Jackass 3D (2010) - full transcript

'Jackass 3D' opens with the entire cast all lined up, each wearing a different color of the rainbow, in front of a rainbow colored background, each in turn being attacked in various ways. Some of the footage is slowed down for maximal effect. This is repeated again at the end of the movie with additional explosions mixed in with gallons of water to wash away the cast- chaos is resumed. Throughout the movie the team are subjected to the usual foray of physical abuse from team members or perform hilarious stunts (including some of the more stomach turning stunts such as the Sweat suit cocktail, Toy Train Eruption and Poo Cocktail Supreme - not for the weak stomached!).

Ging is spelled G-i-n-g.

Oh, so Nigg is an anagram!

My guess is that when I was a
baby, I came here with Ging.

He was probably trying to tell me this:

If I'm ready to give up everything to find him,

I have to get strong enough
to clear the game...

Well? What will you do once you find Ging?

Naturally, I'll introduce him to Killua!

My best friend in the world!

Accompany on!


Reunion x And x Understanding

Is that



I got a slot machine in my mouth!

It goes from 1 to 9.

Each number summons a different weapon.

This is my

Crazy Slots!

Crazy Slots:
Psychotic Clown

Give me something good...


Damn, bad roll.

Shut up!

You should be grateful, you idiot!

An ant?

Are you hurt?

Is that Ging?

That isn't Ging...


What was that about?

First you push us down, then you fire at us!

Enough fooling around!

Fooling around?

I was being dead serious.

If I hadn't opened fire,
you would have been attacked.

By what?!

The ant you shot?


What is this?


That's no ordinary ant.

It's a Chimera Ant.

A Chimera Ant?

An aggressive, carnivorous insect,
currently under class-1 quarantine.

From time to time, they even attack humans.

You were standing right in front of their nest.

Had I not fired,

a Chimera Ant army would
have consumed you by now.

I feel like this has happened before...

Don't worry, it's not serious.

Apply this.

It's an antibiotic.

What? That's it?

Let's go nuts, man!

Shut up... Go away.

You should leave, as well.


Because of this interruption,
I'll need to start over.

But the nest was destroyed.

Man, forced to take another life...


Man, forced to take another life...

Are you...

Are you the one

who saved me back then?

Back then?

On Whale Island, after I stumbled into
the territory of a Foxbear with its cub.

Whale Island?

That time, too,

you had to kill, in order to protect me.

Oh, yes. I remember now.

I never expected to run into you again here.

You've grown, Gon.

How do you know my name?

I heard it from your dad,


Old man, you know Ging?


Yeah, my name is Kite.

Ging-san was my master.

Oh, so you're also pro Hunters?

Yep. Are you one too, Kite-san?

Call me Kite.

It's awkward being addressed
formally by my master's son.


Then, you're one too, Kite?

Yeah, Ging-san was the one who
made me a top-class Hunter.

He was my teacher and benefactor.

If I hadn't met Ging-san,

I'd have died long ago, in the alley of a slum.

Wait up!

Damned brat!

He swiped the bread that
I'd managed to find...

He isn't escaping today.

My bread!


you won't get away today!


What is this?

What are you doing?

Stop it...

You live with these guys?

That sounds fun.

That was how you met Ging?


Ging-san said that good Hunters
are well-liked by animals.

He said I had potential, so I got interested.

And you became his student?

I had to force him to teach me.

He hated dealing with any kind of hassle...

So I was never his student officially.

But I was a stubborn one...

I kept bugging him.

Eventually, I started to develop my Nen,

and he began teaching me to hunt.

As a result, I was able to pass the
Hunter Exam with little difficulty.

But before Ging-san was satisfied,
I had to clear another hurdle.

Can you guess what it was?

I think I might know.


No, I definitely know.

This is what Ging would have said...

"Try to catch me."

Exactly. You're right.

I knew it! I figured that was it!

But as far as I knew, he was
the world's greatest Hunter.

It was going to be the most difficult hunt ever.

There were no clues or leads to begin from.

And I didn't hear word of a single sighting.

He'd managed to completely erase
his existence from this world.

Like a super-powered form of Zetsu?


So what happened in the end?

I was struggling, and grasping for a single clue,

so I went to his home.

To Whale Island.

That was when I met you, Gon.

But back then, I didn't realize

that you were Ging-san's son.

I didn't learn that until I'd found Ging-san

and told him about what had
happened on Whale Island.

That was my kid... His name is Gon.

Thanks for hitting him.

It's common sense to avoid

Foxbear territory when they're raising young.

Ging-san wasn't surprised

that I went to Whale Island,
or that I met you there.

It was almost as though he'd expected it.

Looking back,

it may be that everything's gone
according to Ging-san's plans.

Are you saying he set all this up?

Well, I can't prove it.

You might be right.

Razor was waiting for me.

And Dwun and List.

Razor? Dwun?

Yeah, in a game called Greed Island...

It's a long story.

In the game, a guy named Razor was
waiting for me, at Ging's request.

My son will come here one day.

When that happens, give him a good beating.

Does that mean I'm allowed to kill him?

Don't get too cocky.

He is my son.

Then, I'm counting on you, Razor.

Dwun and List were among Ging's ten friends

who helped him create Greed Island.

Oh, Razor was also one of them...

Anyway, those three were waiting for me.

When I learned that, I realized something.

If Ging planned for me to go to Greed
Island and meet his friends,

meeting Bisky and the others may have
been another part of his plan.

In that case,

it's possible that Ging also planned
that you'd meet Kite here.


Oh, that's right!

You must have been to Greed Island before.


Yeah, did you register under the name "Nigg"?


No, I don't recall that name.


I do remember Ging-san taking
me inside a game...

I knew it!

Greed Island...

Yes, I believe that was its title.

But I can't remember if I used an alias.

That must be it...

Ging must have had you use the name Nigg.

Damn! He tricked me!

You were so sure you'd meet him, huh?

Are you sure this was the right decision,


Can you make it so that using
Magnetic Force will send Gon to me,

while using Accompany will send him to Kite?

I can...

Why do you want me to do that?

If he uses Magnetic Force to see me on
his own, I'm willing to meet with him.

But I can't meet him if he's so gutless
that he has to bring friends.

Why would bringing friends mean he's gutless?

I don't understand.

Never mind... Just do it!

You'd probably just be
embarrassed if he brought a crowd.

Shut up! Just do it!

He's so weird...

Shy and stubborn.

I feel sorry for Gon-kun.

I understand.

So the game Greed Island was
created to train you boys.

Only Gon, really.

I just tagged along for the ride.

That may have been part of Ging's plan, too.

Even me?

Nah, that's impossible.


it appears that our meeting
here wasn't coincidence.

Yeah, I agree.

There must be a deeper meaning to this.


Razor waited inside the
game to make you stronger,

so one would think Ging must
have some role for Kite to play.

A role...

Your final test was finding Ging, right?


That sounds like a daunting task.

The best Hunters in this world

are masters of not only hunting,
but concealing themselves as well.

Yet you were able to find him.


Yeah, that's true.

Once you cleared your final test,

Ging must have decided you were
worthy of handling this.

Handling this? Handling what?

Handling what? Basically...

Thanks for hitting him.

Say, Gon...

Want me to tell you Ging-san's
current whereabouts?

No, I'll find him on my own.

A good response.

Anyway, tell me about Ging.

Tell me everything you know!

How to help two-headed wolves breed?

Ging is involved in that stuff?

Sure, Ging-san is involved with a
wide range of Hunter activities.

He's never formally applied
because he doesn't want

to expend the energy, but he's as
qualified as a Triple Star Hunter.

Triple Star?

Stars are awarded to Hunters who
perform extraordinary tasks.

Those responsible for

historical discoveries or global
achievements receive three stars.

There are fewer than ten of
these Hunters in the world.

The title "Triple Star Hunter"
is reserved for the very best.

So Ging is as good as the best!


A Hunter who earned Ging's respect.

Ging-san is also famous

for discovering the Lurka Ruins
and the Kongo gold vein.

Oh, I've heard of the Lurka Ruins!

Kite, student of Ging...

While his meeting

with Gon and Killua signaled the
beginning of a new adventure...

On the Yorbian continent, in the
southernmost of the Balsa Islands,

a prologue to unparalleled fear

was quietly but steadily unfolding.

Not enough.

These creatures are not enough,
no matter how many I eat.

But I cannot move...

Stay calm.

Focus on recovering my energy.

I must heal before I can take the next step.

I have a duty to fulfill...

I must give birth to the King!

I am the Queen!

Next time: Unease x And x Sighting.

Are you uneasy, Killua?

D-Don't embarrass me!