Je vous présente ma femme (2013) - full transcript

The life of Viviane Martin changes completely when her son Eric marries Revolución, a younger woman from Cuba. Everybody, except Viviane, are conquered by the positive energy of Revolución and her courses of Salsa in a local café.

For today, we still expect
a lot of clouds and rain.

The temperatures
will be well below average,

from eight to 12°C.

This weather will last at least
until the end of the week,

with maybe some slight improvement
early next week.

On the A1,
in the direction of Lille,

an accident has created
a 12 km traffic jam.

Be careful.


You come to eat dinner tonight?

- We'll watch the game.
- Great idea.

- Have a good day, mom.
- You too, Sweetie.

Corentin, your shoes!

- You'll be late.
- Hello, Viviane.

How are you?

- Say hello to grandma.
- Hello, Grandma.


Hello, Mom.


Let's go, Michel.

Yes, Dad, I'm coming.

Hello, Mr. Martin.

- Hello, Mr. Martin.
- Hello.

- Hello, Charlotte.
- Hello, Eric.

Did you spend a good weekend?

Great, thank you.

Me too.


Good morning.

Yes, he's here.

Right away?
Okay, I'll let him know.

You're expected
in the boss' office.

Come in.

- Hello.
- Eric.

Everything's there:
the plants, the team, the lab.

You'll work together
with Dr. Gerardo Guilherme.

You'll see, he's brilliant.

I can't even speak Spanish.
I studied German.

Come on, Eric,
you'll have an interpreter.

I'm giving you an amazing
opportunity. It'll be exciting.

This new range
is the company's future.

I have big hopes in it.

You're still here?

I don't know, it's...

- Do you know Cuba?
- No.

It's an amazing country.

People are amazing there,
they sing and dance all the time.

- What about Ms. Guibert?
- She has no experience.

We hired her last year.

Come on, six months is nothing.

Have a good day.

You'll give your passport to Lydie.
She'll take care of the visa.

I found it. Cuba.

On 1 January 1959, Fidel Castro,
as the head of an army of rebels,

overthrew the dictator
Fulgencio Batista.

Since the revolution,

Cuba has defined itself
as a socialist republic.

Cuba is often hit
by hurricanes and tsunamis

in summer and autumn.

But why?

After the Berlin wall fell,

they started growing organic food
and medicinal herbs.

It was because of the embargo.

After the Bay of Pigs,
the US imposed an embargo.

- It's been 50 years.
- Enough.

I've heard about the Bay of Pigs.

You're right, they talk about it.
An embargo, they say.

I call Dr. Leca.

I promise he'll write you
a medical certificate.

- He's allergic to hurricanes?
- Or to communists?

With your blonde skin...
Poor thing.

- And you have airsickness.
- It's nine-hour flight. I checked.

28-6. They've lost.

I'm going to bed.

- Bye everyone.
- Good night, Dad.

There is the Internet now.
You won't be isolated.

I'm sorry, Dad,
but Cuba is a dictatorship.

It's worse thank China.
So the Internet...

Shut up. Stop annoying us.

Why doesn't she send Mr. Gibot?

He's not a researcher.

It's my fault.

I wanted him to go to university.
That's the result.

- They wouldn't send your brother.
- Obviously.

Don't start.

- Think about your brother.
- I didn't say anything.

- Shut up.
- I didn't say anything.

Malaury's telling me her parents
went there for their anniversary.

They loved it.

They say it's amazing.

You see?

Bye, uncle.

- Bye, Grandpa.
- Bye.


We'll miss the plane.

Enjoy yourself there.

Enjoy. Bye.

- Where is it?
- There.


Be careful.

You'll call?

Don't worry, Mom.

Bye, my son.

Thank you.

Your luggage, Sir.

- You can give me your luggage.
- Yes.

Boarding will be in ten minutes,
gate six.

I'm off.

How many sunscreen bottles
did you take?




Go ask if there is a problem.

There's no problem.
Look, there are people.

- Where are you coming from?
- Cuba.

Yes, it's them.

I can see him.

- Where?
- There.

What is he doing?

Who is she?

Is she with him?


Hello, Dad.

I thought they'd never let us pass.

- Plus, my suitcase came out last.
- You look healthy.

This is Revolucion.

- You didn't get my letter?
- What letter?

- I wrote to you.
- No, we didn't get anything.

I thought it'd arrive in time.

Too bad.

Revolucion and I got married.

It's an amazing country.

People are amazing.

They get by with nothing,
God knows how.

They're happy
even though they don't live well.

This is the wrong level.

No, look, the car's there.

What about your research?

Working conditions are not
as good as here, but we get by.

Headquarters is pleased.
We've filed eight patents.

You're not too cold, Honey?

It must be a change for her.

I'll put the heating on maximum.

I'm okay, thanks.

She can speak French?

A little bit.

She can speak it very well,
you'll see.

Michel, my brother.

Nelly, his wife.

- My grandfather.
- Alphonse.

- My nephew.
- Corentin.

- What's your name?
- Stéphanie.

Where do we put her?
We have no space here.

It was already crowded
with eight people.

Do I add a table extension?

We'll just move up a seat.

In any case,
I only bought four avocados.

Time to eat.

Sit wherever you can.

- I made it for eight people.
- I won't eat, Grandma.

Perfect timing.

- You can give it to...
- Revolucion.

That's a funny name.

It's not because of Fidel.

It's because my parents
liked France a lot:

Fraternity, Liberty, Equality.

And the books too: Victor Hugo...

You know more than I do.

- And you speak French well.
- Not really.

I studied a little bit in school,
but I mostly learned on the job.

- On the job.
- With tourists.

There are many French tourists
in Cuba.

- You've never been there?
- Not yet.

You should go. With your family.

You'll like it:
the sea, the sun, the parties...

How did you meet?

It's okay, Dad, I don't mind.

It was

in a salsa class.

- You're a dancer now?
- She's a salsa teacher, so...

Yes, for tourists,
in hotels, on the beach...

She also does dance shows.

- You're not eating?
- She never eats much.

It's very good.

Your son wasn't good.

I've had plenty of bad students,

but never to that extent.

He couldn't tell his right
from his left.

He was very funny.

I looked at him
and I started laughing.

I couldn't stop.

I've improved since then.

Now you can dance
like a real Cuban.

People dance everywhere.

They're all in the streets
and in bars.

People always dance in restaurants.

Help yourself.

- When did you get married?
- Three weeks ago.

- Let's use salt.
- Let your brother do it.

Yes, sorry.

You could have told us.
We talked on the phone.

I wrote.

If we didn't get married,
she wouldn't have had a visa.

Of course, I'd have preferred
to get married here.

- How old are you?
- 23.

No, 25.

Eric is a workaholic.

Did he tell you?

What will you do all day long?

I'll work too.

Really? Where?

There are no jobs here.

I'll give salsa lessons.

It's my job, right?

- We'll go, right Honey?
- Yes.

It's a great idea.

You should take a rest.
You work tomorrow again.

We won't keep you.
Go show her the house.

You're welcome here.

And the dessert?

They didn't have dessert.

A whore!

Shit, Mom, the children!

What did she say?

She hit the jackpot.

A handsome guy like him
with a good job.

- He's very naive.
- He hit the jackpot too.

- I'm sorry, but...
- Come on.

She'll take everything he has.

Then she'll leave
with a guy her own age.

Then all my boy
will have left to do

is to blow his head off.

Come on.

I'll open his eyes.

I won't let it happen.

I don't know if you're right,
but I like her.

And I've never seen him like this.

Like what?


Happy? What do you mean, happy?

He was happy with us before.
He was very happy.

Here, with us. Shit!

This is my...
Our room.

You like it?

I'll make space for you.

You only have identical suits?

Yes, it's to save time
in the morning.

That's the way it is here.


This is a mess.

- We could make a room, if...
- If?

You know what I mean.


For my mother, for instance.


Now you've seen it all.

You like it?

It's huge. It's amazing.

If you want to changes things,
please do.

This is your home now.

Don't worry about my mother.
She's a little bit...

Why didn't you tell her
on the phone?

I don't know. I couldn't.

Remotely, like that, it...

- Will it be fine?
- As long as you're with me.

I'm okay.


I'm coming.

It's me, Revolucion.

I have arrived in France.

Tell my grandmother I'm okay,

that I say hi
and that I'll write to her soon.

Say hello to Gerardo too.

Thank you, Carmelita.

You're in my heart.


You left?

You didn't come to say hi?

I wanted to call, but I was late.
I couldn't get up.

I don't know what happened
with the letter,

but I felt yesterday
that it was a big deal to you.

You'll see, she's amazing.

I'm sure you'll get along.

I just wanted to tell you

that transitioning
would be difficult for her.

Life there is very different
from life here.

There's no comparison.

She really cares about her family,
her neighbors, her friends.

She doesn't know anyone here.

You'll have to support her.
I'm counting on you.

Please, don't wake her up.
I've let her sleep.

She's not used
to the time difference yet.

Have a good day, Mom. Bye.

Give dad a hug.

I can't recognize him anymore.

He used to be so quiet.
And I couldn't even say a word.

Come on.

- Hello, Mr. Martin.
- Hello.

- Hello.
- Hello, Didier.

Hello, Mr. Martin.

He's back from Cuba.

I'm sorry I'm late.

Good Lord, you're a different man.

I know, I didn't have time
to shave.

How are you?

How are things going?

As you can see, always the same.

You're here, Eric.

You could have come see me
in my office.

- Good morning.
- You look very good.

- I must cut my hair.
- No, don't change a thing.

Right Charlotte? It makes him
look like an adventurer.

It suits you very well.

Enough joking.
Congratulations, Eric.

- You've done an amazing job.
- Thanks.

We have 12 products,
not counting the food supplements.

Marketing is thrilled.

We have an amazing team
on the packaging.

They've already made
a few proposals, I'll show you.

We're delighted.

You too, or so I heard?

Have you told them?

No? May I?

Mr. Martin got married.

You brought her with you?


- Let me hug you.
- Thanks.

- What's her name?
- Revolucion.

- No way.
- Way.

It's amazing.


I'll let you work.

and thank you for everything.

I didn't know how to tell you.

I'm very happy for you.

Thanks, Charlotte.

And you didn't want to go.

I liked it in the end.

No wonder.

Have a good day, my love.
I'll be home around 7.


It's warm in here.

- What do you want?
- To eat.

Not now, it's over.
I have nothing left.

You have nothing left?

There are peanuts
in the machine there, if you want.

I don't want peanuts.
You don't have bread?

I'll also have a latte.

Coffee with milk.

You don't have tequila?

- Butter?
- No.

The café's name Havana?

I arrived yesterday
from Havana, in Cuba.

Why is it named like that?

This used to be a tobacco store.

You know, the Havana, the cigar.

It's my sister-in-law.

How much?

I don't have change.

- You'll pay another time.
- Okay.

I'll be back tomorrow, okay?


- Nelly.
- I hadn't heard you.

Let me help you.

I'm happy to see you.

I was wondering
where people all were.

- What people?
- I don't know, people.

Why are the streets
and the café empty?

All the shops are closed.

This isn't Paris.

- It's always like this.
- I know this isn't Paris.

Still, there are houses
with people living in them.

Yes, but they're working.
And they don't work here.

They live in the morning and come
back in the evening, like Eric.

If you want life, go to Lille.
It's not far, a 20-minute drive.

I can't drive.

- You can't drive?
- No.

You must know how to drive.
Or you're dead here.

I don't want to die for that.

I can manage.

Eric told me you were
a hairdresser.

In Cuba, he told me a lot
about his family.

- He loves you a lot.
- We love him a lot too.

I'm lucky to have married him.

He's kind, right?

You have many clients today?

I doubt it.

I don't have a single appointment
the whole week.

Viviane come on Friday,
but she doesn't pay.

She doesn't? Why?

This is used to be her salon.

She was my boss
when I was in training.

She's also my mother-in-law
and I never dared to ask.

Listen, Nelly. I'm paying.

Do me...
I don't know, be creative.

Let's surprise Eric.

Really, you...
So there's no need to me formal?

Formalities are too complicated
for me.

I can make you a bun if you want.

A bridal bun.


I'm young but I've had many lovers.

He's old, but you see...

Thanks. I'm three years
older than him.

He's not old,
but he's older than me, right?


And he hasn't had many lovers.

It's good, the two of us together
are at the average.

- What about Michel and you?
- We've been together for 25 years.

I was 15 when we got together.

- He was your first?
- Yes.

- That's amazing.
- I don't know.

You're not stylish enough. Look.

You're pretty
but you neglect yourself.


No make-up, no colors...

We can't see anything.
Show your curves.

No, I've put on some weight.

When I worked in Lille
I made efforts, but...

Here are the kids.

Keep your coats on.
We'll go right now.

Let's go to the supermarket.

Look how beautiful she is.

- You did this to her?
- Who else?

Your mom's gifted.

People will come from Paris
to have their hair done.

Keep it.
How will you shop otherwise?

25 years old. Can you believe it?

Yes, my poor Viviane.

To be honest, my son
is a little bit innocent.

Did you notice you could be
intelligent about some things

and naive about others?

That's true.

He knows nothing about women.

He has no idea what they can do,
especially when poor.

It stinks in here.

It's the product for the permanent.

Can't you open the window?

I can't.

You want to asphyxiate us to death.

The whole village knows
you're moonlighting.

I'm not moonlighting,
I'm doing Arlette a favor.

Nelly and Michel don't know it,
so please don't tell them.

- I'll go back to my room.
- Yes, do.

Eric never had a...

Nothing serious.

- How old is he?
- He was born in 1975.

That old? Like Sebastien.

38 is young these days.
Especially for a man.

What is that haircut?

There you go. Spending has begun.

And it'll get worse.

- Anybody here?
- Who is it?

Hello Viviane.

Your bun is pretty.
You look like a bride.

Thanks, I forgot.
Nelly did it.

- Goodbye, Arlette.
- Don't worry about it, Mom.

I just came to give you a gift.

I hope you like chocolate.

- You don't?
- I do.

But it's not Christmas.

I heard the word 'chocolate'.
I'd like one.

Take them back.
It'll make trouble.

The doctor forbid him to eat sugar
due to his diabetes.

Like my grandmother.

Only a little one.
Only one.

It's because you're always seated.

- You should move.
- Can't you see he can barely walk?

That's in his head.
We'll go for a walk tomorrow.

Right, Grandpa?
You'll be able to eat chocolate.


- Do you like France?
- Yes, it's wonderful.

Nelly took me to a shop.

I had never seen so many things.

Yogurts are amazing.

There must be at least
100 different flavors.

I've also found a place
for my lessons.

- Already?
- The café on the square.

It's called 'Havana'.
Amazing, right?

My husband's here!

I'm going. Bye.

- See you tomorrow, Grandpa.
- Yes.

She can speak French well.


she learned with tourists.

Got it, Arlette?


You know he's never come back
this early?

You'll see, she'll get him fired.

- Who did this to you?
- Nelly did my hair.

It's magnificent.

It suits you so well.


- He's coming.
- Hello.

Where are you taking him?

We won't go far, don't worry.

Hold on to me.
You don't need that.

You think so?

Make sure he doesn't fall!

Don't worry, Mom.
I'll take good care of him.


It's funny,
she liked us from the start.

She called me 'Mom'.

I don't get it.

Where are we going?

We'll take pictures
for my grandmother.

She wants to see
how France looks like.

Here, we'll take one here.

Look here and push this button.

I can't see a thing.

The tree's in it.
Can you see it?

Yes, but wait.

I hope I didn't move.

Perfect. You know how
to take pictures, don't you?

It's my first time.


Another one.

Look, it's my abuela.

She raised me.

"Abuela" means grandmother.

Not so fast,
I just had friends at the factory.

I can't remember a thing.

I can teach you if you want.

What use would it be?

If you want to go
to Cuba on vacation.

I've never taken the plane
in my life.

The farthest I went
is Argeles-sur-Mer.

That year, my wife wanted us
to go camping.

I told her: "Never again."

I had never taken the plane either.

This is my brother, Gerardo.

- He's handsome, right?
- Yes.

What does he do for a living?

He gets by.

He gets by?

He's handsome.

- Hello Nelly.
- Hello.

Wait, we'll take a picture
of you in front of the salon.

We're preparing a photo coverage.
I'm the photographer.

You've come here on foot?

- You can't believe it, can you?
- Look.

- We'll show her.
- Yes.

I'll take the picture.

Don't move.

- Ready, Grandpa?
- Yes.

It's done.

By the way,
I looked in Stephanie's stuff.

I found a few things for you.

This one's good, right?

- Look.
- That much?

You'll check
whether it's your size.

We'll go take a picture of the pub.

See you soon.


I've come to pay
for yesterday's café.

2.20 euros.

It's not crowded here.

You should have seen it back then.
It was always full.

This kid will fix it for you.

You didn't tell him?

I'm looking for a place
to give salsa lessons.

What is that?

The dance. Salsa.

It's the Cuban dance.
You've never heard of it?

This café would be perfect.

Nobody will come.

People here don't go out,

especially not to dance.

We'll see.
We'll try, right?

I'll be honest.

- I wouldn't mind customers.
- It's a yes?

It's a yes.

- But nobody will come?
- Let me give you a kiss.

This used to be my house.

I lived in this house for 38 years.

It belongs to people
from Lille now.

They came here.

I don't know who they are.
I don't know them.

You know, when my wife died,

my daughter didn't want me
to be alone.

She was incredibly worried.

She said I didn't know
how to live alone

and that something bad
would happen to me.

She always has to worry.

She's like her mother.

Some people would have put me
in a retirement home.

It would have been the end of me.

What is a retirement home?

You don't have that at home?

It's a place for old people

when you don't know
where to put them.

- Let's take a picture.
- Of what?

You in front of your house.

- Go there.
- Don't take a picture of me.

- Have you seen my mug?
- What is a mug?

My mug, my pan.

My face.

- What's wrong with your face?
- It's like...

Come on, for my grandmother.

She'll know in front of your house.

Wait then.

- One minute so that I can...
- Are you ready?


At the same time.

- I need you.
- Yes, I promise.

At the same time.


Viviane? How did you get in?

With my key.

Stop, I'll do it.

Stay where you are. It's not dry.

I've always done this for my son.
I don't mind.

Now I'm here. You can rest.

Don't worry.

I'm done, I'm going.

As you wish.
But it's the last time, okay?

From now on,
I'll take care of my house.

Feedback is excellent.
We are very confident.

You've really done a great job.

When does it launch?

On March first,
in every good drugstore.

Have you seen the packaging?

- It's elegant.
- Yes, very elegant.

It's amazing
how much you've changed.

In the end,
nothing is better than love.

We should put that in our products.

You should try.
I'm sure you can do it.

We could think about it.

What about her?
Is she getting used to France?

Yes, thank you.

I hope you'll have
nice mixed-blood babies.

She's white, you know?

Really? I didn't know.

See you later.
Congratulations again.

At first, he was uptight.
He didn't dare to do it.

Bit by bit, he learned
to dance like a Cuban.

- How did you come here?
- I took the bus.

The bus? It stops far.

The driver's name is Denis.
You know him?

At the terminal, I told him where
I'd go and he said: "Not by foot."

So you know what he did?
He drove me to here by bus.

It was funny
because I had the bus for myself.


I guess you got to know each other?

Yes, we've had plenty of time
to talk.

Guess what?

The owner of Havana said yes.

- Shall we go then?
- Already?

So you promise, you're coming?

I might go to take a look,
but I can't promise I'll dance.

Why? Anyone can dance.

Isn't that true?

- What about you, Carlotta?
- I'll try.

Don't try, come.

- Bring your husband, okay?
- I'm not married.

That's okay,
you'll find someone there.

There are plenty of men.
You'll be able to choose.

Let's go.

See you tomorrow.

See you on Thursday.

- What is that?
- It was Stéphanie's.

It's my size. You like it?

It's conspicuous.

- You're already leaving?
- Yes, bye Didier.

- I'm counting on you Thursday.
- Sure, I'll be there.

I'll bring friends.

Bye, Mr. Martin.

The security guard's your friend?

He's the one who let me in.

He told me he loved to dance.

Shall we take a walk in the city?
I'd like to visit it.

I'm exhausted.

- You're upset?
- No, I'm not.

But we are in France here,
this isn't Cuba.

I know.

So what?

Here, men are not used to...

They can misunderstand, you know?

What is 'misunderstand'?

You must learn how to drive.

You can't ask the bus driver
for a ride.

I didn't ask him anything.

He's the one who told me
I couldn't come here by foot.

You see where you work?

There's nothing here and no one.

This is an industrial park.

I talk to everyone.

You didn't seem to mind in Cuba.

What if I hadn't talked to you?

I'm sorry.

I don't want people to think...

What? What are they going to think?


You mommy worked well.

I'm going to call my family.

Of course.

- You're not eating?
- I'm not hungry.

I want your mom
to give you her key.


I must clean this house now.

And you too, no?

Not your mom.

You're no longer a kid.

Let's not make a fuss out of it.

It makes her happy.

I know now
why you didn't get married before.

Salsa lessons, Havana café.

Thursday at 7 p.m.
Three euros.

The owner agreed easily?

- Yes, he probably thought I was...
- Stop that.

That's not what I meant.

I'm sorry, I'm jealous.

When I saw you
with my co-worker before, I...

I wonder why you're with me.

You're beautiful, young,
you're so...

For your papers, what else?
And for money.

I don't think
I would handle it well if you left.

Stop that. Why would I leave?

I don't want to leave.

- I'm going.
- You promised.

I'll call tonight.

It doesn't make a difference.

Mom, it's me.

No, everything's fine.

Tell me, do you still have
your spare key?

Yes, of course, but...

I'd like to get them back
for Revolucion.

You understand,

since I give her mine,
it's not very convenient.

Of course,
I'll make a copy for you.

Yes, okay.

Give them to grandpa,
she meets him later.


Don't forget.


Have a nice day.

I think she understood
it was bullshit, but so be it.

Grandpa will give them to you
later, okay?

Have a good day.

I have to go.

We used to live in a building

and our apartment
was on the top floor.

There were huge holes in the roof.

When it rained,
there was water everywhere.

People did foolish things.

One of our neighbors has a hen
in her room, for the eggs.

She sold them in the stairs.
Can you imagine the smell?

That's why as soon as I could,

I had a house built for
my grandmother, my brother, and me.

We only have one room for now,
but we'll build an extra story

so that my brother can sleep alone.

Where are your parents?

My parents went to sea
when I was five.

You know, it was
that special period

when everything was bad
and there was nothing to eat.

They tried to cross to go to Miami,
but they never arrived there.

Are they dead?

Many Cubans died.
The sea's dangerous there.

There are currents,
and the boats are...

I can barely remember
and my brother was a baby.

That's why my grandmother
took care of us.

I didn't print enough of them.

I'm almost out.

Take this and give it to them
for me.

- To whom?
- To your family.

It isn't much, but it's something.

But it's a lot.

Hide it and don't make me beg.

Anyway, I have no use for it.

Come on.

Come now.

You don't find it shocking?

I don't know.

Really, I'm shocked.

It's like guys who buy girls
from eastern Europe online.

It's disgusting.

You don't know how they met.


You think that 25-year-old sex bomb

saw Eric and suddenly
fell in love with him?

Why not? Who knows?

Wake up.

I know you wouldn't
have minded him,

but don't take it the wrong way,

that girl and you aren't
in the same league.

I think it's disgusting.

- She doesn't look unhappy.
- Of course.

Imagine what life
in those countries is like.

She lived in poverty.

What she must go through with Eric
must seem like a vacation.

So, will you come to dance
on Thursday?

My wife doesn't feel like it.

Plus, it's hell to find a place
for the kids.

Too bad.
We're counting on you, Charlotte.

I don't know if I can.

Your loss, then.

I loved to dance.
I wasn't a bad dancer.

All the girls but Viviane
wanted to dance with me.

She didn't want to dance
even though I kept asking.

I asked her ten times,
twenty times.

She'd say: "No, I must watch over
my friends' bags."

It eventually became a joke.

In the end, one Saturday,
she took me by the hand

and she got up.

I couldn't believe my eyes.

She hadn't lied,
she wasn't really good,

but you should have seen her.

At 16, she was beautiful.

You got married early, right?

Viviane especially.
She was not even 18.

She got pregnant.

I already had a job

and she and her mother constantly
tore each other's hair out.

Her mother was a hairdresser too?

It means they didn't get along
and fought.

- You understand?
- Yes, I do.

Her mother wasn't pleasant.

You have to bring her on Thursday.

- She'll never agree.
- I know, she doesn't like me.

Did I do something wrong?

Did I say...?
I don't get it.

You didn't do anything.
Why do you say that?

She just needs time.
She'll loosen up.

But you'll come, right?

I haven't danced in so long.

- What?
- I don't know how to anymore.

Okay, let's try it.

Go there. Look.

Do this.

You have to come, Dad.

You're a champion.

Did the kid drive well?

No, she's not really good at it.

I have to go.

Thank you for calling.

I'll call you back. Thanks.

Did it go well?

Yes, it was fine.

Did you go far?

No, not very far.

Why did you tell each other?

Nothing much,
but she's nice, right?

She's amazing.

- That's all you have to tell me?
- What?

That's all you have to say?


You won't ask me
who it was one the phone?

Who was it?

It was Annette Ledoux.

She talked to Brigitte Renaud
who met Mrs. Gaillard.

You know her,
she's Mrs. Arlo's neighbor.

I don't know. Who is she?

You don't know her?

She knows you.

Stop beating about the bush.
What do you have to say?

What were you doing
on the parking lot?

We went to the supermarket
to buy curtains.

She'll drive all of you mad.

My father is learning Spanish,

my son won't come to the house.

He doesn't even call
to ask for news.

And you dance on parking lots.

I didn't dance.

She just showed me one step
for a few seconds.

Enough now.
Don't talk to me like this.

- She's an amazing girl.
- There you go.

She's generous, lively,

I see. She's even fooled him.

And she's doing fine, because her
dance lessons start on Thursday.

- At the Havana bar?
- Yes, and we'll go.

Stop with your nonsense right away!

Well said, my son-in-law.

Do whatever you want.
I won't move from here.

- Raymond's not coming?
- Obviously.

It's time. We'll start.

Too bad for those who are late.

Line up.

Don't be scared.
You all know each other.

- You know how to walk?
- Yes.

Then you know how to dance salsa.

Let's step with the basic steps.
Like this.

Let's relax.

Let's move a little bit.

Next one.

Look straight ahead.

You're starting to get it.

Sorry, I'm late.

In front.

Right front, left behind.

In front.

Right behind.

Left in front, right behind.

Well done.

Let's move our bottoms.

Let's pair up

because you can't dance
salsa alone.

Let's show them.

I see.

The man puts his hand

on the shoulder blade.

Not lower.
On the shoulder blade.

The woman puts her hand there.

She doesn't grab him.

Otherwise, she cannot spin.

We'll show you.

Well done.

It's your turn now.

Let's pair up.

You have Jakarta, Bombay, Boston.

You have New Delhi, Karachi,

You have Rambouillet, Rotary,

I'm warning you. I'll go next week.

Do whatever you want.
I don't care.

I'm going to bed.

What is this mess?

Is there anyone here?


I'm coming.

Look, it arrived this morning.

It's your birthday?

On the 21st.

They're in advance.

This is from my neighbor Paola.

- Have you seen how pretty it is?
- Yes. It's funny.

This is from my brother Gerardo.

It's the new trendy music in Cuba.

There are always new things,
but I haven't listened to it yet.

This is from my friend Ana.

You have plenty of friends.

There is the picture too.

Look at the house.

- See?
- It's the house?

They're making progress.

And this is for you.

For me?

What is it?

She's your grandmother?

See how stylish she is?

She sent a picture
of when she was young.

She's so pretty.

Thank you.

Yours, Rosa.

- What are you doing?
- Nothing.


No one should be this lucky.


One double.

And nothing.

- You can't play again?
- Play.

He can play again and he doesn't.

- I can't.
- He doesn't have pieces.


Your turn.

- Double six.
- There.


I've got a message.

- What do I do?
- You have a cell phone?

Eric gave it to me this morning.

- I don't know how to use it.
- Show me.


Let's meet at the Beaux Arts
fountain at 7 p.m. Dress up.

- You have a date?
- It's my birthday.

Why didn't you say it?

Etienne, drinks are on me.

- No, on me.
- No way.

I also have things to celebrate.

You know how many appointments
I have this week? Seven.

Only women I met at the class.
Thank you.

A group came last night.

I told them:
"This isn't salsa night.

"There's nothing tonight."

They hadn't come for salsa.
The just wanted to have a drink.

- Let's split it up then.
- Okay.

I have a little gift for you.


I can give you a gift
if I want, can't I?

This is too much.

It's nothing, look.

I found at the bottom of a drawer.

Don't make me beg. Try it.

It's exactly your size.
I knew it.

- I can't...
- Keep it.

- Are you sure?
- Stop messing around.

Look at me, I leap
like a mountain goat, I have fun.

I am alive again.

Thanks to whom?

Thanks to you.


Happy birthday.

- I didn't get it.
- Me neither.

You don't speak much today.



You can speak Spanish well, right?

I've taught it for 20 years.

Translate this for me.

It's not for you.

You don't want to?
I'll ask someone else.

Give it to me.

- Who is Alfonso?
- My father.

It's Rosa who's writing.

Actually, the neighbor is.

I'm dictating
because I've broken my glasses.

My granddaughter
says she likes it in France,

but I know it's not easy.

She says you're nice to her.
I hope it's true.

"I hope it's true"?

She's got some cheek.
And she's so rude.

Spanish is not really
a formal language.

Where was I?

You must take care of her
when Rico isn't there.

I know she leaves her alone
all day long.

I'll be honest with you:
I opposed their wedding.

You think it'll be okay,
but once they leave, they wither.

I told my granddaughter:
"I don't want his money.

"You're used to being poor.

"But living with a man
you don't love is hell on earth."

She's right.


But you know now
how stubborn she is.

She got upset, it was scary.

She told me:
"Who do you think I am?"

She swore she was in love with him.

I saw them together,
it's true they get along well.

Rico is old,
but it doesn't show too much.

He's well-behaved.

- So you were here.
- Hello, Raymond.

Today was exhausting.


The first time he came to visit me,
he brought me a cake.

Revolucion told me
you have diabetes too.

Poor Alfonso, I feel sorry for you.

When I met Rico,

I thought that maybe she wasn't
forcing herself too much.

- What is that?
- Continue.

But you must understand,
I wanted to keep her for myself.

How could I not want to keep her?

She's unique.

I miss her so much
that I don't want to eat anymore,

which is a good thing
when you have diabetes.

That's why I opposed the marriage.

I wanted to keep her for myself,
but you cannot stop love.

Blah blah...

What "blah blah"? Translate.

Alfonso, I thank you with all
my heart for the money you sent me.

I'm sending you a picture
of the house. Bye, Rosa.

It's like with Bettencourt.

I'll have to put him
under supervision.

What is this mess?

Even in my grandfather's time,
we were better equipped.

We'll go give them a hand.

A letter's arrived.

It's from very far.

Take it.

It's Eric's letter.

Happy birthday.


The only annoying thing
is the new people.

Of course, you can't
not accept them,

but we must do the basics
every week.

The dile que si, dile que no.

I'm bored, really.

You know what I could do?

I could have a class for beginners

and another for those
who can already dance.

No? What do you think, Etienne?

You can have three, four,
even one every night if you want.

It's all profit for me.

The neighbor
doesn't complain anymore?

No, she comes to the class.
Didn't you see?

The one wearing a dress
with big red flowers.

- You know how old she is?
- Hello.

Did you have an appointment?

- I think so.
- Hello, Viviane.


I can't find you.

Still, I can take you. The next is
in one hour and I'm done with him.

It'll be okay.

Wow, this place has changed.

Yes, you see?
We did it in two days.

- You have more people then?
- I have three appointments today.

And on Fridays and Saturdays
I might even open during the night.

I'll be back.

I'm told
you're very successful too.

Yes, very.

Last time,
more than 40 people came.

We were talking
about opening a second class.

Who are they?
Where are they from?

I don't know.
Pretty much everywhere.

- Come, you'll see.
- No.

- I can't dance.
- It's very easy.

Especially for us women.
We just have to let the man lead.

That's not my style.

Mine neither, but you can learn.

Or you can pretend.

What matters is that men
think they are in charge.


Can you hear this?

Come, Viviane.

What is this?

Where did you take it?

Grandpa gave it to me.

Give it back.
It was my mother's.

My son is not enough?
You need my father too?

Tell your grandmother
to leave my father alone.

If she needs money to build her
house, let her ask someone else.

Take it.

That was too much, Viviane.

I was there when Alphonse
gave her the ring.

She didn't want it.
He had to insist.

That's the way you can get
everything you want.

You're so naive.

Did you know she had my father
send money to her country?

You didn't know?
She didn't tell you?

Your great friend didn't tell you?

She's much smarter than you.

She won't spend her life
in an empty hair salon.

Yes if I were less stupid,
I would told on you

about your moonlighting activities.

Don't go out like this.
You'll catch a cold.

It's my business.

I don't know why I come here.

I can blow-dry my hair myself.

It'll be eight euros.

- What?
- Eight euros for the wash.

It's too bad,
I don't have my wallet.

It's okay, I'll write it down.

You'll pay next time.




I'm going back to Cuba.

I'd rather die of hunger
than of shame.

I didn't ask anything
to your grandfather.

He gave me that ring.

I cannot refuse a gift, can I?

I take walks with him,

we chat,

we have fun,

we play dominos.

I don't want anything in return.

I do it because I like him.

I don't want anything
from him or anyone else.

It's my mother.

Not like this.

Don't move, I'll go.

- You're expecting someone?
- No.

Hello, Eric.

- Mom is here?
- Yes.

You know why I'm here.

What did you do to Revolucion?

Don't play dumb.

She was in tears.

She's packed and wants to go back.

I didn't do anything.


Great then.

But don't celebrate yet.
I won't let her go so easily.

If it's the only option,
we'll sell the house.

We'll move to Lille.

I won't have to drive for one hour
twice a day.

It'll be much better for her.

Don't fool around.

If you leave, I'll go with you.

You can't do that.

What's wrong with her, exactly?

- Everybody loves her. Only you...
- Only me what?

- I'm just clear-headed.
- Clear-headed?

I've always protected you
and wanted you to be happy.

What can I tell you?
You're so naive.

Can't you see
she married your passport?

No, I hadn't noticed.

- Why, I'm not loveable?
- Of course you are.

Of course you are,
but she's 25 and...

And she's not from here.

If not this,
it'd be something else.

To you, nobody will ever be
good enough for me.

Of course not.

Do you realize I had to be sent
miles away from you

to fall in love?

I've always wanted you
to get married.

- It's no my fault if...
- I know.

- You don't do it on purpose.
- Look at your brother.

He didn't have to go that far to...

That's true.
It's different with him.

You know she talked your grandpa
into giving her a ring?

My mother's ring. It should have
stayed in the family.

I gave it to her.

She's using
your vulnerability, Dad.

She has him send money to Cuba.
Did you know?

I can do whatever I want
with my cash.

100 euros is not a big deal.
I didn't empty my piggy bank.

Plus, how do you know that?

Tell him.

Your mother was right.

You've always been nosy,
jealous, and petty!

Enough, Alfonse.



go apologize.

She's touchy but not resentful.
She'll forgive you.

I don't understand.

- You weren't happy with us here?
- Wake up!

I'm 38.

She's changed him.

- You're hurting yourself.
- Shut up.

What did she say?

We won't change her.
She's the way she is.

I told her that if she kept
on ruining your life,

we'll leave to Lille.

To Lille?

I don't know anyone there.

Don't worry.
It probably won't be necessary.

Shall we install the curtains?

"Dear all,

"I hope you're doing fine.

"I'm starting
my last month in Cuba.

"I'd never thought I'd write this.

"I already miss the place.

"Even though I miss you a lot,

"I love this country
and the people I've met here.

"Above all, I'm in love.

"I wanted to tell you last time
on the phone, but I couldn't.

"I was afraid to surprise you,
to shock you,

"to be unable to answer
your questions on the phone,

"and to be unable to make you
understand about Revolucion and me.

- No regrets?
- No.

"Yes, her name's Revolucion.

"I join a picture her brother
took of us on the beach.

"She's a bit younger than me.

"But she has more experience and
I often feel like a baby with her.

"To make a living
and help her grandmother,

"she gives dance lessons
to tourists.

"Here, working with tourists
is almost the only way to make it.

"She's very brave and cheerful.

"I offered her
to go to France with me.

"She said yes.

"We got married yesterday.

"It's a necessary formality
so that she can go to France.

"I thought about you a lot.

"About you especially, mom.

"I hope we can celebrate

"our wedding together
when we arrive.

"I cannot wait for you to meet
her and for her to meet you.

"She always asks questions
about you.

"She feels she already knows you.

"I love her.

"I think she loves me too,
and I hope you'll love her too.

"Yours, Eric."