Jack (2014) - full transcript

For JACK (10), having a family is the most important thing in the world. Then, one day, his mother disappears. Together with his younger brother MANUEL (6), he embarks on a journey to find her... the journey of a boy who has learnt from an early age to take responsibility. In the end, his brave and startling decision holds up a mirror to all of us.

Manuel, what are you doing?

- I want to buy buns.
- You can't now, I have to go.

- But I'm hungry.
- Yes, I'll make you something. Come.

I want chocolate.

Hey, hello!

Say, where are you?

No, we're already here. What?

Don't, Atheer.


Jack, away from the body. Like a knife.

Put your hand around. What?

Yes, Kati's already here.
She's waiting for you.

I have to say hello.

I'll cheer you up.

- Come here.
- Yes, come here. We can chat later.

- Yes, bye.
- Bye!

- He's coming, right?
- He's feeble!

You want to fight?

- I'm on the pill again.
- Why? It doesn't agree with me. Take it.

- You don't want it anymore.
- That's how it is.

Ha! Pull out!


I can't keep this up. I need a Coke.



Will you give me the bag?
See you soon, okay?

Jack, three stops on the
tube, then change.

On the right is the U7 when
you get out. Can you wait?

You're awesome. I love you.

See you soon. Bye.

See you soon. Let's go, let's go!


, Manuel.

All aboard, please.

Stay back, please.

Mom, I'm hungry.

What is this?

- This is Jack.
- Hello.

Who is... Who is Jack?

- My son.
- What?

- Do you have a son?
- Two.


- What do you want to eat?
- A sandwich.

Let's go.

- I'll be right back.
- Yes...

- A soda?
- Yes.

- Cool?
- Yes.

- Go right back to sleep, okay?
- Yes.

Don't be jealous.

Do you want to drink something?


Hey... Hey! Are you crazy?


Go and get my stuff.

- I'll get it.
- No. He does it.

Now you go downstairs
and get me my stuff!

Calm down! It's nothing serious.

- Jack, go and get my things.
- No.

Alright. I'm out.

Was that necessary?

Will you meet again?

- Don't know if he still wants.
- Is that my fault?

No. He shouldn't have interfered.

- We will have a nice day, huh?
- Yes.

Do you want cocoa?


Jack, it's broken!

I'll be right there.

- What are you doing?
- I want my boat!

- Get out. You can't even swim!
- But I want my boat!

Get out of there, Manuel!
I'll get it with a stick.

Hurry up, it's drifting off!

Mom is coming later.

Come on, take off your shoes.

- Jack, I'm hungry.
- Yes.

- I'm hungry.
- Yes, I'll make you something.


Now let's have a bath.


It won't help if you scream!

Stop it, Manuel! Be quiet!

Stop it, Manuel, stop it! Stop!

Stop it, Manuel! Stop!

Mrs. Niendorf?

"The consultation between
Mrs Sanna Niendorf...

and the Youth Welfare Office
led to the following agreement:

Mrs. Niendorf's son Manuel,
born on March 18th 2008,

remains until further
notice in her care.

She commits herself...

to have weekly meetings
with the family counselor...

and to adopt the objectives of the assistance plan.

In accordance with ? 27 in
conjunction with ? 34 SGB VIII,

the elder son of another relationship,
Jack, at the request of the mother,

will be placed in a youth
welfare group in Nikolassee.

The move will take place at
the earliest possible date.

The change of school
happens at the same time."

I won't sign it.

- Mrs. Niendorf...
- No. I'm not giving my boy away.

- But we have...
- No, I don't care. I changed my mind!

He's my child, right?

- Mrs. Niendorf...
- No!

You can sit down anywhere you like.

Now everyone sits down,
the food is getting cold.

Scoot over.

Quiet down. Who wants without
and who wants with sauce?

- With!
- Without!

- With!
- Oskar has no fork!

Did you notice you have a new roommate?

- I'm Becki. And you?
- I'm Tay.

- You?
- Maurice.

- I'm Nikki.
- Peter.

- Penis.
- Come on, Danilo!


- Who are you?
- Tanja.

- Marc.
- Hi, I'm Jack.

A good fucker is getting fatter.

Bon appetit. Cucumbers?

- No thanks.
- No?

Say, what's going on here?

- Here, do you like noodles?
- Yes please.

- Becki, can I have the cucumber?
- Yes, there you are.

Hey, dick face!

Stop looking at her,
she doesn't like it!

Tanja, hit him!

Come on, Tanya, hit him!

Where are you going, Tanya? Tanja, wait!

Are you done? Show me.

We'll continue later, okay?

- What happened?
- Nothing.

What is this?

But otherwise it's good, Jack.
Really good.

Did you pack your
sports stuff? Yes? Good.

I want to see my mother.

We've got a deal, right?

First you settle in,
then you can see her.

That's what we agreed upon.
And holidays are soon too.

Then you can see her for
quite a long time. Okay?

Can my brother sleep here sometime?

After the holidays, okay?

- Make me some food, I'm hungry.
- Yes.

- Give me your mobile phone please.
- Here.

- But don't read my messages.
- Yeah, yeah.

- What's that?
- Nothing.

I'll make you rich.

- What is it?
- Stewed plums.

- I don't like it.
- Cake.

I'll kick your ass.

Guys, now get out of here.

So, are you looking
forward to tomorrow?

- Don't you talk to me, or what?
- It's canceled.

- Why?
- She canceled.

- Really? Why?
- I know why.

- Why?
- Because you look like shit.

- Shut up.
- No combing in the kitchen!

Dinner is ready. Let's eat.

- Will you take this?
- Are you taking the cucumber? Yes?

Can I have a look?

Only for a while.

- What's there?
- A nest up there.

- Can I borrow it sometime?
- Nope.

- Why not?
- It's my father's.

Do you often see him?

Nah, he's dead.

And yours?

Dunno, I don't know him.

Give it back.

I forgot my toothbrush!


- Can I have your "Percy"?
- Sure, I'm already done with it.

Jack, can you come with me?




Jack. Jack!

- Mom?
- Jack?

- What's wrong?
- I can't come today.

- Why?
- I have to work.

Wait a sec.

(she's talking to someone)

It's just for the weekend, okay? Jack?


I'll pick you up on Monday.
It's just two days.

- Do you promise?
- Yes, I promise. Very early, huh?

- Uh-huh.
- It's not that bad, right?

- No. And Manuel?
- He's with Kati.

I miss you, Jack.


- If there's anything, just call me.
- Uh-huh.

Until then, sweety.

See you.


Jack. Jack, stay here.

Look at me, Jack. Look at me.

Shh, shh. Hey, it's all right.
It's fine, Jack.

It's all right. Shh.

Everything is fine, Jack.

Shh. It will be alright.

What are you doing?


- No one is picking you up either?
- Nope.

- Let's go swim.
- No, it's too cold.

No, it's warm.


It's Marc's, right?

Put it down.



- Come on, Mathilda!
- I forgot my key!

Nobody will steal them.
Come on now!

- How much for a kebab?
- 3.30.

I only have 2.50.

- Can you make a small kebab?
- Yes.

- Can I make a phone call?
- Back there.

Hello, this is Sanna. I'm not at home,
just leave a message.

Mom, this is Jack.

I'm coming home now, okay?
See you soon.


- Look in the hallway.
- I did.



- I'll close the door, okay?
- Yes.

Let's take the stairs, it's quicker.

Dear Mom, I'm here now.

I really need to talk with you.

I need the key.


- Where's your mother?
- I wanted to pick up Manuel.

Wait a minute, I'll be right there.

- Is Manuel with you?
- Tell Sanna it won't work.

She's only thinking about herself.
"One day," she said.

- Now I have him since Wednesday.
- Is he here?

- No.
- Then where is he?

- At my place.
- Alone?

No. What should I do?
I have to work!

- What are you doing here anyway?
- Holidays.

- Did she pick you up?
- Sure.

- And why didn't she come herself?
- She couldn't.

- And how is it in the children's home?
- Okay.

- Hello?
- Could you let me in?

Yes, what's the matter?


Is my brother here?

I'm looking for my brother.


I want to pick up my brother.

Kati said that Manuel is here!
I want to see my brother!


- Well?
- Hello.

- How are you?
- Fine.

- Do you know where mom is?
- No.

What did she say?
When will she be back?

That she would be back soon.

- Are we going home now?
- No, Mom's not there.

We have to look for her.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Well, Jack? Your mother is not here.

- Yes.
- She won't come all week.

And Atheer? Where is Atheer?

- He's not here either.
- Where is he?


Try there.

See what it looks like!

- Where did you get it?
- From over there.

Wait a moment.

Sit down.

Look, first you make
a knot and then a loop,

tie it around and pull it through.

- You should practice, okay?
- Yes.

- You wait here, okay?
- Yes.


I'm looking for my mother.
Do you have our keys?



- Manuel, come!
- What?

Come! We're going to Mom!

Sounds from the station.

- Have you seen my mother?
- Who is your mother?

- Sanna.
- Sanna? She's down the hall.

Come! I told you she's here!



Hey, Jack! Hey, Manuel!
That's cool. How are you?

- Good.
- Do you want a piggy-ride?

I'm fine too.

Where's Mom?

- Where's Mom?
- What?

- Where's Mom?
- I don't know. She has the day off.

But she said she has to work!

- Can I have your mobile?
- No, but there's a phone in the office.

Hello, this is Sanna. I'm not at
home, please leave a message.



Hi Mom,
Where are you?

We're looking for you.

We need the key.

See you tomorrow,

Come on, Manuel, wake up.

You've got to wake up.
We can't stay here.

- I'm tired.
- Come, I'll show you something.

- What?
- You'll see.

Good night.


Give it to me. I'll adjust it.

Here you can adjust the focus.

- It's for whom?
- For a friend.

But it's very expensive. It costs 400.

Look at this one. Costs only 58.

Think about it.




I went down the road
and over the bridge.


I've been waiting for you.

I know.

- And you didn't show up.
- I know.

Come, let's go sleep.

What are you doing here?

- Is that your car?
- No.

- What?
- No.

Get out of here, quickly!
You can't sleep here!

Manuel. Manuel. Wake up.

Open the door! Were you
messing with the window?

- No it wasn't us.
- What a wanker.

- Now open the door!
- But it wasn't us!

Hey kid, stay there!

This isn't how it goes.

Now who is paying for the window?
I asked you something!

Come on, Manuel. Come.

I don't want to see you here again!

Wait a moment.


Stop it. She isn't here.

Where are we going now?

I don't know.

Please, Manuel. Come.

Come, Manuel. Let's go.

- Jack? What are you doing here?
- Is Mom with you?

- No, why?
- I can't find her.

- What?
- She is gone.

And then you come to me, right?

- Since when is she gone?
- Not for long.

- But I don't have the key.
- Did you lose it?

No... I don't know.

- Is she maybe with a friend?
- I already asked.

She'll surely be back soon.
Just go home, okay?

Okay, just come in.

You really grew up, Jack.
Huh, Manuel?

Hello, this is Sanna. I'm not at home,
just leave a message.

Hello, Sanna, here is Jonas.

Your children are with
me now. Please call me.

- And what do we do now?
- I don't know.

Do you want to help me? Yes?

Do you want to eat something? Okay.

So? Is it tasty?

- Uh-huh.
- Yes?

- Hey! Where should I park it?
- Wherever you want.


Somebody forgot this. And
someone wants to return a car.



- Nothing at all.
- Good.

Put it there, okay?

Hello, this is Sanna.
I'm not at home...

- How is Sanna doing anyway?
- Good.

Now tell me, how long has she been gone?

Not that long.

How long exactly?

Three days.

Did she meet someone?

I don't know.

Then maybe she's with him.

- Think about it. Where could she be?
- We don't know.

- So. Closing time.
- Where are we going?

- Have you reached Mom?
- Come.


Can you open the door?

- Do you like music?
- Uh-huh.

- What kind?
- All kinds.

- Stop. Stop!
- Jack!

Let us out! Let us out!

- Jack!
- Manuel, come.

Crap. There is no other way,
I can't reach Sanna!

- Leave me alone.
- I'm not your father.

- I don't have time for you.
- We're going home.

- But nobody's there.
- There is.

- No, there is nobody!
- There is!

Listen. Sanna left you behind. She's
been gone for days. Don't you get it?!

- You're lying.
- Why do you protect her, huh?

- Because you're lying.
- What's wrong with Mom?

I'm not going back to
the children's home.

What? Anyway, let's just go upstairs...

Leave me alone!

Let's go to Mom now.


I'll be right back, okay?

Manuel, wake up! Manuel!

- You've got to wake up! Mom is here!
- Where?

She's at home. Come.
We have to go home.

- See? The light's on!
- Yes!



- Mom!
- Oh God! Hello, my darlings!

Oh man! Where were you?
I was worried.

I didn't have a key.

And why weren't you with Kati?

- You're all dirty!
- We've been looking for you.

Oh man!

Are you hungry? I'm hungry. Hungry?

- Will you get a few plates?
- Yes.

I'm so happy. I met someone.

This time it's serious, I can feel it.
He would hold the door open for you.

Thank you sweetheart.

- You know what he has?
- What?

A shower on the roof. Oh, I got
something for you! Come, Manuel.

Now look...

Put it on your arm,
it gives a nice tickle.

Look. Nice, huh?


I agree.

You'll soon get to know him.

He'll be surprised.
The coolest kids in the world.


- Did Becki call you?
- No, why?

- I hurt someone.
- Come on, I would have known.

- But your mobile was off.
- Yes, but only briefly.

I missed you so much,
you can't even imagine.

Shall we eat? Manuel?

- Uh-huh.
- Yes! Will you get the lemonade?


Come on, Monsieur.

- Tastes good, right?
- Uh-huh.

And what have you been doing?

- I can tie my shoes.
- Really?

- Uh-huh.
- Show me.


That's great.
Where did you learn that?

- Jack taught me.
- Really, Jack? That's great!

Come here!

Great, Jack! Now we
finally have vacation.

- It will be really nice, okay?
- Yes.

That's enough, come on.
Let's go to bed.

Manuel. Manuel.

- Come.
- Why?

Come on, get dressed.

- Yes?
- This is Jack.

- Who?
- Jack.

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