Jaza (2020) - full transcript

Two men trapped in a house for several months due to a disaster that hit the country.



The tap is not working properly. It keeps dripping.

I tried to fix it but I couldn't.

You won't know how.

I also tried but couldn't.

But there are other taps.

It's not a big problem.

There are other taps

but not like this one.

Each tap is different. And I love this one.

I used it to make so many cups of tea and coffee.

And nescafe.

And nescafe.

But maybe you could bring new parts for the tap.

I could but I would miss the old parts.

This tap was the first thing done in this house.

Even when workers were building the house it was done.

So, I will miss the old one.

Even the tiles and the paint I told you to do

I told you to do them like the old ones so they won't change a lot.

But Zidan, sometimes you have to let go.

Or to be let .

Or to be changed for you.

Or you're changed.

How would I be changed for a tap?

I wasn't talking about taps.

Maybe I should help you.

About fixing the tap? Sure.

But I tried to fix it and couldn't.

And how would you fix the other problems?

I'm not a plumber.

You know this fact.

This quarantine requires us to become plumbers.

I think we could, only if the situation requires.

What do you mean?

I'll put it simply.

That we are able to make good bases for the tap.

Or expect future flaws.

But Zain, the tap has been working for years.

But the tap is not static.

It's not a frame that no one touches.

People use it everyday.

There are variables.

Can we predict these variables?

We can adapt to them.

And it's not as bad as it may look.

But the thing that you have to adapt to

won't stay original.

Static things are not alive.

Imagine a kid not growing up.


Is it better to change the subject?

Is there anything 'better' in this situation?

Having enough supplies.

You need a solution.

But you know news are ominous.

But it's weird...

What's that?

We thought we would find happiness when we first came to this country.

If we were patient.

We still might find happiness.

I heard we would get the citizenship.

The country needs people after all those who died.

I don't know.

Is it a good thing to have a citizenship nowadays?

It could be better.

Because it's hard for us to survive on one monthly ration.

You don't exist in the official records.

They won't give me.

I don't have an ID.

But you have.

You get a monthly ration.

What if 4 or 5 refugees

live in an apartment here,

how would they survive?

I don't know.

There would be more problems.

Like rented accommodations.

If someone doesn't have a place to stay at

How could he find a place in such circumstances?

Or even if he had one

but couldn't get to it in time

to ensure its safety.

Where would he go?

If he has no friends or relatives,

What should he do?

But I guess the volunteers and delivery people are...

Like me.

But why no one contacted you?

You think they don't care?

Maybe they're looking for people with qualifications.

I don't think so.

You were one of the workers we had at the factory.

I'm not talking about myself.

And I'm not from here.

I don't have an ID.

That's not what I mean.

Most volunteers don't have IDs.

We came to this country to find a better life.

Now, we would settle for any kind of life.

But sometimes I wonder

Would you go back to your country?

But I think.

Would it make a difference?

Some people try to find themselves.

And some create themselves.

But like we said

we have to adapt to the variables.

But when I take something or someone

I take it as it is. Not as what it would become.

What if they change?

Is it necessary that they change?

Sometimes you don't have a choice.

We all change.

Why wouldn't we change the same?

Everyone has his or her own path.

This way, how would you maintain a good relationship with someone?


Don't let your personal experience

be the only source of opinions.

But you know it wasn't mine only.

And hers, too.

It's not what I meant. Or 'she' is not who I meant.

If you say this, you recognize his existence.

I should recognize the existence of someone who destroyed my life.

He was never really here.

His effect is visible.

An entity shouldn't be tangible.

But you're talking about a person...

Or an idea.

An idea.

If you blame it. You blame yourself.

Why would I blame myself?

Because you created him.


He destroyed my life.

You should remember.

He was there before you and your wife got divorced.

He was there for a reason.

But why?

My life was perfect.

Are you sure?


Everything was better than I imagined.

I see his existence

before the divorce

that you missed something.

And he was the only one who could fullfil it.

Fulfill it by making my wife leave me?

And to take my son with her?

I don't know.

You think that

if he wanted to fulfill things I wanted

and he made my wife leave me.

You say I wanted to leave my wife?

Maybe he was there for another reason.

And what happened with your wife and son

is collateral.

My family was never collateral.

Your family.

Not his.

And now it's not my family.

I don't even know what is happening to my sick son.

Like a complete stranger.

And this is because of what?

It's because of a stranger.

I hope your son gets better.

No one got better since this thing started.

No one did since May 2.

Health situation didn't get better.

You used to make medicines.

You know some diseases take time to be cured.

This is not a disease.

According to my experience, it's not a disease.

What then? A chemical attack?

Who would attack us?

From what I know,

symptoms, its spread, timing

Makes it look like it was on purpose.


But I don't think so.

I don't think anyone would attack us.

What about soil? Does it get infected?

I never examined it.

Never read about it.

Do you have testing tools here?

Something primitive. Not good enough.

We have one mask.

One of us should bring some soil.


We're lucky not to be affected by the pollution.

And we can't control it. It would be dangerous to try anything here.


What's the point?


My company made me retire even though I was one of the best scientists they had.

So, due to my illness no one would believe me.

Numbers don't lie.

Because numbers don't lie, 200 thousands people have died so far.

And my only son would follow them.

It's not as easy as you think.

Not easy but possible.

Some things are bigger than us.

But you could find a solution.

Bring some soil. Examine it. Analyze it. Do something. Find a solution.

But there is only one mask.

Don't get too optimistic. So you won't get disappointed.

That doesn't mean we should lose hope.

I didn't expect this reaction from someone

who was working in making medicines for most diseases.

Someone who can't find a medicine for his disease.

Did he ever come back?

His effects are here.

And a disease is only cured when all of its effects are gone.

But maybe this disease

could be like a vaccine.

Originally a disease.

But protects you from more dangerous diseases.

A vaccine that kills a quarter of a million?

I know you're depressed.

But you shouldn't give up.

Some people want to live. Even half a life.

Believe me, death is better than half a life.

Did you try death?

I think about it.

Are you the same Zidan who was looking for a cure for his friend?

It's the same. Whose friend died because there was no cure found.

No one even helped find a cure.

But you tried with the simplest things.

If I got help...

The last company gave you what you needed.

Then he came and destroyed everything.

I have a theory.

That he is one of the best things that happened to you.

Or to be more precise, things that happened to people in general.

But it wasn't completed.


Don't get me wrong.

You remember when I said that he is there for a reason?



Was there for a reason.

Because you wanted to achieve things but your family distracted you.

He came to make you focus on the things that are good to all humans.

That's your theory?

What's wrong with it?

It's that if now you make me choose between my family

or making a super medicine

I would choose my family.

Isn't this selfish?

Maybe my family is my cure!

Should I cure others and leave myself sick?

But you once told me,

it's a doctor's obligation to cure people.

You said it wasn't a choice.

But an obligation. So, you maybe don't have a choice.

So, I don't have a free will?

Not in all cases.

Will I be held responsible for these cases?

Here, maybe? In the afterlife, I don't think so.

What about the other guy?

What about him?

Will he be held responsible?

A weird question!

I think you understand my point of view.

I know. But he, whom you created,

might have a different point of view.

Which would originally be mine?

I think so.

But why?

Why didn't he consult me?

Or as you put it, why didn't I consult myself?

Maybe you weren't sure you would be able to handle the decision.

You confuse me.

I want to make coffee. I'll put the kettle on the gas and come back.

You said you'd come back quickly.

I got worried.

Why would you worry?


There's not much coffee.

I'll tell them to bring more in the next monthly ration.


But I have never seen you drinking coffee.

You drink for me.

Good you plan for the future.

You call telling them to bring more coffee

from our, my, monthly ration a good planning?

Like I told you, examine the soil.

It's much more complicated.

Some people depend on you.

And where are the people I depend on?

Here I am.

I don't deny that you make this less lonely,

but you know what I mean.

I do.

You know what bothers me the most?

What is it?

I used to drink sweet coffee.

Two or three years later I drank it with some sugar.

Now I drink it without sugar.

Forget the coffee.

What is it that bothers you?

I imagine myself this cup of coffee.

But let's say, with sugar.

Should I stay with sugar so that who loves sweet coffee finds me delicious?

Maybe after a while he would start liking sugarless coffee.

Then I wouldn't be good enough for him

Should I change to still good enough?

People change their minds.

People change.

But coffee won't become tea.

It did, in my case.

Consider the cup of tea spilled.

Spilled while it was hot, burning the one who was drinking it.

The sound of the dripping is annoying.

I can't imagine changing this tap.

I would really miss it.

But it need fixing.

Like our problems.

A drop after a drop.

Before there is a flood.

A tap that no one uses.

Exactly. No one uses.

But I used it and the flood hit me.

Do you think that...

Never mind.

Don't you want to examine the soil?


It doesn't work like that.

It's true I'm a driver,

and I make car accidents,

but I might have opinions about different matters.

Wrong opinions.

At least try!

I told you. No one would believe a crazy person.

But you're not crazy.

That's how people consider DID patients. My wife thinks I'm crazy.

Won't you forget?

Won't you forget about soil and this nonsense?

What would you do for the rest of your life?

What life?

My wife left me because she think's I'm crazy.

You used to hit your son.

I mean he used to do so.

Him. Who you say was created by me.

You think I want to do this to my son?

My son who I don't know how he's doing.

I call the hospital. They ask me about my relation to him.

They don't believe me when I say I'm the father.

You know nothing about him. What he eats. When he sleeps. What he plays.

I was once online shopping. He was next to me.

He saw a ball. He told me 'Daddy, I want this one.'

I bought it.

But it never arrived.

You feel like the mail is against you. Everyone and everything is against you.

A universal conspiracy.

And the promises you made are broken.

Even a little promise to your son.

I'm not sure he's my son.

I'm not sure anymore.

The idea starts to spin in your head.


Yes. The other guy was here before the divorce. He could be the father.

Isn't this your theory?

No, it's not.

If he wanted to have sex with your wife...

he wouldn't make you have a divorce.

Because if you are away from her. He's away.

Don't worry.

You're the father.

For now. Before he dies.

We all are going to die.

Not like this. I can't imagine not being able to bury my son.

It was supposed to be the other way round.

We were made from soil and we shall return to it.

Now. Examine some soil. You're the scientist.

If I knew how

no one would believe me.

Can't you make it here?

Find a cure?

It depends on the disease itself.

If you could find a cure and went to the streets without a mask and stayed healthy

Everyone would believe you.

But if...

I'm not sure.

Do you think...


That the cause for illness is known

but they don't want the cure to be made.

Or maybe there's a cure but they don't want people to use it.

Why do this?

It would be the best weapon.

But we're not at war.

But countries get respect with what weapons they have.

And they tried this on us?

No way!

But it is possible that the disease has spread

and they found it could be weaponized.

Hypothetically speaking, what you're saying makes sense.

I mean people who could make medicines could make a biological weapon if there was no inspection.

But if no one knows that it is actually a weapon

they won't consider the country with this disease as a strong one.

Don't get me wrong,

you know how to make biological and chemical weapons?

Why would I?

It was only a question.

Not an innocent one. But we were under constant inspection.

The Ministry of Defense often inspected us.


Yeah, like...

It's not allowed to tell you.

But you don't work with them anymore.

This is not a kids' play. It's serious.

When the company fired you...

Made me retire!

Made you retire.

They did it because of your condition.

But you still have the knowledge.

It's still there.

Maybe you could use it.

Yes. But do you think I'm not under constant surveillance?

And they made me retire with a lot of money and stuff.

And I agree with them on this.

Actually, I used to monitor everyone who enters or leaves the company.

And make sure that drivers who transport the substances were adept.

Sometimes I had to drive things myself. In my car.

Even if the drivers were good

they would have car accidents.

Of course. Accidents happen.

It happened to me.

I used to wonder how the company allowed refugees to work there.

What do you mean?

I mean I worked there for a while.

Maybe. If you weren't a troublemaker.

At least they had good cars.

Not every company gives you a BMW for work.

My favorite car.

The best car I've ever driven.

When was the last time you drove it?

A very long time.

From the day it got hit.

I hit the car I used to drive, too.

It wasn't my fault.

I only had a small cut here.

I fainted before my accident. I believe it was my fault.


You want to drive it again, examine the soil.

You're determined.

For our benefit.

It's weird. You are a refugee here and I want to leave.

I used to think

that scientists and chemistry workers

see a very big world.

Sometimes we think it is so small.

At least you are not in my country.

Don't you miss it?

I hate it.

I used to think that I would miss it when I travel.

Don't you care about it?

I do.

If I don't care about it, I won't hate it.

Like someone that thinks about his enemy.


I even tried to change my original accent.

Why do you hate it?

A long story.

We have time.

I do hate it.

But you might ridicule my reasons.

Anyway, I find this weird.

To hate a whole country because of some people, or even the government.

Hate the government, not your homeland.

What is a homeland?

Your people. Your land.

What if you don't know anyone?

And the land?

Never felt I belonged to it.

That justifies your hatred?

Zidan, we don't have to talk about this now.

Maybe we do.

It's something from the past. And we failed.

'We' failed?

I'm not the only one who hates the country.

What was your plan?

Run away?

We had a bigger plan.

Coup d'etat?

We're workers,

coup d'etat won't be good for us.

Maybe not directly

but if you started a revolution

it might be good.

Anyway, where do you come from?

It doesn't matter?

I would know if you tell me your story.

The reason I don't want to tell you,

is not that I don't trust you

but it's just ink on a map

but you remind me

of things I want to forget.

You'll never forget.

I want these feelings to explode in the direction I want.

Even when you left your country, you still think about that?

'We' still think about it. I wasn't the only one.

What do you hate exactly? The people? Government? Traditions?

Would you still hate it if everything changed?

If everything changed,


the national anthem,

then maybe.


That's weird.

I don't have a choice.

Don't you want to tell me?

It's a simple story.

Something simple won't cause all of this.

I never knew my parents.

Was raised in an orphanage.

I heard some painful things.

They talked about my father and mother.

They said I was a bastard.

From then everything becomes a dead end for you.

It was hard to find work.

I hated it.

You know how to shorten stories.

I didn't know my father, neither.

I'm afraid that my son won't know me.

It would happen but for a different reason. I mean he's really sick.

My father didn't die when I was young. He was just never there.

I told you it's a bad world.

But you encourage me to find a cure.

No for everyone.

Only for those who deserve to live.

Would you believe me

we thought about attacking our country?

It's dangerous for you to tell me this.

They won't catch me.

With what do you want to attack? Stones?

Mock me.

We had our ways.

What was your plan?

Attack with weapons.

Do you have money to buy them?

We would steal.

Steal money to buy weapons or steal the weapons?

It's hard to employ refugees here.

It would be dangerous for the employer.

If a refugee steals something from the employer

the employer can't go to the police.

But some companies, big companies,

try to pay us less and employ us.

How many jobs did you have here?

A lot.

But we should think carefully before working here.

If we wanted to attack,

we must work together.

To steal?


But I have never seen your people do anything.

Not a single act.

We had a warehouse full of weapons.

Had? A past verb?

But imperfect.

We don't know what happened to the warehouse.

You know the Ministry of Defense used to check on us at work.


or when we want to steal, we won't mean to harm you.

But you're talking about illegal weapons.

If the authorities wanted to take them from you, you would attack them.

We try to get untraceable weapons.

Where did you tell me you worked?

Don't worry.

I never did anything in your company.

We had intention but not a plan.

And it's hard to communicate in this crisis.

And the warehouse is far. In the suburbs.

But at least its key was nice.

The medal, I mean.

I really loved it.

It was hard to find a Batman logo medal

but luckily I did.

Batman? Because of the parents?

Yes. But the warehouse was far.

The suburbs are really away.

True. The company gave me a house there.

It was copious.

You got one?

I went there once or twice.

I don't even know how the key looks like.

There's a difference between a country that respects its people,

and a country that doesn't recognize its people.

Don't get me wrong. Do you know what happened to your parents?

I wish they were dead.

Not a single family member visited me.

Sometimes I think I'm really a bastard.

What's your fault?

It's not my fault.

I have nothing to tell you.

There's nothing to say.

Maybe now you'll change your opinion about me.

I brought you to work in my house

to do the painting and tiles

and it's quite good.

Anyway, I trusted you.

I trust people. Sometimes too much.

You said you were trying to steal and attack.

I might have been a target for you.

But you never harmed me.

Did you change your opinion after I told you about us?

Even though I don't think it's true,

there's nothing to steal.

Nothing precious, at least.

Is there anything precious without the loved ones?

But you and your colleagues tried to take away people's lives?

We don't. Weapons do.

Weapons don't shoot by themselves.

Sometimes we have to do things we don't like.

Regardless of intentions, the consequences are there.

You think that people with different intentions should be held responsible the same way?

There's a difference between an action you know it will hurt people

and an action that might hurt people.

Even the second kind has many aspects.

For example, you got a stolen gun to kill astray dogs

but accidentally you killed a man.

And you might legally buy a car but you hit someone and died.

The result was the same. But I think that accountability for these actions are not the same.

But you and your people are different. There is more than one victim.

Maybe in your case, before asking about accountability, we should ask the victims about their opinion.

Even if we were working for the benefit of those people?

Maybe you should ask them if they want you to work for their benefit or not.

We can't surprise our enemies that way!

It would be impossible.

Then I believe we should learn from such incidents from the past.

During times of

coup d'etat


Maybe vengeance.

Vengeance against everyone.

That's the best part.

But some dirty air did way more than what you're telling me about.

Could be.

Won't you examine the soil?

I told you it's not possible.

Besides, it would be extremely dangerous.

We're lucky that its density is high so we are not affected here.

This means it's close to the ground.

Plants are alive but we're not sure that the soil doesn't carry the polluted air.

It is impossible to contain the pollution here. It would be dangerous.

We should be happy that we're not affected in this house.

Then how would you find a solution?

We wait.

Can you ask the government to give you a permission to work in a lab?

If they wanted me they would've asked me.

But I think they truly need you now.

It's hard to go out now. And very dangerous.

Would you ask for a return if it happened?

Yes. I think I would.

What would you ask in return?

Maybe something they can't afford.

Because I have a wish.

To reunite with your family?

I hope your son gets well soon.

I find it weird that you're not working to find a cure for him.

Because I can't.

This is something entirely new.

And it seems we're running out of time anyway.

Believe me. I speak from years of experience.

It would be impossible to find a cure in time anyway. That's the situation.

I'm sad to say this.

Are you talking science?

I wish there is another way.

What about the foreign countries?

You know, they send food, medicine, and stuff.

It's good but it's not a final solution.

So we wait?

There are some people working.

Don't they know the exact reason for this crisis?

Are you thinking about what I'm thinking about?

I don't think so. I try to think as a scientist.

A scientist who is not able to find a cure.

A scientist who knows that a failed attempt

might be more dangerous than maintaining the situation as it is.

People are running out of time.

What was your idea?

That the government knows the truth.

They don't want to say so people won't get scared.

Anyway, people are scared.

You've seen the riots. Especially from the visitors to the country.

You've seen the demonstrations where they claimed to go back to their countries.

They came here legally.

Not like me.

Do you want to demonstrate?

I want more.

And not to go back to my country.

And if I returned to my country, my reasons would be different from those people.

Everyone has a motive to demonstrate.

There's a motive for everything.

That's why I'm relatively comfortable.

About what?

That we're not under attack. No one has anything against us.

Anyway, this way would be extreme.

There's nothing extreme during wars.

So we are mice now!

It's strange to hear this from you

while minutes ago you were talking about stealing and killing!

I mean that someone might have liked to try.

Why us?

I guess you're right. It's not really probable.

That leaves us to the question: why us?

I don't know.

I thought if someone wanted to test a weapon, they would test it on a poor country.

You know, some people actually think about this!

To kill people? Everyday people are killed.

I mean annihilation.

Of a whole country.

They'd do it indirectly, though.

Would anyone stop them if they did it directly? Military war for example!

I don't think so. If they're not powerful enough.

That's why this is possible.

This way, all the countries would try to become stronger.

You think so?


So they won't get annihilated.

But our country is strong on different levels.

It's not easy for any country to attack us.

Unless the attacker wasn't a known entity.

Like you and your colleagues!

That would scare the people.

But why?

It depends.

There are people who would benefit from the aftermath.

And some people benefit from the disaster itself.

I imagine someone finding a solution!

He would become an idol.

If we were a republic I'd say that someone was running for president

and orchestrated all of this

and when he shows the cure, people will vote for him.

But. Never mind.

It's not probable. But it supports that if someone was behind this

he must have some personal benefits from this. Like gaining respect.

From who?

At least, from himself.

Self fulfillment.

What if people knew he did it?

How would he escape?

He'd be too powerful then.

I believe this is much bigger than what your country did to you.

And you want to take revenge.

What would the victims of this disaster do if they knew there was someone behind it?

Every action has a reaction.

Consider this the reaction for a previous action.

But it is an action by itself.


This would start an unfinished series of violent acts.

Unless there is an act powerful enough to break the chain.

Break the chain?


But if it worked

this someone might not agree with those who helped him.

Would they fight for the throne?

It's a theory.

But the leader might want a quiet and peaceful life after that.

He would choose the love of people he deceived instead of a great position.

Some people like to be the center of things.

But they would get all the money they like

without being an actual president or ruler.

Some people like to see others' lives go to ruins.

Even if he leads a nice life?

There's no perfect life.

And seeing destroyed lives might make the life of the destroyer seem better in comparison.

Is it wise for a ruler to compare himself with people of lower social status?

you don't know how people think.

Even if you got into their heads.



But what?

How would life become after all of this ends?

It might take long, I know.

Hopefully it ends without much casualties.

How would life be after this?

I feel like this is a dream.

Where we're having a nightmare.

A scary nightmare.

But even it was really a nightmare, its effects are true.

And these effects are not good.

For example...

I got you. You don't have to stop.

It affects people's psychology.

Since this started, some gynecologists called me.

They said that

they didn't see a single pregnant during this crisis.

Maybe pregnants prefer to go to a hospital.

On the contrary.

What I find really strange

is that if these substance affect women and cause sterility,

why didn't we see them having other effects of the substances?

Maybe they didn't try to have kids.

These doctors had the same idea.

They tried and failed.

Do you think that these substances can slip through our precautions?

I think it does a little.

But honestly I don't know of such thing.

We tried once to make such a thing.

Anyway, I can't imagine someone who can actually do this.

Not only create it, but hit people with it. Especially the sterility thing.

You and I can't try here.

You think this effect on women will last forever?

Population increase will stop. The young people will grow old.

My son won't.

Can you visit him at the hospital?

There's a restraining order against me.

I thought you would think it was a good idea.

Why would I visit him when he's even unconscious.

He's really sick.

I don't know.

Honestly, I feel bad when I see a parent. I feel deprived of something.

Life's unfair.

What should the punishment of an unjust person be?

Something terrible.

What would you do to somepne who treated you unjustly?

I wouldn't have the satisfation by only taking back my right.

I will make sure to take something or someone precious from him, too.

Would he deserve this?

Why are you trying to take revenge? Don't you think these people deserve what's coming their way?


Is it right that you think so, or that you think that this action is right?

If it wasn't right, I wouldn't do it.

Some people do bad things on purpose.

Anyway, intention is used for justification. But the consequences of each act would still be the same.

Regardless of the intention.

Or what do you think?

I believe there's a difference.

Because the act itself might cause pain, and being unjustly treated is another cause for pain for the victim.

I guess so.

But sometimes you can't discern exactly who is treating you unjustly.

Is it necessary that there is a single unjust person,

or that circumstances allowed for this injustice to take place?

These circumstances would be unjust.

This way it's hard to fight all of these circumstances.

Because they might be a lot.

If the victim is inclined to free himself, he'll fight back.

Could be.

Do you feel that the monthly ration took too long to arrive?

I think it should've arrived two or three days ago.

There might be something.

They take a long time to deliver the rations.

Or maybe there are not many volunteers this time.

Maybe. Or I got something.

What do you mean?

I ordered some books online. Actually, I did that months ago.

But you know, things might take longer in this situation.

They would call you if anything arrived.

Anyway, I'm waiting for the coffee.

And nescafe.

You drink nescafe without sugar?

I drink everything without sugar.

I used to have sugar.

Do you want anything?

I want you to focus!

Is there something worth it?

There are some people who are worth it.

Why do you think are worth it?

Can you tell me?

You might find them useful actually.

Your work's importance is determined by their appreciation.

Even in these dire circumstances?

You know what I mean.


It's me. Zidan.

The usual.

I don't want sugar.

Coffee and nescafe, 2 in 1.


Actually, I have been waiting.



The monthly ration. And I got some mail.


But the fact that they started distributing for a new month

suggests that the final solution is not near.

But we shouldn't lose hope.

You know,

I saw something about filmmakers who want to make a film about our situation.

What's the story?

I don't know. They didn't start shooting.

I don't think I would like it.

I wish there would be a nice story, you know.

Not just another film about some crisis.

Some people's disasters are other's benefits,

Yeah. But maybe the filmmaker doesn't know anything about the situation.

Like how people are on the verge of a breakdown.

I don't know. They might make it about how people are

patient in this situation despite it's not true.

I believe we're close to a psychological collapse.

A film like this could be beneficial to boost our determination.

Including you.

A film that is stronger than losing a loved one?

You know when they say that someone who has no family is cut off from a tree.

Or never knew them.

You know, they say he's cut off from a tree.


I'm against this saying.

You mean it's okay to live alone?

That's not what I meant. You know that my family is, or was, the most precious thing in my life.

What I mean is, if someone belongs to a tree,

that tree comes from the soil as a whole. A certain kind.

This way, all of the branches would belong to that tree.

They would be of a certain kind.


That way, a whole family should be the same.

Maybe the first to say this lived in a traditional community.

A carpenter's son becomes a carpenter. A blacksmith's son becomes a blacksmith.

That would limit individuality.

I guess it did.

I think there was limited individuality.

This way, if I knew my father years ago

I would have probably become like him.

I guess.

What I mean is that we are not cut off from a tree

but from a garden.

Different kinds of trees.

But the same soil.

With almost the same effects on all of the trees.

Even different trees would get affected if the soil got poisoned.

We'd change the soil.

We would kill the trees, but what comes later would be healthy.


Can you do that?

If there was a necessity.

I don't think so.

I know that the soil should be changed.

But I can't kill the trees.

Why can't you?

I could prune the trees. But not kill them entirely.

Who would change the soil then?

Maybe it's better to look after the soil in the first place.

But each soil has, weeds, shrubberies, trees.

What are you of these?

I'm the insecticide.

I once worked at an insecticide factory.

How was it?

I learned a lesson.

That tiny things, we barely can see, might have a huge effect on us.

It's hard to fight something we can't see.

But if we we're these things, we should take advantage of our small size.

Sometimes the smallest can be the deadliest.


It's good I don't have enemies.

Don't you?

We had some problems but she was never an enemy.

I agree with you.

Are you talking about him?

I'm just saying.

But he's me. Or from me.

A branch of a tree.

That would require a focused insecticide.

Or cut off this branch and hope for the best.

That's actually scientific.

Not everything is done with science. Science has some cons.

Everything has pros and cons.

A lot of workers lost their jobs due to modernization.

I know a lot who lost their work for this reason.

Dear friends.

Now they're unemployed.

But working minds are more beneficial than working hands.

Now we have less workers but we also have less victims of famines and diseases.

That's due to this scientific advancement.

Pros and cons.

People have these.

I guess so.

Like they say, the moon has a dark side.

But in truth, the whole moon is dark.

Unless you shed a light on it.

Maybe we're like that.

Maybe some people make sense of us.

At least to some degree.

What if this person leaves?

Maybe it would happen.

But you also could make sense of other people.

There's something I don't get.

What if I or somebody else sheds a light for someone,

but this light might be there only to show that person a path

that doesn't lead to us eventually.

A light could be used as a guide or even as a final destination.

Like a lighthouse. Or maybe like someone standing in the middle of the dark with a torch,

and he's not moving,

but that way people would be able to come to that place.

I get you.

But if you were a lighthouse, and people were ships,

you'd be, let's say, the destination.

Not only guide them, but these ships actually come to you.

That way what would you see besides some ships and waves?

I think being a lighthouse would be boring, unlike being a travelling ship.

Maybe this person is not looking for adventures.

Adventure is a path, not a goal.

A path to something greater.

What's your adventure?


My existence.

To what purpose?

My very existence is a purpose.

Maybe later I'll look for other purposes.

Purposes that might be dangerous for you?

Could be.

But at least these purposes would be of much value.

But you know that you are trying to start a fire which could be hard to put down.


They started the fire. They'll get burnt.

Which you would be a cause for it?

We're like volcanoes.

But we have different boiling points.

What if it got bad back in your country?

Don't call it my country.

What if it got bad 'where you come from'?

How would you make sure that it won't affect the other countries?

Can you make sure?


And it's not our duty. It's up to the other countries to do so.

Why are you saying this to me?

What makes you believe I won't snitch about you?

You still don't understand.

I don't have a name here.

In a bureaucratic country, I don't exist.

But you know that you could apply for citizenship?

I guess it would make it easier for you.

I might want that, but I don't actually need it. You get me?

What's your main goal here? Work or revenge?

It would be easier to work here if you apply for citizenship.

Even when I was admitted to the hospital when I had the accident,

it was under a different name than mine.

That way you cause some legal problems.

I didn't cause any problem. At least regarding the name.

A while ago, a teacher I know...

A teacher of political studies.

There was an international convention.

During the convention he said something a lot of the audience didn't like.

He said that all countries are colonial.

His point of view was that all countries, regardless of its regime,

are colonial because they got lands.

He asked how could countries draw their borders when some of them didn't buy these lands?

And even if they bought these lands, who gave the right for the original owners?

Only a point of view.

Maybe he said this just to grab attention.

What's really weird...

is that the same teacher became a member of the parliament in his country.

Why not?

He was appointed. Even though he doesn't believe in borders.

Is chaos better?

Isn't that what you're aiming for? At least in a certain place.

By the way, his country had major advancements.

They tried to convince him to run for president.

Did he?

He refused.

He said he's having troubles raising his two sons.

He believes that to be a good president he has to treat all of the citizens as his children.

He claimed he couldn't do that. He refused to run for president.

There are 20 millions in his country.

He made enough money when he was in the parliament.

He thought I should travel with my sons and wife. It'd be quieter.

He said he couldn't deal with his sons because they were sick.

He can treat them. It seems he has money.

Their disease is unknown to doctors.

Their mother could help.

She's dead.

Get a nanny.

How old is he, by the way?

I don't know. But the case of his sons made him not run for president.

He made a choice.

He should have run for president if there wasn't any good candidate.

Would you do it?

If I were him, I would. I'd leave my family for a while.

But he cares a lot about his family.

Maybe his work poses some problems but it's good he cares about his family, I guess.

Family is really important.

You are an example of its importance. Me too.

Me? How?

You never knew your family, but their absence has a major effect on you.

Could be.

Sometimes the existence of absence is so strong.

Why are we talking about other people?

We have time.

Writers would find this a chance to write.

Some writers can't write without inspiration. Travelling and going outside.

I'm against this.

I think inspiration comes from within.

But observation is necessary to be inspired.


That's the difference. Observation.

Most people see, but not observe.


Like if you can see that it is dull...

What do you expect?

It's like time has stopped on a particular moment.

Not a sad one, but dull.

And you have nothing to do.

What's worst is that it doesn't seem to end soon.

There's hope.

How's that?

Be patient.


But we know that what's coming could be even worse than this.

What's really bad that it is a result of our actions.

Maybe life is a result of our actions, not a justification

for what we do.

But we never learn from our mistakes.

We're blinded of our mistakes.

We make mistakes and expect different results.

The thing is that we sometimes repeat the same mistakes.

Have you ever done something without thinking about why you did it?

Not that you regreted something, but doing something for no obvious reason.

Or abstaining from doing something with no reason at all.

Have you ever done such a thing?

I think I don't get you.

But I guess someone might do something with his friends, even if he isn't convinced of that something.

Then the reason would be staying with the friends.

Could be.

Have you ever done something for no apparent reason?

I guess it's not like that.

I'm a man of science. A man of facts.

At the beginning of the crisis I received an email from an old roommate

He invited me to speak at a convention. Everything was secured.

Everything was secured.


It was secured.

I mean in this crisis?

I asked him about this and he said it was no problem.

But I had to have a travel permit from our authorities.

Maybe you would have had a better motivation to work if you traveled.

Not necessarily.

We didn't expect that the situation would get this bad.

Anyway, when I'm here I can observe the situation better.

I could work from another country but the reports wouldn't be as accurate as the reports conducted here.

Maybe when you're here your emotions would affect your thinking.

But you're a man of science.

But honestly, I don't know.

I don't know why I didn't go.

But you had a good opportunity.

But I sometimes think if I received the email a month or two later,

would I travel?

Would you?

I don't know.

I asked myself.

If I said yes, then why?

To find a cure?

Maybe. Because you could.

Maybe with some teamwork you would work really hard to find a cure.

I'm afraid that if I traveled, the reason would be different.

Maybe run away.

But you could run away now.

I think I could.

I still get some invitations from abroad.

But you stayed here.

That's the thing. I stayed here to know the reason why I would stay here.

I didn't want to go then discover that what I wanted was here.

Don't think about what happened.

Or why.

I don't think about it.

I might think about that as a sample

of things that happened or might happen,

in order to find a pattern of the way we choose.

Because one choice could start a chain of events.

But you can't expect what would happen.

At least it would be hard.

Your life doesn't go in one line only.

That's why I asked.

How do we choose something over something else?

It's true that our life doesn't go in one line,

because other lives interfere with ours.

Like a spider web.

Vertical and horizontal lines.

You make only one line of these.

And the other lines are caused by other people.

And one's life is a whole spiderweb.

You can never accurately expect the future.

I'm not trying to analyze things yet to happen.

I'm trying to know why I did some things in the past.

Sometimes I did things with no apparent reason and now I'm trying to know if there is actually a reason.

I'm trying to figure out why I didn't travel but honestly I don't have a decisive idea or reason behind it.

If the reason wasn't enough to stay here, would you go if you had another chance?

If you assume the presence of a fact,

you should also assume the presence of a feeling that goes along with that fact.

And if you never lived a similar incident to that fact,

it would be almost impossible to know what you're going to feel then.

But you said you only believe in facts.

Could the reason for staying be indiscernible?

It could be actually.

But I wish it's not an illusion.

That would be so bad.

After all this time, don't you know why you stayed here?

If I may say, maybe you wanted to be reunited with your family.

Can we change the subject?

Excuse me.

I was trying to help.

You know, being a tiles setter taught me a good lesson.

Anyway, for how long have you been working in tiles flooring?

It was never continuous.

I mean only a handful of people told me to floor some tiles for them.

Actually, some of them thought it was a hobby.

They used to tell me to buy the best kind of tiles.

But that wasn't enough.

The reason was that not only tiles matter, but the bases under them too.

Yeah, yeah.


Haven't the delivery person called?

The delivery person?


It seems they're taking some time.

They take time. Paperwork. Delivery. You know, that kind of thing.

It takes time.

We forgot something!

What did we forget?

To bring a new valve for the tap.

I don't think this is of their priorities now.

You're not the only one with a faulty tap.

Sure thing that some people have plumbing issues.

Can you imagine living with a broken pipe in the bathroom?

I don't want to imagine this. It is a horrible image, and smell.

It's reality for some people.

That's why I guess it's okay to ask for sanitary ware.

Maybe they can fix it themselves, too!

It seems that the dripping really pisses you off.

So much. With time, it drives me really crazy!

I can't think of anything when such sound is heard.

We can stop the water from the stopcock. That way there won't be dripping anymore.

The tap would become useless.

At least it won't annoy you anymore.

Do you think it would work?

I don't like the sound of the dripping but I think I can live with it.

I don't like to close stopcocks.

It's like telling someone to shut up just because you don't like what he's saying.

Why would I do that?

Why would I ever tell someone to shut up?

I was talking about where I come from.

They never understood that if all taps worked together,

even dripping, there would be a flood eventually.

Can you convince them to do this?

I don't know. They don't care about this. I'm trying but I don't know.

The problem is that how would you call on a person who's far away?

What? I don't get what you're saying.

Would a single person and ten people call someone the same?

I guess not. Each one of the ten would call that person differently.

That's not what I meant.

Ten people have a more powereful voice.

If you were alone, your voice could be unheard.

And the person might not answer.

That's the problem.

A bigger problem is that you might want to tell that person a secret.

You couldn't do that discretely.

The other people might not like what you're telling that person.

And it's hard to tell him to get close to you.

The others would think that there's something fishy going on between us.

In your case, I believe it's hard to use telecommunication devices.

They're easy to be hacked.

They are. And the receiver and I must agree on a code if we want to cipher our conversation.

I think there are some devices to do that.

Maybe some jamming devices, too.

The very use of such devices suggests that the conversation we're having is not innocent.

The way a call is being done might tell a lot about the nature of its content.

That we we would lose the element of surprise.

That way we won't suceed.

Assuming that all of your colleagues are trustworthy.


It's a group work.

One stopcock could stop all the taps.


If the bases of a floor is not perfectly made, the tiles will not be good. They won't be stable.

Did you have like, spies among those you were going to attack?

And the rest can plan the attack?

That would be good organization, I guess.

We talked a lot about taps.

And you didn't call the delivery person to tell him to bring a valve for the tap.

I'm afraid he's already arranged the monthly ration.

I'll try to call him.

It seems he doesn't receive calls.

They don't want people to ask for so much things.

Try to call the management, they could make him call you.

Why? And tell them to let the delivery person call me for the sake of a valve?

Say you need some bandages, or gauze. Maybe some burn ointment.

They don't refuse such demands.

That's a good idea. They might connect me with him.


Can you connect me with the monthly rations managment?

Now? Yes. Yes. That'd be great. Thanks.


Monthly rations management?

Yes, that's me. Zidan.

I wanted to add something to my monthly ration. Burn ointment.

No, it's not dangerous.

My number?


That's it.

Excellent. Thanks.


They said they'd tell him.

Wouldn't that take more time?

I think these stuff are easy to get.

You know, these are not costly. They could give them for free.

They should. That's the least they could do.

But not everything related to health is for free.

Not all types of medicines, I mean.

I heard that anti-depressants are not for free.

Even though that people get anxious nowadays.

But personally, I don't like taking medication for this.

That's why some people underestimate psychiatrists.

People who can pay psychiatrists, have no reason to be depressed.

That's weird to hear this from you.

I just mean that psychiatrists are overpaid.

That's why you're telling me not to get depressed? So I don't get bankrupt?

I'm saying this because there is no reason to get depressed.

You might get sad, but not depressed.

And there's...is the delivery person calling?

That's not him.


How are you?


What's that commotion?

When did he...?


What are...?

I called a while ago

to hear his voice, calling me 'daddy' for the last time.


ask to see him.

I wanted to hold his little hand.

Feel his skin.

To be a family.

To be a family, once again.

Even for a minute.

I never said I'm sorry.

I never meant to harm you.

Can I see him?

Hold his hand for a second?

To feel like a father.



Whoever responsible must pay.

If there's someone responsible, he'll pay.

He will pay.

He will...


Yes. That's me.

Are you here?

Just a minute.

Take your time before opening the safety door. And I'm sorry.


I am.


Sorry I took a while.

It's okay. Maybe it took you more because I called late.

No, not that. What delayed me is the package from the police.

Police? Why?

Didn't they call you?

About my son?

No. Your house in the suburbs.

Maybe they called and I didn't notice.

What about the house?

Sorry to tell you it caught fire.

I have the report.

I guess it's good no one died.


It's weird that the house key was there.

I have it here.

written and directed by:
Abdullah Abu Snaineh