Jû jin yuki otoko (1955) - full transcript

A yeti terrorizes people on top of Mount Fuji.

Toho Studios Present

Half Human:
The Story of the Abominable Snowman

Based on a work by Shigeru Kayama
Screenplay by Takeo Murata


Akira Takarata, Akemi Negishi, Momoko Kochi

Directed by Ishiro Honda

Has the team scheduled to
return here tonight already arrived?

I mean the mountaineering
club from Towa University.

In there.

I'm a newspaper reporter.

The Deceased: Takeno

I'm sorry.

Are you Dr. Koizumi?
Here's my card.

I'd like to talk to you
about the recent incident...


lijima, you should be
the one to tell the story.

I have the notes left
behind by Takeno...

if you can believe them.

In the midst of a
mountain blizzard,

I have experienced a terrifying
incident unparalleled in human history.

At the very moment we were about to die, I
clearly saw the monster with my own eyes...

What is he talking
about_ this 'monster'?

The incident occurred during
our New Year's holiday...

Hey, lijima, I'm going to
make a stop at Mr. Gen's place.

I'm going too. You two
take Michiko to the lodge.

When did we decide that?

It will be fine. Let's
go straight to the lodge.

We'll do better if
you come along.

We'll send your regards.

Be careful, Michiko,
and try to keep up.

You be careful too.

Michiko, we're counting
on you to make dinner!

See you later.

Don't be too long
in getting back.

OK, let's go.

Hello there.

You came just in time; that
mountain is whipping up a fierce storm.


Takeno and Kaji
stopped by to see Gen.

Mr. Gen's place?

Well, come inside anyway.

Hello, hello?

That's odd... maybe they
decided to brave the storm.

No need to worry, they're
all veteran mountaineers.

Relax and have something to eat.

I'll give it a try.

Hello, hello?

I haven't seen you since spring.
Are you going down the mountain?

Then you're climbing up?

There's a blizzard; I need
to stay here for a while.

No problem. You can
stay the night if you want.

- You need dinner?
- I'm not hungry.

- It's all tumbled down.
- What?

She's talking about an avalanche.
She's never wrong about these things.

- Where did it happen?
- Burning Hell.

What's Burning Hell?

It's a valley on the
way to Gen's lodge.

Damn, it's just getting worse.

There's nothing we can do tonight.
We'll wait until the weather clears up.

Hello, hello!

What is it?

What was that?

Who's there?

Something's wrong.

What's happened to
them? Is my brother all right?

Hey, did you bring rope?

Yeah, right here.

Man, this is deep. I haven't
seen snowfall like this for years.

Last night's avalanche was
unbelievable. Worst in years.

I wonder if Gen's
place is all right...

Gen, are you home? Gen!

Takeno! Takeno!

Mr. Gen! Mr. Gen!

Mr. Gen! Mr. Gen!

- Damn, we're too late. He's dead.
- He must have died instantly.

I wonder what happened.

Mr. Matsui. Look
at these footprints.

Bears are hibernating
this time of year.

So what made them?

Is there some kind of animal
that could have made them?

They're huge.

There's no animal
with a footprint like this.

- Have you ever seen anything like this?
- Never.

Let's go to the lodge
for the time being.

Mr. Matsui, the camera.

Takashi, this is
my brother's coat.

This belonged to Kaji.

Then we know for
sure they made it here.

Where could they have gone?

My brother wouldn't go out in
last night's storm without his coat.

It would take tremendous
strength to bend this.

This belonged
to my friend, Kaji.

- You're sure?
- Yes.

What's this hair?
There's some here too.

What do you make of it?

It's probably fur from a coat.

Hey, I found one of them!

- Only one?
- Is he alive?

Kaji! Kaji!

He's dead.

There's still one unaccounted
for. Let's look for him in this area.

Let's get started.

We may as well forget
about Takeno. He's gone.

How did it go?

It's impossible to continue the
search under these conditions.

We may just have to
wait for the spring thaw.

Don't cry.

I'm sorry.

Did you ever discover what
animal the hair came from?

Examinations showed...

that the hair does
not correspond...

to that of any animal
inhabiting Japan.

Is it the abominable
snowman of the Himalayas?

This is a photo of the
footprints we found in the cabin.

Are you saying that the abominable
snowman inhabits these mountains?

In any event, in addition
to looking for remains,

we were waiting for the
spring thaw to uncover

the identity of the
undocumented animal.

- You made it.
- Hello. - We're back.

- You must be tired.
- Hello.

Go on in.

- Honey, bring some cold drinks!
- Be right there.

Take a load off.


Who are they?

They're the group with the
renowned zoologist, Dr. Koizumi.

- There you go.
- Thanks. - Eat up.

- Boss, they're here.
- Who?

Dr. Koizumi and his students.

So, he's finally here. Dammit!

We can't take this sitting
down. We've got to move.

If we lose this one, it
could put us out of business.

That must be their base camp.

That's right. They'll be out
scouting for the monster everyday.

Don't take your
eyes off of them.

It will take around two hours to
get from this fork to Kumando.

Then we'll have to find a place to
ford the river. It will take a half day.

An entire half day...

Let's go.

If we haven't found him by now,
maybe he went to Garan Valley.

Maybe so.

Garan Valley would be on
the other side of that mountain.

That's right.

We won't find anything there.

He's right. Even my
parents never set foot there.

Tomorrow, we will descend
from this ridge to this valley,

ascend to this river bank and
travel along this mountain ridge.

That's Garan Valley.

Forget about it. It's
out of the question!


No one who's entered there
has ever returned to tell the tale.

He's right. This
is as far as we go.

We asked you because we
knew it would be a difficult journey.

You never said anything
about Garan Valley.

Let's go over there and talk.

Dr. Koizumi, let's go
anyway. We'll be all right.

We have to see this
thing through to the end.

We should go to sleep.

Good night.


I'm asking too much
with this expedition.

Don't be foolish, Michiko.

Finding out what happened
to Takeno is our job.

It happened on the mountain.

Particularly given the mysterious
circumstances surrounding this case,

we have to figure
out what happened.

You have to be strong.

What was that?

- What happened?
- Ssh. Something's there.

- Wow, you scored a bear!
- It must weight 500 kilos.

You really gave me a start!

Take a good look: this wound
wasn't inflicted by a gunshot.

The bullet missed?

It's a landslide, take cover!

- Are you all right?
- I'm OK.

- That was a close one.
- We could've been killed.

Who knows what could
happen in Garan Valley...

Are you all right?
Which leg is injured?

Hisashi, what happened?

- It's fractured.
- It doesn't look good.

We have to make
a stretcher for him.

Lift him up!

I think he'll be all right.

Mr. Matsui, we're
not going any further.

- 1 warned you about this place.
- So we assume you'll understand.

Hisashi, we're going to
take you home. You'll be fine.

The stretcher's ready to
go! Let's get out of here!

Judging from events
heretofore, we should assume...

a worst-case
scenario for Takeno.

What do you mean, Mr. Koizumi?

The scream we heard in the mountains today
proves beyond the shadow of a doubt...

that there is some kind of an unknown
animal living in these mountains.

This means that we must
consider the possibility that...

the animal captured
Takeno during the blizzard.

We have to decide
whether we should...

continue this
investigation... or turn back.

I think continuing this
investigation would be foolhardy.

Our guides have
already abandoned us.

We should reconsider the
purpose of our expedition.

I agree.

If something happens, I could...

If you're so afraid, why did
you come in the first place?

- I never said I was afraid.
- Then what is it?

I disagree.

First, we all knew from the start this
expedition would involve some danger.

We've finally come to the
point where we have a chance...

of substantiating
Dr. Koizumi's research.

You're right.

The incident today proved that there's some
kind of mysterious animal in the mountains.

Giving up at a time like this_

OK, I'm satisfied.
We forge ahead.

But we proceed with the
understanding of substantial danger.

Hey, you're back.

Chief, they finally found
out about the monster!


Today, in Garan Valley.

Garan Valley! Did they go there?

One of their guides was severely
injured and they were laughing about it.

That's when they saw it.

The guides told them not
to go into Garan Valley.

The guides became
angry and left them...

but the group was determined
to continue regardless.

So they're alone now?

There's a... lodge
|lodge I|lodge.

There's a guy running a
lodge named Matsui with them.

Matsui? Dammit!

We'll have to change our plans.
We'll go at once to Garan Valley.

Let's not be too hasty. We
can't go off half-cocked here.

You can only make the big money if you're
willing to do what the other guy won't.

We found the monster first.

I'm not about to be beaten
by a bunch of amateurs.

Oba Incorporated
is the leading animal

dealer in Japan. Our
reputation is at stake.

Let's roll!

Michiko, You should go to bed;
we have an early day tomorrow.

OK, goodnight. There's
coffee if you need it.


I'm going to bed too.

- I'm putting out the light.
- Goodnight.

What happened? You check that
way. I'll check on the other side.

- Iijima!
- Takashi!

Iijima! lijima!


It's one of the students!
Don't let him get away!

You saw him, didn't you?

Now we can't just let you go.

Maybe we'll stick you in the
cage for two or three days.

- You can't escape.
- Out of my way!

You're not going anywhere!

You idiot!

You son of a bitch, what are you
doing poking around here anyway?

You want a piece of me?

It serves you right!
That'll teach you a lesson.

Go to bed. There's no point
in the both of us staying up.

I'm too worried to sleep.

Who are you?

Thank you.

Where am I?


Who was that?

I'll be back soon.

Chika, why did you
bring in that stranger?

What was I supposed to
do, let him die of his injuries?

Have you forgotten
the village rules?

You know that other outsiders
will come poking around.

If the master is taken from us, we
won't be able to survive the winters.

We won't be able to hunt for
bears, or wild boar, or deer.

- How are we going to make it?
- What are you going to do with him?

I don't know! Leave me alone!

Are you sweet on him?


I trust you haven't forgotten
the rules of the village.

Take this to the master.

He is never to be disobeyed.

Grand elder, what did they
do with him? Where is he?

Chika, quiet!

I beg of you!

- Dr. Koizumi, I found lijima's rifle.
- Where was it?

In a clearing by the oak grove.

Where's the oak grove? Where?

Michiko, settle down. The sun
will set before you could get there.

We'll have to take
care of this tomorrow.

Michiko, go to
bed early tonight.

You didn't sleep
a wink last night.

You won't do any good
getting all worked up like this.

I understand.

At least we have a clue.
Let's re-think our plan.

- Are you the students?
- Students?

One of the students was injured.

- Injured?
- I rescued him.

Oh, so you're the
one who saved him?

Yes, he's with us.
Thank you very much.

Where are you camped
out? I want to meet everyone.

Well, that's a
bit difficult now...

There's something
I'd like to ask you first...

Have you seen a big animal that sort
of looks like a monkey around here?

I see no reason
to keep it a secret.

Where in the mountains
do you usually spot him?

I don't know.

Well then, I guess I can't introduce
you to the other members of my party.

Shall we go?


Will you really let
me meet everyone?

I wouldn't lie to you.

Take her to meet
everyone tomorrow.

I'll leave this with you. This ring
is my most prized possession.

You can give it
back to me tomorrow.



Grab him!

Hurry up!

That couldn't have
gone any smoother.

But taking the big one won't
be so easy, so look alive.

Give it to me, Chika!

Hand it over!

This is inexcusable...

Drop the net!

Grab him!

Give him the medicine!

Pin him down!

What are you doing in there?
What did you do with the master?

Return the master at once!

What are you doing?

I've got a gun, you idiots!

Get out of here!

Let's go. Take the monster.

Oh, no! Grand elder!

You son of a bitch! Die!

Grand elder!


What a terrible evil
you have caused.

You have brought
ruin to our village.

Grand elder, what
are you saying?

We're going to be rich! The
whole world will want to see him!

I can't stop laughing!

Lock him up.

What's that?

Hey, watch out!

Look behind you!

Stop the truck!

You brat!

Be careful, he bites!

Don't resist!

- God, he's heavy!
- Hurry up!

He's a noisy one!
What a nuisance!

The family is reunited at last!

This is an unexpected windfall.

I'll teach you how to
balance on a ball in no time.

OK, let's go!

First we'll tour him
through every city in the US.

Then it's off to
London and Paris!

Those French girls are sweet!

Damn straight!


Grand elder! Grand elder!

It's the master. He's angry!

Grand elder, let's get
out of here! Grand elder!

- I can't make it. You go alone.
- Don't give up!

I don't what it was...

I've never heard of
such an animal before.

The only thing I can think of
is the abominable snowman.

The abominable snowman?

It looks like the fire has
pretty much burned itself out.

A half-human
abominable snowman...

This is a terrible turn of events
for that mysterious mountain village.

It came from over there.

It's the abominable snowman!
Dr. Koizumi, come quickly!

Put more wood on the fire.

Stop, don't shoot!

The abominable snowman
isn't going to attack us.

Nakata's hurt!

He's in the oak grove.

You two stay put, no
matter what happens.

- Are you all right?
- I'm fine.

What was that?

We should get out of here.

Over there!

Iijima, he's
dangerous! Be careful.

Iijima, are you all right?

That's where the
fire was last night.

It's not on the map.

Isn't that the village you saw?

- It could be.
- Let's go have a look.

There's someone down there.

What happened, Chika?

What happened to the grand
elder? Where are the other villagers?

The grand elder was
killed by the mountain lord.

The villagers
escaped into the valley.

You know where the
master is, don't you?

Lead us to him.

How many of them are there?

- Two; he has a child.
- There are two?

Dr. Koizumi, let's go.

It's human remains.

This is Takeno's.

My brother!

Shinsuke, be strong.

It's his notebook.

I've never been as scared as
I was the night of the blizzard.

We thought we were goners.

We had clearly seen
the hideous monster.

We chased after it, but
it was a fool's errand.

En-route, we were swept
away in the avalanche.

When I came to, I found that my
injured body had been carried to this cave.

Oddly enough, the beast brought
me food. He kept his gaze on me.

But I didn't have
the strength to eat.

I am sure I am destined
to die in this cave...

Let's keep looking.

Come on, Shinsuke.

This way.

It looks like a
mountain of bones.

It is.

He's dead.

I wonder if it's the
abominable snowman's child?

That's right.

- Look at this.
- What is it?

Amanita muscaria.

Don't touch it.

It's a highly poisonous mushroom
called 'amanita muscaria'.

The creatures must have
become extinct from eating it.

Then what about the
one we saw last night?

A happy accident...

Perhaps one survived because
he didn't eat the mushroom.

But Dr. Koizumi,

why do you suppose no
one had ever seenthese

creatures when they
had a sizeable population?

Then, when only one was
left, it went to Mr. Gen's cabin?

I imagine he was
overcome by loneliness

and ventured out into the world
looking for some kind of companion.

That's probably the same
reason he went berserk.

He's been shot.

That's the work of
Oba. He runs a carnival.

Don't shoot!

Come this way.

There they are!

That way.

Keep calm and hold your fire.

Then what should we do?

Mr. lijima, what should we do?

- I'll go take a look.
- No, it's too risky.

Closing in on him like this could
prove even more dangerous.

So long as I'm unarmed,
I should be safe.

I'll go!

- You?
- A girl might have a better chance.

I'll do it for you.

Don't be foolish!


Chika, come back! Chika!


I understand...

Thank you very much.

The train will be
leaving shortly.

It looks like the
rain has stopped.

The End