Jack Jonah (2019) - full transcript

Based on a true story, this film by JCFilms follows the path of the Jonah Family in remembrance of the loss of their son, Jack, to a heroin overdose. The film brings awareness to the drug/...

(dramatic music)

(radio buzzing)

- Headquarters.

This is district six.

I need a detective,


Possible 0-4-0.

Paramedics are on the scene.

Yeah, we talked to the supervisor.

Let him know it's one of ours down here.

(siren alarming)

- Hey, who is it?

- No, no, no, you don't
wanna see this, man.

You don't wanna see this.

- Why not?
- Just stay here.

Don't, stay here.

- But.
- Don't, don't.

Don't, you don't wanna see this.

- Are you?
- It's okay.

Come here.

- Just let me, just let me look inside!

- [Officer] You don't
wanna see, it's okay.

Stand here.
- Is it?

- Just stay here.

- Is it my daughter?
- No, no.

- Let me look, just let me look!

Is that my daughter?

(dramatic music)

(birds chirping)

- Oh, come on.

(man sighing)

So you decided to give me a hand.

- What?

Dad, you and I both know I can't do that.

Hey, why don't you get a new car anyway?

- What's wrong with this car?

- Well, Dad, for one, it has a flat tire.

- All right.

- How much further you think?

- Looks like an hour.

What're you, hungry?

Oh what, I guess you can't do that too?

Hey, listen, I just thought of this.

The Three C's.

Comforting, caring, compassion.

For my speech, the Three C's.

I should write that down.

- And what?

- And the Three C's.

I like it.

- You know what I would like?

If you would keep driving.

(people chattering)

(people laughing)

(dramatic music)

- You doing all right?

- Yeah, I'm trying.

I saw the paper.

12 overdoses this week.

That's an all-time high for the city.

- And we could sure use your help.

- No.

- I wish you would at
least think about it.

- Oh, I am thinking about it, believe me.

- Look, we really need your help.

- My help?

I couldn't even help my own daughter.

- Look, you're a great cop.

Maybe take a leave, take some
time off, just don't quit.

- [Dad] What, are you gonna stay here?

- You know how I feel about these things.

- You know how I feel about these things.

(son chuckling)

- Hey, Dad, do you wanna look at this?

(dramatic music)

- I'm guessing you're the second speaker.

- Yes.

- Welcome.

- Kirk Jonah, pleaser to meet you.

Sorry we're late, we ran
into some car trouble.

- So, you got everything?

- Yeah, we do, thank you.

(dramatic music)

- I appreciate your time today.

Thanks so much for coming, Brian.

- Absolutely, no problem.

- Hey, do you mind going second?

- Oh no, great.


- Are you nervous?

- Um...


This is only my third speaking engagement,

so it's all pretty new to me still.

- Well, try to relax.

I've heard great things about you

and you bring a unique
insight to this issue.

- Oh, thank you.

I've got a pretty good
support staff around me

most of the time.

(Kirk chuckling)

- As many of you know,

about 10 years ago I
tore my ACL in a game.

And as a result, I started
taking painkillers.

I became addicted to those painkillers.

- Hey.

- [Guy] Hey.

- Tell your family hello for me.

- I'll be back Sunday night.

- It's not gonna be that bad.

I'm glad you're going.

All right, love you, bye.

- [Guy] See you later.

(ominous music)

- Look all around.


Of all of you here in
this auditorium tonight,

now listen to this.

According to the national average,

four percent of you will try heroin.

Now look over.

Which of you will it be?


How about you?

Now listen to this, half of
all people who try heroin

become addicted to heroin.

And statistically speaking, five will die.

Now look around.

Which of you will die?

Which of you will cry?

Which of you will even care?

And which of you is gonna
be sitting in this chair?

Thank you.

(audience applauding)

(people chattering)

(ominous music)

(eerie music)

(woman whimpering)

(woman screaming)

(woman shouting)

- [Officer] Headquarters.

This is district six.

I need a detective, supervisor.

Possible 0-4-0.

Paramedics are on the scene.


We talked to the supervisor.

(atmosphere rumbling)

- [Mike] Just let me...

Just let me look inside!

Is it...

Is it my daughter?

Just let me look, just let me look!

Is that my daughter?

(birds chirping)

(ominous music)

(eerie music)

- Hello?


- Okay, here we are.

Let's get checked in and grab some dinner.


Checking in.

- [Woman] Last name?

- Kirk Jonah.

Are you gonna need a credit card?

- [Woman] We have taken care of that.

- [Kirk] Oh, okay.

- [Woman] One key or two?

- Two.

- Hey, Dad, look.

I got a restaurant for you.

- No, I'm thinking room service.

(ominous music)

(elevator bell ringing)

- Hey, Dad.

Remember that time me
and Mom went to New York

and then we got stuck in that elevator?

(Kirk chuckling)

- [Kirk] Well, that's
not gonna happen here.

Let's hope not

- [Jack] Right?
(elevator bell ringing)

- [Girl] Mom?

- Out here, honey.

(birds chirping)

- Mom.

Did you got to the grocery store?

- I did.

(dramatic music)

- I understand.

I'm sorry.

I'll go.

- I went in

and I was gonna get the
Doritos, you know, that you like

and I was going down that aisle

and then I went back to the dairy.

You know, it's back--
- Yeah.

- Towards the back of the store?

And as I was leaving the dairy,

I went to the left and I forgot.

Karlye, I forgot that the bakery was there

and so once I got there,
I didn't know what to do.

I, you know, so I ran out to the car

and then once I got in the car--

- [Karlye] Mm-hmm.

- Karlye, it was...

And then, I'm so sorry.

It was the worst!

- Mom, it's okay.
(mother crying)

- I couldn't...

When's it gonna stop?

When's it gonna stop, Karlye?

When's it gonna stop?

(dramatic music)

- What's up?


- Nothing.

- Dad, come on.

What do you want?

- I'm just trying to
get my head around this.

Hear me out, nobody just
starts doing heroin!

- Dad!

- [Kirk] The endpoint is over here.

How do they get over here?

- Dad!

- I mean, how does it get from
here is this drug to using--

- Dad!
- I mean it, I wanna know!

- No, I know, all right?

(dramatic music)

I mean, shouldn't you just be focusing

on your message right now?

The Three C's?

Comforting, caring and compassion?

- I don't give a about the Three C's.

I wanna know what happened!

Well where you going?

- I just need some air.

(Kirk sighing)

(crickets chirping)

♪ So far away from home ♪

- What?

- Oh, what?

Did you just hear me?

- Yeah.

You said,

♪ So far away from home ♪

- Yeah.

Because hotels have a way
of bringing people together

that are so far away from home.

- Right.

It's almost like a home just for us.

- Exactly.

That's a nice way to look at it.

- Do you draw?

- Yeah, I do.


Do you wanna see some pictures?

- Sure.

(gentle piano music)

- This one.

- You're really good.

- Thank you.

- I like it.

- Yeah, it's just what
I do in my free time.

- It's really creative.

You're good.

- I'm Jack, by the way.

Oh, I'm sorry, I guess--

- No, no, it's not you.

I just don't know who I am anymore

or why I'm here really.

- Are you okay?

Well, believe it or not,
I know how you feel.

- You do?

- Yeah.


We have to have a purpose, right?

Otherwise, why would we be here?

- That is my mom.

Her and my dad are both having issues.

- Yeah.

I know how that goes.

I'm traveling with my dad right now.

- You know, it's crazy,

because I feel like I just met you

but I didn't meet you
because I just met you

but if feels like I met you,
that's what it feels like.

(Jack laughing)

- No, that could be true.

- Maybe.

- [Jack] You could've met me before.

- Possibly.

- Well,

you've met me but I
don't think I've met you.


I'm Jack.

- I'm Tara.

- Nice to meet you, Tara.

- Nice to meet you, Jack.

- Honey!

What time did you get in?

- Midnight, maybe later.

- Oh, you should've woken me.

- I'm here now, Mom.

- I'm glad you're here.

Your dad will be later this afternoon.

Hey, I got some donuts and some cereal.

- Oh, muffins?

Just coffee.

- I gotta help with this class but

you'll be here when I get back?

- Yeah.

- Okay, bye.

- Bye, honey.
- Bye.

- What?

- You're just growing up so fast.

- So where's Dad?

- Let me get his schedule.

Let's see.

He is up in Providence.

He's fine, he's doing what he wants to do.

He'll be home this evening.

He just doesn't say no.

It's good for them.

- Them?

- Jack's with him.

(birds chirping)

- [Kirk] Somebody's in a good mood today.

- I met a girl last night.

- Oh, really?

- Yeah.


- [Kirk] Tara.

- Yeah, Dad, a lot like me.

The only difference is she just got here.

- Jonah?
- Yes.

- Mike Perrin.

- Kirk Jonah.

- Nice to meet you.

I'm looking forward to
hearing you talk today.

- Thank you.
- I hear you're quite good.

- I appreciate that.

I'm looking forward to hearing your story.

- Thank you.
- All right.


- I'm probably gonna sit this one out.

- Come on, man, I need you.

We said we were gonna do this together.

- I know but I don't do
sad anymore, remember?

- Okay.

All right.

That should be about an hour.

You wanna meet back here?

- Sounds good.

- All right.

- Oh, hey, Dad.

You know the guy yesterday, right?

The big guy.

Football player.

- Oh, the Patriots player, Brian.

- Yeah.

Is he speaking today?

- I don't think so, I think it's just me.

- Okay.

- Huh?

- Just wondering.

- All right.

(water splashing)

(ominous music)

(wind howling)

(birds chirping)

(man faintly speaking)

- Who's that?

(man faintly speaking)

Who is that?

(water sloshing)


It's you?

(man faintly speaking)
(ominous music)

- Debbie?

Did I mess something up?

Were we meeting today?

- No, I was just sitting.

- Oh.

- Dan came in last night.

- Oh, that's wonderful.

Aren't young people?

Oh, I hear that he's helping

with the football clinic
later this summer.

- Mm-hmm.

- Great.

You know, they say it's
going to be a nice weekend.

- I guess we could all go hiking again.

- Yeah.

Or do nothing.

Nothing is good.

Oh, hey, did I ever tell
you my chicken pate story?

Oh, now that's odd.

Because I tell it all the time.

One of my favorite stories.


I was this young pastor

and the senior pastor of the church

was leaving town for a
family emergency or something

and he asked me if I could
fill in for a funeral.

Well, of course I agreed.


I'm leaving my office to come
in here to get the eulogy,

right here in this sanctuary,

and a man stopped me at the door

and I knew right away
that it was the husband

of the lady who had passed.

So I immediately stuck out my
hand and have my condolences.

I said,

I am so sorry, you know.

Was it sudden?

And he said,

we were out for dinner and my
wife apparently had a stroke

and she fell forward and landed headfirst

in the chicken pate that the
waiter had just brought her.

Then he said,

I should've never ordered her the pate.

Then he walked away.

Oh, Debbie,

it took everything
within me not to lose it

right then and there.

I mean, honestly, I
didn't know what to say.

I actually had to go excuse myself

and go back to my office and regroup.

(pastor chuckling)

(pastor sighing)

Do you know what?

I learned a very valuable lesson that day.

You know, if tragedy can
come in different ways,

so can grief.

Debbie, it's okay to grieve.

But we can't feel guilty over
things that we can't control

and we cannot control a tragedy.

- Chicken pate?

- Yep.

(mouth popping)

(pastor laughing)

(people chattering)

- Hi.

If everyone could please take a seat.

Thank you all for coming.

For those of you who are new,

please help yourself to snacks or coffee,

whatever you'd life.

We do have a guest speaker today

but since I see so many new faces,

I'd love to go around and just
briefly introduce ourselves.

- I'll go Ann, I'll go Ann.

Hi, I'm Mike Perrin.

I work for the local
Honda dealership in town.

I've been married 38 years

and 14 days ago my life got shattered.

My son, Jacob, overdosed on heroin.

It devastated my family.

He was only 28 years of age.

28, he had so much to live for.

He had a beautiful wife, Beth.

Two lovely children.

Molly, Dominic.

Our lives are just totally shattered.

- I need my medication!

- We didn't know they were addictive.

We didn't know.

(dramatic piano music)

- Hi, my name is Julie.

My life partner, my wife,
was a heroin addict.

Shelly was a musician.

She played the violin.

And that's actually how we met.

I dabbled with the clarinet.

We were so happy.

We never thought it was wrong.

It was just our thing, you know?


And a year ago, she did it alone.



And I guess she did it alone...


A lot.



I found her in bed.

She looked like she was sleeping.

She was so peaceful.

But she was dead.
(dramatic music)

My dad overdosed from heroin.

I was 16.

I found him in our house
in the living room.

I thought he feel asleep
from watching a movie

like he always does.

He didn't wake up.

- My name's Bethany

and I lost my mom one month ago.

I was at a sleepover with my friends and

I got a phone call that my mom ODed.

I wish I was there because
I could've prevented it.

I'm sorry.

(birds chirping)

(dramatic piano music)

(wind howling)

(girl giggling)

(atmosphere whooshing)

- Our son died.
- Our son died.

- [Julie] My wife.

- [Girl] My best friend.

- [Woman] My sister died.

(atmosphere whooshing)

- [Man] My lieutenant died.

- [Young Woman] My mom died.

(atmosphere whooshing)

- [Older Woman] My brother died.

(dramatic violin music)

(atmosphere whooshing)

- [Woman] My nephew died.

- [Woman] My best friend died.

(atmosphere whooshing)

(dramatic piano music)

- I remember seeing these before.

(wind howling)

I haven't seen you here before.

- I'm Jack.

- I'm Abby.

(Jack chuckling)

- Nice to meet you, Abby.

(Jack laughing)

- You like to color.

- Yeah, I do.

I love to color.

- Wow.

You're an artist.

(Jack chuckling)

- Thank you.


Are you parents here?

- My mom's upstairs.

We come here every Saturday.

- Well,

it's a beautiful library.

- You're silly.
(Jack chuckling)

Can I tell you something?

- Yeah.

- Close your eyes.

- Okay.

- It's a secret.

- All right.

(Abby whispering)

(dramatic piano music)

(atmosphere whooshing)

(Kirk sighing)

- [Jack] How was it?

- Sad.

You were right.

- Yeah.

Hey, Dad, I wanted to show you this.

They're having a 5K race

to raise awareness for a charity.

You should do it.

- Drive all the way back up here to run?

(Jack chuckling)

- You could use the exercise, Dad.

Mom too.

- Oh.

I'll be sure to tell her you said that.

- I'm serious.

Please take one.

(Dan sighing)

- Dan, what are you doing in here?

Seriously, why are you in here?

- I can be in here.

- Are you okay?

- You guys worry me.

- Why?

- I just wish you guys would
get over it, it's been a year.

- Get over it?

You know, it takes so
much longer than you think

to get over something like this.

- I don't wanna talk about it.

- You never wanna talk about it.

Ever, and that's your problem.

Just because you weren't
here when it happened

doesn't mean it didn't happen.

- I'm out.

(ominous music)

- What're you drawing?

Show me at home later?


- You wanna talk about what happened?

No, right?

Maybe later.

- Okay, so how'd you know?

- Know what?

- That was on my mind.

- Dad, jeez, it's always on your mind.

- You know, I was thinking earlier,

listening to those people,

just how selfish drug addicts really are.

- Oh, really?

And just what do you mean by that?

- Choices and consequences, Jack.

I mean, those people, they get addicted,

they overdose, they die.

That's their choice.

And then the families,
the families are destroyed

and I'm sick and tired
of the blame shifting.

It's their decision, it's their demise.

- Look, you and I both know
it's not always like that.

It's an addiction, Dad.

You can cure an addiction.

- No.

It's always like that.

It's self-centeredness, plain and simple.

I'm serious.

- Cool.

(somber piano music)

All right, Dad, take this exit.

Just take it, please.

(Karlye crying)

- I can't do this.

I can't freaking do this!

My best friend is gone!

He's not here anymore!

(punches thudding)

(dramatic piano music)

(punch thundering)

- [Jack] That building, over there.

- [Kirk] A daycare?

- [Jack] Yeah.

Park and go in.

- [Kirk] Well, you're coming with me.

- No, I told you.

I don't do sad anymore, remember?


Go in there, tell them who
you are and what you do.

Oh, and tell them Abby sent you.

(thunder rumbling)

(rain splattering)

(dramatic piano music)

- Can I help you?

- My son...

I'm Kirk Jonah.

- Hi.
- I started a non-profit.

I go around to schools
and community centers

talking to people on the dangers of drugs.

Mostly opioids.

Abby sent me.

- I don't know an Abby

but you're welcome to take a look around.

- I would, thank you.

- Follow me, come.

We'll head down this
hallway right over here.

Oh, hey Ruth.

- [Ruth] Oh, hey Janet.

- Hey, Ruth, this is Kirk Jonah.

Kirk, this is Nurse Ruth.

She's one of our--
- Very nice to meet you.

- Volunteers nurses.
- Kirk Jonah.

- So what did you need?

- So, I wanted to go over the schedules.

Are we doing feedings first or nap times?

- Oh, why don't we
start with the nap times

but we'll check out room
one and see what they need.

- Okay, great.

- Okay.

Let's see.

- [Kirk] Is this a daycare?

- [Ruth] Kinda.

The kids here are born addicted to drugs.

Mostly opioids.

(thunder rumbling)

It's not their choice that
these babies were born addicts.

We've got to break the addiction.

Because the damage that
it's done is irreversible

and there's so many of these
kids that will not survive.

(dramatic piano music)

- I'm gonna call Mom and
tell her we're running late.

Really late.

(thunder rumbling)

(static fizzling)

(ominous music)

(door creaking)

(footsteps thumping)

(wheels clunking)

(eerie music)

- [Dan] You okay, Mom?

- Yeah.


It's a bad habit, I know.

You just getting in?

- Yeah, yeah, just came in.

- Listen, your dad's
coming in later tonight

but I was thinking,

I'd like for all of us
to go to church tomorrow.

- Okay.

- Yeah?

- Yeah.

- Great.

(ominous music)

(wind howling)

(birds chirping)

(woman screaming)

- May the Lord bless you and keep you.

May His face shine down upon
you and be gracious unto you.

May He lift up his countenance upon you

and give you peace.

- [Girl] Oops, sorry.

- [Woman] No, you're fine.

I'm just about out of the way.

There you go.
- Sorry.

- [Woman] No, you're fine.

(birds chirping)

- Your dad?

Where is he going?

- Yeah.

Mom and him used to come here all the time

but after everything--

- You haven't talked to him?

- No, not yet.

I mean, I don't really know what to say.

Or how to tell him.

What did you say?

- I told him I was sorry about everything.

I told him I was with him.

That I loved him.

That he was brave in handling...

(Jack chuckling)

That's it.

- What?

- I gotta go.

- What is it?

- There's four C's.

People need courage too.

Go talk to your dad!

- How?

(ominous music)

(pleasant PA music)

- What?

Did you say anything?

- No.


You all right?

- Yeah, I'm fine.

- [Girl] Hi, Dad.

- Hi, baby.


Thanks for coming in, sit down.

Any new game this weekend?

- [Girl] No, I have on Sunday, but--

- [Officer] Oh, okay.

(family mumbling)

- Thank you for coming.

I hope you remember the
church picnic next weekend.

I'd like to see you there.

Have a good week.

- See you next weekend.

Good seeing you.

Hey, take care, man.

Hi, see you next week.

So you guys go ahead and
head on up to the house

and I'll catch up with you later.

- Yeah, we'll just got together.

- I need to bring Jack
home from choir, so...

- I'll wait with you.

- [Kirk] Yeah, son, okay.

- Yeah, come with me, Mom.

- [Debbie] Okay.

- [Kirk] Bye, sweetheart.

♪ All day ♪

♪ All night ♪

♪ Angels watching over me, my Lord ♪

♪ All day ♪

♪ All night ♪

♪ Angels watching over me ♪

♪ All day ♪

- How was your trip?

- It was good.

♪ Angels watching over me ♪

- So how is everything?

I guess you've started practicing.

- Conditioning.

In the gym a lot.

♪ Angels watching over ♪

- Oh, hey, do you know
anything about these races?

These 5Ks?

- Yeah.

I've done a few of them.

♪ Angels watching over ♪

- Hey, Dad...

♪ My Lord ♪

- I need to tell you something.

♪ All night ♪

- I'm worried.

♪ Angels watching over me ♪

- About what?

- You.

♪ All day ♪

- Mom

♪ All night ♪

- Hey, you know,

I remember when he first
joined choir, remember?

He was the first one to put his hand up.

Then he played the organ.

- Yeah, for the Christmas program.

Yeah, I remember.
(ominous music)

♪ Angels watching ♪

- What's wrong?

- You're traveling with Jack?

His room's a shrine?

And Mom sniffs his clothes

and doesn't allow chocolate
chip muffins to be--

- Chocolate chop muffins.

Oh, he loved those.

- Dad, are you listening to me?

(ominous music)


Jack's gone!

- I hear you, son.

- Well?

♪ Angels watching over me, my Lord ♪

- Early mornings,

outside in the garden we made...

Sometimes he'll sit and talk with me.

Or he'll go on the road with me.

- Is he up there, Dad?

Dad, is he up there?

He's not up there, Dad!

(Kirk sniffling)

(ominous music)

♪ All day ♪

♪ All night ♪

♪ Angels watching over me, my Lord ♪

♪ All day ♪

♪ All night ♪

♪ Angels watching over me ♪

(eerie music)

- I guess you know something
about losing a son.

(birds chirping)

(wind howling)

(sinister music)

(bird squealing)

- Joe.

Another, please.

- Don't you have enough, Mike?

- Make it a double.

Thank you.

(somber music)

(phone beeping)

(dial beeping)

(phone ringing)

- Kirk Jonah.

- Yeah, hello, Mr. Jonah.

My name is Mike Tourville.

I'm a police officer.

Well, I was a police officer
in West Springfield and...

Well, I recently lost my
daughter to a heroin overdose

and I'm having a really tough time

dealing with it and I just thought.

I found one of your
flyers and I thought maybe

that you could give me some advice.

- I'm so sorry to hear
that, Mr. Tourville.

(birds squawking)

I'm not an expert.

I am learning the hard way.


what's your daughter's name?

- Tara.

She was 18.

- Mr. Tourville,

I know this is gonna sound strange,

we don't know each other,

although I feel like I know you.

But what if I told you that
your daughter's not gone.

Not completely.

- What do you mean?

- Please, please hear me out.

I know this sounds crazy but

I too lost a child to drugs.


My son, Jack, died about a year ago


Well, he's still with me.

- What, he's with you in your heart?

- No.


like right next to me.

- Mr. Jonah, look, I don't
wanna be rude or anything, sir,

but that just sounds,
you know, kinda crazy.

I mean, I've been on the
force long enough to know

that when someone's dead,
sir, they're just dead.

- I understand your
skepticism, Mr. Tourville,


What if I said my son, Jack,

saw her?

- Saw who?

- Your daughter.


- Uh.

- Listen, I'm...

I'm sure you have lots of questions but

let me ask you a question.

Do you believe in the afterlife?

- Like ghosts?

- Well,


but essentially they're the same thing.

- No, sir, no I do not.

I mean...

Well, recently,

I have been hearing things.

- Voices?

- Well,

a voice.

- Do you feel a presence?

- Well, I feel like I'm not alone.

But am I going crazy?

- Mr. Tourville,


what one person calls crazy,

another person calls awake.

In tuned with another world.

My son, Jack, passed on about a year ago.

My wife, Debbie, found him in his room

with a needle stuck in his arm.

- I think I was on that call.

Was he an artist?

- Yes, he is.


Ah, now I remember you.

See, I had no idea that he was doing that


He was a good boy.

He was a great boy.

He loved people.

Music, art.

Just a kind soul.

He'd go out of his way
to help other people.

Long story short,

Jack has seen Tara.

- What?

- He says she's lost and in pain

and seeking closure.

- Look, Kirk, I'm sorry,
I'm sure you mean well, sir,

but I can't just flip
from being a non-believer

to a believer just like that, you know?

I mean, okay, I admit I hear
things from time-to-time.

- Like what, specifically?

- Well, I think I hear Tara
talking to me but, you know,

that's just crazy.

(dramatic music)

- The bag in her backpack.

She wants to know if you found it.

- What?

(ominous music)

- Mom, are you okay?

- Mm-hmm.

I was just thinking,

we need to add some
perennials to the garden.

Something that'll come back every year.

Every year.


- Yeah, that'd be nice.

Mom, we need to talk.

- Sure, honey, what is it?

- Until now, I've been pretty neutral

about things.

- Things?

- Jack.

About Jack.

I've been trying to hold

what's left of our family together and...

I just, I can't do this anymore.

- Oh, nonsense, honey, everything's fine.

- Mom!

Hear me out.

Everything is not fine.

For the past year, I've had
to deal with Dad's condition.

You can't even go grocery
shopping or do anything

without being triggered.

Dan never wants to deal with anything

so he keeps running away and I'm left here

trying to maintain the peace.

And it's like I'm some sort of lion tamer.


I can't even live my own life.

It's just, I can't do this anymore.

- Honey, I had no idea.

- Of course you didn't.

Everything's about Jack.

The last year, that's all that mattered.

It's like I don't matter.

But, Mom, I'm still here.

(somber piano music)

Look at me.

Mom, please look at me.

Do you feel that?

I'm here.

I'm alive.

I'm right here.

- I'm sorry, honey.

- I'm moving out, Mom.

For once, I need to start
taking care of myself.

I just...

I can't do this anymore,
this is, it's just not fair.

(dramatic piano music)

- [Debbie] Maybe marigolds.

He'd like marigolds.

- Brian, hey buddy, Kirk Jonah.

I missed you at the school today.

Hope to see you down the
road, hope everything's okay.

Give me a call.

Talk to you later, bye.

(pleasant piano music)

- Hey, honey, I got the flowers.

They're beautiful.

Are you okay?

We need you here.

Call me.

I love you.

- Is that Daddy?

- Yeah, he'll be home soon.

(pleasant piano music)

(phone ringing)

(ominous music)

- Debbie.

So, did you all go hiking this weekend?

- Um...


- Say, did I ever tell
you my chicken pate story?

You see, I was a young--
- I didn't protect him.

(dramatic music)

That's my job as a mom.

I always protected him.

- So,

that's what this is all about.

- Yeah.



I don't have children,

but I can tell you this,

Jack was as much mine as he was yours.

- I'm sorry?

- Honey,

we don't own our children.

(pastor crying)

Of course, we like to think we do.

But we don't.

We raise them,

we provide for them,

we love them

and we direct them.


they don't belong to us.

They belong to God.

So this new feeling or responsibility

that you're feeling now that
you should have protected Jack,

I do understand it,

I do.

But you cannot add that
to your guilt stack.


I won't let you.


what else is there, Debbie?

- I miss him.

- I know.

- I just wished I could
see him one more time.

- I know.

I know.

I know.

- Okay.

Son, now you be careful of
the second team, all right?

They're gonna want your starting job.

And don't skimp on the
morning cardio, all right?

- Yeah.

You going out of town?

- Yeah, two schools in Jersey next week.

- Be safe, Dad.

I love you.

(engine buzzing)

(dramatic piano music)

(wind howling)

(birds chirping)

(static fizzling)

(Tara faintly speaking)

- [Tara] Dad?




Can you hear me?

It's Tara.

Yes, Dad, it's me.

It's me, Tara.

I just have to tell you something.

It's not your fault, Dad.

There isn't anything you
could've done differently.

It was all me, my doing.

I made a mistake, a terrible
mistake but it was my mistake.

You were a wonderful Dad and still are.

You will always be my father.

I loved you so much but I
guess I didn't love me enough.

You have to keep going,
keep living, keep fighting.

You can't save me but you
can still save others.

They need you, Dad, and I need you.

I need you to make me a promise.

Go back to work, Dad, you can help people.

I know you can and if you
do, you'll be helping me.

I know it's in you.

Thank you.

If you believe in me,

you'll always see me.

I love you.

(dramatic violin music)

(birds chirping)

- [Jack] Dan.


Dan, can you hear me?

It's Jack.

Hey, bro.

Yeah, you're dreaming
but so am I, I guess.

I know you can hear me, listen.

I don't have much time but I
wanted to tell you something.

You may not show it but
I know you're in pain.

I can feel it.

I can feel what you feel

and it hurts so bad.

You feel guilty for not being
there, not doing something,

not saving me.

But I want you to know,

there was nothing you
could've done differently.


But you can do something now.

Karlye needs you.

Mom needs you.

(Karlye yelling)

And Dad, he really needs you.

You'll know what to do.

I trust you.

Trust yourself.

Just listen to your heart.

It will guide you.

I love you and I miss you.

(dramatic piano music)

- [Kirk] Do you think it's bad?

- [Debbie] What're you talking about?

- [Kirk] I wanna know
what happened to Jack.

- We know what happened to Jack.

- It's been a year and
you've never cared about

finding out what happened to him.

Filed with the police for
information, talk to his friends.

- No.


you were and you are a terrific father.

Don't think for one
minute that those answers

are gonna ease the pain.

It won't!

It just won't, Kirk!

We have to stop trying to figure this out

and start with what can we do.

(dramatic music)

- Jack made me take this

from the library in Providence last week.

- A run.

- A walk.


I've got that thing at the church.

So you wanna go?

- Maybe next time.

You understand, don't you?

- Of course.

Hi, thank you for coming.

- Thank you so much for coming.


Thank you for coming.

- I've done this speech
all over the country.

I don't know why I'm so nervous.

- Kirk,

you're nervous because it's
so close to your heart.

I'm gonna go start the congregation
with a couple of hymns.

All right?

You'll be fine.

- Thank you, Pastor.

(Kirk sighing)


- [Jack] Hey, Dad.

- How's it going?

- Good.

So, that girl, Tara,

you still dating?

(Jack chuckling)

- I mean, I wouldn't call it dating but

she's good.

- Good.

What is it?

- You trust me, Dad?

- Yes.

- Come with me.

- Well, I have to speak in just--

- Ah.



and compassion.


- Yeah.

Close your eyes.

Courage, Dad.

Both sides of this, we need courage.

Courage to apologize,

courage to fight

and courage to love.

(Jack chuckling)

They can help make courage contagious.

♪ Amazing Grace ♪

♪ How sweet the sound ♪

♪ That saved ♪

♪ A wretch like me ♪

♪ I once was lost ♪

♪ But now am found ♪

♪ T'was blind ♪

♪ But now I see ♪

♪ T'was Grace that taught ♪

♪ My heart to fear ♪

♪ And Grace ♪

♪ My fears relieved ♪

♪ How precious did ♪

♪ That grace appear ♪

♪ The hour ♪

♪ I first believed ♪

- Tonight is gonna be
a little bit different.

Ever since I got the phone call,

I've been wanting to know
what happened to my son, Jack.

How did he die?

That's not the question.

The question should be, why did he die?

Well, I know why.

He died because he said yes one time.

He said yes to a deadly and
explosive drug one time.

(dramatic piano music)

Your loved ones didn't want to die.

This drug killed them.

They didn't want to steal from you.

This drug consumed them.

And they never intended to embarrass you.

This drug was obsessive.

It owned them.

We need to make courage contagious

and it starts right here.

It starts with ending the guilt.

Starting to forgive

and starting to fight.

Now, together we can all make a difference

but the guilt ends now.

It's over.

And my son, Jack, and I,
we're dedicated to this fight.

Will you join us?

All of us.

(pleasant beat music)

- Hey, Chief, can I speak
to you for a second?

- Mike, yeah, what can I do for you?

- I want to come back.

- You sure you're ready?

- Yes, sir.

I think I can do a lot of good,

especially with this whole opioid thing.

- Okay. Well, I mean, we
could use every officer

we have available on this and

I just have one criteria for you.

I want you to be our plug person.

We need a spokesperson.

- Well, what about Reynolds?

- His wife just had a baby.

- Okay, yes sir, sure.

- Great.

All right.

We have a meeting with
West Mass News at 10 A.M.

Can I count on you?

- Yes, sir.

- Great.

Why don't you shave and get cleaned up?

(Mike chuckling)

- You got it.

Hey, can I ask you a quick question, sir?

- Sure.

- Do you believe in angels?

- We're at the scene
of a common occurrence.

Unfortunately, very common these days.

A 21 year old female dead from
an apparent drug overdose.

Joining us now is West Springfield
officer Mike Tourville.

Officer Mike, what is the West
Springfield Police Department

doing about this?

- Well, we live in a town
of 26 thousand people

and last year there were 20
thousand prescriptions written

for pain medication, opioids.

That is a huge problem.

Thousands of people in our community

are becoming addicted to these pills

and when the prescriptions stop,

that's when the heroin starts.

So this isn't just a police problem,

this is a community problem
but we can fix this.

We can fix this by having
the community come together

and ask the questions, talk to each other.

They need to have the
courage to ask the questions.

We wanna make courage contagious

and that's what we can do to fight this.

- Officer Tourville, thanks for
your time, we appreciate it.

Powerful words, indeed.

Reporting live here from West Springfield,

I'm Chris Pisano from Western Mass News.

(pleasant piano music)

- Dan.

- Hey, Dad.

- Dan, what the heck are you doing here?

- I drove in.

I couldn't sleep.

- [Dan] Well you got
class tomorrow, practice.

- I need to take a day.

- What do you mean?

- Dad, I just need a day.

- What's going on?

- Is this when Jack comes to talk to you?

It's okay, Dad, I get it.

I think...

I think Jack visited me too.

So, what do we need to do?

I am ready, I get it,
what do we need to do?

- Son, you don't have to do anything.

- Yes I do.

He was my brother

and you can't just take
my brother away from me

and expect me not to do anything.

I'm not gonna let this evil,
vile drug end his life.

He's gonna live on.

- Awareness.


Did you ever hear of these 5K runs?

Here, let me show you.

This is a flyer for the run.

(Dan chuckling)

I figured we do it at the
reservoir, we love that place.

- Oh yeah, this is great.

- Yeah.
- Start there.

- Mm-hmm.

- Here, let's draw it up
because we need to set up.

- Okay.

- We'll start at the reservoir, right,

and then we'll go around here.

- Loop.

We'll need to set up tents.

- [Kirk] Mm-hmm.

- Hey, good morning.

- [Dan] Hey!

- Everything okay over here?

- Yeah, we're gonna have a run.

- Oh.

- A walk.

- Ah.
- Jack's walk.

- Aw, that sounds great.

I'll tell you what, why
don't I make breakfast?

- Perfect.

- Okay, how you doing, honey?


Do you want some coffee?

- Yes. I have some but yes.
- Oh, okay.

All right, I'll freshen it up.

(dramatic piano music)

(water flowing)

- I guess you did it, Dad.

- [Kirk] No, we did it.

We did it as a team.

And this is just a start.

Every journey starts somewhere.

- [Jack] And ends somewhere.

- [Kirk] Is this it?

Is this the end?

- [Jack] Yes, Dad, I have
to go, they're waiting.

- [Kirk] They?

- [Jack] The others.

This walk has brought closure

to many more people than just us.

We are all free now.

- [Kirk] You know, the
first time I lost you,

I thought it was the end of the world.

This time, it's like the
beginning of a new world.

A world you'll always be a part of.

Our world.

- [Jack] I love you, Dad.

And thank you.

- [Kirk] For what?

- [Jack] Understanding.

And for the thousands of
people whose lives will change.

- [Kirk] I love you too, son.

- [Jack] Tell mom and them goodbye

and that I love them too.

- [Kirk] I think they heard you.

(birds chirping)

(uplifting piano music)

(somber piano music)

(Kirk laughing)

("Oceans" by Hillsong United)

♪ You call me out upon the waters ♪

♪ The great unknown ♪

♪ Where feet may fail ♪

♪ And there I find You in the mystery ♪

♪ In oceans deep ♪

♪ My faith with stand ♪

♪ And I will call upon Your name ♪

♪ And keep my eyes above the waves ♪

♪ When oceans rise, my soul
will rest in Your embrace ♪

♪ For I am Yours ♪

♪ You are mine ♪

(upbeat music)

♪ Your grace abounds in deepest waters ♪

♪ Your sovereign hand ♪

♪ Will be my guide ♪

♪ Where feet may fail
and fear surrounds me ♪

♪ I've never failed ♪

♪ And You won't start now ♪

♪ So I will call upon Your name ♪

♪ And keep my eyes above the waves ♪

♪ When oceans rise ♪

♪ My soul will rest in Your embrace ♪

♪ For I am Yours ♪

♪ And You are mine ♪

♪ Oh ♪

♪ And You are mine ♪

♪ Oh ♪