Jealous (2017) - full transcript

A divorced teacher suddenly becomes jealous of everyone, including her daughter, friends and neighbors.

Wait wait wait!

- Show the smile you're going to make.
- Please, Felix, it's not funny!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, my dear!

Thanks Mom.

Eighteen years! It is so strange...!


They seem very passionate.
Get ready to be a grandmother.

Never use that word again!

They are inseparable.

It's Felix here, Felix there ...

I must say that he is fantastic.

Well, better be. It's nice to see her like that!

I'm very happy for her.

Do you feel more pressure to celebrate my years?

Are you going to turn years? When?

How cute, Mother... What is it? 80's humor?


- Do anything. - Here, do something.

Congratulations, Mathilde is delighted!

Yes, it was the goal.

I didn't tell you ...

I found a joint in her room.

- And what did you do?
- I smoked it!

Do you think Mathilde smokes with her?

Santa Mathilde? Never in life!

Furthermore, it is difficult to dance
if you are stoned.

Yes, and since she no longer
has a large dose of neurons ...

What a fool! Why are you saying that?

I was joking.

Sophie! Come and see!

What a nose he has! He brought her!

It's his wife ...

Are these served?

Here, Alain. Go passing them around.

- Is it all right? - Yes.

- Can I bring you anything?
- No, thank you!

It is a great party. Seriously, congratulations!


Just to think that a year ago she was 17 ...!


It is logical.

I couldn't help much, sorry. I'm stuck in work.

We are all stuck. Fortunately, soon, we'll go to the Club.

The Club?

To the Club Med, in Maldives.
A four tridents.

I leave you parents to talk. I'm going to eat.
I didn't eat anything all day to be hungry.


Treat yourself well! Anyway ...

I have nothing to do with your new life,
do as you wish.

But you took me to Dijon, to your parents' house.

What injustice.

What a downer he has given me!

In any case, the evening was a great success.

Everyone told me that my daughter
is beautiful and wonderful.

Nobody praised me.

But I'm still fine, right?

Stop it, you know it perfectly!

- Besides, I'm not stupid.
- You are not.

I have a degree, damn it!

Should we be an idiot
to be invited to the Maldives?

And the other presuming:
"It's a four tridents."

She doesn't even know what a trident is!

- Pass me the bottle.
- Enough for today. You drank enough.

Sophie, give me the bottle, shit!

I do not believe it! Give it!

Bad luck, there is no more. I'm sorry.

Have you finished it? You are so selfish!

Please ... I'm looking for Literature class 2.

At this hour, I doubt they'll let you in.

Yes, but tell me where the class is, please.

I already told you it's too late!
It won't do much anymore.

Hello everyone!

Sorry I'm late.

You had time to prepare.

I hope you have read "Confessions" this weekend.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think.

Is Rousseau sincere?

Does he transform feelings into literature?

- Were you late this morning?
- This is worse than Stasi!

- Everyone is ten minutes late!
- Listen, it's not reproach.

I'm not used to it. Is something wrong?

- There's nothing, don't worry.
- Good.

Miss Pick.

By the way, Nathalie...

I wanted to introduce you.

She will replace Henri.

- Ah, you will replace ...?
- Hello.

Nathalie Pecheux ...

Yes, we already met.

Sorry, this morning I took you for a student.

Teachers are getting younger and younger.
Or are we getting old ...

I'm 28 years old.

Melanie has an unusual path.
She comes from the publishing world.


When I graduated, the opportunity arose to go to Hachette.

I decided to try it, but I didn't like it.


Because I wanted to teach, which is what I like.
And I was waiting for a place.

But Henri is coming back, isn't he?

I haven't had time to tell you yet.

The situation is more serious than previously thought.

He needs to rest. I don't think he'll be back this year.

What a shame...

I had so many projects with his class!

We could still achieve them ...

Yes, we can, we'll see.

For the autobiography seminar,
I thought we could invite writers.

As I have many contacts ...

We'll talk about that later.

- I have to go.
- Yes.

- I think it's an excellent idea!
- Thanks.

We need some dynamism.

Is she always like this?


I don't know... not very friendly.

How do I look like?


How am I?


- Isn't the dress too tight?
- No, Mother, you look beautiful!

Do you have a date?

I'm having dinner at Thierry and Sophie's house.
They want to introduce me to someone.

How cool! Wait, I have something for you.



Yes, it is very beautiful.


I have to go, too.

- I'm going to meet Felix.
- Are you dressed like that?


- Sebastien?
- Yes thanks.

- Your apartment is very nice.
- Yes, we like it too.

It is well distributed.

Emma's room is at the back, with bathroom and everything...

Emma is a beautiful name.

We can thank Nathalie, she is her godmother.

I love Flaubert.

Very good.

Nataly has an 18-year-old daughter, Mathilde.
The two are very friendly.

I had her when I was 12.

Nathalie really looks much younger ...

I also have a 13 year old son.

Unfortunately, I see little of him.
His mother lives in New York.

It really is far for alternate weekends.

He's with me on vacations and I visit him between missions.

And you just joined Thierry's company?

Before that, I worked in environment, ecology.

I spent some years in a plant conversion system.

- What does that mean? I don't understand.
- No, Sophie!

- And you are a teacher?
- She's a real coconut!

She is licensed and teaches literature at Buffon,
a great school.

- Will you stop answering for her?
- Sorry.

Well, now you know everything.

I don't know, Sophie, do you want to add
something about my hobbies ...

my past ...

... my virtues, perhaps?

Nathalie is great in bed.

No, what's wrong with you?

Was playing!

But I don't know! I never slept with you.
Anyway, not yet.

My wife's humor, it makes me stay at work long hours.

Come on, the roast doesn't wait.

Listen, Sebastien,
you're not a vegetarian or are you?

Today, some don't eat gluten, others lactose,
others are vegan ...

- We don't even know what to serve anymore!
- I like everything.

You like it? It's Coltrane.

Yes, I like it a lot.

Do you know him?

No, but it is very good... Seriously.



- You didn't even let me finish!
- Excuse.

We are already there.

Right here.

Will you invite me to the last drink?

It wouldn't be wise, we've had enough.

- No, I meant ...
- Yes, I got it.

It was a joke... Anyway, a failed attempt.

No but...

I prefer that we leave it here.


I understand.

I hope to see you again soon.

Good night.

In fact...!

I'm so stupid!

Mathilde, are you here?

Yes it's me.

No, what do you think?

I call you because I'm alone,
otherwise I wouldn't call you.

No, I'm not angry.

Yes, great.

No but...

I was stupid.

I do not know! I wanted to look dignified,
like, "We didn't sleep together the first night"

but suddenly...

No, I liked him!

What did Thierry say?

I'll call you later, Mathilde just arrived.

Is this the time to arrive?

- Say hello at least.
- Good night!

You can't go in and out like this without warning!

It's not because you're 18 that you can do what you want!

When you don't come, let me know!
This is not a hotel!

It's eleven o'clock, you talk like it's four!

I speak as a mother.

- Come on, Felix, let's go to bed.
- Good evening.

Hello, Felix.

Felix better not sleep here,
you have exam in a week.

That's why I stay with her
and I give my support.

By going out so late
you don't support her!

It's for your own good, Mathilde.

It is better that Felix does not sleep here tonight.

Are you going to send him home at this time ?!

Yes I will.

Come on, Mother!

It's okay, I'll call you tomorrow.


Good night, Felix.

Don't do this to me again! What a shame!

Do you have the period or what?

Here, I prepared some cookies for you.

I'm not hungry.

Mathilde ...

This is ridiculous, you won't be upset because...!

I don't feel like talking to you.

Sorry, I shouldn't have done that.

But frankly, you've crossed the line.

I arrived at eleven, and you attacked me like crazy!

That's not what I'm talking about.
Do you realize how you spoke to me?

OK. You must have had a horrible evening
and I was the scapegoat.

It's not my fault that you have a shitty life.

Don't talk to me like that!

It is understood?

Also, if you want to know, I had a wonderful evening.

I drank excellent wine, in a good company ...

Of course...! And you came home early just to piss me off?

You never hit me like that.

What's up?

I don't know what I have, I have mood swings ...

Apparently, everything is fine.

I get irritated by everything and nothing.

Even here, for example. I've come here many times.

I never noticed that thing behind you.

And now I can't help looking. It's hideous!

It is a monkey from Angkor that my sister-in-law brought me.

- Go on...!
- Maybe I can avoid looking at him ...

It is not easy, it sticks in the eye.

Is there anything that worries you, Mrs. Pecheux?

Not exactly.

Not more than everybody else.

I feel uncomfortable with myself.

What you are feeling is extremely typical.

If there is no particular cause, it is largely hormonal.

- With menopause approaching ...
- Wait a minute, why are you telling me that?

Because it's not overnight, it's progressive ...

- There is a kind of transit zone.
- A transit zone ...

... towards menopause?
- Which can last for several years.

Several years?

I have no interest in being in transit.

That word is horrible...

Do not worry.

After some time, things end up back to normal.

Can't you get the bibelot out of there?

The monkey is provoking me, it's unbearable!

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

Sorry to bother you.

My husband booked a trip to the Maldives at another agency.

In a four tridents, you know?

For sure.

Unfortunately, we had a death in the family
and we will have to cancel the trip.

So sorry. My condolences.

We will go another time, but now it is impossible.

I would like to know the cancellation policy.

Do you have the reservation number?

Where did I put it ...?

Sorry, we are in such a state of shock ...

I understand. It can be resolved in another way.

Can you give me your name, please?

Yes. It's Pecheux, with an X at the end.

- The passport, if you want to check.
- There is no need.

February 1st to 10th for two adults, is that it?


I see that you did not subscribe to our full insurance...

I'm really sorry, but we won't be able to make a full refund.

It doesn't matter, we are lined.

Have a good day.

When is the class canceled, this Friday or the next?

- This friday.
- Thank you, Valentine.

- Can I talk to you? - Sure, Lin.

I was wondering why I only had "notable" on my test.

But notable is a good grade.
I gave you notable, because you made one ...

because you were wrong about the guy at the end, that's all.

But I think you're brilliant. Have confidence in you, yes?

- I will review and then show you.
- That.

And if you need help, say, okay?

- Thanks.
- Do not worry.

I didn't mean to discourage you, but ...

Hello, Nathalie.

- Don't stop, it seemed fun.
- We were talking about Melanie's project.

I am very interested in Contemporary History.

I do not know anything...

I thought that we could choose authors that address several subjects.

So, we can study the historical aspect of a book with Yves,

the literary aspect with us,

and some books can be used for Philosophy, Sociology, Art History ...

You could have told me.

I tried.

It is an excellent idea.

What about the sports teacher, do we ignore him?

Maybe a writer can explain to us how to play basketball, right?

I thought it would be an opportunity to work together.

And it can be very interesting for students.

I don't say otherwise, I'm in favor of interdisciplinarity,

even though it's not a new idea.

We tried a year and it went wrong, didn't it, Fabienne?
Do you remember?

Above all, it has to be thought beforehand.
I have already prepared my entire course.

Unless you have Jean-Jacques Rousseau's phone number.

So ...

Nathalie's sense of humour. You'll get used to it.

Excuse me.

Do you have fun ridiculing me publicly?

You ridicule yourself.

You have been here for two days
And you already consider yourself Andre Malraux.

I give you an advice.

If I were you,
I would be a little more discreet.

It is not because you are 28 years old
that you can do anything you want.



And a turn!


Attention, shoulders down.

This is not a waltz.


Quick, quick ...

And stop!

Very well. Best.


Come on.

I had thought that to redeem myself

we could invite Felix to dinner tonight.

- How I kicked him out like that ...
- Evidently ...

Would you mind coming in here for a minute?

I have an Asian student, who is extremely brilliant.

She has been in France for 4 years and works hard.

And since you lack confidence,
I wanted to give you a gift, I will give you this.

What is it?

It's Philip Roth's "Everyman", one of my favorite books.

- You never told me about him.
- You don't care much about books.

What an exaggeration, I like to read.

Don't be offended. You have privileged
the body over the spirit.

Sometimes it seems
That you hate what I do.

In no way!

I tell everyone you dance divinely!

But do you tell me?

Yes of course...!

Anyway, it's a good thing you have a brilliant student.

Now, Mathilde! You will not be jealous!

She is Chinese!

I'll wait outside, I'm going to call Felix.

- It's good I found the album, isn't it?
- It is true.

This is a classic, remember? You got all dirty.

Yes, I remember. Thanks.

And here the complete package: braces and acne.

- Love.
- Thank you.

We all have embarrassing moments.
Felix must have it too, right?

- Loads of them.
- Let's have dinner.

You are so serious!


Start eating, I'll see who it is.

Good evening! Sorry to bother you, we just moved up here ...

Good evening.

Does Mrs. Renaud no longer live there?

No... If we moved, it was because the apartment was free.

We invite you for an aperitif, to get to know each other better.

It's a good idea.

An aperitif?

Yes, let's do it. But it is for another day.

Sorry, as we just arrived, we do not have anything,

and I wanted to ask for some salt..

- Salt?
- Yes, salt.

I do not have any.

No salt?

No. I am diabetic, I have to avoid salt.

- So sorry!
- No matter, you did not know.

Good evening.

They were new neighbors.
Did you know that Mrs. Renaud left?

Yes, she came to say goodbye.

Yeah ...

I completely forgot.

And they are...?

A young couple, very friendly.

- So, Felix, are you enjoying it?
- It's delicious. Thank you.

I haven't congratulated you on your research job yet.

- Thank you.
- There, they only hire 7 people a year.

Your parents must be very proud.

Besides, you are so handsome.
You must be a huge success, right?

Do you want wine?


No not me. I have my test.

Come on, just this once!

Just a little.


It's Sebastien!

- Saying what?
- He wants to see me again.

I must have pleased you a little ...

Of course.

Do you think I will answer now?

Felix, tell me ...

If a girl answered you right away,
didn't she seem too desperate?

I don't know, it depends on what you want.

Okay, I'll answer now.

What do I do? Do I invite you to dinner tomorrow?

Good idea.

It's not too much? Too direct?

And how do I end? "Get well"?

- I won't send kisses.
- Less stress, Mom!

I liked him. So yes, what a stress!

- "It looks good", it's good.
- Do you think so? It's ok. "Get well".

And there ... Sent!

It's amazing how complicated this is now!

Now I'm waiting here, looking like an idiot,

attached to the phone ...

I can already imagine.

He will not answer right away.

You have to be available, but not too available.

He answered!

Accepted! Come to dinner tomorrow!

See? You worried for nothing.

It's easy for you. You are in love.

But I...

It's Dad, I'll answer.

The rival, huh? The father is the love of her life.

I know.

I'm going to tell you one thing...

but it's the first time I've seen her like this,
she's very much in love.

Me too, I'm very much in love.

What a relief...

She used to bounce around so much!

A boy here, a boy there ...

I'm glad it stabilized. Always gets tired so fast!


But have you had many boyfriends?

I can't say, I didn't count them.

- Did you want to talk to me?
- Yes, come in.

Take a seat.

Miss Pick told me about your conversations.

What a sneak!

As responsible for this establishment,

I must know the discrepancies
Among the teachers.

But frankly, I was surprised.

You are usually not so nasty.

But I am not!

It's her!

No sense of humor, takes everything to the letter ...

It's her first job, you have to help her a little!

I'll be honest with you:
I can't stand her, it is something physical.

You can do as you please,
as "responsible for the establishment",

but don't ask me to get along with her.

We've known each other for a long time,
but you can't talk to me like that.

And what are you going to do? An official warning?

Your aggressiveness is ridiculous.

It's an exaggeration! Don't you realize?

Amazing! As she comes from a publisher, you are all drooling ...!

I don't care about the publishers!

You don't have to question my decisions. Understood?

Her idea is brilliant.

Change your behavior and start collaborating.


It's the right expression ...

Is that all you have to say?

- Yes, very good.

Have you decided?

No, I'm just looking.

I take this one.

Have you lived here for a long time?

I bought the flat with my ex-husband.

And when he left me, I stayed here.

- Do you get along?
- It's not bad.

I was relieved by the divorce.
We didn't love each other anymore, we cohabited.


However, what?

His new life bothers me. I know it's bad ...

No, I understand.

We can accept a separation, but when the other finds someone ...

When we see, it is not easy.

It really is like from a book! He got a younger, dumber woman ...

I would need a break after me... That's it.

And your wife?

She's with an older, richer man.

But I am not sure that with more intelligent than me.

I'm sure it isn't.

- This is delicious.
- Seriously?

You have hardly tried it.

I'm not very hungry, I'm very stressed.

Me too.

They are exhausting, aren't they? These first meetings ...

You have to look relaxed, friendly, fun, outgoing ...

- The opposite of reality.
- Exactly!

Because we are sinister, depressed and desperate ...

And you don't even see your son.

I'm sorry.

No, seriously, I didn't want to...

I'm so clumsy!

You are not.

Thierry and Sophie will be overjoyed.

We are like candidates for a reality show.


Sorry to bother you, I just came to get water.

Good evening.

Good evening.

Do you want binoculars?


Did you see how you looked at my daughter?
Do you like her, is that it?

No, why do you say that?

I'm not hungry anymore.


- You'd better go.
- But...

Take your things and go.



- But this is nonsense.
- Yes, sure.

Put on your coat and go home.


What's up?

Did you have to strut in front of my date?


Do you want me to imitate you?
"Sorry, I was just coming for water."

What nonsense! I was thirsty!

You should have drunk before!

It was the last time you did such a thing to me, did you hear?

Let's see...

Yes, Leah?

Do you have a topic that may interest the class?

No? Private conversations are supposed to be outside, okay?

Who wants to comment?


There is a character that is marked by Rousseau.

Madame de Warens.

He was madly in love and that ...

... occupies almost the entire first volume of "Confessions".

# See you tonight? #


He was madly in love and is a little ...

Sorry, it was an emergency.

So, Hugo, do you want to say something about ...

... Madame de Warens?

When are you leaving?

10 days from now.

- It will do you good.
- I'm exhausted.

You have already chosen?

Yes, I want the salad of the day.

- Do you use walnut oil?
- I don't know, but I'll ask.

Leave it, bring the salad without dressing, only with lemon, please.

All right. And you?

A tartar steak.

- With chips or salad?
- Both.


What about your mother?

I do not know.

It's just ups and downs.

One day, it's all dear kisses,

the next day, she falls on me without reason.

The day before she had a dinner with a guy,
I went to get water,

and she kicked him out because he looked at me.
- Seriously?

She is going through a difficult time.

She's alone...

and I'm happy. It's understandable.

Come spend a few days
Home if you want.

Don't worry, that will pass.

I hope you find someone quickly. I can't take it anymore.

The important thing is to focus on your test.

It's going fine?

Yes, I have a good teacher, but ...

It's difficult.

I understand.

I am very impressed with your discipline.

You inherited that from your mother.

When I met her, she was in college

and worked 16 hours a day.

Yeah, and see the result! I don't want to end up like her.

Have you not exaggerated?

In no way.

Believe me, I didn't overdo it.

I think he's nice. And he liked you.


Of course, he liked you a lot.

- And you told Thierry? - Of course!


Bring me another one. Right now.


Yes, while you're preparing it,
I drink this.

I'm thirsty.

You've been drinking a lot.

Do you think?

- Are you watching me?
- It's not my style.

Let's change the subject.

And with Thierry? How is it going?

Well. He works a lot.

Me, too.

I forgot to tell you!

He wants to take me to Venice for our 20th anniversary.
It's sweet, isn't it?


Isn't it a bit commonplace?

I don't think so, we always wanted to go.

Have you been together for 20 years?

Yes, 20 years.

And there is still desire?


Bring me another one right now.

Nobody takes me to Venice ...

You just said it was commonplace.


But I like banalities.

It's just a phase, you'll see.

We all go through phases and then it passes.

A phase usually does not last so long.

No seriously,
This is no longer a phase.

It's my life.

Anyway, when we're in transit, nothing happens.

In transit to where?

Forget it.

You can't understand it, life is going well for you.

And besides, your daughter is ugly.

Oh, sorry.

Excuse me...

On the other hand, it is still true.

Emma is kind of weird, isn't she?

Seriously you do not know
how lucky you are.

I'll wait for the taxi outside, I need some air.

What's it?

Sophie, what's wrong ?!

Good morning darling.

Toasts are with fiber, they give you energy.

Thanks, very kind!

- Do you want coffee? - Yes.

You're good? You seem very nervous.

It's your exam today. I know it's important to you.
I have a knot in my stomach.

Thank you. Everything will be fine.

How ridiculous, you are the one to reassure me!

The toast is delicious. Thanks.

I'm glad you did like it.
I crossed whole Paris yesterday to buy them,

because I read that they are great before an exam.

It is an audition, but it's almost the same.

What's wrong? Was it something I said?

Sorry, it's the nerves.

It is just that...

No, nothing, thank you very much.

Thank You, Miss.

Take a deep breath...

Everything will be fine.

Thank you, Miss.

Honey, you were wonderful!

You will represent the school at the national audition
for the Paris Opera! It's colossal!

Congratulations, I am very proud.

You are happy?

- I am, but a little scared.
- That will pass, don't worry.

I'm going to meet Felix.

Why are you stuck here?

I didn't want to bother you.

It's amazing how well she dances!

But the others were not very good.

Can you stop being always so negative?

I'm not negative!

It was just an observation!

They were not very good.

See if you make an effort. Your attitude disturbs Mathilde.

Is something wrong?

Nothing, everything is fine.

And I have no interest in discussing this with you.

Thank you for answering.

Forgive me for the other night,
but I had drunk a lot.

I know.

I wanted to tell you that Mathilde passed the audition.

- Now she can run for the Opera.
- Seriously? Fantastic.

Seriously, it was extraordinary!
You should have seen her!

She deserves it.

Are you going to celebrate?

- No, she goes to her friends.
- Do you want to have dinner here?

- Thierry has a job, he is late.
- I gladly accept it.

See you soon.

I'm sorry, but we don't have French pop.

I didn't come looking for that, I wanted to buy a jazz record.

Do you have someone concrete in mind?

Yes, I wanted a Col record ...

- Cole Porter? - No.

- Coltrane. - That's it!

Incredible, nobody lets me finish his name!

We have the classic "A Love Supreme".

The ballads are quite accessible.

Sorry, but don't you have it in smaller?

You mean on CD?

Jazz is best heard on vinyl. Do you have a turntable?

I don't have a walkman either.

Let it be, it doesn't matter. I will try to find it on CD.

But it is a pity.

- Why? - Because the real sound is the old one.

The real sound is the old one??

I have a very good offer.


You tell me that to hear Coltrane with the real sound...

I have to buy a turntable?

It is preferable, yes.

I threw away my record player 20 years ago!

And now I have to buy another one ...

Seriously, so, I'm going to sell my body,

and recover the one from 20 years ago.


Feel free.

Did you buy a record player?

I really wanted the genuine sound.

Although that doesn't change anything.

I leave him messages and he doesn't call me.

- I think it's over.
- You do not know ...

You'd do well to apologize.

Going just to bed with someone is easy,
I never had a problem with that.

Dudes always want to.

But a true love story ...

In my opinion, that's it, it's over.

It's good to hear you be so positive!

And you?

Are you happy?

Why are you always asking me? Don't I look happy?

Yes, you do ...


- Smoke this, it will do you good.
- Why do you give this to me?

Mom, I'm going!

It's all right?

We're just chattering.

Excellent news, from Mathilde.


The exam.

Yes, yes, I am very happy!

I'm going to Raffi's house with her,
the parents lent us the house.

- Don't be late!
- I promise!

Emma, I wanted to tell you ...

You are truly ...

... wonderful!

- Seriously? - Yes, like natural ...

You look perfect!


Have a good evening. Kisses.

Do not overdo it either!

No, seriously, I love her! She is fantastic!

I admire your relationship.

It's so easy.

Not every day is easy.

Yes, of course, but you understand each other.

I do not know.


You do everything so well.

I saw Thierry with another woman.


A blonde.

Average height, cute.

They were shopping.

Why do you tell me that?

I thought it was important to know. You are my friend.

Did you think it was important for me to know?

What if you got into your life? Don't you have any problems?

Who are you to think it is important that I know?

We've been together for 20 years.

We have our ups and downs, but we love each other.

I know he is sometimes tempted,

and if you want to know, since you think it is so important to know everything ...

... it also happened to me.
- Seriously?!

But you never told me!


I don't tell you everything.

If I had seen your husband ...

anyway, your ex-husband, since he freaked out and you even understand why ...

If I had seen him with another, I would have been silent.

And if I thought your daughter was ugly, I wouldn't say anything to you either.

It's just that sometimes ...

... you have to protect your friends.

But I don't even know if we're friends anymore.

You want to spread your bitterness.

Listen ...

Sorry, I ... I really thought I was doing the right thing.

Then stop thinking!

Above all, don't think for me. It's better for everyone.

Listen ...

I think you'd better go.


I'm really sorry!

- Excuse me but ...
- But what?

But what?

Yes, go ahead.

Did I not arrive late?

I was waiting for you.

Come, we can sit here.

I was surprised that you shared our conversation with Mr. Germain.

I mean, it surprised me unpleasantly.

And I was unpleasantly surprised by the way you spoke to me.

But I'm used to it. Women of your age, on the verge of menopause,

super-bitter, that nobody wants anymore, I've met many.

- I have met many.
- Don't you dare talk to me like that!

I speak as I want. What are you going to do? Complain?

I already noticed your little game.

You see if it causes me to lose my head ...

I have also seen many stupid upstarts like you,
that everyone throws away.

- Do you think it is very original?
- Enough!

We already dumped our poison, can we change the subject?

Mr. Germain wants us to work together.

Put frustrations aside for the sake of students.


Do you never question yourself, what you do?

You arrive, you greet
And you want to control everything


Maybe I was wrong to move so fast.

But we are actually both the same.

Yes, you are unbearable, but I see that you love students.


So what?

Think about my ideas.

"Ideas"? Isn't that a strong term?

It appears.

I'm sure you were just like me, at my age.

Try to remember it.

although that supposes from you a memory effort.

Hello, Sebastien.

I've decided to call you again,

even though you don't want to talk to me,


I don't want to be a bore who is always texting,

although it is what I am doing.

But I wanted to apologize again.

If you hear the message, I would also like to tell you that ...

Select asterisk to listen to your message.


Sebastien Corti. Leave a message.

Sebastien, it's me again. Excuse.

What a shame.

I'll call you back because it wasn't over.

Consider this message a continuation of the other.

It's not that I called you twice.

I wanted to tell you that ...

I forgot ... Yes, I know! I was saying ...

Select asterisk to hear the message ...

What the fuck! Fuck! What a bore!

It doesn't matter, I'll call you back.

I will finish.

Sebastien Corti. Leave a message.

I'm really sorry, you'll think I'm chasing you, but no.

I wanted to say that I bought a Coltrane record.

Because I know you like it a lot.

And even though you know you don't want to talk to me,

I wanted to say that when I hear it, it's a little like you're there.

There, I hope you are well and ... Stay well.

I'm Nathalie, of course. Bye.

- Thanks for removing the monkey.
- You're welcome.

So, how do you feel?


Very bad.

I feel like I no longer control myself. I act impulsively and then regret it.

On the other hand, when we are not well, the happiness of others bothers us.

Yes it's true...

I do everything wrong.

It is as if the world has become hostile.

But it is not just an impression.

For example, at work, there is a stupid upstart that everyone ...

Sorry to interrupt you, Mrs. Pecheux.

I am a general practitioner. I asked him how you're doing, physically.

Yes, of course, but ...

We have known each other for some time. We can talk a little, can't we?

I don't know ... Maybe it would be better to see ... a psychiatrist?

Because their analyzes are great.

Yes, but it's all related, isn't it?

If my body is not well, I cannot relate to others.

You are the one who told me about "transit",
if you remember correctly.

And how long will this last?
It's just that I can't anymore ...

You should try to relax. I don't know ...

... do yoga, maybe?

Yoga?! Ah no, how depressing!

The index finger and the middle finger on the floor.

Exhale and release ...

... and return to the chair position.

Attention, Tania, your back is too arched.

Very well.

You're too far behind. What is your name?

Nathalie Pecheux.

Nathalie will suffice.

Find your own rhythm, will you?
What matters is the journey, not the destination.

Lay your buttocks on the floor

and make a transition to the plow position.

Where is everyone?

They left, the class ended.


Do you have tickets?

Good day sir.

Thank you.

It's 32 degrees in Kani.

- Wonderful!
- Let's see, Pecheux ...

It's 32 degrees in Kani!

Sinful, Sinful ...

I don't see you on the list.

How is it possible?

Are you sure you booked this trip?

Of course I have! I booked it a month ago.

Really ... Let me check.

Is there a problem?

He doesn't find us.

Seriously? But we are here!

You are not on the list.

Sorry, I misunderstood.

- See if you have Pecheux with X at the end?
- Is there a problem?

Apparently, you canceled your trip ...

... on the 13th of January, and your seats have been sold.

What nonsense! We are here, so we have not canceled anything.

You will have to do with your travel agent, but ...

I'm sorry.

Stop saying you're sorry and find our names!


Calm down, we'll get you a seat on the next trip.

We want to go now, not six months from now!

What are you doing here?

- Our trip was canceled.
- What?

Or rather, someone canceled it.

- Who could do such a thing?
- I have my suspicions.

Obviously it was her. I saw her face when we told her.

Wait, maybe it wasn't her.

- There's only one way to find out.
- Seriously? How?

Call her and tell her we are leaving.

If she is silent more than 3 seconds, it is because she did it.

- Where did you get that?
- I saw it in a TV series.

Come on, Mathilde.

Hello dear!

- Do I call at a bad time?
- No, it's good to hear you.

It's all right?

Yes, I'm rehearsing.

- I'm home alone, you know me.
- Have they left yet?

Yes, the father called before they took off.

It will do them good to sunbathe.

Yes, he is very happy.
Wait, I'll call you, I have another call here.

- Fuck, it was her!
- I'll call her again.

- Let me call. I will raze it!
- I do not want.


If she did this, it is because she is very ill, it goes without saying.

Next time, we won't tell her that we're going.

You are very Zen ...

She's pathetic enough ...

- Sorry, I shouldn't have said that.
- No, you're right.

I think you should go back home.


If you leave her, she will go down, and nobody wants that.

Did you learn that in a TV series too?

You are fine?

- Do you need something?
- I'm not well.

Do you know Coltrane?

Do you know him?

You should have told me!

#I'm sorry.#

Are you coming to dinner?

I'm trying on hairstyles for the audition.

When I was little, you loved to comb my hair.

It is true.

- Are you coming to eat? Dinner is ready.
- I'm going now.

What's wrong?

Mathilde! What's wrong?

Drink water.

Drink, my dear.


Look at me.

Take a deep breath. Keep your head up.

Jean Pierre!

How are you?

It's okay, she's resting.

Can I see her?

No, they said that she needs calm now.

Here is the doctor ...

I'm Mathilde's father. How is she?

We gave her an injection of cortisone and she responded very well.

We'll keep her under observation for two hours,
and if all is well, you can take her.

She mentioned an audition.

I'm sorry, but she won't be able to participate.

What happened?

She suffered from very severe angioedema.

But without anaphylactic shock.
We think it's an allergic reaction.

Do you know if she is allergic to any food?

You have to avoid nuts and peanuts.

And you think you may have eaten some?

No, I was the one who prepared the food ...

You better check.

Sometimes they are found in some cooked dishes.

Thank you, doctor.

I stay with her.

Rest, my dear.

Good night dear.

What's this? What you do?

What is this?

Yes but...

You know I never use it with Mathilde.

No, I don't know.

I can't have used it. It's impossible.

On the eve of the auditioning. You are aware?

- I told you it wasn't me.
- There's no one else here!

Whether it was on purpose or not, I do not care!

You are sick, Nathalie. You have to treat yourself!

I let her sleep here and sleep on the couch,
but tomorrow I will take her to my house.

And you don't get close to her, understood?

I don't want you to approach her again!

Jean-Pierre, believe me!

I would be unable to do such a thing!

It was not me!

I could not...

I couldn't do that ...

It was not me.

It's impossible.

Are you okay, Nathalie?

Yes, sorry, I ...

I had a problem.

Nothing serious, I hope?

Don't worry, Miss Pick will take care of your students.

- My students?
- Just today.

But are you crazy ?!


Jean Pierre?

- Where is she?
- In my house.

- I need to talk to her!
- For now, take care of yourself.

My students, come with me.

- You can't interrupt the class like that!
- But steal the students from me? Can you?

- I didn't steal anything! You weren't ...
- I don't intend to argue.

Come on, guys!

Everybody is here?

- What's our room?
- It's 114.

Oh yes, true.


Nathalie, what are you doing?

I will teach my students. Very normal in a high school.

It's 12:25.
The bell will be in 3 minutes.


It's ok.

So, go eat.

And we will recover ...

... the class at another day.

I'm so upset with myself ...

It's not your fault, Isabelle.

You couldn't imagine ...

Your teacher called, wants to come and see you.

I don't know ... It's all lost.

Why are you saying that?

You're auditioning in a few weeks. Now you have to rest.


Thanks for everything.

Your mother wanted to come and see you,
but your father wouldn't let you.

You did well.

I do not believe!

It's you ...

- We were worried, you didn't answer.
- I didn't hurt you on purpose.

I know.

- Do you want to drink something?
- No, thank you.

Good, because I have nothing.

I do not know what happened.

I can't control anything anymore.

You haven't been well in weeks.

But you can't let yourself go like that.

I will never recover.

I'm going to kill myself.

What a crazy thought!

She will eventually realize.

- Do you think so? - Yes.

Thank you!

You really are a good friend!

They put me off.

I lost my students.

You need a follow up, Nathalie

They told me about a very good person.

She specializes in mother-daughter relationships.
It would do you good to talk to her.


No, but ... I don't like to talk like that ...

... with strangers, I get so uncomfortable.

I'll make an appointment for you.

I don't know if I'll go later. Besides, I have a lot to do.

# Remember the appointment. Is important.#

It was your friend who made your appointment.

He realized that you needed ...

Do you agree with that?


Ask me if I agree? Good...

I have no idea. You are
the one who has to tell me, right?

Generally, in mother-daughter conflicts,

I also have to see the daughter.

It's ok.

Did you come alone?


I don't carry her in the suitcase.

- Sorry.
- Where is she?

Since I tried to kill her, but it wasn't on purpose ...

Excuse me.

- Sorry, I know it's not funny.
- Really not.

Can I gave some water? I am very hot.
My tongue is dry ...

It's like being in the desert. I want to swim.

Thank you.

Thank you.

I feel better already.

What about you, doctor?
Is everything okay with your daughter?

We are not here to talk about me.

You have no daughter.

That's awful!

How can you be a specialist in mother-daughter relationships
if you don't have a daughter?

It's as if a vegetarian made
A thesis on butchers.

Mrs. Pecheux, I think you have taken something.

I will send you to a colleague who can help ...

- Don't be offended.
- I'm not.

He's much better for you. Here.

- Did I upset you?
- In no way. Take it.


How good it feels!

I feel me immensely well!

I don't know why I never came here before!

I come here to swim every day.

Seriously? Bravo!

My name is Monique.

I'm Nathalie.

- Hello, Nathalie.
- My pleasure.

I've lived here for 30 years, but I'm from the north.

I came because of my husband,

but he is now dead.

- And you, are you married?
- No.

Anyway, I was, but I got divorced.

I have a daughter.

How nice!

I was not so lucky.

How old is she?

She is 18 years old, she's a dancer.

How wonderful! I love dance shows!

If you ever need company, I will be happy to go!

- Of course.
- And what do you do?

I'm a literature teacher.

But on sick leave at the moment.

They say I was not in my normal state.

And it is true, I am not well.

I haven't been well in a while.

And I don't know if we can go to see her dance show,

because my daughter doesn't speak to me.

What a pity...

It's natural.

She missed the audition because of me.

I understand...

I don't know how to make it up.

And my parents are already dead.

I miss my mother so much ...

We always think that they are eternal, but one day ...

We are alone.

Sorry, I don't know why I tell you all this.

It's the pool.

It always has this effect, the first time.

Please, I spent the day waiting for you!

- I don't think it's a good time.
- I like you very much, but don't mess with me.

I don't want to see you. Could you respect that?

Ok, I respect it.

But you respect my suffering
For not being able to talk to you.

Okay, I made a mistake.

- Do you really think I did it on purpose?
- It doesn't change anything!

You lie, you are jealous, you ruined my life!

I worked for months like crazy!

I know, so I can never forgive myself.

- But now I'm going to the pool.
- And then?

I also go to the psychiatrist.
Everything will go back to what it was, believe me.

Not now.

But when?

It is very tasty!

Thank you so much for inviting me.

Stop putting yourself in a refugee plan.

We will not abandon you.

Good luck that I have you.

Tell us about the psychiatrist.

She's great!

That woman is extraordinary.

I knew it! I'm happy! I was sure!
When are you going back there?

Next week.

I need time to digest all of this.

But I already feel much better.

And I went back to the pool.

Great! It's a bit symbolic.


To wash away your mistakes.

Seriously? Are you a psychologist now?

Yes, maybe ... I hadn't seen it like that.

Do you think all the swimmers have screwed up?

I'm not going that far.

In any case, the healing of a pain passes through the body.

He's unrecognizable since he works with Japanese people.

By the way...

How is the project going?

Is it still Sebastien who ...?

It will be a garden in Bercy, inspired by Kyoto.

What is she doing here?

How can you invite her?

It's crazy! Didn't she want to kill her daughter
at dinner quietly?

Calm down, Emma.

What don't you invite another crazy woman who froze her babies!

Thematic night of infanticides!

What do you think, Nathalie? It would be nice, wouldn't it?

Emma, stop it now.

- I don't stop anything!
- Enough!

- I don't want her here!
- Enough!

Stay with your little friend and leave me alone!



I understand.

We've been friends for a long time, we know you, Nathalie.


You can count on us.

Did you know that I'm here?

We realized that you were not yourself.
We all have difficult times.

We all do things that we regret.


And if you really want to know, I forgive you too.

What do you say?

Sophie told me what you said.

First, I was furious.

I found it so profoundly evil.

She told you ...

Yes, we don't hide anything from each other.

You saw me with my cousin.

She rarely comes to Paris, and I was happy to go shopping with her.

I see...

She admits she has gone too far, but does not want to apologize.

It doesn't matter.

- What were you talking about?
- Of my cousin.

Today I find it sadder.

I don't know...

Everything seems to me ...

so hard...

I know you have the strength to solve everything.

By the way, your name is name ...


"Nathalie" means...

... "birth".

Therefore, it will be reborn.

Do you think?

I know.

I like you very much.

Me too.

Can I ask you a question?

Of course dear.

You never feel sad for ...

... not having a child?


Of course I do.

But it is so, it is life.

The body decides.

It's like with allergies. We don't know why ...

... we reject this food or that. It's the same thing.

Maybe that's why you dance.

I don't see the relationship ...

It is an art in which we master the body.

You understand?

I've never seen it like this ...

But I doubt you dance because of allergies ...

What if you were dancing the "Nutcracker?"

- Are you serious?
- Yes.

Sometimes it is difficult to understand whether
you are being ironic or not.

No, I'm not being ironic.

I guess.

Good Morning!

We really enjoy being here. It is a very nice neighborhood.

When will you come for a drink?

The drink?

You have to go for a drink.

Yes, but ... Now I can't, I'm going to the pool.

- Is there a pool in the neighborhood?
- You see? We are doing great

You wanted to swim on your back again.

She's so nice, this lady.

Good morning, sorry to bother.

I would like to contact an elderly woman who comes every day.
I only know she's called Monique.

Mrs. Mougins. I know who she is.

You must have her phone number or address on the registration form ...

Yes. Why do you want to know?

We agreed to meet and she didn't show up. I worried a little.

Give me a second.


I don't have a phone, but she lives at 76 Rue St. Maur.

It is right next door.

Thank you and goodbye. Have a nice day.

May I help you?

I am looking for a lady who lives here, Mrs. Mougins.

Monique ... poor thing ...

Are you her family?

No, I'm a friend.

He fell down the stairs yesterday and died instantly.

I'm sorry.

We started planting there.

Look, Nathalie.

What are you doing here?

I can't say I was close ...

I do not have much time. What do you want?

I realized that my reaction was ...

... excessive.

You think so?

I was not well...

... and everything mixed up in my head.

You could find my daughter beautiful without any harm.

And it is true, she is very beautiful.

I'm glad you admitted it, but what does that change?

Do not know.

In fact...

... I came to ask you for something else.

You'll be crazy, but I have a friend who died.

Anyway, I didn't know her very well, but ...

... the funeral is tomorrow and I don't have the courage to go alone.

I wanted to ask you if you can come with me.

I do not know what to say.

I understand.

You threw me out of the house and called me the worst names

and now you show up to propose to go to a funeral with you?


- Won't you be half crazy?
- In no way.

On the contrary.

It is tomorrow at 10 am, at the Montparnasse cemetery.

Come on, Mathilde!

Slide, assemble.

Stretch your arms! And again!

Hold, hold! Very well!

And again, glissade, assemble

- Again!
- I can't, Marco.

Sit down.

Take a deep breath.

Don't worry, you have a month to prepare.

Were you friends of Monique?

I knew her a little, we went to the pool together.

She loved to swim!

I'm her niece.

It's sad, so few people ...

As we get older, we lose friends ...

I mean, many have already died.


I was so sorry for her ...

A sinister second encounter in a cemetery is not enough for you,

Are you going to be depressed, too?

Thank you so much for coming.

Wait, I want to see in front of which grave we kissed.

Madeleine Pinchot, 1918-1995.

Madeleine watched our first kiss.

Hadn't we kissed already?

Yes, but this one didn't count.

Lower your head ...

... and thank your practice.

Raise your head.

You can open your eyes.

And I propose that we applaud Nathalie who today did not fall asleep.

I drank two coffees before I came.

Is it your son?

What a monkey!

Wait wait!

I have something to tell you.

What is it?

I didn't think of that when we kissed in the cemetery.

I could have told you back then, but ...

I can't make love to you without telling you.

Have you met someone?

- You were single and I blew it.
- No!

So what is it?

Are you sick? You will die?

That's not it.

Then tell me.

I'm going to Japan. Next week, for a year.

- Unbelievable !
- I didn't know that we were going to see each other again.

Everything is arranged, and my son's mother lets him come too.

- What do you want me to do?
- I do not know what to say...

But this does not change anything, a year goes by quickly.

A year, at our age?

It's like five years!

It's not.

- Yes.
- No...

Let's make love, then think about it.


Madeleine, how are you?

I went to see Monique's grave and decided to come and say hello.

He's gone.

Not forever, but ...

I'm glad to see you back.

Me too.

There she is!


- It's so good to see you!
- Thank you, Catherine.


I was bored without you, I had no one to argue with ...

- Want to have a drink?
- Yes.

You look great! Wonderful!

Look at my students! Thomas!

- You are fine?
- Yes Yes.

You're going to make me cry!

We missed you so much!

Thank you, Tak.

This did me a lot of good!


- We took at most 8 minutes!
- Only?

It seemed like an hour!

Let's sit down.

Excellent idea!

Any news?

We speak via Skype.

But honestly ...

I'm thinking of stopping.

This will come to nothing.


He left for a year, it's a long time.

Those Japanese all anguish me.

In my nightmares, they throw themselves
at him in groups of four or five.

Laugh, but those awful geishas are the worst!

What nonsense!

Yes! Look at Yoko Ono! Lennon completely freaked out.

Sebastien is not Lennon.

Do you know that I spoke to Mathilde on the phone?

And you just tell me now?

Would you prefer me to tell you when we were running?

What did you talk about?

It was very calm, very pleasant.

She doesn't want to see me before the audition.

It's understandable.

But it was ... it was tender.

I'm so nervous for her!

It will go well.

As long as you don't make her dinner ...



Come on, go!

Fast march.

I'm really in shape!

Next candidate. Mathilde Pecheux.

Good Morning. I'm going to make a variation of "Nutcracker".

Very well, miss.

Miss Pecheux,

despite the quality of your presentation,

the jury decided that

it did not meet the requirements to join our ballet corps.

We appreciate your participation.

I do not understand...

You were wonderful!

Excuse me!

Aren't you ashamed? How can you not accept her?

There, sitting and judging like hot dogs.

Do you realize the sacrifices she made?

- My lady, calm down.
- Calm down, me? But why?

How to remain calm in the face of so much incompetence?

Your bitterness is so big, you no longer see beauty and elegance!

And I don't even tell you what she went through!

Because if you want to know, I was going to kill her.
Yes, me, her mother.

I spare you the details, but you can't imagine her courage.

And you dare to ignore it?!

I bet if Aurelie Dupont came to audition,

you would tell her that she had no talent.
But it's you who has no talent!

You have to be frustrated to judge others.

Little chefs with little powers... That's what you are!

- That's enough, my lady.
- I leave you to your mediocrity.

They should be ashamed!


What are you doing? You'll get a cold. Are you crazy?

You made me feel ashamed!

They should be ashamed for not selecting you.

They choose, that's the way. You had nothing to get into.

I know that I am not a perfect mother,

but I can evaluate what I see.

And they are bullshit.

- You don't understand anything.
- Perhaps.

You don't want to see me, but you can't stop me
from loving and defending you

and hearing them talk to you like that ...
I couldn't keep silent.

Anyway, even if you hate me a little more,
what difference does it make?

Have you finished?

Weren't you very disappointed?

I am disgusted.

Do you want me to stay?

There is no need, father and Felix are there.

I understand.

- Call me whenever you want.
- Yes.

- Come here, honey, you're freezing.
- Thanks.

- They're inept. Your mother is right.
- They're stains!

I just wasn't good enough.

- Anyway, I'll quit.
- Do not say that!

You say that now, in the heat of the moment ...

I can not take it anymore. There are too many sacrifices.

I like to dance, but not to this extent.

I can always do like you, Marco.

Like me?

Yes, teach classes.

You cannot abandon everything now.


Like your mother.

#If you don't mind, I'll be home for a few days next week. #

Do you have everything?

Yes. It's just a few days, to see how it goes.

Come back whenever you want, this house is yours.


I'm glad my dad has someone like you.

You are making me cry ...!

It's Felix. I have to go.

Good evening, have fun.

- Don't you really care?
- Of course not, you'll have fun.

Good night mom.

Don't go to bed too late.

Good evening.

Did I come at a bad time?


Maybe I should have called about the appetizers?

Was it tonight?

Not really, but as we talked about it a long time ago ...

I brought you salt.



Last time, anyway, the first time, you needed salt ...

so I thought ...

If you need salt or anything ...

I also have pepper. And other spices, if you cook.

If you need me, you know where to find me.

It is not far and it is practical.

I do not get it.

We argued sometimes, like all couples,

but we were happy.

Maybe I was a little bit jealous ...

He felt herself suffocating ...

He said it many times, but I didn't want to hear it.

It's too late.

- I can't forgive myself.
- Don't be like that.

It is certainly part of love.

Seriously? Do you think so?


Are you jealous?

Jealous, me?


I don't think so.

Ripped by: RicardoB / 2018