Jack & Daniel (2019) - full transcript

Jack, a thief of hoodwinks the system and steals black money is chased by Daniel, a cop intent on catching him.

Hi. This is Daniel.
- Welcome, sir.

How are you?
- Fine, sir.

Where is ISBC Bank?

It's at the Dutch square, sir.

Let's go there then.

Well, the Chief Minister is waiting
for you at the guest house.

I'll talk to CM.

Let's go to the bank first.

Head straight to ISBC Bank.

You are in uniform, right?

So you better be here.

I'll be right back.
- Sir.

Welcome, Mr. Daniel Alexander.

Please sit down.
- Thank you, sir.

Home Minister and I were
talking about you, just now.

Kerala Police has a bad reputation
of demanding CBI's support,

whenever a sensational
case comes up.

Unfortunately, it
is happening again.

Coming to the point...

A crook, who can be called an inborn
criminal or an intellectual giant.

He is your target.

Isn't that so?
- Yes, sir.

Within the past 1.5 years,
he has hit 14 times.

Without any evidence.

Sir, do you have the visuals of the
accused, or any other information?

Nothing till now.

How can we get it, sir?

CCTV cameras are all kept so high,
without being proportionate!

(in broken Tamil) Daniel, if we
keep this at a lower position,

if some people come and rob it,
what do we do?

I can understand Malayalam.

Please talk in Malayalam, sir.


My mother is from Palakkad.
She's a Malayali.

I mean.. we've kept them on top, out of the
fear whether someone would steal them,

if we keep them below.

Is there any problem in
keeping them at the top?

Dear officer...
- Sir.

So far, there have
been 14 robberies.

1780 Crores.

And we only have...

14 pieces of paper that he
left at the crime scene,

with the amount stolen
written on them.

That too, in 14
fabricated hand writings.

He's sending it across to the
media promptly too.

Sir, how many people
has he robbed so far?

What's the common link
between them and him?

Of course, our files would have
a list of the complainants.

If we check it thoroughly,
we can get some small clue.

Daniel, there won't be
anyone's name on that list.

Why, sir?

Whatever he robbed so far,
was black money!

Sir, we don't know who lost money,
and how much they lost.

There's not even one complaint.

We ourselves came to know that it
is 1700 Crores, from the media.

How can I investigate this case, sir?

Be it black or white...

Doesn't it belong to the people?

In a country or state,
there would be some black money.

People need black money to buy groceries
like chilli, coriander or sugar, right?

Sir, excuse me.
- No point making faces.

Come to the point.
- Sir...

I think all of this
is quite weird.

I don't know whom to catch,
or whom to save.

I don't even know why
I should save them!

Sir, please let me go.

I don't fit into this case.

I totally agree with you.

But we can't think like
how others think, right?

We are police!

Only if we nab him &
send him behind bars,

we can find the origin
of the black money.

So let us first catch the guy!

Yes, sir.
- Good.

Making faces, when you
run out of answers?

Sorry, sir.
- It's okay.

As a Chief Minister,
I have only one thing to say.

Black money should be
wiped out from our land.

And then, shut the
mouths of the media.

The Government and Police have become
clowns, in front of the people.

Isn't that true, Koyapparamban?
- Totally.

That's it.

Catch him within 2 days,
and shoot him dead!

This man...
- Well...

I just said that because
of my wish to see him.

And one more thing.

This is Kerala.

The wind here is different.

I have seen storms, sir. - Storms are
different, Kerala winds are different.

Okay, Daniel.
- Sir.

The next time we meet,

everything should have a solution.

Sure, sir.


Don't worry, sir.

We couldn't lock him,
despite trying our level best.

And this outsider Daniel
is going to do that?

Well... Even if he locks him,
we will unlock that lock.

We shouldn't let him gain
accolades, making fools out of us!

You won't let him, right?

Sir, I swear on my mom,
I also won't let him.



He is Crime Branch officer Philippose.

He's the leader of the team which
investigated this case so far.

And his sub-ordinate
officer Hariharan.

- Meet Mr. Daniel.

Let's do our level best.


When you didn't pick up my calls,
I got really tensed.

I switched off my phone

Well.. Have they reached?
- They reached long back.

They're waiting upstairs.

No problems, right?
- Hey!

Don't send anyone to
my room for a while.

Send only after I tell you. Okay?
- Okay, Ma'am.

Please come.

Good morning!

Hello, Father!

Anything to drink?

We don't need anything.

Then without further ado...

let's proceed with our deal.
- Yes.

Okay, right?
- Done.

Okay, sir.

My dear friends!!

My God!
- Who are you?


Hands up!
- Father, he has a gun!

Don't make noise!

Madam, I won't trouble you.

I won't take any of the
bank's white money.

But this... This doesn't
belong to the bank!

This is an illegal transaction
without the Government's knowledge!

I mean, black money!

So if you make noise,
it would be trouble for yourselves.

If such a deal happens
at the bank...


Oh no!

Interfering when I'm
saying something?

Please! No!

Oh no!

Look over there.


Hi honey! What's your name?
- Shehnai.

- Pamba Shehnai?

Pamba Shehnai?

Padma Shenoy!
- Nice name!

Don't cry, aunty!

Don't be scared.
This is just a perfume!


Nice smell, huh?

She passed out so soon!
Must be due to her sweat!


No one should go outside this bank,
without our permission. Okay?

Yes, sir!

So, you are the informer?

Call the number you called earlier,
once again.

And tell the Commissioner,
what I tell you.

Come on, fast.

We have to take some action.

Three of you, go inside.


Who knows whether that guy
has a gun or other weapons?

What's happening?

Sir, he has seen me.

And any problem?

He has a gun with him, sir.

I will put him on.
- Okay.


Hello, Commissioner!
It is peaceful here now.

But if anyone tries to enter
this place, in any way,

things will get more complicated.

What do you want?

That's a fair question.

I'll write down my demands
and send it with a priest.


You may leave, Father.

When I come out, the manager
will be at my gun-point.

We need a car there to escape.

When we leave in that car,
none of you should follow us.

We will be going
directly to a heli-pad.

There should be a helicopter for
us to escape, at the heli-pad.

If I say all this, I know that you,
Kerala Police, won't do a damn thing.

But I must escape, right?

Who is upstairs? - Where is the priest?
- Did the priest go up?

Where is the priest?
- What, sir?

Where is that Father?
- I sent him away.

Go and search where he is!

Mr. Daniel...

My only question is...

how did he transport the suitcase that
contained the money, out from there?

I can tell you, sir.
Please have a look.

These are the visuals, after he
went out, disguised as the priest.

Within minutes, if so many people
and media reached there,

he must have informed
them himself.

Sir, see this guy with a red cap.

Observe his bag, sir.

It's thin.

That means...

there is nothing in it.


Did you notice him alone going inside,

while all the other media
persons were outside?

Did you see?

While coming out of the washroom,
his bag has become bigger.

That means, it has the
suitcase with money in it.

Such a huge robbery happened right under
the nose of the police, people and media.

Brilliant fellow!

God! What if the journalists
had found this footage!

Then we can't even step out,
calling ourselves policemen.

Sir, can you please do me a favour?
- Tell me.

Can you arrange the footage covered
by the media persons that day?

Why not?

- Sir.

You do all the necessary
arrangements for him.

- Sure, sir.

'Here begins a great battle'

'A feast to the eyes'

'There is might on either side'

'The tricks, moves, blows
and blocks are awesome'

'Who is ahead of you?'

'Who is behind you?'

'Waiting for the right opportunity,
the game will continue, fabulously'

'As good deeds spreading smiles'

'As kindling desires'

'Both of them are treading this path'

'Is this unknown story extending
to the public paths?'

'Where has meaning disappeared?'

'Who is more talented?'

'Who is stronger?'

'Who is going to win?'

'Who is more talented?'

'Who is stronger?'

'Who is going to win?'

This is the footage covered by the media,
from outside the bank.


Play the footage of the bank interiors.
- Okay.


Have you noticed anything
common in this footage?

- We don't know anything, sir.

I don't know anything.

Okay, zoom!

This is the CCTV
footage of the bank.


If you check this out,
the time is 10.45 AM on both visuals.

In this visual, one guy is going
outside, wearing a cap, from inside.

And in this visual, the same guy
with a cap, is coming outside.

Yes! Yes!
I got it!

One second!


He has been overlapped.

Some fool overlapped him.

That's me, sir.

Okay, let's go to the playground.
Come on, guys.

Is he going to play
in between all this?

What's he going to do there?

Still, we couldn't identify
that guy with the cap, right?

Why didn't we have this idea of
getting the footage from the channel?

I had also thought about it.

If he had identified this guy, we would
have been disgraced in front of the DGP.

You masked and saved the
honour of Kerala Police.

True, sir.
Thank you, sir.

He left in a car from this ground.


The only possible way to go out,
is that one.

Is there a CCTV
camera anywhere here?

No, sir. As you can see, all
buildings are under construction.

So, CCTV...?

- Yes, sir.

He left the bank in the disguise
of a priest, at sharp 10.35 AM.

And at 10.43 AM, he came back inside
the bank, in another disguise,

with a red cap on him.

So within this
difference of 8 minutes,

he wouldn't have gone too far.


Is there an underground
parking, anywhere nearby?

Yes, sir.
There's a shopping mall nearby.

They have underground
parking there.

Then get me the footage!


Zoom in.
- Okay.

This is so vulgar.

Shut up!
- Sir.

He is changing his clothes.

While coming back,

he will come with
the money, 100%.

Fast forward the footage a bit.
- Okay.

So he's not alone.
There are people to help him.

Yeah! Yeah!




There he is!


We got him!

Such a familiar face.

Oh! Is it this guy?

Do you know him?

I swear on my mom,
I don't.

I have seen him...

... somewhere earlier.

'O lightning, O wave,
which came beside me and disappeared'

'How did you move away so cleverly
without me spotting you?'

'My eyes spotted the thief who
disappeared into thin air today'

'Have you cast a net for him,
in your thoughts?'

'There are many tricks up his sleeve'

'Don't make any mistakes'

'Be on your toes'

'Your opponent is coming from a distance'

'The game is getting addictive'

'Who is more talented?'

'Who is stronger?'

'Who is going to win?'

'Who is more talented?'

'Who is stronger?'

'Who is going to win?'

Sir, his name is Jack.

He exports vegetables
and handicrafts.

Petrol bunks,

automobile agencies,


These are all his businesses,
and he stays in Judges' Avenue.

Why should someone with so many
businesses & money, steal or rob?

These are all just masks.

See, he's not robbing thousands or lakhs...
He's robbing Crores!

If he gets caught some time,

the answer to the question that
where did all this money come from...

These small businesses
are for that.

Well, sir... Since we've identified him,
why can't we go and arrest him directly?


See! With this proof,
we can't arrest him.

He will come out easily.
Sir, you know that.

Yeah, I know.
- We should have solid evidence.

If so, if we raid his house,
what if we find some solid evidence?

No! No!

If we do a raid,
he will become alert.

It's not a good idea.

Then I have another idea.

We can say that it's an income tax
department raid, right? - Yeah!

That's a good idea.

Okay, sir.

Excuse me...

Excuse me?

Who are you?
- We are from the Income Tax department.

We have a search warrant.
- Okay.

Go ahead.
- Well... Jack?

Excuse me?

Sir will take 10-15
minutes to wake up.

Don't disturb him.

Why is he sitting under a tree & sleeping,
despite having such a huge house?

He is meditating!

To meditate under a tree,
who is he? Lord Buddha?

Shut up!

Thank you, sir.

You please come.
You can start.



If there was a Banyan tree, it would have
been awesome. - What about a coconut tree?

Tea or coffee?
- I'll have a juice.

A green tea. - A glass of milk.
- Coffee. - A strong tea.

I shouldn't have asked.
Hey! I'll make all these.

Those who need it,
come and drink it!

Did you find any evidence?
- No. Nothing.

Then check the next room.
- Okay, sir.

What is it, Rametta?

An income tax raid is going on.

I can sit here, right?

You can sit, sir.
But I can't keep calm now.

Juice, coffee, tea and what not!

Let me go there. Don't know
what they would ask next.

It's all glass.


What's the point, having
so much money?

His fate is to sleep on the floor.

Did you find anything?
- Nothing!

How will you?
It's all glass here.

Got a buzz only now!

Hello, gentleman!

Hi, sir.

Please sit, sir.
- DYSP Philippose.


What's the programme on TV?

Some programmes happening here...

Programmes happening here?
- Yes.

Can you see visuals of all
the rooms, over here?


You really like whiskey, right?

See! When I left from home
quickly for the raid,

I forgot to take the homeopathy
medicine for my knee-pain.

Instead of that.. The base of all
this is spirit & alcohol, right?

So, a small...
- Okay, okay! Nice!

How do you feel now?
- Yeah! Better! Better!

That's great!

Do you have any other disease, sir?
- No! Never!

I mean, piles or something?
- Not at all! Sheesh!

Well, when I saw your
sitting posture...

That's my style!

Oh! Nice style!

Keep it up!
- Thank you!

What is this?
A gramophone?



What is this?
A rock?

Oh! It's a soap!

Let me wash my face then!

I can get rid of this fatigue.


Oh no!
What is this? A jungle-dweller?

It's all foreign stuff.

An expensive perfume!

See! See his innocence!

Phew! No one saw it!

Where all has he kept cameras?

I had even gone to
pee in between!

- What?

Great visuals!

Nice performance too!

That's it.

Your team is the best!

This must be how
people become fair.

Hello sir!

Please come.

SI Sir has become really fair, right?


Is it true?
- Yeah.

Sir, there's an awesome
soap kept upstairs.

I became so fair,
using that.

I saw that.
We saw everything on TV.

Did it come on the news channel?


That's not a face cream, by the way.
- Then?

It's a cream used to
polish white shoes.

That's why it's burning so much.

So it won't go now? - Yes. Just
brush a white shoe on your face!

Is it?
- See!

This is what they say 'Tried to get
fair, but ended up with splotches'.

Yes! Yes!

Sorry sir.
We got a wrong information.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

It's okay.
Thank you.


Actually, sorry. We got a wrong
information. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Didn't they just say the same thing?
- No! No! No!

This is the official confirmation.
I am the officer.

Okay, Jack! You enjoy your day!
- Thank you.

We'll come by some time.
- No. I'll send the whiskey to you.

See you, sir.

- Okay.



Guys, you carry on!

Why have you come
at this time, sir?

Even after so many problems happened,
you're still playing around?

Why didn't you inform me?

What, sir?

What was this raid for?

They said it was due to
a false information.

No! No! No more arguments
and explanations.

Something wrong!

You stay away for a few days.
Let me investigate.

Come back only when
I tell you to.

Sir, should we take it so seriously?
- It's serious!

Then I'll leave this Sunday.

Tomorrow itself.

I'll go to Goa tomorrow itself.

Why do you keep going
to Goa these days?

Isn't Goa a beautiful
place, sir?

- It's all right.



Thank you.



So embarrassing.

What happened?

Sorry! This is the first time I'm
completing a Sudoku, in my life.

So I got really excited.


Where are you going, Sudoku?



What do you do?

I'm a freelance photographer.

Do you work there?
- No. In Kerala.

I'm going to Goa to
meet my friends.

Oh! Okay.

I'm Susmitha.

I'm Jack.

Welcome to Goa.

Nice meeting you.
- See you!

Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.

Everything fine?
- Your room is ready.

Hi. How are you?
- Everything fine, sir.

Thank you.
- Welcome, sir.

Keep the change.

Thank you.
- Welcome.


We... At the airport?

Oh! Sudoku.
- Yes.


Thank you.

It's a special joy to have food
while talking to someone we know.

Oh! Sorry.

I already had my food.

And I'm in a hurry
to leave, as well.

Who else can give you company...?

Oh God!
Peter Hein!

Sir, can I take a picture with you?
- Okay.

It's Peter Hein!

Who's that?

You don't know Peter Hein?

But I've heard his name somewhere.

The first Malayali who doesn't know
Peter Hein! I'll set you straight now.

He has so many fans, huh?

Of course!
All over the world!

The world famous Vietnamese singer.
Pop singer.

Is it?
- Yes.

I don't really listen to music...

It's all right.

I'm seeing him for the first time.

I can't believe it.

Just a minute.

Sir, water.
- Okay. Thank you.

Not allowed!

Peter Master, excuse me.
Just one minute.

Let him come.

Thank you.
I am Jack.

Hello Jack.

I'm a big fan of yours.
I've seen your movies.

Your fights...
Wow! What do I say!

I'm really surprised. Master, I'm so sorry.
Can I take a selfie with you?

Sure! Sure!

Keep smiling!

Thank you.

Master, look at that girl.

She's my friend.

- Hi.

She really likes your songs.

Songs? -Yes.
- My songs? - Yes.

I've never sung any song!

But that girl told me that
she loves your songs.


I've sung only in my bathroom.

But how does that girl know that?

I don't know how.

But she seems to have heard it somewhere.
- One minute, please.

[Speaking in Vietnamese]

Master, please sing a song for her.

No! No! No!

I can't sing a song here.

It won't come for me. I can't sing here.
- Compel him. He will sing.

Sir, just one song.
Please, sir.


2 lines.
Maximum, 4 lines.

- Up to six lines.

- Okay.

[Singing a popular viral song]

Hey Master!
Come, dance!


Dear friends, we welcome you all
for this chess competition.

To participate in this game,
there's a fee of 2500, per head.

And if you win, or at least if
you tie with your opponent,

you will be getting 25,000.

So, all the very best...

and have a great time ahead!

Hey you! Wanna try?
- No!

Come on, man!
Come on!

Hey please! - No, thanks.
Try your luck, no? - No! No!

Not interested?

Hey man! Come! Come!


Hi Sudoku.
- Hi.

How was his song yesterday?

You were fooling me, right?

What happened?

Whom did you say Peter Hein was?

Vietnamese pop singer.

Vietnamese pop singer, it seems.
I Googled him.

He's the number one
stunt master in India.

And after you left,
there was a huge fight there.

It was a chance given by God to me,
so that I'll never forget you, Sudoku.

- Yeah right!
- Hey brother!

Would you like to join?
Just pay 2500,

and get 25,000 cash.

Come, bro.
- Okay.

Shall we try playing a game?

To put me in trouble again?

No! No!
It's very interesting.

But I don't know how to play chess.
- Is it?

You don't know?
- No.

Good! That's what's
needed for this game.

Excuse me, bro.
- Yes.

She's my friend.
Excellent player.

Really? I think you should try.
- No! No!

I don't know to play.
- No! Use the brain! Beat them!

Come on!
- Come on!

Bro, one thing...
- Yeah.

Can one person play with two
people at the same time?

She can.
- Are you sure? - Yes.

Just pay 5000, and you can.

No issue.
- Wow.

That's great!
- Cool.

Hey! Stop kidding!
- No! No! I'll pay the money.

2500 and 2500.

Totally 5000.
- You'll lose that money!

We've got a new player who
has doubled up the game!

Please give him a big applause!

What foolishness are
you doing, Jack?

I don't know how to play this!
You'll lose your money, mind it!

Sudoku, you relax!

The game will start in front of two
people, at two different tables.

Now listen to me very carefully.

And do whatever I say.

All the best.

You're going to get
me killed, right?

Listen carefully,
and do as I say.

While you play with the first person,
your coins would be black.

While playing with the second person,
they would be white.

When the game starts, the white
coin player who sits opposite you,

will make the first move.

Once he makes his move, you shouldn't
make your move in a haste...

Instead, act like you're thinking...

and get up and go to
the black coin player.

There, your coins are white, right?

Wherever the first white
coin guy moved his coin to,

place your white coin,
against the black coin player.

Then, the black coin player
would move his coin.

Don't forget that. Remember it, and make
the same move against the white coin guy.


If you do that, the game would
be happening between them both.

You will be just a mediator, okay?


It's a draw!





- Yeah!

Hi bro!


Winning prize.
25+25 = 50,000.

Thank you.

As you said, she's an excellent player.
- Really?

- What the hell is happening here?

All this money is for you, Jack.

No! I just need the
money I spent.

Rest all is for you, Sudoku.

Well, what are you going
to do with this money?

With this money...

I have to buy something
for my parents.

My first prize money!

That's good.

Who all are there at your home?

Papa and Mumma.

We're settled in Delhi.

Papa is working there.

Is that so?

What about your house, Jack?


I have many people.

The number of people close to me,
is growing day by day!

And now, you too!

Where are you going now?

Nothing particular.

There's an exhibition happening nearby.
Are you free?

I am free.
- Then join me. - Okay.

Such a small...


Though it's so small, it will
be really expensive, right?

It will be really expensive,
but it's not for sale.


This place has a collection
of costly diamonds. - Okay.

Rare pieces.


Saw this necklace?

During 17th Century,

a Swedish prince called Frederick
William gifted this to his lover.

Do you know how much it is worth?

In Indian currency, it's
Rs. 16 Crores.

16 Crores?

What happened?

Well, that prince must have been so madly
in love with his girlfriend, right?

Otherwise, would he gift her
such an expensive necklace?

You're still stuck there?

Then why don't you
buy it for yourself?

People like me can
only dream about it.

Otherwise, there is one way.
I should steal it.

Steal it?

From there?

That place has tight security!

Didn't you see, Sudoku?

Jewels are all preserved in
glass vessels and glass pillars.

Even if our breath falls on them,

there would be a pressure
variation, and alarms would ring.

How do you know all this, Jack?

Shouldn't we know about things
that are happening around us?

This is no big deal. Just search Google,
and you'll get all the details.

Well, what's your plan, Sudoku?

How many days are you here?



Thought you could
fool us and escape?

Return the 50,000 Rupees
you took from us.

We won it from the game, right?
- No such games will work here.

You better return our cash.

Or we will finish off your lover!

Hey! I'm not his lover or anything.

We just met.
- Shut up!

Enough of your drama!

Pay the money & take your lover back.

See! I told you, right?

I'm not his lover.
- Then you give the money.

How will I give it?

Half the money is with him.

Where did he go?

Where is he?

I don't know.

Right when I was thinking about making her
my lover, you're calling her my lover?

Hold this, Sudoku.
Step aside.

Did you guys come with him?

Just say sorry to her & go!

Shall we go?

Hey Sudoku!

Let's go.

Oh my God!
- Handle with care, okay?


Thank you.


So what were we saying?
About going back to Kerala, right?


Sir, he's a trained fighter.

How did you understand that?

Did you see his style?

He's a martial artist.

Who's that girl with him?

Did he go to Goa, to
meet her, by any chance?


Sir, as soon as possible...

I will submit much
more details to you.

Hope so.
- I'll do my level best, sir.

Hi Sudoku.

Did you get back?

Yes, I got back.
I'm in the city now.

I'm also in the city.

Where in the city?

Tell me the exact place.

The water tank on Church road?
I'm in front of that.


From there, exactly 16 steps.

Towards south.
Walk forward.

For what?

Walk, dear.

Thirteen... Fourteen...
Fifteen... Sixteen...

Now, 15 steps to your left.

One... Two...

Fourteen... Fifteen.

There is a way to the
left from there, right?

5 steps that way.

One.. Two... Three... Four...

Now, 3 steps to the right.

How much?
- 2500.

Twelve... Thirteen...

I've reached.

Now, look towards your right.



How did you do this?
I thought you must be behind me.

How is it possible?

This is my city, right?

I know every nook and corner here,
by heart.

If I close my eyes like this,
I can see every movement of yours.



Jack Position System.

A system that brings you
to Jack's position.

But still... how?
- Nothing. Hold this.

Don't think too much and
stress your mind.

Do you like pigeons?

A little too much.

Any problem?

Haven't you heard about
pigeons, Sudoku?

Pigeons can remember the routes
they've travelled, up to 800 kms.

That's why pigeons were
used for communication,

until post & telegraph
came into being.

And pigeons are the
symbol of love, right?

Aren't they the symbol of peace?

Yes. Only if there is love,
there would be peace, right?

Where is your vehicle?
- I've kept it there.

Okay. So let's go in my car,
take it, and then you can follow me.


Take them into the cage.
- Okay, sir.


Such a beautiful house.

Do you stay alone here?

If you ask me whether I stay alone,
I don't.

They are all here to
give me company, right?


This is Ramettan.
- Namaste.

This is my friend, Susmitha.

She's a photographer.
- Please come inside.

I'll make tea.
- No.

Today I'll make tea.

Let it be my special.
- Okay.

Please sit, Sudoku.
I'll go make tea & come.



Your tea.

Thank you.

How is it?


Actually, when you drink tea,

if you want to relish its true taste,
do you know how you should drink it?

I'll show you.

Take the cup.



- I'll drink like this.


That's it!


Who are they?

My brother and family.

4 policemen were admitted to the
hospital, including the S.I.

Home Minister Koyapparamban told the media
that an investigation would be conducted,

and strict action would be
taken against the culprits.

Against this injustice against the police,

the Government has decided to take
a strong stand, and charge a case.

As long as this Koyapparamban is the
Home Minister, we won't spare anyone.

Poor policemen.

They are being punished for the
crimes committed by thieves.

This won't happen if the policemen
do they duty correctly, right?

Even if the policemen
want to do good,

would politicians like
him allow them to do so?

That's true.
- Yes.

When did we start hearing figures
like 1000 Crores & 10,000 Crores?

Once the corruption stories of
politicians started coming out, right?

Yet, do we have the courage to
look at these corrupt guys' faces,

and call them 'thieves'?

90% of the crimes that happen here,

are a joint business by the
politicians and the police.

If you believe otherwise,

I'll give you another proof.
- What's that?

A deal is happening at Hotel
Rwanda on beach road, tomorrow.

To be precise, a black
money transaction.

Do you know who's
accepting that money?

THE Home Minister Koyapparamban.

- Yeah!

No! You're kidding!

I'm not kidding!

Koyapparamban will take that money
& leave, with police escort!

If you're smart enough, try to
inform the police & get it blocked!



The winner should buy ice cream.
- That's nice.

I liked that.

Then get going.
- Let that be.

How do you know all this, Jack?

I know. I'm an ordinary voter
of this society, right?

Then I'll definitely
inform this to the police.

All the best!

Where has she gone?

It's been quite some time.

Let me go check anyway.


Can't hear anything!

Has she left?

Aren't you a policeman, sir?


Then what about this cap & uniform?
- Oh! The cap?


Now, I am a police officer.

You've been following
me for a while, sir.

Oh no! Me?
Why should I?

If I give you an information,
can you take action?

I will.
Tell me the matter.

A black money transaction is going to
happen at Hotel Rwanda, at the beach side.

It's our Home Minister
who's receiving it.

Who's that?

The Police minister!

You know who that is?

I swear on my mom!
I don't.

Isn't it Koyapparamban?
- Oh! Koyapparamban!

Our Minister!

You should inform this to your
superiors at the earliest.

I'll do it.

Just a minute.
- Make sure that you do it, sir.

Don't go!
Don't go!

Are you leaving?

Then let her go!

Hello? What happened?
Did you get any information about her?

No, sir.
She got all information about me, though.


Then, there is no problem.

But, she told me something.
- What?


Sir, an important information.

Tomorrow, at Hotel
Rwanda on the beach side,

black money is coming,
for our Home Minister.

What are you saying?
- Yes, sir.

That girl who's with Jack,
told this to Hari.

Why should she say it to Hari?

This is what Hari told me.

If that girl has got
that information,

she must have known
it from Jack.

So he won't come, 100%.

Why would he come?

Maybe, it's a wrong lead.

What if...

she passed this information
without Jack's knowledge?

My intuition says that...

he will definitely come there!


Minister will be leaving
from this guest house.

He will be going to Hotel Rwanda,
through this Palace road.

After the transaction at Rwanda,

he will be going back,
through the same route.

There are 2 possibilities for
the money to be stolen.

One, Hotel Rwanda.

Two, this road.

Sir, on the road?

It's easy for him on the road.

Because only the
police would be there.


The security measures would
be higher at the hotel.

Exactly. After minister leaves
the hotel, anything can happen.

So the total territory
should be under our control.

- Sir.

If he comes,

he shouldn't go back.

Sir, careful.

I'll fall if I'm not careful, right?
Let me fall if have to!


Everything is okay, right?

Everything is okay.

Shall we catch that minister?

For what?

Well... - We should be catching Jack,
who's coming to steal that bag.

I know that.

But still, that minister!

If we catch the minister,
we'll lose our jobs.

If we catch the thief,
we'll get promoted.

What do you want?

Sir, both are thieves, right?

That's our fate!

Sir, the information we got is correct.
They have a bag.


You keep an eye on them.

Okay, sir.

Why did you stop?
- Sir, police has surrounded us.

They are our policemen, you fool!
Just go!

That's true.
- Stupid policemen!

Sir, they have started.

Copied. Follow them.

Okay, sir.
Let's go!

That's him!

That's Jack's car, sir.

Sir, Jack is here.

He is just in front of our vehicle.

Philip, we have to catch him.

Be alert.
- Okay, sir.

Speed up!


Oh God!

The Central Intelligence
department is waiting on the way.

Don't they have any other job?

If poor Ministers can't
live peacefully...

Stop the car!

Stop the car!!

Slow down.
Focus on Jack's car.

You do one thing.

Get down here, get into the police jeep,
and take a different route.

Which route? - Do you want me
to show you that route? - No!

Where are you going?

What is it, sir? - Will your daddy
take this? - I should take this too?

Then do one thing. Leave it.
Do you want to take this?

- Take it!

Let's go to the guest house!

Oh my God!

Philip, just listen to me.

I saw the money being shifted
to that police jeep.

Follow the jeep!

Sir, what are you saying?

When the thief is behind the minister,
why should we follow the police jeep?

I told you that I saw the money being
shifted! Why don't you understand?

Just hurry up!
- Then why don't you send someone else?

By the time someone else comes,
he might escape!

Come on, man!
- No, sir. Please ask Rajesh to follow him.

That's it!

After sending everyone
in different directions,

he wants to catch the thief
on his own & take credit.

That won't happen!

Sir, I have a doubt.

What if Daniel himself is Jack?

Chances for that are very less.

Why did the Minister go that way?

Did he forget to steal or what?

Not that, sir.
He didn't forget.

He wouldn't have seen him.
- Damn it!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Pull over.
- That's not Jack!

He will be in the car.

I needn't come, right sir?

You wait here.
- Of course.

What happened?

What happened, sir?

I have no idea!

What's happening?

Sir, we've taken the Minister
safely to the guest house.

What about Jack?

Which Jack?
I mean... Jack wasn't in the car, sir.

I can follow the jeep now.
- Isn't that what I told you earlier?

Yes, sir.
- You should have listened to me.

Philip, 5 bikes are on the
way on Cantonment Road.

One of them is Jack.

At any cost, block him!
- Copy, sir.

Hari, go to Cantonment
Road, quickly!

- Quick!

Some of you go that side.

You come this side.
- Okay, sir.

You guys catch 3 bikes,
we will catch 2 bikes.

- He is coming!

Be alert!

What is this?
A bike rally?

Sir, did he say 5 bikes or 500 bikes?

That's my doubt too!

Oh God!

Hari, how do we find Jack among them?

Very soon!

Good morning.
- Good morning, sir.

Sir, those bike riders were all
members of different riding clubs.

They have no connection
with yesterday's incident.

I know that.
Where is D.G.P.?

He's about to leave,
to meet the Minister, sir.

Good morning, sir.
- Good morning!

Minister has summoned me.

To ask about yesterday's robbery.

It was his money, right sir?

That's why he's worried.
- Exactly!

But you know one thing?
- Sir...

Jack has given the precise
accounts to all the channels.

Sir, this Jack is not alone, sir.

Behind him, there is a big group!

It was a well executed plan!

Unfortunately, we failed.

I'm sorry, sir.

I partially disagree with you.

Why? - If there was full co-operation
& co-ordination from our department,

I could have arrested him &
presented him before you, by now.

But we had a good chance.

We missed it!

We won't get such
chances always.

If we don't get chances,
we should create them, sir.

But one thing, sir.

If I have the full
control of our team,

we can easily nail him.

Yes, I understand.

Where is Philip?
- On the way, sir.

Ask him to come & meet me,
as soon as he reaches.

- Sir...

I'll see it it that this
doesn't happen again.

And watch the game...
- Sir.

What is happening here?

What happened, sir?

A guy from outside was imported because the
policemen here weren't good enough, right?

But, have the robberies stopped?

Why, sir?

Did you lose anything?
- No!!

I haven't lost anything.

Then whom did it belong to, sir?

My P.A's some...
This guy's!!

What did he lose, sir?

One Rupee that his father gave him,
during his childhood.

I've told you that I
don't like files!

One Rupee that his
grandma gave him.

After saving up all that to
make $10 Crores,

on the way to Guruvayoor
temple to make an offering,

a thief stole it.

Didn't you complain after that?

It's God's money, right?
Are we supposed to complain?

That's true!

What the hell are you saying?

It was me who lost the money!

- My....

The guy who is with me.
His money!

But he's not saying anything.

If you speak, I'll kill you.

What did you say?

He's not saying anything, sir.

He is a mute.

This guy?

One Rupee....

One Rupee....


Enough! Enough! Enough!

Hold this.

Will you catch him anytime soon?

Sir, we are after him!

That's enough!

You and your damn file!

Hey lady!
Don't you have eyes?

Is this how you cross the road?

Why did you stop the car?

I jumped in front of it,
to die.

Oh! So it was a suicide attempt?

If we jump in front of police vehicles,
there won't be a case against you, right?

Oh! Who told you all
this foolishness?

What is your problem?
Who are you?

My name is Fathima.

You know Hisbullah textiles & jewellery's
owner Hisbullah? I am his wife.

Oh! You are Hisbullah's wife?
- Yes.

Why did you try to
commit suicide, Madam?

I really love my husband.

That's not a problem, right?
- That's a problem for me.

What problem?

Now my husband is in an extra marital
relationship with another woman.

Oh! That's a problem!

That is my problem.

But how do you know that?

I saw it with my own eyes!

She comes to the shop at
sharp 7 PM, every day.

After that, my husband
goes out with her.

They come back only when it
is time to close the shop.

See, dear.
Your husband is a businessman, right?

So those might be some
business meetings!

But what is this
business with her alone?


If that was the case, why didn't
you ask this to him directly?

I wanted to ask him many times.

Then? - But I have a fear
somewhere deep within me.

If my husband admits that
the relationship is true,

I will die of heart-break!

We have 5 children!

One is 1.5 years old, another is 2.5
years old, then a 3.5 years old,

then a 4.5 years old
and a 6.5 years old.

Does he get time to do business?

God gives all these, right?

Please don't cry.

Keep this. Wipe your tears.
Poor girl.

- It's okay. Keep it.

You might need it.
Let me enquire.

It's not 7 PM yet.

Let's go there now.
- Oh God!

Won't he recognize me?

How will he recognize you?
You're wearing this Parda, right?

No one will recognize you. Come.
- But still..

Sister, I won't allow any
family to be destroyed.

I am a public servant
and you are a public.

Police is for the society!

Please come.


See if my husband is coming.

He is coming!

Come & collect it from the office.
- Over there.

I've told them everything.

Oh God!

- Two phones!

He has shown only one
phone to me so far.

That's the problem with extra-marital.
- Who's that?

Those who are in extra-marital
relationships are like this!

My God!

Dear, please don't be emotional.

He is betraying me!
That cruel man!

It is time.

Did you see him
looking at the watch?

She will come at 7 PM.

She will come & take him.
Watch out.

I'm watching.

Don't bat an eyelid!

Bat what?

Don't bat an eyelid!


You reached?

I'm inside. Come in.
- Look!

He's going to meet her.

We should catch them red-handed today.

God! Where am I?

Push! Push, dear!


Sorry, Madam!

Have you come to
catch me or them?

Don't say so, sister.
I'm very sincere.

I lost my balance.

Shouldn't you have some control?

God! Look at her coming!

You are my darling!
- Stop it, Ikka.

Oh God! He's calling her darling!

Can't you curl this
hair a little bit more?

Hisbullah can't be blamed.

No! Hisbullah is the
one to be blamed!

It's a crime.
I will put him behind bars!

Oh God! That wretched
female is touching him!

My hands & knees are going weak!

Oh no!
Do you want to go to the hospital?

No, sir. Just tell someone to
send me to the cabin here.

Relax! Relax!

I can't stand.
I need to lie down.

Hello! Hello!

This person is really important to me.
I'm going outside for some urgent work.

Until then, you should let this
person sit in the office cabin.

Isn't this you, sir?

I am a police officer, man!
I was talking about her!

Sorry, sir.
Please come, Madam.

Go, sister.

Sir, today itself...
- Sister, don't worry!

I will handle!
I will handle!

Stuff it into her throat!


Poor lady!

It's on your lips.

You will cheat her too!

Horny horse!

Shall we go?
- Let's go.

I will come early today.
- Okay.

- Bye!

Mr. Hisbullah!

- I am DYSP Philippose.

What is it, sir?
- What kind of a man are you?

Your wife is alive now,
only because of God's grace.

Today she tried to jump in front of my
car, and commit suicide, you know?

My wife? - Yes.
- For what?

Aren't you ashamed to go around
with such sluts,

when you have a wife who loves
you more than anything, at home?

Don't talk crap!
I won't consider that you're a policeman!

The one who left now?
That's my only wife, Fathima!


I won't agree!


Our wedding photo!

This is my wife, Fathima.

Who's that Fathima then?

Hey! Hey! Bike!
- Sorry!

Sorry, sister. You may go!
- Thank you!

Where is he going?

Hey! Hey!

What would have happened here?

Sir, let this Madam
sit here for a while.

Who is it?
- Madam...

Peace be unto you!

Please sit.

What's your name?

Nothing like that.


A. Gunalal.

Nice name!

Gunalal Ikka,
can you give me some water?

Why not!

Appu! One glass of water!

What is this?

Why did you get up?

I got up unknowingly!

Please sit down.

Don't take it off.

Are you going?

Madam, water.
- Give it here. I'll give her.

Get going!


Don't make me drink water!

What are you doing?

Someone will see us!

Oh no!
A gun?

Sir, 25 glucose biscuits...

Voting without any privacy?

Come fast.
People are waiting there.

Where are those glucose biscuits
he spoke about, hidden?

Who are you to ask that?

Oh no!

Oh no!

I am from Intelligence Department.

Where is the gold hidden?

I'll take out whatever you want!

You didn't have to tempt
me so much for that!

You will be cursed!

You shut up!
I will kill you!

Why should you kill me?
It's someone else's stuff. I'll show you.

- Put the gun away!

Him & his damn glucose biscuits!

That's all there is.


It had such a big cellar in there?

Not just a cellar.
There's a treasury too. Wanna see?

The other voice is
better in this dress.

That way, at least those
who hear it can enjoy it.

You shut up!

Is everything over?
- Yes.

Tell your boss that a dog took
all the glucose biscuits!

Boss won't believe me if I say that.

Don't just take the biscuits.
The dog should take me too.

Otherwise, he will kill me.

Then, shall I kill you?

What is this?

Hey! What are you doing here?

Disgusting fellows!

They're doing it in the godown now?

Let boss come back.

Without letting me join...
- Shucks!

Bubble gum?
- Sir...

What I took yesterday was the
advance Koyapparamban got,

from the Kuwait business deal.

I will take the balance
amount as well.

I've taken gold, not less than
50 kgs from here, as well.

Oh God!

Now I'll give you a tip.

A policeman should never
be so sentimental!


Who's he to give tips?
Tipper Vasu? Rascal!

Shut up!
You don't have any common sense or what?

When a guy dressed up as a girl,
and delivered some dialogues...

Well, his disguise as a woman,
had so much originality!

We can never figure out.
It's all inside the clothes.

If it's not inside the clothes?

What the hell!

No, sir. I meant that,
it's inside a 'Pardah'.

I've been called to the Minister's
office, asking for an explanation.

What should I say?

Should I say that the thief
& you were classmates?

No, sir.
We were not classmates!

Shut up, you...!!

No way! I haven't lost
even a gram of gold!

Excuse me, sir.
- Yes, Daniel.

Sir, earlier this was one-way.

Only we were following him.

Now it has become two-way.

He has also started following us.


He has said that he has understood
that I've joined this team recently.

How did you understand that?

Sir, on the letter he wrote & left there,
a chewing gum was stuck to the back.

I have a habit of chewing gum.

You know that.
- Correct, sir.

What do you think
we should do now?


We have to be more smarter.

Hi Sudoku.
What's up?

Why are you playing with rats,
flashing a light?

Just like that.

Haven't you heard about rats?
- No.

They are one among the species, which has
the most reflex action in the world.

Is it?
- See...

Look... They come running
when I throw these peanuts.

Now, without throwing peanuts...

I will flash this light.


It's running, thinking
that it's a peanut.

But won't it realize when it comes close,
that it's not a peanut?

It will.

It doesn't know the language to ask
why I didn't throw peanuts, right?

Well, what is this for?

Just like that.
For time pass.

Well, what about Koyapparamban's money?
Did you inform the police?

Yes, I did.

- Then what?

Nothing happened.


Get these little ones to the cage.
- Okay, sir.

So who's getting the ice cream?

For me.
- Oh! It was me who won, right?

You failed in Koyapparamban's
matter, right?

I'll give you one more chance.

See if you can win, okay?

I'll show you one thing.

What is this?
- A flower.

It's not just a flower.

It's Koyapparamban's money.

This is a glass.

I'm keeping this glass
over this flower.

Now, how can you take this flower out?

Like this.
- Hello!

Let me complete!

You have to take the flower without taking
this glass with your hand, or breaking it.

The glass shouldn't rise up!


Hey! Hey! Hey!
What is this?

You said I shouldn't touch it with my
hand, right? - Is this your leg then?

No.. This....

You can use anything that's here.

I am liberal.
I am really liberal.

I'll do it now.

What should I do now?
- Are you asking me?

What should I do then?

You wore both gloves
anyway, right?

There's some cow dung outside.
Put it on the plants outside.

So mean!

You haven't studied Chemistry?

Flower is part of Biology, right?

Flower in Biology?

It's Botany!

Aren't you educated?

Make it fast anyway.

Use your brain.
- I don't know.

You do it.
- Is it? - Yes.



Take a little bit of this liquid and
pour it over the glass like this.

Without raising the glass,
or touching with your hand,

we can take the
flower easily now.

How's it?

The magic of Hydrofluoric acid.


Koyapparamban's money,
as easy as picking a flower.

So that's why a Chemistry
book was lying here?

Well, shouldn't we go out for ice cream?
- Yes, of course.

I'll go change & come.

Hey Sudoku!

Go and meet a doctor soon!


I have a doubt whether
your beauty is increasing!

No way!
- Then it must be my imagination!

If this pimple wasn't there...!!

What if it's a love pimple?

Otherwise it will be trouble for me.


Did you see that girl?
She has beautiful eyes.

No! Don't look so quickly.
Just look casually.

Beautiful eyes.

But those eyes are expecting someone.


- This is the problem with you men.

If a girl is sitting alone, you
immediately start gossiping about her.

Not gossip.
It's a fact.

I was waiting for a long time.
- Hey! I'm so sorry, dear.

Oh God!


How did you understand that?

That she was waiting
for someone?

Just rewind and think about the
way she was eating ice cream!

With the intention that the ice cream
on her bowl shouldn't get over,

she was taking only 1/4th of
her spoon of ice cream,

and having it very slowly,
waiting for someone to come.

Slowly.... Slowly...

Really sharp!

If you just notice what's
happening around us,

we can see many
interesting things.

For example...

Just pay attention to them.

So yeah. Tell me.
What's happening?

You tell me.

They are a couple, right?
- No. They are lovers.

Yeah, right!
They are husband & wife!

She's a wife.

Someone else's wife.

And that guy is her lover.

Don't be blasphemous!

Do one thing.

Let's try an experiment.

Let's try out a WhatsApp joke.


Dude, it's me.

I came to have food at
Sky Green restaurant.

When I came here,
your wife is sitting here.

With her lover.

if you come here,
you can catch them red-handed!

I'll see to it that they don't leave.
Come fast.

Hey! Don't go! I'll also come!

Such a huge impact
for a WhatsApp joke?

You're always on 1000 Watts power, Jack.
Always so spirited!

There's one way for that.

We should seek things that we're
sure that we'll never be able to do,

and try to do them.

Then our mind would be on
1000 Watts power, full time!

Is it just that?

Even when you have a lot of money,
you will be happy, right?

I don't agree to that, Sudoku.

We become the happiest in life,
when we help someone else.

Help can be in any way.

So, without our knowledge,

a positive vibration will enter us from
the person who's accepting the help.

That's a special kind of feeling!

You can try it out, Sudoku.

So you're a Yogi as well, huh?

Try it out if you want to.

So, this will be my
programme tomorrow.

Sir, please give me something.
- I don't have change.

This is not enough.
I'll give him a little more.


Chetta, please stop.
- Dear...

Can you tell us where this address is?

Oh! Convent!

Sister, where do you want to go?
- I know that.

Bethany convent.
- Take right from here.

I want to say that!
- Take this right.


Can you give me some water?

Not in that.
To drink...

Pour it in this.


It's okay. Drink it.
- Enough, sister.

- Poor chap!

You bloody! - Cheers!
- Get lost!

This is the best chance to help!


Don't worry.

Okay then.
- Dear...

Thank you so much, dear.

God bless you!

Though unknowingly,
you got that feel, right?

That's what!

And my doubt is cleared now!

- Didn't I ask you to go to the doctor?

A doubt whether your
beauty is increasing!

Like that?

That's gone now.

Beauty is definitely increasing!

'The fragrance of the flower,
in the breeze that flows by this way'

'The beautiful brightness of the
morning that comes after midnight'

'Who are you, capturing my
heart when I'm unaware?'

'Where are you disappearing,
after coming to my life as a rainbow?'

'With few words of yours, you turn my
rock solid heart, into a butterfly'

'Are you a dream?
Are you the truth? Are you a story?

'You are a magic, and I'm
deep within that spell'

'Are you a dream?
Are you the truth? Are you a story?

'You are a magic, and I'm
deep within that spell'


Drink! Drink!
- This is Nair sir.

He's everything to me!
- Hi sir.

This is Susmitha.
She's everything to me!


I mean, she is my friend!

'The picture that someone draws on
a misty window, turns into you'

'You are on my lips, like the lines of that
song that I kept hearing on my journeys'

'You are the moon, hidden
by the dark clouds of rain'

'O friend, who spreads smiles'

'What am I searching for, coming
beside you as a shadow, always?'

'The fragrance of the flower,
in the breeze that flows by this way'

'The beautiful brightness of the
morning that comes after midnight'

'Who are you, capturing my
heart when I'm unaware?'

'Where are you disappearing,
after coming to my life as a rainbow?'

'With few words of yours, you turn my
rock solid heart, into a butterfly'

'Are you a dream?
Are you the truth? Are you a story?

'You are a magic, and I'm
deep within that spell'

'Are you a dream?
Are you the truth? Are you a story?

'You are a magic, and I'm
deep within that spell'

Give it.

Thank you.

Hey! Hey!
Stop! Stop!

What happened?


Where is he going with a wreath?

Brother, follow that car.

Brother, speed up a bit.

[Homage to brave martyr

[Last respects from the army]

Don't cry, mother.

Shall we leave?

Close that door when you leave.
- Sir.

Come in!

Hi sir.
- Hi Susmitha! Looking good!

Sit down.
- Sir.


I want to tell you something.

That's why I called you here now.

Like you said, Jack has a
connection with the Indian Army.

He's an ex- NSG Commando.

NSG Commando?

Very intelligent!



Even his elder brother
was an NSG officer.

Jack lost his parents when
he was a child itself.

Later, it was his brother who raised him,
educated him & recruited him into the army.

In a way, his brother, brother's wife
and their kids, was Jack's world.

Suddenly one day,
we heard that his brother died.

It was during some
terrorist attack.

He had also come along
with the corpse.

After that we saw Jack....

It was after one year.

For his sister-in-law's death.

She also died?


She also died.

But it wasn't a natural death.

It was a suicide.

Do you remember sending me a photo?
Mr. GK Nair.

Yes, sir. - He runs a trust
called Indians for Indian Army.

Soldiers who were injured on duty,

families of soldiers who are dead...

This trust was floated
to help such people.

It has grown so much that....

many big schools, colleges, small scale
industries, hospitals and much more,

are running under that trust.

And the point is...

this trust has expanded so much,
only after Jack met Mr. Nair.

So it is crystal clear.

There is a connection between the growth
of the trust & Jack's robberies. 100 %.

Since it is a trust, we cannot track
where the money is coming from,

or who is paying them money.


If we have to nail Jack...

we need to catch him red-handed!

Sir, if we think about it,
isn't he doing a good deed?

If we think about it,
it's a good deed.

But unfortunately...

we shouldn't be
thinking like that.

Because, we are..... cops!

Sorry, sir.
- No. Don't feel sorry.

Give it there.
- Hi hero!

Hello sir!

How are you today?
- I'm good, sir.

Meet Susmitha IPS.


Hello Ma'am!

I know what you're thinking.
It's not twins.

This is the same girl!

I thought I'd tell you
about this earlier...

But I thought I'd tell you after
I have confidence over you.


I'm joking.
Thanks for coming.

My duty, sir.
- Good job!

See you, Ma'am.
- See you.

And Phil...
- Yeah!

I've been saying a
lot of lies lately. So...

I need to make a
confession at the Church.


Why? When you look at my face, does
it feel like I'm always lying?

Not like that, sir.

That's okay.

About this Susmitha...

Let it be confidential.
- Sure, sir.


My dear people,

God will shower endless blessings
to the laps of the generous.

This is what Holy Apostle
Paul has taught us.

He who sows sparingly
will also reap sparingly,

and he who sows bountifully
will also reap bountifully.

Only those who sow,
have the rights to reap.

God is with you!

May the Almighty God, the Father, the
Son & the Holy Spirit bless you.


Hi sir.

How was Father's speech?


Very good!

What I liked in it....

was that only those who sow
have the rights to reap.

But birds only reap,
they don't sow.

Those are birds.


I am Daniel Alexander.

I know you.

The nightmare of Bombay underworld.

The most dangerous
encounter specialist.

You work in the CBI.

Now, you're helping the Kerala
Police on special deputation. Is it?


Very well informed.

About me...?

I know a little.

That's enough.

Are you happy with
this profession?

Why did you ask so?


When some shady politicians here,
interfere in your official matters...

I mean, pressure?


Be it a politician...

or a thief...

I only have a habit of
giving them pressure!

Have you heard of the Cheetah?

It is only slow until
it sees its prey.

Once it spots its prey,

its speed would be on
a different level!

Wherever the prey is,
it won't be spared.

The prey is also like that, sir.

It is only after knowing
who's coming behind it,

it decides whether it
should turn back & attack,

or it escape from there.


You know how this Daniel is?

I won't run.

If I run,

I won't let anyone get away!

Are you sure?


Good luck.

Malayali soldier Lt. Col. Krishnakumar who
was shot dead by terrorists in Kashmir,

gets final salutations
from his hometown.

Political and cultural leaders paid
their last respects to Krishnakumar....

Yesterday, you had gone
for the cremation, right?

Who told you?
- I saw it on a news channel.

Nair sir and you, Jack.

Was he someone close?


Must be one of your
friends, right?

Why are you like this?

A young man who hasn't even completed
3 years of married life...

What did he die for?

Was it for a property
dispute between neighbours?

He died for us!

For our country,
which includes you and me.

What more of a relation should I have,
to go and see him?

Oh no! That was not
what I meant...

You must have seen all the drama that
happened at his house on TV, right?

This is usual in the house of
every soldier who gets killed.

There will be many people to build stages,
and announce compensations through the mic.

But who knows whether that family
actually receives those compensations?

Does anyone follow up on that?


They would have made the dead soldier's
family pay for even that mic set's rent.

And if they go to a Government office,
believing these announcements & promises?

Immediately they ask
for certificates...

to prove that they are
the wife, son or heir...

And so many such certificates!

Apart from all that, asking sexual favours
to the widow of the soldier, as well.

Such compensations should be given directly
at the dead soldier's house, right?

That's the dignity and
respect he deserves!

Jack, I'm sorry.

Indian Army...

Even if Indian Army closes
its eyes for a second,

this country would be within
someone else's clutches!

Do you know that?

There is no other country in this world
that shows such ingratitude to soldiers.

In all the other countries,
soldiers are addressed as 'Sir'.

We celebrate so many
days here, right?

Children's day, Parents' day,
Fathers' day, Brothers' day...

Valentine's day... Dogs' day...

That day...
This day...

And now, even kissing
day was celebrated.

At least one political party...

or a cultural leader,
or someone like that....

Have they requested the people,

to spend at least one day, or an
hour, or at least even a minute,

for these dead soldiers?

Is anyone doing so?

When a soldier is alive,

he's just a fool who comes with
alcohol on holidays, and brags!

And once he dies?

A mighty hero who sacrificed
his life for the country!

There ends the greatness of a soldier.

In short...

if a soldier has to be respected,

either there should be a war,

or he should lie dead!






Come on!
Get up!




I want to go to Papa.



- You got scared!

You're so grown up and
acting like kids?

No! No!
- Your saviour is here?


Up! Up! Up!

Papa, come on!
Up! Up! Up!

Get lost!

All the education expenses of his children,

and a job for his wife,
our dear sister here...

I promise you that all such support would
be given to them, from my side, as an MLA.

Believing all those promises,

my sister-in-law did the rounds
at many Government offices.

Then ask MLA sir to do it.

I can't do anything unless you
bring the certificate I asked for.

If you know how things are over here,
you needn't do so many rounds.

Money is not the only factor.
There are other things too, right?

You know, right?

It became clear to her what value is given
for a soldier's widow in this society.

Suffering all that humiliation,
she attempted suicide, along with her kids.

For brother, first.

Even then, fate defeated her.

The children were saved, miraculously.

But my sister-in-law left this world.


See you, Father.

Uncle, don't go!


Uncle, come!


The rest of my life,
was for those children.

For several others like them.



Let her leave.

I'm sorry.

You are my friend.

That's why I got emotional,

I understand.

I value your friendship.

See you tomorrow.

This is my world!

All the people here,
are my own.

Most of the people here are
connected to defense in some way.

Those who got injured in the army...

Widows of some soldiers...

Their children...
and so many such people.

This is a huge institution.

Everyone has a job here.

There are many institutions
under this trust,

which is spread over
130 acres of land.

Come, I'll show you.

These are food items being exported
to all corners of the world.

There are many such
units working here.

This is our stitching unit.

Here, around 400 people
are working, in 4 shifts.

We make the best pickles in India here.

We make everything that a
human requires, over here.

I'll show you some other time. Come.
- Okay.

Today is our day of remembrance
for the martyred soldiers.



This is Krishnettan.

He is the authority here.

This is Susmitha.

I'll tell you the rest later.
- Okay.

Okay then.

Son... Here's some Payasam.

This is our grandma.

Who is this?
- This is Susmitha.

I'll tell you the rest later.

You little devil!

This is a completely different
world altogether, right?

This place was
instituted so that....

families of not even a single soldier
who dedicated his life for the country,

doesn't get orphaned.


Hi uncle!

Let's go to uncle.
- My brother's children.

Come! Come!

Uncle, lift me.
- Careful!

What's your name?

I am Sooraj.

He is Neeraj.

Which grade are you studying in?

I am in 3rd grade.
He is in kindergarten.

Whom do you want to be,
when you grow up?

I want to become an army officer.

Me too!

Around 2000 kids like
them are studying here.

Free education.

Each kid who grows up
learning from here...

They can be engineers, doctors
or even scientists...

But they are all for
the Indian Army.

There's no caste, religion or any
such discrimination over here.

In every breath we take,

there is only emotion in the
minds of the people here.



Shall we go on a trip?


It's a place you like, Su Do Ku.

Pack clothes for a couple of days!

But still...
where are we going?

Do you trust me?


- Yes.


Then let's...

Sir, you have to see this.

That Jack is going to
do something in Goa.

Why do you feel so?

No, sir.
I checked his travel details.

In 6 months, he has
visited Goa 9 times.

So he's planning something there.

Sir, so what should we do now?

First, book the flight bro!

With your permission, sir.
- Of course.

Thank you, sir.

Can I have the keys?

Thank you.

Your key.
- Okay.

Your room.

This is mine.


Welcome, Ma'am.

Who is it?

Yeah. Tell me.

Jack is in the same hotel, in the
same room, he stayed earlier.

What about you?
- In the opposite room.

No! No!
You better stay in his room.

We need to know what his target is.
That's very important.

Okay, sir.

Yes, come in.

Sit down, Su Do Ku.

How did you know that it's me?

Who else can come to this
room so confidently?

What are you looking at?

Just like that...

I was looking if Goa has changed.

And do you see any changes?
- Some small changes.

A bridge has come up.
So the ways are all easier now.

What ways?
- Ways for people to come and go.

There's a speciality
that's unique to Goa.

This place tells us, 'Go and come back'!

- Go & 'a' (Come).

Oh God!

So I'll go and come back.
- You're leaving?

Do one thing.
Take rest in your room.

Or you can sit here
if you want to.

I will sit here.
This room is more spacious.

Are you going to play football?

Well, where are you going?

Anyway you're going to
play football here, right?

I'll go out and come.

See you!


Tell me!

Sir, Jack had given a van to a workshop
to strengthen its platform, a week back.

He has planned to load
something heavy in it.

What's the colour of the van?
- White.

SIr, Jack had booked this godown a
month back itself, for tomorrow.

What's the size of that godown?

Sir, around 25,000 square feet.


Sir, I am at a travel agency now.

Jack had booked 24 cars for tomorrow,
one month back.


Van... Godown...

24 cars...

Do you feel any connection?

Any clue?

No, sir.

But one thing is for sure.

Something is going
to happen tomorrow.

Because, tomorrow is the only day...

for which he has
booked that godown.

Hello Ma'am.
Stitched dresses are ready.

Thank you.

IBM bank.

Yes, Susmitha.
Tell me.

Sir, 4 security uniforms were stitched
and brought to Jack's room now.

When I checked it secretly,
it has IBM bank's logo on it.

And when I looked through the
binocular which Jack looked through,

without changing its focus,

IBM Bank was in focus.

Okay, Susmitha. Thank you so much.
I'll talk to you later.

Okay, sir.

Now we have a new clue.

Bank - IBM.

Four uniforms.

That means, he has four
people to help him as well.

Wait! Wait! Wait!

He is really intelligent.

What if it is his idea to track us?

What do you think?

No, sir.

I don't think so.
- Yeah? - No.

But why bank?

His target is black money, right?

But sir, he can even steal
white money, right?

Moreover, it's
outside Kerala too.

But the possibilities
are very less.

There's something
connected with IBM.

Please sit down.
- Thank you, sir.

You want to have some coffee or something?
- No, sir. Thank you.

As a guest of Goan Malayali association,

this is the 5th time
I'm coming here.


23 years back, for the inauguration
of this association...

What is he doing here?

Sir, a black money transaction is going
to happen at Hotel Rwanda tomorrow.

Jack told me that it's a commission
being given to Minister Koyapparamban,

in a deal with a Kuwait company.

I had informed this to S.I. Hari.

What I took yesterday was the
advance Koyapparamban received..

from the Kuwait business deal.

I'll take the balance
amount as well.

Yes, Daniel. Tell me.
- Sir...

Home Minister has reached Goa.

Any information about his visit?

I've got some information
from a reliable source.

He is here for a deal.

I heard that black money
is also involved in it.

Can you do an enquiry and tell me, sir?

How, Daniel?

Even if I ask, would he tell me?

Anyway, let me see.
- Philip!

Yes, sir.

Check at all star hotels if any business
oriented companies from Kuwait,

have reached Goa.

Sure, sir.
- It's a priority, okay?


You won't give me peace
of mind even here?

I doubt whether you're taking all my
money, by sniffing behind me all the time.

- Then what?

Why do you care what
I came here for?

I got information that the thief
we're looking for, is in Goa.


The one you can't catch?

This is Goa, man!

To do something to me here,
he has to be born twice again!

I've assigned my protection
to Thunder Force.

For the time being, I don't need help
from you or your lousy policemen!

- Tell me, sir.

- Sir...

He's not saying anything.

He hung up,
after cursing Kerala Police a lot.

I'm sorry, sir.
- Okay, I'll call you.


Sir, these Kuwait people are
staying in Hotel Meridien.

And Home Minister is staying at the
guest room, in the cultural centre.

Are you sure?
- Yes, sir.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Now the picture is clear.

Maybe this is my assumption.
But I'm sure...

The money that's coming from overseas
for Home Minister Koyapparamban,

is stored in IBM bank's chest.

They are the ones who
do such transactions.

See, probably, tomorrow this money
would reach Koyapparamban's hands.

He has reached Goa
to collect it.

Then why are the vans arranged, sir?

See, usually the bank's van is used
to shift large amounts of money.

But Jack has decided to use
his van in place of them.

That's why he changed the
colours of the vans,

and made their bases stronger.

What about those 28 cars?

Maybe to divert the
money to 28 places.

Then godown?

He will be dividing the money
to the cars over there. - Okay.

See, if we have to catch
him red-handed,

we shouldn't block him until he goes
inside, gets the money & comes out.

We should keep watching him silently.
- Yes, sir.


Shall we go back?


I don't know...

Let's go.

Tonight itself.

Let's go.
Is it okay if we go after tomorrow?

I don't know.
I somehow feel so.

What do you feel?

Why have we come here actually?

How do I say all that
to a police officer?

- Yeah.

You are a police officer.

I know it, from the beginning.


So simple.

Do you remember?

That day...

... when those people came & put a knife to
your neck, demanding 50,000 Rupees?

Suddenly when I turned back,

I saw you trying to move your
hand to your back to take a gun,

and later dropping that plan.

That moment I realized,

you are an informer.

From the State,
or Central force.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.



Don't worry.

I can read your mind.

Then you should go back.

Otherwise you'll be caught.

Us soldiers...

If we take a step forward,
we never go back.

In case we step back,

it would be to go 3 steps forward.

So, be cool.

You do your job.

I will do mine.


See you in the morning.

Good night.

Hey Sudoku!


I value you...

and your friendship.

From my heart!


Hello, sir.
- What's happening?

Sir, Jack just went out,
disguised as a Sardar.

Follow him.
- Yes, sir.

Follow that vehicle.
- Okay, Madam.

Brother, please don't miss it.

- Sir?

Something else is happening!

What, sir?

I don't know.


- The van is coming.


Stop here.

Oh God!

Call Susmitha.
- Yeah.

Sir, not reachable.

Try again.
- Okay.

Same again.

Do one thing.

Track where she got
her last call from.

Sure, sir.

Sujith, Philip here.

Please track this number.

I need to know the location from which
the last call came on this number.

As soon as possible.


Philip Sir....

Yeah. Tell me.

5 kms away from Panjim tower area...

Lalit Museum.
That is the exact location.

Is any event happening
at Lalit Museum?

Or something like that?

Kuwait organization's diamond
exhibition is happening there.

Sir, the van is coming.

Let's block.
- Okay sir.


We are going to block
the van right now.

On my count!





Stop! Stop!

Get out!
Come! Come!

Come out.
Stop the engine, I say!

Come out!

Get down.

Fast! Fast!

Hello Jack?
- Hey Sudoku! Where are you?

Come to Lalit Museum!
- Where are you, Jack?

Lalit Museum!

When did I miss Jack?

Brother, let's go.

What are you doing, sir?


Where are you, sir?
- He's not there, right?


Come to Lalit Museum,
with our team.

Right now.
- Okay, sir.

Hey! What happened?

Security, check what happened!


Hey! What's happening
out here, man?

I can't make out.
Some alarm has gone on, man!

Come on, man! Hurry up!
Come on, please!

Some more presence, man!

Where did the alarm go on?
More presence over there.

All eyes open, man!

And keep the crowd calm!

Keep the crowd calm!
Don't let them panic.

Y'all don't panic.
Steady, guys!

Keep an eagle eye, guys!

Especially around the room
where the alarm went off!

Yeah! Come on!

Hello! Control room!



Report back!

What's going on here?

Clear out!

Come on!

Clear out!

Guys, faster!
Clear the crowd!

Hey! Fire! Move!
- Hey! Come out! Come out!

You please go.

I'll take care of it.
Come on, move out.

Who are you?

Get them to go in order.

- Sir.

Hey you!
Stay there!

Yes, sir!
- Yeah!

Gate security, keep your cool.

Come on, move!

Fast! Fast!

Come on, move!

Clear out!
Clear out!


Oh my God!

Move this way!

Hi Sudoku.

Jack, what are you doing here?

I took it.


What the hell are
you doing, Jack?

Do you know what consequences
this would have?

I thought only about you.

You told me your desire.

So I stole this.

Are you mad?

I was just kidding then.

Is this why you didn't leave
yesterday, when I asked about leaving?

What do I do with this now?


Catch him!

I'm sorry, Jack.

You are under arrest.

Sorry, Sudoku.

See you later!

Sorry sir...



Arun, clear the vehicle!

Rest of you, follow me.
Come on!

Oh no!

Hello sir!
- Hey Philip! Where are you?

Sir, I'm running.
- Okay.

Crown Tower, Panjim.

22nd floor.

Gather all the media,
and come here fast.

Sir, media will be ready.

- Tell me, sir.

Have you reached?

Sir, we are on the way.
- How long will you take?

5 minutes, sir.

5 minutes?
- Yeah.

Come fast.

Okay, sir.

Where will you run now?

That's what I'm also looking.

Okay, come.

I'll come after 5 minutes.

I'll come after 5 minutes!


I am coming!

I'm on the way!

What is he doing here?

Don't let him go out,
at any cost!

If he goes out,
we will be behind bars!

Finish him off!

Yes, sir.
- Jack!

This evidence is enough!
Your game is over!

Aren't these your men?
- No.

Then whose?

Home Minister Koyapparamban's men.


Koyapparamban sir!
- Oh God!

Come out!

I know very well that
you are behind this!

Come out!


What's all the commotion here?
What are you doing here?

What is all this, sir?

Didn't you see what it is?

Anyway, good that you came.

These boxes have to be
taken to Kerala soon.

Let there be full escort!

I have to give this to many ministers!

Excuse me!

First tell me what's happening here.

Whom does this money belong to?

Can't you understand by seeing it?

We are packing our money.

Shut up!
- What?

Answer my question properly!

Why is he like this?

I'm fed up of you!

If you're not understanding
what I'm saying,

I'll call someone who'll
make you understand!

Look who's here!

- You brought him, right? Now talk to him!

His mom is from Palakkad!

What is this, sir?
All ministers of Kerala are here?

I was told that you had
gone to Mumbai, sir.

From there I'm going back home, via Goa.

Didn't you hear what he said?

Don't talk unnecessary things.
Let things proceed.

Why are you also talking
like this, sir?

I can't do all that.

It's illegal.

You don't have to bother about all that.
I'll handle it.

No, sir.
I can't do this.

Do you remember, sir?

You said that I should seize all this
black money the next time we meet, right?

That's what I'm doing now.

But I never thought that
it would happen so soon.

You don't have to talk too much.

If you don't obey me,
I will dismiss you.

I'm the Chief Minister of the State.
- I am the Home Minister.

Otherwise, I'll dismiss you.
- No, sir.

I am IPS.

You can't do that.

Only the President or the Prime Minister
can dismiss me.

What do we do then?

All medias ready!

Oh no!

Everything is over!
- See!

Come! Come!

Excuse me. Daniel sir.
Please ask.

See! See! Can't you see?

It's a black money transaction.

Our honourable Kerala Chief
Minister will answer you.


He's all yours.

- Yes, sir.

Just tell me one thing.
- Yeah!

How did you know that I was here?

Didn't you call me and ask me to bring
the media & police to the 22nd floor?

2 times you called me!
- What are you saying? When did I call you?

When I called from downstairs,
you said, 'Coming. I'm on the way'.

- Yeah.

I'm coming.


But the voice was in your style, sir.
- It's him.

He is capable.
- No, sir. I don't believe that.

But, good you came!

Thank you, sir.
I appreciate it.

I was just going by this way...
That's when this...

A letter from Jack!

Daniel sir,

In your eyes, I've always been a criminal.

So you won't believe me,
whatever I say.

Taking the diamond was not my goal.

My intention was to bring you here, sir.

Keeping something back,
is tougher than stealing it.

So, I've put the necklace
inside Susmitha's bag.

You'll return it, right?

Anyway, thanks for everything.


Sir, we need evidence, right?
Can't we use this as evidence?

We can arrest him with this.

This letter?
- Yes.

It's a magic ink.

If exposed to wind,
the ink will vanish in 30 seconds.

Hi. I'm Soumya from Goa Malayali news.
- Brilliant guy!

A black money hunt of an amount
unheard of Kerala's political history

is happening here.


Black money worth 2000 Crores
was seized by the team led by...

CBI Officer Daniel Alexander
& DYSP Philippose.

- Sir!

The diamond & the Rs.2000 Crore
cash are in our custody.

Leaving all this here,

do you think Jack would
go empty handed?

Hello, all clear.
Please, please go.

Not you. You should wait.
You can go!


I can help you out.

But you should say the truth.

Tell me correctly.

Actually how much did you get?

Tell him the truth.
His mom is from Palakkad.

4000 Crores.

2000 Crores is here.

Balance 2000 Crores is in
an ambulance, underground.

It's not there.


What's he going to do with a sack?
- Phil. - Sir...

Inform the Governor's office, to get the
permission to arrest these gentlemen.

Good luck, sir.

His mom's house won't be in Palakkad!


Good morning, Jack.
- Hi sir.

What a beautiful place!

Congrats, sir.

The whole of India is
talking about you now.

The State Government was resolved,
and a re-election was held.

Because of you only!

India's most courageous officer!

Isn't that a bit too much?

You fooled the State Government
and stole 2000 Crores!


How did you woo my assistant so easily?

Come, all of you!

Have you come to
arrest me now, sir?

Look, Mr. Jack....

I have arrested all those
who had to be arrested.

Indians for Indian Army.
What a beautiful concept!

If you're not there,

who else do they have?

My job here is over.

Before I leave,
this is for you.

Good luck to you.

Central Health Minister - 5000 Crores.



Are you going to join me?

Hi Phil....
- Sir...

I'm really happy to have worked with you.
- Thank you, sir.

Then, one important thing.
- Yes, sir.

Convey my regards to
all your girlfriends!


Didn't you say that you
stopped everything?

How can I stop, sir?

There's no end to the
growth of black money!

Sir, we couldn't catch him
even after working so hard!

What can we do!

There's no proof!

Where is your next mission?


Where is your next posting, sir?


See you soon!