Jarugandi (2018) - full transcript

'Keep Moving'

'It is said, 'In life you must
be a leader or be with a leader'

'Just like that, you should
either be born rich or be poor'

'Between either status is middle class'

'That too lower middle class'

'Born in this class
neither here nor there'

'Do something and somehow
reach the cream of society'

'I am one among those boys'

'This goal I decided to aspire for
is chasing me till date'

'My name is Sathya'

[Song from 'Navagraham']

'Pandyan Hotel'

Get down

- Shall we eat and go?
- Okay, da


Hey, they are tanked totally

Shall we steal their car?

This area is dangerous
If we get caught that's it

Yes or no?
Just tell me that

I feel we shouldn't

Then let's go ahead

Listen to me

Walk up to that shop

Pretend you're eating 'biriyani'
and update me

I'll handle the rest


Be alert

Anna, 1 chicken 'biriyani'

Hey! Our car, I say

'Stop, man'

- That's my car
- Stop, I say

- Stop
- If I get hold of you!


Sir, how long will it take?

Do you know the car
belongs to the councilor?

You aren't even registering
our complaint!

- Then
- What 'then'?

Before you take action
the car would've passed Andhra

But you are sitting
and happily eating 'vada'!

Sir, my father is already boiling mad

Why should your father
be angry if I eat 'vada'?

Sir, don't crack jokes

1st record our complaint, sir

You are really hopping mad, eh?

- What is this?
- What?

This is your car's registration certificate

Sir, this is my car's document

If you're the councilor's son
won't you pay your dues?

If you don't pay your dues for 8 months
why won't your car be seized?

He has played by the rules
and seized it

Head-deep in fraudulent acts
and then complain with distorted facts

Get lost!

I lost my job only because of
this councilor issue

They asked me to seize the car
and chucked me out now

Are they off their rockers?

'He ordered this too!'

Hey, why are you staring at this?

Nothing, dude

Drink gallons of booze
Nothing wrong

Cut down on your appetizers please

Too expensive here
We can order plenty more outside

I'm talking about my life and
you're worried about a silly side dish

Isn't this your treat?

I threw a bachelors' party yesterday

Yesterday was your treat, huh?

- Bachelors' party means what?
- What?

As long as I'm a bachelor
you host parties for me

That's the real meaning

You'll have various schemes
to avail freebies, huh?

- Fat hopes!
- How rude?

Do you know my monthly commitments?

1st of every month I have
to pay my EMI and my dues

Pressure builds up
in my brain

I can't even think straight

Haven't I been telling you
I want to start a travel agency?

Are you coming up with ideas?

'I thought I'll at least
get a loan'

These bank officers
never sanction me a loan

You want to start a travel agency
That's all, right?

Just chill, I've spoken to someone

- Who?
- A friend of his

Gets loans without documents

He has helped many friends

In 2 days he'll be in Chennai

We can go in person
and clinch the deal

Can I get a loan
without documents?

I've discussed everything

If the bank officer strings us along

...he'll wheel and deal
and get the amount

Are you okay with
getting it in cash?

What kind of a question is that?!

If I get cash, I'll buy 2 Innova cars
and pledge those documents

In that cash I'll buy 2 smaller cars

I'll re-pledge it and pay
an advance for the agency!

Till the very end
you won't use your cash

How can you say this?
You're included in my deal

For God's sake please
Count me out

I don't want this job

I borrowed some money for my wedding

After you get the cash, if you can
rotate the fund and help me

Nithin Sathya's influence!
I'll get even with you

'You go and join hands with Premgi!'

[Song from 'Arunagirinathar']

Ma, why can't you get
my lunch ready early in the morning?

How long will the van wait?

You woke up late and
are you scolding me?

'This has become a habit with you'

Your lunch box

You know I leave
a bit late for school

Can't you prepare my lunch early?

You talk 19 to a dozen!

Go fast

Hey, why are you
so rude to amma?

Learnt it from the girl
in the opposite flat?

- Don't hit me
- Drama queen, go

Bye, ma

- Hey
- What, ma?

Give me your salary

Past 2 months
I haven't paid the milk man

You haven't even given me coffee
and you want my money!

This is all I have

Remove your glass and see
You've given only Rs 2000

Thank god you told me

Here 500 rupees

Be a bit thrifty
You're way too generous!

Hey! What is this?

Dawdling away
Why so late?

Not knowing I'm jobless
my mother wanted money

You are always late

It's very hot
I'll close your eyes?

What's wrong with you?

I've told him all the details
he wanted to know about your family

Do you know our plan?
Go straight and sit

Sign wherever he asks you to sign
and zip zap zoom

Signing is okay but will he
arrange the loan properly?

How can you doubt me?

Trust is the key factor

All those who borrowed
from him are well-settled

We should settle in the same way

In such a way
we lend him money!

Hey! What is this?

A girl gifted me

- Take it off
- Why?

If you go like this
he won't give us a loan

He will ask us for a loan!

You and your style quotient!

Going with a begging bowl
and coolers!

- What color is this?
- Blue

Isn't it cool?
Focus on the road!


Sir, I am Pari
I spoke to you on the phone

- Come in
- Come, da

I spoke to you about my friend's loan

Sir, we plan to start
our own travel agency

When we approached for a loan
bank insists on recommendation

Last 3 years income tax papers

And if I've linked
my Aadhar card

Nothing worked out
So we came to you

Bank officers will sanction loans
to expert con men

And grant in billions readily

They won't part with
even 10 paise to honest souls

You've judged him wrong, sir

He will repay promptly, sir

He has already booked many customers

I didn't mean you
It was a general statement

You seem the genuine kind

That's why I called you over

It isn't easy to avail huge loans
without any surety

We won't hatch a plan
to cheat the bank

'But there are some technical loop holes'

Will you give my commission promptly?

Sir, definitely

You shouldn't later on
bargain about my %

No, I give you my word, sir

I'll come straight to the point

Now a lot of rich men don't know
the list of their own properties

Some people invest in property here
and then settle abroad

We must find such a land
to submit as surety for you

- Did you understand?
- No

We don't get it, sir

No big deal

Assume you own 4800 sqft in Ashok Nagar

If you submit those documents in any bank
you'll get 5 million

You take the loan
Pay my commission

But we don't own any land, sir

- You do
- We may get into a mess, sir

Please suggest some other option

Why are you so scared to lie
to the bank and get a loan?

Don't they cheat us
in many hidden ways?

ATMs were started
since banks were crowded

Now they charge us when
we withdraw our own money

You come across only people
who take loans and don't pay

Do you know people
who cheat to sanction loans?

Such a team is involved in this scheme

Once you repay the loans
you can get rid of your documents

I will take the commission and leave

Using this technology
I have got loans for 500 people

They have excelled in their business
and are ruling their roost

As 501st client if you get us a loan
we can settle down in life, sir

Please, sir


Thanks, sir

'Welcome entrepreneur'

'Hey, come and distribute
the ring and chain right away'

'These business entrepreneurs
are a real menace in our country!'

"Time is right, brother
Get your act together"

"Clasp it tight when it lands
in the palm of your hands"

"Resort to lies if need be
So said Valluvar in 350 A.D"

"The path you chose is true
Fate has ordained it for you"

"Wherever you go
money should flow"

"You're in for good times, dude
Then why be confused?"

"This is destined to be
according to the story"

"Whole city backs you up
Fame and name at your doorstep"

"You'll be Mr Popular always
You'll occupy pride of place"

"Climb the ladder of influence surely
Listen to pearls of wisdom only"

"Car and comforts will follow
No debit, only credit should flow"


"Out with the old, on with the new"

"A dot then, now a lot, dude"

"In bad, good resides, it's true
In good also, bad dwells too"

"Grab opportunities knocking at your door"

"Don't waste life, seize the day and more"

"1st plan the route meticulous
Next take that road to success"

"Delete your doubts, bro
Rock on, way to go!"

"Credit is your asset
Won't stop, it's all set"

"In the incoming benefit
interest and principal profit"

"Lady Luck is our bonus
She won't turn her back on us"

"Whole city backs you up
Fame and name at your doorstep"

"You'll be Mr Popular always
You'll occupy pride of place"

"Climb the ladder of influence surely
Listen to pearls of wisdom only"

"Car and comforts will follow
No debit, only credit should flow"

"When you are loaded society will laud you"

"Sing your praises and applaud anew"

"Use your knack to hold on to what you get"

"Don't forget, enjoy life to the fullest"

"Our life is in our hands only
Not anywhere else, trust me"

"Even if you blunder
bootlickers everywhere"

"From prince if you are a pauper
they will trample you flat forever"

"If he toils, even a rickshaw puller
can become a millionaire"

"Board a plane and fly wherever"

"Overnight can don Obama's avatar"

"Time is right, brother
Get your act together"

"Clasp it tight when it lands
in the palm of your hands"

"Resort to lies if need be
So said Valluvar in 350 A.D"

"The path you chose is true
Fate has ordained it for you"

"Whole city backs you up
Fame and name at your doorstep"

"You'll be Mr Popular always
You'll occupy pride of place"

"Climb the ladder of influence surely
Listen to pearls of wisdom only"

"Car and comforts will follow
No debit, only credit should flow"

You have started
your own travel agency

This is a long overdue vow

Shall we go to Thiruttani
and Thiruchendur in our car?

I don't own the car fully as yet

I'm still paying the due

I'll send you at the right time
to these temples, come

Rs 20,000, sir
Count it

Tell me

Looks like you are now
an established businessman

Sit down


My neck is paining
Sit over there

You are the surety

You are the land owner

How long are you into these con jobs?

Sir, you've got it all wron-

Hey! I'll smash your face
beyond recognition

He is already an approver

Forgive me

Tell me the truth verbatim

We borrowed money
only to start our own travel agency

Samuel sir arranged the documents

How can you think
of new ways to con people?

What is his name?


Call him

His number is not reachable
Looks like he bolted

- Hey!
- Sir?

We have cast a net
to nab the entire team


Your family is totally in the dark

If I put you behind bars now
your family will crumble to pieces

You'll be begging on the streets
like an insolvent pauper

Hey surety!
The same applies to you too

You'll sign as witness
to an asset you don't own, huh?

I'm getting married next week, sir

- Go ahead
- My planets are badly aligned

- So...?
- Wedding preparations are on

If this is TV headlines
it will be truly a disgrace, sir

Shall I order cable connection
only in your house?

We are paying our dues regularly

We intend to tear the documents
once we pay up, sir

You came unexpected-

'We haven't cheated anyone'

Please believe us

Please, sir

I'll fall at your feet

How dare you touch me!

You have cheated
to the tune of 5 million

Either I need a reward
for the work I have done

If not I should benefit
in a befitting-

You let us know
We can do the needful, sir

Hey! Greasing my palm
a little won't do

You thought I was a traffic policeman?


500000 each

Should reach me
within 2 days

Make arrangements for that

How can we wangle so much?

We are managing our cash
on a rotation basis

Be a little considerate, sir

What, I say?
Are you bargaining?

So many like you
have fallen in this trap

I can save whoever pays me first
from counting bars in jail!

Even I should show accounts

Sir, I can't-

You steal, loot or
resort to murder

All I need is money

2 days

If you line my pocket
I'll clear all the evidence

Will you shell out without fail
or face hell in jail?

Focus on only these 2 options

'This is me'

'Whatever happens is for the good'
is an old saying'

'I don't know how to handle
the cards life has dealt me'

'Now I don't even have
Rs 10,000 on me'

'But in just 2 days
I need 1 million'

'If don't manage this...'

'...I don't know
how I'll face my family'

'My friend is also in a soup
because of me'

'Whomever I ask for a loan, refuse
though I know they can afford to lend'

'Fingers crossed, as if a savior
won't walk into my life!'

Sir, ice cube?

- Add and then drink
- Get lost!

Let's go

Bro, did Kishore come here?

No one came here

The word 'cash' makes them run a mile!


I tried my level best

Even if we have 1 month
it's difficult to arrange

Let's ask if we can
return in installments?

I tried that option
Not budging an inch

If we don't deliver
we are dead meat!

Even if we sell everything
we'll get only 2 to 3 lakhs

We should do something

- Bro, did you ask Chandru?
- Which Chandru?

Let me ask him

As soon as I booze
I feel like peeing

What is the time?

I'll go to the wash room

Sorry, it was a mistake

- Don't you have eyes?
- Don't get angry, boss

We are boozing with borrowed money!

- You spilt it all over
- Don't get upset, boss

See, I have my wallet
I have wads of cash inside

No problem, you can drink
to your heart's content, boss

I'll take care

Turning-hand touching-booze spilling

Don't get angry, boss

Bar boy! Serve them
whatever they ask

Bill every peg to me
Please sit down, boss

Have your fill
Sorry, boss

Hey! Is he mad or what?

He spilt my drink and is paying for it!

He readily agreed
to pay our bills

Who is he?

Hello, come here

Who is he?

He is our regular customer

He'll tip me
2000 or 3000 easily

He's stinking rich
Don't disturb him

'Stinking rich' means?

Will he give 1 million if we ask?

- It's no big deal
- What do you mean?

Even I have borrowed 200000 from him!

Appearances are deceptive

Once he likes you,
he'll do anything for you

All that is fine
Why does he like you?

- That's a little strange!
- Don't be mean, sir

Have your fill, boss

Forget the fact he took
a fancy to the waiter

Why is he staring at you?

That's right, bro
Why is he looking at me?

- I think he's that!
- Who?

'I'm so sure'


- He can't take his eyes off me?
- Like you're a chic chick!

Don't put 2 + 2 and come up with 5

I'm getting married in a week
Don't mess up my married life

Very tasty, serve whoever ordered it

Sir, it's for you

Yov! We are in no state to ord-

We didn't order this
You got the table wrong

Sir, I didn't get it wrong

Gajendran sir ordered it for you

Gajendran sir, huh?

That's my gift

Hey! Confirmed

'No doubt whatsoever'

I think the cash he gave us
is an advance for you

Here you go, but listen
to a piece of advice

Stop staring back at him

As if I'm looking at him?

- He started it
- Starter, sir

Aiyaiyo! I don't want to
come in between this duo!

You finish your job
I'll see you in the morning

Sit down
He's going overboard

How can he think that of me?
I'll fling this cash on his face

Yov! Who are you?

Why did you order for me?

- All I did was order food
- Don't touch me

If I reach out to you
won't you reciprocate?

Why should I return favors?

When you offered cash
I thought as much

I'm not the kind of person
you think I am

Boss, likewise
I'm not what you think I am!

I ordered only because
you're Keerthi's brother

Sincere love, boss!

I wanted to impress you

Listen, I don't know anything
about love and Keerthi

If I set eyes on you again-

What's up with you?

I haven't hit him as yet

You forgot your sister
because of your booze

Bro, we have 101 problems

Let this be 102

- Please help
- It's a mistaken identity case

I saw him with his sister
in the shopping mall

- I'll show the photo
- You got a sister?

He is blabbering
Can't you see he's mad?

Who is mad?
You, right?

Is this you?

Sorry, boss, brother-in-law
You're my machan!

- Take a look, boss
- Hey! It's you

Take a proper look
Isn't this you?

This is your sister?

Isn't this you?

- This girl?
- See, he agreed

Boss, I love your sister sincerely

I flipped for her eyes

I'll treat her like a queen
I'm very affluent

I'm a millionaire and I don't know
what to do with my money

Every time I think of your sister
butterflies fly in my heart

Do you know how
they flit and fly?

Won't you drive carefully?

I switched on the indicator

You'll switch it on suddenly, huh?

- Why did you bang madam's car?
- They were wrong

She was right

'- Ask them
- Who are you?'

- Their fault
- I'll handle this

Shouldn't you be careful
taking your sister?

- She's my girlfriend
- Really?

Why is your taste so bad?

- Wait, sir
- It's okay, sir

Wait, I am there for you

Will you leave us alone?
I'll take care

I know the cops in this area
I can handle it

- Got your RC book?
- Yes

- License and ration card
- Why, sir?

- Is your Aadhar card connected?
- How is that relevant?

You know to connect her, huh?

- Don't drag her in this
- Don't retort, I'll bash you

- It's okay, we are getting late
- Wait, I am there

- Got a helmet?
- At home

I meant the bike's helmet!

You're insulting me again

Letting your tongue run
Note down the #, sir

Madam, you note it down

- What #?
- Note down my #

- Tell him
- 9944332222

- No need
- Note it down as Smart boy Gaja

Why do we need your name?

- Let's go
- You go, I'll take care


Wow! Back super!

I meant your handbag

'What a beautiful smile!'

'Look at the 'elimination face' with her'

'Don't befriend her'

If it was my area
you'll be dead meat

Get lost, rowdy!

Hey! Go to that corner and drink

Boss, what is this?


Now I know why you have a tea shop

Am I dumb, you dumbass?
What is written there?

Language institute

What does that mean?

Get lost!
We are busy talking

Boss, answer my question

[Gibberish outpouring]

Using cuss words fluently
isn't good for the family

Stop it, boss

I'm behaving so decent
Why are you using cuss words?

I've been in 10th grade thrice

I must join this place
What should I do?

Anyone with money can join

Don't be a dog in the manger
ruining my clientele!

How dare you!
I'll splash hot water on your face

I am 10th grade for 3 years

I'm an engineer
running a tea stall!

- Aren't you the new student?
- Yes, sir

Ram killed Ravan
Change the voice

Sir, Rama killed Ravana
I should change the voice, right?

Do you know?

Rama killed Ravana

Is it correct, sir?

Silence! I asked you to change
from Active to Passive voice

'Not into artiste's voice'

'Who asked you to join
Advanced Spoken English course?'

I've paid Rs 5000 as advance too

I can see that
Go and sit in the last row

Concentrate, man


You nitwit!

He and I are friends

Focus on your work, useless

'He's trying to hit on you'

Boss, why are you sitting here
when sir asked you to go back?

Your 'sir' who sent me to the last row
is lying in bed #301 in Suriya hospital

Want to occupy the bed next to his?

Shall we become friends then?

- Here you go
- What is this, boss?

1-finger shake will do for you
Can't waste a handshake

'Yellow top, wow!
She says 'yes' I'll woo her'

'Be alert'


'I shouldn't wash this hand
whole of today'

'Why isn't she turning back?'

Look back

'This is how we often meet up,
chat, smile, spend time'

'With my 1-track mind
I followed her like her shadow'

'I got a nasty surprise
She was absent for 4 days'

'I got all flustered
and freaked out, boss'

'I asked the boys
what the reason was'

She loves you for sure, boss

She kept saying
she missed Gaja

'If he doesn't come, my parents
will get me married to a foreigner'

She felt so bad and she cried
even I felt awful, boss

- She actually mentioned my name?
- You bet, boss

- Here's extra leg-piece for you
- Why would we lie?

Bro, 1 black pepper chicken

'His golden chance
to kill the golden goose!'

I would have called you, boss

But my phone doesn't charge,
I'm unable to call, keeps hanging

I feel like throwing it

Do it then

Here, buy a new phone for yourself

Okay, thanks

All this is true, huh?

Truth, right?
Don't you know English?

I swear that girl will die
without you in her life

I'll die without her in my life, boss

1st thing in the morning
I'll ask for her hand

Let me see what happens

'This is the route
her dad takes daily'

'Here he is
Go for it'

Who are you?

Light the camphor

- Why are you doing this?
- I want to become your son-in-law

'I think this moron's
upper storey is empty'

I have an eye on your daughter

Don't hit me

No fight
Mr Rash, don't

People are staring at us

Get lost!

'He shooed me respectfully!

Everyone is gawking at me

- Are you serious?
- Yes

I didn't even know this
though I'm her cousin

Even now her family insists
she should marry a foreigner

And she's being tortured, boss

You know how my heart aches

If you convince her to be my wife
I'll do anything for you

- Anything?
- Whatever!

We had borrowed 1 million
from Keerthi's dad to start a business

We are unable to repay him

So I don't know
how I can face him

Is money God's gift to mankind?

1st find out if your sister is alright

Give me your account number
I'll transfer in a jiffy, boss

A/c #?
1 minute

Hey! Shut up
You're in a drunken stupor now

Tomorrow talk to us
when you're sober just like this

We'll try and solve your love matter

I'm sober only when I'm drunk
Otherwise I end up blabbering

- Trust me
- Call me in this #

I'll follow you

Why did you rush out like that?
I could have easily convinced him

- He's fully tanked
- Junk of a jackass!

How do you know his girl?

Didn't I tell you I saw
a chic chick in that showroom?

Textile showroom?

Sir, how much does your bill come to?

Rs 2000

I've bought for 3000

We get 1000 bucks off
if we buy for Rs 5000

Shall we bill together
and share the 1000, 50/50?

Sure, by all means

Same bill

'But they walked in separately
Now they claim to be together'

Why are you hesitating, sir?

If you bill both together
we can avail your discount

He's my first cousin

He's her cousin
I'll use him as bait

Her dad's brother's son!

Don't take a dig at me
I'll lose my cool

But let me tell you
she's a real hot chick

I wanted to get to know her
But it was all a dead end

I got engaged by then

I just let go
of my feelings for her

You sacrificed, huh?

I'll clobber you
Shall I tell your fiancee?

- Hey! Don't
- Then behave yourself

Was she that stunning?

- Got her snap?
- Simply soooper

Your phone has been ringing
from early morning

How long will you keep sleeping?

Get up and check
who the caller is

Tell me

He's crystal clear

- Who?
- The loaded guy at the bar

He has deposited 0.2 million
in my account as advance

Like Sasikumar in 'Nadodi'
Just 1 simple favor

If we do just that...

'...all our problems will be solved'

I enquired about him

He genuinely loves her

He even showed me the selfie
he has taken with that girl

'We were chatting'

He suddenly started crying

Shouldn't let go of this goose

'He's a naive idiot of the 1st order'

We should milk him dry

'He has no clue
how to spend his money'

'He is the need of the hour for us'

- Can we trust him?
- I did a thorough check

He's really loaded

He has already
deposited cash, right?

What more do you want?

I can't even imagine
that girl next to him

She spoke to me
for just a discount of Rs 500

You think she'll let go of him
if she knew he's a millionaire

'Money is everything'

If only I was that rich, I'll revel
with Tamannaah and Hansika next to me

And even click a selfie
like our Saravana Stores 'annachi'

Your lame dialogs
when I just got up

I have no option but to agree

But I have to meet him
before we forge ahead

Brother, you love her, okay

But does she love you in return?

How can you ask me
such a question?

Will I buy you colored cool drinks
if I thought she didn't love me?

Just reply to my question
crisp and clear

If we refer your name
will she come here?

Why do you want to call
my girlfriend with my name?

For your sake, brother

Don't mistake me
I'm sure she'll come

This is enough, brother

I need to share an important
piece of news

We have a load of problems
We can't explain all that to you

She's his sister

So if something goes wrong
it will end in a family feud, right?

Your over enthusiasm has also
got you an earful and handful

And your face has been registered well

So till I tell you
don't go anywhere near her

No one should know
we are behind this

Especially your girlfriend shouldn't know

You'll ensure Keerthi is always happy
after you both get married, right?

I won't even let her chop onions!

- Promise?
- I swear on my aunt!

This promise will do

At the end of the day
after marriage we are same family

He's the outsider

I trust you too, boss

We are also helping you
only because we trust you

- What about the payment?
- That can be done

Add GST to it
plus service tax too

Also sister's sched-

My girlfriend, boss

- She's sister to us
- 'Awesome, boss'

Find out your sister's regular schedule
We must plan accordingly

Haven't I told you already?

Bah! You beat us hollow
in your updates, soooper!

We'll look into the rest of the plan

Your job is only to look after, okay?

'Listen, that girl stays put at home
from 9:00 a.m to 4:00 p.m'

'She will sometimes just visit
Lord Muruga temple nearby'

'At 4:00 p.m on the dot
she goes to her coaching class'

'Now even that is cut
after her father hit our boss'

'They are trying to find
a foreign groom for her'

'Regarding that,
they have sent her out'

'She'll get back home by 10:00 p.m'

How are you so sure?

'Thinking he was hatching a silent plan'

...her dad was talking so loudly
That's why I'm so accurate

Kidnapping the girl is the tough part
Getting a car is a cakewalk for me

Don't get it

Kidnapping the girl is the tough part
Getting a car is a cakewalk for me

You should give the phone
at a specified time-

Did you tell the bartender?

Won't I do even this for Gaja sir?

What should I do now?

When you signal, the phone
should be in their house, that's all?

He'll do it as soon as
you signal him

- Be ready
- I'm scared

- What is it?
- Good evening, sir

I came to deliver
the food you ordered, sir

We didn't order any food

The order was booked
only from this address

Check the address

- Please take this, sir
- I didn't order it

Take this, sir

Coming from Swiggy
You had ordered food


You've come to the wrong place
I never ordered any food

- Which is door # 2191?
- Right there

Will you go there?

- Why are you coming in?
- You ordered food

I've been repeatedly saying we didn't

Who are you?

You ordered Aasife 'biriyani'
You didn't pick my call

But I didn't order
I've been saying this

You're sounding like a broken record

You ask me to pay,
I should oblige, huh?

Pay the bill, sir
We'll clear out at once

You said she will be home by 10:00 p.m

She'll be here soon, let's wait

You call the #
this was ordered from

Good idea

You're talking utter nonsense

Ringing, huh?

It's ringing from your house
Are you pulling a fast one?

Whose phone is that?

Keep an eye

We didn't order any food

Pay up, sir
Don't keep us waiting

Hey! Look

That's the girl

'You keep arguing'

Why should I pay
for someone else's order?

Looks like a squabble
Let me go and check

Stay in the car

You get in from that side

What happened, sir?

Why are you getting out?
We are here to rescue you

Don't be scared

- Who are you?
- We've come to help you

We are here to rescue you

Don't tug my beard

Do whatever you want
I won't pay you

Do something
I can't handle her

Why are you hassling us?

Use that spray

'My daughter!'


Who the hell are you?


Hey you!

Go straight

Call him

Hello, boss?

Regarding Gajendran's love issue

What is it?

He has nailed us in

Has he got caught
in that girl's house?

He didn't talk to me

- His wife did!
- Whaaat?

What the hell do you mean?

Hey! How dare you!
'Imp' with a P in front!

I'm here in flesh and blood as his wife

'And you're fixing him up with a girl?'

'I am hunting for you'

He said he was in love with her

I'm such a lovely parakeet in his life

He looks like a wild cat
and he wants another girlfriend?

You...a parrot?

You look like an anaconda from Amazon
Boss, don't trust this 'Ambassador' face

I didn't marry her
She married me!

Still I'm a virgin, boss
Don't believe her

'Is that something to
be proud of, you buffalo?!'

Don't talk to my friends
Hang up now

Give me the phone
I'll put you in OLX

Are you playing the fool?

I swear, I'm telling you the truth

We are stuck between
the devil and the deep sea

I'm scared
Crime rate is increasing

Let's leave her here and escape?

She'll go home of her own accord

The car isn't ours

What do you think of yourself?

I had my doubts from the start
You said you inquired thoroughly

I swear I did

He came clean about everything

He hid only this matter from me

If I get my hands on him-

You've made me kidnap a girl

I'll clobber you

[phone rings]


Think you can get away
kidnapping my daughter?

'I'll talk to the commissioner now'

If the cops don't nab you in 1 hour-

'I will make you run with your briefs
in the middle of the road'

- Who was that?
- No idea

Has a PhD in cuss words
I'm so scared

Talk to him?


Sir, please don't hang up

My husband lost his cool

'Let me apologize on his behalf, sir'

'Don't harm our daughter'

We'll comply to any demand of yours

'We will pay up
whatever ransom you want'


'500000 each'

'Should reach me
within 2 days'

'Are you there, sir?'

Don't get tense

Your daughter is safe with me
I'll call you back in 10 minutes

Why did you say
you'll call in 10 minutes?

Anyway we will
leave her in safe hands

They are willing to comply
to any demand of ours

We must pay that cop
day after tomorrow

Or else we are dead meat
So I'm planning to ask her parents

Will that work?

We might as well get the ransom
than send her back for free

If only we plan this to the T
we won't get caught at all

Fine, you talk to them

He has called back
Don't lose your temper

- What is it?
- Listen

I need 10 lakhs immediately

Pay up by tomorrow evening
We'll send your daughter safe and sound

That's all?
I'll give

Tell me the venue
I'll be there

'But if something happens to my daughter-'

That's in your hands
But if you go to the cops-

Bear in mind
your daughter is in my custody

What's up with him?

He didn't even bargain
He agreed at once

Maybe we should have asked extra

Get into the car

[phone rings]

'Kindly adjust, only lemon rice
and tamarind rice available'

'Shelf life is more
Won't get stale'

'You are so wrong in thinking
Gajendran is a good soul'

'He's already married!'

'You had a narrow escape'

'We have only your welfare at heart'

'How can I eat if you tie my hands
and gag my mouth?'

'Hello, listen to me
without interrupting'

Yes, tell me

'I am watching you'

'Don't try to search for me'

Keep the cash bag in your car

Take an auto and go to
the nearby temple

If you try to expose me
with a tracking device...

...12 men will follow you

12 thugs for 1 million?

Isn't that enough?

If you take an auto and go
to that nearby temple...

...you can go home in your car
which we borrowed

What if you take
my cash and cheat me?

What if you cheat us by
giving wads of paper instead of notes?

Listen, you have just cash
We have your daughter

So you had better
obey my instructions

'Who is this moron?'

'I have to walk and take an auto!'

Let's go

- Where to?
- Ganesha temple nearby


He said 12 thugs will follow
Can't see a single soul

Here it is
Stop right here

Your fare

She's missing!

'All our problems can be solved'

Arrange a vehicle
without arousing any suspicion

We'll tell him we'll drop that girl
at 12 sharp at Vivek & Co bridge

We'll drop her off
at Vasanth & Co bridge, okay?

Don't call from your phone, very risky

'Beg, borrow, steal
a phone and call'

Super tip!


I need to recharge my phone, huh?

Sir, can I borrow your phone?
I need to make an urgent call

Thank you, sir

If I get hold of them-

Hello sir, it's me

- Recognize me?
- Tell me

If we can return your car
we'll hand over your daughter too

Don't worry, okay?

Sharp 12 midnight
Vasanth & Co bridge


Under Vivek & Co bridge

- Take her back safe and sound
- Vivek & Co?

You take my money
and trouble me like this!


Did I say Vasanth & Co
or Vivek & Co?

Oh God!

I miss my girlfriend
I've been thinking of her

- Don't know why
- Such a pain!

I intend using the car from
Jil Jil Travels for my wedding

Should be prompt service
Or I'll lose my cool

Wrong timing to plan all that

Open the door
I need to make a call

Jil Jil travels is really jinxed!

Only hassles hound us!

Wretched female!

You wanted me bashed up
and you took the rear entry?

Thinks he's Poirot or what!

Open the car door

What's your problem?
We intend taking you back home

Why torture us, you idiot?

- Watch it, she might bite you
- I told you to open the car

- Go...go
- I'll reverse the car

Come fast
Be careful

'You ate only lemon rice
Why are you so heavy?'

Is the money safe?

I spoke to Appadurai
He's on night duty

Let's drop the girl and
fling the money in his face

- Let's go
- Use the balance cash for your wedding

Sorry, I troubled you
because of my hassles

Imagine kidnapping a girl
just to make a fast buck

Okay, get into the car

What's up with him
all of a sudden?

Why are you feeling bad now?

As if he's a pauper! He readily shelled out
as soon as we demanded, right?

When we need something
we try to justify our mistakes, right?

Listen...there's no wrong
or right here, understand?

Didn't that policeman tell us?

'You steal, loot or resort to murder
All I need is money'

Where are you going?
Turn that side

- Where are you going?
- Following your route

Have you lost it?

Vasanth & Co bridge is that side

Vasanth & Co, huh?

You told me Vivek & Co

How many times I've availed
a discount with Vijay of Vivek & Co?

- Are you teaching me the route?
- What nonsense?

Even now you're wrong
That's Vasanth & Co Vijay

What you told me is important
or what I told him?

I'm sure he'll be waiting
under the bridge

Let's drop her
on the bridge and scoot

May be he would've fixed the right venue!

Why is the road closed?

Go around, we'll drop her
on the other side

We'll get caught for sure
if we do that

Safer to drop her on the bridge

- Bridge will be deserted
- You think so?

See how I push these barricades

Such a moron he is!

- Look! It's stuck
- I didn't notice


Dai, is the cash ready or not?

Sir, I've arranged the cash

- When will you pay up?
- Today...I'll give it, sir

If we drop her here,
will she reach home safe?

She's a very smart girl

She missed breaking
my skull by an inch

Even if you take her to
North India, she'll find her way

Get down

Check if the coast is clear

Hey! She's missing

Did she run away with the cash also?


I told you to take the roundabout way

Now she has absconded
Where will you look for her?

You are responsible for this
You didn't even tie her up securely

No wonder she escaped
and you blame me!

I'm so livid
I'll smash your face

Please shut up!

Sir, where are you?

I'm waiting on Vivek & Co bridge
just as you asked me to

'- I told you
- Did I tell him the wrong venue?'

Vivek & Co bridge?

I asked you to come
to Vasanth & Co bridge

Where are you now?

I'm waiting on Vivek & Co bridge

On the bridge?

You've got it all wrong

Come straight to Adyar bridge

Are you playing the fool?
Where is my daughter?

Look! They are the kidnappers

He's standing right here

Get into the car, only I know
to drive properly on the bridge


I say, stop!

Speed up

Stop there

- Quick
- Nab him

You're dead meat!


I don't know where my daughter is

But they've kidnapped her
only for the cash

They took the ransom money
and tricked us

If we catch them
we can find her

You've lost your daughter
and you're giving reasons

You can't even keep her
safe and sound at home

You say she was kidnapped
so damn casually

If a girl escapes do you know
what problems arise?

How can I answer Mithran now?

One girl escaped

Another tried to escape

What were you up to
from this morning?

- Did you unlock the phone?
- Tried but I couldn't

'I'm charging it
Tech guy is on the way'

He can unlock it with ease, bro

[phone rings]

Hello, sir?

You have my phone, sir

1st gift from my fiancee, sir

'I'm using it even though
it fell down in the loo'

'Sentimental phone'

I'll come and collect it
if you tell me your whereabouts

Why are you silent?

Don't think of using my phone

I'll know even if you insert
another sim card

It has a tracking device

'You'll be in a mess
if I go to the cops'

Why drag the police into this?

Tell me where you are

I'll give it to you in person

I'll wait near Ambattur depot
Can you come and give it to me?

- Hey...!
- Bro...?

Send them to their hometown

You don't go anywhere
near their house, got it?

If you utter a single word to anyone-

We won't


I clinched the deal

They have advanced a huge amount

Girls' height and weight

I've mailed all other details


From now on
let us think big

If we get this right...

...our lifestyle will change!

Why do you worry?

I'll take care of everything

We will only send girls
without a background

There won't be any record
to trace those girls to us

I'll teach them our profession!

1 minute

Tell me

'Are you Pari?'

Yes, sir

'Is this your phone?'

Yes, it's my phone, sir

Thank you very much, sir

I'll hit yo-

Are you trying to con me?
Where's my sweetheart Keerthi?

Which of these guys
bargained with us?

This chap

Dai, how did you do all this?

You look absolutely worthless

Okay, you did it for money

You must have some flashbacks too

I'll give you 2 lakhs extra

Without wasting time...

...tell me where that girl is?

Sir, we don't know her whereabouts

Don't even know where the money is!

Why ask me
what you should be asking them?

In another 4 days
I'm getting married

Because I'm a new groom...

...even if it's a small injury, they will
stop my wedding based on sentiments!

Please let go of me, sir

Boss, I'll give you 10 lakhs more
than what you asked

Money isn't an issue

If you can unite that girl with me...

...I'll build a temple for you
and pray, believe me

Hey, what's happening here?

We have no clue of
that girl's whereabouts

If we had known we were inviting trouble
we wouldn't have gone near her

Who is she?
Why do you want her?

Her parents should look for her
She cheated us

I'm really bugged with her

You're bugged, huh?

You are mouthing my dialogs!

'Thank God, I'm not
the only one to be hit!'

'Where is he going?'

'God help me'

'He's lifting something'

'He's bringing it towards me'

'Somehow I should
escape their blows'

'Take your time to swirl it'

'My head is spinning'

Lock him from the other side

'Let's escape somehow!'

Hey, come



Run faster, boss

This way

- Don't leave me behind
- Hurry up

Go on
Get them!

Boss, don't leave me behind

Take me with you, boss

Hurry up

Wait, let me also come in with you

'Shut it down'

'Just shut up!'

'They are here'

'Lock it
Come on'

Please take me with you, boss

Boss, wait
I'm coming with you

Don't leave me behind

You were following me
Then where did you go?

Are you safe?

'I am safe but where are you?'

Please find that girl soon

Otherwise they will beat me to death
They are in a murderous frenzy

I'm terrified, help me

You targeted me

'Not too late at all'

'Bring her to me'

And take your friend

'I will forget everything'

I want only her

Your grace time ends
tomorrow at 12

If you mess up...

...I'll kill him at 12:01

Next will be you
and your family

There will be no sign
of any of you, mark my words


Boss, please untie this rope

Clear out
Don't bug me

Don't know where to rub this!

'Should reach me
within 2 days'

Hello, is anyone here?

It's so quiet here

So very quiet!

'My name is Keerthi'

'I have no kith and kin
to call as my own'

'I grew up and studied...'

'...in a charitable trust in Hyderabad'

'Our warden was Mr Rajaram'

'He has been a good guide
to many students'

'As well as a well wisher'

'This trust can be proud of its alma maters
holding high positions today'

'A time came in our lives
when we had to leave that haven'

We are forced to make way
in our Trust for many orphans like us

I hope you'll understand

From now on learn to face problems

Sift and sieve through
daily papers and job offers

'Even if you get information
on jobs unrelated to you'

'It will come in handy for others
Post it on the notice board'

'We should only shape our future'

'What's important
is financial security'

Hey! Read this

Super job

Whatever pros and cons you weigh
salary is 50,000 per month

Company will take
the first 4 months' salary

Foreign job offer?

Hey! Isn't this super?

You know, job security, increment

All in one
Shall we try?

'Hoping we will get that job
and come up in life'

'I attended the interview'

'My friends and I got selected'

'That's when-'

There's no towel in the restroom
That's why I came, madam

Madam, do you need to buy anything?

- Like what?
- Beer, wine, like that

Hey! Get out

Sir, nothing to worry

Take care
I'll take leave

I've locked up
his friend in the go-down

Maybe you should take rest

- I'll take care
- Bullshit!

We are in this mess
only because you screwed up

1st call that Jackie

Tell him one of the girls is sick
and get grace time

He'll respond asking us to
send those 4 girls first

He'll say the buyer
will wriggle out

Tell him only 1 girl is unwell
That too she has Dengue

She won't be allowed
into the airport

I'll take care of the rest

He escaped from me, huh?

I'll show him my true colors

Where is his house?


Bro, house is locked

'He has clearly told his family
to be extra cautious'

"Lord Muruga in Thiruparankundram"

"Ladies made a beeline to His sanctum"

"Lord Muruga in Thiruparankundram"

"Devotees made a beeline to His sanctum"

[Song from 'Deivam']


- Can you hear me dear?
- Tell me

How long I've been wishing for this?
You've sent them finally

If you had come
you would've seen God in all His glory

Give me the phone, ma

Hey! You glutton

Mother goes to temples
with extra vigor

Why do you insist
I go with her?

Is this a torture for you?

Better be with amma and comply

If you disobey her
I'll lose my temper

You've sent your family
on a ritual yatra for my sake

Please ask them to pray
for my Keerthi too

We have to pray for Keerthi?

Hey, who's that girl?

First of all, do you know her?
Why do they want her?

Boss, I'm already confused

- Her house is locked
- Whaat?

Why didn't you tell me
you're already married?

When did I marry?
They got me married to her

Nothing is lost even now
I sincerely love Keerthi

Just say 'yes', I'll divorce
that black ape right away

If she's a black monkey
you're a wild cat!

Use any decent cuss word on me

I'll get very tense
if you call me that

You'll get tense, huh?
You deserve to be-

My friend is trapped
because of you, I feel like hit-

What did I do? Your friend
got caught because of you!

Try to save him

Instead of coolly
passing the buck on to me

'Did I overstep my limit?'

'What has caught his eye now?'

Boss, ignition is on top

Is he a seasoned bike thief?

Reverse, boss
I'll help you

- Wait, let me sit
- Get down

Your mission is friendship
Mine is love

- Get down, I say
- Boss, please start

We are making them curious

Go, 'Subramanipuram' Jai

Listen, his friend is in our custody

I'm sure he will come
looking for us

But I can't sit here
and hatch eggs waiting

She disappeared only last night

She has 1 million with her

Lock the house she's staying in

Before she accuses me

...I'll make her the 'accused'

'Miss Keerthi, a student
from a charitable trust'

'...misappropriated 1 million
and eloped with her lover'

His entire family assisted them!

People who helped orphans
bore the brunt of their disloyalty

That will be apt

File the case with our police friends

Magnify the issue in such a way
her own friends fall for our ruse

Even if she shows up
in person to save them

...no one should believe her

Arrange for the passports
of all the other girls

Till I find her
I won't leave Chennai

- Did you get it?
- Okay

- Stop, let's ask him
- Show that photo

This is my friend's sister
missing since last night

Did any of you see her, bro?

She must have come this way
wearing a blue t-shirt

Blue t-shirt?

'Must have been around midnight'

'She travelled in my auto'

- I dropped her
- Where, bro?

- In the bus stop near the Pillar
- Go...hurry

'Where is she going?
To Pondicherry?'

'I know she doesn't drink'

'Lord Shiva!'

"The goat ran away
in the 'Goat and Tiger' game-play"

Go sit on the floor

"This sir is searching sincerely
Who knows her whereabouts surely?"

"It all began with a blunder
Went haywire, one led to another"

"Between the devil and deep sea
who got caught, tell me?"

"Poor sir, poor friend indeed
More than that, the girl has to be pitied!"

"Expiry date on dharma and justice
If it's right, what's alright as it is?"

"Like grabbing the chameleon on the wall
Dropping it on the lap, end of story, pal"

"End of story, that's all"

"With castor oil in his eyes, lo!
He hunts high and low"

"Whatever lead, it is a dead end
What kind of mess has she landed?"

"You treated this issue so light
Light of your life is no longer bright"

"Without sketching a plan actually
She has escaped so casually"

"You're the rat, aiyo!
caught in a trap, poor you"

"The villains dangle a deadline noose"

- Want a peg?
- Let's go to the bar and chill?

You get angry
at the drop of a hat!

"Like petrol price escalating
his crime rate too is accelerating"


"The goat ran away
in the 'Goat and Tiger' game-play"

"This sir is searching sincerely
who will point a finger clearly?"

"It all began with a blunder
Went haywire, one led to another"

Don't stay in a strange place

I'll book your ticket
Leave immediately

Okay, sir

'Pari's house, Trichy'

- Hello, ma
- Thank God, you picked my call

I'm unable to reach him
He was to come yesterday

- Is he with you?
- No, I'm outside now

Wedding is 4 days away
He hasn't come home

What can be so important?
His fiancee is very upset

Why isn't he talking even to her?

Got the film 'Jarugandi'?

He told me he lost his phone

He must be inviting his friends now

He'll be there soon

'Hello, are you there?'

'Hello, can you hear me?'

Let me talk


I'll call you back

Why is he staring at him?

Who is he?

Hey, how did you get here?

Even when I opened my store,
I invited only you as chief guest

But you nailed me, right?

I just borrowed but you earned
extra bucks using me

Tell me the truth, how are you
connected with that cop?

Brother, we aren't naive
We've seen plenty like you

You belong to middle class

You can't stoop low
nor can you think high five!

I can tell that police officer

He will settle for less

If need be, I can tell him
to turn a blind eye on you

Let go of me, huh?

I'm on the run
only because of him

I'll pound you to a pulp
How do we punish him?

Make him play
the Blue whale game

50th day game over!

Hey, wild cat

Use any decent cuss word on me
I'll lose my cool if you call me a wild cat

Brother, what are you doing?

Whatever it is
we can discuss and decide

Fold it well and
stuff it into his mouth

He's yelling his throat hoarse, gun throat!

Cool down, brother

'Showing off his English'

- Stuff it in
- Middle class?

I don't know to stoop low
or think high-five

But I know to think like a criminal!

You'll be hanging in mid-air now

Super, boss

You committed suicide
will be the headlines

If you're interrogated
the can of worms will open

What is all this?

- Lift him
- He can hang with the chair

- Unique suicide
- Wild cat, let me speak

Wait, I'll confess now

See if his face is clear

What do you expect of
that hand-pounder of a face

Cough up the truth

Inspector Appadurai is my brother, brother

What does that mean?

If he keeps disturbing me
I have to start all over again

Bro, adding salt to the sea?

Hey, keep quiet
You continue

Inspector Appadurai is my brother

He'll tell me all the unknown
property details in the city

I'll avail loans with that information
for nameless vagabonds like you

We share the spoils 50-50

I'll share my loan details
with Appadurai

Then he'll threaten them

And get a commission

We split that 50% each

We've developed an application
for all unknown properties, brother

If you leak this video...

...only the online chaps will earn

Let us both talk it out, brother

He seems to be
a dangerous con man

That's why you've tied me

He's making 2 recipes
out of 1 egg!

This won't work with him

I'll have a peg
and bring 1 for you too

He's buying booze unaware
shops are closed due to election

If he's your accomplice
even a kid can fool you

We bought the booze yesterday!
Will you shut up, useless?

That's old stock

Untie this rope

Foreign booze, full bottle, brand new

Let us discuss and make it
mutually beneficial, brother

What you said is enough!
Full stop to your offers

With this I'll find out
how to come out of my problems


Brother, listen to me
Don't do it

'Whether the top spins or not'

'Whether the mangoes ripen or not'

'Our lotus will always bloom'

'Our lotus will always blossom'

Can I see Samuel sir?

He had asked me to
come here around 4:00 p.m

Don't you remember me?

- What...?
- Nothing

Samuel himself asked you to come here?


My certificates are with him

I brought the cash
he asked for

My name is Keerthi

Will you let him know I'm here?

Okay, don't go anywhere

I'm his assistant
Don't go anywhere

Please wait here
I'll be right back

Hey, tell me the truth

Why has Keerthi come to see you?

Is she already here?

Told her to come only at 4:00 p.m
It's only 3:00 now

Brother, you've recorded
my statement, right?

Untie the rope

I have a deal with that girl

I came to Pondicherry
only in search of her

She has come with cash
Her certificate is with you

Tell me the truth
How did you get her certificate?

If you don't blurt out the truth
I'll post your video on YouTube

I'll unburden myself completely

'A chap called Guna came to me
recommended by my friend Satish'

'He gave original documents
of many girls...'

'...and asked me to prepare
fake passports with fake addresses'

'Without client coming in person
I strictly told him nothing can be done'

'After a few days
he came with his clients'

'He was a new client'

'So I asked those girls
if they knew what's happening'

'They also said yes'

'I gave my visiting card
casually to those girls'

Whatever it is
feel free to tell me, sir

They are my wards
I'll inform them

I just wished them good luck

Shall I wish you too?

'I thought the deal was done
but the girl who took my visiting card-'

We don't need a passport
nor do we want to go abroad

They are conning us
promising to get us a job

Bro, please return our certificates

That's our identity

Am I doing social service
to return her certificates?

I realized then she was penniless

I made some lame excuse and dodged her

Her friend is the one
who is at the door

She called me 2 hours back

1 million cash

50% for you and 50% for me

Okay with the deal?

We'll return the originals to her

And give fake to Guna
What do you say?

Where have you kept
that girl's certificate?

Will documents be in the sea?

If you untie me, I'll get it

Hey, what are you doing there?

You can't find all that
Come here

I gave you the required informat-

Don't take those documents

Brother, please listen to me

I haven't taken copies

All original documents


Untie me first

Listen please

If you take all the documents

...how do I explain it is missing?

I'll deal with them

If you ever do this to anyone...

...I'll close your chapter!

Have you brought the cash?

Yes, sir

I just spoke to him on the phone
He has gone out on some work

I believe your documents
are in Palavakkam office

I'm going there now

Why don't you come with me?
I'll give it to you

If you have any problem...

...give me your address
I'll courier it

You'll get it in 2 or 3 weeks

I'll come with you
and collect it now

I have to go to Chennai as well


Let's go

'Trying to fool us?'

'I'll hand you over to them
and rescue my friend'

Get in fast
Get inside

Isn't that him?


'I got you beer, boss'

'Look here, boss
I got a full case for you'

'Keerthi, don't trust him'

Do you want peanut candy?

Oh! You don't want, huh?

'Never tasted it before maybe'

[Song from 'Vellai Roja']

"In the Lord's house of prayer
we are candles that glow forever"

"No sinners around
No differences found"

Why are you so serious?

After all certificate
You'll get it

Sir has promised to return it

Will he give all our certificates?

If he has given his word
he'll do it for sure

Not bad, you're facing
these problems all alone

You are truly gutsy

Are you from Chennai?

Do your parents know about this?

Express your feelings, only then
you can solve your problem

If you think my problems
should be solved...

...can you do me a favor?

What is it?

I'm scared to go by myself

On the way can you stop
at a police station?

Police station?

They shouldn't go scot free


Those chaps who tried to con me

I meant those 2

First try to extricate yourself
from this unholy mess

I can handle that

But I have to make sure
they are caught

There is also another gang

I must nab them also

- One more?
- This is a duo

Wanted me to fall from
the frying pan to the fire!

That too they were wearing masks

If their faces were covered by a mask

...how will you find them?

They aren't worth
losing sleep over

If they mask their face...

2 goons

One of them was very fit

Runs a travel agency
Er...called Jil Jil Travels

'I intend using the car from
Jil Jil Travels for my wedding'

The other chap has curly hair

Such a dumbass

He's getting married in 4 days

I know enough details
to complain to the cops

Listen, will anyone name
his travel agency 'Jil Jil'?

I think they spoke deliberately
just to confuse you

Don't waste time complaining
Then the cops will be confused!

1st collect your certificate

Go home and discuss

Then you can nab both the gangs
and hand them over to cops


If I had a home to go to
the way you seem to think...

...why will I be on the run like this?

I have to go to Hyderabad tonight

But my friend is stuck with them

Nowadays friendship is taken very casually

But she's my childhood friend

How can I abandon her?

Are you from Hyderabad?

Yes, I was brought up and
educated in a Trust in Hyderabad

'We had finished our undergrad
and had to leave the Trust'

'Trusting a consultancy company
which promised a decent job abroad'

'...we came to Chennai to attend
the interview and we got selected too'

Since some of you
have come from a Trust...

...if you go abroad
you won't come back

'You may settle down there'

Visa processing will be delayed, you may
have to show a hefty bank balance too

'We must give an address in Chennai
as your place of residence'

Plus bank balance, we have no other go
but to create these fake documents

Do you think we can trust them?

That too by creating fake documents

Foreign place

Unfamiliar city too

When we step out of our haven, any place
we go to will be unfamiliar to us

After all a small change in address
So many are going already

Let us also go

'Promising to help us'

'...they created a fake address as if
we are living in Chennai with our family'

'We thought everything
was smooth sailing'

'That was when my friend Dhanya-'

Hello, Keerthi?

Keerthi, where are you?

I'm heading back home, why?

Even if one of them is with you
don't reveal you're speaking to me

There's something fishy
about this definitely

Under the pretext of getting us jobs
they are trying to misuse us

Remember Mr Samuel
we met the other day

I spoke to him

He just wants a small amount

'I was thinking of how to escape
from their clutches, that's when-'

'Terrified about my friend's safety
I went to that house'

'The house was locked'

'No one was in sight'

They had planned this to the T

Their targets are mostly orphans
like us without family support


I asked only because I thought
you'll have your family to back you up

Someone is calling you repeatedly

Maybe an important call

Take the call please

1 minute please

Machan, it's me

Where are you calling from?

Why didn't you pick my call?
Trying for so long

I'm scared, they have
locked me in a go-down

Have you found that girl?

Don't be scared
I'll somehow make it

What's the use of you com-

Did you find her?
What were you doing so long?

I found that girl

She's with me now


Her story is more damaging than ours

I swear I won't let you down

We should somehow save her too


You want to save her?
I'm getting married

'How often I've hosted
a bachelor's party for you?'

I think they are coming

Will call you later, bye


"Are you a replica of me?"

"Clock's hands will turn readily steadily"

"The road we travel
is fragrant and floral"

"With the breeze even I'll float
like a string of garland to boast"

"I thought you were a stranger new
O' bud, my love bore fruit for you"

"I'll stand firm as a tree
in the middle of an island care-free"

"A bird resting at leisure
spreads her wings of love sincere"

"Like a boat in the deep sea as a beacon
in the purple sky you're the silver moon"

"Even the hills will be soaking wet
in the fresh showers of rain's onset"

"To the neem tree without company
a palm will grow alongside in harmony"

"Seeing the simmering orange sun
even the world will bloom into a garden"

"Like wispy clouds gliding to the horizon
miseries will slide aside into oblivion"

Guna sent me

- Where are all the passports?
- Who is he?

He came, took the file,
called the girl and went away

"O' the silver star in the sky glittery
came to my porch looking for me"

"Troubles on a marathon spree"

"When your thirst is quenched, dear
And relaxing, taking a breather"

"I came as a savior into your life
to lift your spirits, without any strife"

"Let the lurking fear
in your eyes disappear"

"In the tempest strong
let the gentle breeze swim along"

"Let time merge with us now
Let this change be a constant love"

"When one path unfolds for us anew
why does the other path block our view?"

"When the other path is blocked completely
a new path will beckon us definitely"


"Are you a replica of me?"

"Who are you, dearie?"

"Are you a carbon copy of me?"

"Who are you, tell me?"

"Even the hills will be soaking wet
in the fresh showers of rain's onset"

'Montage song is over
Pick up my damn call'

If you don't answer my call
won't I get you in WhatsApp?

It is some unknown number

Can we stop
for a cup of coffee?

From the beginning
are you working for Samuel sir?

Yes, why do you ask?

Nothing specific
I just asked

2 minutes, I'll use
the restroom and be back

Where is my phone?

Why aren't you picking my call?

Not bad, looks like
you got the girl

Okay, listen

That girl, certificate and passport

Deliver all this safely and
then take your friend, okay?


Why are you silent?
Do you want your friend or not?

What? Are you dreaming
he'll bring me to you?

How many more people will you cheat?

Listen, you're completely mistaken
if you think he'll hand me over to you

I won't be caught by you either
But you'll get caught

Everyone concerned
will get caught for sure

Wait and watch
You'll know

Weren't you searching for this?

Where was it?

I'm disgusted I even trusted you enough
to share my entire life's story

- 1st get into the car
- Shut up

How did you think of kidnapping me
and handing me over to them?

And pretend to be a good soul!

Don't talk without knowing my situation

I don't need your reasons

What do you want now?

I escaped and your friend got caught

You want to take me back
and save your friend

Don't be an idiot!

How long would it have taken
for me to take you directly to them?

Even if I hand you over
I won't get my friend

I'll take you to the police

Then what? You are sailing
in the same boat as me

You faked your documents
and got a passport

Even if you want to surrender

...they will grease the palms
and negate your case

Trying to scare me!
What do you think of our police?

Are they like Rajini in
'Moondru Mugam' or Vijay in 'Mersal'?

Thought they are like Vijay in 'Theri'?

Listen, I know who you are

Your drama stops with me

Don't keep trying again

Just because you had our certificates
you brought me along

I know how to retrieve them
and save my friend too

Just watch what I'll do
to make you cry lifelong

You want to save only your friend

I want to put all of them behind bars

Why don't you understand me?

For your sake, I've been-

'Young girl on the run
stealing 1000000'

- Doctor, what happened?
- Just unconscious

Start an IV drip

You heard the doctor
Please wait outside

"O' dream, a sliver of lightning silver"

"You flashed and vanished into thin air"

"You touched a chord in me all of a sudden
Why did you kill me with your words then?"

'If I had a home to go to
the way you seem to think...'

'...why will I be on the run like this?'

"I'm all alone in solitude, ever so lonely"

"I'm all by myself, a soul solitary"

"Distance travelled too short to last
O' time traversed way too fast"

"Dear, you gave me
a heavy load to carry"

Sister, she was raised
in an orphanage

She's in a kind of fix now

Ask her to be safe

Can you give this to her?

Only one more drip to go

She'll be discharged tonight

I have to leave immediately

I need to help a friend of mine

When she wakes up, tell her
I'll sort out my problems by myself

Please give this to her

"Without any disguise, truly
I fell in love with you duly"

"Like the sun that reaches the root
to unite with you was my route"

"Without your loving presence
my days don't make any sense"

"I stood as a solitary tree
without you, my life is empty"

How are you feeling?

- Much better
- Feeling better?

Who is that chap, dear?

He stayed with you
and took good care of you

Suddenly he gave this bag to me
and left to help out a friend of his

Did he say anything else?

He didn't say anything

Lie down, take rest

Why are you surprised?

You administered first aid
to this girl here

Sathya is her accomplice

They stole 1000000
and on the run

Tell us where they are

You're looking for the wrong person
in the wrong place

First introduce yourself

Hey, make a thorough search

Hello, 1st tell me who you are

Who are you?

Why are you entering
the ladies' toilet?

Can't you see him?
So move aside

No one inside
Stinking to high heaven

Let go of me

- Leave me
- What are you looking at?

She is the culprit
we are looking for

Where are your certificates
and passports?

I don't have anything

If you don't have
must be with him

Let go of me

He must have spoken to you last

Repeat whatever I tell you

He'll come definitely

What are you waiting for?
Go and call him

Let go

Where did you go?

Return all the passports,
certificates, cash and clear out

I'll ask my boss
to release your friend

We'll discuss that later

1st take your hand off her

Return it and scoot from here

Why should I give it to you?

Don't you want your friend alive?

Just do as I say

That's exactly what
I'm telling you too

I'll find my friend and return it to them

Leave this girl and clear out

Look at that!
Sir is issuing orders!

'I am repeatedly telling you
for your own good'

I'm also warning you

You're fishing out your weapon

Finish him off

Sister, where is that girl?

She left long ago

You hit me
for her sake

She ditched you
and ran for her life

What are you doing here?

You must hide somewhere safe

If you don't get caught
I don't have any problems

I'll somehow save my friend

I'll lie to them
you're with me

Not only that
I got you into this fix

Why do you think so?

I can also say I escaped
thanks to your blunder!

Please forgive me

I misunderstood you

I'm not in a position to trust anyone

I don't know what is happening around me

I'm on the 'wanted' list like a thief
hunted by the police force

Please don't leave me in the lurch

Why are you getting upset?

1st stop crying
Wipe your tears

I want you to be saf-


Only both of us know
you are here

How did they know?
That too the exact place?

Shall we call your Trust?

Let's say we want to donate and find out
the whereabouts of your warden?

You are wrong if you think he is-

I called Just Dial, got your warden's #
and told only him you're with me


I will call your Trust's landline


We are calling from VFF

Our boss asked us to donate
500000 to your Trust

Can we meet your warden now?

He's in Chennai now

You can meet him only next week

'Give me your contact #
I'll ask him to call you'

That's okay

We can come there next week

Thank you

- Want to save your friend?
- Yes

Call your warden
from a phone booth here

Repeat verbatim what I tell you
I'll handle the rest


Sir, Keerthi here

- Where are you?
- I am in the Trust

I'm talking to the new admissions

Sir, I'm so scared of
what's happening around me

I've booked your train ticket

Don't be flustered
We'll sort out everything

Those thugs are all over
the place looking for me

I don't even know
whom to trust

I am scared to come alone
all the way to Hyderabad

Take the next flight
and take me back, sir

Please, sir

Where are you now?

Tell him, near T.Nagar

Near T.Nagar sir

Okay, somehow I'll be there in 3 hours

Do you know Hindi Prachar Sabha?

- I know
- Can you come there?

Okay, sir
I'll be there

Listen, she is more than enough

If she comes to your Trust...

...your name, fame, business
and network will be ruined

Within 3 hours you'll meet her

Bring her here and
close her chapter

There should be no trace of her
even in your records

You can't believe it, right?

I just said she's alone
Take her back safe and sound

But you saw your warden's true colors

How do we catch them
if we go to that venue?

What will we do with him?

Wait and watch what unfolds

Ask him to pay for the tea

Pick up

Whatever I spoke
don't hold it to heart

Don't upload this scumbag
Samuel's video in YouTube

Name the amount
I'll pay you

We can clinch the deal

I don't need your tainted money

At least for 1 day
be a good cop and do as I say

'Tell me what to do
I'll toe the line at once'

So simple
As if I won't do this?

- Will you let me off the hook then?
- Sure, it's simple

But no one should know

Even your department should not know

Okay, bro

'Be quick
Why are you fiddling with it?'

'Almost done, sir
Just 2 minutes'

'I lost my job only
because of this councilor'

Hey! Who is that?

'Stop the car'

'Stop, man'

Sir, aren't you Rajaram?

- Aren't you Rajaram?
- Yes, I am

From United Charitable Trust in Hyderabad?

Yes, but why do you want to know?

I was coming to meet you

Get in

Who are you?

Who is he?
Get him

Hey, stop

Get the car

Who is that whizzing past us in our car?

They seem to have
kidnapped your warden

Are you the culprit?

What do you think of yourself?

Your friend is in our custody

I'll show you what I can do

You can't do a damn thing

I have your warden, the girl you want,
certificates and Samuel's video

Release my friend and those girls

I'll spare you

What audacity!

I'll have him killed right away

Then what?
Didn't I tell you?

'You can't do a damn thing'

Kill my friend
if you are so gutsy

You kill him and
he'll be the happiest man

He's not a lowlife to ruin
the lives of so many girls!

He speaks with such temerity, Mithra

Shall I kill his friend?

And do what?
We'll go back home, huh?

He has kidnapped the warden
with some ace up his sleeve

She has also pulled a fast one

I want the warden alive

He's like the proverbial golden goose

His friend is a lame duck
You want to kill him, for what joy?

Release him

- Hey!
- Sir!

Answer truthfully

Are you really his friend?

How can you ask me this?
We are childhood friends, sir

This whole city claims
we even resemble each other

He's my entire life

- Life, huh?
- Yes, sir

Do you know he wanted me
to end your life?

Don't you dare talk ill of my friend
I'll really lose my cool then

He would've never said that

He wanted you dead
Want to listen?

- Kill...me?
- You bet!

'You can't do a damn thing'

'Kill my friend
if you are so gutsy'

'You kill him and
he'll be the happiest man'

'He's not a lowlife to ruin
the lives of so many girls!'

- Now you know
- No, sir

Living in denial?

Listen, you won't be alive
to see the sun rise tomorrow

Sir, just once-

Please, sir
Don't kill me, sir

Explain to him, bro


He'll anyway try to escape tonight

Allow him to escape

Let him think he got away
of his own accord

He'll get in touch
with his friend for sure

'I'll use him as the bait'


I think he's peeing in his pants
Let me deal with him

- What do you mean?
- I'll make him escape

You won't believe me, huh?

Junior bro
I'm petrified

Somehow save me

Drink water later, bro
Have mercy on me, please

Junior bro, please

Don't kick up a ruckus

You called him your friend
and he crucified you, right?

True that, bro

You shouldn't trust anyone

A chap claiming to be my good friend
ran away with my brother's wife

You can trust anyone
But never trust your friend

You're absolutely right, bro

A man can get back his wife
Can I get back my life?!

My life is in doldrums
trusting my friend

You're my only hope
Please save me, bro

They have sketched
a plan to kill you tonight

You look like my brother

Just because your friend
backstabbed you

- I'll help you
- Thanks, bro

If they get to know this
they will kill me

- I won't snitch
- Understand?

Listen, I'm all by myself here
If you escape, I'll be nailed

The boys have gone for lunch
Be patient and wait

I'll signal to you
when it's the right time

Bro, give me your phone
I'll just make 1 call

'Phone, huh?
Someone may be watching'

'Hey! Stop
Don't go'

I wanted to help you
and you're locking me in

'How will I face them?'

When you started helping me
you became my friend

'Open the door'

I don't trust you either

"Who is he, this fiery lad ablaze?
Ask around and you'll be amazed"

[Song from 'Bairavaa']

- Hello!
- 'I'm Pari speaking'

Instead of calling me
from different numbers

...find a way to escape

You call yourself my friend?

You asked them to kill me
for some random girl

Don't blabber
I was threatening them

Will I let you down?

I'm on the run
for your sake

I know all the bullshit

He recorded your conversation
I heard every single word

If they shamelessly recorded
whatever I spoke to play it to you

...what happened to your senses?

I had a specific reason
Listen why I said all that

Are they such scumbags?

Okay, I escaped now
I'll handle them

You escap-
How did you escape so easily?

As my friend aren't you happy
I escaped instead of cross examining me?

'They are a bunch of goofballs'

One goon with a good heart
untied me taking pity on me

He gave me ideas to escape

'But I tricked him
and took his phone and ran'

'I feel bad I took his phone'

This sounds fishy

'Doesn't look like you escaped'

Looks like they let you escape!

'Look around to see
if you can spot any of them'

What do you mean?

'Just look around'

You're right

They are monitoring me

I thought as much

They will note your every movement
What you should do now is-

Did you call anyone else
other than me?

No, I didn't cal-

I tried your #
Line was busy

I called your mother

'And explained everything to her'

She was in a temple

She got really scared
She's on her way to meet me

Are you mad or what?
Such a stupid thing to do

What can I d-

Listen to me

If you see my mother anywhere
pretend you don't know her

Okay, bye

Go fast, bro

'Where are you going?'

Stop, bro

Where is my brother?

I'll follow him
You inform Mithran

- Hello?
- Ma, listen

Please don't go to meet Pari, okay?

What are you saying?
Where are you now?

Hello, ma?


- Why can't I hear him?
- Don't know, madam

Faster, please

- Shall I attend the call?
- Put it on speaker mode


I'm in the auto

Crossing Saidapet now

Your mother is following me

These thugs are tailing me too

I am terrified

Go to Saidapet Court

- Why go to the court?
- Just do as I say

Don't ask me silly questions

Sit on the ground over there
and stage a protest

'Close wine shops
Protest till I die'

Press and media should
focus only on you

Are you mad or what?
I can't be without drinking

Wine shop won't be closed
just because you shout, idiot

The police over there will arrest you

'If something happens to you
the cops are to blame'

- Shout out boldly
- Okay

Even the cops can't touch you!

Okay, I'll do as you say

'Come what may
abolish alcohol today'

'Lock...don't stop
Shut down every wine shop'

Get up

Why should I get up?

Doesn't a Tamilian have even this right?

'Abolish alcohol'

How many have erupted like you?

'Till my last breath
I will protest for this cause'

You shove good citizens behind bars
Then you're the anti social elements

'Police atrocities, down down!'

'If anything happens to me
the police force is to blame'

Doesn't this look like our groom?

'Police atrocities, down down!'

He's getting married within 4 days
and he's making an ass of himself

Forever snacking!

I didn't like his face one bit

I said 'no' to this alliance right then

'Did anyone pay heed to my words?'

Let me repeat

If anything happens to me
the cops are to blame

Are you such a humane person?

Where is my son?

Tell me
I'm asking you

1 minute, sir

Which son?
Who are you?

I'm protesting
for the sake of society

Asking me irrelevant questions!

- Move aside
- Where is he?

'Tell me the truth'

'I will protest for mankind!'

'Sathya isn't picking up the phone'

He's behaving like a lunatic
All this is so puzzling

- Come soon
- What shall we do now?

- Are you Sathya's mother?
- What has happened to him?

I'm his friend
Don't get flustered

- Will you get down?
- Your son spoke to me

He's in some fix
That's why Pari behaved so weirdly

1st let's leave this place, trust me

Hey! Get the car

I don't know who they are
But I'm driving now, we are safe

Don't stop anywhere
Follow my instructions

- I'll meet you soon
- Okay, bro

Mithra, I've spotted his family
I am following them

Drive my mother and sister
to a safer place right now

What do you mean?

'How can we leave you and go?'

Just go, don't argue

My fault

I should have killed you right then

Even now narrow escape

If you hadn't turned up
I would have wiped out your family

Even if you target us
we might run in fear

But if you think of harming my family-

What will you do?


I told you just now

I won't spare any of you
if you try to harm my family

Come on

What did you say?

She's part of your family, huh?

If I kill her
what can you do?

I thought I was a clever crook
you seem to beat me hollow

I'll upload this video soon

Our people will forgive any crime

But they will never forgive
abuse of women and children

Spend your last years in prison

If you think you can use
your clout and get out-

'A gang kidnapping destitute girls without
family backing wanting to secure jobs abroad'

'...has been nabbed in Chennai
by our police task force today'

'Many girls in their custody
have been rescued'

'Many of the culprits involved from Mumbai
and Bangalore have been arrested'

'A trust in Hyderabad is also
part of this whole scam'

'Since the owner of the Trust
has turned approver'

'...the police force believes
the other girls will be rescued too'

In all my years of service

...this is my 1st bullet shot

You shared your location
and coolly asked me to come here

Thank God some chap came to
complain about his missing girlfriend

I came with his help

Kindly don't forget
to delete that video

Forget such an incident took place

Sir, thanks for coming

Why thank me?

Convey your thanks to him!


Brother, what are you doing here?

Idiotic fellow!

This is Mr Gajendran I told you about
who loves you with all his heart

It's me
Come, da

- This man?
- Yes

'She's planning to snitch on me'

How many Missing cases in 1 day?

WhatsApp in the group
I'll take a look

Come here

- Me?
- Get down

He's showing too much concern

What, uncle?
Ooops! 'Uncle' just slipped out

'Don't know how many
years of bottled revenge!'

What's your name?

Even a new born baby will tell my name

How can a new born speak?

My name is Gaja
Worldwide famous, sir

Your wife is complaining
her husband is missing

You're complaining of a missing girlfriend

Are you taking a dig at us?

Not like that, sir

I am a man of bulk
My wife is a hulk

In between thought I'll get a 'silku'

I'm being serious
Is this some comedy role?

My comedy comes out
on a serious note, sir

Mr Bose Venkat!

subtitled by rekhs
assisted by harini and kirthi

"Clasp it tight when it lands
in the palm of your hands"

"Resort to lies if need be
So said Valluvar in 350 A.D"

"The path you chose is true
Fate has ordained it for you"

"Wherever you go
money should flow"

"You're in for good times, dude
Then why be confused?"

"This is destined to be
according to the story"

"Whole city backs you up
Fame and name at your doorstep"

"You'll be Mr Popular always
You'll occupy pride of place"

"Climb the ladder of influence surely
Listen to pearls of wisdom only"

"Car and comforts will follow
No debit, only credit should flow"

"Out with the old, on with the new"

"A dot then, now a lot, dude"

"In bad, good resides, it's true
In good also, bad dwells too"

"Grab opportunities knocking at your door"

"Don't waste life, seize the day and more"

"1st plan the route meticulous
Next take that road to success"

"Delete your doubts, bro
Rock on, way to go!"

"Credit is your asset
Won't stop, it's all set"

"In the incoming benefit
interest and principal profit"

"Lady Luck is our bonus
She won't turn her back on us"

"Whole city backs you up
Fame and name at your doorstep"

"You'll be Mr Popular always
You'll occupy pride of place"

"Climb the ladder of influence surely
Listen to pearls of wisdom only"

"Car and comforts will follow
No debit, only credit should flow"

"When you are loaded society will laud you"

"Sing your praises and applaud anew"

"Use your knack to hold on to what you get"

"Don't forget, enjoy life to the fullest"

"Our life is in our hands only
Not anywhere else, trust me"

"Even if you blunder
bootlickers everywhere"

"From prince if you are a pauper
they will trample you flat forever"