Jeune Femme (2017) - full transcript

Broke, with nothing but her cat and doors closing in her face, Paula is back in Paris after a long absence. As she meets different people along the way, there is one thing she knows for sure: she's determined to make a new start and she'll do it with style and panache.

Open the door!

Let me in!

- Surname?
- Simonian.

- First name?
- Paula.

10 years isn't nothing!
It really isn't!

I didn't hang around!

If he can leave, so can I!

He didn't want to live there with me.
Me neither.

I tell you, I hate Paris!
I loathe it.

I hate France!
That's why I left!

And you know what?
I'm adaptable, you know?

Even in crap situations!
I adapt!

He told me I... I...

that I needed to grow up!

And the image of me
he liked to photograph...

wasn't really me.
It was the woman growing in me...

What's that mean?
The woman in me?

So I said: "What am I to you
after all these years?"

What am I to you?

He said: you're a loser
I still like sleeping with.

And that's not the case
for every loser!

And the photo,
the one that made him well known...

It was a photo of me, huh?
A photo of me!

Would make me immortal.

Well fuck being immortal!
I want to be mortal!

For once I want
to have the courage to be mortal.

It was starting to get a bit much.
With the jet lag as well.

And that flat of his!

You need to see it to believe it!
It's huge!

He could have given me a cubby hole.
I'd have been invisible!

I mean, even a stinking dog...
you let him in!

My alarm clock that changed colour
he took that, no problem!

I won it on one of those games
on a cereal packet.

They have those in Mexico, too.

He said we'd never win
but I knew we could.

Have you ever had a pond
with water lilies?

A pond, water lilies in your garden
and a mountain behind?

When we went to the beach
we saw whales!

This is a tantrum!
It's dishonest!

You see the trouble is
I'm a weak person.

I'm not very intelligent.
It's true! I'm not so bright.

It's OK! That's life.
But I'm honest!

But I'll tell you something:
we were really alright.

We were alright.

What did you do
all those years in Mexico?

He's from a very wealthy family.
And I'm not criticizing.

I never wanted for anything with him.
It was great.

Have you ever heard of
Joachim Deloche? No?

I smashed my phone to bits.

I smashed it to smithereens.

Wham! Like that against his door.
You should've seen it.

It's still raining out there.

Anyway, rain or sun
it's all the same to me.

At least snow's soft.

Have you had
any dark thoughts lately?

No more than anybody else.

Any family or children in France?

Do you see any kids here?

What about your parents?

- We don't see each other.
- Why not?

We lost contact.

- No brothers or sisters?
- No.

How come you lost touch?

It was impossible
sharing the same planet

so I left.

Out of politeness
among other reasons.

- Ever been in hospital?
- I'm not that type.

I don't know what you're implying
but my health's fine.

It's not because I'm a bit uptight
that I'm ill.

Aren't you
supposed to be a doctor?

I didn't say that.
It's a question of fragility...

Are you taking the piss

with your white coat
asking if I've ever been in hospital?

I've never had tonsillitis.
Never been ill.

Never been hospitalised,
Dear Doctor!

This isn't about illness.
People can be fragile...

Oh, please!
Keep your fragility for your clients!

My patients!


Sorry, I lost it.
Surely that happens to you?

All I know is
you're putting your life at risk.

If they bring you in like that again
we'll have to keep you in.

Excuse me a second.

It's just that...
I was everything to him

and now I'm nothing at all.


I said I was everything to him
and now I'm nothing.

OK, you're a bit lonely at the moment
but you're a free woman.

Oh, fuck off
with your freedom shit!

Calm down, please.

Freedom's for egotistical pricks!

Please, calm down!

What's with you?
Wanna photo?

I'll just change your bandage.

Aren't you a bit young to be
giving medicine to people?

Something to calm you down
and a painkiller, nothing special.

Is anyone waiting for me?

I don't think so.

Try and keep still, please.

- I'll just check the drip.
- Sorry.

Hello cat!
What are you doing here?

Excuse me, this is my cat.

Come on, you.

Damn it, Paula
stop hanging about in the street!

Go back home to Anne's, please.

I'm not at Anne's.

Where are you, then?

Come down and you'll see.

Very funny.

Have you nothing better to do?

I know your family's
a bad subject but...

Surely you have places to go
and people to see?

Or is this about the coats?

You're copping out, Joachim.
You're just a cop out.

What you're doing is so cheap!
It's really cheap!

I'm not responsible for you, Paula!

Know what? I'm going away.
Far, far away, Joachim.

And you'll never find me!

You'll see, huh?

You... you... promised we'd take
a boat trip on the river Seine.

Come on!
Come down!

What the hell is there to do here?
For real?

For real?

At least open the door
for your fucking cat!

Shut up!

Oh, shit.

- Hi.
- Hello.

Do you sell toilet rolls

At the back, but I only sell packs.

Could I have that?

Can you guess who I am?

Amy Winehouse.

So you are!

Recuerdas que querias
ser una Marguerita Gautier?

It's Ruben Dario.

- You don't know him?
- No.

Did you learn Spanish
while you were there?

No. Aren't you
a friend of Joachim's who...

You paint don't you?
With blood from people with AIDS.

I used to, a few years ago.

We met!
It was a very long time ago.

No, I don't remember you.

Your face doesn't ring a bell.

That's not surprising.

I knew you were a pain, Paula.
I just didn't realise how much.

Have you ever heard of Toxoplasmosis?

I don't want cats here.
I'm pregnant!

Do what you like, take it...

take it back to Joachim!
It's his cat, isn't it?

I feel sorry for your future baby.

Seeing how you welcome me
it must be freaking.

I'd rather be on the street
than with a couple of...

Actually I'm not sure what you are
or where you're from.

You're right. You know what?
Here's your bag. Now get out!

I'm done with your poor
orphan stories!

Hey, Anne... hang on!



In that case
could you lend me some cash?

Please, don't put yourself out!
Actually I'm not tired!

Please, go back to bed.
I'm fine.

Thanks for the sofa.
Sorry to bother you!

Piss off, cat!

I'm not tired.

I hate...
I never liked sleeping alone.

Oh, yeah?

I don't much like
sleeping alone, either.

You should get a cuddly toy.
A teddy.

That helps.

Am I making you nervous?

Don't worry,
I'm in the champagne business.

- Do you feel better now?
- Not at all.

You were pretty relaxed earlier
when we were dancing.

Look, I prefer not to get familiar
if you don't mind.

It's best at times like this.

Give me your hand.

Come on...

This is not possible.
Can't do this!

- You've been crying!
- No!

You have!
You've been crying.

I haven't been crying.

- You have. I like that.
- Wow, you're a pain.

I like that. It's touching.

You know what?
Go touch yourself!

- Would you like a croissant?
- No, thanks.

Sorry, it was me who did that.

It's just for one night.

Forty six, the room
and forty three.

Which floor is it on?

4th floor.

There's no lift. Up the stairs.

Why did you go to Barentsburg
for the project?

How long did you stay there?

I stayed for about 4 weeks.

I've always been attracted
to remote places...

whose history isn't well known.

Barentsburg is like that.

400 minors lost in the Arctic

in a village which is pretty much
unchanged since the Soviet Union.

So, it's a pretty amazing place.

Joachim Deloche, one of the most
striking elements in the series

is how isolated
the inhabitants of Barentsburg are.

Well, most of the inhabitants
come from Donetsk in Ukraine...

So they're isolated

from the world and each other.

People often stay at home.

Bonds are created by the fact
that they are all far from home.

But in Barentsburg

people are alone.
Very, very alone.

Mademoiselle Simonian...

The neighbours are complaining

about the meowing.

Don't worry. I'll stop soon.
I'm leaving anyway.

Have you got a cat in there?


I fatten them up and then

I cook them to eat

with apples.
Like black pudding.

This room's no-smoking.

So why the ashtrays?

- Decoration.
- Oh, yeah?

Look, can't you see I'm naked?
If you don't mind...

Empty that
and clear this place up a bit.

Why don't you ask your wife?


Right, cat.

You'll be fine.
Look at all these houses

you can shelter in if need be.

You're not scared are you?

It's not here.
Where's their place?

Ah, here we are.

There you are, cat.

You'll be fine here
running about.

You can meow
as much as you like.

Come on! Come out of there!

Come on!

Be brave, cat!

By the way... er...

I was wondering
about how to pay you.

I've no cash now
but you know how it is in Paris

cash is easy to find.
I'll be back in 2 days.

I'll have cash then

but I can leave this piece
of family jewellery.

I'll leave it with you.
Don't worry, you can trust me.

I'll be back.

- You've no money now?
- No.

Well, come back when you have.
It's OK, it happens. I trust you.

Come back when you can.

Thanks so much.

For these, 25€ each.

- All four?
- Yes.

This one's nicer.

- 30€.
- 30? That costs 150€!

It's got nicks in it. It's damaged.
It's got black marks on it.

No. 30€. Sorry, but...

That won't sell. That's junk.

That won't sell.

That's it.

And if I add... these are silver.

Excuse me, do you need staff
at the moment?

To wrap presents and stuff?

No, sorry.

Are you hiring at the moment?


Can you tell me why you want
to work here in particular?


I love the brand.

The atmosphere...

The products.

They're beautiful!

Is this shop part

of the one on the 2nd floor?

This is a knicker bar.
Until the end of February.

Then it'll be a stocking bar

then a sock bar
and in June, a bikini bar.

I'd prefer the shop.
It must be lonely here. Team work...

Sonia, we've got enough Cocoons.
We need to restock luxury goods.

Forget the nightdresses.

You and Melanie do the displays.

Anna replace me at the till.

I'll give this to the shop manager
but I'm not sure you're suitable.

You think I want a job
in your knicker bar, snobby bitch?

I'd rather die
than work in your knicker bar.

Do they let you work
in that suit and tie?

That suit's too small for you.

This is just an outfit.
It can be changed.

But your eyes are different colours.
That can't be changed.

Well, you're not my type either.

How well designed the world is.

Mind your business.

- What's your type?
- My type?

Very different from you.

A bit smaller, but tall, strong.

Green-grey eyes.
Salt and pepper hair.

Photographer. About 50.

Women have no imagination.
It's a shame.

Paris has no space for imagination.
There's too much money.

You got a problem with Paris?

Yeah. I think it's a city
which doesn't like people.

Don't you?

- It's a beautiful city.
- Oh, yeah?

For example
what do you get out of it?

I feel incognito here.

Since when's that been a plus?

It suits me.
The women are beautiful.

Of course, that's it!

You guys.
Always the same old song.

I didn't say "you", I said "women".
And stop being so familiar!


The same film as that lady.

Immortal Kingdom, Renaissance 3?

I wasn't sure
if it was you or not.

How come
you never tried to find me?

What about you, all this time?


All you ever did was leave.

Just like your father.

Shall we have lunch?

I'm working afternoons again.
It makes for long days.

That goes over your head
having never done a day's work.

That's not the point.

See you at home?

I don't want to see you again!

Not here, or at the
house or anywhere!

Yeah, but I didn't know!

No, I can't go.
Will you tell him?

Yeah, it's all going really well.

Look, I'm in the metro

it's gonna cut off.
I'll call you back, OK?

Aren't you Princess Sarah?

That cartoon!

Remember me?

We went to primary school together
in Venissieux!


Sarah Cremades?

I'm not dreaming!

Aren't you Sarah Cremades?

Yes, you are!

I knew it was you!

How's it going?
What you been up to?

So, what about you?

- You're in the shit.
- No.

I saw you crying in the metro.

I don't miss a trick.

You used to be so chubby!
How you've changed!

But heterochromic eyes like yours
aren't easy to forget!

I know.

At school I was amazed
how cold your hands were.

Let's see.

You see?
They're so cold!

- Thank you.
- Want some?

So, what's up?

Running away? Splitting up?

Yeah, well...

It's just temporary.
I'm... I'm...

I've got a flat that's being done up,
ready at the end of March.

I'm in a hotel right now
but I need to find somewhere.

What about Lyon?

- Lyon?
- Yeah.

That would be the same.

Wherever you are...
It's all about fitting in.

So you're staying here
to be near him.

- No!
- I get it.

As a kid
you wanted to leave Lyon.

Did I?

Yes! Didn't you?

Hey! I forgot about that!


You're a free woman.
That's good news!

At last we can get laid!

Don't look so happy!

Ah, you're joking!

You look tired...

We're gonna buy you some kiwis.


And maybe some crisps?

There's something
I should tell you...

I told you, don't worry about money.
I'm rich at the moment, OK?

Stop worrying!

Do you have to go to work tomorrow?
Is it important?

Very important.

But I'll be back soon.

I'll put you in contact with a friend
to help for a job.

Her name's Eli.
She's really cool.

Do you live alone in Berlin?

Yes. Why?

And happy to be so.

You'll call her won't you?

She might find you a place as well.

I don't want you
to rot away here.

Why did you say happy to be so?
About living alone?

I've got better to do
than being in a couple.

Princess, what's that mark?

It's nothing, I fell over.

Yeah, I believe you.

You fell from the sky.

I'm really glad
you've stopped seeing that creep.

In the family from hell

can I have the mother...

the cat...

No seeing him again, huh?

Are you mad at me?

- What about?
- You know!


You prefer dicks.
You don't know what you're missing.

Have your bath.
The water's going cold.

Turn round. Turn round.


Turn round.

Merry Christmas!

You nutcase!

Seek fleeting, intense affair
with virile (hairy) male.

Hobbies: water ski, delta plane.
In need of excitement.

Serious answers only.


I saw your advert
and wanted to say

I'm not exactly the man you want

but I'd love to try those sports

so if you're interested...
my name's Paula...

You can call me on this number.
Have a good evening!

And by the way
I'm also looking for a job.



Sorry, do we have an appointment?

Sorry, on the phone
you sounded under 18!

Oh! Me too, I thought you'd be

more upper class.

Excuse me talking to you like this.
How funny!

I should've said I'm older.
Is it a problem?

- No. On the contrary.
- Really?

- Sorry I'm rushing.
- No problem.

Your little girl's got character!

- She's a bit wild. A little tiger.
- Is she?

Good for her.
I was like that when I was small.

But you mustn't worry.
It works out in the end.

Parents always worry!

It's Lila's dad's flat
but he no longer lives with us.

That's OK. We weren't in love
but I do love this flat!

So much the better then.

It certainly seems a good deal.

The flat's lovely.

- This is a bit silly.
- What?

Let's use 1st names
we're the same age.

That's true.

It's an advantage.

- Thank you.
- Yes.

What's this?

Lila and I love this kind of stuff.

- Good isn't it?
- Delicious!

Lila's cute but since September
she's always sulking.

Oh, really?

Since Djamila left

I've had a lot of
SOS baby sitters and all that.

So as we have the maid's room
I thought that would help...

and of course
it suits me financially!

Of course
and given the current situation

it's great to have a maid's room
for that. Very intelligent!

And what's your job,
if you don't mind me asking?

Well... I was an accountant.
I'm a dancer now.

- Really?
- I set up a company and I teach.

Really? I can just see you.
You have that energy.

And you?
Have you worked with kids a lot?

Oh, I love children!

In fact
I didn't ask for your references!

That's true, you didn't!

But I love children.

This way.
We'll use the servant's stairs.

On the phone you said
you're a student?

Yes, I did.

What subject?

Er... arts.

Oh great!
Lila loves drawing.

Oh really?

And then you'd teach?

Er... that could be an idea, yeah.

It's that last door there.


Sorry, I haven't been up here
for ages.

There should be
clean sheets in the wardrobe.

That's not leaking...

and the radiator works.

I'm sorry I have to fly!

There's a 2nd room here.
So I'll leave you to look.

Think about it.

If it's OK for you
it's OK for me.

- Fine.
- Let me know, OK?


Oh, poor little plant!

You're not going
to last the winter, are you?

Sorry, cat. It's a bit manky.

While we build our strength up.

Mummy doesn't like us
standing on chairs.

Doesn't she?

Does that mean
I should put this away?

We only eat pancakes
on pancake day.


Yes, really.

Hey, Lila, watch this!

- Make them with me.
- No, I don't want any.

Want some of this?

Dulce de leche.

Do you like that?

Too bad.

Have you been smoking?

No. Why do you say that?

Well, why did you leave
the little window open?

I don't know. To air the room.

Shall I plait your hair?
Chocolate plaits OK?


Where are you going?

You've reached Joachim Deloche.

I can't take your call now.

Please leave a message and I'll
call you back as soon as I can.

Hi, it's Paula so... er... hello.

Just wanted to let you know
that everything's OK.

That's all.

Maybe you can hear, I'm listening
to music with friends. That's all.

So everything's OK.

Sorry I must be calling
in the middle of the night, so, bye.

I got your message.

Good to hear from you.

You seem in good company.

But that's good.

If you're OK. Apparently
you're not in need of anything.

Actually I saw you pass by
the other day

in a weird coat.
Carrot or red brick coloured...

Carrot! What crap!

You know what I mean.

Red brick, OK.


Could you bring the cat back?

I'm counting on you.
Love you.

We called you because
we need someone immediately

for the stand and 2 shops
at Place d'Italie.

Is it for a permanent job?

No, not exactly.

Is it interesting? I don't want to
put myself out if not.

- It's a good job but not permanent.
- OK.

My failing is
I'm a bit obsessive.

I love tidying up...
I love...

I like things clean.

No, really...
that can be seen as a failing.

It is a failing as well.

My good point is
I love organisation.

And I'm calm.

If I say "challenge"?
What's your reaction?

I feel excited.

In your life have you often

been faced with challenges
that you've had to take up?

Yes. Exactly!

For example?

I do a lot of sport.

Oh, sports!
Which sports?

Lots... Lots of sports.
Different... very...

I like... I like... variety.

Each sport's a new challenge.

This is a new challenge
because the team's female.

And the thing with women is
they cut to the chase!

Yes, a team of women
who work well together.

But I must warn you
you're not there to shoot the breeze.

We are rigorous most especially

where nails
and makeup are concerned

you need to be impeccable.

- Feminine.
- Like this?

Yes, but for example
your lipstick's wrong

because it's not colour coded
with the shop.

But we'll explain that later.

However unvarnished or bitten nails

are unacceptable.
That's for sure.

In any case we'll call you
this evening

to give you
a positive or negative answer.

That's all.

Well, it was... OK.

Thank you very much.

Thank you. You're welcome.
My pleasure.

I need to see the next candidate.

Oh yes, of course! OK. OK.

- Thank you very much!
- Thank you!

I'd adore to work here!

Everything going OK?

I'm really happy.
Never been so happy.

How about you?

I'm alright.

It goes through the top and bottom.
Then pull it tight, 1-2!

On the other side
make sure it's the same height.

So you do that
and I'll put them on display.

You're full time. Morning and evening
between here and there?

No, I don't do that.

I do other stuff.
I'm finishing my thesis.

Really? What's it on?

It's on...
it's a bit complicated to explain.

Basically it's on surgery for birds.

That's good.
I mean the thesis and the surgery.

Yes, I know.

But in fact lots of the people here
do other stuff.

For example

there are lots of girls...
Cecile up there...

she's a graphic designer.

Graphic designer?

- You don't know what that is?
- Yes I do.

But I'd misunderstood.

- And what do you do?
- Nothing.

I'd like to go back to school.
But it's complicated isn't it?

Going back to school's brave
but what will you do after?

I don't know.

Now is now.

Quite right.

That's totally it.

I'll put some music on.


Who is he?

His name's Ousmane.

He, on the other hand,
is here all day.




Paula is that you?

- Hi, Paula.
- Oh, sorry. Excuse me.

It won't work without the reed.


It's the family's.
I'd rather you didn't touch it.

Of course.

- So I finished all the housework!
- That's great!

- Classes going OK?
- Yeah. Yeah, well...

In fact I'd better get going.

- Thanks.
- Thanks.

An Orient Cloud size 42
for the night corner fitting room.

Knicker Bar?
What sizes are left in pearly grey?

Guys, the client coming
with an insipid yellow bag

wants something by Pretty
we don't have.

Palm her off with something
by Mimosa.

I repeat our numbers are down.
Meeting at midday.

Did you say something?

I said enjoy your lunch.

Enjoy your lunch, too.

A piece of advice:

Turn the intercom off at times.
Take a breather.

Save your energy.
Don't play their game.

I need to get them
on my side first.

They'll never be on your side.

Why not?

Those girls never stay long.

Oh, yeah?

But I need this job.

Have some of this.
It's better than that rubbish.

Wow, it's really good.

Is that wifey who prepares
your lunch box every night?

So, why do they keep you on?

Nour says
you've been here a year?

I'm resistant, that's all.

What do you think
about all day long?


My family, the future.
My country.

I escape.

What's that mark?

Have I asked you
where you got your scar?

Paula your break's 30 minutes.
Not 35.

Let's play making up songs
using everyday words

like teaspoons
and vacuum cleaners.

No. I don't want to.

A guessing game?
Guess what my job is?


- I don't want to.
- I don't either!

Lila, why don't you like me?

That's not true.

I never said that.

I want candy floss flavour.

Candy floss?

Not those.
They're the pink ones.

Thank you.

Your favourite's candy floss.

I've never tasted it.

You've really never tasted it?


How odd. It's unusual.

Like this?

You can break off big chunks, too.
Like this.

And that's a little bird
which is very ill-mannered...

Now then!
You're the little bird.

And what's her name?

Her name's Rokia.

And she loves doing this in fact

when she comes here
we always do this.

Me too, I love it!

I'll take you on a tour
of the mall.

That'll take hours!


Thirty minutes. An hour.
It depends.

Can you see the state I'm in?

I've been waiting 1 1/2 hours!
I came home to this mess!

I'm sorry. You see...

I didn't have time
to wash up because...

That's why I pay you!
What do you do all day?

I'll do it now!

I don't want you to do it now!
Now is my time with my daughter!

- Don't you get it?
- Of course. I'm...

And what the hell
did you get for dinner?

Frozen lasagna,
sweets and goldfish!

The little one wanted lasagne!
The Italian deli was closed so we...

The little one?
Who decides what she eats?

It's organic!

I give her fruit. She wants sweets.
I'm always mean mummy!

I'll hide them.
I didn't know I was doing wrong!

Stop buying them!

I don't give you money
to buy this crap!

You just have to tell me.
It's OK. I'll stop.

I'm sorry.

What's more we had a great day.
We were at the shopping centre.

We tried on some nightdresses
in the shop I work in.

You tried on nightdresses?

- No!
- That's great for little girls!

No, but for her they're dresses.
They're long...

- We said 7pm.
- I know.

7pm means 7pm.
If there's a problem, call!

My phone was down.

- And who are those people?
- Who?

You see friends, your boyfriend
with my daughter?

- No!
- And the big black man?

He's a friend! Ousmane.

- A work colleague.
- A stranger!

What do you do, by the way?

Are you a salesgirl or a student?
I'm lost!

I'm a bit of both.
You see I...

Right, Lila! Get in the bath!

Yes! Wash your hair
because you don't smell nice.

The concierge says
you've got a cat?


Why didn't you tell me?

Sorry. I didn't dare.

I was afraid... I didn't dare...

Now the property manager's after me.

- There's cat shit everywhere!
- No.

The room's too small for a cat
so I leave the door ajar...

I know it's too small.

And for that reason
you put that cat elsewhere!

Give it away, or...

Lila, I told you
to get in the bath!

Will you give me...

Lila, get in the bath!

Coming, sweetie.

Mummy will give you your bath.

See you tomorrow sweetie!

You know what Paula?
I feel let down.

Everything was OK. I trusted you.
And then...

I don't know.

You've lost it.

And this goldfish looks awful.

Damn it!

Paula, it's me.

Why aren't you answering my calls?
I'm quite worried.

Are you still in Paris
or have you left?

Where are you?

Call me.

Are you OK?

Yes, I'm OK.

You need something?


Would you mind looking after my cat?

What's it called?

Muchacha. It's a female.

She's really cute.

She has some issues.
Cat hair everywhere.

She likes eating off your plate.

- She's annoying but cuddly.
- Like a woman.

It's not really urgent but...

if by any chance you could...
maybe we could meet up later...

Do you know what you remind me of?

A little wild monkey.

Does that mean yes?

We'll see.

Where's your lovely spotty tie?

How long have you been a watchman?

I have a degree in economics.
This is a stop gap.

- Whilst waiting for what?
- Some projects.

I hardly recognized you.

- Hello.
- Hi.

Are you OK?

I didn't know you were
still in Paris.

Well you see... there's always...

a kingdom of knickers
awaiting to pamper you.

Oh, do you work here?

Well, you look great!

Thank you.

Are you OK?
Can I help you out somehow?

Yes! There's a great chip shop
you should try on -2.

I don't feel like chips right now.

Sorry, I don't have time to talk.

OK. Anyway...

See you soon.

- Is the job going OK?
- Yes, fine.

Look at your finger!
You didn't bandage it!

- It doesn't matter.
- It's revolting.

It's nothing.

It's ready!
The eggs are ready!

To put your mind at rest,
you don't need an MRI.

The dizziness and headaches
are normal.

You're pregnant.

You move very graciously.
Even your face.

And the lines on your face.
So precise.

I mean it!

I'd notice you in the street.
You're striking.

People don't notice me.
It's true!

People don't remember
they've seen me before.

I assure you!

- Your shoes.
- Oh, yes.

Yes, I remember.
The coconut matting scratched my bum.

- Sorry?
- The last time I saw him.

He was staying
with a photographer friend.

He had coconut matting
on the floor.

And er... sorry!

I hate that matting,
but I really wanted to make love.

So I forgot about the matting
until afterwards.

We had a huge argument.

I was all scratched.

Is this pregnancy planned, unwanted?
Is it good news for you?

Well I never said it was unwanted.

I'm only asking you
because you said you're on the pill.



Just a little.

When we returned from Mexico

well... he talked a lot
and I kept crying and vomiting.

That must have been
when I lost a pill.

So it's not exactly planned.

But it's not unwanted you know?
It's not unwanted...

I mean...

If we stuck to everything we want
and that alone

I think life would be a drag,
wouldn't it?

It's for you to decide

if your situation is stable enough
to envisage keeping it.

What does stable mean?

You told me

in exchange for a room
you baby-sit.

You just arrived in Paris...

A child needs love

but I think it also needs stability,
doesn't it?

I lived in the same hole 'til age 15.
15 years of stability.

At the first sniff of instability
I was off. Stability's boring.

What do you know about love?

What I mean is...

do you know
how you were conceived?

Was it some drunken night

with a madman or a pervert?

It's true!
You're just glad you're here!

Well, I know it's love
but that's all I know.

I totally agree with you.

You're old enough

to decide what's best.

You're young, full of energy.
That's what counts.

Young! Hang on.
That's easy to say. I'm 31.

31 is nearly 40.
That's enough of a reason.

A reason for what?

A reason for life.

For everything.


Have a toffee.

Thank you.

Didn't you say you're 29?

I'm 31. Same thing.

Listening to yourself is important.

Be attentive to what's going on.
Understand yourself.

I feel like
I'm on a TV programme.

With the expressions you use.

Why stay in Paris
if you don't know anyone?

Paris or elsewhere.
Got to make a home somewhere.

And your parents?

My dad's dead.
It's complex with my mum.

And your partner's family?

Even worse.
Alive but appear dead.

Is there anyone you can talk to?


In fact I've so many
people to talk to, it's...

You wouldn't think so
but look at us for example.

I'm sure it'd be easy for you
to open up to me

if we could carry on talking a bit.

You're right.

No, not here! Not here!
Further away.

Still further!

- Further?
- A bit further!




Where are you?

You scared me!

Love is a rebellious bird

It has never, ever known a law

Love me not, then I love you

If I love you, you'd best beware

Oh, sorry! Hello.

How many times
did you pee in the pool today?

- None!
- Fibber!

I said I didn't!

I was next to you. I smelt it.

A warm current.


- Mummy's put an advert in.
- An advert?

What for?

To find a new babysitter.

She says you don't correct
my homework properly.

And we hang about
outside too much.

And what do you think?

I don't think it matters

if you don't correct
my homework properly.

- Wait, I'll plait yours.
- OK.

It doesn't matter.

Paula? Are you sad?

Why have you stopped talking?


I'm a bit sad.

Aren't you sad?

Oh, no!
That's disgusting!

That's why I'm being fired!

Because you're so naughty.

You find that funny?

- No...
- Do you think it is?


At what age were you adopted?

1789 my dear.

And my brother in 1901.

Go for it because I'm smelly.

Actually I'm pregnant.

That's impossible.
I haven't even touched you!

That's not nice!

So that's why!

That aura!

Those eyes made for creation.

This beautiful body.

What crap!

Well I never.

Hey, I'm cold.
Have you got a T-shirt for me?

Yes. On the bed.

I'll be back!

Did you find it?

What are you doing?

You're not Sarah.

Who are you?

Well... I'm... I'm...

I'm me. That's me.

- Is that what you do for cash?
- No.

You pretend you know people?

That's not why. I swear it's true.

I'll reimburse you right now.
That wasn't why.

Fuck! You're a great liar!

No, I didn't lie to you.

Yuki, I didn't lie to you.

But when I saw you in the metro.
When you spoke to me

I wanted to have you...
to feel...

as if I'd known you for ever.

Get rid of that!

It's true! I want...
Please believe me.

I'm not lying to you.

I didn't lie to you.

Slap me if you want.
I didn't lie to...

Excuse me. Your mobile's ringing.

And you've still got your badge on.

And you've still got your tie on.
My mum used to say

ties are passports for thickos.


It wasn't hers. It was a quote.

Sadly I only remember quotes.

At least you remember something.

I guess so.

Are you sure you've found a job?

You've found a new job, mum?

You're driving me nuts!


Are you happy with your professor?

After ten years.

Aren't you bored without kids?

Did you have me because
you were bored?

No. That wasn't what I meant.

I forgot the Tornado thongs.
That's why.

What's going on?
You've stopped answering my calls?

I found you thanks to Anne!

I'm at work. Please go.

What the fuck's going on, Paula?

I'll give you your cat back.

By the way the cat's a female.

What are you on about? I want to know
how you are. You're not saying.

I'm fine.

I went somewhere else
to see if you were there.

But you're not. That's all.

- Nice little flowers.
- Stop it!

What? What's the matter?

I'm pregnant.

Who's the father? Me?

No, the cat.

Of course. It's yours.

Now please, go. I've work to do.
I finish at 7.


Go on. Please leave me.

Please, leave.

Why are you looking at me like that?

So, where are you living?

In a maid's room.
It's a mouse hole.

With the cat?

No, not with the cat.
The cat's with a friend.

Because of toxmo-plasmosis.

You do know what toxoplasmosis is?

Of course I do!
Do you think I'm stupid, or what?

Who's the friend?

A knicker shop colleague.

A knicker shop colleague.



This baby, I don't know...

I think it's beautiful
it happening like this.

It's crazy but in the right way.

So is it crazy or is it right?

When things are unexpected

you know how I like that.

It reassures me.

And you?

How do you feel?

Are you eating? Sleeping?
Are you tired?

I'm OK.

I wasn't expecting this.
You staying in Paris.

Nervous breakdowns, A&E.

This news makes me feel like a kid.

Paula, what's up?
Wake up, wake up!

You had to take action.

I hate to think of you
alone, pregnant, in that job...

hanging about.

Firstly I don't hang about.
Second, I like the job a lot.

Third, I think kids should grow up
being thrown in the deep end

where there's noise and activity

and contact, you know?
I think that's great!

Look, drop that shit job.
Move in, and take a rest.

"Shit job"?

- Paula, you know what I mean!
- Shit job.

Come on.


I miss you.

In fact it's as if you...

put me in the dirty linen basket
and now you want me back.

Paula, stop it.

You're crazy!

I feel something
I've never felt before.


I feel nostalgic.

What are you nostalgic about?

Stuff I've never done.

Stuff that I haven't done yet.

I'm sorry, we're closing.

I'd like to go back to school.

To study what?

Well... literature for example.

Since I've known you
I've never seen you finish a book.

You did sod all in my classes.

You could have taught me things
in 10 years! You could have!

Instead of just taking my photo!

Bubble baths and all that crap.

I saw the photo
in the gallery in Paris!

I was so ashamed! Is that love?
Our love?

It's ugly! There's no beauty.

Your shots of workmen
have more beauty.

You see?
You learnt how to decipher an image.

Before I had no opinion.
Now thanks to you...

I didn't say that.

You're exaggerating.

Wait 2 or 3 days
before handing in your notice.

Go back to school if you want to.

Do what you need to.

But I need you at the
private viewing.




OK, I'll be there.

The next one's my stop.

Want to sleep at mine?

I have to get up early.


I brought you this.


- Hello?
- Hello! It's Paula.

Sorry I know it's late.

- No problem. Cross the courtyard.
- OK.

Come here.

This way.

Your little girl's here!

She's lovely.

Are you thirsty? Hungry?

Very hungry.

There's plenty to eat.

I brought this.
I didn't want to come empty handed.

I don't drink.

Me neither.


I'll serve because
last time you broke 2 glasses.

- You're making me drink?
- Yes.

And I'm drinking alone.


I'm drinking but you're eating.


I'll make some tea.

I'm not going to keep the baby.


Don't you feel capable?

No, that's not the reason.

I just wanted to let you know.


Is this your revenge?


You don't love me anymore?

You don't love me anymore, either.

Stop it.

Come here.

Come here.

Stop it!

Stop it!


I'm sorry.

Subrip by DanDee

Subtitles: Olga Helm
Subtitling: HIVENTY