Jackson (2019) - full transcript

Paranormal Investigator Trevor Night discovers his son has the gift to see spirits. Using his son Trevor begins to study spirits in the hope of finding his deceased wife but in doing so risks the relationship of father and son.

Hi, Trevor Night.

I'm here to see my wife,
Cindy Night.

Excuse me, Doctor,
can we do that later?

I just wanna see my wife.

What, what do you mean you've lost?

No, I just saw her this morning.

You stop talking,
just take me to her!

Is he coming?

Just take me to her.

Just take me to my wife!

Where is she?

You did this!

You killed her!

You killed my wife!

You killed her.

What'd she name him?

Hey Man.

Is everything okay?

I think you saw him coming.



Jackson was attacked tonight.

Oh my god.

By who, is he all right?

Yeah he's still home asleep.

Did you call the cops?


Why not,
he could need medical attention.

I can't tell the cops.

I can't take him to the hospital.

They might suspect me.


I took Jackson with
me in the investigation

with Wolsey Estate.

Off Lincoln, you know,
the double homicide.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And I lost him.

This way.


Do you want to play?

There's nothing here, let's go.



My dad's gonna be mad at me.

What do you mean?

Jackson, where are you?

He's coming.

How'd you lose him?

I don't know.

One minute he was there,

the next minute he was gone.

Couple minutes later I hear
him screaming.





Billy, I know you're in there!

Open this door!

I know you're in there!



Open this door!

You broke it!


So it was a gunshot comes home,

knocks me back.

As I'm getting up the door is open

and Jackson's unconscious on
his back

with markings on his neck.

Well is he okay?

Yes, dammit, he's fine.

David did you not hear
a single word I said?

Yeah, sounds like you said that

Jackson can see spirits.


But more than that.

I believe Jackson relives
what happens to the spirits.

I don't know, Man.

We've been doing this for what,
seven years

and nothing like this has
ever happened.

Read the case file.

Mr. Stone, father of Billy Stone

strangled himself to death in
a closet

and shot himself three
weeks later after the loss

of Mrs. Stone who died
battling cancer?

Reason behind the killing points

to high depression of Mr. Stone.

I'm telling you, Jackson saw that.


You broke it!

Dad, help!

Told you not to do it!

Why, why, why?!

Ah, help, Dad!

No, Mommy!

It's me!

It's me,
it's just a bad dream, okay?

You're just having a bad dream.



Jackson, why did you say Mommy?

Trevor, I think it's too..

Did you have a dream about Mommy?


Have you ever seen Mommy?

Answer me, Jackson,
have you seen her?

Have you ever seen..

Trevor, that's enough, Trevor.

I'm sorry, Jackson.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

This is Trevor Night at the investigation

of the Wolsey Estate

where less than 24 hours ago

Jackson was attacked by, I believe

a paranormal entity.

Is there anyone here

who would like to communicate
with me?

Anyone at all?

Jackson said there was
as child named Billy.

Billy, would you like
to communicate with me?

Or maybe your father would
like to say something.

The man who killed you!

Or do you only pick on
children, huh?

Come on!

Come on!

I'm not goin' anywhere!


Oh Jesus, David.

Hey, what's going on?

What happened in here?

Yeah, nothing happened.

What do you need?


Your son.


Can you get the equipment?

Yeah, I'll go, I'll get it,
I'll get it, go.

Trevor, everything okay?
I'm late.


I'm so, so sorry.

Trevor, you're four hours late.

That's the fifth time this month.

I know, I'm sorry.

I just got carried away at work.

Well you always do, Trevor

but I need you to know
that this is the last time

because I'm done.


I can't watch Jackson for you anymore.

I have my own kids to think about.

Oh, come on Betty, look.

I am sorry,
I'm doing the best I can.

I know you are, Trevor and
I feel for you and Jackson,

I really do.

But this is putting such
a strain on my marriage

and on my own home life.

I can't do this for you anymore.

You're just too unreliable.

And then something else
happened today, Trevor.

Something that makes me think

that there could be
something wrong with Jackson.

What do you mean wrong?

Well, Trevor,
I found these drawings

under his bed.

Just hateful drawings,
drawings of people's deaths.

But then this one, this
one was different, Trevor.

This one he put above his head.

Do you think that that could actually

be a picture of Cindy?

Not sure.

Has he ever done
anything like this before?


Okay Trevor, look,

I know we've been
neighbors for over 10 years

but I really need you to know

that I just can't do this
anymore, okay?

I can't watch Jackson for you.

I understand.

I do.

I do.

Thank you, Betty.

For everything you've done.

Of course Trevor,

of course.
Thank you.

All right,
well you have a good night, okay?


Jackson, you still awake?

We were supposed to play
baseball today, weren't we?

Boy, I blew it.

I'm sorry.


Tomorrow, I promise.

How about it?

Hmm, nothing, huh?

Not even if I take you with me

to the market before we go
play ball,

pick up a new baseball?

Okay, that's a little improvement.

But not enough.

So what if we go and pick out
a baseball

and a new bat?

Thanks, Dad.

Thank you, Buddy.

Good job.

No, you can carry it.

It's your new ball.

Is it easy to throw a new one

than that old one you had?



Always was for me too.


Do you see something?

Jackson, do you see something?


It's not gonna be like it was.

All right, they can't touch you.

Now I need you to be brave
for me.

Can you do that?

I need you to tell me what
you see.

Can you tell me?

I see men.

Okay, good, good.

Can you show me?

Where are they?

All right.

How many are there?

About 15.

What are they doing?

Carrying boxes.

What, what's wrong?

They heard me.

Jackson, what's going on?

What's happening?

Dad, please.

Why are you stopping?

Who's responsible for this?


Who are you?

Who are you working with?

Who are you working for?

Answer me!
Nothing's gonna hurt you!


Jackson, are you okay?

Are you okay?

You're dead!


He ratted us out.

Jackson, are you hurt?

Are you hurt?


I believe you.

You hear me?

I believe you.

Okay, there you are.

There you are.

I do believe you.

Jackson, listen to me.

You can't tell anyone
about seeing these things.

But why?


People are scared of what
they don't understand.

But not me.

It's my job to study and

try to find these ghosts and
help them.

Like how you try to find Mommy?

Drink your water.

Yeah, like Mom.


Yes, Jackson?

What happened to Mommy?

I wish you slowed down.

Uh huh.

No, no you see he's never
done any

problems like that before.


If you think he needs a week

then a week it is.

Buh bye.

Let me explain.

I thought we were clear on this.

No drawings in public.

No speaking about ghosts in public.

How do you mess that up?


And now, she is taking
you to the psychiatrist.

For a week, everyday,
she will be dropping you off.


Oh, she insisted.

And if I put up any kind of argument

it would have looked suspicious.

You fix this.

You say whatever you have to say

to make this go away, do you understand?

Jackson, do you understand?

Yes, Sir.

Now, go finish last
weekend's investigation.

And I want cleaner drawings,

better than what you've done
the last couple of times.


Wait, wait, wait.

She said there were some
papers for me or something.


Oh hi, Jackson, Mrs. Lewis.

Just go ahead and have a
seat over there, Jackson.

I am just finishing up here.

Shouldn't we wait?


Wait for what, Jackson?

You've been feeling okay, Jackson?

Any more drawings since our
last visit?

No Sir, I'm done with that.

Did you just see something now?

We should probably wait
until she comes back.

Ah, yes, thank you Jackson,
good catch.

I'll be right back.

Sorry about that.

So Jackson, how have you been?

Good, I've been good, thank you.

These drawings, any inspirations?



Like I said before,

the kids dared me to draw them.

I didn't mean to offend anyone.

I see.

Did you know Jackson,
that one of your pictures

shows a murder that
took place 20 years ago?

No Sir, I just drew what the kids

told me to draw.

I wonder how they knew

what to tell you to draw.

Maybe you should ask them.


That's okay.

Oh, that's my daughter's
rocking horse.

Would you like to take a look
at it?

I really don't wanna

talk about ghosts

or about drawings anymore today.

What I would like to talk
about, Jackson

is your father.

How is your father, Jackson?

My father, he's doing good.


Well you know, it seems
like he's a celebrity now.

I've seen him on TV before
talking about ghosts

and writing books about the supernatural.

Does it bother you that
he's not at home with you?

It's his job.

I know it's his job.

But what I'm asking you
though, Jackson

is does it bother you
that he's not at home?

He keeps hurting me.

I'm sorry.

You don't have to be sorry.

You haven't done anything wrong.

I know these questions are tough

but you know I have to ask
them in order to help you.

Please, stop.


Jackson, do you understand?


He won't stop hurting me!



Are you even paying
attention to me, Jackson?

I'm talking about your father,
of course.


Jackson, do you understand?


Jackson, are you all right?



Does what your father..
I love my dad, all right?

Jackson, Jackson!

Miss Lewis?

Yes, Jackson?

Did something happen
to Dr. Hinson's daughter?

What makes you think something

happened to her?

He sounded sad
when he mentioned her horse.

Unfortunately, something
bad did happen to her.

She slipped and fell,
hit her head, passed away.

He loved her a lot.

Did he?


What are you looking at?


Thank you.

He'll be home soon.

Good night, Mrs. Lewis.

Hey you.

Don't you turn away from me.

Don't you turn away from me.

Look at me, look at me!



Don't you run away from me, Boy!

Why don't you look at me?

Look at me!

Open your eyes, dammit.

Open your eyes, open your eyes!

Jackson, get up!

Come on, let's go!

Case Study 47,
house of the Hill Residence

where three months ago a
family was brutally murdered

ending in an execution style shooting.

The police have not been cooperating

in providing names of suspects.

And Ted Hill, brother of the
deceased father Jeremy Hill

has asked that we step in and

try to come up with any answers.

David, you good?

Yup, everything's good.

Jackson, you good?


I don't think we should be here.

What do you mean?

You know what I mean.

Give us a moment.

This is very important to
my research, you understand?

These people are looking to us

to give them answers.

The press, to deliver a story.

And if I can't give them a story

then I don't get paid.

If I don't get paid,

then you can't go to college.

It's a classic help me help
you scenario.

I'm telling you, I don't feel right

about this place.

Which is why we have to be here.

Look, every one of those other

potential GH5 scenarios that
we left

because you didn't feel good
about them,

well the press got bored.

They want a real ghost, real answers.

And if I can't give that to them,

then I'm gone.

Along with your hope for college.


You have to do this for
both of our futures.

I'll be right in there.



Okay, good.

Everything good?

Everything's fine.

What are you doing?

Are you scared of that?

Are you scared of that?


Let me tell you something.

Not nearly enough.

You know, always had big fun games.

I liked it.

We, as in my family, liked it.

So tell me.

Do you like games, huh?

Do you like games?

Yeah, yeah!


'Cause we're about to play
one right now.

Why is he sitting like that?

It must be what the ghost wants.

Pay attention.

Did you or did you not attend
a party

at the Hill's Residence last
Friday night?

I don't..
Nah, nah, nah.

A simple yes or no will do.



You see everyone how this works?

Now Bobby, next question.

Do you like sex?

What are you some kind of..


No, Bobby!

A simple yes or no will do!

Yes, yes!

Now Bobby.

Shut up!

I'll get you in a minute.

Now Bobby, next question.

On that same night,
did you have sexual intercourse?

Yes, yes I did.
Yes, that's a yes?


Your son's sick.

Leave my son alone!

Oh, what's that?

The lawyer would like to have
a word huh?

This is crazy, my son's innocent!

Did you or did you not pay
off the judge

to save your son?



Answer me!


Nothing, huh?

Tell you what.

I'ma get Mom in the mix,
shall we?

Please, no!

Shut up, you had your chance!

Ah yes, Mom.

Oh this all looks fun to me, Mom.

Hey, Mom.

Trust me, my wife and daughter

did a lot of crying too.

But I have to ask you a question.

My wife says you just
chaperoned this party.

And that you ensured
everyone's safety.

But I wanna ask you this.

Did your confidence go?

Oh, hold that just one second.

Hey, hey, stay with me.


Yeah I know, stay with me.

Just one last question for you.

All right?

Did you rape my daughter,
Crystal Winters?



So Mom,
you think your son's a rapist now?

No, he could never..


Barry, you son of..

Have a look see for yourself, Bobby.

See that Bobby?

So I got one last question
for you.

You think you're a religious
man now?


You know, the funniest
part about all of this is

Crystal wasn't even a good lay.

Let me tell you something.

You think that's gonna save
you where you're going?

No, no, Son.

You gotta beg the Devil
to keep me from you.

And when you get down
there and when I find you,

and I will find you,

I'm gonna take your soul and
rip it,

rip it apart.

You deserve it.

What was that?


It's fine.

Breathe, Baby.

I love you.

You're free now.

So please forgive me.

Please forgive me.

Dad, get me out.

No, no way!


That's impossible!

Dad, get me out!
That is impossible!

Dad, where are you?

You have to die!

Get me out, Dad!

David, we got this.

I killed you!



Dad, Dad!

You have to die!


It's okay, it's okay.

What happened?

Where were you?

Where were you?

Jackson, I tried!
I needed you,

where were you?
I tried, I tried!

No you didn't try!

You just baited me.

You just made me sit here!
I was here!

No, you just had me sit here

and wait for your investigations!

That is not true!

It is true!

You know what, I'm done.

I'm done!


I'm done!

You're done when I tell you
you're done!

You owe me that!

I owe you?

We're not gonna find Mom!

She's gone, she's moved on.

Why can't you?

Don't you talk about her

as if you knew her.

You didn't!

Mom chose me out of love.

She sacrificed herself so
I can be here.

Why can't you understand that?

She chose wrong.


You took her from me.

You took her from me!

She's dead because of you!

You took her from me!

Don't you understand that?

Do you?

You took her!

You wish I died that day
instead of her.

I think we both know the
answer to that.

As ready as you can be, right?

Oh yeah.


Is it true?

Is what true?

Is your father Trevor Night?

Let me explain, let me explain.

Please, please, let me explain.



You knew.

You knew and you said nothing!

Please don't do this.

I only wanted to help.


Only one man helped me, Jackson.

And he's dead now, dead!

I didn't know about the book.

But you knew about me,
about my father

about what he sacrificed to
save me and you said nothing?

You saw it?

Answer me.


Your father just killed
my dad's sacrifice.

Do you understand that, Jackson?

Do you?

You left me alone!

Hey Man.

How you holding up?

Look, sorry about Jackson, Trevor.

Just, I don't even know if
you wanna know about this but

cops are saying that
they're hearing things

at the house, seeing things.

Fireplace starting up,
hearing voices and stuff but,

I saw a guy with a teal vest.

It's what Jackson was
wearing that night, Trevor.

Stop it David, stop,
what are you doing?

I'm trying to help you.

David, look.

My son is dead.

So why are you bringing all
this stuff in?

I'm trying to help you!


You want what I have!

Fame, fortune, so easy!
No, no!

That's never what I wanted!

That's what you wanted!

Money, fame!

But not me!

So I didn't care about anyone else!

I just wanted

more fame!
All you care about

is yourself!
More money!


I don't care about my son?

No, you never did!

I cared about him.

I loved him, and I loved you.

You know what?

Don't you ever say that to me!

Don't you ever!

It's true, it's true!

This is my son!

Get out!

Let me grieve in peace!

Night residence.

This is he.

Did he say anything?

No Sir, he didn't really say much.

All he asked for is some paper,

that's all he asked for.

Can you explain to me what
this is?

My god.

Can I have just a moment with him?

Yes Sir, you may.

But you gotta leave the door open

so leave the door open.

Okay, all right, thank you.

You're welcome.


David, what happened?

Talk to me, Buddy.
They're all dead.

They're all dead!

He let me go.

He let me go.

He let me go!

He let me go!

Who let you go?
For you,

for you, for you!
Where did this happen?

For you, for you!
I need you to talk

to me, Buddy!

♪ You better watch out ♪

♪ You better not cry ♪

♪ You better watch out ♪

♪ You better not cry ♪

♪ You better watch out ♪

♪ You better not cry ♪

♪ You better watch out ♪

♪ You better not cry ♪


Why is my son's name on all
these papers?

♪ You better not cry ♪

Why did you write my son's name

on these papers?


You better watch out.

♪ You better not cry ♪

♪ You better watch out ♪

♪ You better not cry ♪

David, why did you write

Jackson's name on the paper?


What is this?

Did you go to the house?

Did you?

Did you go to the house?


He's waiting for you.




Jackson, Jackson, Jackson!

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson!

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson!
Stop it, stop it!

Stop it!





It's okay.


Yeah, it's okay, Man.

It's okay, Man.

Jackson was right, you know.

Man down, man down, call EMS,
call EMS.

Bring 'em in, bring 'em in.

He's waiting for you.

Kaitlyn, it's Trevor.

Yeah I need you to meet me
at the house in two hours.

That's right, the front house.

And pick up Eddie on the way.

Two hours.

Trevor, what is going on?


David is gone.

Gone, what?

He's dead.

All right, now look.
Oh my god.

I talked to him.

One of the last things he
said to me

before he passed was that
he'd done an investigation

in this house.

And he saw Jackson.


I'm going in and I'm gonna
find him.


He said something with Jackson?

You coming?

Yeah we're coming.


Hey wait a minute.

Can you just tell us what's going on?



Katlyn, can I have a journal?




Katlyn, go ahead and go on
upstairs and get set up.


All right Eddie,
I know David always did this

but I'm gonna need you to do
the drawings.

Trevor, listen,
this book freaks me out.

With everything that's going on,
with Jackson..


I don't have a choice.

I don't have David anymore.

I need you to step up.

I need you to be there.



All right,
I'm gonna be in the first room.


You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine, Trevor.

Eddie, can you come help me?

Yeah, go and take care of that.


Trevor, help!

I'm so happy.

It's just the two of us now.

Nobody else.

And now we can be together forever.


Babe, you didn't say
anything about my new dress.

Don't you like it?

I bought it just for you.

Don't you think it's pretty?


What's happening?

Hey, watch where you
put that hand, Mister.

I'm not that kind of girl.

He's mine.

He's mine!


He's mine!

Mine, mine, mine, mine!


Trevor, help!

Wait, what?

Why didn't you save me?








What was that?







Allie, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry I couldn't save you.

I'm so sorry.

What happened to mommy?

Answer me Jackson,
have you seen her?

You're done when I tell you
you're done!

You owe me that!

Mom chose me.

She chose wrong.


We were supposed to go
fishing, remember?

I remember.

You hurt me, Dad.

I know.

I was so scared.

I'm so sorry.

I just wanted to make you proud.

You did.

You were so brave.

All I wanted was a dad.

I know.

I was selfish.

I was wrong.

You were a good kid,
you hear me?

I did this to you.

I wish...

I wish we could go back.

Me too, Dad.

I love you.

I love you too, Sson.






Oh please god no!

I'm sorry.

Jackson, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


We were supposed to go fishing.


Let's go, Dad!


You all set?


Yeah, guess you're about as ready

as you're gonna be.

Let's go fishing.

We just gotta make one stop first.

Hello, Father.