Jaanisaar (2015) - full transcript

A love saga of a revolutionary courtesan of Avadh, India, and a prince brought up in England, set 20 years after the first war of Indian Rebellion of 1857

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'I have travelled
to every part of India.'

'And I have not seen a single
person begging or stealing.'

'I have seen so much wealth...'

'knowledge and mannerisms
in that country.'

'And I have seen many
skilled people there.'

'That I can't even imagine
if we can ever control India.'

'There is only one way to control it.'

'We need to break the
spine of that nation.'

'And that is the Indian spiritual
heritage and mannerisms.'

'I suggest that we
should change their old...'

'way of learning and mannerisms.'

'The pride they have in their
manners will get over by itself.'

'And the entire nation will
become malleable in our hands.'

'A slave nation.'

"There is darkness everywhere"

"I cannot find light"

"I don't find my life..."

"...even faraway"

"Which is this place?"

"I don't know"

"Is there no caravan
travelling on this road?"

"The road and the
heart are both sighing"

"It is scared and apprehensive"

"Let me light a torch"

"There will be some light"

"Something might
be lacking on the road"

Your majesty, allow me to introduce
Ameer Haider, King of Analwara.

Inheritor of the
largest land holding...

in the terrain region of Oudh.

He must be brought up
like an English boy.

Believing in our lords
and our sense of fair play.

Do you hear me?

Yes, your majesty.

Your majesty...

her highness is saying that...

you will be educated
like an English boy.

Your father was a loyal subject
and I loved him dearly.

He died valiantly fighting for me.

Grow up quickly and avenge...

your father and your queen.

This is a token of
our love and trust...

in the future Raja and a warrior.

I am greatly honored, your majesty.

He is now a true Englishman,
Sir John Cavendish.

Then my work is now complete,
your majesty.

Not yet, Sir Cavendish.

We have decided to appoint you as...

the chief commissioner of Oudh...

to properly administer
that tragically mismanaged region.

And of course,
you will also see that the boy...

does not stray from
the path of loyalty.


Hail Noor!

This is not just a game of hands.

This is the miracle of the mind.

When your body and mind
concentrates at one point...

then you become a complete weapon.

After that no stick, spear,
mace or sword makes a difference.

But remember one thing.

One must use their body
when you know you're truthful.

The truth is Lord Ali!

The truth is Lord Ali!

The truth is Lord Ali!

"Whoever will look into your eyes"

"Whoever will look into your eyes"

"He will hurt his heart and liver"

"He will try to cross your
path with various excuses"

"He won't get any respite"

"Wherever he goes
the rascal will say..."

Are you going straighten out
or shall I get my shoe to hit you?

Mother, why should you?

I will get you your shoes.

Practice well, otherwise
I'll stop going to the mosque.

Here comes Queen Victoria.

"Your sharp eyes killed me"

"Your sharp attitude killed me"

"Killed me... Killed me..."

"Your sharp eyes killed me"

"Your sharp eyes killed me...
Killed me..."

"Your sharp eyes killed me"

"Your sharp eyes killed me"

"Your sharp eyes killed me"

"Your sharp..."

"Your sharp..."

"Your sharp..."

Wonderful. My darling.

Cast away the evil
eye from the girl.

- May God protect you.
- May God bless my child.

(Farmers shouting out)

Don't burn my crops.

How can I cultivate opium, sir?

- Beautiful.
- You know Mangal...

Do you know what will happen...

if you don't follow my orders?



Ameer, my son.

- Be happy.
- Greetings.

Bless you.

Wonderful! Wonderful!

I thought I could never
see you return to Analwara.

But God answered my prayers.

Even I am very happy to
return to my country, grandpa.

I was yearning.

I was yearning to hear this word.

The great ship that we travelled from.

- Very good. Very good.
- And look at this.

Wonderful! You're with the queen
in this picture.


The King of Alipur is coming.

Oh Wonderful!
Good day! Good day! Come.

Welcome, honorable king.

Ameer, meet him.

He is King Rajeshwar
Narayan Dutt Singh.

How do you do, sir?

Not like this, my prince.

Hug me.

Do you know I consider
your mother as my daughter?

Wonderful. Wonderful.

You have completely
taken after your father.

But the rascal has
taken my daughter's sight.

- Of course.
- I will take your leave, grandpa.

Come with me.



Come, dear king.

Have a seat.

Have you told him
what happened here?

Mr. Raja if I had
the courage to tell him...

then I wouldn't
have behaved so cowardly.

Honorable king, May I?


"Love me too"

"Love me too"

"Ask after me too"

"Love me too"

"Ask after me too"

"Love me too"

"A big killer"

"A big killer"

"A big killer"

"You have made me a big killer"

"You have made me a big killer"

"Taken my life, heart and liver"

"Taken my life, heart and liver"

"Taken my life, heart and liver"

"Taken my life, heart and liver"

"Love me too"

"If received..."

"If received..."

"If received..."

"If an empty glass is received..."

"If an empty glass is received..."

"Do I have the
permission to fill it?"

"Do I have the
permission to fill it?"

"Do I have the
permission to fill it?"

"Do I have the
permission to fill it?"

"Love me too"


"We will go..."

"We will go..."

"We will go..."

"We will go with the heart..."

"We will go with the heart..."

"Take me as your companion too"

"Take me as your companion too"

"Take me as your companion too"

"Take me as your companion too"

"Love me too"

"Look after me too"

"Love me too"

"Look after me too"

"Love me too"

She has danced very well
Madam Mushtari Bai.

But she is also very dangerous.

This dance has led to
lose of the Oudh's kingship.


- Hello.
- Hello.

By the way...

I've heard a lot of bad things
about Indian dance.

But you dance very well.

I mean you perform really well.


I had never seen
such a performance in my life.

Yes, but why would you see it?

Queen Victoria doesn't know Kathak.

Maybe you are making fun of me.

I can't dare to make fun of you, sir.

I am just saying that sir
has completely become English.

He will take years
to understand Awadh.

Keep cool, Noor.

It's against our principles
to leave the stage like this.

Didn't you hear what that
red faced monkey was saying?


I won't dance in front of him again.

I will decide whom
you will dance for.

If I want then you will
have to dance for dogs too.

I am ready to dance for the dogs.

You speak too much.

You little b**ch.

Do you think I don't
know what you are doing?

Sitting there.

Making eyes.

Flirting with those black b****ds.

I won't do it again.

I promise Mr. Cavendish.

I will be good.

I promise.

Ah! That hurts!

Yes, you will be pardoned.

But you will do nothing
without my say so.

Don't you know that these
jewels come at a price?

You know that little cat.

Yes, Mr. Cavendish.

"Friends, listen to the
boyhood of the villager."

"And don't ask about the
childhood of the city dweller."


"The villager's boyhood
dances like the God."

"His boyhood is spent
making the cows graze."

Very good. Very good.

"He played the flute wonderfully
in his boyhood."

"What more should I say
about Lord Krishna's boyhood?"

Beautiful! Beautiful!

Take this.

I have gone around
the entire area.

And he is still doing his makeup.

Be scared of God, dear king.
Be scared of God.

Cutting my hair is not makeup.

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

Please recite what
you were just reciting.

Nothing, I was just reciting
Nazir Akhbarbadi's...

- poem in praise of Lord Krishna.
- Come. Come in.

"Now how do I describe
how he used to walk?"

"Or should I describe
how he used to talk sweetly?"

"Or should I describe
how he was being raised?"

"Or shall I describe how you
used to write in people's laps?"

- Wonderful.
- Wonderful.

- Beautiful. Beautiful.
- Very good. Very good.

"The way he used to
walk with shaky steps."

"Sometimes Yashoda
would hold him."

"And sometimes Nand used
to take care."

- Wow. Wonderful!
- Wonderful! Wonderful!

This is our Ganga Jamuni manners.

The poet is Muslim but
he is writing about Lord Krishna.

Wow! Wonderful.


Even a Hindu poet
reflects the same spirit.

He has written such
praises about Rasool Akram...

that it cannot be
compared with any Muslim.

No doubt.

Without a doubt.

But will Ameer understand all this?

I am worried about it.

He is the king of this empire.

It is necessary for him to learn
the ways of his ancestors.

You are right.

But sir, we cannot make
Ameer understand all these things.

Why don't send him to a school...

where our ways are being taught?

Where do we have
such a school, king?

There is.

Rich men don't go
to a courtesans home...

just to enjoy dance and music.

They also go there to learn manners.

And then no one can
be a better teacher...

then your old lover Mushtari Jaan.

You have made
a good suggestion, beloved king.

But Ameer doesn't consider
this courtroom dance honorable.

He won't go.

At least talk to Mushtari Jaan.

Noor's smiles will
attract him like a magnet.

Khandesh is the place
where the all Taluqdars...

will be accommodated.

The Muslims here.

And The Hindus here.

Our Taluqdars won't
mind staying together, sir.

They are united as a caste.

Well, my friend,
they won't stay like that for long...

if I have my way.

Tell me if these fellows
have a club of their own.

Yes, the British Indian Association.

My grandfather has maybe
joined as a member.

Then perhaps I can
address when your...

British Indian Association
has its elections.

I've been told to elect their
presidents unanimously sir.

Oh no! We can't have that.
Can we?

In the interest of democracy there
must be fair and free elections.

In the interest of fairness
there will be one...

Hindu and one Muslim candidate.

You of course will
be the Muslim candidate.

I cannot do that, sir.

Nobody will vote for me.

You will be surprised.

I will speak
with the Hindu candidate.

Ask him to stand
and then step down in your favor.

- But sir.
- Take it as an order.

The Queen will
appreciate your gesture.

Consider your work to be done,
your majesty.

Just send the prince here once.

And then watch the
miracle of Mushtari Jaan.

He will come as impure
gold and we will refine him.

- Amen.
- Amen.

Take this.

Consider it as a gift.

"The light wants flies…"

My child of the divine God.

Why are you still sitting like this?

Didn't I tell you to
get ready before nightfall?

"The lamp wants a fly
before it gets extinguished."

"Romeo needs to be crazy
to be a successful lover."

Oh God.

You recite well.

This belongs to me.
Stop! Stop!


Mother, you have hidden
this treasure in your cupboard.


One minute. Mother, other things
are written here too.

But I am not able to read it.

"Attack on begum Hazrat
Mahal's caravan."

Don't you dare to touch my things?

What would happen,
if I read it?

I will allow you to read it
when it is the right time.

Now go and get ready.
Here is the dress.

The King is coming to meet you.

Get ready fast, dear.

Come on.

- Naseeban.
- Yes.

Prepare the betel leaf
triangles and come downstairs.

Yes, madam.

"That black brave sir."

Get up.

I will prepare them.

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

Come. Come, sir.


Greetings, sir.



I will perform a
dance recital for you.

Will the sir have some betel leaves?

Betel leaves.

I don't eat betel leaves.

Your majesty,
your grandpa has ordered us...

to teach you the manners
of Nawabs and the royalties.

We can't do it if you impose
everything so vehemently?

I really don't eat betel leaves.

Then start having it from today.

If you say so.

Wait, sir.

Not like this, sir.

First place a gift and the
plate and then take a triangle.



God. Please hurry up.

My arms are tired.


Go ahead.

You are completely ignorant.

Put the entire
triangle in your mouth.

The entire thing.

- The entire triangle.
- Yes.

What happened? What happened, sir?

What happened?

What did that triangle contain?

My entire mouth…


You fool, Nasseban!

- Coming.
- Naseeban.

You are so old but you still
don't know how to prepare betel.

You have applied so much
lime in the king's betel leaf.

He has burnt his mouth.

Madam Noor had prepared
the betel leaf.

- Noor?
- Yes.

Sorry, my king. It was a mistake.

Just lick this coolant and…

No. No. Give me leave.

My mouth is burnt.

Sir. This girl will
be the ruin of me.

She will have me dishonored.

Mr. Chaubey,
you can take her picture now.

The photo should complement
my beautiful daughter.

My daughter Mehrunissa
will become a bride now.

Very good.


"Your sharp eyes killed me"

"Your sharp eyes killed me"

"Your sharp..."

"Your sharp..."

"Your sharp..."

- Hello.
- Hello.

So you have come.


So why have you sent for me?

How is the king?

I haven't seen him
since the last 2 days.

What can I say?

He is unwell.

Someone fed him a betel
leaf filled with lime.

His mouth has swollen
up and his tongue is charred.


Who has hurt him so bad?

I don't know who can be enemies...

with a good man like Ameer.

"When I see her eyes,
I get intoxicated."

"Darling comes with
the color of spring."

- "Good news comes."
- Wonderful.

I have got honey from the doctor.

Have it.

Your throat will get healed.

I will have this honey
but only on one condition.

Tell me.

Recite a beautiful song.

What song do you want to hear?

A song by Wajid Ali Shah.

"Darling comes with
the color of spring."

"Good news comes."

"Darling comes with
the color of spring"

"Darling comes with
the color of spring"

"Good news comes"

"Good news comes"

"Darling comes with
the color of spring"

"If he smiles and sees the mirror"

"If he smiles and sees the mirror"

"Even the mirror becomes proud"

"Even the mirror becomes proud"

"Darling comes with
the color of spring"

"What do I do with an
empty glass, partner?"

"What do I do with an
empty glass, partner?"

"The drink comes in repeatedly"

"The drink comes in repeatedly"

"Good news comes"

"Color of spring..."


What are you looking at in my eyes?

- Do you know?
- What?

Eyes are very talkative.

What cannot be said with your mouth...

are expressed by the
eyes in a minute.


So tell me what are my
eyes telling you right now?

They are saying that
it is almost evening.

We should return before
the lamps are lighted.

Absolutely wrong.

I was thinking that it
is a full moon night today.

It is about to be evening.

Let's go and tour the Gomti.

Let's go. It will be fun.

But it will be useless.

Because we won't
even look at the sky.

Why won't we?

Because you will be
with me down on earth.


Here both the eyes
and the lips are talkative.

Since long even this
heart is saying something.

Do you want to hear it?

Elder brother,
all preparations have been made.

Before the British
announces their plans...

to crown Victoria
as the queen of India...

we should kill and
throw out the British.

And we should bring
back our king from Kolkata...

and have him crowned again.

With the grace of God.

Of course. If God wills.

Khan is right.

It is time to take up arms.

Arms were also taken up 20 years ago.

But what was the result?

We lost.

I have seen the corpses
hanging on both sides...

of the road from
Kanpur to Allahabad.

Who were those people
who were being hanged?

The corpses which didn't
even get a proper burial.

They were your fathers,
brothers and sons.

And you want us to repeat
this bloody episode again.

you need both strength of body...

and mind to fight.

And it is smart to keep
your excitement in check.

Also be sure that there
will be a revolution.

Always keep this
amulet with you.


It contains Awadh's soil
and Gomti's water.

And the mark on it is your identity.

- Go.
- Be victorious.

"The hair is troublesome...
Shame, control yourself"

"The hair is troublesome...
Shame, control yourself"

"The day is over,
it's night, have some patience"

"It might become someone else's...

"You might be taken over
by the crazies... Control..."

"The hair is troublesome...
Shame, control yourself"

"I cannot look into the mirror now"

"I can bear to be beheaded but..."

"I cannot surrender"

"The one who honored
and respected you"

"The one who gave
you means and property"

"The one who gave you a new fortune"

"The one who taught you
the lessons of righteousness"

"Gave me"

"Will you be able to see..."

"this dual colored world?"

"Will you be able to see..."

"The mark of the British there?"

I love you a lot, Noor.

Do you love me too?

How much?

More than myself.

And less than Awadh.

Live long, dear.


- Take.
- You are a Hindu, grandpa.

Then why are you following
these Muslim traditions?

I know?

A king's religion
is his subject's religion.

If we can celebrate Muharram
even by being a Hindu...

then even your grandpa
celebrates Holi and...

Diwali in spite of being a Hindu.

This is the heritage here.

Nawab Wajid Ali Shah
used to hold Raas Leelas.

And he used to play
Lord Krishna himself.

Don't talk about Nawab
Wajid Ali Shah, grandpa.

He was an indolent and
useless king who was...

always engaged in dance,
music, pigeon and kite flying.

My boy...

if such rumors were not spread...

then the English
wouldn't have any excuse...

to dethrone the Nawab.

It is not an excuse.
It is the reality.


Do you know the reality?

Don't ask the English officers.

Ask the common people of Awadh...

about Nawab Wajid Ali Shah.

Ask them how was he like.

"When the cushion was
stolen from the royal court"

"Zainab sighed and held
her heart with her hands"

"Where was it hidden?
There was no respite"

"The verses are requesting
and praying to you"

"Master, your harem
is getting robbed"

"Here I am getting robbed
because I try to save my verses"

Open the door!

Open the door!

Who is it?

Open the door!

The house is closed for Muharram.
Come later.

Muharram or no Muharram!
Break open the door.

There will be no dance
and music for 40 days.

In our rule nothing will be stopped.

These rascals are intoxicated.

They won't be listen to us easily.

Break open the door.

What happened, mother?

Take the girls and go inside.
Go. Go. Go.

Go. Go. Go.

And Mahapara.
Where is Mahapara? Mahapara.

They are intoxicated.


Oh God, help us!

Have pity.

Aslam Mia.


What is this?


We want wine. Wine.

Sir, it is a sin to even
talk of alcohol during Muharram.



What are you doing?

Stop! Let her go.
Let her go.

Go. Go.


Hey, leave them.

My God. My God.

What will happen now?

Punishment to kill
the British is very harsh.

And so my dear friends...

and members of
the British Indian Association...

as mark of gratitude
from the queen herself...

his excellency Lord Lytton,
the viceroy of India...

has invited the
Taluqdars of Oudh...

to the grand bar.



- And now to business.
- Yes.

The names of the candidates
for the election...

of the president of the
British Indian Association of Oudh.

The Hindu candidates...

King Shyam Sunder.

King of Ganganagar.

Great, my king, great.

And the Muslim candidate
King Ameer Haider.



- Good luck.
- Thank you.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.




Thank you.

Thank you, gentlemen.

Thank you.

Leave that alone.

You must never touch that.
Do you hear?

Mr. Cavendish.

Oh my little... delicious...


Mr. Cavendish.

Naseeban, at least go
and straighten those columns.

And Zeeniya, the drinks
should be properly sweetened.

It won't be good if it is not tasty.

Yes, dear. Spread it nicely. Yes.

The King of Analwara is coming.


There is going to be
a function in the evening.

- Why did you call the king?
- I haven't called him.

- Greetings.
- He might have come to meet you.



I was passing by so I thought
I should ask after Noor.

- Yes, of course.
- Who has come, Mushtari?

May God bless them!

May the dead go to hell!

The rascal forced inside the house.

They didn't even think
that it is Muharram.

What is the matter, madam?

Who came?
Why are you so angry?

Four British soldiers had come.


God saved us somehow.

The neighbors came to save us.

Those rascals had taken hold of Noor.

Who knows what would have happened?

What is she saying?
I am not able to believe it.

The British are very
just and well behaved.

How can they do this?

I am sorry, my king.

You have spent your life in London.

You only saw what
the British showed you.

But every coin has two sides.

Now you are here.

So you can see their other face too.

I will see it,
if you will show it to me.

The king has come.

- Who farms here?
- I do, my sir.

Then why are these lands infertile?

Sir, they had burnt the wheat crop...

and are trying to cultivate opium.

Even that didn't get cultivated, sir.

But what was the need
of burning the existing crop...

to cultivate a new crop?

Sir, this is not
decided by the farmers.

It is an order from the government.

I don't understand how
can such a foolish race...

takeover such a
huge country like India.

They don't even know
that the land or weather...

of Awadh is not
suitable to farm opium.

They forcefully burnt
the existing crop of wheat.

And the opium plants
were burnt by this heat.

Now both the farms
and our stomachs are empty.

People are dying in every house, sir.

Why didn't you tell
them that if you cultivate...

opium, then what will you eat?

We made many requests, sir.


What did they say?

We got this answer, sir.

Who is the owner of these lands?

This is your empire, king.

You are the owner of these lands.

These are the pictures of Telangana.

4000 people are dying of hunger.

This is not good.

I haven't even imagined that famine
has spread all over the country.

Ten million people have died so far.

One crore people.

One crore people has died.

But why?

Because the rice, the wheat
is being sent to Britain.

And the farmers are
being forced to grow opium.

Forced to grow opium?

Why are we forced to grow opium?

Why should we grow opium?

To make Chinese addicted to it.

It's the only
way to make them weak.

Even grass won't grow in this winter.

Everyone is running away from hunger.

Please feed the children.
God will bless you.

Since the British has come
from hell there is ruin everywhere.

Was anyone hungry in the
reign of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah?

God knows when they
will go away from here.

Madam, speak softly.

Go away.

Naseeban. Naseeban.

Go and get some rice
and lentils to them. Okay?

- Yes, madam.
- Hurry up.

Make the babies stop.

If you could give us some money...

we could have bought some milk.

You shall get what is promised to you.

Now go to some other house.


God will show mercy.

Wait. Wait.


God bless you.

May your life always
be full of happiness.

Noor, have you gone crazy?

You just gave away
jewellery worth thousands.

The jewellery can be bought.

But pray that this
time doesn't come again.

This girl is getting out of control.

We'll have to do something about her.

She's his blood.

He too was large hearted like her.

This is disastrous.

King Ganganagar withdrew
his nomination...

from the elections of
the British India Association.

That's why I wish to nominate you.

Ameer is a better candidate than me.

He is young, literate.

You know very kind.

Your Highness, we hold your friendship
with prince Iqbal in high regard.

But the question is
will the Muslim member...

of the association
support us Hindu members.

The times have changed.

Now you can't trust anyone.

Very good.

Look at that.

Your friend is heading
for the table of the Hindu kings.

You said that he is on our side.

When the time comes,
he'll support us.

Don't be so proud of your friends.

The bond of religion is much stronger
that the bond of friendship.

It's simple.

Since we're not willing
to accept a Hindu as our leader...

then why would
they support a Muslim?

- You are r…
- Right.

Tell us.

So Your Highness, you've spending
a lot of time in their camp.

Is everything alright?

I'm torn between two parties.

If I accept their
terms I'm a culprit.

If I don't then won't be able
to face you.

Hats off to these Britishers.

They haven't been here for long.

And they've already ended...

the 300 year old
Hindu-Muslim relationship.

I'll not contest these elections.

But why?

The commissioner has
already announced your name.

This is not just an election.

This is a conspiracy to make Hindu
and Muslim contest against each other.

You're saying this.


I've understood their game.

And I am not willing
to be a pawn in this game.

I'm glad that you've
understood these Englishmen.

Be it a little late.

I was wondering.

How can the son of
the martyr Abbas Haider...

be the slave of these Britishers?

Who told you this story?

My father wasn't a martyr.

He supported the Britishers
for which I have been rewarded.


Look at this.

Look at this.

The proof of loyalty
to queen Victoria.

I've heard that you're
raising the land taxes.

Is it true?


The viceroy wants us to pay
the expenses of the Delhi court.

It is the only way
to fill out the depleted profits.

You cannot do that.

How can famine ridden
farmers pay more taxes?

This is injustice of the worst kind.

It's inhuman.

Specially when the
famine is your fault...

in the first place
because you're growing...

opium instead of grain.


Famine is just nature's
way of controlling...

excessive population growth.

I seem to have been blind about
so many things, Sir Cavendish.

You're heartless.

Loi, I have heard that your daughter
wants to marry our King of Analwara.

Yes, Mr. Commissioner!

My daughter Mehroonisa
has lost her heart to Ameer Haider.

Heart, you know?
She has lost it.


Yes. I understand.

Ameer is like your son.

If you order him, he will not refuse.

The British government will…

Do you like it?


And if both of the kingdoms unite...

you'll get the tax in lump sum.

That's a good thought.

- I've seen a girl for Ameer.
- Really?

Who is she? Tell me.

The daughter of Loi.

Ameer has a mind of his
own just as the Britishers.

He won't marry as per our wish.

He'll marry as per his wish.

If he refuses, the queen
queen will be very displeased.


What is happening?
Who the hell are they?

They're farmers, sir.

They want grains.

This is a revolt.

Hold on. Don't fire.

Don't fire.

You're enjoying
the game of hunting here.

And our children are dying of hunger.

We want grains.

We won't grow opium.

You're the one…


That's me.

You've seen severed hands so far.

Now you'll see how
severed heads look like?

Don't be silly.

Your sticks are no
match for these guns.

All of you will be killed.

We're dying anyways.

Whether we die of hunger or bullet.

No one's going to die.

I'll try that every
resident gets grain.

We don't trust the
slaves of the Britishers.

I'm no one's slave.

Trust me if you can.

Listen, we don't trust you.

But we do trust Noor.



Noor said that you never lie.

Let's go.

Ameer, my darling.

You're a magician.

What did you say to those wild men?

The commissioner has no right
to make decisions of my life.


are you saying
this because of Noor?

Noor is a thousand times
better than Mehroonisa.

If I was in your shoes...

I would've married Mehroonisa...

and also maintained
my relationship with Noor.

No, grandpa.

I'll not cheat Noor.

Hello, Noor.

Greetings, Your Highness.

What are you doing here?

Well, I live here.

Come to my home if you have time.


Not now.

I came to shop.

Now I'm going back.

Oh God!

- What happened to your neck?
- Nothing.

Got to go.

See you.


take me home.


Did you not like something I said
that made you upset?

But I'm not upset with you.

So then you didn't
come for all these days.

Nor did you send for me.

I miss you all the time.

I was facing some problem.

Won't you tell me?

Do you want to know
that the problems are?

Look at this.

The government has raised the
taxes because of the Delhi Court.

God have mercy.

The poor don't have food to eat.

How will they pay the taxes?

This is the problem.

Will you collect tax?

Come, my lad. Come.

So what have you done
in regards to collecting...

the enhanced taxes, my boy?

Here's your tax.

I see that you've managed
to collect them very quickly.

Your peasants are very loyal.
If I may say.

And famine riddled farmers...

of Analwara don't have
the money to even buy grains.

I'm paying this money
from my personal wealth.

I cannot accept this money.

This would set a bad example.

And then what would you do next year?

And the year after that?

You clearly want me
to forget your lessons...

of freedom, fair play
and equality, sir.

Do you think you're a free man?

And that this is a republic?

You're not a free man.

So please remember your limits...

Ameer Haider.


I know now that in my country...

no one is free.

Vallab, let's go.

Your wish has been fulfilled.

I don't take money
for raiding graves.

Ameer, I am explaining
to you for the last time.

The girl for whom you're
angering the British government...

is not worthy of you.

How did you make this decision?

Not me.

She herself has made it.

What do you mean?

This book has the
pictures of all the...

girls who are for
sale in the market.

This book is sent to
high ranking officers...

sires and kings...

so that they can bid and buy.

And this book has the
picture of your lover too.

The officers,
sires and kings have her picture.

Not her.

Greetings, Your Highness.

Sit down.

- Greetings.
- It's really cold too.

Would you like some Kehwa(tea)?

My sister Bismillah Jaan
has sent it from Kashmir.

- Where's Noor?
- Afzal, get Kehwa?

I asked where Noor is.

Have you seen Mahapara?

She's just 17 years old.

My God!

She has grown into
such a pretty girl.

She'll put even the moon to shame.

- Naseeban.
- Yes, Your Highness.

Send Mahapara.

I want to meet Noor.
Not Mahapara.

It's now difficult to meet Noor.


Has she gone out somewhere?

Yes. You may think so.

Noor is now at the service
of King Ganganagar.

At the service of King Ganganagar.

I didn't understand.

Noor will live there from now on.

She'll be paid 5000 for it.

So do you mean…

I mean that you forget Noor.

Tell me if you're
interested in Mahapara.

I can't believe this.

You're lying.

There's a dance program happening
at King Ganganagar's place tomorrow.

Come there.

And the truth or lie will be decided.

"It's easy to fall
for a beautiful face"

"It's easy to fall
for a beautiful face"

"I remember... I remember..."

"I remember the time
where the heart mattered"

"I remember... I remember..."

"I remember the time
where the heart mattered"

"It is easy to…"

"The one who couldn't
even apply the henna properly"

"The one who couldn't
even apply the henna properly"

"Why did you make her…"

"Why did you make
her fall for strangers?"

"It's easy to fall
for a beautiful face"

"It's easy to fall..."

"I understood this
thing after a long time"

"I understood this
thing after a long time"

"He's a sinner..."

"He's a sinner..."

"He's a sinner..."

"who doesn't listen to his heart"

Dance in my wedding too.

Here's the advance.



I knew that the talks of Ameer's
marriage with Loi's daughter are on.

But I didn't have
the courage to tell you.

How could I bear
to see my daughter's tears?

But Ameer loved me, mother.

How did it come to this?

These rich brats are such.

They have fun at brothels.

But love someone else.

How are you feeling now?

Who are you?

A soldier of Awadh.

These people call me elder brother.

The Britishers call me a rebel.

You can call me anything you want.

I heard that some people are
conspiring against the government.

So that's you.

Don't term picking up arms...

against blunderers from
foreign land as conspiracy.

These words don't suit
the son of the martyr...

King Abbas Haider.

My father King Abbas Haider
laid his life for his country.

So King Alipur has told
you also the same story.

You've been told a story, prince.

So that you're also
loyal to the Britishers.

I don't believe.

The Britishers never lie.

You will have to believe.

Sooner or later.

I would like to leave if you're
stories and tales are done.

Do go.

But before you go at least pray at
the graves of your parents.

The graves of my parents.

Yes. This is the place...

where the Britishers had attacked...

queen Hazrat's Mahal's
convey travelling to Nepal.

And this is the
grave of the martyrs...

who died for the
sake of their motherland.

The British army spared the lives
of some wounded people and some kids.

I'm one of those wounded people.

And you're one of those kids.

I told you not to touch that,
didn't I?

But you have to go and disobey.

Come. Come. Come.

Now I'll have to kill you,
my little cat.


My lovely little...

half-cussed cat... Argh!

And I'll keep one of your fingers...

as a naive remembrance of you.

The box contains all of my trophies.

One killing. And one finger.



This is Karbala's soil.

Swear on it. And tell me truth.

Was my father Abbas was a
rebel or the Britishers' loyal?

There's no point in bringing
up these old things.

It will only cause pain.

And it will also be
decided as to who I am.

The son of a patriot
or the son of a traitor.


Speak the truth, grandpa.

If you don't speak the truth today...

you might never
get the chance again.

Your father was a brave soldier...

who was martyred
in the fight to save...

the country from the Britishers.

So why did you hide
such a big thing from me?


Because I had made
a deal with the Britishers.

Else you too would've been
killed just like your parents.

And we would've never
got back this kingdom.

Whatever I did was to save your life.

I sent you to London
with a heavy heart.

And I…

I myself started leading
the life of a coward.

These bangles always remind me...

as to how shameless
and disgusting I am.

And a coward.

And a coward!

So whatever Mir said
is absolutely right.


Mir Mohsim.

My father's partner.

I know Mir Mohsim.

He's one of those loyalists...

of queen Hazrat Mahal
who survived...

the Sitauli attack.

He had brought you to me.

Your Highness, a lady has collapsed
at the door of the mansion.


This is Kiti Mehtaab.

Pick her up.

Take her inside carefully.

Come on.
Hurry up. Hurry up.

He kills people and keeps
their fingers as trophies.

He wanted to kill me because
I saw the proof of his madness.

Cut fingers.

Good Lord!

It's okay.

These are Abbas Haider's fingers.

I gave him this ring.

I gave him this ring.

Good Lord.

Oh God!

Oh God!


Ameer, my son.

My son.

Good Lord.

Come on.

You saw this with your eyes.

I saw it with these very eyes.

And I had recognized instantly
that she's His Highness's wife.

But I don't understand why
Mushtari Jaan has hidden her?

Mushtari Jaan is really smart.

I feel she'll make even the
city lady dance to her tunes.

And you know…

Watch her closely.

Inform me about everything.

You'll get reward.

Yes. Yes, Your Highness.

Son, what are you thinking
looking at your parents' photos?

I am just trying to recall when and...

who was the last
person to tell the truth.

The man who raised
me as my father.

Kept teaching me the meaning
of loyalty and honesty.

He kept lying to me all his life.

And you…

You hid the truth that....

that my father wasn't
a traitor for 20 years.

And that girl.

And the girl for whom I was willing...

to clash with the
British government...

even she turned
out to be dishonest.

May the Lord forgive me!

It's true that I lied to you.

That monster Cavendish is the
murderer of your parents.

This is also true.

But it's a lie that Noor cheated you.

I was afraid that
if you don't marry...

Loi's daughter then God
knows what Cavendish might do.

That's Mushtari and I who used a
ploy to separate you and Noor.

What have you done, grandpa?

You've haven't even left me worthy
enough to even apologize to Noor.


are you still sleeping?

The maestro is going
to be here for the practice.

Ustad about to come.
And no one is woke up.

Open the door!

What happened?

Stop. Stop. Stop.

If you want to listen
to the song then come at night.

Why have you come now?

Shut up!

Officer, inform her.

Colonel Warden is here
with an official order.

What have we done that an
order has been issued for us?

They've come looking for someone.

This warrant says identification...

inspection and
licensing of all coaches...

is now mandatory. Tell her.

It's the government's order.

All the courtesans in
the brothel will be checked.

The singing and dancing
girls of Awadh...

must be identified
and branded as prostitutes.

And as such, you must subject...

yourself to medical examination...

for venereal diseases.

All the courtesans will
be examined by doctors.

To see if they have
any venereal disease.

Darn you.

We are courtesans.

We have some respect.

We are not sex workers
to have venereal disease. Fool.

- Shut up, you old hog.
- Mother.

Why don't you explain to him...

that there are no prostitutes here?

You will all be
branded as prostitutes.

And as such you'll be
available for our brave...

- British soldiers.
- What is he…?

All the prostitutes will
have to go to the cantonment...

to be at the service
of the British soldiers.

- Darn you.
- Rascals.

- Take him. I'll come. I'll come.
- Mother.

Lousy people.

Take this, my sandals will
look after these Britishers.

There's no point in
screaming or shouting.

Take her inside.

And everything will be alright.

You scum.

- Arrest her.
- Curse you!

Take her inside.

Take them.

Mother. Leave me. Mother.

Leave me. Mother. Mother.

- Leave me.
- Leave me.

No. Mother.

No. Mother.

No. Mother.

Leave me.


No. Mother.

No! No!

- No!
- Get away from her, you dawg!

No. Mother. Mother.

"Oh Lord"


Mother, open your eyes.





"Oh Lord"

"Take the Lord's name
for He resides here"

"He comes to the aid of
the one who calls Him"

"They have no worries or sadness"

"They have no worries or sadness"

"The ones who have
faith in the Lord"

Wait, Noor. For God's sake,
listen to what I have to say.

Now there is nothing
left to be heard or said.

It's all over.

My house.

My mother.

And me too.

That loathsome man...

That loathsome man who
has poisoned all our lives.

He wanted to keep me away from you
so that I marry Loi's daughter.

And dance to his tunes all my life.

That's why I was told that...

you're now at the
service of King Ganganagar.

- But that's not true.
- I know.

But I guess you don't know
what this lie has done to me.

"Every line on your
palms means this..."

"Every line on your
palms means this..."

What happened?

- This…
- It's nothing.

It's nothing.

Whether the wounds
are physical or mental...

they take time to heal.

"God is the ultimate truth"

I promise you, Noor.

They'll have to pay for
every pain you've suffered.

"Girls are with Radha
at the banks of Yamuna"

"Girls are with Radha
at the banks of Yamuna"

"They're waiting
for the Lord Krishna"

"The crowd is swelling
to catch a glimpse"

"Here's my request"

"Here's my request"

"Please play the flute"

"Please play the flute"

Mother gave me this.

She said that this is my identity.

Yes. This is your identity.

You're not Mushtari's daughter, Noor.

Your mother was Zohra,
Mushtari's sister...

who married Azeemuddin Khan
a high ranking officer...

of the army of queen Hazrat Mahal.

The queen herself had
put this armband on you.

You were two years old.

But sadly none of them is alive.

They were a part of the convoy...

which was attacked right here.

This is destiny.

The children of
those graves are here...

are standing before me.

Which are the graves of my parents?

I don't remember.

I had buried them in the
dark out of fear of my enemy.

But I guess those two tombs...

are Azim and Zohra's.

I know that you've
rejected all the orders...

of the British government.

Neither did you contest
the DIA elections.

Nor did you collect
tax from the farmers.

Or married Loi's daughter.

Are you aware of the
consequence of this revolt?


You're queen Victoria's
sworn son for sure.

But remember.

Don't ever trust her.

She can harm if you need be.

'Like in every battle...
Some fight for their own devotion.'

'Some fight for the treasures.'

'They fought only
for their motherland.'

'O Motherland, your brave
sons are off to do battle.'

'Give them an identity.'

'Tomorrow people will
ask you about them.'

'Where did they fight
and where they die?

What's happening?

What's happening?


Someone's attacking.

Firing. O God, save me.


Tell everyone.

This lousy soldier.

'What were the last
words on these lips?'

'What were their last memories?'

'What scene was it?'

'What sight was it...'

'that had you transfixed.'

You take care of that one.

Keep firing.

Turn around.



After everything I've done for you…

Stay back.

You turn out to be just
another filthy ignorant Indian.

And I'm proud to be so.

And you?

A liar.

A murderer.

A butcher.

I know you killed my parents.

And Noor's mother.

And God knows
how many more poor souls.

You deserve no mercy.

Whatever I did,
I did for my queen and country.

And whatever I am doing,

I'm doing it for my country.

My people.

'The place they were
going to with the passion.'

'With dreams and aspirations.'

'Tugging at our hearts at every step
and light up the dark night...'

'with their torch of courage...
with their torch of courage.'

'with their torch of courage.'

- Our lives.
- For our country.

- Our lives.
- For our country.

- Our lives.
- For our country.

- Our lives.
- For our country.

'The loyalists who laid
their lives for their country.'

'Are long lost in
the depths of time.'

'There is no mention of patriots
like Ameer Haider and Noor...'

'in any history book.'

'But they have left a
mark on the sands of time.'

'And their efforts have paved
the way for our independence.'

'We salute all our unsung martyrs.'

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