Jannie totsiens (1970) - full transcript

A catatonic mathematics professor with an Oedipus complex is committed to an asylum which is a microcosm of South African society, circa 1970. The inmates band together to attempt to restore him to life once more and when one of their number commits suicide because of him, they then attempt something more on his behalf: murder.

Farewell Johnny

There's a stranger in our midsts.
- Catch him!

There's someone coming here.
- Hang him!

God protect us from the
unrighteousness which lays ahead

Righteousness, where is it?
Give it to me!

No, the treasure's mine

It's a horse... a rocking horse.

Give me the horse

I'm going to take it to
the middle of the moon.

I think she'd like a horse.
- We must tell the Doctor.

Here, everything's here.

There's a stranger
in our midsts.

My horse, it's mine, mine, mine

They won't take you away, you hear?
It's you and me and you...

It's broken! Rotten!

It's the angel of the unholy.

He's here.


- Where is he? Quickly!

She's at the front door.
- I'll go get it. I'll...

Look, you stand dead still
or I'll shoot!

He's in the hallway.

The enemy is imanent

There he is.

Pleased to meet you.
- Here is the patient.


He's been in a catatonic
state for a month.

Here is the file.
- Thanks

My son is a professor
at the university.

A junior professor.

You know, he's a scientist.

He's always worked very hard,

they say he's a
brilliant professor.

He's overworked.

I say you need rest.

He's just a little tired,

it's caused by all the studying.

Then he doesn't speak. All the
years just worked. He's my child.

Talk to us son, please. Tell
mummy you're not insane.

Like a Christmas tree.
- He must take off his hat in the court.

He stands over us watching.
- Steady now, Aunty.

- You can't say I didn't warn you.

Sit, old boy.

Boy? I am a durban coolie

Alright, you just make sure the young
boss get's his fork and knife!

I know what I'm doing.

Boy! My name isn't "boy"

Boy or no boy... errr...

Give him food!

Listen Englishman, it's
nothing to do with you.

Everyone has the right to speak.
- Someone will have to help him.

Please now boss,
my name is James.

I will help you.

It's you brother-brother
that's the problem. You, off

to the kitchen! Your place
isn't amongst white people.

They go to school until 13 and still
they wonder about like an ape in the

circus. Tomorrow when that sun comes
up I'll chase you into the sea!

Shame on you

You're a handsome man.

Look at me.

I'm a lovely woman, aren't I?

Watch yourself, keep
a close eye out.

You say nothing? Think
you can fool us?

You won't fool me.

I know, I know everything.

You hear me? I've found you out.

You come here like a thief in the
night and think I won't notice?

Stay there where I can see you.
Watch yourself.

Watch out.

There's no arm. This arm doesn't work.
But I have a

mouth and feet and I can
speak and I don't hide away.

If you'd also like
to live, it's easy.

I know you've seen him
but we all see things.

There will always been problems. If I
was minister she'd have her horse.

I'm coming.

I'll give Franzie new hands. You
aren't the man in the moon! Moon?

He's come to take
me away on a horse.

"...he's take me away on a shiny
horse with a brand new saddle..."

Here I come with my horse...
and I'm coming to fetch you.

"...'cause I said if you want me, then
you have to come and fetch me..."

Did you hear me? He's left
me a treasure in the moon.

"...the monkey climbs the hill,
so zealously and in a rush"

Stop right there I see you.

He's landed on the left hand side. And
on the right hand side they're waiting.

He's there!

It's that train! It's
come to collect us!

My cats! My dear cats!

Chase the cats!

Brother, the train's boarding!

He's sleeping now.

It's a mistake, it's
the wrong train.

You should climb off.

It's just Koos, he's always like
this when there's a full moon. Come,

Madga, here's more cats.
- Bring them.

96 of them, I want them all back.
70, all 113 cats.

Hear me, Koos Leibenberg?

Stupid cats!

Come here you little fuckers...

I'm going to give it some milk.

We could have left at 9 if that "boy"
had opened the gates, but no! Boy!

Now he wants to stand around
and talk like a white!

Lift your arse!

He is in 8th grade! I have to get the
cats while he's lying around out back!

Here take the cats but I
hold them all by myself?

My word, now he wants to talk.

Well, Mr. Daily Mail! What's
the paper tell us about our

country? It's so frustrating
under this present government.

I have a thing to tell you? Who's reading
the newspaper while I'm searching for cats?

Hang him up!

Hang him up!

Yes! Don't get all worked up!

You bastards that will be the day!
Hang them!

Let's play in the corner.

Oh you're not playing the game either.
They murdered

the Judge's daughter. Come look,
it's a mass hanging.

Come and look here. Did
you ever pick up your

brother's ashes like this?
Under the full moon?

They blew up trains, you know?

And our first brother on the train? I see
you listen. We all have our own story.

Lies! Lies! You all
lie about everything!

Look at him he's off his head. You're
probably ruining all my plants here!

He's the reason I'm in politics.
Didn't you know that?

Thirteen medals aren't enough
but I'm waiting for next year.

You didn't know I have
friends in the cabinet.

You lot just cared about
the money as usual!

Eye for an eye and
a tooth for tooth.

That's right! These people
wearing hats walking around and

now it's yes please boss. It
is not because we're superior?

Guilty! Yes, exactly thats it precisely!
Oh brother you're

going to witness something
you've never seen before.

And Jamesy? He'll sit in the cabinet.
He's not a bad nigger.

They want to turn niggers
into ministers? Give them some

running shoes, sunglasses,
a briefcase, golf clubs

That's Linda's

And a 1, 2, 6 my brother. I'm
going to pull them into

line. Isn't it beautiful?
Lindas birthday on Friday.

Here I am! Here I am!

Happy birthday! Come and
see what I bought you.

That's not a real horse,
I wanted a real horse

you can get a real horse
if you're well today.

Excuse my health-here take it.

Come ride your horse.

Will I go to a place where there's no sin?
Then the lord will love me too.

God does love you. No he doesn't,
Dad says he mad with me.

So who is God then, Doctor?

Happy birthday to you, happy
birthday to you. Because

God has blessed you. For
you, the loveliest.

Tell me then, who is God?

My chest hurts too much.

Why doesn't God love me?

But he does love you.

He's loves us all. He loves the Doctor. He
loves James. He loves the cats and dogs.


It took seven years for
this flower to bloom.

That is so, isn't it Doctor?

The lord also loves the
insane or what then?


Guess, guess, guess.

You are my man, yes?

"...we'll walk together
under the moon..."

"...what will your
mother say?"

"No, he's gone back to the moon..."
- It's just a doll. My doll. I know.

Now he's gone.

The dolll's just lying around somewhere.
No, the moon brought it for me!

My Father said... he
took my horse away.

He punished me.

You're back! My doll is here

Where's your face? Don't worry
I'll get you another one.

Where were you? Tell me.

Where.... were... you... naughty.

Where were you?

Laugh for me, laugh.

The wood, its strong.

I'll have to cut out your
tongue and give you a new one.

It's sore.

You must laugh.

Don't! I must! You're my doll.

Linda, please don't kill me.

She didn't understand.

I miss you, my son.

They said you've spoken.

Talk to me.

Just say "hello".

Say "university" anything.

He's going to his final year.
You know he's going to

Pretoria. He's such a good
son, we always pray for him.

Linda? She's been damned. Remember
how she screamed last time?

She's a lovely daughter,
well mannered.

Been well brought up, I can see

Have you repented, child?

Don't know.

Haven't you gotten down on your knees?
To ask forgiveness?

Mercy for what you've done?

I saw that cad the other day at the hotel.
The royal-disgusting!

We think of you every day.
We brought you up

so well and then you're
spreading your legs.

It hurts me too. It's I
who has to live with this

shame. It's me with the
daughter in a nuthouse.

I'm sorry.
- Too late for sorry.

You've upset your Father terribly.
- Take me away please take me away.

Say something. Just
for your mother.

You know, your Father isnt there anymore.
I'm alone.

So here we sit like
monkeys on a ledge

now we'll sit. Yes, its
just like before the war.

...in the last days there
will be wars and upheavals.

So says the word.

If they detonate the bomb, then
you're all alone, nothing.

Guilty or not guilty?


His mercy is great.

I blew up my brother! Guilty!

There is no redemption.

What if he's as understanding as us?
And just sits here?

It's pitch black

and nobody came or will ever come?

My friend in the cabinet
has forsaken me.

Next year you will see something! I will
be first minister. I'll come visit you.

Thank you, my son.

It is you!

I searched for you.
Did you find me?

I don't know. I'm not really here.
But I am.

Where are your horses? Far away.

Show me.

It's too far.

Is it a rocking horse? Yes.

Pink? Yes and with a
brand new saddle,

and you said? Yes, that
I would come get you.

But I am!

Take me then!

Whats your name? Linda.


so you didn't come to fetch me?

Didn't you come to fetch me?

I don't know.

You're scared like
the other boys.

I know everything. Be careful.
Listen to the wind.

Linda don't run away
he will hurt you.


Don't listen to him.

Tell me. Are you scared of me?
Say yes.

But you arent the
man in the moon.

But you're running away.
But here I am.

You see, Linda? His hands?
He's touching you.

Linda don't, be careful

You're warm.

People are warm. You're nice.

Yours eyes. The light

I smell you.

I kiss you.

I kiss you. No! He's Satan.
Linda don't

He brings heartache,

he brings the dead.

Watch your cat!
This is my house.

Broke my glass.

You think too much.

Who knocked over the tray?

What do you want?


Happiness? You Magda du Pree?

Yes, happiness, rest for my soul.
The stranger must get out!

Hes a patient.

It's my house. I don't want
the dead here anymore.

I cut my hand.

You're not listening.

Not one of you listen.

I'm sorry. Come. I might as
well give you your injection.

The truth will yet come
knocking at my door today

Johnny is sick, Aunty.
He lives here.

P-please Doctor.

He stays, Aunty.

Nobody here has arms.

Can't you see?
- You're just like me.

Yes, I walk and I talk and
I eat and I sleep and in

my dreams I have arms that
can pick up and hold.

Why are you here?
- I've been hidden away here.

Was I also hidden away?

Just Linda and I. Me because I'm ugly
and Linda because she stayed a child.

And her parents? Johnny, its
a mad house down there.


A house of madness. Like the madman
who locked his own wife in a cell

until she was as insane as him.

Take a seat.

Is Linda also insane?

Stay away from her. She thinks
the dolls are her children.

Linda kissed me.

Many a bride has kiss her husband
only to later discover he's insane.

I have big news.

I'm busy making a dress.

Like Christmas when we
eventually go to the moon.

Whats in the moon?

You, of course.
You're in the moon.

"You said, that I want to have
you..." You're in the moon.

"That I must come and fetch you."

You filthy thing what have you
done, you've eaten it all up!

You idiot, you hippie. Where have
you put my plant, where is I?

Out of my way,

put that woman's dress
away you hippie.

A moment Doctor, do you know
who you're talking to? I'm

not just some nobody. I have
friends in the cabinet.

Don't get yourself
all worked out.



Dont think I don't
read newspapers

You're gone, come back.
I want to come along.

Just have to wait then. But you
said you would take me along.

The time has come.

Hear me kitties?

The cats!

I waited for you.

The cats,

did you paint your face again?

Red Indian paint?

It's blood.

You're a handsome man.
It's all blood.

You came to bed in the end.

Cats arent making
any more noise.

I did what you said
I must do, my man.

You're a good woman. No.

No, don't speak.
Come, come sleep.

Whats your name? I don't know.

She's coming at Christmas.


She was born at Christmas

Is she you?

My daughter.

Jenny, you came to visit mummy?

No Jenny,

your fingers are so clumsy.

Its very easy. You can't do it from
there, theres just too many dolls.

We can get James to help.
But he's a kaffi-....

He can take that one.

This one?

I don't want to live here.

I want to go to Linda.

We need to work this
madness out of your system

it makes a sick person an
insane person to have 100

cats. All you can do is
kill them all each day.

You won't kill the
sickness though.

Don't know what to do with
the sickness of people.

You helped me.

Last night.

My face.

Who are you?


I am a man.

I waited for you.

All day already.

Is it your house?

Where's your face?


It's gone. You lost it.

Here it is. Look.

Can I sit?

Where are you?

Here I am, man in the moon.

My horse, its here!

Don't run away! Wait for me

You said you would take me along.
I won't tell anyone, I promise.

I want to speak with you. I
must know if I am well or not.

When you can walk
among normal people.

I don't want to go back.

If you're well then
you must go back.

Whats going on outside? We
can talk about it tomorrow.

Want to talk about it now. Please. I
don't want to become insane again.

If we're honest I say
you should run away. To

your mother who does
with you what she wants.

And when your Father killed
himself you hid away.

And then when you failed and
came second best, no you're

too scared to go back. You
just want to hide here.

You want to cry on my
shoulder and you don't

have the guts to go
back into the world.

You're wrong. I learned
to love in here.

Don't you know love?

Please Daddy.

I won't do it again.

I'm a bad girl.


You've won again.

How did it go tonight? I lost!

You were wrong. You lied, it
wasn't pa who wanted me to study.

It was you.

And its not women that are bad.
It's something in you.

Hes not coming anymore.

This time I've learned to love.

We're waiting for you, I
even painted your room.

The Doctor said you would
be ready for next term.

I made you new pillow cases.

You've come along so well. You
can come home if you like.

I told him you were just
a little overworked.

You're my son, I know you.

It doesn't work anymore.

Things are different now.

Here. Merry Christmas.

I must be honest

you always were.

Remember at school
when they broke in...

I am now a man!

A man who would
also like a wife.

I would like to laugh or
just talk with someone else.

Just like anyone else.

I am going to become a man.

You are nothing! I
made you what you are.

George phoned. He and
Jane can't come.

It's better that you leave now.

Merry Christmas.

Help! Help! Help!

Care to dance?

No, not on Christmas day. But New
Year's Eve. Dance with you all night.

And then I'll dance with Linda.

And then again with you. No!
And then Linda again.

No, you only dance with me.

You're mine.

I want to...

With Linda.

You're mine I want to marry you.

I don't want you anymore.

I just wanted to find out.
I was curious.

You're a woman. Don't you understand,
a woman! And I am a man.

That's all. There's nothing!

Get out of my coffin.

Hear me?

I need it for the new year.

I am sleeping beauty.

You must get out.

I am not your child.
But you are my child.

I gave birth to you.

Koos must get the wood.

You're a horrible person!

You have thousands of cats!
You're a witch!


You're ugly, ugly, ugly!

I'm not... You are

Why does Uncle Koos
have an allergy?

I don't know.

Please just don't
hang him, hear?

He's all that I have.

If you leave again, I'll die.

I won't, I can't

Your doll? She's
getting married.

And the other one?

Who is she?


Why do you want us
two dolls to marry?

Because they're in the moon.

How'd they get there?

He took them on his horse.

Who am I?

I can't say.

How come?

Whisper it in my ear,

I love you

I waited so long for you.

They won't be allowed to marry.

My parents said the same thing.
I dreamt I married too.

They sat here. The
brides table was here.

The guests were down
there under the trees.

Jakob built this house specially

Linda's parent will
never allow it.

When we tried to cut the cake
one of the cats landed ont it.

And then they wouldn't eat it. Jakob
said the cat would bring us good luck.

It's been ages
since you laughed.

It's been a long time since I've been
lucky. Johnny's visiting tonight.

But Johnny has been
here all along.

He's coming to visit Linda.

All proper. We must
just make sure.

Your cats here to
bring us some luck.

The cat didn't bring
us any luck though.

All I know is I'm mad.

I know I am not the
boss of my own house.

I know my family let
the Doctor come here.

Later the rest of you
came to my farm.

I know so much and can't
do anything about it.

That day the cat sat on our wedding
table, that night the warnings began.

I thought I'd come
home early today

Aunty wants me to
shave and get dressed

are you finished?

Yes, Aunty it works like a bomb.

Perhaps we won't
use it after all.

You talk in riddles.

Tell me then what does the
newspaper say about the new year?

Maybe I can still prepare
my speach for tonight.

I don't believe that its
necessary for me to

warn you against the
dangers outside or inside.

Because all these dangers
will be a bagatelle

compared to the yellow
terror in the east

and the black danger
from the north.

Thank you, you have a
place in my heart.

Yes what I wanted to say is...

What are you laughing at boy?

I think you left out
the coolies tonight.

I didn't forget I was
just getting to that.

Honoured guests,
family, bystanders

I was about to say...

The wagon is in the ditch

a pleasure

the pleasure is mine.

Well friends, as I
was saying... well...

The danger

excuse me a second
my throat tingles.

Yes boy I'm looking for you!

Now you must tell us about the conservative
types riding in the donkey cart

yes, yes, yes, precisely. I've had
enough get me the water I need.

In this time of war, we can't
afford to sit on our hands.

And the married among us know what
problems can occur under a blanket.

Sshh, he's getting serious now.

I'm speaking from the
heart now and its not

politics. You know I fight
with the boy every day.

Why? Lack of will power,

because he has black skin?
Not at all.

Because I love him really.
Because we know each other.

Because the black man and white man have
always known eachother as christians.

Him in his place and me on mine.

I have decided I won't fight
with my brother anymore.

I know you will probably stone me
tonight, but I must do what's right.

Boy, I know you have a black skin, I
know you're too big for your shoes.

But all I see is your heart.
Take my hand.

No, don't, I'm black.

I am sorry, boy. I
won't hurt you again.

Come laugh with me.
Tomorrow is a new year.

Come laugh, boy.

I see the warnings each night. One of us
will die. I don't want it to be Linda.

Nothing will happen.

Don't forget it.

Now you can't escape.

I'm finished thinking.

I need to know you
can see I am a man.

I'm waiting for you.

Do you understand that I'm
not the man in the moon?

Do you know why I'm here next to you?
Kiss me now.

Do you understand?

You woke me up.

I slept for a hundred years.
The witch cast a spell on me.

This is not a story.
I am Johnny.

A person. A man.

You aren't the prince?

Are you the man in the moon?

You're just lying.

It's you who imagined it.

I have always waited for you.

I am a different story.
A true story.

Is it a nice story?

It's the story of a man who
fell in love with a woman.

You need to hear it.

I love you.

I don't want them
to take me away.

I'll stay here.

The lord won't
punish me will he?

He won't


Kiss me like a man.

Come let's dance now!

Don't think about that story again.
Remember you are my story.

In your story I'm not a witch.

You and I.

Nobody else.

Everyone wants help

some will find it, others won't

I won't bother with the
counselling anymore,

just give them pills
and injections.

If there was just one thing I could
say or do to make someone well.

But every time I look up
the symptoms... nothing!

She let's her dance
to her new riddle...

Boy, turn that record over!

"O' Brandy makes me stand"

That's enough of all that
dancing-here's to the new year!

I'll keep going til daybreak,
bring out the cabaret!

That so-and-so dancing with
white people gets my back up!

Find love first, I
know, its easy to say

I love my parents even
though they have forsaken me

just words.

Try Franz! And if I can't?

Then nothing. -And if I can?
- Then everything!

I think I can! Are you sure?
I can only try once.

Far from the world, kitty...

He let's her turn, he let's her
turn, she loves her new puzzle.

It's New Year!

It's New Year

You must leave now.
Happy New Year baby.

You too.

Are you sleeping, Liz?

I already know.

Liz is dead.

"Far in the earth, kitty, kitty,
kitty, my kitty over the sea."

"She lets her turn, she let's her
sway, she likes her new puzzle."

For you

I found it by the dam.

I'll put it away with
her other things.

She waited for me last night.

But I was with Linda.

And I with Franz-we
all have excuses.

Not making excuses,
I want your help

You don't need my help.
You're well

Don't you want to hear
me out first? -No!

You must

I have five sick patients,
you're healthy.

Running away Doctor? No.

Is your mother well?

I want you to listen, you must
investigate Linda, she's getting well.

Are you listening?

Linda is a child.

Is it your files which say so?

I'm very busy, Liz is dead!

Linda began to live last night

you're running away

Linda is certifiably insane!

And the insane watch
over the insane?

We try. I know
injections and pills.

Thank you, Doctor.

I'll try alone.

Maybe my love is stronger
than your pills.

I waited for you.

I need to have a
serious discussion.

Look how nice I made myself


This is your horse,

you need to feed him every day.

Come here, Johnny,

come sit here with us.

Here's your chair.

But we're going to the moon.

First we need to
have a little chat.

I'm going to sit by the door

please don't take him away again

The warnings

you're mine because we kissed.

Don't scare Linda, please

come sit here.

No, no. You'll kill him.

By the neck until he's dead

What do you want to know?

I want to know why Liz is dead

She injected herself

It's not true

Was it your fault, Johnny?

It was,

it was the fault of many

Guilty or not guilty?


I don't want to cast
the first stone

And me? I blew up my brother


We're leaving now

Don't move or I'll shoot.


Tell me it wasn't your fault.

I can't talk amongst this chaos.
Linda's crying.

Listen, what chaos? You
know who you're talking to?

Yes, with the first minister.
That's better

"give a person some
respect!" How?

I never had a son. I wanted
to give you my daughter

I didn't hate you anymore

Your money won't free you!
He said he loves me

Did you do it, Johnny?

What did he do?



The witch has been burnt!


Murderer! Guilty!

He turned into a frog

Are you guilty my child?

He locked me in the tower
and he ate my porridge

and he broke my chair sitting
on it and he slept in my chair




And you Linda? What do you say?


Can he be held guilty
for his actions?

Guilty to the death!

Guilty to the death!

Guilty to the death!

I'm the son you all wanted. I
love you with two opened arms

Godspeed and new year

Where's everyone gone?

I saw them go to the silo

You must die for
what you've done

There's no mercy

Linda this isn't a game.

I know, its really real

Come back here, stop him!

The door's locked you won't get out!



Don't hang me, I beg you!

It's a mistake, I'm your friend

I don't have arms,
I can't help you

Linda I love you.

Yes I know, man in the moon

Help us Doctor, help!

Don't help

Everything is under control

I'll let you know tomorrow, Professor
Johnny Piennar can go home now.

You can't help anyone.

You must help me

outside here. I need you

Our patients here
are very peaceful

Stop running away

It's Johnny, you know it's Johnny!
You must help him! Only you can help

what can you do? You
must show that you can


How are you? Still alive?
Hold on, you must stay alive


"Because you said, if you want
me then you must come fetch me"

"On a lovely horse with
a brand new saddle"

"And I have a horse, a brand new
horse with a brand new saddle"

"And I'm coming with
my horse to fetch you"

"Because you said, if you want
me then you must come fetch me"

I ran here to tell him about the
most important thing in my life

but they wouldn't listen, they
just wanted to hang a man

The truth, it's really nothing,
or nothing is everything

I knew you were leaving
and I am coming too

I'm going home.

I'm ready so let's go


To the moon

I'm not going to the moon

I'm bringing our dolls along.
They'll also get married

I'll put on my coat too. Won't
get too cold on the moon

How will we get there?

It's very far

On a horse, naturally


The horse. It's already here

I'll go fetch him

No, never mind

You won't go without
me, will you?

Go fetch your horse

"We'll walk together
under the moon"

He's gone. His life
has been spared

Saved is he who
believes in the Lord

Wait, wait for me!


You forgot your horse

Have you forgotten? You
said you would take me

I wanted to go with you

Goodbye Johnny!

Fansubs by shaunx @cg