Jealousy Game (1982) - full transcript

Produced by Nikkatsu Inc. & Gentosha

A Nikkatsu Presentation

Planning: Kimio Shindo
Producer: Katsuhiro Maeda

Screenplay: Akiko Tanaka

Still Photographer: Tadashi Endo

- Haruko!
- Yes.

- Haruko.
- What?


Hey. what?

Music: Ichiro Araki


Yosuke Natsuki

Reiko Oshida

Hitomi Takahashi
Hiroaki Murakami

Kaoru Otake / Kenji Shiiya
Hirokazu Inoue / Shinsho Nakamaru

Ken Date / Yuriko Hamada
Katsuki Doshita / Masuhiro Kato

Directed by
Yoichi Higashi

Run! Run!


I'm back.

Imagine all our friends who called
home and heard our message...

on the answering machine.

They must've been surprised.

The waitress was definitely surprised.

"What? The boss and you
were married?", she said.


"How romantic," she said.

What's wrong?


- You're not talking.
- I'm fine.

Are you?

Let's go.


- Ready?
- Yeah.

You and me riding in the wind...

It's so nice, it's so good, it's like us

This moment is as happy as we are,
when we're together

As we ride together...

You talk to me

It's just as it has always been

People around us can see it

You hold me in your arms...

And love flows between us

Your honeymoon?

NO, a trip before we get married.

Well, there's no marriage in sight.

Can we go?

Sure, drive safely.

- May I see your license?
- Sure.

- Where are you headed?
- Sapporo.

- On your honeymoon?
- Yes, you guessed right.

There've been a few accidents,
so please drive carefully.

Hang on, geezer.



You're going to ride like that?

- Coffee please.
- Sure.


What is this?

Oops, I forgot we had filters.

You just had to ask.
I could've done it.

You're right about that.

You hardly ever talk.

I guess that's true.

You didn't even take
my brand of cigarettes.

Why did you say "Run! Run!"?


Something you said this morning.

"Run!" and "I'm back. "

I didn't say that.

You did!


We've been married 10 years and
you've never said that before.

You said it to that man too?


You're still thinking about him
though you promised me to stop.

We agreed not to talk about that.

Was it that good
with that young buck?

How many times
do I have to apologize?

Can't we just enjoy
our trip to Hokkaido?

Let's go.

Let's go.

Hey, let's go.

Just leave me here.

I'm tired of riding on that seat.

How will you get to Sapporo then?

I'll surely find a ride.

What's wrong?
You're on your own?

He left me.

What do you mean, he left you?

Are you on your own?

Well, she'll join me later.

I see.

You need a ride?


The helmet smells of perfume.

Why did he leave you?

He's an idiot.

That's awful.

How about your wife?


Hold on tight.


Thank you sir, drive safely.

I'm done.

- You had to squat?
- Well, obviously.

Women often used to pee standing.

NO way.

I saw them.

If I stood it would be messy.

How messy?

- All over.
- Well, okay.

It sprinkles all over.

Women were even giving birth standing.


Let's go.


What shall we have?

- Let's go.
- Alright.

What do you want?

What do you want to eat?

I'll never understand women.


When she's with me...

she tells me I'm the
only one in the world.

And if I go out with my friends...

she immediately wants to break up.

Were you always fair with her?

Not always, but I love her.

SO you love her.

You never did anything wrong?

I can't say I never did.

Young people are so confused

We thought a little
trip would do us good.

He knows how to talk to me.

"You're the only one I love. "

"No woman compares to you. "

I took my revenge...

I flirted with one of his buddies.

He forbade me to do what he does.

But he slept with Aiko.


My friend.

Well she was, before we fought.

But Aiko has a boyfriend.

It seems love is hard
for you young folks.

You mean it's easier
for your generation.

Well, it's not like...

You guys had a fight?

That's a matter for grown-ups.

Beware, he's gonna be all over her.

NO way.

Your wife never cheated on you?

- Finish your food.
- SO she did.

Let's go.

I think I don't care anymore.

I was about to leave
him for a younger man.

I was trading a man in his 40's
for one in his 30's.

And there's a deadline on couples.

A deadline?

The original fire dies down.

Is that how couples work?

We thought a trip
would rekindle our love.

But we're back to fighting.

It's hard to maintain a relationship.

It's all new to you?

Well, I'm learning as I go.

What do young people have in mind?

What do you care? It's a fun situation.

Where's your boyfriend now?

How should I know?

You're worried about your wife.

Mind your own business.
Here's your sleeping bag.

Get in there.

Hey, that's a double bag.

You seem to know.

I used to be a girl scout.

Respect the curfew then.

I hate rules.

I'm undressing.


Switching off.

' Say...
_ Huh?

It's warmer to share one bag.

Huh? Hey... What?


' Say...
_ Huh?

- Don't you want me?
- Huh?

I'm asking you if you want me.

Enough of that.

Why is that?

You fear your wife.

Enough with "your wife this,
your wife that... "

So why do you ignore me?

Why should I do it?

Because doing it is fun.

Depends who you do it with.

I'm not good enough?

It's a hassle.


It's too much hassle with
a young woman.

You're getting on my nerves.

Hold me.

Mrs. Haruko.


It's too bad, they had only
one room left.

Sorry about that.

You don't want
to be served breakfast?

We're not having breakfast here.

Is that okay?


Yes, it's fine.

Alright, please enjoy the room.

Let's sleep.

- Say, Haruko...
- NO way.


No, sorry.


Are they sleeping together too?

I don't know.

If we ended up together,
they probably did too.


Is he a gentleman?

She wouldn't offer much resistance.

And he's gonna be all over her.


But you told me
he didn't cheat on you.

Well, it happened once or twice.

Say, Mrs. Haruko.

Maybe we're missing our chance.

There is no 'chance'.

They say one should seize
ones chances and enjoy life.

I'll pass on that chance.

Don't talk like that.

- Hey.
- No, don't...

Hey... No... Eiji, don't.


Please, don't.

Eiji, don't.


You can't just decide to wash my stuff.

Sorry, I obsess over cleanliness.

Wow, this is amazing.

- Am I overdoing it?
- Yes.

Wouldn't I be a good wife...


...f0r you, I mean.



Eiji, the sun is up now.

You're coming again?

Please, it's enough now.



They're here.

Hey lady, don't you think
your position is awkward?

You are in the awkward position.

But he's a great lover.

Girl, you can keep
that 'used merchandise'.

And you can keep Mr. Little Dick there.

Surely a lady like you needs more.

Well, he's real cute and
he kept me up all night.

Isn't that great, Eiji?

Guess you like them overripe too.

You have it real nice too.

That gypsy life with all the bugs...

He even proposed to me.

Our trip was supposed to seal it.

Did you see how
he just ignored me?

It's like he doesn't care either way.

I'm fine with you anyway.

Why don't you drop that cheeky grandma?

What is Eiji doing
with that old broad?

They really got on my nerves.

She sure had a lotto say.

Although she was begging to get married.

She had it all coming.

How does she dare,
that flat chested bitch!

So you slept with him.

You did it too.


You didn't hesitate a second!

- What?
- Of course.

Don't touch me!


What now?

I'm all set.

Just look at me.


Can you explain?

Just say something.


Well... what?

When they're treated like this...

women don't have a choice.

Treated like what?

Tell me! Treated like what?

You slept with that girl, didn't you?

Who are you to judge?

Look at yourself.

I didn't move on her.


So it's over between us?

It seems so.

Goodbye then.

Let's have a word.

What is it?

Just come.

What will you do now?

What will you do?

Take good care of her.

Same for you.

Come on, we need a mechanic.

We can just walk up to a phone.

Come on, it's night now.

Shut up.

I'm exhausted.

- It's still early.
- I'm old.

Come on, you're not that old.


Thank you.

Tell me...

What did he tell you?

Wanna know?

"Take good care of her. "

NO way.

- Let's dance.
- You were tired.


It's 43,000 yen.

- 40,000 yen?
- 43,000 yen.

We only had two glasses.

- Rip off.
- Wait.

I want a receipt.

There's no receipt.

Then could you explain why 43,000?

What is that?
It's ridiculously overpriced.

For just two whiskeys with water.

You're running a real scam
with a straight face.

You better pay up.

Just because we're
from out of town.

Let me figure this.

900 yen... Service... Tax...

Keep the change.

That won't settle your bill.

At least you could serve
good whiskey.

Let's go.

Haruko, the way you
handled that guy was amazing.

We're in the same trade.

I couldn't let him scam us so easily.

Were you not scared?

Of course, I was scared.

But you were with me, Eiji.

Is that right?

You sure made an impression, lady.

Should we applaud the performance?

What's that?

How can you be so naive?

If you drink, you have to pay.

You have an account to settle with...
your wallet!

- Bastard!
- Don't touch me!

Ouch! Let me go!

Take this!

Let me go! Police!

Stop shouting! No one is listening!

Look at his cute face.



Somebody help!

Dating elder ladies...
You got an Oedipus complex?


You're fighting back?

Hey, what do you want? Police!

I'll get you, bastard!

Damn you!

You want some more, bastard?


Hold him!

Come here.

Damn you, bastard!

Are you okay? Are you hurt?

I'm fine.

Eiji, you are so strong.

That was the first time I fought, though.

But we got them.

Mom, it's me.

Yes, our field trip is not over yet.

Yep... What?

Kumi called?

But she left earlier.
She sprained her ankle.

I'm fine, I'm with the instructor.

What? Sure, no problem... See you.

I'll bring you a souvenir.

You lied to your mom?

I'm an adult.

And so you can lie?

Kind of, yeah.

Kind of?

Are you okay?


So cold!

Let's go back.

- You alright?
- It's so cold!

You're soaked.

Totally soaked.

The pants too.

There's no one around.

It's fine.

Let me help.

- Hey!
- What?

Your T-shirt.

Can you lend it to me?


You want it?




Once more.

It doesn't work.

You can't do it.

Women don't have what it takes.

This is how you proceed.

That's how you start it?

- That's unfair!
- Sorry.

So what's the plan?


What do you want to do?


We could go back to Tokyo.

Tokyo it is, then.

Traffic report:

Traffic is smooth on most highways.

There's been an accident
in front of Shimizu Station.

A bike crashed in a truck.

The riders, a middle-aged man...

and a young lady...

were both wounded
and taken to a hospital.

On National Highway 235...

there is a traffic
congestion due to road work.

Next, the weather report.

Hey, it's here! Stop!

Excuse me.

We heard on the radio...

a bike crashed in this area.

Thank you.

Follow that road ahead...

and turn left at the third light.

Thanks a lot.

The hospital is up ahead,
third light on the left.

Two persons were in a bike accident.


The room number?

Go up the stairs. It's room 100.

Thank you.

Are you... the bike accident?

Yes, it's us.


- Huh?
- Sorry, our mistake.

My daughter was in a rush.

She had to meet a friend.

- Dad, please.
- And so...

Since it was her first date...

I told you I could cancel.

- Take care.
- Why did you come?

Sorry, we'll go.

Take care.

What day is it today?


Yes, I'm still here.

What? No, absolutely not.

He is with his girlfriend...

and I'm with my boyfriend.


I don't know. Forty-something.

Sure, you don't need to worry.

You know I don't like younger men.

And Kumi... when you speak
with my mom...

please cover for me.

Alright, we'll meet
when I'm back.

I don't know where my husband is.

He doesn't talk much.

Couples don't talk much nowadays.

I don't know what he thinks.

Well, what can I do?

I have his kid...

and a second one on the way.

He doesn't care
what I say. I'm upset.

In his sleep he calls
"Haruko, Haruko. "

That's the name of his previous wife.

An unfaithful man...

That's what you have become

I can only feel jealousy

You can't shake it off?


You're wondering if you love her.

- Do I love her?
- Looks like you do.

I don't know myself.

We don't have to pretend anything.

And you, Haruko? You think about him?

At night I keep wondering
who's in your arms

As they say, "Every Jack has his Jill. "

What do you mean by that?

It's not important.

I don't want to belong to you

When did it all go wrong?

When was it?

Whenever you come,
I feel that pain...

What's wrong?

You're thinking about your wife?

And you're thinking about him.


What happened?

What are you doing?

It's for impregnation.


I've entered the fertile phase.

I'm ovulating.

But you said there was no risk.

There was none two days ago.

My egg is released now.

I heard it fall.

You heard it?

And now they're climbing up.

Your little seeds.

There wasn't enough money.


Pay with this.

When I was a kid...

my mom ran away with a younger man.

But I don'tjudge her for that.

We'll drive nonstop to Sapporo.


What should we do there?

The way I see it,
we'll probably split there.

You're right, we probably should.

But it was great meeting you.

I feel the same.

Thank you.


- I booked a room.
- Yes, sir.

Your name and address please.


Thank you, sir.

We'll take you to your room.

Please enjoy your stay.

...a little windy with a calm sea...


Mr. Suruga...

Yes, speaking.

The person you are expecting
is at the front desk.

Please, let her in.


Thus building the biggest
facility in the world.

Come in.

How did you find me?

You said you'd meet your wife here.

You got me there.

Taking off like that was mean!

My wife is coming now.

It's fine.

It's not fine.

She may still be with him.

Enough already! This game is over.

The fact is, we booked
a room in this hotel too.

Then go to your room now.

I'm pregnant now.

I'm dumping Eiji.

You can't be serious?

I'm serious.

Why make such a fuss about it?

We can talk about it all together.

Right? That's our best option.

We're adults.

Take your responsibilities
like a big boy.

Today, in an accident near Obihiro...

two people died and
another person was wounded.

The accident happened on the 294th.

The car collided with a large truck.

The driver, a student from Tokyo...

Setagaya Ward, E/ji Hara, 22...

and the owner of a bar in Shinjuku...

Haruko Suruga, 32, both died on impact.

The driver of the truck,
Kiyo Yamashi, 38, from Sapporo...

was hospitalized with minor injuries.

The accident happened on
a clear, straight road.

The car crossed over the center line...

and hit the truck on the opposite lane.

It seems that Mr. Hara
fell asleep at the wheel.

It is unfortunate that they died...

on a holiday trip to Hokkaido...

bringing the number
of deaths on this road...

to 215 for this year.

That's 38 more than last year
at this time.

This is impossible...

It can't be over like that!

It's not over.

It's a new start...

for this game.

A warm wind blowing through the window

It's so nice, it's so good, it's alright

If the game ended like this...

It would still go on in our dreams

'Jealousy Game'