Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003) - full transcript

Stranded on a lonely road, a schoolbus full of high school basketball players, their coaches, and cheerleaders must defend themselves from the Creeper - a flesh-eating ancient beast that resurfaces on the earth every 23 years to feed. Meanwhile, a farmer and his son set out on a personal mission to hunt the Creeper down.

Billy! You get
number three up now!

Don't come in to
eat before you do.

Check the other two. Make
sure they're wired up good.

I don't want them blowin' over
again, the first big wind.

Lot of good they're doin'.

Billy, you been messing
with the post puncher?


I told you what would happen if
you screw around with this thing.

I said I didn't!

Don't want 'em
blowin' down again.

Big wind, my ass.

You're the only
big wind out here.


You been messing with the
damn post puncher again?


Billy, you little asshole! Why don't
you rat yourself out for a change?

What did I do?

You little butt sniff.

I ought to come out there
and kick your ass!

You Wish!

Yeah, go on, Mac. Go bite him
in the ass for me, Macky boy.

God! Would you shut up?






Where are you?




Let go! Help me, Dad!


Help! Help, help, Dad, help!


Help! Help me! Dad!


Dad! Let go!




Bannon Bantams! Bannon Bantams!

Go Bantams! Go Bantams!

Go Bantams!

Tough as nails, hard as rocks,

we are Bannon's fighting cocks!

Fighting Bantams,
tough as nails!

Bow down now or kiss our tails!

Out for blood,
we're lean and mean!

Bannon County's death machine!

Bannon Bantams! Bannon Bantams!
Go Bantams!

Bannon Bantams power and might!

Bannon Bantams, fight, fight, fight!

Bannon Bantams, we're the word!

You don't mess
with a mighty bird!

Down the court,
we'll clean your clock.

Better not mess
with the fighting cock!

Bannon Bantams! Bannon Bantams!
Go Bantams!

Bannon Bantams, wings of steel!

Bannon Bantams.
Kill! Kill! Kill!

Who was that? Don't even ask!

These big Bantams
kick your ass!

Strike like
lightning from the sky!

Screaming out our battle cry!

Bannon Bantams! Bannon Bantams!
Go Bantams!

Go Bantams!

Go Bantams!

Hard as rocks, we are
Bannon's fighting cocks!

How long can they keep this up?

Forever. They have a fight song
with the word "cock" in it.

Why aren't you sitting
with your honey?

Someone should tell him he just
won the state championship.

I have a feeling he didn't
get to play enough.

Well, shouldn't you
be sitting with him?

After a game, he says he
needs to be with the guys.

You kill his post-game buzz?


If they lose, it's a
totally different thing.

Can't pry him off me.


Okay, everybody stay down.
Sit tight.

Son of a bitch.

What in the hell
would you call that?


I don't know, but
whatever it is,

it's sharp as a son of a bitch!

What in the hell
are we looking at?

It's sharp enough to flatten
a tire, whatever it is.

You know how thick
that rubber is?

It had to be shot into
it like a bullet.

Jesus Christ! The damn
thing has got teeth in it.

They can't just whip the jack
out and pump this mother up?

Driver can't change a flat on a bus.
They need a mechanic.

- So?
- So?

Do you see any
mechanics around here?

You sucked so bad today,

they're probably saying
you gotta change the flat.

Where she'll
give us the latest update on...


A continuing story we call,
"The Horror in Poho County."

- Sheila?
- Hey, Poho update.

Well, Peter, the fire
which gutted an old church

south of Pertwilla
four days ago,

continues to offer up
a gruesome bounty.

County sheriffs excavating
the charred ruins say

the body count is
now up well past 300.

County coroners say the bodies
were found stitched to each other,

covering the basement's
walls and ceiling.

One on-the-scene
witness called it

a human tapestry
of torture and sadism

and a sight he
will never forget.

Sheila, the details keep
getting stranger and stranger

every day this week, it seems.
Any new information?

Some of the corpses they had
found had false teeth made out of wood.

That means some of the bodies they're
finding down there are over 200 years old.

But, Peter, it's the
condition of the cadavers

that's the strangest
fact of all.

The County coroner's
office reported yesterday

that they have yet to find
any one complete body.

Believe that, man?
No, they're making it up.

Each one missing either an
external limb or an internal organ.

What connection this has...

This is 226 on East Nine.
We are down and disabled.

Home base, do you read me?

You get a good look at
the points on this thing?

It's either ivory
or some kind of bone.

Throw that damn thing away
before you need a tetanus shot.

Pop! Pop, he dropped something.


It was out in the corn, Papa.

Here, look at it.

We're out on East Nine. We
are down and disabled. Come back.

Say again, this is 226.

Anyone read me?

We are down and disabled
out on East Nine. Come back.

We gotta be in some kind
of sun spot or something.

There's no signal getting out.

It's gonna be
dark in about an hour.

Well, we still got
five tires on the ground,

which means we can probably limp
home if we keep to goin' slow.

Say again. This is 226.
Anyone read me?

All of you at the same time?

Lady cheerleaders?

That's not smoke
I smell, is it?


There's not a girl
in the world these days

stupid enough to kill themselves
by sucking on cancer sticks.

Am I right?

Back on the bus, ladies.

You saw me, right?
Run that fast break?

You see that?

Yeah, I saw it.
Anybody gonna read about it?

Why you give old Dante
back there so much ink?

I'm serious.

People are starting to think
that you're sweet on him.

Really? I heard that was you.

Hey, it's okay if you are, man.

I mean, live and
let love, right?

Why don't you piss on
somebody else's shoes, Jake?

Hey, shouldn't you be folding towels
somewhere or sniffing jock straps?

You think you can manage
the team, Super Genius?

Was I even talking to you,
Jock Strap Boy?

Hey, eat shit, Jake! God!

So this is all because what, I
don't write enough about you?

You know what the story is
on your scars there, right?

No, tell me.

You got into a fight
when you snuck into a bar.


A gay bar, bro.

You do know what they call
you, don't you, Izzy?

That's my name.

Or isn't he?

Hey, let's not make this a
social event out there, everybody.

Back on the bus, gentlemen.
We're moving.

Hey, does that
come in a man's size?

That means you, too,
Kimball. Let's go!

Smooth move, Big K! Nice, man!

Tippi Hedren, man!


Stop clowning around and
get your ass back on the bus!

Off the top, gentlemen.
Assholes and elbows. Let's go.

You know, you could talk about it.
It might help a little bit.

What did I play today,
12 minutes?

Well, it was
a great 12 minutes.

Hanna's got it in for me.

Him and his little token
white boy, Barnes.

I don't know,

maybe I got the wrong skin color
to get equal play on this team.

I know you don't mean that.

Maybe they just
wanted to make sure

everyone got a chance
to play in the championship.

Everyone's not the reason why
we made it to the championship.

Half the losers on this bus had nothing
to do with us making it to state. I did.

What the fuck
are you looking at?


Jesus Christ!

Don't tell me.

- We blew the other one.
- How?

Back down, everybody. Sit tight.

Shit! We've got to break out the
flares and get these kids off the bus.

Hey, hey, hey!

You wanna sit in here and hope
somebody doesn't come along

plowin' into us doing 90,

All right. Duane,
you clear the bus.

I'll set the flares.

What is that, a flare gun?

Plan on being lost
at sea in this thing?

You makin' fun of my lock box?

'Cause everything in this thing has
saved my sweet ass at least once.

I don't believe it.

All right. Bring your coats
and stay in a group.

This is Betty Borman
out on 226.

We're broke down on East Nine, middle
of Kissel County. Anyone read me?

Want me to help you push it
off the road before I go?

I don't think we can move it.

It's on a bare rim in the back.

If you'd let the highway patrol
know, we'd appreciate it.


Come on, guys. Come on.
Let's go. Off the road.

Come on, guys. Everyone on the shoulder.
Everyone stays in a group.

This side of the fence.

This side of the fence.

Scott, come on.

Everyone stays back
and off the road. Now!

Stuck in the side
of the tire again.

Oh, God.

Don't tell me that's a belly button
in the middle of that thing.

Minxie, stay off the road.

That's everybody. Off the road.

Get everyone back on the bus.

You just said they shouldn't be...
I know what I just said.

But there's something goin' on
out here and I don't like it.

I think if we just stay...


What the...


Where the hell's the coach?



Get everyone back inside
and close the doors.

Okay, champions, getting
back on the Betty Boop.

Bucky, get on the two-way,
see if you can raise anyone.

I'm talking to you, Scotty!

What the hell happened
to the coach?

Get everyone back on board
and close those doors.

Do it, Scotty.

All right. You heard him. Assholes and elbows.
Everybody back on the bus.



Hurry up! On the bus.
Now! Now! Now!

I repeat. Bus number 226,

broke down on East Nine.

We have an emergency situation out here.
Does anybody read me?

This is bus number 226. We
are broke down on East Nine.


What happened?

What did you see?
What did you see?

Come on! Did you see
something or not?

She flew away.

What the fuck is
that supposed to mean?

What I just said. People
don't fly the fuck away!

Sit down, Scott. What the
hell's goin' on out there?

I said sit the fuck down and
shut up, God damn it! Now!

You, too, Jake. Everybody.

Go sit down, Scott.

You got a problem with me?
No. You got one with me?

- Do I what?
- You heard me.

We don't have time for bullshit, Scotty.
Go sit down!


What the fuck?

Get the fucking doors! Get the fucking doors!
Get the fucking doors!

What was it?

Scotty, what the fuck was it?

Scotty, come on!

Scotty, we just... I don't
know what it was, all right?

It had wings.

Big fuckin' wings!

Central, this is unit 17.

We did a drive-by
of the general area.

Also found no evidence
of forced entry. Over.

0-3-2, we are 10-7 Opper's
Diner for a little coffee and pie.

Do you copy that, Central?

This is Central.
Copy that, 0-3-2.

All units, anybody else getting
some weird stuff out Kissel County way?

I just got two calls, 10 miles
apart, both reporting abductions.

All units, be informed,
this should be strictly 10-36 information.

Someone burning a
marijuana field out there tonight?

'Cause these two stories
are way, way out, baby.

Roger that, 0-3-6.

Jacky! Kissel County!

If you ask me, this is Poho related.
Repeat, Poho related.

And you all
know what I'm talkin' about.

This is Andy Buck.
Can anybody hear me?

Nobody's phone works.
Nobody's fucking phone works.

We are stuck in a broken-down
school bus out on East Nine.

And we are in serious trouble.

Do you read me?

Come on, is anybody
even out there?

This is Andy Buck.

We are stuck in a broken-down
school bus out on East Nine.


We've got spears on this bus?


You wanna wait around so you can
poke at that thing with sticks?

That thing shows up here
again and I'd rather have

a sharp stick in my hand
than nothin' at all.

Hey, guys, Betty's flare gun.
A bunch of flares for it, too.

Who says we wait around?
I'm serious.

Scotty, you're not talking
about getting off this bus?

You see that?

That means that there's a farm down
at the end of this road somewhere

and that's as far as anybody
would have to get to.

With that thing out there?


With that thing out there?

Scotty! That thing
hasn't been back

here in almost an hour.

That doesn't mean that it's
not still up there somewhere.

And that doesn't mean
that it is.

Hey, this isn't about who
can run the fastest, okay?

Or being a pussy.
What is your problem?

You tell me, Izzy or isn't he?

Hey, check yourselves!
Both of you!

Do I make you nervous?

Thinking you're
gonna come on to me

and every other swinging dick
on this bus makes me nervous.

Yeah, it makes you
fucking stupid, too.

Stop it!

Stop it!

Scotty, come on.

You get that hand off of me or we're gonna
have one more missing person out here.

There's nothing about
any of us on this bus

that's more important
than sticking together.

It's the only way we're
gonna get through this.

You wanna play cock
of the walk now?

Now's not the time
for this shit, Scotty.

Big K, sit. I'm serious.

Wanna play
cock of the walk, bro?

Why do I think you wanna
call me something else?

Wanna call me something else,

'Cause I don't think you get
I can see you thinking it,

whether you say it or not.

Just stop it right now!
Both of you stop it.

You guys all worked
together today to win a ball game.

Now that something
really serious happens,

you can't even be
civil to each other?

You tell him, not me.

Whatever your trip is,
we ain't got time for this shit.

We should all be looking for
ways we can defend ourselves

until help gets here.

We have got to move
this piece of shit!

On what, the rims?

Can you drive
this thing or not?

We wouldn't get two feet, man.
What do you want me to do?

What the hell does it want?

What the fuck?

Is it looking at me?

Whatever it is,
it's a smell freak, man.

Get that light Off it.

Hey, don't shoot that
thing in here, man.

He's right. It will fill this
place up like a smoke bomb.

Did that just
come off the door?

Bucky, get on those front doors
and get ready to open them.

What, you think we're
gonna run outside?

If it fucking comes inside.



Minxie? Minxie?



Takes it all. Eats everything.

He takes it all.
He knows no mercy.

Every twenty-third spring,
for 23 days, it gets to eat.

Eat what?

Eat what?

Eat us.


Are you okay?

Look at me.

I thought you were gone, girl,
you passed out.

Look at me.

Are you okay?

Your eyes went all the way
in the back of your head.

I think he's gone, man.

I'm willing to bet money on it.

You willing to bet stepping off this bus?
'Cause that's the real bet.

How long's it been?

It's gone.

It came, it did its thing.
It went away.

It went away, but
what the hell was it doing?

What do you think it was doing?

He was picking people out.


It can smell
something in people.

In their fear.

Something that helps
it pick people out.

Pick people out for what?

I don't understand how you
would know that, sweetie.

A dead boy told me.

I think he was
trying to warn me.

He was trying
to warn all of us.

This thing has been around
for thousands of years

and that nothing has
been able to kill it.

This is a dream you had?

Well, the boy was dead. So, yes, I'm
assuming that it was a dream, Scotty.

You were waving pom-poms
at people this morning.

Now all of a sudden,
you're a psychic hotline?

I don't know!

You wanna explain it
to me? Because I can't.

That boy was trying to warn us

that by morning it has to
go back into the earth...

Oh, come on.

Into the ground
for 23 more years.

And then what? Lives
happily ever after?

Why don't you clean
out your bong, all right?

Scotty, just listen to her.

It is coming back.

This is a dream
she had, Rhonda.

What, are you gonna believe it?

And it doesn't matter if
we're hiding on this bus

or if we're
hiding under our beds.

It'll find us.

The ones that it picked out.

Minx. Take it easy, okay?

The boy told me that

it can smell in our fear,

who it wants.

And what from them

it wants to eat.

Hello, is anyone out there?

Hello. We have
a serious problem out here.

We need help right away.
Can anybody hear me?

Is anybody out there, please?

We have a... This is Andy Buck,
we have a serious situation...

Does anybody hear me?


Hello? Look, can you hear me?

226, are you still there?

I'm so fucking still here.

Okay, okay. Just say again
what you just told me.

We're not playing
games here, right?

Just say it, man!

We're trapped in a broken-down
school bus out on East Nine.

And something
is going to kill us

if we don't get help
out here right away.

Where on Nine East?

In Kissel County.
Are you the cops?

What's trying to kill you?

What are you talking about?

Just tell me,
are you the fucking cops?

Look, now listen to me.
I'm already on the Nine.

But it's a big highway
and so is Kissel County.

Are there any
landmarks near you?

Are you close to anything?

Yeah, I'm close to peeing
my fucking pants, man.

Can you just please tell
me that you're on the way?

I can't really judge the strength of
your signal but it doesn't sound close.

What does that mean, man?

It means it's gonna take
me a while to get to you.

Look, we kind of have a
time-critical situation here.

Roger that.

And please tell me that
you're coming with back-up

'cause if you're not the cops,

you gotta promise me
that you'll call them

and you'll tell them
that we're stuck out here.

I'll call them.

I'll call them right now.

But what you've
gotta do is hang on.

Can you do that?

Hang on!

Keep headed east.


Just get us out there.

Do it.


It's happening, man.
It's fucking happening!

We're being fucking rescued!

Help me! Get this thing off me!

Get this thing off me!

Look out!

Half its fucking head's gone.


You gotta be...

Fucking kidding me.

Get that door open.
Now's our chance.

It's dead, right?

Don't know. Don't care.

It won't open!

Stop Pushing on 'em!
They open in!

Something got screwed up!

Maybe it only opens
from the outside.

It's an emergency exit, idiot.

Then you fucking open it, man!

Get that door open.

How can fucking exits
not fucking work?

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

He jammed it.

We thought he was
trying to come in.

But this freaking thing was
making sure we couldn't get out.

Break the fucking doors!

Holy shit, man!

Hey, we can
pry this thing open.

Give me a pole or a bar
or something metal.

Something big. Yeah,
yeah, yeah, that'll work.

Come on, D.

You need to get to this side.
Come on, everybody.

Come on!

This thing's like a fucking
shower curtain, man.

It's crazy.

Oh, man, show like
you got a pair.

Man, fuck you!

Everybody. Let's go.

Shower curtain?

This thing's like a fucking
piece of toilet paper.

What's it doing, Minx?

What's it doing, Minx?

What's it doing up there?

It just tore its head off.

It's time to go.

What are you talking about, man?
Help is coming.

The Nine is big.


What if he's an hour away?

What if he's going
the wrong direction?

There are fucking
cops on the way, man.

And you want the rest of us to
sit underneath that big hole

in the roof and hope that thing
doesn't come crashing in here?

What do you mean,
"The rest of us"?

I mean...

It's time to stop being polite.

There are two classes
of people on this bus now.

It had its pick of
twenty of us back there

and it picked two.

Dante was one.

Another one was you, Jake.
God damn it, Scott...

And we all saw him
go for you, Bucky.

What the hell is that
supposed to mean?

Two classes of people?

What, the will be eaten
and the won't be eaten?

Fuck you, Scotty!

Minxie says this thing gets anybody
it picks out, no matter what.

Don't put me in this.

She also said
that after tonight

it goes away and
for a long time, Scott.

You tell us, Minxie.

Are we safe if we can
hide out till morning?

Or is this thing gonna
come after these guys

with everything it's got

'cause it only
has till morning?

We're screwed, right?



You're not talking about
throwing people off this bus?

It's funny you
should say that, D,

'cause the only other one we know
it picked out for sure was you.

Hold on a second!

We all saw the way it
sniffed you out back there.

You were the only one it gave tongue
action, man, and we all saw it.


I don't understand what
you're trying to do.

I'm trying to stay alive.

You're trying to split us up!

We have just dropped a notch

on the fucking food chain, man.

This is about
living or dying now.


And if this bus
is the only thing

keeping that fucker
away from us,

how safe are we, you guys?

With everybody it's hungry
for sitting inside it.

I wanna see hands.

I wanna see hands.

'Cause as shitty a deal
as it is, I gotta say,

I'd like you,

Bucky and Jake
off this bus, man.

Now, you listen to me,
you piece of shit!

He looked at you, too, bro.

I saw him and you did, too.

He looked right
at you and smiled.

And when you made Jake
take the lights off it,

he could've looked at you twice
and licked its fucking lips,

but we don't know that.

So you keep your
little black list.

'Cause when he takes you
out and I hope he does,

I'm gonna be the one getting as far
away from your sorry ass as I can.

Time to go is right.

I'm gonna go find that farm.

Then I'm going with you.

You know I'm coming.

You wanna keep this bus?

Then you sit in it.

Right under that big hole.

See how long you last.

Look, I'm sorry, D.

You are so right about that.

Come on, guys.

Come on. Help is on the way.
Why are we splitting up?

He said he was coming. We're gonna
leave and he's gonna pull up.

This bus is a deathtrap, Bucky.
Use your head.

You're really gonna
let them go alone?

What, do you wanna go with them?

We don't know
who it picked out.

Jesus Christ,
it looked at everyone!

Scotty, let go of me.

Let go of you?

Let go of me.


Rho, tell me you're
really walkin' away from me.

You used me,
you used all of us.

All you care about is yourself.

Rho! You want to know, Scotty,
what I found out today?

When people get really scared, it's
just like when they get drunk.

The real person
comes to the surface.

We could've protected D and Jake and
all of us if we'd stuck together.

You know, like in a team?


What are you doing?

Jonny, you little cocksucker,
I will fucking fry you, man!

You open these goddamn doors!
You open it right now!

Jonny! Open
the fucking doors, man!

Open the doors!

This is my bus, too, man!


Oh, God!

Run! He's right behind you, D.

Get back! Get off! Break off!

- Shit!
- Hold on. Hold on.

Hold still!

Stop moving! Stop!

Come on, Scotty!
You're hurting him.

You're hurting him.

- Stop! Pull it out!
- Hold on! Hold on!

Stop it! Keep back.
Stop moving!

- It's in there like it's welded!
- Stop! Stop.

Pull that out!

You're hurting him.
You're hurting him.

Stop it! Scotty, stop it!

- Shut up! Okay, hold him. Hold him.
- Scotty, stop it! Scotty!

Scotty, hold still! Hold him!

- Stop it! Scotty!
- Hold still!

Oh, God! God!

Please, hurry!
Oh, God, please help!

D, I'm sorry, man.
I'm so sorry!

Oh, please take it out!

Scotty! Scotty! Scotty! Scotty!

Scotty! Scotty! Scotty! Scotty!

What is it, boy? What is it?


Go! Go!

Where did you come from?

From that bus?

How far up ahead?

Come on. Answer me.

It doesn't matter.

There's no one on the bus
and you can't kill it.

Jacky, get the dog inside.

Look, you can't stop it!

You get in the cabin with Jack Jr.
You stay down till this is over.

This will never be over.

It doesn't matter what you do.

It'll be back,

23 years from now,

23 years from then.

Get us to that bus.



What was that?


Bucky! What're you doing here?

What are you doing here?

You let her in, Jonny?

Have you seen anybody else?

What are you doing?

That thing is after you, Bucky.

Hey, there's no farm
out there, man. I must...

I must've run 10 miles all
over this fucking valley.

Bucky, come on.
Just please go away.

No, please. Don't make me
go back out there again, man.

It's fucking freaky
out there, man, please.

Get around the bus.

Jacky! Get us around this bus now.

Get around the bus!

Jacky, get out!
Get out of there, now!


You all right?

Jacky, answer me!

Jacky, answer me! Are you okay?

I think so.

Jacky, get us away from the bus!

Come on, go!
Get us away from the bus!

Get gem', Jacky, get gem'.
Get us away.

Move it!





All you kids, get down.

Jacky! Jacky!

You try to get us away
from the bus! Now!

Come on!


Dad, get out of there!

The spool's jammed
in the cradle!

Dad, just get out!

The cradle's welded
to the truck's frame.

Get out, Dad. No, he'll rip my
gun right out of the truck!

Dad, just get the
fuck out of there!

Dad! Dad!

Are you okay?




You're not gonna believe this. But
I think I found a way out of here.


Minxie said it doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter
what Minxie said.


The others
might've gotten away.

We don't know that.

Kimball, too.

Hey, nobody gets
to decide we die.

No dream, nobody. Nobody
gets to decide that.

That is bullshit!

I hope so.

Come on, I wanna go show
you a big ugly bug.

That's the truck
that passed us this morning.

Remember, with the
big bug on top of it?

You think we can just
drive away in it?

No, but I think I know
how to hot-wire a truck.

That's how I
got in my bar fight.

I was tryin' to steal
somebody's truck.

A gay bar?

Jesus Christ!

Wherever he was goin',
I don't think he made it.

Oh, my God, the keys are in it!

Come on, man,
the keys are in it.

It's not birds.

Fuck! Shit!

Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!

Come on.

Go, man! Go!

I'm a sitting duck back
here, Izzy, step on it!

I've got it floored!

Go! Come on, go faster!
Make it go faster!

I can't!

Go! Go! Go, man!

Go! Go! Izzy, go!

Go! Izzy, move
this piece of shit!

Come on! Come on! Move it!

Izzy! Go! Go!

Izzy, do something!


Get down!


Come on! Come on! Izzy!

Do something,
fucking do something!

- Get out!
- What?

Come on! Come on! Come on!

Get out.

Are you fuckin' crazy?

Izzy! Izzy! Come on! Izzy!

Stay down!

Stay down!

It isn't dead.

Its time ran out.

It looks dead to me.

You Taggart?

That's right.

Can we see it?

Can you read?

Is this something real? I heard
it was a bunch of bullshit.

Still five bucks.

Where'd it come from?

My dad killed it.

Yeah, but where'd it come from?

It's five bucks from you, too.

How'd he kill it?

Ask him.

Come on, man. We ought to
go get our money back.

BOY 12 What the hell is it?

What do you think it is?

We don't touch it.

What's the story on this thing?

Whatever you've
heard. Probably.

You expect us to think
that, that thing's real?

Don't really care.

How'd you kill it?

Stabbed it right
through the heart

with a big homemade harpoon.


About 23 years ago.

You waitin' for somethin'?

About three more days,