Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani (2002) - full transcript

Diyva and Karan Saxena are in love and plan to marry. Karan has a younger step-brother, Vivek Saxena who he looks after him as though he were his own brother. Divya and Vivek hang out with quite a few young people of their own age, Atul, Vijay, Prem, Ashok, Nita, Rashmi, Niki, and Priti, just to name a few. Two male members try to sexually molest Divya, and get a sound thrashing from Karan. After apologizing, these two members decide to avenge their beating and humiliation. After entrapping Divya, they sexually molest her to such an extent that Divya attempts to kill herself. Unknown to Divya, she was the lover of Kapil a snake with magical powers, in a previous life. Their love life was shattered by an angry sage who cursed them with separation until the 21st century. Divya, who was called Vasundhara in her previous life, dies after this curse, and is reborn as Divya. Now seeing Divya dying, Kapil swears to avenge her death by killing them one by one. Divya does die, but her spirit has survived and joins Kapil to avenge her humiliation and death, not against the two members, but against all the male members. Soon death visits the friends one by one, and no one can stop the killing.

I must say that certainly won this round.

Right for you is all boxing match in which he must win each round, Vijay.

Do not run away to marry?
- Not at all.

Marry with the consent of their parents, or else had become a monk.

Prayers, palanquin (covered litter) and work all day I guess I'll be very boring.

Or will I marry Nita on the Internet or in court.

But will you marry me, right?

That's enough for me.

Atul, you promised me in the name of our friendship that ...

... until I find my Preity you will not marry.

Congratulations, Radzhesh ... You will die a bachelor.

Do not worry. You and I will be married together.

Pinky will take the clutches of her mother.

You are my friend, my companion!

It seems that he conceived a new joke.

And he laughs before it is told.

He just could not finish any.
- Go ahead


One girl who would marry his mother asked ...

... What is the first marriage night?
- I do not know.

The girl and asked her sister but she also knew.

I finally asked an elderly woman about seventy years ...

She said: "My dear girl, these things do not learn."

"No school that you be taught. But if you still have some reservations ...

"I do not mind if they replace."

Who are you?

Do not you recognize me? Did you forget to Move?

You came in that state because the girl you love.

An accident. Ripped from the clutches of death ...

... to congratulate them. I wish I had gone to the hospital rather than come here.

For a while I would hang portraits of flowers.

Thank you for saving me the cost to buy you flowers.

I did not come here as a pauper. Here's diamond necklace.

On behalf of me and Rashmi. The two of you.

Radzhesh, Ashok was very proud of the wealth of his family.

Please do not ignore it.
- What you say ...

... who knows the character of Ashok?

Rashmi ...

I, uh ...

Will not you say something?

I ...
- Go!

What is it, Radzhesh? Have you invited beggars to their wedding?

Here's some money. Pray for us all.

Get them.


You called me a beggar. Forget your wealth ...

This is money that will give you the wedding my Rakshmi.

And you will drop music.

Look, Vijay ... this will be fun.

This is the end of yet another Romeo.

If there is one who can embrace this girl ...

and return without obtaining a slap it would give him $ 500.

Here are 500 of me.
- And me too.

Me too.

Who of us will go?


Cowards. I will go.

He stepped on the table!

Have you no shame? You're in love with me, and hugged him.

Who is he? What connection you have with him?

He was like a brother. He had a sister that looked just like me.

She died in an accident. Then what's wrong with her sister to hug his brother?

Hey ... have you gone mad? take my money.

I can read lips. Hugged you after you called your sister.

Will you return my money or should they tell you a and to the other?

One moment ... you're my brother, here.

Look what hunger to read his face. Let him go and hit a shoulder.

Atul, what will happen tonight?
- Tonight is his first wedding night.

Then what is still here?
- I guess that makes plans for your family!

Guys what you are saying?
- I starved ...

Worry about your guests. Go!
- Go and celebrate their first wedding night!

It will not come back hungry from this room.

What happened, Radzhesh?

My wife ...

Go and look what happens with his wife.

Call an ambulance. Quick!

Open door.
- Beat the January

You look here and you over there.

What happened with your wife, Radzhesh?

Tell us Radzhesh ...

Bride's clothes.
- Searched everywhere. Nobody.

We must immediately call the police.

When you enter that room you find someone else there?

There was nobody else.
- Where Radzhesh met this girl?

We do not know.
- And how is the girl?

And do not know.
- Only those clothes ...

is impossible to find the murderer. If someone can give us a clue ...

murder of that girl that none of you know anything.

One time, Inspector. I shot the girl during the wedding.

I can show you these photos.
- Great.

Go and quickly bring these photos.
- I'll get them.

The girl just came out!

How is this possible? Who was she?

Today I am only a spirit ... but until recently I had a massage

I had friends and also ...

What a shame. Not to say you love a girl who crazy!

What should I do, the Wild? Rashmi is in love with Ashok.

No, Prem. Rashmi's mother is ill with cancer.

But Ashok is the one who pays the cost of her treatment

Rashmi is helpless. Otherwise, no girl will not allow ...

someone as arrogant as Ashok to get close to it.

With what you said seems to remove a thorn from my body.

Will immediately go to Rashmi and will tell you what I feel for her.

What is it?
- It should tell you something.

First tell me what to tell her of it.

What is it?
- Well, I ...

what say? Nothing for sure.

Oh yeah ... I can not remember anything. What I wanted to say?

I forgot.

Move reminded me of a joke. ... Like it

I'm famous for two things, too. ... My memory

- And ... forgot

You gave lessons in love the premium. Why not give me the opportunity for me?

I'll prove it, best of all.

Really? Then go.
- Where?

When the director.
- Just a joke Wild!

And you became so serious?
- If you knew that ...

there would be picking on you. Right? Let's go.

What happens hero?
- You broke your heart or your head?

Broken head I'll complain. Alas, today I am heartbroken.

Why God entitle only girls to break our hearts?

This is your problem. How does God deal with the heart stuff and girls?

Everybody knows that its atheist, Atul. Do not try to affecting us now.

Come on, Madan.

Vivek, you are a friend for whom I killed and I also gave her life for him.

Do not stop any of you guys to believe in God.

But I do not believe in someone whom I have not seen. Point on the issue.

Atul, every human being must believe in God, to some extent at least.

I am sure they will soon be something that happens to affect your faith.

Why leave the house and dorm came in the middle of the period?

Actually, my father is not well behaved.

Since my mother insisted it away.


How come?
- Through the window.

If you do not mind and will also close the windows.

As you know, strengthen personal relationships behind closed doors.

You guys are so shameless, no respect for anyone.

Respect it?

If we start to respect anyone who would rape then?

Let me go!

Leave me alone!

Them sufficiently punished for being touched my Wild.

For attempted rape, however, they must be nakazani.Yu

Sir, this is shameful guys feel ashamed to call them students.

Today, women have entered the hostel and tried to rape one of the girls.

If I was a former graduate of this college ...

I would give them to the police or I would arrange them yourself so ...

that even their parents would not know them.

Take them to the police!
- No, sir.

You've devoted my entire life to build the reputation of this college.

You are our ideal.

For their shameful actions you will punish them.

What a shame!

Students from my college ...?

Except both of you, I will take care ...

none of you both not to be accepted into any of the colleges in the city.

Forgive us, sir. We made a mistake.

This will destroy our lives, sir.

We had lost his mind, sir. Sir, give my word to you

We never perform such an error. Please forgive us, sir!

If there is anyone in this world who can forgive is Wild.

Wild, we know that not deserve forgiveness

but we ask you ... please forgive us.

God forgives even the first sin.

Forgive them. Anyone can make a mistake.

If they had done such a thing of Preity, what would you do then?

I was going to break their heads and extremities.

But now they ask for your forgiveness. Forgive them.

If someone asks me for sure so I'll forgive him.

Wild, I want to say something.

Just as they look even heart of the dead will begin to fight.

They are energetic young men ... imagine what they feel.

Hey! You convince you it or try to criticize her?

Trying to convince her.

Wild, please forgive them.

Wild, or throw chop asked to vote in a democratic way ...

The result will be the same ... you'll have to forgive them.

Wild must make a compromise after all they ask so much.

Otherwise you will think that you're too proud of its beauty, right?

Come on, forgive them.

I will tell you a joke. You Wild to laugh ...

and say that you forgive. Wife asks her husband how ...

Kings have lived hundreds of women who had in the past.

Wife said: "Forget about how women feed their ..."

"Imagine a king ate a can a hundred women!"

It seems that she forgive them.

"Let's go, my love ..."

"Let me look into your eyes and forget the outside world."

"Where?" Where? "

"There ..."

"To have fun, to get everything from my youth."

"My love, you're right girl for me."

"Let's go, my love ..."

"Let me look into your eyes and forget the outside world."

"Where?" Where? "

"There ..."

"To have fun, to get everything from my youth."

"My love, you're right man for me."

"You're trembling. You're intoxicating as wine."

"You bewitch and steal the heart of this poor Pandzhabets.

"Nestled in my arms, even if it gets slow ..."

"The way you talk makes my heart flutters its wings."

"My beloved mad, you probably his magician."

"So listen to my request, this is what I want."

"Let's go, my love ..."

"Let me look into your eyes and forget the outside world."

"Where?" Where? "

"There ..."

"To have fun, to get everything from my youth."

"My love, you're right man for me."

"My love, you're right girl for me."

"Let all the world envy us."

"Let us continue to love."

"We Dihana mix ..."

"We'll have fun and dance bangra.

"You are so beautiful that won my heart."

"Never stray from me."

"Let's go, my love ..."

"Let me look into your eyes and forget the outside world."

"Where?" Where? "

"There ..."

"To have fun, to get everything from my youth."

"My love, you're right girl for me."

"My love, you're right man for me."

I will always dance at weddings for other people?

Will there be a day when others will dance at our wedding?

Others will dance on our wedding too.

"But I'm going to London on business tonight, the Wild."

As soon returned and will fix a date for our wedding.

This I came to tell me?

This came to tell you in the dorm that day ...

but could not because of those bastards.

Why do not you say you want the bride to finish first?

My last exams are in two months.

What time will you fly an airplane?

You will send me to the airport.

My brother will come there.

Brother ...

always been with me and I never lacked anything.

Now you go to London, and I feel like everything goes with you.

Vivek, you can reveal your heart because your younger than me.

I'll be back in a few months.

You can learn a lot in my absence.

If you do not finish will receive half of the shares in the company ...

as the will of the Father. You know that. ... I say this

I am your brother. Right?
- Stepbrother you say?

Do not laugh again to say a word.

Sorry, brother. You'll never pronounce that word.

"Come to me ..."

"Come ..."

'My life will sacrifice for you. "

"My life, I will pay for you."

"Even in death, I will love you."

"Come to me ... do it ..."

How did you end up there at midnight, Wild?

I do not know. I felt as though someone was calling me.

Whose voice was the Wild? Male or female?

It's not like you. Male or female, go on further!

I am glad that they saw coming out of the door.

Girls go to college. I will be prepared and will come shortly.

Can I come, Vasundra?

Can I come, Vasundra?

You think you can scare me by hiding and calling me?

Come out and show if you have courage! Come on!

I expect it here for centuries.

I do not want to hear anything said by you.

You have no wine. Man forget his past life, every time when it is born.

Stay at least in the name of the connection we share through the ages.

Neither I have lived for centuries or something between us.

So why lose control of themselves and come obsessed with my song?

In your heart you know that you and I share the indestructible link Vasundra.

Vasundra, what ...? My name is Wild.

No matter how they are called in this life ...

your real name is Vasundra. And I'm point.

We were two of the same type. You and I were cobras, love one another.

Cobra? My favorite?
- Yes, Vasundra to.

There was only one difference between us.

I was a snake with supernatural powers. And upon completion of one hundred years ...

I also would acquire such forces.
Supernatural forces, and snakes?

I can not understand anything.
- I know everything.

Currently used as a cobra, get the diamond that lies on my head ...

and put it on his lips. You will remember everything.

"Come to me"

"Come to me"

"Come to me"

"Come to me"

"My life, I will pay for you."

"Even in death, I will love."

"My life, I will pay for you."

"Even in death, I will love you."

"This is a promise of one who loves you ..."

"This promise will never be compromised."

"This is the sense of unity of the one who loves you ..."

"We'll never be apart."

"I long for you every moment."

"Love is the great promise of any other oath."

"That promise made by love, will indeed honor"

"Come to me"

"Even if heaven and earth no longer exist ..."

"Even when the seasons change ..."

In the air permeated with romance, you and I will live. "

"Love is not afraid of the world."

"Love never dies."

"In each incarnation I'll have."

"Come to me"

"Come to me"


And his companion.

You ruined my years of repentance.

Tonight, when the full moon is exalted in heaven I would have met with the Creator.

But you hindered me to do it.

Zmiyo, you can accept any form that you want but I damn.

Sunset with your sweetheart that you love so much die.

And you will live alone cursed life.

Ruth, a priest! How to Meditate here will know ...

we never had to make the mistake of coming here.

Not a mistake! This is sin! A sin deserves punishment.

Correct us not thus! Wisdom you ought to forgive us.

Have mercy, forgive us!
- Impossible!

Like an arrow that is placed on the bow ...

like life can not continue when the body is absorbed by the fire ...

also my curse can not be repealed!
- One without the other we can not live.

God is love. We do not divide. Do not do it ...

Our sin was inadvertent. Forgive us, priest.

Without each other we can not live!
- My curse is irreversible.

Not even God can not annul it.
- No! If you are relentless ...

then we are also steadfast. Or will forgive us ...

or we will beat both this scale and will kill him.

"Forgive our priest."

Give us your forgiveness.



Forgive us.

Have mercy.

Forgive me.


I can not revoke his curse but I can mention time.

But it will be extremely difficult.
- I will do everything.

Vasundra! You can not leave me.

Vasundra! I can not live without you.

Vasundra! You can not leave me.

No! You can not leave me.

To return it must pass a very long vigil.

To get it back, I'll be waiting ages.

In the 21st century will Vasundra reborn in a woman.

Then your love will be immortal.

I can not see anyone except my Vasundra. Bless me to not see anyone else.

Then inside this baobabovo tree you'll live ...

will go out only when they called Vasundra.

During the long wait you'll be given a gift ...

of mystical power that will make you invincible to all ...

except in the hands of someone endowed with divine power.

So enter the tree.


Will determine the date of the wedding as soon as I get back.

Vasundra ... wait.

Why did you leave?
- I wonder what to do

Many lives ago, you were my beloved.

If we were meant to be together why the Lord sent someone my way?

People do not answer every question life.

If God has created this puzzle when the time comes he will unveil.

But ...


Hurry, do not have much time.
- Always quick! Listen ...

Tomorrow we will organize a party in Fort Nagda. The Day of Lovers. Should come.

All right. I'll be there.
- Eleven hours. Nagda Fort.

Will be in Fort Nagda is eleven o'clock.

What is this? One's horoscope?
- Menu.

And the guest list.
- I hope no one left.

Budget is limited. Here 50,000 for tomorrow night.

But remember, do not forget the hot drinks.

Will you drink?
- No we will drink canned milk.

Ashok, we all participate not only you. No hard alcohol.

What are you doing? Hard to find such a sponsor.

- Nothing! You are our bank ...

Our finance minister, our ATM largest us hope.

Stop these jokes. Transport and entertainment who make decisions?

Madan, accept the call, please?

Who, me? You could ...
- What the ...?

Why do not you? Radzhesh cried.
- I will.

Who is that?
- Radzhesh.

Call Atul. I'm Wild.
- It deals with the party tomorrow.

I can not come to the party.
- We call Atul.

Radzhesh What happened?
- None of the group should not come here.

What is it ...?
- I'll explain later.

Just do what I say. Now get out.

What's Wild? Radzhesh said it will not come to party

I'm upset. I will not.
- Then we will cancel the party.

Talk to Move. Here you go.

Rashmi also came to the party. ... If you are nearby

I can interact in a frank conversation with Rashmi.

I can not.

People die because of your friends. And you can not come to party.

Guys why do you oppress?
- So far they're not forced.

But if you come to the party, we will bring the. Force.

Wild, if you have any problems on the party tomorrow will send you my new car.

Hey Vivek, speaks with the Wild. Come on, man.

In the name of my love should come.

We will not allow you to leave.
- Vivek, why insist?

Hey, who is this house?
- Yours.

Then what Radzhesh on my phone?
- Talk to your girlfriend.

Admonished in January For tomorrow's party.
- His girlfriend knows my number?

She even knows the numbers of his favorite telephone booths.

Wild, everybody wants to come to the party.

Moreover, the time the party changed to ten o'clock in the evening.

So you could go back in the dorm earlier. So I'll see you in just ten.

Well there will be exactly at ten o'clock.

Eleven, right? Here, it is returned.

Happy news?
- I just made them.

Clever, eh? You imitate all over the Wild?

We went out for her bad name, we will now give her a lesson.

- Best quality is that you always accurate.

I can verify his watch over you. ... Unfortunately

now it's in your injury.
- Stop with this nonsense.

Where are the others?
- They called after ten, right?

Before you arrive you will be raped.

Then we will rape you celebrate.

You're trapped! This is a very simple plan which skroih when you refused to come to the party.

May refuse to friends, right? So all your friends did so to come here.

Was not it Vijay that they asked to come at ten instead of eleven o'clock?

So here we are.

And now the host and guests will face.

And look, no one will break the door to save you this time.

Do not get me come closer.

How about a race?

Whether you can do to be saved or we will be able to rape you?

What happened to the Wild?

Call an ambulance!
- Stop!

Nobody close to me.

But ... Why?
- You secretly flesh! Fraudulent bums.

Seduced me have given me confidence.

What have we done? Why do we blame?

Once stabbed me back now do on compassionate? No need.

You have no right to suspect us!
- I uttered the names of your friends.

Even God is not you forgive me who have done.

What is this sin we have done?
- All are equally responsible ...

about what those two did. They colluded to ruin me.

You are criminals! Sinners!

Vasundra! Who you do it?

Well that came and peppers. I've been raped.

And they are responsible for this.

Now this body is destroyed. And if your love is true ...

then you will kill every one of them.

This happened to me.

You killed one. Now I killed another one.

Not spare any of them. Nobody should live.

Your forces have their limits as only a spirit.

Spirit can take control of destruction. But I'm a mystical serpent power.

My power is unlimited.

There is no form which can not accept.

For our enemies, I have prepared a terrible death.

While they are reborn in my next life ...

their people will live in fear.

Why are you sulky? What happened to you? Come

I can not forget the innocent face of the Wild!
- Rather than forgive ...

we had it down to the police.
- They tainted our friendship.

They deserved to die like dogs. Good!
- He who digs a grave to another person, himself falls into it.

If he had not killed them myself I'd do it.

But who was he? And what was his connection with the Wild?

Why called it Vasundra? Has some mystery in all this, right?

I hope not to embroil it, whatever it is.

Could this lead to mass destroy us?

Since our images are now saved in the eyes of that mystical snake.

He will not spare us.
- What nonsense! It was just a bad dream.

Will do little party on the farm. Guys want to come there, because I will have birthday.

Now what was it?

They've bought from the junkyard? Breaks every time I go to a party.

Siim You know, the real problem is that he loves more than me.

When you're above that his heart stopped beating.

Now how do we get there on time?

Your bike breaks down there?
- Yes.

Why such a beautiful girl Driving this brakma? Buy a new bike.

We'll take it?
- I'm off to to Poona.

You go to where?
- Lonavla.

But there is more room for seating.
- Can be done seated?

Not one of you two will sit in my lap. You're very heavy and will hurt me.

In his lap you ...? What will endure?
- He is too old to even be your father.

Settled himself comfortably.

Take care of it.
- Do not worry.

Killed me.

No, not me. Sit up front. Honey, will you come back to me?


Do not push so you butso one.

Was it a loud slap?
- Now what I do that?


Going to the party to celebrate the birthday of a friend? - How do you know?

Even know his name. Atul.

Who are you?
- Unknown, they ride on your last trip.

I do not understand ...

Do you understand?

How did this happen ...?
- Not an accident. He was killed.

On his neck a scar from a motorcycle tire.

Our cameras are mounted nearby. But strange ...

no bike was not spotted. Intelligent killer. But do not worry, you'll catch him.

"Your beauty makes my heart beats strong."

"Your beauty makes my heart beats strong."

"When you see tomorrow? In eleven or twelve?"

"My beauty makes your heart beating strongly."

"Guys like you always hover over me ..."

"Even at eleven or twelve '

"Crazy about you."

"I lost my heart somewhere in your hair."

"We will not give your heart to anyone, get out, brush off immediately."

"Tell me only when you will enjoy the fruit of our love."

"In eleven or twelve?"

"Your hesitation leaving my wound."

"My heart is faint pink in your countries."

"I'm like a cloud that you soon will not capture."

"Oh, when then you will zavalish?

"In eleven or twelve?"

"Do not stay long to look in my eyes."

"I want to kiss a few hugs."

"Boy, stay away from me."

"I know it will end up killing me, but when will it happen?"

"In eleven or twelve?"

"Come on baby, let's have fun."

"I will flatter every day."

"Look into my eyes, intoxicating, will leave you speechless"

"God knows when it will stop being so stubborn."

"In eleven or twelve?"

"I pray for a hug."

"When will I see?"

"Come, let us hear the melody of your bracelets.

"When do you want? In eleven or twelve?"

"Your beauty makes my heart beats strong."

"When you see tomorrow? In eleven or twelve?"

Stop the music and dance.
- What is Vijay?

Why stop the fun?
- For a man who is among us ..

who killed Radzhesh and Madan. and he just killed Viktor.

What are you talking about? Victor is right here.

He is a murderer who killed Victor.
- Vijay! Be managed.

Are you crazy?
- This dance with you ...

Victor is a murderer! Trust me!
- No, he did not say

If he is not Victor, then who?
- Mystical snake! He killed Victor.

I just saw the body of Victor.

Was fooling your friends just because you want to see me dead?

Then you're the one snake and not me!
- I'll kill you.

He said that I'm a murderer. Have you ever been dead comeback?

Siim not come with me to the party?

Come on, Siim, what in truth?
- Victor and I came together.

Siim not believe him! He can take any form that pleases.

He will speak in any language and we will kill one.

Did we call all snakes? What's this melodrama?

This is the truth! Vijay is trying to prove that I am your enemy.

But I will prove that Vijay is that snake.

If you do not believe me let's face the mirror.

It may not reflect the accepted form. Do not drop.

Come on, let's see.
- Let's see what is the truth.

Vijay! You're right!


Only because of stupidity you get out of it. If you had believed me ...

I would kill him.

Abdul are not kidding?

Come inside.

Not close to me, Shaman. My time has expired.

Friends ...

can leave you bathed in tears. could no longer amuse you.

Forgive me. And take care of my girlfriend.

Victor and Abdul. Two innocent dead. I'm convinced. All will die.

Vivik right. He is no ordinary snake and Wild was not a simple girl.

If they have supernatural powers, we need you to sit quietly and wait?

Together, we can easily capture.
- Above all we must understand ...

what is his power and how it was left to him yet?

Because you guys I spared you. But next time it will catch the tail ..

and beat him until he dies.
- But how will we catch?

Let me tell you something ... they are transcendental death.

So you will be able to harm them. The truth is that ...

where science ends mysticism begins.

I'm a Professor of Parapsychology. If you really want to find a solution ...

then come with me.

Wild look, we're your friends. They are your friends.

Wherever you go, come.

Appear to be Wild.

Come here.


You called me here?
- Radzhesh Madan and they insulted.

And you killed them. Then what is the fault of Abdul and Victor.

Why kill them?
- None of them is innocent.

Each of them was to blame for my demise.

What are you trying to prove?
- Don 't you invite to the party?

Yes, I did. But what?
- I called to cancel the invitation.

Then why you said it would cancel the party if they come to him?

You never call home. We are not talking.

And Vijay and certainly never asked me to come at ten instead of eleven o'clock.

Thee madness has led to suicide. You delirium.

Ashok had to send you your new car to take me? Err you?

New car? I do not understand this?
- The truth is that ...

all you colluded to put my trap. ... And now you want

to prove that I am a liar?
- Nobody is conspiring.

This trap, this plot is the fruit of your imagination.

Wild consider. What will we gain from the destruction of your life?

We respect personal ties. We do not participate in the rape.

The votes will not delete your sins. Know that we will only kill you one by one.

Can bullets kill the spirit? I will not call again Wild.

I'm not wrong! Anyway, I'm not scared of these ghosts.

I got it! If you remember Radzhesh could mimic all their friends.

Then Radzhesh played a dirty trick to lure wild.

When completing preparations for the party at home ...

Radzhesh talked with someone over the phone.

When I asked Madan he answered that he was convinced his girlfriend to come to the party.

The party none of them was with a girlfriend.

Then I am sure. You are innocent.

Our lives are in your hands! Save us, sir.

With powerful spirits is only by God.

From him come all the forces in front of him all forces were powerless.

While wearing these pendants ...

no snake can not hurt you.
- Excuse me, but I do not believe in all this.

Sir, please let me keep the medallion.

Please, Attila brings it.
- Something I do not understand?

Something does not believe? Not to put it.

Stop, please.

Being in love does not mean that I will encourage your every whim.

I do not want anything bad for you. If not for the Lord can use it as a fashion ornament.

I will not put anything that has connection with God or religion.

Then I am also adamant. Will they get to put it.

Being relentless is a good thing.

Atul, this is for your protection!
- This little medalyonche you?

I keep to myself.

Whatever happens, you will wear it.

Don 't be stupid.

Let's go.

Let me ... not 't be silly!
- Please, put it down.

Get out! I will not put it!
- Me! Please!

I do not believe in all this!
- Do not be so hard! Put it.

Don 't be stupid.

Get out.

Come here immediately.
- Will be even before I closed.

"Honey! You're great."

"I lost my heart in you, you're my favorite."

"Honey! You're great."

"I lost my heart on you, you're my favorite."

"When two loving hearts are pushing one another, it's intoxicating."

"When you hold your life becomes more fun."

"When I gave you sweet talk?"

"I never knew when you fell in love."

"Love is simple. It is a great story for youth."

"I lost my heart on you, you're my favorite."

"Honey! You're great."

"I rest a moment without you."

"Without you my heart will stop beating."

"I know you crazy, I've seen this folly."

"And baby, you distracting me."

"You keep me fascinated by love, you're great."

"I lost my heart on you, you're my favorite."

"Honey! You're great."

In this episode of supernatural forces ...

let me introduce you to someone who says that ...

can make the impossible ... possible! I will say ...

it is a world wonder if he can transform ...

a beautiful woman.

Now transformed into a parrot and talk like one.

My friend, your art of magic transformation ...

I left with the audience completely silent. Now we will show you their true form.

Why not?

Before you know its true nature, let's stop for commercials.

Hey where is our guest?

Is there a true form? Or bird flew?

First guest disappears, then the host persuades us that.

Really think about the audience stupid?

As host, my job is to answer questions from the audience.

Nobody was deceived in this show. If you still have any questions ..

here I am.

Who are you?

I am he.

Look at the face of death, your time is over.

Or you have come to his own death?

Let's solve.

Doctor, how is Atul?
- Saved his life, but ...

But what?
- He was in a coma.

We arrived at the place of the party. But why Prem has not yet come?

Move it? I organized this party just for you. Why are you called her Move here?

Move is a good boy, Ashok. There will be no matter if he came here.

Important for me. I hate this filthy beggar.

You may hate him because he is poor.

But it is my very good friend and always will be.


Rashmi is drowning! Somebody save her!

Come here ... I do not watch. Jump into the water!

Somebody save the queen!

She is drowning! Can not you see! Jump in the water.

You can swim very well. So why pretend you're drowning?

I wanted to know if you will jump into the water to save me.

How to jump into the water? I can not swim.

Move also knows how to swim.

But he cares about his own life when it comes to my rescue.

Saying you love someone very easily.

But it is difficult to prove.

A man who cares about his own skin when someone is drowning ...

can not be my favorite. He is a selfish.

Rashmi here?
- Yes. It is inside.

So remember that today my birthday?

If any thing I remember is that you and your birthday.

- Yes, Rashmi.

Do not even know how to greet me for my birthday.

I ...? With a kiss?

Come on, Move. Kiss me on the cheek.

Dwarf! Touch you to the moon?

How dare you ...?

Hold on, Ashok. Move not to blame.

I asked him to give me a kiss to celebrate my birthday.

Stop the bullshit!

Since college, I noticed that like a dog chasing Rashmi!

Bastard! How dare to approach so close to Rashmi?

Bastard! Stand up!
- Ashok, do not hit.

I promise that you will never see him near me.

Oh really? Get out of my way!

You will see him with you only if live!

Please do not hit him, Ashok.

Mercy of his life as a gift for my birthday, please!

Okay, honey. I will spare his life as insist.

Otherwise I had to kill today.

Let me go to the farm. ... As usual

I organized a big party to celebrate your birthday.

Let's go ... watching it boiled my blood.

Get out of my way.

So far, my heart was broken today and my body was also injured.

Nice way to reward my love.

"God is love, my love ..."

"What will the world be without love?"

"You and I will never be apart. We are in love."

"God is love, my love ..."

"What will the world be without love?"

"You and I will never be apart. We are in love."

"I had to mourn them and I also grieve."

"We are engulfed by desire."

"You're not yourself nor me ..."

"We're madly in love."

"Love is a beautiful, young love is ..."

"What will the world be without love?"

Rashmi Where are you going?

Today is a special day. Today is your birthday.

Bastard! How dare you enter my house and touch me?

I will ...

Bastard! He tried to stapchesh gentle flower?

How dare you even touch her?

They suffer from the college.

Now, I will repay you for all the humiliation.

Forget it! Do not hit!

It will neither live nor will they bother anymore.

Gives you freedom as a gift for your birthday.

He killed my master!

Get him! He killed my master!

Get him!

Tell me now why Ashok killed?

When the police deal with them, even at the hard criminals propyavat.

Why killing Ashok? Why?

You may not hitting innocent man like that?

You say that you, Rashmi Sharma?

You are witness to the murder of Ashok.

Yes. And I brought with me the most - best lawyer in town, Mr Banerjee.

This is ...

Move it is innocent.

It is true that the Move and hassle Ashok is a party.

But Ashok suddenly slipped and hit his head stone.

And it killed him.

This statement would justify a premium in court.

Nobody can punish my client.

Why give false testimony? Why did you do?

Because I love you.

And I was such a jerk. Idiot!

I could not say love Rashmi ... and she said it to me today.

Let the meeting begin.

Who saw kill your master?

This man, who is here, sir ... he killed my lord!

Yes, sir! I saw the murder happened.

This is the man who killed my master! It is, sir.

Your Honor, these witnesses have worked for the deceased.

How can anyone believe their testimony?

They can also demonstrate their loyalty to their master ...

by blaming an innocent person. Therefore please the court ...

to allow Ms. Rashmi Sharma to appear as a witness.

Have the permission of the court.

Miss Rashmi, Ashok Kedzhrival who killed?

Mr. Judge was killed by Ashok ... this guy!

His name is Prem.

This guy is a monster!

He is the devil!

He is a thug!

He killed my Ashok drop without mercy.

When I prayed to spare the life of me, he Ashok kicked aside.

He is a killer!

People like him should be hung in the courtroom.

I would like to ask of Ms. Rashmi few questions.

No need to ask her any questions.

Since Rashmi said that I am a murderer ...

no sense of more questions. Everything Rashmi said is true.

What a good reward you can get for your love?

Please, sir, sentencing.

In view of the testimony and confessions of the accused ...

That court ...

Prem Srivastava guilty to the murder of Ashok Kedzhrival.

According to Article 302 of Indian Penal Code ...

this court ordered Srivastava Move to death by hanging.

What do Rashmi? You Move sent to the gallows!


Already free.

Move who wanted to save, was sentenced to death for me.

Death by hanging.

When Atul come to mind?
- It's hard to say.

Patient can emerge from the coma any time or not at all out.

Everything will be fine.

What happened?
- Nothing.

Why cried, Vijay?

Sir, I do not mean nothing to students.

But he appeared to me again, sir.
- Such behavior ...

you, spoil the atmosphere of the whole class.

Did you say that, sir? Know what is our problem.

You know what we go through.
- Guys are themselves guilty of ...

, in which the switch.

They decided to marry ...

Radzhu, son of Oberon, my childhood friend.

Until yesterday, I wanted to marry Vijay.

What made you change your decision so suddenly?

I do not want my daughter to become a widow so young.

What would you say if I was married and Vijay ...

But you still do not marry him. It does not exist.

I do not want to argue on this topic.
- Then listen to my decision.

If I ever get married it will be only for Vijay.

And for anyone else!

Anything can happen in boxing ring.
- What do you mean?

Today you have a boxing match with Vijay, right Radzhu?

In the paint, anyone can be hit to a place that can be deadly ...

without becoming suspicious about the police.

Finals of College Boxing Championship begin ...

just six hours.

You are my disciple. Indisputable winner!

Mohammed Ali retired.

Mike Tyson spends half his time in prison.

I gave up boxing. Makes me sneeze.

Furthermore, three of us, no one else ...

to dare to challenge you. So go! Begin with a hit!

Dark terms will help you win the championship.

Where is your competitor?

Vijay has not come, sir.

Vijay categorically refused to come, sir.

Promise me that you will give me what I wanted today.

My life began with you. And ends with you.

However, if there is still something you want ... I asked.

You can even ask for my life.

I want to fight in today's boxing championship.

Will not participate in this competition.

Hurry up and announce the name of the winner.

The group of judges decided that the winner is ...


What is this drama?

When he attack the right, hit him in the teeth left.

Director, my student was having engine.

Required time to warm up. But watch out for your electric machine.

Several strong impact and will not be able to reset it again.

Because we inflict blows ... and send them to dress!

Forget it!

I told him to leave.

Nice shot landed on it!

Cause its another one ... and will be brought to his home on a stretcher.

Do not worry, brother ... I will.

Watch out for her little boy director. My man is fierce.

Vijay could kill the mat in the form of Radzhu, Vasundra.

But why stop here?
- Because this is Vijay ...

who called me in the fort at ten o'clock instead of eleven.

There at that place was raped.

It is the - biggest traitor.

Therefore I want to be one that will kill him.

Just me!

Vijay did everything possible to find the locket. It seems I've lost it somewhere.

After they finish their work ...

will go to the director and will take another medallion.

It's nothing. I won a championship just to show the world.

But my real enemy is still alive. I do not want it to defeat e ...

I want to kill him.
- Good will ...

you will succeed in this mission.

What do Vijay?

What happened, Preity? Not hurt, right?

Missing anything. Please go.

Wait, what Vijay ... you?

Someone tries to kill me ... but I will not let him!

Vijay! What are you? Will not let you go anywhere!

Put it ... leave it, I told you!

What happened? Why are you scared?
- Save it! Save Vijay!

Someone is trying to push Vijay! Not know who he is.

But I can not see how it dies! Please help him!

Forget it! Forget it!

Parwan Province could you borrowed 500?'ll Pay you back tomorrow.

I gave you and 1000 but only if you return them today.

Oh no ... I told you that you will return them tomorrow.

I tell them to come back today and tomorrow you say?

Will you back tomorrow.
- Who will see tomorrow?

Do not let today's work tomorrow. And what we do now was to do later.

Tomorrow, right?
- Today.

What is this? What sport?

Nikki gives the 1000 rupees and sporihme about when I will return them.

She said tomorrow and I today.

Nicky here you 1000 rupees, when you return them.

She had to return them to me at all.

What are you talking about, Preity? Vijay And I was dead too?

Vijay was killed ...

What is this? Never taste even a drop of alcohol and now open a bottle?

Parwan Province, I am very upset. Get out.
- I will not let you touch the alcohol.

I will not let you drink it!
- Go away, Parwan Province.

No way. No.

How you will behave after drunk?

Please come here quickly. How will it behave after it drunk?

Our people will throw rotten tomatoes with eggs.

Wrong is right?

What is it?
- There is a call for you. Please be polite.

Vivek, please because I do not get drunk.

And please come to the show starting now.

And it begins like this

Dzhevadbhay asleep.

Dzhevadbhay was asleep.

Dzhevadbhay is fast asleep.

All around people are awake.

When Dzhevadbhay is fast asleep.

Dzhevadbhay asleep.

Is fast asleep.

Dzhevadbhay asleep.

Is fast asleep.

All people in the neighborhood are awake ...

Dzhevadbhay when sleeping.

Riots occurred in Mumbai where Dzhevadbhay sleep ...

He dreams and people exchange blows.

So hell get out of here.

He was drunk and snoring ...

while people in the neighborhood meeting with his death.

Dzhevadbhay is awake.

and looks good.

Dzhevadbhay was awake ...

and people in the neighborhood fled pell-mell.

Who is that?

Do not you recognize the voice of death?

Who is that?
- No whining.

For 24 hours they'll finish.

Director home?
- No, sir. it does not.

Please tell him that it was looking Vivek. At any time to return ...

please ask him to come to my house. I have very urgent business with him.

It is very important.

Vivek is! I'ma Vicki ...

Why are you so nervous?
- There is a demon ...

a Satan, I do not know what exactly, nobody knows. One by one ...

it killed all my friends and now is trying ...

kill me in the next 24 hours!
- He wants to kill you? What is the name?

I'll kill him!
- Please save me.

Hang in there! Come! I'll take the next flight.

I'll be there in a few hours. Just stand there I come.

Mary told me that you came home and I was very nervous.

He gave me an ultimatum. 24 hours.
- Above all, discard this medallion.

What are you saying ...?
- While wearing it ...

none of them can not attack them. But this time I want to be attacked.

I invented everything. Once they are gone.

So go ahead ... Discard medallion.

You ...?
- Because this pendant ...

I could not touch. And you would never depressed ...

unless the director does not tell you. Now your death will be remarkable.

If you had not occurred he would kill me.

Where is your locket?

He prevaplati in you and convinced me to throw him out.

I'll give you another necklace.

Brother ...! Very well done for coming! Thank God!

Vivek now I'm here. So it should no longer worry.

Not even the desire of the Angel of Death will help you not die now.

Brother ... What do you mean?
- Let me demonstrate my words.

But why do you kill me?
- You're not my real brother.

Should I give half of his company of his step brother?

Brought my brother to win by hard work I've done it?
- But I've never wanted anything.

But this does not mean you never ask me. Under the guise of recent murders ...

I will get rid of one obstacle standing in my way. And what I will do ...

someone else will take the blame.

Do not worry, I'm here.'ll Call an ambulance immediately.

Go to the house of Karan Sachs. There you will find the murderer and the body.

We need an ambulance.
- There will not be available until the hour.

Very good coming. Should drive his brother to hospital.

Help me!

What happened? Who stabbed?
- He.

Vivek, look, that's me, Kara. Your brother Karan.

You called me, so I'm here.

Look, that was not me.
- It was they stabbed.

I was not ... he looked just like me!

He disappeared through the wall.

So it means today and murderers do not escape through the walls disappear? Stop with this melodrama.

Arrest him! I will drive him to hospital.

I would finish the last of the bastards but there was his brother ...

A murder of an innocent is a sin.

Wild! Glad you came. Vivek was in the hospital.

Someone tried to kill him! You have to understand how it is for me.

Now surely understand that I am away from you.

But when ... how all this happened?

I bet my trap and raped me.

I had no choice but to commit suicide.

Not Wild, did not have to do this. Have you no faith in my love?

Really fell in love with your body? Not Wild, I fell in love with you.

Just tell me what were they?'ll Kill them all.

I sent six of them in the clutches of death. Remains only one. Brother.

What are you talking about the Wild? He would not even making fun of you.

Fun, I forgave. But he played very sneaky number.

Impossible! He knows that you would marry me.

And assume that they will respect as a mother. Never even in my sleep ...

Maybe if you were a real brother but he is your brother.

I will kill him.

We will be happy to know that your brother is alive

'll Be sorry to know it I'll kill him. Soon.

You will kill my brother right?

You want to kill my brother right? I'll kill you.

Threatening police inspector! Are you crazy?

It is not an inspector! It is fake!

Prevaplati He stabbed me and my brother.

He is a chatterbox! Close it!

Why do not you listen? He pretends.

It will kill my brother! Let me.

Atul wake up! He opened the eyes! Come, please.

This is great! Let's go.

Run Vivek! Get out of here.

Run Vivek ... run.

Run ... do it for me.


For me.


Come on.

What happened to you?

I did my best fight to save Vivek.

I want to destroy them.

I'm not lost courage nor his momentum.

But what can I do? This massage me forward.

One last request, sir. Please save Vivek.

In the battle between good and evil deity can only triumph.

My brother.

Leave him.

Drop it.

My brother.

Why did you kill my brother?

Drop it!

Let my brother!

Brother ...

My brother.