Jaago (2004) - full transcript

Shruti [child artiste Hansika Motwani] is the 10-year-old daughter of Shrikant [Sanjay Kapoor] and Shraddha [Raveena Tandon]. She travels to her school by the local train every morning. One...

(Wake Up)

I'm ready too. I've only got
to pack your lunch

"Don't start screaming.
I'm ready, as usual"

"Give that to me, Mama.
- Shradha..."

I have a board of directors
meeting this evening

I'm going to be late tonight.
- Mumbai's a strange city

Every man is in a hurry

That's the beauty
of this city too

"Every man rushes forth, thinking he
will reach his goal today"

But no one ever pauses to think
what the goal really is

That's exactly why
no one gets enough to eat...

"nor does he leave the city.
- Hurry up, Papa!"

I won't ever talk to you
if I miss the fast train!

"Okay, okay... let's go"

Will you take us to Marvel School?
- Sure. Get in

"Hurry up, please! Let's go"

"You are the one who
has granted us life..."

give us peace and tranquility

"In just 15 days, our school has
its Parents' Day..."

"in which there will be dance,
drama, fancy-dress..."

and several other competitions

The students who have been selected
for these cultural activities...

will have a dress-rehearsal after
school hours today

"Shruti, just you see. You're going to
be chosen for the dance number again"

Niki...? This is
Shruti's mummy

Shruti hasn't returned
from school yet

There was a dress rehearsal for
the Annual Day celebration today

She'll be coming home late

I see

"Thank you, dear"

"That's the end of today's rehearsal.
You may change and go home, okay?"

ls the rehearsal over?

"Yes, sir. Just now"

All right. Lock the hall
and come over

I'm expecting some guests for dinner.
There's a lot to do. Come at once

"Very well, sir.
I'll be on my way"

Looks like everybody has left

Where have they gone?

Open the door!

Open the door!
ls someone there?

"Open the door, please!"

Someone there...?

Somebody there...?

Please help me!

Please help me!

"Open the door, please!
Open the door!"

"Someone, please help me!"

Somebody there...?

"Help me, please"

"Our company has made astounding
progress this year, sir"

"I'm sure, next year we'll have
even better export orders"

Mr Ayub here is...

"Yes, Shradha...?"

Shruti hasn't returned
from school yet

"She will, if she hasn't.
Telephone her school first"

I have a meeting in progress here


"Telephone the school. I'll call you
back after the meeting, okay?"

All right

Someone please help me!

Stop right here!

How much?

Brother Ramdhani...
please open the door

"Coming, coming!"

"I'm coming, my child"

I'll open the door

"How did you get locked in, child?"

Don't cry... calm down.
I'll take you home

"No, don't take me home"

"Only take me to Bandra Station.
- Oh sure, I'll take you there"

Don't cry. Calm down

"Here you are, my child"

"Be careful, okay?"

The line's busy

- What?

You got some stuff on you?
- lshan...

I got all the stuff!

This guy has got us
into the bad habit

"Chandu, you're fit enough to
chew only cheap tobacco!"

He wants to live like a king
and points fingers at me?

Go on now... hurry up

Take a drag

"Your turn, take a drag"

You'll find the black-and-white world
somewhat coloured

Go ahead

"Here you are, lshan"

Let's go

Old man


A black bird

No fun


"Why're they shutting
the windows, mother?"

What are you doing?





You'll be finished
if you scream!


Shut up! Quiet!



"C'mon, Chandu"



Who's in there...? Who?

What are you doing?

You dare hit me?

No! Don't!

Shut up!

"No, no!"


Step aside...
out of the way

"Ganpat, the girl's still alive.
Send for the ambulance immediately"

"Krishna, take photographs"

This is Inspector Cruz
from Borivali Station

Your daughter has been raped

We're taking her to
the Chhatrapati Hospital

A nine-year old girl was raped in
a local train of Mumbai today

Media persons haven't yet been
allowed entry into the hospital

Have you been able to find out
from any of the sources...

"as to who the girl was?
- No, Devang"

There is still no information
on the girl's parents

All the police told us is that the
girl's parents have been informed

They could even be in
the hospital right now

"Dipti, has the government or
the police commissioner..."

issued a statement
over this outrage?

"No, Devang. The Police Commissioner
is in the hospital right now"

The Chief Minister Prabhudayal More
called on the child a little while ago

"Dipti, we will stay
in touch with you"

Do inform us as soon as you
get more information. Thank you

"Thank you, Devang"

"Commissioner, the Railway Police
will not handle this case"

Entrust the case to the Crime Branch

Inspector Karpe

This is Inspector Karpe here.
The Commissioner wants to see you

You've got to come to Chhatrapati
Hospital immediately

All right

The Police force is full of
smart and efficient officers

But the Commissioner considers only
this chap to be the capable one

"Three reasons for that, sir.
- What?"

He's sick!
- What ailment does he suffer from?


"He's mad, too.
- How come?"

He asks everyone to become
a good man

But how can everybody in the police
department become good men?

This man has no one of his own
to mourn his death

Where has his wife gone?

She was suffering from
the cancer of the uterus

"She died last year,
without any treatment"

The police department has found a slave
who will put in 24 hours without pay

I wonder why people like him
are born in times like these!

What have you to say
in this regard sir?

What step will the police take?

Inspector Kripa...

you will handle this case
from today

If you have to kill the guilty
persons in an encounter...

you needn't even ask me.
Simply shoot them

Please follow me

I've never seen a patient
in such a terrible state

That child was raped
by more than one man

I've stitched up the wound and
had her shifted to the ICU

- Don't worry. She'll be all right

"Sir, is there anything you
wish to say in this regard?"

I have issued orders to
the Police Commissioner

If the offenders are not arrested
within 48 hours...

all station in-charge officers from
Bandra to Borivali will be suspended...

and the Commissioner
will be transferred

"Devang, that was the
Chief Minister, who..."

"for the first time, issued orders
without making a political statement"

This is the first time we get to see
the stern side of the Chief Minister

"Mr Kailash, what would you like
to say in this regard?"

An act as dastardly and as heinous
can happen only in the present regime

A regime that has no control
over the administration

Ever since this government
has come to power...

"robberies, abductions, rapes and

have become part of
the common man's life

But our party will not remain
silent this time!

"What will your next step be, sir?"

We will submit a memorandum
to the President tomorrow...

to impose President's Rule in the
state at the earliest possible

And the whole city will
remain closed tomorrow

Whenever something happens
in this city...

your political party
announces a closure

Who gains out of this?

It's for you to assess
who gains and who loses

"When we call for a closure,
it's going to be a closure!"

"Devang, that was the leader of the
opposition, Kailash Rao Kate"

He has issued the oft-repeated
and cliched political statement

This is Dipti Dayal for
Aaj Tak in Mumbai

We'll have to work together
as a close-knit team

"Without cooperation from all of you,
I will not be able to do anything"

"Kripa, what are your plans?"

"From Churchgate to Virar,
we mustn't see a single..."

"beggar, eunuch, shady characters or
porters who do business without license"

"if you find anyone suspicious,
pick him up"

Lock him up

I think she'll be all right.
- Doctor...

the girl's stitches have opened.
She's in agony

My child... Shruti...

"Open your eyes, my child!
- Look, Mummy's here!"

Why don't you do something?

"Bring Shruti back!
Call the doctor, please!"

"Please do something!
- Doctor, please..."


No! No!

Don't let her go!

"You wanted to see off Shruti
with a lot of love, didn't you?"

This is perhaps the send off
we were destined to give her


May God rest
Shruti's soul in peace

"Children, you may now
to go your classes"

"Look, Inspector..."

"this school has certain norms,
certain regulations"

Where do your rules
and norms go away...

when you want eggs and
vegetables for your family?

Ramdhani has told me what happened

Had you not summoned Ramdhani to
your house to do the chores...

this mishap could have
been averted

I have said what I had to

"I'm not an offender to answer
each of your questions, Inspector"

"Oh yes, you can't answer my questions.
But you can collect the donations"

You can have fun with the money the
children's parents earn with hardwork...

but you can't take responsibility
for the children

"Mr Principal, if I don't find any
further clues on this child..."

you're the first one
I will throw behind bars

A night in the lock-up and
the kicks of the policemen...

will make you forget that
you're a high-handed teacher

Hail India

"What's this, Shradha?
You still aren't ready?"

Aren't you going
to the office today?

"No, Shrikant. Give my resignation
letter at my office"


"I'm sick of answering
people's questions, Shrikant"

Those monsters finished our daughter
by subjecting her to the outrage

I can't bear the idea of
people's questions...

inflicting rape on my poor Shruti
every day hereafter

I can't bear it!

"Don't cry, Shradha.
Please don't cry..."

it'll hurt Shruti's soul

Sutya... give me a drag.
One pull

Don't give him a drag.
He's here for a free smoke!

Just one drag.
- Not even one drag

This is Brown Sugar.
Even if you die...

I haven't had any business today.
Make him see reason

What can I do if you
haven't had any business?

What will I say to my buddies?

"Give me a drag, please.
- Don't con us"

You're not getting anything.
- Sutya...

tell Salim to give me a drag.
Just one

"What do you think, Salim?"

Will a temple be built in Ayodhya
or will it be a mosque?

Temple or mosque...
what have we to do?

Sutya... ask Salim to give me a drag.
Just one pull

Tell Salim to give me a drag!
- Me thinks...

these politicians are
conning the public

There are so many problems
in the country...

and nobody even thinks of them

There are millions like us who don't
get proper food or shelter

And these scoundrels talk of
temples and mosques

Why're you harping on
temples and mosques?

We have nothing to eat or drink.
There's no place to live in

Forget about the temple and mosque.

"give me a drag, please"

If I could become the Prime Minister
of the country for a day...

I'd solve the problem
in a jiffy

By ordering a garden or a school
to be built there

Don't give me a drag!
I won't tell you either...

who were the guys who
raped that girl in the train

Hey! Sit down...
why're you getting angry?

"Salim, give it to him.
Let him have a drag"

Why do you get worked up?

"Don't tell anyone about it, okay?"

Or you'll land in trouble
with the police

What happened that night?

"If I could get some money,
I could start talking, Mr Sawant"

"First give me the tip, Sutya"

You'll get all the money you want

There's no dearth of dough
in the narcotics department

- I have a tip, all right"

But it has nothing to do
with your department

- The rape on the child in the train...

I have a witness to that


"Let me get high, sir. I'll tell you
whatever you want to know after that"

"Now look, Dhondu. The more you talk,
the more you'll be paid"

Who were they?
- What do you mean by who they were?

The ones who raped her

"I don't know that, sir"

So what do you know?

I've only seen the three people who
were in the train at that time

When the girl was being
subjected to rape

Will you able to
identify them?

"I've been begging in trains
for ten years now, sir"

Once Dhondu sees someone...

his picture is etched
on Dhondu's mind

- No, sir"

Must surely be on this train

- Yes. They've got to be there

So you know for sure that
they'll be on this train?

"This is routine for me, sir"

Ninety percent of the people travel
by the same train every day

That's the old man

My name is Ramnik Vora

That night when the child
was raped in the train...

"did you see it all happening?
- Yes, sir"

"And yet you remained silent?
- Yes, sir"

I can understand. You couldn't
have stood up to them

But you could've raised an alarm
and called people to help

I was forbidden
from doing that

Who? Who forbade you?

I forbade him.
I did

My name is Shalini Lokhande

Do you know this man?
He's Ramnik-bhai Vora

"The editor and publisher of the
periodical "Seed of Revolution"

He had sworn to tread the
path of truth and justice

He never bowed his head to anyone
except God

This man was never afraid
of anyone

And you know how your police
department helped him?

He went to them with an appeal.
And they beat him up like a criminal...

and threw him out of the police station.
This man was rendered homeless!

"From his flat, he landed here
in these slums"

And what was his crime? He had
written a few articles...

against the legislator Kailash Rao
Kate's corrupt practices

He lost the elections and he
took revenge from this man

He was once a famous man.
And today...

he sells old books on the pavements
of Churchgate Station...

and leads a life of anonymity.
Only to die some day

If your own daughter had to go
through the same trauma...

what would you have done?

"If she had gotten pregnant,
I'd have had the baby aborted"

"if she had died,
I'd have cremated her"

"if she had gotten into prostitution,
I'd never have spoken to her..."

but I'd never have gone
to a police station. Never

What reason for you to harbour so much
of poison for the police department?

It's because of your
Sub-Inspector Rane

He got me a job in the State Assembly
and in exchange for that...

he has turned me into his mistress
for the last eighteen years!

"He was man enough to
sire a child, but..."

My Pooh's getting married
next month

But he does not have the courage
to come and give her his blessings

To tell you the truth...

I don't know how many backdoors
of your police stations...

lead to the red-light district

Behind every corrupt and deceitful
policeman's house lives a Shalini

And you ask me about
the venom I harbour?

Your silence does not
answer my question

"Inspector, we have just eight hours
to meet the deadline"

"After that, at least a dozen
officers will be suspended"

"Sir, I can see only one way out"

But I'll need your
cooperation for that

What cooperation do you
want from me?

"These politicians play games
with us almost every day, sir"

Why don't we try
a game on them?

I will recommend Inspector Kripa's
name for the President's medal

"In just 48 hours, he has nabbed
these thugs..."

with the help of his special team

They are the ones who had raped
that child in the local train

"Sir, are they hardcore criminals
or is this their first crime?"

"Sorry, until our investigations
are complete..."

we can't disclose these details

"Sir, you can at least tell us which
gang or group they belong to?"


Why don't you get over the habit
of putting words in our mouth?

Please behave like a journalist.
Don't try to play a cop

"Sir, you can at least
tell us their names?"

"Forgive me, friend.
Revealing their names..."

"will alert their friends, their
relatives and their accomplices"

"And if they are granted bail somehow
or the other, you will be..."

the first ones to say that the police
shouldn't have disclosed their identity

So we have to be very careful
and we need your help

Child-rape has now come to be
a major crime

Incidents like this keep happening
in cities and villages

We wish to set an example
before the nation...

that will be followed by
the entire police department

"Inspector, just once, I wish to
see the faces of those monsters"

Looking at the monsters will
not kill the monsters

What will you gain out of
looking at those bastards?


"what does one get by seeing a
venomous cobra, captured in a basket?"

What do you get by seeing a
wild beast in a cage?

What does man gain by
kicking the stone...

that has hurt him?

Whether one gets something
or not...

"it's surely reassuring, Inspector"

Come with me

"This is Constable Borkar,
Constable Ramakant..."

and sub-inspector Patil.
Of Mahim police station

Does that mean... all that you
did before the media...

was just a farce?
Was it plain deceit?

"I ask you, Inspector..."

whom have you deceived?

The public?
Or is it your own selves?

This is the reason why
no respectable man...

encourages a police officer
at his doorstep

This is the reason why the police
are treated like street dogs!

"When they bark, people think
they are being protected"

But when they get down
to biting...

they bite those who feed them!
- I'm not surprised to see...

that you hate me as much as the
common man hates the police

"Mr Shrikant, dogs, elephants
and the wise..."

are enemies of their own tribe

But we in the police are not
enemies to our colleagues

"Whatever you wish to say,
whatever curses you want to heap..."

you may go ahead after
you've heard my plan

Come with me

How could you even imagine I'd get
into this filth at your say so?

"To clean the filth, one has
to get into it, Mrs Varma"

You're talking rubbish! Why don't you
take help from the police department?

We have already shown the culprits
as arrested

And this is something the media
has conveyed to every household

I can seek only your help
in this regard now

"Now look, Inspector!
We can't give you any help!"

All right


You folks have already
done your duty

You gave your daughter a burial instead
of giving her away in marriage

You already gave her a shroud
instead of bridal fineries

You have buried her instead of
making her sit in a palanquin

You are also like those parents who
after their child's last rites...

are absolved of the responsibility
of giving them away in marriage!

And abuses... you heap on the police!

What a shame!

"Wait, Inspector"

I promise you: neither will you
have to visit the police station...

"nor testify in court, nor will
you be asked any questions"

"Once, just once, give me
your help in carrying out my plan"

I know you had no relations
with that child

Neither do I.
I'm only doing my duty

You must also forget everything else
and only think of humanity

Only humanity

What an item!

Fab stuff!

Are they there?

Can't see them yet

The moment you do...

Shalini... I've missed the train

What? You've missed the train?

But it'll halt only at Borivali now!

What happened?

"Sir, they're in the coach"


"Where's the key?
- Here you are, sir"

Get to Borivali station

Damn it

The pierce of the thorn...

oh the pierce

"Come to me, my love;
under the vines in the backyard..."

my love...

Get back!


"Let me go, Inspector!"

Get them!

Move it!

"Step aside, please..."

Inspector sahib...

Inspector sahib!
- What is it?

"Sir, I want to meet my wife"

I got to know
that she is here

Shradha. Shradha Verma

The Borivali train murder case lady?

"Yes, she's the one.
She is my wife"

You are talking as if she was arrested
for fighting for a social cause

She has committed a murder. Murder

You ought to be ashamed
to even call her your wife

I'm proud of my wife

She has done
what you guys should've done

Enough! Will you teach
a policeman his job?

Inspector Kripa has taken your wife
to the women's cell

Wants to teach me the law

"What brings you to the police station
so late in the night, Mr Choudhary?"

Just now I got to know that
one inspector Kripa Shankar...

has arrested my son Mayank
and Mr Bhandari's son lshan

Are they your...?
- Right. They are our sons

"Please come, sir.
I'll take you to them"

Let's go

"lshan... how are you, son?"

"I'm fine, Papa.
- Mr Choudhary..."

I have a feeling that the boys
are being framed in this case

"True, Papa. We're innocent.
- I know, son"

"We've done nothing, daddy.
- Even if you have done something..."

"you will be released, free of blame.
Because you are an I.A.S officer's son"

And to use his powers is an
administrative officer's birthright

"Not to worry, son.
Our lawyer Satwani is away in Delhi"

"Tomorrow, he returns,
so do you, to your bedrooms"

"Okay, papa.
- Take care, son"

"Everything will be all right, son.
- Inspector, their food and drinks..."

"Don't worry about it, sir.
They will have everything they want"

"They must have everything, Inspector.
They are our sons"

"This way.
- Yes, papa"

That cell


Don't cry

"With a change in mission,
life doesn't come to an end"

"Until yesterday, it was your duty
to rear your daughter"

"But now, it is our duty
to fight for justice"

You have done
what any mother would have done

Tell Kripa Shankar...

to cremate that scoundrel
in the same crematorium...

where my Shruti was cremated

Perhaps her soul will find peace

May her soul rest in peace

"Yes, I am Chandu's mother"

But I'm ashamed of such a son

That's why I didn't claim his body
nor performed the last rites

I'm Kripa Shankar

Here's Chandu's death certificate

I dreamt to see
his degree certificates

And I've got his death certificate

I'll frame it
and hang it up the wall

And every day I'll spit at it

Why do you talk like that?

Look there. I haven't even
placed a garland on his picture

I drove away all those
who came to offer condolences

I stopped him a million times...

from mingling
with those spoilt rich brats

"In the company of the rich,
he dreamt of making it big"

He became a bloody flunkey

A mother can forgive her son's
thousand crimes

But a son who dishonours
his own mother...

cannot be forgiven

A nine-year old girl...

is the form of Goddess Durga

"During the festival of Navratri,
she is decked up and worshipped"

They raped her and killed her

The dog died. Good

I'd rather be childless

it is because of women like you
that the Mother still lives

"I salute you, Mother"



Chandu has been punished for his sin

But don't spare those rich bastards

"Khan, whoever comes on duty next,
will thrash these scoundrels"

He will also thrash them
before he goes off duty

When will they be chargesheeted?
- After they are thrashed...

till they see a mother in every girl
with one eye...

and a sister with the other.
I'm not joking

“Ms Khan, R's your tum now“

"You've heard the order, I hope?
- I did"



Come to empathize now?

"It was you who said, "To clean filth,
you got to jump into the muck"

So did you clean the filth?
Shradha is in jail because of you

"Whatever happened, somewhere along
I consider myself responsible"

But I promise to do all I can

"With this stigma on my name,
I won't retire, nor will I die"

"Please don't come here again
to empathize, or to wipe my tears"

I no more trust you and the law


the law is like a python's mouth

"it appears small, but when it swallows
something, it is for good"

You will understand it
in good time

Here's the warrant
for searching your house

I only want to search
your darling son's room

"Officer, before my lawyer arrives..."

you can't even touch
an ashtray in my house


"if I act myself,
I'll have even the foundation dug up"

"Sales Tax, Income Tax,
Foreign Exchange..."

Revenue and Service Tax... I'll set up
one branch each in your house

"And, your son,
your support in your old age..."

"I'll send you to look him up,
behind bars"

lshan's bedroom is upstairs

Thank you



Search the entire room.
Don't miss out on anything

"Look, sir"

"Mr Bhandari, who is that sonofagun?
Who is that dog..."

who tried to sniff at your house
in broad daylight? Who...?


"Hey Inspector, I'll file
a defamation suit against you"

You and your seven generations to come
will not be able to pay the damages

You dig?
You don't know me

"Advocate Satyaprakash Satwani,

One tight slap is enough
to paralyse you

And you will end up begging
in front of the court

"Satwani, look at this"

It's your mother's picture. You have
been watching obscene movies...

with Bhandari's son

"You supply him with cocaine, swine"

And this is the money
for the cocaine

Write that in the report
and throw him inside the lock-up

"if you have anything to say,
say it in court"

Take him away

"Buddy, I was just joking"

Let me say something

If you ever call a policeman
a dog...

I'll beat the shit out of you

You will wag your tail
at the sight of a policeman



"Khan, seal all these things
and bring them downstairs"

Inspector Kripa Shankar...

lam T.P Choudhary

Mayank's father

I hope you know that I'm an Indian
Administrative Service officer

Secretary to the Home Ministry

Which is under the Chief Minister
Mr More

"The Home Ministry runs, walks,
and even stops, at my command"

Are you saying that to threaten me?

Or to inform me that your powers
can harm me in many ways?

I neither thought nor spoke
about harming you

But one thing is for sure.
If you don't soften up...

I'll have you thrown away to a place
where you'll have...

only a table and chair under
a tin roof for a police station

"You will yearn for the city,
the crowd and the freedom"

Will you have me transferred?
Or will you personally drop me there?

"In either case, I'll have
ten minutes of time"

"And in those ten minutes, I'll kill
your son for escaping police custody"

While I perform my duty
under a tin roof...

you will cremate your son
under a tin roof

Kripa Shankar...

I have connections with those people
whom nobody dare deny

"I'm not stopping you from trying
your influence, strength and courage"

You should be trying
your luck everywhere

You are in bad times

Hail India

Now there's only one way out

What's that?
- Give and take

That slimy inspector is
an idol of honesty

There's only one way to tackle him.

Must weigh him in money.
- Do whatever you want. I'm ready

But who will talk to that inferno?

"It hasn't come up for hearing yet.
- Hello, Mr Thakur"

"I'll get back to you, Sawant"

I was passing by...
- You thought you'd apologise to me

You know the language
of the lawyers too well

How about coming to the point?

If you are free at eight
in the evening...

"we'll meet up at hotel Sky Garden,
sit and..."

Discuss give-and-take?

Now don't ask me
how I know that

I know all those things
you guys do...

"to win your cases,
Mr Satyaprakash Satwani"

"Then it's final. At 8 pm,
under Hotel Sky Garden's roof"

Under the roof?
- Yes

- Full fledged

- Imported


"So Rawani, what does
your mentor Satwani say?"

"What am I to do?
- First have something to drink, sir"

We'll talk later.
- Look Mr Bhandari...

I have no time to waste

What am I supposed to do? Tell me.
- It's a small task

You got to weaken the case
of Mr Bhandari's son

Frame Choudhary's son and build up
a case against Chandu. Simple

Mr Satwani asks me to give you
5 million if the court releases my son

I don't eat shit

"All right, take 10 million.
- Damn"

"if you fancy frying potatoes in spit,
I'd rather leave, Mr Bhandari"

Hang on

This bag carries all of 15 million

"Not a penny less, not a penny more"

Anti Corruption Bureau

Accepting bribe is a crime

Offering bribe is a grave crime

Take them away

Come on.
- But...

Move it.
- No buts. Come on

What about my drink?

"Why is the police after my son, sir?"

I don't understand. Why is my house
being raided every now and then?

Could it be the opposition's conspiracy
for gaining political mileage?

Am I being used in an attempt
to throw you out?

"What is your opinion
on this matter, Mr Choudhary?"

"Sir, I think the government must
suspend the inspector at once..."

and conduct an enquiry
against him...

so that police
stops harassing bureaucrats

Has the inspector arrived?

Send him in

"What's all this farce, Inspector?"

"Farce...? What farce, sir?"

"if not a farce, Inspector, what else
have you turned this rape case into?"

Mr Choudhary's son
raped a nine-year old girl

What's the big deal? Why are you
making an issue out of it?

A little girl is raped
and murdered;...

"isn't that an issue, sir?
- No. Not at all"

"Release his son at once, take him
to the Narcotics department..."

let him lick some drugs.
He has all the freedom...

to rape any girl

In case he fails
to find a girl...

we'll offer him
our sisters or daughters

"Because, I'm not a Chief Minister,
and you aren't an officer"

The two of us serve as pimps
to his son

"What are you saying, sir?
- Mr Choudhary..."

I'm not perfect either

So I know too well the difference
between right and wrong

"And yes, I've transferred you
to the Co-operative Dairy department"

So that you can instill in him
the habit of drinking milk...

instead of white poison.
Get that?

"And Inspector, you!"

If you are truly your mother's son...

don't stop chasing his darling son
until he misses his mother's milk


"Relax, Mr Bhandari... relax.
- I've lost face!"

"Remember this much, Mr Bhandari"

"One who goes to jail once,
goes places. It's true"

History is witness. Take the cases of
famous ministers and actors. It's true

Know what? My mentor Bhojwani did the
same thing with me on the first case

"And look how I've scored.
- What are you saying, sir!"

Which means even I'll become
a famous lawyer some day?

"Mr Bhandari, in our country,
bail means freedom"

So let's celebrate your freedom
with your best friend Choudhary

Come on

The Chief Minister
is a bloody opportunistic snake

He was making him do
all illegal activities

"And now, he gets him transferred"

Votes and money alone
don't sate him

We grow poor because we give.
But these corrupt ministers...

"no matter how much they take,
they don't seem to grow richer"

I don't understand...

why he changed amour
'm my son's case

"Media. Media, Mr Choudhary"

If the media offers
someone space...

even spirits start singing praises

"Manpower, money power, political power
media is the greatest of all powers"

If the media makes
an issue out of something...

even the bravest of men
would not dare to touch it

The Chief Minister
is but a small fry

More than him it is the inspector
who earns a paltry 5000 bucks...

who is much arrogant

Must do something about him

"Don't get into that mess,
Mr Choudhary"

Am I not with you?

Unless I get his uniform
auctioned in court...

I'm not Satyaprakash Satwani

Once our boys are placed under
judicial custody from police remand...

then watch what magic I work

This way

"Mr Satwani, your boys will be
offered the place they choose"

That barrack belongs
to the A Company

B Company's gangsters are housed
in the opposite barrack

D Company's boys are kept
in the barrack at the far end

This barrack has boys
from the E Company

- Yes. The gangster Eliyaz's boys

"Dangerous, merciless sharpshooters"

Hey jailer!

Come here!

"That's the don, Eliyaz Ansari.
E Company"

"They are the slinks who raped
a little girl, aren't they?"

"Yes bhai, they are the ones
(Bhai - Don)"

Send them to my cell

My boys have been starving since long.
They are thirsty too

We'll pump enough
manly venom into them...

to their change their
damn blood groups

Send them

"Jailer, could you find a cell
exclusively for our sons...?"

"Exclusive, please...
- Possible"

"Jailer, our boys are not used
to sleeping on the floor"

"Mattresses, pillows, blankets...
- Yes"

everything will be organised

Tell me something. What type of toilet
would they prefer? Indian? Or Western?

"Jailer, never in their lives have the
poor chaps seen an Indian type toilet"

It's hard to squat. A western
type toilet will be organised

And food...?
Home cooked? Or from hotel?

"Home cooked would be just fine, sir.
- Wonderful, wonderful"

Cigarettes? Liquor? Anything...?
- Oh no

"You want, my boys?
- No, Satwani, no"

No harm in asking them.
- What he's offering is enough

"To avail of these facilities...
- What is it, jailer?"

Tell them.
Everything comes for a price

I'll make it cheaper
because I respect Mr Satwani

"A private room will cost
100,000 a week"

"Mattresses, pillows and blankets
will cost 50,000"

Will they use a phone?
- Yes

"10,000 for that.
And when you bring food..."

keep 5 notes of 1000 denomination
under it

"Every time you bring food, please"

Hey jailer!
- Yes bhai!

What's up? Why haven't you
sent the boys inside yet?

"I have cooled the boys down.
Send them in, pronto"

Hurry up and tell me.
- We agree to all your conditions

"But put our boys in a separate cell,
not with them, please"

Trust me. All right?
- Perfect

"I'm very sincere with
my dishonest dealings, too"

"Telgi, I told you! No!"


"Sorry, bhai. Carry on, please"

Munna will manage the rest.
Call me later

"What is it, jailer?"

"Made a deal, Eliyaz-bhai.
Fifty percent for my staff"

Twenty-five for your boys.
- What about the other twenty-five?

"Goes to that bloody parasite,
the dog Satwani"

He's a damn old warhorse

He runs a coalition government
on the whole damn case

Just for the sake of humanity...

thrash the rich spoilt brats tonight.
Beat the bloody shit out of them

At least the kid's soul
will find some peace

"Worry not, bhai.
Everyone will be at peace"

"Everyone will relax. Bye.
Carry on the phone conversation, bhai"

Papa! Are you still sleeping?

"Hurry up, else I'll be late"

What if I miss the fast train?

When did you arrive from Australia?

I just kept my luggage inside and
hurried here to wish my darling baby

Where is she?
It's her birthday today

Remember what she said when
I was leaving for Australia?

"Look aunt, you may go
wherever you want to"

But make sure you are here
on my birthday with my gift

"Else, I'll never talk to you"

"You mustn't say that, dear.
- Did I ever miss your birthday?"

"This time too, I won't.
I'll certainly come on your birthday"

"What is the matter, Shrikant?
Why are you quiet?"

"Shruti is no more, Mrs D'souza"

Get down


how are you?

Are you all right?

Just obey your orders.
No need to worry

Go on

"Just don't worry, Mr Choudhary"

For the last fifteen years I've been
giving the law this very antidote

My clients lshan Bhandari
and Mayank Choudhary...

have no criminal records

They belong to respectable families

They are down with food poisoning
eating jail food

"To respect the court of law,
they've been presented here"

They are in a very bad shape.
that's why I request the court...

I request the court to send my clients
to the hospital immediately...

for treatment

Permission granted

"That's a lawyer's magic.
There's more to come, just watch"

"Satwani, I'm honest, not stupid"

You can pull wool over
the eyes of the court...

but I know you inside out

Reason with him

If you cross my path
in this battle of law...

"I'll shove all your knowledge of law
right there, where you came out from"

The name is Eliyaz-bhai.
Eliyaz Ansari

"Newspapers, TV, radio, public..."

everyone is scared of taking my name

My name's linked to everything
that happens in this city

You did a great thing

But why did you spare the other one?

The gun was country-made.
I found it in the crematorium

It carried only one bullet

"I rule in here,
as I do outside"

Would you like to have something?
I have a personal kitchen here

I'm not hungry

How long will you starve?
Two days? Four days?

Five days?

Know what? There's a disaster
greater than death


"if not for yourself, you must at least
live for the sake of your wife"

You know my wife?

I respect those who commit murder

What the two of you did
was just appropriate

it hardly takes time to commit a crime.
If justice is not given pronto...

everyone will do
what the two of you did

But I won't let you guys
rot in jail

But the law...
- Ten years in the path of crime!

I have enough experience of the law

I can tell you
the court's verdict right here

Your wife will be exonerated

"As for you, my lawyer J.K Saxena,
will get you released"

This is the new twist in the case.

"Who, saw the rape being committed
with their own eyes"

The curtain on this matter is being
raised only today in court

"No one ever saw them before on TV,
nor read about them newspapers"

So where did these eyewitnesses
transpire from?

"Mr Kripa Shankar, I wish
to ask you a question"

Who are these eyewitnesses?
And where are they?

They can't come to court
to testify

Why not?
- Well...

they have their own set of problems

"His answer is enough to nullify
the entire case, Your Honour"

"To get my clients arrested, the
eyewitnesses had no personal problems"

"But now, when it comes to testifying,
they come up with personal problems"

"The truth is, there's no eyewitness
in this case at all"

"Eyewitness, there is"

"Not one, but three persons
have witnessed the rape"

"I'll present all of them in court
tomorrow itself, Your Honour"

The court is adjourned till tomorrow

I have lost faith in this world

"The cop is not willing to sell himself,
the prosecution is not yielding either"

"And now, three eyewitnesses
have sprung up!"

Who the hell are they?

We'll find out soon

He's not here as yet

There! Our succour is here

My Lord...

what kept You
so long from manifesting?


This is Mayank Choudhary's father.
Mr T.P Choudhary

And he is...
- ACP Sawant. Narcotics Department

Best friend of Kripa Shankar Thakur

"My Lord, what will You have?"

I don't take tea and coffee
free of cost

Everything else will do

Waiter! Three large Blue Label

For me

"What about you?
- Not on Mondays, please"

"Business, Satwani?
- We've already done that on the phone"

"All that remains to be done,
is give and take"

What's your price?

How much will you offer?
- 20 million. Cash

Who are the eyewitnesses
on this case?

Check upstairs

The old man is away. It's locked.

Hurry. Call up bhai

"Sir, Shalini Devi here.
Our lives are in danger"

- Yes sir. Ramnikbhai just told me

Some men had come to kidnap him.
- Stay put. I'll be there

You will not move anywhere. Get that?
I'll be right there

All right

"Pooja, go and shut the door"

Don't move

Sawant sahib?
- Go on

Bhai here

Job done

How much did you sell out for?

20 million

"For the sake of money, you sold out
on your honesty, duty, integrity..."

and even my trust in you?

"Be practical, my friend.
Be practical"

I paid 10 million to be
transferred to this department

The next ACP is waiting with
15 million to take over from me

Jobs were on sale earlier.
Now transfers are sold out

Because of officers like you
the entire police department...

has been turned into a
money-making machine

"Had I been in your shoes, Sawant..."

I'd have pumped all six bullets
into the chest of the buyer

This department desperately needs
police officers like you

You are like those faithful dogs...

"who are used in sermons on ideals,
principles and medals"

"People like you join the force
as inspectors, no doubt..."

but you guys die just as inspectors!

"People like you are used,
my dear Kripa..."

and people like me are sold!

And that is our police department!

Does that mean you're not going
to give me any help in this case?

"Whether he helps or not,
I surely will"

Pick up Bhai and Chhotu and
hand them over to Kripa

You get that?

Why were we asked to come here?

To ask you guys for the answer...

to just one question

Had you guys given out a contract to
finish those three eye-witnesses?

Contract...? What contract?


"You were talking at the top of
your voice in court, Mr Satwani"

And your voice is stuck
in your throat right now?

- Yes, sir?"

- Yes, sir?"

How much did you guys collect to
bump off Ramnik and those women?

"Half a million, sir.
- That's the present rate, sir"

What did you do to them?

"We killed the three of them and
threw them in the gutters, sir"

- Yes, sir?"

Take off their handcuffs

Shove an old revolver in their hands
and show this is an encounter death

"One thing you'd
better remember, Satwani"

Don't play around with the law
in my case

"Perhaps you don't know. I was
born in Bihar, brought up in U.P..."

where every family gives birth
to three politicians...

two thugs and an
administrative officer

If you act smart with me
ever again...

"I'll put so many slugs
into you, you sonofabitch..."

that even a pauper will become a
millionaire by selling the copper

You heard that?

"That was meant for you, too"

Hail India

Hail India! Say it

Hail India

Hail India

Let's go

"Your Honour,
where are the eye-witnesses?"

Those that my friend Saxena
intended to present in court?

"The truth is, Your Honour..."

there never was an eye-witness
in this case!

"This is a conspiracy,
a frame-up..."

in which my client Mayank Chaudhary
has been implicated!

In which were killed his friends lshan
Bhandari and Chandu Prasad

"To expose this conspiracy,
I seek your permission..."

to summon Mrs Shradha Varma to
the witness box

Permission is granted

Mrs Shradha Varma...

in a dress like this one
on the train that night...

were you going to participate in
a fancy-dress competition?

I have a strong hatred
for such clothes...

that makes half the city view the
one wearing it as half clad

And half the city thinks
she's absolutely naked

"In this dress,
I wanted to trap the rapists"

"She's telling lies, Your Honour!
Absolute lies!"

"Your Honour, clothes like this one
on trains and streets..."

"in the middle of the night,
are worn only by prostitutes!"

Mr Satwani!

It's lawyers like you
who provoke women...

who probe so much to bring
the matter to a situation...

where the women either back off
out of helplessness...

or become shameless enough
to reveal...

when and what they were
actually put through

Lawyers like you ought to go and
ask their mothers...

how your fathers had
impregnated them!

You can very well misbehave with
a woman in a crowded court...

and no one can have
any objection

"But when I ask you a simple question,
you jump around with objections?"

"Your Honour, I'm glad
my daughter is dead"

How could the poor girl say
what she was subjected to?

I have committed a murder.
And I admit to it

I'm not here to defend
my crime

I'm here only to seek justice
for my child!

For how long? For how long shall
a mother beg for justice...

for the atrocity perpetrated
on her child?

Why does this country not
formulate a law...

where a rapist is sent
straightaway to the gallows?

Child rape!

"That's the menace plaguing all our
cities, towns and villages today"

So why don't we put up
a fight against it?

Why aren't there any
tough laws?

Mr Judge...

I beg you

You must deliver a verdict...

which brings about a revolution in
the annals of Indian legal history

Which makes every monster who
inflicts rape on little girls...

shudders a hundred times before
he does something as heinous!

A hundred times!

Mr Judge...

I don't want to answer
any questions

"What I had to do,
I've already done"

And I have no regrets about it

"What punishment I'm likely to get,
I don't care either"

"Our world is devastated
anyway, Mr Judge"

"I have just one request, Mr Judge"

You must deliver a verdict...

which will prevent
the poison of rape...

from ruining anymore lives

Our daughter must get justice
while we live

So that every parent
has faith in the court...

and the laws of our country

"That's it, Mr Judge.
I have nothing more to say"

Nothing more

Mr Judge...

I'm ACP Sawant.
From the Narcotics Department

"These are the three
eye-witnesses, Mr Judge"

"Shalini Devi, her daughter Pooja
and Mr Ramnik Vora"

"They have witnessed Chandu Prasad,
lshan Bhandari and Mayank Chaudhary..."

commit the heinous rape
on Shruti Varma

I request the court to record
their testimony today itself

"Mr Judge, I'm Shalini Lokhande"

"The day this incident occurred,
we were in the same coach"

The terrible things these three boys
did to the poor child...

this chap was one of them

"The poor child wept and
cried for mercy, for help..."

to no avail! One of these boys
threatened us with a knife

"This boy was one of them, sir!
We saw him there!"

You must punish him sir!

Where's my wife and kid?

They're with me. Safe and sound

When are they coming
back to me?

"Once their testimony is recorded,
you'll have them back"

How did you get to know that
these witnesses were with me?

"Sawant, I'm a cop too.
I know you too well"

You can't ever kill someone
for 20 million

A killing you will negotiate
for not less than 50 million

I had found the bodies
of the three dummies

If we in the police start abducting
each other's families...

what difference will there be
between us and the underworld?

"Lots of difference, Sawant.
They still have a bit of honesty left"


"Use whatever ploy you want to
in this case, Kripa..."

you aren't going to win

You have been transferred today.
Chaudhary has been pulling the strings

"Your Honour, it's already five"

I therefore request the court to
announce a new date of hearing

"No, Your Honour! No!"

They will get a new date of hearing
from the court every other day...

and these criminals will get
a new lease of life!

"I beg you, Mr Judge..."

do not fix another
date of hearing

I appeal to you

"Actually, I have no right to say
anything in this case anymore"

That's because I have
been transferred

And that's because I did my duty
with all the honesty

"A policeman, the entire police
department is viewed as corrupt"

As dishonest thieves and
corrupt people

Those that join the police force
for 30 years...

are turned into corrupt
thieves by the politicians...

who assume power only
for five years

Another police officer will
step into my shoes...

"and the poor man, out of helplessness,
will turn the whole case in their favour"

This poor old man
will be shot dead...

And these two women will be
subjected to something...

that will make them scream
at the sight of any male...

or they will be paraded
naked on the streets...

and declared insane!

Whom are we to trust?

"Whom do we turn to, Mr Judge?"

Society is full of criminals...

who have made it to Parliament
only on the strength of their bullets

The day is not far when they will
fire at each other even in parliament

Every corrupt politician
has just one thing to say

They say that unless the courts
declare them guilty and criminals...

they are innocent

"if they are indeed
innocent, Mr Judge..."

why is a case being heard
against them in court?

"This nation is sitting
on a volcano, Mr Judge"

And instead of thinking of doing
something for the nation...

instead of formulating
new laws...

they keep fighting each other
like wild animals

Is this the pride and
honour of our nation?

"If the people in this country believe in
anyone, it's the judiciary, the courts"

And it's the judiciary that is
actually running this country

"Before that judiciary, therefore,
I beg with folded hands..."

that there are police officers who
are willing to die on duty

But at least their shrouds
ought to be protected!

"This appeal has nothing to do
with this case, Your Honour"

"it has, Mr Judge.
It certainly has"

What I'm saying is
the naked truth!

Crime against children
and women are a grave problem...

facing the country...

but nothing is done or thought
about in this regard!

Whoever goes through this trauma
is too scared...

when faced with police apathy

In the tussle of money and power...

investigation is itself
put to a stop

Or they are made to
face enquiries

But whether any enquiry has ever
yielded a decision...

the people of this country haven't
even read in fairy-tales!

Every witness turns hostile
in court

And Why?

The case drags on
for so long that...

the girl goes beyond marriageable age
in making the round of the courts...

"and if it's a woman,
she grows old!"

"And those that are old, die!"

"Why is this the case, sir?"

All this can come to an end
only when...

"a single court hears such cases,
in a single hearing..."

where a verdict is delivered...

"without another hearing,
another appeal or another court!"

I therefore appeal to you...

to dismiss the court only after you
have delivered a verdict

"The arguments of the lawyers,
the testimony of witnesses..."

and the evidence
made available...

this court honourably acquits
Shradha Varma and Shrikant Varma

The accused Mayank Chaudhary
is held guilty of the crime

"For raping and killing
the child, Shruti Varma..."

this court sentences
Mayank Chaudhary to death

Right in front of your eyes

This court directs
the parents of the child...

Shradha Varma and Shrikant Varma...

to personally hang the culprit

The court orders Inspector Kripa to
take the accused to the gallows

Let me go!
Leave me alone!

I've made a mistake!
Please let me go!

No! No!

"After delivering the verdict,
I handed in my resignation"

I don't know how those
who know the law...

will react to my decision

"What I do know, however, is that
I have done justice to my soul"

I have truly awakened

It's time you awakened too