J'ai pensé à vous tous les jours (2008) - full transcript

The reunion of two teenage brothers.

There! That's for you, bro.


Forget it!
They want to find out your name.

- Let's go!
- Darn!

You're right.
Man, it's me.

I'll get them all!

I'm The Quick, The Best!




Open your eyes, bone head.

I'll teach you.

I've had it with your running away.

I'm fed up of trying to help you.

Just do as my mother did:
abandon me.

That won't bother me.
I won't feel a thing.

Let me see your pitbull face!

I know where you're coming from.
I've been through it, too.

I was abandoned, too...

But I'm not messing up other people's

Can you bring me a snack?

Hello, monsieur Souhad.

No, I haven't told him yet.

You're really something,
you little St Bernard.

You would never have left me on
a bench in Saint-Martial.

Mom, what are you up to?

Damn, Bernard, come back!

- Is something wrong? What's he doing?
- He's going to throw up.

- No.
- I do whatever I want.

Let me go!

Let me go!

I'm dead! I'm dead!

It's a nightmare.

Lie back down.

There you go.

Let me have your hand.

Can't you go to sleep?

When you were once a sailor,
you can sleep anywhere.

Even with your ass in water.

One night, I remember, we were
in the open ocean,

and I heard a strange noise.

I crept closer,

and that was really crazy.

What was it?

The dolphins were dancing.

They were jumping and dancing
all over the place.

Just like a hiphop competition.

You're not very talkative for
a mentor.

Do you remember the law that will
let me find out about your parents?

You asked me to look for your family.

I found them.

In Saint-Martial?

Yes. Well, no.

I talked to the woman at the village

Is she the one who handed me over
to child welfare?

Her name is Denise.

Despite what she said, she didn't
really find you.

She didn't want to cause any problem
for your mother.

Does she know her?

If I remember!

She was pretty!

But na?ve.

So very na?ve.

She was 15 when she was abused.


She kept the little thing for
several months.

The other one she got rid of
at once.

"The other one"? What other one?

That good-for-nothing Gilles didn't
want two mouths to feed.

It didn't bother him.

What about her? It's terrible,

but when you're an orphaned girl,
with no money,

what can you do?

You do the best you can.

If he was just a John Doe,
how can you be sure?

Because I checked the hospital

He was the only John Doe born
that day.

It showed the names of the
family who adopted him.

They're fine people.

I have a brother? Really?

Does he look like me?

I haven't seen him yet.
You'll find out.

That is, if you want to see him.

Anyway, he lives in a beautiful

What about my mother? Where is she?

What about his mother? Where is she?

Denise hasn't heard any more about

Are you agreed about your brother?

If you don't want to talk to me,
talk to Teresa.

Teresa is a sister, not my mother.

And my brother is Camel Poubelle.

- You're not in school?
- The teacher's not there.

Salaam alaikum, bro.

- Later?
- Yes, later.

- What's up?
- What?

What's up?

- Nothing. It's okay.
- Okay?

"Na?ve" means that she believes

Maybe she thought she'd have
a peaceful life

together with my dad, that bastard.

That she could just bake pastries

and everything would be fine!

He just couldn't quit smoking hash.

He abandoned us both forever.

Do you really have a brother?

- When are you going to see him?
- I don't want to.

Maybe just one time to see what
he looks like.

Just one time and basta!

You wasted my Prunus triloba.

I'm just holding it, bro!

How come you know the name of
all these plants?

I don't know all of them. Some pages
of the dictionary were missing.

That's abuse!

Exactly what is that?

"Abuse" is...
Something bad.

You're not much of a dictionary!

I don't care that the other kid
was adopted by some toffs.

While you were packing your case
for the 27th time,

Bernard took off with some guy
in a car...


It was Souhad's father.

That's an Arabic name.

I don't give a damn about them,
about my brother,

or my old lady.

Screw your mother, basta!

Shut up or I'll stuff your mouth
with chickpeas.

Along with your teeth.
- Racist!

Maybe he isn't even my brother.

How can they be sure?

They could be wrong. Huh, Camel?

Anyway it was the 29th time, not
the 27th.

You can't count properly. We're the
ones who came up with calculus.

- And we came up with chickpeas

- Go ahead!
- Damn, Camel!

Damn, you shit, K?vin!

Fausse-Couche quit crying, I don't
give a damn about that bastard.

He's already memorized the dictionary.

I'll be a champion at Scrabble.

I'd enjoy a game of Scrabble.

Goal! I won.
That won't get fixed for another 6 months.

Director, that's abuse!

To abuse ( of a woman) - to seduce,


What's wrong?
Are you sick?

Aren't you taking your meds?

C?dric, 15 minutes to shower and

And tend to my sneakers, too?

You're not the president!

No. Your brother.

What difference does that make?
That won't bring my mother back.

You're no longer The Quick,
just "The Panic".

I'm not going to your toffs.

You're the one who wanted me to
look for your family.

You never stop busting my balls!
"Look for your brother here, there..."

You don't have the guts?

All you know about is running away.

But you can't face reality.

You want to be like your mother?




You have that look, The Quick!


That's true. How come they all look
like Camel Poubelle?

Now, what is it?

I feel sick.


I'm dreaming.
This is like the White House.

Get rid of your chewing-gum.


Just like in the ads on TV.

- Hallo, Bernard.
- Hallo.

Hallo, C?dric.

Up your ass.

Salaam alaikum.

Alaikum salaam .

Do you speak Arabic?

Souhad is an Arab name.

Egyptian, actually.

That doesn't stop me from being French.
My wife is full-blooded French.

From Normandy.

Take off your sneakers.

Lola, a sponge, please.

Take off your sneakers.

Things happen.

the left foot brings luck.

Lola will take care of it.

- Of course, monsieur.
- There.

You didn't tell me
to change my socks.

If you don't like me, I'll leave.

And where is my shit brother?

He's finishing his homework.

Bernard told me you have a green thumb.

You can get anything to grow.

At last. Come along, dear.

Yuck! This is my brother?

This thing?
He looks like an ass.

They look as if they have
an age difference of a year.

They're almost the same size.

Mathieu is ahead one grade.

That's fair.
I'm three years behind.

She's HOT!

Don't exaggerate.

C?dric is only two years behjind.

We need to celebrate this great

Let's drink to your being reunited.

Just a sip.
You're not used to it.


your visit is going to change
our lives.

Oh, yeah?

Take him up and show him your room.

He's being rude because he feels

It's not a big deal. It will go
better next time.

It couldn't go any worse.

I'm not sure that this was good

Damn, look at this place!

This sweater's not bad.
I'd love to swipe it.

Camel Poubelle
would like it here.

Who's he?

My life-long brother. A real brother.

- Do you have any rap?
- No.

- You want to play?
- You have the Internet?

- Of course.
- "Of course"!

What do you want to do?

Just turn it on.

That's where I was born.

You, too, apparently.

A mentor has to be dedicated to
the job.

I am.

I work for Health Services.
Before that, I was a seaman.

I'm crazy about boats.

- I noticed.
- We'll have to talk about them!

We'll meet again.

You got on well together.

You should adopt the saint bernard.

What's going through your mind?

It wasn't a waste of a day.
Even if it doesn't keep time...

You didn't steal it!

Let me be frank with you.

I was wrong about you.

Tomorrow I'm going to drop you.

We'll never amount to anything.

We'll never make it.
We were screwed from the start.

Being born garbage has
sealed our fate.

How was the house?

It wasn't that bad.
They have everything you could want.

I didn't forget you.

You should see the garden:
it was wicked.



Much too sensitive

All these souls

On just one scale

On my guitar
I'll create my film

I pluck on the string

On those chords
And accidentally

I aim at your heart


Brothers don't steal from each

You think so, too?

That just proves that that scum
can't be your brother.

Anyway, I'm your true brother.

Can I?

You know I can't refuse you.

You have to learn.


You never wanted to let go?

Take time out for yourself?

That's your problem?

I've had it with that kid.

Everyone does what he can.

I wanted him to be reunited with
his brother because I...

I never found mine.


He wanted his mother.
Not a brother.

That bothers him more than anything.

Give him time.

I'm tired.

Obrigado, Tonio.

Drinking wine warms your innards.

You haven't had a vacation in
5 years. Take some time off.

Take some of the vacation time
you've accumulated.

You've dedicated yourself enough,

That goes for both of us
mother Teresa.

These kids mean everything to me.

But you need to cut the bonds

and take time out for yourself.

Aren't I right?

It's time you stopped being
afraid of being abandoned.

- Didn't you tell me that?
- But, I wasn't abandoned.

I've just never found love.
That's not the same thing.

But, I love you.

Yes, but you...

You're more like a brother to me.

So. Instead of finding my brother...

I've found a sister.

You've never talked about adoption?

Not even once?
Not even mentioned it casually?

No. I already told you.

It's not as if it's unexpected.

Why did he talk about being adopted
by his mentor, instead?

I don't know.

Just joking.

Can't you see how that would bother

He's all on his own.

Bernard is a really fine man.

You're kidding! Just look at what
happened to the watch.

We should have reported it.

C?dric is a bit of a handful.

But, calling the police...

A family needs to wash its own
dirty laundry.

What do you mean, "family"?

I grant you that it's a little

but it's just as if a second
son has fallen from heaven.

- And he's got red hair, like you.
- You've thought about adoption!

Don't touch me.
I don't want a second child.

I don't want anything to do with
that hoodlum.

Do you have the CDs?


C?dric, I expected you to come
and say goodbye.

- Take care of yourself.
- Yes. You, too.

This is Sandrine.
She's going to be my replacement.

Hello, C?dric. I'll do everything
to be here for you.

Are you going to be gone long?

No, but Sandrine's going to be
your mentor in future.

- You're dropping me?
- It's an organizational matter.

To hell with the organization!

You and I are a team.
You can't leave me.

I made a professional error.

- I don't care.
- I do.

I wanted you to play the role
that I have dreamt of.

Everyone dreams.

I won't take you places where
you don't want to go.

You are free to ignore your new

You're my family.

I'm your mentor.
That's what they pay me for.

The same for Sandrine.
She'll take you to return the Rolex.

I'm never going back to those shitty

That kid's not my brother.

Listen to me, blockhead:

blood brothers don't mean you
have to love each other.

As for the watch, it's a question
of principles.

Okay, goodbye.

- Bye, Mathieu. See you tomorrow.
- Bye, Jules.

- Hello.
- Hello, Mathieu.

I came to see my father.

Ah, Mathieu!
What a nice surprise.

Look at this fantastic car.
I just got it in.

- You want to go for a spin?
- Papa...

I don't want a brother who's

You've seen what a hoodlum he is.

He has red hair.
He can't be my brother.

There has to be some mistake.

Get in and let's talk.

C?dric and you really are brothers.

- I can show you the papers.
- I hate him.

Wait, Mathieu.

I know how you feel.

When I was a kid, I was ashamed
of my father.

He was a good man.

Good and honest.

I'm sorry you never got to know

You shouldn't judge people too

You've got everything and C?dric
has nothing.

Think how it would have been
if we'd adopted him instead of you.

Who knows how he would have turned


What do you think?

Your hopes are for others

Your hope

Would be to be someone else

You keep your hopes to yourself

Nobody hears them

They're just thoughts.

Just a reflex

Here's to your hopes

To your hopes

To your hopes

To your loves

I think of you every day

You can hide away your hopes

But they will haunt you

There was only a drop left.
It was the bottle for C?dric.

Put it down, Lola.

I haven't finished fixing supper.

I don't need you anymore.

That's not fair.

Mathieu, come here!

So what?
They weren't flirting!

There's nothing wrong with singing.

Doesn't it bother you that he was
dancing with the maid?

You should have said "black maid".

That's what you meant.

Don't try to make me feel guilty.

You're the racist if you treat her
based on her color.

Your hopes are for others

Your hope would be to be someone else

You keep your hopes to yourself

Your hopes are left unheard

Let me put it another way:

if, thanks to Lola, our son
comes out of his shell

we need to thank Lola, not dismiss

It was helping her pay for her

And she has a nice ass.

Mathieu is a child.

You are psychorigid.


Of course.

He's no longer the little boy you
used to ban from the kitchen.

Remember when you used to choose
his friends?

As a result, he's grown up shy
and has no friends.

- Do you think I'm a bad mother?
- I didn't say that.

You're too protective. Maybe even

You remind me of my father.

He paid no attention to me and
criticized my mother.

How she would cry for me!

You're comparing me with that
fascist who disowned you?

You pay more attention to your
cars than to your son.

Papa taught me how to play tennis.

And who takes you to your guitar
lessons on Wednesdays?

Who checks your homework?
Who takes you shopping?

I spent a lot of time with the

No wonder I feel close to Lola.

She is so...

She's HOT.

It's his brother who makes me

That's a pity because I'm going
to invite him and Bernard this weekend.

Why would you do that?

Is it because of the slap?

Nothing against you.
It's for Mathieu.

We can't be put off because the
first visit was a failure.

I can do it without you.

It won't make any difference.


You've stopped sulking?

- I was on leave.
- A teacher wants to talk to you.

Sandrine can go and see him.

- Sandrine, she doesn't count.
- I know.

But you're still interested.

For only one reason: you still
have the watch...

Asshole! You're really mean!


- Do you think she'll have any success?
- There's no reason why not.

You look rested. That's good.

You all missed me.

M. Souhad missed you.

He's kept trying to reach you
on your cell phone.

I followed your advice.
I turned it off.

I'm sure he's calling because
of the watch.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Sorry I'm late.
I'm pleased to see you again.

I'm sorry you've had to wait
so long for the watch.

I'm hoping Cedric would bring it
back of his own accord.

He will.

He already did.

I found it in the mailbox.

And it was fixed.

At least I've taught him something.

Under the circumstances, the watch
isn't that important?

- Thanks.
- Bon app?tit.

I didn't expect to see you here.

Sometimes we take things for granted.

I grew up in this area. Everyone
goes back to their roots.

I wanted to meet up with you.
I have a proposition for you.

- Go ahead. Eat.
- Thanks.

It's all over now. I'm no longer
responsible for him.

- I don't give a damn.
- You sound just like him.

That shows that you both belong

It's more complicated than that.

No. You really love the rascal.
You can't let him down.

I love my rascal, too.

C?dric's visit really unsettled him.
My wife, too.

We need you.
I'm asking you, man to man.

I'll think about it.
I'll call you back this week.


Shit, The Quick!
What's wrong with you?

Screw them all!

Are you going to pack your bags

Yes. This time, he'll never find me.

Is the mentor eavesdropping?

- Wait till I catch you.
- You could always run off.

What am I going to do with him?

- There is an alternative, but...
- But, what?

It would mean not cutting your
bonds with him.

Keep talking.

Instead of being his mentor, just
work on being his brother.

- Say that again?
- You heard right.

I don't know if that's a good

Go ahead and talk to him.

C?dric, can we talk?

I don't have to.
You're no longer my mentor.

So what?

C?dric, I'm proud of you about
the watch.

You don't have to be.

You don't have to consider me
your brother.

I didn't say that exactly.

Are you going to stay in there all night?

So what is it?
Do you want to go to the seaside?

Do you mean it?

Are you coming with me?
You're not kidding?

I really mean it, shipmate.

It's hard to believe that
some kids in France have never

seen the sea, except on TV.

You were right to insist on our coming.

Keep it, if you want.
I've got more.

It's a shame your wife isn't here
to see this.

Christine has stayed at home for

an interview for a home decor

It was important to her.

- Here.
- OK.

Mathieu, C?dric.

Come here.


Just being all guys is great, huh?

It's lousy that Teresa isn't
here. Huh, Bernard?

I didn't know you were married.

I'm not.

Teresa, is my supervisor.

- Yeah. Sure whe is.
- Yes. She really is.

Mathieu, go ahead.
Keep him company.


I love the wooden sailing ships.

Just like the olden ones, but
more up to date.

You've really achieved your dream:

getting the two boys together.

We haven't got there yet.
This is just the first step.

We've done it together,
monsieur Souhad.

Please. Stop calling me "monsieur".

Oh no!

Hello, dear?

Listen. I'll pass it on.

Love you.

We don't have a computer here.

Shit, is he kidding

The one at the home is all screwed up.

Do you play Scrabble?

You don't stand a chance.

- Shall we play a game?
- If you want.

Don't kid yourself.
He's a walking dictionary.

- What's your grade in French?
- Mind your own business.

Kids, mom's going to be here

Just think if it were true?

She's coming to look for us and
take us back to Saint-Martial.

You'd be able to play with my

To heck with your mother!

You're the head of the class and
you can't play Scrabble!

Aren't you cold?

I can go and get you a sweater.

I don't want your sweater.
I don't want anything from you.

Now, what did I do?

I want to be alone.
Is that okay with you?

Maybe tomorrow we'll go on dad's

Okay, then. I'll leave you alone.

I just wanted to say...
It's great that you're here.

Are you serious?
You don't have to say that?

Even if we are brothers,
we don't have to like each other.

Faster, dad!

I've ordered a tray of sea fish.

I love everything that comes from
the sea.

- How about you, C?dric?
- I feel like throwing up.

Joseph, slow down.

- Is that better?
- No.

I'm sorry but I need to
go back.

But the sea is calm!

Turn back. We can't make him go

- But we just left!
- She's right. He doesn't like it.

It's all too much for him at
one time:

the sea, the boat, the oysters.

And a family.

Count me out!

Go ahead. I'll stay with C?dric.

She's treating me like a baby.

- And that doesn't bother you?
- No.

I'm coming with you.

I can get by alone.


Are you coming?

If there were a shipwreck, I'd
lose both my father and my brother.

No. Not my father; my mentor.

The little rascal has ditched me!

Joseph Souhad.
Please leave a message.

Where could he have gone?

He probably wanted to show off
and has got lost.

- He's complicated.
- I should have stayed with him.

We need to go to the police.

We'll manage!
I'll find him.

Hey kid, where are you?

Did you see that? That's brilliant.

That's how they make boats?

Yes, lad.

Don't forget to give Mathieu back
his sweater.

- He gave it to me.
- Yeah?

Rather cool, your brother.

He's okay.

Let's go home.
Christine will be worried to death.

- She's worried about me?
- Of course.

She's warming up to me.

Come along.

I'm happy you came.

I knew this weekend wasn't
a good idea.

That takes me back to my childhood.

You need to knock before coming

Hello, C?dric.
Well, how was your weekend?

Brilliant. It's really a shame
you didn't come along.

Bernard missed you.

- What do you want?
- Any news from my brother?

Not since yesterday.

- You'll let me know if he calls?
- Sure.

- Is that all?
- That's all.

Goodnight, lovebirds.

The fish has taken the bait.

Did you notice?
He's really hooked.

That's good.

Mathieu isn't angry,
but when I proposed another visit,

He said: "It can wait,
C?dric is getting too serious."

He said "serious"?

That's what he said?

- Did he say why?
- No.

When he has said his piece, he
won't talk any further.

- I know someone else like that.
- They really are brothers.

Mine gets impatient.

He says he doesn't care,

but his silence says he does.

Things will work out.

I know where we can get some
mahogany for your boat.

You couldn't beat the price anywhere.

- Don't you care about me anymore?
- What are you doing here?

I knew you weren't in the cafeteria.

- Is there a problem?
- It's okay. I know him.

So, brother? You're ashamed of me
since my last visit?

Nobody knows I'm adopted.
Sorry, I've got to go home and eat.

- I skipped school for this!
- You can do whatever you want?

I didn't ask to be born.
I don't feel obliged to anyone.

Do you skip school a lot?

I need to breathe.
I'm an eco freak.

That's not very ecological.

What's important is watching
what you eat.

My mother said that all that crap's
poison to the body.

It looks like it's too late for that.

My mother wouldn't cry if I died.

Do you love Christine a lot?

Of course. She's my mother.

You can only have one mother. We both
have one and it isn't Christine.

For me, she's my mother.

You wouldn't understand.

- Are you going to be like Fausse-Couche?
- "Fausse-Couche"?

A little kid at the home who makes
everyone depressed:

He's always crying.

Nevertheless, we all like him.

- Don't cry, baby.
- Leave me alone. I'm not crying.

- Is that what your mother does?
- Leave me alone, I told you!

Mathieu, open the door.

Don't shut yourself away.
I don't know what's happening.

I'm not 2 anymore.
I don't want you in here anymore.

But I'm your mother!

Actually, you really aren't.

And yet...

- Mom?
- Yes?

I won't lock the door if you promise
not to come in.

Okay. If that's what you want.

They give you money for that?

Usually I eat at home.

Go ahead, baby!

Stop it. I paid for it myself.

That's cool, bro.

Make it snappy.

Go ahead, I don't like it.

It's your mother who doesn't like
it. Go ahead. I won't squeal on you.

Hm, it's not bad.

You're lucky to have a big brother
to teach you things.

First lesson:
a sparrow (moineau) is just like us.

The have really tiny brains.

- Our mother's name is Moineaux.
- Spelled the same way?

Yes, but with an "x".

Lesson number 2:

sparrows are free.

Free as the wind!

Although it was hard at first, C?dric
is getting on well.

He's cooperative, calmer and
sometimes even nice.

Look what he brought me.

It's just a trick to win you over?

- I think he's opening up.
- I agree.

Even though he's skipping classes
as usual,

his grades are good.

You've done a great job.

I'm still skeptical.

He could be planning some mischief.

- You know him well...
- Don't celebrate too early.

I'll get some coffee.

You aren't jealous?

Actually, yes.

Especially about the flowers.
I'd have preferred they came from me.

What's new with the little Souhad?

She's really hot.

She's Jules' girl.

She's my alibi, we don't want
to make any trouble for her.

I have a ticket.

Hey, wait for me!

We've got to burn rubber.

"Burn" what?

See if you can catch me.

Let's go!


A present for you!

I'm sorry.

Not a big deal.

Doesn't your mother know that you're
both here?

It's top secret. Are you going to
tell her?

No. I don't want to get fired.

Anyway, she has a way of sensing things.

That's okay. I didn't step in any
shit this time.

Are you coming?

I'll be right there.

You haven't seen us.


Why did she keep you and not me?

You didn't have red hair like her.

How do you know she had red hair?

I was a year old, but I remember.

Last time you said it was only for
six months.


You'll see when we meet up with her.

How will that happen?
She may be dead.

No. I'd know it if she were dead.

We have to do something.
We can't just drop it.

You play really well.

Respect, bro.

I'll tell you a secret I've never
told anyone.

I used to think there was someone

who understood me like a brother.

I used to talk to him.

Who did you talk to?

You're more crazy than you look.

Now that I've got you, I don't
need him anymore.

I know! I'll call you "Li'l M".
You like that name?

You're my little brother,
and "M" is for Moineaux.

I come and go

with my double in Utopia

No need for games or for masks

With my M at my side

No need for games or for masks

With him at my side

I can unmask

M, the whimsical me

Stick close to me

Undertake some more escapades

- Hello.
- Hello.

You're spending more time together.
Everything okay?

Great. Why? Do you miss me?

I'm just asking.

You used to ask if I'd heard from

and then suddenly, radio silence.

If you think that he's the only one
I think about, you're wrong.

I have other things going.

And everything going swimmingly
with Teresa?

C?dric is better at cutting the
ties than you are.

Or he's setting sail on a great

And you?

And how about your boat?

When it's ready, we'll go for a

The sea has always scared me.
Too many monsters.

I'll protect you.



If you take hold of my hand,

maybe I can get on your boat.

I'll take hold all of them.


Just a speck of dust

In a solar system

Something mysterious

Nothing special

We're all a little hazy

Not sure of ourselves

In the mists of space


Watching the stars

I saw something shining

In the immense

Sky overhead

Some stars passing by

And you were going making your way

Around the others

Can you lend me your cell phone?
I've forgotten mine.

This is Mathieu. Leave a message
and I'll get back to you.

Why didn't you come?
I called you from home.

- Do you smoke joints with your pal?
- Are you crazy?

- That's what they're saying.
- I don't care.

As long as you do my maths, no

I have to get to work. Bye.


I knocked but with so much noise...

- Have you finished your homework?
- Yes.

- We have to go to the barber.
- Damn!

Do you have to say "damn" all the

We seldom see you.

- I'm breaking my balls.
- You what?

That's something new.
Like your things disappearing.

I'm giving my clothes to Jules.
You don't believe me? That pisses me off!

That expression is new, too.
And what's more, I'm worried.

This behavior isn't like you at all!

Now what's up?

Nothing. Everything's fine.

We're going to be late!


It will be good for you to get out.

You'll be happy not having us on
you back for a while.

That's normal, mom.

Can I invite Jules over?

Jules again? Obviously, you can't
get by without his company.

We'll go to bed early.


- Why would he lie?
- I can sense it.

Even when he kisses me, he's lying.
He's like a stranger.

Kids of his age have a secret garden.

What if Jules is a Julie.

- At 13?
- Almost 14. At that age...

What if he's using or dealing drugs?

Stop being overdramatic.

From now on I'm going to check his
every move.

It was nice of him to give you his
cell phone.

Yes, really nice.

Hi, Li'l M.

Why weren't you in school?
Are you sick?

No. I was with my mentor.
He senses that something's going on.

I had to go home with him to reassure

I wanted to tell you to come over now?
My parents have gone out.

Okay. Goodnight, boys.

See you in the morning.


It's not good to read a book
upside down.

It's annoying when he starts in
on me.

He's keeping tight tabs on me!

Since you've got such a super brother,
you've lost interest in others.

Garbage, Camel.

You're my lifelong friend.

I see you every day but I've only
just met him.

Get it?

I am his whimsical side

Like a comic book or a novel

A somewhat magical reality

Just like the moon

I am here but am with him

He's a part of me

All alone

With M engraved on my heart

No need for masks

M, my fantasy

What's going on?

I'm sure that was C?dric.
Did he come here for money?

No, it was Jules.

- Does he have red hair?
- He brought back my clothes.

Watch your mouth. What's all this
mess? Why did he run off?

He thought you'd chew him out.

- See what time it is?
- You came back early.

- What were you doing?
- Practiing a song for school.

I knew she wouldn't like it.

So now you're calling me "she"?

- Would you prefer Christine?
- That's enough.

We'll talk tomorrow.
Go to bed.

Hurry up.

Isn't that your father over there.

It's embarassing. You're spying
on me, now?

I'm taking you to lunch.
I told you we'd have a talk.

- You didn't say you'd come to meet me.
- So, it's twice the surprise.

We're going to have something to
drink in the principal's office.

He said he need to meet with us.

I assume you don't know why?

I rushed over.

You sounded sinister.

Mathieu's been skipping classes for
the last 3 weeks.

His classwork is suffering. He's
having disciplinary problems.

You don't usually overreact.

He said he lost his cell phone.

Maybe he's started up with drugs...


What sort of cell phone is it?

It's like this one.

C?dric is carrying it around.

I knew he was hiding something
from me.

Brothers can sense things like that.

Christine was right?
It was him.

That rascal's extorting money from
my son?

I don't appreciate yout talking
about C?dric like that.

They have 13 years of catching
up to do.

They have to meet.

Not if it's going to mess up
Mathieu's schooling.

C?dric is unsettling him.

I knew. I let it go and was
happy for it.

You knew?

I knew it in my heart, yes.

- Hello?
- They know everything.

I'm grounded.
We can only meet on Sundays.

The bastards!
They can't do that!

I'm going to get my revenge on
all my other brothers.

I'm going to get you out of there,
Li'l M. You know you can count on me.

You've got to sleep.

I'm fed up with the phone.

I was dreaming of a beautiful sister.

She was always lying at my side.

You killed my dream and I'm an
orphan again.

Just listen up, Camel.

You're my lifelong brother. Soon,
you won't have to dream

because our life will be a dream.

As soon as I find our mother,
you can come and live with us.

If there's room for 2,
there'll be room for 3.

You'll see. There
the air will be cleaner than here.

Until then, keep your mouth closed.
You haven't heard anything.

I've taken her bank card from her

It'll be a while before she notices.

You can be crafty when you want to.

At last, I feel alive.

If I have kids,
I'll never give them my code.

- Shall we go first class?
- It would be too obvious

We need to keep a low profile.
Like I did before.

You know what I mean.

Absolutely, Mathieu.

We'll buy some new clothes.

When you're on the run,
You have to pay attention to details.

Yeah, respect, bro!

You realize that you're not in trouble?

Let's go over it again. You both
room together.

You didn't hear any phone call?

I thought maybe the phone calls
woke you up?

What did they talk about?
You must have heard.

I'm not a snitch.

Listen. The Souhads will bring in
the police to find them.

It's important for you to tell
what you know.

Did they talk about a trip?

When he talked, it was always
the same.

Instead of counting sheep, he
counted bastards. I went back to sleep.

Okay. Go back to your room.


Damn, that's really big!

- You've never been on a trip?
- Often, in my thoughts.

Not like this. Not for real.

Terrible: I've lived in luxury,
and you in poverty.

That was the luck of the draw.
But it's going to change.

Tomorrow we'll go home.

Not now?

I want to enjoy my first day
as a tourist.

Where are we going to sleep?

At a hotel, of course. Just like
real tourists.

So let's go.
I'm tired.

I'm cold.

You look silly.

I'm going to look for a hotel and
I'll come back.

You're not going to leave me alone.

Come on, then.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

- A room for two.
- With 2 beds.

- For you 2?
- Yes.

One moment while I check.


Run, li'l M. Run!

This area scares me.

You're right. We need to get out
of here.

What are we going to do?

Do you think the cops are looking
for us?

Oh, damn!

Just stay there.

So, kids, out for a walk?

Let me make you a deal.

Watch out!

What do you have there?

A platinum bank card.

With the code, you can withdraw
up to 1000 euros.

You'll give it to us?

First, break into a car for me.
Then I'll give you the code.

If you don't deliver, you'll die.
And we'll slice up your little bud

who's pissing his pants.
- Don't talk about my brother like that.

Denise, it's me.

Still nothing?

Since the two kids took off...
I know what I said...

Okay. Thanks.

- They should have arrived there.
- Maybe they missed the bus.

Camel gave you bad information.

Camel or not, C?dric is going to
Saint-Martial to look for his mother.

How can you be sure? One more hour,
then I'm calling the police.

I think Bernard is right.

What if went to Saint-Martial?

I'll never go back.
You're really brave.

I need a copilot.
There must be a map here!

No problem.

How do you get it into third?

That's right, you don't have a

Where did you learn to drive?

In a parking lot.

I never got the chance to put
in into third.

I can't find it.

Fasten the belt.
I don't want a dead brother.

I can't, I'm using two hands
to drive.

Are you crazy?

It's not worth putting it on if
your going to cause a crash.

Well, have you found it?

I'm still looking!

You're aggravating.
Can you really read a map?

it's at the ass-end of the world.

I didn't force you to come.

There you are. I've found it.
I've found our village!

We're okay.

How did they do that, without a

How would I know.
I'm no car thief.

I can't go on.

We'll sleep over there.

Quick, back to the car!



Damn, this is incredible!

It's better than in my dream.

- I don't want to go back.
- What about me?

And Christine, and Joseph, and Bernard?

You can't abandon all of us.

Bernard isn't my mother.
You can do whatever you want.

Wait for me!

Look, it's her.
It's our mother.

Can't you see her red hair?
Can't you see her dancing?

She's so beautiful! Beautiful!

- Come on in, I was waiting for you.
- Yeah?

I've got everything ready.
You must be starved.


Follow Denise.

Both of you have inherited some
her looks.

- Where is she?
- And our father?

Your father, Mathieu.
We never knew C?dric's.

What have I said!

Here, take this.

I shouldn't have said that.

We didn't come all this way for nothing.
We have to know.

Who was my father?

A season worker who picked chestnuts.

When he came to the village, you
were already conceived, C?dric.

He didn't want anything to do
with you.

He didn't want you, either, even
if you were his son.

Just before you were born, he
took off.

Afterwards, your mother left
the village.

What more could you have expected.
She was so young.

She tried to make a life for
herself somewhere else.

But it never worked out for her.


When your mentor came here,
I didn't tell him where she was.

I promised her I'd keep her

But I wanted to tell her that
one of her sons was looking for her.

I arrived too late.

She just got worn out.

What was there to do?

Life had caused her too much pain.

I'm here.

No, thanks.

Your orange wine is good.

- Did you make the sausages?
- Everything here is home-made.

Don't you want to go and look
for them?

They're okay.
They're old enough.

Nothing in the forest will harm

It's taking too long.

Here they are!

My dear, I was so afraid!

How did you find us?

The important thing is that we
did and that you're safe.

They look as if they grown up in
the last 24 hours.

Hi, bone head.

C?dric saved our lives.

- You can tell us all about it.
- You must be hungry.

Come on, let's go.

We'll go back tomorrow.
The children are exhausted.

I'd like for them to stay here,
but there's only room for two.

There's a hotel in the village.
It's not first-rate, but...

I'd have preferred that the children
come with us.

It'll be okay.
Thank you for your hospitality.

You mother hen!

- You aren't going to start up again?
- Let's go.

Goodbye, dear.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.

We'll start off real early.

Before you leave I'd like to show
you something.

It's beautiful.

Your mother loved coming here.

This is for you.

From her.


You told me she was a red-head.

Our mother was Arabic?

Camel will be pleased.

He's all on his own.

Life is also death.

That's how it is.

But when I see both of you,

I see life.

I don't want to go back straight

Nor do I.

It would have been a shame to
leave without seeing that.

It's really nice here.

All of us together.

I'm proud to have C?dric as my

What's to stop us staying here
a while?


- Go ahead.
- No. You need to tell him.

Are you going to get married?

Well, yes...
The Souhads want to adopt you.

You'd go to school with Mathieu.

That would be cool for you.

I like them a lot.

But I've thought about it. I only
want to be a carpenter.

I'll help you build your boat.

I'll talk to a friend who works
at a shipyard.

There aren't many that survive.

"Survive"? That's for me.

But you can't leave school until
you're 16.

I know. But I want to keep going
to school with Camel.

I can't leave him all alone.

Can you talk to the Souhads?

- Don't you want to be my parents?
- We both work here.

Does that mean that you can't have
a family?

And Mathieu?

We can be brothers without living

A family living separately!

We can see each other whenever we want.
No spats. It would be great.


We'll think about it.

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