Jeff (1969) - full transcript

How are you?

I'm fine.

How are you?

You're good?

Hi boss.

How are things going?

As well as they can.

Want to try luck?

You came alone?

- How are you? - I'm fine.

You play with me?

KLM 404 flight arrival ...

... from Amsterdam.


Would you expect someone, gentlemen?

We have an appointment with Mr. Grunstein.

We have an appointment with Mr. Grunstein.

Sr. Vanhoof.

Nice to meet you.

I am the assistant of Mr. Grunstein.

Follow me please.

I am delighted to meet you, Mr. Vanhoof.


- My assistant, Hugo. - Nice to meet you.

Sit down.


It takes over a formidable business, Mr. Vanhoof.

Mr. Riesbok has spoken very highly of you.

I am very grateful to Mr. Riesbok for giving me my first deal.

To sum it up, if I understood correctly,

... it would be better for both of us to bring us well.


... because it is the first time you do business with me from Mr. Riesbok.

And me...

... to get good conditions with you.

The merchandise I bring convince any client ...

... no need to seduce him.

Well, show me these wonders.

Please Hugo.

You are not...

Call your wife. Quick.



Yes darling...

I think it would be better than what these men did say.

I advise you very seriously ...

... that alarm only when his wife have collected.

Did they kidnapped?

- Obey these men, Pierre. - Yes ma'am.

These men are criminals and my husband's life is at stake.

When I was a kid, my mom took me in a car alike.

Did you just heard, Pierre?

Yes sir.

Shut up and running.

I loved our first meeting.

Sir, did something go wrong?

No, it's nothing.

Do you have a cigarette, sir?

Is this brand OK?

I will serve.

Thanks for the tip.

Let her run.

You shot you?


I had to do it.

- Everything went well? - All good. We have the briefcase.

Teach them the goods.

Is the amount we planned?


We will meet in four days as agreed.

Until then, stay calm.

Especially after the shit you just did.



Shoot a tire.

Eh, Jeff...

What if you have to say something to Jeff ...

... and it is not subject yours?

It's my business to decide what is a matter of Laurent or not.

Very well.

By the way...

I almost forgot to show you what I found.

Since we split everything in six parts.

Thank you.

You did well not to keep it.

Cerdan, Robinson...



Cohen. Robert Cohen.

Look. Robinson. I have it twice.

Carpentier. Mr. Carpentier.

I have all. - Okay, we know your memory book.

Very well.

Many great boxers have gone through my gym.

One day, about ten or twelve years ago,

... I saw a little guy go, those who destroy with just slap him.

15 kilos and that with weight pockets. You know what I mean?

The little guy asked me, Mr. Lescure could train me?

I looked at him and said .: train you for what, little one?

To tie his tie or clean the boots? He said to fight, Mr. Lescure.

I looked at him and said, wee,

... Do you think I'm a child molester?

He looked at me and said: It does not bother Mr. Lescure.

And three years later, that little, was the French champion of the lightweights.

Already I had told you? - Two hundred times.


But go ahead. Tell us again.

It will help pass the time.

Time passes very slowly.

When you wait,

... the eternal time ago.

Especially when you expect a guy who brings you a million dollars ...

... and it never has been delayed.

Not so, Merkes?

Yes, totally.

On the other hand, wait a million dollars ...

...I'ts something new for me.

I've noticed some girls.

Suppose you are expecting a girl.

With a bouquet of flowers under a streetlight.

If that's what you want...

Anyway, if you say that she is not going to appear,

... if you have faith,

... it will not appear.

But if you think yes, then you appear.

Have you noticed that?

- Hey! - What?

- That's telepathy. - Not at all, where did you get that?

It's all a matter of faith.

I guess you know a girl and a million dollars are different things.

Are we an assault?


Then I win by default.

That's. Win by default.

Are you afraid for your face?

That's. I'm scared.

It is interesting what you are reading?


But I like to read, right?

That depends on the day.

Today for example, I like.

Can you lift your own weight?

I will stretch out my hair if this lasts much longer.

If I lasts much longer what?

- Have not you seen the time? - It is half past seven.

And do you think are normal seven-thirty?

- What's so strange - strange thing would be that you were less idiot.

- I bet you could not do it. - Do you think that's all that matters?

This is what matters.

Life will always presents hidden problems.

And if that's all you have in your head,

... you will never be able to find them.

A fly into the trap. You will always be a lightweight.

You understand? A nobody.

You have talent, huh?

I have it here.

- At all times I'm thinking. - Yes? And what are you thinking about?

- In the situation. - What situation?

Two hours later.

That is a situation ..

...very serious.

If we were not expecting to Jeff if it would be a serious situation.

But as we are waiting for Jeff,

... we are lucky.

Of course.

Jeff will come.

Jeff will come alive or dead. - It's just that you said it was not normal.

Now wait.

I said it was not normal to be delayed, but never said I was not coming.

He even said dead or alive.

Have you ever heard of a corpse that comes with a million bucks?

You are very stupid, Pepin.

Idiot and skeptical.

All have flaws, Pepin.

What do you think, Laurent?

I'm not interested defects Pepin.

And what do you care?

At this point nothing. I'm waiting.

Waiting for what?

A Jeff.

Just like everyone.

Not like everyone.

Lescure said that two hours late is not normal.

Merkes think there is some trick.

Pepin does not believe that the dead return.

So just you and I who we are not nervous.

I have time.

And I also.

We will, in short, you and I have all the time in the world.

That's. You've expressed perfectly.

Dime, Laurent.

What are you gonna do with your share of the money?

And you Lescure?


I will build a modern gym truth.

Sauna, massage, therapists, appliances.

And women of high society come to lose weight.

They will be my only client.

You're right. That has a future.

In short, the later Jeff, your customers will have more weight.

And you make money from the latter.

Come on, come Lescure, stop putting that look. He was joking.

I like that.

I say there is something fishy.

I'm serious. Something is not normal.

I'm sure there's something fishy.

What fishy?

They are just four hours. - Four hours?

Four hours and twenty minutes.

Let's go. You do not mean suspicions Jeff, right?

No, I do not suspect anyone.

I thought I did.

Are you sure you do not suspect anything, Merkes?

- No, of course not, but ... - But what?

I thought you you suspected something.

None of us would dare to suspect Jeff.

¿Suspect him about what?


Let's say that you have missed the bus or have the wrong address.

Does that you might think? - No. You're the one who believes it.

Forgiveness for having dared to doubt the Almighty.

I mean...

I mean Jeff.

For you it's a pain in your ass, and that's not something new.

Now is a pain in the ass for everyone but you. That's what you mean?

Do you think Jeff has run away with the money?

If he did, he did well.

What do you mean?

Well that's what I would have done.

What kind of pig you?

Just I try to imitate Jeff.

You are really rotten, Diamant.

Rotten to the core.

As a team we have won the first assault.

Jeff has won the second.

Does anyone with me for the tie?


- You are with me? - Yes.

I also.

And you, Lescure?

I guess so.

You are alone, Laurent. Are you sure do not want to change your mind?

Very sure.

Then you are against us.

I'm not with you.

Bad thing.

I've been thinking about this for four hours and thirty-seven minutes.

And I have decided that it is high time to make a visit to Eva.

If you touch Eva, Jeff never forgive you.

Now suppose, as Merkes say.

Suppose Jeff's girlfriend tells us that the Almighty has had an accident.

And that is in a hospital. - We'll take a box of oranges.

There is nothing wrong with that, right?

If you touch Eva you'll sign your death sentence, Diamant.

If you're not on our side, you will have to stay here.

Like a good boy.

Until we get back.

¿Pepin? - Yes?

You stay babysitting.

By chance I brought my plaything.

Are you okay, Jeff?

Sorry if I hurt you.

Are you okay, Jeff? Oh, too much weight, right?

My pen? Where's my pen? I lost my...

Here it is.

That's life, Laurent, huh?

Lose the pen and suddenly find again.

You heard what Diamant said. You were a pig.

I had never thought of. Never.

You never should force us, Jeff.

Do you have any idea what is happening to your girlfriend, Jeff?

You do not even imagine it.

You want me to tell you? You do not want?

Still I'll tell you.

So you do not know anything about Jeff?

That's not normal.

That's not normal.

Higher and higher.

Has begun.

- Do not worry, Eva. - I'm hurt.

- Calm down. - I'm hurt.

What's going on? Where's Jeff?

- I do not know. - How?

It has disappeared, Eva. Surely it is in danger.

What do you know, Eve?

Jeff told me ...

... that if something was wrong, she should call Laurent.

Only Laurent.

And later?

Ir a ver Zucci,

...and later,

...a Degroot en Amberes.

Did you talk with them, Eva?

You told this to Diamant, right?

And I could not stand.

They hurt me. I was so frightened.

There should be...

I'm sure Jeff will understand.

Come on, Eva. We have to leave right away.

Bring some clothes.

Good workers, good girls!

Zucci bees are good workers. And a great queens

And more sweets and sugared blood of Jesus.

La miel de Zucci.

A good home for my queens, huh? You will taste the honey Zucci, right?

Oh, it has escaped!

And they are never sick.

Energy, vigor and youth ... and optimism!

Dime, Zucci.

¿Jeff looked calm you? - Totally, totally!

Energy, strength and youth ... and optimism!

- Did not he say anything? - Not a word, not a word.

- Did you was when you finished work? - What?

Yes, immediately.

Zucci made a beautiful work.

Just to keep his hand.

He made some arrangements. - Was only Jeff?

Sure, sure.

Why this, why that why Jeff and where is Jeff?

Everyone is curious, is not it?

Who is everyone?

Do you think you are the first to ask questions of Zucci this morning?

Who asked you first?

Nobody nobody.

Is nothing.

Jeff vino...

...five days ago.

Dijo: "Zucci,

... you know how to fix things, look at this. "

And I showed him.

Oh la la!

Oh la la!

It's beautiful, Jeff!

Zucci not read newspapers. He knows nothing.

He arranges things. And then, this morning,

... sees three types furious coming towards him.

Where's Jeff? Where's Jeff?

And now you ask me the same. I already understand everything.

Jeff played together and ...

Fortunately Zucci knows nothing.

He has no ears.

Just fix things.

They did not agree, precious?

These three types, as did they come from?

Sure, sure.

Come on, I have prepared coffee and honey.



The bees.

Shoot bees.

Let's go!

Let my daughters!

It is awful!

Do you think you are already in Belgium?

Can. But only now they are twofold.

Documentation, please.

They can go.

Coffee and rum with water, please.

Do not you want to sit?

Does it hurt the wound?

It's just a fever, I think.

I'll be fine.

Thank you.



A good rum and three pills.

That's an order.

Then I will obey.

Sorry, Laurent.


I feel ... be here.

Be tired...

... and a little sick.

You're not mad at me ...

... for supporting me in you?


I'll tell Jeff to protect me.

We were the only ones, you and I,

... that we still had faith in him.

He likes you a lot.

You never told you?


... but I knew.

I'll tell you when we find him.

"Laurent Porto good, Jeff."

I know it will not respond.


Because it will be no surprise to him.

I'll say him...

"Eva was very brave, Jeff."

For me it is normal. I do not deserve any congratulations.

I'm his wife.

That's not always a good reason.

You know what I was doing before I met Jeff?


And it's not my business.

I was nineteen and was a whore.

It was a bitch.

- Shut up, Eve. - Do not.


Then he continues.

Jeff showed me it was not a prostitute.

I had never been a whore.

He said, "Whatever your opinion, this issue has no argument."

I believed him.

I get it.

Let's go.

Thank you.

A curious pair, huh?

So you think?

If we spend the night here, I promise to be good tomorrow without taking aspirin.

We may have to leave immediately after seeing your friend DeGroot.

In that case, I shopped some aspirin.

How long have you know the DeGroot ago?

Three years ago.

Jeff is an old friend of Peter and Madeleine and I became friends.

¿La Sra. Degroot?

Yes. It's French.

It's four o'clock.

The gallery must already be open.

But if Eve.

Of course it is Eva!

I am delighted to see you. You too?

Well of course.

Te presento a Laurent Valois. Madeleine.

Well, follow me. I guess you will not have come for you to restore a painting.

Sorry, Madeleine. Is Peter?

No. Would you want to see him?

Or is your friend, Madeleine?

I need to see it as soon as possible.

Sorry, but we could go Mr. Valois and I ...

... directly to your home?

Is it something serious?


Well, Peter is in Brussels and do not know how to contact him.

But it will not take long.

Anyway, as soon return, and if they are still in Antwerp ...

Yes, I'm in the Nautilus hotel. It is important.

Can you tell Peter I tell him?

But you can also count on me, Eva.

Thanks Madeleine.



Do you want a drink, Eva? Something of alcohol?

Yes. I'll let you choose.



DeGroot awaits you at the bar.


Yes, Eva.

We a Jeff.

And everything went as agreed.

It was good?

Of course Mr. Everything was good.

Jeff is gone, Peter.

Do you think he has returned to France? - I did not ask anything.

Do not you say anything?

You know, not usually answer questions that do not do it.

Two men, Diamant and Merkes are trying to find.

Maybe to kill him.

- Madeleine told me he went through the workshop. - And if they wanted to find?

I'll tell you exactly what I told you.

I beg you, Peter. If you know something else ...

...tell me.

You know Jeff, do not you, Eva?

And you know me.



Why not talk Peter?

I do not know, Eva.

Now relax.

Why, Laurent?

Your hands are burning.

Lay down.

Do not think about anything.

And you?

Do you not going to think about anything?




Jeff did not betray us.

He did not go with money.

I'm sure he fell into a trap.

The two must trust him. Please.

Do not move.

Because if you think it is long,

... then I'll be alone.

No, you will not be alone.

I hope so.

I hope so, because it would not be able to bear it, you know.


And if you did to me what others think they did to them?

What if he also lied to me?

What if I abandoned my luck?

Then, I go crazy.

And you, Laurent, what do you think?



You may have a reason Jeff.

His motive.

Even if you do not find ...

Even if you do not understand ...

I keep admiring him.

No good talking like me help.

Would you help me if you keep me.

I will continue, Eva.

With you.

Can you please stop playing with goggles?


You are nervous? - Do not.

I just try to think.

So you saw Jeff ...

You stayed and did the goods to be paid, is not it?

That's exactly what I just said.

¿By whom?


¿With whom did you do to be paid?

Karl Ziegler.

Do you know him?

No but...

... I understand that Jeff had absolute confidence in this man.

Is that so?

So I put the money agreed in the hands of this man.

He immediately called Jeff ...

... to reassure him about my punctuality.

As soon as he received the policy, Jeff left.

Since then I have not seen.

Why not pick Jeff money directly from you?

If you want more details, they should talk with Mr. Karl Ziegler.

If Jeff ran off with his money, is not my business.

I paid.

The rest does not interest me.


A drink, gentlemen?

Would you let me?.

This is not normal.

There is a trap. - Are you sure?

Eve. I'll see you around Tuesday. Havanha Blaukenberg. I have news. Come.

- Madeleine. - Do not touch me!

Tell her.

I'm sure your story will interest you.


Peter is dead.

He killed him.

But he's just an animal.

It Laurent, it's you, it's Jeff who have killed him!

He's dead because of you!

Come on, he continues.

You did not understand, huh?

Jeff and Laurent were accomplices.

The money was given to Laurent by Peter, stupid.

In Paris.

You have been used, they have used you.

You were the proof of the innocence of Laurent and who sought him. You understand?

And at the same time...

... they were eliminated at the group.

They were set up.

Then they asked Peter ...

... to send the survivors to Ziegler to remove them.

But Ziegler never existed.

And Peter was also due to Jeff.

And so now he is dead.

Dead because Jeff and Laurent are scum!

Do you know where he is now Laurent? He has gone to meet Jeff.

They are march with money without you!

Without you because they no longer serve them all!

My Peter died because of that money, madness,

... because of these scoundrels.

Because of your fault!

I do not understand.


It's very clear. Let's go.

Turn around.

You have the money?


Very well.

Is everything in order?



... then you tell me.

Drink a coffee.

I change clothes and go.

No, Jeff.

We will not leave.

I came to kill you.


I was glad when he came.

If I wanted money,

...I already had it.

There was no need to kill me.




I'm dying because Laurent fell in love with you.

It's as simple as that.

And that's the only thing I did not plan.

No, that's not true.

It has not happened that way.

And you also love him.

Go and find him.

So I did not plan it.

Jeff, you have no right.

You can imagine that if you have no remorse for killing me,

... it means that it is hard enough to get to the end.

That did not plan ...

Not return you find. - Do not.

You have no right.

I do not want you to hurt yourself.

You hurt me, Eva ...

I've done a lot of damage ...

I swear you'll never find.