Jackal of Nahueltoro (1969) - full transcript

In 1960, José del Carmen Valenzuela Torres, from the small town of Nahueltoro in Chile, brutally murdered Rosa Rivas Acuña and her five children. This classic film of the Latin American cinema is based on testimonies provided by the murderer himself while he was being prosecuted and the journalists who interviewed him before his sentence was executed. Thirty two months after the massacre at age 23 and after learning how to read and write, "The Jackal of Nahueltoro" faced a firing squad.


Written and directed
by Miguel Littin.

In Chillan, on September 23, 1960,
Jorge del Carmen Valenzuela Torres,

under court order and urged to
tell the truth, put forward:

Jose's Childhood.

The oldest memories I have was when
I was about six years old.

And my father, Carlos Valenzuela, worked at
Olivio Fuente's property...

in San Carlos.

My father worked as a day laborer and
lived on the premises, in a sort of hut...

with my mother, myself and
my younger brother.

I can't remember his name, but I
called him something like Piren.

I was about eight when
I left home, walking.

I scrounged for food on the roads.

Until I got to San Fabian.

Take it like a man!

- Excuse me, sir.
- Feel at home, corporal, help yourself.

Drink up, corporal, drink up!

Not a bad looking little devil.

But, you know, I spend little
time here, corporal.

And my aunt is too old to raise
a kid, don't you think?

It's incredible! They bring little ones to this
world with no sense of responsibility!

What has the poor kid done
to deserve this?

Someone should take care
of these things.

Another drink, corporal?

Be my guest!

- And from God.
- The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost!

- How many gods are there?
- There's only One!

- And where is He?
- In heaven, on earth and everywhere!

Come in, Campos.

What brings you here, corporal?

- I wanted to have a word with you.
- Of course, Campos. This way.

And all of you better not stop!


Do you know baby Jesus?

Would you like to have your first
communion, little one?

Later, I went with the corporal
to San Carlos,

I did chores and took
care of the pigs.

A gentleman took me with him to
mind the goats, gather firewood...

I was there like eight months.

Then another one took me to a
place near the mountains...

I was there for about a year.

But, I found a guy that
paid me more and...

was more secure, so I went with him.

I was there for about a year and a half and
then I went with another boss that...

paid me 1500 pesos a month.

And brought me things now and then.

But as this boss was too demanding...

he used to send me to fetch firewood
without warm clothes when it rained...

He wouldn't let me get warm in peace...

I left and... walking.

Dozens of people have been at the
Nahueltoro bridge since dawn,

waiting for the judge and
police authorities,

who, along with confessed criminal
Jorge Valenzuela Torres,

better known as
"The Nahueltoro Jackal",

will reconstruct this horrible
criminal act that...

has shaken the population and which
left six innocent people dead.

Murderer! Murderer!

Jose's Journey.

Then I went on working
on different properties...

up until about three years ago...

when I returned to my
mother's house,

and found out that
I had two more siblings...

born from her and my
father's brother,

Juan Miguel Valenzuela Enrique.

A woman, Norma, and a
man called Juan.

I was like a month at
my mother's house...

and stole nothing. I just took a
cloth from my sister.

I worked at different places, until
I got to Ralbunco...

and was in jail for a while.

After I got out of jail,
I met... Maria Gonzalez...

and stayed at her house
for a few days.

I had a fight with a nephew of hers that
left me with some cuts on my hand.

They say he was arrested.

One of Maria Gonzalez' sisters threw
me out of the house and...

we left to search for work, walking.
Couldn't find any for 25 days.

Then I crossed the ?uble River.

- So how much do you want for this junk?
- You tell me.

Where did you steal it from?

Well, a sister of mine gave them
to me... she lives around here.

Just the shirt is OK.

Forget about money. If you want
a half-jug, OK. If not...

Serve me up.

Go watch the baby!

And don't blow on the fire.

Didn't you see the chickens?
Shoo them downhill! Look, look!

Are you looking for something?

Need anything?

Could I have a little water?

- You're not from around here?
- No.

- Outsider?
- Yes, m'am!

Been around here a while?

No, just got here.

Have you talked
to the boss?

No, didn't speak to anyone.

You can find him at the house.

Lot of work?

I'm alone, and five kids on top of that.
Wouldn't wish it on anyone.

It was different when
my man was alive.

Make that kid shut up!

Time goes by and there's
so much to do.

You don't have to
do that, listen!

He was found dead by the marsh.

Six knife wounds.

On the marsh by the new road.

Get to bed before you fall
over the fire. Now, now!

He wasn't a bad man.

The fire is burning out.

- Where are you going? - I'm leaving.
- With this cold?

What are you doing?

Don't push me! Can't you see
I'm taking the children out?

Who sent you to do
something like this?

Watch it, leave that there!

Who sent you to do this?
God Almighty!

I need the house, he said. You know m'am
that I need the house for a...

tenant that will work on the property.

Didn't the dead man perform and
work like a good Christian?

Yes, but he's dead. You know
I need the house.

If you get stubborn, I'll forcibly
evict you, he said.

And I said: It's your decision.

And around four they came and started to
throw everything out mercilessly.

Damn dogs!

He said: What are you bitching about, darkie,
don't you have the scoundrel that just arrived?

He meant you.

- My sympathies.
- Thank you very much.

This is as far as we'll go.

I was lying there.

It was about five in
the afternoon...

Rosa had brought me some
wine from El Manco.

Three liters.

Did you drink it all?

- No, she drank too.
- A lot?

Just a bit.

That's why I was drunk.

Where was she when
you hit her?

I was there on the side.

And she was minding
the fire here.

And she was scolding me because I had
brought her from Los Encinos.

I got mad and grabbed a long stick with
a knife and hit her with the stick end.

You didn't use the knife?

Don't remember, I think it
was just the stick.

And the stones? What did you
use the stones for?

Don't know what for.
I can't remember.

How can you not remember?

So they wouldn't move anymore.

You threw them on her.

And then?

Jovina came. She took off
when she saw me.

- And you chased her?
- Yes, sir.

What for?

To kill her?

Yes, sir. To kill her.

Did you go on hitting her when
she was on the ground?

I don't remember,
I was very drunk.

- Why was Alicia here?
- She'd come to fetch firewood.

- And were you looking for her?
- Yes, sir.

To kill her?

Yes, sir. To kill her.

She was just standing there,
looking at me without speaking.

I hit her with the stick.

Did you grab her neck?

I don't remember grabbing
her neck.

He's lying, the body had
signs of strangulation.

The little girls were kneeling.

I got close and hit them
with the stick.

Neither of them moved,
I hit them with the stick.

How long did it take you
to kill the girls?

I believe something like
three hours.

Why did you kill
the children?

So they wouldn't suffer,
the poor kids.

In Page 105, including information
form Chillan prison,

whereby prisoner Valenzuela was put
at the disposal of the court,

together with the objects found on
his person, which were...

a coat, a pot, a bed sheet...

a tin spoon, two
thread spools,

and a file.

In Page 101, Jorge del Carmen
Valenzuela Torres,

says that after killing Rosa Rivas
and her children,

he took 6,300 pesos he found in a
basket and left the place.

In Page 141, ...

Pursuit and Capture.

All available forces in the province
are searching for...

the Nahueltoro murderer, who
mercilessly and cruelly killed...

a mother and her
six young children.

Many neighbors have
joined the manhunt.

All sectors of society are outraged
by this horrendous crime.

In addition, there is fear that the Jackal
may reach the border with Argentina.

National Police forces
have been sent...

to the mountain border crossings
to prevent an escape.

There is a serious fear that this man could leave
a trail of blood and death wherever he goes.

The body of a little girl that had been raped
has been found in another town.

Also, the body of a murdered peasant
was found this morning.

Thus, the total body count would rise to eight
for this godless and lawless criminal.

For this murderer without peers
in Chile's police history.

A helicopter has been added to
the search in the last hours.

So we can assume that the Nahueltoro
Jackal's days are numbered.

Eight rifles are waiting for him to pay with
his life for the horrible crime committed.

What's your name?
Answer, you piece of shit!

In Page 35, the prisoner's defense...

sustains that the lack of motive for the
crimes of homicide and grievous bodily harm,

should be investigated, considering the
prisoner's personality and background,

which indicate that since childhood he has led
a life of suffering and ill treatment.

This atmosphere created an abnormal
personality with violent reactions...

and unlike a normal person.

With no respect for order or morals.

Education and Taming.

- It's pretty easy. - Not at all, there
are people who have never managed.

- And how's the writing?
- Not so good, I'm better at this.


You've got to play the ball,
play it, understand?

And never get dizzy with it.

Hi! Did you win?
Are you happy?

It's nice to win, isn't it?

Give me the shirt!

Don't worry, go on.

On May 21, at
Iquique's anchorage,

One of the most glorious events
in our history took place.

That day, Commander Arturo Prat
and his comrades...

chose to sacrifice their lives rather
than haul down our flag.

"As long as I live, this flag
will fly in its place.

And if I die, my officers will
know their duty".

Prat said to his men.

"Viva Chile!" they shouted.

And got ready to fight
to the death.

The Esmeralda was just an old,
run-down schooner.

While the Huasca was an iron
behemoth with large canons,

a cutwater and other
deadly weapons.

To the shout of "Stand by
for boarding, boys"

Prat jumped onto the
enemy ship's deck.

Finding himself alone, he made his way
through the deck, sword in hand.

All of a sudden, a coward shot
him point-blank...

a shot on his forehead that led
him to death and glory.

"I'm held at Chillan Prison,

Mother, don't weep for me. I'm not the
first prisoner. Don't tell me who I am."

"The cell bars are full of mourning."

"The stone with its stone,
weeps after watching me cry".

"Nearly four years locked up...

and the sentence read:
Death by firing squad".

"Friends, my comrades,
a favor before I die.

Bring me my mother,
I want to say good-bye".

"Good-bye dear mother,
root of all...

Good afternoon.

The guitar is
turning out nice.

I'm just learning.

- Any sales outside?
- I've got no one to sell it.

I'm also short of materials,
because these were lent to me.

"When you see me dead,
don't start weeping".

"I'm just the ashes of
your criminal son"

"Nearly four years locked up...

and the sentence read:
Death by firing squad".

And in agreement with articles 12,
numbers 1, 26, 27...

of the Penal Code, and articles
514, 527 and 528...

of the Penal Procedure Code, the sentence
of February 23 is hereby approved...

Whereby in Page 45, with the declaration of
the prisoner, Jorge Valenzuela...

aka Jose Valenzuela,
Jose Sandoval Espinosa,

or Jorge Castillo, is hereby
sentenced to death.

For responsibility in the crimes of
homicide of Rosa Rivas,

Alicia Jovita and Rosita Sanchez...

and theft of money and belongings
from Rosa Riva...

Crispan Nesa and Domingo Soto...

for a sum of almost
fifty escudos.

It is hereby notified that the sentence
is issued on this date,

as during the agreement the following
took leave and were absent...

Jose?s Death.

Valenzuela, I'd like to have a
conversation with you now.

A very relaxed one, like the one you just
had with those ladies that were here.

I want to ask you some questions
that will bring back memories...

of another time to you.

I want to ask about your family.
For example, how old is your mother?

What does your mother do?

My mom is 43 years old, sir.

And she works on a farm.

Works on a farm.

Well, in all the conversations
you've had,

you've asked for help
for your mother.

Help, yes. I need help with money,
so that when my mother comes...

I can give her whatever I have.

So that she can buy
what she needs.

Have you discovered
new things here?

Work. I've learned
several jobs.

And I've been able to feed
and dress myself.

Is it true you used to live on
a ?uble River island?

- Yes, on the island.
- And what did you do there, work?

No, I was just there.

Another thing. Have you felt more comfortable
in here, more at peace, than outside?

I've felt calm.

I'm more aware of life, I am.

What other things did you
do on the island?

I don't know.
I was just there.

Another question.

If your mother were here
with us at the moment...

if we carried her voice on
this recording machine.

What would you ask
of your mother?

I'd ask her to be calm.

- Is that all?
- Yes, just that.

Do you regret the
crime you committed?

Yes, I regret what I did...

because at that moment
I couldn't tell...

what I was... what I did.

Do you blame the alcohol
for your crime?

The wine you drank?

Yes, alcohol, and more importantly
that no one ever taught me.

I never had... education,
nothing at all.

Does it bother you to remember
the crime you committed?

Yes, it bothers me a lot.

In your life here in prison, Valenzuela,
through all the jobs you've done...

especially basket-weaving...

What else have you learned here?
What other job?

I learned to make portrait
frames for 5000 pesos,

and small guitars for 4500.

Do you think the President could
commute your sentence?

Yes. I've always
had that hope.

What would you promise
him in exchange?

What... I promise him, if he
commutes my sentence...

is to be a humble
working man.

Useful to society.

And to help my mother.

What would you request from all the
Chileans that are listening?

What... I would ask in the first...
is that...

they help me in the request
to the President.

Jorge Valenzuela has just one
chance of being spared.

Which is if the President decides to commute
his death sentence to one of life in jail.

This decision has naturally
been postponed...

as the President of Brazil, His Excellency
Mr. Joao Goulart,

is visiting our country.

Nothing will kill me now.
I can feel it, father.

Now I'm a Catholic.

That's why I have hope that the President
will commute the sentence.

And what if he doesn't, Jorge?

You'd have no right to consider
it an injustice.

What... what I promise him if
he commutes the sentence...

There's somebody you're
not seeing, Jorge.

- The day you see him...
- At least I've always had that hope.

Father, father, what has
the President said?

We're just a few kilometers
from Chillan Prison.

The firing squad, commanded
by Captain Salina...

is at this moment performing what
we would call...

a dress rehearsal for the execution
that will take place at dawn.

Captain, I'd like to ask you a few
questions regarding the execution.

Well, to be honest there's
not much I can say.

Both the officer and the squad have
been chosen by drawing lots.

So we're just here following
orders from our superiors.

Captain, why are they
practicing the shooting?

Well, it's a strategy to
soothe the soldiers.

Besides, it's a way of guaranteeing
effective shots,

thus avoiding unnecessary

While also assuring an act within
the majesty of the law.

Captain, don't you feel any remorse
for executing a man?

Well, I talked it over with a priest and he
gave me a satisfactory explanation.

He said it was similar to
when a doctor...

amputates a patient's
arm to save his life.

To keep society alive, we have to amputate
the sick arm, which is the criminal.

Is this the first time you take part
in a firing squad, Captain?

No, I have a lot of experience
in firing squads.

And I can say that all my executions
have been perfect.

It's a sad honor after all,
isn't it?

What did your son say, m'am?

Does he know he's
going to die?

Father, does he
regret his sins?

For sure, for sure.

That is, he... Look...

I think he's very aware...

I mean absolutely aware...

that his suffering now
is deserved.

So he's not angry.

He doesn't feel hate or resentment
towards anybody else.

Not toward the courts
nor his lawyers...

nor his family, nor

Because he's ready
to face it...

and pay for what he's done.

Three bulls-eyes, boys.
Aim has got to improve!

I'll get shot here.

This is how I sleep.
This is how they'll shoot me.

And... well, like I was saying...

this could be a movie script.

Like the case of the "Man with the
Iron Mask", or something.

But, speaking as a judge...

I don't think your good wishes
will come to fruition.

It's proven without doubt, then,
that Jose is Jorge.

His name has never been Jose.

He even has a brother named Jose.
He's Jorge!

But the presidential order named
Jose, your honor.

- No, it named Jorge.
- No, it was Jose.

No, it was Jorge.

Because that's the main name.

Besides, that's the
name he's used...

Used badly, I might add.

On purpose.

- For what purpose?
- To hide.

I was with your mother.

Poor mom.

I love her.

- Since when?
- Since when have you loved yours?

Goodbye, canaquita!

Best to you, little Juan!

How will you die, canaquita?

Without moaning,
'cause it would be bad!

Look, I think it's obvious...

that we're talking about
a rustic person.

A third-rate ruffian,
let's say.

"I'm held at Chillan Prison,

Mother, don't weep for me".

"I'm not the first prisoner,

don't tell me who I am."

"The cell bars...

are full of mourning."

Valenzuela! The Director
has come to see you.

He's come from Santiago.


Do you need anything?

To see my mother,
Mr. Director.

Jose, look me in the eye.

Don't worry about your mother.

The prisoners' social service will
take care of her.

Thank you, Mr. Director.

- His self-assurance is incredible.
- What is most striking is...

how he worries
about his mother.

Yes, they've done a good job,
it can't be denied.

The man is calm. He won't be
a problem tomorrow.

That would really be a good farewell,
my friend Valverde.


bury me in San Carlos.

It's that...

when my father died...

my mother started living...

living with my father's brother.

Miguel Valenzuela Enrique.

When I committed the....

When I did what I did...

"The cell bars...

are full of mourning."

"The stone with its stone,

weeps after watching me cry".

Father... I wanted to live...

even locked up for life.

I went to live with my uncle,
Oscar Ortiz...

who... had a beehive.

My uncle is also
with my mother.

Father, maybe now
that it's raining...

No, Jorge.

I left for the Monte
Blanco property...

where a cowgirl named Blanca...

became fond of me. And she
treated me like a son.

I was like six months there.

Until Ramon Valenzuela
came to get me.

And took me where
my mother was.

I'm not afraid
to die, father.

Because I'm going to Heaven.

Campan, they called me Campan.

Like the yellow roses that grow by
the side of the tracks.

Corporal Canto named
me "canaca".

"Nahueltoro Jackal".

I liked it at the beginning.

Poor mama.

"I love her", I said to the journalist.
And he took more pictures.

Father, bury me in
San Carlos, will you?

I want to die like
a man, father.

I've learnt about... life here.

Now I know I'm a person, and I feel
Catholic and Chilean.

Come on, boys.
Let's go, it's time.

I ask to die without
a blindfold.

I want to see.

If you refuse to be blindfolded, you'll
be doing those men that...

have to shoot you
a great harm.

Do it for them, will you?

- He's alive!
- Nobody move!

- Murderers!
- Don't be ridiculous!

Nobody's been
murdered here.

Fucking murderers!

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