Jaane Jigar (1998) - full transcript

Ravi and Vijay's friendship was an example by itself. One was Life-Jaan, the other Jigar-Courage, the famous singer Ravi Kumar and the daring Vijay Kumar. Vijay's mother looked after Ravi ...

Come on, Joginder.

Today's winner is Joginder.

Is there any man present here, who can beat my hero?

Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay!

Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay!

Take this, I bet on Vijay. - Take this. - Take this.

Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay!

Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay!

Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay!

Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay! Vijay!

Yeah, Vijay!

Come on Vijay! Go Vijay!

Go Vijay!

Yeah, Vijay! My dear friend! My champion!

My champion!

Wow, buddy! What a punch it was!

Wow! Champion! - Hey, stop calling me champion..

Tell me how your show was. - How was the show?

Why didn't you come? - Oh buddy, they organized this..

..fight today itself, otherwise how could I miss your show?

Your show must've been a great success, right?

People must've given a great applause.

Yes, dude, people applauded very much, but not so much..

..that people are applauding on your success.

How wonderful it is! Yeah! Champion! - Yeah!


No, no, Mr. Rana! No!

Why should I kill the one who is already dead?

Don't spare him brother, kill him!

Because of this scoundrel we've incurred..

..such a big loss in the fight.

No, Mr. Rana. Mr. Rana, please forgive me just once.

Not once, I'll forgive you twice. You are a family man.

The second time, I'll forgive you for them.

But the third time I won't shoot in air..

..but shoot right into your skull.

Uncle! Uncle! That scoundrel ruined my dignity today.

Nephew, who ruined your dignity today?

That singer Ravi Kumar. He snatched all the fans from me.

My shows which used to be house-full till today..

..are going empty today..

..and you won't get even one ticket of his show.

I feel like committing suicide.

No, nephew. Not you..

..but the one who will die is that scoundrel Ravi Kumar. - No!

You and Mac go and vacate the place of Azgar.

Okay, brother. - Uncle.

Nephew, you don't worry at all. - Yes.

I'll handle this Ravi Kumar.

Cut this scoundrel into pieces!

Uncle! Run! Police!

Leave me! Leave me! Leave me!

Vijay, you act like a mad man in anger. Try to control your anger.

It is a common scene in this world.

God gives him wealth and a human feels jealous.

Why you want to jump into this unnecessarily?

Look, Ravi, it is very simple. The one who is against.

..you in your profession is my enemy.

Is it so? Then I will leave this profession.

O dear, don't talk like this. Please be a good boy.

Then promise me, you are not going to hit anybody.

Why do you both always fight? I've been tolerating your..

..nonsense from a long time. - Look, mother, Ravi is telling..

..me to eat 10 chills at a time. - What? - What?

Mother, now you tell me..

..can anybody eat ten chilies at a time? Why?

Nobody can eat, right? So, I said look as you are my best..

..friend you eat five chilies and I will eat five chilies.

Am I right, mother? - I don't understand what you both say.

Vijay, mother got bugged off you today.

Now even I am bugged off you, nobody can win over you.

Ravi! Ravi! There is something in your mouth!

Open your mouth! Open your mouth! Open your mouth!

Hey, what are you doing? Why did you sit?

Hey, you got tired taking only one round?

You should at least make four rounds.

Look at your tummy. Look at your tummy, it has bulged out.

Has my stomach bulged out? Then what is this?

It is my stomach. - Do you think it has gone inside? Sit!

Hey, I think you have forgotten the reason for us to come here.

We don't come here to Jog. - Oh. - Yes.

I think your desires died after your wife's death. - No, no.

Look at my desires, they are very young.

It is over 10 years since my wife died.

My daughter is young, I am young, people think that..

..I am bachelor till now.

People think the same about me too.

Only blind people think so.

Hey, I don't allow my son Monty to come into my room.

Why? Have you hidden your maid inside your room?

That tells a great deal about your taste.

Ok, you tell me, what your taste is.

I have hidden a photograph of a very beautiful girl.

Now if he sees that photograph, what will he..

..think about his father!

He will think that he is the son of such a cheap father.

Hey, after all I am your friend. - That's a matter of great shame.

What?- For you. - What? - Yes.

Hey, Ghanu, will you do me a favor?

Not one I will do hundred favors to you. - What?

Just tell me. - I am in love with Kala, but the thing is..

..I am not able to approach her.

Will you approach her from my side?

Who is that unfortunate woman? - What?

No, I mean to say was.. Who is that fortunate unfortunate woman?

You first tell me. - Here.

Hey what are you doing? It is me.

You will tear my jaw now. - Oh, it is you! Yuck!

What were you doing? - No, actually I was..

..thinking about you only. - Is it?

I was thinking that, by showing me this photograph..

'..you made a big mistake.' I'll talk to this girl..

'..not for you, but for me.' - You mumbled something in.

..between, I couldn't hear it. - I was talking to myself..

..because if you had heard them, your heart..

..would've broken into pieces.

She is here.

I am sorry. - Don't feel sorry, make it a habit for everyday.

My work.. - My work is done. - What?

No, I meant.. Your work is done. Congratulations!

Shame on you! - I feel something is fishy.

No, no, my friend can never do this.

Hey, uncle! How are you, uncle?

What happened to you, dear? - Hey Ravi! Scoundrel!

Hey! Get up from there! - Hey! Hey!

Hey, scoundrel, I got a big twist and turn in my life..

..and you are sitting here and playing the guitar?

Hey, what happened, dude? - Hey, dear, I was pleading to..

..God for a beautiful girl in India, but I got a girl from..

..London, buddy! - Oh, I see, nowadays your..

..dreams are also imported.

Hey, buddy, why are you making fun of me?

I swear on you. This is true. - Really?

Actually it started this way..

I was happily driving my car, suddenly a car overtook mine.

Hey, hey! She showed me thumb. She challenged me.

You, I am not going to leave you.

She challenged me, she challenged Vijay Kumar.

What happened then? - Then my vehicle said.. Hey brother..

..what is going on here! Step on your gas and..

..show your charm. I said fine! I changed the gear and..

..I stepped on the gas. Hey, what happened?

Hey, you are not stepping on the gas, but my leg. My leg!

Remove your leg from mine! - Oh sorry, sorry.

Then there was a race between us.

Sometimes right, sometimes left.

How dare she, she didn't let me go in the front at all.

I turned my vehicle and put a reverse gear.

Her vehicle was coming straight and mine was in reverse.

Then I stopped my vehicle in front of hers.

You stopped your vehicle? Thank God! Then?

I could see beautiful legs out of the car.

Then a beautiful girl came out of the car.

O my God! She was turmoil.

With style stealthily she came to me! - Then?

She said..

For the first time in my life a thunder like you has messed..

..up with a volcano like me. You don't drive your car, but fly it.

In London, people are crazy about my driving.

In India I have become a fan of your driving.

If you were in London your name would've..

..entered the Guinness book of world records.

Then, what happened? - Then, she came close to me.

She came closer. - Th.. The.. Then?

She came very close to me. - Then?

She kissed me. - Oh I see, that means, in turn even..

.. you would've kissed her. - Yes, yes, yes. I kissed her.

So, you kissed her? Oh, I see. - Yes.

You tell me one thing. - Yes, ask.

Where did she kiss you? - Oh, here. - Here, I see.

You scoundrel, why did you slap me so hard?

To impress a girl you drive the car so fast?

You've just learnt to drive. What if you had..

..met with an accident?

Hey, Ravi! - What?

Something is burning. - Where? What are you saying?

Yes, yes. - Where? Where?

Hey, look, your heart is burning. Look, your heart is burning.

Hey you! Wait! I won't leave you.

Hey you! Wait! Wait!

Stop the car. Stop the car. Please stop the car.

Sir, please stop the car. Please stop the car, sir.

I want lift. Lift.

What nonsense is this?

It is not nonsense, mister!

This is a new way of asking for a lift.

Since half an hour, my driver..

..was trying to ask lift from people.

Instead of stopping, people were showing their thumbs to him.

'O my God! What a face, what a style, what a beauty..'

'After seeing this, anybody would've felt..'

'..lucky in giving you a lift.'

By the way, I feel I have seen you somewhere.

I think I have seen you somewhere.

Hey, I think you didn't recognize me.

My name is Ravi Kumar, singer.

Oh, I see. So, you are Mr. Ravi Kumar? - Yes.

You sing well. - Thanks for the compliment.

Now, you will start complimenting me. - What?

Then you would like me to praise you.

If we both start praising each other, then I will..

..leave my house behind. This is my house.

Oh, so you stay here? - Yes, do you have any objection?

You take the money for your broken glass and go from here.

Hey, you don't need to pay me money!

That was a beautiful style of yours.

And I don't take money from beautiful girls.

I liked you comment, but I know that you are trying to..

..flirt with me. - What?

Thank you for the lift. Good night.

"I am a Jat, mad, and crazy.."

Why are you so late? You've drove my sleep away.

I drove your sleep? But you were dancing now.

You were singing crazy songs. - No, actually I was feeling..

..very sleepy, so to drive away the sleep I was singing..

..crazy songs to drive away the sleep. Why are you so late?

Father, you know what happened today.

On the way my vehicle broke down.

You know who dropped me here. - Who?

You dream star, Mr. Ravi Kumar. - You must be kidding me, dear.

I swear on you. - What are you talking? - Yes.

Hey, you could've brought him inside the house.

I would've met and I would've felt proud.

You are too much, dear. - I didn't encourage him at all.

I didn't even let him know that I know him and I am a very..

..big fan of his. But I have done something of the sort..

..that he will revolve around our house.

He will just revolve around our house.

Bye, good night.

Ravi, I am always restless to meet you and to be with you.

But when I met you today I didn't even talk to you properly.

Sorry! What else could have I done?

By letting you know that I love you, I didn't want to become..

..cheap like those girls who love you only for your..

..wealth and fame. Just wait and watch, this attitude..

..of mine will force you to fall in love with me some day.

"The lovers are meeting today."

"The clouds are overcast and flowers are blooming."

"The heart is very peaceful."

"It has found its destination."

"My life is singing."

"Now that I have become your companion."

"The heart is very peaceful."

"It has found its destination."

"Where have we come walking? Where?"

"There's aroma everywhere. Everywhere."

"The soft breeze is like flowing stream of music."

"All the sights are beautiful, but you are the most beautiful."

"We both are lost in love."

"Like lost butterfly in a garden."

"The heart is very peaceful."

"It has found its destination."

"The birds are chirping. Are chirping."

"They're saying listen to your heart. Listen."

"The season has come with the riot of colours."

"It seems that we both are all alone in the world."

"All our desires are fulfilled."

"We won't repent now even if we die."

"The heart is very peaceful."

"It has found its destination."

"The lovers are meeting today."

"The clouds are overcast and flowers are blooming."

"The heart is very peaceful."

"It has found its destination."

"My life is singing."

"Now that I have become your companion."

"The heart is very peaceful."

"It has found its destination."

I feel that I am very fortunate because I got a chance..

..to sit with you and drink this tender coconut. - Really?

I respect you a lot. More than respect, I love you very much.

Get lost, I won't talk to you.

But I will keep talking. I enjoy talking.

Actually when my hand touches yours I feel like..

..my hands are turning into feathers

..and I'm flying like a crow..

I mean I am flying like a cuckoo and you are sitting on my..

..back and I am tickling you with my feathers.

You are very naughty. Shall I make a move now?

No, no, first promise that you'll meet me once again.

I can't promise you, but I will surely meet you.

Actually, I forgot to tell you the real matter.

I want to introduce you to my friend. - Is it so? - Yes.

He had a sister who resembled you very much.

She died. - How sad! - Yes. So he wants you to tie..

..him a Rakhi. - What? Is it? He wants me to tie him a Rakhi?

Yes, so when should I get my brother-in-law to tie you Rakhi?

Do one thing, Raksha Bandhan (Indian festival)

..is nearing, that day will be very auspicious..

..to meet my brother. - Wow, wonderful!

Before that I.. one small one.. - No, no! Shall I make a move?

Shall I make a move? - Please, give me one..

No. - Bye. Shall I keep this?

You are giving me the garbage and leaving.

Okay, come! Come slowly, or else you'll fall.

Hey, did you do it? - Absolutely, congratulations!

Thank you. - Hold this.

Did you tell her.. did you tell her the matter?

Hey, I have told her everything, everything about you.

Now she can't deny your proposal.

Is it? When are you introducing me to her?

No, no. I can't introduce you now. .

You continue to sit there. - Hey, you make me sit there..

..daily and you sit here and God knows what all you do.

Hey, I do that for your sake. - Is it so?

Think that you are doing it and I am sitting there.

Okay, okay! - Why don't you understand, buddy?

Actually the thing is that that auspicious day is coming..

..very soon when I will introduce you to her.

Actually she is a girl like iron. - Okay!

First I have to melt the iron. Then melt iron to water.

Then make the water as wax. Then I have to vanish the wax.

What are you doing? You stand straight. - Yes, yes!

What I am telling is, give me some time.

I have to trap her. I have to make her mine.

I have to embrace her. I will hold her so tight that you will..

..be stunned to see. Okay, I'll make a move now.

Yes, sir, who do you want to meet? - Please call madam.

Who is it, Ramdeen? You?

Yes, it is me.

How can I help you? - They say talking with love..

..to someone is like praying to God. What do you say?

There are many other ways of praying.

Anyways, tell me what is the matter?

Matter? There is no matter at all.

Yes, but there is a desire. - Yesterday, you forgot your..

..handkerchief in my car and -So, you came here to return that.

I think you would have got used to all these things.

Why not? Who knows how many girls would've asked..

..you for a lift. Somebody would've forgotten their..

..vanity bag and somebody would've forgotten their book..

..and somebody their handkerchief.

Why don't you hire a servant to return those things to girls?

Look, I can't say about others that why do they intentionally..

..leave their handkerchief in others' vehicles, but..

..this is a first time such an incident happened in my car..

..and has become an unforgettable incident in my life.

Incident? - Yes. A beautiful and charming incident.

You talk very well. - I am thankful that you like..

..at least something in me. I haven't come here to give..

..your handkerchief back to you, instead I will keep this..

..handkerchief with me for the lifetime. - Why?

Because I love you. Because of this handkerchief I feel..

..as though your fragrance is settled in my breath.

Tomorrow there's my show is in Wahedas Hall.

If you attend that I will feel that you did a favor on me

I can't come. - In spite of that I'll wait for you.

Meena, why did he come here. Who allowed him inside this house?

Why? What is wrong with him?

He is a cheater, thief, and fraud.

He always tries to flirt around with girls with his art.

Wherever he sees any beautiful girl standing in..

..the corner of the road asking for lift, he forcibly stops..

..his vehicle there and he misbehaves..

..with those innocent girls.

Monty, I too have experienced if it is the girl who is..

..forcing him to give lift or Ravi forces a girl to take lift.

Enough, dude, how long will you take?

Will you count everything here only?

Now ring the bell. - Okay

Hey, you've actually turned on the light. Bell, bell.

Sorry, dude, I haven't worked as a watchman till now.

Enough, how many times will you ring the bell?

She is here. - Oh, hi, Ghanshyam.

He is the poor man whose sister looked like you.

Oh, how sweet! - Okay, okay.

How are you? - Okay, okay, okay, I am fine.

Come, come, please come inside, please. - Okay!

Hey, you come inside. - You yourself left me outside.

You are a crazy fellow.

You know, after knowing about you..

..I told Mr. Ghanshyam that there would be no auspicious..

..day than today. By the way, nowadays who accepts anybody?

Believe me just because of your love, our relationship..

..has strengthened more.

So, shall I believe that our relationship is..

Fi.. Fi.. Fi.. Fi.. - Fixed! - Fixed.

There is nothing left now. I have already spoken to her..

..about the relationship. She has agreed it. - Is it?

You only have to distribute sweets now. - Is it?

Why not? I have kept everything ready.

I'll just be back in two minutes.

Oh thank you, dear! - Hey, what are you doing?

You are so happy that you are kissing me.

No! - Hey, why are you so silent?

He is so happy that he has become quiet, lost his..

..consciousness, he has got intoxicated.

Finally I would say, he has become a rabbit.

Now see, what is going to come. Close your eyes.

Close your eyes. Ready, now see.

No. - Hey what are you doing? - Give me your hand.

Give her your hand. Give her your hand. Tie it.

Make it fast. Tie it fast. Fast. See this. This, this..

This is your gift. - No. - Give it to her from your right hand.

Very good, give this to her from your hand. Good.

From today onwards.. - How sweet!

Never think that your sister is not alive.

She is right in front of you. Here she is.

I'll kill you. I'll kill you. - Brother, open your mouth.

Brother, open your mouth. - Open your mouth.

What are you pressing? Congratulations! From today..

..onwards our friendship has changed into relationship.

I am getting married to her so you are my brother-in-law now.

Wow, wonderful show! - He is a good singer.

Manger, he is a big fan of Ravi. - Oh, is it?

He is going to America by tonight's flight.

He is insisting that he will leave only after watching..

..Ravi's show. - Okay.

Manager, please make some arrangements for him or..

..I will have to give him my ticket.

Hey, I swear on the full house..

Why do you have to worry about it? I'll do something for him.

Please come. - Thank you. - Come, come in.

Hi! - Hi!

Did you recognize me? - It is not only difficult to forget..

..you, but it is impossible. - I think the same about you too.

The thing that I am feeling; are you feeling the same?

First let me know about your feelings,

..then let's talk further.

I just wanted to tell you that it looks as if we know each..

..other from a very long time. - Why are you feeling so?

Actually, the style that you met me for the first time.

It seems as though we know each other from ages.

If this is the case, we would've met ages before.

Congratulations! Congratulations!

Not this.. He got a seat. - If he would've come at a moment..

..like this in London, he would be trashed so badly, so badly..

That his name would be registered in Guinness book..

..of world record. - That's right.

By the way, madam, are you here to see the show?

No, I was searching you since morning to give you a kiss..

Finally I found you here. Sir, I am a big fan of this singer.

Look, I have booked the tickets in advance.

"I just want to keep looking at you for a hundred years."

"I just want to keep looking at you for a hundred years."

"After hundred years,..

I keep wondering for another hundred years."

"Then for hundred I'd like to..

..say in every language of the world.."

"For centuries I've been loving you."

"I just want to keep looking at you for a hundred years."

"The passing time should also turn back and see."

"How somebody has immersed in love."

"The passing time should also turn back and see."

"How somebody has immersed in love."

"The stars say that on earth.."

"..somebody is mad after someone."

"Somebody is mad after someone."

"For hundred years I'd keep loving you silently."

"For hundred years I'd keep yearning for you."

"Then for hundred I'd like to say in every language of the world.."

"For centuries I've been loving you."

"I just want to keep looking at you for a hundred years."

"The wind is listening and also the atmosphere."

"My calls are echoing in the mountains."

"The wind is listening and also the atmosphere."

"My calls are echoing in the mountains."

"Even if I am dead I'll be yours."

"My love and sincerity are immortal."

"My love and sincerity are immortal."

"For hundred years I'd roam as a monk."

"For hundred years I'd take only one name."

"Then for hundred I'd like to say in every language of the world.."

"For centuries I've been loving you."

"I just want to keep looking at you for a hundred years."

Wasn't that great? - Sir, Mr. Ravi Kumar has called you.

Okay, yes! See you.

Wow, he sang wonderfully! - He is a good singer.

Meena! One minute, hold on, hold on.

Autograph please. Autograph please.

Autograph please. - Autograph please.

One minute, Meena!- I'll give it to you. Wait, wait.

Don't worry, Mr. Gupta. Your show will surely take place

Thank you very much, sir. - Okay.

Hello, handsome, will you meet me in Golden Club tomorrow?

I am sorry, Meenu, I can't come tomorrow. I am busy.

I'll see how busy or free you are tomorrow.

Tomorrow I'll wait for you in Golden Club.

Look, Meenu, don't wait for me. I can't come.

Ravi, it's neither your fault nor hers.

It is your fate. In my first meeting, the girl kisses me.

And in your first meeting the glass is broken.

You called your girlfriend on the show, she came, but..

..she didn't meet you. I didn't call my girlfriend to the show..

..but then too she came and sat next to me till the end.

What are you saying! Hey, even my girlfriend was sitting..

..in your row. - Is it so? Which color dress was she wearing?

She was wearing a yellow dress.

But your sister-in-law too was wearing yellow.

Was she sitting on my right or left?

I was there to sing a song and not to see on your right and left.

Okay, forget it. Would you like to hear some wonderful news?

Tell me. - She has called me at Golden Club tomorrow..

..evening at sharp 4 O' Clock. What are you saying, buddy?

Do you want to hear one more wonderful news? - Tell me.

But I am not going there. - Why?

I am champion, champion.

I will not get knocked out in the first shot of love.

Come on, buddy. - Look, buddy, you have to be hard to get.

Tell me what you say. - Look, buddy, at least once..

..you introduce me to my sister-in-law.

After that you play hard to get, get trashed by..

..shoes or sandals. I will not disturb you both.

You just reach the club by 4 O' Clock.

After that I'll come there. Okay?

Can I sit here in front of you? - Why not?

But only for a short while because I am waiting for..

..someone else. - Is that so?

Who is that fortunate man? - Actually I am very fortunate..

..as I got a chance to sit with him.

I wish I was there in his place. - I didn't understand.

I don't think you are so immature.

You break the glass of somebody's car, but still..

..he drops you at your doorstep.

The next day he comes to your house with an excuse..

..of the handkerchief just to get a glance of yours.

Isn't this enough to understand a person's feelings?

So many girls are your friends, your fans, they understand..

..your feeling, still you are not content.

Since I have seen you, I am very restless and a feeling..

..of loneliness has surrounded me.

How many girls did you say the same thing?

If you think whatever I am telling you is lie..

..or that I am just spinning yarns, then I would like to leave..

Enough, enough! I was just testing you.

I just wanted to see if you too feel the same way..

..that I feel for you.

Then what did your heart say?

My heart said that it didn't make a mistake..

..by falling in love with you.

I'll come tomorrow by 5 O' Clock and we will meet then.

Oh sorry! - Sorry, madam. Sorry.

Look what have you done! Get lost from here.

Your dress is spoilt. Come, I'll drop you home.

No, it is okay. I'll go. My car is fine today.

Okay, fine, let me at least see you off till the vehicle.

Okay! - Please come.

Do one thing, get two sandwiches.

So you are here? I knew that you would surely come.

I didn't come here to meet you.

I came here looking for my friend.

That's it. This is the problem in you guys.

Just to impress girls, they try to show attitude. Ego.

Hey, madam, we don't have attitude.

We borrow it from beautiful girls like you.

Thank you. - Welcome!

By the way, I came here to meet you, but some time.

..back I changed my decision. - What decision?

Finding me alone here many young, handsome and..

.. dashing guys approached me.

Somebody gave me flowers and somebody invited me for dinner.

One guy was even chasing me to marry him.

Yes, you should've accepted his proposal.

You could've married him.

Why you had to make me wait here for one hour?

Caught you! That is the reason I say don't try to act smart.

Okay, fine. Then sit here for some more time.

Some other young man will come and you get married..

..to him only. I am going. - Hey, Vijay, I was just joking.

Why are you getting angry?

"Why are you angry with me?"

"What has upset you?"

"Ok. You are right and I'm wrong."

"Why are you angry with me?"

"What has upset you?"

"Ok. You are right and I'm wrong."

"Until when will you hide your love for me?"

"The anger is just an act. In fact you love me."

"Until when will you hide your love for me?"

"The anger is just an act. In fact you love me."

"This wall of lies, who knows when it'll fall."

"This wall of lies, who knows when it'll fall."

"Ok. You are right and I'm wrong."

"Why are you angry with me?"

"What has upset you?"

"Ok. You are right and I'm wrong."

"You are so ignorant."

"At least understand this, dear."

"If I've met you smiling, do not take it as love."

"You are so ignorant."

"At least understand this, dear."

"If I've met you smiling, do not take it as love."

"Make your heart understand not to be unnecessarily happy."

"Make your heart understand not to be unnecessarily happy."

"It's the truth that I am right and you're absolutely wrong."

"Do not break the heart of the one who loves you."

"Just smile and stop fighting."

"Do not break the heart of the one who loves you."

"Just smile and stop fighting."

"I've fallen in love with you.."

"..it is unfortunate for me."

"I've fallen in love with you.."

"..it is unfortunate for me."

"Ok. You are right and I'm wrong."

"Why are you angry with me?"

"What has upset you?"

"Ok. You are right and I'm wrong."

You want to get married to Meena, then don't worry..

..you'll surely marry her. I'll go right away and talk to her father.

Her father is my childhood friend.

And Meena is your childhood friend.

I'll go right now and fix your marriage and return.

Nephew, congratulations! You are going to become the..

..son-in-law of a millionaire.

Nephew, after you become rich, please don't forget us.

Uncle, what are you talking!

I am ashamed of what I did. - No, no!

Absolutely not! Absolutely not!

Meena is like my daughter. If she wants to get married to Ravi..

..instead of Monty, so what? We both will get her married.

I'll get Monty married to somebody.

Are you happy? Thank you very much, dear.

You've eased the burden on my heart.

No, don't talk about heart.

Okay, I won't. Look I hold my ears. Are you happy?

Scoundrel Ravi Kumar! Ravi Kumar! I am going to kill him!

I am going to kill that scoundrel! - Monty! Control yourself, Monty.

Control yourself. - I'll kill him. - Relax.

I have to do something about this Ravi Kumar.

Mr. Ravi, who do you suspect behind this attack?

Do you have any old rivalries with anybody or..

..dispute against property? Or do you think somebody..

..is jealous of you because of your profession.

Who were they? - Inspector, I don't have enmity with anyone.

I haven't left any place for jealousy in my profession.

I don't know who they were. - Okay, Mr. Ravi.

Thank you for your co operation. Take rest.

We'll try to trace them out soon. Come, let's go.

Look, Ravi, you can lie to the world, but not to me.

You don't know how bad I am feeling. I can't you see like this.

Tell me the truth, who were they?

Vijay, please believe me. I don't know them.

Then, swear on me. - Vijay, I am telling you the truth.

As soon as they came they put something into my eyes.

Then they attacked me. Really I didn't see them at all.

The day I will know about those scoundrels I'll break..

.. their bones and take a revenge for

..every drop of your blood they shed.

Mr. Vijay, press people and fans of Mr. Ravi have..

..gathered outside the hospital.

They want to meet Mr. Ravi right now.

I can't permit them for this. You please go and..

..make them understand it. - Okay.

Ravi! Ravi! What happen to you?

How did all this happen? Who were those people who..

..thrashed you like this? - I'll tell you. Come sit. Sit.

Thank God nothing happened to you, or else I..

I love you, Ravi. I love you.

Thank you very much as you all are so concerned about..

..him and came to see him, but he needs total rest now.

Please leave him alone. Please.

But excuse me, Mr. Vijay..

Ravi, I can't live without you even for a second.

I couldn't see you in this state.

Vijay! Why didn't you come..

..to the hospital from past two days?

Hey, Vijay, why are you so quiet?

Ravi, you love Meena very much, right?

Yes, I love her, but all of a sudden, why are you bringing..

..Meena between us? - Meena didn't come..

..between us, Ravi. I feel that I came in between Meena and you.

I didn't understand it. - Ravi, do you remember I said that..

..one girl kissed me? The girl is none other than Meena..

..who kissed you in the hospital in front of me.

No, buddy. That is not possible.

I think you have misunderstood something.

Misunderstood something? Ravi, I knew that you won't believe me.

She pretended to be Meenu and played..

..a game of love with me and she enacted as Meena and..

..made you go crazy. - If this is true, then she is cheating us.

You do one thing, if she meets you, then you get her to..

..Manorie beach in the evening today.

If I meet her, then I'll get her there.

Vijay, why do we sacrifice our friendship for that girl?

Instead we will sacrifice that girl for our friendship.

Meenu! - Yes!

Do you know him? - Yes. He is the same singer, Ravi Kumar.

Are you meeting him for the first time? - Yes.

Try to recall, Meenu, you would've met him somewhere earlier.

I am sure I am meeting him for the first time.

Before this I've watched his shows and I have heard..

..his albums in London too.

You are lying, Meenu. You are lying.

On one hand you pretended to love Ravi and on the other..

..hand you are having an affair with me.

What nonsense is this! Have you gone mad?

I loved you, I didn't pretend to do so.

And about Mr. Ravi, neither I have met him earlier nor do I love him.

Haven't you met me earlier? Haven't you met me earlier?

Then who was she, who broke my car's glass and asked me for lift?

I went to her house with the handkerchief, who was the she?

Who was she who came to my show after I invited her?

Who was she who met me in Golden Club?

Who was she who came to meet me in the hospital?

Who was she? Can you answer my question?

Why are you quiet? Why don't you answer him?

How can you answer Meenu, I myself saw you embracing Ravi!

Vijay, you should be ashamed of talking to me this way!

Do you think I am mad about your machismo?

I got impressed by his popularity and fell in love with him?

Then one day I'll fall in for somebody's bravery..

..and one day for somebody's courage.

Do you think I am a prostitute?

Vijay, I don't want to give any explanation now.

I am telling this for the last time that this is the first..

..time I am meeting Ravi. I only know you, I like you..

..and I love you only. - Vijay, she is a cheater!

She is a fraud. She is lying. Shut up.

You shut up!


She is Meena.. Then who is she?

I've told you earlier who I am. - I understood it.

I understood everything.

Hey, this is called a miracle of God.

One girl is born in London named Meenu and one..

..girl is born in India named Meena.

Same face, same age. Anybody can become a fool.

God, if you wouldn't have sent Meena on the right time..

..who knows what would've happened.

Ravi. - Meena, Meena. I'll make you understand later.

Sister-in-law, my sweet sister-in-law, please forgive me.

I was helpless in love and in anger misbehaved with you.

Please. Please forgive me. - It is alright.

If I were in your place I would've also..

.. probably done the same thing.

At this moment, I believe one thing that your love for us..

..in sincere and honest. - If I couldn't have come today..

..God knows what would've happened.

All this fight was because of you both being identical.

And we were thinking that one girl fooled us both.

It is good that you reached on the right time.

The best part is that you haven't worn same dress.

Or else I don't know what..

No, no. No more confusion. She is okay for me. She is fine.

Anyways, we all will sit together and talk later.

Ravi, immediately come to my house as my father is leaving..

..to America and wants to meet you now.

One minute, one minute. Okay, Vijay, we will make a move now.

By the way it is better to leave you both alone now.

Miss. Meenu, take care of him.

He was talking all rubbish about you. - Hey!

Oh my God. - Bye, see you. - Bye. See you, bye.

I am sorry, Meenu. I doubted you.

I actually went mad. Today I believe that I have become..

..blind and crazy in your love. I am sorry.

You look so innocent when you say 'sorry'.

I swear if you were in London, then..

Hey! Forget about London now. Do you think our India is less?


"Our eyes met and we both got lost."

"Our eyes met and we both got lost."

"Our hearts beat faster and we both got lost."

"The spring is here. - We both are in love."

"We both are ready for it."

"Our eyes met and we both got lost."

"Our hearts beat faster and we both got lost."

"The spring is here."

"We both are in love."

"We both are ready for it."

"Our eyes met and we both got lost."

"Our moods have changed these days."

"We've forgotten all our work these days."

"Love rules our hearts these days."

"Love is blossoming these days."

"There's music on our lips. -There's love in our lives."

"It's victory of our love."

"Day and night we keep dreaming and we are lost."

"Our eyes met and we both got lost."

"Let's forget our differences and embrace."

"There are no distances between us now."

"Let this world be jealous."

"Let's live in each other's arms."

"We both are free. -We both are together."

"Now who remembers sadness."

"The words are banned and we are lost."

"Our eyes met and we both got lost."

"Our hearts beat faster and we both got lost."

"The spring is here. - We both are in love."

"We both are ready for it."

"Our eyes met and we both got.."

Today Jai Kishan is being released.

What difference does it make! Once he is released..

..he will fight for some poor man and come back here again.

Brother Jai Kishan! Brother Jai Kishan!

Get up, brother, today you are being released, sir.

Shut up! - Sir.

There is only one sir, the one who is up there

I am only his devotee, his devotee..

The release order comes from Him, not from the government.

Get lost! - You wanted to be released..

..before Diwali, so it is accepted.

Tomorrow is Diwali, so I came to give you the news.

Tomorrow is Diwali.

Forgive me, Hiralal, I betrayed you.

The girl's photograph, which you showed it to me..

..after I saw that I fell for her. I stabbed a knife in your back.

No, actually I stabbed a knife on your heart.

I betrayed you and got married to that girl.

But on the nuptial night..

Open your drape.. wow! You are like a burning sun..

No, no, your face is like a moon.

On that note let's take a betel leaf.

Ghani.. - Who is it?

I am talking to you dear. I am Ghani?

Yes, from now on I will call you Ghani.


Because you love me very much.

Look till today none of husbands made me eat betel leaf.

None of your husbands? How many husbands did you have earlier?

Before this I have been married four times.

What happened, Ghani? Do you have any objection?

No, Yes, Actually I have forgotten the direction of Yes and No.

The other husbands that you mentioned just now..

Where are they? - Forget about them now.

Why are you talking about them on our nuptial night?

This is not nuptial night, but a very unfortunate night.

Tell me about all those four men or else I can't sleep tonight.

Okay, just in few days of our marriage I came to know..

..that he didn't love me, but they loved my wealth.

Then what, we used to go to hill station for honeymoon.

..we used to go together and I alone used to come back.

Where will we go for our honeymoon?

Oh Ghani! I like high mountains and deep chasms.

It is very romantic. How do you feel, Ghani?

Oh my God. The next day itself I divorced her.

Thank God, my life is saved. My hair is safe.

I am very relaxed now, otherwise I would've lost all my hair.

Actually I wanted to see you bald.

What do you mean? - I already knew..

..everything about that girl. That is the reason I gave..

..you her snap, so that you woo her, you trap her.

..and then she would throw you in a chasm.

Oh, I see! Was this your friendship?

What was your friendship, brother?

I was just testing your friendship.

Oh, was that a test! - Yes, nowadays the..

..pattern of test has changed a bit.

Sir, you celebrate the best Diwali in town.

What celebration! - Diwali.

Oh, thanks a lot. Thank you.

Hey, get a glass of whisky.

Wow, what a party and what expensive drinks!

You are having fun here? - Then what do you expect..

..me to do, to sit and cry because you came back?

How did you come here from Jail?

Sir, I had to come. To wish you Diwali I had to come here.

There is Diwali here, but our colony is in darkness.

This is not an electricity office.

This is a house of respectable people.

And this is a party for respectable people, not for loafers like you.

I know how respectable these people are.

By the way, I didn't come here to fight, I just came here to..

..talk regarding the poor people's rights.

What nonsense! They work for me and I pay them wages..

..and the matter is settled there.

Sir, blood is cheaper, but not the sweat, as you are giving..

..them so less money. Now don't spoil my mood and..

..give the poor people their bonus with respect.

So do you take money for watching faces?

He has come here for bonus. Throw him outside!

If you come near me, then you won't go back on your own feet.

Now get lost from here! Go! Get lost!

Why are you coming close to me? What nonsense is this?

What is this! - Cracker.

If I light this the whole structure of your face..

..will change. - No, brother Jai Kishan.

Now I understand everything. Actually the thing is, I..

..haven't met any intelligent person like you in my whole life.

I always cry about the plight of the poor people in the colony.

Sir, you need not cry, just arrange for the bonus. What?

Bonus. - Bonus? Actually the thing is -Yes, yes.. Bro..

Shall I tell you something, brother Jai Kishan?

Yes, tell me. - Why don't you become a security officer..

..in our factory? - What did you say? What?

Nothing. Nothing, I am getting it. - Bonus.

Yes, yes, I am getting the same amount.

Happy Diwali! Happy Diwali, dear children.

Yes, have fun. Enjoy yourself.

It is for everybody. For everyone.

Hey, aunty, why are you sitting so sad on such an..

..auspicious day, what do you want, aunty? Tell me.

The whole life keep lighting the house of the poor people.

You don't want light in your own dark house?

Think about yourself too son. Why do you want to stay..

..alone leaving your family members?

Come on, uncle. Why do you want to talk all this on this..

..happy occasion? If you people are happy it is like..

..Id and Diwali to me. - May God always keep you happy.

Come on, children, have fun.

Now what do we tell him! He has made strangers..

..his family members and his own family members made him a stranger.

You scoundrel, I am not going to leave you today.

Hey, hello, excuse me. Hey, Mr. Ravi Kumar, he is a singer.

My name is Jai Kishan and I am very big fan of yours.

Thank you, this is my friend, Vijay. - Hello. - Hello.

Hey uncle, didn't you recognize him?

He is Mr. Ravi Kumar. He is a famous singer.

Is he a singer? - Yes.

You are such a.. - Are you trying to abuse me?

Tell me what? Tell me. Speak up, what do you want to say?

Hey, brother, today we are going to dance..

..so tell him to sing a Punjabi song.

"Your mother and my mother became good friends.."

Oh great, wonderful! Wonderful idea, brother.

Hey, sing a nice song. Do you know any Bhangra song? - Yes.

Then please start. Come. - Come, let's sing and dance.

Come, come, let's go. Oh wow, wonderful!

"Talk openly and the party will be on."

"Talk openly and the party will be on."

"Have a large peg and dance."

"Talk openly and the party will be on."

"Have a large peg and dance."

"We are dancing."

"We are dancing."

"Sometimes No!"

"Sometimes she says no!

"When ever she is in the den, she says no!"

"When ever she is in the den, she says no!"

"This is good time, the best moment has come today."

"Today friends have gathered and are having fun."

"This is good time, the best moment has come today."

"Today friends have gathered and are having fun."

"Today is wonderful."

"We are dancing."

"We are dancing."

"I roamed the world for twelve years and I got potatoes."

"I roamed the world for twelve years and I got potatoes."

"Drummer, play the drums. We are dancing."

"Drummer, play the drums. We are dancing."

"My dear, your eyes have captivated me."

"I've also given you my heart."

"Oh God, everyone got to know of your love."

"One more lover is born in this world."

"God knows when will you look deep into my eyes."

"I'll thank God when you'll fall in love with me."

"If I fall in love then I'll be in problem."

"But if yu smile.. But if you smile then I'll fall for you."

"We are dancing."

"We are dancing."

"Talk openly and the party will be on."

"Have a large peg and dance."

"We are dancing."

"We are dancing."

"We are dancing."

"We are dancing."

"We are dancing."

"We are dancing."

"We are dancing."

"We are dancing."

Attention to remaining passengers flying by..

..international flight U13..

Vijay, I am not going to London forever.

Please I can't see you being sad like this.

Don't you want me to go to London and talk to my father..

..about our marriage? - Meenu, do you have faith..

..that your daddy will agree?

If he was just my father, then he wouldn't have agreed.

But he is more like a mother to me than my father.

My father is bald. Do you know why?

Because he became bald fulfilling all my wishes.

My father is a gem of a person, Vijay.

He has always selected the best things for me.

That is the reason, he will never..

..say 'no' to this relationship.

Then I will come back to my Vijay forever.

Vijay, there is good news for you.

Meenu has changed her decision about going to London.

Not at all. - Then, for how long will you talk like this?

Then see the time. Meenu, if continue to talk to him like this

..then you'll stand here till tomorrow morning.

He is like old emotional film hero.

His scenes never end fast. Come on, move now..

It is time for your flight.

Okay, Meenu, you take.. - You take care of yourself.

Give a call as soon as your reach there.

I will wait for your call. Make your father understand.

I will wait for you to come back, etc. etc. etc.

Vijay, let her go. She is getting late.


Tell your father that his another daughter is in India..

..who resembles you a lot. She has sent her regards to him.

Okay. - Come, let's go, Meena, let's leave them alone..

..for few minutes, for few minutes only.

Bye. - Bye. - Bye.

Only few minutes.

I love you, Meenu. I love you.

Let me go or else I'll be late.


'After going to London I'll be restless till I meet you again.'

'It is better that I call my father here only. Yes.'

Hello! - Hello, Ravi, Meenu here.

Yes, Meenu. How are you? Did you reach London safely?

I didn't go to London, I am very close to you here itself.

Hey, Meenu, stop joking! Okay tell me, what is going on?

Hey, when I told you that I am here itself..

..why don't you believe me? - If Vijay comes and bugs me..

..and ask me your details, what will I answer him?

Caught you! Look, I fooled you. Hey, I reached London safely.

I played this prank just because even though..

..I am in London I can see you both..

..in front of me.

Tell Vijay that I will call in evening and to wait for my call.

I need not tell him. He will run and come in the evening here.

See you. Take care. Bye!

It will be great fun now.

Taxi! Taxi!

Hey! What are you doing?

Leave me! Help!

Look, we don't care..

..if you are Meenu or Meena.

We only know one thing that our nephew likes you very much.

Then why are you acting smart?

She is pretending as if she doesn't know me.

She is pretending as if she doesn't know me.

What do you think you can fool me so easily?

For God's sake, please leave me.

My daddy doesn't have anybody other than me.

O daddy! - He will die.

Look what is she saying! Your daddy is not alone.

We all are there with him.

He has got such a great son-in-law.

We all are guards for your entire property.

Property? What are you talking about!

Hey, enough! Shut up now!

Mahinder, go and give a call her boyfriend. - Okay.

Tell him to get the property papers or else we will kill her.

Get lost!

Hello! - You don't know us, Mr. Ravi..

D..and don't even try to know about us..

..because we are heartless people.

Yes, I wanted to tell you that..

..your Meenakshi is in our custody.

Is it so?

The property that Meenakshi's father has willed in your name.

..we want that now.

And if I say I won't do that?

We will kill your Meenakshi.

For this we are giving you 24 hours time.

Is that so?

Then you do one thing..

You give me a call after 24 hours.

Yes, the thing that you said you'll do, finish..

..that and give me a call.

By the way, I have some urgent work to do. Okay!

Who called you up?

Just like that. Somebody played a prank.

Come on, now make it fast.

We are getting late for the party.

What are you looking at? - You are look very beautiful.

Come on now.

What? - Yes.

He said we can do whatever we want to do

Okay, fine.

Then we'll do such thing with her..

..that even her boyfriend will come to know..

..that we do whatever we say.

Please, please let me go.

You.. You want money, right?

I'll go to London and send you as much as money you want.

Please, please leave me.

She wants to go to London.

She wants to run away from me.

You will go to London?


You will go to London?

Go, please go.

Go, leave now.

I won't do anything, please leave.

Please leave me.

Hey, come on, beautiful.

Please leave me.

Leave you?

Shall I go?

Go, nephew, go and have fun.

Leave me!



Hello, Mr. Ravi Kumar? - Yes.

Hello, I am inspector Rajan Chawal speaking.

Yes, tell me.

We've found a corpse at Madh island..

..who has got your address and card.


Please come, Mr. Ravi.

We were waiting for you.

Come, the corpse is there.





'I didn't go to London, I am very close to you here itself.'

'We will kill your Meenakshi.'

Inspector, I know her.

You can hand over the corpse to me.


Mr. Singh. - Yes, sir.

You finish the formalities. - Okay.

Mr. Ravi, it will take two minutes, till then you..

No, I am ok here. - Okay.

My beloved has gone away from me. My life is in dark.

Why are you sitting in dark? Tell me, buddy.

Why are you worried? - Can't I drink in the pain..

..of Meenu's departure?

I know that she is your girlfriend..

..but she was a good friend of mine.

She was my well-wisher. I.. I lost a good friend.

Don't worry, friend. Meenu might call up now.

Talk to her as much as you want to.

By now she should've called up.

What if she forgets to give you a call?


Ravi, if today Meenu doesn't call me up, then..

..my dear friend, remember one thing I'll kill myself.

Ravi, I think I am very fortunate that I got a friend like you and..

..a girlfriend like Meenu.

If any one of you is separated from me..

..then you'll see, Ravi, that day will be the last day of my life.

Ravi, I love Meenu a lot. Ravi, I love her very, very, very much.

Vijay, spend your time remembering her..

I'll be right back. Okay?

Hello! - Meena, I am Ravi speaking.

What is the matter, Ravi? - Meena, Vijay has come here.

What did he say? - He isn't telling anything ..

..but is sitting here expecting Meenu's call from London..

And if he doesn't get a call he'll commit suicide.

Meena, I can't see Vijay being..

..restless and suffering like this.

But how long can you hide without telling Vijay about Meenu's death?

I called you up thinking about the same thing.

I have a small request.

Please don't say 'no'. - What are you telling, Ravi!

Make a call to my home as Meenu.

Only I will know that it is you who has called up.

But for Vijay, this call will be from his Meenu from London.

Hello! - Vijay. Meenu. - Meenu, I was desperately waiting for..

..this evening. I was so desperate that I was wishing..

..the sun to set sooner and you give me a call.

Meenu, but today the sun troubled me a lot.

It made me very restless today.

It wasn't setting at all. Meenu, I can't stay without..

O Meenu! I love you. I love you, Meenu.

I am poor man who doesn't have anything else other than..

..your love and Ravi's friendship.

Meenu, after you left there is only darkness in my life.

Are you listening to me, Meenu?

Meenu, people celebrate Id and Diwali..

But do you know when I will celebrate Id and Diwali?

When you come back to India! That day will be the happiest..

..day of my life, Meenu. I will love you more than my life.

I will never let you go away from me.

Meenu, when are you coming back? When are you coming back?

I don't think I can ever come back. - I'll die right now, Meenu

I am helpless, Vijay. - Hey, Meenu, how did..

..helplessness come in between us?

Tell that to go away. - The matter is serious.

My father has fixed my marriage somewhere else.

Try to forget me. Don't even think of living..

..with my memories. Just think as though we never met.

Meenu, are you playing a prank with me?

Try to believe it as soon as possible.

You will suffer less.

Only a human can feel the pain..

..but there are no feelings left in a corpse.

I am hanging up.. - Meenu, there is silence all around me.

I am only hoping for one word now. Joke..

Meenu, please tell me that this is joke.

This is not a joke, but it's the fact, Vijay.

'It's the fact! It's the fact! It's the fact!'

'It's the fact!'

Vijay.. Vijay! Vijay!

Hello! Hello! Hey, phone is disconnected.

Buddy, not only the phone, but our relationship is disconnected.

Our relationship is disconnected! - Vijay!


I can't stay without you even for a moment. Lie!

My father has fixed my marriage somewhere else.

Come on, make it fast! Run!

You've saved his life by getting him here on time.

Don't worry, he will be alright.

If you need something, please call me. - Certainly!

Don't worry, I will.

Doctor. - Yes.

This is the blood report of the patient on bed No - 3.

Vijay! - You give this report.. - Where is Vijay?

What happened to him? How did this happen?

Oh my God! Doctor! Doctor! How is my son, now?

Where is my son? What happened to Vijay?

Now he is out of danger. - My son.

We will shift him in another room.

But if that angel wouldn't have brought him here on time..

..then anything could've happened.

Doctor, who is that man who did such a big favor on us..

..by bring Vijay here on time? - I think he left.

But he said his name is Jai Kishan. Excuse me!

Son, Ravi, what happened to Vijay?

How did this happen? Son, you are intelligent.

How did you let all this happen?

I am sorry to say, but the fact is that the patient is..

..badly hurt emotionally than physically..

..by some girl called Meenu. - Son, Meenu?

Who is this Meenu? I don't understand anything.

Mother, I've understood everything.

Mother, your son will be fine, very soon.

This is this son's promise to his mother. - Ravi!

What are you saying, Ravi! This is not possible.

I have to enact as Meenu and come into Vijay's life?

I have to play the drama of loving him.

With this Vijay's, yours mine, all our lives will be ruined.

No. This is not done, Ravi. You forced me to enact as Meenu..

..and call him up, so I called up. You saw the consequences of that.

Why aren't you telling him the truth?

Meena.. he can't tolerate the truth in this state.

What if tomorrow he comes to know the truth?

Do you know how bad the consequences may be?

Have you thought about it?

After knowing the truth he will die thinking the one whom..

..he is thinking as his Meenu, is actually his own..

.. friend's girlfriend Meena.

I don't want to think about..

..the consequences now, but only want to save Vijay's life..

..which is asking for help from his friend.

A mother who is begging for his son's life.

Would you like your Ravi to get embarrassed in front of his mother?

Meena, once Vijay is fine, I'll tell him everything.

Believe me, time heals every wounds

But Ravi, I.. - Please, Meena..

Don't tell me anything now.

If you love me, if you feel the pain that I am going through..

..then you'll surely realize my pain and help me out in this.

Hi, Vijay!

Why are you surprised? I am your Meenu.

From London to the airport and straight from the airport..

..to you, I didn't even go home.

Meenu, but you called up and said that, you..

Hey, I was just joking. Try to remember that day was..

..1st of April. - 1st April, what a strange joke that was!

You played a prank, but he tried committing suicide.

Did you try committing suicide?

That means I fooled him and he got fooled.

Sweetheart, if you were in London, your name would..

..be registered in the Guinness book of world records.

Who is it?

Live long! You? - I..

Mother, she is.. Vijay's Meenu.

I thought a girl from London will be full of attitude who..

..would only say Hi and Hello, but she is absolutely an Indian.

Mother, I am feeling very hungry.

You please sit. I'll serve you hot food.

Meenu, do anything in life, but never play a prank like this..

..ever again which takes away my life from me.

I've been dying each and every moment..

..after separating from you. Please don't go away from me.

Never go away from me.

I accepted that I should enact as Meenu and..

..give Vijay a new life, but I couldn't tolerate when he..

..embraced me tightly.. Ravi, please..

When he touched me, I felt as though somebody is pricking..

..me with thousands of glass pieces and shattered my..

..purity, my soul, and my love into pieces.

Ravi, don't be so harsh. Tell everything to Vijay clearly.

I just can't do this ..

..otherwise I would've died long back..

..when I saw you in his arms..

But I have to give a new life to Vijay.

Ravi, but.. But I..

You are my soul, you are my heartbeat and my life.

Meena, I don't exist without you.

Just support me this time. My friend will be saved.

Even if you don't give me happiness for the rest of my life..

..still I will lead my life with a smile.


Hey, what are you doing! - Were you praying for Vijay?

So she is the mother of that poisonous snake?

Who are you all? What are you doing? - Hey, you..

Aren't you ashamed? - You are trying to act smart.

What nonsense is this! - Now your prayers too can't save him

Hey, you! Why are you teasing a woman?

You are teasing a woman who is of your mother's age?

If you are true men, then come and tease me. Come.

Hey, come on, run for your life! Come on! - Run! - Run!

Hey, you! Trying to act smart here? You goon!

Goons? If they are goons, then who are you?

Even you are a goon. - Actually, sister-in-law..

Don't you dare call me sister-in-law.

We don't have any relationship with you now.

By trying to save Vijay and me, don't think..

..you can come close to us. - Sister-in-law, don't punish..

..me so severely. Don't punish me so severely, sister-in-law.

I can't forget that day when police targeted you.

To save your life, my husband got shot.

You made me a widow and my son an orphan.

Sister-in-law, please don't make such an accusation on me.

If helping the poor get justice is rowdyism..

..then every person in this world.

..who fights against the crime is a goon.

I warned brother many times not come between the owner..

..and the policemen, but brother didn't listen to me..

..at all and believed those people..

..and finally those people.. - It is a lie.

Whatever you are saying is lies.

My husband was punished for your deeds.

You have already snatched away my husband from me..

Now do you want to snatch my son too?

Go away, get lost from here. Go away.

Jai, try to focus on your career.

Listen to me and get a job somewhere.

My dear brother, don't mess up with these rich people..

..and try to help the poor people and waste your time.

Brother, I can't tolerate poor people being humiliated.

By the way, this hunger, unemployment..

..and poverty is because of these rich people only.

Enough, sister-in-law.

Jai, my brother, don't show so much concern for the people.

..in this world, if you create any problem, then police..

..will trouble you unnecessarily

Jai Kishan, you have trashed Mr. Babu and he is admitted..

..in the hospital now. So I've come to arrest you for that crime.

I have not committed any crime, inspector.

Mr. Babu had cut off the water supply and electricity in..

..colony of the poor people, so that they vacate the place..

..and Mr. Babu could built a casino on that site.

That is the reason I've just warned him.

Jai, but that site belongs to Mr. Babu and you hit Mr. Babu..

Anyways, I'll handle it.

You surrender yourself to the police, I'm your elder brother..

..I'll make arrangements for the bail.

Mr. Prem Kishan, I've brought a non-bailable warrant.

Jai wait! - If you try to run then I'll shoot you.

No, inspector, don't do like this. I'm his elder brother..

..I'll make him understand. Jai, don't do like this.

Brother, you don't come in between me and..

..these policemen sent by that rich man.

Jai Kishan, Stop! - Jai!

Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother!

Jai, Jai.. - No!

Welcome, Jai Kishan.

How strange, brother! Why you had to call me here?

You would've directly come to my farmhouse.

If necessary, I'll come there too. - What is the matter?

Make your nephew and your boys understand that ..

..if they trouble Vijay and his mother again..

..then I'll come to your farmhouse..

..and in front of you I'll kill all of them.

Hey! Do you know, whom are you talking to? - Get lost!

Chhote, stop! You do not interfere.

Jai Kishan! How are you related to those people..

..that you are getting so angry?

It is obvious that somebody will get angry for their own people.

That is my house. Even a small sparrow fights the snake..

..to save her nest. To tell this only, I had called you here.

I hope by now you would've understood what I said.

Big brother, why did you let this scoundrel go from here?

You would've killed him here itself.

Chhote, he loves his family members very much..

We will burry all of them at once.

What's the big deal if I don't celebrate my birthday this year?

What difference would it make. - It would make a great difference!

As your stage group people..

..are throwing a party this year. Hey, they have..

..organized this party with so much love and..

..you don't want to celebrate your birthday?

Just because Meena is not here, is that the reason?

Buddy, actually the thing is.. - I don't want any excuses now..

I've already promised them that you are coming to the..

..party and I've even invited Meenu there.

Vijay, please listen to me, actually..

You are going to come to the party, okay?

What is this? - Guitar.

No, buddy, today I am not going to sing.

Did you hear that, Meenu? When you were in London..

..he used to give me lectures about love and life..

..and today when his Meena isn't here, he isn't even ready..

..to sing a song. He is least bothered about us.

You make him understand. - The Meena whom you love..

..so much, how can she go away from you?

"From where should I get the words?"

"Which would explain what's in my heart."

"From where should I get the words?"

"Which would explain what's in my heart."

"I pray for you, my dear."

"Let all your dreams come true."

"May you touch the sky one day!"

"From where should I get the words?"

"Which would explain what's in my heart."

"I pray for you, my dear."

"Let all your dreams come true."

"May you touch the sky one day!"

"This world is like a play."

"There's hope at one point and only pain at the other."

"This world is like a play."

"There's hope at one point and only pain at the other."

"My dear, may you always be happy!"

"Let all the pain come in my share."

"From where should I get the words?"

"Which would explain what's in my heart."

"My story is very short."

"I am so much in love with you."

"That I'll do whatever you tell me to do."

"The one who does not understand pain."

"Whatever you tell him, it is not love."

"The one who does not understand pain."

"Whatever you tell him, it is not love."

"If my beloved asks me for my life."

"I'd gladly die, he just has to ask once."

"From where should I get the words?"

"Which would explain what's in my heart."

"From where should I get the words?"

"Which would explain what's in my heart."

"How lucky I am!"

"I got such a beautiful beloved."

"And such a sincere friend."

"From where should I get the words?"

"Which would explain what's in my heart."

"I pray for you, my dear."

"Let all your dreams come true."

"May you touch the sky one day!"

Meenu! How strange, it is such a romantic season..

..and you are swimming here alone without me?

Come, let's go out somewhere.

Vijay, actually.. - Meenu, nothing doing!

We have very less time. Come on, let's go.

I didn't understand. - Look, Meenu, in this season..

..I feel like taking you for a long drive.

I can't come. - Hey, Meenu, you will never get..

..a season like this and an opportunity like this.

If you say 'no', then I'll not talk to you again.

Hey, Meenu, you always used to be so romantic.

All of a sudden what went wrong with you?

Hey, come on, Meenu. - Vijay! - Come on.

Vijay, listen to me. - Come on. - Vijay, leave me.

Now, go and change fast. - Vijay, I can't come with you.

We'll go on a long drive, okay? - Please.

Meenu, oh no! Why it had to rain now?

Hey, Meenu, I think you will fall sick this way.

Come on, get down fast, nearby there is a ruin, we'll go..

..and hide ourselves there. Come, make if fast. Come on, fast.

Carefully. Carefully.

Hey, you are shivering because of cold.

There is a towel in that bag, remove your wet clothes..

..and wrap that towel around you, by that time..

..I'll search for wood for fire. - No, it is okay, I am fine.

I am comfortable this way. - This rain is not going to stop.

You might suffer pneumonia in these wet clothes.

I wouldn't like my love to fall sick.

Take this. - No, I feel shy.

Why do you have to feel shy from me?

Once you said that I am in your soul.

If I can see your soul, then this body is nothing but a statue..

..made of mud. Why do you have to feel shy?

Take this and wear it.

Look, you are catching cold.

Meenu, if something happens to you, then I'll die.

I know that you love me very much.

Take this and wear it. I'll go and find some wood.

I think there is a thunderstorm outside.

Your beauty and this climate are making me go mad.

What happened to you, all of a sudden?

What are you talking?


..you are fire. I want to burn myself in this.

What kind of madness is this! Leave me.

Meenu, this is not madness, this is love. - Leave me!

No, Meenu, please don't stop me today, Meenu.

Come, let's become one today. - Vijay!

Ravi! - Look, Meena, I..

Don't give me any explanation.

Actually the matter is that your friend has made you selfish.

The game that your are playing for your friendship..

..I won't support you in this game now.

I'll never tolerate that someone other than you embraces me.

Someone other than you..

..plays with my hair and praises my beauty.

I cannot tolerate this.

Neither will I fool myself and nor will I let Vijay become a fool.

I am yours, only yours!

If you can become selfish for your friend..

..then even I can become selfish for my love.

From now onwards it won't be my examination, but it will be yours.

Let me see if you respect your love in front of your..

..friendship or betray it in front of people.

Where are you going with the spoon? Is the food ready?

The guest will be here in no time..

..and you are roaming around with a spoon in your hand.

Sir, everything is ready, except for the sweets.

It will be ready in a short while.

The sweets aren't ready yet? Will you prepare the sweet..

..after the guests have come? Go immediately and..

..prepare the sweets. Make it fast!

Dad, what is going on! What are you preparing for?

Is somebody coming here, today? - Ghanshyam is coming here today.

Meena has gone to the airport to receive him.

And these people haven't prepared the sweets yet.

Meena? - Yes, Meena went to the airport to receive him.

When did you meet, Meena?

Just now I told Meena to go and get her father.

Now why are you roaming here and there? Sweets..

Son, I'll be right back. Hey, you, spoon..

Hey, we were thinking that we lost the opportunity of looting..

..Ghanshyam's property, but 'no'.

Now we've got the opportunity.

It doesn't matter even if someone is killed, because living and..

..dying is a part of life. If we are worried about something..

..it is about Ghanshyam's property which you'll get..

..after becoming his son-in-law.

There is only one way left.

Where are you taking me to? Who are you?

Just sit quietly. - Which place is this?

Take her away from here and lock her up in a room.

Nephew, you've got your Meena, now it is necessary..

..to get the property papers from Ravi Kumar.

Brother, if you order me, I'll get him right away.

Uncle, it is not necessary.

I'll call him up in such a way that he will come here running.

Ravi! Hey, uncle, where is Ravi?

Sir, Mr. Ravi has gone out. - Oh no!

When he returns tell him that I had come here.

Okay, sir.


Ravi Kumar. - Who?

It is strange that you don't recognize your enemy's voice?

Mr. Ravi, I am Monty speaking. Monty. - Tell me.

Ravi, forgive me, but I've committed a small mistake.

I've kidnapped Meena. In return I want her property papers..

..and those papers are with you.

Now it belongs to me. One more thing, don't do a..

..mistake again of not coming here.

Because of your first mistake unknowingly your friend..

..Vijay's girlfriend Meenu got killed.

Mr. Ravi, death is very strange thing.

Just imagine, poor Meenu was going back to London..

I don't know with what excuse death sent her to us.

Hey, Vijay! When did you come here, my friend?

Ravi, why did you hide the matter of Meenu's death from me?

Ravi, why did you hide the matter of Meenu's death from me?

Give me an answer! Why did you hide such..

..a big secret of my life? Answer my question, Ravi.

Give me an answer!

Vijay, actually I thought I would tell you..

When would you had told me that? After you've ruined your life?

Ravi, I would've known the truth one or other day..

..that my Meenu, is no more, then?

Vijay.. - Ravi, don't give me explanation.

Don't give me explanation.

I was thinking your Meena as my Meenu.

The one whom I had to respect as a sister..

..as a sister-in-law, I was thinking of her as.

You didn't say anything?

Why did you do that, Ravi? Why?

My brother, why did you let me commit such a big crime?

Why? - What would've you done if you were in my place?

Would you have stood and seen me getting ruined?

Would you have let me die?

You wouldn't have let that happen, my friend, so did I.

My love was very small in front of your life and mother's love.

How will I face Meena now?

Ravi, by hiding this secret, you've already hurt Meena a lot..

..but you've even given a chance for those scoundrels..

..to live who has killed my Meenu.

Ravi, Monty has committed a big mistake by killing Meenu.

Today I am going to finish those scoundrels.

Ravi, Meenu is no more now, but I won't let this happen..

..with Meena. No! - Meena?

Start playing now.

Brother Jai Kishan, I stay in the same colony..

..and I work in Mr. Vijay's friend Mr. Ravi Kumar's house.

Mr. Rana has kidnapped Ravi Kumar's girlfriend Meena.

And Vijay has gone there to kill them.

In spite of warning Rana, he has caused trouble to Vijay.

We all are with you, brother. - No, no.

This is my personal fight. That is the reason I'll go there alone.

You scoundrel!

Leave me!

Vijay has.. - Nothing will happen to our Vijay, sister-in-law.

I promise you that.

Leave me, you scoundrel, leave me!

Help! Leave me!

Help! Help! Open the door! Is anybody there?

Open the door!

You scoundrel, leave me! Leave me! Leave!

Welcome, Vijay! Welcome! Why hasn't your friend Ravi..

..come along with you?

Rana! Whenever I tried killing somebody Ravi had stopped me.

Rana, today Ravi is not present here.

Who will save you from me?

I think you are short-sighted.

Rana, I can only see Meenu's murderers all around me.

Rana, before you die, tell me one thing, where is Monty?

I'll tell you, but after you die. - You scoundrel!

Hey, how dare you hit my brother?

How dare you hit my brother? - Take him away.

Ravi! Don't leave him!

He is Meenu's murderer. Don't leave him! Hit him!

Rana! I think you've forgotten the fear of your death..

..that in spite mine of warning you, you dared to..

..trouble my family members.

Rana! You'll be diminished! Nobody will talk about you.

Jai Kishan! This is a graveyard for my enemies.

You've come here, but you can't go back alive from here.

I'll burry you all alive here!

Hey! Leave him!

You scoundrel!

Vijay, he is Meenu's murderer.

Vijay, hit him!

Hey! Hands up!

Stop or else I'll shoot you!

Uncle, shoot them! Shoot them!

Don't leave them, kill them!

Shoot them!

Come this way! Come.

Shoot! Shoot!

Jai Kishan, what have you done? What have you done?

You gave your life to calm me down.

No, sister-in-law, I haven't given my life.

Today I have got life. I couldn't tolerate your anger till now.

Sister-in-law, I had almost lost hope of living.

I used to die everyday. You.. - Jai. - Brother Jai.

You are not only my sister-in-law, but you were my mother as well.

Yes, son, yes. I am your mother.

I am your mother, but don't sacrifice your life.

Son, please don't leave me.

Please don't leave me.

Hey, Vijay, you look just like my brother.

You look just like my brother.

Jai! - Jai!

"The lovers are meeting today."

"The clouds are overcast and flowers are blooming."

"The heart is very peaceful."

"It has found its destination."

"My life is singing."

"Now that I have become your companion."

"The heart is very peaceful."

"It has found its destination."

"Where have we come walking? Where?"

"There's aroma everywhere. Everywhere."

"The soft breeze is like flowing stream of music."

"All the sights are beautiful, but you are the most beautiful."

"We both are lost in love."

"Like lost butterfly in a garden."

"The heart is very peaceful."

"It has found its destination."