Jeepers Creepers III (2017) - full transcript

Set between the first and second film, Sgt Davis Tubbs assembles a task force to destroy the Creeper once and for all while growing closer than ever before to learning the secrets of its dark origins, as the monster terrorizes a local farming community.





Every 23rd year, for 23 days,
it gets to eat.

And the things it leaves behind...

like the thing it left in Poho
County that night...

the nightmare on four wheels...

was a horror all its own.

Go get the sergeant.



We got the truck open.


Goddamn slaughterhouse on wheels.

Police scanner.

It's been listening to us.

Whatever it is.

Some of this stuff, I don't
wanna know what it's made of.

Where the hell's that tow truck?

En route.

Coroner's still down near the

Should I get him up here?

Those aren't for sewing.

I don't wanna know for what.

Get that goddamn thing in the

Oh, my God.

I don't believe it.

Jesus Christ, where the hell
have you been?

How many you lose tonight?

You hold it together and you
answer me.

Three officers, an inmate down
in the jail...

And then the kid.

The one he flew off, with.
Name of Jerry.

His name was Darry Jenner!

His sister's a train wreck.

She's inside, waiting for her

they're driving in from

Where's the last place you
saw it?

Don't touch that, and stay back!

Show me.

We threw everything we had at
it, Danny.

All the fire and manpower this
building had to offer.

And it just made a whole lot
of noise...

and flew off with exactly what
it wanted.


Don't you want us tailing that

They just towed it out of here.

Oh, no, no, no, no!

Can't raise 'em.

They're not answering any

Where are they taking it?
To impound, where else?

Jesus Christ, we couldn't leave
it sitting there!

You saw what it did!

We gotta get an armada around
that thing.

You make it happen, now!
Anybody, everybody!

Get on out there!
Move fast!

Just a goddamn minute Danny.

You tell me how the hell you
know about any of this!

'Cause what happened here,
happened before!

You think that thing torched
that church tonight...

because it wanted a campfire?
It was destroying information!

Trying to get rid of what it
doesn't want us to know!

And that truck?

That truck is that thing's
rolling history.

Which is why we get it in the
impound and tear it apart!

It ain't gonna make it to the

Looks like a Rio.

An old Chevy Cab-o.

Cab over engine, I'd say 1940s.

That cow-catcher's gotta be

You wanna tell me what the
hell a truck like that...

needs a cow-catcher, for?

If you knew what was inside
that thing...

that wouldn't be your only

Dana, listen up and listen good!

I'm sending units to you, right

Code 3, you read me?

Code 3!
Come again, Sergeant?

Just tell that driver to put
his foot on the gas...

and drive like hell to...

What the hell?

What is that?
Jesus Christ!

Holy shit!


has a scent.

And I've seen that thing inhale it.

Like it could sample fear,
right out of the air.

Dispatch, this is Lang with the
impound vehicle, please respond.

That's how it picks what parts
of us to eat.

Captain, are you in range?

And it eats...

This is Dana.

We have a situation with the
impound vehicle.

to rebuild itself.

You hear that?

It's coming back.

What the...



It never hunts in the same

for more than a day.

It's done with Poho County.

All we can do now is head north,
and follow the birds.

It's not much, but it's all
we know.

Ravens and crows.

They travel when it does.

Davis, I've looked that ugly
thing eye-to-eye.

23 years ago.

I know it.

And it knows me.

Why do you do this?

It hurts too much.

Seeing you like this...
Mom, just listen, okay?

Time's up.

It's coming back, just like
I said.

Stop asking.

It doesn't matter.

You tell me why it's coming

Pieces of it left behind.

They're full of secrets about it.

That's what's buried, up here?

A piece of it?
There's no more time!

It's coming here, and you can't
be here, when it does.

How do you know it's coming?
I'm a part of it, now!

How many times do I have to
tell you that?

It knows what's buried here, and
it will come and take it back.

Oh, killing you wasn't enough?
Why didn't it take it 23 years ago?

It ran out of time!

It always runs out of time.

I can't keep telling you this.

If you won't leave to save yourself,
then do it to save Addison.



What are you talking about?

Do you think we have any money?


are you listening to yourself?

Are you listening to yourself?

How are we supposed to do that?

Where are we supposed to go?

Ugh, just leave!

Just pack up and go!

Pack up everything...

Leave it where?
It knows it's here, Mom...

'cause I'm a part of it, and
it's a part of me.

Today, tomorrow, or sometime

it is going to walk up this hill...

and it is going to dig this
thing up...

right where I'm standing.

And when it comes...

it'll kill anyone that's still

Go away, mom.


Good morning, handsome.

Hey, you hungry, buddy?


Come on.

Gotta go talk to Grandma.

I don't want to do it alone.


Are you okay?

I'm taking the truck into town.

We need hay.

Who's going to pay for it?

I was thinking, maybe we still
had some credit at Hooks'?

He called again.

We owe them more than we can pay.

Cal did say that he...

Grandma, no.


I already told you, I'm not
selling Rocket, Grandma.

Selling him would be like giving
away my own child.

What a good mother might have
to do...

so that child wouldn't go hungry.

I want you to go away for a
few days.

Maybe stay with Gracie?


Can you?

Is there something that you
don't want me here for?


Unexpected company.

You've got your team.

You got experienced men who
know this thing.

The team is more than law

The team of shopkeeps, farmers...

anyone who's looked this thing

and lived to tell about it, and
wants to do something about it!



You the best goddamn sharpshooter
in all of Poho county...

or any other county.

You got questions about that
too, now?

When I raised my gun to that

I couldn't pull the goddamn

'cause I couldn't believe what
the hell I was looking at.

This thing rewrites all the rules,

And going after it...

It scares the hell out of me.

A brave man is either scared...

or he's a goddamn liar.



This his old man's truck?

It's an old vulcan cannon.

She's amped up to shoot 20
millimeter rounds...

6,000 rounds a minute.

You test this thing?


is this thing tested?

This thing throws up a wall
of fire.

A wall of fire that nothing from
this world...

or the next, can get through!

Not without being torn into
a million pieces.

She may not fly, but this is
our killing machine.


He watched that thing fly down
and punch a hole in his old man.

He stood there and watched it...

pull the heart right out of his
daddy's chest...

and swallowed it, right before
his eyes.

Miller was only ten years old!

You're not losing your mind,

You just got blooded, last

Now, you want to guess how much
blood I got on my hands?

You've seen that thing, now.

So, you got blood on your
hands, too.

And no matter what you do,
it's gonna stay there.

Whether you walk away, or not.

Rendezvous at Station One!



Can I bag some hay off you?

Sure, stranger.

Our horses are up in Boulder.

You're not up there with
Rocket, winning trophies?

Can't even afford the gas to
drive up there, right now.

What's the matter, your grandma?

Yeah, she was up on the hill
again, this morning.

Screaming at the wind, calling
it Kenny?

Didn't he die, like twenty
years ago?


You know you got a rabbit in
that trap?

That's what it's there, for.
So, it's suffering!

You just gonna leave it in there?


Mom, he's got a rabbit in the trap.
Hey Addy, long time, no see.

Mom said they were eating up
her garden.

I didn't say you should trap them.

You didn't say I shouldn't!
How's your grandma doing?

He doesn't care about the garden.

He traps them because he likes
killing them!

He's sick!

I mean, who likes to trap and
kill things for fun, huh?

Psychos, maybe? He's too stupid
to even know he is one.

Alright, stop. And you, take
care of this before you leave.

By which I mean, let it go.

It's not in any pain.

Don't leave it in the trap.
It's cruel, honey.


It's a rabbit, mom. Do you know
how small their brains are?

Ten times bigger than yours?
Well, then you let it out!

And I hope it bites you.
It's a wild animal, idiot.

It's kill or be killed.

Just let it go and stop trapping
them, okay?

You're all a bunch of women.


Get back here.

Tell 'em about the law of the
jungle, will you, Addy?

Kirk, get out of the car and
let it go.

What's out in the hay barn?

Dad took what we had.

That's okay.

I'm on my way to Hooks' anyway.

Oh, are you?

Yes, and shut up.

Buddy Hooks' got a huge crush
on Addy, Mom.

But neither one of them are brave
enough to do anything about it.

You wouldn't want to come with
me to Hooks', would you?

And get in the way?

Do you like him, or not?

He does have a really cute butt.

And from that springs love!


What the hell is that?

Somebody just ditched it, out

Hell, I would.

What do you think's in it?

Rust and cow shit.

What do you think's in it?

No way.

Oh, hell no!

"No way" what?

Look at that license plate.

"Beating you?"

"B-Eating You," and no fucking


No way, that story's bullshit.

No, no.
I heard it really happened.

Yeah, I did too.

Real people disappeared.

Twenty years ago.

23, and it's just a story.

What story?

The guy who drove around and
ate people!

In a scary-ass old truck with
that license plate.

Jeepers creepers.


Wasn't that the song the guy
sang or something?

Look, it's homemade.

At least one idiot every Halloween...

makes a license plate that
says that.

You think it just drove in?

The tracks look fresh.

You think somebody could be
in there?

Yeah, it's warm!

Of course it's warm, you dipshit.

It's been sitting out in the

Who'd dump it out here?

Who wouldn't?


Can't see shit.

I'd say we beat it in case
they come back.

Anybody in there?

Hello, in there?

What the fuck is wrong with
you, man?


I was just knocking.

Well, don't!

What's this thing on the front?

What thing?

This thing I'm peeing on.

It's a cow catcher.

They put it on front of trains
back in the old days.

Who'd put it on a truck?

This thing is made up of so
many different parts.

It's like a frickin' Frankenstein

Man, I say we get the hell
out of here.

Wait, break the windows first?

Hell yes, we do!

We gotta kill Frankenstein's
truck, right?

Dibs on the windshield!

Kiss my ass, you ugly old bitch!


You see that?

Thing tried to kill me, nicked
my fuckin' ear.

Maybe it tries to kill things
more stupid than it.

What the hell?

Those can't be real.

Those flies are real.

That smell is real.

Oh, jeez...

Hey, you.

You gonna be driving up to
see us?

Go Eaton Valley, right?

So, ten bales of Alfalfa?


No Grandma today, huh?

How's she doing?

You're not on the load list.

D'you want to talk to my dad?

Do you want me to?

I should put her on my load list.

You know why she lives with
her grandma, right?

Addy couldn't get along with her

so, instead of kicking him out...

her mom ships her ass out here,
to live with her crazy grandma.

Can you really blame me, though?
I mean, look at her.

The heart wants what it wants,
am I right?


And mine wants you to shut
the fuck up.


I'm just going to go to Carlin's...

and see if we have some credit,
out there.

Hey, just wait a minute...

What happened?


Load it up and get it out there
now, he's waiting for it.

What are you doing?

She loves that horse more than
anything in the world...

and right now it's got nothing
to eat.

'Cause they're broke!

You think we're ever going to
see the money that they owe us?

The state's not even sending
them checks, anymore.

And how do you know that?

Biggs down at the post office.
How do you think?

Make your point, dad.

You can do better.

That's my point.

Got some hay for you!

Turn that thing around!

Let's get your horse some

Whats the problem?

I thought you said you have
a hungry horse.

Get it out!

We gotta call someone!

Just get it the hell out!
What do you want us to do?

Alright, it's long enough.
I can pull it out.

Do you want me to pull it out?

Just call someone!

There's no fucking service out

so, shut up about the goddamn
phone, alright?

Kirk, look at me!
Just do something!

Like, what? What the fuck do you
want us to do?

You want us to try and pull
it out?

Alright, hold him up.

Oh, shit.

Okay on three, you ready?

Hold him steady, come on!

On three, I'm going to pull like
a son-of-a-bitch.

You guys ready?



Oh, sh...


What the fuck?

Help, help!

No, no, help!






Help! No!



Don't leave me.
I'm not!

I don't know what to do.

Maybe we could cut the cable.

With what?

Try the phone again.

Oh, my God...
Come on!

So, this is the famous Rocket,

He's a beauty.

You understand what I'm saying,
don't you?

Every word you're saying.


Well, in that case, do you
think Addy here would ever...

be interested in seeing a guy
like me?

In the city...

my mother and I had a cat.


I liked the cat.

Crapped in her boyfriend's shoes
every chance it got.

What happened to the boyfriend?

She married him.

They got rid of the cat.

Look I...

I'm not great at this, and
when I get nervous I start...

talking too much.


Is that your grandmother?

Thank you for the hay, but
please just go.


You wouldn't want to come?

I mean, I gotta get the rest
of this stuff up to Bernardi's.

You ever been, up there?
It's really something.

I mean, only if you want to.

I'd love to.


What are you doing?

I need to know what you found.
Mom, what are you doing?

And why it killed you, for it.

No, you don't.

You don't want to see what it'll
show you.









Come on, Gaylen, you out there?

I got a lot of units headed
out to station one.

What is that, a roll bar?

You reinforce this thing?

First time I met Gaylen, was
twenty-three years ago.

On the worst night of her life.

Her son Kenny and his date,
Dara Cleeway...

disappeared on the way to the

All they found was a red pickup
and no bodies.

When Gaylen finally believed
what happened to Kenny...

she asked if she could join
the team.

That was the beginning for me.

Like last night, was the beginning
for you.


Oh, my...

That looks like Wildfire.

That's a $200,000 horse.

Yeah, and that looks like
Nightmare, with her.

What are they doing out?

I don't know.

Where is everybody?




Go tell the sheriff to get
up here, and fast!

Bring everything he's got.

Get out of here, and keep your
eyes on the sky!

Do it!

Lock your door.

What's going on?
I don't know.

There's men under that trailer.

Roll your window up.

What's happening?

Come on!

Stop making noise!

Who's that with you?

Addison Brandon.

What's going on?

I got guns in the barn.


For what?

Do you think you could make
a run for it?

I'd do it myself, if it weren't
for this leg...

and this goddamn cane.

What about those guys under
the truck?

They won't move.

They think they know this thing.

They got a name for it.

Mr. Bernardi, what...

who are you hiding from?

I don't know!

I've seen it, and I still don't

Something came down and got

Came down?

Spooked the horses so bad, they
jumped both the fences.

It tried to come down and get
me, too.

What did?

Let me tell you, I put up
a fight.

What are we talking about?

I dropped them out there,


Gaylen Brandon!

Hello Gaylen!

Mrs. Brandon?


I've been calling you.

What the hell is the matter?

He's here.

Is that what you came here to

'Cause if not, he will be.

What happened?

Just tell me one thing.

Did you bring something that
can kill it?

He found it twenty-three years


The night before he died.

It fell from the sky.

He didn't tell me he took it

or, that he hid it in the hay

The horses wouldn't stay in
the barn, with it.

Mom, get the horses!

He wouldn't say what was happening.

Mom, just get the horses!

He must've touched that thing,
and that was why he...

was so angry and frightened.

He wanted to kill it, whatever
it was.

Maybe he thought he did.

I trapped him.

It's under there.

Be careful!

If you touch that thing, if
you put your hand on it...

you'll see.

You see...

how it came to be...

and what it is.



Stay down.

Quick, can you see anything?


There's knives and stuff, on
both sides.

Can you reach one and I cut
your rope?

I tried, but it's hard for me
to move.

You think her dead kid came
over the hill, this morning...

to tell her to vacate the premises?

What if she's right?

What if she can learn that thing's

just by touching that piece,
of its own flesh?

You're going to go over there and
hold hands with it, aren't you?

Just like she did.

What do you think this is, if
it isn't a war?

One that absolutely won't stop...

until that damn thing doesn't
exist, anymore.

This thing gets away again...

I'm either going to be dead...

or too damn old, next time.

What if the secret to what
this thing is...

is the secret of how to kill it?


Sometimes he comes back fast.

It's usually with another body...

and you don't want to be here
for that.


No fucking way, Addy.
Oh, my God.

My leg.
I can't walk on it.

But I can drive, myself. Just
get... get me out of this.

I checked.

They're dead.

He thinks I'm dead too, and
probably you.

Why aren't we?

I was passed out when he wrapped
me and threw me in here.

But, from what I could tell...

I think he was in too big of
a hurry...

to care if we are, or not.

Yeah, well, let's get out of


Only he opens those.

You try, it'll split you in two.

This whole fucking truck is
a death trap.

Maybe the front.

Try the driver's door.

What do you see?

It just looks like a door handle.

There's a chain, should I try

Try what?

I don't know, maybe it does

I think maybe the horn.

Try the door handle.

Say a little prayer, that one
of these doors opens.

Get behind him.


behind him.

Put your hands on him.


I know where you're going.

You will come back.




Look at me, boss!





Danny, look at me.

I'm next.


Are you out of your goddamn

With all due respect, sergeant,
you stand down.

You don't tell me to stand down.

You don't know!

Not like us.

You got no takeaway in this.




What are you...

Stop, stop!

Get him off!

...anybody out there read me?

Repeat, this is Deputy Michael...

Get off me!

Any team members out there at
all, copy me? Repeat!

Deputy Mike McGrail...

I've got a flipped vehicle in
a field off Kearney Road...

and I mean upside-down and
still smoking.

It's headed to the Nine.
Who is this? Is that the sheriff?

This is Team Leader, Miller.

We copy, and are putting rubber
to the road.

Maybe, fifteen minutes away.

No lights, no sirens!

If this thing hits the Nine,
we're going to take it by surprise.

You and Brady, you come in from
the east.

Miller, you and Jenkins see
if you can find a road...

that gets you in front of it.

The point is to stay alive.

It's what your old man would've

You find Addy, and the two of
you get the hell out of here...

and don't come back until I
tell you different.

So, you're just okay, now?

I just saw you rolling around
on the ground...

like you were having a brain

I can drive, Danny.


Danny, goddammit, move over
and let me in there!

I got no idea!

Sheriff's up in Kissell, says they
can't even get a man down here.

Bud is really scaring me.

He's in some kind of shock,
or something...

and he's not snapping out
of it.

I'm getting ready to run him...
I let her go.

I let her go.

I couldn't hold on, Dad.

I let her go, and now she's out
there with that thing, somewhere!

Now just... sit.

I left her out there!

Sit down.

I left her, dad!

Sit down and stop, stop talking.

All I know is that the truck
looks like it's been rolled.

It's missing a goddamn...

Jesus Christ!


It's not about what I saw.

If I even knew what that was...

It's just how much bigger it is.

How much older.

It's ancient.

Talk to me Jenkins, please.


Goddamn, nothing!

Holy Mary, mother of God.

You son of a bitch.

Be straight with me.

Can we kill this thing?

You still a sharpshooter?

You bet your sweet ass I am.

Hang on!

Get me up closer to that son
of a bitch!

Take his tire out!

Hit him again!

What the hell are they made of?


Son of a bitch!

Hold on!

What the hell?


Oh, come here, you big ugly

Oh, my sweet...

Everything ricochets off that

Mikey, come in!

Mikey, listen to me!

That truck is not...

Straight at it, Jenky!


Mikey, come in!

Michael, don't shoot at the
goddamn truck!


Do you read me?

Mikey, come in!

Mikey, come in!

Michael, pick up!

Mikey, do you read me?

Don't shoot at that goddamn

For my old man and a thousand
others, you ugly motherfucker!

Hold on!

Put your belt on!



Gah, Danny!

Take this!


Cover me.


Get down!

Don't give him what he wants.

Swallow your fear.

Don't give it to him.

You cover me as best you can...

then you haul your ass out
of here.

It can't get both of us, if
we split up.

Split up?

We both gotta take him, Danny!

We need the firepower!


Hey, you!


Get the hell out of here!


Whatever you think you can do,
you can't.

You're not going to stop me...

so, go away.

They took her, mom.

It's got Addison, now.


Where's Addy?

You have reached the Tri-County
Sheriff's Department...

servicing Bannon, Kirtulla, and
Poho Counties.

This line is for emergency
calls, only.

If this is an emergency, please
hold the line.


Every 23rd Spring, for 23 days...

it gets to eat.

That's what we know.

And the terrible things it
leaves in its wake...

missing fathers and mothers.

Brothers, sisters, daughters
and sons.

We know that, too.

The creature reshapes our minds...

and changes the course of our

What are you doing, here?

They're picking me up, here.

I didn't miss 'em, did I?

They're picking you up, here?

So, I could say goodbye.

They don't care, it's on the

Really, are you doing okay?

I'm out of the house.

Out in the sunshine.

And back with your old boyfriend,

They say he's gone, you know.

Do you really believe it?

Gone for another 23 years?

Think we'll still be around
here to find out?

I'm going to worry about you.

I can't believe they're letting
you go.

For the last time we made it
to state...

I don't think the armageddon
will keep us from going.

Is that your dad talking?

Oh, I got family up in Bollander.

I might stay an extra day.

I'm gonna miss you.

Well, I'll miss you more, I bet.

Keep an eye on my truck for me.

At the end of those 23 days...

in an open field, by a broken-down
school bus...

it once again ran out of time...

at the rusty tip of a homemade

But most of you know this,

But I record these words as
a testament.

This 23rd Spring is a call
to arms.

We will not fail, and we will
not fear.

My name is Trisha Jenner...

and this time when it comes...

I will destroy the thing that
killed my brother.


come and get me, you son of
a bitch.