Jack and the Beanstalk (1955) - full transcript

NARRATOR: This story
happened long, long ago.

ln the country lived a poor widow
and her son Jack.

Their only possession was a fine fat pig.

And one day the widow decided
that she must sell the pig.

She told Jack to take the pig to market and
to be sure to get the best price he could for it.

So off went Jack and the pig to market.

Suddenly the pig stopped, and Jack stopped.

And they looked.

And there, just on the edge of the forest,

they saw a little old man
with a long, grey beard.

(LAUGHlNG) l've got it! l've got it!

All the riches in the world! l got it by digging.
lf you dig, you find.

All the riches in the world!

This was more than the pig
could stand. He thought he'd have a try.

He can dig! Will you sell him?

l'll give you all the riches in the world!

This was a bargain. He couldn't get it better.

All the riches in the world for one fat pig.

Proudly, Jack showed
his mother what he had got,

all the riches in the world.


''Our fine fat pig for beans!''

But the beans were not ordinary beans,
and they grew

and grew and grew and grew.

And grew.

Jack wanted to climb the beanstalks,
but his mother was frightened.

Jack stared in amazement
at the wonderful castle in the sky.

lt was really a giant's castle
but how was Jack to know that?


lt was the giant's daughter
who was playing on a magic harp.

lt is a lonely life, being a giant's daughter,
and so she was delighted to see Jack.

She'd never even seen a man before,
let alone a handsome young man like Jack.

''A little drink to celebrate?''


That sounds like trouble.


Look here, a magic hen.

The eggs are of gold.


l smell...

l smell...

Fee, fie, fo, fum,
l smell the blood of an Englishman.

Be he alive or be he dead,
l'll grind his bones to make my bread!

l smell him still!

l know he's here!
l smell him in my glass of beer.







Quietly, Jack snatched up
the magic hen and fled.


Stop, thief! Stop! Stop, Englishman!


And the giant and the beanstalks
crashed to the ground

and they never rose again.

''Mother, look! lt's a magic hen!
And the eggs are of gold!''

This was better than the bag of beans
and even better than a fine fat pig.

ln fact, if they worked fast
and the hen didn't wear out,

they might really get
all the riches in the world.