JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time (2014) - full transcript

The Legion of Doom are attempting to use space satellites to freeze the Earth's oceans, creating more land mass at the coastal regions for which they own. The JLA quickly arrive and the two teams engage in a classic battle of wills. This clash leads to Lex Luthor becoming trapped in a glacier of ice. In the 31st century Legion of Superheroes trainees; Dawnstar and Karate Kid are tasked with minding the Legion's museum. Their tour leads them to Lex Luthor's memorial; his body still encased in a large chuck of ice discovered in the 29th century. Karate Kid Inadvertently frees Luthor who secretly explores the museum himself, and soon uncovers the shrine to his greatest nemesis Superman. There he learns of the Kent's involvement in Kal-El's discovery. Luthor following the voices of Dawnstar and Karate Kid takes possession of an hourglass which holds the Time Trapper within. Whoever holds the hourglass controls this entity who is the master of time. Luthor returns to the 21st century, but not without the young Legionaries close behind. The Legion of Doom regroups with a new plan in place; they will prevent the Kent's from ever raising Kal-El, and with no Superman the JLA will cease to exist as well. The JLA arrive but Luthor's efforts prove to be successful, and the Time Trapper causes the time paradoxes to vanish from this reality. Now it's up to Dawnstar and Karate Kid to stop Luthor's plans for worldwide dominance. They find a loophole freeing the Time Trapper from Luthor's control, but now nothing is preventing him from wrecking chaos throughout reality. The JLA return, but well their power combined with Dawnstar and Karate Kid prove to be enough to stop this new menace, or has our time just run out?

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Now is the hour...

...we set into motion cataclysmic change
to the planet.

The legion of doom shall rule
in a new world order.

No one can stop us.

I do not understand, Lex Luthor.
I thought we were melting the polar ice caps.

No, my dear cheetah, the exact opposite.

As those glaciers swell,
the world's water level shrinks...

...expanding the coastlines
of every continent.

Black manta:
Land we already own.

Another brilliant plan from a brilliant mind.

Sorry, Lex, sounds more like an insane plan
from a deranged mind...

...and we're gonna have to put a stop to it.

Justice League, into action.

Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman,
get those controls away from Lex.

Cyborg, Batman and Robin with me.

Too bad your mind isn't as fast
as your little boots.

We have to destroy those satellites.

Already on it.

What's going on up there?
Somebody stop them.

Two down. Three to go.


Me here not protecting these satellites
so Lex's plan not come to workness.


Um, not sure "workness"
is a word there, genius.

Me, I'm not genius.

It's Toyman. He's right behind us.

Toyman [Singsong]:
My rocket ship's so much better than yours.

[In normal voice]
Let's see whose toy breaks first. Ha-ha-ha.

Black manta: Atlantean,
you can't win battles armed with a fork.

[Weapon firing]


Don't make me poke a leak
in that hard head of yours, manta.

I'll hold off Bizarro.

You take out those satellites.

If I can plug in,
I might be able to shut this thing down.

Stay away from my inventions,
you mechanical menace.

I'm putting the batwing on autopilot.

Should keep Toyman busy
while I help cyborg.

Autopilot? But I can fly this thing easy.
I wanna help.

You'll help by staying put.
And don't touch anything.

I'm gonna touch whatever I want.
I'll touch this button and this button.

Batman [Over comm]:
I heard that.

I will shred that pretty face, Amazon.

Wonder Woman: I have battled harpies
with talons as hard as hydro-fangs.

Your little scratches are almost soothing.


[Cheetah grunts]

Solomon Grundy crush wonder lady.

Now you shall taste your bitter end, cyborg.

You don't even know what bitter means.


Oh. "Stay in the batwing. Stay safe.

Stay out of trouble."

So not fair.

Computer: Please refrain
from kicking the autopilot controls.

- And have a nice flight.
-I'll have whatever kind of flight I want.

Batman's in trouble. Forget this.

-Disengage autopilot.
Computer: Negative.

Your override clearance is not high enough.

How's my clearance now?

Time to play, little birdie redbreast. Ha-ha-ha.


[Alarm beeping]

[Alarm squeaking]

Oh my-

-I told you to stay in the batwing.
Robin: What? I was trying to help.

You almost got yourself killed.
How does that help?


I will finish this for commander Luthor.

The fool is overloading the satellites.
He has no idea what he's doing.


Embrace winter eternal!

What? No!

Lend a hand? Anyone?

Me hate toys, so me save you.

Time to go.

Yeah, you better run, you big dumb ape.

Whew. That monkey packs a punch.

Superman, it is Lex.

[Over comm]
He's gone.

-We have to find him.
-Wait. The blast.

It was too powerful.
There's no way he could have survived.

Man [On recording]:
And so the most notorious villain of all time...

...was defeated that day.

As time passed, civilization grew
and prosperity flourished...

...thanks to the continued heroics
of Superman and his Justice League.

Even today in the 31st century...

...the mighty legion of super-heroes
battle crime and villainy...

...in the name of truth and justice.

May the historic accomplishments
of Superman be an inspiration to us all.

When's it gonna be our time, Dawnstar?

When do we get
to join the legion of super-heroes?

One cannot rush the natural progression
of things, val.

Karate kid.
You're supposed to call me karate kid.

If we're ever gonna
become full-fledged superheroes...

...we can start by sticking
to our super-names.

Well, karate kid...

...if lightning lad and the rest of the legion
truly believed we were ready...

...we would be fighting by their side
instead of exploring this museum.

But I've studied every martial art ever invented.
I'm ready to go.

What more do they want?

There is much more to being a hero
than simply fighting.

Tracking lost cats and blessing them with light
doesn't really count as heroics, Dawnstar.

I think it does.

Besides, if the legion of super-heroes
feel we are not ready...

...then we must patiently trust their wisdom.

Heh. Patience? Please.

Check this guy out.

Oh, whoa. Wait. This is Lex Luthor.

It says here his body was found
in the year 2856...

...during the big thaw
of the second warming.

Heh. Look at him.
The leader of the legion of doom.

The sign says not to get too close
to the exhibits.

Karate kid: The greatest super villain
of all time? More like Lex loser.

There's a weak point
in this chunk of ice right here.

I bet with one focused key burst, I can bust
him out and wax the floor with his bald head.

Val, please be careful.

He doesn't look so tough.

Val. Karate kid, stop.


See? I stopped a fraction of an inch
before contact.

-I trained for years to learn that trick.
-You might have broken the ice.

I didn't, did I?

Come. Let us continue to the next hall.

This side of the museum
makes me uncomfortable.



What? Where am I?

What is going on?




Wait. The year 2856.

I've been frozen for nearly a thousand years.


Man [On recording]: It was Fate
that ?Rst bought Superman to our planet.

The innocent baby Kal-El was orphaned...

...when his home planet of Krypton
ceased to exist.

Fortunately, his space crib
was jettisoned to safety and fell to Earth...

...where young Superman was recovered
in a Kansas cornfield...

...by his loving adoptive parents,
Martha and Jonathan Kent.

Clark Kent?

Lam never going anywhere
with you ever again.

Aw, come on. Lighten up, Dawnstar.

Whoa. Look at this creepy thing.

Says here, "behind this protective barrier
sits the eternity glass...

...which, as legend has it,
was used to bend space and time."

I wish I could use it.

I'd travel to the not-so-distant future,
when you and I are members...

...of the legion of super-heroes,
and I can finally put my fighting skills to use.

Val Armorr,
sometimes you are just too exhausting.

I know, right?


Time travel, hmm?

Let's see, now. How does this thing work?

Time trapper:
Thou has set the time trapper free.

Speak thy name and desires.

I am Lex Luthor,
and I want you to take me back in time.

A thousand years ago, to be exact.

Time trapper: As the sands of time run
thy will shall be done

it actually works.

Stop. Stop, please.

Luthor: Come along, time trapper.
We have much to do...

...and all the time in the world to do it.

[Luthor laughs]

That.... that was Lex Luthor.

Did he really just go back in time?

-Why didn't you stop him, Dawnstar?

Never mind. Come on.

Solomon Grundy chest hurt.
Must be cold, dead heart.

Lex gone. What we do?

Not know. Lex is brains.

With no brains,
nobody tell Solomon Grundy what to do.

Or what not do. So, what we do or not do?

I'll tell you what we do. We fight back.

Lex, you here.

Alive and in the flesh.
But where is everyone else?

They all afraid. Hiding.

Yeah, they all run away. That why me stay.

Those cowards. I'll have to teach them
to never underestimate their brilliant leader.

[Both grunting]

Solomon Grundy,
summon the legion of doom immediately.

-Are we truly a thousand years in the past?
-Looks like it.

Time trapper: Lex Luthor,
what thou has asked of me has been done.

Now set me free.

Sorry, time trapper, but you work for me now,
on a more permanent basis.


With time trapper under my control...

...we can now erase the Justice League
once and for all.

-Come on, let's take him down.
-No, wait.

We have no idea
what these villains are capable of.

If this is the 21st century, then there are others
better suited to defeat these miscreants.

Val, my tracking abilities will lead us
to the Justice League...

...but if you do not stop squirming,
I may drop you.

Just so demeaning.

What gives, Dawnstar? We lost?

Oh, no. We are quite close now.
However, we must be cautious.

Remember this is the 21st century,
a time of great ruthlessness.

See how they see those torture devices
to flagellate themselves with radioactivity?


Excuse me, can you direct us
to the nearest teleportation pod?

Absolutely. You need someplace to go,
I tell you. The hall of justice maybe.

-How do you know where we're headed?
-Yes, how?

Um, I think the wings you have
on your back kind of gave it away.

Why don't you just hop in, huh?
I get you there.

You are dressed very creatively.

[Horns honking]

Why is this teleportation taking so long?

Wait, wait, hold on. What about the fare?

Oh, it was better than fair, kind sir.
It was a wonderful ride.

Thank you ever so much.

Hey, no. You misunderstand. The money.
Okay? The cash, the dough, the greenbacks.

Sorry, pal, we don't have any
of these greenbacks you're talking about.

But if it is any consolation,
I will now bless your vehicle.

Golden light of Amandares, bless and protect
this man in his many travels...

...and give him total consciousness
upon his demise.

Whoa. No, no. Aah! Aah! Wait, wait, wait!

Aah! Put me down,
you crazy-looking freaky people!

Ahh, might as well level up my tank
and do a little farming.


Our apologies.
Karate kid knows not his own strength.

-I think the front door was locked.

[Dawnstar gasps]

[Robin yelling]

Are you part of the legion of doom's
intern program?

We are part of no legion.

But we would be if lightning lad
wasn't such a hater.

I knew it.

Stop it. There has been a misunderstanding.


Hey, you can't do that.

[Both grunting]

Please stop. Please.


You need to learn some welcoming manners,
young man.


What in the name of Rao is going on here?

Somebody needs to start talking now.

These two broke in
and started busting up the place.

That's a lie. He attacked first.

Yes, the masked boy speaks
a definite mendacity.

I will get to the bottom of this.

The lasso of truth will not allow you
to speak falsely.

Good, because I have never spoken falsely
in my long life.

Trust me, most times she's too honest.

-Enough banter. Who are you?
-And what are you doing here?

I am Dawnstar.
This is val Armorr, also known as karate kid.

We're from the future. The 31st century.
A thousand years from now.

The one you know as Lex Luthor
had been discovered in the year 2856...

...during the big thaw
of the second warming.

Luthor: And apparently my frozen body
was taken to some museum...

...where, once freed, I obtained this hourglass
and with it came back in time to the present.

We were lost without you, Lex Luthor.

I was lost. Lost and afraid.

As you all should be.

But your presence in this room is a sign
of your undying loyalty to your leader.

Which is more than I can say for black manta
or gorilla Grodd and captain cold.

They're the most pathetic of all.
Too scared to even show up.

Yes, yes, yes. It was the recklessness
of captain cold that caused your near demise.

Never mind them!

I have a new ally and most powerful servant.

Time trapper, bow to them.

Time trapper:
Time shall mend all slights.

He's scary and strange. Me like him.

Ls he your, ha, ha, plaything?

I will use time trapper's powers
to destroy the Justice League once and for all.

Before they even began.

Dawnstar: And that's the whole story.
-What she said.


Just when we believe Lex Luthor dead,
he returns, not from Hades but from the future.

Imagine what the power of time travel
could do in that maniac's hands.

I'd really rather not. Lex has to be stopped.

Superman [Over comm]:
Justice League, we have to move now.

[Comm beeps]

[Comm beeps]

These were all "hold the pickles," right?

Now is the hour.

Time trapper, I now command you
to open a portal to a certain cornfield...

...in Smallville, Kansas, some years ago.

Time trapper: As the sands of time run
thy will shall be done

legion of doom, you will go into the past...

...and keep the baby Kal-El
from ever falling into the hands...

...of those sickeningly sweet rubes,
Martha and Jonathan Kent.

Guys, you gotta hear this to believe it.

Luthor: They won't raise the baby,
because you will take him...

...put him back in his space crib,
and launch him far, far away from this planet.

Thus, Superman will never come
to exist here on Earth.

[Over comm] And without Superman,
the Justice League will never be formed.

We will have won our greatest victory,
and the world will be ours.

Not if I have anything to say about it.

-The Flash?
Aquaman: You sound so surprised.

He always shows up first.

Forget them. Go.
Change the past as I have commanded.

Ahh. Will someone get Bizarro?

Time trapper, seal the portal.

[Both grunt]

-You won't get away with this, Lex.
-Hurry, before it shuts.

You, protect me.

[Heroes groan]

Come, we have work to do.

I brought my coupons,
but I can't seem to find them.

[Door opens & bell rings]

-Can I help you all with something?
Cheetah: I believe you can.

I was just about to say,
"we're not in Kansas anymore."

But this is the one time that doesn't work.

I don't understand it, not one bit.

That this little bugger
would just fall out of the sky?

Oh, Paul, thank goodness he wasn't hurt.

- Isn't he just the cutest?
-Sure is, but who does he belong to?

That's Solomon Grundy baby.

Excuse me?

The words my loving
and very tall spouse attempts to speak...

...are that you have found our baby,
and we are eternally grateful.

Solomon Grundy says thank you
from bottom of inky-black soul.

But how'd he get in this spaceship?

Oh, that is no spaceship. It is, um....

Simply is little baby carriage
his father made for him at the steel mill.

Okay, then.

Thank you very much.
You can go home now.

Nothing to see here. Bye.

Have a nice life.

[Engine starts]

Mission accomplished.

Aquaman: Hand over the Superbaby.
-And nobody gets hurt.

-Except for you four.
-Honey, hold the baby, please.

While I rip their heads off.

[Cheetah snarls]




[Toyman g roans]


Aw. Superbaby so ugly.

[Heroes grunting]

If I can just break through his shield.

Don't worry, Superbaby,
we'll get you where you're supposed to be.

Fumble! Baby fumble!


[Bluegrass music playing on stereo]

Ma, something strike you
as odd about those two?

Here, Mrs. Kent. Sorry for the ruckus.
Raise this baby with all the love...

...you've always raised him with.
I mean, um, no, don't worry about it.

Just be you. You're a great parent.

Gotta go. Bye, now.

Mama, mama!


Both: Aah!
Toyman: Mama! Ha-ha-ha.


Me make sure you stay
right here on Earth, Superbaby.


Hello, Superbaby. Hello.

Me doing all wrong.

Time trapper:
It is done.

The past has changed,
and there is a paradox in time.

Thou should no longer exist
in this time frame.

And I now have the power
to banish thee away.


[All grunt]

[Both scream]

Time trapper:
But that is not all.

Because there is no Superman
in this timeline...

...there would also be no Justice League.

The Justice League is now erased
by mine own hand.

It worked. It worked perfectly.

-They are gone.

- I'll take them down myself.
Dawnstar: Stop.

You saw how time trapper erased
the entire Justice League from existence.

He could do the very same to us.

We cannot win this fight. We must go.

Legion of doom, l, Lex Luthor,
have eliminated the Justice League.

I now give you the world.

We now rule with none to oppose us.

Let anarchy reign. Let us do
with this pathetic planet as we please.

It is ours, and there is no one left to stop us.

Did you know that most stars in the sky
have died out thousands of years ago?

-The light takes so long to get here...

...it's already burned out.

We're looking at ghosts in the night sky.

They no longer exist.

Dawnstar, I'm sorry.


if I wasn't so hotheaded, I never would have
let Lex Luthor out of the ice in the first place.

None of this would've ever happened.

And I too am sorry.

If only I had been more willing to be brave,
I would have stopped Lex Luthor...

...before he escaped the 31st century.

-We make lousy superheroes.
-Yes. We are nothing like the Justice League.

I wish we'd have just disappeared
like they did.

Yes, perhaps it would have been better.

Wait, that's it.
Are you thinking what I am thinking?

-That this tunnel really reeks?
-No. Yes, it does.

But more to the point, what if Lex
no longer belonged to this timeline?

If there was a paradox.

Because he truly should not be here
in the first place.

Time trapper would send him packing,
vanish him like the others.

But more importantly,
the paradox would change everything.

If Lex Luthor was never frozen in ice, then
he'd never even make it to the 31st century.

He couldn't come back
and cause all this trouble.

-We'd undo everything that's gone wrong.

All that time, he was lost in those glaciers.

Nobody could find him because nobody
was good enough to track him down.

If we find Lex now,
we could free him from that ice.

He'd never even make it to the 31st century.

But we'd need someone strong enough
to break him out.

Let's do this.

I fear we are going in circles.

It took a massive ice thaw
and hundreds of years for civilization...

...to find Lex frozen in this wasteland.

How am I to do it in only a few minutes?

-Whoa. Definitely not what we were looking for.

And we all appear
to be looking for the same thing.

Black manta: Captain cold managed
to put our leader, Lex, in this deep freeze.

And we will find him first and save him.
I swear it.

Well, sorry, guys, you won't.

It's gonna take nearly a millennia to find Lex.

And when it happens,
it definitely won't be by you guys.

It is truth. We are from the future
and know this to be fact.

My friend here
is the best tracker in the galaxy.

The only way you're gonna find your boss
is if you help us.

No, I think better to simply crush you both.

I'll hold them off. Keep looking.


What are you doing?

Keep searching for Lex.

But that's just it. I think I found him.

-Lex Luther's directly beneath you.
-Then let's finish this.


[All yell]

May the warmth of anasissier Talmak
fill you with health.

What? What is going on?

-You did it.
-No, we did it.

Let's just hope it works.

[Time trapper laughing maniacally]

-What are you laughing about?
-The future has been changed by human hand.

Thou no longer belongs in this timeline.

It is now within my known power
to banish thee...

...to the ether of nonexistence.

No, this is impossible.

I control you.


Time trapper:
No more.

-If you banish me, you'll go too.
-Not so.

For I remain outside the paradox
because it is within my power.

Lex Luthor, thou art banished
by mine own hand.


Time trapper: As the sands of time run
mine own will shall now be done

I will remake this world in darkness.

[Laughs maniacally]

We freed Lex Luthor,
but do you think it set everything right again?

Karate kid: That looks like one
of the time trapper's portals.

Only bigger.

Dawnstar: Oh, no, he must have gotten
his hourglass away from Lex.

Whatever we did,
we must have made it worse.

-We must set this right, once and for all.
-Wait. What about the time-paradox stuff?

-If he sees us, he'll banish us too.
-I fear we have run out of options.

We have come to stop you, time trapper.

Time trapper: Hmm. It seems that
two little paradoxes were missed in all of this.

No matter, for thou art too late
to save this world or yourselves.

No one remains who can stop me.

I wouldn't be so sure about that.

-The Justice League.
-Our plan worked.

Time trapper:
So be it, Justice League.



[Crowd screaming]

[All scream]

I'm getting distress calls
from all over the planet.

I need the three of you
to save as many lives as you can.

The rest of us have to stop the time trapper
once and for all.

Music to my ears.




Let's shut this operation down.


-Thanks, kid.
-That's what I'm here for.


[Laughing maniacally]

[All yelling]

I could use some big help here.


[All screaming]

How do we stop this guy, Dawnstar?
We can't even touch him.

I cannot see the way. But I know you can.

You have the ability
to see the weak point in any object.

Focus your key.

If time trapper has a weakness,
you are the only one that can see it.

But nothing shows up on this guy.
It's like he has no key or energy.

It's all blackness.
The time trapper, he's made of dark matter.

There's only one person among us
that can harm him.

Me? I cannot, val.

All this time you've been telling me
to hold back, but now we need you to strike.

Your light energy is the only thing
that can affect him.

We need you now.

[Dawnstar yells]

[Screams then grunts]

Get the hourglass.
It seems to be his power source.

On it, bats.

[Time trapper rasps]

Time trapper, time's up.

Turn the hourglass now.


[Time trapper screaming]

[All cheering]

Whew. And the Justice League pull off
another fourth-quarter comeback.

Whew. Well, since I'm here,
I might as well get some roast pig.

Or some fish tacos.

Oh. Better not tell Aquaman.

You two kids did great out there.
You should consider sticking around.

The Justice League could really use
your help in a fight.

Normally, Superman, sir,
I would have jumped at the chance...

...but quite frankly,
I think I've learned my lesson.

Yes, we must go back where we belong.

Changing what has already occurred
has proven far too dangerous.

But fighting along your side has taught us
to face the future with courage.

Well, you're always welcome here.
You two are fine young superheroes.

You should be proud.

Time trapper,
we have one last command of you.

Take us home.

I can't help but feel
there's something I'm forgetting.


Going somewhere, Lex?

Cold. So cold.

Don't worry, Batman's volunteered a nice
warm cell for you at Blackgate prison.

Black manta: Looks like everything
is back to normal, but Lex is getting locked up.

He may as well be lost to us
if that is the case.

No, you two lack vision.

This experience
has taught us more about the future...

...than even my intellect could foresee.

We will regroup with the others.

And the legion of doom
shall have our revenge.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad to be
back where everything is peaceful for once.

-Even if it is a little boring.

Lex Luthor.

Karate kid:
I thought we set everything right.

But we must have missed some little thing.

You know, Superman did tell us
we're welcome back any time.

Then let us return in time,
to the hall of justice.