Jack of the Red Hearts (2015) - full transcript

A streetwise teenage runaway is on the lam from her probation officer. Her name is Jacquelyn, but if you call her anything but Jack, she'll cut you. Needing to lay low, earn money, and gain adequate stability to rescue her 11-year-old sister Coke from foster care, Jack cons her way into a suburban home as live-in helper for their autistic 11-year-old daughter, Glory. Much to her surprise, Jack has a unique ability to connect with the nonverbal little girl. As she positively impacts Glory, the family impacts Jack. Particularly Kay, Glory's mother. As these two scrappy survivors find an affinity with each other, Kay finds in Jack a daughter she can talk to. When romantic sparks fly between Jack and Robert, Glory's 17-year-old brother, we see a group of wounded people poignantly and surprisingly begin to heal each other-just a little bit. But the law catches up, the truth comes out, and Jack is forced to make a choice-to save her own hide, or save someone else.

- Come here.
- Okay.

We did it. We did it!

- Yeah! Whoo!
- Whoo!

Miss me? It took you
forever to get me.

Worst part? Best part?

There is no best part.
That family sucked.

You should be with me.
I'm family. I'm 18 now.


Glory, honey, come on.
It's time for sleep.

- Glory. Come on, sweetie pie,
it's time to go to sleep. - No!

- It's time for sleep. Come on.
- No!

- No!
- Come on, listen to Mommy.

Come on, sweetie.
It's okay.

She's down.

I can't keep on moving these
balances around, it's...

Just think about
all the money we save.

Never having help before,
me doing everything myself.

I'm sorry. That makes it
sound like I don't do anything

and I happen to be...
I work, okay?

What the hell do you
think I do all day?

Get my nails done.
Talk about boys.

Yeah, well, you know, it's not
like I dreamt about being an IT guy.

At least
you're out in the world.

I'm "out in the world"?

I work in a cubicle, Kay.
A cubicle.

- A cubicle?
- Yeah.

- A cubicle sounds heavenly.
- Really?

You have no idea
what I do all day.

No, I don't have any idea
what you do all day,

because you don't tell me
what you do all day.

I mean, are we gluten free this week?
"Yes, we're gluten-free this week. "

Well, then why the hell
is she having Sun Chips?

Because sometimes you just have
to avoid a total meltdown.

Glory, stop.
You see this face?

This is Daddy's angry face.

Time to sleep, Glory.

I guess I'll sleep
in here, okay.


Hey, when do I get my tattoo?

You can't handle it.
You're afraid of paper cuts.

Hey, she's like my twin.

Yeah. Totally.
Exactly like you.

Hey, support the Red Cross.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

- Two...
- Two...

Forty cents...

Two dollars and
forty-two cents...

I'm hungry.

Shut it, Coke.
We don't got enough yet.

Do you think I'll look
like Mom when I grow up?

Sure. Of course.

I think I'm starting to
forget Momma now.

Coke, she's only been gone
a couple of years.

- Him?
- Yeah, go.

Hey, this, sir, is for
the Red Cross.


What's it say?

"Are you good with kids?"

- What do you think?
- I'm not a kid.

- I'll be back. - Where do
you think you're going?

- Get on the rocks, Coke,
and what? - Chill.


I'll be back.

Thanks, babe.

What is this, the third or fourth
family she's pulled you away from?

And impersonating the
Red Cross is a felony.

Did she tell you that? You want
to end up like your sister?

Where is she?





Hey, Max! Sit!

Sit, sit.


Lay down.

Lay down. Good boy.

Yeah, good boy.

Yo, what up, girl?

- Hey, Dais.
- Where have you been?

You been hiding somewhere?
Where you been staying?

Nowhere good. Squatting some
with Jeremy and those kids.

All right.

Yo, wait.
He ain't allowed inside.

Relax, Dais, neither am I.

Let's go.

So where's Coke at?
I thought you got her again.

Shit. I did.

But then my damn
probation officer...

She... She don't quit.

Man, poor kid must
have been terrified.

Shit, if they place her, they gonna
put her somewhere you can't find her.

Who's the girl with
the funky teeth?

Got to be her little brother's
guardian, you know?

Yo, I don't remember.
Tania. Tany...

Yo, but it ain't enough
to be 18.

You got to have a real job.
A real place to live, man.

Well, that's what this is, see.
"Room and board. "


You still know that guy
on staff at Hollygrove?

You ain't bustin' her
out of that place!

No, just to call her
and talk to her.

Just give them a call,
see if she's there.

I suppose you want me
to check on this too.

Yeah. Set me up good,
like we used to.

All right.

I'll call her...

If you do something for me.


Hi, I'm calling from
an employment agency.

I saw your flier.

Thanks for calling
but, you know,

I think I found someone
actually already. So...

Yeah? Okay. But maybe just in case
I could get your information.

I mean, you never know.

Well, she's
coming at four today,

so there's really no point,
but, all right.

Yeah, cool.
What's the play?

Okay, so her name
is Kay Adams.

She gonna interview
another girl at four, okay?

You get there first,
head her off, take it over.

Yeah, but you got to be super
legit, okay? Like seriously.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You mean, like, when I played that
door-to-door Bible selling gal.

No, no, no. No, no.
Like that art therapy chica.

You know,
the one from Hollygrove.

Yeah, yeah. Or "Paint the
feelings behind the feelings. "

have you had problems

with your voice
messages before?

I didn't get a message.
I'm sorry.

No, no, no. I'm sorry.

We really wanted
to save you the trip out here.


Honey, I can't...

Mark, is she hungry?

Come on, let's go.

Does she need tinkle?

I think there was a
little bit of a mix-up.

You see, her husband
already hired someone.

But you know what, we are definitely
gonna hang on to your resume

in case
she doesn't work out.

Why am I even cleaning
this mess up?

This woman should know what
she's getting herself into.

Okay, who are you again?

I'm... I'm Kay's cousin.

- Donna? Hi.
- Yeah. That's me.

Is everything okay?

Yeah. That was just my ride.

I... I forgot my resume in
the car, but I have it.

Great. Come on in.

Please, sit down.

So can I get you some water?

Tea? Shot of whiskey?

Just kidding.

You said you'd worked
with autistic children before?

Yeah, here.

Is that the same as
what you emailed me, yeah?

Yep. Well, you know
what they say,

you can never be
too prepared.

You're my kind of person.


Come on.

Three years at
the same daycare,

and your supervisor spoke
very highly of you.

I checked your references.
Very complimentary.

So, sit down.

- Tell me about yourself.
- Tell me about you!

When did you first find out that
Glory was, differently abled?

Please, no need to be politically
correct around here.

If she were "differently
abled" I'd be thrilled.

She was four.

That must've been
very hard for you.

Just felt like my heart was ripped out
of my chest and served on a cracker.

Other than that, it was fine.

Now, as for you, you worked with
autistic kids at the daycare?

Yes. Absolutely.

And are you more into
ABA or Greenspan?

Basically, I... I don't care
what you call it.

It's, whatever works
for each child.

That's good. I like that.

And, tell me
about Rebecca.


Your supervisor said
you had a very special bond

with a little girl
named Rebecca.

Right, Rebecca.
Sweet precious Becky.

Ms. Appleby said
she was a terror.

Not to me she wasn't.


That'll be Glory.
Come on.


- Slow down! Slow...
- Glory.

She's been in a tantrum
the entire drive home.

Honey, honey, Mark.
This is Donna.

- Hi, Mr. Adams.
- Hey.

- Sorry... - Do you want to go meet
our little baby girl? Come on.

Just as I thought.


Can you say, "Hi, Donna"?

Such a pretty girl.

Say "Hi, Donna. "

Bye, Donna.

She meant to say hi.
Trust me.

She doesn't talk much?

She can talk spontaneously

when she wants
to eat something, but...

So is she like good at
math or something?

Glory's no Rain Man.
No genius savant upside.

But we like to think she has
an exceptional personality.

What you got there?

So, what d'you think?

Easy peasy, right?


So I start work on Monday.

And I wanna get Glory
used to you right away.

So, just to double-check,

you're available immediately,

That'll give me a few days to
show you "all things Glory. "

Will you do it?

She's adorable,
and you both seem great.

But, I really can't take
a pay cut right now...

Twenty dollars an hour.

Yeah, maybe we can
talk about this.

There's nothing more
we can do.

- Yeah. - We really need
the help right now.

Well, you know,
I'll make it work.


Okay, so, 8:00?


- Sure. Tomorrow.
- Yeah. Tomorrow. Bye, Donna.

Honey, I finally get
to go back to work.

I really, really wish you had
talked to me first.

Honey, don't be a downer.

Okay, everybody
raves about her.



What are you dressed up
like that for?

Hey, I know you're not
really mad at me,

you're just trying
to punish me.

I am mad at you.

But I'm 18 now.

If they get me
it won't be juvie anymore.

It'd be real jail with
really bad people.

But you are a bad person.

Come on, Coke.
Don't say that.

I'm doing my best.

And no one's supposed to
call me Coke anymore.


Jack and Coke is
"not appropriate. "

Who said that?
Elizabeth say that?

Jack and Coke goes
with good times.

That's you and me, right?
Good times!

Excuse me? Hey?

Okay. I got a job.
I'm getting us a place.

Just don't buy
into the bullshit.

Okay. ABA.

Applied Behavior,
Behavioral Analysis Therapy.

It's like, giving treats
as rewards and shit.

Yep. You're a pro.


Yeah. It's like doing something over
and over again, to stimulate yourself.

Girl, I do that
all the time.

You do it too!

Okay, so how's the dad like?

I got it.

And the mom?

That bitch is wack.


Man, I got no choice.
I gotta stick it out.

- Okay.
- How's this look?


Didn't tell you they had
a son, did they?

Don't be silly.

- Welcome, Donna. This is
our son, Robert. - Thanks.

Robert, be nice.

So, It's not Bob.
Not Robbie.

Just Robert, okay.


You gonna let me in, Robert?

Are you here to save the day?



Donna, in here.

This is your cell phone.

All our numbers
are already... See?

- Just so you know.
- Thank you.

And, as for computer, you can
use the one in the kitchen.

So what d'you say,
we start in 10 minutes?

Sure, yeah. That's great.

In here.

Hi, Glory.

Look who's here, Glory.

Can you say
"Hi, Donna"?

Hi, Donna.

You got a "hi. "

- All right, let's start
in the kitchen. - Okay.

She aspires to the empyrean.

Her supplements.

The digestive enzymes
are especially important...

They create the most
potent effluvium.

Robert, you'll be late
for school. Out, out, out.

So, she takes
all of these in one day?

Dude. Dude.


You're not gonna
guess this.

My sister's new
babysitter is hot.

- Hell no.
- Unequivocally, man.

I'm not even kidding.

She's a blazing beauty. Like, she's...
I open the door...

Her eyes were so captivating.

How hot are we talking,
like a solid nine, ten piece?

No, dog, I'm talking
12, 15...

Twelve, 15?
I'm talking 12, 15.

And, dog, she just graduated
college so she's like,

-25, 26? I don't know.
- What, 26?

She's a woman, dog.
She's not a girl.

- You gotta go for it.
- I plan to, man.

Dude, you got
to hook me up with that.

I... I have the car.

First. I've managed to
get Glory an interview

with this amazing new school.

It's a... It's a long shot
because frankly, well...

But her public school doesn't
challenge her enough.

Or, at all.

So the interview's in a month.

Well, a little more
than a month.

Does that sound like
a good short-term goal?

- Yeah.
- Ta-da.

This is your Bible.

I tried to write everything
down but it's impossible.

You're just gonna have to pay
attention and follow me around.

You're gonna keep a record
of everything in this book.

Diet. Very important.

Casein-free, gluten free.

We've had some issues.

Let's just say, if
your kid goes for almost

two weeks without
a bowel movement,

it's time to go to the
for a poop extraction.

Good times.

Let's get her in the car.

- Hi. This is... This is Donna.
- Hi.

Hi, Donna.
Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

You got this.

You know what to do.

Go ahead.

Glory's logbook. Right...

- Here. I forgot...
- Over here is fine.

- Yeah.
- And that's Glory's...

Actually, I've got this.

Come on, Glory.
Let's go.

Well, I never thought I'd, have
to repeat the fourth grade again.

I bet...

So how's this, work?

The first rule is we're not
here to talk to each other.

Okay, so under
the "Chauffeur" tab,

you'll see how to catch a ride
from school to therapy

with Parent Transit.

I've scheduled it for every
Tuesday and Friday.


- This is Donna.
- Hi.

Pam is speech and
language therapist.

Hey. This is Donna.

Matt. Occupational therapist.

That kid has to wear
those all the time.

He can hear water running
through the pipes.

Lot of these kids
have sensory issues.

Autism pretty much sucks.

Am I talking too much?

I haven't had anyone to talk
to in years. This is fun.

Kay! Hey, How are you?

Elaine, hi!

Hi, Glory!

We should go through this.

Glory, what do you say?

Hi, Donna.

This is Donna,
Glory's new companion.

Glory, you get a new friend.

So, how's Danny?
How's... How's everything?

He's great.
We mainstreamed him last year.

Although he's still brushing up
on some articulation with Pam...

He's totally recovered?


He'll be furious if I'm not
here to pick him up on time,

but that's most kids for ya.
Gotta run.

Recovered? Recovered?

I mean, I'm happy
for them, I am.

But they did nothing
and he's better.

And we tried
everything, and...

I love you, girlie.

I'd kill for you.



Say it better.

- Elephant.
- Good job, girlie.

What's your favorite?

Red one.

Jelly bean! Jelly bean!
Jelly bean!

Okay, one more.

She can do it
when she's motivated.

- And don't overdo it with
the jelly beans. - Okay.

Just enough
to keep her attention.

Thanks to the ABA we can
get her attention at all.


And it's thanks to the ABA
that we are so in debt.

One hundred and fifty
thousand dollars.

- My gosh.
- Youch.

Thanks. That's...

Try the red ones.
Glory's favorite.

- Mine too. It's really good.
- Good.

Let's wait for Mark.

Okay. I'm sorry.

- There you are.
- Hey.

Just in time to say grace.

Excellent. Just dressing up
for Sunday dinner. Thank you.

I want tat-o's please.

Thank you, dear Lord, for the
food we are about to eat.

For the hands
that prepared it.

- I want tat-o's please.
- Thank you for...

For Donna,

the lovely woman who is about
to be Glory's companion.

- Thank you for our health...
- I want tat-o's please.

...and Glory's continued
development. Amen.

And for Robert and his
good friend Dudley.

And for my job.

We thank you. Amen.

- Amen. - So how are things
in your life, boys?

Everybody's raving about how
great State's gonna be.

It'll be fine, honey.

- Glory, no.
- Wonderful.

It'll be swank.

It'll be cool.
We got my car.

Your car?
He's not driving your car.

- I want 'tat-o's please.
- Glory!

I want my 'tat-o's.

Donna, the whole point is for her
to talk. Not punish her for it.


Mark, could you...

Come here, sweetie.
It's all right.

Glory, sweetie.
It's okay.

She's accustomed to taking
things of our plates.

It's the only time we can
have any adult conversation.

What a total con.


I mean...

Your compliance only reinforces
her manipulation, Kay.

That... That's all.

This is exactly what
I've been saying for years.

Now suddenly everyone's an
expert when I'm the one who's...

No. I mean, she has a point,
does she not?

Go on, sweetie.
Let's go to the kitchen.

We're having dinner.
I don't understand.

Nice work, Dad.

Excuse me?

I was agreeing with you.

No, you were agreeing
with her.

I'm sorry, Donna.

It's okay. I'll eat
in the living room.

Thank you.

We can do everything the same.
Just with Donna, okay?

She's been friends with
other girls like you.

And Mommy will be
home by six, so...

Everything's gonna be fine.

I mean, you got to give them a taste
of their own medicine, right?

Maybe you should study
the natives a little while

before you try
and evangelize them.

Does he always talk like that?

Yeah. I don't though.
You know, I'm chill.

So, Donna,
tell us about yourself.

You go to college?

Yeah. Where did you,
where did you go to college?

It must have been fun.

What did you study?

Like, can you
buy alcohol?

- Dude, shut up! - Do you
have friends in the area?

I'm gonna go eat with your dad.
Where do you party?

I have a Cadillac if you wanna
go for a ride in it some time.

Where... Damn.

Dude, yo, bro,
I swear if you don't, I will.

Your mom just, I don't know...

I thought maybe if you...

I mean, you wanna
talk or something?

No. I don't.

Look, Robert...

Dad, I'm busy right now.

You need something?


All right, then.

I'll be upstairs
if you need me.

One of the moms at
Sing-and-Swing recommended her.

And how old is she?

I don't know. Graduated
college a couple years ago.

Early twenties?

- Where did she graduate?
- Community college.

What's with
the gazillion questions?

We need her.

- Eat your breakfast before...
- I already ate.

Dudley's gonna
be here in five.

What? No.



Door's locked.

Are you up?



Not ready?

I have allergies...

First day, remember, under
the "Weekly Schedule" tab.

You take full charge of Glory

about 30 minutes
before I go to work...

Put clothes on. Chop-chop.

Honey, honey. Relax, okay.
Everything's gonna be fine.

This is not the impression I wanna
make on my first day at work.

I understand that, but you're gonna
be fine. Glory's gonna be fine.

- Everybody... - Nothing is
fine unless I make it fine.


- No, can you just... God.
- Okay, okay, okay...

Peace be among everybody.

Mommy loves you, okay?

Eyes. Eyes. Mommy's eyes.

You be good.

- Be good.
- Yes, I'll be good too.

At least I'm gonna try.

This will help.


Call me, okay?
Anything at all, just...

Of course, yeah.

And work on her teens, or...

Okay. Don't worry.

Just go already. We're cool.


I'll see you soon.

You be good.

Not too many
jelly beans, okay?


Okay Glory.
Come on, let's go.

Hey, let's go.

Come on, let's go.

What's wrong with you?

Hey, okay, here's the deal.

You don't rat on me,
I don't rat on you. Got it?

Let's go.

Come on, Glory.

Look, the bus is here.

we're on the short bus.

Short bus! Short bus!
Short bus! Short bus!

Short bus! Short bus!
Short bus! Short bus!

Hey, see. A.

A. See? Look.
That's what it looks like.

Do this.

It works.

- Seriously?
- It does.

I think, Scotty
took your logbook.

Scotty? Scotty?


Okay, so I'm saying
we did your teens

and your...
Your sequence picture cards.


All right.

That's gross.

What's wrong with you?

Don't move, all right?


No, no, no, no, no, no!

What the hell!
Okay, so just stay...

Okay, don't move. I'm going
to get you down, okay?

Don't move.

How did you get up there?

Don't move, okay.


Stay where you are, all right?

There's some sick
party's at State.

We can't party. They're
going to know we're 17.

Think things through, man.

Who's gonna buy us
the liquor in the first place?

Two words. Donn-a.

My God!
Dude, stop the car.

Just stay... Shit!

Are you seeing this?

My God in heaven!

Nice going!
I got her.


- You missed the...
- I didn't see the ladder.

...the bright yellow ladder.

I didn't see it, but...

It's all right.
Happens to the best of us.

We were just taking a break.
Jeez, Bob.

She doesn't get how
to move backwards.

She never learned to crawl. She can't
alternate her limbs like that.

But you knew that, right?

Hello. Hey.

Hey. Hey.

- Shape is a diamond.
- What are you doing up here?

- Shape is a diamond.
- What?

Yeah, it's a diamond.
I see it. I see it.

- Diamond... - You can't
be up here, sweetie.

- Diamond...
- We gotta get down, okay?

You ready to go? Come on.

I'll walk. I know you've
done this a million times.

Come on, Glory. Come on.


One foot, two foot.

There we go.

- Fourteen.
- Fourteen.

- Fifteen.
- Fifteen.

I did it! I did it!

It all came back to me. Making
calls, problem solving, spreadsheet.

Hi, Robert.

Glory went roof-walking today.

I forgot to warn
you about that.

Yeah. No. I told you, it's something
about being a Pi, the empyrean.

She loves it. Never falls.

You a narc, Bobert?

Getting a tan?
I could have mentioned that.

This is Mommy's
happy face! Happy! Happy!

Are you gonna mess
with "happy happy"?

Mommy's, Mommy's happy face.
Happy face.

Happy, happy, happy face.
Happy, happy, happy face.

You completed
two full sequence pictures?

Did you really complete two
or did you try two?

We completely tried two,

but, you know,
we'll do better tomorrow.

Right, Glory?


You draw
all these yourself?

They're really good.

- What's that?
- Nothing.

It's nothing.

So, I got your room,
and you got this man-cave.

I haven't been
up there in a while.

You got a problem
with me, Robert?

Because, you know,
the first time I saw you

I thought maybe
we could be friends.

You know, I'm just here
to help out Glory.

And I know your parents
need my help too, so...

Maybe we can try to get along.

For their sake?

- Okay. Yeah.
- You know...

I could help you out too.

With like your homework
or something?

Okay, what... What college did
you go to again? Remind me?

I forget.

God, you're such an asshole.

And what's with that
"Wah-wah" crap, anyway?

What? Are you serious?

Helen Keller's first word,
"Wah wah. "

Helen Keller,
Anne Sullivan...

W- A-T-E-R.

I thought Anne Sullivan was like a
patron saint to all you therapists.

Yeah. Well,
knock it out, Bobert.

You look retarded.

You know, you're not
supposed to use that word.

Stop! Stop!



Shut up.

Glory, no.


Glory, I...

Just do it!

It's okay, it's okay.

Glory, come on, you know this.

No, don't do that to me.

Get up, it's not noodle time.

- Noodle.
- Get up. Glory, come on.

What is this shape?

- What is this shape?
- Glory, what is this shape?

- What is this shape?
- What is this shape?

You know this shape.

Glory, come on.

Get back up here, come on.

- What is this shape?
- Glory!

Calm down, all right?
Hey, just calm down, okay?

Stop kicking!

What happened?
What happened?

- Where's the theratube?
- I don't know!

- The theratube?
- What?..

- Her chew stick! Remember,
we went over this! - Yeah.

- Sorry. Okay. - She needs
something to chew on

while we're getting her dressed.
Okay. Sweetie, there you go.

Good girl. Good girl.

All right, we went over this!

Panties, undershirt,
then pants, then shirt.

Don't ask me why the order
matters but it does. Okay?

All right. I'm sorry. That's
a good girlie. All right.

Get in your pants, and what
are we going to do now?

Glory, stop.

- Glory.
- Donna!

This is a class, not a circus!

Glory! Cut it out.
Jesus! God!

Let's go!

- All right.
- Shape is a diamond.

...is a diamond.



Hey. Hey.

Stay! Be good.

I'll be back.


- Jack?
- Shit!

You. Inside.

Hey, how's it going,

- It's going good.
- Yeah. It's good to see you.

You look good.

You've completely
transformed, I see.

- Thanks.
- After you.

Okay, I'm going
to tell you one thing.

Your probation officer
says you're in violation.

And I'm instructed to call her
if you even come around here.

Come on, Elizabeth,
don't call Miz!

I'm going to call her
right now, unless you talk,

and I want only the truth.

You're going to place Coke.

Yes, again.

It won't be hard.
She's a cute kid.

Can't you at least give Coke
her computer privileges back?

So you two can plan your
next great escape? No way!

But that's not fair. She should
be with me. I'm her family.

I'm, I'm 18 now.

I got a job, I got a place.

I said, "Only the truth. "

No. That is the truth!

I'm working as a babysitter
for a little girl.

And she's autistic, so she
needs someone with her

like all the time.

And the pay is good.

How did you even get this job?

I convinced them.

You lied to them.

No. No, I'm doing a good job!

And they really like me.
It's easy.

I can get you
a recommendation letter!

With their contact
information on it?

Yeah. Yeah... Hey.

See! See! Look!

Look. It's real.


How long have you been
doing this?

I don't know. Not long.

One month from now,
you still have this job,

we'll talk about maybe
keeping you two together.



No, shit!

Glory? Glory? Hey!

Shit. Glory?




Damn! Shit!


Where were you?

You got to say
something, damn it!

Hi. Mani-pedi time!

- Want one?
- No. I'm okay. Thanks.

My God, what's wrong with
your hands? What happened?

I just fell.
It's no big deal.

I smell cigarettes.
Do you smell cigarettes?

Glory. Glory, not now.

Say something, damn it!

Can you watch Glory
for a moment?

Where's Donna?

I think she has
personal problems.

Apparently, she didn't make it
to Sing-and-Swing at all today.

I mean, where
the hell were they?

And the other day I think she lied
about what they accomplished.


Look, but...

She just started! Why don't
you just give her a break?

- Give her a break?
- Yeah.

Have you seen her with Glory?
She's rough with Glory.

You should have
seen her hands.

I mean, I think
she's hiding something.

I'm going to make
some calls tomorrow.

What, are you're gonna
quit your job?

With one-on-one attention Glory should
be showing some improvement by now!

Well, God forbid it's Glory's fault
she's showing no improvement!

What did you just say?

She's not going to be ready
for that interview. Never!

She's 11 years old, Kay.

When are you going to get
that through your head?

Is this is how you really
feel about Glory?

I'm tired.

I don't want to feel like we're
co-workers in a mental hospital!

I want to feel like
we're married again.


Hey, come on, you can
chew on this. Come on.

Almost ready
for school.

Come on. Hey.

Girl, sit up.

You're really worth
every penny, Donna.

Now my parents aren't even
speaking to each other.

Glory, hey.

You know what?

I'm thinking you're
no Anne Sullivan.


Watch out. Roll over.

W- A-T-E-R.
Water! It has a name!

W- A-T...



Okay, Glory.
No more free jelly beans.

No more cigarette breaks.

Your ass is mine now, okay.

Glory, no Glory, sit!

Glory, sit...!


Hey, good stop.

That was a good stop.
That was a good stop.

Okay. Stay.

Yeah. Okay. Good.

I'm going to take your cards.
I'm taking these back.

You'll get them back after.

It's okay. It's okay.
Just take your spoon.

Try with a spoon.
Try with a spoon.

No, no, no, no!

It's okay.
Here, try another one.

Don't freak out.

Glory, it's okay. Come on.

Hey, no, no, no, no, no!


Glory, hey, calm down.

It's okay. I'm not going
to hurt you, okay?

Come on, let go.

Come here!

Calm down!

It's okay. Okay?

Just take a break.

All right.


We're going to try this
with a spoon.

We'll do it together, okay?

In your mouth.

One more time. Come on.

Glory come on, it's just sweet
potatoes. They taste good.

No, no.!

Come here! Come on!

Donna. Glory.
I'm home.

- We're in here.
- Hi.

There you are.

We're out of yams.

Look, improvement!

She's sitting down.
She's eating with her spoon.

Show mommy, honey.

Glory. Eat.


Glory. Eat.

Good job, girlie.

Give me five.

- How.
- How.

This better be cleaned up.

Yeah, yeah.

Thank you, girlie!

Thank you!


What else can you do,

Glory, you in here?

- Hey, Kay.
- Hi.

I am so sorry
I'm calling so late.

Is Glory bouncing
off the walls?

She's good.


Donna, listen, I... I know
this is not part of our deal,

but this audit.

No, it's okay.
Just spit it out. It's fine.

Is there any chance
you could help with dinner?

Forget it, forget it.
I shouldn't have asked.

No, it's fine! I just,
I don't know how to cook.

No, not anything elaborate, just
make spaghetti or something.

How do you make spaghetti?

Okay, I'll just walk
you through it.

All right, okay.
So what's the first step?

Okay, so there's a pot...

Watch your step.

There she is.

Hey, Bethany.


Come here.

I've a couple of people
I'd like you to meet.

Just give her a little time,
she's been through a lot.

Well, I looked online and I gotta get
my classes in by the end of the month.

We gotta figure out what
dorm room I'm staying in.

Focus on some work study.
Get some money in there.

What do you think
about food too?

The food at these
colleges is terrible.

I mean, you've seen what
those kids eat, we can't.

We're gonna have to get you
something healthy.

I need to figure out where I'm
staying, not what I'm gonna eat...

They'll tell you where you're staying.
This food is delicious.

Yeah, quinoa's really high in protein.

- I did know that.
- I need more.

I need more. Give me more.

- Here, protein.
- Delicious.


What's she saying?

I don't know.

We haven't figured
that one out.

We think it has something to do with
the conflict in the Middle East!

Or maybe she's saying, "Daddy's
really fat! Daddy's really fat!"

- Daddy's not fat.
- Daddy sometimes is fat.

I want tatos please.

I want tatos please.

- Good asking, Glory!
- I want tatos please.

Okay. Here you go.

- This is awesome!
- Pretty awesome!

- I want tatos please.
- This is amazing.

I just gave you some.


Who's that?



Good. Good.

And who's that?

Hey. Who's that?

That's you, Glory. That's you.

That's you.

No, I'm Jack.

I'm Jack.

You're Glory, I'm Jack.

Glory. Glory. Glory.
Jack. Jack. Jack.

Jack. Jack. Jack.

- No, no, no, no. Donna. Donna.
Donna. - Jack. Jack. Jack.

Jack, Jack, Jack.

Jack. Jack.

It's been open
for about three months.

Well, you know, it was
modeled after a lab school

at the University of Chicago,
which I toured.

So, you know.
ABA, everything...

All under one roof!

I know.

Are you guys talking
about that new school?

Glory has an interview there.

Glory got an interview?
Are you kidding?


Not exactly her speed,
if you know what I mean.

No. I don't know
what you mean.

I mean, she's low functioning.
She'll never get in.

Gosh. Good luck.

I'm afraid she'll need it.

Come on, Glory.

Low functioning, my ass.

Yo girl,
this place is crazy.

What's with all of this?

Yo Daisy, hold on.
I just gotta...

All right, just sit.

Just sit right there. Stay.

I'm going to go and pick some stuff
out for you, okay? Don't move.

Yo, this shit is wack.

What up?

See? It's like
a survival kit, you know,

for when
the lights are too bright,

when it's too noisy
and shit...

And this too.

- Why?
- Because it's fun.

Okay, I gotta fly.
Bye, boo-boo.

Hey, Dais?

Live big.




Hey, Glory?

This isn't funny.

Excuse me,
did you see a little girl?

- Yeah. She just left.
- What?





Have you seen a little girl?


I lost Glory.

All right,
just stop the car.

Stop, stop.

- I'm so sorry. I just looked away
for a second... - No, no, no.

- She just takes off. I understand.
- Okay.

Where could she be?

I got an idea. Come on.

Dudley, come on.

No, she goes
to this park sometimes.

It's like her
little happy place.

There she is!

See, I told you.
She loves it here.

she's gonna fall.

No, she's fine dude.
She's safe.

She never falls.

Yo, check out who it is.

- Shit...
- Yo, Robby.

- You want me to help you? - No.
Just wait here and watch Glory.

- Hey, guys.
- How's it going, man?

Long time, no see?

Who are those guys?

They look like assholes
to me, I don't know.

You said you were gonna
matriculate in the State, man.

Yeah. I, I didn't get into the other
ones, so we're just kind of...

No way.

Hey, Glory.

How the hell
did you get up here?

You're like
a little red-headed ninja.

What about Yale? Princeton?

Same thing. I got waitlisted.


What happened to you?

What happened?
Hey, baby...

Come on, let's go.

- Later.
- Wait, wait. What was that?

Annoying is what it was, I mean,
Princeton, Yale, who gives a shit?


- Who does? - Guys, guys!
Glory just talked to me!

- What'd she say?
- What?

Okay. So, I was talking
to her and I asked

her how many fingers
I was holding up,

and she said four and I was
actually holding up four fingers!

Alert the media, dude.
She does that all the time.

Hi, Jack. Hijack? See.
She's just babbling.

No, she actually
was talking to me.

- I'm telling you, man, she's just babbling.
- She's never done that before.

Now four?

- Four.
- Yeah. Four.

There's something weird...

I don't know
about being up high.

It's like it makes her smarter
or something up there.

That thing you said
the first day, the...

- The empyrean.
- Yeah.

It's like reaching at the
highest point of the heavens.

She's reaching for the stars.

That's our Glory.

Thanks, by the way,
for not giving me shit.

We've all done it.
Seriously, it's all right.


Thanks for that.


Mom and Dad would jump
at the latest thing,

spare no expense
when it came to Glory.

Any gadget, any quack
who had the cure.

The compounding pharmacy
designer digestive enzymes...

...the trips to the hyperbaric
oxygen chamber...

And the one thing I wanted was
the amazing ab electrifier.


I wanted it very badly.

And they said no.

And I couldn't believe it!

They said it was a gimmick
and everything.

I was 13! I wanted
the amazing ab electrifier.


Those guys were my friends

up until my parents couldn't afford
to take me to McAllister's anymore.

So I started going
to public school, and...



So does this mean you're going
to stop calling me Bobert now?


Glory, I'm home.


Glory, come on.
Hey, Glory, come on.

Dudley, okay, it happened man.

Just a few minutes ago.

- It was like...
- Dude, that's statutory rape!

You're going
to put her in jail.

We're not having sex, man. Just
get your head out of the dirt.

This is... This was a moment.
This was real.

This was us.
I kissed a woman!

Okay. But if she's in jail, how are we
going to get the booze for the party?

This was just...

Okay, you're not getting this.

I can't talk to you right
now. I'll see you tomorrow.


Shit! Shit! Shit!

Okay, how many more days?

Nineteen. Shit!


- Hey.
- Okay, okay.

This is completely inappropriate
and it stops now.

- What do you mean, we were just...
- The park...

That was totally my fault.

I was just trying to help
you out, but...

The second time, the swings,
that was... That was totally you.

Okay, well, we need
a tiebreaker.

- What?
- A tiebreaker.

One more?

All right.

Yeah. Okay...

All right.

Okay, that should
hold you, Robert.

Hero. Hero.


- Hey, Glory.
- How did you know that?


She heard it all the way
from the kitchen.

- I can't believe it.
- It's a special song.

- Hero.
- I'm getting there.


I can't put a shield
around your heart

When you're wishing you are
anywhere but where you are

I wish I could surround you

Pick you up
and carry you away

Pick you up
and fly you away


We all know I'm no...


But my intentions are true

And at the end of a long day

I feel my power
in my love for you

Let me see if I remember
this next verse.

I'd catch your tears
when you're falling

When you need a hand
I'll be around

I'd like to travel
to your hard times

Stop the clocks
and make them mine


We all know I'm no hero

But my intentions are true

And at the end of a long day

I feel my power
in my love for you

I feel my power
in my love for you

I feel my power
in my love for you

I feel my power
in my love...

For you

I know,
you almost got it.

We just have one
more arm. Come on.

We're almost there.
I know.

- Having some trouble?
- Yeah. Almost.

Hey, let's try this. Hey, Glory,
squishy time. Squishy time!

Let me try this, okay.

Yeah, lay down.
She loves this.

- Squish, squish.
- Yeah, come on. Lay down.

Works every time.

We can do this
any time of the day.

Ready? Yes?
We're going to wrap you up

like a cheese roll.

You're going to look
like a burrito,

with rice and beans.

And then we're going to lift you up.
Lift up her legs.

And we're gonna
swing you, right?

Say one, two...


Squishy! I got you!

Squishy! Squishy!

- Squishy! Squishy!
- Squishy! Squishy!

- Squishy!
- You get her cozy.

It doesn't have to be all work
and therapy. You can try this.

She likes Casper.

I don't understand
the mysterious power

of Casper,
the Friendly Ghost, but...

See you later.

Take care of her.

Casper? Okay.

- In the spice cabinet.
- Cabinet. Spice cabinet.

- Which cabinet is that?
- Left of the dishwasher.

- Eye level.
- What's it look like?

Low sodium beef?

Yeah, got it. Found it.

- How many?
- Just one.


Yeah, I got it. Okay.

What else?

I don't know. What else
have you got? Tomato?

Yeah. I'll get
the tomatoes. Yeah.


Sorry. Too loud?

No, I... I just
couldn't sleep.

Come sit down.

You like the book?

I love it. Thank you so much.
It's great.

It really helps.

I'm going to get some...
Something to drink.

A fraud.


That's what I feel like.

I've been out of the workforce
too long. Everything's different.

Nobody takes notes
on actual paper anymore!

They don't even talk on the
phone, everything is emailing.

I just don't know the tech
stuff like these kids all do.

Half the time I don't even know
what they're talking about.

I just feel like
I'm faking it all day long.

Well, I'm sure you're
doing the best you can.


Good night, Donna.

Gil, here's Mr. Riley.

Good save.

See you tomorrow.

"See you tomorrow," Scotty.

Bye, Scotty.

What is it?


- Good.
- Red.

What's the shape?

What is the shape?
The shape is a heart.

What's the card?

What's the card?

Is it jack?


Jack of the red hearts.





Jelly beans! Jelly beans!

Hi, there. Is this, is this
Elizabeth Dunn from Hollygrove?

Hey, there. Okay. This is
gonna sound really weird,

but do you know a...
A Jacquelyn Ferguson?

All right, this is fine.

All right, Glory,
we're here.

Come on. Come on.

I got you. Let's go.


Good girl. Good girl.

Come on.


I know it's bright.
It'll be cool inside. Come on.

Glory, come on.

Hey. We're just going
to do this, okay?

We're just going
to go over here.

Yeah. I'm going to talk with this
lady and you, play with the fish.

All right?


I have these forms and I just
wanted to find out where I...

Who I turn them in to.

No! No! No!

- No! No! - Glory, Glory. Glory.
Stop, stop, stop, stop...

- No! No! No! No! No! No! - Stop it.
Stop it, stop. Don't hurt yourself.

- No! No! - Get your
hands off that child!

- What are you doing?
- It's okay, she's autistic.

- She's just having a tantrum...
- Little girl, are you okay?

- No!
- Don't touch her.

I'm her companion, okay?

- She doesn't speak!
- No. No.

- No.
- What's your name!


What's your name?

It's Donna...

Excuse me, room 203 please?

Thank you.

- Honey, are you scared?
- Scared.

- Are you hurt?
- Hurt.

It's... It's called
echolalia, miss.

I saw this young lady holding
the girl's arms very roughly...

Yes, and she probably saved her from...
From running off.

Glory's stronger
than she looks.

I... I have absolute
confidence in our helper here.

Okay, Donna, let's go. I'm
sorry we've wasted your time.

You take my daughter to Family
and Children's Services?

Do you know what
those people can do?

Is there something we've done
that you disagree with?

Do you feel Glory's
not being treated well?

It has nothing to do
with you, Kay.

It has nothing
to do with this.

I just don't want you
to not like me.

What could possibly...

Listen, we...
We all have made our mistakes,

we all have our regrets.

I know I didn't make
Glory autistic. But...

But when I started to see signs
that something's wrong, I...

I just couldn't face it.

The only thing... The only
thing everyone agrees on is...

Is early intervention.

The most crucial years.

And I missed it.

Where would Glory be
if we'd started earlier?

Would she...

Would she be able to relate?

Would she have friends?

Would she call me Mommy?

What can I do about it now?
Except my best, now...

It doesn't help her
if I beat myself up over it.

Now tell me,
what were you doing

at Family and
Children's Services?

I have a sister.


We were in foster care
after my, mom got sick.

And, my mom,

she didn't have anybody.

Any family.

So, after she...

Yeah. We...
We didn't have anybody either.

She died?


The last thing
she said to us was,

"You two take care
of each other. "

It's like our...

It's like our code, you know.


So, that's...
That's why I was here.

I got to get my sister back.

I'm sorry, honey.

It's gonna be okay.

We're gonna get
your sister back.

I'm gonna help you.



I'm so sorry.

- It's okay.
- Okay.

Hey. Whose is that?

Donna, come on.
Let's go.


I am so sorry, Mr. Adams.
It's a lifelong pattern.

She's smoking cigarettes. She's
smoking cigarettes in the house!

No concern for the law.

Child endangerment.
Criminal trespassing.

- Honey?
- Theft.

- Breaking and entering.
- Honey?

In here.
Donna's room.

I can explain.

- Is that your wife?
- Yeah, that's my wife.

What are you all doing
in Donna's room?

That's not her name, Mom.

What? Excuse me, who are you?

I'm her probation officer.

Probation officer?

Hello, Jacquelyn.
Been looking for you.


Whatever she told you,
it's not the whole truth.

I swear I can explain...

Mrs. Adams, I've
been sharing some of

Jack's criminal record
with your husband.

- Criminal record!
- Criminal record?

We're lucky
we found her in time,

otherwise she could have done some
serious harm to your daughter.


- All I did was help them...
- You think this is a joke?

This is our family!
Glory is part of our family...

- It's not like what she says.
- She says you're 18!

She never graduated
from high school.

But her credentials! I...

I check... I checked
her references, remember...

You checked
Donna Graham's references.

This isn't Donna Graham.

Misrepresenting your identity,
it's called Fraud.

No, I did the job! Okay!

You need to look for missing
checks and also credit cards.

What, you mean like this?

That... That was just
an old check.

Then what the hell is it doing
in your room? For what?

I didn't use it!
I didn't use it for anything.

- I swear to God, I didn't do anything!
- You lied?

- You're not even a therapist?
- No.

The part about
my sister is true!

You're not a caretaker...

The whole daycare,
everything was a lie?

I'm sorry.

I just... I needed to get
a job because I need

to get custody of
my sister, that's all.

What sister?

Well, fortunately, her sister has
been placed with a foster family.


No! No! No!

No. No. No...

- Glory.
- No. No.

Glory! You can't
stay with me, Glory.

- Glory. Come on.
- No!

You played us!

I didn't mean to...

Robert, what about
her interview?

- You can drop the act, all right!
- No! No!

So what would you
put in the Big Dipper?

In the Big Dipper...

I'd put... Tequila!

Tequila. Really.

Well, we better have lots of salt
and lime in the Little Dipper.

What would you put
in the Big Dipper, Tina?

Let's see,
what do I like that much?


Then the Little Dipper
better be full of cream!..

Speaking of which,
let me go grab my coffee!

I'll be right back.

My God! Jack!

- Hey. Hey.
- Hey!

- They wouldn't let me e-mail! But
I knew you'd find me! - It's okay.

- I'll grab my stuff and come
to the back... - Wait, wait.

Worst part, best part.
Worst part?

These assholes make me
take vitamins at every...

Hey. That's good!
That's what good assholes do.

Best part?

Premium channels!

They seem nice.

And there are good
schools around here.

- School is bullshit!
- No.

No, I only said that 'cause of me...
'Cause I was full of shit.

But you're good at school.

Look, Coke, I'm not
taking you with me.

But U.2.T.C.!

- I know, Coke.
- U.2.T.C.!

Coke, this is taking
care of you, okay.

Didn't you
get us a place?


No, I didn't.

I'm sorry.

You'll stay here. Okay.

Okay, and they'll let us
keep in touch.

Yeah. And you can tell me all
about what you're learning.

What fun you're having.
How many friends you're making.

- No! No!
- Hey, it'll be good.

No, please, Please!


take me with you!

Please just take me...

Please take me.
Take me.


Go, go, go.
Shake this.

There you go.
There you go.

Shit, yo,
my girl is back!

Come dance, girl. Come and dance.
Come and dance.

Come. Come.

No, Glory! Glory!

- I'll pick it up.
- Just... I'll pick it up.

- Glory. Okay. - I'll get the...
I'll just get the theratube.

You know what, Mark,
let's just cancel it, okay?

- This is not going to work!
- Cancel?

But she can really do this!

What kind of flipping impression do
you think she's going to make now?

She's gonna do this.
We're gonna do this.

This is gonna be okay.

She's gonna be okay,
I promise.

I want to be your...

Kay? Mark?

- Hi! - Welcome to the
Exceptional Academy.

- I'm Doctor Molina.
- Hi.

This is Cynthia,
the psychologist

- who will be working with Glory today.
- So nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you. Pleasure.
- This must be Glory.

- This is Glory.
- Hi, Glory.

Glory, go ahead.
Say hi.

- Welcome to our...
- No!

- No! No!
- Sorry! It's okay, sweetie.

She... Yeah, she's a little
overwhelmed right now.

- I'm sorry. There's so much going on.
- That's all right.

Why don't we
all go together?

- That would be great. - That
would be great. Thank you.

Come on.
You can come. Let's go.

It's okay.

Who else is calling you?
I'm right here.

Dude, it's her.




I got to
make this quick.

I think the cops are here,
but just...

Just tell Robert that,
that I need one more favor

and I'll never ask for anything
ever again, okay? Please?

Yeah. Screw him.
I'll... I'll do it.

You idiot! I'm the one that
told the cops she'd be there!

And I'm the idiot?

What's your name?

My name's Cynthia.

Can you say "Hi, Cynthia"?

Glory, Glory, you
can say "Hi Cynt... "

- Kay.
- Kay, Kay. Just...

- Just let her be.
- Okay.

Hey, Officers, wait, I'm not
armed, don't pepper spray me!

How you guys doing?

We're doing fine.
What can we do for you?

My name is Dudley.
Pleasure to meet you.

This is a new situation?

and scary.

Come on.
Now go do your thing.


No! No! No!

We just want to try to do this
test with everyone the same.

Okay. Right. You know,
with all the kids...

But every child
is not the same.

- I'm sorry, who are you?
- She's...

Hey, wait, could you just...

- Can you give us one moment?
- What do you mean?

Just give me one...
One second, please.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
It's okay. Glory. Glory.

What... What exactly
are you doing?

Kay, I'm helping.

- You're helping?
- Yeah.

Right, like you've been doing
in my house with my daughter!

- With my son!
- Listen.

- I know...
- No, you don't!

No, you don't!
You have no idea!

Everything you told me
was a lie!

It wasn't all a lie. I swear.

Just... Just the part that
got me hired. Just that part.

Just that part?

And I'm turning myself in right
after this, but please...

My God.

And I'll get
my GED in jail.

You don't just tell little fibs,
your lies are extraordinary!

Why should I believe
anything you tell me?

Because the cops
are here for me.


But first, will you please
just let me try this?

Hi, I'm Jack. Glory's companion.
Look, she...

I just have some things
in the bag for her, so...

- Yeah.
- Is that okay?

- I think that's okay.
- Yeah, sure.

All right.
Hey, Glory.

Hey, girlie.
How's it going?

Hey. You missed me?


- Glory.
- No! No!

- See?
- Glory. Glory.

Hey. It's okay.

Glory. Sit. Sit.

Stay, Glory. Just stay.

Glory, look what
I got for you.

Look, it's Hippo.
Hey, Hippo.

Yeah. Yeah.

All right, okay, let's
get you some headphones.

Here you go.

We got princess
glasses, right?

Yeah, that's good.

Up. Up, Glory. Up.

Good girl.

Up. Up.

- Good girl. - What are you
hoping to do with this?

Being up high, it helps her
like sensory gratiation issues.

Makes her smarter.

You mean sensory
integration issues?

That's what I said.

Yeah. Actually, the Miller Method out
of Boston helps with comprehension.

Glory. Glory, sit.

Sit, Glory. Sit.

Good girl.
Good job. Okay.

Now, give red
to the lady.

Give red to that lady.

Give a red block
to that lady.

All right?



The signs you're using,
they're not ASL.

No. I, I just picked them
up working with, K-9 units.

Actually, it was just,
it was just one guard dog.

The rest of the signs I...

I just made up.

You know,
I'd like to try something.

What color are these?


What color are the shoes?

What color
are the shoes, Glory?


Good job, girlie.

- Red! Red! - They are red shoes.
They're red shoes.

Now, can you put
the bear's shoes on?


No. Put the shoes
on the bear, Glory.

The bear. Yeah.
Shoes on the bear.

- Yeah.
- That's right.

- Yeah. Good job.
- One shoe on.

That's two shoes on.
Great job!

- Squishy!
- My God.

- Squishy!
- Yeah!

Squishy! Squishy!

We do that at home.

- With her.
- Roll her up.

She loves it.

- Pretend to play. That's good.
- Squishy.

Does the bear
have a name, Glory?

Actually, she's... She's
really good at her numbers.

So, yeah,
we'll work on her numbers.

Glory, get your
cards out, okay?

Can you find your cards?
Find your cards.

Good girl.

Glory, what
number is that?


That's right.
That is a seven.

Look what I got.
I got jelly beans. No.

Okay, I want you to give
a jelly bean to that lady.

That lady. Tutti frutti
to that lady. Right there.

Thank you, Glory.
Thank you.

Tutti frutti

I want jelly belly
jelly bean please.

Okay, all right.
Just, ask the lady.

Can you ask the lady?
Ask the lady.

May I have a jelly belly
jelly bean please?

- Yeah.
- Yes you may, Glory.

Nice asking.

- That's nice asking.
- Very nice.

My favorite!

- So Kay and Mark, it was
nice meeting you. - Same.

We'll let you know
either way.

And I'm really confident that you
have a wonderful support system.

- So...
- No. Wait.

You gotta to know, there
is no support system here.

I can't stay.

I can't help anymore.


But I did help...


It's... It's true...

Glory is losing her
one on one, and...


They... They made strides.

She can be a lot more than she
is if you give her a chance.

If Glory isn't enrolled
in your school this fall,

do you wanna be wondering
a year from now

what happened
to this little girl?

Don't you wanna make
a difference in her life?

Yes, I do.

I'm sorry. I don't mean
to be rude...

Is that a "yes"?

We're going to do
everything we can.

We really are.

We're going to do
everything we can for you.

- Thank you so much. - Thank you
very much. Really, thank you.

- We... We really appreciate that.
- Yeah, we do.

- It means a lot to us.
- Yeah.

It looks good. They loved her.
It looks good.

Easy peasy, right, girlie?

Can I have a minute?

So, "Hi Jack,"

I guess she knew
more than all of us.

I... I did like you.

That part wasn't a lie.

Hey, maybe you can, help me out
with my homework sometime?

Yeah, maybe.

All right, let's go.

Can you give us
a moment, please?

I'm really sorry
I lied...


Hey, what do
you want, Glory?

What do you want?

Say it.

Say it.


You did it, girlie.


I can't stay. I'm sorry.

Thank you.

Be good.

- We're gonna help you.
It's gonna be okay. - Okay.

All right,
Miss Jacquelyn.

We'll take you down to the station
and I'll meet you there later.

They help you out like she said and
you'll see your sister soon enough.

You take care
of this one.