Ja gore! (1968) - full transcript

I’m on Fire!
Based upon the story of Henryk Rzewuski

Please come in.

Please, come.

I’m Pogorzelski, of family crest Grievience.

Nobleman from Ukraine.

Forgive me, Mr., I’m coming to you at night,

but there is no other time for us, who are coming from there.

I suppose your coming from the nether world.

You’re right.

I’m coming to you Mr., because you are so famous within us,

that only here I would find hearing and comfort for my confused soul.

So, please sit, Mr. Pogorzelki,

and let’s talk about whatever your soul wants.

Maybe a glass of wine?

Wine… Holy god!

I haven’t drunk wine for 185 years! Or maybe longer…

Because 2 years before my death,

I had promised that until I die I won’t drink wine.

So that promises are irrelevant now.

So cheers, Mr. Pogorzelski!

Mr Pogorelski, you are here…

Excuse me, can you repeat?

No. Nothing. I spoke to myself.

First of all I have to tell you my story,

so you can understand me and maybe helming me.

It was after the denouement of Bar Confederation,

which had swallowed my small patrimony

and placed me in very troublesome position.

So when I got the letter from the Prince Bishop to visit him on his court,

I didn’t hesitate, but came to Krakow at once.

Mr. Grievience Pogorzelski.

Reverend Prince!

Good. Oh! Hello, Mr. Pogorzelski, how good you’ve came!

Because here we lack of people so noble,

so honest, and so good landlords like you.

That’s very kind of you, Reverand Prince!

How you can say I’m so good landlord,

yet in Ukraine which is by God so richly gifted,

you can run your land even without any work.

Mr. Pogorzelski! You’re so modest!

I know well how you managed at my lands in Czernychowy, so I sent for you.

I decided to give upon your control the Samsonow.

Indeed, your grace flows down on me while I’m in very critical position.

I was almost concerning to ask for bread in the nobleman houses.

Yes, and now listen to me Mr., what you ought to do in the beginning.

There is in Samsonow an old castle, for hundreds of years no-one entered it,

from the death of its damned owner, Prince Zatorski.

When in old times I visited my lands, I visited also the Samsonow,

oh, how beautiful castle there is, what a magnificent view it gives upon the whole land.

We have to make it once again residential.

At once you’ll manage some household for yourself at the castle,

just to look if the works are being done well and just,

and do it as soon as possible.

Oh, I’ll do it willingly, my reverend Prince,

the respectable work you have for me, but if I may ask,

what do you want to make from that old castle?

Next year, of course if God let me live that long, we’ll be your guest there.

I want to spend there few weeks next year.

It’s better sir to hang me, or quarter me,

or burn me with fire, but don’t make me do that.

What for God sake does it mean?

You don’t want do it, and he doesn’t want - what is there reason of it?

Silence! Only one will speak! Kowa!

So, you see Sir, this castle is haunted.

At nights we hear from here terrifying cries…

And sometimes terrible noise also.

What do you say, you fools!

People invent much stupidity, if castle is old - it has to be haunted, without a reson!

But there is a reason of it!

It’s haunted from the day of death of the Prince Zatorski,

cursed by the Church!

Without taking the last sacrament!

And with awful blasphemy on his lips!

They say that after he died, he became black as coal!


It was long time ago, now you have to listen to me,

it’s the order of the Prince Bishop!

Go to work, or I’ll make you be whipped, you fools!


Go ahead, who believes in God!

In the name of the Father, and Son, and the Holy Ghost…

Yes, if we, god people, with God’s help, arranged this part of the castle for living,

I decided to live here and make her an economic chancellery,

to make its the point of departure for work commissioned

by the Reverend Prince Bishop.

You already know, what every one of you have to do,

so let each go to his place, because we still have a lot of work,

and not so many time until the next summer.

Do you want to ask about anything?

So, go to work.

You, Mr Pogorzelski are sending your people to work, with God’s help,

and I - I am burning!

What? Who said that?

Hey, Wales, come back!

Did you ask for me, Sir?

Did you say something at the stairs?
Did you ask for me, Sir?

Did you say something at the stairs?

And what I was supposed to say?

I don’t ask if you were supposed to say, but did you do it!

Yes, I surely said something…

But what, you fool!

So, I said that… it’s beautiful summer…

Get out, you fool!

If I could say true, you are…

He talks stupid.

Did you bring the cup?

Hit it hard!

It have to be empty!

How it can by empty, if its so heavy!
It have to be empty!

How it can by empty, if its so heavy!

It’s heavy, because it’s old!\ - You’re stupid!

Let’s turn it edgeways, and break the lid.

It’s a jelly!

You’re a fool! Give me a knife!

First class tokay!

Unbelievable, to cut the wine with a knife!

Look here, you dumb! Can you see?

It will be a hundred years….

170 years! He even can’t count!

Ok, take the barrel upstairs. And I’ll search here for a while

Give me the light!

Empty. But we’ll spill something from that one.

We’ll melt the jelly and we’ll drink. We’ll drink!

ou Mr. Pogorzelski will be drinking wine here,

and I - I am burning!

I am burning!

Walek! Wales! You Dumb! Light! Light!

Maryska! Maryska! Are you here?

And where should I be, when you ordered me to startle the jackdaws.

Maryska? You know what? Come down.

So I’ll go down.

No, I won’t.


Because you're looking.

Because you're looking.

So what?

I won’t.
So what?

I won’t.

So you know what? I’ll go up.

And if I’ll be there, you’ll come down first.

That’s good.

Maryska! I’ll buy you chaplets in Cracow.

So you will go to Cracow, Sir?

Maryska, I’ll go, and I’ll bring you chaplets,

and gingerbread with poppy from Torun!

Who is it?

You, Mr Pogorzelski are willing to make the wench…

I wanted to say bring her gingerbread,

and I - I am burning! I am burning!

Come out! Come out, you devil spirit!

I’ll break your bones!

Walek! Walek!

Did you ask for me?

Bring me a tea with saffron. My head aches!

Ok, I’ll bring it…

Did you bring saffron?

Yes, indeed.
Did you bring saffron?

Yes, indeed.

You, Mr Pogorzelski are taking saffron here,

and I - I am burning!

Wales, come back! You canalia!

Oh, what’s wrong Mr Pogorzelski,

did I make you suffer, so you want to leave me?

What are you saying, My Reverend Prince Bishop,

where I would be better,

I am crying when I think of losing such a good landlord,

but I can’t take it anymore, because I suffer a lot!

And why do you suffer?

Why? Because of the evil spirit!

What are you saying, Pogorzelski?

What did came to your mind?

You have to be ill!

I know they’ll say I’m crazy,

but for God’s sake I swear, it’s true!

From the day I came to that castle, the devil doesn’t stop bothering me!

And what he did to you?

What? He repeats all the time the same words.

And what are those words?

„Mr Pogorzelski - I am burning!”

How it could be? Say it clearly.

That’s how it is, My Reverend Prince.

And why are you brushing down yourself

as you would be kneeling in the basement for a whole night?

Is it dirty here, or what?

Of course no. Forgive me my Reverend Lord,

but it’s the nerves, the nerves. Forgive me please.

Fine, fine, now tell me…

What does that devil speak to you?

So, in the morning, when I wake up and start the day with the prayer,

just I cross myself, I hear those words:

„You, Mr Pogorzelski are praying here, and I - I am burning!”,

when I go for breakfast, I hear the same voice:

„You, Mr Pogorzelski are eating your breakfast, and I - I am burning!”,

when I order to harness the wagon:

„You, Mr Pogorzelski are going to work and I - I am burning!”,

and anything I would do, I always hear the devils speech:

„I am burning! I m burning!”

So, go away from the castle, back to your previous house.

But, today in the morning, when I ordered to pack me for the trip to Cracow,

I heard the same voice:

„You, Mr Pogorzelski are packing to go to Cracow just to rid of me,

but it won’t happen, you are packing yourself

and I - I am burning!”.

And maybe you, my dear, have your secret sins? Confess yourself.

I would be even glad, if he let me,

but he better watch over me better than a confessor.

Please, tell me Mr Pogorzelski, did someone else hear that voice?

Indeed, My Lord, if I would be the only one who hear it,

I would think of myself as crazy or ill, but others also hear it.

My Walek once was so afraid of it, that he scald me with a tea.

So, thats unbelievable.

But there is no need in leaving me, because, as you said,

the voice told you he will come after you, so it will go after you to Ukraine.

I have hope that the Holy Lady of Berdyczowy will save me from him!

My Pogorzelski. The Holy Lady reigns here, as she does in Berdyczowe.

After all, the Lord gave us also the power to blank out the evil spirits.

Go forward to Samsonow, and tomorrow I’ll come.

I’ll manage a holy mass at the castle,

you’ll prepare everything for me, with my chaplain priest, so…

Oh, boring, boring…

You, Mr Pogorzelski are bringing a Bishop here,

and I - I am burning! I am burning!

As I told you!

All the world praise the God! - And we praise Him!

Mr Pogorzelski, you’re praising Him, and I - I am burning!

I am burning! I am damned for centuries to come!

Spirit, created by God, from whom I got the leadership of this herd,

please tell us who are you, and how can we help you.

I was the owner of this castle.

Oh, so it’s once again him, I completely forgot.

What does it mean, My Reverend Prince?

Mr Pogorzelski, it’s once again that old grump, Count Zatorski,

he was damned in old time, I don’t remember when, maybe two hundred years ago,

and from then on he bores, but I can’t help him,

I would have write a letter to the Pope, I would have to drive to Rome, I don’t have time for it…

But what will happen to me?

Mr Pogorzelski, what can I do?

Fine, fine. I’ll try.

Damned spirit, I order you to stop, to go away from Mr Pogorzelski!

Yes, go away from me, you damned spirit!

You, Mr Pogorzelski are throwing me away with your Bishop,

and I - I am burning! I am burning!

Can you see, Mr Pogorzelski? What can I do?

So, what happened next?

It’s a pity to say.

He annoyed me bringing to death. I died two years later.

And what was the reason of his damnation?

Nothing serious.

He murdered the fiancee of his daughter,

or he walled up her alive, something like this.

Even after death he didn’t let me.

He says: You, Mr Pogorzelski are lying in this grave, and I - I am burning!

So many years I am suffering!

And I suffer the most I swore two years before my death that I will live in virtuousness.

I haven’t drunk, I haven’t smoke, I haven’t brought the grange wenches to the horse-barn,

I thought that by being good it will drive him away, but now I regret it. I regret it!

You know, the virtue…

I regret it, because if I would make a sinful life, I would be now in hell,

and there that damned spirit couldn’t say to me:

You Mr Pogorzelski are burning, and I am burning!, because it’s nonsense.

Yes, of course, that kind of a nonsense could embarrass him.

Forgive me, Mr Pogorzelski, but I would like to ask:

if you’re not in hell, so where are you right now?

Forgive me.

Forgive me Mr, can I talk with Mr Pogorzelski for a while? I think he’s at your place.

It’s for you.


You, Mr Pogorzelski are telling about your life to the auteur, hassling people,

and I - I am burning!

I wish you to burn in hell fire for whole eternity!

You damn bastard, I wish you the devils would take you!

Mr Pogorzelski! You wish him not what is needed:

you should wish him to go to heaven. Mr Pogorzelski!