Jackson County Jail (1976) - full transcript

This is a powerful drama about a young woman who stumbles into a nightmare land of hijacking and humiliation while driving cross-country from California to New York.

At Motex, we
turn your off days on.

- Well JC, what do you think?

- What do I think about what?

- About the commercial.

- To tell the truth I
don't know what to say.

I guess it's too feminine.

- Feminine?

It's a commercial for a
woman's sanitary napkin.

What did you have in mind?

A testimonial for Joe Namath?

- Tell me Ms Hunter,

do you consider what I just
saw to be a great commercial?

- It's Miss Hunter and the answer is no.

I think it does the job.

- I don't.

Besides they'd never run that spot.

It's too erotic.

All the neighing and
that girl on the horse,

it's blatantly sexual.

- A woman riding a horse.

Come on now.

Don't tell me you're so naive

you don't know what they
say about woman on horses?

For God's sake, Jesus.

- You ought to try it sometime,

it might relieve you of that hostility.

- How dare you!

- Excuse me, I hate to bring it up now,

but we have an October four air date

and if this spot is dead,
what do we run in it's place?

- Well we can rerun Blue Sunday?

- Yes we could,

but I'm sure that wouldn't
suit Miss Hunter would it?

- It's your money.

- You're damn right it is girly

and I made it because I know
what women want to be told.

- I find that very difficult to believe.

- Oh what do you find
very difficult to believe?

- That you can communicate
with women at all,

considering how very
little you know about them.

Goddammit Sam, I'm warning you,

I'm getting sick and
tired of that little lady

telling me what to do with my product.

- Believe me, Mr. Bigelow, if
I weren't such a little lady

I would tell you precisely
to do with your product.



- David!





I told you if this happened
again we're through.

- Well okay we're through.

Listen I can explain,
will you let me explain?

I can explain this to you,

if you just give me a
chance to explain it.

That's Candy.

Candy remember, Bernie's friend?

He called from Chicago, she's tapped,

they threw her out of her apartment.

- So you have to open a day
camp for a bus stop starlet?

- Would you stop being unreasonable?

- Unreasonable?

- Yes.

- Is that really being unreasonable?

- Yes.

Look, do you honestly think
that girl means anything to me?

- She means a hell of a lot to me David.

They all have.

- I love you.

- That doesn't work anymore.

- But I do.

I will take Candy down and
I'll get her a motel room okay?

- Get one for yourself too
while you're at it.

For tonight.

- In case you forgot this is my house.

- I haven't forgotten,
you've never let me forget.

- I'm gonna go.
- No.

Cool it.

Look, just stay here.

Do me a favor, just sleep on it.

- I've been sleeping on it,

every night for the last two years.

- Look, you can do whatever you want,

because I don't care.

- I know you don't.


Dinah is that you darling?

- Allison, how are you?

- How am I?

How are you?

Is it not 6:15 in Lotus Land?

Yeah I couldn't sleep.

- Your voice is heavy.

You sound just like that day you called me

from that abortion place in the Bronx.

What is it kiddo?

David again?

Yeah, partly.

- Oh for Christ's sake, why
don't you get that dog fixed?

- It's over, it really is over.

- I gotta admit kiddo,
I'm not sorry to hear it.

- Ali darling, listen,
remember when I left

you said there'd be a place for me

if I wanted my old job back?

- Yeah.

Well I do.

- Well, gee that's great.

You're serious?

You really wanna swap those palm trees

for a walk up in Fear City?

Is it a problem for you?

- No, no.

Just that, well you know
how things are right now.

I forget.

What were you making when you left?


- Yeah.

Well I may have to can
someone, but you're worth it.

When do you get here?

- Well, right away I guess.

I have nothing to pack,
I'll make a few phone calls.

Hey I think I'll drive across the country.


Are you crazy?

What are you gonna do
with a car in Manhattan?

The way the rents
are, I'll probably live in it.

Besides I've never my country
except from 30,000 feet.

Believe me it
looks better from 30,000 feet.

I'll call you from the road.

Be safe.

- I sad you listen to me Mr. Odell Parker,

if you think I'm giving you a divorce

so that you can run off
with some Tex Mex whore,

you've got another thing coming.

He says "but darling I love her."

Now what the hell does love
have to do with anything I ask.

Order up.

- Okay Charlie, try and
just hold your pants on.

Now Ella.

- Dammit, I'm coming, I'm coming.

Pick us up here.

- What the hell is this?

I said crisp.

- You not say crisp.

- Get out of my trained cook,

what is this matter
with you people anyway?

Don't you understand nothing?

Shut your face and fry my shit would ya?

Refill, hun?

- No thanks.

- I know what you mean, the
coffee stinks doesn't it?

That smoke head couldn't cook anything?

The worst, can't cook it
unless it's got rice in it.

- Check.

- I got you.

There you go hun and thank you.

- You suppose Susan B.
Anthony could read a roadmap?

- I seriously doubt it.

- Would you believe I've gotten lost

six times in three days.

- Where you going?

- You mean where am I trying to go?


- Well that's easy just
go right up Route 56

until you run into the freeway.

- Please don't say run into.

Where you going?

New York.

- Hey, that's where I'm from.

I'm just moving out.

- I'm just moving back there.

- Gee that's a coincidence isn't it?

- Yeah.

Hope you make it.

- You hope?

- Good luck.

- You too, sister.

- Okie doke.

Alrighty, let's see.

Here you go and five, thanks very much.

- Hey wait a minute, I gave you 10.

- Are you sure?

I gave you 10.

- Well why don't you check your wallet?

Sometimes, you know, you forget,
it might be in your wallet.

- I don't have to check
my wallet, I gave you 10.

Are you gonna give me my change?

- I just gave you your change.

- Where's the manager?

- He's out for lunch.

What time will he be back?

- Couple of hours
probably, you wanna wait.

- Yes I would.

- Okay.

Let me just check, right
here, as you're gonna be here.

In with the fives.

Can you believe that?

I don't believe it.

I'll get you another five.

There you go.

- Right.


Have a good day.

- They ain't there goddamn you Bobby Ray.

Where are they?

Come on, I need one.


- Just hush your mouth.

- Give me one please.

Where are they?

Give it.

Give me them pills.

- Shut up, would ya.

Hey here comes that lady,
just hush it down okay?

Okay, hush it down.

Do it now damn you?

- What's wrong?

- Well it's my wife ma'am,

she's, she's kind of pregnant.

You know, I guess it's all the
walking we've been doing.

- Has she seen a doctor?

Yeah, yeah we went to one in Mobile

and one in Phoenix.

- I think she should go to a hospital.

- Nah you're fine aren't you?

- I think so.

- Are you sure?

- Yeah she's just fine ma'am.

Thanks for being so kind.

- Bye.

- Thanks a lot.

We really appreciate it.

Yeah I'd really like to
see those tall buildings.

You know I've never seen one before

and I guess when me and
Lola get back from Alaska,

we'll go there.

- Oh where you going?

- Utah, Utah, look out there Bobby Ray.

See U-T-A-H, come on gimme.

- Just hush your mouth, Lola.

- You said when we rode
here there's a second one.

Come on, gimme.

- They're good for her.

The doctor says they're
gonna calm her down.

- They don't seem to be doing much good.

You should see her without 'em.

- Arizona, there's one, Arizona.

- I'm sorry what was that you were saying?

- Where are you going?


No, where you going in Alaska?

Anchorage or Nome?

- Nome.

Nome, we're going to Nome Bobby Ray.

Nome, Nome.

- I guess we will go to Nome,
I've never been to Nome.

You ever been to Nome?

- Oh yes, yes Bobby Ray,
I just gotta live in Nome.

What you got Bert?

How's it going Reynolds?

More fresh meat for us.

Yeah it's better
than a shit in the woods.

on get over to that car you.

your ETA would be about 30.

Geez, I wonder what's going on?

- I don't know.

Can I get through?

Can I get through here?

Yeah, yeah I guess.

Just go slow.

United on a transport.

Two vehicles, 433217.

- You know, I bet those guys
were fruit rustlers back there.

- They were what?

- Fruit rustlers, they
ride around stealing fruit.

You know like dates and melon and avocado.

- Avocadoes, avocado.

Have a cadoe?

Oh I thank you I will.

They just drive
around and rip it off.

You know they even
hijack you sometimes too.

- They do?

- Yeah.

We got those guys back home.

You saw that old boy
had cuffs on, didn't ya?


Well I bet he's one of 'em.

They're really mean dudes.

- Avocado.

We're going to avocado.

- It's really funny,
some guys like that guy,

they just never figure
out that crime don't pay.

- Well you're going North
and I'm turning here.

- I really wish you were going to Alaska.

- Well I'm not.

Good luck.

- Thank you.

- Are you waiting for something?

- Well, I was just thinking
that if you were going to Alaska

we could give you a lift all the way.

- Like I said I'm not going.

- Yeah, that's the funny thing,

it's a mighty long walk to New York City.

- Aren't you a little confused?

I'm the one with the car.

- No ma'am he ain't confused.

It's you what's confused.

- Get out of the car!

Go on, move!

- Going to waste her?

Bobby Ray, are ya?

- No, you think I should.

Sure, course, waste her ass.

- Move over there by that tree.

I said move!

- Don't kill me.

- You know maybe I like killing people,

you ever think of that?

- Look, take my car
and money and my purse.

Take everything, just don't kill me.

- Turn around.

- Please don't kill me.

- You wanna see it coming?

- Don't worry, honey.

They'll find him.

By the way, what they
call your little doggie?

And the little girls says
"we, we called him Porkie."

And the old lady says
"Porkie that's a pretty name,"

"but why did they call it Porkie?"

And she says "they called him
Porkie 'cause he fucks pigs."

- Porkie.

- 'Cause he fucks pigs.

- Y'all come back, come back.

That's a good 'un.

- Can I use your phone?

- There.

- I've been robbed.

- Is that so?

Who robbed you?

- A couple of kids.

Could I borrow a dime?

- Yeah.

I got a phone in the back
that don't need no dime.

- May I use it?

- Sure.

- Where is it?

- Where's what?

- The phone.

- The phone.


- What's the number?

- What number?

- The police.

- Oh, the police is 6-5-4,


- Dammit.

It's busy.

- You wanna freshen up?

Wash your face and...

- Yeah sure, thank you.

- Right there.

Hey now, that's better?

Here, here have a drink.

- Oh no thank you.

What was that number again?


- 6-5-4-3800.

- Dammit.

Still busy.

- Goddamn you're pretty.

- Son of a bitch.

- Hey, hey that's no way to be
with somebody that's trying to do...

- Get away.

- Goddammit, don't you
go breaking up my place!

- No wait!

Give me my duck!

- Come on bitch!
- Stop it!

Give me my duck!

- Hey what's going on here, Dan?

- Oh thank God.

I've been trying to call you.

- Call who?

- You, the Police.

- You know what she's talking about?

- They, this bitch just
comes running in here

screaming like a crazy woman
and wanting to use my phone.

- Wait a minute.
- Is that right?

- Then next thing I know.
- Wait a minute, you offered.

- Hold on, hold on!

Just take it easy.

Now, what's your name?

- Hunter, Dinah Hunter.

- You got some ID?

- Yes.

No, it's in my purse, it was stolen.

- Oh.

- Two kids stole my purse.

- Oh yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Goddammit.

- Hey, now you watch your mouth.

Ain't no need to take the
Lord's name in vain, you hear?

- Yeah.

Look, just, call my sister.

- I ain't called nobodies sister nowhere.

- You don't understand.

- I understand.

I understand you ain't got no ID.

I understand a citizen of this county

says you tried to assault him.

- That's not true.

- Well, which ain't true?

- Jesus Christ!

- Hey, I'm not about to
tell you one more time,

you shut that tramp yap of yours.

Now you come with me.

In the morning the Sheriff
will straighten this out.

Oh Gosh, I almost forgot why I stopped by.

I promised Elders, I'd
thank you personally

for all the soda pop
you donated for the picnic.

That was mighty nice of you.

- Anytime.

Say hello to Reverend Coby for me.

- I sure will.

- Thanks again.
- You don't understand,

Yeah, well what time

did they say she'd be back?

The answering
service doesn't know Sheriff,

all they said was she's
away for the weekend

and they don't have a referral number.

I see.

Thank you much.

- Excuse me Sheriff I've got the wire

from the Laredo Police Department

and I've got the rest
of the file on Blake.

Well bring 'em on over.

- Any luck checking out the girl's story?

- Nope, not yet.

- Too bad you gotta hold her.

- Yeah it is.

But you gotta check 'em out first, Peters.

They're too many criminals
roaming around nowadays

to let anybody walk before
you're sure who they are.

Now, bring in Blake and
cuff him up good?

- Right.

- Oh.

Says here you wanted for murder in Texas?

Says a fella caught you
trying to steal his melons

and you hauled off and shot him.

Now is that true?

- If that's what it says.

- Well that's what it
says all right, did you?

- What difference does it make?

- Well it don't make squat to me boy,

but going by this here record of yours,

I'd say it's gonna make one
hell of a big difference to you.

Holy shit.

You sure are some terrorist, aren't you?

God almighty, you've got
more time in than out.

And by the way, that fella you were with,

Vincent Lepardo, that got shot.

FBI doesn't seem to be able
to find any record of his kin.

Did he have any?

- I don't know.

- You don't know.

Well if we can't find his folks,

I guess we're just gonna have to dump him

in a hole somewhere.

- That's your problem.

- Want me to book him on
the hijacking, Sheriff?

- Oh yeah might as well.

Go right ahead.

But it don't make no difference anyway.

Them folks from Orato
already on their way up here

with the extradition papers.

- So?

- So.

He don't understand, does he?

- I don't understand what?

- This old boy ain't coming out,

They're gonna stick his ass in a Texas can

for life and a day.

Are you ready for that?

Are you ready for life and a day?

- I'll play what's dealt.

- Yeah well, we'll see, old boy.

We'll see.

Good evening.

- Have you talked to anybody?

Can I go yet?

- No, not yet.

I'm going off duty a little while.

But don't you worry yourself.

I'll keep trying to get
through to 'em from my house.

- Why do I have to stay here?

Couldn't I go to a hotel?

A motel?

- You can go anyplace you want,

just as soon as I'm satisfied who you are.

Now if I here from them, tonight,

in the middle of the night,
I'll come down here myself

and let you out.

- Please.

- There's nothing more I can do.

There's nothing more I can do.

I tried the guy in Los
Angeles, nobody home.

I put out an APB on the car and them kids.

- Then you do believe me?

- Well I figured it couldn't hurt none.

I also talked to Dan Oldum
about that there so called,

assault charge of yours.

And he allowed as maybe how he
misunderstood the whole thing.

He ain't gonna bring no charges.

- He better not.

- Oh you just take it easy.

If you are who you say you are,

you should be out of here in no time.

Now here.

Here's some candy, you take that.

- No thanks.

- Take it, come on.

Comes from Paris, French.

My cousin Floyd brought it to me.

He's an airline pilot.

He went to the University of Illinois,

now good night.

- Hey Sheriff.

- What?

- Where is he?


- Lepardo.

He's in the icebox
at Voltan's Funeral Home

over in Tailorville, why?

- Never mind.

Oh God.

- Hi Sheriff.

- Oh hello, Hobie.

How's the hunting?

- It was good.

It was real good.

We got a spring.

Boom, boom, boom.

- Down, down.

Now, now, now sit.

- You know Curly?

He got himself a nine
pointer, big son of a bitch.

- Good.

You know we got a couple of
guests for you in the back.

Now the girl you don't
have to worry about much,

she's just being detained

and will most probably
released in the morning.

But that guy is dangerous.

So I want you to be real careful.

- Oh sure I will.

You know me.

- Yeah Hobie, I know you.

Good night, fellas.

- Well Hobie, what you saying?

How's your ass?

- Good, real good.

Hey, they, they eat yet?

- No, Harv brought the food
over, it's in the other room

and I'm going on patrol,

I'll see you later.

- Right.

Hello there.

I brought you some dinner.

My name's Hobie.

I'm the night jailer.

This sure smells good.

Here you are.

Well, if there's anything you need,

you just let me know now.

I brought you a comb and a mirror

and a magazine too.

- Thank you.


What's the matter,
didn't you like the food?

- I wasn't hungry.

Old Harv he makes the
best beans and weenies

in the whole world.

I hear you're from Hollywood.

Los Angeles.

- That's Hollywood ain't it?

- Sort of.

- That's funny.

I heard all you Hollywood
girls like weenies.

- You heard wrong.

- Is that so?

- Thank you.

- Are you finished with
that food here, boy?

No I don't see
no reason why not, Lyle.

Almost four a.m.

Everything's quiet here.

Okay then I guess

I'll try to catch a couple of hours.

You call me at home if
anything comes up, you hear?

- Sure, sure I will, old buddy.


Be quiet.

I ain't gonna hurt you none.

We can do it the nice or
we can do it real ugly.

You understand?

- Get off me.

No, don't.


No don't.

No, God, no!


- Shut up!

Shut up.

Shut up.

- No.

No, no, no.

- You can quit hitting him.

He's done.

Come on let's go.

Come on let's go!

Get in the truck!

Get in here.


- Hey come on.

Let's go home and...

- I'm getting a headache.

- I'll drive.
- No I'll drive.

- Let me drive, let me drive.

- You're drunk, I'll drive.

- I'm okay.
- I'll drive.

- All right.

- You know what you need, honey?

- What's that?

- You need this little thing.

- Yeah I need that a bowl needs piss.

- Wait a minute.

Wait a minute.


- Get over there, get over there!

- Why the hell did you
take me out of there?

I should have stayed there

and could've explained it all to them.

Why the hell did you take me out of there?

- They'd have walked in there

and they'd seen you with
that stool in your hands,

standing over a dead cop.

They would have shot your ass on sight.

You killed a cop back there

and they don't take kindly to that.

It don't matter what he did to you.

- Oh God.

I killed that man.

- Yeah, you did.

- It was self defense.

- Was it?

- Yeah.

I've gotta go back.

I've gotta go back there.

- I ain't going back there.

- You've gotta go back.

They'll listen to us.

- That's enough of that us shit, lady.

I'm not going back and that's final.

- Goddammit you've gotta go back.

Listen right.

We're gonna go and we're
gonna say.

I wanna phone my sister.

Take me to a phone.

- I ain't got time to be
looking for no damn phone.

- Please.

- Move over and shut up.

- Give me a phone.

- These are for you.

- You got salt?

One moment.

That dumb bastard.

He ain't never gonna get that bird.

Not in a million years.


- It's Coley, it's Coley.

So what if it's Coley?

- Nothing.

- Don't get out
unless I tell you too.

- What's up, Coley?

- Hello, Pearl.

- Where's Lepardo?

- Dead.

- Thinking we was done with you, Blake.

- You ain't never gonna
be done with me, Shaw.

- Hi, Coley.

- Cassie Ann.

Get inside, hear?

- Just...

- I said get your ass inside.

- You still got that envelope I gave you?


- Could you get it?

You got anything she could wear?

- I suppose so.

Come on honey, see if
we can find something

to cover up all that pretty skin of yours.

Let's see.

Yeah, it's not very much
good for the road?


What do we have?

Well well, these are gonna have to do.


You put that on.

- You reckon that's him?

- That's him, all right.

- I don't know Jessie, maybe
we ought to call for some help.

- Hell, they don't have time for that.

We can handle him.

- You sure?

- Yeah.

Look, go get the megaphone.

You Coley's girl now?

- No.

- Then how come you're with him?

- It's a long story.

- I should've known you weren't.

You ain't his type at all.

- You're his type?

- I was, once.

Before he went to Florence.

- That his girl now?

- Who?

- Florence.

- Florence ain't no girl.

It's a prison in Arizona.

- Oh.

- Hey, do me a favor?

- What's that?

Give Coley a
kiss and tell him it's from me.

- Why don't you give him one yourself?

He's right out there.

- I wish I could.

But I can't.

Not in front of Shaw.

Will ya?

- Yeah.

- What I said before,

about you not being his type.

I was just being mean.

You could be anybody's type.

- Thanks.

- Come on man, get down here.

Hell, you tell 'em we're here.

- Come get Vinnie out of Tailorville

bury him some place decent.

- Will do.

All right you people out there.

This is the Baker town police.

Throw down your weapons, put
your hands over your head.

- Split Coley, we can handle it.

Go on.

- I really think we ought
to get some help, Jessie.

- I think you're right.

- Check this place out.

Don't look like there's anybody here.

- What are we doing here?

I've gotta get to a phone.

I've gotta call my sister.

- Take it easy.

I'll get you to a phone.

There's too much heat
on the road right now.

We've gotta stay right here for a while.

I'm gonna take a look around.

You see what you can find to eat.

Howard Meekin, the owner of

Saint Clemente California Dance Studio

was not available for comment.

However an instructor at the school

did confirm that Anara
Dixon has recently completed

the basic rhythm chords

and was now enrolled
in advanced jazz class.

And now turning to sport.

The Dallas Cowboys gave up

a two touchdown lead in the fourth...

Is there anything
on the radio about us?

- Yeah.

We're cop killers.

They must've found my
prints on that stool.

You look frazzled.

I sure hope you know what
you're letting yourself in for.

Jail ain't no day at the beach.

- Maybe I won't have to go to jail.

- If you go back you will.

- If I don't, what kind
of chance have I got?

- A good one.

You drop out, go under,

there's no way they'll ever find you.

Are you crazy?

I'd be hunted the rest of my life.

- By who?

Where you been living?

On Mars?

There's half a million killers

walking loose around this country,

the police don't have
any time to look for 'em.

You drop out and go under
and you'll be all right.

- Is that what you're gonna do?

Go under?

I've been under all my life.

- And you got caught.

- Of course I got caught.

You steal and you're gonna
get caught sooner or later.

Something you've gotta expect.

But you, if you're as
clean as you say you are,

well you could make it.

- I couldn't handle being a fugitive.

- You are a fugitive.

- I had no choice.

Who the hell gets choices?

- I suppose you had to be a criminal?

- No, hell no.

I could've been an astronaut.

- You could've been any
damn thing you wanted to be.

- Hey, you understand something.

I'm a thief because I wanna be a thief.

I don't wanna nothing else.

Now there's nothing
wrong with being a crook.

Everybody's crooked.

I never met a straight
person in my whole life.

This whole goddamn country is a rip off

and everybody in it.

- I think there's some honest people left.

- Yeah, one's that
haven't been caught yet.

- I still think there's
honest people in this world.

- Yeah well you go right on believing,

but don't be surprised if some jury

don't have your ass for Easter.

You know, I swear I don't
know what kind of cave

you've been hiding in,

but you better wise up fast.

You killed a cop.

I know you didn't mean to,

but they're still gonna try you for it

and even if you beat it,

you're gonna be a lot different person

when it's through with.

And if they convict you,
well you've got no idea

and I mean no idea at all,
what it's like on the inside.

Unless you learn the jail real quick.

And all them other people
in the joint, they're,

they're gonna eat you alive.

That night jailer was just openers.

You ain't on death row yet.

I didn't mean to shake you up out there.

I just wanted you to know the score

and everything, you know.

- I know.

You all right?

- Yes.

Are you sure?

- Yes.

- Boy I, I'm hungry.

- So am I?

- I mean I tell ya, I could eat a bear.

How about you?

Could you eat a bear?

Claws and tail.

Claws and tail.

Yeah me too.

- To extraordinary luck.

- I could sure as hell use some of that.

- I'm cold.

It's cold?

Pull that blanket up.

- Oh yeah.

Where you going?

- I don't know.

Canada maybe.

- Why don't you, why don't you lie down?

There's plenty of room.

- I want you to turn yourself in.

You tell 'em that I killed him

and that I made you go with
me because you saw me do it.

- I can't do that.

- Of course you can.

It don't make any difference to me.

- I can't do that.

I've gotta go back and explain to them,

they'll understand.

I've still got faith.

- I hope you've got a cartload of it.

Yeah that don't do no good.

- I know.

Can't help it.

- Hey, you'll be all right.

Easy, boss.


Get up.

- Getting up, getting up.

- Slow.


- You too.

- Coley!

- No!

Please no.


I'll drive!

- Yeah, but are you sure it's the man?

Yeah it's them all right.

They beat old Sam Hayes up bad.

We're taking him into Fallsburg.

They should hit the highway any minute.

Can you intercept?

- 10-4, we're on our way.

Come on.

- That turned out bad.

For the fundamental principles

of freedom and truth,

that this great nation was founded upon.

- What's your name?

I can't hear you.

I still can't hear you.

I still can't hear you, Pachowsky.

- To you, my fellow citizens of Fallsburg.

And to our forefathers
who sacrifices and vision

have made this dream of
liberty and justice come true

for all of us, I thank you.


That's right man,

clear off the road,
lucky we're both alive.

- Which way are they coming?

Straight down 91, out back.

- Okay, I'll get some
kind of a road block up.

Are you guys okay?

I mean can you make it in?

Yeah we're okay I guess,

but if you got a free car send 'em out.

- Don't have no free car,

you got your own problems.

- Go on, ease it up in here.

Come on.

- They're not behind us.

- No, they're ahead of us.

- Pigs.

- That's right you heard me.

Get Amis and Wilbur over
here off that traffic circle.

- We nearly made it.

- They ain't playing nearly.

Come on, they'll help you.

- I can't.

- I've got to go.

- They're gonna kill you.

- I don't mind.

I was born dead.

- Run!

- Boys get back in your car

and go up Bay Street and
catch him up on Main.

You two go up 13th and catch him over

at Southbank all right?

There, there he is, get him!

- All right get out of there.

You heard me, get out!

- I can't.

My shoulder.

- Come on.

- You son of a bitch.