Jab Jab Phool Khile (1965) - full transcript

After returning from overseas, heiress Rita is stressed-out and needs to go someplace to unwind. She chooses to go to Kashmir, and upon arrival there decides to rent a houseboat from the owner by the name of Raja. After a few misunderstandings, both are attracted to each other and soon fall in love. This romance is not looked upon favorably by Rai Bahadur Chunilal, Rita's dad, as he would prefer his daughter marry a suitor he has chosen for her by the name of Kishore. Rita dislikes Kishore, and will only marry Raja, so the wily Rai Bahadur devises a plan that will let him keep the cake, and eat it too.

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It's good that you've
completed your studies.

It's another responsibility
off our shoulders.


Okay, tell me.
Do you like Kishore?

Kishore? Aunt's son?

Yes, dear. The son of my late
friend and partner, Mr. Kishanchand.

Nowadays, he manages the business
in Darjeeling. - You like him?

Like him? Oh, no, mummy.
If you mean marriage, then no, please.

Don't talk of marriage now.

Right now, I have to decide..

- ..whether I want
to marry or not. - What?

Yes, mother. I haven't
thought about my life yet.

The lifestyle in America didn't
give me time to think about it.

It's made me so tired
that I want to go to a place..

..where it is peaceful
for a few days.

Where it is calm, quiet and peaceful.
Where do you think I should go?

Go to Kashmir.

Oh, wonderful.

I was thinking of Darjeeling, but
Kashmir would be a better option.

Isn't it, daddy?

Why, dear? Have you got tired
of your father in a day?

Even you would be coming.

Oh, no, darling, I'm very sorry.
I can't leave Bombay for even a minute.

- Ask your mother.
- Impossible.

For the next three weeks, I'm so
busy with the Women's Association that..

..I can't spare time
to go for a massage.

Look, how much
weight I'm putting on.

Your father
doesn't like it at all.

- Eat less, mummy.
- Shut up.

Daddy, then would
I have to go alone?

No, dear.
I'll send Stella along with you.

When would you like to go?

Any day.

Okay, my dear. I'll arrange
for a houseboat today itself.

- Okay?
- Thank you, daddy.

Welcome. Please.


Ma'am, just a minute.

God forgive. God forgive.

- Where did he go?

- God forgive. Allah Baksh.
Allah Baksh. - Coming, sir.

Allah Baksh, the Lord
has shown mercy on you.

A passenger has come from
Bombay to hire your houseboat.


Come on, make haste.
Madam, did you like this houseboat?

Did you like this houseboat?
Must be.

Very much.
But not that one. This one.

But why?

Shift my luggage
to that houseboat.

Madam, this houseboat
belongs to a mad king.

Ma'am, that houseboat
belongs to crazy Raja.

He won't give it on rent.

He won't give on rental basis..

Do as I say.
Do as I am telling you to.

- Go.
- Alright, madam. As you wish.

As you wish.
But I'll have to ask first.

I'll have to ask first.


Hey, Raja in hiding.

Yes, I am the bush!

You are very lucky, dear.

A passenger from Bombay
has liked your houseboat.

It's not available.


Go look for another one.

A passenger from Bombay
has liked your houseboat.

- No.
- No?

Mad man.

Madam, very, very bad luck.

Ma'am, the houseboat
is already booked.

It is already booked.

But no one has come
to stay there yet, right?

Nobody is there.

Tell him I'll pay
him more money.

Alright. I will ask again.

I've to ask again, madam.

Lucky boy! Let's have a deal!
She'll pay you more money!

Dear, give your houseboat.

Once I give my word,
money is of no consequence.

It's not available...
it's already booked.

Oh God! This man again.. mad.

Brother, why don't
you give it to them?

Those people were supposed to come
two days ago. They haven't come as yet.

You shut up.

- Mad madam. Mad.
- What?

Excuse me. He's a mad man.

He's a mad man.

Says that, he isn't
hungry for money.

He isn't hungry for money.

What nonsense.
Where is he? Take me to him.

Alright. Come please.

Raja. Raja.

Manager, don't trouble me.
Else I'll throw you into the lake.

- Brother! - Munni, why are
you trying to scare me?

It's my houseboat.
Giving it or not is my choice.

- Excuse me.
- Wha..


Who is this?

Raja, she wants your houseboat.
She's the one who wants your houseboat.

What's the rent
for his houseboat?

Only 500.

I'll pay you Rs.600.

Rs.700? Rs.800?

How much do you want?

- Rs.500, ma'am.
- What?

Yes, ma'am. Only 500.

Come, I'll show you the houseboat.
Come, ma'am.

Manager, you stay here.
I'll be back.

You're a strange man.
If you wanted only Rs.500..

..why did you refuse earlier?

It wasn't about money.
It was about principles.

My houseboat had been hired by
two men from Africa. - And now?

And now? - And now, my
sister told me that they were..

..supposed to come two days ago.
They didn't come..

..so my houseboat was vacant.
So I gave it to you.

Come along, ma'am.

Ma'am, this is my drawing room.

Come, ma'am.

And this is my library.
There are books of..

..Rabindranath Tagore..

..Shakespeare and
also Premchand.

They are very good authors.

And that's my music library.

There are records of Mohammad
Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar.

And also western songs of..
What's the name of the fellow..

..Elvis Presley,

Everyone's there.
Everyone sings.

You're surprised by what I'm saying.
Isn't it, ma'am?

Your surprise isn't unnatural.

I'm an illiterate person.

But a lot of educated
people come here..

..and I learn from
what they say.


Ma'am, this is the dining room.
Is it nice?


And ma'am this is another room.
I call it bedroom.

This is the bed.

The bed sheet is
made of Kashmir silk..

..and beneath it is, a
Dunlop tire mattress.

Dunlop tire?

Yes, ma'am. Look at this.

Okay. Dunlop pillow.


- Beautiful!
- Thank you, ma'am.

Okay, ma'am.
I'll bring your luggage in.

The luggage is already here.

Okay, ma'am. Call me if you
want anything. I'll be right outside.

Greetings, ma'am.


Greetings, sir!

Hello. Raja.

- Sir, you've come.
- Yes, we've come.

Did you get our
letter on time?

Yes. But you didn't come on time.
So I let out my houseboat.

But why?

Because you
arrived two days late.

But last year we
were late by 12 days.

Last year was different. This year
there's a demand for houseboats.

I understood.

- Have you given the houseboat
to a woman? - Yes, sir.

- Is she beautiful?
- Yes, sir.

Is she young?

Look, sir.

My guest is more
important to me than my life.

But I can't tolerate any
rubbish spoken about my guests.

Sir, you hire
another houseboat.

Allah Baksh's houseboat's there, sir.
It's very good, sir.

Go there, sir. - We're going.
- Go. Greetings, sir.


..take off the 'to let' board
and keep our luggage inside.

- Okay, sir.
- And listen..

..is the guest more
important than your life?

Yes, sir. - Then see to it
that no one talks bad about us.

- Okay, sir.
- Bring the luggage in soon.

- Boss, there isn't one but two!
- Two?


- Jhunjhun.
- Yes.

- Do you see what I see?
- Yes, boss.

Let's retreat. Run.

Call me soon, ma'am.
Call me soon, ma'am.

Hey brother,
have you gone mad?


Yes. Go and report
to the police station.

I'll complain to ma'am instead.

Don't you dare say anything
to ma'am. Understand?

I'm going. - Going where?
I'll throw you into the water.

- Throw me then.
- Shall I?

What shall I throw you into
the water for? You're my dear sister.

Ma'am had asked you
to write a letter everyday.

Ma'am, you even have
to write a letter to Kishore.

Why? - Remember, you had promised
to him at the airport. - Okay.


Dear Kishore..

My dear Kishore..

Oh, no.

- Stella..
- Yes, ma'am.

Stella, how had you written
your first letter to your boyfriend?

Oh, ma'am.
I haven't got a chance yet.

But you can write
'darling', ma'am.

No? Sweetheart?

- Oh, no.
- No.

Let me think.



- Stop it!
- Why?

My ma'am is getting disturbed.

- What? What happens to her?
- She's getting disturbed.

She doesn't like it.

She doesn't like it!?

Tell your ma'am that I've given
the houseboat on hire. Not myself.

If I feel like it, I'll sing,
I'll play. If I don't, I won't.

- So you won't stop?
- No.

Then I'll tell her, you said
you'll play if you don't want to..

..you won't play if you want to.
Then we'll leave your houseboat.

We will go to the houseboat
where no one plays music.

Ma'am! Ma'am!

Hey brother, are you afraid?

Afraid? This Raja isn't afraid
of anybody. I'll do what I want.

I'll go wherever I want,
play whenever I want.

- You're mad.
- These people..

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"They are bound
to leave one day."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Whenever this
beautiful season comes.."

"..when this beautiful
season appears.."

"..some story or
another is always made."

"..some story or
another is always made."

"Let's see what
comes up this year."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"They have been
rightly called birds.."

"They have been
rightly called birds.."

"..they fly away
after a night's stay."

"..they fly away
after a night's stay."

"Today they are here,
tomorrow maybe there."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Whenever flowers
bloom in the gardens.."

"Whenever flowers
bloom in the gardens.."

"..that's when you'll
meet these people."

"..that's when you'll
meet these people."

"How will the stormy
days be spent?"

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"They are bound
to leave one day."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."


Yes, ma'am.

Even after Stella's warning,
you didn't stop your singing. Why?

But I've stopped it now, ma'am.

Why, ma'am?
Am I such a bad singer?

I'm not bothered about
your good or bad singing.

I'm concerned
with you stopping it.


Because I was
writing a letter.

And when I'm writing
a letter, don't sing.

Okay, ma'am. I understood.

I won't make the
same mistake again.

When you finish singing,
I will write my letter.

I mean, when you finish
writing, I will start singing.

Is it okay, ma'am?


Ma'am, please wake up.

- You?
- Greetings, ma'am.

- What are you
doing in my bedroom?

Me? I had come to place
flowers in the vase.

I come every morning to
replace the flowers. Look.

Oh. Okay.

But from now onwards..

..place the flowers
only after I wake up.

And knock before coming in.
Have you understood?

I've understood, ma'am.

When you finish writing
letters, only then should I sing.

When you wake up, only then
should I replace the flowers.

That too after knocking the door.
Okay, ma'am?

Okay, ma'am.
I shall leave now.

Ma'am, didn't you like
my brother's singing?

Yes, he sings well.

Then why didn't you
give him a bonus?

- Bonus?
- Yes, it's the custom here.

If you like something about
someone, you give them a bonus.


Okay, you tell Stella
to bring tea for me.

- I'll give your brother a bonus.
- Okay, ma'am.


- What now?
- Ma'am.

- Raja.
- Yes, ma'am.

- Please post this letter.
- Okay, ma'am.

And listen..

- What happened, ma'am?
- This is your bonus.

You sing well, that's why.

Take. Please take.

Greetings, ma'am.

Where are you going?

- Just going to say hello
to the neighbors. - Shut up.

I will say hello
to the neighbors.

- What will I do? - You go inside
and read the newspaper.

No, boss. I will go with you.

- Do you know what will happen
if you do so? - What will you do?

I'll sack you your mom, your dad,
your brother and you from the job.

Okay. You sack me and my family.
But remember..

..if you do so, I'll reveal
your secret to everyone.

Jhunjhun, you're my secretary..

..but I treat you as a friend.

I'll take you there,
but on one condition.

Not one but thousands.

According to your status,
you flirt with the maid..

..and I'll flirt
with her madam.

- Agreed.
- Very good.

- I'll take this flower.
- But I've bought this..

You buy another..

But, boss, I don't have money!


God knows where she went!

- Munni.
- Good morning.

Good morning!

- Whom do you want to meet?
- I've come to meet you.

And my secretary
to meet your maid.

I've no maid.
I myself am a maid.

- You're the maid?
- Yes.

- Then my secretary
has come to meet you.

And I've come to
meet your madam.

- Man. Hey, man.
- Young lady.

Look here, I'm a man too.

I saw that.
Why have you come?

I've come to say hello to you.
Hello. Hello.

I'm your neighbor.

And I believe in
God's saying that..

..that if you love me..

..then love your neighbor too.

But how did you come in here?

I've come in to
express my love to God..

..I mean you.

Oh shut up!

I didn't hear anything
you said right now.

I mean to say you get out.

Please listen to me.

I said please leave.

Okay. It's easy to throw
me out of the house.

- Let's see how you get me
out of your heart. - Get out.

- Oh.. - I'll hand you
over to the police.

There's no need
to call the police.

- I'll handle them.
- Raja.

You men from Africa..

- Hey brother, where're you going?
- I'm going to Hari Parvat.

Why? Won't you
sing here today?

No, Munni.
I will never sing here again.

- Why? Are you afraid of ma'am?
- It's not about being afraid.

If I sing here,
then ma'am listens.

If she listens,
then she likes it.

If she likes it, then
she gives me a bonus.

If she gives me a bonus,
then my heart aches!

Wonderful, brother!
If someone gets a bonus of 50p here..

..then he salutes
throughout the day.

And ma'am gave you
Rs.10 and your heart aches?

Yes, my heart aches, not yours.

My heart aches. I'm leaving.

Mad fellow!


"This moment, is
a moment of love.."

"..a moment for
waiting for someone."

"Let my heart not be stolen.."

"..by the Spring."

"This moment.."

"..is a moment of love.."

"..a moment for
waiting for someone."

"Let my heart not be stolen.."

"..by the Spring."

"Deep in my eyes.."

"..are such dreams.."

"Deep in my eyes.."

"..are such dreams.."

"As if someone is calling.."

"..through their eyes.."

"..through their eyes."

"This moment.."

"..is a moment for
meeting someone.."

"..a moment of
longing for someone.."

"..let my heart not be stolen.."

"..by the Spring."

"By meeting my love.."

"..in my dreams.."

"..by meeting my love.."

"..in my dreams.."

"..I lost my sleep.."

"..I swear.."

"..I swear."

"This moment.."

"..is a moment
of intoxication.."

"..a season for
longing for someone.."

"..let my heart not be stolen.."

"..by the Spring."

"I'm the queen.."

"..for the king of my dreams .."

"..I'm the queen.."

"..for the king of my dreams .."

"Let this false story.."

"..never prove true."

"This false story."

"This moment.."

"..is a moment of confessions.."

"..a season for
waiting for someone."

"Let my heart not be stolen.."

"..by the weather outside."

"This season.."

"..is a season of love.."


What are you doing here?

I.. I was listening
to your song.

You sing very well.

Here's a bonus from me.

Will you give me a bonus?

Do you try to equal me?
Don't you feel ashamed?

What's there to feel
ashamed about, ma'am?

First, I sang well,
you gave me a bonus..

..now you sang well,
so I gave you a bonus.

- Get out! I said get out!
- I'm leaving, ma'am!

Dare you come up again!

Get out!

Oh. You?

Yes, ma'am.

From today, I'll come to replace
the flowers. Not my brother.

- Why?
- He's afraid of you, ma'am.

Your brother's such a huge guy
and he feels afraid of me? Why?

What do I know? Only he knows!

- Okay. Send him.
- Okay, ma'am.

Greetings, ma'am.


- Hey brother!
- What?

Ma'am is calling you.

Calling me? Why?

I don't know. Only she knows.


- Was ma'am angry?
- That I don't know. She was sleeping.

- Should I go?
- Go.

- Should I go?
- Go.

- Should I go?
- Go, you've become mad.

Okay. I'm going.


- Greetings, ma'am.
- Greetings.

- Did you send for me, ma'am?
- Yes.

Why didn't you come to
replace the flowers today?

Just like that.


Are you afraid of me? - No, ma'am.
I'm afraid of none other than God.

But Munni was saying
you were afraid of me.

You're also a form
of God, ma'am.


God is present in
every one of us, ma'am.

You talk a lot.
Go and post this letter.

- Ma'am, can I ask you something?
- What?

Whom do you write
letters to everyday, ma'am?

To my family. Friends. Why?

Just like that.

I was wondering who all would
be there in your family, ma'am.

In my family, there's my
mother, father, my brother.

Ma'am, can I ask you
the real thing now?

- Ma'am, tea.
- Is the real thing remaining yet?



I was wondering, what
all do you write in a letter?

Don't you know what
people write in a letter?

Ma'am, we're like fish.

We were born here,
and we die here.

Moreover, whom
would I write a letter to?

And you know that
I am not educated.

Suppose after your wedding..

..your wife has to go
to some other place..

..won't you write
a letter to her?

Ma'am, I would
keep my wife with me.

I won't send her away.

- You're mad.
- Yes, ma'am.

- Even my father was mad.
- What?

Yes, ma'am.
My father was an educated man..

..he even worked in an office.

He came here, fell in
love with my mother..

..left his job,
and married her.

I was born later.

Then later, my little
sister was born too.

Ma'am, they used to
love each other very much.

One day, they went fishing.
They went very far.

There was a storm that
day, and they drowned.


But, ma'am..

..they used to love
each other a lot, ma'am.

When their bodies were found,
even then they were holding hands.

I also have the
same dream, ma'am..

..when we both die, even our hands
will be in each other's' hands.

- Who we both?
- My wife and I, ma'am.

- Are you married?
- No, ma'am.

I am unmarried.

Fine, go and post the letter.

Okay ma'am, please
forgive my mistake.

- Ma'am.
- What is it?

I have decided,
ma'am, I will study.

Start going to school then.

No, I won't go to school.
I will learn from you.

- From me?
- Yes.

Small kids go to school.
I will feel shy there.

But there are night
schools for grown-ups, too.

All old people study there.
They will feel shy seeing me.

Oh, you know A B C, right?

All the English speaking men
have gone. I won't study English.

- Then?
- I will learn Urdu.

- I don't know.
- Fine then I will learn Hindi.

Okay, sit.

- You are great, ma'am.
- Sit there.

No, ma'am. You are my mentor.

Mentor sits up, and
the disciple sits below.

- Take this, ma'am.
- Okay.



A. B.



C. D.

- A. B.
- A. B.

- C. D.
- C. D.

- C. D.
- C. D.

- A.
- A.

Look towards the slate.

A. B.

A. B.

C. D.

C. D.


- Stella..
- Yes, ma'am.

Go and tell Raja that
I will teach him today..

- ..not in the room but on
the terrace. - Fine, ma'am.


If I tell you something,
will you feel bad, ma'am?


I see that you are taking
too much interest in Raja.

Now you have started
to teach him too.

He is a good chap.
Innocent, naive, decent.


Stella, if he can learn something
if I show some interest..

- ..what is the harm?
- Nothing. Even I like him.

I'll inform him right now.


Woman, child.

- Wrong. Ma'am, this book
is wrong. - How come?

See, man is fine.
Woman is also fine.

But child is wrong..
ma'am, look here.

- This is right.
- No, ma'am.

It should be like this.

Man, woman, marriage
and then the child.

Raja, you always
talk indecently.

Don't you even know
how to talk to a girl?

If I made a mistake,
please forgive me, ma'am.

But ma'am, never before
have I spoken to any girl.

- So..
- Oh, you are a bore.

Don't get angry, ma'am.

Okay, tell me clearly
how to talk to a girl.

I will then talk like that.

Learn some manners.

What are manners, ma'am?

One should do things properly.

The way to speak, carry
yourself, to wear clothes.

Anything else, ma'am?

Forget it. Leave now.
Come tomorrow for lessons.

Okay, ma'am.

Greetings, ma'am.

One should walk
like gentlemen.




Raja.. Mr. Raja!

Where to?

But why are you
not talking today?

My sister asked me not to
talk too much. Greetings.

Strange fellow.

Boss, he is gone.

Good morning.

Ma'am, what has
happened to you?

Not to me but to you.

To me? Nothing has
happened to me, ma'am.

Ma'am, you said that one
should do everything properly.

So now I will do
everything properly.

I will talk, walk and
dress properly. Like this.

No, Raja. No. You need not do all this.
You are good as you are.

You are really very nice.


- Is it so, ma'am?
- Yes, Raja.

Original! Natural!

Just like a flower.
You're wonderful, Raja. Wonderful.

Enough ma'am, don't praise me more.
I will just take off..

- ..these clothes.
- Oh no, Raja. Not here.

In you room.

Oh, pardon me, ma'am.

I will never wear these
clothes again. Greetings, ma'am.

"God is great!"

"Magic of love that this
crazy heart has woven."

"You have fallen for me!
Fallen for me."

"I have fallen for you!
Fallen for you."

"God! You are great!"

"Oh my heart,
tell me, it is true."

"Oh my heart,
tell me, it is true."

"It is something that the
world doesn't believe."

"It is something that the
world doesn't believe."

"It doesn't accept
me as your lover."

"Neither am I, a flower,
nor the star, nor the clouds.."

"..I am just the shadow!"

"You have fallen for me!"

"God! You are Great!"

"I have given my heart!
I have taken her heart!"

"I have given my heart!
I have taken her heart!"

"Even if the world
shoots me down."

"Even if the world
shoots me down."

"Even if my
houseboat is drowned."

"I don't wish to live further."

"My heart has got
its wish fulfilled."

"You have fallen for me!
Fallen for me."

"God! You are Great!"

"She entered my
heart giving thanks."

"She entered my
heart giving thanks."

"I, being lovelorn, hit
my head against rocks."

"I, being lovelorn, hit
my head against rocks."

"I burn myself just like a
kite burns in the flame."

"Death and life, smiles
and tears, food and water.."

"..sleep and staying awake,
bathing and other chores.."

"..this lovelorn has
forgotten everything in life."

"I have fallen for you!
Fallen for you."

"I have fallen for you!
Fallen for you."

"God! You are Great!"

"God! God! God!"


Hey Raja, where are you?

- Postman?
- Telegram for Rita Khanna.

- Ma'am's telegram? Everything alright?
- Must be written inside.

Put your thumb
impression here.

Hey, have you learnt to sign?

Who taught you?


- Ma'am, a telegram for you.
- Telegram?

- Oh, daddy!
- What happened, ma'am?

Dad has met with an accident.
I need to go today itself.

Stella. Stella.
Raja, get a taxi.

- Very well, ma'am.
- Stella

Stella, daddy has
met with an accident.

- Oh God.
- I need to go today.

Go with Raja and arrange
for the ticket. Go.

Ma'am, now I can
read and write.

Can write a letter too.
Can I write to you?

- Yeah, sure.
- Will you answer, ma'am?

Yes. - Don't worry, your
father will recover very soon.

And then come to
Kashmir in the next season.

- Will you, ma'am?
- How can I say it right now?

No, ma'am. Do come definitely
and stay in my houseboat.

I won't rent out my houseboat
to anyone. I will wait only for you.

You will come,
won't you, ma'am?

- Yes, I will come.
- Thanks, ma'am, thanks a lot.

Just wait for a minute.
Driver, sir, please don't go.

I will be back in a minute.
I'll just be back.

Stella can go from Srinagar
but you can't go from my heart.

I'll also come to
Bombay with you.

If you follow
Stella, I'll fired you.

If you fired me.
I'll reveal your secret.

Come on, Jhunjhun.
We are friends, right?

Ma'am, this is a
present from me to you.

Oh Raja. Thank you.
Thank you so much.

Greetings, ma'am.

- You know, dear, what saved me?
- Because the accident wasn't fatal!

No, because God wants
to fulfill my last wish.

In Kashmir, you must've
decided about your life.

- I mean..
- I understood, daddy.


But the thought of marriage
didn't cross my mind in Kashmir.

And neither..

- What did you remember?
- Nothing, daddy.

There was a crazy chap there,
talking about marriage always.

- Whose son?
- Whosoever's.

You liked him?

Oh mummy. He was a poor chap.

I remember, a letter has
arrived for you from Kashmir.

- Possible it's his.
- Let me see.

Respected Ma'am
Miss Rita Khanna.

- Whose letter is it, dear?
- It must be his.

I had forgotten to pay the rent in
the hurry. Must have written about it.

- Daddy, please send him 500 rupees.
- Sure.

- Shall I leave now?
- We were talking something, dear?

Daddy, doctor has advised
you to rest more and talk less.

- Okay, good night, dear.
- Good night, daddy. Good night, mummy.

Good night.

Greetings, ma'am. It has just
been four days since you have gone.

But my sister Munni says
it seems to be four years.

Further the news is
that everyday morning..

..I pray for your
father's long life.

- Ma'am..
- Stella, Raja's sent a letter.

Really? What does he say?

- Asking about daddy's health.
- Oh, God bless him.

He is a nice chap.

'Raja, I forgot to pay
you the money in a hurry.'

'You will receive it
in a couple of days.'

Oh darn! Ma'am thought
I wrote to her for money.

Then why did you
write to her, brother?


I will come during the next
season and stay in your houseboat.

Stella too will come with us.

Tell your neighbors.
Okay, ma'am. Sure. Right away.

Hey, guests from Africa.

- Crazy!
- Guests from Africa.

What's it?

Stella ma'am too will come with
my ma'am, during the next season.

Will Stella come, too?

Did you get a letter?

Yes, I received
my madam's letter.

She will come during
the next season! Next season.

When letter can make him so
happy, what if she herself comes?

He will go nuts!

I think you're right.

- Fish.
- Where?

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"They are bound
to leave one day!"

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"They make a girl leave
her parents' home.."

"They make a girl leave
her parents' home.."

"..and take her
to a foreign land."

"..and take her
to a foreign land."

"They don't listen
to any excuse."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"They are bound
to leave one day!"

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

Brother, will you eat today?

- Better you don't eat.
- Why?

It'll be good if we
get used to starving..

..because within a few days the
rice and the money will both get over.

Brother, listen to me.
Rent out the houseboat.

No, I had told my ma'am
that I will wait for her.

Till when? Half the season is gone.
The remainder will pass by too.

If ma'am doesn't
come, will we starve?

Don't worry, Munni. I'll work
as a laborer and feed you.

But I won't rent
out my houseboat.

Last year he was manageably mad.
This year he is out of control.


Come in.


Oh, daddy.

Kishore has written
from Darjeeling.

He too has taken the
time out to go with you.

I can't understand why you
want him to accompany me?

You know, dear, it is your
mother's and my wish to make..

..the friendship of both
families last forever by getting..

..the two of you married.

We don't want to force
this decision upon you.

We want you both to stay
together and understand each other.

And if you happen to like Kishore,
our wish will be fulfilled.

- But I don't think, daddy..
- Oh, dear, you don't worry.

You haven't interacted closely
with him yet. He is a very good boy.

Okay, daddy.
If that's what you wish.

That's a good girl!


Gentleman, what
are you looking for?

A houseboat named
'Gulistan' used to be here.

It is still here. But it is
known as 'Madam' these days.

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Raja. Raja.

What's it, sir?
Not available on rent, sir.

- But we had booked it last
year itself. - No, sir.

No, you must've booked
some other houseboat.

This is my madam's houseboat.

- Which ma'am?
- From Bombay.

Rita ma'am.

I have come from her place.

- From her?
- Yes.

Ma'am hasn't come?

- She will come tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?

- Okay. Now show me the houseboat.
- Houseboat?

This is our dining room.

This is the dining room.

And that is my ma'am's bedroom.

And there is one more
bedroom which you can use.

Okay, I will stay here today.

- No, sir. This is madam's..
- I told you, didn't I?

I'll shift tomorrow.

- Keep the bag here.
- Fine, sir.

Call me if you need anything.
I'm on my boat.

Sir, ma'am always used to tell
me that I ask too many questions.

But what to do?
There would be such situations.

- Shall I ask you something?
- What?

Are you her father?

What rubbish?
Do I look Rita's father to you?


- Then you must be her kid brother.
- I'm not her brother.

- Must be her servant.
- Mind your language.

I am Rita's fiance.

- What are you to ma'am?
- Fiance.

I am marrying Rita.

Raja, I haven't brought
my cook along. Send tea.

Okay, sir.

Greetings, sir!


- Kishore, how did you like
my choice? - Beautiful.

- Ma'am, you need to write to daddy.
- He is insolent.

- Who? Daddy, ma'am?
- No, Raja.

He himself requested me
to stay in his houseboat.

Now when I am here..

Let him sing, today. I will tell
him that he is a nuisance.

- What if doesn't sing?
- Then nothing.. Go.

- Good night.
- Good night.


Munni. Munni.

What is it, ma'am?

How.. How are you?

Nothing has happened to me.
I'm absolutely okay.

- Where is Raja?
- He has gone to the hills, ma'am.

- Why?
- I don't know. Only he knows.

- Will you show me the way
to the hills? - Why not, ma'am?

- Come.
- Come on.

On that hill, ma'am.

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"They are bound
to leave one day."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"They don't become
yours with love."

"They don't become
yours with love."

"They are stone-hearted.
They don't cry."

"They are stone-hearted.
They don't cry."

"Never shed tears for them!"

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Neither are they
clouds, nor the stars.."

"Neither are they
clouds, nor the stars.."

"..they all are paper flowers."

"..they all are paper flowers."

"Never grow a garden
with these flowers."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"I have done this once!"

"I have done this once!"

"I loved an outsider!"

"I loved an outsider!"

"This lovelorn heart
says, sorrowfully.."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"They are bound
to leave one day."

"Don't fall for outsiders."

"Don't fall for outsiders."


- Ma'am?
- What's the matter, Raja?

Neither did you come to
receive me at the airport..

..nor to greet me
at the houseboat.

I didn't think
it right, ma'am.

You used to salute me
day and night earlier.

It was different earlier.
But now, there..

What's there?

- Nothing, ma'am.
- No, tell me.

Even if I say or ask
something, you will lie.

Why will I lie?

You lied, ma'am.

You said you have mother,
father, younger brother, servants..

..but never said
you had a fiance too.

Fiance? My fiance? Who?

- Mr. Kishore.
- Kishore?

Why laugh about that, ma'am?

He must have joked with you.

- Do city folk joke this way?
- It's his habit.

But it is not my habit
to listen to such jokes.

- Ma'am, who is he?
- He is my friend.

And daddy has sent him with
me so that I get to know him well.


So that if I like him, I can
consent for the wedding.

- Will you marry someone
of your choice? - Of course.

- Shall I ask something, ma'am?
- Yes.

What is your choice?

This you will understand
when you see my groom.

I will understand,
ma'am, sure.

Will you go to the houseboat?

Will you go by my boat? Come.

Give me these flowers.
I will place them up.


Why didn't you bring
narcissus flowers today?

They are available very far.

And I don't feel
like leave madam.

- What? - Madam is the name
of the houseboat.

- Okay, go now.
- Alright, sir.

- Listen.
- Yes, sir.

- Ensure that the
boat is here at 9.30.

- Ma'am and I have to
go sightseeing. - Okay, sir.

Nothing. We're going
to meet Mr. Kishore.

- Sure, go.
- Okay.

Go, sir. Go.


"Oh, God! Oh, God!"

"Oh God!"

Raja, tea.. Oh.
It's ready, thanks.

One should go, most definitely.
One who doesn't visit Amarnath..

..having come to
Kashmir is like..

..not taking a dip in the Holy
Ganges upon visiting Haridwar.

One should definitely go there.

- Who all are going, by the way?
- Rita and I.

You and Rita are going?
- Stella, keep the tea. - Oh.

Sit.. Please sit.


Take Stella, too.
It is a snowy area.

Someone should be
there to attend to Rita.

- Won't you drink?
- I just had some.

Thank you.

Wow! Such delicious
saffron tea!

What to say? We like
everything about this boat.

But really hate
the owner a lot.

- Why so?
- Last year we had come..

..to greet Rita and we
had to return swimming.

- Why so?
- He is jealous of us.

Isn't he jealous of you?

- What happened?
- Nothing, just burped. Continue.

What I was saying is that..

- What happened?
- Nothing.

I have clicked boss' snap in
this pose. Excellent photograph.

I will bring the album.

- I will bring the album.
- No, boss. I will bring the album.

Let it be.
I will see it some other day.

No.. We will show it
to you, today itself.

Boss, for what does
do I take salary?

I will go.

Do you want to bring the
same album that I want to bring?

Just as you, boss.
Just as badly.

Excuse us.

- Let us both go.
- Don't mind.

In the water.. Water.

Boss.. Boss..

Why not take Stella
to Amarnath as well?

Yes, Stella and Raja too.

Why is Raja needed?

We are new, Kishore, but
Raja knows the place very well.

But Rita.. - Why, don't you
want Raja to come along with us?

That doesn't make
any difference to me.

Okay. Let's go.


- Greetings, ma'am.
- Thank you, Raja.

Come, ma'am. Careful.

- Not there, ma'am.
Sit this side. - Why?

I will sit in front, come.

Come, sit, sir. Sit.

Wear this and show it to me.

No, Munni. It is madam's.
She will get angry.

She has gone. She will come late.
Please wear it and show me.

Munni, good kids don't
play pranks. I can't wear it.

Just once, please.

- Fine, sit.
- Sit.

Close your eyes.

- Good Lord! I forgot to
bring my purse. - So?

Kishore, do you have
some money on you?

Not much.


- Raja..
- Yes, ma'am.

- Turn the boat towards
the houseboat. - Alright.


God, you gave me
birth in a poor family.

But get me married
to a rich man..

..who can give me
a beautiful dress!

So, Munni?

Yes, it looks very pretty.

How beauty!


How dare you wear my dress!

Sorry, ma'am.
I committed a mistake.

How could you make this mistake?
How dare you wear my dress!

She asked me.

If she asks you to jump in the
river, will you jump? - No, ma'am.

I didn't know that
you are a thief.

I am not a thief. Munni asked me.
I will get it dry cleaned.

Will I wear something
you've worn?

Beware if you keep it among
my clothes. Throw it away.

I don't care.



How far is it? I'm bored.

You wanted to come here.

Ma'am, when I was
small and I got bored..

..my grandpa used to
tell me a lovely story.

But my grandpa isn't here.

So what? The story
is still there, right?

Which story?

The tale of the rose
and the nightingale.

I will narrate it
only when you ask.

Okay.. Narrate it.

"There was one rose
and one nightingale."

"There was one rose
and one nightingale."

"They both lived in a garden."

"This is a true story,
thus said my grandpa!"

"There was one rose
and one nightingale."

"The nightingale
used to sing like.."

- "..like.. like..
- How would it sing?"

"The nightingale used
to sing the way you talk."

"That rose used to blush like.."

- "..like.. like..
- How would he blush?"

"That rose used to blush
like the way I get nervous."

"The nightingale didn't know
the reason for the rose's blushing."

"She didn't know that her song would
make the rose's heart beat faster."

"The secrets of the hearts
didn't come on the lips.."

"..and remained
buried in the heart."

"There was one rose
and one nightingale."

"What happened then?"

"But till when can the secrets
of the heart remain hidden?"

"They are such buds which
prick like thorns someday."

"One day the
nightingale realized that.."

"..the rose was
crazy about her."

"If you like the tale, let me know.
I'll then tell you the rest."

"Yeah sure, why
have you gone quiet?"

"Both of them were obliged
to become of each other."

"The tale of their love became
well known to the entire garden."

"Both of them used to take the
vows of life and death together."

"There was one rose
and one nightingale."

"What happened, next?"

"Then one day a hunter
came to the garden."

"He caught and
took the nightingale.."

"..and the lovelorn
rose withered."

"And the lovelorn
rose withered."

"Poets describe the tale
of their separation, thus.."

"..they used to sing, 'Nights
don't pass without the beloved!'"

"'Nights don't pass
without the beloved!'"

"Tears used to flow from the
eyes even in blooming spring."

"There was one rose
and one nightingale."

"This voice used to come
from the twinkling stars."

"That Love cannot be
stopped by any obstacles."

"One day the sighs of rose
and the nightingale rose and.."

"..echoed through the cage.."

"The cage broke open and
the prisoner was set free."

"The hunter kept sighing."

"All the forces of the
universe could not stop them."

"To sing for her beloved rose, the
nightingale returned to the garden."

Raja, such a nice story.

"Always remember this
story, in life and in death."

"Whenever you love someone love
like the rose and the nightingale.."

"Love like the rose
and the nightingale."

"Love like the rose
and the nightingale."

"Love like the rose
and the nightingale."


Sir.. Stay here with ma'am.
I will bring the horse, sir.




- Stella.
- Madam.






- Madam.
- Raja.



Madam. Where are you, madam?


Madam has fallen down.

- Stella.
- Yes.

- Stella.
- Yes.

- Is there milk? Just check.
- Fine.


- Raja, how is Rita?
- Better, will regain consciousness.

Fine, take this medicine.
For you and Rita.

You will feel better.

This is not the time
for love, Mr. Kishore.

A doctor is needed.

- Get the doctor from
the village, go. - Okay.

- I will heat the milk with Stella.
- Okay, heat it.

Hey, go with Kishore.

Wants to warm the milk.

Stella, get the milk.

- We don't have milk in stock.
- We don't?

- Do one thing.
- What?

Bring the milk out
from neighborhood.

No way.
I won't go alone there.

- You won't go alone?
- No.

Come here.

- Don't be afraid. Hold my hand.
- Okay.

- Done. Now let's go.
- Okay.

Hail the invisible! Hail the pure!
Hanuman, deal with the enemy!

Hail 'Mahakali' (Goddess),
what You say happens.

'Alakh. Alakh. Alakh.'

Sir, can we heat
our milk in your fire?

Sure. - Stella, heat the milk.
- So nice. Thank you.

- Greetings!
- Bless you!

Ma'am, is someone sick?

Yes, my ma'am fell
down in the storm.

Fell down in the storm?
Doesn't matter.

People fall from
the path of virtue.

When the truth comes
out, they fall from the eyes.

Stella, just see if the
milk is hot enough.

Why are you scared, dear?
Do you have any secret too?

No, I'm a simple and
straightforward man.

Yes, definitely.
As straight as a mesh!

But dear,
aren't you deceiving..

..this lovely lady
and your subjects.

What does 'subjects' mean?

Subjects? I don't know
the meaning of subjects.

But I know!
Subjects means 'under someone'!

This sage speaks in English.

Only English? I know all
languages of the world.

Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, Japanese,
Russian, English.. all the languages!

Even his secretary
knows all this, sage.

He is a gem of a man.

Dear, leave this rascal..

..and become
friends with him.

Oh no.
What are you saying, sage?

He is a big cheat.
He fooled me in disguise.

No, he didn't fool
you in disguise.

He just expressed his love.

Possible he is sitting in front
of you in disguise even now.

Recognize him,
dear, recognize him.

Put your arms around
his neck and say..

I love you a lot!'

'I want to marry you!'
Say it.

What are you saying, sage?

I am speaking
the truth, Stella.

I cannot live without you.

I love you a lot.

- Sages here are such dirty fellows.
- I am not from here.

- Stella, he is not a saint.
- Then?

- He is not a sage.
- Then?

He is a very good man.

See who he is.

- Jhunjhunwala.
- You cheat.

No, no.

Stella, forgive me.
I loved you.

Fire him right away.

Right away?

If you fire me, I
will let out your..

Shut up.
I cannot fire you right now.

No. You have to do that.

Darling, you don't understand.
If I fire him right here..

..he will turn to a log
in this chilling cold.

- I will fire him upon
reaching home. - No.

You don't understand, darling.

Pick up this milk and
come along, Jhunjhunwala.

- Come on, Stella.
- You don't listen to me!

- Pigeon in this cold climate?
- Yes, it is an immortal pair.

You mean immortal.

It never dies?

When Lord Shiva was narrating
the tale of immortality..

..to his spouse Parvati,
long back this pair heard..

..what they were speaking and
thus they also turned immortal.

Do you believe all this?

Yes, ma'am.
I have immense faith in God.

Last year I came here.

I prayed and I got
whatever I wished.

- What did you pray for? - Ma'am,
this shouldn't be said to anyone.

Now whatever you
will ask, you will get.

Pray for something.

Please remove your shoes.

Ma'am, if the Lord is going
to grant you your wish..

..He will drop two droplets
of water on your mouth.

If He is not going to
grant the wish, He will not.

So sir, ask for something.
Wish for something.


We have come here for sightseeing,
not to ask for anything.

Fine, ma'am. You ask.

God has given me everything.
What shall I ask for?

Fine, then I will ask.

'Oh Lord, last year I asked
you the wish that ma'am comes..'

'..back again and You
granted me my wish.'

'Now I ask You, may my
ma'am never go from here!'

- What happened, Raja?
- Nothing ma'am.

I ask for a wish from the Lord
and the Lord gave me tears.

Don't worry, Raja.
I will ask God on behalf of you.

Why you? - You saved my life,
hence I will ask for you.

As you wish!

Oh Lord, please grant
Raja whatever he wished for!

Raja, whatever you wished
will be granted to you.

It will be granted to me, ma'am.
Is it? Oh ma'am..

Oh ma'am..

I think, we should go, now.

Let's go.

Thanks a lot, Lord!

Rita, I didn't like this insulting
behavior of yours before everyone.

How did I insult you?

Replying sarcastically,
mingling this freely with raja..

If this isn't my insult
then what else is?

- Anything else? - And I also
don't like your mingling..

..with people not
below your status.

- Why don't you like it, Kishore?
- Because you've come with me..

Correct yourself.

I haven't come with you.
You have come with me.

And I will do what I like
and not what you like.



Thank God, still sleeping.

Good morning, Rita.

Good morning.

- Where to? - Didn't we fix
a program for Char Chinar?

Yes, we had.. But..

But I won't be able to go.

I have suddenly taken sick.

Raja, take Kishore
to Char Chinar.

Even I am not feeling well.

Oh really?

Let me see.. Let me see.

- Oh you have very high
temperature. - Not much.

- I will call the doctor, just now.
- I am fine, Rita.

- No Kishore. Come on.
- Listen...

- You're too much, Rita.
- No, I won't listen.

- Rita, I am absolutely all right.
- I am asking you to lie down.

You're not well.
I'll call the doctor.

There's no need
for a doctor, Rita.

- I know you need a doctor.
- You are forcing me.

Just keep quiet and lie down.


- Take care.
- Let's go, Raja.

To the doctor, ma'am?

No. To Char Chinar.

Okay, ma'am.

Ma'am, I didn't
know you lie too.

- Raja, you talk too much.
- Yes, ma'am..

..I talk too much.

But I speak the truth.

- What's up, Raja.
- Fine, my friend.

- How about a race?
- It's on!

- Let-set-go.
- Go.


Let it be, ma'am.
I alone am enough for them.

No, Raja. I will also row.


We won, Raja! We won!

We won!

Oh God!

- Ma'am, now I have come close.
- To whom?

To Char Chinar, ma'am.


Come, ma'am.



- Very beautiful.
- Who, ma'am?

Your Kashmir.

- Isn't it?
- Yes, ma'am.

But from where I see it, it
looks even more beautiful.

From where? Let me also see.

No, ma'am. You can't see.


From where I see it..

..in that Kashmir,
even you are visible.

And when you are visible, my
Kashmir becomes more beautiful.


..didn't you like what I said?

You are crazy, Raja.

Yes ma'am. Previously I was less.
Now my craze has increased.

Raja, I see that you are
crossing your limits with each day.

Well.. I didn't do anything
against ma'am's wish, sir.

- Shut up.
- Kishore!

Shut up, Rita.

- I will never tolerate
this in future. - Shut up!

- Come with me.
- Let go of me.


You slapped me,
I didn't say a word.

But dare you touch my ma'am.
I will break your hands.

Don't try to act too smart.

Get out.


- Come, ma'am. Let's go.
Let him die! - Kishore!

That scoundrel had no brains.
He pushed you?

How dare he do
that in front of me.

Had it not been for
you, I'd have killed him.

- Doesn't he know that
I love you? - Raja!

- Yes ma'am, I love you.
Very truly. - Raja, you..

I know, ma'am, you
still don't love me.

But one day you will love
me more than I love myself.

That day I will marry you.

I will keep you on my boat.
In my Kashmir.

I won't let you
meet any city man.

Yes, ma'am, I will change your
name even. I will change your..

..name to Rajji. Yes, Rajji.
I am telling the truth, ma'am.

Don't get scared of me.

We don't thrash those
who are already dead.

My ma'am asked me to
bring you hence I came.

Daddy, at Kishore's

Yes, I have come here
upon hearing it from Kishore.

Had he not wired me, you
would've crossed all limits.

What limits? What was I doing?

Asking me what you were doing?

What is he to you with
whom you go out alone?

And what is Kishore to me,
with whom you have sent me?

You may possibly
get married to Kishore.

And I may possibly
get married to him.

Shut up.

Come with me.

Munni. - Brother, where had
you gone? What happened?

Why is the houseboat empty?

Where is my ma'am?
Where is that Kishore?

- They have gone.
- Gone?

- Where?
- To Bombay.

Ma'am's father had come.
He slapped her and took her to Bombay.

What? Slapped her?
Took her to Bombay?

This is Kishore's doing.

Do they think I don't
know the way to Bombay?

Will you go to Bombay?

For ma'am, I will go anywhere.

He writes further, 'Ma'am,
my kid sister told me that..'

'..you father slapped
you and took you away.'

'Write to me, I will come
and break your father's hands'.

Very good! How can the hero tolerate
someone slapping his heroine?

Shut up. Out you go.

Get out. Nonsense.

- So you want to marry
this brute? - Yes, daddy.

- Why?
- Because he loves me.

But the question is,
do you also love him?


But not Kishore, whom
you want me to marry.

Whether you wish it or not.
I have already fixed it up.

Against my wishes?
Despite knowing that I have..

..never taken a single
step against my wishes.

- This wedding won't take place.
- Rita.

Tell her that, I, Rai
Bahadur Chunnilal..

..cannot get my only
daughter married..

..to some illiterate, uncouth,
two penny worth brute.

And explain this to him too
that the only daughter of..

..Rai Bahadur Chunnilal, Rita,
who is educated in the US..

..is a progressive major who
will not marry against her wishes.

Don't go, brother.
Don't go to the city.

How not to go, Munni?
My ma'am has written to me.

But what will you do there?
What will ma'am do?

How will you face
everyone alone?

Ma'am is not alone, Munni.
I am with her.

And you don't worry.

I will write to you everyday.

Okay, brother. As you wish.

May the Lord be with you!

- Where are you going?
- Is this Rita madam's house?


- I have come to meet her.
- Get lost.

Tell her that Raja has
come from Kashmir.

She doesn't meet
tramps like you.

Look, we don't raise
our hands on the poor..

..otherwise I would've just given
you the answer to your abuse.

Tell Rita ma'am that I
have come to meet her.

Didn't I say that
ma'am is not at home?

She isn't? Then tell her father
that Raja has come. - Your name?

- Raja.. Raja from Kashmir.
- Wait, I will call him.

Come on.

You aren't playing against
some ordinary guy, uncle.

Let me see your move now.



Sir, some Raja from
Kashmir is here to meet you.

- Let him come.
- Fine, sir.

- Uncle, he is the same guy.
- I know, Kishore.

Don't worry about him.
Just watch my moves.

But, uncle..

Let me think, Kishore..

..how to position my pieces!



Greetings, sir.

So you are that Raja, who threatened
to break my arms in the letter?

Are you here
with that intention?

Sir, I wrote that
in a fit of anger.

What do you want now?


The thing is that my
parents aren't alive.

Otherwise I would've
sent them for this work.

Which work?

Sir, you know that..

..I love my ma'am a lot.

I want to marry her.
That's why I have come here.

You want to marry her?

But what if Rita doesn't
want to marry you?

How is that possible, sir?
She wrote to me to come.

What if I don't give you
the permission to meet her?


Sir, it'll be good if you
give me the permission.

You know that no one has been
able to stop lovers from meeting.

- Does this mean you are
issuing threats? - Kishore!

Keep quiet and wait for me
in the adjoining room. Go.

Raja, I have the power to
stop both of you from meeting.

But I am a gentleman
and I won't use my might.

But along with I will
also not allow anyone..

..to play with the
prestige of my house.

Sir, I haven't come to play
with the prestige of your house.

I am here to make her
the prestige of my house.

And to make the wealth
of my house your wealth?

We poor consider the lady
of the house as our wealth.

If you too consider it
this way, then definitely..

..I have come to make
your wealth as mine.

There is only type of wealth.

And it is this!

Take as much as you want.

You want more?
Take more. Pick it up.

Pick up as much as you want.
Do you want more?

Take it.. Pick up all the wealth!
Take some more. Do you want more?


Ma'am, ask your father to..

..remove this from
between both of us.

Daddy.. What's all this?

Dear, I was just checking out
that the one for whom you are..

..rebelling against me..
what type of person is he!

I like your choice.

Really, daddy?

We will talk later on.

First take him to the guest room.
Then come and meet me.

Go. Hurry up now.

- Go, dear Raja, go.
- Come on.


Strange ma'am, you
were my guest there..

..and here, I am your guest.

And even I will consider my
guest more valuable than my life.

Really, ma'am?
But ma'am that Kishore..

Oh, daddy will handle him.

You had promised me
Rita's hand in marriage.

You were right, Kishore..

..it is no ordinary person
we are confronting.

The whole game is very
complicated, but interesting.

But I have to see whether the
move that I have thought of..

..will be successful or not.

I am talking about
Rita and me, uncle.

Kishore, go home.
I will talk with you later.

Come, dear.

You liked Raja, right?

Yes, dear. I have already
appreciated your choice.

But you will have to
agree to one thing I say.

Bring Raja to our standards.

- Standard?
- Yes, dear.

It may happen that after the
wedding you may feel embarrassed..

..to introduce him to
your friends and relatives.

Teach him the
ways of your society..

..the manners, etiquettes.

Teach him the way of
carrying himself in high society.

When he has learned
everything, inform me.

I will, then, introduce
him to our society.

Thank you, daddy.

- Not at all, my dear.
- Thank you very much.


- Raja.
- What?

- BAT?
- Bat.

- CAT?
- Cat.

- RAT?
- Rut.

Not 'rut', Raja. Rat.

No, ma'am. I am fed up.

English.. Hindi..
it is all too much.

Tell me ma'am, why do
you want to change me?

Didn't you tell me I am
fine as I was, ma'am?

Like the flowers,
clouds, water..

Raja, everything
looks good in its place.

And now you are no more from
just Kashmir but from here too.

Look, our friends, relatives,
society is yours as well.

No, ma'am. I don't like it.
I don't want it.

Raja, won't you listen to
such a small thing I say?

Won't you listen, Raja?

Oh, ma'am. Raja will have
to listen to everything you say.

Oh, you're a darling, Raja.

Come on. Don't do that.

- BAT?
- Bat.

- CAT?
- Cat.


Three. Four. One.


Three. Four.

One. Two.

Three. Pause.

One. Two.

Three. Pause.

I am tired. Practice with
Theresa, please. Come, Theresa.

No, ma'am..

..you asked me to wear
western outfits, I wore them..

You asked me to speak a
foreign language, I did that.

You asked me to dance
western, I danced too.

But if you ask me to
dance with another woman..

..I won't dance.
I will dance only with you.

- Why?
- You are my fiancee, not her.

You are the limit, Raja.

Come on.

One. One. One.




Not just hello, you
should shake hands too.

And not only touch the hands,
but apply some pressure too.

- Is it?
- Come on again.

Oh, you are a brute.

Ma'am you said I need to
apply some pressure too.

Not so hard..

..that it hurts
the other person.

I just applied some
pressure, ma'am.

Okay, now stop
chanting this 'ma'am'.

I have told you some many
times to call me Rita. Only Rita.

- I?
- Then who?

How can I take your name?

Oh God, what will
you marry me?

You can't even take my name.

That's how nervous you get.


Rita! See I can call
you by your name.

That's fine but say
it with a little love.

- Like this.. Rita.
- Why with so much love?

Because we address
with love whom we love.

The way I call you. Raja.


You love me, ma'am?

"I kept saying 'no' but
fell in love with you."

"I kept saying 'no' but
fell in love with you."

"I wanted to refuse but
ended up consenting."

"I kept saying 'no' but
fell in love with you."

"I kept saying 'no' but
fell in love with you."

"See, you must have
sighed a thousand times."

- "Is it?
- Only then did our eyes meet."

"This excuse of yours is
more beautiful than you.."

"..as you taught
me to fall in love."

"Learnt to love from
you, ended up loving you."

"I kept saying 'no' but
fell in love with you."

"I wanted to refuse but
ended up consenting."

"I kept saying 'no' but
fell in love with you."

"I know the real story of yours.
Had 'no' on your lips.. - Liar!"

"Had 'no' on your lips..
but 'yes' in your heart."

"No one would give her
heart to a naive stranger."

"You should be grateful
to me that I have done this."

"Just a slip and ended
up falling for you only."

"I kept saying 'no' but
fell in love with you."

"I wanted to refuse but
ended up consenting."

"I kept saying 'no' but
fell in love with you."

"Let go of these false tales.
What's there in you.."


"What's there in you that
I would go crazy for you?"

"Even then you didn't
stop coming in my dreams."

"Didn't stop shooting arrows
through your sly glances."

"This complaint, I have
made to you a thousand times."

"I kept saying 'no' but
fell in love with you."

"I wanted to refuse but
ended up consenting."

"I kept saying 'no' but
fell in love with you."

"I kept saying 'no' but
fell in love with you."


What has happened to you now?

I have read this letter, boss.
Stella is ready to marry you.

Why feel bad about that?
This is good news.

Had this letter come to me, I
would have told you the same.

Oh shut up. Forget you, this letter
can't come to your father even.

This can come only to me.

I will go to Bombay,
marry Stella..

..and come here
for my honeymoon.

Boss, give me the
money to return to Africa.

Why? Why? - I don't want to be
the third person between a couple.

Okay, thank you. Thank you.

I will make
arrangements for you.

Don't cry. Take this kerchief.

Thank you.

I don't need your kerchief!


Shut up!

Come on, darling.

Hello, boss. Congratulations
on the wedding, boss.

Thank you. Thank you.

- What brings you here?
- Your wedding present.

- Present?
- Yeah, present.

- Where is the present?
- Here.

Where is it? Oh!

- Mary.
- Who is Mary?

My first wife.

You idiot, liar, cheater.

You left the children and me in
Africa, and are getting married here?

Who is going to feed
the children? Your father?

- Listen to me.
- You cheated me!

- You liar!
- No. No.

- Don't spare him.
- Listen..

- Don't spare him.
- One, two, three, four..

..five, six, seven, eight, nine..
Oh, thank you, mummy.

Oh God.

What will happen to me now?

Stella darling,
why are you crying?

- I will marry you.
- You are also a cheat.

I will swear upon anyone
whom you ask me to.

I am pure and
authentic bachelor.

- Really?
- 100 percent.

- Will you marry me?
- Definitely. Come on.


Ladies and gentlemen..

..let me have the
privilege of introducing the..

..chief guest of the party.

Mr. Raj Kumar.

Pleased to meet
you, Mr. Raj Kumar.

Pleased to meet you.

- How are you doing?
- Hello.

Pleased to meet you.

Ladies and gentlemen!

It's going to
be Tag dance now.

Let's have a song from you!

Ladies and gentlemen..

..Mr. Rajkumar will
sing a beautiful song now.

Oh, how nice!

Raja, let's have
a song from you.

- But..
- Oh come on.

Oh come on.

"Never before have I seen.."

"..such an ambience."

"Where have I
reached by mistake?"

"I am a stranger here."

"I am a stranger here."

"I am just myself."

"I am just myself."

"I am a stranger here."

"I am a stranger here."

"The dawn and the dusk here.."

"..have no parallel to
my days and nights."

"My emotions have faced
immense disgrace here."

"This is a new culture.."

"..and new times."

"But I am still the man.."

"..who is quite
old fashioned."

"What would
I know of all this?"

"Please impart a
little justice to me."

"For God's sake, please
forgive my impertinence."

"I am a stranger here."

"I am a stranger here!"

"That I can see others'
arms in your arms.."

"..from where will I bring
such eyes, my dear."

"It may be some
custom and tradition."

"But will I be able to
accept such a tradition?"

"How can my
blood turn to water?"

"How can I forget
that I am an Indian?"

"I am a stranger here!"

"I am a stranger here!"

"I have complaints
and so do you."

"These grievances are
the fruits of our love."

"When have the west and the
east met that they will meet now?"

"The flower which belongs
to a particular place.."

"..will only bloom
in that soil."

"It is not possible for me to live in
this magnificent palace of yours."

"I am missing that
small houseboat of mine."

"I am a stranger here!"

"I am a stranger here!"

"I am just myself.
I am just myself."

"I am a stranger here!"

"I am a stranger here!"



Raja, what have you done?

You know, everyone approved of you.
Everyone liked you.

Even then.. What was the need
to do all this, Raja?

There was a need, Rita.
Because this is not a question..

..of only their happiness
and likes, but also mine.

And I did not like all this.

- What did you not like?
- I didn't like anything.

What custom is it that lets the daughter
drink in front of her parents?

That the parents present
their daughter not as their child..

..but as an item
of exhibition?

One man's wife can
dance in another's arms.

Like you!

You danced with others' arms.

So what?

You only wanted to
accept this society.

Our traditions. Our culture.

Our culture? Our traditions?

These borrowed traditions..

..these stolen rituals,
this sham, this nudity?

You may call all this your
tradition and culture but I cannot.

Despite entering your society,
I didn't forget my culture..

..which is vast and
deep like an ocean.

That, which is
thousands of years old.

My culture is that culture
which has given birth to..

..women of substance like Sita.
Queen Padmini, Habba Khatun.

And not to Rita who can
go into a stranger's arms..

..leaving her husband-to-be.

Your old and ancient way of
thinking, your ancient cultures..

..why don't you forget them all?
Why don't you accept that..

..there is a difference of
thousands of years in Sita and Rita?

This is what I cannot accept..

..cannot accept that the land
which has given birth to Sita..

I am sorry!

Rita, I have no
grudge against you.

I still love you as much
as I loved you before.

But I cannot accept this
new culture of yours. Never.

Why did you agree to it before?

I didn't know that under the pretext
of teaching me a few good things..

..you will try to snatch away..

..my culture, my
beliefs and my morals.

That means you are still
the same uncivilized person..

- ..under this outfit?
- Yes.

Clothes don't change the soul.

And do you know the implications
of what you are saying?

- I know. - That means you
don't want to marry me.

I didn't say that.

But if you want to marry
me by insulting me..

..then this marriage
can never take place.

Fine. Go back.

Go back to Kashmir. Go back to
your people. Go back to your society.

Greetings, ma'am.

You have no grudge against me.
No complaints..

..you still love me
as much and still..

..you left me and went
just for a small obstinacy.

Raja, if you are stubborn..

..so am I.

And whatever you have
said, even if it is true..

..I will not come to pacify
you and win you over. Go.

Go away! I won't come after you.
Go away. Go away.

Why did you go, Raja?
Why did you go, Raja?

Why did you go?

I love you, Raja! I love you.

I love you.



To tell you the truth, uncle, I didn't
believe that this trick would work.

But I was hundred percent sure.

Was I mad to keep that tramp
in my house for so many days?

I knew, Kishore,
I could never..

..force my daughter to
marry as per my wishes.

That's why I created this trap..

..entrapped in which my
daughter did exactly as I wanted.

- What if it didn't happen this way?
- How could it not, Kishore?

Remember a small advice.

You will always
be successful in life.

Snatch away wealth from the rich
and self-respect from the poor..

..and they will die forever.

Raja too has died forever.

He will never return now.

There is no one between
you and Rita, now.

Better say there is no one
between Rita and Raja, now.

- Rita, dear. - I know it all.
I have heard everything.

I didn't know that
to have his way..

..a father can trick and
deceive his own daughter.

Think of it as you wish to!
But I have done it for your good.

I understand what is good for me
and am going to bring Raja back.


He has insulted our family
and our dignified guests!

He cannot come back here!
There is no place for him!

Very well. But I'm sure he has
enough place for me in his home.

- I'm going to him.
- Rita.

- Excuse me. Please get me
a platform ticket. - It's alright.

42 Up mail will start from
platform No.3 at 09:10 hrs.

Thank you very much.

Train going to Pathankot..

..will leave platform
No.5 at 09:40 hrs.






Raja.. Raja.. Forgive me!

Forgive me for
whatever I said to you.

Raja, it was my mistake.
I got misled.

I didn't know it was just a dirty
game being played with both of us..

..and with our lives. But I have
realized that you were right.

You were right in saying that
a fish can live only in water.

I accept my defeat, Raja.
I have lost, Raja.

I have lost, Raja.
Please take me with you.

I want to come with you.

Raja, you had said..

'..ma'am, one day you
will love me more than me'.

'That day I will marry you and
will not let you meet city men'.

Raja, you listened to
whatever your ma'am said?

You saluted all my commands. Won't
you listen to one request of your Rajji?

See Raja, your
Rajji is begging you.

Rajji begs you to
take her with you, Raja.

Take your Rajji
with you, Raja!


"Keep this tale
with you, always.."

"..in life and in death."

"Whenever you love someone.."

"..love like the rose
and the nightingale."