Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro (1983) - full transcript

Vinod (Naseeruddin Shah) and Sudhir (Ravi Baswani) are two professional photographers trying to start a photo studio. The first real assignment that they get, from the activist magazine Khabardar (literally meaning beware), draws them into the shady world of Bombay real estate. They discover that one of the biggest builders in Bombay, Tarneja, is trying to bribe Municipal Commissioner D'Mello (Satish Shah) into giving him a bridge contract. Meanwhile D'Mello is negotiating with Tarneja's arch rival Ahuja (Om Puri). The contract is finally awarded to a third person. By chance Vinod and Sudhir find out that Tarneja has murdered D'Mello...

Not a soul in sight!

Ah! There comes one.
Welcome, welcome!

The auspicious hour is passing away.
And you are sleeping?

The auspicious hour has passed
two and a half hours ago.

What are you upto?
- Nothing.

Why haven't the guests arrived as

- You invited twenty five of them.
Where are they?

- As if your guests have arrived.
l feel that the guests

will surely come. Let's wait.
What were we doing till now?

- We have to wait, Sudhir.
We got to run our business, no?

We borrowed 7500 from Dharamji
and 2500 from Kundan Shah.

Don't we have to return them?
- Add to it today's expense.

How much is that?
- More than a thousand.

The guests will come.
Believe me, they will come.

''We shall overcome''

''We shall overcome''

''We have faith''

''lmplicit faith''

''We shall overcome''

Remember it, always.

Sweet is the fruit of hardwork
and honesty.

But how long does it take?
- lt depends... Don't.

lt's for the guests.

l told you to get trousers that fit.
You've picked up a loose one.

Thank the launderer for giving this.
He wasn't even ready to part with it.

Besides, life offers you
this and much more.

You just got to make adjustments.
Like me.

ls this fine?
- Yes.

A guest. l'll go and receive her.

But l invited her. She's my guest.

l've been waiting for long.
What kept you? Where's your mummy?

Good you came alone.

The city's best photo studio's
partners, Vinod and Sudhir...

cordially welcome you.

Let's click a beautiful photo...

There they are!

Vinod and Sudhir welcome you all.

Who's that?

Mr Kamdar will now inaugurate...
- Another photo studio?

our Super Photo Studio.
Mr Kamdar, please cut the ribbon.

As you all know, Mr Kamdar is
an assistant editor...

of a leading magazine, ''Khabardar''.
A magazine that exposes the evil...

and corruption in our society.
And it is located right opposite.

My friends, my well-wishers, l hope
Mr Kamdar will be kind enough...

to keep offering me contracts.

That's all l have to say. Now l'll
request Mr Kamdar to cut the ribbon.


l did just as you asked me to.

Not a single guest will go that way.
Tables, tablecloths, beers...

and snacks... l messed up everything.
Beauty Studio has downed shutters.


Guests have arrived!
- Congratulations!

Congratulations, congratulations!

Three months have passed without
a single customer. Possibly today...?



- Yes.

- Yes.

Closer, eh?!

When did you come?

Got some assignment?
- Nothing.

l just met Kamdar.
- How long can we pull on like this?

Think of some ideas.
- There's just one. l've told you!

Good salesmanship.
Not just shooting girls!

Win the hearts of customers!
- Provided we have customers.

And how's your daughter?
Here's your wife's photo.

Wonderful! What composition!
Perfect framing.

Excuse me...
- My wife looks okay.

But he has captured her
beautifully. Great!

l guess, you must've done
a diploma in photography?

Oh no, doctorate.
- Doctorate?!

That shows in the photograph. He has
done his doctorate. Take a look.

lt's Hema Malini.

No less an actress, isn't she?
- Right.

So, how many copies do l make?
- 20,000.

- Twenty. The thousand later.

Anything else?
- Get off my back, will you?

Attend to this gentleman.
He's been waiting for long.

Tell me, how can l help you?
- Take this, mister...

Don't you want to be photographed?
Let him take your photo.

What is he saying? l don't...
- l'll shoot you in such a way

it will make the women

hold their hearts.
l told you, he's an amazing salesman.

He won't leave you just like that.
Don't lose him.

- Never.
Come on, this way.

- Go on before the light goes off.
Where are you taking me?

- Don't you worry.
l'll fix that fat nose. Come on.

No pushing... will you listen to me?
- You listen to us!

We haven't earned a penny
since three months. Get in.

Vonod, let me see how
he doesn't get photographed.


Don't move!

Now tell me. How many copies?
- l haven't come for a photo session.

Then why have you come?
- To collect the rent of this place.

You haven't paid the owner
for three months.

The rent?

You came to collect rent?
Why didn't you tell us before?

You never gave me a chance.
- Can't help. We're so busy that...

we don't even get a chance to
think of rent. You may leave now.

l'll send a cheque as soon as
my partner comes in. Okay? Bye.

Why did you have to give me
the actress' post card?

Why did l have to, eh? And why
did you have to show him that?

Hello, l've got
some work for you.

Are you hurt? What brings you here?
- l got some work for you.

Work? Please be seated.

What is it about?
- lt was tough getting the editor...

to offer the two of you an

- So kind of you, sir.

- Why did you take the trouble?
You should've summoned us over.

- Tell us more about it.
lt's a trial assignment.

Go on.
- The work should be good enough...

to satisfy the editor.
- Rest assured, Mr Kamdar.

Well, Sudhir?
- Right.

Hang on, hear me out. Super Studio
made me a chief guest just to fool me

We know.

Remember, every task of Khabardar
is secretly carried out.

lt exposes the city's
rich and famous

That guy, Ashok, from
the studio over there....

What's the matter?

Come here.

Beware of Ashok.
- Sure.

He's is Tarneja's man.
- Tarneja...? Who is that?

He got Super Studio put up here.
To spy on Khabardar magazine.

But who is he?
- What? You don't know Tarneja?

He is the city's biggest con man.
Corrupt, and a big time swindler.

He makes roads, flyovers
and skyscrapers.

Mr Tarneja is here, Ashok. Hurry up!

As you ordered, we've sold 2000 bags
of cement in the black market, sir.

l've told you! Such things should be
spoken about in whispers.

But we're left with only 5000 bags
whereas we need 10,000 bags.

Have you heard of the Kutch desert?
- Yes sir. lt's huge.

Yes, huge enough.

Don't let it grow any more. Gather
the sands and stuff as many sacks.

10,000, 20,000... as many as you

- But sir, that can prove harmful.
That's business, Tuliani.

Some lose, some gain.
l spoke to the Municipal surveyor.

He disallows us...
from building the 24th floor

of Tarneja Towers.
lt's illegal, he says.

The law is for the common man,
not for Tarneja.

Go and build the 24th,
even the 25th floor.

Sir, the commissioner is here.

Tarneja has come in a Toyota, eh!

When did you come from America?
This time you took so long?

Oh yes, the job was such. l had been
studying their drainage system.

America is great. They have separate
conduits for waste and drinking water

We lag far behind. We must do
something. But we can't do anything.

America is matchless.
We lag behind in gutters...

and their buildings
tower over ours.

They have hundred storeyed buildings.
- Of course, l've seen them.

That reminds me, D'mello,
the government announces that...

the constructions in place of
the slums will be permitted more...

More Free Space lndex.
- Yes, FSl. And more floors.

And l'm not getting permissions
for 24 floors. lt's strange.

But Tarneja, there are no slums here.

Slums aren't visible from here.
But you could see them clearly...

from the 24th and 25th floors.
40 percent of Bombay's populace...

live in the slums, D'mello.
- They have us surrounded...

from all quarters. Look, sir.
- So sir, we must get the permission.

All right. Go ahead and
make the 24th floor.

But permission for a foot more
is impossible.

The commissioner before you used
to say that nothing is impossible.

But l adhere to some principles.
l'm a responsible officer.

And what do you think?
My father owns the Municipality?

No sir, you own it.

Granted. Yet, l can't grant
permission for the 25th floor.

Shall l put it logically, D'mello?
- Go ahead.

Assume that it's your birthday today.

And l'm offering you a present.

One cheque.

A cheque of 99,999.

You'd find the amount odd, won't you?
- Yes, l would.

You must. Because the amount
isn't a round figure.

And 100,000 is a round figure.

Tarneja, it's tough to score
over you in logic.

All right. Make the 25th floor.

Send a real good cake
over to D'mello's house.

And listen, go and give it

- Both us will go over, sir.
l hear Switzerland's cakes

are damn good.
You'll have them, too. What have you

thought about the Bandra cemetery?
What's the logic behind that?

- lt's very simple, sir.
The cemetery is choked.They've even

put up the ''No Entry'' sign.
The sign looks too good.

- Ever since he was a kid...
Mr Tarneja has been dreaming of

constructing a building...
over the cemetery, that will rise

to the skies. You know that, sir.
lt is possible, D'mello.

- Never, Tarneja. No.
At least let the dead rest in peace.

Why must you disturb them?
What are you saying, Mr D'mello?

The basement is exclusively for them.
Now listen to my logic.

There's a park beside the cemetery.
Clean up the cemetery and create

an amusement park instead.
Clear the existing park and pull up

a high-rise building in its place.
And on the 25th floor,

reserve two flats for me.
Tarneja, what's happening to the

Mahim flyover? lt's been three years.
When will you complete that?

- Pretty soon, D'mello.
The contracts for the rest of

the flyovers is mine, is it not?
Let's discuss it across the table.

Come over to my beach house.
That reminds me

of something important.
Khabardar magazine.

What rot it is writing about me!
That l accept bribes from you

is also published.
How do they get to know

about our secrets?
Not to worry, D'mello. Such fleas

do keep flying about.
l'll find a cure for them.

- Do it. Else...
a honest man like me

will get killed.
Not to forget the cake.

Don't you come!

Handling Khabardar is your business.
Make no mistake.

They mustn't even suspect
that you work for me.

Madam! Our last issue
was just a cracker.

But you will see, our next issue
will just blow them off.

lf the truth about the
24th and 25th floors outs...

Tarneja will lose his sleep.
- Kamdar!

What's so exciting? Such

evidences won't break Tarneja down.
Madam, the 2nd machine

is out of order.
So? Where's Fernandes?

- On leave. His wife is marrying
Marrying whom?

- Fernandes.
Love and weddings! So sick!

All right, let me look into it.

By God, you are in full glory,
like the moon.


Watch how l glow in there!

This editor is going
to run for cover

What has she been publishing
against us?

Wait and see. l'll fly away with
all the evidence against Mr Tarneja

She's going to be in a spin!

Where is the editor? Where?

Where is the editor?

l made a mistake!
Please try to understand!

lt'll kill me!

How did they get in?

Were you asleep?
- No, l saw them coming

Has the work we gave Beauty
Photo Studio been completed?

lt's being done, Madam...
- Being done?

What's being done?
You can't do anything

l'll personally go and take a look
whether they are worthy of our trust

What a stunner! What a bomb!

But she's a customer.
And what's that Sunil said?

l'll show


The equal partner of the most
beautiful studio in town, welcomes

l promise to take a photograph which

will want every man to marry you!
Mister, l came here because...

- l know! As a photographer...
l can see in your eyes

what you wish to say
You dream of being a model. And

only one man can make that possible
And that is, Sudhir.

- Look, Sudhir...
Do not hesitate. The best way of

becoming a model is to be shameless
Now look...

- Look at all this! And this!
Look at this beautiful woman!

The first time she came here...
she was clad in a burqa.

And now...
You're going farther than her.

l'm damn confident!
All right. Let me try modelling

So come here and sit down

Push that hair back.
And look there...

bring passion to your eyes,
bring sensuality to it

Let me wipe your forehead

l promise. l'll take only a picture.
l won't take anything else

The relationship between a cameraman
and a model is like that...

of a patient and a doctor

There's nothing between them.
Do away with all covers!

Work over!
- No. The real work begins now

Know who l am?
l'm editor of ''Khabardar''

Now give me the job
Kamdar entrusted to you

So you're Shobhaji! Glad to meet you.
l thought you were Rita

She's a struggling model.
l've made a mistake. Forgive me

Return the works to me
or l'll call the police

Police? l'll get it in a moment

Where's Sudhir?
Where does he keep disappearing?

The equal partner of the most
beautiful studio in town, welcomes

l promise to take a picture that'll

send the men in the world in raptures
As a professional photographer, l can

see in your eyes, what you want
You dream of becoming a model

Only one man can fulfill that dream.
That is...


Where've you been, Sudhir?
We have a customer

Now look at that picture

And look at this one

And look at all these
- And this one!

When she first came
to your studio...

she was clad in a burqa.
And look at her now!

l'll go one step further

Once you get working. Let's go.
- Please come

Shut up! Where do you go
during business hours?

- Later

Sit at the desk.
Don't move. Go on!

Listen to me, Vinod!

She's no customer!
She's Shobha!

These locks...

Look ahead. Ahead

Bring sensuality to your eyes.

You're sweating... let me wipe it

A photographer and a model ought to
share a relationship...

like that of a doctor and a patient

There must be nothing hidden.
So do away with everything...

lt's Shobhaji.
Editor, Khabardar

Return the job to me. Go on

Shobhaji! Forgive him!
He thought you were Rita too

Do you now believe we were
really expecting her?

lt's not our mistake.
lt's Rita's actually

Why hasn't she shown up?
- To hell with Rita!

Why spoil our relationships
because of her...

Check out our work, madam.

They're morons, no doubt.
But they're good at their work

l can make use of the two of them

l will give you another chance

The work you're now going to do
is very dangerous

At 10, next Saturday,...

at the Commissioner's bungalow
at Madh lslands...

there's going to be a secret meeting
between Tarneja and the Commissioner

You needn't worry.
l'll be with you this time

We'll quietly record their
conversation and take pictures

Come here

Get to that window

Over there!

l can't hear anything.
We'll have to open the window

This is a cake from Switzerland and
here's a small gift, Mr D'Mello

For your kids

This is the revised quotation of
those fly-overs. Take a good look

What are you up to, Tarneja?

There's a difference of a hundred
thousand between this and the

You quoted less in the original

That was only to have
the quotation passed

So that's why!

You told us to increase
the figure later

Bloody idiot! Did l ask you
to increase it by so much?

You've doubled the figure!
Do you want to land me in trouble?

See when the bid was passed.
lt was a year ago

How much have prices increased
since then?

Things are so much more expensive.
Prices have doubled

lncluding your fee

Treat Mr D'Mello to some cake first

Nice cake, all right

You'll okay the bid, won't you?
- Forget about the bid...

and tell me, you'll meet me
at Madh lslands again, won't you?

See that bid?

The one Tarneja gave
the Commissioner?

We must get a picture of that.
At any cost

Don't tell me!
- That's it!

Think of a way.
- What a thing to say!

There are four men in there.
Taking pictures is impossible

You saw he had a gun?
Others must have guns too

l have one too

This is a toast is to the bid.

Bloody idiot!

Who rang that bell, sir...?
- l'll check it out. At once!

l'll check...
- No, l will!

Are you the Commissioner's cook?
- Cook!

Tell him that the reporter from
the Times and Newsweek is here...

to interview him.
- America's famous magazine!

Time and Newsweek!

What luck! l'm the Commissioner

You just said you're the cook.
- Where did l say that?

Right here. And l was
standing here too

No, believe me...
l'm the Commissioner

You're lying. A cheapskate like
you can't be the Commissioner

Actually, he used to be a cook.
Then he became the Commissioner

From cook to Commissioner!
What progress

On behalf on my country...
l salute you

That's the way we salute each other,
back there in our land

l salute you, too.
So what can l do for you?

l want an interview with you

Let's go inside.
- No!

Let me clear the mess in there

Please leave immediately.
- What happened, sir?

l have a very important guest.
- What's up, Commissioner?

Everything's okay.
Please leave, Tarneja

How about our bid?
- We'll deal with that later. Go on!

You invite us home and throw us out!
- Come on, sir

What have we got ourselves into?

Where's the switch...?
Here it is!

That's my nose, sir.
lt's not the switch!

This is my house

Ever since we've landed in lndia,
everybody's been feeding us cakes...

as if we don't eat anything else!
l'm sick of eating cakes

But l'll have this piece.
- ls it nice? lt's from Switzerland

What are you doing?
lt's a Swiss cake!

ln America, we eat less
and throw away more

lt's great fun.
- l know. l saw it too

Here, throw a piece yourself
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Was it fun?
- No

Throw a bigger piece.
For bigger fun

Was it fun now?
- Yes!

Not anymore

My wife wants to know
what that mess is

Why've you spread out all this?

They're very important papers!
- lmportant?

Keep it here

This must be the bedroom, Ashok.
There's no cupboard in here

Here's a magazine.
l think it's a study, sir!

So there must be a sofa around too.
Find a place to sit down

l've found a place to sit!
- And l've found the switch, sir!

Sir, you're...

this is what you're sitting on

How dare the Commissioner
lock me up in the loo!

Straighten up a bit

Look upwards

How about a pose?

No, look there... here...
there... here...

What are you looking at?
Concentrate on your nose!

l'll give you a different pose, okay?

Put that hand up... on your eyes.
Both eyes

Turn right. For some variation

Turn around now.

What happened?
- Look there

Careful... don't you fall down

You asked me only about my name and
age. No foreground or background

We have got the information we

The rest, we'll find

- No
You won't understand it either

Please see us outside

One moment... when is my interview
going to be published?

My work is to shoot and
that's her look-out

One last salute from my country.
- l know

Who's that?

My God! Ahuja has arrived!
And Tarneja's here too

The two of them together...?

How come you're early, Ahuja?
An hour before the appointed time?

ls your watch running ahead?

What's that? Ahuja?

What's my business rival doing
here at the Commissioner's?

Why has he come to the Commissioner?
- You ought to know

How would l know? You're scolding me
as if l invited him over!

So you happened to remember
my words at last

That's not true, Ahuja.
Pangs of conscience, you see

Forget it

You were blacklisted, you see

You've been into a lot of hanky-panky

Who isn't upto hanky-panky
in this business?

You've snapped my shoe!
- When have l done that?

Because of you, my Blood Pressure
has shot up!

Look, don't talk to me like that.
- Shut up!

You have no right to
talk to me like that!

Get that down! Get down!

l love you so much and
you keep cursing me

Ahuja, you drink too much.

How will you listen to me
if you get drunk?

l drink with my mouth, not my ears!

Let's talk business
- lt's like this...

The Municipal Corporation is getting
four new flyovers built

Oh yes?
- We received a lot of bids

From Tarneja and you too

l've seen your bid.
lt's nice

So what if it's nice?
l'm not landing the contract anyway

You show favours only to one man

Mr D'Mello, l'll give you double
the amount of what Tarneja pays

You mean, double commission?
- Right

ln which case, the contract of
the four flyovers is yours!

He's double-crossing me?

How about a celebration?
Have some cake!

My cake, he's feeding my enemy
right in front of my eyes!

lt's a Swiss cake.
Eat some, and throw some

lt's going to be fun...
Go on. Throw some

Throw it

lt was fun, wasn't it?

What was that? An explosion?

The original bid and the revised bid

Vinod, look carefully
at this shot

Can this portion
be blown up?

Why not?

We need to highlight the
items in the bid


How's this picture?

Very beautiful
- And this one?

Very nice

And this one?

lncomparable! What perfume...
what beauty!

Mr Vinod Chopra,
get one thing clearly

We share a professional relationship.
That of employer and employee. Okay?

Stand up now and...

listen to what you've got to do
- What have l to do?

You've got to sneak into
Tarneja's bungalow ...

where he and Ahuja are going to

at a compromise over the flyovers
Let me tell you something

as an employee
Our job is to take photographs.

Not to be photographed ourselves
Tarneja almost laid us out flat

with the pistol the other day
And what has my employer to lose?

You are not emotionally involved
l'm the one who's involved.

But l'm sorry, boss...
Tarneja business is very dangerous.

- So...
you aren't going there?

- No. l'm not
You'll starve

- We're already starving
Didn't you see me fall just now?

lt was out of weakness
You don't even give us money to eat.

We can't do such dangerous things
l'm courting danger, too.

Despite being a woman
l'm trying to fight

these powerful elements
And what am l going to get?

Who's going to pay me anything?
And l thought l wasn't alone anymore.

That l had found a companion...
who was as selfless, brave

and courageous as l am
Who will march with me,

shoulder to shoulder
Maybe l was wrong

l was a fool to believe in you

What a fool l am

No, you're not a fool.
- Oh yes, l am

You're not.
- l am!

Not too.
- So tell me...

where's the man of my dreams
who will understand me?

All you can think of is hunger.
And l'm hungry too...

for love. But you can't
understand me. You can't

l can understand your craving
for love, l sure do

You really do?
... really?

l swear it on you

Will you go to Tarneja's
bungalow then?

What are you thinking about?

l wonder if l really understand you
or am l trying to?

l think l'm still trying

l know l'm on my own in this world.
l have no one

l'm with you, of course.
- Don't touch me

What do l mean to you?
l have no right to you

You suspect that l'm trapping you!
- No, that's not true

Of course it's true!

How will l convince you that
you're my man... for a lifetime

Your broad chest, your strong arms,
your handsome face... oh!

l'm drowned in them...

and l don't want to come out

Don't come out... l'm coming in too.
- Come on... hurry up

Sure l am...
- Listen...

my heartbeat is saying
something to you

What is it saying?
- Listen to it for yourself

Hear something?


Tarneja's bungalow.
- What for?

For pictures.
- Which?

Of Ahuja and Tarneja.
- When?


Go on then, the Prince of my Dreams

And make sure there is no compromise
between Tarneja and Ahuja

How are we going to manage?
lt won't work here

They won't let a rat in.
How will mail-men get through?

Back off

Over there

Come on
- Behind them?

- Come on!

Hurry up

Do you have my stock of liquor?
- Yes, sir

Must l use the gun?
- Not now. When it is necessary

- All right. Where's Tarneja?

Please come in

Mr Ahuja's bodyguards

Let's get down to business

You're the one who has
messed up business, Ahuja

The four contracts l was going
to land, you have grabbed

lt's like this. l personally
hardly have the capacity to...

We both have our specialities, Ahuja.

We're in the same business.
Why don't we work together?

You build two flyovers.
And l'll build the other two

Brotherhood, l see!

You had me black-listed last year.
Where was your brotherhood then?

You're sitting on pins
and needles this year!

Don't be silly, Ahuja.
Don't go overboard on the strength...

of the Commissioner.
l go far higher than him

Which means you want to have me
black-listed all over again

l can too.
- Really?

Got it?
- Yes

Good, they're fighting.
They're arguing loudly!

May l say something,
if you don't mind?

Go ahead

lf Mr Ahuja gives us two flyovers...

we can easily bury him in
the graveyard at Bandra

Why, you pipsqueak!
- l'm sorry, sir

l mean, we can make him a partner
in the graveyard at Bandra

What say, Ahuja? lt's a fair deal.
What do you think?

He's got them to stop fighting

What amount does the
project involve?

About 50 to 60 million

50 million?
- Yes

Do something! They mustn't

What will you tell Shobha?
So what do you think, Ahuja?

50 million?
- Yes, 50 million

Let's split it 50:50.
You take 25, l take 25

l have a trunk-call, sir. Please
go ahead. l'll return in a moment

Get lost, joker
- So what do you think?

Whose call is it?

What's the code word?
- Why does Albert Pinto get angry?

l get it. lt's the man who
wears the tie, isn't it?

l didn't see on the phone.
Go and take a look

This is Ashok here!

Ashok here!
- Speak softly. Don't scream

Nobody around you, l hope?
Are all doors and windows shut?

Yes... one moment! Wait!

What happened?
- Nothing... l fell down

You're indeed a fallen man!
Now listen to a secret

Secret? Go on! Speak!

l want to tell you something about
Shobha, the editor of Khabardar

The editor...? Come on!

l'll make mincemeat out of her!
She's had so much of my blood!

Tell me about her!
Hurry up... Go on! Tell me!

What's this?

Give me the line... please!

Listen to me, Albert

She's made life miserable for me!

Where had you gone away, Albert?

ln the office itself?.

Now listen carefully.
- Yes...?

About the editor...
- Editor!

Sorry, Pinto. l fell down!

You heard about her and fell down?
- l'll make mincemeat of the editor!

She's making mincemeat of you, ass!
- l know

She has taken photographs
of your bid!

Photographs of the bid?
- At the Commissioner's bungalow!

The bungalow? How come...?
- The window was open

Yes, the window was open. l remember.
- You do, don't you?

And the bathroom...

l was in the bathroom.
With Priya and Tarneja

Tell me quickly, Pinto! Please!

Hold it! There's someone in my room!
He's listening to our conversation

Where is he? Drive him out!

Have you listened
to our conversation?

Were you listening to us talking?

Are you deaf?.

Pinto, he's deaf.
- l know

And once l tell you what l have
to... you'll be dumb-founded

- Because that editor...

has you trapped so badly...
it's difficult for you to survive

How come?

Because, right now, under your roof,
under your very nose...

the editor's best friend,
your enemy is very much present

Who is it? Who?

Pinto! Who is it?

- Ahuja?

He's here to strike a deal

A deal?

Deal, did you say?
- Yes

He's putting on an act, l tell you.
He's hand in glove with the editor

What proof do you have?

Please don't scare me


Ahuja wears a wig. Get it?

lf you want those pictures
of the bid back...

you'll find them under the wig

Ahuja's wearing a wig, sir

He's hiding the photographs
of our bid under the wig

He's conning us!

Check out his wig

Who is it? What are you doing?

Get his wig! Pull it off!

lt's a wig, sir!
- Bodyguards!

He's trying to double-cross us.
Your game is up!

What are you guys doing?

What are you doing?
Listen to me...

You guys won't listen! l want to
tell you something very important

The flyovers you're fighting over...
neither of you's getting the contract

What are you getting at?
- The Commissioner has fooled us

He has given the contracts
to a third person

How can he do that? He has
taken a bribe from me!

He's taken a bribe from us also.
But this is true

How do you know?
- Mr Srivastav told me

That's impossible.
- But it has happened

Look, l have photo-copies
of the contract

Commissioner! l'll fix you!

Tarneja, you bastard!

l will always remember what
you have done for me, Mr Srivastav

l always hope to be of
some use to you, sir

Please wait inside.
l'll join you in a moment

This Commissioner's getting
out of hand

Arrange a meeting between us
at the earliest

l've been screaming
my lungs out for you

ls this why l pay you guys?

Tarneja, l'm not going to spare you
And D'Mello! You're dead!

Vinod, this thing
is getting murkier

Tarneja, the Commissioner
and Ahuja...?

it stinks! They're all out
to cut each other's throats

lt would be best for us
to save our necks

They're the ones who steal,
and we find ourselves in a mess

That editor of yours is no less.
- What are you talking about?

You're bent on maligning
the poor girl. Don't you see?

She's doing such great
social service

Social service, my foot!

She lives in a bungalow.
And we're starving

You always say that the
fruit of labour is sweet

Here you are... have a banana
for your labour

Eat it up

Go on.
- l don't want to

lt's from our first earning.

Vinod, look at this

Should we take part in this?
- Forget it

We won't get any prize.
They might give us t-shirts

No, the first prize
is 5000 in cash

l've found the 5000 buck shot.
Look at that

Here... come here

A banana

Hurry up

Vinod, what do you think
about this?

Well, it's quite beautiful

But it's not a prize-winner.
- Why not?

They'll drive us out

But look at my shot
from a human angle

How about your face in the mirror?

- There's your reflection. Look

What's this?

lt's not me.
- Who's this?

Someone with a check-coat

l wasn't wearing a coat.
Nor was l in that spot

ls this a camera...?
Or is it a pistol?

Let me see

Vinod, this is really a pistol

How about enlarging it?

Vinod, is that Ashok?

What's he...?

This is a pistol. For sure

This man shot at this man...
but who is he?

He's behind the bush.
Let's enlarge it some more

Vinod, whose hands are these?

He must've stood here when he was

and he fell in the shrubs
Tough to tell who's firing

Let's enlarge it some more


This guy with the pistol...
it's Tarneja himself!

He has a pistol in his hand
and he's firing at someone...

whose face is hidden
in the shrubs

So Tarneja has murdered someone.
- Yes. But who was it?

Vinod, let's go back home

This is it. Let's go in

Who is it?

Vinod, we are in the wrong park.
- Shut up!

Look, this is the branch under which
you took the pictures

Let's go over there.
- l said it was here!

l'm the elder! So shut up!

This is our banana-peel.
- As if nobody else has bananas!

Look at this

Yes. Remember, we changed the roll.
- Near the monkey... here


Here was the mirror

This is where we took the picture

So the murder was committed
right behind us

Which means...

the body's right behind us!

Let's take a look.
- Let's go home, Vinod


- That's the board

Which means, this is where
the murder took place

Come on

There's no one here.
- Shut up!

This is the wrong place.
- lt's right. The board's there

ln the middle. Which means
l was standing over there...

the victim was here, and
Tarneja must have been here

Go and stand there. Go on!
- No!

lmagine l'm Tarneja

Now l'll fire at you.
And you will fall down

No, let's go home

Haven't we to find the corpse?

So stand here

One, two, three...

Why did you run away?

The body...
- Where?

ln the shrubs

So why did you run?
We came here to find it

Let's go home

What harm can a corpse do to us?
Come on!

Where...? Tell me!
- Over there

Here? Come and show me

How's this possible?
l saw it for myself

So where has it gone?
- Blood...?

What's this?

lt's a cuff-link

lt's the same cuff-link

Who is it...? Who?

They've taken the body away
Subtitles Encoded By Desi Doctor @ Team Bindass

We can't go to the cops
without any proof

We don't even know
whose body it was

lt makes me happy you're inaugurating
the flyover, Commissioner Srivastav



Please come

lt's a great day for us that the
D'Mello Flyover is being inaugurated

This flyover is the fruit of the
hardwork of thousands of people...

and it's a big step forward in
the progress of the people of Bombay

This flyover is a symbol of our
commitment, hardwork and faith

This is not just a flyover.
lt's a dream of millions in the city

lt's meant for the whole society,
not just for one man

lndustrialists, workers, hawkers,
or even political leaders and peons

And some day, many poor people will
make their homes under this bridge

lt's unfortunate that the man who
was responsible for this bridge...

is not with us anymore. Mr D'Mello
was fighting this terrible disease...

for which he even had to go
to Switzerland for a cure

And Christ has taken him away
from us

Was the Commissioner ill?
- Something is fishy

lt wasn't the Commissioner's body,
was it?

l will now request Mr Srivastav...

to speak in memory of Mr D'Mello...

and dedicate this bridge
to this memory

l just can't say enough in
praise of Mr D'Mello

He has become immortal for what
he did on a single programme

And that programme is gutter

Mr D'Mello always said...

that a nation is known
by its gutters

He is dead

But his last word
before he died was...


ln his memory, we will close all
the gutters in the city for a day

l appeal to all of you to have your
drinking water one day in advance

May his soul rest in peace

You will be happy to know that
this press conference...

has been organised on the
tallest skyrise in the city

This skyrise is a gift to the city
from Mr Tarneja, alongwith the

Mr Tarneja has built an empire

in such a short time
Mr Tarneja is always ahead even

in matters of social service
lt's said that behind every

success is a crime.
You've reached the peak of success.

How would you respond to that?
What a bookish expression!

To be successful, all you need
is hardwork and honesty. Period

Even your labour works hard.
But he's rotting in your factories

What were you 10 years ago?
A mere contractor?

The press is jealous
of anybody's success

To rise in life, you need
ideals and a commitment

lt's our job to highlight
the filth behind the ideals

Why do you view everything
with suspicion?

One has to rise above problems
of every day life

And who doesn't want to rise in life?
- Your rise is too much, Mr Tarneja

Don't you want to rise in life?
- No, Mr Tarneja

The more you rise,
the more people fall

Where...? lnto their hells?

Yes, you could call it hell

The destiny of
800 million lndians...

lies in the hands of
less than 10,000 people

How can they ever rise
in life, when they find...

their feet caught in the quicksand
of poverty and helplessness

Tens of people live
in a single room

There are huge queues
for rations

And the danger of being run over
by a local train, at any time

They dread the new day
even when they go to bed

This is a hell of your
making, Mr Tarneja

At a press conference recently
you said...

prohibition ought to be
imposed in the country

But you have a distillery yourself.
- Now look...

l never said we must impose
prohibition. All l said is that...

the poor can't afford liquor.
They shouldn't be drinking

They get drunk and cause riots;
beat up their wives and children

Have you ever hit someone?
- No...

l don't drink, but...

You hit someone recently.
- No, not recently

lt happened once, when
l was crossing a road

and there was this thug
who was stealing money...

Did you hit anyone at a park?
- Won't you let me speak?

ln the shrubs?

Won't you let me speak?

There was this blind man from whom
a thug was stealing money...

You were hiding behind a tree.
- What nonsense are you talking?

l don't answer such silly questions

Why did l call this press conference?

To be praised? To have nice things
written about me, isn't it?

Not to have people
cross-examine me, did l?

That's how journalists are nowadays.
Bloody ingrates

They ought to be drowned in the
Arabian Sea or the Bay of Bengal!

l think those two bastards have got
to know about the incident at the

Find an opportunity and...

finish them
We can't escape now. No way!

Why did you open your mouth?
''ln the park, behind the trees

and shrubs...''
our bodies are going to be found now.

- Sudhir, whatever l do...
l do after great deal of thought.

Am l not the elder?
Oh yes! And a fool too!

Guess what l found at the site.
- What?

This one.
- What is it?

A cuff-link, we'd have been dead
if it were lost

But that cuff-link is with me.
Here it is

Where did you find it?
- At the function

lt's an identical one!

One cuff-link we found at the park.
The other, at the flyover

Which means...

from the park to the flyover

Let's go.
- No. We'll go there in the night

Here... we were right here.
- Where did you find the cuff-link?

Here? Was it in this?

The body must be in there.
Let's see

lt's so bloody heavy

Give it a push

Tarneja can't escape from us anymore.
They're going to rot in prison

They've spilt so much of blood

Vinod, will we get
a reward for this?

Even if we don't, what
difference does it make?

Won't it be a reward when the
newspapers expose Tarneja?

Truth will triumph.
And evil will be vanquished

That's what l always say.

We have the body. We have
the pictures. We have all proof

Where is the body?

lt was right here

How come...?

Let's go. To the police station

What are you doing here? What?
- Nothing

Nothing? Know what nothing means
at this hour of the night?

You were up to no good!

To the police station. Come on

We were only taking a walk
and some fresh air

Fresh air, or were you stealing?
- Stealing? What can we steal here?

ln fact, we're the ones who've lost.
- What?

lt's the...

Skip the singing. Bloody clown

Bring your face closer. Closer!

Open your mouth

What is your name? What?
- Sudhir Mishra

And yours?
- Vinod Chopra

Where do you live?
- At Haji Ali

What have you stolen? What?

We've stolen nothing.
You can search me

What are you doing?
- Shut up

You dress like a hero and carry
just a measly 50 paise coin

Get lost.
- That money's for our ticket

We've got to go home.
- Travel without a ticket. Get lost

Get lost! Go away!

Let's go. Without ticket.
- We can't! lt's against the law

Against the law? And how about
what the cop did?

That's the law

lt's the law to snatch money
from the hungry

What Tarneja is doing
is the law too

But what people like us do
is against the law

l wish l could take a gun and...

We can't do anything about it!
- Why not? Why can't we?

We have pictures of the murder
and the body. We have all the proof

We have no proof unless
we find the body!

Go to the police with the pictures

tell them that Tarneja has murdered
Will they believe us? Won't they

rather believe what Tarneja says?
We'll be in trouble if we go go them.

- Damn it! lt's all about money!
Can't anyone do anything about it?

ls there no one who
can stop Tarneja?

Have they given him a free hand?

For all that he's doing,
the law is fast asleep?

What is it?

Get lost. Go on

There is a way.
- What?

lf these photos are published
in a newspaper...

this case will turn into
a public issue

Which newspaper?
- We have Khabardar

Shobha is bound to agree.
After all...

But we don't have the body.
- We have the pictures of the body

The photos can be published

We have the pictures

We'll say we've hidden
the body somewhere

Come on

Come on

Without ticket?
- Yes

Let's go

But where could the body have gone?

Now what's that?

Who has parked that car
right in the middle of the road?

Hey mister!
Good afternoon, wrestler!

What's the problem?

Looks like his car has stalled

What...? What model is this?

Sport? l drive an Austin

A new model and it has stalled.
What say?

Let me check

The radiator is okay.
So is the carburetor

What's up?
Hey, you have a flat tyre?

Are you sworn to silence, feller?

Here, have a cigarette

You look really tired

l'll go and get a spare tyre

One drunk will always
help another

The tyre's drunk too

You're drunk to the
gills tonight, sure you are

l'll change your tyre
in a moment

l've changed so many of them
in my lifetime

This is a big tyre. lt comes
right up to the bonnet

Forget it. l have other ways

lt's a sports car

How can you fix a tyre
of the Austin in it?

Why did you ask me to fetch it?

Sorry, buddy.
l'll take you home, okay?

The two of us will have a drink.
Let's go

l'd have made you sit with me

But someone's gotta manage
the wheels back there

lf the rope snaps, just honk.
Or l won't get to know

You've done a wonderful job!

You have proved what stuff
you are made of

You did a great thing by not going
to the police and came to me

Publish the news immediately.
- Of course, l will darling

Now tell me where the body is

The body...

we have kept the body
at a safe place

We've hidden it.
- Right. We've hidden it

Nobody must get to know...
especially not Tarneja

You may go now. Leave it to me.
l'll set everything right

This is the editor of Khabardar.
Shobha Singh

l don't have the time to
give stupid interviews

No... don't disconnect.
Or you will regret it

What do you mean?

l want to talk to you
about Commissioner D'Mello

But he's long dead

Dead? Or killed?

l can prove that he was killed

And l also prove that you are
the one who killed him

What rubbish are you talking?

l have a photograph in which you
are seen firing at Mr D'Mello

Photographs don't prove
anything, Miss Shobha

But the body will.
And it's with me right now

lf you can't believe me...

you can check out the
foundation slab under the flyover

You have conned so many people.
But you can't escape me

l don't let people like you
get away

After all, we're all after
the same thing in life

What do you want?

Not much. Only a million rupees

lt can be negotiated

- Tonight. Over dinner

- At my place

l'm not coming alone.
Vinod and Sudhir will come with me

Dinner at Tarneja's place?
- He's an enemy!

Exactly. And that is precisely why

We'll have to be very careful

There are five more days to go
before our next issue is out

Think of the things Tarneja
could do during these five days

Especially when he gets to know
that the body has disappeared

Which is why l must extend a hand
in friendship and distract him

We have guests tonight, Ashok

Make special arrangements.
They must have no trouble

l get it, sir

No mistakes this time

l'll plant a time-bomb
under their chair

And blow them up...
exactly at 8 p.m.

Have some more

You aren't eating anything...
the kebabs are great

l had them specially brought for you

Have some, brother

What's this under the chair?

Look at this.
- What is it?

Put it away... put it away

A cigarette lighter

Throw it away

l don't know how it works.
Actually, uncle...

lt was under the chair
Could you please...?

You take it. We don't want it


Brother... where
are you hiding?


You're holding a time-bomb.
Give it to Ashok

Give it to Ashok

Ashok, fix it again

Sit down

Very little time
in the time-bomb

Nobody moves

Don't be afraid

lt didn't explode.
- Later

lt's already eight.
lt won't explode

Go on. Move

Why didn't it explode?

Check it out

l'll shoot if anybody moves

We must make a move now.
- Sit down

Don't move

Ashok, forget about the bomb
and shoot the three of them

This is very important, Mr Tarneja.
They're from television and...


Sir, it has exploded

What's so important?
Had you to come right now?

Mr Tarneja, we're in
deep trouble

What nerve! He wanted to kill me

Our lives, too.
- l don't care for your lives

l've lost a million rupees
- A million?

What million rupees is that?
- Nothing

You just said that.

lt's nothing, l say.
Just shut up

This is Ahuja here!
- What is it?

Well? Haven't you heard
the sensational news?

lt has spread like wildfire
all over the city

What news?
- Switch on the tv and see

You might need to talk to me
after that

Switch on the tv

The Chief Minister Mr Antulay
has resigned

According to reports, the
130-million flyover named...

after Mr D'Mello which was
inaugurated very recently...

has suddenly crashed today.

The crash has spread panic
among the residents of Bombay

The Government has appointed an
enquiry committee under Mr Kelkar...

which will soon report its
findings to the Government

The flyover was built by
Tarneja Constructions Corporation

Our chief correspondent met
its Chairman, Mr Tarneja

What do you think is the reason
behind the collapse of the bridge?

The enquiry committee will
tell us what was responsible

But l left no stone unturned

l've used the best of cement and
imported construction material

l'm sure Mr Kelkar, the chairman
of the enquiry committee...

will surely reach a conclusion
very soon

lf the fault lay in the
construction, many buildings...

in Bombay would have crashed already.
- l'm not suspecting you. But...

You know the answers, my friend.
Think about it

This bridge was made to collapse.
lt's a conspiracy. Sabotage!

Someone wants to defame me and
have me black-listed

Our correspondent met
the constable...

who was on duty at the bridge
on the night the collapse occurred

Were you on duty on the night
the flyover collapsed?

What do you mean?
You say l was asleep?

What's that...? What?
- Moron!

lt's a camera. You're on tv!

Nothing happened, sir. l was on duty.
- Are you sure nothing happened?

Oh yes, l do...

one moment

That night, there were a couple
of suspicious looking boys around

What were they carrying?
- No worries, sir

l've noted down their address
in my diary

Look at this. Beauty Photo Studio

Don't you think they could have
blown up the bridge?

Really? Don't worry, sir

l'm a policeman of Bombay.
l'll follow their trail

l won't let them escape

Vinod, even the cops are after us!

And that's a good thing too
that the bridge has collapsed!

Just don't worry.
l'll handle the police

Tarneja's in a bind now!
He can't escape from my clutches

The two of us will destroy him now

You guys are with me, aren't you?
- What a thing to ask!

We're all the way with you
in teaching Tarneja a lesson

What say? Didn't l say...

Truth always triumphs.
- And evil is vanquished

l'm not waiting anymore. l'm
publishing this issue tomorrow

The artwork isn't ready. Blocks of
the body's photos have yet to be made

We have all the evidence
to blast Tarneja

The biggest of our evidence
is the body which is with us

Shobhaji, l wanted to
say something to you...

The post-mortem will prove that
the bullets in D'Mello's body...

were fired from Tarneja's pistol!
- Listen to us, Shobhaji

Go immediately and bring
the body here to me

Only he who has the body
will win this battle

Listen to me, Shobhaji...
we don't have the body


Whose photographs are these?
- They're the body's, all right

But the body later disappeared

l get it

The mention of a million
makes you greedy

What are you talking about?
- You want your share, right?

Okay. l'm willing to give it to you.
Name your price

We don't want anything

We're only helping you
fight this evil

So tell me what price do
you want for the help?

There's no price for help, Shobhaji

Skip the drama and tell me
where you have hidden the body

You're the one who's enacting
a drama with us!

Social service indeed!

We're photographers who want
to earn an honest living

Vinod, let's go

l realise today there's no difference
between you and Tarneja

We idiots belong on the roads.
And that's where we're going

''We shall overcome''

''We have faith''

''lmplicit faith''

''We shall overcome''

Shobha owes us some money.
Let's see if she pays us

l'm not going to her

Watch out guys

Open the door

ls Shobha in?

Here's a social worker...
to meet another social worker

They're going to discuss
the nation's development

Damn it!

There's no sabotage in the bridge.
lt's a genuine crash

Tarneja's only fooling people

And that baldie, Srivastav,
he's playing the sidekick

Ahuja, how did the bridge collapse?

We normally mix sand in cement.
And he mixes cement in sand!

The bridge had to collapse!

The editor and Ahuja
have got together!

Telephone Mr Tarneja immediately.
Hurry up

Go on, Priya

Ahuja is at the editor's office
right now

l see. You and Ashok
must keep an eye on them

Tarneja will still escape.
He has great influence

He will prove it that the
bridge was sabotaged

How will he prove it?

There wasn't an explosion
or a riot out there!

A bridge built with sand
had to collapse!

What are these guys doing here?

Tell Mr Tarneja immediately

l passed that way last night.
The bridge was all right

l even gave someone there a lift.
- Whom did you give a lift to?

That man could be a witness too.
- l don't know who it was

He just wouldn't speak.
There was mud on his face...

He's talking about the Commissioner.
- Yes

Where did you drop him?
- At the guest house

Which means the body's
lying in his guest house

Let's get there. Come on

Why're they running away
in Ahuja's car?

Sir! They're driving away
in Ahuja's car!

Follow them. And inform me,
wherever they go

They must've gone to get the body.
Hurry up!

Hurry up!
- Let me see

Were you so drunk you couldn't
even recognise a corpse?

Oh, why do l drink so much?

No wonder he wasn't talking!

The body must still be there.
- Where? At the guest house?

Kamdar, let's go.
This is very important

What happened? Remove it!
Subtitles Encoded By Desi Doctor @ Team Bindass

What happened?

Over there?
- ln the garage? Come on!

lt's heavy

Go ahead.
l'll park the bike and come

We must change his dress.
He could be recognised

Go in and get some clothes.
Hurry up

Hurry up, we don't have time!

They're here.
So come over immediately

Let's go. Quick

l'm glad l locked the house.
Nobody can leave this place

Where is the body?
- l kept it up here, l think

l was drunk

See? There's no body here!
l told you so!

There's no time!

Locked the house, he says.
Nobody can escape!

They must be looking for us.
We must take the body to the police

We must get there first
at any cost

Let's tow the body.
- How?

Where's the body?
- This is where l kept it!

Ashok, where's the body?

Where's the body?
- We couldn't find it

We've taken a look up there already
- Come on!

We've looked in that room too.
lt's not there

Where has the body disappeared?
l can't figure this out!

Not in the bedroom, is it?

Under the bed?

What noise was that?
The body!

Wait, sir... l can't jump

l'll take the stairs.
Or l might break a bone, sir!

l think they went that way

Over there!

Where are you, Mother?

Hurry up, Mother. Aren't we
going to the mosque?

Take a look later. Walk
quickly now. We're getting late

Over there

Where's the Commissioner?


Over there...
- No

Over there!

What are we to do?
How will we find him?

Commissioner, my handkerchief
has flown out of my hands

l'll pick it up for you

Give it to me

What are you doing?

Give it to me

Give it

See who's coming

Run! Escape! Leave it alone!

The body's running!

Mr D'Mello! Wait there!
- Get the corpse, Ashok

- Where's the body?

Over there. They ran away


Come on

ls this a theater?
- Yes

Let's hide in there

Where will we hide in there?
- There's got to be some place

Watch it

Hurry up!

Uncle Shakuni! What a way
to roll the dice!

We have won the kingdom
of the Pandavas

What will you now gamble, Yudhistra?

Play another round, Yudhistra.
And win back your kingdom

Do you have the courage?

lf you have the courage,
stake all the five Pandavas

l accept

You staked yourself and your brothers
in the gamble, and lost

Draupadi is the only one left now.
Will you stake her too?

Brother, the Pandavas have
already lost everything...

Quiet! They've come

Where have they gone?

Look there, sir! Over there.
- Get them!

The Draupadi the Pandavas had won,
we Kauravas have now won her

Draupadi is now my slave.
She's no longer a Queen

Go and call her!
- As you wish, Your Majesty

What's happening Duryodhan my son?
Draupadi's your sister-in-law

No sister-in-law. l have won her
in a gamble

She is now my property

l will use her as l wish to

Speak your line!

l will use her as l wish to!


Sinner! l will have your tongue!

Calm down, Bheema

There they are!


Draupadi has refused to come to court
- What? Refuses to come?

Did you tell her it was my order?
- l did, Your Majesty

Just as a lioness does not
fear the cry of a jackal...

my voice made no difference to her

What? Dushasan!
Go and drag Draupadi here!

What can be a matter of greater
pleasure for me, brother?

l'll go right now and bring
that arrogant woman here


Come on, Draupadi!

Here you are, brother!

Why did you dress her like Draupadi?
- Can't help it

Draupadi, forget the Pandavas
and lay your head at my feet

l will see how the prey...

She won't listen

Dushasan, disrobe her!

lf they take off that sari,
we'll be exposed

Here he is
- D'Mello's on the stage!

What's happening here
son Duryodhan?

No. Please do not insult Draupadi

Father, she was the one who laughed
loudly when l fell in water one day

She called me the son of a blindman
and said l was blind too

Dushasan, go ahead! Disrobe her
and make her sit on my lap!

Sinner! May you be doomed!

You will never be successful
in having Draupadi

Long live the virtuous woman

Wait, Dushasan! Hold it!

Long live such a virtuous woman

Her honour we will
never be able to affect

What are we worth to disrobe her?

What happened to Dubey's face?
- You will not touch Draupadi. Ever!

Long live such a virtuous woman

l could pull out his tongue.
- Calm down, Bheema!

Who's the other guy?

What are you guys up to?
You've got to disrobe her!

No, one look at her and l've
dropped the idea of disrobing her

What do you mean by drop...?
No! Disrobe her!

Long live such a virtuous woman

Brother, what are you doing...?

Who the hell are you?
- Duryodhan

Where's Dubey...? Dubey!
- Do not scream, Dushasan

l'll pull his tongue, Yudhistra.
- Calm down, Bheema! Calm down

l'll have to fix this thing

Maybe you forget. You have
to say and do something else

l have nothing else to say
and nothing else to do!

l must save Draupadi's honour,
at any cost

Not save! You've got to disrobe her!
Molest her!

l'll have his tongue!
- Calm down. Not your line now

What are you doing?
The play's going haywire

You speak his lines, if he's
forgetting them. Go on!

Brother Duryodhan, let me go ahead.
- No!

l'll wreak havoc on Draupadi!

l'll disrobe her and
make her sit on your lap!

l must see how strong her faith is.
Give me the bidding, brother!

What's happening here?

No! l can never give you
the permission, Dushasan!

They're screwing up the play!

Take the blindfold off
and see...

this woman is so virtuous!
Long live such a virtuosity!

Brother, what are you saying?
Say l must disrobe her!

So l will disrobe her now!

Listen to me... come on!

Do you understand now, Dushasan?

You're right, brother.
l've made a mistake

We can never disrobe
our sister-in-law

Long live such a virtuous woman

You Pandavas may go home. After
lunch, we will send her home

Go on

Please go away. Leave!

l seek your blessings.


What's happening, Duryodhan?

Stay quiet, father

Dhritrasthra! Return Draupadi
to me. She's leaving with me

Calm down, Bheema.
ln a play, you can't...

Draupadi doesn't belong to you alone.
We're all share-holders

You must obey the elder brother!
- Why?

That's what the play says!
- Go to hell

l never obeyed my father!
Who the hell are you?

Watch it, Bheema! You can't
insult your elder brother

Shut up, Arjun Singh!

What's happening here?

That's an insult, Arjun.
lf he wields a mace...

you are the greatest archer.
Go for him

Watch it, Bheema!
Apologise to elder brother

Or this arrow will pierce
your heart

This silly arrow of yours...

there you are. Take that

You broke it? l lose 30 bucks!

You deliberately broke it!

l'm not acting anymore.
To hell with you guys!

What's happening here?


Bheema! Stop him!

What's your name?
- Yudhistra

Yudhistra! Stop him!

You'll have to break my head
before you can touch Draupadi

Now l can take Draupadi away.
- Hold it!

Hold it! Hold it!

Nobody can touch Draupadi!
Hold it!

Tarneja, where did you land from?

You corrupt man! You sinner!

Don't you recognise me?
l'm your father-in-law

Draupadi's father, Dhrupad

What's happening here?

Let's leave, my dear.
Let's see who stops us

Attention everybody!

The emperor of emperors...

Emperor Akbar is arriving!

This is too much.
Where did Akbar spring from?


Draupadi belongs to me

Let's go. Come on

Wait... wait

Wait, father... wait!

How dare anyone even touch Anarkali
while the Moghul Salim still lives?

Hold it!

Only Dhritrashtra can decide
whom Drapadi belongs to

Neither do the Pandavas deserve
Draupadi, nor the Kauravas

Draupadi is leaving on a pilgrimage
with me and Dhrupad


Where are you?

Go to him!
- l'll handle him

You, sir?

You can arrest him.
After five minutes

There's just one way for us

We must sink our personal differences
and bury the hatchet

Or we'll all land in trouble.
- Why will all of us land in trouble?

We didn't commit the murder.
lt was Tarneja!

lf l sink, l'll see
that you sink too Ahuja

l know of your black deeds too

You tried to kill me. Why must
l compromise with you?

And you started a magazine,
pretending to help society!

You wanted to blackmail me.
- Wasn't what she wrote, right too?

Every body knows the truth.
- You got a contract from us too

Another thing, lnspector

The Commissioner Srivastav
is involved with them

What are you saying...?
- He's Tarneja's close friend

He takes bribes from Tarneja
and does just as he says

We have photographs
of the bids too

So let me repeat the
compromise we have reached

Mr Tarneja will give Shobhaji
2 million rupees

Ahuja, you and Tarneja will be equal
partners in constructing the bridge

All right

How about the bridge that collapsed?
- Leave that to me

The enquiry into the incident
will reveal...

that the flyover was sabotaged

Behind the sabotage
are the two men...

the policemen saw under
the bridge that night

By the time they are acquitted,
it will take six months...

and the fuss over the bridge
will have cooled down

and people will have forgotten
about the bridge...

and they will be the
sacrificial lambs

As someone rightly said...

Truth always prevails.
And falsehood is vanquished

Ashok is the spy

Now we'll watch the fun!
They're all going to be caught

We might have a flourishing business

And a big shop

''Truth shall prevail''

''We shall overcome''

''We shall overcome''

''We have faith''

''lmplicit faith''

''We shall overcome''

''We shall overcome''

''We have faith''

''lmplicit faith''

''We shall overcome''

Forget it, friends