set up the decorations
with Alexis.

My friend Jay and I go shopping
for gifts because...

well, because he's hopeless
at it.

My friend Ryan and I,
we make a pie.

The recipe for which we have
been perfecting since college,

but he doesn't know that we've
been perfecting the recipe,

he just... likes being there.

And yes, I love the process
of setting it up,

just as much as I love
the party.

But this year, I didn't get
to do a lot of it.

And I realized that I didn't
so much miss doing the things

as much as I missed...

The people.


And it's the same for getting
through the workday.

Planning a party.

Making something you love.

Falling in love.

Or, any kind of campaign.


We take all of the pieces
and we make the effort

to put it together.

But none of it means anything

if you're not doing
it for people.

That's why me.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I have somewhere that I have
to try to get to,

if you wouldn't mind.

Your honesty is refreshing.

Good luck to you, Miss Bennett.

Thank you.

Jay, I don't know why
you're not answering,

but I'm on my way, I just...

I just have to stop and
straighten things out with...


How'd you do in there?

Pretty well I think.

I don't know, it's always hard
to tell with those things.


Look, Max.

I overreacted.

I was angry and confused
because it didn't seem like you.

I jumped to a conclusion.

Just like I did when I thought
that you and Jay were...

Except you gave me the space
to tell you the truth.

I didn't return that kindness.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I didn't explain
or ask your permission

to go in there and pitch
your ideas.

I just wanted them to know that
you were perfect for the...

No, just perfect.

End of sentence.

Look, we're both...

Pretty tired?


Yeah. Let's get you
to your Christmas party

with your friends.

Oh wait.

It's this way.


Come on.

Great! You made it,
both of you.

About time.

This way, please.

I don't understand.

Well, I had to get you here
to the party somehow.

Turns out when I signed
for the place,

I got the atrium space even
though we didn't need it.

Excuse me.

When Max told me about the
interviews running long...

You did this?

Merry Christmas, Elle.

Merry Christmas.

Wait, what is happening?

Well, we started the party
in the coffee shop,

but then Jay said you weren't
going to make it in time.

And so, we asked ourselves
what you'd do,

and Jay talked to Oakley...

And I called...


Your friends are great.

Yeah. They are.

Yeah, we're pretty good.

Oh, Nancy.

I wouldn't have missed it, and
I'm so glad things worked out.

Thank you.


If it was any one of us,

you would have made sure
the party came to us.

I don't know what to say.

Thank you.

Thanks all of you.

This is the best Misfit
Christmas surprise ever.

Wait, I don't think we can call
it Misfit Christmas anymore.

Almost Family Christmas?

Or Found Family Christmas?

How about just Family Christmas?

Well, come on.
There's tons of food, let's eat.

There's a whole pie here!

Oh yeah!

I have to hand it to you.

You pulled off a good...

Networking event?

A good Christmas party.

Just wait until you see
the party I throw

when you launch
your new company.

Well, it's not my company,
it's Mom's company.

I'm just gonna turn it
into the biggest

family-run decoration
company yet.

Here's hoping.

It's what Dad would have wanted.

Do you mind if I get your
thoughts on a few things?


You're really leaving
the company?

Let's just say I found a better
opportunity to do what I love.

If we don't work together,

then we could go back to being
those people in the coffee shop.

We definitely should.

So, now that work's done...

...and the party is happening...

...I can just...
relax into Christmas?

With me.


With you.