Je suis coupable (2017) - full transcript

After his wife allegedly commits suicide, Vincent starts behaving very strangely, throwing away the weapon and moving the body, leading the police to start asking questions. What if it wasn't a suicide? What if Vincent killed his wife?


- I'm gonna get you, rug rat!
- No!



You'll never get me.


I think that's quite clean.

Are you a maniac now?

So it's really over between us?

Patricia, I'm sick of everything,
my job...

I need some space.

You're sick of us?

No, it's not that.

You don't love me?

I still love you.

Stop swinging like that!

What do you think that was?

I don't know.


Come on.

Get your things.
We're going to aunt Elsa's.

- Now?
- You'll be staying with her.

- Cool!
- Where is Mommy?

Mommy's at work.

Come on, sweetie.

Hi, my darlings.


Get in, it's cold.

- What is it?
- I can't tell you.

Take care of the girls.
I've no time.

- You're leaving tomorrow.
- Say that to my wife.

For once I'm here.
Thanks, boss.

You're welcome.

Vincent Keurlire.
Can I speak to Dr. Villiers?

Thank you.

Gilles, I need you
to come to my house right now.

Not on duty? I don't care.
Patricia killed herself.

- What time did she die?
- 2 p.m.

I was here.

I mean, I was downstairs.

Why didn't you call me right after?

Does it make any difference?

No, but...

What happened?

I don't know.

I can't see her like this.

I've signed a death certificate.

But you have to call the police.

She killed herself.

The police have to certify it.
You know that.

No. I mean...


Want me to do it?

Call them?

I don't want to leave.

Go ahead.
I'll call them.

- Will you be alright?
- Yes.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

You can go.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- She didn't die here?
- No.

- You moved her?
- Yes.

- You moved the body?
- I couldn't leave her there...

I just couldn't...

Show me the place where she died.

Where's the weapon?

I threw it away.

I hope you have a good explanation.

Do you realize what you've done?

I was furious. I would've torn it
to pieces if I could have.

I've been wanting to throw
that piece of shit for years!

You altered a crime scene.

It's not a crime scene.

She committed suicide.

The doctor certified it.
Isn't that enough?

Whose rifle was it?


Did your wife leave a letter?


I looked everywhere.

In the office.

So you went to your office?

You own Keurlire Transport, right?


Why did you go to the office?

I wanted to see
if everything was OK.

Julie, call an ambulance.

Where do you usually
keep that rifle?

In the garage.

- It was right here.
- Hands off.

OK, pack your things.

You're coming with us.

My things?
I don't understand.

My daughters are with their aunt.

We will examine the house.
You won't be coming home tonight.


You have no idea why she did it?

No. I don't understand.

Why did you move the body?

I tried not to,

but I couldn't bear seeing her
covered in blood.

I grabbed a clean sheet
and laid Patricia on top.

I wrapped her and moved her away.

I went back upstairs
and saw the rifle... I lost my mind.

I really lost it.

The girls were in the garden.

She knew there'd be blood.
How could she?

You could ask yourself why.

- Was your wife depressed?
- No.

Not that I know.

I'll write this down
and you'll be free to go.

What about my wife?

The coroner will examine the body.
It's the rules.

I don't know why I did it, damn it.

You should've seen it...

Blood everywhere,
even on the walls.

I couldn't leave her there.

When my father died,
I helped my mom.

We threw his things out right after,

as if we were mad at him
for dying.

We gave away
his tools and clothes.

I don't know why we did that either.

No one knows how to react.

It's my fault.

Vincent, it's not your fault
that she killed herself.

You know it is.

What do I tell the girls?

I'll sleep in the office.

I'll tell them tomorrow morning.

Did you call Patricia's parents?

Vincent, come on...

I can't tell them.

Look. You better stay here,

call your dad and Patricia's parents
and I'll call Mathieu.

Sorry I'm late.

No worries.
Roland will do the deliveries.

OK, no problem.

Come here.

How are you?

They all think it's my fault.

- No, they don't.
- Yeah, right.

- What the hell happened?
- I don't know.

Will all of you
stop asking me that!

How would I know?

I want to die too.

Don't say that, Vincent.

Think about your daughters.

How could she leave them?

She was depressed, that's all.
None of us knew.

When's the funeral?

They've opened an inquiry.

No telling
when I'll get the body back.

- I don't dare to call.
- You don't dare to call?

She's your wife.

I'll do it if you want.

Mr. Keurlire.

- What can I do for you?
- Hello.

Have a seat.

I'll take care
of my sister-in-law's funeral.

My brother's in no state to do it.

We'd like to retrieve the body.

See, we have
a bit of a situation here.

You know her well?

We're neighbors.
We see each other often.

We're family.

Did she seem depressed to you?

No, although they do work a lot.

They started a business
7 years ago.

They didn't mind working long hours.

Did they get along?


What are you looking for?

Do you know what he did?

- With the body?
- Yes.

He was at home
when she killed herself.

The man lost his mind.

We'll see
what the judge has to say.

- The judge?
- Yes.

There might be an autopsy.

I thought you just needed
to examine it.

We need the weapon to see

if it's consistent with a suicide...

I don't get it.

There's nothing to get.
It's procedure.

I'll get back to you.

Write down your number.
Thank you.

- Hi, Valérie.
- Hi, Mathieu.

OK, I'll get you those...

Your husband's here.

- Well?
- There'll be an autopsy.

- For a suicide?
- Yes.

There's no date for the funeral.

It's always like that.

- Really?
- How's Vincent doing?

- Not good.
- No wonder.

You're not OK either.

Take a few days off.
I'll manage.

Where are Vincent's girls?

At my mother-in-law's.
Everything's a mess. I gotta go.

Thank you.

Is this the bag?

Do you recognize it?

Pretty impractical for a suicide.

It was our father's.
He gave it to Vincent.

He never used it.

Pack it up.
We'll send it to the expert.

When will you have the report?

We don't know yet.
The expert is in Nantes.

Alright. Well...

- Can we go?
- Sure.

- Are you leaving the area?
- No.

Because, I mean, your job...

I don't drive anymore.

- OK, bye.
- Goodbye.

He's right.
I'm only staying for the girls.

I can't bear the looks.

Leaving would be stupid.

And I've done enough stupid.

- Coming for dinner?
- No, I've work to do.

Anything new, Josée?

Bruno's not happy.
He won't drive to England.

- What about Mathieu?
- He's on leave.

Shake Bruno up.

OK, I'll do that.

How was the recovery?

I don't know what they want.

Vincent, they need to find the rifle.

Yes, you're right.

Did you call Les Sables?

Hi. How are the girls doing?

I didn't see you today...

I don't have time for this.
Call Les Sables.

But... You're going out?

I'm dining with Modusson.
I told you.


Why am I never invited?
It's my company too.

You don't like meetings.

Right, and it suits you.

- Come with me, then.
- Drop it.


What are you two doing here?

OK, give Daddy a kiss.

Now back to bed. Go.

It's not your fault.

- You think?
- If everybody killed themselves

over relationship issues,

we'd all be dead by now.

What did she tell you?


That wasn't in Patricia's nature.
You should know that.

I know you.
You're not always easy to deal with.

The coroner's report is in.

He took his time.
Let me see.


- Read it out.
- OK.

"Wound is consistent with suicide".

The rest is irrelevant.

"Medium range of fire,
at least 3 cm".

"Medium range" for a suicide...

You would expect her
to press the gun to her temple.

Do you know how a victim feels?

How do you do it?
Why do you do it?

Keurlire is a strange guy, eh?

Yes, but his brother may be right.

What would I do
if my wife committed suicide?

- But you said...
- I have my doubts.

Like always.

I'm meeting the judge.

- What do you think?
- I don't know, Your Honor.

I fail to see what an autopsy
would provide.

Return the body.

We could wait for the expert.

What's taking him so long?

Tell our firearms expert
to get a move on.

Sorry, Captain.
You were saying?

I was asking myself questions,
Your Honor.

- Will they cremate her?
- No.

They want to bury her
next to her mother-in-law.

She won't be happy.

Please, Captain,
don't be so square.

That humor is so dated.

- You don't like yours?
- I do.


Right. Give back the body,
under one condition:

the undertakers
can't touch anything.

And give the firearms expert
a good telling-off.

I want the report this week.

All this pileup
will get us nowhere.

Have a nice day.

Yes. Sorry.


- Are you OK?
- I need some air.

Come to our place.
We'll go together.

I'll join you at the church.


- He's not here?
- I don't see him.

Where's Vincent?

He's on his way.

Let's go.


OK, I've got him.

He's in bad shape,
but he'll make it.

What did he do now?
This is getting old.

Suicide attempt.

Did he leave a letter, anything?

We just went through the glove box
for the registration.

- Everything else is intact.
- OK.

Such a nice car.


Oh, shit.

"I killed my wife".

He wrote that?

Yes, he wrote that.

- No one's here?
- I don't know.

Excuse me,
we'd like to see V. Keurlire.

Recovery room.
Are you his family?

I'm his brother.
Is he OK?

I don't know.
I haven't read the op notes.

Have a seat.
I'll call a doctor.

- OK.
- Thank you.

Don't worry, he'll be fine.

You heard her.
He's in the recovery room.

- Did he do it on purpose?
- No.

He wasn't OK.

What did the police want to know?

- Nothing.
- What did they ask?

I don't know...

Think, goddammit!

What happened?

The Keurlires?

- Yes.
- I'm Dr. Valois.

- Pleasure.
- How's my brother?

Right over there.

- What're you doing?
- No visitors.

- Why?
- That's how it is.

- I want to see my brother.
- No. Please.

Let it go, Mathieu.

We're not done.
I'll talk to your boss.

- You do what you want.
- Yeah.

He's my brother!

I'm coming.

- There's no need.
- I'm coming. End of.

Come in.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Hi.
- How's he doing?

He'll pull through.

We couldn't see him.

- Take a seat.
- No.

What the hell is going on?

Mrs. Keurlire, do you think
you give the orders here?

You can send me to jail.
I don't care. Do what you want.

There was a police officer

blocking his door.

What about his daughters?

Her mother was buried today.
They know

their dad had an accident.

What am I going to tell them?

I killed my wife

Where did you find that?

In his car.

That's bullshit.

Sit down.

Julie? Bring us a chair.

He confessed.

He tried to kill himself.

That doesn't mean he killed her.

It just means he feels guilty.

That's what he's been saying.

He feels guilty...
about Patricia's suicide.

It's not that hard to understand.

"I killed my wife".

Of course, "killed", as in...

- I don't know.
- Listen to me,

they argued, he shot her.

- No way.
- They never argued.

They'd avoid each other.

It's impossible.
He kept the gun in the garage.

She killed herself upstairs.

Can you imagine?
He takes the rifle,

walks through the house
and kills her?

I mean... It makes no sense.

- No sense at all.
- OK, let's write all this down.

- Everybody's looking at us.
- There's no one around.

I need some air. I can't deal
with the family right now.

- I'll walk.
- You're wearing heels.


They're not too worried?

Alright, fine.

Tell them
we'll be there tomorrow.

Kiss them for us.

You too.

OK, see you tomorrow.

I spoke to your mom.
She's with the girls.

Everything's fine.

Everything's wrong.

Can I have a cigarette?

A pharmacist shouldn't smoke.

Stop telling everyone
I'm a pharmacist.

I'm an assistant, a seller.

I say that
because I'm proud of you.

He didn't kill her, right?

He never saw her.

- I saw her once.
- He defends her every time.

- She's self-righteous.
- She's leaving in May.

- You'll be fine, I promise.
- Really?

- I don't know who she is.
- Hey, watch it!

I remember that.

She could've been the one shooting,

considering the time he'd get home.

How do you know that?

Everybody knows
he'd get home late.

Everybody except me.

You're never home.

It's a family defect.

I'm always on the move.


We'll send the kids to my sister's.

The girls can't go to school.
It'll be hell for them.

You don't think he killed her.

No, but I...

We're here.

Easy, girls.


What do you have?

A broken arm and rib...
But I'm OK.

Only I can't go home just yet.

- How are you?
- We going to Florence's.

That's a great idea.

But we won't see you.

I just need some time to heal.

We'll see each other soon.

Don't worry.

Come on, girls.
Daddy needs to rest.

See you later.

I'm indicted.

You have to remain silent.

I'm sorry, Mathieu.

- I really am.
- Don't be.

I'm sorry, but...

Don't worry, we'll be here.


- His family?
- His brother and sister-in-law.

I see.

- This way.
- Thank you.

- Hello, Mr. Keurlire.
- Hello.

Are you feeling well enough
for a hearing?

Yes, I think so.

Here, Captain.
Thank you.

Tell me what exactly happened
the day your wife died.

- I don't remember.
- Excuse me?

It's foggy in my mind.
I can't remember anymore.

Do you remember writing this?


- I can't recall when.
- Before the accident.

Or rather,
before your suicide attempt.

Do you remember
wanting to kill yourself?


Why did you do that?

My wife is dead.

You wrote "I killed her".

Did you two have an argument?

I don't know.

I only remember her
lying on the bed,

soaking in all that blood.

Whether with my eyes open or shut,
that's all I can see.

- That's all I remember.
- You saw your girls.

You remember having 2 daughters.

- Of course.
- What about killing your wife?

- No.
- No, you don't remember,

or no, you didn't kill her?
- No, I didn't kill her.

Mr. Keurlire, did you love your wife?

She was the mother of my kids.

How unoriginal.

I never gave it much thought.

- Were you jealous?
- Jealous? No.

Then what happened?

What happened that day?

I can't remember.

I'm not feeling well.

You're overdoing it, sir.

Get me out, throw me in a cell,

I might get better.

Will you remember then?

I got drunk hoping to erase
all those images in my head.

I drove into a wall,
but they're still there.

That's all I remember.

You're under morphine.
Forget about this hearing.

Thanks, Captain.

Goodbye, Mr. Keurlire.

- You think he's lying?
- No. He's in shock,

plus the meds...
He's not thinking straight.

In the meantime,
find me a reason

why he would kill his wife.

She might have had a lover.
And still...

I want an accurate portrait
of this couple.

There are psychos
who incriminate themselves,

but he doesn't really
fit the profile.

- I'm counting on you.
- OK.


Jean-Paul, you'll be doing
a same-day round trip.

- Just don't stop for...
- No.

- Sure?
- Yeah.

Ludo, go give David a hand.


- Hi, Marie.
- Hi.

Do you want a coffee?

I don't know how Vincent does it.
I just can't.

- Sure you can.
- Yeah, right.

I'll take that coffee.

By the way, I've bad news.

What now?

Don't worry, nothing serious.
It's about me.

I'm all alone.
I need someone to help me.

Now that Patricia's gone.

Do what you want.
Talk to the accountant.

- I can't.
- It's done.

- Why're you asking then?
- You're the boss.

No, I'm not the boss.
I'm just a temp.

What the hell?


How can I help you?

- You are...?
- Josée Dampierre.

I used to work with Patricia.

- You're the woman I need.
- I'm married.

Can we come in?

Please, go ahead.

Here it is.

This is all we have of hers.

Thank you.

Was this Mrs. Keurlire's only diary?

- Meaning?
- This is a business diary.

Not only.

There's the kids' appointments.

Is there anything else?

Patricia spent her days
in this office.

With the girls' activities,
she barely had any extra time left.

Can I see her emails?

I believe you don't need
my authorization.

Here's the offending weapon.

I found the same model.

It's a very long rifle,

which didn't make contact
with the wound.

- So your point is?
- Check this out.

This is what a tight contact
rifle wound looks like.

And this is a medium-range
rifle wound.

The coroner was right.

This is a medium-range rifle wound.

Which means?

Patricia was 1.62 m tall.
This is a long rifle - there's no way

she could pull the trigger
while lying down.

In plain English?

P. Keurlire didn't kill herself.

She was murdered.

"Lying down".

Maybe she was standing up?

Same scenario.
She was 2 cm too short.

A confession and a report
leave no room for doubt.

Thank you.

I have bad news, Mr. Keurlire.

Here I have an exhaustive
and detailed expert report.

Yes, Maître.
You will read it.

The ballistics expert is positive:

your wife didn't commit suicide.

But I guess that's no shock to you

since you confessed
to murdering your wife.

- That's not possible.
- What's not possible?

There's no way.

Sit down, sir.

I've had enough
of you changing your mind.

There's no way my wife was killed.

There was no one in the room.

- Getting your memory back?
- Yes.

Patricia killed herself.

You confessed to killing her.

- No.
- You wrote this confession.


I'd just seen her in her coffin.

I could almost hear her
tell me it was my fault.

My wife killed herself.
I was to blame.

How could I not see
she was going to do it?

I was right next to her, with her.

I was mulling over all those things.

Why did I want to top myself?

Why did I write that nonsense?

Why was it "your fault"?

It's the usual feeling
when a person kills herself.

But she didn't.

She wasn't murdered.
Your expert's high on something!

- Sir, please.
- Thank you, Maître.

That sense of guilt,
I'm not buying it for a second.

Are you in my head?

There's quite a chaos
in your head, Mr. Keurlire.

You're right about that, Your Honor.

I didn't kill her.

From the moment I heard the shot
to when I woke up at the hospital,

it was a living nightmare.

I waded through her blood
for 8 days.

You're very impressionable.

Madam, this is going
way beyond a hearing.

Sir, your client almost hit me.

OK, I won't say anything else.

Fire that stupid expert of yours.

You're used to giving orders,
aren't you?

Very well.

I won't be the one
sitting in a cell.

You'll have plenty of time to think.

- What are you doing here?
- I couldn't sleep.

Are you going to tell me
your dinner stretched on?

You said you were with Bourseault.
I can check.

If you don't trust me...

I haven't trusted you
in a long time.

We could get a divorce.

Sure. You screw up,
and I pick up the pieces.

- Who is she?
- What?

The girl you're sleeping with.


Do I know her?

Stop it.

- You really want to divorce?
- No.

You dump me
like one of your drivers,

like a useless assistant.

"Termination of contract.

- I wasn't thinking.
- No.

I would've never said that.

You have considered it.

You feel nothing about me?

You haven't fucked me in months!

I'm your maid, your secretary.

Stop. We'll talk tomorrow.

- Come on, let's go to bed.
- No.



As you can see.

How are the girls?

They're still with Florence.

They can't go back to school yet...

Yeah, I know...

- Your lawyer's confident.
- He's an ass.

- I should fire him.
- Don't do that.

How's work?

- Meh.
- What?

Bruault quit.

You lost Bruault?

He's our best driver, damn it!

- What the fuck happened?
- The East does coasters, so...

Please, we've always
had them on our back.


Well, you got us into deep shit.

You know what really hurts?

That the girls think
I killed their mom.

- It's unbearable.
- Why don't you clarify things?

No one gets it.

There's nothing to get.

Sell the company
while it's still worth something.

We're not there yet.

I'm not going out any time soon.

Sure you are, Vincent.
We'll make it...

Right. We will...

- See you.
- Bye.


Are you kidding me?

I've been going to Rungis every day.

Thomas goes to Czechia.


Why are you doing this to me?

You piss me off.

- I piss you off?
- Don't touch me.

You want your Eastern whores?

Who needs them?
There's one at your place.

- What was that?
- What?

What did you say?

- Get off me.
- What did you say?

You're fired!

You're not the boss.

- Leave. Now.
- Or else?

I'll kill you.

- Calm down.
- Get off!

Come with me.

Excuse me?


What's wrong?

Get off me!

Are you cheating?

- Are you cheating on me?
- What?

Leave her alone!

You've lost it.

You'll talk at home.

- I won't leave without her!
- Calm down!

We have customers.


Come on, get in.


I'll take my car.

Can I know what's going on?

Roland said to me
that my wife was a slut.

- Roland?
- Yes.

You having an affair?

Are you having an affair?

Are you insane?

Yes, you are.

Roland ? He's hated you
since kindergarten.

He talks rubbish
and you believe him?

You made a scene
at the pharmacy.

What am I going to say?
You're nuts.

I'm never home.
You can do anything you want.

Thanks for reminding me
you're never here.

Have I ever demanded
any explanations?

Swear to me
you're not having an affair.

No. Never.

You hear me? Never.

Either you trust me or not.

Swear to you?

Wanna swear?
Wanna play that game?

Then why did he say it?

You clearly had a fight with him.

You're still acting
like 5-year-olds.

I'm going back to work.


You should do the same
if you care about your dignity.

Hi, Roland.

You called me while on leave.

You can't leave without me.


- What is it?
- I'm summoned to the police station.

- No surprise.
- What should I say?

I've no idea.
What do you know?

What do you think?

Why didn't you keep quiet?

Now it's too late.
Tell them.

Mr. Meunier, what did you
and Mr. Keurlire fight over?

Work, obviously.

You called his wife a slut.

He said I liked sluts.
It just slipped out.

I wasn't thinking.

Out of all the things
you could've said.

I didn't think.

You'll have to do better than that.

People usually say
what's already in their minds.

- I'm no shrink.
- Me neither.

Is Elsa cheating on her husband?

I'm telling you she isn't.

Mathieu is hardly ever at home...


Us truck drivers crack wife jokes.

It's stupid, but...

We will find out eventually.

Obstruction of justice:

you won't be allowed to drive
in any country

ever again.

Now make a little effort,
Mr. Meunier.

Why are you doing this?

I didn't do anything.

I don't know anything.

This has nothing to do
with the boss.

Go on.

I saw Elsa with a man,
but I don't know who it was.

That's all.

It was dark.

They might have been kissing.

Who was it?

I'm telling you, I don't know.

Where was the car?

- What car?
- His car.

Small car? Big car?

There was no car.

Everybody drives a car here.

There was no car.

The judge will call you.

No trips. Not even to Paris.

- I have a week leave.
- No, this will take longer.

It was the boss' car.

Well, there you go.

Vincent is my brother-in-law.

How can you suggest
I'm sleeping with him?

How can you think
Vincent would do that to his brother?

You questioned a guy
who hates Mathieu.

You've thrown Vincent in jail,

you've destroyed our family.

We need to check the testimonies.

Will you question my husband?

I don't think so.

Husbands are the last to know.
There's no point.


What did they want?

The usual.
Vincent, Patricia. Patricia, Vincent.

Roland was at the station.

- And?
- They didn't mention it?


- Where are you going?
- To the office.

It's going to be OK.
You'll sort it out.

You know, every relationship
has its problems.

I know she cheated.

You know nothing.

Are you kidding me?

Ever slept with another girl?

- Do you know who he is?
- How could I know?

Unlike you,
I don't think she's having an affair.

- You never cheated on her?
- No.

I'd be surprised.

Something's up.

I just don't get it.

It's been hell since Patricia died.

You're going in circles, Mathieu.

Do you want to stay over?

I rather be alone.

Come on, son.

Stop overthinking.
It's not good for your heart.



- Hello.
- Hello.

- Right down the hall.
- Thank you.

Mrs. Keurlire.


No need to introduce you.

I believe you know each other well.

Please, have a seat.

You are here as a witness.
You don't have a lawyer?

I don't need one.


We are going to start.

Mr. Meunier claimed to have seen you

in a situation that left no doubt

about the nature
of your relationship.

You were kissing.

Maître, would you please
advise your client to tell the truth?

It might be better if you do so, sir.

What is this nonsense?
I mean...

We see and kiss each other
all the time.

Mrs. Keurlire?

- Can I talk to Vincent?
- No.

Look, there's always
someone who knows.

The police will find proof,

so, please, save us some time.

There's nothing at all.

Mathieu will never forgive me.

Ah, there you go.

I'm waiting for an explanation.

- Sorry I'm late.
- No problem.

- He's in the living room.
- Lucas!

- We're going home.
- No, not yet!

Put that cell down.
Go get your coat.

Leave him.

Stay for dinner.
You'll go home later.

- Patricia?
- I heard you.

- I don't want to bother you.
- No.

- Would you like some wine?
- Sure.

Are you happy?
We're staying.

Would you like something to drink?

- Just water.
- A glass of wine.

Yeah, right.

Did that happen often?

About twice a week.

- Would you stay alone with Patricia?
- No.

Mr. Keurlire, did you have
something in mind at that time?

Come on!

- Mathieu?
- Yes.


How about a trip to Bucharest?

- Like, now?
- Yeah.

Sure! That's awesome.

Elsa won't like it, but hey.

First long-haul trip.

You've been bugging me for so long.

I don't know how,
but I'll make it up to you.

Thanks, man.

OK, go.

Come with us.

- No, I'm tired.
- It'll help you relax.

Take another cleaning lady.

I'm used to Corinne.

She's not always free.

4 hours a week's not enough.
You do everything.

Shall we go?

Too bad.

- Have a nice run!
- Yes.

I'm in love with you, Elsa.

I can't sleep anymore.

I think about you all the time.

Vincent, we can't be together.

We just can't.

It's not right.


Where would you meet?

At my place.

We'd visit each other often,

so no one ever wondered.

Not even Patricia?

Mr. Keurlire...

Your wife,

did she suspect anything?

She suspected an affair.

- Did she tell you about it?
- No.

She told you about it.


And yet, something
very specific happened.

Whether your wife was killed or not,

there was a triggering factor.

Vincent, please.

I knew there'd be thunder
one way or another.

The day of the murder?

Hi, Elsa, it's me.

No, I can't see you today.
I'll explain.

- I'm the cat now!
- Shit.


That's an interesting version,
but I don't believe it.

She went upstairs,
she threatened you,

you went down, took the gun

and killed her.
- No.

I'm telling the truth.

Unfortunately, our expert disagrees.

His findings are conclusive.
It was murder.

We'll prove
he drew the wrong conclusion.

I'm working on it.

Tell Mathieu I want to see him.


Mr. Keurlire,
this isn't a visiting room.

I should've stood my ground,
and kept my mouth shut.

Honestly, you're not someone
I can talk to.

You are safe behind your desk.

You know nothing about people.

I'll leave you in private
for 2 minutes.

Two minutes only.

- Is Mathieu here?
- Hi.

Sorry, I'm being rude.

You don't look good.

He's in the warehouse.

If you hear me shout,
please come.

Is it serious?

Will you tell him?

- You knew?
- I asked Roland about it.

God knows
what he'd tell the police.

He'll kill me.

No. You better
lance the boil now.

Come on, go.

If I don't tell him, Vincent will.

I don't want that.

What do you want?
Hold on.

Count those again.

Then go check with Claude.
Something's not right.

See you later.

- I was summoned to Court.
- When?

I just got out.

You should've told me.

Well? What is it?

I've something to tell you.

- Look, if it's not urgent...
- It is.

I slept with Vincent.

We were having an affair.

Say something.


Say something.


Mathieu, stop!

You, stay out.

- You want to kill her?
- Stay out!


Tell my brother I hope he gets life.

I'll be happy
to see him rot in jail!

Tell him.

You and this company
can go to hell.

I'm out of here.

- Your son...
- Fuck you!

I don't care, you sort it out!

You make me sick.

He'll be back.

He's got a temper like his brother,
but he's a good man.

And then what?

It'll be like before?

Wake up, Josée.

Goddamn it.

Thanks for the letters.
It cheers me up.

Yeah, right.

I never imagined
I'd be in this situation,

and that it'd be my fault.

I'm not gonna make it, Elsa.

Josée and I
have been talking to people.

We found you a much better lawyer.

- I'm out of hope.
- She's not.

They only have a confession.

And a report.

A reconstruction will prove
it was a suicide.

It hurts as much
as the murder accusations.

I don't care.

You can't stay here.

Find an explanation
for that confession.

There's nothing to explain.

Make an effort.

Why did you write
"I killed my wife"?

It was a relief.

That's all I can say.

There was a pen on the seat.

It made me feel better.

The judge might dismiss
your explanation.

There's no other.

I'm mad at Patricia.

She took revenge
in the oddest way.

Why did we do it?

You know why.

I don't want to go.

You're making it harder.

Why not change our lives?

We can't go on like this.

Besides, why not?

You won't answer?

This should've never happened.

Now it's done,
and I want to keep you.

I can't leave Mathieu.

I'll sell everything.

Dream on.

We're stuck.

No, you can always change your life.

I want to live with you.

Will you ask for a divorce?
Will you face Mathieu?

There's always a way.


It's over between us.

And you know it.

I know.

Your Honor.

- We've met before.
- Maître Koumali, yes.

Mr. Keurlire hired you?

That's correct.

Sgt. Abdallah
will be playing the victim.

Are you sure she's 1.62 m tall?

I checked that myself.


It's going to be OK.

Can we uncuff him?

Yes, of course.

Is everybody here?
Shall we start?

So, Mr. Keurlire,
in exactly what position

did you find your wife?

Lying down.

Ms. Abdallah.

My wife wasn't that short.

I'm 1.62 m tall.

- She was taller.
- Her ID says she was 1.62 m.

ID cards are not reliable.

Didn't the coroner
measure Mrs. Keurlire?


In that case,
this reconstruction is pointless.

If we may continue...

Please do.

Miss, please take that gun.

It's not charged.
I mean, I hope it isn't.

No contact.

- I can't reach it.
- And if you sit up?

- Was she sitting?
- Come on.

I still can't.

The test is conclusive.

Not in the least.

It is uncertain
whether Patricia was 1.62 m.

I'll have to disagree
with your expert

on the type of wound.

- 2 cm are not "medium range".
- Maître.

You will argue at Court.

I demand the exhumation
of the body.

Let Patricia rest in peace.

- Excuse me?
- Yes.

Can we see some
of the victims clothes?

Over there.

What are you waiting for?
Go ahead.

I got the idea.

Would you please
try these jackets on?

The other one?

Are you the same size as the victim?

No. I'm a 34.
These are a size 36.

My client's right.
She was taller.

- OK, this is getting us nowhere.
- You are absolutely right.

So, a murder scenario.

- I entirely refute...
- Please!

Miss Abdallah,

take this gun
and point it at the husband.

- Mr. Keurlire, please.
- No.

Captain, please.
Step forward.

She would've never fell,
and the stain would differ.

Your Honor,

the examiners will prove
the victim was lying down.

- There's another option.
- Yes, Captain?

She was sleeping,
so she was lying.

- Are you insane?
- Calm down.

- I shot a sleeping woman?
- Calm down.

- It's only a supposition.
- It's OK.

I got what I needed.

The case should be dismissed.

May I have some time to think?

As long as my client
doesn't stay in prison.

Can we hope for bail release?

We'll see.

Vincent Keurlire is in jail because
of a series of blunders

resulting from an emotional shock.

- It's time to get real.
- I'll let you know.

- Thank you.
- As you probably know,

a trial cannot be conducted
without an autopsy

and a cross-examination.
- As you probably know,

it is not in your best interest
to put pressure on a judge.

Far be it from me
to do such a thing.

I apologize, Your Honor.
I must have misspoken. Goodbye.

She's a piece of work.

I predict a beautiful career.

This case is a real mess, Captain.

The crime scene
wasn't examined.

- It wasn't one at first.
- It never was.

File is empty.

- You found nothing.
- At least, not much.

I could go with
involuntary manslaughter,

no premeditation...

- So he's innocent?
- I'm afraid he is.

But all this jumble,

all those blunders,
as Koumali said...

They're from here,
they're Catholics.

I'm from here, and a Catholic.

So be careful.

Betraying his wife and brother,
he couldn't bear it.

That man's not cut out for tragedy.


A friend invited my out.
Can you look after Lucas?

Let him stay over for tonight.
It'll be easier.

I'll go to bed early.

You won't have to wake me up.

- OK. I'll come back tomorrow then.
- Yes.


- Thank you.
- Have fun.


I think that's clean.
Are you a maniac?

So it's really over between us?

I'm sick of everything, my job...

I need some space.

You're sick of us?

No, it's not that.

You don't love me?

I still love you.

Get that call.

It's probably
more important than us.

I'll call back later.

I think we're done.

Hi, Elsa, it's me.

That was a close game!

Or rather, a close race!

Your Honor?

You don't give up.

- Hi, Maître.
- Hello, Your Honor.

Mr. Keurlire is still in jail.

Not for long, Maître.
I promise.

Thank you.



It's over.
The case has been dismissed.

- When am I getting out?
- Tomorrow.

You can ask someone
to pick you up.

You're free.

- Thank you, Maître.
- What are you going to do next?


I'd like to be a truck driver again.

But I have to learn
to take care of my daughters.

I don't know...

I could start another business.
I'm good at that.

But I don't know yet.

And leave, yes.

Far away.

We'll meet again for the paperwork,
but I wish you good luck.


- Alright, Josée?
- Yes, honey. How are you?

Thanks for everything.

Goodbye, Vincent.

Subtitles: ECLAIR