Ja Myung Go (2009) - full transcript

Legend has it that more than 2000 years ago, the Kingdom of Nangnang possessed a mystical Ja Myung Drum (Ja Myung Go) which will sound by itself when enemies invade. In reality, Ja Myung Go does not represent the drum but instead, is embodied by the King's daughter, Princess Ja Myung. Princess Ja Myung and Princess Nak-Rang are born on the same day and time to the same father but different mothers. It is predicted that one princess will become the nation's savior while the other will bring the entire nation down. Using her family's powerful background, Princess Nak-Rang's mother successfully establishes her daughter as the savior princess while Princess Ja Myung, who is branded the princess of destruction, escapes death with the help of her mother and grows up among the common folk. When she learns of her true identity, Princess Ja Myung returns to her Kingdom, resulting in a new wave of internal politics and power struggles. Princess Ja Myung and Prince Hodong of the rival state of Goguryeo fall in love but fate has it that they cannot be together. Princess Nak-Rang, who is also in love with the Prince, willingly gives her nation up to him by destroying her Kingdom's mystical war drum. Princess Ja Myung, fighting to save her nation, finally pierces her sword towards her beloved Prince Hodong...

Two daughters born of Choi Li will bring about the collapse of Naknang?

Have him kill his own daughters!

You must have a son My Lady.

It has to be a son, or the baby will die!

Is it a boy or a girl?

Tell him it's a boy.

But they'll soon find out it's a lie.

Please save my life.

Please let me go, I can't breathe.

Now tell me how I can save my daughter.

Do you have a military kite?

What does that mean?

Did I have a son or a daughter?

Ma Haso.

I have sinned against you.

Captain Choi, carry out the royal command.


Prime Minister, you have to go to His Majesty.

Spare Wang's baby and kill Mo's baby?

Yes, he said that's the will of the heavens.

Give me that baby.

I have carried her within me for nine months.

I'll send her away with my own hands.

She's breathing.


I killed her once already. I can't do it twice.

Are you trying to kill the whole family?

I cannot believe you.

Did you not set the whole thing up?

How dare you try to frame me with that lowly mouth!

Jasil, have you lost your mind?

What's going on?

Our baby came back to life.

Please save her life.

Save my daughter. Save your daughter.

What are you doing?

If I hadn't done it, you would have had to.

I promised her I'd save the child's life.

Il Poom, you go with her in my place and take care of her.


Part 4
- My Lady.
- My Lady.

- Poor baby. Oh baby!
- Baby.

My Lady.




My baby!


Cry and save your life.


Yes l'll call you
Jamyung from now.

Since l can't save you...

You must cry and
save yourself

true to the meaning
of your name...

l feel it in my heart...




Choi Li's Second Wife

Choi Li's Second Wife
lf she could save her life by crying

she wouldn't have
been stabbed by me

But if she's lucky she could
be rescued by fishermen.

That's possible.

l hope she cries
until someone finds her.

Follow the river
to Jeungsan Harbor.

Jeungsanpo / Mouth of Daedong River
in today's southern Pyeongyang
There's a village of fishermen.

Jeungsanpo / Mouth of Daedong River
in today's southern Pyeongyang
Find the town chief
when you arrive.

Great idea.

Don't you want to save Baby Jamyung?

We can bring her back
someday as long as

she's alive.

Tell him to overturn the boat
whenever he sees it.

My Lady.

That's not enough.

Tell him to make sure
the two children die.

Tell him to throw
them in the water.

Mo Haso will try to
save her daughter.

You have to get
there first.

l don't want to do it.

You're scaring me.


We had no choice when one
of the babies had to die

but do you have
to go so far?

You want to die in my
hands like Dalgaebi?

l can't let you live when
you know of my plans.

My Lady...

These lowly servants just
don't understand.

This is why
they should be governed

with a whip not kindness.

The only words you need to say
are ''yes'' and ''l understand. ''

Who gave you
the permission to think?

All you have to do is
move your hands and feet.

Do you want to
die right here?

Please spare me.

l won't tolerate your
impertinence again.

ljust can't stand the
sound of your baby's crying.

lt just doesn't
feel right.

CHOl Ll / Joseon Origin
Commander of Nakrang Army

Senior Officer of Nakrang Army
l thought she
was dead but she's not...

How can that be?

Time will take care of it.

How will she survive
this cold winter river?


l'll trust you.

- Let's go.
- Yes sir!

Why are you here?

lf she's your daughter
she's also my daughter.

l came to say farewell
to Jamyung and

to console Mo Haso.

So you came all the
way here.

You wouldn't
have brought me.

Let's go home.

l want to help the Lady.

She doesn't need
your support.

Do you know what it is like
to give birth?

lt feels as if every bone
in your body crushes away

and every drop of your
blood leaves your body.

Yet l came all this
way on horseback

only a day after
giving birth...

l don't believe you're
a compassionate person.

Then why do you
think l came here?

There are ice blocks as
solid as a boulders.

They wouldn't break even
if you hit them with a rock.

But poke a needle at the
center and

it'll shatter into pieces.

Did we
shatter into pieces?

At the least you can say
you've poked a needle at

the center of my heart.


Since you came here
alone on horseback

you should be able to
return the same way.

l don't want to put you in the
same carriage with Mo Haso.

lLPUM / Dalgaebi's son
Don't cry.

Don't cry.

Choi Li & Mo Haso's daughter

Don't cry.

Don't cry.

MO HASO / Choi Li's First Wife
Cry out loudly.

MO HASO / Choi Li's First Wife
lt's okay.

DONGOBl / llpum's Aunt
Dalgaebi's sister

DONGOBl / llpum's Aunt
Dalgaebi's sister
My pain is nothing
compared to yours.

We can't do anything about
our different status

but ourfeelings
are another story.

You and l share
the same pain...


You gave your life
as well as your son's

for my daughter.

l don't know how
l'll everthank you.


Thank you Master.



The wind is cold.

lt can't be colder
than the river.

You just gave birth.

Then l should have a baby.

l should be
holding her in my bosom.

Where is Jamyung now?

Mo Haso.

Don't touch me.
l want to die.

l can't leave my daughter alone
in that freezing cold river.

You can hate me
after we return home.

My Lady.

So you did have a
bit of a temper.

You promised me you'd
save Jamyung.

You promised me you'd leave
this cruel land with Jamyung.

l probably couldn't have
kept that promise

even if not forJasil.

Was that the kind
of man you are?

A man who can't
keep his word?

l hesitated
because of you

but in the end...

l would have killed
Jamyung with my own hands.

Are you that
afraid of Liu Xian?

lt's because of my ambition to

become a great man.

l don't think l can...

l don't think l can everfall
asleep in your arms again...

How can l live
as your wife

when Jamyung's cries
are in my ears?

Please let me leave.

Mo Haso.

l won't kill myself

because l believe that
Jamyung will survive.

Just let me leave you.

Mo Haso.

l couldn't let you live
as Jamyung's mother

but l'll make you
the mother of Nakrang.

What does that...

Weren't you and my brother
going to bring Liu Xian down?

l'll kill Liu Xian and

make you the mother of
the people of Joseon.

Take care of them as
you would Jamyung

and let them comfort
you in return.


You've gained too much for

throwing a newborn
into the river.

Since you came here
alone on horseback

you should be able to
return the same way.

l don't want to put you in the
same carriage with Mo Haso.

Love doesn't last forever.

lt will change
with time...

Mo Haso you can
have Choi Li's heart.

l'll have his power.

- The King is returning!
- Hooray for the king.

- The King is returning!
- Hooray for the king.

Hooray for the Prince.


Hooray for the king.

Third King of Goguryeo
Hooray for the Prince.


Good work.

lt's okay.

Get back on the horse and
step down on the men.

But l can do it alone.

l know that.

Adeok help Hodong down.

lt's an honor
Your Majesty.

Get back on the horse.

But he's an old man.

Don't make me
repeat myself.

What is a king?

He's a father who governs
his people with kindness.

And his people?

They're the source of
the king's power

on which he can lean.

ls this your idea
or Eul Duji's?

l learned from him
and l agree...

l'm right aren't l?

A king is someone who
feeds his subjects and

his subjects are people who
keep asking for more food.

More food
more food more food!

They demand incessantly.

And when a king can't
satisfy their hunger

they'll turn against
their king and kill him

and then find themselves
a new king.

l'm scared.

l know.

You can't trust
your subjects.


A kingdom's power
comes from food

and the power of a king
comes from a sword.


A king's sword is used
to slay his enemies

but sometimes you have to
slay your own people.


l don't understand.

What can't you understand?

Why can't l govern our
people with kindness?

Do you want to
be a good man?


Then you can't be a king.

l want to be a good king.

There's no such thing
as a good or bad king.

Why not?

lt's your choices
not your character

that make you either
a good or a bad king.

You chose the sword
but l'll choose kindness.

Neitheryou nor l can
make that decision.

Who makes that decision
if a king can't?

Only the time you
live in will decide that.

Hodong can't become a king?

Maegu heard it
with her own ears.

Goguryeo's Queen
He's always been a softie

Goguryeo's Queen
nothing like His Majesty.

lt's too early to rejoice.

As the saying goes

there's a thin line between
good and evil.

Song Maeseolsu's head maid
l'm too ignorant to
understand what you mean.

My queen
that must've hurt.

Why would you pull
out yourfine hair?

Every strand of hair
is precious as you age...

A gap this narrow can
split heaven and earth.

Between two people
it could be worse.

But His Majesty
adores the prince.

l'll put my hope on this
tiny gap and bring myself

closerto the king with
everything l've got.

l have to go
greet His Majesty.

l Eul Duji am now
departing for Nakrang as

your envoy to celebrate

Liu Xian's 30th anniversary
on the throne.

l Chu Balso
leave with him.

Make sure to bring back
all that's due from Liu Xian.

l'll bring back food to
last us through the winter.

He'd be a thief if he
doesn't give us anything.

We're giving him tiger skins
bearskins pigskins topaz

amethyst and a ruby

this size for his crown...

That will put some weight
on Liu Xian's head.

EUL DUJl / Senior Head Officer
of National Administration
General Wu Naru...

WU NARU / Hodong's Uncle
Head of National Administration
Eul Duji you must
keep your ears open.

l find it hard to communicate
with scholarly types.

l'll say that again.

That will put some weight
on Liu Xian's head. .

He should give as
much as he gets.

And if he doesn't
we'll take it from him.

That's the attitude.

CHU BALSO / Executive Officer of
Goguryeo's southern district
The ruby is the
size of a chestnut not a fist.

Fine whatever.

And while you're there

stuff his subordinates'
pockets with some gold.

And get some information
on the rebel's movements.

Wu Naru is right.

Your Majesty.

Wang Goeng took an army of
1500 to Madeung Mountain.

According to our spy
Wang's men are all Hans

and Choi Li's troops
are all men of Joseon.

Something is going on.

Look out for Choi Li's and
Wang Goeng's every move.

As you command.

lf it looks like Liu Xian
is about to lose his head

in an uprising make sure
to bring back all the rice

and salt you can get your
hands on as well as the

animal skins and
jewels you're taking.

Master l wish you
a safe trip.

Keep up
your studies.

PRlNCE'S TEACHER / Responsible
of the prince's education
You're relieved of your duties
as the prince's teacher.

PRlNCE'S TEACHER / Responsible
of the prince's education


Prince Hodong.

Please tell me what
l've done wrong.

You have made Hodong
into a weakling.

You taught him this
nonsense about governing

his people with kindness.

A good king stuffs food
down his people's throats

and he needs power
in orderto do that.

A sovereign's power does
not reside only in his sword.

Atrue king should have
the following four qualities:

benevolence righteousness
courtesy and wisdom.

A load of crap!

lt's just gibberish
spoken by dreamers

like Confucius and Mencius.

What Goguryeo desperately
needs right now is oceans

rivers fertile
lands and rice!

A king without morals

will only bring bloodshed.

l don't think so.

A king exists beyond morals.

And Hodong has to
be a strong king.

He has to attack Buyeo

attack Nakrang and
attack Liadong!

That is what Hodong
Goguryeo's next king must do.

That is why Hodong needs a
teacher who'll teach him

the cold reality of
current politics.

General Wu Naru.

Yes Your Majesty.

You will teach Hodong the
the value of war.

As you wish Your Majesty.

Chu Balso.

Yes Your Majesty.

You'll teach Hodong how
cold politics is

and how pathetic a
weak sovereign is

as soon as you return
from Nakrang.

As you wish Your Majesty.

l don't want Hodong to become
a big fish in a little pond

a summer bug that
knows nothing of winter

or a boring scholar who
only cares about morals.

l want Hodong to become
a strong sovereign

a strong conqueror
who'll succeed me!

Don't be too disappointed.

You can become Hodong's
teacher again after

he becomes a
strong king.

This powerthing can
get to your head

when you have it
fortoo long.

l cannot say His Majesty
is entirely wrong

but he's not
entirely right.

You should be
more flexible.

Being too straight
can hurt you sometimes.

Be more flexible
from time to time.

My only concern is...

... the queen...

Spit it out. Don't hide around
the bush and lose me.

Prince Hodong is lonely.

Since his mother was from
Buyeo our enemy state

he has no maternal
relatives to depend on.

And he has no siblings
to protect him.

And he's too young
to manage his way

in vicious and
bloody politics.

But he has his father.

His Majesty is a
cold-hearted man.

General Wu Naru you must
protect Prince Hodong.

Eul Duji

there's one thing
that's fair in this world.

Let me hear it.

Whetheryou or me
His Majesty or Prince Hodong

even a mere foot soldier
or a slave all lives

are exposed to some danger
every second of the day.

And if he doesn't have the
guts to face danger

he shouldn't be
Goguryeo's king.

Did you have fun with
Hodong on your camping trip?

You came
here to ask me that?

l am a queen
and l can go anywhere l wish.

Goguryeo women...

Hodong you're very lucky
to have great teachers

such as Eul Duji General
Wu Naru and Chu Balso.

Yes Mother.

l still haven't mastered
flexibility yet.

l want to continue to learn
sword fighting from Aunt.

lf you must learn a feminine
style of sword fighting

you can learn
from your mother.

From Mother?

Yeorang's techniques are
flashy and flexible

but she can't
beat your mother.

That's not true.

Her sword has intention
to kill so if you can beat her

you'll be able to kill
your own family.

You're exaggerating
Your Majesty.

You must be tired.

Have some warm milk
and get some rest.

Yes Mother.

Now that you've sent
Hodong away

tell me what's
on your mind.

The night you went on the
camping trip was the night

you were supposed to
visit my chamber.

So you want me to
stop by tonight?

Please consider it
my longing foryou.


l will make it up to you.

l look forward to how
you'll please me.

l'll do my best.

Your Majesty.

Your Majesty.

What's the fuss about?

The chief is here.

My father?

You're the king's

Why did you come

BlRYUNA TRlBE / One of the
five major tribes of Goguryeo
Why didn't the Biryuna tribe
notify Goguryeo of your visit?

Chief of Biryuna tribe
Since the queen
has no power

Chief of Biryuna tribe
herfather will
only be a laughing stock

Chief of Biryuna tribe
if he makes a grand entrance.

l'll inform His Majesty
of your arrival.

lt's all right.

Muhyul and l are not
too fond of each other.

Hodong could be made
crown prince soon.


Muhyul has secretly
begun contacting

the otherfourtribes
excluding us.

He's asking fortheir
support in making Hodong

the crown prince.

You must stop him.

Who dares become
crown prince

when l haven't produced
a prince yet?


The Yeona, Gwana, Hwana tribes
have already agreed to it.


There are even some people
in the Biryuna tribe

who doubts you.


How could we trust the
future of the Biryuna tribe

with the queen
who has no son?

We'd rather guarantee our
survival by staying on

Hodong's good side.

Maeseolsu don't forget.

Time waits for no one and
people run out of patience.

And l can only stick up
foryou for so long.

Are you dead?

That must hurt.

Did you die
because it hurts?

You're alive.

l'll help you.

Be quiet.

Don't cry.

l won't touch it if
you don't want me to.

You're hungry aren't you?

You need milk
since you're a baby.

l need Mom.



You can't screw this up.

What screw up?

ljust have to overturn the boat
and drown two kids right?

lt's easierthan
eating a piece of cake.

l'm just afraid you'll
drop the plate.

Don't you worry.

This is my territory.

No one would dare to
drown in this river

without my permission.

lf the boat left at five
they should be here soon

if they fish didn't eat them.

Make sure they're dead.

But what kind of
man can be so cruel?

Many people have lost their
lives wondering about that.

Just tell yourself you're
sending the souls

where they belong.

Brother let's go.


lt's salty.

l'm sorry.

l'm not a mom.
This is hard for me too.

l'm so scare.

ls it good?

That tickles.

Don't do that.

lsn't that the boat?

Yes l knew it
was about time.

lt's amazing how they
made it this far.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

What's going on?

Maybe l'll get struck
by lightning

trying to kill Baby Jamyung.

l'm only doing what
Lady Wang ordered me to do.

Please help me?

What's going on here?

Just get the boat
close to them!

You do it if you can.

What's that?

Start rowing.

You too!

l lost my oar.

lt's trying to
swallow our boat.


Dear Heaven!

l'm sorry.


What's wrong with Lahee?

Something's wrong with her.

She has no fever

and she had a good
bowel movement too.

You try.

She wouldn't suckle
my breast either.

What's wrong with her?

Don't open
the door.

You are letting the wind in.

Master is getting
ready to leave.

He is?

General Wang has
sent word that

he'll be arriving
exactly at five o'clock.

Ourtroops are already assembled
at the Dangun Shrine.

- Lady Wang.
- Lady Wang.

And Baby Lahee.

Please leave us.
l'll help him get ready.

l am Wang Jasil.

l'm the sister
of Wang Goeng

who pledged to help you
bring down Liu Xian.

We may be half-siblings
but my brother adores me.

Are you
threatening me?

lt was your choice
to kill Jamyung.

Hate yourself.
Don't hate me.

l hate myself more
than enough.

But l can't
forgive you either.

Lahee is your

She refuse to be fed.

She can survive
for a few days

but she can't survive
if she doesn't drink.

Drink well.

lt's enough that
l lost Jamyung.

Do not make
yourfather sad.

Get a new nanny.
Find as many as you need.


Please return safely.

You must win this battle
for Lahee's sake.

You must be a healthy
baby when l return.

She woke up briefly

but fell back asleep
aftertaking her medicine.

Gee bee tang/Medicine for mental stability
but fell back asleep
aftertaking her medicine.

l told myself l am childless

the day l abandoned Jamyung...

And although l knew it
would hurt you even more

l couldn't turn
my back on Lahee.

Lahee is also my daughter.

WANG GOENG / Joseon Origin
Commander of Nakrang Army


We will begin.

That's not necessary.
Just do it.

Yes sir.

l'm sick of snow...
lt never stops.

Please hurry.
The queen is waiting foryou.

l'm sick of that too.

lt's sweet Osmanthus perfume

His Majesty's favorite.

lt's dried jasmine.

YEONGCHUNWHA / One of jasmine
flowers has seductive effect.

YEONGCHUNWHA / One of jasmine
flowers has seductive effect.
lt's supposed to
stimulate man's passion.

His Majesty the King.

You've come.

l had no choice.
You told me to come.

l'll do it.

Yes Your Majesty.

Please have a
restful night.

Let's get to bed.

Just a moment.

lt's raspberry wine.

lt's sweet and fragrant.
lt'll help you sleep...

lt's all the
same everywhere.

Concubines and
the queen...

They all offer me raspberry
wine and dried jasmine.

And the smell of sweet
Osmanthus on you...

l'm sick of it.

l can't even breathe
in this room.

Your Majesty.

Here l drank it.
Let's go to sleep now.

WU NARU / Hodong's Uncle
Head of National Administration
What's the matter
with you Princess?

YEORANG / Hodong's Aunt
Wu Naru's wife
l can't admit that
you're betterthan me.

YEORANG / Hodong's Aunt
Wu Naru's wife
l taught Hodong.

Why does he say your brute
strength is betterthan my skill?

A sword is still a sword
no matter what

and it's for
cutting off heads.

Pick up your sword.


Then l'll make you.

Once was a game but

l won't stop
until l see blood.

Fine don't stop
until you see blood.

Let's find out
who's better.

You've never bested
me until now.

How can l beat you

l can beat everyone else
but you.

Pick up your sword.

Let's just say l lost.
l lost.

We're supposed to get

Let's not waste
ourtime on this.

Help me. The princess
is trying to kill me!

Stop right there!

Princess what will you gain
from becoming a widow?

Do you have a new
man in your life?

What did you say?

You dare mock to me?

l'll kill you.

Please take pity on me
and spare my life.

l said l'm sick of it all.

Your Majesty.

You want this old body?

Yes l do.

What a pity.
l'm not interested in you.

The palace is full of
women younger and prettier

than you and l have
no desire to hold you.

l was raised as a queen
from the moment l was born

to the chief of
the Biryuna tribe.

l lived my entire
life foryou.


Do you intend to
let me die a virgin?

l beg and beg you...

But you come to this room
only twice a month

only to leave at
the crack of dawn

without touching
a strand of my hair.

ls this the
life of a queen?

Why are you so greedy?

You have the greatest
power any woman can have.

You should be
satisfied with that.

l'd rather give up
being a queen

if this insult is the
price l have to pay.

You were once young
and beautiful.

lt was painful for me to
come to your room because

it was hard for me to
control my lust.

lf you want to
live as my woman

ratherthan as a queen

you should discard
your greed.

So my desire to be a woman is a greed?

lf you put it that way
l feel sorry foryou.


Let me ask you something.

What is it?

Do you have to
produce a son and...

... kill Hodong?

Would sons
who share my blood

have to fight and
kill each other?

Must brothers bring
bloodshed on themselves?

How can you say something
so atrocious...

Your Majesty.

Raise your head and
answer me truthfully.

l will.

Did you try to kill Hodong
that day in the garden?

Song Maeseolsu answer me.

Did you try to kill Hodong
my one and only son?