Jacob's Ladder (2019) - full transcript

After his brother returns home from war, Jacob Singer struggles to maintain his sanity. Plagued by hallucinations and flashbacks, Singer rapidly falls apart as the world and people around him morph and twist into disturbing images.

It's too quiet.

There are six patrols out.

Not a peek.

I don't get it.

- I don't like it.
- Yeah.

It doesn't make any sense.

I gotta go make a phone call.

Hey, gorgeous.

What's goin' on?

You ready?

What's goin' on, Sam?

Ready to be a daddy.

Are you serious?

- Six weeks.
- Yes?

Six weeks.

- We're having a baby!
- Ha-ha-ha.

I take it you're happy.

Baby, happy
doesn't even come close

to how I feel right now.

I miss you so much.

- I miss you. Jacob...
- I'm gonna... Sam.

- Can you hear me? Baby?
- Sam... Sa...

Baby, you're breaking up.

Attention on the FOB.

Shamrock Black. Shamrock Black.

Major Singer to Trauma Bay...

- This guy's over the wall.
- Okay. Let's-let's get him...

- Lost him twice on the way here.
- One, two, three!

- Alright.
- Okay.

This guy's coding,
I gotta crack him.

- Right.
- Knife, knife.

- Holding.
- Checking airways.

- Spreader.
- Spreader.

You can hold two in here.

Test tube ready.
36 clamshell, please.

- Metz, Metz.
- His vitals are down.

Metz. Okay.

- It's not slowing down.
- Okay.

- Alright.
- O2 levels.

- Put it on the wall.
- Pulse, please.

We're losing him, Dr. Singer.

- RPM is below ten.
- Let's go, guys.

- Get ten liters in of oxygen.
- Suction.

You need to get
that blood on the pump. Stat.

Three units
of plasma on stand by.

BP is decreasing.

Dr. Singer?


Dr. Singer?

Dr. Singer?

Hold on, Isaac...

- Iss...
- "Isaac Singer."

It's his brother.
Guy's a captain in the marines.

You need to get out of here.
Please, Jake.

Dr. Singer?

Get the cart. Defib to 300.

Charge it.

- Charging.
- Charging.

- Clear.
- Clear.


Still falling.

Okay, we got rhythm.

sinus rhythm is increasing to 80.

Is there a
reading on the oxygen?

Dr. Singer? Everything okay?

Thought we lost you there
for a minute.

Just, uh, keeping you
on your toes.

Somebody has been sitting
in my chair.

Somebody has been lying
in my bed.

You see the way
he just craves knowledge,

like, he, he's-he's so well read
and he's just, he...

Obviously, he got that from me,
you know?

Yeah, let's hope he gets
my sense of humor.

Yeah, well... Yeah.
Oh, look at that.

- Look at that.
- Look at that.

You laughing.

Look at this,
eatin' the book and...

W-we miss daddy.

Do we miss daddy?



You okay?

Just... work stuff, but...

much better now.



I'm gonna put him down.




They are lucky to have you.

And so are we.




You okay?

Well, I think you're having
some rough dreams.

I'm okay.

Okay, well, hurry up.

I got that client meeting
this morning.

Thank you.

Yeah. Okey-do... Okay, okay.



Uh, I'm-I'm not doing so great.
I'm-I'm still... You know...

Murph, look at me. Hey.

You're okay.

Like, come see me later

and we'll try and figure
something out.

Okay, man. Alright, buddy.

You. Mmm.

Ah, sorry, man. Wa... Shit.

We're overextended here.
You know how it is.

You go to war with the army
you have, right?

Yeah, except in this case,
the war is everywhere

and we're almost out of ammo.

We're holding this place
together with duct tape.

Bingo! Alright.

You good?

I'm sleepin' like a baby.

Then I am too.

Oh, listen, if you, uh...

You find any more
"Wounded Warriors,"

you know,
psychologically speaking

you know, people that need help,

then I might have some more ammo
for the fight.

As a trauma surgeon
I have no official opinion,

but I will pass
that message along.

Well, as your pharmacist,

I have no clue
what you're talking about.

But thank you.

Take care of yourself.

You keep up the good work.

- Nurse!
- Get a doctor in here now!

Relax, hold on, hold on.

I-I-I need some help!

Come on, come on.
Alright, relax, relax.

Give me two milligrams of Ativan
right now. Go.

I need you to back up.
Clear this area. Now!

Take it off.

Easy, easy.

Good, good. Let's get a gurney.
Let's get ready. Go.

- I got it.
- Let's get him up.

Good? Let's go.

Okay, hold it.


Jacob Singer.

- Do I know you?
- Paul Rutiger.

I was an operator
in your brother's team.

We did all three tours

No shit.

Well, nice to meet you.


Is... Is there something
you wanna talk to me about?

About my brother?

He's here in Atlanta.

- Excuse me?
- Isaac is...

P-people listening.

I have to be careful.

Look, whatever it is...

Hey! Hey!

Who was this guy?

I don't know,
he just seemed kinda lost.

He's probably out of his mind.

Isaac's been dead
for over a year.

You think this guy
was on anything?

I think all these guys
are taking something.

How else do you escape
these fucking nightmares?


Well, let me know
if you see him again.

I'd be interested
to talk to him.

How about you?

- How are you doing?
- Good.


No episodes?

No. Not for years.
He's just, he...

Listen, he's got me thinking
about Isaac and...

We know you've
had issues with your brother...

Not issues.


It's Just that
our relationship was...


What would you say to Isaac
if he were here... right now?

I would tell him that I'm...

that I'm sorry.

Hey, hey, hey, Jake. Jake.

We were just talking about you.

You, you-you wanna come out
with us?

- Yeah. Come out with us.
- Yeah.

Uh, some other time. Yeah.

Wait, wait, wait, wait,
hold up, hold on.

I, I feel like we never get
to hang out anymore, man.

You alright?

You seem like
you're somewhere else.

Yeah. No, I'm good.

I'm good. I just, I just came
from... seeing the shrink.

You still seeing that guy?

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

Don't let him mess
with your head too much.

These psych guys,
they-they can cause

more harm than good.

Sometimes, I don't know.
My layman's opinion.


I'll keep my eye on him.

Good, man.

- Alright?
- Alright.

Isaac? Isaac?


What do you want?

Better keep your mouth shut.

Mr. Singer?

- Mr. Singer?
- What are you doing here?

No, no, no,
I-I gotta get home.

- I gotta get home. Uh...
- They're after you.

You need to be careful.

Just go to the VA,
ask for Dr. Louis Himmelman.

Alright, he's helps out
a lot of veterans.

Better keep your mouth shut.

What'd you say?

Ain't that what he said?
"Better keep your mouth shut."

How do you know about that?

- Your brother's in trouble.
- No.

He's here. Right now.

I can show you.

After that third tour,
I was fuckin' broken, man.

The shit we did over there,
the shit we saw.

Played in my head
like some movie.

All I could see was...


Hey, hey. Okay, take it easy.

I hooked up
with some other vets...

that's when I found the ladder.

And that was it, man.

That was the only thing
that helped.

There's abandoned tunnels

underneath the entire system.

We had our own world
down there...

for a while.

Not anymore.

- What happened?
- Guys are getting killed.

Did you call the cops?

No, no, no. No way. No.

No cops.

They-they're in on it.

You gotta get Ike out of there,
he's right in the middle of it.

- My brother is dead, Paul.
- No, he's not.

He's not.

He's down there
in those tunnels

and it's not safe.

The government has been giving

a very dangerous
drug... to the vets.

It's called H-D-A.

It was supposed to help with
post-traumatic stress disorder

but all it does
is makes them crazy.

Paul, just calm down.
Calm down.

Jacob, you gotta believe me.

Your brother needs your help...

It's your ID.

Did you hear what I said?

A man was thrown
in front of a train.

Someone threw a garbage bag
onto the tracks.

The conductor nearly
had a stroke.

- But no sign of anything else.
- It's impossible.

It's just not possible.
I know what I saw.

You're a surgeon,
is that right?

Yes, I'm a trauma surgeon.

- I work at the VA.
- Okay.

So, you'd agree with me that
if there were a collision

between a human body
and a moving train,

there might be some
physical evidence, right?

You think I'm making this up?

Is that what you think?

Ask someone, ask around,
someone must have seen them.

Alright. Alright.
We'll make some calls.

While we do...

you should just wait here.

Just forget it.

And thanks for your time.

I know you got something
on you, brother.

- What?
- You holding?

No, no, I'm not holding.

Don't be like that, brother.





Isaac. Hey. Okay.

Hey, can you hear me?

It's Jacob.


It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's just me.

I wanna go home, Jake.

I wanna go home.

Okay. Okay, let's get you home.

Come on. Come on.

I, I got you. Come on.

Yeah, that's, that's good.
That's good. Alright.

They're gonna kill me.
They're gonna kill me.

Come on. Let's go.
Let's get you out of here.

They're gonna kill me.

Go. Go.


Oh, my...

Oh, my God.


I'll get you some more eggs.


I just can't believe
you're here.

We thought you were dead.

Maybe I was.

I'm gonna go check
on the little guy,

and let you two talk.

Gabriel, what's wrong, baby?

So, uh, who were those guys?


The guys in the tunnel.
Who were they?

I don't know, Jake.

You don't know?

You don't know Paul?

He said he was in your unit.

Paul is the one that lead me to you

and then I saw him murdered.

Someone pushed him
in front of a fucking train.

I just wanna know
what's going on?

I don't know, I-I don't know.

What are you taking?
Just tell me.

You really got
the perfect life here,

don't you, big bro?

I'm just a fucking stain
on it.

- I know.
- Don't do that.

I worked really fucking hard
when I got over there.

And I was good.
You don't know, I was good.

I-I had my own men,
I had my own team.

For the first time in my life,
I was where I was

supposed to be,
doing something.

Yeah, it felt good.

Yeah. I feel good
and then, um...


Isaac. Isaac, you're bleeding.


- I, I got you. I got you.
- What's happening? Jacob!

- What?
- Grab his legs.

- Okay.
- He's burning up.

- Oh!
- Look at me.

- Grab a thermometer.
- Okay.

Come on. Come on, Isaac.
Hold on.

Oh, my God.

We gotta get him in the water.

We gotta get some ice.
Go get ice.

Get me as much ice as possible.

Okay, I got you.
I got you. I got you.

Pour that ice on him.

Isaac, Isaac, it's me.
It's me. It's me. It's me.

I need you to hold your breath.
I need you to hold your breath.

Come on.

You trying to kill me?
Don't do it.

- Look at me. Look at me.
- Don't kill me.

Look at me. One more time.
Hold your breath. Come on.

More ice. More ice.

I'm sorry, man.

I had a dream
about granddad's farm.

I love that place.

I saw that old fishin' hole
barely any fish in it.

He taught us in.

You remember all that stuff?

All I remember is we didn't
catch a fuckin' thing.

- Yeah.
- You know?

Dad was pouring beer on
all the, all the worms.

- "One for them, one for me."
- Yeah. Right.


Yeah, I think about that place
a lot.

Me too.

You're gonna die.

Do you think I'm going to hell?

What? No, of course not.

I think maybe hell
are these memories

that I can't get rid of.

The faces, all the faces
I can't stop seeing.

No. Hey. Look, you're home.

Okay? You're home.

Look at me.

- You're safe.
- Yeah.




When you wake up,
you'll feel better.

How is he?

It's worse than before.
He seems different.

Like it's not even Isaac.

He's gonna be okay.

I-I don't know what he got
himself mixed up in

but I-I'm gonna take care of it.
You don't have to worry.



I've been trying to reach you.

Yeah, I've been in sessions
all morning.

I, um,
I need to talk to you.

No, Jacob. You need to
schedule an appointment.

I know, look, I'm sorry.

It's just that I was already
at the hospital, okay?

- And I've just been...
- Jacob...

Um, can we catch up
with you in next session?

I gotta get downtown
for a meeting.

I'm-I'm running late, so...

Isaac is alive.

I know it sounds crazy.

I do, but he is.

Your brother, Isaac Singer,
is alive?

Yes. He is alive.

- Are you certain it's him?
- Yeah.

How can that be?

I thought he was air lifted
to Germany.

And you told me
that he died en route.

He's at my house right now
with Sam.

It's incredible, Jacob.

I, um...

never saw his body.

We just saw coffins,
so they must've just...

Some dumb fucking clerical
mistake, I don't know.

But I promise you he is here.

It's him.

He's not in a good way though.

He's seeing things
and he's hearing things.

What sort of things?

I-I, I don't know.

Faces. Demons.

We all see things.

But he needs professional help.
He should come in.

He thinks he's going to hell.

Jacob, the only thing
that burns in hell

is the part of yourself
that refuses to let go.

Remember Meister Eckhart?

He said, "If you are
frightened to die

"and you're holding on

"then you will see battles
tearing your life apart

"but once you made
your peace, then the devils...

are angels freeing you
from this earth."

It's all on how you look at it.

- Can I help you?
- Yes, please.

Yeah, let's get you a nurse.

- Hey!
- I need it.

Take it easy.

Just come with me.

Alright, come with me.

Okay, let's go in here.

Okay. Just, you know what?
Just have a seat right here.

There you go.

Just relax,
I'm gonna go get a nurse.



Hey, buddy.


Hey! Hey, did you see a homeless
vet run out of here?


He just, he just attacked me.

You okay?

Yeah, what's going on
with these guys?

Had one last week that almost
chewed off his own finger.


- Hoffman!
- Yeah.

It's Jacob. Open up.

Hey, man.

Come in.

You alright?

You okay?

Sorry, I couldn't hear you.

You want a beer?

I-I'm sorry to bust in on you
like this. I just...

I kind of have a situation
at home.

You want-you wanna take a seat?

Okay, I'll, uh...


I wanna know what this is?

How do you mean?

Hoffman, what I'm asking you,
is what this is?

What's it called?

I think it's HDA.

Histone Deacetylase Inhibitor.

It targets traumatic memories.

The vets, they call it
"The Ladder."

The VA had been prescribing it
for sometime for PTSD

but it got shelved.

Bad side effects or some shit.

Th-the fucking FDA
are bunch of pussies.

I-I think people maybe
getting killed because of this.

Come on.

Hoffman, I saw it.

Did you report this?

I-I, I told the cops.

Look, um...

My brother's using this shit,
so I-I...

I gotta find out
where it's coming from.

Your brother?


I don't know.

I'll ask around, I'll see what
I can find out.

I can't make any promises,

There's some people I know

I'll see what I can do.

Okay. Okay.

- Thanks.
- Let me take this.

Of course.

Uh, Jake.
Be careful.

You gotta watch out
who you talk to.

Hey, baby.

- What are you doing?
- Where have you been?

- Get off of me.
- Where you've been?

Get off me.

Come back.
Where are you going?

Come back.

Couldn't keep your mouth shut?


What the fuck are you doing?

You alright, man?

You want me to call the cops?

No. No. No cops.

- No cops.
- Alright.

I'm okay. Thanks.

I'm okay.

Okay. Here we go.

- You're bleeding.
- It's nothing.

Can you get me some ice, please?

You tell me right now
what fuck is going on?

What are you...

What are you talking about,

I found that HDA in your coat.

You're going through my stuff?

You bringing that shit
into my house

where Gabe sleeps?

What? I...
What are you talking about?

Forget it. Forget it.

Thank you.

I need you to grab some clothes
and an, and an overnight bag.

- Jake, what is going on?
- Sam, please.

I just need you and Gabe
to be somewhere safe.

- Alright?
- Yeah, let's, um, let's do it.

Let's do what Jake says.

I, um, I know you're upset.

Sam, I need you to
listen to me, please.

What the hell is going on
with you lately?

There are these people
that are after me.

- What?
- They broke into the house, Sam.

- What house? This house?
- Yes.

I know I, I should've-I
should've told you.

Let me get this straight.

Someone broke into my house

and I'm just finding out
about it now?

- Yeah.
- There's a family here.

We have a family...

I know, and I'm trying,

I'm trying to protect
this family.

I know, Sam,
but this is serious.

Trust me.

I think it has to do

with drugs and these two
fucked up guys

that are following my brother.

You're scaring me.
Stop. Stop it.

Whatever you're talking about,

drugs and whoever's involved,

I can't do this. So, yeah,
I'll go to the hotel with Gabe.

But this is the last time
I'm leaving my house.


Figure it out.

Come here. Yeah, baby.

Here we go.

It's gonna be okay.

I'll call you later.

Isaac. Isaac!


No. No! No! No! No!

Oh, no, no, no! Jake!

- What is wrong with you?
- Jake.

Oh, you fuckin' don't know
what you're doing?

What? What don't I know? What?

Now you wanna know about me?


Now you care about me, huh?
No, you don't.

- Just tell me.
- Not a damn thing.

Just tell me. Hey. Hey.

- Oh!
- Tell me what happened?

We shouldn't have gone in there.

We're operating at altitude,

together exhausted...

It should've been routine.

Simple snatch and grab
of an enemy combatant.

The minute we got in that
village it felt wrong and I...

I let 'em into it.

Down. Now! Go!

It's a fucking ambush!

I can still see them though.


Smell them,
I fucking hear them,

I can't sleep.

All those bodies are in my head.

They're right here.

This shit, this drug...

is the only thing that's
ever helped me, Jacob.


Look at yourself.

Look at what this shit is
doing to you, Isaac.

Who's giving it to you?


Oh, she's here.



I had the strangest dream.





Jacob. Jacob.

It's okay. You're okay.

You hit your head pretty hard.

Where is Sam?

She's here.

Relax. Isaac's here, too.

Jacob, easy.

Where did you go?
We were scared.

I don't know. I don't know.
I don't remember.

Where were you?

What do you mean?
Jake, you disappeared on me.

Take some time.

We can get everything
sorted out later, okay?

Hey, ah, I need to see you.

This is some dark shit.

I-I don't wanna do this
over the phone.

Can you meet me?

I was right, wasn't I?

You'll see when you get here.

Where are we?

- Does it do other things?
- What?

The HDA.

What do you mean, man?

Does it make you see things
that aren't there?

What are you talking
about, Jake?

Why would you ask me that?

Wh-what exactly is this guy
suppose to be telling us anyway?

He knows.

He knows who's making this shit.

They're the ones
that are coming after us.

Ah! Get in the car!

Get in the car!

- Ah!
- Get down! Get down!

What the fuck, Jake?

Truck, truck, truck!

- They set me up.
- They're gone.


Okay, they're gone.



Hoffman sent them.

I never heard
you mention him before.

- Who is Hoffman?
- He must be the one.

He must be the one
that's making it.

The HDA. He's...


I wanted to tell you sooner.

But I didn't want to scare you.

These guys,
these guys, they-they...

threatened me.

Hoffman must have
sent them again...

to kill me.

Okay, maybe we need to
call the police.

No. No, no, no.
We can't. We can't.

Jacob, someone is
threatening you.

- No cops. No cops.
- Okay, Jake.

No cops.

- Okay.
- Okay. Okay.

They're all fucking in on it.

You don't get it.
They're coming after us.

What is that...
What is that noise?

- What is that noise?
- What noise, Jake?

That fucking clicking noise.


Jake, it's okay.



What is going on?


Look, don't, okay?

What are fuck are you doing?

- Hey, hey, hey. Look.
- Jacob.

- Jacob.
- We're okay.

- Jacob, stop!
- Oh, oh, okay, man.

- Don't fucking touch her!
- Hey!

Jacob, stop! Jacob!

You think you can just show up
and fuck up my life? Hm?

What's happening? Huh?

- Ah!
- Stop it!

You're scaring the baby. Go!

Just go!


Excuse me.

You know the guy who
works in this lab?

Excuse me.

I'm looking for the guy
who works in this lab.


Everyone's looking for you.

You two seem like
you're having a good time.

Why can't you just,
just be happy for her?

For both of us.

Sure thing, Jake.

It's your party.

Get you something?

Hate to see the groom
walking around empty handed.

Uh, I'm sorry, everyone. I think
maybe we have one more speaker.

Brother of the
groom here just, ah...

Just gotta say
a couple of words.

Just wanna say
that I love my brother

and I have always
looked up to him.

Right? I mean, he's, he is
the good one, you know?

He's-he's got the good grades,
and, uh, and, uh, and varsity.

Everything, I know, I did.

You know,
there was this one girl...

And I was so crazy about her.

So crazy about her.
It could really hurt.

And that's how I felt.

And I-I couldn't imagine
losing her, you know?

Especially not to my brother.

What I came up her for?
I came up here to make a toast.

To true love.

Can't forget family
all important.

What the fuck is wrong
with you?

I had her first.
Now you remember that.



Hello? Young man?


Anybody there?

Young man? Are you okay?

Young man?
Are you okay?

Jesus, Jake...

Oh, you scared me.

How did you get in?

The window.

I couldn't find my key.

I'm glad you're okay.

Where were you
this whole time?

It doesn't matter.

The important thing is,
now, I know...

I see...

It was all my fault.

- What was your fault?
- Everything.

I'm gonna go get Isaac, okay?

Sam, wait, just hear me out.
Please, okay? I fucked up.

I fucked up and,
and I know I need help.

Yeah, you've been,
you've been trying to tell me...

And I haven't been listening,
but I'm...

I'm listening now.

Oh, Jake...

I need you to know that
I want things...

I want to get us back
to the way we were.


I want to get us back
to the way we were.

- Okay.
- Okay?

- I'll do whatever it takes.
- Okay.

I'll do whatever you want.

I'll get more counseling,
I'll-I'll, I'll see Louis

everyday if that's
what it takes.

Okay? Just-just...
You just...

Just-just tell me
it's-it's, uh...

It's-it's not too late
for us.

- Jacob. Jacob!
- Tell me.

Hey, hey. Hey, when did you...

Jesus, where the hell
have you been, Jacob?

Isaac, just back off, alright?

This is between me and Sam,

What is?

I'm trying...

I'm trying to just save
my marriage.

Alright. How about-how about
you and I take a walk, huh?

Sam, just talk to me, please.

- She's my wife.
- Oh!

- Look...
- What is it?

Jake, listen...

You're not married to Sam.

You were never married to Sam.

- I'm married to Sam.
- No!

- No! No! No!
- Jake...


Sam, tell him. Tell him.
Tell him.

- Jake, I'm telling you.
- No!

Jake! Jacob!

Give me! Give me back!
Give me back my watch.

- Give me back my watch!
- He's gonna make...

Let him see it.
He needs to see it.

Jake, stop.

Oh, my God.

What is happening?

I know it's hard, Jake.

It's okay.

- Oh, God!
- It's okay.

Oh, God!

Hey, just hold on, okay?

He's still breathing.

Love and family.

Take it easy.

Okay? You're home now...

Just take it easy.

- Ooh!
- Oh!

- Jacob.
- Hey!

We're right here, okay?



He's not-he's not...




You and Gabriel...

were everything.

Jake. Jake.

Here's to new family.

Alright? We're still
your family, Jake.

I know, bud.
You okay.


Hey, hey!

- Jake!
- Go!

Stop. Stop! Hold here.

Ward ten, ward ten.
This is Singer.

I got eyes on the target.
Permission to engage.

Negative, Singer.
Do not engage.

What do you want to do, sarg?

We're not losing him again.

- Let's go, move out.
- Move out! On me! On me!

- You're with me though.
- On my six.

Watch up top.

Skipper, I got a really
bad feeling about this one.

Somethin' don't seem right.

Stop! Stop!
It's a fucking ambush!

- Oh!
- Mohammed!

Rutiger! Rutiger!

Come on, watch out!



Hmm. Hmm.

Hey, Jacob.


I promised him.
I promised him.

I got what you're looking for.

Right here.

You okay, Jacob?

You know me?


You always say that
you won't be back...

but you always come back.

Hey, it's Ike.
Hay, hey, you hear me?

Hey, hey. It's me. Hey.

- Isaac?
- Yeah.

Isaac? How did you get here?

What do you mean?
She called me.

- She what?
- She called me. Okay?

I found his number
on your phone.

I didn't know
what else to do.

- Why'd you come here?
- What are you talking about?

Jake, you're my brother
for fuck's sake. Come on. No!

Jake, no! No!

- I'm not gonna...
- You are.

That's the thing, alright?

I know all about the fucking

Alright? It's not you.

It's the drug.

It's not Jacob. Alright?

Isaac, it was nice.

It was nice.

What was nice?

What was it?

Your life.

Living it for a while,
it was nice.


- Alright. Okay. Here we go.
- Okay. Okay.


Don't leave, Jake.
Jake, stay. Stay here!

- I can't make it stop.
- Okay.

I keep hearin' 'em. I...


Tell me where he is. Tell me.

Tell me. Hoffman!

Did you tell him? Tell me.

Tell me.



Fuck! Jake!


Jake, hold on.



Fuck! What the fuck?

Hey, Jake! Stop.

What's wrong with you?

Hey, take it easy,
take it easy!

Why are you trying to kill me?

- What? No.
- You're trying to kill me!

I'm not trying to kill anybody.
Stop, Jake.



I got you.

You got your brother involved?

You need help, Jake.
He needs help.

You're reconstructing HDA
in this shit hole?

I'm improving it,
i-is actually what I'm doing.

Your brother needs help.

T-testing it on vets.

I-it's destroying me.

It's not perfect.
I'm still working on it.

I-I'm, I'm close.

Just s-stop, stop!

What the fuck is this stuff?

- D-don't do that!
- How many fucking...

Jake? Jake? Hey, Jake.

I've been trying to help you.

No one was helping these guys.
No one!

No one helping you.
No one cares.

I-I-I'm the only one
who's trying to do something.

I'm the only one
who's trying to help.

I'm the one who's trying
to find a cure.

By turnin' our fuckin' vets
into lab rats?

No, I...

He knew it wasn't safe.

You knew
about the side effects.

What are you talking about?
What are you...

I made it work. Alright?
I made...

You, you begged me for it,

You didn't wanna wait
for the FDA.

Anything to forget.
Anything to forget.

Everything will be different
once it's finished.

Hey, hey...

I'm helping people.
T-this is important.

Do you not see
how important this is?

I'm shutting this down.

Alright, Jake? You alright?

Don't do that.

I'm calling the cops. Fuck you.

Put the phone down.

We were wrong.

What are you talking about?

You knew about the side effects!

Put the fucking
phone down, man!

Fuck you, you're done.

It doesn't erase the memories.

It replaces them
with something worse.

You're not calling the cops.

Put the fucking phone down.

- Fuck you!
- It's killing people.

We... we shouldn't have done it.

We weren't helping anyone.

Put the fucking phone down!

Put the fucking phone down!

Put the phone down!
I'm gonna shoot you.

Put the...
Put the fucking phone down!

No, Jake, no! No! No!


You're okay. I'm sorry.