Jack Hunter and the Lost Treasure of Ugarit (2008) - full transcript

A globetrotting archaeologist discovers danger and intrigue while searching for an elusive treasure of the ancient Kingdom of Ugarit.

- Hello, baby.


Return and receive.

Oh, I hope I have
a receipt for that?

Come here.

- No.

- Nice catch.

- Liz, it's me.


- Yeah, tell him I got it.

You're kidding?

I'll be on the first
plane back, believe me.

See you then.

Can't wait.

What is taking so long?

- Relax, my dear.

- Albert Littman is a thief.

I still don't understand why
he hasn't been deported.

- Nadia, patience will
achieve more than force.

- It's just frustrating, Ali.

After all these years,

I come home to find the
same thing happening.

Our history is being
stolen from us, once again.

My dear, it is your destiny

to have returned
home to do what is right.

- Herr Littman, a
vehicle is approaching.

- Tell them to shut up.

Ali, Ms Ramadan,
what a pleasant surprise.

What brings you
all the way out here?

- Since your
quest to find a city

buried under the Roman ruins

of Palmyra has proven fruitless,

your permit to conduct further
excavations has been revoked.

- I don't think you
really want to do that.

Your time in Syria is over.

- My advice, pack your bags

and get out of Syria
while you still can.

- Yeah.

Finally, some good news.

Berndt, we have a rat.

One of the men must have talked.

Seal it.

- You cannot do it.

They will all die!

- Exactly.

- No, I beg you,
these are my men.

They have families, oh!

No, no, get out, get out.

They are going to
seal the stone now.

Get out!

- Herr Littman?

- Let's go.

There goes the rat.


The hyenas will
have a feast tonight.

- Ugarit was the home
of one of the most prolific,

powerful, and ancient
civilizations on Earth.

This Metropolis
of incredible wealth

and advance culture
produced the first true alphabet.

For many years Ugarit was
the jewel of the Middle East.

Its success was
rivaled by no other.


- Schaeffer, yes,
Professor Schaeffer.

- Yeah, what's
that stuff coming out

of that thing that
the king's holding?

- Oh yes, well, he's
holding a staff in his hand.

You see this and
this, those two pieces,

the iris and the eye
compose the Star of Heaven,

and when joined together,

they supposedly formed
some type of a weapon.

rubbish, if you ask me.

- So, the king could like

melt people's faces
off with that thing?

- That's right.



- Where are you?

- Here.

- Hi.

- Welcome back.

- How is he?

- The same, still obsessed
with the treasure of Ugarit,

and worried about you
even though he won't say it.

- But you aren't worried, right?

- How was your trip?

- The French have another
reason to hate Americans.

- But then in 1375 B.C.,

Ugarit suddenly, mysteriously,
and completely disappeared.

We believe the city
was overrun and sacked

by the Egyptian Pharaoh
Amenhotep the 4th.

No trace of the enormous
wealth, cultural treasures

or the Star of Heaven
have ever been found

in either Syria or Egypt.

So, what happened?

I believe that survivors of
Amenhotep the 4th's raid

were able to save
some of the treasure

and hide it from the Pharaoh.

I also believe that the
location of the treasure

has been encoded in poems
that were written at the time

and left behind for us to find.

Our own college is
underwriting an archeological dig

in Egypt under the
supervision of Dr. Lina Halstrom.

We believe that the bulk
of the treasure of Ugarit

is buried in Akhenaten's tomb.


- Yeah, I have pizza delivery

for Fast Freddie Schaeffer.

- That's all for today.

Read Akkerman's
Archeology of Syria,

chapter three to 10.

Class dismissed.

How'd the pictures turn out?

- Great.

- Atif Larousse
had it all along.

What about the markings?

- It's a poem, Frederick.

It's a religious
poem about ll...

Email the pictures to Ali.

We need his input.

I'm on my way.

- Frederick listen,
this is nothing.


Good to be back.

- Ali.

Yes, I know it's
late in Damascus,

but we got pictures.

Ali wants to see
what's on the tablet.

Did you email him the pictures?

- Nice to see you, too.

- Sorry, good to see you, Jack.

Now, where's the...

Oh my god, you stole the tablet.

- Stole is such an ugly word;

appropriate, in the
name of science.

- I can't believe you
brought the whole thing back.

I told you just
take a picture of it.

Oh, never mind I
don't want to know.

I've spent most of
my life searching for it,

and now it's in my hands.

Thank you, Jack.

- You see these
markings right here.

They tell you how far in the
passage you have to go back.

They were tricky.

- What an intriguing passage.

Ilu's eye fell upon them,

a light of heaven descended.

Now that was a common way
to describe a meteor shower.

Then his glory was
hidden in the gaping mouths

beneath the fiery gaze
of El Shaddi's empty eyes

until his name is
remembered, once more.

- Yeah, makes complete
and perfect sense.

- Jack, be serious.

- It's a poem, Frederick.

It doesn't point to anything.

It's just ancient
folklore, mumbo jumbo.

- It's much more than that.

- Frederick, how many
of these have we seen?

How many of them are there?

Maybe one in a thousand
turns out to be something.

This, this, this isn't it.

- These illusions may
be geographical markers

to the location of the treasure.

- If you say so.

I'm exhausted I'm
gonna go, okay.

- Now we leave tomorrow,

and make sure you
bring everything this time.

- I'm sorry, what?

- Syria, we leave
for Syria at once.

- No, no, Frederick,
I'm not going to Syria.

You can go to Syria.

This is your life.

I've got my life.

I've got things to do.

- Yes, I know of those things.

- Don't start that again.

I did what you asked.

I've got a flight to catch.

I leave for Florida
tomorrow morning.

- I can't believe
you're not the least

bit curious to see
where this goes.

We found a clue!

- I'm curious, but
I don't have time

to go traipsing
around the desert

because I'm curious
about some poem.

- This is the real deal, Jack!

- Frederick, I want
to find the treasure

as much a you do, believe me.

- It's located in these phrases.

I'm sure of it.

We just need to
solve the riddle.

Jack, you're the
only man on Earth

who knows the Ugarit
language better than me.

If we decipher the map,
we find the treasure,

and return it to its rightful
owners, the people of Syria.

- It's not a map.

It's not a map!

- I know this is not as easy as

hunting for your Spanish
galleon in Florida,

but our work is more
important to humanity

than you lining your
pockets with money!

Haven't you leaned
anything from the past?

- Excuse me, professor.

Sorry to interrupt,
but it's late,

and if you don't mind,
I'd like to go home.

- Yes my dear, go home.

Tomorrow we must
prepare for my trip to Syria.

Jack, would you mind
walking me home?

- Yeah, sure.

I was just leaving anyway.

- We're closer than ever, Jack.


Come with me.

- So, thanks for doing this.

You know, the two of you
care about each other so much.

When are you
gonna stop fighting?

- As soon as he stops trying to

turn me into someone I'm not.

- And who exactly is that?

- I'm Jack Hunter.

Walt, wait, wait.

I can't do this.

- No entanglements, no ties,

selling relics to
the highest bidder,

moving on to the next adventure,

that's who Jack Hunter is.

- Look, I'm sorry, all right.

- Frederick may be at the
tail end of a life-long quest,

the least you could do
is help him see it through.

- That's what this little walk
home was all about, huh?

We have a little talk.

- You know, sometimes
you could be a real ass.

- Only some times.

- You owe Frederick.

- Yeah, I'll see
you around, Liz.

- That's it.

Who are you?

- Frederick, I just wanted
to say that I'm sorry.

Oh, god, no.



No, please god, no.

Please, Frederick.

10-4148 Abby we have a

187 at the college here, copy?

Copy 148 Abby.

Let me get this straight
you came in here

and found him lying
unconscious on the floor bleeding.

- All right, I've got
your visa, your tickets.

I updated your software,

and let's swap out
your phone for this one.

It's global access.

- Liz, where are you guys
getting the money for all this?

- It's part of a research grant.

Look, Jack, I don't
know what to say.

I can't imagine how
hard this must be for you.

What I said last night,

I know he meant
the world to you.

You don't have to do this.

- Yes, I do.

- The police said
it was a robbery.

Why don't you just
let them handle it?

- The tablet's gone.

The tablet's gone.

There was only one other
person who knew we had it.

- Ali.

- If he's willing
to kill for it,

then maybe it does
hold some value.

Either way, I'm
starting with him.

- Jack.

Frederick would have
wanted you to have this.

- Thanks.

I'm gonna need someone
to keep me up to speed

while I'm out there.

You're the only one I trust.

Enjoy your stay in Syria.

Mr. Jack Hunter?

- Yes.
- Wonderful.

I am Tariq Khaliff.

The Ministry of Tourism
sent me to assist you.

- Ministry of Tourism.

I thought you'd be
with the Ministry of...

- Of Archeology.

Oh, yes, she is
waiting over there.

Her name is Nadia Ramadan.

- Nadia.

- The jeep is right out there.

Let me have your claim checks.

I will see to your luggage,

and, this is my mobile phone,

I am your man in Syria.

Anything you need, day or night.

Whenever you need
me, Tariq never sleeps,

whatever, whenever, wherever.

- I got it, I got it thank you.

- I'll get your bags.

- Hi.

I'm Jack Hunter.

- I know who you are.

I'm Nadia Ramadan.

I work with Dr. Ali Sulliman
at Ministry of Archeology.

- Are you an American?

- No, I was educated
in the States,

but I was born here in Syria.

- Ah.

- I worked with
Professor Schaeffer

the last time he was here.

He spoke a great deal about you.

He was a very good man.

You have my deepest condolences.

- Yes, he was, thank you,

and where is, Ali?

- He had some personal
affairs to attend to.

He'll meet us in Ras
Shamra tomorrow.

- Well, we'll see if I don't
meet him before that, huh?

- Let me tell you how this
is going to go, Mr. Hunter.

Ali asked me to assist you,
but I'm doing so in protest,

as I have little regard for
who you are or what you do.

Now, I will bring you
to meet Ali tomorrow.

Until then, you are
not to leave my side.

Should you try to evade me

or remove any artifacts
from my homeland,

I will make one call
and one call only

to the Syrian armed forces.

They will hunt you
down and make sure

that you never see
the light of day again.

Am I being clear?

- Oh, it's crystal.

Now let me tell you something.

I'm here to complete
work on behalf

of Professor
Frederick Schaeffer,

and nobody's gonna get
in the way of that work.

I don't know who you are,

and by the sound
of it, I don't want to.

So, the quicker
you get me to Ali,

the quicker you and I part ways.

How's that for clarity?

- I'm so glad we
understand each other.

- Oh, me too.

- Welcome to Syria, Mr. Hunter.

- Thank you.

- What do you have in here?

Will you be staying for a year?

- I'm only staying as long as

I need to conclude my business.

- Well, you will
love my country.

- I'm not here for love.

- I'm a good
driver, don't worry.

I like to worry.

- I have made arrangements

for an excellent
hotel in Hamabh.

It's on our way to Ras Shamra.

You will be very pleased.

- Tariq, could you take us
to Souq al Hamadia, please?

I believe Ali left something
there for Mr. Hunter.

- Souq al Hamadia,
ooh, a wonderful place.

My cousin Shariff
has a shop there.

It's a wonderful shop.

We'll sit there and listen
to some music, you like?

Syrian music, Mr. Hunter?

I have what you need.

I have extra requests
of Syrian music ever.

- Does this music have to be on?

- You see, it's beautiful.

Mr. Hunter, beautiful.

Everything you want
you can find here.

Aye, aye, aye, I think
there is no place...

- That'll be fine,
that'll be fine.

- I'll meet you back here
in 20 minutes, okay for you?

Bye, Mr. Hunter.

- We're almost
there, Mr. Hunter.

- Jack, call me Jack.

- Well, I'm sure you've
been called many things,

but Jack it is.

Hakim, are you here?



Good, thank you.

- Hakim is a dear friend.

- It is an honor
to meet you, sir.

- You as well.

I believe Ali left
something for me?

- Please walit, I'll get it.

- How you doing?

- Syrians are very
friendly people, you know.


- I was so sorry to hear
about Professor Schaeffer.

He was a good and kind man.

- He was thank you, thank you.


Stay back.

Not the first time I've
had a knife pointed at me.

Although, that
one's a bit bigger.

You got the scroll?
- Yes.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

This way.

Through here.

Back here.

Out of the way.

Walt, wait, wait.

Now where?

I think it's, uh?

- Come on, up
here, up the stairs.

- Oh well.

Let's go.

Come on.

Come on.

This way?

Come on, come on.

This way, come on.

Come on.

We're gonna have to jump.

- What.


- Please forgive us.

You look beautiful.

This way, this way.

Tariq, go!

- Okay, okay.

- Go now!

- Wow, what happened back there?

- Two men just tried to rob us.

- No.

- Yes.

- Thieves.

- What are you doing?

- I'm calling the police.

- Don't.
- Why not?

They can help us find
out who those men were.

- No, they're only
gonna get in the way,

and I don't have time for that.

I wanna get to Ras
Shamra right now.

I wanna meet Al..

- Someone needs to
inform the proper authorities.

- They can be bought.
- You're wrong.

- Well, I'm not trusting
anyone right now.

- Well, that makes two of us.

- Hah, now you're
making some sense.

- Well, you want to
know what I think?


- I think we all
need to calm down.

No need to get angry.

Let's go to the hotel.

Just drive.

- Okay, okay Tariq drives.

- So, does trouble follow
you wherever you go?

- You listen to me, sweetheart.

Frederick was
killed over that tablet.

- What tablet?

What was on it?

- The one that we
emailed the pictures of to Ali

with the Ugaritic markings.

He didn't show you?

- No, he didn't show me.

- Well, at the time I thought
it was just some old poem.

Frederick was convinced
it was some sort of a map.

Let me tell you something.

I am gonna get to the bottom
of this, that I promise you.

Will you drive faster?

- Tariq is driving.

- Yes, it's active.

Look, I have to go
t's Jack on my cell.

Liz, it's me.

- Hi, Jack, how's everything?

- Oh yes, just great.

Syria's a wonderful place.

I really hit the ground running.

Listen, I stopped by Ali's shop.

He wasn't there, but
he left a scroll for me.

I think it has some sort of
ancient Ugaritic map on it.

I'm gonna need the
latest satellite imagery

of Syria down to
the square foot, too.

I wanna try to
compare these two.

Can you send it to me?

- Yeah, no problem.

Hold on it should
be coming through.

Coming to you now.

Well, let me know if there's
anything else you need, okay?

- Thanks, Liz, I'll
keep you posted.

Hi, just give me one second.

I've gotta get dressed.

Come on in.

So, did the police
find those guys?

- The report has been filed.

It's only a matter of
time before they do.

- It's a map.

- I know it's a map.

- Listen, you wanna
grab a bite to eat?

I've got a couple of
things on the computer

I'd like to show you.

So, these are the pictures

that I told you
we emailed to Ali.

- These symbols
they're definitely Ugaritic.

- Ali left us this note
wrapped up in the scroll.

I'm sorry I'm not able to
give you this in person.

The same markings
that were in the pictures of

the tablet that you sent
me were also on this map

that I recently discovered.

I believe it could reveal
the location of the treasure.

I will meet you in Ras Shamra,

and we can compare notes.

I didn't know what
to make of this at first,

so I scanned the
map into my laptop,

and then I superimposed
it with a recent

3D satellite image of what
I think is the same area.

- Jabal Zahar.

This is all under water now.

A dam was built in 1973.

It's now Lake al-Assad.

It doesn't make any sense.

Why wouldn't Ali have realized

that the treasure may
be hidden under a lake?

- Your boss has a lot
of questions to answer.

- What are you implying?

- He was the only
other person to know

that Frederick had the tablet.

- And.

- And, now Frederick is dead.

- I've known Ali my whole life,

and he wouldn't kill
anyone, not even you.

- The man didn't show you
the pictures that we emailed him.

The photocopy of the scroll
he gave me, clearly a fake.

He didn't show up
at the antique shop,

and then we were attacked.

If you were in my shoes,
what would you be thinking?

- You don't wanna
know what I'm thinking.

- Nadia Ramadan,
you're exquisite as always.


Jack, Jack Hunter.

- Hello, Albert.

- Interesting to see you here.

Though why am I not surprised.

- You two know each other?

Why am I not surprised?

- Jack and I share
the same philosophy

about the business
of antiquities.

- Oh, I'm sure you do.

- And you have an excellent
guide in Ms. Ramadan.

She's a vigilant protector
of her country's treasures.

She's, a true professional.

So, what brings you to
this part of the world, Jack?

- I love the food.

- Are you a scholar now as well,

following in
Frederick's footsteps?

- Professor Schaeffer
recently passed away.

- No, no, he was killed.

- Oh.

This is terrible news.

My deepest condolences, Jack,

and now you're here
to carry out his legacy?

Well, I have to go,

but I'm sure I'll be
seeing you again, soon.

Auf Wiedersehen.

- I despise that man.

Ali has risked his
career trying to stop him,

and we now believe that he's
working for the Russian Mafia.

Their money buys
them connections

at all levels of the government.

- Well, the last time I checked,

the Russian Mafia was
only into three things,

drugs, and women.

So, why would they
be so concerned

with Syrian antiquities
all of a sudden?

- I spent most of my
life searching for it.

And now it's in my hands.

It's a poem, Frederick.

It doesn't point to anything.

It's ancient folklore,
mumbo jumbo.

- If we decipher the map,

we will find the treasure.

Frederick, this is your life.

It's not mine, okay.

I've got things to do.

- Come with me, please.

- Jack, are you okay?

Jack, what's going on?

What the hell happened in here?

- Oh, you know, just your
friendly turndown service.

- What are you doing?

- Ali's trying to make me
think that this map is authentic.

He wants me to think it's
a real clue to the treasure.

I'm not waiting until tomorrow.

I wanna see him, now.

- Jack, you're not
making any sense.

You think that Ali
gave you a fake map,

and now he's sending
people after you to steal it?

- Don't you get it why didn't
he show you the email?

Because if the treasure is real,

he wants it all to himself.

- In my country, we still value

honor, loyalty and
duty, above money.

Ali exemplifies all
of those qualities.

When you meet
him, you'll see that.

- I keep hearing all about that.

I've yet to see it.

- Who are you calling?

- Tariq.

Get ready to go.

- I'll pay, you pump.

- Hello.

- What's wrong?

- What's happening?

Nadia, why are you crying?

- Ali is dead.

- What?

- Ali was in a car accident.

His car went off the road
and he died, instantly.

I guess you don't have to
worry about him now, huh?

Damn you for saying
what you did about him.

Damn you.
- I'm sorry.

- He was a great
man, a great man.

A great man!
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

- And you.
- I'm sorry.

It wasn't an accident.

You hear me, it
wasn't an accident.

Ali, Frederick, they
were both killed

for the same
reason, the treasure.

Somebody thinks it's real.

- Why are we
going after it then?

- We're not.

I am going home.

We're going back to Damascus.

- No, we're not going back.

I'm gonna find out
who killed Frederick.

Do you wanna know
who killed Ali, do you?

The only way to do that

is to take a look at this

and follow where it leads.

- What is that?

- It's a map.

Frederick deciphered it from
my translation of the tablet.

It's incomplete, but it
could tell us where to start.

- This is the Bishiri Mountains.

They're in the
middle of the desert.

There's nothing here, Jack.

- Well, that seems
like a pretty good place

to hide a treasure, doesn't it?

- First, we go to the Ministry,

and we tell them what we know.

- No, we can't we don't
have enough evidence.

Whoever did this
will just cover it up,

and then we'll never know.

We'll never know.

- Fine.

Fine, we do this
your way for now.

I wish you'd never
come here, Jack Hunter.

- That makes two of us.

You tired of driving.

You want me to drive?

- No, sir, this is what I do.

This is why I'm here.

Tariq never sleeps.

- So much for, "This
is why I'm here."

"This is what I do."

What the hell.

Hold on.

Who the hell are these guys?

How should I know.

- Come on.

- Jack, watch out.

- Hold on.

I think we lost them.

- I had the worst nightmare.

We were being chased and...

- What are you doing
go back to the main road.

- Did you not just see
the people driving us

off the road and
shooting at us back there?

- You had the same nightmare?

- Jack.
- Just let me think.

Telephone poles.

Maybe there's a road up there

that connects back
to the highway.

Tariq, stay with the jeep.

- Yes, yes, good idea.

- Let's go up this way.

It just keeps going.

- This is a dead end.

- Will you just let me look?

- Why are American
men so stubborn?

- We're not stubborn;
we're determined.

- Oh yeah, you're
determined all right.

There's nothing there.

You know what, you're
making my life a living hell.

- Nadia, get back in the jeep.

- And gone around, like I said.

- Nadia, get back in the jeep!

- Do not raise your voice at me.

- Tariq, start the jeep.

- Start the jeep!

Start the jeep, Tariq.


Get in, get in.

Where are we going?

- Just drive!

- Okay, okay.

- He says we're stuck.

- Yeah, I got that.

Go, get out.

Tariq, I need my phone.

Get my black bag
out of the back.


- Get down, get down.

A phone?

- You take, take.

You know how to use this?

- Do you?

- I carry a gun, but I
don't know how to use it.

- Give me that.

- I'll go get some help.

- Wait!
- Tariq!

- Wait!

Either these guys are blind

or they're the worst
shots I've ever seen.

- I think they're
warning us to stay away.

- Yeah, it's working.

- Lucky for you I
was driving this way.

- Yeah, lucky us.

- Not very grateful considering
I just saved your life.

Going for a dive, in
Lake al-Assad, maybe?

- You are getting good at this.

- It's been your men
chasing us all along.

- You killed Frederick.

I'm gonna kill you.

- Let's go some place more
civilized and have a chat.

Put them all in the truck.

Come on let's go
back to the trucks.

- Where's Tariq?

Get in the car.

- If the scroll is fake,

how the hell did he
know where to find us?

- There are only
three people alive

that knew about
Bishirit Mountains.

Me, you and Tariq.

- Jack.
- How else?

Stop, it's too tight.

- Well, I'm just
not gonna sit here

and wait for him to
come back and kill us.

- He's not gonna Kill us.

He needs me to help
him find the treasure.

- Well, I would rather
die than help him.

- I wouldn't let him
know that if I were you.

- Jack.

Tell me about the
translation, Jack?

Where's the treasure?

What does the
tablet say about it?

- Go to hell.

- Jack, you more than most
people know what I'm capable of,

so let's keep this civilized.

I don't wanna hurt you or
for that matter, her, but I will.

Just tell me the location.

Tell me!

- Leave him alone.

You're nothing but a
thief and a murderer.

- Nadia.

- You're standing up
for a man who has not

the slightest respect
for women of your class.

That was a compliment, bitch.

Jack, I could make this
really worth your while,

and I'm not talking about
these measly amounts

we made in the past.

This payday could
set you up for life.

- Let her go, Albert, she
doesn't know anything.

- But you do, Jack,

so why not cash out your
winnings and save her life.

Just tell me what
I want to know.

- No, Jack.

- How much are we're talking?

- What do you want?

- Half, and her,

and don't try to
negotiate with me,

you're in no position.

I'm sure your clients
would hate to see you

not deliver on
your promise, huh?

Like Peru.

- Deal.

- Bishiri Mountain.

- You're a bastard.

- You better be
telling the truth, Jack.

- I wanna know two things first.

How did you know
Frederick had the tablet,

and why are the
Russians involved?

- Jack, your phone
calls are monitored.

And as far as what
my client wants,

you really don't know, do you?


- I knew I should
never have trusted you.

- You're welcome, I just
bought us some time.

Now, let me think.

I'm trying to get
us out of here.

From now on I will
not leave your side

for one stinking moment.

Okay, okay, be quiet.

- Come on.

Come on.


We'll rest here until daybreak.

- Okay.

- You didn't call your wife
in that gas station, did you?

You called Littman, didn't you?

- No, no Jack, please no.

- How did he know we
were in that pass then?

Answer me now.

- The only person who knew

where we were
heading was my wife.

I did call her.

I would not betray you.

- Why did you come back
then, so you could follow us?

- Jack.
- Came back to save her.

- Stop it.

- I came back to save her.

I came back to save her.

- What's wrong with you?

Didn't you hear Lebanese
been intercepting our calls.

Did your IQ drop in
the last thirty minutes?

- You okay?


- Look, I believe you.

- Thank you, thank you.

Thank you.

- Let's just try to make
that ledge up there.

Maybe we can find
some help over the ridge.

I don't think I can continue

much longer in this heat.

Just a little further.

- Look, why don't you just
go ahead and I'll catch up.

- Now where's that
stubborn woman

I met just a couple of days ago?

- You're the one
who's stubborn, okay.

I'm determined.

- How determined?

- Let's go, if Littman
beats us there,

I'll never forgive myself.

- He won't.

- Jack.

- I got you.
- Don't let me go.

- Put your feet under.

Pull my hand.

- Come on.

Come on a little bit farther.

I got you.

- Thanks.

- No problem.

- I need to know something,
and I want the truth.

What happened
between you and Littman?

- I met him at a convention

right after I graduated
from college.

I mean, he was a
legend at the time,

and he comes up
and he's talking to me.

And he's telling
me about the clients

and the gigs, and money.

And then he asked me
to be a part of his team.

I mean, I knew I didn't
wanna be a teacher.

I was looking for adventure.

And it started out great.

We were a really good team.

He would find the clients.

I would organize
and execute the finds.

But something changed
he was taking bigger risks

and people started getting hurt.

I mean, I knew
what was happening.

I didn't do
anything at the time.

I just decided I
was gonna move on.

I've been on my own ever since.

That's the way I like it.

- How do I know that you're
not doing this for the money?

- I guess the same way you know

Talrig's not
working for Littman.

- I Smell food, come on.

Come on.

See, there are
people down there.

Comet on.

Water, water, please, please.

- Here, drink.


- Thank you very much.

- Thank you.

- Easy, easy, not
too fast, it's bad, bad.

- No, it's good, it's good.

- Now tell me, where
did you come from?

- Our car broke
down in the desert.

- You climbed
over that mountain,

in the middle of
the day in this heat?


You are either very
brave or very stupid.

- Stubborn, actually.

- Do you have a telephone
here we could use?

- I have a cellphone,

but there is no service
for a hundred kilometers.

- Could you maybe take
us to the nearest town?

- It's getting late now,

first thing in the morning.

For tonight, you will
be my guests, huh?

- You're very kind, thank you.

- Come, come, come.

Eat, eat, more, more.

- I'm stuffed, I couldn't
eat another bite.

- Well, I still have
room for more.

- Help yourself, Habibi.

- This is wonderful.

Thank you for your hospitality.

You know, I've heard
that Syria is famous for it.

- This is how we
live, my friend.

- It's beautiful.

It's magnificent.

- Come, let me show you a place

that is really beautiful, come.

- I'll keep an eye
over the food.

- Wow.

- This is just magnificent.

- Kids I love to play
with them, you know.

That's what I live for.


- Beautiful people.

I mean, a beautiful family.

- Were you close with them?

Your family, I mean?

- My parents died
when I was in college.

- Must have been hard on you.

- Drowned myself
in drugs and alcohol.

It was Frederick who saved me.

I mean, he was the only
one who reached out.

Tricked me into taking
one of his courses.

That sly guy, he had a plan.

One time he made
me stay after class,

and as soon as all the
other students had left,

he walked up to me and
he got this close to me

and he says to me,
he says, "Young man",

I have tolerated your
self-indulgence long enough.

"If you truly loved
your parents,"

"you would honor them and
live a great life, not destroy it."

"Your parents didn't
leave you, Jack."

"They simply died."

That's when Frederick
became my family.

He always stood by my side.

He was always there

and where was I
when he needed me?

- Jack.

- What's this?

- It's a game
that children play.

Called the Hyena's eyes.

What is that?

- The great Hyena
hunts at night,

and as the sun sets,

the great Hyena
looks with red eyes

out toward the desert for
the weak and the fearful.

- That's a bit of a scary
game for children, isn't it?

- But there are worst things

come out in the desert at night.

The Hashashin.

Now that sounds
like a kid's game.

- It is said, they
guard the secrets

of the desert
from all intruders.

Of course, some
say that they are

just stories to
keep children away

wandering out
into the night path.

But, the Hashashin
are real, my friend.

Isn't that right,
you little monkeys?

- Jack, Jack, look, look.

Look, fiery eyes
that's what my wife has

when I've done something wrong.

She is one mean woman
when she does not get her way.

- Beneath her fiery gaze.

Damn it, Frederick was right.

- Jack, what are
you talking about?

- The poem is a map.

Frederick said the
poem was a map.

The poem says that the treasure

is hidden beneath
her fiery gaze.

This is what Frederick saw.

We got to get there
before Littman does.

Tonight when they go to sleep,
we're gonna steal their van.

- Jack, we're not
taking this man's van

and leaving him and his
family in the middle of the desert.

Let's sleep on it and we'll
figure it out in the morning.

- You asked for transport
and I shall provide.

A van and two horses.


- So, we may take your van?

Why didn't I think of that?

- I'll take it into
the nearest town

and alert the authorities.

- No, no, no, hold on, hold on.

Tariq, you go take the van.

You go alert the authorities.

I need you with me,
we'll take the horses.

- As I say, you're
all welcome to them.

- You're very kind.

- In case you get lost.

It's always best to be prepared.

Good luck.

- Thank you.

Hope you can keep up?

- We'll see about that.

- They moving.

- Excellent.

Let's roll, go.

Come one, guys, get moving.

Come on.

- Where are they?

This direction.

They're on the hill.

We're moving.

- Looks too rocky up
there for the horses.

We're gonna have
to go the rest on foot.

Gaping mouths, empty eyes.

Oh, no.

- We got to move.


All right, just a
little bit further.

I can't see anything.

- There's got to be
something close by.

- Just hurry.

- I think there's
a cave right here.

Go faster.

- That came out of nowhere.

- Yeah.

- Hey, look at this.

I've seen this
in Ali's research.

- Really?

Well, then

let's see where this goes.

What are these hole for?

Stay right there.

- Okay.


- Come on, let's go.

- You're crazy.

I'm not going in there.

- Come on, I'm sure this
is the worst of it, trust me.

Give me your hand.

- I can't see
anything down here.


- Animal symbols.

This has to be it.

- There seems to be a
symbol for each tunnel.

So which, one?


- Lizard.

- Watch your step there.


- Snake.

- Bull.

Ilu, who is also called...

The great Bull.

- You were right,
I think this is it.

- Of course, I was right.

Looks like it ends here.

- I don't think so.

I've seen these
markings on the tablet.

It's a code.

- Can you break it?

- I can sure as hell try.

- Jack.

- I didn't do anything.

- Jack!

- Until his name is remembered.

- Until his name is
remembered, once more.

- What?
- Spell ll...

- Jack!

A second.
- Find the second one.

- I got it!

Jack, do you see it?

Jack, hurry up.

- Get down.

- The Hashashin it's not a myth.

They're real.

- Come on.

Follow me.

I'm guessing that's the Iris.

- That's what the
Russians are after.

Where are you going?

- A closer look.

- Jack.




They're correct, I'm known.

- Why?

- I'm sorry to have
deceived you, my child.

- Not as sorry as I am.

- I could not tell you.

I am Hashashin, a
descendant of the Ugarit people,

entrusted to protect
this precious gift

sent to our people
by the heavens.

- Listen to me Littman and
his men they are following us.

They will be here any minute.

That was just the
Iris on the scepter.

Where is the Eye?

- With the help of a traitor,

the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten

stole the eye from
the king of Ugarit.

The Pharaoh Akhenaten
destroyed our city

in search of the Iris.

Many Hashashin
died protecting it.

- So, the eye is still in Egypt.

- Get down, get down!

He will find nothing
here but his own death.

Keep them first.

- You got to get out of here.

- Not without you.

- I'm gonna go for
the Iris I'll be fine.

I'll be right behind
you, go, go.

It's dead man!

- I never trusted
your virtuous act, Ali.

Go find Hunter.

- Don't move.

Come here.

I've got you right now.

- Let go of me.

- Hey.


- Nadia.

You'll never guess
what I've found.

- The Iris belongs to
the people of Syria.

- Finders keepers, Ms. Ramadan.

If it truly meant
something to your people,

it would have been placed
in a museum long ago.

This is much bigger
than you think,

and far more complex
for you ever to understand.

So I'll keep it simple.

Such a waste.

Jack, do you wanna
say goodbye to Nadia?

Looking for me?

- What do you think
you're doing, Jack?

You've nowhere to go.

- Who says I'm going anywhere?


- Jack, help!

Help me!


- Now, what were
you saying, Jack?

- Jack!

- Nadia.


- Jack.

Help me.

- Jack.

Great work.

I will miss you, my friend.

- Jack.

- Come on.

Ms. Nadia, come.

- Ms. Nadia.

Jack, come.

Are you okay?

Jack, man.

Thanks Tariq.

- Jack, I told you we'd
meet again, my friend.

See, I said I would
come to your rescue.

Day or night, Tariq
is at your service,

and I brought the army with me.

- Where's Littman?

- Did you see him come out?

- Hi.

- Hey.

You're leaving

aren't you?

- Excuse me.

Yeah, Liz?

- Something's happening,
I need you right away.

- Liz, I'm in Damascus.

- I know.

I also know that
Littman is in Cairo.

He's going after
the Eye of the Star.

We can't let that happen.

- Wait, wait a minute.

How do you know
where Littman is?

- I can't talk to you
about this on the phone,

but I'm afraid I haven't
been very honest with you.

The most important
thing right now

is preventing Littman
from getting the eye.

You know the danger the
world would be in if that happens.

Now I'm sending
someone to pick you up.

Be ready in two hours.

- We need to run a
security check on this guy.