Jackie Chan's Who Am I? (1998) - full transcript

Jackie Chan, a top secret militant soldier, crashes into the South African jungle after his mission of kidnapping three scientists (who were experimenting with a powerful mineral) has gone awry. Waking up in a village of local natives, Chan has no memory of who he is, thus being addressed as "Who Am I". His journey with aid from two female sidekicks to find out his identity leads him all the way to Rotterdam where he coincidentally discovers the location of the organization that kidnapped the three scientists. With no memory, Chan is thirsty for answers by any means necessary.

What's wrong with him?

l don't know

Do you think he can still walk?

How is he?

He's just woken up

My friend! You gave us quite a scare

We're happy you've woken up.
Welcome to our land

Where am l? How did l get here?

These men found you in the mountains

Now, l want to know,
where do you come from

and how did you get here?

l don't know your language.

l am the chief. Me. The chief

And who are you? What is your name?

Who am l?

His name is ''Who Am l''

Your name is ''Who Am l''?

Who Am I

Who is he?


Hey! Looks like you're getting better,
my man

l knew he would

Baba. Sit down



Sun's up, down, moon's up. One day

One day

Up. Down

One day

How many days walk

from here over the mountain?

One day, one day...

One day. Stuck here forever!

Baba, it's a lion! Baby!

Few more here!

Put it down! Run!

Lion baby!

Put it down!

Put it down?

Put it down!

Baba, do something! Where are you, Baba?

Baba, do something! Make them go away!

Go! Go!

Hey! Go!


Who Am I,
we have seen a miracle over the mountain

There was iron that had been burnt

We buried 8 bodies
wearing same clothes like yours

You mean come with you? Go?

Yes. Let's go!


Look at that!

Who Am I, come quickly! Come!

l'm sorry. l don't know.
What are you saying?

See! There it is.
The fire I told you about

A light!

I can go! I can go! Yes! I can go!

The ancestors are with you!

The lion won't attack you!
The snake will never strike you!

God makes you strong!

The ancestors have heard!
They will protect you!

Now go forth as a man!

Fear nothing!

Good fortune be with you!

This bracelet will bring you luck

The strong will become stronger

Thank you

Go in peace


When we found you,

you were wearing the same clothes.
Am l right?

Yes. We wear the same clothes

Baba. Never play with
dead people's belongings

l know this is bad luck for your culture

l'll go on alone. Thank you

Go well!


Can I borrow your compass?

Can I take it?

I bring back, I promise

I promise

Please come back soon

I will miss you

Thank you

Be careful

Take care, my friend

You will succeed!

Let's go, smart ass!

(in Japanese) Not again!

l've got him! Come help!

Go! Get him!