Jealousy (1984) - full transcript

In this made-for-TV drama, Angie Dickinson stars in three separate vignettes as a woman whose life is dramatically affected by the emotion that gives the film its name.

[music playing]

[music playing]

[telephone ringing]


- Hello?

Well, uh,
this is Mrs. O'Connor.

Uh, can I help you?

I'm afraid my husband can't
come to the phone right now.

Can I take a message?



Yes, I understand.

All right.


- No.
- Oh, come on.

- No.
- Ah, be a sport.

I'll even give you
the advantage.

You can have the shallow end.

- Nah.

Mom, do you wanna play?

- No, no, no, no.
This is one-on-one.

No double-teaming allowed.
Here. Catch.


You had it, girl.

- That's not fair.
It's too big.

- Well, you're not
gonna get me in there.

Not unless I can use a ladder.

- Okay.
- Go.


I'm on to you now, big man.

- Oh, you are, huh?
- Yes.

- Is that a fact?

- You all set?

- Don't you think that's
a little revealing?

- You think so?

I've worn it before.

- Maybe to the beach.

- Well, I'll change
if you want me to.

- I'd feel better about it.

- Sure.

Where's Daniel?

- Still out by the pool,
I guess.

- You know something, Mom?

- What?

- It still feels real new.

But it feels good, too.

I just know everything's
gonna turn out all right.

- I'm glad.

- Well, I'll just go throw
something else on, okay?

I'll just be a minute.

- You had a call from
your office.

John called and said
to tell you that

the meeting that was scheduled
for tomorrow morning

has been pushed back
to 11:00.

- Okay, thanks.

You look terrific.
I like that dress.

- Thank you.

Was that a gift?

- A thank you.

- For what?
- For Heather.

She's a very special young lady.

- Young lady.

I guess it's about time I
start accepting that.

- It may be overtime.

I can't believe you won't let
her get her driver's license.

- [sighs]

I really have to stop being
so protective, don't I?

- You're doing fine.

- Thank you.

- Did Daniel tell you he's gonna
start giving me driving lessons?

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

I will finally be able
to get my license.

- And then I'll be able to
really start worrying.

- Mother.

- Oh, look.

What do you think?
Isn't this pretty?

- Ooh. That is beautiful.

And very sexy.

How does it look?

Great, huh?
- Hmm.

- Feel this.
What do you think?

- What do you mean?

- About this.
For me.

- For you?
- Mm-hmm.

Sure. I...

I'm all grown up now,
you know, Mom?

I'm not still
mommy's little girl.

So, do you think
I should get it?

- It's too expensive.

- Well, it's not
another T-shirt.

- It's impractical.
For both of us.

- It's not just the money,
is it?

You're still seeing me
in pigtails, aren't you?

Come on now, 'fess up, Mom.

- That's not it at all.

I just don't see what you would
want something like that for.

Why you would need something
like that?

- Well, I'm gonna
try it on anyway.

I mean, what the heck?
We're here, right?

So why not have a little fun?

- Hon, what do you think?
Do you like it?

- Beautiful.

You're beautiful.

- Mom?

[car horn honking]


Not exactly bargain basement.

So, you wanna go
look at some T-shirts?

Hmm. Oh, God, I mean, they were
just so insufferably young.

I'm so glad that's
ancient history now.

- Ancient?
- Well, isn't it?

- Why do you think
it was like that?

- I don't know.

Maybe it was the whole private
school mentality, you know?

Everybody just
being so protected.

And the boys.

Oh, particularly the boys.

It isn't conceivable for me
to think about some of them

ever growing up to be men.

- And just how much
do you know about men?

- Only that they're more
together, that's all.

Like Daniel.

- Like Daniel how?

- Well, I mean, he knows who he
is, and he knows what he wants.

But I bet you probably didn't

when you were still
in college, right?

- I guess you could say that.

- [chuckles]

- What about you, Heather?

Do you know what you want?

- I know some things.

- Such as?

- Such as something
we saw this afternoon.

I am so bored out here.

Does anybody wanna
go for a swim?


I'm drowning.

I've got cramps.

I'm going down
for the last time...

- Hmph.

- Please, help me.
I'm drowning.

- Yes?

- I'm really drowning.


- That's it?
- Please. Yes.

- [exclaims]
- [yelps]

- [laughing]

- That was it?
- What?

I wanna apologize for all
the things that I've done.

And all the things that
I've said!

And let me tell you one more...

- It's freezing!
Put me in the water.

- [gasps]

- You okay?

- I guess I, uh...

I guess I must've dozed off.

I had a dream.

I'm okay.


- You're home early.
- Quiet day.

- Ooh! Snazzy suit.
- Mm-hmm.

Feel like going for a drive?

- Uh, where do you wanna go?

- It's up to you.
You're the one who's gonna
do the driving.

- Really?

- Mm-hmm.
- Oh.

- Does that mean "yes"?

- Give me the keys.

- What? Oh, no. You drive
without the keys.

- Drive carefully.
- Don't worry.

But I'll bet you two bits
she's been

driving on the sly since
she was 14.

- Bye, Mom.
Uh, don't worry.

- Don't worry.

[engine revving]

[tires squealing]

- Hi, Bev.
It's Georgia.

Yeah, I'm fine.

[laughs] Yes, I guess there
still is life at 40.

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

I think Heather is adjusting...

very well.

I, uh... [clears throat]
Well, I was...

I was hoping you were
free tomorrow afternoon.

I thought maybe we could
have lunch together.

Can you?
Oh, wonderful.

I've missed you, too.


Great. Yeah.
That's a good place.

How's 12:30?


All right.
See you there.


[inaudible dialogue]

- I'm so afraid, Bev.

The way they looked at me.

Like I was...

an intruder.

Like I didn't belong.

Like I had no right to be there.

In my own home.

- Don't you think you're
just imagining things?

- Am I?

I don't know why,

but all of a sudden,
I've started remembering

the way it used to be with Frank
and his little girlfriends.

So awful, Bev.

So ugly.

Why is all that coming
back to me now?

But you should see Heather.

She's a young woman now.

So beautiful.

So desirable.

Why is this happening?

I don't know why all
this is happening to me.

I'm scared, Bev.

- [laughing]

[girls laughing]

- I hope you hang out
with Jim afterwards.

[indistinct chattering]

- You're stupid.

- Daniel thinks I'll be
ready to take my test
in a couple of weeks.

Isn't that great?

- So soon?

- Well, he says I'm
a really good driver.

Very, um, coordinated.

I can't wait.

Daniel said that maybe by

and if we can afford it,

I might be able to
get my own car.

You know, Mom,

I think that this might just
be the best summer of my life.

- I'm glad, hon.

- I mean...

age doesn't really
matter, does it?

Just like the song says,

"All you need is love."

- Hi.

Are you all right?

- No.

- What's wrong, Georgia?
What is it?

Is it Heather?

- I don't know what it is,

Everything's just so confusing.

- What's confusing?

I need to know, Bev.

I have to find a way
to understand it.

I... I need to know
what's really going on.

- Nothing is going on, Georgia.

Nothing that shouldn't be.

- How can you be sure?

[sighs] I mean, believe me,
I know from experience.

I went through hell
with Frank, didn't I?

Frank and his little tramps.

- What did you go through?
Tell me.

- You know.

You were there.
You were with me.

Why do you want me
to dredge it all up again?

- Because it didn't happen
the way you think it did.

- What're you trying to do,

Are you trying to tell me that
Frank didn't run out on me?

That he didn't have affairs?

- I knew Frank almost as
long as you knew him.

I don't think he ever
cheated on you, Georgia.

- Never cheated on me?

How can you say that?

How can you possibly say that?

- And he didn't
run out on you either.

You drove him out.

And if you are not careful,

you are going to
drive Heather away, too.

- Oh, no. No...

That's not true.

I wouldn't do that.
I swear.





[inaudible dialogue]

- Mother?

- Georgia?

- Mom?

Mom, are you home?

- Georgia?

- Mother?

- Hello?

- Mother, we're home.

- Hey.

- Mom?
- Anybody here?

- Are you here?
- Hello?

- I'm gonna be
going out this evening.

- Oh?
- My friend, Beverly.

Her husband's out
of town for a week.

She invited me over to catch
up on all the latest gossip.

- Sounds like fun.

-There's some steaks
in the fridge.
- Okay.

- Did somebody say steak?
I am starved. Good morning.

- Hmm. Morning.

I was just telling Daniel that
I'm going to be

going to have dinner with Bev

- Ooh. Ooh!

You wanna party?

- Well, what did you have
in mind?

- An all-girl party.

Well, except for you.

Uh, okay, I've got it.
A pool party, okay?

- Mm-hmm.
- Twenty-five...

of the most sex-starved teenage
girls in bikinis for you.

What do you think?

- Sounds exhausting.

- Okay.

How about dinner?

Just you and me.
- Uh-huh.

- A little candlelight...

Maybe some champagne.
- Mm-hmm.

- A little Bruce Springsteen
on the stereo.

- Mm-hmm.

- And maybe even a moonlight

- How about a pizza and
a drive-in movie?

- I'll buy that.

- Your daughter is
such as easy sell.

- Oh, hi.

I was just looking for something
kinda different to wear.

- For what?

- Well, for tonight.

- [sighs]

To wear to
a drive-in movie?

- Oh. No, no, no, no.
That was just a joke.

We're gonna eat in tonight.

And guess who's
doing the cooking?

God, I hope some of your
lessons pay off, Mother.

I am so nervous.

- I still don't know why you
want something to wear.

Is it that special?

- Well, believe it or not,
this will actually be

the first formal dinner
I've ever cooked for a man.

That's kinda special, isn't it?

I just want it to be
real nice, that's all.

- Candles? Soft music?
- Mm-hmm.

Don't you think I should?

- Well, if you're
planning a seduction...

- I'm just really crazy
about him, that's all.

I just wanna be good to
him, like you've been.

Pretty, and sweet, and feminine.

- You are all of those
things, Heather, already.

- Am I really?

- Go on, pick out something
if you want. It's okay.

- Why are you so upset?

- I'm not upset!

Take whatever you want.
I'm sorry I...

I'm sorry I brought up
the whole thing.

- Are you sure?

- Please, Heather, don't make
a bigger issue out of it

than it is already.
- All right, all right.

How long do you bake
a baked potato for?

- [sighs]

[people chatting]

[Heather laughing]

[laughing continues]

[laughing continues]

[Heather laughing]

- Mother.


- You don't understand!

Why won't you listen to me?

I had a right to kill him!

Don't you see?

No, you don't understand!

He was my husband and he
was raping my daughter!

- Not your husband,
Mrs. O'Connor.

Your daughter's husband.

[classical music playing]

- Mmm-mmm.

- Ahem!

I have your call from the
United States, Mr. Forsyth.

- Merci, Henri.

This is gonna be fun.

Hello, Woodward.
Is that you?

Yes, yes, I hear you fine.

I am feeling wonderful!

The vacation has been fantastic!

Absolutely fantastic!

I think I liked Naples the best!

Probably because that's
where I met my wife.

He just keeps stuttering.

Yes, yes!

No, I'm not joking!



She knocked me right out
of my socks, Woodward!

I never had a chance!

Bachelorhood went
down in flames!


I know you are, Woodward,
and I appreciate it.

I appreciate it.

Tell me how's my little girl?
How is Melody?


What did the doctor say?

What did the doctor...?

Well, thank God for that!

No, no, no!
I'm not gonna worry!

I just can't help thinking
I shouldn't have

left her so soon after Tom's

Send my love to everyone
on the staff, will ya?

I'm fine.

All right.

Good-bye, Woodward.

- Do you want to
talk about it, Merrill?

- No, no, no.
She'll be fine.

It's just a touch of the flu.

Something I do.

I can't help worrying
about her voice.

- I'm really looking forward
to meeting her.

But I have to tell you,
I'm getting nervous about it.

I mean, she's been
with you 30 years.

- 31.
Next December.

Well, take my word for it.
You have nothing to worry about.

There isn't a jealous bone
in Melody's body.

[lush music playing]

- Ha ha!
Good to see you!

It's wonderful to see you all.

- Why, thank you, sir.

And may I say what a joy it
is to have you back with us.

- Well, thank you, Woodward.

Woodward, my wife.

Mrs. Laura Forsyth.

- Oh, my.
She's a corker, sir.

A veritable corker.

Welcome, Mrs. Forsyth.

Welcome to this, your new home.

- Thank you, Woodward.
I am so happy to be here.

- Ladies and gentlemen,

my bride.

[regal music playing]

- Oh!

[Mendelssohn's "Wedding March"

- Melody?

I'm home!


Daddy's home!

- Honey?


Oh, Merrill!

She's even more beautiful than
you described her.

- She is.
Let me introduce you.

Melody, I want you to meet the
only other woman in my life.

This is...
Look, it's Laura, my bride.

- Aw!

Can I...
Uh, should I...

- Speak? Yes, speak to her.

- Melody, I'm so happy
to meet you.


- Now stroke her breast
very gently.

[squawks angrily]



Where's my little girl?
Give me a kiss.

- Daddy's girl. [squawks]

[classical music playing]

[Melody squawks,

- Pardon me, sir.

- Good wine.

- Has she always eaten
with you?


- Well, uh, not with
company, of course.

- Of course.

- But, uh, generally, yes.


She's very well mannered,
don't you think?

[Melody squawks]

Melody: [off-key]
- ♪ O say can you see

♪ By the dawn's
early light ♪

You're the only girl for me.

- [laughs]

- [squawks] Daddy's girl.
Daddy's girl.


[Melody squawks angrily]

- Shh. Daddy's home,
little girl.

Go to sleep.

- I trust you'll have
a very pleasant day, sir.


- Melody,

I'd like for us to be friends.

Now, I think it's very important
that we try to be friends.

I know I've been here
only a short time,

and you've been here
for 30 years, but...

- 31!

- I'm sorry.
31 years.

But the point is...

I love Daddy.

I love Merrill.

Very much.

And I want the three
of us to be friends.

[angry squawking]
Now, settle down. It can work.

- You're the only one for me.

Mommy's Suzie.

- Laura.
The name is Laura.

[whistles, squawks]

Would you please climb up?

- Not really.
- Come on.

Can't we be friends?
Try it.

Come on.
Step up. Step up.

Come on. Step up, honey.

Oh, please?

Step up.

Come on.

Yes. You did it.

Oh, what a nice girl.

Oh, you sweet, beautiful thing.

Now, the three of us
can be friends.

Oh, you're so beautiful...

- Go away!


[squawks, whistles]
Daddy's girl.

[classical music playing]


- [chuckles]

- [giggles]

- I have something for you.

- You're too good to me.

- Go on.
Open it up.

I wanna see that glow
in your eyes.

- Oh!

Oh, it's beautiful.

- Come, put it on.

No, let me, let me, let me help.

- [giggling]

[Melody squawks, whistles]


I have to see how it looks on.

- Right over there.

[Melody whistles, squawks]


- No, no, no.
Oh, no.

I haven't forgotten you,
my girl.

I have something very

For you, my love.

Look at this, my sweet Melody.

Oh, yes, yes, yes.

It's handmade, custom-made.

One of a kind for Daddy's
very favorite little girl.

Merrill: Look at that.

Look at that.
Look. Look.

For Daddy's very favorite
little girl.

[clicking tongue]

It's a little anklet.

For Melody.

Right over here.

Come here.
Let me put this...

Yes, let me put this...
There we go.

Ah, isn't that nice?

Oh, yes.


Oh! A little anklet
for my little Melody's ankle.

Let me see.

Oh, you're gorgeous!

Look how pretty you look.

And your nails are so beautiful.

- Thank you, Daddy.

- Give Daddy a kiss.
No tongue. No tongues.

[Melody whimpers]

- Shh.

[Melody continues whimpering]

What's wrong? She'll be
all right. It's okay.

She'll be all right.
She'll be fine.

[Melody squawks]

She'll be fine.
She'll be fine.

She will. She will. She will.

- Merrill, I can't.

- Yes...

[Melody whimpers]

- Merrill, I can't.
I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. Maybe you
could move the cage?

[Melody sneezing]

- Daddy's here, little girl.
Don't you worry.
I'll take care of you.

I better get her
a little more medicine.

[Melody moaning]

- Oh!

- Daddy's girl. Daddy's girl.

[squawks, sneezes]

- Well, we will be anxiously
awaiting your return
tomorrow, sir.

Bon voyage.

- Thank you kindly.

- Your briefcase, sir.
- Thank you.

- Good-bye.




- Uh-oh.

- All right.
Daddy's gone.

And it's you and me, kid.

We're gonna be friends.
Starting now.


[squawking angrily]

Steady. Come on...

Get back here. Melody, come...
Come back here.

Oh, no! Hey, don't...
Oh, oh!


Come back here, you
miserable pile of feathers!

Oh, no! Stop her!

- Bonsai! Geronimo!

Melody: Tom, is that you?


[glass shatters, screaming]

[inaudible dialogue]

[dramatic music playing]

[footsteps approaching]

[lush music playing]

[music ends]

- [sighs]

I really did love her, you know?

- And she loved you.

- I buried her next to Tom
beneath the willow tree.

- She would've wanted that.

- I mean, they were so
very close.


Tom was trouble. I mean, he
hated Ralph. Just hated him.

- Ralph who?

- They fought like cat and dog.
You should've seen 'em.

And then it came to me.

- What did?

- We could have Ralph again.

I mean, now that Tom is gone
and Melody is gone. Why not?

What do you think?
Shall we give it a try?

Ah, I love you!

Ralph? Ralphie?

[whistles] Ralph?

[footsteps pattering]

[door opens]

Daddy's boy!

[Merrill exclaiming]

[Ralph laughs]

- [sighs]

[blows raspberry]

[country music playing]

[country music playing in bar,
people chatting]

- Don't walk out on me, Ginny.


- It's over, Bobby.
This time for good.

You gotta let go now.

[engine starting]

[people chatting]

[country music playing]

- How'd it go, honey?

- It's over. My mind's
made up this time.

- You sure about that now?

- I swore it to myself, Dixie.

This time it's for real.

- Gotta go. See you later,
honey. [clicks tongue]

- Yeah.

[country music playing]

♪ I've lived
my life lonely ♪

♪ Troubled and sad

♪ Remembering only

♪ The sorrows I had

♪ And out of the darkness

♪ Sweet light has seen

♪ But, darling, look

♪ What loving you
has done to me ♪

♪ I send my soul higher

♪ To heaven it seems

♪ Your tenderness
shows me ♪

♪ What happiness means

♪ Now, darling,
I know how close ♪

♪ Two hearts can be

♪ But, yeah, just look

♪ What loving you
has done to me ♪

♪ Look in your eyes

♪ What do I see?

Ginny on tape:
♪ Mirrors of love

♪ Shined up on me

♪ For once in my life

♪ My heart's flying free

♪ Look what loving you

♪ Has done to me

♪ Lying beside you

♪ Watching you sleep

♪ Beauty fills me

♪ With feelings so deep

♪ And love for a lifetime

♪ Is how we will be

♪ But, darling, look

♪ What loving you

♪ Has done to me

[car approaching]

- Hiya, babe.

I thought we could talk.

We should talk.

Last night was some
kind of hell for me,

lemme tell ya.

I just don't think I can
make it without you.

And I learned one thing.

I can be a better...

A better man.
I know that now.

- Bobby...

- Look, just let me finish.

- No! We've been
through it all before.

And I've heard it all before.

It wasn't any different then and
it won't be any different now.

I don't wanna live
with a jailer, Bobby.

I don't wanna be
locked up anymore.

I gotta breathe.

- You just gotta be willing
to give it one more chance,

one more try.

We have tried, Bobby.

Lots of times.

We tried last month.
And the month before that.

But it always ends up the same.

Just like it always will.

I want you to leave me
alone now, Bobby.

We each have our
lives to get on with.

And they've gotta
be separate lives.

From here on out.

Good-bye, Bobby.

[car engine starting]

Think that's gonna do it, Ginny?

- It's a start.

You remember what I
told you the last time.

I said, "Ginny, don't pack 'em.
Burn 'em."

- [snickers]

- The only way you're gonna get
that guy out of your life,

and I mean for good,
is to show him point-blank,

right between the eyes,
you can get along without him.

- You think he hasn't
thought of that?

Don't think that's
what he's afraid of?

- Yeah, well, knowing it and
seeing it are two different

You can't just tell him, Ginny.

You gotta advertise, honey.

You gotta hold a great big
neon sign up in front of him.

You gotta walk down the
street, right past his store,

with the biggest hunk you can
find right by your side.

With a man like Bobby D.,
there's no other way.

I'm on your side, Ginny.
All the way.

[clicks tongue]

[country music playing]

- ♪ He's looking so good

♪ Standing at my door

♪ He said she's giving him
a hard, hard time ♪

♪ Well, I've heard
that before ♪

♪ You know, I can't give in

♪ I'm sure to
pay the price ♪

♪ I won't even bend,
I gotta be strong ♪

♪ I'll take my own advice

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- What'll it be?

- How about a tall club soda
with a twist of lime?

- You got it.

- Oh, excuse me, miss.
What's that singer's name?

- Oh, that's Ginny.
She's something, isn't she?

- Yes, ma'am.

They didn't tell me she
was that pretty, though.

- Well, whoever they are, oughta
have their eyes examined.

- Uh, are you a personal
friend of hers?

- Thick as thieves.
We room together.

You taking a census or what?



- Some friends of mine just
happened to stop in here
a few weeks ago.

They told me it just might be
worth my time to do the same.

- You mean, you came all the way
from Nashville to see Ginny?

- Every legend has gotta
start someplace, don't it?

- ♪ You know we've
done it before ♪

♪ And you don't
need no more ♪

♪ Oh, heart,
get a hold of yourself ♪

♪ Heart, get a hold
of yourself ♪

- Is he for real?
- For real?

He's wearing a watch we could
live on for two years.

It's this thick, this
wide and solid gold.

I bet he wears sunglasses
just to tell the time.

- He says he came
all the way from Nashville
just to hear me sing?

- Well, don't make it sound
like China, honey.

Guys like that, they travel
around all the time.

How else do you think
they discover people?

- Well, what do you
think I should do?

- Do? You gotta meet him.
What else?

- Well, is he...
Is that what he wants?

I mean, is he out there
waiting for me?

- He's not a fire-breathing
dragon, honey.

You saw him. He's a very nice
man. And he's cute, too.

What do you got to lose?

- What if he asks me to go
to Nashville with him?

- Ginny, it's okay.

Take my word for it, will ya?

You been hiding behind
Bobby's shadow for so long,

you're like a little kid
on her first date.

I'm your best friend.

I would not steer you wrong.
[clicks tongue]

[engine starts]

[country music playing]

Ginny on tape:
- ♪ I've lived my life lonely

[inaudible dialogue]

♪ Troubled and sad

- [sighs]

- ♪ Remembering only...

- Thank you.


- [exhales]


- It ain't working.

This ain't working, Ginny.
Not like this, it ain't.

- Bobby, I don't want you
calling. It's late.

The thing is,
I don't want you...

I don't want you
calling at all, Bobby.

- I saw him touch you.

- Bobby...

- All these years,

there wasn't never anybody else.

Not for you,
not for me.

I could never
love anybody else.

You hear what I'm saying to you?

I got a pain in my heart
that I feel all day long,

burning like an iron.

You understand what
I'm saying to you?

You hear me?

I can't live like this!

You're mine, Ginny.
I ain't gonna let you go.

Not ever! You hear
what I'm saying to you?


You listening to me?


Answer me!



[glass shattering]

I'll kill you!
[yelling indistinctly]

[train passing in distance]

[engine starting]

[engine revving]

[tires screeching]

- Good afternoon.

Right pretty set of
wheels you got here.

I wouldn't mind having one
of these buggies for myself.

That's mine over there.

Pretty little thing, ain't she?

- Do we know each other?

- [chuckles]

Well, I suppose so...

in a manner of speaking.

Bobby Duchamps.

- What were you doing
in my car, Bobby?

- Well, it seems like
there's been a little
misunderstanding, partner.

I just thought maybe I better
clear it up

before it went any further,

anybody's feelings got hurt.

- I'm not following you.

- I'm talking about Ginny.

- Ginny? What about her?

- She's my fiancée.

- Congratulations.

What does that
got to do with me?

- Well, we had sort of
a lover's quarrel,

and the lady kinda got upset.

And that's where you came in.

But this morning, we sort
of kissed and made up.

You know what I mean?

- Well, I appreciate
you coming down here

and sitting around in my car
just so you could tell me that.

I hate to disappoint you, buddy,

but the plain fact is that
don't mean diddly to me.

- Well, it better mean
something to you.

- I don't owe you this, buddy,

but I'm gonna give it
to you as a favor.

You've got your property,
and I've got mine.

And the next time you put
your dirty feet on my seat,

I'm gonna knock 'em off
with a crowbar.

- I want you gone, mister.

- Why don't you grow up, buddy?

It so happens I'm leaving
here this afternoon,

but only because I've
done what I came to do.

Ginny knows where to
find me if she wants to.

- Don't shoot.

- Que paso, Bobby?

- Howdy, Tom.
Hi, Johnny.

- Hey, Bobby.

- Not buying today, huh?

- Oh, I'd love to, Bobby.
But to tell you the truth,

if I come home with one
more toy like that,

my old lady's gonna
make me eat it.

[all chuckle]

- Boy, don't married life
sound like fun.

- Yeah.

- I thought I saw Ginny last

out with that Southern
boy in the red Caddy.

You two ain't breaking up
again, are you, viejo?

- Better have yourself checked
out for glasses, Tom.

You're seeing things.

I'll say one thing, though.

You know, if there's a woman in
this town as half as
good-looking as Ginny,

he'd be a fool not to try
and bag her, wouldn't he?

- Amen to that, Bobby.

[knock on door]


- I got us a reservation
at the Horseshoe.

That little table
by the fireplace

where we ate that first night.

I guess you wanna
freshen up a bit before we go.

You'd better put these
flowers in some water.

- I called Jessie Hutton
at the Lodge,

and they said he checked out.

Did you go and see him, Bobby?

Did you fight with him?

- Oh, honey, I don't wanna
talk about Jessie Hutton.

Listen, this night's
gonna be magic.

It's gonna be
just like old times.

Good food, good wine, maybe
even a little champagne.

And we'll talk.
We'll straighten things out.

Come on, honey.
How's that sound, huh?

What do you say?

- Get out of here, Bobby.

- Look, don't you wanna put
these flowers in some water?

We don't want 'em
to die on us, do we?

- I don't want your damn

- [grunts]

Honey, we gotta talk.

- You don't listen!
What's the use?

- Well, I will. I will.

Just try me. Go on.

Go ahead, say something.
Tell me something.

- All right.

There's a chance, Bobby,

just a chance that I'm
gonna get out of here.

- What do you mean getting
out of here? How? Why?

- Jessie Hutton.

That man, he's a record producer
from Nashville.

He likes the way I sing, Bobby.

He likes the way I look.

He says he's gonna
talk to his partners

about getting me a signed

- I don't wanna hear this!
Ginny, I don't wanna hear it!

I don't wanna hear
about some pie-in-the-sky

story from some producer from

- You asked me!
Bobby! You asked me!

- I don't wanna hear about it!


I love you.

- [sobbing]

Damn it.
Stop telling me that!

- Well, what do you want me to
do? Lie about it?

What am I supposed to do?

Lie and say I don't when I do,
after all this time?

- It's over, Bobby!
Can't you see that?

Can't you see I don't
want you to love me?

- Well, that just
ain't how it works.

Now, love is not a thing that
you want or you don't want.

It's just a thing
that grabs you,

and it doesn't matter
whether you like it
or you don't like it.

And it hugs you like a bear,

and it doesn't matter what
you do or what you want!

- Oh, Bobby!
- Ginny.

Ginny, I...

Hey, I know I'm not perfect.

I'm not even the best
prize on the ring toss.

But you'll never be loved,
Ginny, not in your whole life,

even half as much
as you're loved by me.

- Oh!

- Oh, honey.

- Get out, Bobby. Get out.
- No, stop.

No, Ginny.
- I don't want you here.

- Please.
- Don't touch me.

I don't want you.
Don't touch me.
- Ginny!

- I don't want you touching me!

- Ginny!
- Don't!


I'm calling the sheriff.

- Gimme that! Just gimme that!

Gimme that!

- [gasps]

- I can't live without you,

And I ain't gonna.

- What're you trying
to tell me, Bobby?

What are you trying to say?

That you're gonna kill yourself?
Is that it?

Bobby, Bobby Duchamps
is gonna kill himself

because he can't get his way!

Well, what do you think
that's gonna prove?

That you still love me?
That a dead man still loves me?

- [yells]
- [screaming]


[engine revving]



[car engine accelerating]


Stop that!


Bobby! Bob...

Stop that!



[tires screeching]


- Well, that's some kind
of mess all right.

What do you figure it'll
cost to put it right?

- I'm not looking for money,
Sheriff, just to be left alone.

- Well, I gotta be honest
with you, Ginny,

there's not an awful
lot I can do about it.

Oh, sure I'll talk with Bobby
and quiet him down some.

Shoot, I've known Bobby
Duchamps for close to 20 years.

He's hot-tempered, yeah.

Oh, old Tom and I have
seen that more than a few times,
haven't we, Tom?

- He's talking about
killing himself.

- Bobby?
- [Tom laughs]

Bobby Duchamps'
gonna commit sideways.


[mimics gun shot]

That's the funniest
thing I heard all year.

- I wouldn't count on any
help from the law, Ginny.

Not when they hire jackasses!

- I said I'd talk to Bobby,
that's what I'll do.

There's no need for
any name-calling.

[chuckles] The thing that
surprises me about all this

is how little you ladies
seem to understand.

- Aw, is that so, Sheriff?

Well, now why don't
you tell us

just what it is that we don't

- Passion.

A man like Bobby Duchamps
is one in a million.

One in 10 million.

[laughs] Hell, Ginny,

she'll find herself another
boyfriend easy enough,

but she'll never find
another Bobby D.

That man's got more love
inside him

than any 10 women could ever
use up.

He's got a fire burning in him.

And all that heat aimed
straight as a bullet

at this young lady
right here.

And that's righteous heat,
lemme tell you.

If you don't want it,

well, that's up to you.

But in all my life,
I only wish

I could've felt just half of
what Bobby feels for you.

Good day, ladies.

[door closes]

- How you doing?
- Fine.

- Well, I got good news and bad
news. Which do you want first?

- Good.

- Bobby's not out front.

- Thank God.
What's the bad?

- The night is still young.

- Thanks a lot.

- The sheriff's gotta have
talked to him by now.

- Yeah, one good
old boy to another.

- Think positive, honey.
- I'm trying, Dixie.

- Ooh, did you talk
to Jessie Hutton yet?

- Nope. Not yet.
- Now, why on earth not?

- 'Cause I haven't decided yet.

It's a big decision, Dixie.

It's not easy.

- And staying in
Fire River is, huh?

- Just...

I just have to think about it.
I need a little time.

- Okay, honey. We going
home together?

- Safety in numbers.

- Meet you out front.

[door closes]

[country music playing]

♪ You never call
me up at midnight ♪

♪ Like you used to

♪ No more duets

♪ No more moonlight
rendezvous ♪

♪ Well, pardon me

♪ My broken heart

♪ Has just one question

♪ Whatever happened

♪ To "I love you?"

♪ You'd always
send me pretty flowers ♪

♪ For no reason

- How you doing?

- I want you to leave
her be, Bobby.

I'm asking you as a friend now.

Ginny's got a chance

to make something special
out of her life.

You gotta let go.

- Well, I don't rightly see
how I can do that, Dixie.

You see, I love her.

- ♪ Whatever happened

♪ To "I love you?"

- Yeah, well, she doesn't
love you, Bobby.

Not anymore.

I think a real man would
know how to bow out graceful.

- Why don't you do us
both a favor, Dixie,

and just mind your own business?

- The sheriff's on to you,

Ginny told him everything.

- [chuckles]

Yes, indeed, she's a
tough lady all right.

But I'll tell you
something, Dixie,

I'm not gonna lose her.

No, ma'am.

Me and Ginny are a pair.

Always were, still are,
and always will be.

- ♪ So one last time I'll ask

♪ The million-dollar
question ♪

♪ Whatever happened

♪ To "I love you?"

♪ Whatever happened

♪ To "I love you?"

[telephone ringing]




- She doesn't wanna talk to
you, Bobby, and neither do I.


[telephone ringing]


- I don't know what to do

Dixie, tell me what I can do.

- You just let it ring.
He'll get the message.


- We can take it off the hook.

- No! No way.
That way, he'll win.

[ringing continues]









- Listen to me good, Bobby.

I'm gonna hang up this phone.

And if you call me back,
I'm gonna take it off the hook.

And then tomorrow,
I'm gonna get a new number,

and it's not
gonna be listed.

Not anywhere.

But it won't matter anyway,
Bobby. You hear?

I made up my mind,
and I'm going to Nashville.

And maybe I'll
never come back.

So good- bye, Bobby.
For the last time.

- I love you, babe.

[call disconnects,
dial tone]


[country music playing]

Ginny, on tape:
- ♪ I've lived my life lonely

♪ Troubled and sad

♪ Remembering only [gun cocks]

♪ Sorrows I had [click]

♪ And out of the darkness

♪ Sweet light has seen

♪ But, darling, look

♪ What loving you
has done to me ♪

♪ I send my soul higher

♪ To heaven it seems

♪ Your tenderness
shows me ♪

♪ What happiness means

♪ Now, darling,
I know how close ♪

♪ Two hearts can be

♪ But, yeah, just look

♪ What loving you
has done to me ♪

- Shh! Shh!

- [muffled shouting]
- Don't be frightened, Ginny.

Not of me.

Everything's gonna
be just fine, you'll see.


All we gotta do is stick
together and work it out.

It was meant to be, Gin.

It's destiny.

Ain't no damn way
you can fight against that.

I love you.

More than any man
ever loved a woman.

But if I can't live with you,

I ain't gonna live without you.

- You leave her alone, Bobby!

[women gasp]

[gun fires, glass shatters]

- My God! Oh!

- Ginny!

- Oh!

[glass shatters]


[car approaching]

- ♪ I've lived
my life lonely... ♪

[music playing on stereo]

Ginny, on tape:
- ♪ Your tenderness shows me

♪ What happiness means

♪ Now, darling,
I know how close ♪

♪ Two hearts can be

♪ But, yeah, just look...

[tires screeching]

[tires screeching]

- Bobby, I'm not
gonna run anymore.

I'm not gonna run.

And I'm not gonna hide.

You hear me, Bobby?

You can kill me
or you can let me go,

but you can't have me.

Never again.
You hear me?

You can't have me!

You can't!

One way or the other,

I'm free!

♪ Watching you sleep

[gun cocks]

♪ Beauty, it fills me

♪ With feelings so deep

♪ And love for a
lifetime... ♪

[gun fires, music stops]

[music playing]