Jesus of Nazareth (1977) - full transcript

Beginning before the Nativity and extending through the Crucifixion and Resurrection, this miniseries brings to life all the sweeping drama in the life of Jesus, as told by the Gospels.

In the hour when the King Messiah comes.

He shall stand on the roof of the temple,

and proclaim that the time
of deliverance has come.

Those who believe and are faithful
to God will rejoice in the light that

will rise upon them,

as it is written, "Arise, Shine,
for Thy light has come".

Only take courage and be careful to observe
all things written in the law of Moses.

And try not to side from them,
neither to the right hand nor to the left.

Take care only this, in all diligence,

that of love the Lord, thy God.


Blessed art thou Lord, our God,
King of the universe.

Nay, only the best among men, as it
is better to be an entity of the Heavens.

Blessed art thou, O God,
Lord of the Universe,

who consecrates the Sabbath,
and all of lsrael's celebrations.


May the Lord bless and preserve you.
May He let his face shine upon you.

May the Lord lift up His countenance
and give you peace.


Come to my house, Rabbi, for supper?
I promised my children.

Thank you.

Ah... Joseph! Ah, Joseph! Joseph!

Joseph, there's something I want to talk to
you about... it's very important,

see, if you just come with me
we can talk about it better...

I've read from the scriptures,
it might clear.

Get away from me!

Rabbi, rabbi!

Yes, tell your mother and father
they can see me tomorrow.

Once you've mastered
the craft you will be free.

Always remember, only those that
know how to use their hands are free.

Only they are not dependent on anyone else.

Joseph, could we-please?


I shall leave you to work on
your own for a minute.

Remember, don't force the
wood-treat it gently.

Yes, of course.

Anna, I intended to find you when we
finished work, but I'll come with you now.

- You know that my husband...
- God rest him, the best of men...

...was very fond of you.

He would have come to you himself, but in
the end, he could hardly speak. Poor man.

What sleep he could get was disturbed
by dreams about his

daughter-alone, without her brother!

No man in the house! And now, I can't sleep.

And when I die, as I must soon...

Why do you say that?

I have a feeling that I will not
live much longer.

You have years ahead of you,
and you will sleep soundly tonight.

It's a great change in a man's life,
but I also know

a single man is only half a person.

As for the contract and the date of the wedding...
I leave that all to you and the rabbi.

Well, thank you, Joseph.
You won't regret it.

Mary is a good girl-she'll make
you a beautiful wife.

Shall we sign the contract
the first day of the full moon?

And then after a year's betrothal, celebrate
the wedding in the season of the harvest

when the earth yields up its fruit
and the heart rejoices.

With luck I may be able to see it.

Mary, Mary!

Come out Mary! They're waiting for you!

Mary! Mary! Mary, come! Come quickly!

Shawl! Your shawl!

Thank you. Do not be afraid.

Yes, here she is.


May this betrothal, one to the other,
Joseph, Mary

be blessed and sanctified according
to the law of Moses, and of lsrael.

Amen, Amen!

Who are you?

Who are you?

How can that be?

No man has ever touched me.

Behold the handmaiden of the Lord,

may you be done unto me
according to your word.

Mary? Who are you talking to?

There's news of Elizabeth.

My cousin, Elizabeth? What news?

She's going to have a son
in three months time.

She conceived the child six months ago,
on the 19th day of Tishri.

But Elizabeth was always bad.

Now, she's far too old.

What nonsense is this, child?

Oh, but it's true.
She's going to have a son.

And I must go and visit her.

Seems like... the release of these

the Egyptians, the Syrians,
King Herod,

to revert to the Jews, I wonder,
is it because, as you say,

they identify future with past
that they have so many prophets?

Oh, the prophets,
it's the sun which breeds them.

Many of them are harmless.
They preach religion, we let them go.

But, some of them preach rebellion
because it is written.

Altogether, literacy has had a
disastrous effect in this country,

and those we eliminate.

Rome has taught us that although this may be
indifferent theology, it is very good government.

Majesty, I've heard the word, "Messiah".
What exactly is a Messiah?

Oh, even you have heard that awful word,

Well, is he a prophet or is he
something even-

Well, Rome, even Rome,
cannot influence men's dreams,

and the messiah is a bad dream
disguised as a solution to every problem.

It's a leveler of scores, a rewarder
of righteousness,

a scourge for the wrongdoer,

it is the bringer of everlasting peace.

Then, as I understand from what you have said,
a messiah is worse than a prophet,

from the Roman point of view...

From the Jewish viewpoint, too.
I mean, you try telling that to the Jews.

No, don't! Don't! It's much wiser
not to consult them.

Just when a messiah appears,
crush it under foot like a young scorpion.

No, you can tell great Augustus,
that he can rest in peace in Rome,

there will be no messiahs, true or false,
in Palestine while I am alive.

Come Mary, you'll be comfortable.

Here we go! May the Lord keep
us safe on our journey!

God bless you, child.

Esther, Esther!
Take this to my sister in Bethlehem.

And tell her, tell her I'll be
with her for Passover.

Go safely on your journey!

Where do you want the screen,
where should I put it?

Mary! I've been longing to see you.


So it is true.

How did you know? Who told you?

A messenger from God.

And he told me another thing.

A thing even more wonderful.

You're blessed among women,

and blessed shall be the fruit of your womb.

I, too, am highly favored that the mother
of the chosen should come to me.

From the moment your greeting reached my ears

the child in my womb leaped for joy.

My soul doth magnify the Lord,

and my spirit hath rejoiced in God, my savior,

for He has looked kindly upon
the most humble of his handmaidens,

and He has told me that all
generations shall call me blessed.

He who is mighty has done unto
me a mighty thing.

Is it true about Mary's dream?

Oh yes, it's true. News came from Enkarim.
Elizabeth is going to have a child.

- Even though she's past the age?
- Oh yes, she must be nearly fifty.

- Is she the one married to Zacharias?
- Yes, that's the one. She's Mary's cousin.

- What? It can't be true!
- Oh, Joseph!

Are we going to get an invitation to your wedding?

There's plenty of time for that, Jonathan.
The contract's only just been signed.

Only just betrothed and his
beloved has left him already.

Just like her, She's always been
a bit strange-not like the others.

That's something you'll have to
learn to live with.

But seriously, Joseph, Mary is remarkable.

We all think so. A remarkable girl.

Give him to me, Elizabeth.

Blessed be thou, our Lord, King of the Universe,
who has blessed us with your commandments

and ordained us to initiate our sons
in the covenant of our father, Abraham.


As this child enters the covenant,

so many enter into the study of the Torah
into marriage, and into good deeds?


This is the seal in flesh of the covenant
between the Lord and his people.

- What is the name of the child?
- His name is...

His name shall be John.

When you get back to Nazareth,

tell Joseph what you have seen and
heard what you know.

The Lord God gives life where no
life is possible.

And one life shall be the son of God,
and the other shall be his prophet.

Go, tell all this to Joseph.

But will he believe me?
Will he believe me?

God will open his heart.

That's too much for any man to believe.

But you're not any man.
You, too, are chosen.

I was sick at heart.

You ought to be my wife.
But now, that vow has to be broken.

I swear I've never been with her.

What I said about Elizabeth was true.

Don't worry. I believe you.

God's will be done.

Now, you're sure.

She told me herself.

Women are the loveliest and
brightest of God's creations.

And think you would know, but you...

- Please, I need your advice.
- What advice can I give?

- This is all.
- Rabbi, may I?

It is written in the law,

if in the time of betrothal a woman
sins with any other man,

let them both be taken beyond
the gates of the town,

and stoned to death with the abomination that
be crushed out of the heart of lsrael.

Should a man marry a woman which
he finds has no favor in his eyes,

because he has found in heart
he stain of uncleanliness,

let him write a bill of repudiation
and deliver it unto her hands.

This law applies even if l haven't taken
Mary into my house?

Yes, yes. All that is needed is for a
bill to be written and delivered

in the presence of two witnesses.

No, if l do that I will expose her shame.

I can't.
I can't.

I'll send her away if l must, but in secret.

God knoweth the secret ofthe heart.
Trust in him, and accept.

Accept it, Joseph.

The Lord will not abondon you.

Thank you.




Joseph. Joseph, son of David.

Do not be afraid to take Mary as your wife.

It is by the Holy Spirit that
she has conceived.

She will bear a son, and you shall
give him the name Jesus, the Savior.

Hey, Joseph. Joseph!
The bride is arriving! Mary's here!

- With this ring...
- With this ring...

- Be thou consecrated unto me...
- Be thou consecrated unto me...

According to the law of Moses and of lsrael...

According to the law of Moses and
of lsrael...

May the Lord bless and preserve you.

May the Lord make His face shine upon you.

May the Lord lift up His countenance
towards you and give you peace.


Would you like some grapes or some dates?
I picked them myself from the orchard.

No no no no... I've got one. Bless you.

Your majesty, we have always treated
your country as far as possible

as a free and independent nation,

but the governor of Syria has decided
to include Palestine in a census.

- In that event...
- A census in my territories?

In Galilee, Judea, whatever your motives for this,
they'll be misunderstood.

People will be resentful,
suspicious, perhaps, perhaps even hostile.

As consul, I am here merely to
carry out instructions.

My dear, there seems to be one aspect of the problem
of which either Rome or you are entirely ignorant,

and I cannot believe it to be Rome.

The method which you propose to me of your
census are contrary to our tradition.

- Tradition?
- Permit me your Majesty.

I do not think that Marcus Matzo is aware
of the tradition your majesty refers to.

For such official purposes as the
taking of the census,

every person living in these territories
belongs not to the place where actually he lives,

but to the place of origin in his family group.

His tribe, may I say tribe?

You may say tribe.

A census, therefore, means movement of every person back to
what he considers to be his native township, ancestral capital.

To dignify a place which is sometime
no more than a stinking dunghill!

Oh! You choose your phrases most exquisitely...

So, if the census were conducted
according to local tradition,

you think your subjects would
accept it more readily?

Oh, I see! Now we're supposed
to count ourselves!

Under your supervision, I hope
starting with the king?

- That is not.
- Seriously, seriously do you know what this would entail?

The shifting of entire populations!
The disruption of trade!

The divine Augustus is counting on
your understanding, your Majesty.

I hope I shall not have to inform him
of any lack of cooperation.

Thank the divine Augustus for
his unswerving benevolence.

That census is a trick to increase the taxes,

and we know where the money ends up in Rome!

But why should it?

What does Rome give us?

That's not the point.

The Romans want to count us
how many we are where we are,

they want us to know that they are our ruler,

but we should have no earthly ruler.
No rule but the Lord, no king but God.

It's not for you to remind us of the scriptures.
Be quiet and go home.

I apologize for my son.
He's too young to understand.

What are you doing to the faith of our fathers?

All over of Galilee there are thousands
ofJews preparing for,

for what you're always talking about in there,
the coming of the king who will liberate us.

- Come!
- And what are you doing about it? Nothing!

We accept the violence of the Romans like sheep!

- We are not worthy of the king to come!
- Stop it!

The king to come will not bring violence and bloodshed.

It is written. He himself is pure from sin.

God shall cause him to be mighty
through the spirit of holiness

and wise through the counsel of understanding.

Now come home.
Stay there until you learn more respect for your elders.


I must go to Bethlehem.

It's my native town

and, and Mary must come with me.

- Why?
- For the census?

So even Augustus obeys God.

- The prophecy?
- Yes the prophecy!

For thou, O Bethlehem, art in no
ways the least of cities.

For from thee shall come forth
a Shepard of my people, Israel.

If only I could come with you.

If only, I... Joseph, you'll need
help when he's born.

Don't you trouble, Anna. He will
be well cared for.

Everything will be done as God ordered.

They seem to be kings, Lord Melchior.
From different lands.

I told you we could not have been
the only ones to see the sign.

Come in peace. Where are you bound?

Wherever I am led.

I follow that star.

I'm sure that Herod keeps
a strict watch on his frontiers.

He must know that we've crossed them.

I would have to tell him, as Balthazar said,

that I follow that star, wherever it leads.

But what will we find.

All my calculations show that there was to
be a new heavenly creature, a new star.

It was even precise as to place and time.

So I made up my mind to set forth and see
what they will behold.

You did not know?

Only that it would be something wonderful.

The stars are not distant and aloof,
cut off from the lives of men.

The rising of a new star always
entails an immense labor

in the heavens that always has
its counterpart on earth.

The universe is about to bring forth
a prodigy beyond our understanding.

Your star, my brother Balthasar,
is indeed a sign of wonder.

The divine solar master says,

the next prophet will show himself
in a foreign land.

And the truth he will reveal will be at
first only for his own people...

- But there is only one truth.
- And only one God.

All the rest are vain, or parts of him.

The people of lsrael know this.

Many of their wise men have
been close to him,

and their writings confirm my calculations.

A king is about to be born...

A king?

A king who will free us from
the evils of this world.

Where will he be born?

The sacred writings point to a small town,
in Judea called Bethlehem Efratta.

Rest there, I'll find a place.

- Excuse me, may I speak with you?
- What do you want?

I desperately need a place to
stay for tonight.

My wife is near her time...

No, no, I can't help you.
I already have too many people.

- But I've got...
- Can't you see?

Come on! Close the door!

How many times do I have to tell you
the gate should be shut?

Nothing, but there must be another place,
I'll try again.

How do you feel.

I don't like leaving you alone.

Do you think you could walk a little further?

- Hold on to me...
- Oh, no! No!

Stay there, stay there.

God will help us.

Listen, it's no use trailing
around Bethlehem anymore.

Every inn is full up. None of them are
going to take your wife in like that.

Come I'll show you.
Take your donkey.

It's about time. Now do as I tell you,

if you go through that gate over there, just outside
the walls on the road to Jerusalem you'll come to...

careful... you come to some stables,
some caves.

It's not much, I know,
but you need warm and dry and plenty of fresh straw.

Look, they're down there. Can you see?

Right. Now then, if l can manage it,
I'll come back later, and help.

Oh, and if anyone tries to throw you out,
just say that Abigail sent you. Abigail.

Remember the name.

We'll remember. Thank you.

Look, Mary.

Oh, beautiful child.

Come on, put him there in the manger.

And see if there is some fresh straw.
That will keep him warm.

I'll take care of her, poor girl.

Now then. Hand me some water.
Give it to me.

Good, that's it.

Who's that?
What do you want?

This is no place for you!
Get out! Get out, you hear me?

Off! Off with you!
Can't you see?

The poor girl's just had a child?

That's why we've come. We were told to.

Told by whom?

We were out there in the fields.
This man came to us from nowhere.

An angel, shepherds he said.

They say that Israel is a scattered
flock that lacks a shepherd.

And then he said,
"Tonight, the shepherd is born.

It is for you that He comes,
"he said. "For the poor."

That's why you came here?

Yes. The man said,

he said...

The man said, "Today, in the city of David,
a savior has been born for you.

Glory to God in the highest," he said.

And peace on earth for those who he loves.


They cross my border,
yet not one of them sends a greeting?

Are they armed?

Not heavily, your majesty. As far as I say,
they were equipped to travel fast and far...

But they were not heading here?

If not here, where?

It was Bethlehem, majesty.

They, they followed a star, the new star.


O thou, Bethlehem Effrata,
thou art the smallest what was that phrase again?

Thou Bethlehem Effrata,
art little one out of thousands of Judah.

Out of thee He shall come forth unto thee,
for as to be the ruler in Israel,

and His going forth is from the beginning
from the days of eternity.

A ruler in Israel?

Have those travelers watched all the time.

And bring me the names of all
newborn children in Bethlehem.

...And the glory of the Lord shines over you.

For though darkness covers the earth,
and dark night the nations,

the Lord shall shine upon you.

Come, come!

- I promise that everything will be done the way we agreed.
- It won't take long.

Come, come!


And the Lord said to Abraham, "Keep my
alliance, and circumcise each child

born unto Israel on the
eighth day of his life." Amen.

This is the seal and flesh of the covenant
between the Lord and His people.

And the child shall be called?

His name shall be Jesus.

Where is he?

Now I can die contented, Lord,

according to Thy word.

I am Simeon,
an old man who has waited long to see his salvation.

And now my eyes have seen the child who will bring
the salvation thou hast prepared before all people.

A light of revelation to the gentiles,
and the glory of thy people, Israel.

And a sword shall pierce your heart.


- What is your name?
- Joseph of Elias

- Where are you from?
- Eskelon.

Don't forget to take your token with you.

- What's your name?
- Asbar Zadif.

- How many children?
- Seven, this is the youngest.

- How old is she?
- Three.

- Move on.
- And here, seven tokens.

My husband could not come, he's ill.

- Well, there'll be one for him, too, if you explain.
- What are these tokens?

A coin to prove that you've registered.

Well, they're little tokens with
the emperor's head on them.

Special orders!

We want the names of all the newborn.


Note their names. The newborn.

What did he say?

He wants the names of all the newborn.

Why do they want to know about the newborn?

Well, there's no point in arguing with them.
You just do what you're told.


Don't be afraid.

Where is the child?

We have come a long way to greet him.

This is the king of lsrael

who will take away the sins of the world.

I did not know what we were to find,
and coming here, a stable?

I thought my brothers were mistaken,
but now I see the justice of this.

There could be no other place.

Mm... not in glory, but in humility.

Accept these poor tokens of our homage.

Incense, to perfume the halls of the mighty.

Gold, for kingly rule.

Myrrh, the most precious herb of the East,
and the most bitter.

And now, a word of warning.

Leave here as soon as you can.

Herod's soldiers have followed us,
hoping it would lead them to you.

He knows of His birth.
He will seek out the child and kill him.

Go into Egypt.

It may not be for long,
Herod's days are numbered.

Those travelers crossed my frontier again?

- Yes, your majesty.
- Yes, your majesty.

But the child would still be here.

Kill every male child up to one year old,
two years old.

Better the innocent should die,
then that the guilty should escape.

Your majesty, a child?

Guilty of the womb! Guilty of the stars!

I'll bring down their stars!
I'll snuff them out in blood!

This is my world!
I will not share it with an infant!

There is no room for two kings here!
Like a newborn scorpion under foot!

You know the mark of a real king?

Even in the face of Jewish prophecy!
Bits of old parchment! Old, blind men! Hah!

Now go to Bethlehem!
I make history!

- Kill!
- But your Majesty!

Kill! Kill them all! Kill! Kill them all!

Leave my child, you blood thirsty murderer!

Lust is fulfilled.

That which was spoken by the prophet Jeremiah.

In Ramah, was there a voice heard, lamentation,
weeping and great mourning.

Rachel, weeping for her children,

but would not be comforted,
because they were no more.

King Herod is dead.

Taken in the midst of his sins.

Struck down by the Lord to whom the power
and pride of kings are as nothing.

You cannot defy God,

the mighty God, the everlasting Father,
the Prince of Peace.

Yet the yoke of tyranny will not
be lifted from us.

Rome will choose a king from among his sons,
and her grip will become stronger,

but you should lift up your hearts,
for the Eternal will not abandon us.

He will send us a deliverer,

and His dominion is the everlasting dominion
that shall not pass away.

And his kingdom, that which shall
not be destroyed.


There, look! Do you see? Nazareth!
That's where we live.

Here, O Israel.

The eternal, our God, the Eternal is one.

Blessed be the name of the glory of
the kingdom forever and forever.

And thou should the eternal, thy God,
with all

thy heart and with all thy soul and
with all thy might

and these words which I command
thee shall be in thine heart.



A man who's skillful in his work,
will stand before kings.

And our work like every other,
has a second meaning in God's eyes.

We use this to make a straight line on the
wood before we cut it,

and as we use the ruler to make straight lines,

God gave us rules to keep our lives straight.

God gives the wood.

And man with his skill and invention,
that God gave him,

is always finding new uses.

Sometimes wonderful uses for it,

a wheel, a plow, a ladder.

They all look simple, but they are from God.

And a ladder can sometimes
reach from earth to heaven.

Joseph! Joseph!
Didn't you say the plow would be ready?


Keep on with your work.

What is this?

Well, look at it.

What have you done?

This is not how I asked you to make it!

Oh, no! No! It is not worth labor at all!

It was supposed to be ready days ago,
and now it is not ready.

No, son!

Bless God who has given us the Torah.

The Lord god will go before you.

Be strong and of good courage.

Fear not, do not be afraid, for the Lord,
Thy god, will go with you.

He will not fail you or forsake you.


Now you are truly a man.

Jesus by Joseph.
As a new adult member of our community,

you have exercised your right to read
and comment upon the scriptures

that is your heritage.
It is the heritage of the children of lsrael

but remember that God's word is spoken
in times of light and

in times of darkness and persecution.

May you always read from the law in a time ofjoy.


May God protect you.

May God bring blessings on the boy.

Romans! Here!

Romans? Hey, hey!

Brothers, brothers, quiet!
Shh... The Roman forces are here.

Jewish bread. Better than nothing.

- Who ordered this?
- Quarter master. An army must eat,

and it's a long way from Dumasta to Jerusalem.

But Galilee isn't Roman territory!

Hah! The whole world is Roman territory!

Hey, put your sword back. Ignore them.
You'll meet with plenty of those in Jerusalem.

They're called zealots.
They're mad religious fanatics.

You there!

Remember this!
The Roman army is not a pack of bandits.

And we'll be through with the likes
of you in our own good time. Come!

May the curse of God fall upon these murderers!

How long must we wait? How long?

Are you to help us?

God has abandoned us.

How long?

How long?

Look, Jerusalem.

This is a lamb with no mark, without blemish.

are not enough to please our Father,
our eternal God.

A prayer of the heart is more important.

Do you remember what King Solomon
said after he built the temple?

Standing in front of the temple of the Lord,

he spread out his hands and said,

"Can God indeed dwell with His
creatures on earth?

Heaven itself, the highest heaven,
cannot contain thee,

how much less this house that I have built?

Yet attend to the prayer and supplication
of thy servant, O Lord,

that thine eyes can always be always
upon this house, day and night.

This place of which thy bid to say,
'It shall receive my name."'


We've been looking for you everywhere.

Why were you looking for me everywhere?

Did you not know you would have found me
in my father's house?

O Lord, I grow old.

What have thy promised to the prophets.
Where are they?

"Speak tenderly to Jerusalem,
and tell her that her time of bondage has ended.

That her penalty is paid.
Salvation is at hand.

To be shouted from the mountaintops...

The teaching is clear behold
thy send my messenger

and He will clear the way before me.

Messenger before me...

And the Lord will suddenly come to His temple,

and the messenger of the covenant,
behold, is here."

The people of Galilee thought they
had seen the depths of inequity

when their land was ruled by Herod,
the mayor of blood.

But now his son and the Herod Antipas,
the new prince of Galilee strives

to outdo his fathers' crimes

for he follows his last's and
breaks faith with God.

He dares to defy the law of Moses by entering
into unholy marriage with the wife of his brother.

Can we permit this?
All of us will suffer for his sins!

...Messenger for King!

Your majesty, he's here, the Baptist.

He's here?


Well, well what?


Well, uh... leave him alone.

We'll march again! Continue!

Oh, what harm can he do?

He's been out there for years in the desert
living on locusts and, and, and prayers.

He doesn't incite the people to rebellion!
He asks nothing for himself.

All he wants is to remain poor and naked.

And he would do very much like
everyone else doesn't the same.

Oh no, when the wedding festivities is over,
I'll have him preach at the palace.

You can hear him with your own ears.
He's a very remarkable.

I'm glad there is somebody remarkable in Judea.


Herod! The tablets of the law speak plainly!

You may marry the wife of your brother
when your brother is dead, but not while he lives!

This woman, Herodias, is the wife of
your brother Phillip, and Phillip lives...

It is written, "I have seen thine adulteries
and thine abominations, woe unto them!"

Will thou not be made clean?

Send this woman back to your brother! Repent!

How can you allow this longer to continue?

No, we decided to be clement on our wedding day.

I'm not afraid of your power on earth,
Herod Antipas!

if I do not warn you, you will die in sin.

And the Lord will ask me to account for your life!

Quickly! Into the palace!

Repent! Repent!

- The Lord blesses you!
- For the kingdom of heaven is at hand!

Brothers, we can make use of this man!

His attacks on Herod Antipas excites
people makes them think of lsrael.

Don't be too sure about it.
Prophets only make men think of our God in Heaven.

So do we, and if we want to direct people's thoughts,
we must use what means we can.

Yes, but we zealots want to see the
power of God on earth fighting the Romans.

Does John want that?

The time has come!
The great and terrible day of the Lord is at hand!

Repent! And change your lives!

Every valley shall be exalted!
Every mountain in here laid low.

The winding way shall be straightened!
And the rough way made smooth.

God let you back from Babylon to serve
Him but you betrayed Him!

Now you are warned! Please! Please!

"I am the Lord unchanging," says the Eternal,
"and you too shall not cease to be sons of cheaters.

From the days of your forefathers you have
been wayward, and have not kept my laws.

If you will return to me,
I will return to you!" says the Lord.

Do not think you will be save by your rituals,
by going to the temple

it is not sacrifices the Lord demands!

Bring no more vain offerings at the Lord.
"I delight not in the blood of lambs".

The sacrifice that God demands is a repented heart!

- What can we do, then, to be saved?
- Change your hearts!

Take the right way!

The Lord said that my ways are not your ways.

Why speak as though none of
us know the way to salvation.

We know the law as well as you,
and we try to obey it!

We are the sons of Abraham.
We have always kept the law.

To those of you that seen themselves
just and pious,

I say that you must bring the fruits
of repentance!

Do not content yourself with saying,
"Abraham was a father, and that is enough to save us."

The Lord could take anyone of these stones
and turn it into a son of Abraham.

Pharisees, we know you! Go back to Jerusalem!

Yeah, go back to Jerusalem! It's right.

You are the prophet! Save us John! Save us!

I baptize you with water that you may be
purified and ready for the coming of the kingdom.

Open up your hearts to God!

Receive this cleansing light!

Save me, save me, John! I have sinned!
Have mercy on me, John. I am a sinner!

Let his water wash away your sins.

Disgrace! Go back! Go back!

John, you'll pay for it! You'll pay for it!

Oh! One day they'll almost stoned me to death!
Is that what you want?

You're tired of me, aren't you?!

- No!
- Yes yes, admit it, you are tired of me!

I can tell by the way,
by the way you mooned over my daughter, Salome!

- Non-sense!
- You like her!

She's a child! Baker! Liar!

- No!
- Coward!

- I am not a coward!
- What are you then?

That prophet I demand that you arrest him.


Demand? That's a strong word, my heart.

You must remember.

John is right.

By the laws of Moses, we have sinned.

Come on, come on!

We have sinned,

and we go on sinning, and very pleasant it is, too.

Even if I wanted to, I could do nothing
about his reproaches

until he once more sets foot in Galilee.

And then, my own, my heart,
we'll throw him into prison.

Repent! Repent! Repent!

A little repenting won't do him any harm.

After all, he preaches it.


We have been sent by the Sanhedrin
in Jerusalem,

amongst whom you have many friends
and admirers.

They understood why you could not
come to the temple.

It would've been wrong for you to abandon
your mission, even for a single day.

The reason for the invitation was to
ask you one simple question.

Who are you?

First, I will say who I am not.

I am not the messiah.

The messiah is yet to come.

Then, in the name of the living god,
who are you?

I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness
make great the way of the Lord.

If you are not the messiah or the prophet Elijah,

by whose authority are you backed up?

By the authority of him who shall come after me.

Whose shoes I am not worthy to unloosen!

I baptize you with water

but he will baptize you with
the holy spirit! And with fire,

his rod is in his hand and with
it he will cleanse the freshing floor.

Though the dust will returneth to the earth as it must,

the spirit returneth unto God, David.

Mary, you'll be left alone.

They will run the shop.

Jesus, we have always known.
It was not for us that Jesus came to earth.

If only I could've stayed a little longer.

God's will be done.

Peace, Joseph.

To thine end, I command my spirit.

Out of my distress,
I cried to the Lord and He answered me.

I cried and He heard my voice.

I went down into the cities underneath the earth,

to the people of the past,

but He lifted my life from the grave.

Here, O Israel, the Lord thy God,
the Lord is one.

Here, O Israel, the Lord, our God,
the Lord is one.

You are born into a new light
through your repentance!

And the Lord forwards his blessings on you!

The Lord rejoices in your kind.

Go in peace.

He will forgive you, if you truly mean it in your heart.

Open up your eyes,
be ready for the coming of the kingdom.

Let your heart now be cleansed.

Forgive me, I have sinned.
Help me to be strong.

Be strong.

It is I who need baptism from you.

And yet you come to me

Let it be so.

We must fulfill all righteousness.

Lord, Eternal Father,
I hear your voice.

"This is my beloved Son,

in whom I am well pleased."

You are born into a new life,
true to your repentance.

And the Lord pours His blessings on you.

The Lord rejoices in repented hearts.

This water cleanses you.

Andrew. Phillip.

Behold, the lamb of God,
who takes unto Himself the sins of the world.

It is Him you must follow now, not me.

He must increase as I must decrease.

He has come to take us, come with us please!

My time is over.

Please please!
Mary! Mary! Mary! Mary!

Hurry! Hurry! Mary! Mary! Mary!

Your son is back! He's at the synagogue.

He went straight to the synagogue! I saw him!

And now our reading from the prophets.

The prophet Isaiah.
Now, who is, who is our reader?

It is my turn today, Rabbi.

Isn't that Joseph's son?

- Yes, Joseph the carpenter.
- The carpenter, God rest his soul.

The spirit of the Lord is upon me,

because He has anointed me to give
good tidings to the poor.

He has sent me to heal the broken hearted,

to preach deliverance to the captives,
to give sight to the blind.

To set at liberty them that are bruised.

To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.


Today, in your hearing, the scriptures are fulfilled.

The scriptures are fulfilled?

- Did he say fulfilled?
- How can he dare to say such a thing?

What do you mean?

The prophecy you have read can only
be fulfilled by the coming of the messiah.

Yes, he's right,
by the coming of the kingdom of God.

The kingdom of God comes not in a way foreseen by men.

Repent and believe the good news.

The kingdom of heaven, behold,
is suddenly upon you.


John the Baptist! Rabbi,
take the scriptures away from him! He is a blasphemer!

He shouldn't touch them with his unclean hands!

I've heard things about you.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

A prophet is never accepted in his own country!

Who do you think you are?
John the Prophet?

You should be thrown out of this holy place!

Blessed is he who is not ashamed of me!

Take this man out of here!
Don't let him touch the holy scriptures!

Today, in our hearing, the scriptures are fulfilled.

What? What's happened inside the synagogue?

Come see!

Rabbi! You must stop them!
You cannot let this happen!

Rabbi! They do not understand who this man is!

Go away, go away! Never come back to Israel!

Don't let him go! Blasphemer!

...Stone him to death!


That's what he deserves!
That's what he deserves...

Don't let him go!

Master! Master!


We were told to make ourselves known to you.

I am Andrew of Capernaum,
a fisherman by trade.

I am your follower now, if you'll take me.

This is Phillip.

We were sent by John the prophet,
the Baptist.

He has just been imprisoned by King Herod Antipas.



Come with me.

Come on!

- Tell me, when was John arrested?
- As soon as he set foot in Galilee

He had to return. Too many people were waiting for him...

There it is. The sea of Galilee and Capernaum,
where I was born.

It's a town of fishermen, but it also has
the greatest synagogue in Israel.

You can stay at my brother's house.

He's a good man, Simon Peter.

The commandments God gave to Moses
so long ago must not remain

dead stone for the reverence
of unthinking minds.

Dead stone? The tablets of the law?
Dead stone?

- What do you mean?
- Stone is what the law is written on,

but the law itself is alive!

And living things now are constantly changing

But the law is eternal you cannot change law of Moses.
No! That's right, the law is here.

The man is made of flesh and blood,
and he changes.

Doesn't he remain the same man?

God wants to write the law on your hearts.

Rabbi, you said you have come
here to give us the good news.

Is this it? The good news?
That the law is living like a man?

The good news I bring you is this,
Your captivity is over.

What does that mean, our captivity is over?
What captivity?

Captivity in sin!

God fulfills the promise He made to our people Israel,

and reconciles Himself to man.

God is coming to you.

To all of you, even the most wretched.

Do not shut the door in His face

Rabbi! The demon has always tried to burn him
into fire, and to what he has triumphed!

If you do anything, have mercy,
help my poor son!


Leave him!

Son! Son!

Praise be the Lord!

Yes, we're all fishermen in our family.
Andrew here knows us well,

but I was sent off to learn.

That's all that you were fit for, perhaps.

And what have you learned?

That two and two make four, sometimes.

But most people seem to be here to be pushed about,
that getting on is a fine thing,

that birth is the beginning to death.

But there must be something more
for man between birth and death.

Today, when I heard you preaching,
I began to understand, and it gave me hope.

Through your words,
the old scriptures seemed to be coming alive.

That's all we want, we want the Lord to be alive,

written in our hearts, not carved in stone.

What is your name?

John, son of Zebedi.


Stay with us.

Back, back! This way, you idiots!

That's my brother now, Simon Peter.

And there's my brother, James.

He's shouting again, angry as usual.

If anyone's drunk, it's you!

He doesn't mean it. He's a good man.

What's the matter, brother?
Poor catch?

Poor catch?! Nothing!
The only things we catch these days are Roman taxes!

And while we're out sweating,
working our hands raw with the nets,

the stinking tax gatherers take
half and give it to the Romans!

Bloodsuckers! The lake.

Hello brother, go and tell that leach,
that two faced tax collector of ours, Matthew,

that if he wants more money out of me,
to put more fish in

Simon, this is the man I told you about.

The man John spoke of. John the Baptist.

What? Another holy man?

Are you another of those that tells us to be patient

and promise us better times will be ahead?

What about now? What about our children?

Who will fill their bellies?

A lot of talk these days while we all starve!

Find a holy man who can put an end to that.
Then maybe I'll listen.

Go out again.

I shall come with you.

We've just pulled in! Get that net off the boat!

Please Simon, do as he says!

Why do you always listen to these people
who knows the lake better than I?



What are you staring at?

Come. You can preach to the fish.

Cast off! We're going out again.

We've been out all day and we
caught nothing!

We go out again and we catch
all this fish!

It's a miracle!

It's not a miracle! Only God can work miracles.

They speak these profanities, they believe it!

We must go and speak! house will not hold anymore people!
Please! Please! Please!

Help me out!
I can't get up!

It was amazing! I've been fishing for four years,
I've never seen a catch so big...


So, there were miracles were they?

And a big catch inspired by a prophet,
what's his name, Jesus? Get out!

He's staying with Simon Peter,
you know him? The fisherman?

Yes, he owes me back taxes, doesn't he?


Well, well, well...

Well, if there's been a big catch,
he can pay, can't he?

The kingdom of heaven is like a
treasure hidden in a field.

A man finds it, and in his joy spends
everything he has to buy that field.

It's like a merchant in search of fine pearls.

He finds one pearl of great value,
and sells everything to have that pearl.

You, you're all fisherman.

Well, the kingdom of heaven is like a net.
A great net thrown into the sea.

Suddenly it is filled, it's almost bursting!

You have to call to the other boats to come and help!
Everyone is working together, happy, excited!

It's a time for joy,
for rejoicing in what God has freely given.

But one day,
God will ask you to account for the gift he has given.

Be prepared.

The kingdom is at hand.

Rabbi. You say that the kingdom of heaven is at hand,

but when exactly will it come?

When you see the clouds moving from the East,

you say the rain is coming, and so it is.

When the desert wind blows,
you say it will be hot, and it is.

All of you can read the signs of the
earth and the sky.

How is it you can't read the signs
of the times?

The kingdom of heaven is here, now.

What's he doing here?
It's Matthew, the tax collector! Get him out!

- Peter, your friend Matthew is here!
- Get out!

Bloodsucking tax collector!
There's no place for you here!

Out of my house! You scum! Filth!

No Simon, don't! Simon, look!
I will not have it defiled by you!

I hear you've had a big catch Simon!

We'll talk about it later, shall we.

But what about this friend of yours?
This new preacher or teacher or whatever he is.

Am I allowed to speak with him?

Get out of my house.

You seem to be most unwelcome here.

I don't know your name, but I know what you do.

Levi, or Matthew, I'm known by both names.

And by others...

I see you and I must meet in a place
where both of us are welcome.

Is your own house far?

Why do you ask?

I should like to have supper with you tonight.

You would enter the house of a sinner?

I would enter any house where I am welcome...

He's here!

Wait! What are you doing? Be careful!
That's my property!

Help me. I've been this way for 20 years.

It is the curse of God-punishment
for my sins and my parents' sins.

Your sins are forgiven you.

Rabbi, you must not speak so!

That's blasphemy,
only God can forgive sins.

Which of these is easier,

to say your sins are forgiven,
or to rise up and walk home?

The Son of Man has the power to forgive sins.

Rise and walk home.

He doesn't seem to realize the scandal it would cause!
Peter, you tell him!

- I've told him...
- Well, tell him again! The whole place is talking about it!

- Meeting some Pharisees, I suppose.
- Who evaded the law!

Tax collectors cannot even enter
the synagogue.

And anyone who associates with
them is as defiled as they are.

- Yes, according to the Pharisees!
- But yes...

That's their argument. Peter, tell him again.

I've told him! What do you want from me?

I said Matthew was my bloodsucking enemy.
I hate Matthew! But all

Jesus would say was,
"Well, why don't you join us as well."


Andrew, I'm not like you.

I'm not a follower of priests and prophets.

I'm a fisherman. I have my family to think of.

You followed the Baptist, now follow this one.

- Peter!
- Just leave me alone! Why did you bring him here to me?

This is my life.

My nets.

My boat.

Go on! Follow him!

But leave me!

Come on.
You can't talk to him when he's like this.

Come on, Phillip.

This is where I belong.


It's a scandal for you to eat with these people!
Don't you know who they are?

We've lived our lives honorably.
Made sacrifices to keep the law.

They are thieves, whores.
Violent and godless people.

And now you sit and eat with such people,
who spend their lives in orgies and perversions!

I've not come to call the virtuous to repentance,
but the sinners,

and they might enter the kingdom of heaven before you...

Listen, Master! If you go and eat with
these people they will contaminate you.

The whole town will abandon you!

James, the heart of the Lord is mercy.

He's here.


Peace be with you.

Thank you,

for coming to my house.

Rabbi, you are welcome.

Welcome Rabbi.

- Move!
- No, no, no, don't move. I prepared.

Why? This is my brother James.
He's in the same business I am.

I drink to you and all here.

Rabbi, we want to hear your words

Please speak to us!

No, no, no, no, no!
Let's eat first!

No! Let him decide.

No, no.

I'd like to tell you a story.

Sit down! Sit down!

A certain man had two sons.

And one day the younger
of these sons said to his father,

Give me my share of your estate now.

So his father divided his wealth
between his two sons.

And a few days later,
this younger son set off for a distant land,

and there he squandered all the
money he had on riotous living.

Now, not long after this,
a great famine swept over the land,

and the boy began to starve.

He persuaded a farmer to hire him to feed his pigs,

but he was so hungry that even the husks
he fed the swine began to look good to him.

And still, nobody gave him anything.

Finally, the boy came to his senses.

At home, even my father's servants
had enough food, and to spare.

And here I am starving to death.

I will go home, and ask my father
to hire me as one of his servants."

And so, he set off.

Now he was still some distance from his
home when his father saw him coming,

and he was so filled with compassion,

that he ran towards his son and
embraced him and kissed him.

The boy said,
"Father! I have sinned against Heaven and you.

I am not worthy to be called your son."

But his father called for the
servants and said,

Bring me the finest robe in the
house and put it on him.

Put rings on his hands and shoes
on his feet!

Kill the fattest calf, we must
celebrate with a feast.

My son was dead and is alive again!

Now, the older brother at this time
was working in the fields,

and as he came back to the house,
he heard the noise of music and dancing.

He called for one of the servants
and asked what was happening, and he was told.

At this, the older brother became very angry
and he refused to go into the house.

The father came out, tried to plead with him,
but he wouldn't listen.

I have worked for you all this time, all these years,
and never once have I disobeyed you!

And in all that time, you've never even gave me so much as
a goat so that I could have a feast with my friends.

My younger brother comes back,
having spent all your money on harlots

and for him you kill the fattest calf!

Please, said the father.

Please. Try to understand.

You are always with me,
everything I have is yours.

But it is right to celebrate.

Your brother was dead and is alive again.

He was lost, and is found."

Forgive me master.

I am...

I'm just a stupid man.

Free the man! He is innocent!

He's a man of God!

Free John the Prophet!

Free the man!



What is it you want from me?

Is it just a matter of my violating
the marriage vows?

Is that it?

Because I don't mind to repent that, John.

Hmm... Will that satisfy you?

You think it makes me happy to see you rotting away in the dark
in there with a howling gang outside the walls?

Why don't you listen to reason?

There's work for you here in
this wretched kingdom.

if it's power you want, you can have power.

Power to build, not to break.

My task has been to prepare the way
for the one who shall wear the crown.

Who is this man?
This prophet from Galili?

Is he the one I ought to be talking to?

Do not fear the toppling of your throne.

Before kingdoms change, men must change.

Ah, you say that, yes,
but I've been listening to those fools outside.

What leaders intend and what their
followers are after are not one and the same thing.

That crowd of yours needs someone to control it.

John, if I set you free,

what would you do with your freedom?

I would follow the one whose way
I have prepared,

just like many others who already follow him.

But you will not set me free.


I was wrong.


I was wrong.

The curse of God is upon us.

Release John.

Yes, send him away. Send him away.
Send him to Egypt. You're right.

What harm can he do us there, after all.

Yes, tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow on your birthday.

What better present could you give
yourself to your people?

A great gesture of clemency.

I see, I see!

Oh, what a remarkable woman you are!
How quickly your heart changes!

Once he was free, and had gone to Egypt,
he just might meet with a some unfortunate accident.

What imagination,
by seeing how fast your thoughts travel.

Imagination? You know I can always read your mind.

Don't forget I can read your mind too, my lord.


What present shall you give on your birthday?

What do you think I would like most?


You see, I can read your mind.

Welcome to our shores! Come save us!

He's here!

Take her away. Back to Capernaum.

Do no think that I have come to
bring peace on earth.

I've come not to bring peace

but a sword.

I have come to sow discord between
a man and his father,

between a daughter and her mother.

A man's enemies will be members of his own family.

You may say, "We have left our belongings
to become your followers."

I tell you this, anyone who has left home,

or father, mother, wife, children,
land for the kingdom of God

shall be rewarded a hundred times over on earth,
and inherit the kingdom of God.

Whoever wants to save his life will lose it,

but if a man will lose his life
for my sake and

for the gospel I bring you,
he will save it.

For many that are first will be last,

and the last first.

So do not store up for yourself treasure on earth,

where it grows rusty and moth eaten
and thieves break in to steal it.

Store your treasure in Heaven,

for where your treasure is,
there will your heart be also.

My name is Girus.
I am one of the elders of the synagogue here.

My little daughter is dying.

I beg you, come and lay your hands on
her so she may be cured and live.

Take me to her.

You're daughter is dead.

Do not weep.

The child is not dead.

Only sleeping.

Who are you to come here with your jokes?

We've seen that she's dead, you haven't!

Please Thomas, please.

Rise, little girl.

Give her something to eat

She's alive! She's alive! She's alive!

Rabbi, I want to apologize.

I didn't know who you were.

I thought the child was dead.

Well, she was dead! I saw her with my own eyes

Can't you believe without seeing, Thomas?

Sometimes I do.

Sometimes I think I know what I believe, but

something happens... my mind gets blurred.

I don't know.

You doubt so much, you must want to be certain.

I do!

Then follow me.

You mean, give up my work and...


Girus, will you give me your servant
to be one of my disciples?

With gladness, master. I am happy for him.

Do you have doubts about following me,


I don't believe I have.


I ask you, why would they listen?

I told my wife I won't be away for long.

In any case,
the fishing is hopeless why not go away.

I told her I said, I'll come back in spring.

Don't lie to her, and to yourself.


Yes. You know very well.

You'll never go back.

I will.

No you won't.


You'll never fish again.

You'll never get drunk again.

And you'll never go back to Capernaum again.

None of us.

We'll never be the same.

And neither will the lives of everyone
in the whole world.

We know why, Simon.

We're the first to know.

The ruthless shall be no more!

The arrogant shall speak to me!

Remember the words of the scriptures!

Vanity of vanities. All is vanity!

Woe unto them that seek to do evil!

Woe unto them who call evil good,
and good evil.

Woe unto them that are wise in
their own eyes!

Have you not known?

Have you not heard?

Have you not been told from the beginning?

Have you not understood from
the foundations of the earth?

Have you... and spread them...

and make rules of the earth, and nothing!

Music! Music! Huh... music!





When I've danced, what will you give me?

Whatever thou shall ask of me,

I shall give to thee, unto thy half of my kingdom.

My friends!

The princess is going to dance.

Was that anything?



I want death of the Baptist.

Oh... no!

You promised.

Yes, you promised! You promised, yes!

You swore, my Lord,

before all your guests.

Shall it be said that the king Herod
does not keep his promises?

King Herod, you said anything.
Yes, you promised! Yes, you promised!

A king will rule in righteousness,
and princes will rule in justice

and the eyes of those that will
not see will not be closed,

and they comes in the dark and they say,
"Who sees us? Who knoweth us?"

Oh woe unto them! Woe unto them!

His head, sheared off like a rabbit,

and given as a present to a dancing girl.

Only by killing him could Herod hope to
silence his voice,

but I can still hear him.

We must avenge him.

Revenge, bad politics my friends.

Suppose we kill Herod, who will replace him?

I'll tell you, another servant of Tiberius,
a Roman procurate like Pontius Pilate.

So what should we do then? Submit?

Or become soldiers of Rome like
the Syrians and Greeks?

No the Romans must know that
they can never rule Galilee with ease.

Oh, I know but at present we strike
in the dark,

but the time will come when
God shall send us our leader.

Then we shall make open war.

You mean a real war?

The people of Israel, alone,
against the Roman empire?

Brothers, this is Judas Iscariot.

You should here what he has to
say about Jesus of Nazareth.

Jesus of Nazareth? Do you know him?

Oh, I've heard him preach,
many times and I have seen the kind of power he has.

Is he the man to place our hopes on?

Why do you ask me this question?
John answered it.

Remember what the Baptist said?

I bear witness that this is the man.

Tell all my friends and disciples to follow him.

And proclaim in His name the kingdom of heaven.

We know that, we know that.

But could he be the one priest and king
who will lead our people Israel?

Could he be the messiah promised by our Lord?

I believe that if one day the people
of Israel do find a messiah.

Oh yes, it will be him.

But, no... I beg of you, let him fulfill his mission.

That is my advice.

I intend to follow him,

and I hope, if he will accept me,
to become a disciple.

Very well, Judas.
Will you keep in touch with us?

If you wish...

Peace be on you, John.
Though your blood cries out for revenge,

may your soul find rest in the glory of the righteous.

May peace be with you John.

Rest in peace, John.

Rest in peace, John.

May your soul find peace.

We shall not forget you, John.

Peace be on you, John

You stupid idiots! Go on, get away!

Mind your mother's business crazy and your sister's!

Get out of here! Get out!

- Get away! Get out of here.
- Can't I come in for a minute?

Can I come in for a minute, too?


You pigs! Don't you come near me anymore!
I'll kill you!

What is it? What's going on?

Ask those pigs over there, those big,
brave sons of yours.

And go on!

There's no peace in this neighborhood
since you came here. Noise and filth.

The curse of God is on you.

Don't worry, Mary.
They're only boys' games.

Ah, boys! They would only burn my house down.
The father!

They're all against me.

Not all, Mary. There's a friend of yours in town today.

- I have no friends
- Oh yes, you have!

Jesus, the prophet! Friend of our God,
forgiver of sins, hmmm?

Hey, according to him,

the sins of the flesh are nothing
compared to the sins of the soul.

Man will always forgive a man,
but a woman's sin, that's another story.

For most people, but not for him.

I've never seen anybody like him.

Have you seen him often?

If you go around on business like me,
you can't help seeing him.

Turn a corner, cross a square,
go into camp, there he is!

Go on.

He might be here another year.
I'm sure you'll come across him.

Oh, I sleep during the daytime, don't I?

Sorry, I forgot.

Well, a big crowd is following him everywhere.
Sometimes so big he has to sleep in the field.

He thinks nothing of eating and sleeping
with thieves and whores.

Any scum of the earth is good enough for him, eh?

One of his disciples, as they call
themselves, was a,

was a tax collector, devious one.

But this Jesus,

well, he says it's not the righteous
that need him, it's the sinners.

So you see, you have got a friend.

I'll be over next week.


There's Joseph of Arimathea.
One of the leading Pharisees in Jerusalem.

Which of you, for all his worrying,
can add one day to his life,

one inch to his stature.

So don't concern yourself so much
with the means of life,

what you shall eat or drink, or with
your bodies and how they should be clothed.

Life is more than clothing.

Consider the birds of the air,
they did not sow or reap or gather into bonds

but our Heavenly Father feeds them,

who all the more feed you,
a you not worth more than they.

Consider the lilies of the field, they do not spin,

they do not weave,

but not even Solomon, in all his glory,
was so lead as one of these.

Now if God so clothed the grass and
the field which is here today

and tomorrow thrown into the fire,

will he not all the more clothe
you who have so little faith?

Therefore do not ask,
"What shall we eat?

What shall we drink?

How shall we dress ourselves?"

It is only the faithless who
set their hearts on these things.

You must first seek the kingdom of God and
His righteousness,

and everything will be added freely
unto to you.

So do not be anxious about tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be anxious for itself.

Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day.

Extraordinary. But isn't that taking it too far?

Well, surely our religion isn't opposed to honest hard work.

Imagine, what he's said has been said by the prophets,
but not like this.

I agree with you.

But we can't be sure until we meet with him face to face.

Why not invite him to eat with us?

- Would he come?
- I'm sure he would.

Such a man must be willing to discuss
his ideas with

people who are open-minded.

Good master!

Please, tell me, master,
what must I do to have eternal life?

Go and Sell all you have and give it to the poor,

and you shall have treasure in Heaven.

Then, come and follow me.

Sell Everything? Everything I own?

Everything my father slaved for?

Everything. You cannot have two masters,
God and money.

You see, it is easier for a camel
to go through the eye of a needle

than for a rich man to enter the
Kingdom of God.

Master. May I speak with you.

What is your name, my son?

My name is Judas Iscariot.

People call me a scholar. They say I
find things useful.

I read and write... Hebrew, Greek, Latin.

I translate documents.

Well, this has become a country
of many tongues.

Now I have never beaten copper,
nor carved wood

nor caught fish as your men have, but

I know your men.

My father was a prosperous builder who said, "My son must
never have calluses on his hands,

nor brick dust in his hair.

My money must make my son into a scholar."

Well, behold, a scholar who wishes
to serve you.

But do you need a man like me?

A tree is known by it's fruit.

Come, stay with us.

Jesus of Nazareth,
He cured a blind man!

- Who?
- Jesus of Nazareth

Well, go on. Why are you waiting?
Do as he says.

I'm sorry! There's only one.
That's all we have!

- But we're starving!
- What do you mean there's only one? There's plenty!

A miracle! A miracle!

Jesus is our salvation!

Amos! God works through
Jesus ofNazareth, doesn't he?

Through him we can
cast off our chains!

We must revenge the murder of John the
Baptist, and we must kill King Herod.

Then what are we waiting for?

Listen it's been said over and over
and over again our kingdom is at hand.

Now a kingdom needs
a king doesn't it?

So now is the time for the people and
tribes of Israel to follow Jesus ofNazareth.

With him to lead us,
we can gather an army!

March on Jerusalem! And at Passover,
protect the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth!

Quiet! Quiet all of you! Now is the
time for clear thinking,

not for indulgences and your
absurd fantasies! You!

You want to kill Herod and you,
you want to march on Jerusalem!

They could have your skulls
crushed for saying it!

And one day, they will.


Amos. We live in obscure times, and
you all know that we suffer together.

Well I would rather die than see
Jesus manipulated by men like you.

His words speak louder than any
of your fake eloquence.

And what of his enemies.

What will defeat his enemies,
what will disarm them?

You madness, or his mission?


you have to take us to meet him,
we have to talk to him.

So the Baptist was right.

Men must change before
kingdoms can.

Don't stand in our way, Judas.
That is my advice.


Judas won't stop us
I like some of his ideas.

Herod must die, that is certain. He must
pay in the blood for the Baptist,

but I agree with Judas.

Jesus ofNazareth must be kept out
of the picture for the time being.

It would be safer not to
speak of him now.

We shall wait for the Passover in Jerusalem.
That's when you bring him to us, Judas.

We have our brothers
in the temple guards.

They shall arrest the Sanhedrin and force
them to declare Jesus, King of the Jews.

Are we all agreed?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

No, Amos, I don't agree.

I have listened to all of you,

and not one of you have understood
what Jesus ofNazareth means.

What does his presence
on earth mean?

Brothers. I am one who like you

believe that the people of Israel would rise up
in the name of the messiah and break their chains,

but I am sure now that Jesus of
Nazareth means far more than this.

Through him Israel will be reborn,

not by force, but by change within.

Simon, Simon, you can't
give up the cause.

We've believed in it all our lives.
Simon, choose.

I choose to pray for you.

And to follow Jesus ofNazareth,
if he will accept me.

Oh, he will accept you.

John the Baptist gave neither eating bread nor drinking
wine and you said he was possessed by devils.

Here I am drinking
and eating freely with you

no doubt you'll say I'm a glutton and a drinker,
friend of the tax collectors and the sinners

Rabbi you do us an injustice
we respect your achievements,

and we understand their importance but to what
extant are you prepared to accept our laws?

We hear that you heal the sick
on the Sabbath.

Do you want our people not to
rest on the Sabbath?

If one of you had a sheep that had fell into a pit
on the Sabbath, would you go and get it out?

God made Sabbath for the man,
not man for the Sabbath.

Oh, we understand that we
understand what you're trying to say,

but is it not confusing to
other people?

We live by the law.

If we accept the law to be ruled
by exceptions, then we are lost.

Today, if it hadn't been for the
severity that we learned from Moses,

we would not have our laws, we would not even
have, we would not even be a people any longer.

But it is the, the excessive tolerance, the lack of rigidity in
your teaching thathas made us feel that this is a real danger.

The law gives me security, it's a
guide to my whole way of life,

a measure for judging this man is
right and this man is wrong.

Then you should not judge-

But you, as a son of Israel, know we have been
chosen by God from all mankind to be the holy nation.

And for this He gave us our law,
the Torah, which is the law of life,

and we have to separate ourselves
from the sinners and be pure and just.

But who is just in the eyes
of the Lord?

What is the heart of the law?

Here, O Israel, thou shalt love the Lord, thy God, with
all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy strength.

This is the greatest commandment.

You study well.

You are not far from the kingdom
of God, Joseph of Arimathea,

but there is another commandment
no less great,

you must love your neighbor
as yourself.

But who is my neighbor?

No! No! Stop her! You can't come in!
This is no place for the likes of you!

What's the matter?

Isn't she that woman? The whore!
Yes, yes that's her!

What is she doing?

She is defiling him!

This is no place for you woman!
Come, leave quickly.

- Simon, sit down!
- But Rabbi,

you know what kind of a
woman this is!

Simon, please!

Simon, when I came into your house,

you didn't pour water over my feet, or kiss
me in greeting, or anoint my head with oil.

She has washed my feet
with her tears,

and dried them with her hair,

and anointed them.

Daughter, your sins, and
I know they are many,

are forgiven you because of the
greatness of your love.

Only god can forgive
the sins of men!

Your faith has saved you.

Go. And sin no more.


Take this ointment

and keep it for my burial.

Go in peace.

Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers,
cast out peasants.

Take nothing with you except a staff,
no pack no food no money.

Whenever you come to a town or a village
find who is worthy of it, and stay with him.

If at any place they will not take
you or listen to you,

shake the dust off your
feet as you leave.

Sodom and Gomorrah, on the Day of
Judgment, can fare better than that place.

I am sending you out as sheep
among the wolves.

Be as wise as serpents

and as harmless as doves.

Don't be anxious about what you are
to say, or how you are to speak.

It's not you who speak,

but the spirit of your father
speaking from you.

Freely you have received,
now freely give.


Blessed are you among women.

You are His mother.

Anyone who believes
our Father in Heaven

is His brother, His sister,
His mother.

Take this.

The king is coming.

Here comes Herod.

Keep following me.
Come on, come on!

Kill the tyrant!

Herod! Pay with your blood for the
Baptist! Murderer! Murderer!

Your blood for the Baptist!

Make room for His Majesty!
Make room! Lead him this way!

He's been attacked by those
damn zealots!

Lead him this way! Lay him down here,
Lay him down. Gently! Gently!

Oh! Oh! I could have been killed.
I could have been killed.

The guards were simply not there!
They were too slow!

Do you know why this happened?

Because two disciples ofJesus of
Nazareth were preaching in the town!

Your majesty, Jesus himself has
no interest in the zealots.

He... He may not, but the zealots
still make use of him!

They made use ofJohn
the Baptist, too,

and he is more dangerous now
then when he was alive.

Watch your tongue!

Don't stand there, gaping like idiots!
Out! Out! Out! Out! Out!

Have no mercy on those zealots.
Kill them all!

Come on you zealot scum!

You sold your soul to Herod!

Herod! God's curse on you!

You butcher us, Herod, and after our blood,
thousands will rise to take our place!

In the name of the king, kill them!

And this is how they'll all end up!
All who plot against the king!

Poor Amos! To die like that!

How good and strong he was, really.

Don't grieve, Simon. You warned
them what would happen, remember?

They were my brothers, Judas.
I lived with them since I was a boy.

Ah, I know they were mad, I know,
but they were honest.

- They thought they could force God's hand.
- Exactly.

Now Jesus will go to Jerusalem,

and will deal with the Sanhedrin
on his terms,

and there will be no need
for bloodbath.


Come, let us find a master. Come!

And she called to me Rabbi... Rabbi!

I didn't know how to greet China! And
then suddenly I found myself speaking!

The same power of Peter was here!

Master, there is great excitement
everywhere about you!

Who do the people in Galilee
say that I am?

Some say John the Baptist.
They will not believe that he's dead.

They know he is dead!
Many indeed.

But they say you're John
the Baptist alive again

I've heard one say you're Elijah,
back from the grave.

Or some say Jeremiah, or Ezekial.

And who do you say that I am?

I say you are the messiah.

The son of the living God.

In saying that, Simon by Jonah,

you show yourself to
be blessed among men.

Flesh and blood have not
revealed this truth,

it has come from
my Father in Heaven.

And so now I will call you Peter,
the Rock.

And upon this rock I will build what
I must call my church.

The gates of hell will not
prevail against it.

To you I give the keys
of the kingdom of heaven.

And to you all I say this,

Peter has spoken the truth.

And now you know it.

But you must not reveal
it to any man.

The time has not yet come.

But another time is coming.

The time for me to go to

Oh yes, master! You must go to Jerusalem.
The whole city awaits you!

The elders of Israel must know
and recognize you.

No, Judas.

In Jerusalem the son of Man will be rejected
by the elders and the chief priests of the temple.

He will be condemned.

He will be handed over to the unbelievers,
who will scourge him, mock him,

put him to death.

Then after three days,

he will rise again.

Blessed are the poor in spirit,

for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are those who mourn,

for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are the meek,

for they shall inherit the earth.

Blessed are those who hunger
and thirst for what is right,

for they shall be filled.

Blessed are the merciful,

for they shall obtain mercy.

Blessed are the pure in heart,

for they shall see God.

Blessed are the peacemakers,

for they shall be called sons of God.

Blessed are those you are
persecuted in the cause of right,

for theirs is in the kingdom
of heaven

Blessed are you when people
abuse you and persecute you...

Rejoice and be glad

for your reward will
be great in heaven

as it was for the prophets
persecuted before you.

In your prayers, remember,

your Father knows what your
needs are before you ask him.

This is how you should pray,

Our Father who art in heaven.

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done on earth as
it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread

and forgive us our debts,

as we and forgive us our

and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.


Master, you said you were going to

and in Jerusalem they would kill you.

if that's true, then it's our duty to
keep you from going.

You must not allow it to happen.


You're thinking as men think,
not as God thinks.

The devil is speaking through you.

Get him out of Satan.

Mercy on this holy soil!


Come! Give me your hand, Alazar!

You go ahead,
I'll meet you at the gate!

One more halt,
and we'll be nearly there.

Jerusalem will be swarming with pilgrims
getting ready for the Passover.

Will he go straight to the city?

He said that he would be
put to death there.

And that he would rise again.

Master, master!

Martha and Mary, the sisters of
your friend in Bethany

have sent me here to find you.
Lazarus is very ill, near death.

Go. Tell them I'll be there

- Master, master! He's coming
- Master! Martha's coming

He's arriving!

My Lord.


If you had been with us,
my brother would not have died.

But I know that even now, whatever you
ask of God, God will give it to you,

because I believe you are the Christ,
the son of God.

He who has come into the world
to give us eternal life

Where do you live?

Come and see.

Lord. Lord.

I prayed and prayed for you
to arrive.

You could have kept Lazarus
from dying.

Take away the stone

But he's been dead four days master.
His body must already be decaying!

Take away the stone.

Give me a hand!

Father, thank you for hearing my prayer.

Now those who stand round me may believe

that I am resurrection and the life.

And those who believe in me
shall never die.

I went down into the countries
underneath the earth,

to the people's of the past,

but you lifted my life from the pit,
Lord, my God.

Lazarus! Come forth!

He that believes in me, but he were
dead, yet shall he live.

Too much, too much! Keep it! Ah!
He always complains!

Give your sheep.

Give your sheep.

Thank you!

Lord our god, the Lord is one.

It is that thou art the Lord, our God,
the God of our fathers.

Save your life Father, I'll save you-

Here are the documents you
wished to see, master Zerah.

Thank you.

And I am extremely flattered that you
wished to see me, but why may I ask?

Master Zerah, with respect,

there are many people in Israel who feel that your
influence in the Sanhedrin offers great hope for the future,

and I can think of no better introduction
to the high priest, Lord Caiaphus.

Well, since you know so much about me, then you won't
be surprised that we know about your rabbi from Nazareth.

Miracles. Raising the dead extraordinary.

No, I wish that my duties give me
time to see yourJesus myself.

I wish you had, then you would need no persuading
that he is the only man that can bring peace to Israel.

- What?
- Well, the zealots know it and so-

So, you might be surprised to learn,
do your temple guards.

Romans, they're faithfully practical, they would welcome
any body who can bring peace, and if it was a peace

so much the better.

The Sanhedrin should proclaim Jesus
king ofJudea, and tell the Romans-

What? "Look Caesar, we have a new
ruler, one from the royal house of David.

One in whom we have every confidence, who
preaches peace, tolerance and love even to you Romans,

therefore you can calmly withdraw
your troops. We no longer need them"?

You actually put it very well.

I would have to put it very well indeed for the Romans
to take away their troops and their procurates,

not to mention their tax collectors.

I was told of your wit, and this is
hardly the time for it.


You and I should not quarrel.

What do you want me to do?

Let Jesus ofNazareth prove himself
before the Sanhedrin.

I think I can promise you that
he shall have that opportunity.

Rabbi, Many days see to you.

Please, Jesus save me.

Welcome to our city!

Hail Jesus!

He raised Lazarus from the dead!

- Who is this Jesus ofNazareth?
- He's a prophet, a great prophet.

A prophet, on a donkey?

I saw you with Jerusalem's daughters.
Behold thy king!

Son of David! Master,
you are the hope of Israel.

You are our prophet and our savior!

Jesus has come to save us!

Hosanna! Hosanna!

Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!

You cannot buy anything in our
temples with Roman money,

you must change it for our
sheckles, you know that!

- But it's cheap!
- Well if you don't like it-

...You are turning the house of our
lord into a market place! It's a shame!

That much?

Don't tell.

It's some rate that all the
other saucer, dear friend.

It's come true ten-

Take two instead of one
they are all greatfull.

Who fight with lambs.
Who fight with lambs.

Jerusalem, the faithful city.

She that was full ofjustice,
has become a harlot!

Stop him! Have you gone mad?
Have you not heard?

What are your multitude of
sacrifices to me, says the Lord?

Bring forth no more vain offerings!"

Look at my money! Thieves!

This is a house of prayer,

and you have turned it
into a den of thieves!


Rabbi, my name is Zerah.
I'm a scribe of this holy place.

And I, like my brethren, have followed
your mission with great interest.

We have heard good things about
you, and are glad,

but what you have done today
shocks and surprises us.

Do you wish to destroy
this sacred temple?

Atemple is not merely of stone.
It is a house of God.

It cannot be destroyed as long as
God lives here.

Destroy this temple, and in three
days, I will make it rise again.

It took centuries to build this temple,
and you think you can build it in three days?

You said it,

but you have not understood.

Rabbi, I understand better than
you think.

Master That scribe had every intention of greeting you
in a friendly manner. He wanted to understand your mission.

Was it wise to discourage him?

He has one of the most open minds
in the Sanhedrin.

Open your heart,
Judas Not your mind.

Open your eyes and your heart.

Master Zerah! Master Zerah!

Ah, My dearJudas!

You're quite right. Your master
has very little political sense.

But he is an extraordinary man

and we shall continue to watch is
mission with great interest.

Your son will be teaching in the temple.
Shall I take you to him?

No I'll wait.

I'll see him when it is time

Blessed are the eyes that
see what you see

for I tell you Many kings and prophets
have desired to see what you see

and have not seen it

to hear what you hear

and have not heard it.

I thank you, Father

for hiding these things from
the learned and the wise

and revealing them to the innocent
and the sinful

for he who would be great among
you must be your servant

he who would be the first
must be your slave

just as the son of man
came not to be served

but to serve

and to give his life
as a ransom for many.

Come to me All who labor and
are heavy laden

and I will give you rest.

Come O blessed of my Father

and inherit the kingdom prepared for
you from the foundation of the world.

I was hungry and you gave me food.

I was thirsty and you gave me drink.

I was a stranger,
and you welcomed me.

I was naked, and you clothed me.

I was a prisoner and you visited me.

I was sick and you came to me.

You will ask,
"When did we do this for you?"

Whoever does this to the least of
my brethren

he does it to me.

He's there.

Master I am Barrabas, a zealot.

Before he was murdered,
Amos sent word to us, "Trust you."

My brothers are ready.

Some of them are temple guards.

Our day of revenge against
the Romans has come.

Everyday their grip becomes tighter.
Our people have become used to oppression.

With you to lead them,
and with our swords behind you,

they will rise up,
we can teach them to fight.

Some of the priests of Sagisis
have said "Obey the laws of Caesar.

They do not speak for
the Jewish people.

Tell us what to do,
whatever you say we will follow you.

Then love your enemies

and forgive those who use
and persecute you.

The day of forgiveness is at hand.

Forgive Herod?

Forgive the Romans?

Forgive them all.

But the, the Romans have butchered hundreds
of innocent people, young people, old people,

Surely you can't mean to
forgive that, master?

We should fight the sword
with the sword.

All who take out the sword
shall perish by the sword!

But we must end the
weeping in Israel!

Your zeal blinds you to the truth.

The new Jerusalem will not
build up by murder and uprising.

If we still have god we'll fill
the land as water fills the sea.

The lion will lie down to the lamb.

There will be no more killing
or destroying

and the voice of weeping
shall be heard no more.

While we wait for that day to come,
our people live in mourning and lamentation.


you wish to follow me.

I have come to take on my
shoulders the sins of the world.

You who'd follow me must
be willing to do the same.

Oh no.


Father, Blessed my child.

The son of David.

You must not let the children use those
words. You know it is blasphemy!

You are responsible for it

Have you never read the psalms?

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings,
thou has perfected praise.

By what authority
do you do these things?

Before I answer
I will ask you a question.

From where did John the Baptist
receive authority to baptize?

From heaven or from men?

We don't know we can't tell.

Very well, you tell me nothing

nor will I tell you by what authority
I do these things.

And I will tell you a story.


There once was a man,
and he had two sons.

And to the first son one day he said,
"Go and work in the vineyard."

And the son said, "No" but afterwards
he thought better of it, and he went.

Now the man said he was off to say
the same thing to his second son,

who said, "Certainly"

but he didn't go.

Now, which of the two boys
did his fathers will?

First Second

Yes, the first.

And what is the meaning of
this story?

That there are those who think they
are righteous because they say yes to God,

but they do not do his will.

John the Baptist came to
you in righteousness,

but you didn't believe him,

even when you saw that there were
sinners who believed and repented.

They will get into the kingdom of
heaven before you do.

Love your enemies!

Bless those who cure you.

Do good to those who hate you.

Pray for those who persecute you.

If you love only those who love you,
why should you pay them any credit?

Even the tax collectors do as much.

If anyone strikes
you on the right cheek,

off the other also,

and if anyone
takes away your coat,

give them your cloak as well.

Give to everyone who asks from you.

And if anyone takes away your goods,
do not ask for them back.

Do not do to others anything you
would not have them do to you.

Pass no judgment
and you will not be judged.

Condemn not,
and you will not be condemned.

Forgive, and you will be forgiven.

Be perfect just as our Father
in heaven is perfect.

Ask for this gift
and it shall be given you.

Seek and you shall find.

Knock and the door shall be opened.

What father refuses his child?

If you who are imperfect know
what to give to your children.

How much more will your Father
in heaven give to those who ask him?

What happened?

Wicked adulteress!

She's a sinner!

And a whore!
She's sinned against her husband!

Stone her!
She must be judgement-

She's a sinner! An adulteress!

She's gonna be punished
according to the law!

Take her to the master.

Shame on you! Shame!

Stone her! Stone her!

Master what shall we do?

This woman has been caught
in the act of adultery.

She should be punished according
to the law. What do you say?

Answer master.
We want to know your opinion.

Yes, tell us.
Is it right to kill her?

He who among you who is without sin.
Let him cast the first stone.

Come on.

Where are your accusers?

Is there anyone here
who's condemned you?

No, no one.

Then neither do I condemn you.

Go, and sin no more.

Isn't that the Centurion?

I'm sorry if I disturb you, Rabbi

But I would like to ask
you a great favor.

I have servant in my house.
I've had him a long while,

and he's good. Love him more
like a son than a servant.

He's very sick, dying I fear.

Rabbi, in all humility...

You would like me to
come to your house.

Very well, I will come with you.

No. I am unworthy that
you should enter unto my roof.

I know that if you say the word,
my servant will be healed.

I am a man under authority,

but I myself have authority over a hundred
soldiers and if I say to one of them,

do this, I know that he will do it

and if I say to another go there
I know that he will go.

I need not see, I know.

So it is enough that you give
the word, and it will be done.

Do you hear this man.

I have seldom found such faith
among the people of Israel.

Go home, your faith has
cured your servant.

So he's a friend of the Romans.

You orders are changed.

But we know that we are the children's people.
How can the pagan be worthier than a son of lsrael?

Everybody, everybody is welcomed
at my father's table.

Rich, poor, masters, servants,

children of Abraham and of pagans.

Theseus! Theseus!

The Romans are right! Marcus
is well, your servant is cured!

- What?
- Come on

Come on! Come and see for yourself.
I can't believe my eyes! He's cured!

Come on! Come to your house!

Intervene? No

At least not for the moment.

I must confess that I am fascinated
by this man's power with the people.

We must find out where
this power comes from.

You must admit that he is capable
of extraordinary things.

They say he raised one of
his friends from the tomb.

- That's trickery they've all come into Jerusalem.
- Yes, but you must admit...

Please brothers be advised,
we must not act impetuously.


Ask the captain of the temple guard
to report to the high priest Caiaphus.


Alms! Give to the poor blind men.

May he, may the Lord,
give you happiness.

God give you good health.

Give to the blind!
I was born blind for my parents sins.

When you give you shall receive.

May the Lord give you happiness.

Help! I was born blind.

Please! Helf for the
poor blind man, please-

Master! Master! Here he is! Here
he is! Over here! The master is here!

Stop it! Leave me alone!

He does too well as a blind figure!

He knows if he could see,
no one would give him anything.

Leave me alone! Don't touch me!

Don't touch me, I say!

Master, that man was born blind. If he has
accepted that's the way it is, then why change it?

He lives in darkness.

And as long as I am in the world,

I am the light of the world.

No! Don't! Leave my eyes alone!
I don't want you to touch them!

No, don't touch my eyes!

You are hurting me! They're burning!

What have you done to them?
What have you put on them?

Go and wash his eyes.

Come on, Let's take him. Come on.
Make way! Make way!

Come with us and see!
The master has cured the blind man!

Can he see? We're not through yet!
Give him a bath!

He hasn't touched water all his life!

Give them a good wash!

I can see!

I am not blind anymore!

I can see you!

And you!

I can see! Brothers!


I am not blind anymore.

I can see everything!

Now I know what it means to see!

It's a miracle!!

I can see the world!
My eyes can see!

Brothers! I can see all of you!
All of you!

What do you think of that?

Make way, make way there!
The high priest is coming.

Get back!

What have you got to say?

What have you got to say about
the man who healed you?

He's a prophet,

there's no doubt.

What are you saying?

You got your sight back from god,
not from that man. He's a sinner!

I don't' know. I don't know what he's
a sinner or not. I only know one thing.

I was blind, I was blind before,
and now I can see.

It's a miracle!

I must go to this man and thank him
for what he has done for me.

Where is he?

Where is he? Where is he?


I can see.

I can see.

Do you believe in the son of man?

Who is he master,
that I may believe in him.

You're seeing him.
It is he that is speaking to you.

I believe. Lord.

Make way, make way there!

Make way, the priest is coming!

Out of the way! Habbukuk is here!

This lying cheat was never blind.

We at the temple know that he was
only pretending to be blind to earn his living!

He's right, he's a liar.

I've know him a long time,
he's never been blind!

And what's your story?
That you can give sight to the blind?

I came into this world to give sight
to those who cannot see.

And to take away sight from
those who can.

What do you mean by that?
That we who are righteous are blind?

If you were blind,
you would be without sin,

but since you say "We see",
your sin remains.

This man works for the devil!


Woe to you scribes and Pharisees,
hypocrites all!

When you shut off the kingdom of
heaven against men,

you do not join yourselves,
nor do you let others enter.

Blind guides.

You are stray and inept,
and swallow camel.

You bow before the letter of the law,
and violate the heart of the law

justice! Mercy! Good faith.

You are like white washed tombs,
all fair and clean without,

but within full of death
and bones and all corruption.

You see these stones, do you not?

I tell you there will not be left here one
stone upon another that will not be throne down.

Yours is a house of damnation,

the home of the ligard and spider.

Serpents through their vipers.

How can any of you escape damnation?

You shall not see me here again,
not until you learn to cry,

"Blessed is he who comes
in the name of the Lord,

for I and my Father are one
and the same."

He is a blasphemer!

This is the man!

You don't speak for
the people of Israel!

Listen to the teachings of our God!

He should be stoned to death!

He's a blasphemer!

Wonder what's going on?

I don't like it, I'll take a look.

- Look after, stand, will you?
- All right

Caspar! (Whispering)

A righteous man. A righteous man.

Kill the Romans!

Come on!

He's not the messiah!
He's a false prophet.

He a friend of the Romans!

Stone him! Stone him! Stone him!

Traitor! Traitor to Israel!

Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!

He speaks the truth!

Stone him to death!
Stone him to death!


If you please,
I've come to offer my help.

Master Nicodemus.

Yes, I must advise you.
You are in danger.

Please persuade your master to
keep away from public places.

God must have sent you,
master Nicodemus. You speak to him.

Of all people,
he will listen to you. Come.



There is to be a meeting
at the Sanhedrin.

You have many enemies there,

but also friends who know that
you are a teacher come from God,

for no man that shows the signs
or has the words that you impart,

unless God giveth them.

And yet, my heart is troubled,
and my mind confused.

You must help me to see the truth.

Accept the man to be born again,

He cannot see the kingdom of God.

Born again?

Can a man enter his mother's
womb the second time?

That which is born of the
flesh is flesh.

That which is born of
the spirit is spirit.

Do not marvel that I said to you,
"You must be born again."

The wind blows where it will,
and you hear the sound of it,

but you don't know whence
it comes orwhether it goes.

And so it is with everyone
who is born with the spirit.

God so loved the world that
he sent his own son,

that whosoever believed in him
should not perish, but have eternal life.

God sent his son to the world
not to condemn it

but that the world should
be saved through him.

He came to Jerusalem.

The crowd went wild for his
arrival and we did nothing!

He then scolded the merchants, so
they sent us beasts for sacrifice

from the courtyard to the temple and
we did not intervene!

How many times have we protested that

the disgrace of buy traders being
allowed in the precincts of the temple?

But then we allowed him to preach
in the holy temple itself, and at no time,

no time did he recognize
your authority, Caiaphus,

nor made sufficient
to the elders of Israel.

We must denounce him
in the name of the people of Israel!

I'm not sure.
I'm not sure that we have that right.

Can we honestly say that we represent the
true thoughts and

- aspirations of the people of Israel?
- What are you saying?

I've often wondered if we, as elders

are too cut off from them and
their real problems.

How can we guide them if we do not
know what's in their hearts?

But without our guidance
they would be lost!

People, people will run after
any new thing.

They have taken up with this man,
with his hijinx and his exaggerated promises.

I have seen him,
I have seen him preach.

His words reach into men's hearts,
not like ours.

It's not through the old rituals,
the old formulas,

but a new vision which seems
to answer all their hopes.

A message of comfort,
of goodness, of purity,

of the virtues of humility.

We've heard it all before, from the John
the Baptist and hundreds of others.

And why not?

That is the richness of our religion,
that it's always being kept alive by new ideas.

Oh that kind of thinking
encourages false prophets!

What an incredible people we are,

thirsty for knowledge,
but hypocrites afraid of change.

We say that we want new ideas so
our religion to speak to each generation,

and yet when a prophet appears burning
with faith and fiery revelations, we stifle him!

Shall we go down through history as
the people who destroys its prophets?

Oh no, no, please.
No. Brothers. Please

This is scarcely the time for
philosophical discussions.

They are more urgent problems
to be considered.

Yes, how's those who follow
to hate him as the Messiah?

He's a blasphemer! He's an imposter!

With respect to those more learned
than I, there is one possibility

that it seems no one
here is ready to consider...

What is it?

The possibility that
Jesus of Nazareth

may be in fact be the messiah
awaited by our people.

A carpenter from Galilee?

suddenly, he never misses a chance
to identify himself with them.


I only know that like our brother
Joseph, I've heard him preach.

I was moved lifted out of my soul,

and seemed to see all things
in a new and blinding light.

I was aware of wonders, signs
that God may be with him,

and through him, with us.

Do you realize what you are
saying, Master Nicodemus?

Let him speak!

Listen to him! Let him speak!
Don't shut him down!

The coming of the messiah
is the heart of our faith.

Why should he not come now?

Why do we dream our liberator will be
revealed in glory,

a new Solomon, a new David?

Is God not allowed to choose
who he wishes?

Even the son of a poor carpenter
from Nazareth?

David began life as a shepherd.

Who are we to decide the way in which
God should choose

to help his people?

We are- grains of sand,
chalk blown in the wind.

May the Lord open our
eyes to his wisdom.

Master Nicodemus,
I have always respected you.

How am I to understand your
defense of this man,

whose missions seems to be
to divide our people?

Even this noble assembly
has been torn asunder by him.

This Jesus of Nazareth must be
an extraordinary man.

But is there not one among you who
understands the the real significance of this matter.

It is not the Galilean's words that are
important. The so called miracles,

even the fact the frenzied crowds hail
him as the messiah,

it's not important.

The central core of this case is
that this man dares to proclaim...

I can hardly make myself say it.

This man dares to proclaim himself

the, the son of God.

Master Nicodemus
In your great faith and wisdom

And you Joseph, most honest of men.

Can you tell us that
in your heart of hearts

you believe he is the son of God?
That he is equal to God.

If he is not the son of God,
then who is this Jesus of Nazareth?

Is he a prophet?

Only a false prophet can assume
the power of God and say,

"You persistent sinner, you are forgiven."
Only God can forgive sins.

All through our history, false prophets
have been the plague

of lsrael.

This man, while claiming to
uphold the law,

perverts our most fundamental beliefs.

The Romans will not wait for us
to find the answer.

Our laws say, the prophets who claims
to say in the name of God things

which God has not commanded,
that prophet must die.

if this man Jesus is a false prophet
and a blasphemer,

is it not better for one man to die,
than a for a whole nation to perish?

However, under Roman occupation,

the people of Israel may put a goat to
death, but not a man.

Thank you, Zerah for reminding
us of our realities.

Then he must be charged and
found guilty by the Romans.

But Caiaphus,
we have not found him guilty yet!

Surely our law does not condemn a man

before first giving him hearing
before the elders of Israel?

No matter how serious his offense,

we cannot simply hand over one of
our brothers to the Romans.

Caiaphus, after the Passover

let me persuade Jesus to come to
us and explain to us

what is in his heart and his mind

when he says he is the son of God.

Brethren I agree.

We will questions him fully

and give this Jesus of Nazareth every
opportunity to, to defend himself.


Caiaphus to delay would be
too dangerous.

We all know what steps Pilate would
take against our people

if the unrest continues.

Zerah, he must beaken tonight.

It could cause even more trouble
among the crowds

if our temple guards go
searching for him.

It could be a long search,
all over the city.

No one knows where he and his
followers are heading.

They stay no long than one
night in the same place.

I think I know the way to reach him.

Zerah, don't forget Jesus of Nazareth
is one of our brothers.


I've not been
able to find you.

You weren't seen with the master
for the last day or two.

Where have you been?

I've been trying to think.

Trying to decide
what to do.

You seem to me to be very
sure of what to do...

Well, I was.

But not now.

I'm confused.

I always believed action,
political action,

could solve everything.

Thought it was enough to think
clearly and act clearly but...

But I fear my master
does not agree with me.

He doesn't need my ideas.
He says the heart is more important.

Perhaps he's right.

Have I hardened my heart?

Am I fit to be
one of his disciples?


I should go home.

Judas, don't lie to yourself.

The truth is that
in your heart

you no longer believe
that Jesus of Nazareth

is the Messiah.

There's only one way
to know the truth.

You knew that the very first time
that you came to see me.

Let Jesus prove himself
before the Sanhedrin.

It's too late.

He won't accept it.


There are many influential members
of the counsel who admire Jesus.

He will be fairly judged.

If he is the Messiah,
God will not abandon him.

If he is not,

then you will have helped to save
Israel from yet another false prophet.


We are happy to eat
this Passover with you.

I have longed with all my
heart to share it with you.

It is for this Passover that
I came into the world.

I shall not be
with you much longer.

You will look for me but,
where I am going you cannot come.

Master, I will follow
you wherever you go.

I will lay down
my life for you.


This very night before
the cock crows twice,

you will have denied three
times that you even know me.

Oh, Lord, never.


I will never deny you.

You will all lose faith.

The shepherd shall be struck
and the sheep will be scattered.

Even if all lose faith,
I will not...


I have prayed for you.

And once you have recovered,

you in your turn must
give strength to your brothers.

Truly, I tell you.

One of you
is about to betray me.


I'm sick at heart.

Who will betray you,
is it I?

He who dips his bread in
the dish when I dip mine.

He shall be the one.

One of us?

What you are going to do,
do it quickly.

Where is he going?

I don't know.

Blessed be thou the Lord our God,

Who has blessed us with thy laws

and made bread to be sowed
from the earth

from now on

this will no longer be the bread of the
passage of our fathers

from bondage to freedom.

This Passover is for you today

the passage from the bondage
of death to the freedom of life.

This is the bread of life.

Whoever eats this break
shall have eternal life.

Eat it.

For this is my body.

Do this in the remembrance of me.

From now on,

this cup will not only be a memorial
and sacrament

to the covenant that God made.

This is my blood.

The blood of the new covenant
which is to be poured out for me.

I shall not drink again from
the fruit of the vine

until the day I drink it with you
in my Father's kingdom.

And now I give you a
new commandment

that you love one another as
I have loved you.

Greater love hath no man than this,

but a man laid down
his life for a friend.

And if you love one another

all men shall know
that you are my disciples.


The hour has come.

Glorify thy son that thy
son may glorify thee.

Keep in thy name those
I have forgiven.

I do not pray for these only,

but also for those

who believe in me
through their word.

I am the way,

the truth

and the life.



lf it is possible,
let this come pass from me.

Let it be as you not I,
who would have it.

This is your hour, Judas.

The hour of shadows.

Oh master.

You betray your master with a kiss.

That is the man, arrest him.


What's happening?

You traitor!

You betrayed him!

Peter, Peter, Listen to me.

The only way the master can save
himself is by speaking to the Sanhedrin.

Leave him alone!

- They're going to kill him!
- Jesus!


No, Peter!

Get away you scum!

- Arrest them all!
- Zerah!

It is me you sought. You have
found me. Let them go.

Take him away.

Master, we must do something!
We must do something!

Where have they taken him?

Where have they taken him?


I must speak to Zerah!
I must speak to Zerah!

Is he in here?
They did bring him here?



Master Zerah please,
I don't understand this man.

Zerah, Zerah, Now

Now where is this meeting with Caiaphus?
I must be there with Jesus!

Meeting? There's no meeting.

There's a trial.

Your Jesus is accused of blasphemy.

You've been an invaluable help to us,

Come and see us when
all of this is over.

Well, you go what you wanted,
so get out of here.

Come on, Get out of here

Master Joseph.
We were coming to find you.

This is Martha, the sister of Lazarus

And Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Jesus has been arrested.

Yes I know. I've been called to a

meeting with the elders.

You have such great influence
in the Sanhedrin.

Please, will you help?

I'll try, you know that.

I'll do what I can.

I never understood how that liar could
have fooled so many people.

You were one of those
who believed in him, didn't you?

Well, I admit that I believed in him,
but we all believed him.

- And now that you've discovered the truth?
- He said a lot of things that I like very much.

- So what?
- And he did some good things.

Good things?
They were tricks of the devil!

All right, all right. He knows that he
was a liar and a blasphemer

and he betrayed us,
and now he will pay.

Come on, I'm sorry
I had to wake you up at this hour.

Master Nicodemus.

Brethren! Brethren!


Caiaphus, that he should be found like
a common thief is most unseemly of us!

Jesus, it is not our intention
to treat you as a criminal.

But you are due to explain to this
assembly the nature of your teachings.

What is this doctrine you and your
disciples are spreading through Judea?

I have spoken openly for
all the world to hear.

I have taught in the synagogues and
in the temple.

I have said nothing in secret.

So, why do you ask me?

Ask those who heard me.

They are my witnesses.

Caiaphus, I've heard him preaching.

I, I find nothing in his doctrine which
denies the basic principles of our faith.

Rabbi, we fail to understand the
meaning of many of your sayings.

For instance, there are witnesses who say
that you claim that you could destroy the temple

and rebuild it in three days.

No one could rebuild the temple
in three days.

What he said must have some
symbolic meaning.

I'm sure I've heard him say he could
rebuild it again in two days!

Three days, Four days in here!
Witnesses cannot even agree!

How can we remember every detail.

There was a riot which Jesus himself provoked,
but for which the Romans will hold us responsible.

The riot was provoked by Barrabas!

The Romans don't need an excuse.
We know what they have done to our people.

All of us here can remember an occasion
not so many years back

when a thousand of our people were
nailed to the walls of Jerusalem

because there were not
enough scaffolds

to satisfy the Romans lust for blood.

None of us I'm sure wants to give any more
victims to Pontius Pilate that we can prevent.

Of course not, Joseph,
we're all agreed upon that.

As Caiaphus has said,
this is not a trial.

We, we left our homes
we came here tonight

hoping that Jesus of Nazareth would
explain to us the purpose of his mission

and help to heal the divisions
of our community.

Brother we have often heard that you
have come to bring love and brotherhood.

I beg you, bring peace to our
gathering tonight.

Tell me

It has been said that you proclaimed
yourself the son of God.

I ask you now in the name of
the Eternal.

Are you the messiah, the son of God?

I am.

And you shall see the son of man
sitting at the right hand of the power of God.

Here O Israel

The Lord, our God The Lord is one!

We have heard enough.

Let him be taken before the procurator
and Pontius Pilate

in whose hands lie the final
authority for trial and judgment.

Let me get closer!

They will crucify him!

The son of God! Kill him!

Scold him!


Well, what happened to him?

They're sending him to Pontius Pilate!

We know how that will end up.

Wait a minute! I know you!
You were with that Jesus!

- You're one of his followers.
- No, I don't know him!

But he is! Look!

And I know him.
He is one of his followers!

I see him! I see him!

He's a liar. Arrest him!

I tell you I don't know him!

You are one of them. I saw him!

- What's going on here?
- Here's a friend ofJesus. A disciple.

Don't let him go.

Oh please.

Mistaken. I don't know this Jesus they
speak of, nor that they want rid of him.


Just keep quiet here.

Don't you know you are
on sacred ground?

Hear them? Free Barrabas!

Those crazy people.
They should be in here.

Your friends outside
want you set free.

So you carry on with your murdering,
I suppose.

I'm not a murderer.

I shouldn't be in with those two.

I'm a patriot.

You're all criminals.
Don't think you're any different.

It was he who did the murder, not me!

No, he talked me into it.
It was his idea.

When will it be?

When Pontius Pilate comes from Caesaria
for the Passover, or whatever they call it.

Listen, You've got to let me out of here,
I didn't do nothing!

Listen to me!

Free Barrabas! Free Barrabas, please!

Free Barrabas! Free Barrabas!
Free Barrabas!

You have no right to arrest him!
Free Barrabas!

- Welcome-
- Welcome?!

I leave for one week and I come
back and I find the mob clamoring

and you dare to say to me welcome?

Who's this Barrabas
they keep shouting about?

He's a zealot we arrested.

His followers have disturbed
the crowd.

I don't think their noise
will disturb my judgment.

Look, you take a hundred men
and you clear the street. I'm tired.

With respect procurator-

Please, I'm so tired!

Jerusalem is full of people,
there are many hotheads among them.

Yes, and they'll cool when they see
the example we make of their Barrabas.

Pontius Pilate, I'm afraid there's
another case of which I must cover.

Another one?

Yes, it was submitted to us by the Sanhedrin itself.
It concerns a certain Galilean preacher.

Quintilius, I am not interested in their
preachers nor their prophets, you know that.

Yes, of course, I know that.

The Sanhedrin whose- cooperation has been
very useful to us,

they consider it extremely important.

- Even urgent...
- Urgent? Urgent?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Maybe next week.

But first we'll deal with Barrabas.

Pilate, there's a delegation from
the Sanhedrin waiting outside,

and is lead by Zerah himself.

They have this, uh, this preacher, this
Jesus of Nazareth with them.

They, they want you to judge him.

Judge him? Zerah himself?

It must be important. No, no, no, no.

I don't want to get involved
in their religious quarrels.

This is the monthly
report of the prophets.

I thinks it's wise not to offend them
unnecessarily. I think you should see them.

Then have them in.

Don't stand there, bring them in.

Ah... Pilate

I'm afraid we must go to them.

We must go to them?

Yes, according to their beliefs, they must
not enter the house of a Roman, not on Passover.

They would be defiled.


I forgot about that.

All right.

We'll go to them.

Bring them to the great hall.

How does one govern such people?


We have found that this man
Jesus of Nazareth

distorts our peoples views on the
relationship between God and the state.

Furthermore, he perverts
the very heart of our religion.

I'm not concerned with people
who break your religious laws.

My function as governor here is to keep
the peace in the minister role of justice.

We know that procurator,

but this man also threatens
the established order.

If he were not a criminal, we would
not have brought him to you.

He calls himself the Christ,
which means the anointed one.

Thank you, I too know some Greek.

Well what else has he done?

Has he spoken against the Emperor?
Has he spoken against Rome?

Well, procurator, not directly no, but...

Not directly? Then he is your problem,

you'll have to judge him according
to your laws.

Procurator, for us, this man
Jesus is a blasphemer.

If we were a self governing nation,
we would have

the right to exact punishment,

which under the law of Moses is
laid down for blasphemy.

He made a triumphant entry into Jerusalem,
calling himself the king of the Jews.

A claim which we totally reject!

King of the Jews?

Well, whatever else he might have done,
such a claim is treason.

True, true, Alright alright,

I'll talk to him

Your Jesus.

- Not ours.
- Then whose? Whose?

Bring him in!

Is this the man you think
so dangerous?

This, the man that aspires
to be a king?

Come, Come, come, come!

Now the leaders of the Sanhedrin
accuse you of preaching perverted doctrines.


They also say you call yourself
the king of the Jews.

Well, are you king of the Jews?

If my kingdom were of this world,

my followers would have fought to
prevent me from being captured.

Oh, you speak of a kingdom,

therefore you must be a king.
Are you a king?

I am.

I was born for one purpose.

To bear witness to the truth.

All who can accept
the truth hear my voice

And what is the truth?

No, this man's no criminal.

He's a dreamer.
Take him away Take him away.

Have him flogged as a token of Roman
justice, that should wake him up.



We believers of the Sanhedrin, have
always had the same aim as you.

Peaceful administration of our country
for the good of people, and for many years-

Please, please, please, please
Don't talk to me about the people.

As long as they obey, who cares much
about your children of Israel

as we do the mob in Rome?

No, Zerah

Let us speak directly.

Why does the Sanhedrin consider
this man so dangerous

that they send you yourself here to
make sure that he's condemned?

Perhaps for the same reasons as you

if you knew him as well as we do

would also find him dangerous.

That's enough! Put his clothes back on.

...from Jerusalem as the king?
Look at him now!

So he's the king? The king of the Jews?

- Maybe we ought to dress him as a king!
- Hey, Don't use mine, use one of those!

Wait, Over here.

Here it is.

Come on. Here we are. Turn around.

- Look at him!
- Hey, hey wait a minute.

If he's the king, if he's the king,
he needs a crown!

Hey Majesty, high and mighty majesty!

Oh! Look at him!

I have it!

A king's crown!

He's got his crown!

He needs a scepter! Majesty!

A perfect fit!
Where's your throne, eh?

Now he's the king.

Tiberius will be getting worried!

Behold the men.

Well. What have you got to say
for yourself now?


Who are you?

What are you?

Well, say something!

Don't you want to defend yourself?

You want to die?

Don't you realize that I have the power
to release you or have you crucified?

You would have no power over me

if it had not been given
you from above.


Isn't there an ancient custom
honoring Passover

where the procurator can release
a prisoner sentenced to death

as an act of mercy?

Yes, That custom still exists.

And we have two prisoners.

- Barrabas?
- And Jesus.

So let the people decide.

I've made my decision.

The people will decide.

- Zerah-
- Take him away!

All right, Take this one away.

Get down to the prison and
bring Barrabas.

Barrabas! Remember? Barrabas!

Here, Here, Here Listen to me,
Listen, You two, listen.

When I give you the que,
you shout for Barrabas!

Barrabas has defending on you.
Barrabas has fought for you. Don't betray him.

Shout for Barrabas!

No, we must save Jesus,
he's a righteous man.

When did they arrest him? Late last night.
In the garden near Gethsemane.

Gethsemane? That's near where I live.

We must be prepared.
Barrabas must be freed at all costs.

Now, we put all our men.
Do you understand?

As a sign of his magnanimity
and his benevolence,

our divine emperor has decided that
the custom of releasing one prisoner

sentenced to death

in honor of your Passover shall continue.

We have two prisoners.

One! Jesus of Nazareth

Accused of treason by proclaiming
himself king of the Jews.

Any one who shouts for that false
prophet had better watch out.

Look at him, the king of the Jews.
What's happened to him?

You call yourself a king?



Accused of sedition and
murdering a Roman auxiliary.

Free Barrsbas!

Free Barrabas! He's one of us!

Give us Barrabas!

Which of the two shall
be released to you?

Jesus of Nazareth.

Guilty of proclaiming himself
king of the Jews



Release Jesus! He is the true prophet!

Free Barrabas! God save you!
Release him!

Free Barrabas!

False prophet! He betrayed us!
Kill Nazarite!

Jesus! Jesus!

We want Barrabas!

Free Barrabas! Barrabas!

- Free Barrabas!
- Jesus! Jesus!



Shut up, you scum!

Realease Barrabas!

Realease him! Kill Barrabas!

We can't let him go!

- We can't let Barrabas get away!
- Yes

- Soldiers won't like that.
- Move

Pilate, you're not going to
free Barrabas!

An assassin and enemy of Rome!

I wonder, who is the real enemy?

Jesus of Nazareth must be saved!

Let it be written

that Jesus of Nazareth is guilty of
treason by proclaiming himself

king of the Jews and is sentenced

to be crucified.

Hey Look, Where's the last prisoner?
Come on

Here's the man.

Come on

- Oh... King of the Jews
- Hurry up. This crowd worries me.

Take it

Come on, Make room Make room!
Get out of the way!

Save yourself, Jesus!

You betrayed us! You betrayed us!

Get back you scum!
Come on! Come on!

He's a traitor!

He's a prophet!

You betrayed us!


I know that sign. It is an insult!

He is not the king of the Jews!

Those are the orders we received!

Get out of the way!

Now all of you stay back!

Father Forgive them.

They know not what they do.

If you're what you say you are,

If you're the messiah,

Why don't you save yourself?

- And us.
- Leave him alone!

Don't you fear God even
when you are dying?

We deserve to die.

We are receiving the just
punishment for our crimes

But this man has done nothing wrong.


Remember me when you
come into your kingdom.

Today you will be with me in paradise.

Hey Hey Hey... You

- She is his mother.
- How can you prove it?

She is his mother.

Go to him.

- And who are you?
- Please

I'm with the family.

Is that right?

Yes, she is one of the family.



Behold your mother.


Behold your son.

He has saved others.
Why can't he save himself now?



lam? sabactini.


He's calling on the prophet Elijah.

No, he's not calling Elijah.

He's quoting the scriptures.

Even now, nailed to the cross
he quotes the scriptures.

Even now.

He was despised and rejected of men,
man's sorrows and equated with grief,

he was oppressed and afflicted,
yet, he opened not his mouth.

He was brought as a lamb to slaughter,

and as a sheep before its shearer is done,

surely he has born our griefs
and carried our sorrows

yet we didn't esteemed him stricken
speech of god and affliction,

that he was wounded for our transgressions,
he was abused for our inequities,

and through his wounds we are healed.

Yes Born again.


Into thy hands

I cometh to my in spirit.

It is completion

Oh my god, Oh my god

My god!

My Lord!

Please help me!

My god, my god please

Hey you, in the family Come
and take the body.

The tomb has already been provided
by a prominent member of your faith

who doesn't want his name
be revealed.

Pontius Pilate gave permission before
he went back to Caeseria.

Yes, yes, yes

But you don't understand.
Why should you?

It is of vital importance for us
to know where his tomb is.

With all due respect why is it
of such importance?

The man is dead.

Well since you've asked, there have been
rumors of this Jesus arising up from the dead.

And you believe this?

But it may prevail upon
the superstitious.

His followers could easily
remove the body secretly

and then they can talk of having
witnessed the resurrection.

Therefore, can the tomb be guarded?

No, there's nothing to stop
you guarding it.

No, there isn't, but it must be
carried out by your Romans.


Well, if we use our own temple guards,
his disciples could say

that he truly rose but that his
enemies denied it.

What sort of person are
you if l may ask?

His death is not enough for you?

I think your procurator,
if he were here,

would agree with me when I say

this Jesus could be much more
dangerous now that he is dead.

Therefore I would be grateful
if something could be arranged.

Very well then

A roman guard will be posted.

Hey stop!

Who are you? Where are you going?

We are the family of
Jesus of Nazareth who lies here.

What do you want?

To enter the tomb.


To anoint the body

to bring fresh linen, herbs,
spices. It is our custom.

Why didn't you do that
when you brought him here?

The Sabbath began,
we could not buy them.

What do you think?

They're only three woman,
let them go.

I suppose it'll be alright then.

You'll need an army
to move that stone.

All right then, let's go together.
But we'll need some help.

Hey Lenchilus, wake up!
Come with us.

Marcus, you watch the bridge!

Where you going?

Why do you seek the living
among the dead?

Jesus is not there.


Jesus is not here!

You sure?

I swear to Jupiter,
Hercules and Mars!

Yes yes, you've been awake all night
and haven't moved from that spot!

That's right! We were given strict
orders! Nobody's been near that tomb.

And those Jewish priests or whatever
they are were with us all the time!

Well then, who moved the stone?

- Who is it?
- It's me, Phillip!

- Did anyone follow you?
- No.

- Are you sure?
- Of course I'm sure.

Are they still looking for us?

On every corner one sees temple
guards and Roman soldiers!

This place isn't safe anymore,
We must go somewhere else!

But where can we go?

I wish we could go to Galilee.



Tell us. What should we do?

We must do what the master
would have wanted.

The master is dead, Peter.

- I thought you said you weren't followed.
- I wasn't!

- Mary
- Peter

All of you

I have seen him

Seen who?

The master

- You've seen him?
- Yes.

He is risen.

I saw him. I saw him

This morning, we went to the tomb,
and near the tomb was a man,

and a young boy

and the man said to me,

"Why do you look for
the living among the dead?

Jesus is not here."

So we went to the tomb.
We saw the stone was upturned.

The grave, the tomb was open.

We looked for him It was not him.

You mean the master's
body wasn't there?

- Had it been stolen?
- No, no no

Let me finish.

When we were leaving the cemetery,
I saw another man.

He saw how distraught we were.

He said, "Woman,

why do you weep?"

And then he said my name



It was then that I saw it was Jesus.

I fell to my knees
and I reached for him.

"Touch me not, for I have not yet
ascended to my father," he said.

"But go to my brothers and tell them."

You don't believe me.

You don't believe me.

I tell you I saw him. It was our Lord!

Mary, Mary


Oh John You don't believe me. You.

Mary, you're tired.


Please go.

I saw him, John. I saw him.

Women's fantasies.


Was his death a fantasy?

I saw him die!

I was there and I wept at his feet!

Why should he not then appear to me?

He is risen.

He told me to tell you,

and I have done so.

You wouldn't believe her.

Even when the master raised girus's
daughter you didn't believe it!

What do you mean? You believe her story?

Well, do any of you believe it?

Do you, Andrew?

Do you, James?

And you, Matthew?

Do you?



How can you?

Because he said so.

Because he wanted it to be so.

He wanted everything to
happened just as it did.

And I have always believed him.

But Peter, you denied him!
You denied him three times!


I denied him because I was a coward.

We are all cowards!

We accuse Judas of being the traitor,
but we all betrayed him.

We all abandoned him.

At least our brothers in the
Sanhedrin didn't know him.

The Romans

didn't know him

But we we ate with him.

We lived with him.

We knew that he was the Christ!

And still we betrayed him.

Brothers, can't you see?


You asked me if l believe he is risen.

Yes I do,

for I know in my heart
he will not abandon us.

I know in my heart he has forgiven me-


Forgiven all of us.

This is precisely what I feared.

His disciples must have come in the night,
removed the stone, and taken away the body.

I had guards here as you requested!

And your priests were here, too.

Now it begins.

It all begins.

It was written,

"The son of man will suffer,

and on the third day will rise again
from the dead to enter into His glory."

You are my witnesses to this.

Now my Father in heaven is
reconciled to the world,

and as he sent me,

so I am sending you.

Receive the Holy Spirit.

Go like lambs among wolves.

Make disciples of all nations.

Baptize them in the name of the Father,
and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

Teach them the gospel
and the commands I gave you.

Now, I am leaving the world again,
and going to the Father.

Oh Lord, stay with us.

For the night is falling,

and the day is all full.

Don't be afraid.

I am with you everyday until
the end of time.